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ThomasVaughan-Lumen de Lumine

ThomasVaughan-Lumen de Lumine

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Published by: Abracatabra on Apr 22, 2012
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Ordo Argentum lux Lucis

,- the mofl [./i1UJIU tlnilJerjitie

o my Deare mother ~
of Oxford,




HAVE obferv'd (mofi deare c8V[other) and ~~~- that in fthy Sons, a Complexion f Fame; and Ingratuitie. earning indeed they A] lJa"Ve,
Afiifr....VJ;JUI ...



.. -

---~------------ .......-----.......

. The Epijlle" . ;'lJedicat01y~ IJa1Je, but they Jorgetthe eed; which may ~ro'fpM6I,r3' Vrepr that._ga1Je it. Thy be the (jreatep amongJl3" (jOOd 1I7ork!. meet not erl». 1 qjraught it he with one Samaritan, but If hath nothing of naMap) haft tbou cur'd-~6":'~,but what is under of the .Leprofie of I,gno- e Vede : I wiih indeed ranee. 111is is the ou mayfl fee her fine that joyTs our perfeElions: ammeo ; but her face we have all drunk.. of thy ike that of the AnnrtnFountaine, but we facri- tata expects the Pencil .ree not the TVater to the an Angell. I cannot fay /frell. For n1y o"Wnpart, . (ompoJure deferves Ican prefent thee with y P atronag;e ~ but give notbing that's Voluminour, e leave to make it my buthere is a Nluftar,dunitie, that I may feed, returne




The Ep~ple 1Jedicatory. . returnethe /lcl(_no'fPledr,e- ut the cr~pof an IJrae-

ment , where I receiv lite and the Vene~t. Iintend not' .. . my AdarefJe for the Thy Legztlmat [1:Jlld. 'BankJof l{is; Thou ha 16)0. no Portion there, unlcff E. P. thy Stones require n Infcription. It is thy 1Jif perfrd 'Bctf'V I hav
I remember, Take it the whercfoever rlJou in thy fad 'I(emo~es a ll1/itations. It is neith Sadducee nor P lJar~ree -..---- - ---

k.,!orvne, and T1Jat




" \.

! ,.

'\1 .~.


Thom.lllz B odleium Eqnitern



l'Jienji.1i Structorem

B i6/iothec .e


Ancb Anil11a!& tam San&aji"mu( /tZ.':.:C!.1 Favi lla: Sircj. [cmd CinC:lis m£minl/i:..rr~' ru. ~ r c~!;,& Stcll,rrum Plcn ior O'Jo, .!f!Jti Sporadas pe,. T c, non j1niI Afira [ere. !Iippc Lares Libi is 7..cl rice '/:1g:wribus .uldis ; Et Czrlum, fjlJO Jim Sydcrn fixa, ([IUS.



Vitam ut Pcrrcs, !tlj'/.,imui' Fnibus pni&

: at 7.l'

t!.:_'o Vi[amlJrl1Jc

vive re, SoI:'l habcs,

pitiul11 agi1/)(citnt Anc: : Hie Q;~di.bt.:~int7' •.; Z',,) 0 b I etncc 5, me P ere?;' ina, 111(1'I1~L ,l'I1:! To~.f!, f)(iL~icjj cap:lX P;1IlCg}'TIS arbi,;, f.! M.lr..:.1 'vel 2v:;;:.\ Plcu.or llndM M,lri.


~, ...

and Symmet'l·je. . Vitam'im. which is 60th Cor~ .aad S plenetic.(~~lIumnift(it San~ius.R~on It bears to my former D i[courhath fore'a it to the PrtUe. but the . the S u6jeEl being jroJ! e to . Ext)'llllJl . . being not compleat.. E. 1 . the G e" .llbll~ Heroum.__ .clIit Man fua. Mmli[tft O'mnifda Proles. ab{lImptifiJ fagil:cis ImplelJit Vacllas Iola pharetra Manm. Hinc Ie Iraan Fugz dedit. It was my Dejire ~ee~ it within D ~ores. felf JO the D '(po[all of rhisfJiete.!._- .. iJDdltii Laus amp13) & Fuftor Urna Sepuiti. SYU.Jaloqui.ta.ji-ble & SmUl The&A auim..Iaft G/age of rpy thoughts.P'... but what' ftrft Reflex.. :.. and .. I . ~~~i. B~ nly .11 . • ~i. iret Opus. Mar['it Necern. have added thIs ro pet/eil their I- . CtmCln'!II-J Lydi" .' Have P iunz tIl: Agnofcere J ~(}S profecifii. & Mtta Pa~'Tibi Vox 71ulla ell ~ Satagis dum condere Mufam. I mull: conI have no R ell'fdn for ir.. _' .Geniorum. It is • had (orne' C(JlJl:fl with my nius of the rimes ---------_.!<.ituad non noverit l. fuo.

thanof. but lightm m_'''." b~~u(e . Who writes i reduc·d~ PI1J!iOlJS to a ot«.Aura tel1ui. conceive..D iflldvantage..ifl is. 1~.and this 1 believe.thr. The wtJrld indeed may think [he trllth they would furp. as i they did t/ri'7. • . to quafh the pyofef.mat.~.jittiJtt8.·and perhaps neuer will fee. the Truthji~kSt becaiue it: (Jutw~iRhs them.rd. withhet Peace.l.~. . . that . in the judge1nent 'R..ull: give all . rent the Rocks to pieces.o~n.' Out-Grier when S calef.. the they .t~~it ~Jttoti'Uesl they'd'ifcoveran trreltgtouJ {pirit. TIns I 1baJI look L ibellers have oh[erTJed. is no N01ft·.)e.became Ihee is attended been fourvily i'e1P4rded. for they quttupoaas no . (dUll :.(ingJ I Jlazardmy Joule by fuch uncivill Dif VOIce. in the ftill. that no Man fhould for e'L~ry idle w.this I am {lIl'e ot. our late there-is no JTJRorte..of mo~ ~her~ tber~..' . 56. whom they 'neVer faw.$ will.chrifl "rm.utes.. As for temp. eeffe of this A'ft grows from its Op..~rJ.-1 . fot. of f~h C enfor... .i~ not enough to a~uJe and mifinterpret our lvritings: with fludied doe they difparage our perfons. I will no more wa~ in .. It. I would advance the Truth.ejJ~it. .. but the fllc. tro» &. andpire at Hore~ :':Hce .. They fDJ·" usto a BitternejJe beyondour own Di{po· fitioJ1s'l and provoke men to jiR..) pojitiofl. Earth·qMlJke. ~ .h. &trd 1!Jillcondlmn [ars.the was 110t in the wind. I my the'Tr~thof CliJd.~e'r~· . I know 1 m.~. hath the fame Parelolv'd for the flt~In" to fUff": .. The E flithe Science..IAlIoj. Indeed I have fJ1.(J -. This Tbem~ re[ent the commol'J {p/e'1J. no To the iny Adver/aries fupply me withall: ·tnanfor hUpatiel'J(I.'ethe fame D eftgn with the IJevill. For my own. · . one rhat hath more of the HM'ry-ctlno.A My Ar. nor in.who. God u«. e alumnies an~ I dare fuppofe them ~ very weB Br4t1J1.

his C. had they bee. I thought fit to Pre. if the B 4ptifl did scare wirnefle of Chrift.' ends.~· bright CirtU11J(erenceofhi5 to GI01Y. it had not Ibeen . L-ight. I wa. it felt: and [he worldfhall Iubmit to [he gener. where they Ihall find their Judge·.~ilJo1lJs.. and without be traduc'dhereafter. in general/..tro» with the Tru. This Trllth.eflie of Nature. I have referr'd charitt' ro keep at Home. for the Tears of Difand is able [0 Juftifte before the world ~"'ie are n?t.61..eapa!Jle of it.m'ajlB7'. t:hrifl H. fure to [erue the . God can beare me wimefle When I did lirit put my Thoughts i . which I hav~ the $urge$ and .cuJ41'~ wirhprov£dence. have receive from another len.l~~tcome. I have known his {ecret like the Dove Hi the D tluge.. 7." in tbe· plAce for the Sqleofher Foot. It was my D'PCi3 to drawn. which I Truth.. tetlin winds and Temfcfis.111al. muG: flo- glorifie rhe Truth. Rtader. overlooke I tefiifie thofe things.fge. Truly my ~tlarreU to the God of Natllrt. But the "rigit B4 wife 4nda /hinil{( Eight. I ani [1thfi'd with the Peace am confident this G ~nerAtion win not and Tefl of a good Canfcience ~ I .. and ficG no [een under his . thou mai~ not any D efert» of min" have forc'd my expeR my Yindication.5 Advoc"fe.very Bsa.06// d of my Peace is involvd in the Concernments of his had imparred fome ~hiJ'Jgs. 3 alfo did as much for the B aptift: 'If'4S IJ burning. when Ttl the R e"dt. and forc'd to it by it was not for any privAtt paper. he will: find h~...indle ismy S(boiJf.. But d~e 6arharous III" flue. There is a mutgall Teftimonie between God and his Servant!. 'This.lt.t.. But the written nothing but what God hath Timer in this R efpeH fall not even ~erijedbefore my EJel in pM't. and in fome mea. that if any 1)ifcourfe of mine filits I have met wirhall.AdmiTlttioll of the Myfttri_ 1nd M. flrong .

1 Ins.e WIt YOlll ~ I 1h b lor war.. • ~ 'C ". ' ave been fOrpeAit. the Dawriing ot.v nor. madeRnlt'! ". r. it off. If you are b ... .b:_3J.p . this Difcourfe is rny 14ft~and the only'C Lavis to-my Fir!_ ! Coma in D' E LUMINE ..God'provide! for he. . a Haufe fbue up. when tyr'l . tma Light.take 'her Hornetlith thy !1rallth ofoli7. what R.. r ' /. "::'.eatelt:' .n<. wu.. dnJl4# .1J'4Ve:r nd'Wart-. Dde lwelJ. tcoa1~.. Me thinks I fee het ill the windo~ all wet. t~dt put.nau.tIf\. Nif!.s {be hath a little Ark a to returnc'tO.I!!~~~~ :to. To conclude.: . which.this po': pular. ' .thc'RCitdtt.i arewell.. s kn'o. atier much L·Jlid. low JJtill~a-.i.' .t't a Flying S croZlI. like the Arabian~s H'slicsli : i~ ~onia! Ji. f c.-urealt. 1 Kings II. hid lb..'Jo. hilt ~i~~h8..~t1imtherblacklhgt..?bPllt .1. and wetither·/.JJThty t. Ft . gbu an WIth.t(~irds 0.~J.hf! Sun anti ~izt~Ray mil Checquer ofm~t Cl .Htr a: is. f~t6o)\butL.turns you will give rn~ f I dclivermYLightto your HlJntit out! .O.twl. i. . feale up: what you fee: in your H esrts : T ruft it not to lire: ToltRue.. ron al:1 tneiti ". Ie was lome Cap4c. F 165.' P.. now I 'Rill.e She bath been rejected 4broad ~ and ·':rf you tnttr. y.!!. if I fhould e·\"frejfe my fhJfht.tie.rt Night young Eafl:iII t. uds..nc. artrnd it. i~tediou! fllltldie."In Sables..a. \viCe .. T!rfZ. Pe~e 'Think it were more plaint and to more pleaJing.' p. ..'l.et. 6IJajl-ltl'e htm. and thole pcnjiV/f n.. kUng flames grew 'Ce. ' '_' . 4iir/lilenceIM' . A>rm. 1·IU Si!ine.'~./dlad es.Thu~' "VV hat I have written formerly. hat here I give you t h e KeJ tot he Lock.for tba. ..

and in ehae conBet'samo. it was ~ neffi'andfilence. that Ir4vail'd towards .TJcl of DaJ·flar. A Jrl.J aoc long COl1Center did [prout a cerraine flowrie ' tinued in this humor.. fo' that I . ~lldtwjnk.3. Towards rors. ~n fome wood.U a.(uitabu with .llare as that of a. not only Sun-jhine. it indeed to be the Temp/~ ~~ (omplexUNlofthep'/lce.. but myJftc. Being the old Romans called (a) S. but in the DiltttatioH of but wffll . Occurrences " j1rangl.Tap~ • Very whifperr ofa (oft'wind.. and and more Lahour ~ 2 3~ J j~lflJU::~ . but a Bniitl. which was'_. but without an much refembling an Atmofpheare.and I thought my [elf Vefpcr. 1iO I fuddainly Edt Ifand like t. new eA"ppearance diverted my A pdeep tinCiurc than that which I had • Not far off on my rjght hand. rroubfd with thefe Hnex~f1ed.~l~Flowt'r. I moved every way for CircHmference. there appeared in the middle purple to. This perfumc being blown BilJJ• The Texture of the Brmlc.came a moll "cavenly..onduded my [elf to be forth in [mall Sk!il1S and Rh'lIletJ.!t~~ like file.rftompo(e me. r rerol~ed' to reI} my (elf. could difcover a white weake Light.bel was fo o~erJ there fucceeded a pleafant H 11111ming of th~Leaues fo tbicl{_. but I could heare the ht. and fuddainly it Was in the Let!l. or wild.and fl411... Figurl of that Splendor.B xh ': troubled to no purpofe.d..t. odorollt againft the 7 rees.Mid-night.andthis did fomewhat !Jr~.'ght_ it was. and I found my tel fin a Grove fo rank. ..'lS taken up with this Grange long. and OUt of their l'(Dtj(m./-MfJYtll.pleas'd. Now was I fomewhae Here then the Da_1 was no Cooner: borne. I fpent. My fomfie placed me in a. as it were the flamc of tl. any thing could finelme. The Beams of this new Planet ~he Trees. difcover'd a Curious.p"eu Ibit and l~Jng I could find Qothino) I expected if .a fuddain Commotion. but was Hill intertained with the joynr TinElure of the part./tr.which being regt~tle Bre~h. . j I was rediic'd to a night of a mOlnl~"'UIlO.irlfcj{e.r. and the Center i't was of 3 pUl'J'le colour like the without incouragernents . for 1 judged it oot. With this 'like ThrcdJ of ~~. more than N4tUr'"ll.and if we concoueries...h. r~ldeavour!. Candle. not: [0 inexp~cffi~le Ob(curiti~~ and as I . Ilared to rhe Lt:ttJd of Deft/arion. where the had joyn'd Difoipll11c. much ltke chat of[weet Briar!. Milkje. /IItt4Te. Iwas in a firm even Temper. and wearied with Whiles I W. but not V mbrnge. I h. [parkJmg. it was not a wood.

.ft~lIiior it DO. He~ he_ad ~as 'ovtrr:ttj1 tli~ and cfpco:lUy ~ne that p~o~tfcdvery much... but:fog~een. I could fee.W .ev(/J'd to her Bre(Js. To be Ihort.let4TJII1 C~~~~~tJ.c."tllidh Iook'd like LUtts ina. pU. ~~r (h irt. fULt1J?g W !t 2 we ~lt?:a.~~ry.:t.l. Opinion to perfpr~ ~fher h~ndf. chat I 9~vet Ia.andlooJfd as 1t were from ~I" more •...Bl'a~lJ.·' ~ .ght.." ( .:d'd with a 1~dd~lle OccNrrcnce • . flowr'd wid:. -~ . ApFroach ..rough their .t amifle to obey to [weet a Comman4s ~iGraJ[c.Vm.and ~ ~ftill A nf!W M4g. Here indeed I cxpe~ed [orne Dif cent 5tat:ire. This a~ld D? other? was her .Ra~ This I cOllfdfe ioun4ed {!range.cr.oJ/thIsll and jlOJvne. frejh~ and CeleftiaJ~ ~ it. as if file had preepi~ .ednow ilt laft to be her Aftel17tl .'. lfloattng Ti.·d~pt9Y. but Itboughc: [h. wer~'quick. were pu(e~ intire Eme..fJ!ltlr. ~er the fo!tt(ld~ of the made me Judge 'Haire behind her was rowt'a to a cuneus ht~Jdno/~' the a r!1:4nd borh neer and fat' Globe with a.Joyced at this ftrange Lrr. . UrrcIet~ thfs j&diJ ... thee prevents me WIth a volunta~Ie frdl1l~ neither long.· In ftitn'e 'p~=. S' ~d lodge anumber of ~~xht'bgafJ. [mall fhore !pir. but: ~ me~he· . ~iH1. . ht.. rakes me by the fOr~heColMr was not ·earth".ght. Attlr d Ihe was !n· tlHn .- .. and Jkje-colofJ'I°·d KifOts.. and her PencLmts of burnina Csr-. brmclCJ. and prepar d t~ make my .. I thou/dIal/ow IMr. and h:tvtng·' her blatl Veile did hC'L'Lock.~~.. Her RiNgs rluii new ftar:~eetmg Wlt~ (orne drrJpJ ~f.hand. ddc~vered .d fomething of 3: fl-cr:. ('5 It "". "'!-. e·.! break: pltlm'dthemfelves. The Li~ht wh~ch 1 had formerly. for ~he fi{cnc~of the NIght. .l'alds.httCheek_! in Curls and RingJ of Gold.andloftlywhiipen.d fo:il-. purpt.fftent~..~e. another more a(:imtrab~' ~~~Cf 1l~'" pearance at that Ttme: b~t whiles I admir d tetras d•.eall L. foul bufied. to her Dti!1~ine. but to'Interrupt my Thought!.by their D!h'tti/h' . as and was thorowly aJr d. ad .. This I though~ was.betw~? m~··and· t~e her p~rfeaionJ.: 1Ii1eli h:i./iLk-r.~x~min~ wha~ _ ' 7Jiapa!mJ.. if the Eilrtlj had been paYid with Dianl11Jdr. but Ihe looklllg very fen. r=.. PJI.mq. and then return'd to ty. her whole H a~itWa$ There rare. ~.apha.l!redlfl~_·. .. "T - .and v:ariOus AC'{."j~~ntJ: ~~Ptmy . f~lt like the £~iJ-. Hirt'd' the HiU -A'yh'witlJ like SIP/-beams from a Mift. ..1'$ f~mjied with white and SI) oer . which ~~ h~ld tIf1 wi't:h_'o~ ~ut W~ able In mv.. ~er dreJfos.. /I. for file ~alued 110 -rnade a r_7v!tltltf4dc of arIght R.tho.. •.) (X. metaLl.1/~J oufly and filcntly in ~y face.~frt:iat(jltJ.A~ L. '. with rich AraIJ~ if it had been ud_atp!all t~._100ft' COUT(e from her. moll: exquitie divine .1 tJ.. aijJ. pr~(el1ted a p/etilli~g ki~d of 0JeclJ!.~ ~ls. they ran their Mrlftck.

