“Enter As Ye Willith Be Accept All As Thine Time & Space No Master Enter By the Candle Lit” Et Tetra Ves Del

Sante May the Earth Find Me Worthy Witchcraft Eleventh to the fourteenth century practice of women developed from under standing of nature ie…elements. * Fire- creation of truth * Earth- unity of that which exist * Air- truthfulness of self * Water- compassion of life These are more emotional way of divining the soul. A follow of basic principles whether one practices or not. Witchcraft is a division of both witch and craft starting with witchery beginning to understand the pattern of energy that one as a witch can truthfully gain ie “history” witches of early periods were seen as natural women with gifts taken around the process of divined miracles. But until the 1200’s the women were considered sacred or special given these gifts by G.O.D. or angels. However, those who controlled interest in religion or church say both male and female by having any special gifts as a threat and were made a mockery of. Mistreated or worse and those that didn’t teach the church their gifts was deceased. Controlling it’s own, not interested in growing life as preferred withing their writings. Many who felt mistreated fled in secret to other places. Thus giving the witch ideas as coming from many families and traditions, however this is false. They were mainly travelers, they never set down roots, the closest that they came was in the books with the druids. But like most things, if it was weird or strange someone wants to be in. So they left individuals of followers that wanted to learn. Witches already had a bigger out look like most never viewing the future only living in the present. The witch as in witchcraft is the art of the witches travelers as well as their own inner nature. The process is when one that has always been story or the company of the darker image of witch or witchcraft. This was either zealous or someone passed away and wanted to blame or just plain cruelty. As one learns the process of the witches nature, we can see the hardships one has to feel. At the same time we can see through the eyes of the ones that fear, some of who become students of witchcraft did not like the solemn nature of being witch, they wanted to strike back so they developed black magic(k). The truth is often stranger than fiction even through higher levels of magic. The witch sets has to deal with those argumentative dark nature in devils, demons, losers, who play or dabble with revenge. Witchcraft is a mixture of both the nature of the witch and abilities of their travels. However, being as one is an agreements of patterns. Magic as most know it is a secret art, and witch being just a title of one who loses it. This is both wrong and not respectable to all the hardships of one who walks this path will endure in their own life as one… In ancient time, witches used magic ie “witchcraft” out of necessity if they even thought about using it into revenge quality, the energy of this revenge would hunt them down and make them into it. So much that it would destroy them from inside, though this is all the 3 fold rule. 1. Cause- action from with or things are set in motion. 2. Effect- the direct result of the cause 3. Reaction- the overall effect of cause and it’s nature. This is the 3 fold rule. It’s not that it comes back at you if you send it out three times more, that was used to stop “dabblers,” those who practice magic without knowing or caring. The rule is this, you give out, you get back, no more no less. It is an equal balance no matter how much other dimensions this rule STANDS. It is simply means that if the spirit is part of nature, the whole of Return is exactly the same… There are 4 seasons of witch, these are the basics: · Summer- charging of tools, renewal of magical energy · Winter- control of conformity of magic, testing season for all the advanced

· Fall- renewal of spirit beginning of new friendships, closing of circles, mastering of self… · Spring- hand fasting, control of the elements, key to eternal energy candle. Mind you this is how energy works and where it’s at in the strongest, not ritual, ie. Rituals can happen anytime. Real witches don’t keep any cloaks druids did… Anyone who practices magic can feel energy and life, so being witch, magic or other. The new season is coming. They could feel it, before it arrives after it goes. The necessity of recharge is that while your on earth “terra” you are like earth. Anyone who practices true magic knows this without argument. The greatest gift that life affords us the ability to feel and be felt. It’s key to our genetic make-up, and only understands the dynamic of the candle know this in truth… Elements: Witchcraft/Witch A. Witchcraft 1. Fire- fire is the essence of energy beginning power of the self, is the strongest of all the elements because like a candle it consumes and transforms what’s around it. 2. Water- is the compassion and presence of the self, is the binder of all things and weakest of all forces in the elemental chain. Water is key to the internal mind, not physical, but universal. 3. Earth- foundation of being master of self, and the cardinal design of all the other elements. They key to earth is that it advances the powers when mixed with fire, water, and/or air. 4. Air- air and spirit are interchangeable however air is the most balanced for the spirit has not limit but air does, it’s limit is justice. 5. Spirit-The 5th element, is but a person a key to the unity of all the other elements. With this element you have the design of the pentacle. B. Witch 1. Fire- dragon, red, mastery of all things in energy, key to the power of the candle. 2. Water- frog, blue, representation, self control and mastery of the unseen power of the moon. 3. Earth- the house of the Dragon Keeper of all wisdom, Key to the basic design of the self as in thought and wisdom. In witch it symbolizes foundation. 4. Air- Falcon/dove, key to the balances of dreams, mastery over the unseen things. Just like water however, it is a force to direct, if it is apart within around or above air can bind with it. 5. Spirit- pentacle, mirrors, ability to tap into the other elements. Candles It is set up like this to foster the center and controlling gifts of natures windows. The window being the abilities of the elements. This configuration is designed to awaken in you the past. The key to understanding the universe that lay within. The elements are a lot harder to master if you know their design and the candle that they serve… The pentacle is the center icon of most mythologies, this complete understanding sets control tools for adaptation of water the inner self and is a credit to the name, 5 words balances. Though viewed as iconic symbols along the lines of religion it is not, nor ever could be, other than a memory of own design and being… Neutral energy… the symbol six. Used by those who wish to create chaos. They seek out to embrace nothing but the powers of themselves and granting the gifts of confusion, envy with lust and self destruction to tear down the hopes of seeing the reality they create… The eternal circle- seen as the symbol #1, it was seen as the beginning, middle, and end. Alpha, Iota, omega. It is the beginning wheel the endless eternal truth of the balances. Held with these boarders are the inner and outer… · Red- the power who controls and transforms (code of the elements and the power of the

sun) · Blue- the one with the wisdom of all houses known (code of angels and book of the moons) · Green- the keeper of the secrets of the stones and sigils (code of dreams and secrets of roots and talisman of the wind) · White- power wizard of mind and heart (talisman of the codes, keepers of the psychic moons) · Yellow- the keeper of the secrets in the soul (talisman of the dead and books of the 3 worlds) · Purple- the secrets of the doors of life and death (the code of the witch and rune and key 5,7,9 gates0 · Grey- the secrets of time and change ( books of the 5 stars, talisman of the sun). Spell Length Candle Red- top or side attributed to the master of the self advanced magic White- top or bottom, psychic candle, control of all other candles, collector. Blue- spiritual candle, seasonal, side only, empathic and emotional, counter reflective Green- aspiration, sympathy, transformation, bottom, left or right candle, advanced occult and personal candle. Yellow- spiritual self, meditation, reflection, cursing, side/bottom candle Purple- Witch’s candle, advanced, heart and talisman candle, center, coven candle with mixture of white and blue. Black- power up grader, neutral space divider, occult, ceremonial, must be backed by two other candles, magus candle (only in ritual) Associated Colors- herbalist, sensory Pentagram Penta/ gram

