Including A Primer of Prosody 9 A List of More Than 80,000 Words That Rhyme 9 A Glossary Defining 9,000 of the More Eccentric Rhyming Words 9 And a Variety of Exemplary Verses, One of Which Does Not Rhyme at All

Updated by Orin Hargraves

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You’d Be a Poet, But You Hear It’s Tough? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . v Author’s Note . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . vii To Charles F. Dery: A Dedication . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .ix Acknowledgments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .xi Foreword to the New Edition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . xv Preface . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . xvii Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Rhythm and Meter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Rhyme . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 The Stanza . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 The Metric Line . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Forms of Lyric Verse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Word Play in Rhyme . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Caution: Identicals Do Not Rhyme . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 How to Use the List of Rhyming Words . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 Step 1: Determine the Sort of Rhyme You Need . . . . . . . . . . . 45 Step 2: Determine the Vowel Sound Your Rhyme Begins With . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Step 3: Determine the Sound Pattern That Follows the Stressed Syllable of Your Source Word . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Finer Points . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Single Rhymes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 Double Rhymes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 157 Triple Rhymes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 409 Glossary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 533 How Dreka’s Blotting-Case Fathered a Glossary . . . . . . . . . . 533 To Use the Glossary Effectively, Remember That . . . . . . . . . 535 Appendix A: Meaning of the Number Keys . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 669 Appendix B: Additional Words Ending in -mancy . . . . . . . . . . . 670

Appendix C: Additional Words Ending in -mania . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Appendix D: Additional Words Ending in -phobia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Index of First Lines of Verses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Quotations on Rhyme, Rhythm, and Poetry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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You’d Be a Poet, But You Hear It’s Tough?
You’d be a poet, but you hear it’s tough? No problem. Just be strict about one rule: No high-flown words, unless your aim is fluff; The hard thought needs the naked syllable. For giggles, gauds like pseudoantidisestablishment fulfill the purpose well; But when you go for guts, the big words miss: Trade “pandemonic regions” in for “hell.” . . . Important poems? Oh . . . excuse the snort . . . Sack scansion, then—and grammar, sense, and rhyme. They only lie around to spoil the sport— They’re potholes on the road to the sublime. And poets with important things to say Don’t write Important Poems anyway.


Author’s Note
t is not unusual for the writers of handbooks like this one to slip in a few verses of their own making. I have gone a bit further than that. In this book I resurrect no moth-eaten old lines from such hasbeens as Shakespeare or Milton. With the exception of one borrowed quatrain from the Latin and a contributed verse consisting of lines, all the verses are my own. Most of those in the early chapters have been published before (some appear here in slightly modified form); most of those in the rhyming list, and I think all those in the glossary, were written specially for this book. Mind you, these are not Poems. They are jingles—nominies— doggerel—amphigories. They should serve to remind you that one need not be a Poet with a capital P to have a capital time putting rhymes together. They should also challenge you to prove that at least you can rhyme better than that. —W. R. E.



To Charles F. Dery: A Dedication
ome sleepers, myself included, occasionally dream in color; but of my acquaintance, only Charles F. Dery admits to dreaming regularly in puns. In the example he described most recently, a young woman turns down his offer of a canoe ride: “I hear,” she explains, “that you are a big tipper.” That Charles, in his eighties, continues to pun even when asleep is itself enough to justify this dedication, but I have a defensive reason for it as well. He is a person of deadly critical faculties, sometimes loosely leashed; a few appreciative words written now may save me from having to read a twenty-page letter, with footnotes, listing just the more egregious errors he has uncovered in his first half-hour with Words to Rhyme With. The preceding paragraph was a joke, Charles, I owe you this dedication because when it comes to choosing the right word for the occasion you are the quickest draw in the West. You are, moreover, the person who provided me with not one rhyme for “purple” but two, both from Scotland—first hirple, meaning “gimpy,” and then the glorious curple, meaning “horse’s ass.” Language for you is both a mistress to embrace and a divinity to worship. I have found you a peerless guide to the magical world of words at play, and count you a dear friend to boot. Thank you, Charles. —W. R. E.


ords to Rhyme With aches from every ill a rhyming guide produced by an amateur, more or less single-handedly, is heir to. Misspellings, missed rhymes, misplaced stresses, and the like abound. I should have hired a crew. Still, others were present, or almost so, at the creation, most of them without realizing it. I cannot think of a way to blame them for my errors, but at least they should share the credit for any redeeming features you find here. Steven Wortman, for instance, turned over the first earth for this book back in 1981. I gave him as many different rhyming dictionaries as I could find in the bookstores, and he tirelessly and expertly collated the rhymes. So the authors of those rhyming dictionaries are in some measure the authors of this one. I do not remember who they all were, but I do recall Burges Johnson, who wrote New Rhyming Dictionary and Poet’s Handbook (1931); Clement Wood, author of The Complete Rhyming Dictionary and Poet’s Craft Book (1934); and Frances Stillman, whose The Poet’s Manual and Rhyming Dictionary appeared in England in 1966. More recently I found unexpected words in The Penguin Rhyming Dictionary (1985), by Rosalind Fergusson. I next leafed through The American Heritage Dictionary (1969), a top-drawer reference at university level. From there I proceeded to four unabridged dictionaries: The Encyclopaedic Dictionary (1896), which is less comprehensive than today’s mastodons but lends comfort by its admirably simple phonetic system; Webster’s New International Dictionary, Second Edition (1959); Webster’s Third New International Dictionary (1961, with addenda in 1981); and The Oxford English Dictionary (1970, with supplements through SCZ). I watched for additional words in the course of my general reading. Since many were too new on the scene to show up in my regular


ACKNOWLEDGMENTS references, I checked their bona fides in The Barnhart Dictionary of New English Words since 1963 and The Second Barnhart Dictionary of New English Words, both by Clarence L. Barnhart, Sol Steinmetz, and Robert K. Reinhart; The Morrow Book of New Words, by N. H. and S. K. Mager; and Merriam-Webster’s 9,000 Words, a supplement to the Third. Three teeming sources of outré terms were Words, by Paul Dickson; Mrs. Byrne’s Dictionary of Unusual, Obscure, and Preposterous Words, by Josefa Heifetz Byrne; and Hobble-de-hoy, The Word Game for Geniuses, by Elizabeth Seymour. The extra words ending in -mancy in Appendix B are from Words. Those ending in -mania and -phobia (Appendixes C and D) are from a remarkable collection, still unpublished as I write, by Rudy Ondrejka. Richard E. Priest volunteered over drinks one day the elegant locution sesquitricentennial, meaning “four hundred and fiftieth.” I owe to William Cole a persuasive rationale for taking all the trouble this book required. He pointed out that tens and tens of thousands of poets nowadays shun rhyme as if it were herpes. They will need Words to Rhyme With to know which words to avoid. Jan McDonald typed the glossary. The speed of her word processor matches that of the space shuttle, and she appears incapable of hitting the wrong key. Recalcitrant words (hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian is a minor example) flowed flawlessly from her fingers, along with their phonetic equivalents (in this instance, hip.o.pot'o.mons'tro. ses' kwi.pi.dāl'yun). I extend warm thanks to Steven Wortman; to Burges Johnson and Clement Wood (though they can scarcely be still alive); to Frances Stillman, Rosaline Fergusson, and Elizabeth Seymour; to the compilers of the rhyming dictionaries I have forgotten; to those responsible for the other standard dictionaries on my list; to Messrs. Barnhart, Steinmetz, Reinhart, and Mager (though I have only initials for the given names of the Magers; perxii

Words to Rhyme With haps they are Madams or Mademoiselles); to Mrs. Byrne, Mr. Dickson, and Mr. Ondrejka; to Richard Priest; to Bill Cole; and to Jan McDonald. And especially, to Louise. For better or worse, she once said. For better or worse, this book could not have been completed without her. Espy Verses from Earlier Books My thanks to the following publishers for permission to use the verses indicated: Bramhall House, The Game of Words: A Dream of Couth; Applesauce; Drinking Song; Looking Glass Logic; New Words for an Old Saw; Noel, Noel; Oops! You Almost Picked up the Check; On an Aging Prude; Passion’s a Personal Perception; Singular Singulars, Peculiar Plurals; The Cry of a Cat’s a Meow; Venereally Speaking; Words in Labor. Doubleday & Company, Say It My Way: Although Informal Speech Is Free; Get That “Get”; Grammatical Usage for Stompers; Graveyard Square; I’d Say in Retrospect; My Idol, Your Idle; On a Distinguished Victorian Poet Who Never Pronounced His Name the Same Way Twice; On the Correct Use of Lie and Lay; Polonius to Laertes: a Grammatical Farewell; The Heaving of Her Maiden Breast; To a Young Lady Who Asked Me to “Do” Her in a Thumbnail Sketch. Clarkson N. Potter, An Almanac of Words at Play: A Classical Education; A Mouse of My Acquaintance; A Positive Reaction; Bless These Sheep; E Pluribus Unum; Facsimile of a Love Song; Forecast, Chilly; Haikus Show IQ’s; Identity Problem in the Mammoth Caves; I Love You to Infinity; In-Riddle; I Scarce Recall; Love’s a Game; Macaulay Tells Us; My Amnesty to All; Never Emberlucock or Impurgalize Your Spirits with These Vain Thoughts and Idle Concepts; Pre-Parental Plaint; Some May Promise Riches; The Mrs. kr. Mr.; There Are Numerous Locutions

Words to Rhyme With to Express the Idea of Never; The Susurrant Schwa; To a Praying Mantis; To a Young Poetess; Typesetting Tarradiddle; When Charon Ferries Me Across the Styx; Wild Boars and Lions Haul Admetus’ Car. Clarkson N. Potter, Another Almanac of Words at Play: A Pest Iamb, Anapest Rick Ballad Was; Brooklyn Love Song; Centripetal, Centrifugal; Charles Dickens and the Devil; Concede, My Own; Consider Now the Quark; Elegy for My Late Friend and Tailor, Canio Saluzzi; For Isaac Asimov; For Planets Forsaken; Grammar in Extremis; Had I Butt Nude; I Have a Little Philtrum; I Was a Stranger; I Was Prodigal with Time; Kitchy-koo; Larva, Pupa, Imago; Let Us Wonder, While We Loiter; Love Song; Manon? Mais Non; My Chinese Miss; Now, a Little While; Ode to an Elevator; On Joseph Brodsky’s Contention; On the Hermit Crab; Our Love Will Never Dwindle, Being Never; Resquiescat in Pace;

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Round (a Roundelet); Scratch That Mudblower— One Love-Maiden to Go; The Active and the Passive Voice; There Ought to Be a Law; There’s Seldom Been a Man I Knew; They Were as Fed Horses in the Morning; To God the Praise; Upand-Down Counting Song. Clarkson N. Potter, A Children’s Almanac of Words at Play: The Pygmy Race Were Little Guys; Incident in a World’s Series Game. Harper & Row, The Garden of Eloquence: Alliteration’s Artful Aid; Don’t Tell Me No Grammatic Rules; If Love Be Fine, As Some Pretend; O Mangy Cat, O Scruffy Cat. Simon & Schuster, Have a Word on Me: A Man in Our Town, Cal Y-clempt; A Certain Paris Avocat; Bactrian Camels Have Two Humps; Don Juan at College; Forgotten Words Are Mighty Hard to Rhyme; God Argues Constantly with Me; I Find It Curiositive; I Would I Were a Polyglot; Jogger, Jog; Veritas Mutatur.



and continues to do so daily. technology has developed many new and useful ways to slice and dice large volumes of text. it also spares the eyes and fingers of the compiler who. or especially (3) if they supplied a rhyme or a category of rhymes that did not formerly exist in English. A benefit arising from this facility is that the computer can now come to the aid of the seeker of rhymes: Databases of phonetically marked words can be queried to yield up all the known rhymes to a given combination of sounds. Technology has also added many new words to English.Foreword to the New Edition I t has been a pleasure and a privilege for me to spend these past few months updating Willard Espy’s Words to Rhyme With. This not only yields up unlikely rhymes that conventional seekers would not have known to look for (Cornwallis and Gonzalez. The process of combing through the lists and enjoying Mr. Since this book was first published. You cannot spend much time in this book without concluding that Mr. My main intention in readying this book for writers of the 21st century has been to add words that are in the mainstream vocabulary of xv . would have to page laboriously through wordlists to insure that all the pertinent matches had been found. Technological. however. Espy’s clever and imaginative poems along the way has earned me an acquaintance with what must surely be one of the 20th century’s most nimble and adept minds in the world of words. medical. checksum and Wrexham. and scientific terms have been added if they are (1) relatively short (and therefore conducive to use in rhyme). in earlier years. Olestra and Clytemnestra). In choosing the hundreds of new additions to this book. my emphasis has been on usefulness. Espy’s wit was a source of delight to all of those around him. (2) reasonably well known.

modern technology has also changed ideas about what a dictionary is: Among today’s definitions is “a computerized list used for reference. for example. I have combed the latest editions of the American college dictionaries and numerous other new word sources. Jackson. feebate.” and in that respect. Espy: We have added “Rhyming Dictionary” to the subtitle of this book. Espy’s guide to the book. xvi . songwriters. As he pointed out in his introduction. Mr. and P2P. the work in hand certainly qualifies. I also added many more biographical and geographical names than appeared in the earlier editions. and they also fit handily into poetry. and prebuttal. they contained different vowels. we did not wish to risk the possibility of not being found by people searching for “rhyming dictionary. for most Americans. these are of great value to limericists. Trademarks are used with increasingly frequency as pop culture references. and poetry. I have. Espy’s more precise diction. nearly always finding a simple rhyme with the final letter—so I added a number of these to the single rhymes. and wherever a name could be found to fill a gap under a mother rhyme. for entries that may supply fodder for rhymers these days: This has yielded up such neologisms as clawback. hat trick. since so many people today buy their books online. measle. Besides that. In one other respect we have made a concession to modernity that was not countenanced by Mr. and my intention has been to supply as much useful material for them as could be found. so I also added many more of these to the lists: among them Bake-Off. However. Speakers today make Words to Rhyme With little distinction between vowels that Espy categorizes separately: Ä and O.g. DVD. Fabergé. Acronyms and initialisms are an ever-increasing form of shorthand for most speakers. —Orin Hargraves Westminster. both published and unpublished. Additionally. however. Espy’s lists with older words that his searches had overlooked. Many new cross-references have been added to direct the user to words that. it has been added: thus. Donizetti. will appreciate the completely rewritten “How to Use” section of the book (beginning on page 45). while elegant and witty. and would perhaps be seen by Mr. in the minds of most people. Hormuz. Poets. a dictionary is. Md. shoulda). I have also added many words from informal English and a number of “pronunciation spellings” (e. Toward that end.. and snarly. and therefore likely to be considered candidates for rhyme in song. I have also been able to fill many gaps in Mr. such additions as Bristol. lemme. and Winnebago. rap. including ASAP. gotta. Crossreferences between entries based on these vowels can now lead the user to many more useful rhymes if the first category consulted does not yield a desirable one. such as apogamy. in the hope that this represents the best of both worlds.” since nearly all other books that systematically compile lists of rhyming words go by that name. especially younger ones. and Tristan. a book that contains both words and definitions. constitute perfect rhymes—even though by the lights of Mr. many users of this book. old and new. attempted in rewriting the guide to retain as much of Mr.FOREWORD TO THE NEW EDITION American speakers today. Espy now as a bona fide dictionary. presumed an acquaintance with both phonetics and English prosody that went beyond what would be reasonable for many poets and rhymsters today. and rappers today draw from a much wider field of reference that the one encompassed by standard English. Espy’s style and wit as was possible. In addition to all these improvements.

we are told how Willard received the nickname Wede. I presume such an omission signifies the uniqueness of Espy (as word. and then return to the small village of Oysterville. pronounced a. but the best rhyming dictionary.’ ” Wede himself was quick to point out that one of the meanings of his nickname is “to become mad. and the only rhyming dictionary that I allow in my house. the neighbors began referring to us as if we were a monster with two joined bodies: ‘Aquila-and-Willard. “when I was nine years old and reflecting that someday. he was an island of sanity. civility. Until his death in 1999. I would be a great poet.kwil’a: “perhaps because of an echo between that and my own name. Washington where I grew up. For years I used Burgess Johnson’s New Rhyming Dictionary (1957—so it’s no longer new). When Willard was six or seven. however. and wit in a world replete with crudeness and rudeness. first published in 1986. they immediately nicknamed me to match. Willard.” He then told me that the interesting part of this sentimental memory is that there are no oak trees in Oysterville. Wede was not mad. he hero-worshipped a ten-year-old named Aquila.” Well. Espy’s Words to Rhyme With. and we became ‘Quedeand-Wede. as aspirate) on all verbal and nonverbal levels. it contains no rhyme for Espy. “I remember sitting in an oak tree.” Wede reminisced. compiling a rhyming dictionary can drive the most composed person to the nearest sanitarium.Preface t seems as if ever since the world chimed and became resonant. Unfortunately.’ When Aquila announced that he preferred to be called Quede (I have no idea why). xvii I . On page 2. Fortunately for all aspiring verse makers. is Willard R. the one that comes closest to breaking the genomic code of matching sounds. There is merely a modest gap between esper and esta. writing poetry has driven many a sane person over the edge. rhyming dictionaries have abounded.

he became a great lover of word-play and one of the more elegant light-verse writers of his generation. at one time had a radio program interviewing celebrities and semi-celebrities.. Now you ___________. Wede frequently fastened upon an odd fact. In the late 1960s he began sending anagram verses to Punch magazine. You ___________ my willingness to bother. or in 10 other books on wordplay. office of the North American Committee to Aid Spanish Democracy. Reader’s Digest. One of my favorites is his contribution to the quest for “The Unrhymable Word: Orange”: The four engineers Wore orange brassieres. as a copy editor at L’Agence Havas. or as examples of verse forms in his rhyming dictionary.PREFACE However. whose name was Anne Hathaway. a groaning pun. D. he resigned. were ingredients that found their way into much of his writing. Later he published articles in the Atlantic Monthly. disillusioned with the far left. and the Sorbonne. a peppery dish of word-play. Instead of becoming the great serious poet of his daydreams. each a combination of the letters a-d-e-i-p-r-s.” reprinted in The Random House Treasury of Light Verse). language. Bring Wede a new word. he moved east to join. Give up? For the answers. Harper’s. to say the least. in 1932. When I think about xviii . the The World Tomorrow in New York City. leaving after 16 years. he did marry—briefly—his high-school sweetheart. The reason Espy’s skills as a verse writer were frequently overlooked is because he published the bulk of his work not as separate volumes of verse but as part of his two wonderful almanacs of Words at Play. thus accentuating the true rhymes of the final couplet (see “Further Thoughts on Rhyme” for an amplification of this approach to rhyming). and puns. you never knew I’d leave the ___________ to you. Wede headed the Washington. please note the willingness of Wede to rhyme bother to father. For a brief time. A checkered career. Also. grammar. What was Wede’s life like? He was educated at the University of Redlands. (No doubt there is an FBI dossier on Wede somewhere. Christian magazine soon defunct. Wede went on to be promotion manager and director of public relations at Reader’s Digest. as turns the plowing ox”). and his eye would light up with authentic joy. All his life Wede was a lover of language. an Words to Rhyme With obsolete word (such as baustrophedon. socialist. puzzles. an attractive etymology. a pacifist. the telling bit of characterization. the Northwest. Game of Words (1973).C. but the kind that provides the astute verse writer with a wide range of human foibles and inhuman experience to satirize. where. The news agency disappeared with the fall of Paris to the Nazis. and with additional material became his first book. until. meaning “turning. Wede’s journalistic sense of the appropriate detail. He became a public relations consultant. and was creative advertising director of Famous Artists School in its better days. the New York Times Magazine. make your way to the end of this preface. After brief stints as a newspaper reporter on two California dailies. American Heritage. Here is a sample: When I ___________ to be a father. and Harvard Magazine. The verse is built around four anagrams. California. he turned French telegramese into English.) Wede returned to New York. such as “the female praying mantis consumes her mate in the process of copulation” and meditate upon that subject in verse (see his “For a Praying Mantis Standing in Need of Prayer. which he collected after a year or two. the Nation.