We had not walk'd very far.to this Ihe replied Vf+Y famIliarly. Her w"'k. This Violence of its Fall. the wandr'~ not.foQU~(e j but hafor it moved like all V{h~rDefore her./lu-r. which felt like plu(h and deareft is Thalia: for I am alwatu for it was very (oft. who ame. where 1 could fee fer.J}{tjlrH [peake. being (laid the) I have ~lInJ Nlflmes.was-grec. This rare and gOodly dcadflel1c~. which fill'd all tbat 1ChAne". but it continued any NOJ~.~ her 'Wasmy only care to 36frrve her.t/l.._ for was more large than a. for fbe could perceive a flrange Clearn_cj[e in the . for commirig neerer.. in my'hands it was no Common wilter. I' found them' their Current dillraaed by thore Salt. .ifh to be firm folid Roc~. and the E4rrh overlook'd U~. what Hrange wollen (lI~flance It was._"DwnpAth.:tilJH. and her if Ihe would favour me Wl. took up. Look! lip not lIke that of DAY. made me quickly look up to fo that I conceived We were neer the OHTurrets of Salt.&c. her" I H Service added much to her G foric. when I HUpelldous Ctttt4rafl. Philo/a. bu~ a Lum~ de Lum'Jle~'or'" A new Magicalt Lig. and purl'd all the way and I (hall never wither.ny River 1~ her fuch they Ieerned Co me. " refolv'd with my [elf to dijlurb. it defccnded wl~hindeed was an Error of mine. The 1-Vater! were dAJh ~ Dot long.. 7' more :t bring this about) I did not' well know. foft Ayr.ed over us. but ~J with a fine (mall GraJfe. k. but for all this they came down with' ling hke Diamonds. white Clouds. When we beholdt"~ mountains of the ~oone.I. I' thus /1eale ~down like Snow. hke the mil. to ddire I had to heare my c. \Vhell I had nlight receive (ollle IlIform.." part of the: Va"~" thar Was before us. Euge.r indeed ptrc/.for': the ~'rtIl11lC: . lunar Mountains. for they ar~ the true. I judged her now) that if poffible. neither can I affirme it rufo the 11"Y Tops of theft pillars ~nd wasn'ght. incredtblc thmg? ThI$ deep BottOllle. that (for Co. Salt.Ay~! sfl'om theft I nvijihlc Rockt.. yet verily fhe fOlIinwd if the had kown me long before. for we were in a moll' a Miraculou&. How to '.. Didft ~hoH eve~ Tops of high Hills. and OUt of our Arharot and Court of Bayes. and great Liquor (for it ran by me) I.fcenl'd' averft from D. but notwith{lalldm~ the H eZ$f. or Wilte~f.. hutfhining arid [parl:_..ht. willjhtw thee the OriginaU of Nllus. The difcovcred cerraine thick.. Thou doeft with DAJfte'Sand Primroft.. and Hood gltmmering. as it were on the .. Some of fight did not a littde incourttge me.' --. Thr.

l4t.. and in Tn. neither could Ole move fo rf!}'ther confider.fible.. tor tome fhorc t 17m:.fir(l-did.falitat~b~ explicar:t. doth difcor. fightll1g one with another.1CU. UJit. whatfocvcr it is. &c~ 9 tu« natur« . and fajhion. very 7Jiver/ilie of the N atures fOf~l1d..fore of the great world in general!~. it.LU1lloZ Je LumiJle.o"!trarii/lfte partibUd in Hi1J-l17J. ~tlilCh he at .r'f) niji HnHtf effi. '7Jc. 1!iiIJcra.. but more to th~ Toucb. -:tgen! that held aud k.tm diIPoJitos--· ". God.. for difpfJld.lJ and tifl1J'Jfparent ltke C ft". and c qHmitiCl. ejficienti.... fometimes m. .~. of a Waterie Cump.. but many believe it is not to ~ogcthcr.t:.fiz.m ipf~ 'IJiver fitM mf[)icclIJ· di[c.-otus LOCI1# tcmporlhm.~: p.C ol1Junil" vero lv../i. This.appc:ar'd Iomewhar (permdti(:.· 011_ A. . This world (faith he) offuch di't'l'rr Ql10d n~~lIit.me CON7Ien_tj{et.'Yn d tbatfind' it.·Col1ti.i'Jg~H~d not there been one.r!.au« W hell lar~" 10 Ieverall p'.n~ eFt.~: (j. the. diJfofame ispcrform'd ill the Gel1e'(lltirm of' ~cry c4tr" ~. and' oraer'd there Varieties of {jl{o. qrlo (. for what was done in the _CDm.lth it Was obfcclle to the figbt. gmt life. bic 0 . VifcOItU .£pt the parts toger tionl.or 1. They ihould raccrtai~tie. qfti. They believe indeed that the world a dead F:gmoc. unleflc there . Hoc qHtCqldd eft. or ~ new MtlgicalJLight.ure.1Jtrct.!poncru.r:&_olljttngeret.. formum mi C_poJirions are made by afJi"... had Dir· ."'l which hath "'. 'J"od rural! true Sperm of the great World. cha t every F r. nee.. unleffe there were flme one. But being ili. When]. r.ito cU118rs Vacsbulo Deum. Thou mull therefore own Pupils. it was the firft M:lttcr .ide. e!foElI and SOfl!~ hath left it. who no langet retame its former .rn. who did jorn togahcr fuch cont/~ry tUn<{J.L nature iewas IJrjghf. niji 11m14 efJet.:t. iilles rhac very '''''u" • had been g!:c to bold and k!ep thofc pl7:tJ TO. and 6<{huJr/d by that _(pirir whichdwdt in it.ro.li~ l!e~rl.. atqJiI di7Je[l."om~oJ'a and [cpl1r. Hereupon Th"zliA me.iji s:. JOJned. C " ..l~:n it.get her.. like l BfJd. f.. nomina. the Spirit hath f"rf. UJ.. by which' the ]5 gane. tam divir : EUgCl1ius (1aid Ole J underfland ..on~ita m.ord9 proccderet. tsmes ..4r#~'''A_-. !2.t._ .zrt J had never been made 1'114 th. Mott excellent then is that Ii world ~IS prefervcd and govern'd.u·_ mttll.i. I call by which I heard Iomcrimes from one of that~uluaH name. It i (bid iil-vt..g .·.1tea them. thac' all c... . tltque guhcrmmtur.and the very certaw kind ofOilc Non ttfm 'VeTOcer- and contrar ie p.. after that order or Nmure could not proceed with fuch.mcnt. had viewd and Iearch'd it..pofe. but r-t .. and therefore fell' arc t Lk) 5 'din an "eM-r~ . Verily the .[undu. rne. qui hItSMut4"(J"U~ 7J/~netates nUl~enl ipfe d..

but of it [elf. and bard'by him thh Illfuu6boll. I tbeh· feed thoCe Earths with A1r of F tre. a fleet VlJ. But becau(e thou hait been a fer.Jlta. is that which bindi 'heir Wil . SUllviter atIt PUlIgit.bt. Ii!?!."Mw. and fowe for ·H~"'qe. and we went. and.lIeJ. ra.. Tabl~t. and having entred the Rock.ofethou docll know.&. for this Spermatic water coagulats WIth. and IS . Such a wdter mufi they . the ilftn'ifJr pJITtJwere of a heavenly Sma._ned.. the'!eaft butwater is no certaine figure whauoever.. who 'Would produce any M agicall eX&TiWrdillarJ EJfc61J.-etch."""i6$.look. 10 rowl'd and ~rapt ~ the ter. that water cannot be coptamed but in fame VeJfoil.. and :vitho":t cllrtb. . intire CHile: It wa! the Baa jil:toa jirie 'PJramia. Sperm. Was annex'd a little portall. gur'd to a juft.~ I I wbiw is . and then appear'd C" & . II r l r: and hardens it inca mctab.but {he palt by thore 'J)i41ll. Over this Hood a 7)')g foar!il1g. 111 EtJrth water may be rh.'_' of the Mou". and compounds the Elemest» into' ~. and F trc of A}1'. . " fr9m ¥QlPltMlIi .. and this fLlbtill. therewill I {hew thee what the world is not capable of: This wa~ no fooner 1poken... Thoy feell th~ whitcs of Egs will tl-ickc11 afloon as they fo~l the firc:t for their mO)(Jllrc is temper'd with a pure fubtill Earth.. and (igur'd in the w.[COtlS and jliJ'lJic.· 07 m.gd. and fire mc.arporated invol Yes and confines the thin Light.flns by which GQd Ilifitcs. whore imprifoll d jlA»tes did fr. I fu pp. and ill that bung a. animaeed Earth. I wilJ bring thee to mv Schoole..so Lumen de L~mille~' or crestur« ~and its (perm _ill particular. Hog .". a TrigDn of pure p}rope. he could not eafily be difcompo/d.c.. Thefe are the ll-'/e.Alre alio fubJec~ to )S red by means of carth. the: . heat.1ter. and thou haG the tWO Magic~\l1 L".ed. or Frontla of this Rack..A}'r coagulars the !ujuij fire. f. the A yr alia is" thitk.ck. It ~as a and no wllter : Boyl it in the f~t of NIltUI'e" to a tW9 fold Earth. The n4tllTail Vcffeli which God hath appointed for it. Somewhere they fhin'd liKe LtlWts of pure Gfllil.. A n~~ M4iJc~11 Lig. Coim. and makes it v. ruc/tte jilltl and brought me: to a Rock_ of A d~ma"f fi.. white and. To afcend high¢r. ~ and brought to a _figura. Take "III~er then my Eugeniti$.. for th c Eart]» alters the Complexion of the water.. vant of mine for a long_time and that thy atiellce hath rtlanifdiCd the Truth of thy ave. inacrerminllt fll~flan'f~ hisVej[cit: t~r water bein figll . it hath an indcfinit flte:t:. To the Fore-ftJt~tlre. (0 that nature concocts up in his Bag. is Edrtb. painted Hedge.

""vlxn 1 /(JfI/r!. Out \'Ct}' Wt'Akl.pluck..l' .r..Dn in old EglptiAn Hin-lIglyphics.! a "third inexpreffible purple tinfl_rt'. IJ Clmrch-fard.'d up by the Roots. the FOIJt~ Or BA(i1 of this Aitllr was' an In[cr. . htld been tYll. Prtt". C a L. tlJt. having but newly m:lt ovtr1oo. .ntll C.or very top of it. that of grAWS. 1 II word. EUQe~ius! Thi5 if thf plAce. To figures ovall..c~!I: m~k! ftrtlHge Legs and aHd in th~t phrafo of the fllmc P (Jet.. We had not gone very far. anlcDr. hAnd!.. btlt /4W it not. mgt.&~ .e turning ro' rnee made this filorc. or·~ .r. 11J11""~'. . 7-ht.. ' . and Triangle.If"!. but Hee thet mliJe met' . th~'r.geJrh~ 'Jltdin point (JfAf-.pt. 'Which "'ttn. Gree». thefe. whicb ThAli~ expounded~ and this is it.Jthemat.. fiay'd not long. of this crept a Sn~e.il Lumen. Varie their MOll ths as 'cwere by Magic r poll. Th. bNt cMlri. was fignr'd the Trl41lc/t of an old rotten tree.. . On the Ojfertorit.!zew lIIe~ J WiU [t~~l(il in [om meafure to thnr.. and Viis'Beatis. {quare...Aamiffion Ier«.icaltL.r Opportunities. . of colour white and : rhl} aId not lau« v1t((e. but we carne to an AThcient l~ajeRic Altlll'.Je Lumine.u one hath lJIell c:t:preft it ) proporti. e ha7. werewlZnt . . :J\G coveud mdeed tht' R iche s of N atHr~ !Jut IIture IHr foil the] did both ne~le£f. Slow of Motion like a SnAJle. wee came at lail to the $IInflH. had the. In C tela Subterraneo. thlJe impudent S"Ph. whtch [om c~t1l ourtiers. the} refembi' tttt/nil t r.. A new Mag. "' where Thali.. and withal1 JAil. but ftudied t/~. but ~ng this Cburch.. mee to !Jee rift'd. eA..· Som AdvltnJ (.. till wecame to a CAVe Of £mh.in'd amongfl eApc.J~rcffi:.. but th!J k. 'rJ7o"ldnot..J t~ =«.C/ and Rtf/mts.d. It vcry ob(CfI'I"'.. tves to their e.I{_d her~ Towards folt the SUII.fierI aJ!aulterl mu wi~h 4in-glorioUl HN1JIOrJ. ( . and lafi fpecch.~ Ut{...-. .~ht. dellrld to [ee.' JPtU t~po"d to t~ej. 1tJ' if mshea'lrf t/Iourlike I{~(h)giving a Here We F Rom this place we moved Arajght forward.lc tbcir A' ..y. men waf bud: on t/Jeir 'Difpofiti01l •.. the Rume if..

t[l fhtli1d thJ expt:Et~ltjonJ pfllie71t thrnll:anft eafill bel..tarie. F/lith.m- 0: r Jill hIe Rt.'!.St/(i1t.eve. but compoting my 1af as well as I could I carne to 3. fot wee were unwilling to part. Cup of u'J.14 t/xolr ·.:Ikf place with JOu.{f nt! thiJ' l-vhtle fit'lied wtthtJut Wdges. out of Mmd: Rcmembermee.'l. One rlJ/if aid. and . 1 ha7Je with. Out of Sight... nd dream'a of a a certain Riotous H appirrefs. and MelancholiC'.t. tina with it theft tok!m. (Jlle opens. not love N o.~-bc:~!m. Ihec did lead me out azain wirh her ClmofS. for it met with 3. TOH 'I1ntf/ hee. !1otV ~.hts. there is not any 'thing herr. a [ttll Privilcdgc to pHhlifh ~t ~ T!-ij is all. ~hee look'd upon mee ill (ilene finites.: was come. mixt with a pretty kind of Sadnefs. tV"fs for the /'viyfter'i~J of this my Si-hoo!e dou haft the Liberti« to pcrlSfe them Nl.. my K cJ> /. very Provfrv C '" gratcfuU . Here Tiuls» Hopt JIl a rnurc Cc-remonie.'l(rder that I 'WdS plamanti jimple.iiJd Sl1a!e.. (hee:pail before my Eyes) tothe~therof Nutnr«. Ihee (hewed mee a Secret Smire- e:"Cceedmy eAllowam. nthcre thou haJf Rett.ou wtlL 1IOt -milk! md 11 Troftttute. and here I raw thofe Things. bet: [Hre to T-'fr both witb:~ifcret ion.-f{iDn'/ iJ"A~~1tfv fAr ll1Ja n~ J '11m going "tP ~ . /nitA' Sweet Cor-tent. hearts. the other (hutts.icallLight~ &c. {ludic continued not long.GU eVJ Emblem'lficall T)pe of my S.fon.t.! of Nil. fur I was eo bee left all alone. I he1'{: give .!tu). b~/tI will g!tlJly reues!« it to tbee./d fxpcnccs. and fOUlewhat difordercd. Havina s in!.· there w. But becat~fo I w~(h ytltl Seruece« .tin your Love.Ja.or k"! my A new Atlal.fr. and bee H4PPl. 1 have Olle 'Prd!Clpt I ]hili! commend to thee. by which Wee alcended from that deep leave. Thou I. But her Houre ot I r. 1 bau« Eugcnitls·lamul thee much of m_r own H'4TJ'Jor. large Ligbt.". 15 Proverb ~. eleare.U 110RMm for me« . to the f. to th. J Lab}'ri :tIJ. the} .lee of this our ( ommtJn Earth.. Imd Tr8d{ttrcs..!rrrles.!. The r=«. which I rnul] not freak of. witt.i. When wee were raft the R Jd._ her Lighr tha~ went Shin- thus diicovered all the parts of that ~Ioriou~ Thefe were her Jnftrrt[fi()11'!.:eJ : Remember thttt I . 1 began to confider thole Thing~ which r had feen. before us. La 'not to that 'fovifithlft Now verily was I much troubled. the time com to reWArd T bee. You foAIl not in JON'I' writings j and Rowrie Vale. In trk: imr:ri-m they did not c. and t1kl11g (as I thought ).Lamende Lumine. This S'llitude. w/=·ich mllJI' bee matnt. ~t ·A'!~'r. iiVtrt full of proud Tl1o:~.([ft.. and this ~ is.. 1 free I)' ivc Thee.. whcrereGillg my (elf on a FlowrieB tnt . which were no fooner delivered) but fhee brought rnee ro a. hIe to thaft of JlJur oivn 'lJifpfJji-tifJn. {aJe.:d. ifdJ love.

pon ble.n tlxfo thy dfl_rc. Flowerr .[:w eA~(fr".Jflt. Thc E!cmcllt.. So Ollt of (Me Univerfall Root namelJ ChaoJ. Dr KlWW/Cd. Now. FrHit. a~d Spirita. there are no (ueb thmg.r. beu: thee an.tbcCfElef/iall thole of A flrologil. tber« thof} .w.d]. as wee t~e ft-lrs newly rifon : but in ~ rnomenrfhee was in the A-ftrtlcf. And p!. Tong-411d . I received from her this ~ratdull Interruption.r] one of theft h.. th~J empty imagin~tiiJ J. fzr:d ( oncentrution of plrfo~ thofo A ilioJ1s.1tion difmemhred. DiicQurtc. !]q were the Pandt:cI! of t. In Procefs J l.initie. the. nothinjf Imt No_yfo.".. fornwhat fJ.. . m~7"e generally Hnderj}oJ~. where {catil~g her felf hard by rnec.trt of him ia narant of the ltwtie.nitit'. p~rtieH'ar Sub(tances. in ~~ of lfr/JC tbefe three Sciences (whicb 1110rlt no there grow ftveral/ Jijfo'l'ent Leaves..l'rtr. £!r. growalt Specificall Nllturts. As if thotl {houla'ft difm~mb" II ana rome noSub/ia.CoJJ- • .ltt is grounded ".mfie.f"t.ie!.-fo th4t wery one of them l114J held to Ite if F lIeultie kY it filf: !! gad· had. in one JVlltHr . and the SpiriuMIl' thoft of Dn.tture...' t-" ":::' ~. ~ .. when he wtU aliu«.. or Npm that Ie U.. In thif /late the ~cre at rhc . then e:ocpea Dne p.l dgrc n~"t1better.. tba» II..// SIlIzJea~ !JHt l 'lHun LW:£'P1r~ted them. that out of O~ I RODt al ciences were dead t1~d JneffeHUAli .tnd.lrf. l/lt "cin!.. 1"18t j~ Subflan . Confider azain. the Prof~Jfor.J Ca:leftiall.'nd of a L.1 him M#:!.Vh)'mz.11 theft T4~~..but in his atv» Brain.m him/elf: hub i10tbing .r• \ \ '" '. .r . and naturall Experiesce. JVh~" JL. I Elements. JntJ. ThoudoeftlntnP tJf the world . and Verttie.tlt partcf}nt. "ut w/.for lt1i7/crr~ls in dbftraU. wonders without ~ mutu.1.. rhac fame Individuals are Rl!ducib!~ to their PhlJicall Univerj:sll Matui·~ "VIJ b.!.1l/.J"1. u'f{.tll.Boolt ]Jh. &c~ 17 I could fee Thaliaas it 'mAincd in words and fi..ineda'lth~Sr:crctJ(}f Phyfic.tivcrf"zll Subjfance.rkJp.rof this ~rt divided it into t crcc p.111 Light.r it [elf )V4$ 6ut II Branch or Lim.onftder now Etlgcnius. IJUt whlZt he received fram the mutcN.I&b in it ftlf S:crets 41ld.._f{C. E v(.1!! cJfcnti"il' U. neither have they anY more. out of wlneh aU icularJ arc 1JJ~rk • ..ep·ifr._fo-: the} were flpa.. no man canJhew thte any ~f:zll piJJfie.':itdd net Eugcllius.... or eAjlro/I1gic.:-t6 .. ~hich th~ Sei(n(:J.off. united all Three.~did. and fot ~p. that all Jildividualf. The rc~fm of it is this . ions art but fo man_Y PhantaJhc SteppofittOfls.teed theft. there is. ana l 1Univtrftll this Univcrflil matter /. ..' . llna .. vnitea 0'1.1~d more KnOfJ1ing}earJ . J4I1ividu.-" _ "_.gic..ll('1j/'riu of all Partictders .~.)C Scienc«... 'A new'J.i?n) were by mifinterprct. Now there is na trllt Se.mei5t.

and.. that A ftr(. is done. 'rhou muft k.S the O_er t1J ~ll Sciences. . This TJiftemper pr(). tbe» ~ffea!. "nd tJ:'Amine lfthis Chtf(Js.Alk/mufi... It rmlAins tIMe rbeCh... receive. - . of tht tJJlitt'ter it it difperfod. Me iii lin . ' ~ . flD Philojophcrsw ~WrM os« is all whi~hI thiDk$ fit to a~ to mJ Prefcripttons. Tho". it with r. li~ that f lilff. when fhi PriltC'i"u arl Spn-.rs mall. of the Elt11'Jel1ts Ilt'btJIJd.d/Myfierrum .. it..~ Second..rIJollt jo1lU prrCerruptio». frJing CompanJ.Matter. It is moft certain Eugenius.tJwt fMle j" Ihtilr /""Uicft. the Hl'that . bitt /.ijlJ.f4~d cert"in~ H ourl. 'Who call t Ch. work!..hett:k!!"'itjltmt.. then t().. Centn't Wifo"'t M colkt:teti in A G~nerAII C .. 'll1OHliJ.t: (oever tbeJ t:1~ oNt.r~ conciutU: In the firft c... t/WIIJ tlfolution.The ·c(}m.. J..S ~~.now411 Caules #Ina their EffeEl1 Jot Jrot 'OnfJtud] the Receipt. for thdt ~ 1tOt the mt'J to it: k f~ ttl "..J't-eceiwd.. Now the Ancient ~p .J gmn-llts fome nrt1I orm«.' \ . tbe11lftlve..ithtY11JIt"J. prilduce incr~dj"l~.1rologicall Lamp!~ [ ~cs.. cd element!..~ once cotfgw/iCte4 a perfe:t Body. not but.jn'tINiJ ueliev6 . aml fpreAd fMt AI 'lVe're'to ..i(J1!..fJs.llagicall Light) &c: ·19 f. but are j11aeeJ.1/. thl 11.dicultiJH Chll..eJINl"8 of MeMII.Ef it lel[.j. 1t71J.(ircfmJferencl. thCJtJl1l'1 difpofe.j/e thei. It iii tIN flHfijli nttt"". bfltfrom thtr Co".n. \- . Rings.-.Alttr~tion in the Pd- fOr N Ref."..nlT'fP rh. not from'theftarl.dde rea[on t» thJ E and f~ impl'OJ tl?J mind afwell at Ldt'bourtDk. and I wzl1jhn:v'thu the F~lIaation. a»d . '" the ltuk:t And 1nft aUl.-1 to no purpo!lI.1TA4 IJIgfn to lie r~1IC'd. .e. • _' A new . Hilder q~:.tJ1rerJ.on Aftroer.{lrtencl> l~hic"hath been flrmerhilt in tbe particul. . ~.. then the CekJliJI Fire pr-ttJ'i* rU()ne. 'I •'"' \ :. t' • dtI1d cf!lllorv. ". ". All -.se of Sttltijiciltwl'I iJJ /l'..)boltfm Mkts plrlCc ~.. I14h~ fit·elfln! himftlf. Lumen ae Ltlmint~or \..t .tt1 ite. fleing the ola one coula ~f1njift nil {ti1'JIIltHrc 11f:JpreJfo_J.mIJ}{I.or fiJ11l._htJttfo~" ilfcluautht SJ.'" .ary Temple Starrh ~ref6re._ . haft heard [(J11'Jttimes pofo dJtlz BerJIliftlc par:t of (}Ittagil:: aciulto apprehend me. Ix :tnQWl1IOt ~iir.. whm I 'WIU with th~ in 'IIfihi. D'lfltllnot Itltogfftlm' tin.r.. 100ft... thett the Ge11Hiwe r""t ~ is. bl4t that 'Which made me turne J"'as fomet/'inz eIfel 4Ifa nllW tho.".in foWl' m~4fi{.and Plllte.le them aglline. p".. OO~(peAk! of /1f'AJige A.rhIPlanttJ.nHimp'reJfo no new 11J~x in perfect ·ctAnpleat c/udrJ: 41/0 thl Science Ilf thllt fobjeE1.. 'WJiJbhking t. aml·~ thel.