Penta- 5 Gram- word Exvos del sata et demo padre axte sum cadra

Natures Initiational Witchcraft (3 stones) · Amethyst- known as the heart of the witch, acts more like a directional tool to the witch energy. The stone acts as a base because the stone itself is energy. Unlike most, is cool to the touch. (Secrets of this tone lay within the Witch’s heart). · Rose Quartz or Quartz- seen as the body of the witch because it has light all over. Acts as the center of the Witches Power of Focus. “Mes Tempra Adem Shalon” and key to emotions of witchcraft nature. “Tem shemham kem kpoferice meing” raising from fires of desire and setting a perfect nature. · Temporal Birthstone- is key to witches mind and path of their and others future (witch or one in service the natures true gifts cannot see the future of the self naturally) again choosing of the mind and the sought. (3 Symbols)- unlock wisdom and power, these keys act as minds harmony so the skills of the body and spirit come to a form of freedom and understanding these keys act as solitary (single studies) doors or union (class, coven, or other workers set as two) as ways of power and charge 1. Symbol to timing and purpose of magic. As one seeks to enter the magic of marking in natures elements and energies… with this magic the universe will unfold in the mind and body. Single energy that works as protection energy and works the will. To makr on a person begins evolution and creations, magical understanding as path and truth (Once placed on your person, reveals what is inside to all who seek.) 2. Norse symbol of the mind, once drawn on the body opens the physical mind and center of self to the past… it creates the harmony of the doorway to wisdom, within and without… (long story will reveal later) not a power key. Just a natural and ancient one… (often referred to in the past as the waters of life.) 3. Triangle, roman deita- internal or ascending, it serves once on the body marking, the path of the 3 directions of chance and understanding it spirit and is a valuable skill in understanding others… It is natural and easy. The placement of the sigal or symbol is a growth… The process changes as the person, witch or other evades in the nature of these inner magic… (3 paths)- referring to as the way to work in wisdom and is the pattern of learning. · 1st direction (focus)- tempra, puimata · 2nd measurement (just letting go)- Kom sed adopi · 3rd guidance (feelings and being)- solves temero dobi · Focus (ta elvou)- sending the center of your will in the form of sight toward a candle flame and try to teach it with your inner mind then practice your giving will on it, this skill must be taught. · Just letting go (de summon ateri area)- relaxing in the arms of noting and let all go, determined by mind set listen and grow or reach out to the non (space between space) called zen ( but zen is the doorway to the power of this skill) and then in space of the life, you will seem to become like a magnetic anchor (life is about one self but nature is about universal self). · Feeling and being (solvi eterni imaldos sendonom)- the highest path is to become and you will do this automatically when your ready nature will redesign you from within and it will happen in and toward the real soul, never to the ones who try to form it or rush (Play or pretending never works because nature can feel your heart…) (3 lines)- (Tempest Danum Sante) this is the place where trials of lines will begin to change and grow as nature does… · Weather (the first) nature mimics the emotions of the real and charged

· Soul light (the second) In the aura is a thin line of light, this comes out in the powerful of charge and the energy of this energy can be like a tingle by charge or shock and cast by distance all who are of this level can see or will be able to feel as an image or well liking charge, this is the highest of grand automatic powers as in knowing of the energy of others and enlightenment of the self's (fire, earth, water, air, and spirit) · Energy (the third) as one of charge you are connected to all direct and non-direct changes because energy seeks exchange in any form or it is grounded by non-use… (you feel its pressure) (3 incenses)- as old as time these perfumes of the soul and spirit are used in consecration, but never personal adornment as energy truth only the wise and the other of the mystical do for it sets in the harmony of the soul. A key to a door many want but few observe as it. I refer to the draping of, not covering it is of circle union and the presence to summon the astral and the hidden. · Myrrh- the key to harmony · Sandalwood- the grand energy grounder · Frankincense- the key to the mind Witch self 1st natural- a natural witch is harmony with nature and the center of the candle of self is brightly lit and without fear walks sky clad in self and mind (the elements serve without words) the goddess is within and willing to be. It is the natural witches duties to find and raise the 2nd or another like of self to the center of she… 2nd initiational- must think coven when others speak of initiation but nature wants to know you as well and to serve in your grand candle of magic is nothing without soul or self… (self dedicational) is one of the liking to the first, but will never be… first… for like and said the first thing is without knowing to become with and initiation not just of circles or covens but the center of the candle of the seeker of the one called. 3rd solumi solitary- is what is meant by (solum) but the truth is alone is all it is power of the candle is within but truth of the candle is not awaken you can be a vessel of charge or an instrument… but like the 2nd you will become center in time… nature has its plan (the self is the only view, but heart is all you are for fear of becoming is the reasoning of the 3rd. Goddess and One (SHE) In this placement you can then learn to command the forces of existence and if willed by SHE the powers of nature itself as in the elements. The secret to this placement is our forth greatest secret. As for the self candle, it’s purple and has many a use as you will find out in time. Ah, now we get to the goddess stories and natures. Truthfully the goddess is real and the stories about her images as one thing or another merely shades of herself and the way she forfills the messages that are collected by the ones whom are both friend and servant to her secrets. It has become a great design that she and her consort and or consorts have become the god and goddess nature of the wiccan belief. However in the eyes of the universe the female head of witchcraft will always be the First fire from which the full flame exist. You can call on her by any name and if your dedicated she will answer however it is often the ones whom call on her but then place her image as their own that lose the full measure of her respects. Tera, Gaia, Mother Earth, The Goddess, Lilith, Diana and a thousand more… These namings only bring you closer to the figures of her full measure and in actual understandings are not more then just tools and forms of others and not the Goddess as we know her… The Root of Witchcraft is the secret name of the goddess and her sisters… yes you heard me sisters in these arts… These names in the consort of seasons and or working helps to develop the changes in the personal witches “thitching” and way of their growth as in season… Here they are so you may understand them… · Lilith- She whom is named is so that you as a witch can tap the dark side of the moon, though we only work with her secrets and not her directly we learn from her and her book offered only to those whom are more then mere witches and spell casting hopefuls she is the black and red candle to the 2nd ring of the witches Heart and skills of the special womanly nature as in the mature witch and her workings in both life and death. Summoning her will is done ins a chant

and a small bag of herbs: Il cocum dua shem shiet lil sumi cadro noc tem emu. By uttering these words and being in friendship with the will that follows you will see your actions and hers will be as one… (Warning: don’t utter until you know). · Hecate- She whom is known as the teacher of the witches and the secret consort of the living eye is more then this she will come to you as a rooting witch when you start being wiser as in the marking of your search to understand her ART never forget that you are merely a watcher in this her nature and you must as a watcher be willing to share in the fruits and the will that will follow. Hecate isn’t summonable but instead you can invoke her memory into your eyes and thereby her will will be as yours as well. Look into a mirror with either a white or blue candle in your hand and then look deeper. Let your eyes drift and call forth the memory of this lady and watch in your reflection for her arrival) for she will come… if only to see why you ask… Take after she has come a black covering like a towel or a small square shape of fabric and cover the mirror you used however if you use a big mirror merely wipe it clear, after…you will find out later… place symbols that are taught here about the inner area of the mirror but not in the middle…like so… Available only as one grows into the Rooting witches fashion but I’m willing to offer up a few secrets when you get to that mirror as I shown… is is the nature of the traveling will to collect what comes to it, once your mirror has brought you to Hecate it will also bring you to more hence the black covering was asked for before… · Isis- Though most only know the Egyptian naming she is the third string is the fabrics of the witches matrix at least for the time being. Isis is the guide to the symbol that is impressed as the witches star and though I can only reveal abit about the external craft because this is where her secrets come into play she is very valuable as a way of heightening the witches psychic channels and connection to that mirror of the soul as in (ANKH) design. One to serve Isis’s magic is to serve the desire to understand the living body and to grow in the KAH of the world… (breath) for she is the revitalizing witches key that renews the spirit when its empty and the light when one is lost in their own darkness and hundreds know this but then they get into the loss of their own will and that’s why they never get the reward that she has offered… You need only incenses and symbols to summon her and she is connected to the skin… For the witch the skills of Isis are a way of tuning into the magic of transformation and with this skill your body will become like a newborn calf but to serve her and get such a reward you need to do the ritual just as it is offered up… Such is the information of the witches will… “underlined secret” truthfully a witch doesn’t know in the beginning or end at the times before that they was told of such as in deity but felt from the forces that these was the correct way to gather and connect to these rewards like a moth to a flame and then wiser ones chose to show once outside of the witches basic model that these deities and their skills was what the “witchcraft self” was collecting and using in their workings (keep this secret). Rooting Witchcraft draws all the fields of magical truths to their ends and collect this wisdom to help define those lost on the ever popular paths of the multicraftings it’s why rooting exist… not to tell you the road but merely to see if you get lost along the way… and offer up a breadcrumb… To call on Isis is to use the cauldron,… yes you heard me cauldron of the abyss… witches didn’t use cauldrons as you heard me say before, however there is another cauldron that I speak… and this sis the cauldron of the body… using the incenses and herbs you will literally start to transform so the cauldron will be your place to make it happen it’s an older witches skill and used only when the witches inner beauty has reached its peak and needs to expand out… like a light emerging from the body this new image will be made real from the old one you thought you saw… (no I will not sell this secret.) The power in the body and about it is to grow and from this the bird like being that was in a cage will become a phoenix or a dove at command… Now for the head of the 4 Natures. · Vasha- SHE is the forces of magics will. Not much is known about her yet… nay whom are in the nature of the occult or witchcraft design know of her name. She is the guiding force and connection to the future of the rooting witchery that makes the system of the root complete… often seen as another deity or form. She hides th real image of the witch’s bonds and secret nature in her own existence and the secret story of her legacy as the Masterful one. Many have for centuries sought out her light and connection to the star and its key natures but few have gathered that she is the missing puzzle piece. To know Vasha is to know the Root, and to know the root is to serve the witch self and to serve the witch self is to understand the puzzle of witchcraft is why witchery exist… The key to Vasha. To know her is to have her, to see her is to

be seen, to understand her is to be the one in the 6 and before that the 2 and the 5, but to eventually gain reward by her you must begin with the 3, by doing all this you begin to see why the candles, actions, workings, and craft- like nature are the way to the Root. Rooting witchcraft or witchery as t has been known of calling… is the will of Vasha to offer up here and her sisters to help you as a up and coming Witchcraft working person either in the witches will or the will of the witches service to assist the elemental and natural order within the Powers That Be to help you and others grow in inspiration and select truths about the future and more…