The fact that they provide amusement and insight into the human condition is not to be discounted. I am moved to cry out a variation on the motto for the New York Times: “All the Muse that’s fit to print. you never knew I’d leave the DIAPERS to you. You PRAISED my willingness to bother.” When it comes to recounting the life and work of a poet and rhyme-collector. it is the work itself that provides the final word. —Louis Phillips The solution to the anagrammatic verse: When I ASPIRED to be a father. Now you DESPAIR.Words to Rhyme With Wede’s precise rhymes and wide-ranging subject matter. and PREFACE the numerous examples of his work to be found in this book should be studied closely. Wede’s verses rank among the most graceful and skilled of contemporary light verse. His work is to be treasured. xix .


The neighbors said it was the doctor first. generally preceded by a treatise on the craft (though not necessarily the art) of versification. she could write about anything you choose to give her to write about just so it was sadful. is that it defines its entries. they are not dictionaries at all. and then she hung fire on a rhyme for the dead person’s name which was Whistler. even under torture. Every time a man died. Many words simply refuse to rhyme. It is for addicts like Emmeline and me that one editor after another has cobbled together rhyming lists. Books of this genre often carry the rather showy word-pair “Rhyming Dictionary” in the title.Introduction She warn’t particular. so beyond doubt Emmeline did indeed die of grief for want of a rhyme. She called them tributes. while you are bound to think of equally obvious words still missing. but she kinder pined away and did not live long. But these lists can never be entirely satisfactory. then the undertaker—the undertaker never got in ahead of Emmeline but once. as far as I am concerned. even though 1 M . So though I believe this book contains more rhyming words than any of its contemporaries. She warn’t ever the same after that. it does not pretend to be complete—not to mention that up to the last minute I was still thinking of obvious words I had missed. she never complained. Rhyming dictionaries never do. or a child died. she would be on hand with her “tribute” before he was cold. That is why my collection has to rest content with the humbler name Words to Rhyme With. then Emmeline. but in the sense that I understand the term. A distinguishing feature of a dictionary. or a woman died. —Mark Twain in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn ark Twain was a rigidly honest man. yet you would need a wheelbarrow to transport the hundreds of thousands that do have rhyming matches.

specif. Pettitoes. I must explain how I received the name. If He has such a destiny in mind for you. Even if you never have occasion to rhyme with words like quede and wede and arter and Aepyornis and storge and arui and aoudad. Willard.” So now I know whose footsteps I began to walk in at the early age of five. often used as food. The definition of aubesic. for instance. The description was accurate enough. but they have no etymological connection with the toes of their last syllable at all. is likely to be on the order of “utilitarian. which is Wede. 2 *Its name is Oysterville. breadwinning.” Nearly a lifetime later. The name of my idol was Aquila. that storge denotes instinctive parental affection.. and perhaps because of an echo between that and my own name. Only God can make a poet. for. and that the aoudad is a wild sheep of North Africa which may be the chamois mentioned in the Old Testament. Here is what I found: wede (wēd). and for his own good reasons He makes one but seldom. an evil person.” Yet one dictionary got to the heart of the matter in just four words: “Smacking of the workshop. when the tide was low enough. vocational. To be or become mad.kwil’a. I became for one matchless summer the worshipful slave of a ten-year-old boy whose family had just settled in our village. pronounced a. But often they do become a bit prosy. it is now obsolete) “evil. out across the hard gray corduroyed sand. 1. like wede. it too was waiting for me in both dictionaries. the word descends from two Middle French forebears meaning “little goose. no less at your service than love and dove and June and moon.” When Aquila announced that he preferred to be called Quede (I have no idea why). it is comforting to know that they are there. 2. It means (or did. v.* Not just his slave—his shadow. Dictionary definitions are generally clear. like a fine line of poetry. Checking on meanings was a process full of astonishments. I know now that an arter is a worm that bores into wood. the neighbors began referring to us as if we were a monster with two joined bodies: “Aquila-and-Willard. Occasionally they labor. Day after day I trotted at his heels—through the marshes and Words to Rhyme With woodlands.INTRODUCTION it does introduce a glossary defining a smattering (sadly. for instance. To be wild with anger or desire. adj. onto the mudflats at the edge of the bay. I even learned something about my own nickname. But before telling you the meaning. as I was leafing through Webster’s Second to confirm some rhyming word. common in thought or taste. . As for quede. intr. Nearly seventy years ago. that was all there turned out to be room for) of the more exotic specimens. and. And once in awhile they thrill. that Aepyornis is a genus of extinct birds that laid eggs thirteen inches long (the fabulous gillygaloo lays square eggs). and we became “Quedeand-Wede. the Devil. but I turned to The Oxford English Dictionary in search of something kinder. like a 1917 Ford climbing a steep hill. in my fifth or sixth year. also. and sometimes curt. are the feet of a pig. across the salt hay meadows. they immediately nicknamed me to match. and it is located in the southwestern corner of the state of Washington. to rage. I hope the pages ahead may provide a few shortcuts along the way. Shriveled. that the arui is an aoudad.” Sheer genius! Definitions repeatedly take me by surprise. my eye fell on my own name: wede (wēd).” and was first applied to goose giblets.

´: Un.tain. : Al.ful). an accented syllable followed by two unaccented syllables (´ . an unaccented (or unstressed. though it may be tolerated for whistlersin-rhyme such as I—but a good poet knows meter in his head and feels rhythm in his blood. Syllables are grouped in metrical units called feet. If he disobeys the king. one of them will seize power. there is George Harold Sisler. knowing exactly the purpose he is seeking to achieve.tur. ti.ly Fa. 9 The trochaic. The most widely used metric feet in our poetry are: 9 The iambic. and. ´ : De. If ever he violates their canons he does so deliberately.Words to Rhyme With But do not expect me to be consistent.re. ning is Time). streams. first baseman. it is only to serve him more faithfully. not). bless. generally combined with one or more that are unaccented.ly walk. ´ . There is bristler. and goes on and on listing rhyming words until you will find them coming out of your ears. older than sound. 9 The amphibrachic.” was mistaken by some to apply to a raised or loudened voice. me). for instance. . some day the right ones will also start coming out of your pen. If we are both lucky. or stress.ing). a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Rhythm is the heartbeat of the universe. 9 The anapestic. with two or more accented syllables in succession (´ ´ : Fields. Less usual are the spondaic. *The stressed part of a foot is sometimes also called the thesis and the remainder the arsis. : Ho. Rhythm is older than speech. rhythm is codified as meter. I plump for the use of simple words. an accented followed by an unaccented syllable (´ . and mean it. it could not have saved Emmeline’s life. In the poem that opens this book. Even if Words to Rhyme With had been around in time. Since I have yet to experience Poetic Afflatus. though. or long*) syllable ( . consisting of two or more unaccented syllables—so difficult to cut away from the attending stressed syllables that I cannot think offhand of an example that clearly makes the point. : Un. But arsis. But if only a complicated word can express what is in your head and heart. I cannot possibly define it. It is not intended that metrical rules should be *I was wrong. the regular beat of accent. much less communicate it. Dery reminds me. In the trivia which is my own substitute for poetry the fact that a word is long and complicated may indeed be its only asset.* INTRODUCTION slavishly followed—rocking-horse meter is widely scorned. in the one way in the world that it should be said.ice is beau. so the meaning of the two words is frequently reversed. The way in which the feet are arranged determines the meter of a line. skies I know. This book simply sets down certain basics of rhyme and metrics. demonstrates that even the noblest forms of poetry run risks when in hands that are mostly thumbs. The merest hint of a shift Rhythm and Meter Rhythm is where poetry starts. and the pyrrhic. an accented syllable dividing two unaccented syllables ( . which some dictionaries describe as the science of versification. It is all but impossible to make a string of unstressed syllables. two unaccented syllables followed by an accented syllable ( . The Big Bang ushered it in. and you will find yourself saying something that the world needs to hear. You will avoid confusion by avoiding their use. Death not yet). each a single accented syllable. as Charles F. . older than the stars themselves. 9 The dactylic.ny him. There is no rhyme for Whistler.ther. you have no choice but to use it. or short) syllable followed by an accented (or stressed. after corresponding Greek words that translate loosely as the heavier and the lighter part.cer. signifying literally “raising. 3 . In prosody.

4 .) Enjambment doesn’t—say who may— Start at mid-tide. and took a thousand years to seep through Europe.. in Milton’s phrase. “to straddle. either way Flowing (as if poetry First should lap about the knee. though ardor’s undiminished.” is the run-on of a sentence or idea from one line or couplet of a poem to the next. nor is there evidence of it in classic Latin poetry. Shunning the concluding word. though immortal poetry has been written in rhyme. Our Anglo-Saxon forebears preferred alliteration—the repetition of the opening sounds of accented syllables. is “the jingling sound of like endings. drops them both. nape. On and on it rushes. It appeared in church Latin around 200 a. From the second to the third.sult). beckoned From the first line to the second. You would have to be in desperate straits. And it frequently does. Writers will continue to produce some of our finest poetry in rhyme. It can turn a trochee into an iamb (fish. as in assonance and consonance (see below). then maneuver it. All returning. Always one more line to grow on. but balance between sounds is not always accounted as rhyme.wife) or an iamb into a trochee (in. The rule is. but deplorably. there have been and continue to be poets who consider it beneath their dignity to employ it for serious business. fifth. If there must be any association at all between the sound of one word or another. and so on. The result would probably not be tolerable. to rhyme tolerable with babble. *A caution here. for instance. from Old French enjamber. nipples. But never take such a liberty by mistake.INTRODUCTION ENJAMBMENT Words to Rhyme With (Enjambment. the favorite of many modern poets. But neither is a threatened species. Thence with climbing moon should rise.” His definition has a patronizing echo. Free verse. Once formal meter is ingrained in you. enjambment’s finished.sult into in.d. Till. master meter. till below It at last reveals the toe)— No—the problem is that it Doesn’t know the place to quit. though it would be babble. Past the fourth line. Rhyme as it is presently defined was unknown to the ancient Greeks. as in Shakespeare’s “Full fathoms five thy father lies. rhyme. Rhyme The beat of sound in poetry is always accounted as meter. Navel. it may be helpful at times not simply to change emphasis within a line.” My home encyclopedia describes alliteration as the “jingle of like beginnings”. Drowning inch by inch the thighs. and in the field of light verse it stands alone. I have admitted words to this book that rhyme technically.wife into fish. It expires. but even to add or drop part or all of a foot. Then again come ebbing down.* Blank verse—generally iambic pentameter— discards rhyme but not meter. in emphasis can alter the beat of a line. and crown. they prefer that it be more oblique.

Words to Rhyme With INTRODUCTION Crick' e. In traditional rhymed verse. lick' e. as in Fly' High' ! The list of rhyming words in this book is divided into the foregoing three categories— single.ty. in which the rhyming sound at the end of one line is matched somewhere inside another. that is. Or. . hat. in two or more words or verses. Here not the sound of the vowel in the stressed syllable but instead that of the opening and closing consonants makes the match: Tick. tock. double. with the accent on the second: Don’t fly' Too high' !* A two-syllable rhyming foot with the accent on the first syllable is a trochaic (or double. a single stressed syllable. 9 Initial rhyme. tuck. though they are seldom simply repetitions of the same word: Praise. do' not wan' der Out yon' der. 9 Consonance. hot.” A triple (or dactylic) rhyming foot has three syllables. the final rhyming foot can be made trochaic by adding an unaccented syllable: His moth' er said'. 9 Interior rhyme. the accented vowels match exactly. and the unaccented syllables are similar enough not to jar the ear. if you are acting deliberately and with full awareness of the risks. occurring within the line. tack. of terminal sounds beginning with an accented vowel. Here are some of the possibilities: 9 Random rhyme. in modern English usage. Ma' s are per. instead mixing them irregularly. Types of Rhyme Rhyme. Once conventional rhyming is second nature to you. occurring at the beginning instead of the end of the line.snick' e. and triple. prays. coral. the rhyme is carried by the last foot of the line. “Son. Unstressed syllables are in roman type. choral. you may experiment with various sorts of near-rhyme. or by a consonant in one case and none in the other. you may wish to vary the position of the rhyming foot in the line or among lines to meet special needs. which. whether accented or unaccented: 5 But the usual iambic (or single. which goes beyond the common practice of alternating rhymed and unrhymed lines. barred. hit. 9 Cross rhyme. The briefest possible rhyming foot is a semi-iamb. These match the sound of the consonant as well as the vowel. with the accent on the first: *Stressed syllables here are italicized and followed by (´).ty. 9 Consonantal rhyme. says the dictionary. or masculine) rhyming foot is made of two syllables. including the following: 9 Identicals. hut. bard.ty. This matches only the sound that ends the syllable. or feminine) rhyme: Pret' ty Kit' ty' ! Even if the remainder of the line is iambic. The rhymes are traditional. or of some other beat. is The correspondence. must be preceded by different consonantal sounds.

queenly. fifth. To lengthen tram to tramela and cam to camela—to shorten camel to cam. or occasionally more: tiller. chop them up. beaten. love. rail. though. green lea. killer. The less common way is Procrustean. blue. Camela famila). that the mosaic is a true rhyme. Be sure. Ohio. The match is between an accented and an unaccented syllable: Bring. became to becam—these are deliberate breaches of contract with the English language. flute. foresee. As with the alteration of a metric beat. 9 Spelling (or sight) rhyme. fast. which may stretch words. 9 Assonance. as the mythical giant Procrustes rearranged the length of his victims to fit them to his bed. 9 Unaccented rhyme. The femme of the cam was a well-trodden dam Whom tram-trippers taunted as Bactrian mam On account of her uberous mammila. 9 Vowel rhyme. happy. pen. The match is between the final unaccented syllables: Faster. 9 Half-rhyme. take. The usual way is called mosaic rhyme. mover. mammal to mam. Here only the vowel sounds of the rhyming feet correspond: Age. Roman. A suitable name for a Bactrian cam (Which is Siamese shorthand for camela). The rhyming foot ends in one or more unaccented syllables. and lamb (In Siamese. Mosaic matches come readily to mind. pretty. move. missing. kill her. busy. family to fam. one quite usual and the other rare except as sheer artifice. 6 . This simply echoes a vowel sound within a line: Old bones move slowly. queenly does not rhyme with green tea. I owe BACTRIAN CAMELS HAVE TWO HUMPS I met on a tram in exotic Siam (Known as tramela out in Siamela) Three Campbellite camels—a sire. bussing. but only the stressed syllable has a match: Differ. Or even a Siamese dammela. hardly. Ohio does not rhyme with I know. It matches one word against two. going. or impossible. And if none of these ways of rhyming hits the mark for you. Tiller does not rhyme with ill sir. ravenous. chummy. There are two other ways to rhyme. or squeeze several into one to make a match. grove. you can always make up your own rhyming words: Words to Rhyme With The sire was Ben-Amelel-Ben-Abraham. dam.INTRODUCTION Easy. And what has becam of that Camela fam Since they traveled away on their Siamese tram? I know not—and frankly. 9 Smothered (imperfect) rhyme. The lamb of the Campbellite camels was Pam. waste. The spellings but not the sound of the stressed vowels match: Woman. it is perfectly acceptable to abuse the language for effect—but only if you are fully aware of the abuse yourself. rhyme. cavern. and are sure that the reader will recognize it as intentional. I don’t give a damn. Though sometimes she answered to Pamela.