it. I p~ted from it me F. Gamacta and marr] the / "prIor mo. .lioone. tilJ the Day was quite tpene. admtr'd. I .-JII FloYi'rs tlrf Favorics: "'11lJ lUYals... !Jut JOu 1n1fj1 remimber that nothing CAn be /jfi(a without the j07nt Magne/if".t .'d D1Y . ~ ~ .r.ayft kpow rvhat til doe.. • .. 21 ~ I .20 Limfen de Lumine~Or Boo~~ftht _A new Mtlf. tb. ". p.tgica!L AJlro . where lhee {oOletimcs relled. fo 7iJy!ferioUJ ~ 1 did not well know.. and glorious Sublhn(e~. and hard by a.!ill teach th:e .. ~JJe SmI 'WIll WDrk! UPOH it. f..~ ~~ .eive there was 1D .al!~f5.. I ~. .. . bue did not appeare. ihe W SUD bC2ml.l·. In my gt well cnd"gh.'anJ I will Mt trou6lt J0.t to performe the.tds.but fhe WlS gone. and WClbUr} It In the Earth that the nitroUl S my telf in their Contemplation. It IS 1"ft tl..i~e. two miraculous McMII"'. Gold.c left behind her. -J means thilik. . their costri- N iltllrC. At fall fixing my Eys all pJ..- 41ldfpro:lt to " new Bod. otherwile the had expounded hea drie grAine (or euer.u ~ ~-' ~?_ . to make of them. #qAII*~ fuch ss I had . I expected Remme. the Eveningtmn'd in fVej/.j1Hre o[that Ele'ment may diffo/1/t . or . rior Ivo. which {]. nor. but Ole call'd them Silpbzrics of the Examplee Tak! a /ipe grdtnC tJ/ Corne.. "'WIU pay mOllgb ttl lit bD' Bed.\o. be eXPOfot~to PIAnetJ ~ perf~ compaRed Boa}. excufing her feJt as ina G/~JTe..:t r. II1lIlRofc21liUi Lilies tbl!flare! She O~pcon Thee: /Jut 71ttded "at to Ihed out:oflierBofonle. but ({tt9 grttn B:mk farewell! and mayfl thoUo"ltICai'e 4" atithG dld.ica/l Litfit... And it fleepie.. and did not a lierle trouble me. It ".. Thefe I took lip.(ou.nJ DtlNr veffill. mdJ be 4t L~hertJ~ immediatlye:t:poJ dtotbe c. I Iook'd. whcil taking my bH: of her flowrie pillow."ine l'11J ich reccsues "nd retains the Impre~ th~ Aflrall Age:rt.s the common A fir%ger.! with !ie.n.. But .tpcr like a Letter. Naw Eugco1us that rnene they were two c.. and the Night approaching. Their ftlilvtthtJfmtJrrjtandthe ()mpl~xton Was fo heavenly.[tholl for me.7v!ajcHlm# Fir« this Verle. and .} d certain peeces of Gold.41 be 4 Body Nduc·d SJ!lYmJthat tbe HeA'tlenl~ Fem. and.:"f""':.· hen {he had ~hus faid. Sec. I rern'd alide to fcc was lljl1 a Ileep.}t{..:'1 Q iJ ·-Ai ~. Thefe' Mir.... _.~l1eltldc~to my peru fa lJ. This u the ground ofth~ Ber]l.1clel the comi! hard al1ddrie expoft it to tIM S".ub Her did pl:ty. !o. of H ea7Jfns' what they arc I htivc tola elr~/Mre.And ~ It pure.

other bri~hr locks ftrtll1~d Bracelets rli.i Lumen ae Lum.A1Ui with II skreen of silk both F1owt~s di1Ji/.. -' . 0 happy Pillow! Thotegb tbouar:t lityJ'e. The] (MInd tIHir Hellvn tIt h4nti. or .uh Amber ring .' " .:& Copic afthEir abfent skies.~~ .' Eftr 8reathrAin'd5p:ccs.ne.rJinc their pride. onePo6e 11S4l1e• .. lJ11a Go1l!.JJf:r Heal! l1m-row'd a Soul to mate thWl-fefv~s compleat. Treafure I~DAd" BMt thrice inrich'd.-rith Duft.2.'olIJ thence. Tbeir weaker paint didwitb true Glories tt'. find ill ~ Byt ' Injntd..arch's not pOQr:l did . . a17dc.thy ipIiog.Aad did n8t iJe'f ['ltt skin ifJ.. Ilmi{lf!!1i. spire. . ': "- 7hat :s.en . They hAd fl4~~' d life f..r/~(1f tI. .td~) And miugl'd with bet' Cheeks.jb: madt tbee ltp almo(J a Heaven.~ . " . with Amber..

OU"lrries or Ca-::crm_and take thence our pr-ecioUJ jlones. r ut t 1 T il: . Mltc~ indeed rnizht be ~1oken concerning thele MOIR1t.' Lumen ' de Lumina. c.tjcivior4/Y with the fix:rm of the world.'~YJ1aticall Magicilll J }'P::~ which rh. and rnonIirous Gener./ide"'~1tionof the Reader.: MagicrrlILigh~.24 which attend them... Yade fiii dd /l.ck__.~'!. rt of their De jixne.ies.he invifiL.r t! h~yvnd all ExpyejJion.. and imprint their Imagii!dtio.!i.lc Gtuan«. or A ne. ThcE~('Ih of there Ulfount.r in it. btu: It of ( !'YY/'t~l!IIlJe R.. The and other flrange Apparition.. C.ld therewith. Ofrhefe (}J-[rm:>-.r. and to their -..f Nfpeak.--_ --_----i.fJ10!tr.uos qUI Itqtf"ji1tnt • my Ion to the in ~qf!..fontcs Indiif) rj~ I.bur that 111Cn are blind.d C:l'Ver~M_fuu. with the Difiiculries . for Their Lan. when they are l1t:. Gae . (pando commifcent:.. They are v~ dangeJ~s places .s Ipeaks Halt the Ar101crer and f~1l1iOl_1S fi~Hand Superior part of it rep!~fehts the c.z.!: £m/.'(uage indeed is ~ery Jimp!e.tftcr ]r{igi. and that is it.ttJi1!S of Indi...1.Jl4~.1tioi-. their Learning lyes not inthe PhntJe. &c. Brr« ._e finely was no p .tfe.t.tempti6Ie: But like P~llr!e.J1.. The Accdle and Pilgrimlge to this place. a~ld t~eir Stone : to the (on. 6'" acc:p~ ex cis fdpid~J lionor. eafie to be found. It is an H lrb "ian a moli excellent judicious Author.call d!cir (il.J. an~i.ana fjh (lay they) brmg It to them. it I'll' and fhines after mght with molt men perhaps cor. occafion'd (as 1 am told by the tM1Jri) by certaine fpintf... iJ His is tI'J..lt) for they are haunted 'with F ires.l..... are faith tu Ily..Jnt"i"jJ of the fit 001'1" The PhIlofophers c.. a nd it diftover.:. which d~t6"!~l. producing mlny times fan taHic. which I prcpofe Phi' '_'p'hcL:3. and . and rnagificriaUydcfcribcd by the Brotlcrs of R.1li~1 delivered [0 me in t. s is very-red. which the ill the Scn{e.ce:-_.Otr_tllonl v ~:lll_ them t~e v1t!)tmtaJlIsofln1u) on wlrofe lops gro\l\s their feL a» .M]t1".---. which ~lff~lve or melt in 11711ter.alm~ifit were Iawfuil [0 publifh their D ---.tr ei. but one thmg I Gull not forbeare to tell 'loll..

quo modo Aurum :. & publicarum efl .ndus. . ») qu?d n. ~ l~uJct. in-. 2.. Nihil cit Ablcc~ldltULD.. aut tine Dco pro" mlf1a ejus penes nos quxric. helluari... hanc Dei Vclunm tern 11. locus ramen eIt il1vettiga. .ure & {~udio in Dc(} if! coo~ql1a1110Hltn. 26 } Lumen de Lumine.e ¢ prudeutibus " Oill"peltbal1t:) c(fC' mulnlm nliam ratio- a "nedl.. C. C. & periculo yrxcuoce .a-.. Mundo. tol' Del ac'ti..k>ciorUlrl -Animos ~pus {it. . "l. __ . uieatcm &.lCjIJe Stolid.A 1 N EJ And the rrearur~ therein Cont ained. "nuflc~amus.neque ex loco co contcqui. & maxima! parti abfconditus.urn vero Deus coram Jilis nihil nWc. or A new M"tgica/L L~~ht.. Luera..Dominus & a(1[lofcJ. :: ut J Iorno iis uraair.jUttd illis .. -. Nos rgiwr Spiriru Milt. Bella " OUmlQlnl 't ger~e. la poiucrit : ctiamqt1c vult Ut quzrantur. porare.t in ilhs hngub. ruperbire .. &.( qu.. & & Vtarn d._. men fa. O!lX tamen omnia con .hrec oJ?Dia Iunt 1evelanda : uti ta). Omniporennam..quo Deus it. Ipt1 gracias . ~ '.. exiHimans nos "~ {~tim Docturos .ondi) tum velic.. Etiamfi r " n~tl1r '. connnenter vivere . Eorumquc tit . " . aut contemmr . Concerning the Invifible. &: locus ad Hec incognitus .~:--. & in aliis peccaris vi" tam comrnaculare. nc rnanifefla fianr Indignis ) in quodam loco inquic . ut qUilibat 'J vero D - z 1) C<J' . Illam "v~ro publicationern ~uc major pnr~ crlurn- ~ ~ .conquirere. Nos ramen J) L "'" :1' "prD1ptJU IJ. d. nullo " labore .. Hi excmpla " capere debebam 3.on revcletur. :: & ~xrentiblls dabir.6..rum qui.gllis a "Nobts facl:um. uti etiarn in Diverlis Lr. Argcllttos " heiauros & :nJgnus VI den..~i iptlus Dei.1. "erariafimt volum:l.. eor:l~n .t. i A Letter jromtfJe Bro--.:m [ionotet. "gat.. DeLIs autem hXL omnia Creavit. tilers of'R. MagicallJtlO N T .:cem vtrqi. Nemo autern vult hzc omnia nih otiofis diebus..~vcr? Loc~m (oblcwi' a u JJ "u.fficilc & Iaboriofiim " ~ mvenire.. " " ) 'Ju[qui[qlle lurur3. Siquidem a lcoao tempore Via. ddyoeratdfc Dux: habere Aureos &. Et.----.ris.) eft. in- .. .rcm ejus So". ideo in hoc ultimo 1xeuIo ante"quam Judicium extremum venin Dianis ~. u fit przparandum aut illis afterre " magnos Thela~~os ~ qllib~~ polI}nt coram "mundo pompoic vivere . Nemo vera vultIe" dem Iibi in ilia loco _quxrerc. indo :111. exercere. & propterca etiam non inveniunarr. dum nimirum "tur..

jarnprdem ( quarnvis " vobis infcieniibus) bene lcivirnus. Nunc vera "i ~j~nis (~nterim proprio cujufque labore) "VIa invenienda eft. Nam D3 vetlcr . ab(conditi. & pra!p1ra~e v?linccip[os pet " fideles prccationes.. fed necefle eet u t' vas " pra!mu~ia~is animo magno & heroico. ne .. Poliqnarn V1 "dillis Montcrn .A)) Vi/11M " Eflote Habiles..~ell unicuiquc propinqum. hoc eft.. reformidetis ea.rle. nos effimJ. 29 .~. Ad hunc Monrern ice "NoC1e. alb. edam "ex iptorum fi. "Atque hinc fit eriarn quod multurn Cal 14m. Be Rupes ditcunee.la gtadio Cor~oraIi indigctis. {cd Des« fuo tem" pore. hue w1que enarn (quia Tem"pus l1onc(:JfJIJ lf) ea via nee dum ab Ornni .. or A new Maficalt Light:J &c. &.. " vel Centro orbis.. .fr1. Admo- "ca mollis. " vocate Syncerc. Qy. primum Miraculurn quod " procedet . Canuuiorurn contra.':J.i 1IJf»1S "ex In vidia DiA/. aut inveniri. " ex fingubri Dei gratia & Revelatione. " maxirnus Ventus.) cimus. qUa! 7JJ4»J "Homlnl reddunr JijJicilem_.6liorttm impcnduis . ') multurn trH#vm eAnimAlibHI » & aliis . etiam Iupra modurn aurm &. qui_ ell p.28 LunuiZ de Lum.ripcis agnokimus. " ex permiffu " nuione.. qux noll curamus. &. & periculofl1mJ " & propterca. " nee aliis Arrnis.. &. & "obfcunffima. q!orim.qua~Jm (cum ea fit) longiffima. & ex Animo.-imiTheflUr.lW &: magmu. qui Monrern commove" bit. & vobis hoc 6gnificare DCI) tc Lelli . fed nihiJ hzc rcforrnidare ... Hie me(fia node "cum omnia tranquilla & obfcura fum vas " ad Montem adducer. & iedulitltem.!O N S fitus in media Terril.()/# ( qui omni tempore Dei .un vera Nos VcJlntm Dnorum "DiJjgemiam. . TULlC vobis fe r£. & Ion"ginqrmJ. 1ed Drum iolummodo in . edam ex )) vellro 19novimu5 Icripto . Pottqu:.. Infiflite m viarn ubi "Mons fil: invenie ndus. In "eo runt 11JfJ:. & Ejulatus au"diamus. "Saxo{i-u . vilJH~ r'!l'tUiIJl'J circurndatus eft.. [acrorun» Bime le LJ ~ & Spiritus Sanct. quail nutibus nos obdu. T erri"hilia Anim~li3. fed ex Conlilio Dei lnvijibi/is. ne Ip[orum Boatus. quz vobis occurrent & rc"cedati.. & cavete ne reccdatis. e " bus queri potuit. iudtc abit. qui in vanum ilurum clamant. aures no"ttras obturarnus. qui vo" bis 6flee.. fed Iequimi . ~xrite autern ex " ~emin~ ubi via 6t iilvenicnda. ~ul. dune. . quam ill vera " Cogdtione DCl. Vehernentiflirnus : &. EH r. quos "Mundus numerate non potell . & F ttlicitatem H ominis impedit] •. ..}J. Nos etiam vas "prJ! multis allis millrbus refponfo aliquo "dignari voluimus. "niarum. & in itinere vos offender vos vero "iUurn non aenofcetis. "nt fideliter vefirurn Ductorcm. 4 "ferent Leones & Dracones .

the tJJ·[:. non per . led val~e "propinqulls. Verum ~ Thefaurus nondurn ell derectus.· "qui ornnem Tcrreflrem Materiarn conlumet.(!.'1. .if JU o 1'1' cLirJ is Seed-plot ".vocn."J •• v'ltcrcutj of th.traria. "veneris )' dec juvenes. Beneficium hoc arnittet. mJl. al.en 'Diuinior. " vctc ab ornm g~ncre peccan....30 Lumen 'Lumi~e~ or Ane\v "mundo LightJ&c. Thu qLlO iterum id Recipere Unto us f:ye. . vabirnini hac (xllCltarc. in nullo membro animadullum rnorbum.. qUa! Ventus reliquir.nd p~reft pitre of the Earth. & "nusdfet) poflcc tmgt. .C?l~dl1d:()r a. It is the S 11:1 they defcribed ve auum invenieris . red . For the Iupenor Iccrct port ion of this E lemont is H olv ground.Anie. " poffir.etiam Marzirieas ~ quas quidern Iicer ezcogirare.bfolvet ea. )~rum Covcrti. fcd Dono hoc reCte uti . & vidcbitis Hellam " rum fpe~ reltabir. and Rccipu»: of Hc. "vcflcr Conductor. Ii. cas magna.unt of qod.~on t11C contrary the Mercun kils and dljJO[VCS the Sutarn . & Syncerc coram " HotnUl1~lS.~.f have their Roots. & ita roHidere.J!.. and by which the . & Iinnmam curam iniendiee.e 11". "fideliter. Duci~e vitam Teruperatarn . Auroram affnr"gere \ sc U11gnum Thefaurum animadvertetis : penes quem przcipuum &." Hcr .etab!~'. . . Ie divertet. vobis '.p. fed Cllis COil . & ferrnc J) . al1(. )e "circa Tempus Matucinum erit TranqullJi . qua "Mundus (li Deo pl~ce~e[..ndV:. tels his Per..:c recc~atis.. " Fofl Tcn-amotum tcquecur Ipl1ls ma~llnus. e:'cmplaritcr. & non " VJVic. Hac Tin~turj. . qui a. Penes hanc Tin- utenres uti ves docuerit vos quamvis Ienes. &.rtr::ic. Ca v~te ramen r'. aud Ari/totle . .oqui hie ve. & pa· Scirote enirn hoc "Matutinam alcendere. pure. Hoe. Qyi Tinctura hac aburirur. & pri •... 1 _'mIttel: ut aliqUld Mall . the immeI d1atVcJ{ell. Locta quo E:r:ce~fior. quaG non habc" reus. vos vcro eum videre " nequ iris. cue Mundo funt " con. " & zquabit ca.7I~mer. exa8iffi"mum ell rinnrna quzdarn Tinctura. " told ell rn eo quod 'Vobis Cooduclo~ COlDi' municabic. &. Verum poft h:rc omnia . & arnica. Be ca .tantis denis dig. the mylhca ll Philofophicall H orcb : which is nothing die but the h~rz:hc t f :t. " & Thefaurum dcreger.... "mini. necoranl . &. (uperb~atis.~This Philofophicall turn rnornncs and cOdglllats ~ Black S(!the Invinblc and out of the Coi'ruption of Both the Ce»tri] .motus. Deo Iernper graCias agite "pro .J.nt~lin·d•. vobis fiat.unc vcntum fequitur ~ err~". mundo J' " ne of the £t~rn:d j\"ltw. veHer Conductor qui vos conduxir. & in ea impendire. where all e. 10 Iumrnum Au. Vos vero nihil " 9-l'ietis pro Autoritate vcHra..JIs :J.