(Life) spirit, soul (Fire) Power, Truth) (Water) Sight, emotion (Time) Trial, Trust (Birth) Love, Connection (Soul) Inner, physical energy (Foundation) Earth, will (Protection) Respect, dedication

Spellcasting Hands- utilizing the nature of heat and energy one can begin in ceremonial magic to collect smoke, fire, internal heat, and advancement of the aura by the powers of the hand Candle- candle magic is used as tools the color and or colors makes up a matrix of the type of elemental forces that are to be channeled and worked within candles can and will communicate with each other and are the first line in detecting other forms of magic as a witch Eyes- energy created from the eyes enhance the power of the ritual focus different energies can be emitted from different focus points of eyes and can run the range from hypnosis to the full on paralization and death of another Aura- though mainly a reading tool aura advances the ability to collect energy the stronger the aura the stronger the spell casting ability, aura as a spell is used to heighten or weaken another aura when held in flux by a particular field and or person. Body- used in rituals to harness the power of sigils it can be a tool both for and within another body outside your own to harness energy power connection health life vitality as well as up grade any of the spellcasters natural gifts Symbols- the nature of symbols are easy they’re used to show passages or natures such as desires/actions that any of the following spellcasting designs put in place to utilize their gifts.

Rules of Spellcasting 1. Don’t do it 2. Don’t do it unless you need to 3. Use it merely to practice your art not empower it 4. Use it only 5. Know why you use it 6. Bends rules to bend wrongs never challenge 7. Use it to detect others like yourself, but let them address you not the other way around. 8. If you think you’ve been casted on, cast to see it not undo it. 9. Undo it 10. Undo it because it was meant to be done 11. Don’t fall for the bs 12. No one is trying to harm you, they just aren’t good 13. Spells are often self created so defuse it at the source

Circle The circle is alpha because it is the beginning middle, and end of ceremonial magic.

Tri Sigma is the power because it reflects in the spirit frequency

Square Delta is the house inside the box of the elements which are fire, earth, water, and air.

Sygils Iota (physical mind0 Beta (decision making) Saturn (altruism as in greater nature) Temporal (key0 Mask (mirror) Fortune (fate) Power (control) Earth (unity) Sun (awakening, awareness) Psi (ego it self) Moon (reflection) Mind (voice of mind/ghost) Zen (empty mind/ dream) Foundation (druid, passage)

Omega (Phoenician, time within time, limbo) Voice (Norse, token) End Omega (Greek, renewal) Eternity (Nile, Egyptian, Inner judgement)

Codes Code 1 Code 2 Phoenician 3


Earth, the passage of the wisdom of the shaman, is like the form of force of rain falling down and returning to heaven. Of fire starting as a small log and reaching out to become like a bonfire, as a wind starting as a small gust and turning into a tropical storm. From the pain of birth to the returning nature of the body to the soil. The earth serves as the powered source of the shaman though the shaman’s skill is without limits and reaches as far and wide as a wizards influence. The nature of the shaman is minuscule even with such potential the shaman’s gifts are never fully realized at least not by the shaman’s hands. Shamanism Rules 1. Helping other in duty and responsibility never for the self. 2. Nature teaches, the teacher doesn’t teach. 3. Divided becomes collective avoids. 4. The key to the shaman’s nature is through the trials of valor. 5. Witchcraft is not shamanism, nor is shaman part of the witches design 6. Shamans learn from shamans, students learn from guides 7. Nature is within its own self a training tool 8. Magic takes a different form when it becomes a different sight 9. The eye is the passage while the dragon is the rule 10. Each element acts as its own branch of the tree 11. Branches are the way to find a culture but never a separation of culture 12. The fire is the educator the advanced and the justice (as vision tool)

Air- cosmic force that binds the shaman to their word the introverted space that doubles as the shaman’s shadow from fire. It is this secondary energy that brings development to the shaman’s ability to grow into the spiritual world. Air is the developer of the tools of the shaman design. Fan ( Possession) The shaman fan is used for developing the connection between the mind and the body. Rod (Draw out) The rod a wooden stick about the standard length of an arm is used to draw out illness and or discomfort from others. Bell (Hypnotic Tool) Is a tool that is used to fix a set period of time. That by use of creates a euphoric event in the

mind of the individual so that it can be brought forward or backward within that fixed period.

Water- purification, the process of the shaman is to set themselves aside from their personal burdens. They seek to understand and reach a state of complete freedom to address the natures of illness life and transformation. Their tool is the instrument it self. Unified- is the droplets of water taken from the hand and spread upon the environment to enhance develop or transform the three main designs of the principle of air. The shaman’s inner connection is based on the value of the wheel. Transforming- the art of which the tool is applied to water which is used to spread openly as stated in the unified; however, it is not set up by the wheel but by the performing task necessary. Contained- used in ceremonial blessings or the abundance of an object a pale of water purified with certain marks. The object/tool would be dunked within this would then be used to set aside the potential or erase the potential of an object depending upon the ritual. Fire- Knock knock, the other thing you hear is called who’s there. The reason shaman’s use this theology is because something knocks from the other side of the door. The shaman’s design within the fire is to be the observer and the door opener, it is their job to observe who is on the other side and wither to let them in or not. Entities, energies, and natures are knocking all the time. It is these messages that set apart the unrestricted access to the spirit or soul, which is the duty of the shaman to protect. The advanced essence of this form is the symbol above (the psychic eye). Through a reflective window safely gazing among the fire, the shaman’s spirit and body physically merge with the wall of the flames, to act as the protector and observing patron to those whom journey within and beyond the door.

The Fire Ring

The first and most sacred ritual of shaman though not used by modern shaman anymore, they prefer to do dancing rather than embarking upon the rings. The purpose of the fire is to remind us of the strengths and weaknesses of life to remind us that without it we will return to the cold emptiness of nothing. Though this is the spiritual truth, its not the education of one who seeks to enter shamanism. For though the elements are 4 the design of their nature is 3 to represent the mind, body, spirit to become part of the new age image. But once again it’s about learning it not creating something from it. We are merely the pioneers of the fruit that will be at our table.

SHAMANISM Shamanism is one of the most ancient of spiritual practices though the spirit was never spiritual itself. Though in many cultures the subdivision of religion and personal truth becomes the spreading out of the branches of the advancing shaman discovery. As it’s participation imparted in the greater good. Shamanism is by most a basic word meaning practice of nature; however, as one develops magical influences they may see that the word doesn’t always fit the message. The modern example is based in rarities indistinguishable cultures that settled themselves more like fortune telling gypsies than true honest acolytes of nature. A shaman is three steps down from a wizard as in medium, 2 sets above witch and 3 steps behind druid. These measurements are based on tool ratio as in abundance of tools versus none. Some systems require a personalization of a journey, a trial of life and death and even possession of an entity or spirit before one is allowed to take education.

Different Types of Tribes: Named and Unnamed and their tools Staff- the staff or walking stick is a powerful tool of the shaman that brings them closer to the energies of the earth and magnetic fields that exist on and within it. The staff will usually have animal symbols or attachments to it to symbolize the powers that exist within. Aids in control of elemental forces, healing or other natural phenomenon used to promote healing or harming and can act upon emotional fields. Advances workings and speeds healing on sacred sites.

Necklace- the necklace serve in the idea of advancing the shaman’s energy heightening their senses and bringing them to new levels. These necklaces can also serve to protect the shaman while in alternate states of mind or even traveling to other planes of existence.

