The present contour map contains the 16 pieces that you need to model within your tutorial group B. You need to select your piece, in consultation with your classmates and your tutor, and then buy 2 A3 5mm foam board (white) to build your piece C. You can work with 2 or 3 classmates to share model-making material (rules, glue) and cost involved in buying the foam boards D. The piece should be modelled at 1:200 scale (5mm.=1mt.). . . Instructions to re-scale the map from 1:1000 to 1:200 1. The following contour map of the island it is set to be printed at 100% onto an A3 sheet (the printed file will be at 1:1000 scale) 2. To scale the map to 1:500 scale, you need to change the setting on your printer to zoom 200% onto an A3 sheet, in the area of your selected piece (the printed map will be at 1:500 scale) 3. Repeat the previous exercise, but remember to set zooming at 250% onto an A3 sheet (the printed piece will be at 1:200 scale).

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