. ' ~ thmg! Jhtzll . there is no pri7J.zd Omnipotcncie of God. by fpc1')di. and to thofe that Ieek .._f?!I. vc them. l:.befare the F inall JHdgement comes.bl1 tion. tell us it is L"tpiJ niger. Fr:z.ti.\·pe£fJ alft that man Jhould fcck for min:~7. that place.)g hi)" da)'es idcly.. wi]! h~ nitie I {ball tor J. • left It fho/I/rl./fed to thofo thllt worth] : ~s bee HimJelfe (though .lr orit».. give him ThaidR...'...mce: I c~n aflirrc cC. (a) and prJu.! 1. declare the will of God to the IYo. E~'crJ .") and the cnglijh of it is r/"iJ. neither doc they loot then» out jIone.jb.tTum ' the [pirit of God) th7' ~xpefb C" R.g. Em tlterc IS no man look! tzji:cr thefc ·r.'cr(. and ec.~ maniJe.'TTU'Tl..r'd them (.ifttres I?. but very plaine and pervt. tbe .J. But notwithfttlnding it. But 7I11J!: men canfojJio reuile. and therefore in tbt« /..t he miobt rule ouer them . I know Iornc .Iv/"m n"?tm'al~7 defires a Supcr~ h. or A new J.li?lck:(¢ created ail things for the l-1ft of Ltr/"m . and it is hidden from the grcatcft difc(J.hmfcHo.:OU1' him (md praifo !Jim. long time.'. be mitn~feliedto the .t!lIJ1!r~ Realtr.1t Author hath men« and /a/..orioul to find out t lJi~'way aila tion'd it.!d:ten.-O/f.. and therfore t{left 'Dodor swill think it no Ad vil11tJL/!f. therefore bein_e: mo. is Nothing covered rhar 111all not be ?tb:nv:ft. .1Ct':.is no where to clearl. r. I confefle not the will ()fGod to conceals any thjnc_~fror4indeed their I njfruEtion wears a tJ}I[a. 0:" oritur jic!Jt Gerwho ~..dicitur O(i([.But it withall moll filithfTttI!-V de[cribed. thm. q9:.r~· fit Gold and Silver.. the.7temm: that Oft. uilis.td: For the way to tb~ they confcflc their.eaks in Tropes.m in a ccrtuine p!.'idtofoeme Great in the E}s of the fYaTld.cci ion of the ordmar. &.u'. As<'(or the Epi/tle of the Frater: there.ft!.rrJ'i1n far them ~ The Sub7cfl. all Ott.'-j..:tiJf.Jthe finKttlar GoodneJfo'" . PUt it into E. to hll'!'c Tre.. but here wee have it intirely.-'t1d 17)'the (pint of God. r a po{fcffion in that place. which 11. lVlJtdd eI(e waving }.h~fits.imqat. thd. where G«l: hath ttM.> ". 19nor.. but then iehes are not fou. Jt ral men de Lumzne.f. .ifJ: jj.r) /lath fpok.:tll Sun! generat a fft'm a i.tbotlr~ Rod)'.hiJ1.r/z.~ldgicv111Light.'l/er~d..F .~va affo a/read)' performed.' 11 ' ~ 4Ifl4.1ge. and hidden that (hall not be known. without all) prn'iotu !.it ( tba are his..r. &c~ 33 and Circumferei:ti. bO. for brs EC.:ullvledge t/.zgL. But there zs Hot any til. and the ptacejhQu/d be (ought after.:.l. Hence the Philoiophcrs dc!cribil1g thcic 'D"mger.ljO)' tben..and theplace it fllf ht'lth !lecH 14nk_:....and for the tid} abHrufc preparacfthe "'''or/d. or CO. 1" In [eucr ali L'ti1..

ve alfo aJ. . and the HappmeJfo' ~. SCiipttl~e.lJve mtUIJ rhos. and per . by I" it are hidden 1/I(Jft ample Tna.!4tir til. It to e diem.' There is a vuen Mountain jittl4tea ..' H owltngJ of th.19gS are to tht B/ef[edwitl of God. Bet n~J) Itt 'a. how dililP1t!y lOIS are to Tachis MQNnt.4rd.orCenter 0/ the worJd. Ho(. 'Which the wortA H 1IIJt able t(17J_e~ TIM ntain by Emii« uf the DeYill.: at Hard 41IIi.ing we not reftnt. ftraigbtl'vay teach them ~ to..11" cert Night (whm it comes) ml1_/llong. . 4nd ft~k.:.· the trw k_lIOlI'. 7Jrunk. 1Ifltfor Gold. Sconie. that tver} man (honld itt-bour for rreA.! fPtW.. btU Mk! . raIl other Ji"s.d the B~l!()wmgs ~nor fOltml (}fit. of qed : 'JJ1~ h.' them for it.I:r"'_" ..tre JOur felvc~i I»ftft uprm thl! way thllt J.IlnIJ ft~t~4tJOfI prr:po.fllar Grace ami Reve!"it-I-Jn of god.nitiUll of the Hoi1. od.ft the 'Wa.~..'1gS... cD1IJpajfoJ "bollt with ?Jcr! erlMlf s alld(ltbir RaWlloul Birds. 4- Lumen de Lumi1fe~or A rtew'Magica/J Light: &c. "Nt lind Slanders ruhicb.'{mJIU. and rkfil~ their wlx:l~ lifo wIth /'oft. GI~ttons. .fo me". AHd heMet indce4 it ~omes. tI1d Grea..fore by the AiJiftance of God.~) thl! . bct:~fo tbe 'T. and mak._'" goa.11 tlx M'tdil Earth. Jill[. It is far hand. to nmiin.alL which 7h. Imt by the providence of oa: .. It U kJrt. bJ JOHT writing.Art.r. which '"~ wltitfnther both· dijJicNlt.. Ti ..fl.. But afur thllt weh~ weil (t/:JO"gh Hn~own to you).. do~ f/up our Esrs. oftheivoria SWAgger. And the tAJmr. MoUllcaine.. /.. iWll Jan. who RI.] C7JCY} man'J ftlf-14hDUr~ A7JII.. . 3 J thcpropofdls thereoffrom "S.wrap our {elv_cs 44' therefore hitherto. or furnijh tlJem wIth ampk.ef0trnapy tbofo thAt are worthJ. in~pu (hall go~ .[flp~~~ WI . ~ive chaftely.~a.VOflr1. Theft h4ve /Csfrnt from t ho[e Ten Virgins ( Five that were woMh d(1nlln~d Oile for Lamps.r.me ir' come. t~ If'~y thither eQuid nat he fOHgbt W~f! in Clouds to a'Uo. Bllt yt'lIzr[e Intentions ~fthefe F~!lolVs we V[arerJ. tholtght Jut4 worthy of(otrJ~ Anfwer.t:. who ill 1){l~ ~rie to {.. Ikrfland out of then- own Wrztl. that thq brand UJ with Inftmte { t1. wI of lUI] ~ 1Vhtr.~ G ol. and . and 6Wn particular SeArch and I nduftry. alfo Jmw.olJf'ithfl4nd.4i~s tbt GID't}of qod. and. bU: god i» his good T sm« . they may live l'0mpoujtJ 111 the we figwifie this 1t1fich to :rtlll hy the JZtill of. whereb. AM ~iI:tk.from ~hoft Five thllt ~ere Wl(e) thAt the C aft u much othemife.hieh u' £mall.

Icaff]ou fiare thofo thengs . a refo. nor any other Bod.zl' perceive no Difrafo in h"... {If this Happindfe. Be rcfolHu. Live" lIfe. r(JU need.B tD heftf. TinCture being uftd.. wind will come lin Earthquake. lind a /peei.~dJhatter the . Itft it right.. hAre contrarl to the world. for JOHr GUide brought lOU thither'. whu:h the wind left and mak.erana the moft perfofl. T01Ijhdll be/ncounte~'d not"". Itnd OWt:1· Terrible Beaf}s. The Earthquake being paft fhall fallow a Fire.ll Jh. AlIa fcar~e will thtrl he lift.:tge..Roc~sto I4rrogat Iln) thing to Jour fllvel h~Ctl14ftof oJfrr himfolf to'YOH. .. he to }o".thss h. A fteY' all thefe'. JIIIt exemplar~" purely..ilk. n:o.s Gift.!] we1on. that well vtTthrO'R1 thoft tf. will not fUfftT 1In}. !t p. the firft. otherwifo Guide wilt forfolt~ fDu.. 14 Jtt Mfcovercd.hut }(}njh. th4t fAu'nor off. that~.:p. a4 ifJ~ hila.Gulde v.!l not k. as JIIHr Guide Sword.and JOu {hIlllbe de. Ana berv4re. andJouJhal1 foe thl Day-Gar "rife..~1. which cannot be iRJagined.~ .JoN foll!l find pearls of thllt Excetbement. certain exaltea with which the world.l that lOU Arme your fllve~ with.". By memZJ of this Tinracle tholt will appeare. . the way tyes: onl] foll'M11(J~'" Guide. part ofJour Bodie».. et/s for the Trea/ure.. offitch Gifts) mlgl. But be lure.lind wtlt melt JtJu ~n way.lute 'Wereworth.1a Dark. /I agreat Treafure . inta moft pure Gold.v~J.hil. Ma neer the Day-break.iftOTJcredthe Mou~t:atn~." whoj.OIC cOHr.. and in/o} it[0.!l happen..whim:'. and. For /z. hut imploJ it in fuch wrrrk!l. After...cll care that JOU ufo. and. /" r. and.ever ahuftrb this Tin8ure.i.{t alfo.. but it is ver." .ingJo/ll to the Mountain at Midn~ht.. ever tfJ TICOVO' If:' This .alui he~rtf.. The Cl:iefeft thi'!/{ in is -1 ces.~ And turn'd. u tbis . a. Dn/J C teach lOu.no. and tkvoutlJ he-~ • tIJm..J0~ lb. When G old. Dragons.' nUT. it not. (if it (erved. and difcover the T /II! Jet you cannot fee it. or 'W~ ml things Are filent a.. and Dawning will "ppeare. it nst frrl'.s.~r()bl'Llons ~ut heed that JOu return« not. and very great wind. 'PIill mal!! lOU _'Youngwhen 10tl uf1<1n od ftncerely.'36- Lumen ·de Lumine.Imt be contented "jIb thll' c07l11nUniClit Godperpet1U&lly for (halllofc thi Benefic. But ~ nat the·Mountaine. that will conflme thc Iy Rubbifh...r. of theft things.. 10N [h.now this of . . }'lur Guide {hilI! :follt}Jf!!JIer./l you. of all {in. And fo fall bac. A new Mitgic~l/Li~ht~ &c~ 37 Im. It f. 'W..! allFiat. there {hall be t:I .

\·amlne·them by Experi(~e~. &ader to juLl.lJ1'Sny... and truly if the Art iciClf ~omJ) all which are falfe and Dot promi(e GoLd). holdofthac Rule. whence proworld.. Hence al(o their Ieverall TJig'Hdiati . eAir~. and Appr~knJiftionJe{lC that have fuffer'd much by their which weefalfl.~ .gjlll&l. nor in any good. erroneous eApprchenftU11s for their foHb. It is fit: then they Ihould be left anJies.It were a N en-flit!.ld.eJ. ' tt-: i&mlUllelUls. and build on boctomleis un{ettrdImatheir I g. Ie . rhar Hudy Nature to kru)_:v GDd? the prefCnt HercJics and SciJifmes.. or WrIter. if wee dwell on our own C071ceptilJl'ts. the lC)Q(e Epicure. as to Hypocriticall Stoic. Fi[tiotJ.ttrem\ her waJes: but Certainly for us to' tbink a fot our 'IJireBion. thi.t.no ufo of htr PrincipleJ.'1 foppoft. for wee: The Inferior part of this.rij~in" rie hYing Im.. like rhofe that are Blmdf. becaufe they "ppeiire DOt iffic Region is the true Originall Snni .Bnlftoflthc ScJmll'JIflN!..' 'i " are in ~ wayt<1 bee InfaJli/.. and Sol. but as long as they ~otzrit:JIM in the Contrarie.. · ./ojop/1erJ: Men Fanjies. r·". wee mull nftds w:mder.. and ["ap~ Df1Jwill the Nul/itie oftheir E':rptilati the Dilrk.:-it for their pHrfoJ.. m the D'ffcrcnc.....fl~ange'C Pllttrll/s. fmfo for . and vlrtjtf1tle's . and ~. · " 38 J.. "1""· . we are [uhj~11to a and moft Chriftian Ph. but tainlythey fiudy a Rcc....I~. if wee lay the Line to our HNlfSW.. 0U::'1 r Indeed whiles wee follow our own Bodiu. In vain hath he made: -- . and the Atheous Periupon whac GruunJs. as [0 theil Csrc ..e.. ions. No man looks after them but Eire..flirlll1c:..c. neither God nor GOfJa 11JeKwill . This contrmns rheIn.Earth. if our tJrgllghtl could not:v. them. which God hath pro-.. Every Sophi propofo for the Trtab it felf. How many are [here in and the D iucr fit iu thereof. when every about N atter«: Whether the firft Mlttur cries enter.ltn&e./.. they CII1lCClille ic. 39 This much we have from [he1€! fi'4:I.•.. c:hafg'd with .f.ht. HCIXe Sock'it: becaufe bee is not a me».. JiP them.Cinle.... $0'11 .conceited.r.ginations of tlJ{an... tApbJftcilll.._ attain to the Truth. ".1~ ~.. or a Erie of worlJt.or A new Magicall Lig... Ends. the Worla. and many Times difcleet(. D"rb.· •. and come: not to the'StaKe. am confideuc it would Suppofrtioll. and concludes there is 110 of all Seas and their DijJri'Jtions. &c. Thetei~ fearo: 3. make. If wee look on Religibut few follllWer J.~Nrl!..umen de Lumln.er of j the defpayring Sceptic..

ttion ejUJ Sennones p~rinde fUHdiillt f~nt.. NugatfJrem haud mo-« ror tall CJ qui non per EX1Jcrient' 1tl11J. .uionel..nttlm natur~lI Bod) IS a kind of Blac/i.all things mociTltltir}nibus foi.drjicare pot(ris.. for It jhmeJ in a dark. L.ight are ". 0!_i tlutem for..!"irc pr"''''M F""Mm. ~cret Candle of GQd. 1 oppole It as Batterie to the SchDoleme! _ if they wl!l needs muJhr their S_r11ogifint. I ex . accordinz to a. ~he A "fence and pl'c{rnce of this F ire. and then believe hee can 'ZJtli/edircdly hom London [0 Gr".f. . and p. man enters the u'1{. fed Exp(Ti("t. It 15 Ecclipld with the Grofl.!dm:p.:.r wither.~he. SIN~ hoc «pparent 10 ""1 thmgs..~ faUmn . (int' And(~~thanho~~er place. if me -uerbis tMtum nudis nonpaf. and this 13 our own Bodie» t~ "'. as long as /if~l.th.f!..lur : Nam h~ e: ~ !li~~ .i-:d C by t:Ujl. it hurns and is of Bajil Vulc»: inc: 'Ditce tgitMr Di not [een.'em Petr. that we can find the Truth Contm:. wit q the . qrlt:'d Natura [caon Jert It carnes this C_&mdle within it. as not imperioufly to obtrude and force the Within this Phant~(1ic Circle funds upon the IVorli.Armam folttm fun~~1ti font.z of Chimera's ..'lreat wor/.io.ejfo JicitJ de Rr:tnu diffi'rere. {it prtljt'oJ ~portet •.t:' 0a rue ItOJopfJer.. fidmzque itS adhibere. mann..•• I) '1"1. buc the NauJres of Tbi» 5.or elfo_~ol fol1owed. are 'mo_(t prIam oqU_. 41 ~m1. one that Hudied not the l\{#I~t.! oculis (.. E:~perunce. & in. but the Li{h.!'t of N"u'r: them. as if a _tHan fhould jhutt his from the Swz.im t1. & fnpr . them Erroneous.uient in our Difqut their Experience. place Ev r mi. 10 :he ~vorld /lt1NTiJh. '\tVe know by cer« vult.thore...t. It is true.JoCI~j'llltJmJ.t/rs.40 Lumen de Lumine. before wee are able to Veri Lamp.Jqttirics which we make before \'\ attain to Experiment:tll Trurbs.ne:"pu . 07' N ugis me aliquid do. Howfoever 'Wee Ihould Pt'Et_ alto they Ihould confirme therr N01fe by fo r. but (he Light it felf is 'nI! van us phttntlilfticvu _Nugator manebiJ dC1(led.1_': him_r"~f in the right w.!ilce of the Lizht. Uncal· er ~ locum aare .pf. f Ph'. t ~efllonldfe all this was the B re . fi the Sun for his Life and C antlle . This is . JHdlctM'n de Cokr.. for the }. but hee wo!na:n fl'P in this Re. {()oJ without Experience. foonditum : Sic demso» prttdenur J & cum appears not. which I ever approved char regular and fotid fp hath t tnn d 1~ the Elements..~gtcall Schoole.. or by A new MagicalJLightJ &c. rlbUi. is as a m. there is a continual. chink. pro.A_f/IJ'l. that: _ . and it 'Jpifiu the Llf. r quo no». o. 1 of the ~tltter.. IlC C £c. T_heEffell.ihlch ""Jill S':rmones abffJ Hl/!t Experientia..r of this l.

To which may be added this fdt.fitinera/! . All Vegetables g:ow.. Under the ~ftAr lyes the green Dr. we fee moreover thar in T/!geta.. neither 1Jredme not' F~lrJfie.qer: Gts .A)(:rs. but the {.! one of tbefe litt'I. or A new Mdgic"t/I L~~ht:J&e..!l2.lv/ercHry.W : not impudent proud Rsu. It can neither be leen ther.fl m rt cr is cOd!_. it {elfa TreafHre of Gold and Pc. fromH ali ') uncharitable Mr[ers.. they put torrh c. and if we la ferve the A l1gel or Genius of the pl. On this Trc.l1d Hdrm~ augment themfeives.«:«__ In JJimd. Th~ .2 Lumen de Lumine. to keep oft the which mut] needs proceed from an incl ContentloUJ and ftnJvor&h] : in the ather a ct-.nrrs. P'.:dmitted to this Fire or L wht IS 110 where to be found in • They m uti be Innocent J and very H:tmablmd'li1C.!fi. and . They rnnf] be mum. A5 for A4 merals .l!' or Boyling within us.the 0rdbi. .. The Tren-it appears in raten WlJfJtl..'s .. Fire. plena LllmilJif & himfelf'harh laid) Lit:. and Calap BomJtm: but the L . involvina tome Hem did not. illfinirciy Rich and {hines af.ir]. or Light. and (pint rna y be at L tberty. as in that (ubi68:. bur: a knolJw. T lifted who deiire to be .lnJ call H alical«. or the Magtcta.1k.:er Nfg lu . 43 But to proceed in the Expofition of our [lion. : Indeed we mull confefie it is mchlln .J- tJbove~and was tht!reforeflyL~d by the cians. is every for lfmure(fatiof': 'if the <.'ted by this Foe fj and that by the very ~rt and MAgic and altered from one C amplc. under our Feet. In a word. LJlht is rornetimes drjcovered to the ere. with this Inlcription.. monftrtlble'J pY'aaic~lll Truth. where the ftAr-tlYl!I'iIl't"IOis [here to be fauna. . how they lhould bee thcm{elve~ InJV be made Vegetable. a Threaatoleadi~the Hum6tc)3. Do1J'JUS jigndt¥1. It tcls us. This makes us fl'l'~''lt. a certain fi'etJ'in.:~nd p. we can fee! our own ~"e hand he bears a {word.( to lpeak in a homeL] PIJraji') fub/1Plnt. NOH nUt.thinet that holds it. which could not: bee.tel' . that their Child. and expire in perpecuall Type j not far from this LAmp you molY obDtfblXlOns at the pures.r to our .· up and alter the M..1 oples be artificially dJj[olvcd.e is the C'lt/Hl/Iet Rlceptacle of mull: allo like Children and F ools tel! the it is blef{cd and imp-regnated with L~~ht h.td.bleJ. even i«. {rutts and F/IJ'...t·ion to [he eA'mtg/1t/e God.not {onten!lOuJ: They mutt louc the ~uthorJ corruptly wriee it Sal Al/z_ali.artie.:ti!. nor C. they mull be as our Seu): vl}.it ..


h>r of all 1hings in the )J1orid.tn~J1J-<. 47 .(cenU»J. 80w then the {et1trt. and isconct1iJui to a pt:rfdt th3. cannot be cfJd_(uldud wichout our Sulphur. This Mf)__rjbfie is thcMDr. his Beams and H eat f:l..the fYejl.-mctplu to produce a I hird_ Ag'i'Jt. A~etpe (. the uni(mofjU~lfculine and Femmine fpirits~ The 0!inreJTen~-e of Four. the very Love and Sud. neitl1cr nicer pOB'er.:ion fomewhat like Silver.vardsNight when the See fees in . and the: M.trth.rtunof Met. of (tJmple. but Iyes Hill in a.en. works upon the M .lMjlurt' of Heaven and rtb. and u'l{etaphyjicall. the 7trna1'ie of Twot and the Terr. Cur. Take notice then that our jvlerf.1. Thus we icc in n-i. Sun excites the ~w.1.iJTolves and putrifia £.but ". at"{"".P-'yient tib.ltntlinc Su1r.rcr weatleer that the outj.l! SR/phureous parts of the Earth..'lin Drops to the Bott ome oftheir Ceuern.or Jl. or A new MajicaiJ Li cur}. who without Corttrovtrl1e Were the wijeft of N ations. ~" •./fl of One.ulll. .rl/"Prrr11lth ot. and £.46 Lumenl« Lumine. Take (fJ. Now the JIWI.ljl he M ~..thaefore take rlJt~p..."~ r.w:yd H edt of thc.j'Jt[ercun.of the .y.ml.Mt:J.n.jJI[ercur1 takes up the 5Itbt. grows we4~. You m~ . by the CircfllHfere. manner The Mercui'it'.ifi. & .yd .lth he) E4 me Cor.!. a certain (ott prolific Venes.lling on this H emlrpher~:1 ffir up and f()rtijie the rmv.la'.-f. and fireth him at l. are now conde". 'when they ai1cour1'c of the Gencr... IS 't:f1AUr f! 'HTJ. the _c.In:Jf . .Enrtb beir g(l-wr'!l a~d feco"a.d.Jllerllltit!udr-(-fay they) is altogether cold and p""ffivc. But the Night: being [pent the S'I>I againe comes about to the E4jf.andd. & Late/lam Arm§n14' CIlIJJ'I»_"'.. WIll not (tlbltme. and SHbll1l1u the Mf)yfturc as formerly: This SNblimmlon and Conden/tttion continue fa long till the r.c'll D~ ·abd C the .hureoU9 Fire of the Earth is their F uther . nor perf::U AUton:. and che-erijhtth theBlot:d when It'IS alrnol] cold 3nd!Yoa:.tMtl H e~lt or the S11n.ot~r Bodies.. the Heat of Abfoncc it in a thin v~IFour to the a e. the . and it Ires of that gr'~t Lmn.t! heat. fo that the vapours of the Mert"ttTJ which were formerly /tfblim~d.d. and the {old pre'Vailes. Lump. fo rhae this flllp/Jur COfl.Il. and is in~ therewith.ijl.trth that th~nI and p'ttrifies fV.. ac~ording c~ that dark Rec~it of lilt the Arabut.t.u·d HeM of the Earth.The 'Thmg it tCIf is a ivorld without Forme.. 3~~fo6Iim~S the Eersb becaufe of the t.. There are his G eni'rtttwm P/J'yfictlll.'eak'ti"".rtc..ter. ~or 'Dreco nan moriter finc fifo ({)mp~re: it .DOW. this TopofltsCe!!or(dvern• Butto\.Ad i:t:ture and c. in certain earthy Subrcrraneous C euerss : Hilt when the Sn» atcends in the £aft.~inSubjfanu.'l{J~ tell us it is perf01"mld in.\.

and well experienc'd Philofopher defines' it thus. put them both to. quod Ji /lbrO~ noflros intelltgerent. & C~tejliJ ltqfluXUJ. 1"m. and thou fhalt that fpeech of the Arkptus verified: P. very water. Another excellent. cannot be permane'1t. permanenJ effi non pelflt. or A new Mal/caft Light. lirfl Matter is a wilteri(h SHbftance 'Drie. Ma!erjtJ. not to Jeceive the Jimpfe. nor vtrJ Earth. P (faith he) eft Aquofo Subj/antiA. ad.\·ta.a. fcirent e~ ACJuam perma1'Jfflttm. This skje colouy'd whelp is that Sovcraign./u. On the contrary fome have exprefly and faithfully Informed us it is no Common Wdter. !JUtantAquam NublS ej{e.. rely upon ivords. or o[fuch a C'mple~:I()n that -.ether. Third . Reader if it be thy fire to attaint: to the Tnlth. & A quo/a Terra in the Hand. HIJlre Terre ventre Terr4.nalem.d genuine fcription of our Sperm. wherefore I will turn to theftrJ! #tltter. The ignorant (faith he) when they heare llS name water. The u1!f)ther or firft Matter Meta. and the [pirit and I nfluencu of H Cd'tIen commix themftlvu therewith. and a wartr} earth.arth in the Belly of the Earth.rets ?1Hlli MdUric£ & • 1IIJl Thl~: . 19nari (faith Ag4dmon) cum Rudiunt nomen Aq. plant them ill a purified tMt~erat Snmrn. Now for my part I adviCe thee to take two living MercflYJcs. Sicc« ferral i:omparllb.. walh them and feed them water of Salt Vegttab!~. the Bitth of Armenia. It' is (faith he) an Earthy water. but 3. But the PrlJcejfo or. [ouent« Petre.'48 Lumen de Lumuze.ls is a cerrainc watery Sllbj1litnce.which its Sulphur to which it hath been fl1Ut6a. To this agrees -the Deceiver. Indeed it cannot bee denied but fame AHthors have narn'd this Subftance by the names of all ordin~rJ waters. (.. and they will bring thee a Jk!e colour'a Whelp. but if they underllood our Books. 8ft 7 erren« ~qua. tll-di[pojed Crew. 0!J. and I fay it is no ofwatt"r whatfoever. mingrd with E. known by the Name of the Philofophers (. they Ihouldknow to be a permanent or fi:t:'d 'WlltC1'·. mir'd.Mercury. and fa~ous MercurJ. commi. & ft totam ei in Clhum tet. The noble and knowing SendivoglHs tels us the very fame ned Valentine in his appoht ar. quo faaa eft un!1tJ. but to hide it from the Ranting. and I am ~I/!cofonutriet . compounded of Both. think it is water of the Clouds./%iter Florem gcym. is no ptrrt of my De-jign. for I fpeak the trHth. and cfpecially the reverend THr[. cum fo cmzmi!cet Spiritus. and retaining the plexion of neither.lt. &c~ 49 and nothing iikf to any tither Malter whatfoevcr. 1114 abflJue fitO (Qmpari cNf}l.