Medicine Bag- the medicine bag is used to carry certain items of medicine or power that the shaman comes across such as bones, stones items, etc. that act as a good luck charm or a ward against “bad” entities, people, etc. This method was common among the Native Americans (Navajo, Sioux, Apache) as well as in parts of Asia (Taoist groups, and in Mongolia) and Africa. In several Native American societies as well as African ones medicine bags had a dark side to them as well. It was believed that not only could the medicine bag be used to preserve and enhance life but also cause curses and death or illness to an enemy and their surroundings. In Africa and parts of the Caribbean and South America this would be known as a juju bag. Ritual Dagger- The dagger is used in shamanism to remove negative energies form a person place or thing. It is also used in exorcism rituals as well as purification ceremonies. A can be used to harness a spirit or destroy ghosts and even enhance weaken or destroy memories and other forms of psychic links. Ritual Mask- The shaman’s ritual mast is seen in cultures all over the world. The masks would be made of dirt or clay but may include animal parts such as bones or feathers. The masks would sometimes carry forms of ritual markings on them. Originally the mask was used to connect with the world of the dead, that’s why it would be made of clay or mud. The mask was evolved to represent certain deities or animals over time. It’s believed by the modern shaman that wearing the mask brings certain aspects or abilities from the spirits or entities the mask represents into the ritual. Drum- the drum is an instrument used by all shamans to connect with the earth and keep in tune with it’s frequency. The drum can be used to put people into trance like states or even into other worlds (ie world of the dead). It’s used to promote healing in every culture around the world The drum is used in many rituals (especially voodoo) as an aid in summoning spirits or earth deities.

Wheel of Life- they physical image of the wheel of life is highly elaborate and done in the design or a mandala, sand. The meaning to this wheel means birth, life, death and rebirth. It’s all part of the circle of life. The tradition and use of this is the meditation and understanding of life and it’s cycles. Could be a form of connection to the ghost world and enhancement to psychic energy. Stonehenge- connects with the universe and it’s secrets of the earth and time. Rituals held nightly to honor the stars. Medicine Wheel- Native American wheel design of the Plains Indians. Represented the growth of the tribe as a whole Each color held a lesson and a virtue to the tribe. Teaches that the shades of the universe only show parts and ways of the same thing. Healing ceremonies would typically be done in the presence of this circle or even vision questing.



Calling- Mirror ritual, taking in the image of a thing, heightening and enveloping the focus and displacement ritual Mirror- two forms of mirror ritual, covered and uncovered. A covered ritual is to invoke the power of dreams and advance the body in the eitherial. An uncovered ritual is used to mark symbolism on a mirror using fingers/ink and to invoke forms of psychic reflection. Heightening and developing- This is the process of the cup, the process of the cup is a form of taking in. There are 4 forms to taking in: water by spirit, apple of truth, wine of promise, blood of

sacrifice. Displacement- Casting within the candle circle utilizing the candles of the elements, you create a geographical geomagnetic design: star, square, triangle, circle, anything with 3, 4, 5 design on the placemat.

The Cup is the Oath The Cup is the Secret The Cup is the plate from which All other magics grow Table of Elements It is so you can be It is so you can have Magic(k) is without limits but the body Has many so this is the way you tune MAGI Levels of Magic Neophyte- beginner Adept- learning mystery Neo adept- learning history, practice Magi- using magic Magus- using dark side magic, ie Death Necron- student of necromancy Arch- highest form of witch Full- equal to hp working way to witch Witch- students of elements, working way to hp Guardian- protector male, consort, magi, adept, all taught Saganum- better word for sage, lowest form, student of sage Occult- like wizard but no tools, beginner Occult magus- one who utilizes occult magic in adept form Adept magiester- equal to dark wizard but not skilled in practice of wizardryl Magiester- equal to master in magic title only Magister adept- working magiester on who practices Magiester saganum- highest form of sage, a master Tempest- equal to all levels of witch or minor wizard Sage- record keeper, scribe, story teller of magic Apprentice- one chosen to serve in act of wizard as student. Wizard apprentice- once has been accepted of learning mystery of wizardryl Full wizard- master, wizard- equivalent of the name with power and titles plus practice behind them

The Kabalah. The Key to the nine markers and makers of the sepharoth. The doorway to the tree of life and light. Once seen as the angelic puzzle and connection to the all or one. It is but a diagram to the secret mystery of the spiritual will of a much older truth.

Greek Alphanum AAlpha C- Coppa BBeta H- eta K – kappa L- lambda P- phi R- roho/rota O- omicron S- sigma X- xi Y- upsicon

D- delta F- Phi I- Iota M- mu T- tau Z- zeta

E- epsilon G- gama J- theta N- nu V- veta U- omega


One Ch Chieh Pu Pen Fu Wang Hua Izu Jen Ko Chang Yueh Nieh Yao Puhi Ku Tso Shih Tsai Chu Tu Wen Tien Yen Sheng

Beginning, original Barrier, Restriction Authority, Guidance Diviner, Teacher Base, Foundation Father, Leader Network, Gatherer to Change, Construct son, student walking, moving Elder Brother, Friend Long, wide moon, mind to read, to chant to want, to wish to tap, to rap Purpose, old to rest, to reign (to make act as) A scholar, thinker Power, genius Master, Order unnatural, disorder simple, light heavenly, end words, thoughts wise, sacred

Cronal Glyphs

MAGUS Sun- solar QPH The sun in (male) aspects of wisdom is to begin to understand the make up of the universe. The friction created by the sun creates change in the stress levels of living creatures. This friction in one who uses magic becomes like a shell around him. This heat friction or force can be manipulated and thus controlled or focused by the (male) user. The sun in (female) is the bombardment of energy created and conformed by the male, but in one’s own power (female) this energy turns into a beam, a shell or even more powerful force. By being one with the elements of the sun ie; hydrogen dioxide, silicone biochemical. The particle called a neutrino is thus converted into hydro water or heavy water. This is what gives the magic user their gift. Male: wisdom Female: power Moon- luna TZDDE In female, the moon is the reflective power of the inner self. “Physio static electromagnetic friction” this level of energy is arranged in the field of psychic. Esp. telekinetic, energy manipulation, are all on wave frequencies. These frequencies follow the spectrum and are set in sonic and ultra sonic code. The mythology in witchery is that the moon is saying that a woman is righteous and worthy of power, as well as beauty, was thus by giving the selective secrets of nature ie “A witch is born” is just as simple as that the simple act was more of picking, then just an accident of soul. There is some truth to the form of “being called” this understanding is much in the form of selection similar to nature. As a male, the moon represents memories, past loves, passionate secrets, bold choices in life. Women: raven wolf, falcon, fish, night creatures Male: stag, owl, mouse, dragon, day creature, night hopes.

Sun: power of wisdom, wisdom within, witchcraft is the candle. Power of the witchcraft is to conform the present of fire. Fire is the power of the soul. The key to the doorway of the body. Birth: the sun is a star, one of millions. However its destiny is short lived, as all things exclude energy. It will eventually die out do to solar change, so that’s why it must be maintained in the principal of witchcraft. Truth: The power of the sun is helium hydrogen. The basics of hydrogen is the principles of friction with bombardment of vision. The properties being hydrogen and carbon dioxide. The generality of the sun has always been guardian and consort of the God. Destiny: Those who walk with the sun’s friction, who learn the basics of change and the

controlling of the symbol of fire become the linking bondage to the realm of the sun. Luna: the key to the witch symbol. This is the marking of the creatures of the so called night. Reflecting imagery the principals of the balance between the working of the moon has been water… water is the key to the witches power. Fire is it’s consort, but it’s balance. Birth: The power of water is magnetism. The purpose of water is it’s principles of color and waves. A transition of water as related to the moon is a spectacular event. The witch calls drawing. You can’t draw from the moon, but it can draw from you. Truth: Mystery of the moon is sand, the power of the moon is sand. Everyone knows that sand is life in transition (change) sad to say, but sand and salt are mere conductors. Destiny: The moons destiny is to draw those with heart. Music is the foundation of the universe. Balances of power between day and night. Male is sun, female is moon. If they knew the truth… it would shock them.

