Latest survey results in swing states

President Barack Obama holds a lead over the likely Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, in many of the battleground states in the presidential election. State Arizona Colorado Florida Iowa Michigan Minnesota Nevada New Hampshire New Mexico North Carolina Ohio Ohio Pennsylvania Virginia Wisconsin Leader N/A Obama Obama N/A Obama N/A Obama Romney Obama Romney Obama Obama Obama Romney Obama Margin N/A 53%-40% 50%-45% N/A 47%-43% N/A 51%-43% 44%-42% 52%-36% 46%-44% 45%-39% 46%-42% 45%-42% 46%-41% 52%-35% Polling organization/date PPP, April 10 PPP, April 17 EPIC/MRA, April 9 PPP, April 4 Dartmouth, April 19 Rasmussen Reports, April 10 Rasmussen Reports, April 13 Fox News, April 20 Rasmussen Reports, April 20 Quinnipiac, March 28 Roanoke College, April 10 NBC News-Marist, March 30
Source: Public Policy Polling

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