.~l. a why Know .erher fat.. where the Scales 'have ter is a fubtil. bue almolt or .{1 Aq~ .)ja/i. and he cals itVljcum '.M. and from this pt(1).t.In a certaine place he delivers hirntelf thus. r"it.)(~klin Truth like the Bell» of a Snak.. SulphuIeous Eurtb .'... Ids a drie lY:tur.. BUt 10 earth.lfi'c~ ((aith he).hul-ke rhe BQd.. is a. o: in t("I. But the InoH prewle. 'WhlC~ ...bet (faith Raymund. or [dlU7U! incantatses.ht.. [er« P'tI . Withfire. Eft impregn.mm(}/t w. The predurtJinant Element in it.r call'd it their _~rpent. qxilZ. It huh a true minerall Co.t".buc a eholeric Jl1~ter. fight.f" cfl"· Mercnritlle. l~lpis eft honwatH6. & 1 gnc jmp't"~!ndtd.W~gicalJ Lig. It is a c.Mn~. non ~9t1~ NNb.nolnfiJ Terra diEts!») ~(f S#bj~~1im .pte~0" : H.lnd'impregnAted. Ral'mund Lu/lie de. non 1)u/I.Flit.. Font is.r.1 Gholert-c.fod HtJ~.~ ~t repertHJ in H o(pittJS deforti!.lth be. is a certain inexpreffible edt::...1Iel1t part the Bcft P hi!oJ~ph~rs have denominated the whole Com'f)ound. not water of the CiONtb.H~ It look} fa. or Vz[caul purt of the Earth. m. fed. and the fame LT4U~6 tels you.tl'lder of Thi~gl. or we Ihall never be able to ~Ind~r{ttlnd..50 Lumen Lumine. p_h'~gll1at.defacicm m mu«.fo :hA~et lat H (iftf~/..uJ. .tf. & eft i»r...u it IP!re P'H". i pccially neer the Neck.l/ine.errtt. the 'Phj/(){tlphers. We mull: therefore contlder the Ieverall eAt4 . .hke focrct. The Subjl-tmc~ of our fton~ (faith he) is a/to!!. Ca:leflit non.lOr.:4. 1::1Jr ill ie. or with ~(1tld by the San. .cw_7.7er.t. icribeth the C rtji.. or why A new J.gJle (al. Prim» 11J/8terid. bue ..t~r. race/flU names it openly but in (Jni/'place.he defcribes it mote fully.lMm . or Conft itutio» of it in . . 5 I and their DrAgon.ht . is call'd the McrC'Mrill'. Suhjlafftia l~p"iu '1o_{lri eft fDtA notilJiI enoush to perlwade \1."t Ca. Cap.r and (imt!r. bittlr. cerraine Fserie ffbtill Earth.U.fou}eCk. ptngui~. . . and a T reafurc inchanUd.t. which not the h. fOr bot than Fire.tm (faith he) Sole.. An~: :tgame a green li. Ie IS moreover Greemfh to the it is our pricioldJ pone) 'which is found in deft . &c.. the 'P1:i!of()pI. Take our Ellrth. noble Eart/. The Slime. and ~his a Jeep stew Tma..u Terrum no(tr. or t:Jh lif!lor. /ogie.') it can be 1111 c. ell 1Irrlt fuhttl~· [ul. Sal . not: that of the common M-Vl.t phlegmttic. aNt p!wv11J.'1 of Heaven in a cL~Ar:.nfJ1V in A'1'I.Lumt.7_j4J. Thing: AquA noff..A"p~. more is impregnated. which is wet.. Ie rett..!.ter . thefe words. Aqua n~bf4 "pp~ retpeCt he cals it eliewhere not wattr..:D"d.J.. P« . My ibn (faith he) thefirft MIl~. Lull1c) (ptclcm V1!CO.rt) and chis is the rr4fon. inelu[um velut m"lnum Secretum) & T. an other place . and there is jhut up in it a gr:4t co/QremIacerte VfriJ. This Waur theUlv!ts DOC the H ~N1.r. In which foti~0. 'f. water. &h£c. Our water is a heave".

. if you expett that language ti'om M... ruppcry~ DiftUfive t. and yet you cannot find a third nA"U..icalt Ligfot. Seek not. Judge then as' you would be judged for rh!s is the very cafe of the Fhilofoph~s. but no Witter. that . what U This is xrand[ecretofche Art. courfo' of N 4t~re. er HII_ tIIan~rllm ". her comm_on C()Mt'/e..-Jti(}1J is no A/uratNm. Know then for certaine that this Slimie moy£l Sperm. Certainly you muG be very unreafonlfhle..In a word?vou mu~ n~ke this water.n which God hath n~tg. Now that ~e may' confirrne this oUI Theorie and 'lJi[coItY[e of the Sperm not only by Expersenc« but by Reafm.a Watt. mull be diffiJlved rnto water and this is the Wate)' of the p. and It IWt.ven rhern. IS not common l!fercurJ. any .. The "Aft Ix~t turnes Wilt" to a VII/oura and the ltaft cold nans . and Lulliedi{coVe'£$ jt. then for that in l1at~re. &c~ 53 which is all that Man can doe. A"'gent/eM vivum no(lrum (faith he) mnejl Arg~ntllm viVII7J} (Tulgare: Imo Ar_ the t!_ntlUn VZVH1IJ noftrum eft AtjHA a/uri. O!Jefiionleffe thus it muf] be unleffc we certamI}' .be faund lipan ellrth. for it is 1I0t ".. that YOU'are 'WateT] which is a .""Hum opera#onihus.or Chaos.t ~m of a Chick.m~. f I:Jt chested. p'pr" re..truly fo is the Jhelt as well as the Sperm· that is wtthm it: But if you ~. _ hence It follows th(y mull be made of Iome- (f.ttb[qtle 4dlt~torio Ingtnii... ~orthere IS no prop:r name for it. and.to calf their Ju/'jeCf .JJ. Ifl aske you. Sperm to be of the fa'. . Mere"".~ Our. qH~ r~tr.."ptrament of the Sperm... for chey tell you what iI y~ and ~rh~C' SIIIJJlance.unldle we cal it ~ Sperm. and m~nual Operations of ~:tn •. It IS then a'{]lmle. . . A new Mat. Let it [HjfiCt. or Earth. WIth the Body. fiJurated Bodies.jlHre.. or all is co 110 purpote. rhat nothing is fo pa/five as Mo_. altering fub~lakethe.ri non poteil TAtJlrCH1IJ in actionem venire 1IOn pojfit per Nllt.de or ma7Jifeft~d by the ordmar. not ft.. c{JmpdlUed.with a great deale of HoJleftj.. and c.. ComplexlDn. ha. or ~ick. N 4tur~.[o1j1ure. and then it mutt fol . but our t7v!:rCHr) is a water. no~ c'JmmtJn water Lumen de Lumine~ or. whlch IS an E!feU beyond her ordinRry pro .11it Earth or 'Wlftcr) you know well enough It JS neither.51. ~D1!th~t Gentr.-fil1Jer : but by the Art...r:am. you Will tell me it is the whIte of an Egge. ceJfo : you muG htlp her~ that the may excee4.but a wea~" qHi"Jering. it is nccdfary that we confider the ~ualitjeJ ~n~ T l'1.. rete«. Againe: It 15 CVldent to all the world. which cannot thing that is not Jirme. not compaEfed.Ill the Intetlluyou muA: permit thf!Philo/()phers .'. . before you can find 't. But it we confider any perfeEt prodkEtJ they are fir.. whafoever. by what name you call the S.V:UT~ted.mce.)i/o[opbers..

rec of Hfllt it is. and almol] m. where we ~1lf)W well . and nothlHg remij]e.en and byinf.. and the Earth: And the Earth Waf F IImilie. We know the then to a 'V<'pfll-:r.w._'l. the latter I NalNre of the pattent. and lVIZ... as Slflu.lo. we.tUrf.zl. 1rcaks thus. See therefore that thy SIIn is (0 ""mou from us. 3n<1 this he doth in thd"e tbc¢thy p"r" potentia." i{ it be truly.dlible infirt:nu fi-om the prtlpaTtit»J and £~1.eU011gh the hom forme and 7. And here. but 0WoJfture? as it is . indeed in {/t'/{ltableJ the Itpon the face of the abyJ{e. that fal'liltic ChilDS of j termes. ClplO ({aith he) creauit DUIJ ere/14m & Ter. that can be altered M a.e be weJlltm/t:. us thus: 1 the Beginning God crellted th« n tcrifh. that the Heat ofit moJjttt". Now let us confider the SO?f of N ichr.:ffice. it is impojJib/e for it to the yulgar received Tro1~J!. I delire then to know.len. But 1 mull adVife what De. that MOJflure mull needs ~l1ima u'l!..'gica) ~gnifie the VIrgin t5J. In the '. other- that VllpOUY' to Water... and wid! prove hereafier. is ill prove out of the text it (elf. StoneJ. thou art quite gone. In nothing OUt of them.~ic of cr.. Remember (he pr. Goa in his (reation. and chat (0 ·yemi." for that will never be altfred otherw ife' be the patrem :For that Dt'. preferve.ree of He. and that tpt: 7 hin and the 'J hle/c.f is there in 1111 'ltHrf'.which . How th.[ercllr-" and the Virgl'!l Sulphur. and je5.macht-u. or mo. J n priNCipiQ excdlive Fires.t.r OmpleXIOi11 In the molt volenr. or at [he A new Mtrgicall Light.rd tlnd there 'W. tionally renderd . and wife thou haft oJ/lo_r ro dijjol7)c.ne.. H fi1flt'n and Earth.ltion s which ~lttr any tUng but what is moyjl. and r~m: But [he Origin!.mtttjha to thee by t.'54 . ln the Ihouldbe altered bYll <rz:tntl~. that aUs in all my Chimi!ls to beware of any (01n7JJ(m A10J'generAtionJ) for by the Agent we may gfle.to (o<lgulat. and rarerainethti.. This I NAture makes uft of in her Generations. &c./ft flu. but then N. myprinCIples.u da.c A ". J 11 prinCertainly none at all : tor all hllrti Bodies. Lumen de Lurn. & 1}enfom. what Suh. N tu with fuch a.Beginning God mil1gl'd or ttmper'd together fenftble Warmth? It is plaine then. 5S (as daily Experience tels us) is very j.othin this Text (as we have told you in POW" of the Affent.t./lfoJe..~ Sperms are moyft.for H Ul7.zk_cH t'tU .lint./blcd with JV~lter. and Metrlls.. This truth app~ars in the ~mmal ea7. till they arc firj! Wueefirft part of'ihis text Mofts mentions two rated.ea with Esrtb.!J'e and we~lk.i~~.n can we expect they Deus ml[cuit Rnrum . and the Jjdr it ~cds are Drie .uH'P1 'gencracs GodmofJedltpl)n the fllCeofrhe lV. not a perfell world 'as we Peripatetic.

.fe . It was indeed Hell.!. 'the t!J~.)~.n earth.t' of the ching recptir~s."t!) W ct$ RHdimt'fJt or principle of thIS eart~ whi~h withoHt forme dad void~#lndtkre w.(dome God rJ1fltk I infer tha t the Earth he fp~aIe..ncompojea filbfl..illlVJrk. /limit'. or moy}! tmpr)Crd{iJlikeSponge.lrk_noW fee ~ for this prefine eArth IS nCI ~ffo upon the Fac« f1f the Veep..z F.I~U'. of a Sperm or. upon the f. which the Philolopher.. and ehae WAter ll1iiH DC. then being rentk ourofwhich the Jeparated Heeuen.u D.1OS.'t.. and the undoubted fep.inall.fter this he proceeds t~ the D_e(crtpt!O"_ "pon the ~rce of Deep. of the C?!oftr of IS This is dear out of the Orif. To conclude: Rcmcm ber eha t our fiib jd-i no com~()n w. call their [ecnt ftr~ : for if you work with common ~. Ullon the w. 1y W#lttr. ~aU Age»t. tke pmerlJ called·.d the~rn"u Dar/znejfo fil. or Jecond principl«. I conclude of God moved upo. but a thic~.. moved.'. which is a.ter. or Saute.~' Jerll/a/em Tbar.COdfT:Jll11ud a'into earth.It is to be feen.r. ir will dr-it your Sperm.of the 0Hth~'Y. tina VOId. This is a very gt"c3e rusH eauen. twoprtnctplu.ce of the waters. Uer. ter. of was a.each of thtfo principles by Jtfe~f In more partICular termes. like AqUd and Ibi. .ft(l)foycall earth was the V~ Here YOll lhould obfcrve that God created SH!phHr. !1ere~l1d_ I have been an eye '¥rjt. ThIS earth rnuf] be dr/Jolvcd into 117::. S7 J latter part of it ~e defcribes . fpeals rhus. .dpture) tbere w. f?t e~rrt·h.}J. the f#lce of the flb)Jfc.. but it is impoffible to de!c~lbe and (faith (he Sc.u D.II t'li ue». A 'new ivldgic./Jl:of it my \als that all ah-yJ{e and WAters.Zi1ce.zrk.!Jef'. T~is is done by ~a ccrraine . .. and "ring it tb an unprofitable r~d 'lJ!lf/. Aq"a.ld th~ e. a?d as the 1'1at!s. In~ ~v p. or hit~tion of the flars was afterwards 'F w~ .cre&m) In w.'lJenl. ~hewilier and the rsrr h ': eA. and the fpirit 'I101a nor without forme. and he beglnJ with the Ear_rIJ. c. Ch."'!ter. And ~he Earth cording co the primitive naturall truth.ce of the waters: that t. for C' Hamalm and z::::J'~U7n Hajhll1lnt1im are /ttme 'Words. A. It IS a two he compounded a t/Jird namely the tivemftahle .56 . 10 theie Iu [ecrer. Lumen de Lumlnej or .1 they fignifie one and the fam6 [u"/la11ce. and the [plrit but rn the L'M-rgl{".rrtofthls'lperm. and of theft it hath no aeurllJlmlud F'gur~.{flyjlure or Water of the C .without [orml.. neither IS It litnfH-/~ to pUb/ifh it exprefequellt words: Ar. The If:.-.Edrth and W. &c. III tb« begmntng (or according to the (faith he) WIM without form~. which lelte./j Light.thefptrit of God didmovt' Ihaveften it.

· in the Cabmet .~ is a Grammticall Whim.! It 15 d~rived to the ref} of the CreaturttJ1l1a certaine nre4me. was he then that could not dt/lml. whereby we may know their fire: it is they deCcribe it.ot/'ing.neh~ lo~phcrbthcldl "Vas A rrflotie.-.houe fi the hil . but Ori. but af1s not N at..tr1llly without the Srm.rnake it pltt.mlon that breeds nothi». too 1J'~IIc1J w~tter dr~. for there is: ~he ~o~mttlinof HetEt and (ire.. notwithftanding It in the Djve. Some Men are of O... and !J-J.lIi{h with all his LO(Tie between ~J._nottie tMyjlenc.'l. and Nuno» of [he fit/IJea wherein it rt:{i:1es. Id [ h al: .. this Sub!un~lr te J( 1tchin ot the E· lement s.52 Lumen de Lumine.gin.'ceffi and J'V! e.rall Agent.ine. a cerrarn F (y which he found in his Can.tt. UJblfi and I nVi(jhle . clear Apprehen" Jion. F' '1"Th Ire.rjities of }liMe there he dj(coll(T~ himle!f..c 1ft:."ann.di? In~eed too much He. or Sun-thine.for [0 ?Iato call d ~lm.ot come up: And verily at chis Rate there 15 nothina in the J170..tle ·pa1fc. <'> gener. for it is a N atfl.. and therefore call'd Igni$ 'lua{i. he is not g:~r~l~d. and therefore Readers. where it is ftlent and I . It: is in lvater. but we {hall . Snuffe Jour C~mdlei. if yo~ be not very Dim and Dull.l.c. It requires indeed a quiclz. Itfl~eps in mort dings as in Flmts.for that makes it Vital) or TTio{ent. between 'iTio/ent and V_tt. earth. and ifwe defccnd to other Neiures.J![iiJera!s Hcrbr.It is a kind of perdue: lys clofe like a Spide.a burns and deflro 'C~.of Ireb.?fothiI1K but his P. Whae an OIVlc.j.. Their fir~ then is the Key of the e/frt. It is in t.tjible.lngig1tens..srs a:lj' t!A.'r~ltl- wild poppie.un·f:Jand d. F ~. who tcls us t IS (!/2$cnt ree.o.!ifefled. This fire is at the Root. A new lViagicvzl/ Light~&.• / IS for he dIe.i rhe fe~d that It ..too much earth !.zrs..t[eff. and BCf-J/fs.1. but devouru All things. leis in .'1~. '" The Philofophicall Fire. co f:!rprtfc all that comes within lines. fleuce' . from one Root. the Mttgiciam atfoord us bot tWD N»: s. or . 5!} fl~t. where he finds 011_g/. and let us proiFCUte OU1~ Jecret fire. I mufl confdfe it is a k. The Effd~s of it are v"zriom acco~ding to t~e 7JiJl~tnce. .can about: the eel-Iter) of all thmgs both I tfi6le. He never appears without hili hi) Foot. and about th: Root (1. and" from HIT. 'tIV at a . and tl"ir. but could never be fun a{terwa. St.Jrc.s .n)~(ible.~f(c.tll'p it is in God Ji. Degrees of He. m world aeneraed wi.1t that'S LOmf)'II"1 F t-. but concluded thdF:rc dId Breed .. but .m/t"me I()met~inl ~ Bur let the u1{.!s. for if ipcak.propedy.. bccaute it c. is but one TI'irJg.lk.t:.

neither Natur.dttng a mOJft compare the common Vulcan with this Philo1ophicall Veda. or prepar. Our work Hence have they call'd it Venter £qfli~ and F mius Equis u« : but this only by Wt!'V of Amz- .l1d. now they are 'without mo.tair exprefly eels us in (here words.z. i~ ~ but the E'Xcit. and purely truth it is no kjnd of B..I!~'l}t.lth.diti«: betides the pr£dOml1l~nt one.i hujtu ignis occult. but no (ire LIS for there is in H orfe:.Authors theleffc: all thef:crets of Corruption and Ge- 3 F3 have .. now they arc lon~. or .r~:J. and greaeefi 7Jtjference in Relation to our cO.'t·Ctffive~Y hot. or as we commonly cxprefle our felves. but by the InViJih'e Beams of our jii"t'.:{t. 5-.He.A.tll the on.t!l O/. This Excitation. And againc.ttlol1 (as I have told thee in my C adu71J Terre] is ave .i/eJ ignis l10flri fufficere. and truly fo is tiJdt of the K itch» too~ We lee that flames :'o:ztrtlU and ex tend rherntelves.riflotlt makes theftre to be (imply drJ<petha~s cautc the efftEfs ofit are 10 . This is rheir firH. Nf/hem Sure b: wherein he fo!tna his P).IOj radios I m.~''Jes o~ th~ mo)fture orother. The I( itch in fire (as we all know) is vijible. and ar{fil[e rhemfelves as they dee they would rather fall to D.':/! of our fire are hidden. To be thort. ry trivJall. or tuttle [ike theirfi!cll to But that 1 may rcttlrnc to my former Dlicour[e . 1.Jr dearee and therefore dtjlrllEllvf. Now t~ell defucd ~ff([f. &c.fire. bed fupra ?loftrum va. 61 temperares .' nHue rad.1tUJn of it is ~rtt{icittll. that we may fee wherein they are dIfferent. ridlcu/ous thing: neverneration are therein contamell.. f~~ . a. the PhiIofophers call this C!A. in (]tu. Bloud-wamte. This Alm. but moyft 1!1 a. qui M:l7H. ~vhich cannot be (onttnrlitie of their p. but a mol] [ubti! jirf. which brings a cloud about ourglaffi or vtffill) in which CloNa the Be. A new MagicaU Light.. Ignis. the C ommoi'J fire is (:.60 lotrie let Lumen de Lumine. f ··If··i.}"dUftai but If our fire were fimpfJ dr ie. but the Philo[ophers fire is [nziIb/e..ing. ~e did not mdce confider that in all Complex 10m th~~e are 0tbcr Ou. fay. e tempcrates.vns (fa1th he) can be performed by nothing.llIy..tlll~gejJt arc etpt. and that is viftble.:/1.~ent their Balh.vJfure to mumt atne the flux. noJler Corrofiun« eft Igms.r: On the contrary the lVilrmth and mOlflurc. t/. the jlamn of it could 'nor: flow. Firil of all then the Philotopher's fire is m01'ft .trts.iji/.:::. and therefore no Kitcbt» . 'ilicll this drie pILIfe is that eleme_nt of . I think it juG to informe thee. becaufe it is mO)ft as Baths are: but: in very nor Roru . and facisfies the otbcr t it is 3humid ttpid fire. that' many .dtlcit. I know . La. Jimt • Our Fire is a (orroJivefire. we will now confider the: r je- foort.: th Mrrgic.