Among such perverse spellings. the syllable -ough has perhaps provided more grist than any other to versifiers. any greater number is permitted. or less than one. or oo: ON A DISTINGUISHED VICTORIAN POET WHO NEVER PRONOUNCED HIS NAME THE SAME WAY TWICE I seldom stretch beneath a bough To browse on lines of Arthur Clough. struck the earth with his hoof. it was the fault of the rhyme. increases the range and vocabulary of poetry. According to circumstance.) If the poem consists of two or more stanzas. the fact is that critics recall his works with respect. it is pronounced at least five ways—as uff. though Victorians loved Arthur Clough.) You will find. The rhyme scheme. they could not get enough Of poems penned by Arthur Clough. (The ghost of Mr. if used with knowledge and sensitivity. (Stanza and verse are sometimes used interchangeably. make up a poem. In fact. can be building blocks for poems of any length. (The two lines above do not make a heroic couplet because they are written in pentameter—five syllables—instead of hexameter—six. The water from this fountain is said to provide inspiration for poets. And I am glad that I am through With this review of Arthur Clough. though verse may also mean either a complete poem or metric writing in general. as we are about to see. but there should be. ow. If two rhymed lines in iambic hexameter form a self-contained verse unit. they are a heroic couplet. they are not included in the list of rhyming words. meter. from one word to the next. But since such rhymes consist of either more than one word. Any sort of off-rhyme. put together. and length of the line are up to the poet. I cough When forced to slog through Arthur Clough. off. the winged steed of the Muses.) *Hippocrene. and so their rhyme. they are divided by spaces. While I—I groan. His work seems rather dated.Words to Rhyme With INTRODUCTION I do not know if there is a name for spellings that change their sound. I snort. I did not mean to be mean. a legendary fountain on Mount Helicon. Couplet—Two Lines A poem may consist of a single couplet: INSPIRATION The bard who Hippocrene* for gin gave up Saw empty couplets gush from empty cup. But so do the widely varying arrangements available in conventional rhyme schemes. verses built around these two rhyming tricks. sprang up when Pegasus. Clough—who pronounced his name cluf—will forgive me for any apparent unkindness. A stanza must contain at least two lines to make a rhymed unit. expressing a complete thought. beginning on page 31. not necessarily set apart as stanzas. oh. . The Stanza A stanza is a series of rhythmic lines that. 7 Couplets.

called a rubai. as in the two following examples: A PUP BY ANY OTHER NAME Ah. And I thought for a while this would wind the thing up. GOD God holds a dialogue with me With which we both are growing fed up.may mean in or into. and—ah. Chloe. carrying on. It may indicate intensive action. b c b. Generally. while the whelp of Madame Is a babe.does not always mean not. nocuous youth. THE BRIEFER THE BETTER For Jim’s scant thought no style could be too terse. and so on.INTRODUCTION I said earlier that the continuation of a sentence or idea from one couplet to the next is enjambment. the animal kingdom’s a-teem With litters that turn out not quite what they seem: For a cow has a calf. while the fawn Of a beaver’s a kitten. Words to Rhyme With be written so that only the second and fourth lines rhyme: a b c b. where they are strung together with a rhyme scheme of a b a. and. But the pup of a goat is a kid. so does the potential number of rhyme schemes. A fawn is the cub of a deer. but the calf of a mare Is a foal. A couplet were too long. Quatrain—Four Lines The quatrain is frequently a self-contained poem. and a cub is the foal of a bear. insert. though as often it is one stanza in a series. and the lamb Of a wolf is a whelp.) . gruntled. as in inosculate. Inflammable means the same as flammable. The scheme here is a b a a b. The verse below starts to enjamb in the third stanza. and couth. a triplet worse. Chloe— What else is a kangaroo’s kid but a joey? ME VS. If a single triplet makes up a complete poem. Triplet (Tercet)—Three Lines Except in terza rima. or of lines rhyming a b a b. and the subject is forgotten positives—words that reverse their meanings if you knock away their negative prefix. In. Jim just might justify a one-line verse. though. you can rhyme triplets any way you like. shevelled. effable. sheddup! Sheddup! Sheddup! Sheddup!” THE HEAVING OF HER MAIDEN BREAST The heaving of her maiden breast Had to be seen to be believed. It may 8 (If you play with forgotten positives. unless you are willing to leave one line unrhymed: A DREAM OF COUTH I dreamt of a corrigible. says I to He. it consists of two couplets (a a b b). Says He to I. as in innate. Gainly. A delible fellow I dreamt. and kempt. A mayed and a sidious fellow. remember that the prefix in. c d c. you will have to rhyme it a a a. The kit of a sheep is a lamb. The boat lurched down another crest— And up she heaved. Quintet—Five Lines As the number of lines in a stanza increases. though. and the babe of a dog is a pup. “Oh. forsooth— Ordinate.

You must be an Angel—or terribly thin. (I hear my kitchy-koo reply: “They do. 9 *A capitalized letter represents a refrain line or. there were quite a few. Only three hand spans in size? Yes—and they had pygmy brains Not to know those giant cranes Could beat them standing on one leg. a .”) Ten-line Stanza The example consists of five rhyming couplets. And still take time to lay an egg. there is no need to bother listing all the possibilities. or a b a b a b. Kitchy-koo. The verse that follows runs a b a a b a b. WILD BOARS AND LIONS Wild boars and lions haul Admetus’ car. Of women. One of a nation fabled to be only three spans high. and after long wars to have been destroyed by the cranes. Nine-line Stanza The rhyme scheme in this example is a b c c b B a B B. Sextet—Six Lines A sextet could run a a a b b b. and really consists of four lines split in two. or two quatrains. Yet when I take the longer view. Octave—Eight Lines An octave can be rhymed as four couplets.Words to Rhyme With INTRODUCTION HOW MANY ANGELS CAN DANCE ON THE HEAD OF A PIN? (Medieval Church argument) If you’re able to spin On the Head of a Pin. —Johnson’s Dictionary Pygmies? Weren’t they little guys. As she is my dear kitchy-koo. they do. The women worked out best. Pygmy. Those rare exceptions—one or two— Made up for all the rest.* KITCHY-KOO Septet—Seven Lines There are too many possible rhyme variations in a seven-line stanza to bother listing them all. . or a b c a b c—oh.a. My dear’s dear kitchy-koo am I. or—well.a . White horses seven pull the Morning Star. the repetition of part of a line. as here. here it has only three rhyming lines. What tears one kitchy-koo would shed If t’other kitchy-koo were dead! And yet grief ’s freshets often do Wash up another kitchy-koo. THERE’S SELDOM BEEN A MAN I KNEW There’s seldom been a man I knew Who struck me as a pest. This one is a a b b c c. or two tercets and a couplet.

ea. of amphibrachic. call the doc´tor. two. and dactylic examples: Monometer: Iambic: A gain (or simply gain). continues with three trochees. a pentameter. of trochaic. And flights of doves bear Venus to her revels. Trochaic: Ho´ ly. five. Anapestic: And the ech´o now fades in the streets. Here are iambic. of anapestic. I may also have suggested—if so. da da. Trimeter: Iambic: I watched a sink´ ing star. a trimeter. a heptameter. But in fact that line is not iambic at all. It may have one. Sea horses carry their thalassic lord. while allowing maximum sweetness to the flow of sound. anapestic. no less. it is worth repeating—that lines in any meter will almost never scan perfectly when read aloud with normal emphasis. Anapestic: In a song that she sang.velt. Lines come in all the metric beats that have been mentioned. six. A line of poetry comprising a single foot is a monometer. Dactylic: Bear´ a. Words to Rhyme With The Beat and Length of Poetic Lines A metric foot is a single beat of sound requiring a stressed syllable (except for those ridiculous pyrrhics.INTRODUCTION Gold panthers lead bright Bacchus on his way. Gemmed peacocks Juno’s chariot convey. . That is a good thing. It begins. seven. Yet it is considered an iambic line. It is lucky even to be a pentameter. So are Shakespeare’s pentameters. Look at Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s famous line: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Mrs. Trochaic: In the ram´ age of the elm tree. Forced into Procrustes’s bed. Dactylic: Cor´ al sand un´ der them. Dactylic: Why does the teach´er keep shout´ ing so? Tetrameter: Iambic: The crows have fall´en si´ lent now. pur´ ple sky o´ ver them. four. Trochaic: Feet that stum´ ble. he is gone. And that is as far as there is any likely reason to go. trochaic. or it may have none. Trochaic: Fa´ ther. any one of which coopts the beat most suitable for the moment within the overall iambic framework. da da da. would not have hesitated to add or drop a syllable or so for the greater glory of the line. Dactylic: El. in my ear. da da da. a hexameter.way. Browning. with a dactyl. Two feet make a dimeter. no more. of dactylic. da da da. 10 The Metric Line You have seen that the beat of iambic verse is da da. Anapestic: In the night. I drive a Ford. That is iambic pentameter—in theory.ble. and concludes with a long iamb. The reader adjusts the stress automatically to the sense of the message. Anapestic: When the dark shall turn bright as the day. it would come out like this: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. like any other sensible poet. And antlered stags tug fair Diana on. with five feet.nor Roo´ se. By chastened lions Cybele is drawn. a tetrameter. or more unstressed syllables. five da da beats in a row. three. Behind her wingèd dragons Ceres travels. an unaltering beat would be unbearably monotonous. which don’t count). Dimeter: Iambic: They fled a.

phone´ will cease to jin´ gle. Dactylic: Out of the pas´sion of Le´ da. Y?” . To try is excellent training. I’m a.like´ ly ac. Dactylic: Call in the preach´ er. Trochaic: Sis´ters. gazing awed at the star-studded firmament and sensing his own insignificance. WHO SPEAKS NO SPANISH. murmurs: “I . Anapestic: We were walk´ ing on cob´ bles. Dery brought to my attention a similar summation in which a youth.than.ly wish to be wed´ded to Jon´ a. a matching pair of one-letter words is 11 *Charles F.ry. INTRODUCTION the shortest possible rhyming verse. Shown below are verses in the four most common metric beats. yet I somehow be. Trochaic: What is on this eve´ ning’s tel´e. WHO SPEAKS NO ENGLISH. A BRIEF AND SOMEWHAT UNGRACIOUS EXCHANGE BETWEEN THE BRITISH AMBASSADOR’S WIFE.vis´ ion that’s worth watch´ ing? Anapestic: Though I find it a long and un. Not many poets have composed consistently graceful lines in dactylic heptameter. AND THE SPANISH AMBASSADOR’S WIFE. Dactylic: No. while a one-syllable.row. Here is such a verse—though it must be admitted that for the sake of understanding I had to give it an unusually long title. . .ry. let us raise a cup to ab´sent Ma. Heptameter: Iambic: Men looked at him. Hexameter: Iambic: The riv´er wat´ er is no long´er run´ning clear. Trochaic: Then the tel´e. I think that my feet will be aching to. and by their look he knew he neared the end.”* A twelve-line verse in iambic monometer: TO A YOUNG WOMAN WHO REFUSES TO DIET No human eyes Dare view Your size Lest day And night They stay Shut tight From horror at Such store Of fat. though.count. I sud´den.ty. it will troub´ le the wom´ en a. ranging in length from one metric foot to seven. there’s on´ ly a feath´er re.main´ ing for mem´ o. Monometer: A One-foot Line Since a single metric foot is the shortest poetic line. one-letter word is the shortest metric foot.sleep.fraid I’m not read´y to give to that char´ i. DURING A COURTESY CALL BY THE LATTER UPON THE FORMER: WRITTEN ON THE ASSUMPTION THAT MY READERS KNOW THE SOUND OF THE SPANISH WORD FOR “YES” “T?” “C. and you have as good a chance as anyone else of being the one who succeeds.lieve it is true.mor.Words to Rhyme With Pentameter: Iambic: I know one won´der that will nev´er cease. Anapestic: Do not speak in that voice.

What leagues we rose We tell By counting those We fell. or is it the other way around? This twelveline iambic trimeter (. The complaint Is. So I won’t. I might try Being good. Yes.INTRODUCTION These eighteen lines are in anapestic monometer: WE CAN’T SEEM TO GET IT THROUGH OUR HEADS If a boy Understood. It applies Both to dames And to guys: What a saint Is. And the same. But I don’t. he ain’t. Words to Rhyme With TO A SOAP OPERA ADDICT You there. On Mondays You stray. if I Understood. Aspire you still to pierce That upright stalagmite Who in a million years Your love cannot requite? Eight lines of amphibrachic monometer: EVENHANDEDNESS On Sundays You pray. IDENTITY PROBLEM IN THE MAMMOTH CAVES O pendant stalactite. Insensate troglodyte Shaped of accreted brine.´ ) was supposed to fix the distinction in my mind once and for all—but I still forget. watching Lights and shadows— Which are good-os? Which are bad-os? Dimeters and monometers alternate in this iambic verse. in Your quest for Salvation. they ain’t. Deposit crystalline. in Your zest for Temptation.´ . He’d enjoy Being good. Trimeter: A Line of Three Metric Feet Does a stalagmite build up from the floor of a damp cave and a stalactite build down from the roof.´ . Dimeter: A Two-foot Line This four-line dimeter is trochaic: 12 . Now urn. the ash Take turn: Now flame and flash. SLOWLY DIM THE SUNSET CLOUDS The fire.

O pendant stalactite. Against her throat. NEIGH NEIGH. or her— Stalactite-stalagmite? INTRODUCTION Rosette in Montesoros Her bosom shall adorn. When the Yellow River’s clear.” When I was a pupa.´ . And bring you lip to lip. Till the Greek calends. I do not declare My advanced lumbago. Knowing none will care. Giddily I’d chortle. O SOME MAY PROMISE RICHES O some may promise riches And some may promise ease But I will deck my darling In suns and galaxies. . my dear. Till Queen Dick reigns. Tetrameter: A Line of Four Metric Feet You may vary the number of feet in the lines of a verse according to any fixed pattern you choose. NEIGHBOR They were as fed horses in the morning. till Latter Lammas dawns. Then how can you be sure. THERE ARE NUMEROUS LOCUTIONS TO EXPRESS THE NOTION OF ‘NEVER’ When all the world grows honest. Still I hoped to scoop a Funeral statistic. And make you two one pillar . . O some may promise riches And some may promise ease But I will deck my darling In suns and galaxies. a worn imago. Not for a year of Sundays Shall I forbear to grieve— Till noon strikes Narrowdale.Words to Rhyme With And if indeed your drip With ardor one day fill her. 13 . Upon her finger. Do you suppose. Tib’s eve. everyone neighed after his neighbor’s wife. “When I’m big I’ll carve a Monument immortal. When Calais meets with Dover. And Veil of Cygnus hide her Upon her wedding morn. two are trimeter. the Cluster In Berenice’s Hair. Though more realistic. and the Conversion of the Jews. PUPA. Now. ): LARVA. Not until St. . If you are you.´ . till Fridays Arrive in pairs like swans. Four of the six trochaic lines below are tetrameter. I shall forget I’ve lost you? . Lyra’s Ring Nebula she’ll wear. I’ll mourn you till the coming Of the Cocqcigrues. . —Jeremiah V:8. The verse that follows is in trochaic trimeter (´ . IMAGO When I was a larva.