As above…so below HRS It is this understanding that the heavens meets earth, the sky meets the rain, man meets the woman and the woman meets the man. In Egyptian, there is a love story told about 2 great gods. (Yes a woman can be a God). Goddess was just used to separate male from female ie (damn feminist). The story goes like this: G(h)eb (earth) loved Nun (heaven) and they wanted to marry each other. But they were brother and sister, so they ignored each other as passion flew. They grew to understand they had a different love for each other. Beyond lust, beyond trust, beyond all things, but their passion still ignited. So they continued to fight against it, not against the morality of it but against the willingness to give in after all this time. This story is quite a crazy one because heaven and earth met and both were over joyed that they couldn’t wait to be with each other again. But both were destined to never meet again. Smthk BTH As you fall fill within… As you reach on high, know these are the workings of that which carved the soul. From one message to another this is a doorstep. In earnest, one must try to see the fruits of the soul but yet not folly to them. That means to indulge until there is nothing left of your soul, that is true folly. Temptation, lust, desire, union, and self discovered are not the wicked endures of the body or flesh of the bible or those who rag with the bible. I t can condem you by the truth, is the folly being consumed in them. Losing yourself or self dignity in what the bible wants, which makes one righteous holy or enlightened. No book, no rule or law can stop you from being you, when you aren’t you. ie. Satanism, voodoo, occult or black art, these are labels, not truth of being. Everyone who lives has the right to experience pleasure and pain. There is only in reality existence ie, to exist now of these who choose to work for their own deeds, union, lust, desire of such shall be measured by one who has sought natures virtue, ie, the real high priestess (justice is it’s own truth) Emerald Tablet… Ancient Hermit working created by a scholar from ancient Indian design to give record testament and detail of the Egyptian theory and working parchment of secret scribe texts, containing of 49 books, this man referred to as “truth”. Which in records this terms is called 3 times blessed or wise of the wise. Later referred to Hermes the messenger, which extends into the word Hermetic. But Egyptian culture can not be summed up that easily.

The degree… Though standard through out time, the degree system has been around since the recording schooling, but not in witchcraft. Degree shows potential and purpose, not destiny. As one would achieve climbing a mountain, you have steps drawn within, created by people who were there before and you have those who chose not to follow the path, but create their own. However, no matter how you climb you still have to rely on balance, the tools you use or even your soul. Unlike most expert climbers, those who disregard tools, equipment, safety find out what the feeling is like one on one. Those who make it to the top are happy that they didn’t have to do it again. But those that are experts go back for more and do it faster. The process of learning witchcraft is like the degree. Are you expert or do you just want to climb it once. KPHLMD ALPHA Pentacle: strength Truth: soul This symbol is the symbol of self, some use the symbol as a representation of being part of the past. Instead of seeing it as a reminder that the outer circle represented by (non) individuals internal space of all life. The dividing line, the lines that are set as parallel interconnect in paths thus revealing the inner designing of matrix of existence.

Witch’s Matrix

Wheel Yol

Tower AYN

Shem Pagra tepra de In the Power of Maxiu Physu imortau acti The beginning ones I Electuri ahem astraree Await thee the Tetra dem shalu agre aden abi Truth and welcome my invite Teshem ju put santum inbotu To the power of nature Maxi pal shemal fegel adu And the truths as in the Amenigui tes phantos Kem Ku Enlightened soul Matii (the first candle)

Adept Mage Mysteries of Magic 1. Wizard and consort (or above) determines fate of child 2. Self awareness (dreams which relate to what your future holds) 3. Flashes of Accidents 4. The Message, Messenger 5. Self Will 6. Travel and Learning 7. Unexpected Friends 8. Challenges between the friends (finding your place) 9. Transfixing language 10. Impressionable disbelief (Names sake) 11. Magic chooses the person (Folds of Space and Time) 12. Generosity 13. Augustin of Dilemma (conflict or work with society.) 14. Classification of wonder (Judgment and Justice) 15. Mystical transpositionism (aka when you’re in an energy area you’re expected to see energy based beings.) 16. 1st Lesson: Transfiguration 17. 2nd Lesson: Wizards don’t do potions 18. 3rd Lesson: Dabblers 19. Obstacles of Design 20. 4th Lesson: finding what you lost 21. Nox Telum Enovet (a dream is but a dream) 22. Connection to Destiny of Others 23. Sometimes you have to do the right thing for the wrong reason. 24. 5th Lesson: Herbology 25. 6th Lesson: Locks and Keys 26. 7th Lesson: Lesson of self sacrifice 27. 8th Lesson: Mirror of Consequences 28. Humor 29. Aerial Servant or Servitor 30. Rule breaking is easier for the higher ups 31. Wizarding as you experiment is a kid’s life

32. Wacking the Willow (when you do something right, something ancient or mystical pays the price if you don’t think it out.) 33. Magic knows Magic 34. Using magic in anger always backfires (unless your goal is anger) 35. All mages or magiesters have a secret chamber 36. Sometimes bad magics are dangerous(er) 37. 9th Lesson: Wizards know before they know 38. 10th Lesson: Common sense and common will and the answer finds you 39. 11th Lesson: If you are what you’re supposed to be then the gift of great reward becomes yours. 40. Breaking the Rules 41. Standing up for the rights 42. 12th Lesson: Reflection 43. 13th Lesson: Power of Privilege 44. 14th Lesson: Tools 45. 15th Lesson: Delegation of responsibility 46. 16th Lesson: Believe it 47. 17th Lesson: Power Changes 48. 18th Lesson: you have to play by the rules 49. 19th Lesson: The only test is to survive 50. Sometimes when you go out to find your own fear, you find out others 51. Life is a two edged sword 52. Mischief makers make themselves more available 53. 20th Lesson: Honesty is the best policy (aka insurance) 54. 21st Lesson: Sometimes the best answer is the only one. 55. 22nd Lesson: Sometimes even a fool gets things right once in a while 56. 23rd Lesson: Responsibility 57. Time is what you make of it (never forget) 58. Those that have power use it, those that want more abuse it 59. Wizards, witches and all alike are dragged to festivals (and if they are lucky watch them get wrecked.) 60. 24th Lesson: Prisons (some play by the rules, others write the rules0 61. Experience always takes the easy route 62. 25th Lesson: Darkness is started by those not in power 63. Stupidity breads more stupidity 64. Truth can be reasoned within 10 seconds of meeting 65. There are 3 colors of power: red, blue, white 66. Contests aren’t contests 67. 26th Lesson: the good teach, the bad learn 68. It’s difficult not being yourself in the Dark Arts 69. 27th Lesson: Time before and time after 70. 28th Lesson: Small victories are no victory for one in the Dark Arts 71. 29th Lesson: In the Dark Arts there are no rules 72. 30th Lesson: The future tells all 73. The rude occupy the voice, the search becomes the lie 74. When push comes to shove, sides show themselves. 75. 31st Lesson: Those that are mistreated, mistreat others 76. 32nd Lesson: Dragons are lessons 77. 33rd Lesson: The future tells all 78. Seeing through the eyes of the enemy 79. Answers come quickly when there are consequences 80. Wizards help wizards no matter what (aka pride) 81. 34th Lesson: To be pushed is to push back 82. 35th Lesson: Rule breaking is set up by those that don’t intend on following the rules 83. When you do great, others seek to steal it out from under you or join you. 84. 36th Lesson: What you learn isn’t always what you want to hear

85. 86. 87. 88.

37th Lesson: Knowing the future doesn’t necessarily disregard you from it. 38th Lesson: Correcting things corrects the things not the people To enter dark is to leave foot prints 39th Lesson: Darkness can only be undone by the one who misuses it

NW THQI Temperance Transolen shem pogru tepra de Travel within yourself Maxiu physu imortan acti To know wisdom of being and awaiting Electuri ahem astroree heshelpen The gifts that bring forth life's Kof madu met isonicant agre aden abi Truthful messages but do not Teshem juiput santum inbotu a Fall short of the house because Patii set nuo upathuthu mazi Your of the candle and not the Omenigui tes omnicron Spacing of

GML BTH Natrua inbint imortano acti That which comes from the ancients Shen shoden garde Understanding and powers Tetra dem a shalu motre abi elementi Within the law of the elements Teshem juipot santum homen And the universe given Maxi ken nox ade shal iuna Duty order the seen and not powers

Angelu roi tes phantus kem ku Of as balanced in the Mati unionos orintasilo mogra Beginning, middle and end of the circles Ah mati ken phadrata des modai Of being and knowing of the houses of self and Acutri (mes adem adon) Union (be careful what you call) Cobe tece arii et atei shem hoben It awaits… always…