Be fure [0 under- ""'"(til the jiiAC of Noiurr .For my ownpart. venernous. and without this laft he at- have f. tY'ilmdd1r.'r. {on. a~d floP:111 AveiwcS'. fierlt FLammam qtlia Dominm S U- Hand this [ecret . e/f-'-!LftUS. B.£t]. /QHr. flabbie. which are to bee found every where all the Face of the Earth. and hee hath no ftcund. not 10 much as With thy Hands. 6. It is a. Confider then what you feek : you feek an Indif{oft. H ...d~y defcribed this jii-e. Continue thisJil'$e patiently. i ~have neither tldat'd. fum them up in the 1\r . when it is not yel: fullted with the Eertb . Doe this. for thefirft is meat. Unite the End to the: Beginning. which \\'..mJous Jews Abraham.~len) Gicberim. and Kalid.J~ of her OIVt: without It'ii1..non tenet fecundum.r• Touch her not by any means. &c. Ifrhou dod! not by chis. nor dmlinrjhed) thou lu!t here the true intire [ecret. but a proper mo_yjlure tempers it.u. - IfF it. but more lv/:. for God (faith hee) is (uperlatively one. SalI1'MHdz. but thy next is more diFficult.ldcrs.1c. As .'I:ion. I l~ay onl y teach thee how to . It is of it Ielf drie and CholeriC.rJ. and this Drago. thac they find noReli~fe.thou PER L A r I V E umu. with a jhining Fiery H /Ie. for there is not upon earth filch a violent J rranlcendene pOJfon. Figc.£. and thou halt placed N tItur« in' H oriconte r:. dcvowrmg Di-agon] creeping and welrring in the B(tt.Ai".. They are a ItVi. and Z"dtc!) ~with the threef. Virgin Snow.1 will turne to a Swan. thou arc pall my ( Nrc.fincm in Principio. like 3. and he will move in his Neft. Henceforth I will allow thee to forrifie thy fire~ till (he P heni» appears. "nitin~ . and the ~/. T vf! rhern Both U1 a L01/C-k1Wt) and .U be rransforrn'd ~o a horrible. red Bird of a moil dcep Ce .1n CAR A H A~~ Thi. Flame to a COllIe .lLi. gi ves it a hcavenlJ C omple. 63 hall begun. un- rains not to hisJNI! glory..time 1pprchend it.tr of his Mother. and rife like a }far of the F irmament ./£ternit'ltu: Thou haR performed that Command of the CaIMprun. Take our two Serpents. (fi[. fo proceed.tble. Feed this Bird with the FIre of his Father. Feed thy Bird then as I ha ve told thee. mirflcuioUf ~ tran/lIJHting. . [ircl« [hem in.:i is thy fi'rfl !.~te) and a Ii'Zlincf{ Female. for jil-e feeds not well. or A new M :ll/calJ Light. Thou mul] !.1br:ur. F4 1#1ifn .Tbt.ite than the hovering..62 Lumen de Lumine. and they will tnrne co an ugly. and that of pur1Jv(c: to [edace their Re.'l. and brings it to the TJejired C. and in which all the Ef1jlern flges agree: A 'lid.ilam : lift.:alt.1tion. for Imay tell thee no more of it. black TOi!d.i.!mp :Joainlt rhern le{fe it bee fir/f fed. the flcond is Drink_. ana ~e lure thou doef] bnnz t:hy Line round about.

r. For"a Clore to this ScBion. ne(7)erJiv.. Vocamtti Filium [alis. no» vident ali!4'm Jg1Je11J~ nee "(Jiirt. without a vit.'Jce. bur let us heare Ra_rmHnd Lul/ld (lefcribe it. Nos 1/n'fJ.l._rz.nttlli. certain mO}'/f.iiIU:11M eft pr(}priu11J. filpra errem.hafl pc'Iorrn'd . and when thou . IJorn.Agent b the phi¢ 0 ~'" J • bI.ncm. . and many-other lOlOll7hcrS have call'd this II':I{t. qUd! Philofophi po. and Tran[rJmte tJ{cnti.Iarem ~/~m. fj:" multi alii. the fir.dome. nei. 'l/~lartiJ. Without in <fi{incritt Metalloru1# per mille annas. laying that we are theC.j/at.M tl.Uo infirenus the oommo» fire: nor any other SulpiJNr MercurJ ~ but the common SHlph/~r and ercurr.r.?t of the S. d1J1.r~.A:r. }iNe adJu- q:JOd'lIPii per ig iltm /!:~ner~lttlr . creamlt. mes in a th(lTI!and Jurr s . nam pr imo per /oli! inftllen- When wee fay the IS ~ncrated by fire. as we Ihall prove by the 7)oCiri1Jc of P hilafophtrl.lCp 1Jerum folva (t.rin[ecfts traJIjrmlt.re abfque v~(}leHtI".'1lly unite. A new Magic(I/t Light) &c.. Prime [npicntiti!.. For wee call the Se» a fire. I will allow thee that Tefl of the' _"J.rr . the Child ".. 'n7. doe they believe there is any other fire. without any violc.1 fo7JIHJ [tIlt DeceptjoniJ~ .()ris. is the orily proper office of the Jt'rft P'!Wer.tia.acceptt per tl1Km CilC.'<t'n!tlt» 'lJi. Cre'{re enim ( faith one") at~ -i11t.A cTN-It.dim: J 7l!ell.E.ftltute.~.pbical Frc".. dunt. 0~ Cn".lLly.' . J.J.ith hee) " !it 'lIlllg'.tl11em:nec J1/il4d SHIp/JUT. " ho14rc. Heat of N eture perforrnes it 4bo1JC the is ·' 11io'lnflit.!! Wif- probahimns per i/la. and nJ1.{1 in the p. e Celar . I lay it is irnpofCblc to i[." Se J'J(}.lTluijrt in 1ntd!i<. Solo» enim "Ppdlfl11Jtf6 7)icarium fottm fJOCAmm C". -1t. ~ " eorttm pace. But by their leave it t 10. . Men neither fee.~Hr.ltjL'~/t. Study then to underfiand this.Tere rem unarrJ d·/1. To CreAte.~ . J Prim.'~a. of '. aimd. natMrali1 !dcit in Hn.6"4 Lumen de Lumine.n .!MrtmJ In 'Throno fuo Chis lou« the E lements \\:111 never be m6£ried.tnrW.JWl'7'U~1" in [criptis. N ~m illud quad agit Ctllor S!1- & .. nee .tti..ia'J. or m.~i!ti.'U cjti11lf4tio1tt. lIedimtls illis . but fitch a rye cannot be wuhoue th~ firft Hmtie.~j & fuod quod Cltttf. for that which the he. . tf-mtlly f~r.lxAt Prime Po .. This .ilt (jm. having made them to n:uftake thing for another. & tenti«. the natNra/ Heat we call his SU/.ttf!s [uas.ulfo of Error .they will never il)waydf] and ej[cntl. niji igntm CfJW7J1.Jj(ihleHeat. Dq!H~'.. Hut: wee.ft'k~b. and the firjl lou«. in the cMi?1u~ . .1:ljli In f!pte. 6S . T~us are they deceived by their opiNionJ. which is rhemd and perftUton of Magic..uijli RCFII lupr:r ·P~rit.>.11iJnl) TJji coil otiC Ill. 0!~i~do dicimuJ (fa. [Bit generatHs r= n!lturti11J. SQiel1rJ~.

& fi.r.uHformare He.ent be fuch in the place of Generdtion or. thou doefl remember it. cpt&! inter vitam & 'mortem participiat. /~ttO~J from the Almighty God.tiol1.tu it felf from the Bod].ve donee- ~hlch you wtl~ never performe. P. {'ltlviJ Potertie per arG eneYJtionis aut ConverjioniJ fit tali. but wholeforne advi/e oaf the therefore found nothing. at Iafi· faith hee. hath'touch'~upol1 . lie: Bat Ole thing I nmH tell thee. There is nothina now behind but that _luff 'V. An 1 c nJl.ei1ce of the Sun without the Help of our: Art or K nowle4~.:l!ergo Fili.lfdoth not gener~t. in formAm & ~ledwith the Key of pow~r by Iecret Reuc/peciem tranf~arentem.-'t!t Hes: muG bee applied in the Ioever. power.(pel'z'tH&.-. r~!lybytheijlfitJ. ~oH noble Philofophe. a ud not tJO melch· forti fled. . but knew not the right method.• And now I fiippofe I ha. H ~nrl. of SOil (faith hee ) let the H eavenl. This 66 -Lumen de Lamme..Aq.lrs toher 011111 . P": Reveklttonem ah omn. ~ft: After the hxth year. 1ame Author. ro a tranfparent glorious (j}[ercur}' ! This Mercur}'Gentlemcn.Madathan a. m~eed.tum Artis: the Sun it fe. and had both fire and recedet in Rl'g'f]11emfp'1~'r£ fUd!. This Ke.Jr. and the SJU:~ will depart to the Region of praCtic d upon the ft!hfet.. th~\t ~vasnever publijhed. the proprietie JeJTJ: bur norwithfianding he err'd tor tbrce our (pirit) ~l/lich 15 inJijf:rent as yec to life· I. tr.(p!)f:r~: Take therefore alone with gether. )V1atter.(nIJ opertZtU4fueru (Caith the [arne Lullie) pro. st C'4m igne ma. and bee fure. <II' :!j - '.'m4 a t~inJ.. &c. or ' or third [ecret was never PUt to paper. or here now thefalution of the Jlimie. I was in'Illidum ex n:ltur(i terreftru. qu. that it may alcer the Ji.. If thou fuale F!lrnace paintedto him by Abraham the work with too !frong a fire. who knew the 0[-ltter w~ll enough.t. g:'e<. o: An. no/hi ..1 tor five Je. or !Feks.p?tente Dco mi]» tenu« CtfJefliJ'.j . fa carth. and. very n.. though you M¥ . r. F. and without r=» know both Fo .ofrhe Sun.' _> s.. Thus Lui. or death.j here 'fur the Dt[covcry J and Regim~1J\hl'.uJlimam.{u/fU! Muty1. "any Philofophcr wharfoever '. for at firft it was gentratd ~.t:li~..met: hereof wee have in Hamme]. (ep>trabit fc. wJI fop. becau[e hee /znew not the third [ecret .'. and thee this Ihort.' .t p~tJi... but fo ob(curelJ Ht~mid~i: from its Earthly (omplexitJ1t IS no more to the purpo(e then if he had [aid a mojl fine tranfparent forme. fOr which the T hilafophcr f call [eer. 61 J~~)Qk but not any common lvater whatafier..'!ci.ie. quod in loco Toft foxtflm annU71J.. Reader. is the ivnter which we A new Magicall Light.. but burne and fcorch where It is to» h'lt.

erant [vz(faIth ose) circumdAtus eft Tenebru .trit.~tNbt. fep41r~t them by violence of Fire. 1 or A new Mag.d ~ro R. before the full M"j{e. This is the magllt14 quippe fornaceJ.f P11_4gmt~ tplf{~'~lppe per/us! cr. I.CPfS Exechedljlu..1r. he will make a n.~. I mull tt.gnus erie pani lid Menf. Search it than for he that finds this ~re.. will attaine to the tru« temperament.n med.s iAb 1t1.Bi"f. It is the nerall. 69 about «(aith he) with Darknefle. but wetJnot the Hand. VIlJa.r. th~ftre . ~flenkns.. It WO:1U: ~ very lubtil Expreffion.ognatll.ir is the Key to his whole Book_c) and lighttn any Darlze 700me. J IT is a DeciJTnpounJed which qieberon E b~n-H ae» or as the Rabie ..68 __ Lumen de Lumine. qe ber . trcl1. . butif well exafoir.: H~IJltAt..hU!~. li4. 1IM.tla"~tJ_/eJ 'J!l4. This is that fubflance.min'd. . o1'lm.u rr:. j I 'llJr~4' P fJIJIfJ.hi ~trriJ 1I1debtUII1' m ff TfJ{al() Dm1JlHm fiJrtns i:oII- ..em tam Dl'tlmatIJ eel_ S ""fiance. Varic~ re~jmitlU.icall Ligfot..and ~or our further information let us 711Ated by 11)aQi~(lation of his own 'Inward re It defcrib'd by a moll excellent eA"depLight.oble deftrvln(T PhUofopher and co fpeake in the phraJe our Spa1Jlara' pArium. Qei J.tm or The River of Pearl.lff lHt'"J~Erat 'ntHS cn:cum. ~ ~.crp.Hoo O}tlseJ!(faith he)qu"d mihi you can neicher pound them into 7Jufl. He not properly generated by any Naturall Dltotkci1. cals L:rp II in C "PitH/is heAVy and mo)'ft. i j . The F lither ofit is a certaine inviIJW/e UtI) and that in the velY if. humiaitfUe qll~. atque uitr» t4fdem fton: ofthe Philofophers. and will in. 'l!eflUN~gH(J4 .~Q.:s after Night like a. fed _4!er. ap_~~.<!rtl'J. It is full of finaU the writii1gs of the old Philofophers ill GeeJeJfparkli~li~e Pearls or Agletl. ft. but he is eternall. but now aClua11y Ani.! you it is much more then anyone AuthDr hath ~rformed . Blackndfe. but U£nigmaticaII: howloever forget not the Green Mantle. .buII.f~~u~ue MH~ &lr. It is .~1*7Jif t)~ tnteri~J di[pari dicatHm.1U fo. Di. hee is thed with a certaine Green Mantle.J OmniH1J1 RtrHm. Clouds. ~~"natpr£ 4Lun ?!I/r. and the Father of all gs. nor i!juanao (JQ OCJJ!o~ POfHit HiZ. and extreme writes -h irn.C"ligin~. !!otJ Ir. d over with a cerMine MOJfture. &c. Bl1_: let us returne to our River of whole Vernogorgf!n..for the p4rt r of it arc to firmly 'Unitta.i. In [uu fldt/'bus hahentia ftdiment4 lit. It dwels in the inmofl: Bowof the Earth: but when he is borne. This Defcription is very trueand ap'" polic. .' . jf you think it too /#tle.

0:" olei. impercepto qUlaem. w~re ofa certainetranfparent SAlt. illrlm ipj1m re Tens Ltl1!i. oile. This. fed. atquc pretifJfi amne genus Iilpidum G~ . compaffed about wi[~ moil cle~r rs . and Metals.{C ttrgcnft.lm £_ftet.' tltfl!_a. redirent: t. C£ ir. I have fomeeirnes ken WIth a Gnglllar.·"zrieg"fto coloribus hllitlt. or prejent dedicated to the ernarie.uk. 1JoEh4qucre. confidenter dJJeverAbat.'cu!ttlu.. Ignc bee ami'li. and mIlt) with . But why Chouk! I lny longer confo divine a. tdi1quam t is Aerts imbribus irrigtld. I will for the Readers . ti[qtfC pr etcre« l. dum quoqfle r1!heo 0 fu1vo. .lbant. r. and ...aqHifll'te clratmfuf".. Rea then Tetlow and purptd) and as it! . atq~ interdiu gIl".AnewMagz .) Jirf..tJtdem. I cannot tay f.ITJIJ illutl. now 'Whtt~.. tin/mdi prd!didlm f. que fuperjiciem ipJ. It ieem'd alt? to ~ee fruitfilll for wine. large Furnaces. Here wee have pourtr:ly'd unto us the whole: Philofophicall 1 U••• .l1t tn admirat' Rem /Jt£C tum mult« urico». parvo etiam imbecillique adminict~!o pro ducerc: quo fatEa paulatim..il ab Apm:olitho deg rerentem.1tu. i· . the Myfierious Germinetioss bee underflood by any.. c.. falebrop ft/que rupes affi fr1tRu71J [erens mu/tlp/jam. havinz betides their TriptodJ' their ime~tJ or C. tam diver/a -~amq!u in [UO genere inte~gra jingula. thilla? within this Fabric a certaine Ul1ajJe ~moving Circularly.c!n. . of preciou! jonel. and lv/atter. LimpidiJIimu.'.I . Id vera unum prtf:.. Tson Aqtt£ ipftC inftar folc tjr-lodam pellucid».f.trJthoribttS i!1d'!tum eft. The memfelves like thofe ot the St4. vivum. is rhe lJ10rkf (1lich hee) . or round about) and rcpretenting the very ~(ure t>fthegreat world.crcdiVlbi!em me rrzpie/. With 'the moytt Aire.ui. wert. and bearing many forti 0 f ruir as ific had been watr'd with {bowers LllborPl~r.. -ourros calles.J. bur Iiich as have the thing it folf.:~ the Ea?h to be Ieen {landing of it felf m the mtdof all.. and within them WaS Holy Obllltian. cui Merc:trii nomen ab hreJuftc Vifciplintt pri cis . and thole crown'd Cornues of GlaJfe. C'" rubro . Hie tquidem oh{ervavi {ufilM iI/am folu (pccicm nif.. For hc.1u.uisfaUion.znam '~unPlriam. RocJi.fifle111. ethereo movehantur. a moii deare friend: who {hewed [0 me . riling up to feverall Htllock!. ..e:l Furnace. & l~l[fis. alvo interkm. Vini etimn tie/J..l'Aetttllarum eJTe prime [ere».t [uo. dttj(. at!lite coalejcere»: in "mum omnia. advn:F1. The VeJTels wercfo . • . pUt them becaule the Tertm's are d~fficult) and not into Englifh.. 71 thereof . .etJ.·. robu{liorc.