No memories are there. You’re plump as a partridge. my darling. 14 . you’re as neat as a pin. nor winter. I’m ugly as sin. though some lines drop the last unstressed syllable. It could not be so dear if it could be. I barely can toast. I WOULD I WERE A POLYGLOT I would that my palate were pat in Icelandic and Persian and Greek. and plain as my nose. if at all. One fury alone has God found inexpungeable. this tetrameter is anapestic. neighbor. being never. No summer there. and no forgetting. as sweet as a rose. You’re clean as a whistle. spring. “Hey. chestnut. I’m sure it would help me to win you If polyglot hints I could spin Of trading Herculean sinew For secret Lilithean sin. Our hearts will be lighter than feathers are light. The babe that never was is ours forever. I’m deaf as an adder. neigh—but nay!— Neigh not after mine. Our love will be surer than shooting is sure— And we shall be poorer than churchmice are poor. Might win me the right to caress you. and dance in the lane As merry as crickets. I am. But English itself seems to vanish Whenever I try to address you. Spanish. Neigh then. Hungarian. I’m flat as a flounder. and righter than rain! Our days will be brighter than rainbows are bright. darling. I know a country with nor dawn nor setting. Instead of deplorably weak. The people there breathe barely. let us marry. REPLACEABLE. I’m mad as a hatter. nor fall. The wrath of a woman who finds herself fungible. There is no need to set the wild deer free. You’re fit as a fiddle. I would I were fluent in Latin. and gay as a lamb. Overall. Words to Rhyme With My ducky. I’m dumb as an ox. You’re pert as a sparrow. Rolling neighing in the hay. the love of my life. You’re brave as a lion. kid. You’re free as the wind. you’re the most!” Each line of this amphibrachic tetrameter has an extra unaccented syllable: FUNGIBLE: INTERCHANGEABLE. BEING NEVER Our love will never dwindle. FACSIMILE OF A LOVE SONG Mute as a mackerel. dapple gray. I’m blind as a bat. Iambic tetrameter: These time-honored similes arrive in dactylic tetrameter: OUR LOVE WILL NEVER DWINDLE. Italian.INTRODUCTION After neighbors’ wives you neigh? Neighbors’ wives are fine— Sorrel. you are sly as a fox. You’re brown as a berry. So come. I’m fat as a hog. and as sharp as a knife.

an iambic line which is a standard unit in French poetry. and with of geese a gaggle. While she is having him for dinner. Still doth the Lower Mantis love. a hide. Hexameter: A Line of Six Metric Feet The most familiar hexameter is the Alexandrine. she’s gnawing off his head. Heptameter: A Line of Seven Metric Feet Iambic heptameter: A MATTER OF ETIQUETTE I’ve knocked her to the sidewalk and I’ve taken all she’s got. On the sidewalk—pigeons. a trip of dotterel. He soothes her gastric pains with Borax As she is gnawing at his thorax. Overhead. Tarantara. This system. . who was goddess of both love and the hunt.) The Male (or Lesser) Praying Mantis is A victim of romantic fantasies. The word venereal goes back to Venus. He cries. (How soon I’m starving for my Chinese Miss again!) Pentameter: A Line of Five Metric Feet Iambic pentameter remains the most used line in English-language verse. covering groups of animals (in this case wildfowl) that men hunt for sport. He soothes her virginal alarms— Pours all his love and longing in her. And when there’s nothing left above. there a spring of teal. a company of widgeons. When I depart this feasting. Meanwhile.Words to Rhyme With INTRODUCTION My Chinese Miss is won ton dumpling soup to me. Her breath is aromatic as her Chinese tea. tarantara. that is. . Her lashes flutter when I praise her lobster rolls. STANDING IN THE NEED OF PRAYER (The female mantis consumes her mate during copulation. The fare she serves is manna for the inner man. Here are two examples of it: TO A PRAYING MANTIS. Breeds little Mantises . as needs scarcely saying. Trochaic heptameter: The following verse plays with venereal nouns—collective nouns. Of birdnest soup. VENEREALLY SPEAKING Tarantara. Off to bag a nye of pheasants—failing that. of geese a skein. all praying. tenderer than egg foo yong— No Peking duck could match the savor of her tongue. or sweet and sour. tarantara. let me prove My insect life well lost for love!” He takes her in his mantis arms. I can’t make up my mind if I should stomp on her or not. or moo gai pen. He reassures her that they’ll wed. 15 . Stalking here a plump of wildfowl. home the hunters straggle. MY CHINESE MISS My Chinese Miss is dainty as a Chinese fan. Such delicate decisions aggravate us muggers most— There’s not a word about them in my Emily Post. off the hunters ride. sated is my need: No dream remains of mooshi pork. With of choughs a chattering. She dips into my heart as chopsticks dip in bowls. and usually deals with weightier subjects than the one considered below. Underfoot. or soup seaweed. “My angel. Her breasts are silken. Seeking out a sord of mallards for their evening meal.

His sister gnawed through pizzas (I am told one million four). ottava rima. or even satirical. Their brother downed ten thousand turkeys lined with pesticide. Milton used the Italian rhyme scheme for his sonnets. Be impolite to cyclamates. Words to Rhyme With The traditional verse forms that follow are generally associated with lyric poetry. The mercury in swordfish is an enemy to dread. A MOUSE OF MY ACQUAINTANCE A mouse of my acquaintance in seven days was fed Twice twenty thousand swordfish. of eight lines. And mawkishness and sentimentality show through like pentimento through overlaid painting. The self-revelation may not be quite so evident when the work is epic. but not the arbitrary division of thoughts. terza rima. and the rhyming sestina. Most of the best-known lyric forms in English are imports. The Sonnet The sonnet is a fourteen-line poem in iambic pentameter.c . From Italy Four Italian forms that have long been at home in English are the sonnet.d . a. broken by stanzas and thought development into two movements—the octet. Out-Croesused Croesus with my golden bricks. is a . The following verse is structured in the Miltonic fashion. or narrative.a. which deliberately opens to daylight very private feelings.d.b . If a lie does convince the reader. So stay away from hormones. There’s talk of botulism—and that sister is no more. and that mouse is dead. carve some legend at my head. jeering at human folly. d . It took a week to kill him. Forms of Lyric Verse Reading poetry has something in common with taking a Rorschach test—what you bring out tells considerable about what you took in. or dramatic. He ate twice twenty thousand. and that mouse is dead. The original rhyme scheme. spreading heroic happenings over a huge canvas. That tides obeyed me in Canute’s bestead.e. or there may be more than two. and most of the best-known imports are from Italy and France. It may seem in dubious taste to serve jug wine from such splendid bottles. Say that I sharpened Machiavelli’s tricks. . But there may be only one movement.d. That Casanova envied me in bed As Newman paled beside me in the flicks. but at least the bottles are splendid.b . and perhaps not always what he thought he was showing you. For additives and chemicals can kill you just like that— Though (confidentially) those mice were done in by the cat. I would rather not. c . with characters speaking for themselves. And Cerberus confines me with the dead. 16 WHEN CHARON FERRIES ME ACROSS THE STYX When Charon ferries me across the Styx. Even if one wishes to. and DDT eschew. But a poem also provides a glimpse of the poet. it is hard to lie successfully in a lyric poem—except perhaps to oneself. telling a more human story in a briefer compass. but that poor mouse died. and the sestet. and the separations may be either sharp or blurred. and from salmonella too.b -a. Pray.c.b .INTRODUCTION You may venture to put a precise name to the meter of the following heptametric verse.d . as it is in the lyric poem. it is probably because it reveals a truth by accident. Boswell. of six.e. with sometimes a shift in the sestet to c . c . still common.

”—And in answering.f. tell the waiting world that I Awhile to Joan was Darby.c. What—can’t you think of anything at all? INTRODUCTION unless he can find an answer to the query.b . Your headland’s noble. c . Any meter will do. The thought may take a turn at the beginning of the sestet.b. I wouldn’t count on more than one or two. With words all unproportioned to their thought. “Thou art ugly as e’er man did see. but count him naught Who friable equates with frangible.d. b . “What does a woman like best?” After hunting vainly far and near. and the final stanza is a quatrain instead of a triplet.d . Give every man thy ear. Laertes. No neck of land’s as green As your neck is. stumble. The usual meter in English is iambic pentameter. and must shatter. Ottava Rima Ottava Rima has six lines rhyming a .b . he throws himself in desperation on the mercy of a stooped and withered crone: HANDSOME IS AS HANDSOME DOES The Shakespearean Sonnet The rhyme scheme of the sonnet form that carries Shakespeare’s name is a . From trope to trope do men.a. . And Aristotle’s wisdom in my smile.a . recall There was the steel of Caesar in my eye.f . Ill-said is no less ill because intangible. . and my blessing carry. The second and fourth lines rhyme with each other. or as long as Dante’s Divine Comedy. .c . and so on. And make of synonyms identic matter. indulgent. and—son of a bitch!— Proved beautiful. but this is not required. For friable is foreordained to crumble. The bloom of thy nineties must seem long ago. and. Pythias.a .e . pray. no arm of sea’s as blue As your arm is. g . He said. LOVE SONG (MULTO CON CORPORE) THE WAYS OF LOVE How do I love thee? Let me count the ways: From top to toe. in which a knight of King Arthur’s court is condemned to die 17 THE GEOGRAPHY OF LOVE .g. The first line of the quatrain generally rhymes with the middle line of the preceding triplet as well as with the third line of the quatrain. and rich. While frangible is brittle.c .d . The octet here enjambs into the sestet. too . e . and other days Head over heels. with torso in between Some days heels over head. The example below is based on the conclusion of one of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. like drunkards. And let these precepts in thy memory sit When judging thy familiars.b. c . followed by a rhyming couplet. Boswell. POLONIUS TO LAERTES: A GRAMMATICAL FAREWELL Aboard. lo! She threw her disguise off. It may be as brief as two stanzas.a . youthful.b. . Yet rather than perish I’ll marry with thee If thou halt my hanging by letting me know.b . “To have her own way. Reserve thy love for the grammatic few. Be thou chary Of tongues that scuff in slipshod counterfeit. no hill’s brow so serene As is your brow . and awhile To Damon. What is it a woman likes best?” Answered she.b . Terza Rima Terza Rima is a series of three-line stanzas in chain rhyme: a .Words to Rhyme With Pray.

f .f Stanza 2. will I not know? Not I. my dear. Yet flake on flake we snowed when we were snow Who now are mooning wanes and parapets And television sets. “Ah. the word repetition replaces rhyme. The Rhyming Sestina The sestina. the sets!” None know but nuns. . and lo! The snow is snowing television sets.f . warmer heart.d . hensets! Ah. The nuns are dunning all the nuns they know. 5. f . catch your ear? Dare jellied backbone swim against such tide? I have no stomach for the fray. Dear love. I fear.d . Classically (though not in my example).c .b . The end words are arranged in the following order: Stanza 1. I’m lily-livered. The lambent moon is on the wane.a . I hear the lambent moon start up below. You stroked the parapets of parapets While on the moon the wanes crooned sweet and low. 18 . men of mighty thew And jutting chin have wooed you—been denied! Dare I. sunsets. e . and lo! The wane is on the moon. for they know Our debts repay us as we pay our debts.e .e . Ah.a . And done with parapetting in the snow. yellow-bellied. They said you only loved me for my debts. and sets. of lesser kidney. for I am done with duns and debts. THE PITY NEEDED FOR LOVE Words to Rhyme With 2. THE COMPETITION THAT LOVE ENGENDERS By begging for your hand—I lack the cheek. Wan parapets Have ceased to pet their paras.c . the paras! and alas! the pets! The wane is on the moon and you. 3.f . I’d only put my foot in it. a favorite form of Dante and Petrarch. . Behind my back you dallied with my debts. weak. moonsets. With lowered gaze you stand.INTRODUCTION The widest river mouth is not so wide As your dear mouth . The duns are nunning duns amid the snow. my television sets.c Stanza 3. But if a nun dun nuns. The television set is snowing snow. My television set is snowing snow. c . but your eyes said no. Above me soar the television sets. and nuns will never know. b . You murmured low.d .a THE BANKRUPT’S SERENADE 1. dear pets! My lows have cattled—let my cattle low.d Stanza 5. Moon on. a . 4.d . Alas. you trounced me. My fortunes rise. fair wane! Be petulant. The snow is snowing television sets.b . You stroll in from the garden with my debts To bring me tidings I am loath to know: The paras have forsook their parapets. games. Yet let your bowels of compassion start! Lend me a leg up! Quickly!—else I seek A toehold in some softer.c . While television sets were snowing snow.b .e . matches. comprises six six-line stanzas followed by a three-line envoy—thirty-nine lines in all.b . You parapetted.a . distilling debts. 6. The last word of each stanza becomes the last word of the first line in the next.e Stanza 4. with a placement of end words throughout in a rigid pattern.

19 . For Bizet folk.c .b . The last line of the first stanza reappears as the last line of each succeeding stanza. allons! Indeed. shrill of piccolo (To savor these. The first appears in the fourth line of each stanza and the second line of the envoy. and b .Words to Rhyme With ENVOY White is the snow upon the parapets.b . the magazine of recreational linguistics. how Offenbach To Bach and Offenbach I go!) . And you figure there’s nothing much else left to go on. MANON? MAIS NON* HOW YOU TRICKED ME INTO ATTENDING AN OPERA WRITTEN BY PUCCINI (OR WAS IT MASSENET?) Manon is Verdi vulgar pack Hangs out.b . best of Gluck! . From France Represented below are ten examples of French verse forms. Horn-sweetness.c . c’est un sal cochon. Quite Gudenov. a .C for the four-line envoy. I’m in the sack From Faust plucked string to last bravo.c -b . HOW I REFLECTED POSTLUDALLY ON THESE MATTERS . like the ballad. Of Korsakov.a . .C. and flunked out. b . As old men Lakme must. The television sets no more. one’s de trop: Manon Lescaut a mauvais ton. and so on. “Lescaut to hear Manon. and hack. but in most cases the poet may take his choice of meter.c . for lo! Tha pale nuns know that you have paid my debts.C. INTRODUCTION I dream I’m Chopin up that shmo Puccini. I HATE Manon Lescaut. One final mot: The opera is mostly bon. It’s really comme il faut.C.B .) Alors. Or don’t. (Giovanni hear Giovanni? So Do I.a .b . and the second in the final line of the stanzas and the envoy. I go. though.C. perhaps the earliest French form to win the English heart.B .b . When your hash has been settled. Aida relish cymbal-smack. If Massenet should throw A Mass in A. a .b . The rhyme scheme is a .b . . Prince. ENVOY AND THE MORAL I DREW.a . Ballade with a Double Refrain The ballade with a double refrain has three eightline stanzas and a four-line envoy.b . *Manon? Mais Non was prompted by a series of formidable puns which Boris Randolph contributed to Word Ways. second row .a .b . . all with refrains and rigid rhyme schemes. The Ballade The ballade. .b .b .c . (You said. Manon Lescaut a mauvais ton. say) leaves a glow. I blow My nose.C for the principal stanzas. The verse below is in iambic tetrameter. . .”) Manon Lescaut a mauvais ton.c . but two refrain lines rather than one. . I’ve Boito tickets. your string has run out. I only hate one show: Manon Lescaut a mauvais ton. thus: a .B .B . HOW I DOZED AND DREAMED OF MANON (OR WAS IT MANON LESCAUT?) WHEN THE WHOLE BLAMED CABOODLE HAS GONE UP THE SPOUT When the whole blamed caboodle has gone up the spout. consists of three eight-line stanzas followed by a four-line envoy—twenty-eight lines in all. I’d lead the claque. Iambic pentameter is commonly used except in the triolet. This specimen is in anapestic tetrameter. .b . and doze. Most art (Mozart. When you reckon you’ve fizzled.b .

my buddy. In younghede ne’er a thrip gave I for blight Of cark or ribble.e . You have kept your eyes skinned. Except for one small catch that didn’t show: Forgotten words are mighty hard to rhyme. I’ll risk a simoleon. And you’ve shut up.) Ah. Now I pray That other fonkins reach safe anchorage— The Chant Royal The chant royal. and toss back a snoot. 20 . rhyming a . And make windsuckers of the bards who cite The sloomy phrases of the present day. you have tickled your trout. pitchkettled.) Fair draggle-tails once spurred my appetite. save one to eat crow on— Let’s clink glasses. A fairhead who eyebit me in my prime Soon shared my donge. after all this catch-and-throw: Forgotten words are mighty hard to rhyme. or die—and you’re sore in the snout? And it seems a coon’s age since you last had a glow on? And you’re feeling knee-high to a skeeter. though it encompass but a page.d . The variant that follows has ten lines to a stanza. I was ycore. Bedswerver.d . you have gandered about.E envoy as before. Words to Rhyme With FORGOTTEN WORDS ARE MIGHTY HARD TO RHYME Quoth I to me. The stanzas are rhymed a . But I’ve got a prescription that chaws at the root: Lesh clink glashes.” (I would have pulled it off. developed in medieval France. I matched boonfellows hum for hum.d . with the d . was popularized in English about a hundred years ago. So it’s root. smellsmock. gay.e . suggiled so. For you’ll light a fire yet. No Lothario Could overpass me on Poplolly Row. ole buddy. Say. and buttoned your lip. When you look like a goner.INTRODUCTION When the coin of the realm is the coin that you’re low on.’ won’t quite Work in here)—hadavist. Will man illume from April bud till snow— A song all merry-sorry. no doubt.b . when from night There dawned abluscent some fair morn in May (The word for dawning. Then walking morts and drossels shared my play.d . I’d not have been so redmod! Could I know?— One scantling piece of outwit’s all that I’m Still sure of. and one more to grow on.d .b .b .b . playing your flute. or show on My surmise you’ll be dancing soon. good buddy. and toss back a snoot. “A chant royal I’ll dite. in younghede. You have hefted your ax. hog.e . It has five eleven-line stanzas and a five-line envoy.d . And you figure there’s nothing much else left to go on. The five-line envoy is rhymed d . my brother. con and pro. you know you can’t stop it. an’ tosh back a shnoot. housebreak was I hight— Poop-noddy at poop-noddy.e .E. (The meaning’s clear.a . And you figure there’s nothing much else left to go on. too. and stayed mute.E. You have never said die.c . With much ado of words long laid away. you’ve embers to blow on— Let’s clink glasses. pal. a blooming galoot. My song. although Forgotten words are mighty hard to rhyme. hadavist. And you figure there’s nothing much else left to go on? Well.d .d . adushed.a . given time. You have taken life’s wallops. till we’d swerve and sway.E. even. sixty lines in all. The obsolete words are from Poplollies and Bellibones. time’s river will flow on. ‘sparrowfart. nor kill-priest. And your dishes are busted. with the last line of each stanza as the refrain. and toss back a snoot.d . you’re just the fellow I’ll wager my dough on— Let’s clink glasses. nor your row ceased to hoe on. Turngiddy. ENVOY Oh. win.d . each wight By eelpots aimcried. That I would ever by stoopgallant age Be shabbed. place.c . by Susan Sperling. Blashy ale could not assuage My thirst. I say.

