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Research Project Diet Coke Lab Phase II

Carrie Meserole Statistics 1510 Tuesday Nights April 17, 2012

2 Diet Coke Lab

The purpose of this paper is to determine if coke, diet Pepsi, and coke zero all weigh the same amount. In order to obtain this, I and three other class mates acquired 15 cans of coke, diet Pepsi, and coke zero. We weighted each of the cans of soda, with a scale provided in the class and recorded the results into TC STATS on the IPAD provided. The results and information shown below explains the research and supports the hypotheses.

The research conducted in this research paper consists of obtaining the weights of different types of soda. In this paper we will be discovering if diet coke, diet Pepsi, and coke zero all weight the same amount. My first thought would be yes, they all weight the same amount because they are all 12 ounce cans of soda.

In order to obtain the information need, my group and I took random sample of 15 cans of each group: diet coke, diet Pepsi, and coke zero. My group and I weight out each can individually, on a scale provided by the school. I then recorded the results in TC STATS.

Summary Stats

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When creating a histogram I put all the data into TC STATS and when to graphs and played with the number a bit and finally created a histogram that showed my data for, diet coke, diet Pepsi and coke zero. The diet coke histogram is skewed right. Where the diet Pepsi is skewed left and the coke zero is bell shaped symmetric.

4 Diet Coke Lab

Continue of the Histograms

5 Diet Coke Lab

In concluding and looking at the results for each different type of diet soda I was surprised by the statistical evidence. I personally believed that each of the cans of soda would weigh the same amount considering that they are all packed in a 12 ounce can. Concluding I found that diet coke weight more than diet Pepsi and coke zero. The lightest of the three would be the diet Pepsi.

Raw Data diet coke 370.97 372.79 373.95 371.65 371.07 372.94 371.97 368.17 370.58 371.69 374.59 371.61 372.47 374 375.39 diet Pepsi 369.5 369.5 368.66 370.5 371.74 369.17 367.68 370.34 370.41 369.97 366.57 369 368.59 370.4 369.36 coke zero 369.63 371.61 372.05 369.97 370.32 369.43 371.89 374.46 372.27 371.08 371.6 373.2 372.6 368.48 370.61

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