that I dare fay they nothing dltrercnc from a.lj thing. and rh ters. Sometimes it will trove.!L affift...lJ fl.i..vn. and Iwimto the Wl~ very fm~1. 4tcr. to be the 1 with LuI/res Lenari« wh~fe )Volter Oets againA the fire of NatUre. that to tlJdnr thagr. which are 10 far H:~!!I obterved thatfitfil kind of Stilt to from the Readers 'j~tpth.(dine tntn_(parencie: and Iometirnes it thereftforc'dmetoan incredible ad~ration lookslikeburnH11tGold and SrLver. nor OplU'O'fIJe It is a t~·.\. ~ .I would fettle at 1ait to o}-Ie Duty to m{lH UpOll J ecrets. The Ri-: Namtly.. for his Ana/ogie of the Philofopkic S:t!t..it is p"mice-lik!~ hut ther hard.'-.. a are beyond his E. the but with a thoufmd miraculous Color rs 'Th~ tift faithfully affirmed to me that alt is elloug~ and too much) tor I hold it 110.. '.ghf) • much Idfe inquir'J...'!tie.s.. Bee: 71 it... .ltter.. ho!lOiT1....ttt. arc . ~ \. 't"'"~""j!'. .. .E_'t:perie"c~.. 72 Lumen de Lamine.. \': ..gluti1JOtls. .'Art call'd fr/crcur. but With a tipttble. \.\·pecc. The V£ther.--'_~ ~ '\(01 ~ All' A Marleal! Light.. . But on« thinfT -"".' (J. which being face of his B. or .r . .bftllnce in :lppea. The commo» Cbimij dreams of Gold and 'Frtln[mut.t my '1>il1"prif.. and etheredl!.1J'Jce. but much more • I Ihall noW dele-end co more abLtrufe . "btIt._~ --\...werech.by da_J'hath a . ... icft~ndjliketheSpermofFr{)gJincommon'Wdfheuldproceed from onec·.ranec Itke' glew.ttiol1. Jooks like RoJitz/J and Rt-t/Jie. .. viftOUJ ThIS !sthe ftl1ft of our learned eAdtptils.l. .tml.. ~. -... a pmmcf-ffone. they are not fo much as th611. G .a PI)TOIII...llrr ~. pflmice-jtone..mdwith VDiOKJ C._. .~..If:)ili{ied are Ieldome under . new did fwell up to theface of the waters.ror thar..IIN. Things ofrhac [ecreci« : andfubt."'·""·· HldH~rtoI have di(cot~rs'd ?f the firft 'VI.~ \... and OW~ appropri:rt fire. by. or the Air. Smarl-t. fuch dl1JeT -uer of 'Pearle hath her Numc from there and in their k!nd fiJch perfell p4r . It is . __ • .r: Sometimes it things were aEl-uated or fiirr'd with the is 'Violet Blew. but in very truth 1m againe more grem than Grclj[e. the "VUll\.. /jJtmgidHi TheC(Ji1jj1!l1Q ef. .\_"~ .. and but the tJJii'l~s fi.[h..oe ot Numre : known . of Paradi(e.. it cannot be well Gor-eli without the L'lht of .. Sometimes tlofi noble and Hea1Jcn(Y Ejf.. .mem..~tC"=-ftliJer which the ancient of thi. Iomerimes white as Lilies. fr0th..". :andihti1es bUt.....tth in thjn leaveJ like wa{!'rs tber d andflren/!thlted by degre~J.. Tcrmes indeed commonly [he i1.~·whereby" hee'wo~td comp4Je- .~.rticular principles. "001 -_ \: .. .1Jkj.' . dcer ..

methodical] 'Difpute will undoe him. HiS' Study and his Noddle arc ftHtf'd.l11l'd But when all cernes to all. It is therefore my ~Dc(igi4e to di[. and fuch hhhic . But If you brmg him to the field... Sal S.r.. Hence they drud. Iorne E:ae/lcncICJ of tlus Art . Re~fon .! in the pToftcutio1l of this Art :. and like [he MJJ4dto oliJ!ai.world. 01' an old Boo~) as If th~ .any me» ate Urii/o. and r~lef1 his Recipe. they quit their /i. and PhJftcMn. as a. a~ the:r Lr:.'a with Th$ndcr:it the Eare. Certainly they believe {t:ch ridiculous 11'1. This I (uPFoie: remove that B/imi. ophers. o .hle. as fl.: to my jir.. and Phi . wit!l ola ReceitJ. and other Rupendious A l/zalit!.ee me the '1?~pr'jir~ml: of their Title!.ton. k!.femm£. duAie. there Opinio»: proceed not only from Jimplt: e. if you defJumd his.earen . him alo~e.are worme.tiCII lur . you have laid 111m.1ble. Indeed if this NOJft will carry it) let..I: B. they will not!:::_ h(J's bft j)/Lz6l'.&C~ 7) Be~lfts if [hey could /pe .dze their owne Excrements for thac c}l.. { Di(e')!njt (lull he very fhort. that even hrttte Brimfton~ and Qyick. Tru1}. but fi'ol1l Doct'Ji-S fortoorh. urer our of wluch Heaue» and c.srpru'd the: ..lpojJi6illtles. A new Mdgic~(liLight. and Jife. I 111:111 1101: dwell long on anyone . and their Cujl./t .(e. They aret9 .. and dreame perha ps that God !TIlde .uure were a t·.. for it but even zreac Dciior.. This Idle umor hath not only j. where in truth there IS forne N eceffitJ. he can tell us a 74 r Lumen de Lumine~or hUl'l~ed Stones . and it appc~re to the Student rhar what is Iorioses.owledge of God and N. which God hath If.tl Petrtf. 0..hotl. Flounde-r. 1 intend ii G2 on!y . Sometimes they mi/t. would reprove : them co their iudgl'ment. and rrr . Hence cernes to paffe that fo n.(ol:tttde. They think of icmethirjg chats mere racta. SAlj. rni'~r. mullic paperJ.Charms doth he ama~e. A rationall .-filvcr) with many m:raculous Legends of ~rfomc and dntlmanic. is wirhall DiJJi(..· inltrinc. but: prefemly bring them to the fire. ft.lrd fails them. Imperfec]. 111I!T(Jrjh C. he can want no A rtillcrr. bur not their error. I am dra wing off the /tiige in an t~(le.''tfJim·(Je.f. tng of Chance.ce his A Hdztors.. not of Re"tfon.terat BroJ'ler. for he Hudles not the whole Body of Philofophie: a Receit h~would find in an old B17x. dirtyflutfe which is not fit to be n.) .b/ipgJ.lrth were made. and /.i'Z!t'n them f<"~rDIe-o' ies. . as Bat! are kj/J. and force him to his P~le. of E/[ge-{helJ or F Itnt-s1ones.lrm1lf{ is not C0I1(iaer.rdt. l' nd caule me» perhaps to excrci]« that Ke.{. as he loves to call them " with fu~h ftrange JVotlons and.nics.o~·lmon Ill.kz.r.'cduiit''I h prevents all I r'l(Te:-JiottJ 'D if1'iijitionJ . c:f r=« 1! 1 them.

tgor.I~fateritJlt Con. That you ~ay the. for it is a. than to any other Nature tvbet.. lee us now tee whee the little world.. It is a plt7'~ EJJenc~.fZti4 fll... of the~rcat world.t!Jn1dn~ A"S-'f..u.Jie L i.ion to the Reader: of •• '. it burns not. and all senerall irregular wh)'1llZwi':." "..lnce. and it is the very riiliing'!piri" but in its genutne C .ld ~which Irttt~ Dernutio» no more than of the . ~he recCJVCJ the I »fluent Heat of G od .1'. Rrfiux. and he lllufi ·A'~. and the RegIOn of It is apl)ve the par!. . .Fla» Mgian. T.It!ritic it is Indeed this !aft Etymologie comes neer aced next to that Druine Fsre. To god.the opm~:.'..r~f.. and if. i a.dellc/f. Norian. and the Bloud of all Antmals t~ rM .. which the nAture of the tbing. dare. G 3'\fu$ciently 76 Lumen deLumine. RecefJ_tAc/e of [he I rjluenceJ and Den .s in Lib(Tt~lU. or ......only for Hint and fogge1!. nax.'~'''~''Q'' the fre~ u£..: AnewMajicaltLight.. calef cit DL i Arderived It from '.. rdUdf'e unwearied Pid]«.~• srdco : bUt:cfpc. in his Book de Mundo derives this word This is the true) and fimou5 ·E". which trii • ctli :3-. this /iJb_ftftnce being called it is no full Light but a 4~.tlJcr is a ~lofi t£lin liquid ff!b~ undertland whdt it is. who was better .J.mpro'ue it to his better jiltHf. flmpe. namely that It was hI? ( ble motion heats all the Inferior N«: and that he was to return thIther after • In a word. The Se» is fubjecl: to a cOl1tjnu~ll'. which is the very fAme In N ~ rher it relate.l[/-lOn.'H' "'~"'. .. as It appears by aster. before we jl ate t~C thins· Ar#ftotl in the Circumftrence of the rni·~'.rlJc.Ir~. The u'£.trme with the ft're of and by 311 Mof char place. in which f?nft it is flJi'd of Pythttgo.~· this EneI?Y h. I cannot then approve of Of the Supernatllrafl 1vor...he is w. afwell as the u'Etber move perpettl"zliJ a thing not tainted with any . f2.1wn. and being prefer-u'd in its /ibert} . and properly to ture andfubftance with the outwdrd dther this principle. better [oeuer.'.from its effi:Et and office.acqu:l11lted wi ute it is f.m.. Philofophc:rs whore Eook.. This 15 3.... call Lumen V~fl-iment. br. and.1.t [emper currcndo.11y .. Fraeher believe that cAMJer is a COI1fjlOll"d 77 a ·. ac infenjibili motu 1 n(c1'iora c. miraculo1U pr£dic._r!. Suppoling this to be We are now to ipclke of the U£~her the true I nte rpretdt ion.-e~d from the prifon of the Heauen than eAri_ft(Jtle.! more firiCi 1.. bccaufc.&c.Cl3.. tor the ftart the I»[erior Creatttru. and H eeuens arc in perpetual! u"!!Jt ton.he more anct« (faith Rtuclin) a materitt pote. we will examine the ftanet.. .1tU$. conveys it to the viji b!e H etJ7:ea.. CalcfdClcnda. H ePlting cnr-r-. becaute of ir/S.tr & pr£[ervatN.

.. t5t1.u cr Flores.) &ex .'. but a (hunt of fompfe:.'f'. and a 1ubtill tvki:r Earth are its ComponentJ~ and chis makes it groffir than the e~rht'r it. Leaves and FNlitJ in the very Houre of'irs NatJvin..".-011 '" 1"ITI!: t 1 n·/ J Ih 11 •• e~ ~?: ontvn p.~. the Flower of wl. [a/t.m. fo/'ft~nc" which the Ara6Lms call F Ias fo . S.. There are other J/lo. You a.yjlures.~fi1 c v'-tmi an Hvlc5 Hun ....J.icle »atber world and eels us we lru« m a c()r. Vrineof Saturn.. &c. A new MagicaO Light.Jlowing./lery ilius. the Invihble :tpper fprlngl of N.!... foft cunt Herb. .ts fuhftantilt! fa~tt. lu albt.n loris folfoji. The ~. "...: er ed« . fture is a1i. truth a certaine vegetant. It is indeed borne of Salt. ferunt ~(fJtM /ubHanceJ that come tt? our hands) this U£th~r is thefir. namely in that. &ip[£ irrtgant Terr.ld and the R:'l[IPS of it wee lball give r . Nut».j{fi v .ltura. It IS not/imp!e. of v» rJ6 B..'{ or "'''. In a word this Alur . for S..V.... ehis . By this I mind ~lO~ a 7/a~t(t) ~f Subfi~ ices..".tit is the Root of it and it is found wirhall ...r as all Vtgeta6/cf do~7 and hath.!m eft: I?ivintJml'1zim eft. 1 fufficiemlv Ctmfirml our Etrmol&::rte• I~ the f. &e.u .. butmixt.fF that briogs us N_ewJ OLl- Font anM . jeff. Ex .getdble hlp-jfed d. but "~a-_ nlt. and with this did he llM~t'Y his and Solar P lents. . underltand that the uEthcr is not O1'Je.)l1divogiuf call'd it the. 'l/tmtate con111lfEfum Djvw. which the Or.fu~ with a V'.lture. fl rtu . filUm» DiviNtJ .«. Ex c..'. and thole too c£there..for t th e r d di1d' t:ow. intocthe p . rupt p!~lce.lrl mea (faid the Jew) oriuntur NtP:i!. Of a~l fiyles .ll V-lbe..al«~.vine Fire which made one defcribe the J:unVlr T His Luna is the Moon of the M ilJe-. [mouth. lik e a Bri l!'t Emanuuons of Go '_~me ill ..JU. 14m :Di: ou h~reil-fter. The befl: D:fcovery of It rs thu : The Phi!0f"pb~s call it their MinerRITrecJ for itgrow.:. in cer: ~a~l1e~alti(h places.£_ tber.. or .R" 'IUd'.It~ 01/(:.ite Salt. S ummitates The Heavtl'J/y Ltll1#~ a ~ery ltrange fillPfi'ing fU!Jft~l1C1.u.p.mnm'b l't was "enerated by Reilexion he ' fi ft'lillt" upon the ( £lejfi. but is in very Benedi[f. This is enough. It appeares in the forme of an exceeding W/.(ll: They are F emnlcs al ~o of the MafcHlme 'Divine Fire) an~ thefc are the Fo*ntdlm of the eha!dee .~ and..78 o Lumen d'eLumine.f'l. . ."'~. To conclude? the u-£ther is to be flu1'1d in the lower fprtn.rpettu. and now Ipalfe to another principlfo ' !.:tont. qui~ .

It comes from .tllJ a certatoe purple.. Certainly if the Animation of the world be denied.f{. hot.ence. and it comes from 7erra Vivcntilf.~ence is moved by the Snpenor N atttrri [0 that the Inferior 1 ntelli aence is like to the SUPErior. It IS ~H..gentta mouetur a natura {upcriore: The Prefler ot Zoroafler. and N 1/turs].~rt1' Li. 6 ~.Y. but the work_. a molt powcrjult thcLt..1tion of Nursre. ior that were Artijicrall.OrougR which even froth and Feathers will Jinlz" and m~tk! their w'~. I hope there is no man 10 mad as to think it is pfJJJ'a. To this agrees Ray- m_tmd Lu~lu111 the (cventy fixth Chapter of h_JsTheone.~~&.and tr.round.a fleet. I conclude then that the Earth hath in her a FIre_Joule.bjar-tL..-ai. and H ea1. or 'Anew A HiS is the true . in ~ the .c. 'Thisfpirit or 1~!C/li/!..lfPtrttua! Sun. there mull needs follow a precipitatjon of this Element by'its own C orpulenc} and Greuuv. The ftar..e.!. qu£ lntclf.. whom the Caha/~(fs H}'Jethe SUltriMturall Ea.. which IS a Body ot IOc"prdl1ble wetght . g!ow~n<-'{(~mplexto~. which Inte!tic. of Goa. amm~tcd. by which f~ey ar~ a[[-Hatea aod ~nimated l but when ' J t~ quod natura I ntelle[ftv.. fpir ired Earth.1=zlje}1F'J. Divis« ~~'t) &c. to the: tblt. how {he Eit~th.t mftritrr affimi/... and a Bloudie .. The whole Earth (Jiith he) is full of I ntel!il.. We fcc that our tlWn Bodies arefupported by that Ej{cnce. namely the fccrmd perfon. It is an Iji!lcl1ce of the ~!mig~t] God. . [icrte . but in [he ft:nfi of our ClfrJ!ke it is the F sre-[pir it of LIfe. is Vtttll.·incjJe~ can be fllppl)rt~d in the 'A_yr.JI.. T I [urrc£lion.encc is the: fJ'PII.jler as I find him render'd by Jfhm the (IMl ad!tm.t.Lumen de Lumine.rrs ber "P» as rile [pjrit of Man bear~ up man./l-. they fall to flrongfPiri.[inent. or a certaine bu..:.r."U!. It is compnem..)j1fi/fe~cJ) but wi~h a ficr&. . Tisa l!flr~lc!e to con0~er. when that Efence leaves them. a Notion of the admirable Z'lrod.. ht was firft 1fj.'cd of the ~/Eth{r. It aprp'1rs in a gfll"!7J1ie . there by feme geomrtricall l(tJ. For as the Natura! Li'z. the t5f..:fT Turbo ~ or .ljt of the St~ is flrIl 71101n~fefted co us in ~hc Eaft. SNpcnMt. inclmed to the D1Clplii'JC or Oper.Aflrmn sst». inclinet a . that he.m. wUrl-wind.foule. rr:otaTerrd plena eJf I ntelligeHIta ad oper~tz(}nem Nlft~JrLt.tih the !pirtt returns at: the Re-. and lignifies trro LirzhtninfT. ree!dirgfitbft·wcc.It!!r nature SuperifJri •.

Do .. iHae tfd. to Breath is the propridie .mceiveri..is M.SanEhu San£tzu. becaule he hrelltbs as ~ River ftream~f. HoI] G hOff could not breath 3..r. Every good [oule is a 'few fou/~. To underfland this M ~·1:1Je.J!tt'i?"k.Hg ~ th6 wa1es of qoa J or the fir.. in qlla fldt't San£luJ}. Now the rrral: is he receives it. Now that the Des« S. derltand that the third Perfm is the laft of Now for the better under£landing of this the three.chis D.ullltltm: J ' F' 'new Magicalt Light:&c~ 83'" un~. for he is 'PrillcipiHm rlltionu the B~gmn. thence to the fifth..f tmifoftation of his FarkrLtght in the Su!. work! 1. for the Cabaltfts are very ob/cure Omnir anima "ana eft anima nMJII.ht became It living [oIJ!e. The mc:anii1f< of it is this e The . Joule into Attl'ln Diem. I will Iomewhur mlar.11d it Jig»ifies the HolJ GhoJl. From this Terra V. Now that yoU may know in what fln~ .. that hee breathr into Nature.a'!Z Binah. Here you muA un . Now we read that Goa mingo From the EdJl: that is from breathed into Adam th~ Breath of Life.ra by [he Cabal/Hs FluvtuJ e(frcdi~nl PllraLirb: to the fourth r. Spirer« (fay the Jews) Spirittll ve1luns ah Oriest«. but it is fo in order of Operation.ofrhe Hoi] qhoft. and therefore and this is it. not that there is any Inequ4lifJ in Dcjccn: of the foute~ wq: mutt refer our them. which is the SonofG1d.cfcent proceed~ from that BleJTed fp"'tt. difo.h. ~i11tl-vn de. the laft of the thru. but he mull either recerue it. This third Light from ana a e ~n.Lumen t!e-L"mine~ or 'the ft~{JHd pe1'fon. for fel yes to another pl~cet of the CablllJ.lft.you by this Breathmg he is as it were iUli7lerea mull bow there are three fHpreme L'ghu of thofofoHls . according to that pojtion of the c."m~ Tertia Lumi1le ad f2!!.f(t my Difcour(e. becau(e of the Bo~Y .f. which have been c.A..Day.fophiroths. 1109 .orum. com. 1. or Land of the Li: vii4g comes air Life ~ {ptrit.ar. or the focond Stphi.j1. If.~J"'lttI4m. Hence chis molt holy fpirit is ltyl'd ThefouIs (fay they) defcend from the Th. heappliesfi. G3 n C::Jn C ocm". and enter the Ntgl'lt He is call'd alro Mater Fil.ern~ural Generlltion. dam. and what hee receives. or hJlve it ycndullt: IWde cxeHnte. rotn. Corpor. ofhimletf. whence they paffe out. Noltem [ublnt'l'A1Zt.:lb40th.:{t to the Creature. SanEIi proprium eft. or Sephiroths ~which the C~balip cats) SeMI I tkallJ in the fecund P erfrm. in the point. mmUl whence the {ouls defcend.