A licentious man. Sky. Anxiety. Scanty. Drossel. Scrow. Not long to stay . Shab. Spring. Forgotten words are mighty hard to rhyme. Troubled. Hasty. Thrip. Moor. Hum. A harlot. Half-dead. Melancholy. fraud. Umbecast. Flabby. Fresh. Pitchkettle. Adush. Samdead. Wong. Nesh. Suggil. Spittle. Precipitous. etc. Covetous. A beautiful woman. Still. Drunk. Bedswerver. Younghede. Sloomy. elect. Stoopgallant. Yet silly is the chime. Part cheerful. Eldnyng. Housebreak. part despondent. Poop-noddy. . Scantling. A wanton. sleepy. rash. Encourage. straight-fingered. umbecasting friends who scrowward climb. spittle-ready—samdead clay. . the game of love. Youth Abluscent. Wit grows slow. hadavist! . Outwit. Mort. To get rid of. Ribble. Bawdry. Cheeping. Lazy. . Chosen. Ycore. . Draggle-tail. A mixture of beer or ale and spirits. Open-tide. Port wine. Puzzle. Squiddle. A little fool. Bellibone. Blashy. Bawdreaminy. Eyebite. Flerd. Croodle. To cause to fall heavily. Turngiddy. Donge. Hadavist. Mubblefubbles. But look downsteepy to the Pit below. till truehead in their own hearts grow. Deceit. envious person. Cleansing. Downsteepy. I’m lennow. To ponder. One clutched bell-penny left of all my wage. To beat black and blue. Bed. An unfaithful husband. To wink at. unchastity. Time-wasting chatter. Acclumsied now. distress. weak. Bell-penny. Cockshut. a loose woman. lepers. limp. Knowledge. also. to bestow True love. A snap of the fingers. Cark. That which humbles (the great). defame. Had I but known. Wrinkle. Kill-priest. Hospital for indigents. furrow. Redmod. Such squiddle is no longer apropos. young. Fairhead. Thin. Eaubruche. Adultery. Money saved for one’s funeral. I’m swerked by mubblefubbles. hussy. 21 . Fonkin. Lennow. Dusk. Care. Aimcry. lewdness. Physically impaired. Dim on the wong at cockshut falls the light. paralyzed. a prostitute. A home wrecker. A fool.Words to Rhyme With Find bellibone. Warm companion. purifying. Merry-sorry. dull. Glossary of Obsolete Terms in “Forgotten Words Are Mighty Hard to Rhyme” Windsucker. Smellsmock. Ah. I dare no more the scrow. Acclumsied. A slut. I now affright. Birds’ sleepy croodles cease. Forgotten words are mighty hard to rhyme. Boonfellow. Swerked. any strong drink. INTRODUCTION Once nesh as open-tide. A fair and good maiden.

O try a triolet!— O try. The rhyme scheme is A . O try a triolet! O try. . and you seemed kind as He.A. I woke next morning. and flerd is long de trop. It’s odd. and you took me in. a verse of seven lines. ROUND .b . as some contend. and gone your charity .a . and you took me in. “I was a stranger.A . The Rondel The rondel. and a one. When I was hungered.” So spake the Christ. O try a triolet!— What if the triolet’s all wet?— The trial yet will catch her eye.A: I WAS A STRANGER “I was a stranger. an outgrowth of the triolet. two stanzas. .b . I see no crime In looking back with a “Bravissimo!” (Forgotten words are mighty hard to rhyme. And found you gone. What blame is hers who love doth lend If love be fine. 22 The Roundel The roundel. credit cards. and key. line 1 is also repeated as line 4. . The lady’s not for burning. commonly nowadays has thirteen or fourteen lines. as some pretend.b .) Words to Rhyme With This is in iambic pentameter.b . O try.B.b .b . The .or two-line refrain. an eleven-line verse derived from the rondel. O try A triolet to win your pet! O try.a .b . in fact. and you seemed kind as He.A .” So spake the Christ. I was a stranger. O try! The Rondelet The rondelet. If love be fine. come win. . short of do-re-mi.a .b . or the dropped handkerchief of your great-great Aunt Jane. Lines 7 and 8 repeat lines 1 and 2. as some contend? The sin is when the kisses end— The fault in love is spurning. the metric system is iambic tetrameter. . IF LOVE BE FINE If love be fine. The rhyme scheme is a .B.A . . You offered introductions—credit—gin— The shirt from off your back. come lose. two rhymes. then she from laving emerges fragrant misty and unkissed then she from laving emerges and my heart is not behaving and how can I refrain or she resist and afterward anew the fragrant mist then she from laving . Also my wallet. was introduced into English verse in the nineteenth century by Algernon Swinburne. that I still have my skin. and you took me in.A .B . Yet eaubruche pleased me well.INTRODUCTION ENVOY About me ghosts of old bawdreaminy blow. generally has a purport similar to a tickle on the inner elbow. rhyming A . The lady’s not for burning. a . gulped down aspirin.a . The Triolet The triolet is an eight-line verse. Your eyes were wet from selfless sympathy. Eldnyng is gone. O try! O try.b a . ECHOING TRIOLET O try. O try! O try.

Hell yawns for you. But .a . let villains prey! Though all the earth’s in disarray. The rhyme is a . . your logic a farrago? All right. . What’s good today? Fresh Escargots? . of which the last four conclude with a steadily shrinking refrain.” I hear you say. and the second in iambic tetrameter. . you schnook.B. . .b . and I can’t resist that sort of thing. perhaps I’ll kick your shin.a . (How sad. INTRODUCTION The Rondeau There are thirteen rhyming lines in the rondeau.R.Words to Rhyme With usual rhyme scheme is a . . from macron gruff To diacritic.a . my dear. Look here.R. . “So join me in the best . You brushed off my phonetics book— Dismissed it as a bit of fluff. How sad.b . The following version of the rondeau has seventeen rhyming lines in five stanzas. No ebony is black enough To dye a critic. a . with part of the first line used twice as a refrain. a . b . The fourth and eleventh lines form the refrain.a . . a .a . Saumon? Palourdes Farcies? . though. but pentameter is more usual. I’ll begin.R.a . Bisque de Homard? Or Soupe de Trois Filets? 23 .b .a . .b -R.B.a .R. TO A YOUNG LADY WHO ASKED ME TO “DO” HER IN A THUMBNAIL SKETCH What? Do you in a thumbnail sketch? I may go Too far.b . a repetition of the first two syllables of the opening line. Except for the refrain.a .a . My verse is in iambic tetrameter. do you really mean it when you say “Go”? What? Do you in? HOW SAD. how sad! Let victims weep.R. Let it go hang—who cares? We two Will trade our kisses anyway.b -b . Suppose I say you’re often a virago? What? Do you in? Suppose I say how shamelessly you sin— How far from paths of virtue you agley go?— How incoherent in your cups you’ve been— Your speech verbose. TO A CRITIC To die a critic will be tough. . The rhyme scheme is a . how sad that I must say I shall not save the world today! Just yesterday that wasn’t true. or Jambon de Paris? . if you wish it . I knew exactly what to do To end society’s decay And keep the atom bomb at bay And make pollution fade away.a . how sad!) The key word in the roundel below begged to be punned on. a .a.b . .b . HOW SAD! How sad. Today I fell in love with you. . a .b .b . the first of the roundels that follow is in iambic pentameter. . you nincompoop—it took Me midnight oil to write that stuff.— To range from schwa and printer’s hook To circumflex.a . you shmo. OOPS! YOU ALMOST PICKED UP THE CHECK! “I’ll pay for lunch this time.b .b .a . Coquille Saint-Jacques? . .

b . in my hair. . 24 .A². down to cases . . Gets on the ball (I’ve hardly started yet). in a sweat .A². . repeated alternately as the last lines of the succeeding stanzas. it’s sure as sure can be I’ll pay. the picture . concluding stanza repeats the opening of the first line of the first stanza. . Prince. Get gets my number. gets by.b. gets a rise out of. . gets it in the neck. Gets after. “We’ll finish with .”) But having lunched with you before. I’ll stay With toast and tea. A bit complicated. .A². So sedately do I lie On the hill in Graveyard Square. Me off. for entremets? . The last line of the sixth. With Haut-Brion? . reassuringly: “I’ll pay for lunch. . gets set. . It is made up of five tercets and a final quatrain—a total of nineteen lines. I’ll pay for lunch this time. The Rondeau Redoublé The rondeau redoublé has five quatrains of four iambic pentameter lines each. a threat. .” (I bet!) “And then . Words to Rhyme With Get gets a wiggle on. . gets me in a fret. gets unbearAble . . Chateaubriand? . . . . gets square. say Mousse? Or Crêpes Flambées? And Café Filtre. Gets wind of . The way The record reads. in my hair. . after Pousse-café?” (Again you murmur. . . gets ahead.” The Villanelle Villanelle is the diminutive of a Latin word for “rustic. gets rare. . .” and the form was first used for country songs. gets it in the neck. . . to first base . . . . the third line of the first stanza as the last line of the fourth. . . words in edgewise . Get gets along. Get even gets the clothes I wear.A¹. Gets wise to. You bet. . Get gets off easy . a . . me down . perhaps. . marvel at all these: the get of get! GRAVEYARD SQUARE None recalls that I am there. or Foie de Veau Sauté? Escallopines de Veau? . and the fourth line of the first stanza as the last line of the fifth. Get gets the ax . and count my cash. GET THAT “GET”! Get gets around.A¹. a move on . Lines one and three of the first tercet are refrain lines. A². gets set. . with a sixth of three iambic pentameter lines followed by an iambic dimeter. gets there. gets lost. marvel at all these: the get of get! Get gets my back up. The treat’s on me. . gets here. back at . . . a . a -b . but fun. . Get also gets the air. . . even with. Get gets off easy .b . .b . Gets better . Or Haut-Lafitte? Feel free: I’ll pay for lunch this time. The final four-line stanza closes with the two refrain lines. gets off the ground. The following rondeau redoublé runs through several idiomatic uses of the word “get. sometimes gets unfair. tells me where I get off. . gets met. gets wet. . Gets on my nerves . . The first of the following villanelles is in trochaic tetrameter. gets the gate. . back at . . The first line of the first stanza recurs as the last line of the second. Get gets around. Get gets around! Get also gets the air. gets me into debt. Get gets the worst of. a . a . Get gets a load of. Quiche? Fruits de Mer? .A¹. .INTRODUCTION “Délices de sole. in a pet . the second in dactylic tetrameter. . . The rhyme scheme is A¹ . . Prince. . . Paillard de Boeuf Vert-Pré? . . Gets after. the second line of the first stanza as the last line of the third. The jump on . . Filet mignon? Or Demi-Grain Grillé? . . the feel of . . .b . . . .

B. diaphanous as air. the kyrielle consists of any number of four-line stanzas. sense is silliness these days— To God the praise. Minerva popped out of a migraine chimere. but hear no reply. WAS BACCHUS A BOIL VEXING JUPITER’S THIGH? TO GOD THE PRAISE Never emberlucock or inpuregafize your spirits with these vain thoughts and idle concepts. Gargantua. . For she sees little hope for me. When I was new and young and dense. (Was Bacchus a boil vexing Jupiter’s thigh?) Jehovah shaped Eve from the rib of her guy. I laid the world out to renew. The rhyme scheme is a -a . which originated in medieval France. I love her still: Love unrequited ne’er decays. wax formed in Gargamelle’s ear? (And where did we hail from ourselves. But. To God the praise. To God the praise. (And where did we hail from ourselves. My wife and I do well agree.b . . “My! Some gossips may hint that a swan has been here!” (And where did we hail from ourselves. part of a short liturgy used especially at the beginning of the Mass in the Eastern and Roman churches. Was Bacchus a boil vexing Jupiter’s thigh? And where did we hail from ourselves. Unsuspecting how I spy. The future is mist. you and I? The Kyrielle The kyrielle. the first three lines in iambic tetrameter and the fourth (which is unchanged throughout the verse) generally in iambic dimeter. While Venus from foam undertook her career. —Rabelais Was Bacchus a boil vexing Jupiter’s thigh? . And there is much in what she says. Snake and mole and hare go by On the hill in Graveyard Square. you and I?) A heel burst its blister for Roquetaillade’s cry. Earth. No Jack more dearly loved his Jill Than I loved mine. 25 . and there it lays— To God the praise. Their obsequies my spirits raise— To God the praise. Opens heaven to my eye: None recalls that I am there. The words are repeated several times. you and I?) With myrrh bark the dad of Adonis did lie. INTRODUCTION We call for the Author. Often used in hymns but by no means confined to them. and the past is unclear. I laid it out. From nurse’s old slipper did Crocmosh appear. Cherubim raise wings in prayer. is from kyrie eleison (Greek. None recalls that I am there. They urged me on to exercise. Leda clucked. My friends deplored my want of sense.Words to Rhyme With Tranquil is the mouse’s lair In the moss above my thigh. you and I?) When I was keen and young as you. Each intent on his affair. Confounded by my flabby thighs. None recalls that I am there On the hill in Graveyard Square. “Lord have mercy”). (Was Bacchus a boil vexing Jupiter’s thigh?) When Castor and Pollux hatched.

if not tonight. so here it is. but there was a specimen in my files. pray you never Turn to “lovefish. and five in the third. poached in parsley”! Menus offer “love-maiden” just to render Mudblower tempting. Harmless. while the fourth pairs a dactyl and a trochee. during which it stood still. I shall be Stuck. grunt. or aftersong. thy button burneth bright. when thy rising I entreat. Today any dignified lyric may be styled an ode. head Up. and praise to luck!— (Though well I know that presently. No more. an antistrophe. A lesser lover would be miffed To step in lift. who flourished around 600 b. There is no rhyme. ’Twixt Six and Seven. seven in the second. had a strophe. viperfish. gag. honeyfish. I sense too late the empty draft. And praise to God. I hear thee coming! Praise to thee. From Japan: The Haiku The haiku is a Japanese verse form of seventeen syllables making three lines. Slightly squiffed. Drain not for me the hemlock cup. Anon—perhaps when clappers smite Noon. during which it moved back to the right. the National Marine Fisheries Service is seeking to make the names more attractive. care-free mudblower. providing there is constant progress in the stanzas toward a conclusion.c.) Thy door slides open. —The Wall Street Journal Toadfish. croaker. SCRATCH THAT MUDBLOWER. The following verse is not dignified. dear love.INTRODUCTION Words to Rhyme With But I adjure thee from the dead— When next I press thy button. To the Japanese it is an allusive 26 . unrhymed. and an epode. with five syllables in the first. There is nothing to prevent you from developing a rhyme scheme for your own sapphic. the ode. safely swimming. hogsucker. upsy-downsy sweet. it is an ode simply because I chose to name it so. Ratfish. A signal thou wilt be here soon— If not today. The first three lines are now variant trochaic pentameter (the third foot is a dactyl). rush past my feet Down! Behold. No tears for me I pray thee shed. The Sapphic The verse form associated with the Greek poet Sappho. ONE LOVE-MAIDEN TO GO Research having demonstrated that diners will not order fishes with ugly names. and find but lift Shaft. so no example was needed in this book.. ODE TO AN ELEVATOR Capricious. From Greece The Ode In ancient Greece. spurned by humans— Keep those names! they save you from being eaten— Flaunted on menus. is a series of four-line stanzas. My patience with thy presence crown! Pray. during which the chorus moved to the left side of the stage. The form is traditionally without rhyme.

The Dream. and since widely imitated in both French and English. and also Love. and the Wind— The Dream.’s: High I. Too tenuous I find to prove The Sun. as is done here: INTRODUCTION And other matters of the kind I find are proven best in prayer. The meter and rhyme scheme are not fixed. A PEST IAMB. The most popular line is iambic tetrameter. Perhaps it isn’t Is at all. which often tells a violent story. may be related to the French ballade.Q. It is a fairly short poem. A Concept sub-atomical Too tenuous I find to prove.Q. *Frank Johnson says I have it backward.Q.’s write haikus.a . low I. And other matters. This goes for Hate. This goes for Hate. and the Wind.b. His soup was Virelaic. His Distych. the second and fourth lines of each stanza are repeated as the first and third of the next. Perhaps it isn’t Is at all. No man alive has seen its phiz. HAIKUS SHOW I. which is A Concept sub-atomical. This pantoum is in iambic tetrameter: CONSIDER NOW THE QUARK Consider now the Quark. tending to four-line stanzas. ANAPEST RICK BALLAD WAS (Or. The Sun. And other matters of the kind. used in the sad and fictitious tale about Rick Ballad that follows. From the East Indies: The Pantoum The pantoum is a Malay verse form popularized by Victor Hugo in the nineteenth century. and the fourth line of the final stanza is identical with the first line of the first.’s—no haikus. a Ballad in a Sad Cafe) Rick Ballad (God him pity!) Set out one night to dine. His Spondee was Alcaic.’S Haikus show I. I find are proven best in prayer. But the last time I dined with him he had lost more than a hundred pounds and was still losing. His cocktail. leaving much unsaid. the Doing. Consider now the Quark. rhyming a . but its temperament is Scottish.Q.Words to Rhyme With form.* Local Products The Ballad Some English-language verse forms have kissing kin but no sure forebears in other languages. the Despair. Low I. the floor of his office was said to have required a series of reinforcements. the Despair. The stanzas are indefinite in number.b . which Is. for instance. the Doing. Perhaps they do not use it in jest. being His. Ditrochee.Q. as a result of restricting his ingestion to a mysterious white powder stirred in water. the Shadow. When I first met the real Rick Ballad he was considerably overweight. His entrees in this verse are all of prosodic origin. and also Love.’s try haikus. 27 . the Shadow. The ballad. Dipodee. His menu was a Ditty In Galliambic line.