LMD Alpha Yd

Heh Motocui shen tepra de ashem From the house with in flows Kempra terea physicos mortani The powers of the physical Dogren ahen adoni seber veshelpen And awaits in the pattern of the mind Kof madu godi phrintru aket aden avi Try not to dream only to be of Teshem jury ut santum inbotu The house for that which Des sen set nuo patrai Awaits you in time Omenigui tes

NON- in Egyptian: Non (great waters) vast, being, gets rid of waste, where the stars rest, all energy including magic resides here Magic- Invisible, absolute, no alliances, matters not who uses it, like a storm (fronts, points, etc.) around everything. 4 Watch Towers (Gateways)- Not; remnants of N,S,E,W · N- magnetism of mind · S- magnetism of land · E- magnetism of soul · W- magnetism of heart Gravel- mini stone; conducts small forms of heat; dirt or remnants of ground; helps wizard detect which force is working N,S,E,W Stone- key element to understanding others hearts; color = aura/emotions River- reach into dreams/paths of others; like mirror; putting small amount of water in vial can close up memories of past, present, future (ancient binding) Rock- teach about land and formation; how it was; strip away land and see past Tree- Friends and directions teach where and how to go and what was near by; living observers; mainly Druid

MATH 1- Ability to see into others 2- ability of balance 3- cause, effect, result, the actions 4- elements 2+2 0- represents time 0- represents no time 5- earth 6- control within nature, ie (square/circle) 5+10- witches pentacle, nature 1- borderline between life and death, limbo -1- death 7- Foundation, nature, life, Runic 7- foundation, time, truth, Celt Rune 7- Hebrew, Point meaning of foundation 7-8- Hebrew, being of foundation 9- the gateway, arch 9- the closing gateway, self 9- Hebrew, the arch in the Gateway 8- Perfection without testing 8- infinity, Greek 9- Kabbalic Master code, Finite 6-3- Hebrew symbol of David, Celtic Dragon Eye 4+7- sight within self, 1st Gateway 7+4- Sight within others, 2nd Gateway 3,7,5- Mixed Gateway, Balance 4- The balances of Elements, Fire beginning 6- Balance within conflict, the fist 6-7- Balance in self by Justice Sigma (4)- Frequencies of How these interact Iota (2)- Frequencies of How these divide 10-11- Omega, Gate key to 2+1, Balanced Chaos Tools: Staff- Main source of wizard’s power (lower class, not higher class) Although some have attachments to the past. All starves equate trees and trees are power Cup- Devices from which wizards exercise or combine forces of spirit, done in Rituals can be used for: binding, displacement = separating someone from unique power, turning back time Rope- Unlike in witchcraft (witches start rope knotted, representing spirits that will be released) wizards use the rope to bind spirits, entities, person (is permanent). The power is because of Wizardryl and the combination of power 3 Forces of Magic 1. The Self: · Knowing: what you are, what you are not · Knowing Within: what you could be, what you will be · Gaining Within: how to, how to stop · The Body: emotions, sex, limitations, growth · The Mind: How to enter, hot to endure, how to wipe out · The Soul: how to know, how to feel, how to silence 2. · Others: Knowing: what they are

· · · · · · · · · 3. · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·

Feelings: what they are not Connecting: what they could be Transforming: energy, thought, life, memory Blocking: energy, thought, life, memory The Mind: how to quiet it, how to make it rage Healing: set ups, starting, others, channeling Hurting: Magic curses, Alchemistry, dangerous secrets Conflicting: how not to be, how to be Justice: What is it, balance, put in check Universe; The known: what is seen, felt and understood The unknown: what is seen, felt and understood The sight: “ “ The blind: “ “ Elements: “ “ Natures: “ “ Tuning: “ “ Self: “ “ Spirit: “ “ Tools: “ “ Workings: “ “ Math: “ “ Matrix: “ “ Magic: “ “ Dimensions: “ “ Time: “ “ Practical Applications of Ritualism/ Wizard study

Self Knowing- I feel disassociated (space) yet connected, I feel warm, comfortable, not my “usual and self” like I’m floating relaxed but aware, like I’m half dreaming, like I’m being watched/ tested but not self conscious, like I just lost the ability to spell. Not Knowing- nervous, like I was being touched, like there was a kind of distortion of room/me/time, like the things I saw in the mirror were someplace else… another time, a transposition of space, like I was looking at myself from within another person, tense at first, then very relaxed. Knowing Within· What you could be: Do you sleep late? Do you know if you were born during sun or moon? Are you into vampires Do you have a special feeling when weather changes?

Would you give life to a simple seed? If it died would you do it again? Can you feel the magical properties of plants? In fortune telling, can you use at least 3 styles of divination/ As you were growing up what did you consider yourself to be? Magical/non magical Do you know what the 3,5,7,9 rule is? For Halloween did you dress like a witch? Is there any particular art of the arcane that you were interested in than the other? Druid, Magi, Wizard, Witch, Mystical thing, Occult, Pagan, other (Demon) If I were over 1,000 years old, would I be a good spirit, bad spirit or both? Do I believe in ghosts? Do you believe in a bigger Universe? · What you will be: Arch-Witch: Good: will be connected to gateways have a closer connection to Nature through animals etc. more feminine viewpoint. 3 books work you’ve done, work you will do, work that is you, 7 keys, symbolism, connection to energy circles, Justice carrier.

Bad: stubborn, quick to answer, self incriminating, too open (at wrong time), base judgmental but doesn’t mean to be, lost in thoughts Gaining Within· How to gain charge as an Arch-Witch: The process is the mature act of transference. In an agitated state, the Arch-Witch must link, then couple with the energy of a much more powerful source (such as a wizard). This can be done in 3 forms. The prevailing emotions of the agitated Wizard, magi, or other coupled with the agitation of the Arch-Witch directly create this energy link. · How to stop: By gaining a resistant or restrained state, the Arch can create a self controlled energy releasing. Same can be said for practice's of witch through wizard self's, ie… High structured Magic. The Body· Body: Whatever happens to the body, gets recorded in the skin and the emotion, the body’s inner mind. · Sex: energy produces emotion creating physical attachment to the understanding and sensitivity of another. · Limitations: the inner allowance of emotional backlash created by any of the 3 (mind body soul) · Growth: By enhancing the limits of emotions, sex, or that which causes limitations you gain a more aware and awake content to the gifts of the body. The body being the inner essences of the reaction to life’s little dents in your personality. The Mind· How to enter: As you begin in your pattern of wording, start and whisper and extend into a vibratory sound that your inner mind is already creating an echo, and draw it out. (Practice makes Perfect) other people call it enchantment. · How to endure: as you begin to feel like you are being controlled or chanted against. Put up a wall between you and the person you and everyone. The more you do it the easier it will become. (will not work if you’ve already been chanted on) · How to wipe out: As you progress, you need to do only the banishing form. 1 hand move in upside down crescent.

The Soul· How to Know- the soul is a very easy thing to see. It is an inner lit shadow that appears

around people, animals, etc. it is yellow. Greenish-yellow is magical. You can identify the soul through time sequence. Since in time the soul is 1/100,000th of a second behind the person. · How to Feel- By touching someone who is out of phase with either their magical or their physical you come in contact with the energy. It leaves its imprint on you, thus you can trace the remnants. (The soul is not the spirit) Only philosophers believe that the spirit is a secondary and travels. · How to Silence- Take a vial of Rosewater, vervain, and river water. Sprinkle this into air where you suspect energy is out of phase. This will displace ions and put energy back to its original form unless it’s a ghost (misplaced spirit).