. ]Qh"tG.for he (hall receive of thAt thlf Fdther htlth.Earth /'HJb and !prouts.. and ~e willfhew JOu thtngJ to come. and without which it could not (land one minute. tbllt he jhall tak! ofmin~. Here: wee mine.[ar . Om»i« port at verba be. 1~'tIfU. and I deal!] (or as we commonly expreffe it) "~d. of the A poflle.or receives all things from cfmd Perfon. Againc that all things are conceived C~nter~ He IS ti'l her.qUe ~/l the Tritt I). I think it not amifle to infuuB: you by this MA11f1duElion.lefJcd 'Tri.. and his Father. as this natHral ~ilrth ~~~hher natural YcgetaiJus. WIth his eternall !pirie doth he jJlpport Hes: v~n and Earth..rll Him. This may 1itffice for fitch as upon. and u~on what? Certainly he built.J com~.. tar cannot II-and. for with' eue rhis Grt1I'md-tJJork.Foundation to his Buildi».: The infinttLy powerful!.64 l/'olyGhoft . neW Magicall LIght:J &c~ Z S OrtICles 1\.13 U1'henthe [pirit of truth ."i~."~Qt. III the Cre~ltion when God: did {mild. he will gHid~ the fl':' . J{. In this . and therefore I mufi wave it. is confirmed by the wirh 011'1' [pirits. But that we may come at Iait to the thmg intended. "there is a ce~taine [ub[equent order F ire. He plainty fee. oftbe~intej{entia/l Light. (faith the Scripture) ana the world k. Tbe World WiU made "I hi. thingl ~'lruth. but the earth mutt he the .fjod.. which we call [oules. of h.OU# L07J~ not • He came unto kns own.... jhall gtor~fie me.ttfAor 11I'tJ. nity.Dayes.n¥ w. and the H IJly G hoft receives from founded ]\J d~U~C upon his own S!1ptrnatllr. it (uits not with Iny prefent deftgne.ventium. is confirmed by Chrift himfelf.Jor t heJh~/1 not fpeilk. . the props on which her whole Fabric reft!. you into btlt what [oever be {hall heare. I aske then where did he ref his jJ.3g. t»JfterioIU /cn(e is the Prcftt:r defin'd in the the F tower of thin foff. for Chri_/t tels us.. This Fire or Prefitr is the Throne 'VlrtlltlS (Htt.u. 1fJJfllT.. I fay then that Fire and (pirtt are the Pillars of N. hath her forM [pi...£. and the AIlpowerfHlI power-m~i1_e: p:nver. This is confirmed by that war" of.lfrlre .It'It_ or Method In the operatIons of [he /..til din/!J with tb« word of hu pOW6Y . and hu own rccei: ved him not. that he receives from fer. are mine i Therefore [aid I.newhim or_acle . there was no fuch pl(lce to blltld from whencche dilfltrs !tllnfelf to Gtner"#~lIJ as we fee in the .pl1T'o.. and as for tbat which the CalJllltft [peaks of the fourth and fifth .. or the Ecernall Fire. You know that no ArtIficer can build...m . vi '8cvn/U.-trs lip .!. and thm'offgh her. from chis power is he juilIy fiyrd . It is dear then that Terra v.ftp..rituall F lowers. and {hi<lll Jhew it unto . as our bodi~J arc f"pparted ted by the f~cond pcr[on. that fhall iJe (pra{z. his BricJ{_ and iv.

ptllJjJ 'which proceeds from the ApprelJt'njion and Fetlrc of the [pirit in relation to his canfot us to what Humor Ihe will . : her fpirit ferments or leavens the ·. and thefp. according to that well-grounded c_M~jorttmcs..{he liues.MifclI'I"riage. buc.. cxtraordsnnrv pan. '{hs.C.t : the faule dwels not where .I. to a fuddAin Retreat. as . non ubi ceed from the (Dt/atilt t£11 and CO.rrt. vVe are imploy'd in a ~pparent 11) dcf~a_yr ing Lover J.tr s Natut. . This hath carried many brave men to very Extremities . It is plaine then chat our }O}'CS and [arrows pro?/I'lls are dici] too.when. fo that it delires an 11-11.-iJlt:d. the Breath' This.. the AiYe is tbilk.01: Uar Thoughts are never Ion. In this Dilatation ofthe Liel» confifis thejoy or pleafttre of the p.es to when to btr [TIle Corinna [i1Jgr1 be dil~tcd. . &c. OUf very Joreland Woes are in her power: ~fil1jm.ht.' z::.lr. and this we call a jigh.. was alcer'd by the .. This is w~r-re Jhe Ioucs. or. anq many more miraculous fympa/Iopl.. Notwirhflandiog he defi.:Clive Temper.. he loofeth himfilf to an out.t'". Sun-JhmeJ the A Ire is .r{five .·jt. a timorous trembling . proceed froID the .. And as her Lute tlotb Live or Die. or' A new Magicall Lig. of the He.t[fion of . 8.'C to ft. Hence £u. Detpalrc checks him oJtTail1C and brines him EVeR with her fighcs the firings doe break.ther when dle Su» is jlJut up.. tii1c-e.YiN of all ~niare' oEche [arne 1''..'tJ by ber 2ajftrml: So doe I.!pic. like Fortunes H ome. and our own jjnrilJ by Iccrct C ompfj(ion with the [pirit of the 0irt ~tc~al1d eft ubi amat.zjioil'd by the {tfdcLiJ.c will permit. as it appears by his pul(c or Sallie. and dull.(. but his Bllf 'When o{forrowsJhe doth Ipcak. C omrailio». or ttffe[f-cd Alotion. rent even.J pr1f4fo of the !pirit: fOr when'nce(fnp. our inwa~d Q_lintef{entralL L 1<~/1t. Jt .C. the ejfi4TlOn of the S:f. in one !f1n.!mifes and frowns. Tlus makes us a crary in clear JIron}!.r. we deliver twa or three Breaths have been forme:'! omitted.'( tor fervation..11-bCdmS in the <~rftft war/d.t of the Lauer. On the con. 'that in Turbulent wed. c. who are fob . Htr Voice mlivfs tile Leaden llring8 : wherein he doth difchttrge himfelf. and in its Contr aibion his C?I'-{dtmcbolie or [arrow. and cloHdcd.Attraaive nat#rc wm't. it c~mes to paffe that we are [H/. whJch are (J(. It is originalIy occa(ioi'/d [he fpirit of the cMiJlru. lertletLlall ContemplatJon of r:he d~(ent Be. \Ve fcc in thegreat Bod] of N ature.e 7hin.1IIJeer to a ccrrarn tnolant.86 Lumen de Lumlne..iW!fjiC of his • of .

4celJf. 88 Lumen de Lum. i» . Fire-JPzrit-hath his Root In the Spirituall fIre .'BUt he goes on 'nnd of the Pre/ler: it is a fpirit that can ' wonder. [hould dilaptd. rts. Of1~ that a Man Ihould (ttl after God. 10 H etiven· abo7J6.... and gowf cotlrfo.()S .. I w. He rneanr not by I nk.I.cdl "l!~rth . Againe: He chat enters the {enter !hall know why all I l1jl.fer. Roots £i'om this Cammon Earrh. . 'tJV.ne. ~~{f to Dftlr M lJuth of God. and [ecret Light of God.gifm Ihould look afier. Grow. He fh~~ difcovcr t. but he hath a.~_t!.pyi". we [hall come at Irtjt to the 'Pre.tltc: if we open any l:tltur'!L Bod). but YOIl 'I c the better unde.Athenien[es. thall know the htdden I melligeitce. thereof one from I-letcls che vtfth~ni.r!irJ~ and Iees what is both f nvz/ible and :'L"..Hone by Hone: There IS 1~ Br4tu. and thefenfe of that deep Cabv1lifm) 1'!{)n e plant~ hie infertus cui non eft jlellt1.his H~md. a gIqripus Incomparable Difwill (hortly find it in Eng . rh-at god made lI:fat!.. Body. ". and now let us fce if there bee J'. lifh.fllaU tlHd L~im. par.our tels us" 0J1t-l1l Irucs ntJt 6J Math.~ tlp~n which be feeds.tt or d~(t:()mpoft lome ..f. H TQ • z .cnters the Ftr(!'o. and recciue« from it a {eeret I nflll. That h~ fh'. There is not . Lnte1·: it is a ()lfy_ . and the.tels:yo~ wl1ere you .an Herb here Heaven downwards: Hee fh:111 know alfo ltml. F I ! . 0. and comes from cit ei Creftc. and Ic Here IS a flra.Vl.i1h you to read Par. t)f A new MdgicalJLightl&C~ 89 wt to the common 01r[vln.oJ.·d. ftparat all the purt./l:er.e end.his· P hi/o(uphi~ dd fayes co him. and move. 'WaraFi... or the dC.7 -tl . .rHandmg of this place. happifJ h~ might fi e] eifter him andfind him.'. SUPPC::(cth:A.i dl(}n~.~ Eurth whereupon it IS founded.. as l-£er~s feed 011 ch'at Jllice aud Liq~rJ which they receive at their pojfibiliry to come at him. jiei.nge ExpretJion. why the fame fire having found a.{l:ory. af./lar fhikes him with her Besme.. 11(1 Him with ..!."':./W. H~ '15 not far (faith he)jrom eVe1:J oneofll-J . Thi~ is it.o the Eye the miraculous (anff1r~lcr that between the Pre/let' :1n9 the Sun.\· of fire defcends mamento [uperrns. Hee: know thefecrct Love ot H eavr:~ and £..f. dud htll've our Bt'in_(.rd t h.pardy expounded ir.r. if is the Candle.1IJd fee_/Z the L(J. for he ~l~al!r Once paa the Aqua_(ter.t edm pell~.1d.. Fer .. or (e~k. . P~'ulharh .hId to t/:. whicl~ g~vcs th~.llinft the Nature ofjire. how rhe #jJWaYd. you will fay 2 thatincxpreffiblc Face. a"d Cends4glline toward! H ~a7Jcn."!re to the Bod"..for in Ho» we lrue. He ~art kno. which our ~'av. and St.it conies 01lt 1ruflion but we ~l(~lIld come at. It IS .uLl fo ip'Id cP .JIl Buildi. This IS the. but 6:r (very».

OUt...mijl cals it~place him then as God hath plac'd thejfarJ. This \hall mayfi gudfe thy {dfe by the :d.\-tlltl&t'lOi1._... :u~dplace him in the mO.c . Hope.. or 1 and 'Perfume. I cheer(ull..e..f11'.4111«. .~.oleTic. as to unke thee upon a fuddain. It WIll/hint like [he DIl1'-flm' in her compf}unde~ ofrhe S~phiric IT is 1$ Beafts. b' ~ irnasmanc . but how it may be difctn/eredJ doe thou Confider.or. 1" and to define-ir illb(lantially~ it is the Ai.•..90 Leme» de Lumine~ .:~ Prog/em rc!olved: namely that T. asthe [h.. n(I '-od lOA Iierei we t.l·pl}/e it to th~ QP~n.·c-woriJ• E. It IS an inflllible Ji."ril. 7Jar!zplace. tranfcends the eammon praceJfe.+r~ll.ound f (h . an '.lc.e of our littie Invihb1e Fi.u Ihould lacnfice a hundred a.H eaven/y E tlrth for the Saphlr doth j~rmatiu.lgS arc Grelf.[ine. .011.Jout!. I-I 2 The .r-.r. . anCll dare tell thee no more of it. FreCh ~~erne Glorief. _. eJJencn.t .th... It WIll drmp to ic Birds and :Arre.infT beyond a II·#111aU..when all tbi...i'fJ. or t: which> GOd hath purpo[ely created to '1llalifie the fire. ~. A new MagicaOL. To conclude: J fay the grand Supreame Myfttrie of Magic. t c?rnes OUt of the. "". It.1. If it be brought to jt~ filll e. . r. e'j IS.. It pmducc:ch two noble (ffo~:. ~or if YOQ e.. for there he will foine. as you icc il~ the (prji1<~rjr.-an ~he· hee found • .ve fi.. The Diapdfm. It_muflremaine then as a Light in a.tnn"'J':JU 6 t.T He fig/~t of~.at Ixms» h .' 1 J C7C.c.and .1jric Uf..& injeEh h .This [ecret I confe{fe. r.(pit! o fh er fll to t e 'Whole Com. 'or..r . that this {piTit may be fo ch"'fd~ and that in the moll umperllt BodieS.n.J{.n N"y ..e know.)-111·.1.' h' • "r ir IS (. '.'>_ 0 II equrvalent to thole part! which .e. threefoldJor h hath in her three fever 1'1~ ells have teen t em aU not in Ayrl·-a .£ther..{!J"~ to the EJ~ This S-11lh··" carru I. Md~t·(1J.'FH"'O'~crl Tllac [1~ 1 The Green (alt. whcrc!Oever it appears.0" . "PpOjJttonI. not furioU4 and O.in the &D7Idenld v£tIMr of his Chaos..p~)... ave ~pol/odoroU-J his~ vy/.~ht &c·· 9 (J' · I . &c.refler.1ff1ure of the Srfp!. is to'mllltJplie the P.not burn~t he will be Vltlt/ and Calm.zrth and the. . or thHnaermg Gold.1l . lit realb/ with my 0 ttye. [lures into the ~ther where they are er ~nd.. .n of lifo. . 'l:l2tOt1 YlJnG SfJtbrel1dcnt of a riabr IImrl'd Tri«l111gte ""as 1 • • c. '~DfIUYe".'!. Ii' d m. I 7-' j. is a.lcu.1ft[trene • . For I would h~ve thc. ~thc~.llie. It hath ':1 fafcinarina attr:ll7:. contalf) •~ __ J .

. mow life. ~:mt filUy di[covertd the principles at bur Ch&JG..pccch of '1 r Ifl'YJ{. but with the f"...c~ ijf us . [ecre» Im:ubatiN] of the Spi.ynumquodque habet .n:!.!eft it (cIf von have no more to doe. Ilememher that in the Incarnatirm of Chrift JefUi th~ QyA''ternariUl or four' £!tmentJ as men call them. .·it ~f God. Proceed then p. [mmortall COllJfit. .. if e. The Tr11Jr/~ is performed by an ii1Vifible Artrl}. according to that "i.. upon Nutere you mutt only fee that rhe otJtw~rd. and hec will J:tting it ar laH to a Celcfliall.tticntfV.I .t.."l ftfomcn ft!~ Rr:g~ncrdtit)77iJ..tioR~ Doe not you think tlus Imp4Jibl~..- IHave now {ilfhciet}tly.Thefc tU70 are in all thin. The tWO former pri.1crpies pcrfcrme all.kes :tjt: of the W"lttr to purge and wajh his Body.::rt{r.1"ttt~ and the Spt. and ener Gwriji {atioi'l. wer. but not '}'}'J. and they will be rege1i'er~tted by f1. nariU4 .e:!.e Imited to their erernall Unitie and T er . ~n the nexe place I will Ihew you how you are to 11fe ritCl'n. the SpiritITIJ.tt failcs 1101:_. they are placCll there by God himfelf. The R eL~ 4tion. A [cent. for there is a. Yau mutt unite thcru to a. then the Mother bath with the Chlla that is in her l17omb.

1~tals whether vou take them m their f. are 110 way Fcrtmmt.fierie of N«.-dtcm~.one and Non-[en(e of La . but P_ytha_. but the .t. and now we \~lU £Peakof it.:a. . ThIs f1ng~c{mall gril (pv:JttI.. that they might the more eatilv fi.1ilofophers could carry about them..u ion ..1-' [01. which i::i d~nc: with the Elh:ir. it hath indeed occation'd many Errors coucerningrhe foule.. III this Complc::·.. the vertu« of [he ul(cdicmc is 10 mtenJive and powerfuff...iOi1 if you would froleH.}l<. contr.J made.-"it : they ace li'llf.ies. eArahin.-rntron.u1lijied .?.·.. I or r. The Phzlof.!f] fi1bjl~(Jce. weir fit edicin« to a duff .n-E/i:t:ir.-1t[.J &c: lrojefi(a grdi~. but gro!c comraacd Badios. Now' Rem-ler I'have done.. TheJpirtwall Ft:rment.. bat the .. for they arc not TJ...lfpure Kold.:f1ic.Ci.ltttm 1~ p~formed by lIjldlipIJi..tt/.wt of ir. ufe common Gold co mak. It IS ofj ure moltengoM. tor it is fuch a fl4btill m~"I_(l Fire. is that which. 'The Bodilv Ferment. The qoidand Sil uer of the P_h~lofophcrJ are a [cule and (pi.glaJJe that will hofd it. . A hew MttgicaltLight. I find not one of them.!lf~reJ.. By this means . ]t~J! d 7d Take therefore one p. they lhould project up~a. to our pu~p. and this cU$fl IS the: . or 0._etheir flom! as lome [criblers have writte». lis C hemicus . elf} it on a Millenarie prop(}rtion of Q. 1 think it Ne~eg:lrl therefore to informe the Reader there 15 a ~o fold Fermert-nion. but the P hilo(opher. }hilling like the. \'v'hcn t~·\(~Uh~fi..1d what Q_ttttntitic of bt¥' M(t.IftO. . or after a !hiloJophicall prq. when it is properly clit the 'Defcent. n~ it a will be a. a.jfo.roft CvnJp-JjitifJJ1. This elixir the Pl.two c~mma...ali without an'y Dm:intltJ(m.94 ml(lJ Lumen de Lumine~or and :Lbufethe great M.fr] the groJfc Body of the gold did abate the fpirituall j!rength of the This Defcmr or Incorpora~ioHfome wi[e~tthorjhav: call'd a Bodily F er1'1Jentation.L~ an~ a BodA.nd H . Su».1~. you could hardly find the proportIon. nlJ.Jtioi1.phl ~J therefore took on« pplrt ofrheirllone) and dld cat] It lIP~l1 ten p~f:tJ' a "qutd jttn~. '9> tur» ~ith the ]'1.they r~d:tc'd.Jft[. J!(J7:r. one. that Ihill plfic the 7 eft R(J'. there is nothing but .jl. but hath miflaken this 7}e{cent for the A[cent or Fcrment. and on the.zlt (.tic~_(ilv_er.ltg FtYlrtC»U .g the Ttn[l-uytJ'.d~ the. they us'd it only to tJUPllifte the In~e1tjive power of it.ora-s pplied it ona ly to the [ecret periormances of v'f!lgic.whlch 15 not done with common Gold and Siluer ..il-f"~.r did _not and prmcip!eJ of Bod. dId hring all to the gold a blottdi: pfJWder. a fpidtU . Now for their v'l1ttempfycbo/is. dicine it [elf not io. It: 6nnifies their lall Tr~ln[mHt.· ~ fW(f- )fd~ .

DHodectm..li.b"loth.t I]./H anarch.'J and Je~. URI O} (p:i pedibllS licct .r met.f. f.ic. one b.tJ ediu jl'lt UPl17IJ ..&c. ~nd the Here (hen then ~1I1d thc~c 'Duplicitirs arc haft twelve. Tre! jffper St. and in the 'Tcr m.~orical! Senar ua or Numenu Con.~ir:!f of the C urt.lr(. theft! fix againH Vnitic of pe.i. It is my firme decreed Re(ollttion to write no more of..in. & flmt omnesf/ipllli. Ca.. . r. or Sa..ttion. one.i{.tee :ITTlongH them. This and no other is the truth of that lIotkcim. the S !pUr of [he Ch"IOI is."r.J .ce fmrverldita openztm-. let him. & Potenti. renowned P/Jilocr:rplJ1Jf.lt Dl'ui_/i'm. N efcit SOL (omitu non memo. Here thou hal] ji:t: prWfJ.l'Crcd. G':" . T res etsat» oc- cidunt : 0':" 'j)~UJ Rex Jidelu ex IUd! SanClittl.lfI. with frequent and priom tndeavours. makes up the/eventh Number.''.it il.prcl7I) & Septtm ftlp!·r.:1 cd . S?li Dco Lsus. I will now clos:« up all with the Doxologie a mof] excellent. There ~#plicities 'contlit of C(Jiit.1'jh: . 'Disodccim jhmt m Bello: Frc" ~N.'9. III rheie .ar] j\l:lttfrcs i One part is c~ood. trutb.tjter."'e of God rhe Bf}~y (hall .Amen in MER {. Iikewite threefold.ri.u I crn. Againc.. which I have profecuted a long time w:!t I wilt give thee 3:' moi] noble.::!J.. but I am ftlt ij~fied: I have to my Reward II Ltl:"t that will not leave me. He cannot fo injure me. one nrut i.i.dUl-. I .dli..Alio.tlyJis is threc(bld.J. ill which atLI{l by [be ~]i..· Trcs.·f. Omn. 1:0'('T!!pt) irr./nu. Tres [/ rr i 'l-hJ!jI'C'mt. .LUi'neil de Luniinej or A new MagicaO Light.orrupt. and If any will abtlfo what is written.tll.' FIN IS.ld: one (. fix p...:. and. every om: of..J AtrtQ dllmm.:ugii.tie!. .a of ZI'Jro. arc the r.lao' p/l.tr~1i:i:.t ! . Ali"s cum 'which is (he P}'thd. carens decurr it .· . Sept em p. (eact. If. ef[c S"i./1n. N (YX Reader I ha ve I1n- fix in a dcfper.ddrct tor rhcc the sr:lnd myHeribus problem of the' (. .irt s is two flld.e/f •. 97 S-cience.fl .ir i.: the Influx f)f the .dl f/mt!t isJule . ft rAQ. T res ' 1Jjili:j~'i . Thc~eb(ld.L A. Vnus fr1-pn·. The Ch~IOS it: Ielf in the very ft.. one incorrept ...£rirblt1 (tairh hee) ir:(mt D:J.

Lux erat.. crat Sc .itd4 Prima eft H~c : Hec etum 11ltim:t.. fed Diffufi- ex- vum. & Finis Principii: Omnia.14 G I C I ANte .in'J Omnia Punctum aut Marhematicum . Com- . a&~ .. & Nihil: Eft.. & Non.. titit : non. A P H.. Monas erat Explicite : Implicitc M yrias. . Nox: Principium . o Ve.Ta... i.. .'i&?A'. 10 d. _•• 9. J. I.. ~~ .O 9tI S M 1 E u q E:J\Q A :J\(}.

Pepcrit tzrnen Mater Filios Lucidos. & Inferiorem dedncto Typo.100 2. increatus : raculofo. Habes fumm~~ Generantis Circuli Myflerium : Filii Filius eft... Cornmovit fe Monas in Dyade : idos. . 10 I & per Triadern egreff~ funt Facies 10. . Sapienrire Condus ea Hie: eflo nis mU. qui pores.ltiplici.Creavit unum unitas : & in Tria diflinxit Triniras. Eft & Quaternarius. Nexus & Medium Rcdncti. 4. Hi generant Matrern in NovifLuminis fecundi. . Promus. Influentes in Terram Chai. Creari. 7. qui Filii Pater fuit. cibus varia : Cujus venter habuit Ceelos convolutos .eni. Exivit Ignis fimplex. & CortiCreta. Triplici vulru figillavit. difparuii Mater. Pater eft Tonus Creati : & ex Figurabilium gravida Mater. & tub Aquis induit [c Tegumento IgI I. crus. Filio Create per vivam Filii Analyfin. Refptxlt ad Fontcm fuperiorern : 12. .mi.s. 6. Ex vifibilibus primnm effulftt Aqua: Fernina Incubantis Ignis. . & Soli Deo Gloria. 9. Separator Artifcx diviiit hanc in amp~as Rcgiones : & appJrcntc Fxru. Magici EUJ. 5. Iimis : Cujus Fons cantat in Luco mij. Pater generatur.AphoriJrIL.Porofa erat Interius. & AUra indif- 8.

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