Venus and Adonis stanzas now employ a variety of poetic lines. a rain Of smarts . So. Legs under-tucked in grief . “And Double the Refrain. developed by the poet for the Faerie Queen.b . Enlarged unendingly an Enjambe-ment of waist. Szysigium to taste. dying. SHELLEY Now may the heavens open up. and wallowed. And Chant Royal with cream—a Bucolic Diaeresis. three old sea deities of Greek mythology named Pephredo. gray matter . and pour Into the desert of my mind. Robe like a door ajar . is made up of eight lines in iambic pentameter and a ninth in iambic hexameter. A REFLECTION THAT BORROWS TROPES FROM CURRENT POEMS The Graeaes’ dreadful eye gets twenty-twenty On Aesculapius’s chart.b . “Ballade too.c.c.c . 28 *Aesculapius. While Trochee and Molossus Still down his maw were packed till He out-colossed Colossus.INTRODUCTION He took a pinch of Rhythm. .b . and Enyo. .c . their shape was that of a swan. insights that might be meaty. if only a tooth were provided for chewing them. .b . poor Ballad fell. Of Ode and Dithyramb. You have probably read. if that is the word.b . “two and two make four”— A drench of brain! What wit bloomed here before some early drought Parched it out! The Spenserian Stanza The Spenserian stanza.” Verse Onomatopoeian. but sees plenty: Streaked-yellow urine dulling in the sky . twigs stripped in rain . which they passed back and forth. The Venus and Adonis Stanza Shakespeare wrote Venus and Adonis in a series of six-line stanzas rhyming a . .a . . His Tercet was a salad Of Sonnet and Cinquain. breasts brushing by . .) Words to Rhyme With I HAVE LONE AND LEVEL SANDS OF MY OWN. Their hair was gray and straggly from birth. poems that seem to suffer the ailments of the Graeaes: blindness the blacker by contrast with isolated flashes of vision. son of Apollo.c .a . Though the prototype was in iambic pentameter. . He flavored Terza Rima With Pastoral and Thesis. . . (Colossus fell. He ordered baked Sestinas. . by the Graeae sisters. as I have. And mixing Rondeaus with ’em He seasoned his Iamb. Still Ballad gorged on Dactyl. . rhyming a . . . The example below was inspired. was the god of healing and doubtless practiced ophthalmology among other specialties. . left unswallowed His final Villanelle. And half-baked Doggerel. He licked his Lyric clean as A Sapphic Kyrielle.” ordered Ballad.* That eye Must serve for all three sisters. too. Deino. . and they possessed among them but one eye and one tooth. And.

and seventh lines of the octet are iambic tetrameter. dear Canio. and often by their ribaldry.” is now any mournful poem. consists of two couplets of uneven length and scansion. . but cannot inform the brain— The Graeaes shake dim heads. sixth. The intent is humorous.a . “My lydy friends yawn W’en I ’as ’em on. was popularized by Edward Lear in the nineteenth century. More often it is attributed to the refrain “Will you come up to Limerick” (an Irish county and city). though perhaps associated with a medieval Latin verse form. the first line referring to some individual and the remainder reporting on him (or her). (From some folks. second. The rest of us nodsky. some speculate that the name corrupts Lear-ick. said to have been sung between extemporized verses at convivial Irish gatherings. and the result often (but. Saluto-te.) The Clerihew The clerihew. third. Here the first. To prove clothes make the man (io). Asimov. But w’istle w’en I ’as ’em off. As ’is trousers ’e started to doff. second. Limericks are judged by the elegance of their structure. and the rhyme scheme is a . the wittiness of 29 DON JUAN AT COLLEGE Don Juan Carried on Till they switched him from Biology To Abnormal Psychology. fifth. Past master of the thread-and-needle art! You’re called aloft. Sure embonpointal swell. The third and fourth have one iamb and one anapest each. FOR ISAAC ASIMOV. You never failed. and fifth lines have three feet each—an iamb and two anapests. There are five lines. created at the dawn of this century by the English journalist Edmund Clerihew Bentley. first “a poem composed in elegiac couplets.” The Elegy The elegy.a. Said.b . Unhid henceforth must be my slow. ELEGY FOR MY LATE FRIEND AND TAILOR. Yet I am comforted to know That God is tailored well.b . not always) funny. Saluzzi. as with the limerick. However dropsical his lower part. to furbelow Our Lord Emmanuel. the fourth and eighth are iambic pentameter. and pass it round again. INTRODUCTION their conceits. especially one lamenting the dead. The sestet alternates between iambic tetrameter and iambic trimeter.Words to Rhyme With Sees plenty. The Limerick The limerick. The first. CANIO SALUZZI As spread my waistful span (io). ON JOSEPH BRODSKY’S CONTENTION THAT NINETY PERCENT OF THE BEST LYRIC POETRY IS WRITTEN FOLLOWING SEXUAL INTERCOURSE A poetry writer named Brodsky Came up with this theory oddsky: The best odes to sweetum Emerge post-coitum. WHO NEVER THOUGHT OF HIMSELF AS A COCKNEY A Cockney named I. Your camouflaging suits (zi) My ev’ry bulge confute (zi).

INTRODUCTION INCIDENT IN A WORLD SERIES GAME Babe Ruth Generally told the truth. . wrote the first examples. each line a double dactyl. Words to Rhyme With Animal arguments Anthropomorphical Were not persuasive to Alice at all. . a name. except that the last line of each stanza is truncated. I scarce recall. impractical in English The epigrams below are intended not to instruct but to amuse. Hecht. The third. LOOKING GLASS LOGIC Tweedledum Tweedledee Alice in Wonderland First she was tiny and Then she was tall. *A poetic foot of four short syllables (pyrrhics). Not I! I left when you began to tell the truth: Truth comes too dear for coinless youth to buy. The Epigram An epigram is a pithy saying in either prose or verse. A DOUBLE DACTYL FOR HECHT. . Nonsense syllables make up the first line. I SCARCE RECALL I scarce recall when first you said hello. Chain Verse Chain (or echoing) verse repeats sounds in a fixed pattern. The Double Dactyl Perhaps half a century after the invention of the clerihew it was joined by another new verse form. fifth and seventh develop the theme. . so long ago . . and lie in wait for hapless flies.) Flies time so fast? Why is it I can know No more that lying lovelight in your eyes? I scarce recall . with John Hollander. ECT. Why’s wisdom executioner of youth? You thought I left because you lied. 30 .* Then I’ll admit you are Better than me. The body should always be little and sweet. By lies I might regain you. A translation from the Latin describes it this way: The qualities rare in a bee that we meet In an epigram never should fail. . (Spiders so Sew webs. a single word. “Hello!” said I. Although . the double dactyl. and the fourth and eighth are rhyme lines. When he pointed over the wall That’s where he hit the ball. and Mr. It has two stanzas of four lines each. . the sixth. A golden time. before I grew too wise. too young to realize Lies were your vade mecum. it was so long ago . after all. Scribble a dribble a Hecht on you Hollander Pascal vobiscum you Lyrical three! Write me a poem in Proceleusmaticus. Anthony Hecht and Paul Pascal developed the device. And a sting should be left in its tail. The following sonnet returns to the last sound of each preceding line in the first sound of the next. . the second.

* Love’s lost its glow? No need to lie. my pet. as is the case with most of the verses here. Orange Oblige Word Play in Rhyme All poetry. But. As mentioned earlier. The four engineers Wore orange Brassieres.Words to Rhyme With TO A YOUNG POETESS You’re beautiful. Would wink men up the stair. Procrustean (Impossible) Rhyme There are no conventional rhymes for many words. to split a word in two for a rhyme (Procrustean verse). old and ugly. That’s what war Is for. Now. along with many that I have not mentioned. love your neighbor’s wife. it is frequently possible to rhyme them by the method Procrustes used on his victims—stretching them if they were too short to fit his bed. When the purpose of the exercise is simply to amuse or divert. Every rhetorical device. God!— How your iambic feet Plod! INTRODUCTION requires word play for maximum effectiveness. I think its name Is Russian Roulette. it is permissible to mispronounce. just tell me “go!” And I’ll oblige. ON AN AGING PRUDE She who. and indeed all verbal communication— 31 *This rhyme would not have worked before women began moving into jobs once reserved for men. from metaphor to hyperbole to tmesis. . Month It is unthinkable to find A rhyme for month Except this special kind. when young and fair. to rhyme one word with two (mosaic verse). even the most serious—not to say all literature. you’re sweet. however. locks The door where no man knocks. THE UNRHYMABLE WORD THE RHYME MACAULAY TELLS US Macaulay tells us Byron’s rules of life Were: Hate your neighbor. and lopping something off if they were too long. Here the chopping process was used: PAMPHLET FROM THE RIGHT TO LIFE FOUNDATION To abort little Willy Is silly. and to use any of the other devices that follow. LOVE’S A GAME Love’s a game Indeed. is word play.

pots. I might distil Verona’s silver Beauty in a word. You ******* my willingness to bother. She added lovers not as you and I add. For me a kiss **** Holy Grail. but by aggroupment. spot. stop. With a few exceptions. must act old-maidish! He **** for gold. and grab ’em by the scrotum. for I foresee You’ll leave the ******* to me. By ones or twos or threes. As I for ale. post. When youths strolled by she’d note ’em. Here is a nursery rhyme redone as a doublet: 32 . being amorously matchless. Hence this sad ode. Our discombobulated Ariadne No longer swoops in love from bower shadowed. yet she must stay dull! With all that fire inside. Needs quantity to show her what the French meant By “Vive la difference!” When doomed to catch less. youths pant galore. and makes some available that otherwise would have no rhyme at all. She was the cypress grove’s most active dryad Until she pulled a tendon. Of that has he. I’ve **** of this. Anagram Verse Anagrams are words which. And (quite unlike a proper blushing maiden) Would downward swoop. my rhyming list does not include mosaics. He’d go cuckold To **** a fee.INTRODUCTION THE UNRHYMABLE WORD THE RHYME Words to Rhyme With (A dryad. form other words. increases the rhyming potential of many words. The anagrams: opts. She sits above and poultices her bad knee. the match of one word with two or more. Now I *******. PRE-PARENTAL PLAINT When I ******* to be a father. How sad for one who’s wantoned from the cradle! No more a light of love! No more a gay dish! Below. HOW ARIADNE BECAME DIFFERENTLY-ABLED The dryad Ariadne used for play den A cypress tree. They flocked to sample what that dryad’s swoop meant. praised.) Silver If Pegasus Were but a bus That any man could board. The Doublet Doublets are variants of anagram verse built around a series of missing words of which each differs from its predecessor by a single letter. despair. She’s very apt to die of the retrenchment. by rearrangement of the letters. tops. The last word of the series contrasts in meaning with the first. The missing words: aspired. They can be the basis of puzzle verses: DRINKING SONG Mosaic Rhyme Mosaic rhyming. diapers. ****! I wist (And I’d **** bail) He’d pay fourfold To be like me. however. Yet.

in. Preys. REALLY Though *. Sunday final rites were said: Solomon Grundy. The missing words: born. string. holey. Or the process may be reversed. There’s but a ******** chance at best That I will pass my final test. Homonym Couplet Words that sound alike but have a different spelling and meaning are homonyms. An added letter makes the next word in the sequence.’ ” Here the verbal pair is a verbal quartet. In sinew) wait! Vow you’ve nipped apples of your own In sin! (You ate Your share. load. another variant of the anagram verse. Friday on the **** fell ill. and ***** all beasts be brothers. 3.Words to Rhyme With SOLOMON GRUNDY Solomon Grundy. well gone in gin. Art ****** pleased with thy lowly lot? 3. knew. 2. where is thy sting?” The string of wicked things I’ve done Makes sorting out my sins no fun. gnu. road. sting. posturing. wholly. For all my *********. I’ve mounting Concern about that Last Accounting. letters being rearranged as required to make each new word. prays. well gone ** *** may ****. “O tyrant Death. I’m bound!) Admit it. sporting. where is thy *****?” The ****** of wicked things I’ve done Makes ******* out my sins no fun. defines “ormonym” as “a verbal pair of charade sentences. he was ****. Saturday **** and signed his will. 1. Lord. as I. An ESPYramid: JUST BRAGGING. may sing. and the accumulation continues throughout the verse. Though I. New. in blood. Holy. Damned be that beast who. Tuesday orphaned. Ormonym Verbatim. “O tyrant Death. You are supposed to guess the homonyms indicated by asterisks in the following couplets: 1. Nor longer can (so tumid grown In breath. Gives ****** to God. gin. as ‘some others I’ve seen’ and ‘some mothers I’ve seen. born in a zoo. The missing words: I. And I wish that I knew what that *** *** ****. in pore. dead. Thursday ’neath his **** still bent. sing. the language quarterly. as he ***** on others. read. in pate. There’s but a sporting chance at best That I will pass my final test. Say. The verse in the clear: WANTED: AN UNDERSTANDING Insinuate That you. the first missing word consists of one letter. I met a wise antelope. 33 . lorn. Wednesday begged the **** relent. praise. **** man in thy ***** cot. sorting. impatient moan. going from a long word down. lone and ****. Monday ****. INTRODUCTION 2. mate!— In sin you wait. ESPYramids In ESPYramids.

Would you not cry. . Kindred next.” And all that happy night I found that Ann was right. TO AN IDIOT WHO SEES THE BEST IN EVERYTHING Would * saw proof of God’s restraint ** rank defects by Him deviced!— In ***. it becomes increasingly difficult to create a sensible line. and who. saw *****!— A ****. “Kiss not. zealous Quaker Who first yields Country.” used as a touch-typing exercise. No E: Said Ann. saw gold!—in snit. that the sound of the vowel has to be forgone. in every Antichrist! Pangrammic Couplet A pangram is a passage containing all twenty-six letters of the alphabet with a minimum of repetitions. weigh me not—no weigh. sir—any Would quickly turn to many. and there are few comprehensible pangrams of fewer than twenty-eight letters. a treasure underpriced!— Plain ******. ** daub of mud and sand!— ** *****. in this case e: BLESS THESE SHEEP Blessed Shepherd. It is almost impossible to create a sensible verse in that brief a compass. kerchoo. has thirty-five. No. I’ve mounting Concern about that Last Accounting. tin. A needless vowel this—it’s heard E’en when not written in a word. then Maker. Send them blessedness. This pangram verse has seventy letters: GOD BE HIS JUDGE God be his judge: that passive. in. star. Words to Rhyme With Univocalic Verse A univocalic verse restricts itself to a single vowel. Bless the shepherdess. in errant atoms!—and A Christ. Antichrist. ** every **********! The missing words: I. you must not survey. in. in. As in eschew. sir. Bless these sheep. in daub of mud and sand!— In trash. Send them sleep. ** errant atoms!—and * ******. .INTRODUCTION For all my posturing. No I: Why doth the eyeless fellow cry? . 34 . as you will see in three of the four verses below. charts. The verse in the clear: Lipogrammatic Verse A lipogram bars entry to some one of the five vowels. a treasure underpriced!— Plain charts. snit. saw gold!—in ****. Shelter send them. A Christ. As the number of letters shrinks. in. saw saint!— A star. No A: My weight. In trash. Gentle the bellwether keep. had you no eye? No U: Would I saw proof of God’s restraint In rank defects by Him deviced!— In tin. But that does not mean. “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. saint. no weigh.

read in sequence. flowers grow. Winter comes. not letters. so long as the pattern is consistent. anew. Cold from hot.) Limerick with Palindrome A palindrome is a passage that reads the same from left to right or right to left. motto. Zephyr’s scented art Dwindles rime and snow. but once you know it the message is simple to decipher. Zest as keen as this Pricks the sullen soul. Though the acrostic letters are usually the first in each line. ’ll Strike some as a trifle too formal. (You could waste a deal of time looking for the key here. a moment now. Something like a smile Shimmers in the dark. Some fanatics have written palindromes pages long. the palindrome takes up only the last line. though warm. are the acrostic units in the verse below. Simply replace the first letter of each line with Words. and read down. they may be anywhere in it. And ban it from the alphaboot. generally conveying little except perhaps a mood. Mark—the night is through. you have MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL. NOW. O’Neill. Memory must do. Though this magic be. PASSION’S A PERSONAL PERCEPTION Meg’s fashion in passion. by iron laws.Words to Rhyme With And drew. pause: Pagan. Under festive bough Nemesis has died. One is not Long here. Vast polarities Blend in vaster whole. Softly. I now declare this vowel moot. they read: TIME FOR WARM CLOTHES. Like or not. Brief. A LITTLE WHILE Now.) Acrostic Verse An acrostic verse is one in which certain letters. The acrostic below is a holiday greeting. chums. In this limerick. Mr. In a melted heart. INTRODUCTION the letter that precedes it in the alphabet. In the midst of a bout She’s been heard to cry out. Thumps old Sorrow’s side. From the care and cark. MAN: THIS LOOKS LIKE ONE LONG COLD WINTER. (If you take the first word of each line one after another. Clothes in grace Man and maid. and interview. “La. Joy. FORECAST: CHILLY Time befriends For brief space— Warm days sends. This I wot: Looks must fade. lie normal!” 35 . or message. form a name. a little while. bend your knee. Unbeliever.

and gray beak to tail. The Vison’s a mink with fur coats on its mind. The Mrs.! He. Yet I confess. also a sheep. mr. The Inia’s seven feet long—and a whale. killed his Mrs. With him to 4age. and so on through the twenty-six letters. The Lindo’s a tanager. I’ll bellow. kr. The Quica ’s a possum that sighs in its sleep. The Fitchet ’s a polecat you don’t want to own. The Koi is a carp from a Japanese bay. krs. Mr. dear lamb. The Addis. is a hawk. bright as the day. We’ll gambol back and 4th in glee. Dear ewe be9. and admission is a dime. thou’rt tied to me. mr. Orignal ’s a moose. If 5 thy heart. is nosed like a swine. say. can make lepers feel fine. UP-AND-DOWN COUNTING SONG Up Dear ewe. The blr. KR. badger. In 7th heaven I with thee Shall culmin8 our ecstasy. The Essling’s a salmon that isn’t full-grown. Until he kr. or beasts. kr. sr. with great antlers like saws. countries—and in some of the more difficult examples several items are named to a line. Abbreviation Verse THE MRS. The Dikkop’s a curlew with dikkopy squawk. MR. The Rosella ’s a parrakeet. rivers. The Pia ’s a rabbit-like creature that gnaws. The keepers sing in sonnets. Then how he mr. And 10der is the tether. or the Indian kite. The Tua ’s a bird that eats honey and jelly. The Balisaur.) Digital Verse A digital verse replaces suitable words or syllables with digits: THE ALPHABETIC CIRCUS WHERE THE BEASTS ALL SIT AND RHYME I’ll meet you at the circus where the beasts all sit and rhyme. The Hassar ’s a catfish that walks on the land. He covered her with krs. the crab-eating kind. Until he raised a blr.INTRODUCTION Words to Rhyme With Although (2 change my simile) It’s shrunk to 1 pin-feather. kr. Mr. a skink. Then how her Mr. From oath 3leased. I’ve 1 thee. love grows more free— Down 36 . kr. The Naja ’s a serpent that kills just for fun. we Shall 2tle through the fields together. kr. The Chil.! He kr. each with the same opening letter. (In the example below. the second with B. (and so on and on) Alphabetic Verse The first line of an alphabetical verse starts with A. The Gundi’s a rodent as long as your hand. The Urva’s a mongoose. mr. “Whee!” However 6 the weather. The verses are often lists—of flowers. check the second word rather than the first in each indented line. It may be. I 10d to see (When 9 no more am certain whether This herb we 8 doth still agree— Somehow it tastes less 7 ly) That class6 sense says thou shouldst flee (If 5 agreed) to new bellwether. The Jako ’s a parrot. The Simbil ’s a bronzy-backed stork with white belly. (A ROUND) The Mrs. Till she became his Mrs. With 3d and pipe we’ll jubilee. The Maha is monkey and deer—two in one.

