Diosa Bronzera

by Efren Paredes, Jr. I dedicate this poem to my mother, Velia, and the Latina mothers of the world.

Diosa bronzera anointed mother of life First guide and protector a multitude of delights. Nurturer of goodness we emulate your ways Which sustain our existence 'til our last waking day. Vanish the cold with the warmth of your arms The lessons you teach us we wear them like charms. Your devotion a testament why your legacy endures Hold the world in your hands as if it were yours. The calm voice of reason that rings in my ear Your tone is melodic the knowledge of seers. A heart full of treasure a luminous star Seemingly ever-present you watch from afar. Your compassion so gentle exuberant with care Like the beauty of mariposas that glide through the air. Create light in the darkness you calm all our fears Impart us with wisdom wipe away all our tears.

Commune with the Cihuateteo1 in the Circle of Fire Survive through the ages never rest or retire. Through the annals of history you've sat on a throne Reigned over kingdoms had your name carved in stone. Your portrait adorns sacred temple halls On ceilings and mantles in glyphs on the walls. You've held your fists in the air gripping scepters and rods Stood at La Pirámide del Sol2 where men become gods. A courageous noble warrior a reflection of Ollin3 Your memory will be honored as a descendant of Queens. Diosa bronzera keep leading the way For the gift of my life I thank you each day.

Copyright © 2007 by Efren Paredes, Jr.

E-mail: info@4Efren.com


Cihuateteo: Nahuatl (Aztec) for "goddesses."


La Pirámide del Sol: "The Pyramid of the Sun" located in Teotihuacán, Mexico along the Avenue of the Dead, in between the Pyramid of the Moon and the Ciudadela, and in the shadow of the massive mountain Cerro Gordo. The pyramid is part of a large complex in the heart of the city. Ollin: Nahuatl (Aztec) for "the sacred movement in continuum, which gives impulse to our world."


"Diosa Bronzera" means "Bronze goddess"

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