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Published by: Tony Aburaad on Apr 22, 2012
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Date is April 24 1814.

It has come to my attention through investigations carried out by office that members in this council has acted against my interests. I point first towards the first Adikar who has begun to construct a post coup government positioning himself as having the audacity to place individuals within this committee to the highest weat of power without the approval of either the public or me. Secondly I point to the Dissave of Dumbara who beyond his efforts to underlie the construction of the Kanyan Lake, has also made efforts to mobilize the people against me. I have found similar evidence against the Dissave of the 7 Korales, the Dissave of the 4 Korales, the head priest, the Dissave of Uva, the Dissave of S…… the Dissave of the 3 Korales, and Dissave on Bintenna. My office would more than happily submit the specific evidence on which I make the following judgment. All of these nine members are hereby stripped of their official positions, will be arrested by palace guards, and will not have any future in Kandyan politics.

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