I put her in halter. Encourage. that girl in Algeria. Zyzzogeton. a leaf hopper. That leads to sorrow. Vacates Evacuates? Now Calumnies is nursing Lies. For certain in a family way. Transgression called her daughter Sin. And Prattles’ wee one. EVE’S DREAM In your demeanor there’s a dream. and admission is a dime. but she was in hysteria. she Symbols and Signs Some signs and symbols are given exact equivalents in words. as in the instances that follow: WORDS IN LABOR I met some swollen words one day. So Rules from Regulates. her Hysteria. war Halter. The child of Jocularity Was aptly christened Joy. Parthenogenesis. And Matches’ child was Mates. Parthenogenetic Verse Some words contain briefer near-equivalents within themselves. a squirrel. Algeria. And all those nascent words in store Were carbons of themselves. letters from words are juggled to make shorter ones of different meaning. And Cut was Curtail ’s kid. What babe. INTRODUCTION So Rascal ’s from Rapscallion born. as fits a boy. Yet innocent as virgins. a part of Eden is Eden’s end. The letters of the shorter italicized words above are drawn from the longer ones. Container’s twins were Can and Tin. as you will see from the example 37 . While Masculine’s was instantly Named Male. Had stocked their inner shelves. They were indeed the spit Of their mamás. Rage safe in arms of Rampage lies. peace Wisteria. they swore. ends the affair. each given name Was ample proof of it: For Aberrate did Err produce. as Rest from Respite’s torn. These can be fitted into verses easily enough. Urge doth hug. And Slithered mothered Slid. Demeanor—dream Dreams—sad Eden—end Adam—mad IN-RIDDLE I was recently warned by a girl in Algeria There was peace in Hepaticae. And Utilize gave suck to Use. The Yabu’s a pony that’s bred for hard wear. dear friend. She wasn’t insane. girl Hepaticae. war in Wisteria. And Struggle mothers Tug.” The Xerus. resides on a bough. and appear in the same order. Below. I’ll meet you at the circus where the beasts all sit and rhyme. Dreams hold something sad: In dream. And part of Adam is mad.Words to Rhyme With The Wou-wou’s a gibbon that calls out “Wow-wow. Prates. The keepers sing in sonnets. Lo! when at last their babies came. As full of roe as sturgeons.

“I’ve no (*). It takes two words. And a to my end. for instance. my dear. Your situation’s normal: FUBB.INTRODUCTION below. my f Is to orbit towards F While R you pretend. I LOVE YOU TO ∞ (± A°) I am 7 and you are 6. or TARFU (Things Are Really Fucked-Up). is a vowel so unstressed that it loses its identity of sound. 38 . Some scronyms were not eligible for my rhyming list because they match only mosaic rhymes. Amorous war shall rage between us— War in which. “Stop complaining.” TYPESETTING TARRADIDDLE Friend John. or SUBFU (Situation Unchanged. Acronyms in Verse Many tantalizing acronyms (words formed of initial letters) can be matched in rhyme. Amorous war shall rage between us— War in which. It seems a shame that low poets cannot rhyme SNAFU (Situation Normal. or SAPFU (Surpassing All Previous Fuck-Ups). U∂. . phoenet∂c∂sts ∂gree Transmit a wide v∂ri∂ty Of aud∂ble ph∂nom∂na: A∂. Yet may. A 6 knows dissatisfaction A⇄ Since (as always in these wars) 6 → at last to 7: My ∑ of love you’ll give again × eight or ten. E∂. Whether the effort is worthwhile is another question. to rhyme POTUS (President of the United States): The opposition candidate Reviles the current POTUS And calls the union's normal state “The mess this POTUS got us. All Fucked Up). I∂. When asked why he had lately proved So free of caution and of fear. Of the acronyms in the fuck-up team that have come to my attention.” But many acronyms do make standard rhymes— the Federal Register alone must contain scores of them. Words to Rhyme With A schwa. A female knows dissatisfaction A reversable reaction Since (as always in these wars) Venus yields at last to Mars. bub. . indicated in dictionaries by ∂. as 7. THE SUSURRANT SCHWA The ∂ on his diurn∂l rounds Is min∂s all but min∂r sounds.” I LOVE YOU TO INFINITY PLUS OR MINUS A DEGREE I am Mars and you are Venus. I apologize. And opposition to my end. but a sizable number cannot. My sum of love you’ll give again Multiplied by eight or ten. Said. my function Is to orbit toward conjunction. Still Fucked Up). The fact is that I did not think of making a special search for acronyms until the book was almost ready to be set in type. While reluctance you pretend. only FUBB (Fucked-Up Beyond Belief ) lends itself to conventional rhyme: The Lord said. whose (:) was removed. O∂ . as male.

You mustn’t! Don’t you dare!— *But agenda. It isn’t quite as free as air. And yet of each there’s only one. You must not say: “This here”. . Wherefore rejoice. “Maybe me And him can come”. it. one’s acted on. “When we was three”. O Subjects of the Passive Voice! Grammar Verse Grammar. “That there”. offers fine resource material for light poetry (though perhaps one should avoid writing grammar verses when in a tense mood). like any lass. Are either is or are for lunch. well stacked. 39 . being of the lactic or mammalian sort. Or reel. A Congress of conger eels Is either are or is a bunch. it sets the mind ajar That species is and Species are. Are either is or are abhorrable. My erratum to errata. Phantasmagoria.* The opposite’s the case to greet us In propaganda and coitus. Why are nostrums then not nostra? Why speak I not then from rostra? Thus my datum grows to data. PECULIAR PLURALS How singular some old words are! I know two with no singular: Agenda. PLURIBUS UNUM SINGULAR SINGULARS.”. they. “He don’t. She’s acted on with her consent.) Subjects that commit an act Are Male. Nor is. THE ACTIVE AND THE PASSIVE VOICE One acts. though plural in form. Upon these never sets the sun. With bulging Biceps. ALTHOUGH INFORMAL SPEECH IS FREE (A RONDEL) Although informal speech is free. put this on your next agenda: Pudendum’s half of two pudenda. (I mention this re subjects of a sentence.Words to Rhyme With INTRODUCTION And virgin—till. she. No Kudos for this verse. takes a singular verb. A Shambles of new-slaughtered seals Is either are or is deplorable. Ultimata. one feels. likewise. Is either are or is in view. marginalia. This need not mean attractive (no!) but prominent. Pervades. yet never multiplies. For instance: The drunken Species homeward reels. O Subjects of the Active Voice! Not so the subject of the Passive Voice. due. a subject larded with oddities and vagaries. Child. ultimatum. it’s a fact That virile symbols make a dent In ladies who enjoy a gent. Strata pluralizes stratum. ’pon my oath. . The spelling of certain words ending in s does not change between singular and plural. are. both Are always plural. she is not corded round with massive muscles. “I don’t need nothing”. Wherefore rejoice. he. E.

” GRAMMATICAL USAGE FOR STOMPERS When stomping victims in a mugging. ‘Aren’t I’ makes me faint. Words to Rhyme With GRAMMAR IN EXTREMIS The vows that I exchanged with she Were broken soon by both of we.) (The third line of the above verse is from a prize-winning poem printed in the Pittsburgh Press. You laid sweet ambush to my brain: You lay. bien entendu). When asked if he had changed his mind On reaching birthday sixty-three. My tongue can’t handle ‘amn’t I’— I opt instead for ‘ain’t. “I increasingly perceive That I don’t believe That I don’t believe. My tongue can’t handle ‘amn’t I. lied. And “irregardless” gets the air. While I the laws of lie and lay Lay down. Where with a hundred lads you’d lain. but it contains the first words that used to be taught to students of Latin: 40 . The spine if he is prone. Lie down once more where once we kissed. To atheism long inclined. Here where you lay and lied. “I find that plus en plus Je ne crois pas Que je ne crois pas.’ Macaronic Verse A macaronic is a verse.’ And though I am a rugged guy. Said. “He done”. like this one. Replied. Here is the simple English of it.) TRIOLET IN PRAISE OF AIN’T My tongue can’t handle ‘amn’t I’— I opt instead for ‘ain’t. dear Kay. When asked about his point of view On birthday number soixante-trois. “Now you have did it!” must not be. laid one more lad prey Where with a hundred lads you’d lain.INTRODUCTION Although informal speech is free. that stirs two or more languages together for the fun of it: QUESTION DE FOI An aging Paris avocat (An atheist. It isn’t quite as free as air. with a rhyming change in the last three lines: A QUESTION OF FAITH An aging lawyer of Paree.” ON THE CORRECT USE OF LIE AND LAY Lie down once more where once we kissed. This is not exactly a macaronic. (The sacred love of you and I May also wither by-and-by. Attack the proper zone: The belly if the victim’s supine.’ Though ‘am I not’ is worth a try. You swore to lie with me for aye. “I seen”—another pair To sweep away with the debris (Although informal speech is free). Lie where we lay—and list.

and that any pronunciation accepted by any standard dictionary is legitimate. which rhymes with maugre (archaic in some senses and obsolete in others. that being the case. which rhymes with grummet. mauve. they are terminal sounds. obese.” Scores of words end in -lagnia. according to dictionaries which treat the i as a schwa. for instance. which rhymes with voguish. or by a consonant in one case and none in the other. Rhymes are not identicals. which rhymes with Betelgeuse. Here are some from just one rhyming dictionary—and a superior dictionary. at that: BAL'AN-SING BANGKMENT BEZLER DONA balancing. Among them are chaos. obeah. which rhymes with rove. Madonna. pork. Remember that many words have more than one correct pronunciation. which rhymes with dauphin (and. ogre. or a priest of it.) Back to identicals. donkey. which rhymes with gamboge and sauce. INTRODUCTION (It is even more curious that this same list of unrhymables includes other words that in fact do rhyme—among them avenge. that are preceded by different consonantal sounds. H bilge bulb coif cum cusp doth film fugue gulf. coffin. consummate. with often and soften as well). which rhymes with chuckled.) A recent rhyming dictionary aimed especially at lyricists similarly lists legitimate rhyming words as unrhymables. which rhymes with toss. One of my favorite handbooks for rhymesters points out that its list contains the following words that “have no rhyming mates. to find that many rhyming dictionaries list identicals as if they were rhymes. which rhymes with fork. and am grateful for valuable entries that I might have missed otherwise. which rhymes with niece. bourne. which in one accepted pronunciation rhymes with mourn and in another with horn. donna. porch. torture. If you find me saying a word has no legitimate rhyme. counterbalancing. but they do not appear here because -lagnia has no rhyme. prima donna Caution: Identicals Do Not Rhyme In preparing Words to Rhyme With. but these suffice for my point: if you are doubtful. roguish.Words to Rhyme With A CLASSICAL EDUCATION The Latin teacher need not explicate Amo. which must bring golden oldy to the mind of many lyricists. (Many more unrhymables that in fact rhyme might be cited. and even moldy. embankment bezzler. which rhymes with torch. the words are in the list at all: aitch. which rhymes with honky. engulf month morgue peart poulp scarce spoilt swoln sylph torsk twelfth plagued. cuckold. which means erotic arousal.” But it does not explain why. forge. I compared my word lists ad nauseam with those in comparable books. make me prove it. check. which rhymes with gorge. which rhymes with Laos. but absolutely valid). meaning “a kind of voodoo religion once common in the British West Indies. beginning with an accented vowel. lounge. which rhymes with Stonehenge. unplagued warmth wharves wolf wolves 41 . but they are included in this book only because of the existence of one rhyming word. unbalancing bankment. overbalancing. rouge. It was puzzling. amas To Latin students who will conjugate After class. embezzler belladonna. Hundreds of words end in -phobia. which rhymes with scrounge. chartreuse. which rhymes with scorcher. however.

declivitous. monoepic. kindheartedness. currently. hardheartedly. cohesively dejectment. calibre. productile deductory. manuductory. intermediate. superinducement eminence. recumbency accument. incumbent. simpleheartedly bigheartedness. inducement. denouncement. heritance. recumbent. disaffirmative. uninquisitive elaborate. non-consular. Excalibur intercarpal. duckfootedness. pronouncement. reaffirmance affirmative. proclivitous consular. calabur. reaffirmative digastric. reproductory deducement. simpleheartedness disinheritance. renouncement JUNGK'TIV-LĒ KAL'I-BER KARPAL KLIV'I-TUS KON'SŪ-LAR KOSTIK KRĒ'SHUN-AL KUL'CHER-IST KUM'BEN-SĒ KUMBENT DŪSMENT EM'I-NENS ENTRANS EPIK ETHNIK FĀ'SED-LĒ FĀ'SI-ENT FOOT'ED-NES FURMANS FUR'MA-TIV GASTRIK GRĒ'A-BL HAR'TED-LĒ KUR'ENT-LĒ KWIZ'I-TIV LAB'O-RĀT LAT'ER-AL HAR'TED-NES LEKTRIK LIS'I-TUS MĒ'DI-ĀT MIS'I-BL MORFĒ NACH'ER-AL NIF'I-SENT NOUNS'MENT HER'I-TANS HĒ'SIV-LĒ JEKTMENT . decumbency. superincumbent concurrently. carpal. orthoepic ethnic. zoomorphy natural. kindheartedly. clubfootedness. producement.INTRODUCTION DUKTIL DUK'TER-Ē ductile. lionheartedness. disjunctively. quadrilateral. subjunctively caliber. supernatural. holoethnic barefacedly. vice-consular caustic. inheritance adhesively. pro-consular. gastric. metamorphy. permissible geomorphy. supereminence entrance. munificent announcement. electric. judgment. inductory. injectment. plurilateral. floriculturalist. inquisitive. calefacient. procumbent. hypogastric. metacarpal acclivitous. rejectment 42 Words to Rhyme With JUJMENT adjudgment. downheartedly. unilateral analectric. disagreeable bigheartedly. secretional agriculturalist. introductory. dielectric. entrants epic. recurrently acquisitive. lionheartedly. splayfootedness affirmance. conjunctively. perigastric agreeable. decumbent. lateral. confirmative. confirmance. preternatural. lightheartedly. mediate admissible. costic concretional. disquisitive. idiolectric felicitous. unnatural magnificent. hardheartedness. inhesively. projectment. downheartedness. ejectment. inductile. horticulturalist. rejudgment adjunctively. prejudgment. liquefacient bigfootedness. apiculturalist incumbency. solicitous immediate. collaborate collateral. preeminence. multilateral. misjudgment. lightheartedness. shamefacedly facient. disaffirmance.

insentient. conceptional. pumice radical. pumace. precedency (these words do not rhyme with hesitancy. vitalize VĪ'TA-LĪZ adversity. VUR'SI-TĒ university VUR'TIZ-MENT advertisement. though I cannot guarantee. encyclical. transitive TRENCHMENT entrenchment. vice-regency deadripeness. susceptible foreshadowing. corruptively assentient. cyclical basilica. percipient SKRIP'SHUN-AL inscriptional. desipient. dissentient. polypetalous depositor. substructure. THER'A-PĒ hydrotherapy. eruption. tenuate TEN'Ū-ĀT autotherapy. protagonism TAG'O-NIZM atemporal. VIN'SI-BL convincible devitalize. expositor. radiotherapy. transcriptional SKRIPTIV descriptive. repugnant. incipient. silica 43 INTRODUCTION dissimile. passionate apetalous. radiate regency. invincible. revitalize. psychotherapy. unexceptional acceptable. compartment dispassionate. transpicuous SPONDENT despondent. receptible. SPIK'Ū-US perspicuous. extenuate. conscriptional. prandial appreciate. unrepugnant pomace. compassionate. presentient exceptional. circumscriptive SKUCHUN escutcheon. superstructure antagonism. petalous. consentient. facsimile. incompassionate. simile appercipient. impartment. scutcheon. postprandial. irradiate. ovipositor. sporadical. temporal attenuate. interruption. depreciate antiprecedency. trenchment VELUP develop. correspondent STRUKCHER constructure. structure. unscutcheon inconspicuous. perversity. envelop. deceptible. prescriptive. extemporal. corruption disruptively. overripeness. interruptively. TEM'PO-RAL supertemporal. conspicuous. department. balneotherapy. republican oppugnant. impassionate. diversity. totaler TŌ'TAL-ER TRAN’SI-TIV intransitive. compositor. unradical erradiate. insipient. retrenchment.Words to Rhyme With PARTMENT PASH'UN-IT PET'A-LUS POS'I-TR PRAN'DI-AL PRĒ'SHI-ĀT PRES'E-DEN-SĒ PUB'LI-KAN PUGNANT PUMIS RAD'I-KAL RĀ'DI-ĀT RĒ'JEN-SĒ RĪPNES RUPSHUN apartment. co-respondent. perceptible. disruption. that you will find no others either. underripeness abruption. ripeness. I hope. repositor. presidency) publican. underdevelop evincible. divertissement SIM'I-LĒ SIP'I-ENT RUP'TIV-LĒ SEN'SHI-ENT SEP'SHUN-AL SEP'TI-BL SHAD'Ō-ING SIK'LI-KAL SIL'I-KA You will find none of these identicals in my rhyming list. . theotherapy teetotaler. overshadowing. transpositor anteprandial. shadowing bicyclical.