Others Knowing· What they are: In the acceptance of one’s self as an individual or group, everyone and everything has trade mark patterns based on their selected image. These patters create what is known as an identity. Models of images, items, and things are only there to trick the individual that this person or thing is or isn’t connected to it’s true identity. In language, tone, mannerism, psychology, physiodynamics, eccentricity, essentricity, is the cardinal diplomas from which one views “Face.” Eyes: when looking at a person or thing its focus Tone: vibratory or non-vibratory strengthening or weakening Family: visable imagery Supported information: doctrines, works, property Energy: the feeling you get, the feeling you give Conciousness: whats left behind Fate: 3 to 5 times you run into them, somethings going to happen Faith: when all else fails, add up whats missing Feeling· What They’re Not: In the acceptance of one’s self as an individual or a group, everyone and everything has trade mark patterns based on their selected image. These patterns create what is known as an identity. Models of images, items, and things are only there to trick the individual that this person or thing is or isn’t connected to it’s true identity. In language, tone, mannerism, psychology, physiodynamics, eccentricity, essentricity, is the cardinal diplomas from which one views “Face.” Eyes: when you look into the eyes, eye response Tone: what you don’t hear and what you hear a minute after Family: can they name the family who do they have trouble naming. Supported information: word mix up or misplaced Energy: what you feel before they arrive Conciousness: does your mind seek the most Fate: can they tell you where you’ve been Faith: do they know their subject Connecting· What They Couldn’t Be: Articles and itmes on their person create their mindset. When the articles and items match their energy, that’s when they’ll be what they could be. Centering around 2 other things. · Supported Information: the practice, the crowd, time, place, past · Energy: connection, reflection, refraction, displacement, conversion, transformation Transforming· Energy: energy field set up by energy field, creates a base front, not seeable or acknowledged by the physical world unless you are empathic or electrokinetic in energy. This

form of energy has 5 direct ionic connections: heat, space, distance, other field, chaos. · Thought: Any energy field which is connected to any of the 5 bases (ie ions) create an inner disturbance composed of a forefront. This forefront is called “The Will” generated by a forementioned consciousness, compiled in the self, developed by a photo ion (ie. Protonic elimination). · Life: The physical energy from which all things exist (NOT) Truthefully, life is many different composite energy fields/chains. Each are joined at an interlinking part. But the displacement of 1 does not displace the rest. · Memory: Any a forementioned field that is displaced is replaced/repaired by previous field, but the a forementioned spot/field has been changed. Any object passing between these fields can be felt and create a 1/100th of a second memory field. Blocking· Energy: By gathering a greater charge than the charge that comes at you when pressed upon this field, it is better to gather supported energy of any of the 5 mentioned fronts. · Thought: Within the self distract your mind by playing a memory over and over in your head. It can be any memory, but break it up, tear it apart. So they don’t get a head of you. The mind is easily proof read there. You can use magical aids such as servants. · Life: In the world of magic, certain emotional events create blockades. If you rewind them, tear them apart, and put them back together the way, you want, then they can be used. · Memory: by getting into a mental dialogue with others, you can get into their head, and pull out certain memories and use them against them. This process is called conversion. The Mind· How to Quiet It: Tibetan: on a thin piece of paper the color of your emotion, write your name or the thing you want quieted backwards (it can be in code). After placing it to your forehead set it on fire. Wizard: Think about 3,7,9,2,4,7,3,1,8. Say aloud in mind 3 times or memorize them and say it at will, and everything goes quiet. Will not work if the person has to find an answer (denoted by nature or another force). · How to Make it Rage: Tibetan: Build yourself a small wooden stick, mark it with symbols of what you fear (ie loyalty, anger, etc.) Such as words, write it in code to yourself if you feel you need to. Start to spin it in your palm (slowly at first) Due to friction, the emotions will be empowering. Wizard: Picture a wall of flame in front of you, make the flame as real as you possibly can. Walk through it. When you reach the other side your mind is raging. To increase raging, increase the number of times you do it. P.S. As you get up ther you wont need the fire, the raging will already be there. Healing· Set up: Verbal: world of magic user does not rely on scientific data, instead relies on the feeling of the plant for what the plant looks like. Psychic: as one’s charge develops on a level they can pass energy from one tp another, this is called kinesis. Empathic: the body wants to heal, or be healed, so an empathic person sees red spots into the damage/x-ray to identify the problem. Direct: when one feels that a person/thing is unable to heal itself, they can place the souls energy into a container usful to the body can heal itself. Last restort as body is usually capable of healing itself even under extreme measures. · Starting: Start by warming the hands by friction, by rubbing them together to create an energy ball (you see sparks etc.) as you create the ball you feel it separate into both hands (they tingle) you must discharge it (the energy will stay with you). The person will have a shock. · Other: The use of spiritual magic (possession) you need get only the right tools and let it happen. · Channeling: This requires a link (object, thing, or property) it should be the most recent you can get your hands on. You graft your own energy onto it. The person need not touch or come in contact with the link. It’s a kind of “time travel” healing. Hurting-

· Magic Curses: Any curse of magic can only work if there is a judgement call, or a guilt, or a fear, and only to the extent of the curse. P.S. unless Alchemy is at work. · Alchemistry: As one becomes connected to the virtues of plants and animals, an inner mix of consciousness arises. In this consciousness is revealed a secret mixing: AKA: Alchemy or is called recreation of the world because those who originally practiced it (hence barbarous) (It is only practiced by the highest of Magicians today.) · Dangerous Secrets: Those who learned these practices used them to their advantages in minute quantities to cause sleep illness death. This made them no better than animals that paralyze their prey (ie vipers). All animals have the capacity for the life giving as well as life taking. Most deadliest of all secrets are piousonous powders and virus credited from a non-viral location. Conflicting· How Not to Be: Give everyone their due when it comes to magic when you feel a field, don’t enter them unless you feel welcome. This is considered provoking. Don’t worry about “preemptive fields,” they are just to let you know that they are there. In the case of a wizard a preemptive field would be followed by a pre-emptive Dragon. · How to Be of: Place your calling card into the air, a simple vibratory response to let them know you were there. If you ae powerful enough, they will probably seek you out for recruitment. Justice· What is it?: The works of Justice Nature: has its own plan created by the connection of those who are associated by nature, only they know what they need to know. Self: the powers of the self are interlinked with the designs of nature and the universe who watch and balance them wither you like it or not. Body: marks on itself the memories of the past, so to can the magic user to one who misuses their gifts. Mind: The magic user is in conflict with the time of judgement due to numerology, symbols are symbols. Universe: pass it off, it kicks back. · Balance: In all things, balance is maintained by the 3 fields: cause, effect, result. Cause: an action that is put into movement visa versa one’s will Effect: result of said action, put to effect by cause Result: Set into action by said effects, this is the reflection of said cause · Put in Check: When one has magically or morally oever stepped their bounds as seen by ones who govern said magics or morals, then a state of trial within nature or the universe is enacted. However, these trials are often subtle and taken the place of bravest will as in “if no one else will.” Since nature keeps its own direct record of balances. It is hard to know when such action has come to pass unless directly said.

The Universe Know· What is Seen?: In the vast understanding devoted to magic there are 3 known Universes: the Macrocosm, Microcosm, and Select Universe (often called The Known). The Known being complete understanding of the 5 basic senses that empower our form of knowledge. This universe is devoid of complications due to rational thought created by the 5 senses. So thereby it’s limited by the laws of the Dual Universe. · What is Felt?: Due to the understanding the universe is vast, the freedom and understanding of will becomes a base concept, so the enlightened soul goes beyond the micro, macro and Known Universe. It becomes 2nd to the Self Universe created by discovery intertwined with the base 3 (see above). As with all Universes there are rules. This one is no

exception. What is considered the known is copied over into the micro and Macro. This self Universe is then by played, examined, and destroyed within the confines of it’s own laws. This is called “The Yearning.”

· What is Understood?: What is expected from the self universe, playing within the rules of all the other known universes, and is held and bound by the rules of all the other universes and not just the 1.

Unknown· What is Seen?: By that which is justified by the self universe added with and divided among all of the universes, creates a manifestation of the embodiment of power and in this universe, as temporary as it is, one begins to see and understand pattern. · What is Felt?: Within the darkness is inescapable measurements of emotion and power created and transformed without direct rules or laws. Set aside from all of the Known. The Absolute can be gathered there, and even transformed there. · What is Understood?: Patterns, developed by the Known, set aside by the 3 universes, set aside by the shape of ones own will, help develop a single doorway called a crate. By turning and twisting these symbols can one modify or peek into these other Universes. Sight· What is Seen?: As one begins to become adept in magic the coloration of magic ie. Power begins to show up as in a spectrum of concentrated energy, forces or even emotions. This gives rise to a visible planet within the universe. Showing how matter is to the nonvisible. · What is Felt?: As we use our 5 senses, we learn there are much more than our 5. Our desire to explain these takes a philosophical roller coaster, or a mirror of self recrimination. This leads us to an understanding once again with an involvement with the self universe. · What is Understood?: When we begin to evaluate the understood 3 universes, minus the self universe in relation to the Known feeling of self, the sighted universe takes a more direct understanding to the pattern and frequency of will, exacting a self universal reflection. The Blind?: · What is Seen?: Ghostly shadows not seen or understood in the emptiness of time and space are made known in the passage of the blind. That which is hidden with purpose can be felt without intention, the zen of the universe, silence of the self, wisdom of the ages. · What is Felt?: When that which is of non-substance is touched upon by something of substance, a field of occurance happens within 3 inches of where they cross. This is known as a paradox. The time limit or extension of the crossing undermines the length of the paradox. · What is Understood?: Physical manifestations can not touch upon terrestrial temporal, or paradoxal fields of influence without charge. These things entities, beings, etc. are bordered by geophysical, geomagnetic and terrestrialmagnetic fields or paradoxes. This is called the Laws of Substitution.

