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Mohammad Talha Ghouri

19th Dec ‘11

ENCL: Curriculum Vitae / Business Card

S No.



2 E 1 2 4 5 7 8 Letter of Transmittal About the Organization Job Responsibilities Projects Done Evaluation Form Summary 3 4 5 5-6 7-8 8 .

my teachers. it wasn’t an easy job. Student. Respectfully. . IQRA University.3 LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL I am presenting the following report on the projects I overtook and executed during my work period at ‘e’nnovators from September 2011 to December 2011. Bachelors of Advertising. friends. This time period at ‘e’nnovators had been really fruitful and full of excitement for the whole team. and couldn’t have been possible without the help of other team members and the learning I’ve had in campus from my valuable teachers. With a variety of projects being done by the team simultaneously. I owe many thanks to my family. Mohammad Talha Ghouri. The time period stimulated my learning experience both at work as well as at campus and taught me the importance of business ethics learnt in campus and how are they applied when you’re out in the field. team mates at ‘e’nnovators and last but not the least. though the biggest proportion of my learning source.

UI Design Social Media Apps / Mobile Apps design and development Photography Copy Writing Creative Visualization PR and Event Management Third party marketing solutions Business solutions Print and Design house POS / PODs Design and Construction . Since web related work involved a major chunk of UI development and creative interfaces. hence the name relates to ‘e’nnovators with an ‘e’.4 ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION ‘e’nnovators is an startup which was initiated by a group of students back in 2007 as a software house. The company started itself with Karachi being the launchpad and took in outsourced web and software development projects from Middle East and Europe. the team trained itself in graphic design technologies and started doing good. so ‘e’nnovators started inclining towards advertising side. Now the organization is a full service media/web/software house with some services like following being offered: • • • • • • • • • • • Web Design/Development Software Development. Innovative and fresh ideas was already the claim to fame. The main USP of the company itself was the fresh innovative ideas that the team produced.

Video Coverage and compilation of a 10min long case study of the event. marketing and promotional material. .MICROSOFT OPEN DOOR 2011 .Photography of the product for online catalogue and magazine prints. from Logo to brand persona to visuals and marketing material.Social Media Marketing and hype creation on different social media networks. I make myself useful. . . deliver to the client and manage the time table of the work load. . suggestions and ideas are always welcomed and thoroughly discussed upon and I make sure that whenever a project meeting or brainstorming is going on. to be uploaded on Microsoft’s Video Channel the very same day. . being a liason b/w the brand and SANULLAH.Design and print of PINK Studios Merchandising. . . .COMPLAN .MUZAIN's . . to be used their corporate presentations.Photography coverage of the 3 days event held at Expo Center Karachi.Point of Sales design and deployment at SANAULLAH.Creative development for the clothing brand. . but my core responsibility is to get the work done on time.Video coverage of daily ongoing activities at the event and instantly compiling them into one single showcasing video.Fashion Photography for the clothing brand.Point of Sales design at Studio S and Studio Meers. . 30secs each for COMPLAN. .PINK STUDIOS . Online catalogue creation.Two sets of animation done.Business Solutions provided to MUZAIN’s.5 JOB RESPONSIBILITIES My main key role in the team is to look after the operations and the office management. PROJECTS DONE IN THE TEAM I led the team on the following projects during the given specific time period. .Business/Marketing plan for the brand and TO DO list for the upcoming quarter. Though my views.Website development for the brand. . . .Web Design and Development for the brand.

MORTEIN .Mister International .Manhunt International .GOLDEN ENTERPRISES . . Online catalogue and other creative services provided.Business Solutions and Print Solutions provided to one of the biggest plastic ware manufacturers in Pakistan with the brands. marketing and PR for the Miss Pakistan 2012. .Association with Best Model Pakistan.Web Design and Development for all the brands of Golden Enterprises. the only Organization in Pakistan which hold the franchises to almost all of the Beauty Pageants around the globe. . CASAWARE and APPOLLOPLASTICS. to be held in January 2012.Grooming and Preparation of contestants Participating in . male and female both. Catalogue Design. in Karachi and Lahore.BEST MODEL PAKISTAN .PR. on the youth’s behavior of mobile fone usage.Pre-Event planning of Miss Pakistan 2012.Charge of total event management. . to be used their corporate presentations.University Miss World .Best Model World .Miss Tourism International .Miss Asia Pacific .Three sets of animation done. . .MOBILINK .Product Photography. done through AC Nielsen. .Video compilation of Marketing Research project. .6 . . . Photography and Creative Development for the event MANHUNT Pakistan .Event management of the pre-judging auditions of MANHUNT Pakistan at COOPERSTOWN Karachi. 30secs each for MORTEIN.

3 = Satisfactory.7 .Marketing and Event management of Peshawar Fashion Week in Jan 2012.Association with Arena Multimedia to give Introductory Photography Workshops at all of their branches in Karachi.A series of full fledged photography workshops at the office premised for students. .NATIONAL FASHION and ARTS COUNCIL . 4 = Unsatisfactory.Web design and development for NFAC. 2 = Good. . . EVALUATION FORM Kindly fill in the following details required for evaluating the performance of our student as an employee in your organization Name of the Organization Department Evaluator’s Name Designation Cell No Internee’s Name Internship started : : : : : : : Email Finished : : Kindly evaluate the Internee on the scale of 1 to 5 (1 = Excellent. 5 = Poor) 1 Ability to learn Attitude Communication Skills Confidence Eagerness to work hard Growth prospects in the corporate world 2 3 4 5 . against a certain fee.PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS .

Business Communication . I love to explore new challenges and brainstorming with teammates on taking difficult decisions.Marketing Management .Advance Image Manipulation . I love my work at ‘e’nnovators and the learning at campus has helped me a lot in making the right decisions at the right time at work.8 Independence Leadership Maturity Meeting targets/deadlines Motivation Patience Personality Punctuality Regularity Relationship/dealing with other employees Respect for others Teamwork Overall behavior during stay If a position exists in your company.Entrepreneurship .Brand Management . would you strongly recommend / recommend / not recommend the above internee. when I am given a team. I am a team player. But some of the courses that helped me in grooming my work aesthetics were : . I am even better. I am good.Oral Communication . (Kindly tick the appropriate one) Signature of Evaluator SUMMARY I am an eager person who wants to learn a bit of everything. I believe when I work alone.PR and Event Management .

I would like to thank my teachers for supporting me and my team mates for believing in me. but I believe that if such a condition occurs. discuss with team mates and look upto seniors and teachers for guidance. . Thank You. one must remain calm.9 I did not actually come across any difficulty at work.

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