Elements· What is Seen?: None are known in the construction of the universe, however, due to radionics the select chain of terrestrial elemental sciences is given evidence by physical, terrestrial, pattern mapping called zoar. This zoar is a form of theology based on the universal physical design called the Law of Constitution. · What is Felt?: As with all living things, there is a living memory of the past, present, or future weaved into the fabric of sound and frequency are the gifts of this harmony. This elemental by-product believed to be Nirvana, it’s sirname, is the inner gating, physical principal of the Known. · What is Understood?: The elements do not exist. That they represent a higher form given shape both terrestrial and non-terresterial. That this known understanding is a precept to the idea that mass, matter, and self are individual and not connected (So they play by their own rules.) Natures· What is Seen?: The understanding that there are lines drawn in a universal pattern, separated by only time and space. These lines, however hidden forever connect to an absolute. No matter how big or mighty the universe gets, it is destined to reflect upon itself. · What is Felt?: There are easy and immutable laws that are set and made to be bent. Both the seen and the Known (or understood) have guardianship. This gives them the ability to display, choose, give or look away. Basic or Advanced keys. This is called the Laws of Stagnation. · What is Understood?: Gifted are we and who give away to get, foolish words one would think when standing in front of a robber, but that’s the way the Universe is quite cruel, because it doesn’t tell you when to give and when to get, so you have to judge that on your own. “It’s not always cookies and cream sometimes you end up with Rocky Road. Just don’t fudge yourself to death…” Natures· What is Seen?: All that is seen is not all that is valued as far as the Universe is concerned. That which is seen is only valued by how often it is used. The value is determined by several methods of measurement: time, space, and distance. The universe is divided into 3 physical forms: the macro, the micro, and the non. · What is Felt?: Radiation within forms of that which is abstract touch bombarded by nitrogen and hydrogen which is off set by the sun and the moon. This field of energy touches upon the skin. By relevance of this touch, one gets to feel the expansion of the universe. This is the concept called Microwave Veiling.

· What is Understood?: This can be broken down into several parts,5 total (mostly theories) 1. Cosmic Universe: the design of this is based on the Big Bang Theory, that everything was started from a bang that happened in the Vega quadrant. 2. Folding Universe: The concept that it was always here, and expanding backwards, like a clock that runs backwards. 3. Creationism: That an orderly presence of super-intelligence embodied, created and

underlying, pattern. G- Grand O-Order D-Design. 4. Conceptual Universe: When you get too many philosophers thinking there’s one answer to everything instead of following the pattern. 5. Pragmatic Universe: That everything explains itself by genetic traits, so in order to understand the puzzle you must have every piece. Tuning· What is Seen?: The collective frequency of a sound or harmony is embodied in the conscious and unconscious mind of those that are set to it’s tone. This sets up what is called a parallel backlash. “You ever wonder why people think the same thing at the same time?” That’s called Parallel Backlash. · What is Felt?: Vibration set in tone to the kinetic level, creating a magnetic field. Sets up a disruption in the upper point of the sub-concious. The result of which creates a subconscious state linking to a form of hypnosis. With development, this creates the theory form for Astrology, also known as thera-para-restraint. · What is Understood?: It can’t be done. It is set in a binary concept of 0’s and 1’s. The universe relies on 0’s and 1’s because the concept of universal power is a bridge between the atom and the electron. 01.0000.000.00.0 (the Universe). Man clicks time forward, the universe clicks time back. “Time waits for no man, and man has no concept of time.” H.G. Wells. Self· What is Seen?: The nature of the universal self is expansion and understanding. This intermixing/interweaving dynamic has many different levels to its laws, once again proving it is not a self or grand set form or design or pattern and as a “living” dynamic, the universe shares little of it’s make-up until you understand it is math. · What is Felt?: The key to this is whether or not you understand it’s laws. As with most things, it depends on where you begin as to where you end. And often will there be another law that applies: The Law of Design. · What is Understood?: Most believe we’re all alone amoung others who share our space. This aloneness is our unique and seldom applied trait of self or soul. Using religion to explain how the universe began, which may or may not have bearing on being from the star. This leads us back to faith.

Spirit· What is Seen?: That the universe doesn’t have one. It is an empty boat of constellations that has so much potential, but little or no way to exercise it’s potential unless interacted upon by a chaotic force. (Non-controlled) · What is Felt?: That the universe does have a design, that it’s theology is based on the study of other things such as: life within life, creation from nothing, hyper-intelligence, and the wasteland theory. “You ever wonder if Adam and Eve were never kicked out of Eden, but told their children this story to protect them from the real knowledge, that Earth is actually Eden and the Universe is our planet, and the angels that protect us inside Eden until we are ready to travel to other parts of our world…”

· What is Understood?: We are alone, self contained beings with the power of the stars within ourselves: the ability to create or destroy at will, (mostly destroy). This is due to out understanding of how small we think existence is. Our spirit says it’s bigger, but our body says it is smaller. (Can you guess which is right?)

Tools· What is Seen?: Rope: used as measurements for both the circle and the scale of distance. Chalk: basic measurement for items equaling 1 foot Ribbon: was used in marriage ceremonies and associated with season (color essence with season) Stone: religious or non-religious would use stone as pre-designed records of their reality, often used as markers. Blood: through the form of that which is identified as loss, it was given rise to the ideology of the living land or borders Salt: is a part of everything is on everything material, is one of the devices that creates friction. Mercury: theologian apprentice, often considered the middle bay, used as the basic sub reference in any planetary conversion. · What is Felt?: Stars: light, radiation, heat Mirrors: reflection, betrayal, separation Water: youth, vitality, old age Stone: growth, mystery, consciousness Steps: distance, hopes, illusions Fire: lust, passion, fear

· What is Understood?: That we learn from observation, growth, and connection, and we believe the universe does the same thing, and by believing that we are missing. One of the three mysteries we will never find all of the pieces.

Workings· What is Seen?: Gravity: One force denotes property. 2 forces denotes gravity. 3 forces create nature, 4 forces dual magnetism. Time: for every hour here it is 10 hours astral time. Depending on the universe, dimensions, paradox; reversal of time, stopping time, destroying time is possible.


Direction: In the universe of space what is up is down and what is down is up. What is inside is in between and what is not there is really there, just covered.

· What is Felt?: Nature: nature is by product of gravity, time and direction using the primitive direction of will. The nature of the thing, person, being doesn’t change no matter what universe your working in. Para-nature: that which exists in a dual nature does not exist in the same properties. Gravity, time, and direction have their own laws in para-nature.

· What is Understood?: Though the universe is vast, it plays along the same lines as basic expanding matter. And though the universe has a semi-finite nature, it creates sub-sections. It creates parallel dimensions. MathAlpha Astoroth, Abba, apple, Adam, armegedon Omega Odin, Omni, doorway, universal, unconscious, dreamworld Zen Religion, trinity, triangle, Morals, apparition Iota Knowledge, psychology, memory, understanding, middle Phi Mentality, learning, mortality, conscious thought, the grail Psi Motherhood, lesson, retribution, goddesshood Delta Three, triangle, parallel point, causal, causality, value Lamda Mind, high thought, strength, invisibility, destruction Rok Conflicts leadership, desperation, consequence of value Moto Consistant value to that which has equal parallels Nun Water, lifespring, sex, frequency, goddess of separation Kyio Chaos, irregular thought, misery Cho Church, equality, point, time, death, tone Phemus overtake, begin again, swallow, exercise Matio Mathmatical Quantation of the square dual Zeta Frequency between life and death, sun, nirvana Sigma Frequency, mind control, adaption, tuning Seven Miracle Formula of nature, ie heaven Tu beginning, consciousness, variation, absolute Kathu Finite, argatory, the misk, un-time Gatho Gravity, sigil G4 -2/0 Di Dimensional space, distance, direction Cocho water, celtic symbol, shell, vibration, universe ie spiral Infinity infinity Universal Matrix