or consist of only three syllables with the first accented (example: imMEdiate. Start by deciding which of these three categories fits your source word: where in it does the stress fall? Does it need a single. or a triple rhyme? Your target rhyme will be found in the part of the . according to where the stressed (or accented) syllable in a word falls. HARmony). 2. The traditional term for words that rhyme in this way is feminine rhyme. We will call the word you have in mind the source word. a double. Step 1: Determine the Sort of Rhyme You Need The rhyming words in this book are divided into three major groups. Triple rhymes: these are accented on the second syllable before the last. Double rhymes: these are accented on the syllable before the last. or consist of only two syllables with the first one accented. Single rhymes: these are accented on the last syllable. or consist of only one syllable. The traditional term for words that rhyme in this way is dactylic rhyme. such as incendiary and stipendiary. 3. The order of the groups is as follows: 1. The word you are looking for is the target rhyme.How to Use the List of Rhyming Words T his step-by-step guide will acquaint you with the organization of this book and show you how to find a word that rhymes with the word you have in mind. The traditional term for words that rhyme in this way is masculine rhyme. The list of triple rhymes also contains a few longer rhyming words that are accented on a syllable earlier than the second before the last.

adore family. represent the sounds of words. 46 Step 3: Determine the Sound Pattern That Follows the Stressed Syllable of Your Source Word Proper rhyme in English consists of three things: matching stress (which you determined in Step 1). The letters and combinations of letters in bold caps in the list below. swaddle Ē as in beet E as in bet Ī as in kite I as in kit ÎR as in ear Ō as in coat Ô as in caught O as in hot OI as in joist ŌŌ as in chew OO as in foot OU as in out Ū as in cute U as in cut. for ladder or automatic you need a double rhyme. without initial consonants. the stressed syllable is fod. Example: if you need a rhyme for fodder. This is not always the same as their spelling. you need a triple rhyme. for droopier or Canadian. given in the order in which they are listed within each division: Ā as in gate  as in air A as in pat Ä as in part. This requires understanding how consonant sounds are organized in each major section of this book. Words to Rhyme With if there are any. For example: if you need a rhyme for hat or embrace. matching vowel (which you determined in Step 2). you need a single rhyme. or O. and matching terminal sounds. which we will look at now. ph Sounded as in boy. Step 2: Determine the Vowel Sound Your Rhyme Begins With Each of the three major divisions in this book is ordered according to the beginning vowel sound of the stressed syllable of rhyming words. and the vowel sound is “short o”. Here are the symbols that represent all the different stressed vowel sounds in this book. the rhyming part is od. Chop off the consonant sounds at the beginning of that syllable. enchant day. The Spelling of Consonant Sounds in Words to Rhyme With Sound symbol B BL BR CH D F Consonant(s) it can represent b bl br ch d f. ambivalent black brand. aphasis . curt You have already isolated (in Step 1) the stressed syllable of your source word. English has only five vowels (six if you count some uses of Y). and stressed vowel sounds are one of the things that determine whether English words rhyme. just as the vowels noted above. ambrosia chart.HOW TO USE THE LIST OF RHYMING WORDS book with the rhymes that match your source word. Familiarize yourself with how these letters represent English sounds. as it is represented in this book. Then you can locate the vowel sound you need to look under. but it has many more vowel sounds.

jingle. agley great. awhile ingest. these threaten thwack treasure. dissolve.Words to Rhyme With The Spelling of Consonant Sounds in Words to Rhyme With Sound symbol G GL GR H HW J K KL KR KW L M N NGG NGK P PL PR R S Consonant(s) it can represent g gl gr h wh g. k chl. kitten chlorine. kl chr. cr. shame scout. mn. alchemy. admissible gnostic. between various. entreat twaddle. inspissate still strong phthisic. jest cat. abhor white. psychology. kraken quit. cl. skirt scribe. exert ingenue *See the section on page 51 on The NG Sound for a fuller explanation. n ng nc. ps. s HOW TO USE THE LIST OF RHYMING WORDS The Spelling of Consonant Sounds in Words to Rhyme With Sound symbol SH SK SKR SKW SM SN SP ST STR T TH (as in thin) TH (as in then) THR THW TR TW V W Y Z ZH 47 Sounded as in good. resolve. unyielding zeal. klieg Christian. kn. insure. mnemonics. nx p pl pr r c. crest. meteorology receipt. zinc* passage. toil thin. repel implacable. athirst then. ch. ptarmigan. allow mayhem. nk. one young. pleasant prominent. j c. s. improvident raffish. nothing anger. digress happy. invest won. hankie. clatter. t th th thr thw tr tw v w y z. requite lengthy. sh sc. song Consonant(s) it can represent ch. ss. sk scr squ sm sn sp st str pht. subscription squiggle smattering sneer spacious. ago glorious. . knowledge. kr qu l m gn. x g Sounded as in parachute. pt. s. congo bonkers.

treated strictly. is correctly accented on the penult (that is. for instance. the second to the last syllable). Italic is also used in two other cases. we find that the vowel. But it can be “forced” into a single rhyme by pushing the accent forward: On winter evenings. and so is a double rhyme. (in our example. or if you are reasonably sure that one exists and you don’t find it in the place you expect. both of which also indicate that the word is not a perfect fit for the rhyme category where it is listed: (1) An italicized word may be included in a category of rhymes because its common pronunciation. this way: Words to Rhyme With Finer Points The method just outlined should enable you to find a rhyme for any word you know in this book— if there is such a rhyme in English. is followed by the consonant sounds der. under the mother rhyme IFT in the single rhymes section. After the initial rhyme—the one that begins with only a vowel sound if there is one—the other rhymes are listed in alphabetic order of the initial sounds. To return to our example word. fourth appears under the mother . you can look for your target rhyme under the mother rhyme that you have identified through this three-step process. which represents the English word odder) it is relisted as the first of the subcategories. (2) An italicized word may appear under a vowel that is similar to its opening vowel. snowdrift is listed. even though properly it requires a double rhyme under a category ŌDRIFT (which doesn’t appear. which in this case are represented just as they are spelled: DER. the sound pattern ODER without any initial consonants. If the mother rhyme happens to be a word itself. hors d’oeuvre is listed under the URV category (even though the French sneer at this pronunciation). 48 Thus. All of the words under a mother rhyme rhyme with each other. A heading such as ODER in this book constitutes what we call a mother rhyme. In the double rhymes section then. especially if. cannon fodder Cape Codder. since there are no perfect rhymes for snowdrift in English). fodder. in italic. ODER ODER DODDER FODDER KODER odder doddr fodder. look for the group of words under the combination of sounds ODER. don’t get squiffed: You may wind up in a snowdrift. you see that there is a section for them. though not strictly proper. if any. the word would have no rhymes. O. PRODER. and SODER. The word snowdrift. “sound out” the rest of the letters. down to PODER. the consonant sounds are ordered as they are given in the consonant table.HOW TO USE THE LIST OF RHYMING WORDS Now. if you will: the children consist of the possible initial consonant combinations (see the consonant table) combined with the mother rhyme that correspond to English words. Following are some of the finer points concerning the rhyming lists: these points will come to your aid if you don’t find a target rhyme. Just as the vowel sounds are ordered as they are listed in the vowel table. Italic Most words in the list that are italicized appear that way for this reason: the normal stress has been either advanced or put back by one or two syllables to force a match with others in the category. Mother rhymes are the chief means used for organizing groups of words that rhyme with each other. beginning on page 314. as above. For example. codder and so on. makes it a candidate for rhyme: thus. that follow the stressed vowel in your source word. Each mother rhyme broods over a clutch of children.

InKommodation. pie-faced. intimidation. paper-faced. See the note about pronunciation. dirty-faced. ingravidation. W weasel-faced. initial letters facilitate the location of rhyming words in the subcategory. -less. D defaced. incommodation. those beginning with the “hw” sound (like whey-faced ). SH shamefaced.and end with -dation. are listed at HW. FĀST A angel-faced. e. FR freckle-faced. not C. F faced. All six words begin with in. Dictionaries indicate this vague sound by a schwa. and so isn’t in the book). HW whey-faced. it should occur under the category ŌRTH (which has no English rhymes. P pale-faced. smug-faced. Thus. -fully. -ment. inTimidation. not alphabetical order: they appear in the same order as the rhyme categories in the lists (which follow the tables you have already looked at. pimple-faced. represented 49 Inflections Listing all the regular and predictable inflections of English words among the rhymes in this book . V vinegar-faced. lily-faced. inGRavitation. Therefore. furrow-faced. BR brazen-faced. H hard-faced. unshamefaced. -let. Long Entries Where a group of rhymes runs over ten or so entries. words formed by the addition of suffixes -ed. these DĀSHUN words beginning with I: I infeudation. M mottle-faced. wizen-faced Locating Polysyllabic Words The rhyming element of a word establishes its mother rhyme and subcategory. Take. o. R refaced. B baby-faced. pippin-faced. barefaced. E effaced. baldfaced. inUndation. i. apple-faced. There are no separate listings of verbs with the archaic suffices -est and -eth (runnest. PL platter-faced. Here is an example of how the system works. Do not get caught up in analyzing whether forth and fourth (for example) really have different vowel sounds! This will not help you find a rhyme. T tallow-faced. bold-faced.Words to Rhyme With HOW TO USE THE LIST OF RHYMING WORDS would bring about more damage to forests than inspiration to poets. not W—even though many American speakers today do not distinguish between words beginning with w and wh-. inValidation. -ful. KL clean-faced. -er. and its opening sound dictates its general position within the subcategory. or -ous to other words are not separately categorized. An entry directs the reader to the appropriate rhyme category to do his or her own suffixing. inundation. above). -ish. dish-faced. -ing. L lean-faced. SM smooth-faced. puddingfaced. Unstressed Vowels Most unaccented syllables in English words are so lightly stressed that their vowel sound is not readily distinguishable. In that case. runneth) rhyme ÔRTH because. or u. does not reveal whether the second vowel is an a. But where a subcategory is a long one with long words. for instance. hatchet-faced. invalidation Note that the words are listed in sound order. J Janus-faced. for example. though such plurals appear as rhymes for other words. horse-faced. pickle-faced. The rhyming list seldom has categories confined to plurals formed by the addition of -s or -es. doughfaced. strictly speaking. the specific position of a word depends on the overall sound of its nonrhyming part. below. plump-faced. The pronunciation of mammary. TR triple-face U undefaced. several of them may have the same opening sound. two-faced. pug-faced. Their sequence within the list is determined by the opening sounds of the syllables in between: inFeudation. words beginning with a hard “c” (like clean-faced ) are listed under K.

that your source word is hobbit. Check the other vowels that might spell the unstressed vowel. To help you find these. there are 50 In general. Take. under ODES. and you may consider some of the words listed in different categories to be perfect rhymes. if you look for bodice under ODIS. and you turn to OBIT. the spelling of the heading changes accordingly: ŪSIJ usage If a word ends in a schwa followed by -l. the vowel is usually dropped from the phonetic listing altogether: ODL MODL TODL model toddle Near-perfect Rhymes The classification of vowels in this book is fairly strict from the point of view of many American speakers. not a schwa) goes into the phonetic heading unchanged: BRŌŌTISH brutish DEDHED deadhead When an unstressed vowel has a pronunciation not usually associated with it. for example. the vowel chosen to represent schwa for any particular rhyme is the one with which most words in that category spell the sound. which attempts to be more spelling-friendly. the mother rhyme . In this book. a single handy vowel (more often than not. for instance. you will find ODIS (See ODES) and. goddess These rhymes are listed under OLIS (rather than OLAS or OLES) because the majority of words in the category use ‘i’ to spell the unstressed vowel (which in all cases is pronounced as a schwa). A vowel that is unstressed but distinctly pronounced (that is. even though it may be represented by different vowels in some of the words themselves. Suppose. E) is used in each phonetic head or subhead of the rhyming list to represent schwa.HOW TO USE THE LIST OF RHYMING WORDS by the symbol ∂. BODES GODES bodice demigoddess. If you do not find a target among the rhymes where you would expect one. You will find OBIT (See OBET) and under OBET there will be the subcategories GOBET HOBET gobbet hobbit Words to Rhyme With OLIS FOLIS KOLIS POLIS SOLIS WOLIS ZOLIS follis torticollis polis solace Cornwallis Gonzalez Similarly. The moral is: do not despair if you don’t find a mother rhyme where you expect your target rhyme will be. chances are that the other mother rhyme contains words that will suit your purpose.

and also in words with an “nk” sound (as in words like uncle. Every effort has been made to designate trademark status by capitalization—or in a few cases. all of which are considered standard. And there is need Proper Names and Trademarks Words in the list with an initial cap may be any of the following: biographical or geographical names. Syllabification Single rhyme entries are all of one syllable. To accommodate all such localisms in this book would. cross-references at the end of entries to direct you to other lists of rhymes. and the other syllables are separated by a period (. some words therefore appear in more than one place in the rhyming lists. The NG Sound Though you may not note it distinctly yourself. so if you are looking for a rhyme for donkey (for example) and can’t figure out why there is no mother rhyme ONKĒ. There is no reason not to use a local pronunciation as a rhyme: fine poets have always done so. and so some standardization has been necessary. You may be able to notice the difference this sound makes by pronouncing thinking (where it is present) and thin king (where it is not). Here. under the category that you expect to find multiple rhymes for your source word.): JEL'US. for example. in your pronunciation. In order to answer to the needs of as many different speakers as possible. Steven. especially in informal speech. by following the idiosyncratic capitalization of the trademark owner—but words that have both trademark and common noun status are treated as common nouns. 51 . you find nothing but a cross-reference to another category: it will lead you to words that. is listed. or trademarks: no distinction is made among them for the purposes of rhyme. Some speakers. the question of whether the second syllable happens to begin with a consonant or a vowel is irrelevant. but of course may not be found in all of them—and may not conform to your pronunciation. This sound is always distinguished in this book by the combination NG. a recently discovered heavenly body. Here the rhyming emphasis is indicated by a prime mark (') following the accented syllable. . the only rhyme for Sedna. Unless italicized. Mary rhymes with airy. again. all the rhyme sounds listed in this book are accepted by some standard dictionary. KAL. and so for rhyming purposes. Many variants of pronunciation. thus no syllable break is shown here. proper nouns or adjectives.LĒ. as is Edna. Proper names do not appear in abundance as rhymes but are included wherever they supply a rhyme for another English word that would otherwise have none: thus. the emphasis is always on the first syllable. be somewhat disastrous for forests. This is the sound that nearly always represents the consonants “ng” in English (as in words with an ing ending). Pronunciation and Regional Dialects Dictionaries often give several pronunciations for the same word. In the double rhymes. JELUSLĒ (jealously) or THROPIKAL (philanthropical). are found in the United States. the only rhyme for even. merry. this is the reason: the category you need is ONGKĒ. The words within categories are not syllabified or phoneticized since the basis for rhyme has already been established. marry with tarry. jinx. and marry.Words to Rhyme With HOW TO USE THE LIST OF RHYMING WORDS to despair if. do in fact rhyme with your source word. say. and bunker). and merry with very. linguists and phoneticians distinguish a sound in English that they denote with a special symbol. give identical pronunciation to Mary. In the triple rhyme list syllabification is used to prevent confusion. THROP'I. as might arise with.


or words accented on the final syllable. Also called iambic. or masculine.Single Rhymes (Words of one syllable.) . rhymes.

chapeaubras. M misplay. soigné. birthday. Tuesday. ha-ha. estaminet. nae. archway. KW quarter day. dada. seinsemblers BRĀ brae. soothsay. headway. bombé. roturier. Récamier. SP speedway. working day. SL. Pelée. sley SPĀ spay. PL plissé. welladay. gateway. disobey. estray. E essay. piquet. bespray. beret. Beaujolais. N naysay. KR croquet. M Market day. bas. unplay. sommelier. O olé. U underplay. roman à clef KYĀ perruquier LĀ A allay. clay. per se. Dubonnet. R railway. F fairway. fey. tourniquet KLĀ bouclé. wellaway. rissolé. repray. gamay. San José ZHĀ Fabergé. negligee. cha-cha-cha DÄ andromeda. gray. entrée. P passé. bra. Midway. gay. Hogmanay. houdah. day. purdah DRÄ clepsydra FÄ apocrypha. sleigh. épeée. E embusqué. unsay SHĀ attaché. bewray. DNA. employeée. do re mi fa. outway. MW moiré. bobstay. distrait. T tokay. pathway. Wednesday. PL plissé. BR breakway. budgereegah. baa. Mayday. portray. windlestrae SWĀ sway. démodé. O overlay. photoplay. re. footway. P parquet. H hiphip-hooray. K cableway. plié. D D-day. Bombay. overpay. unlay. gangway. guideway. P Passion play. auto-da-fé. doomsday. gley GRĀ dapple-gray. slay. coupé. frae. overlay. someway. employé. consommé. rechauffé. unpray PYĀ croupier. respray. cruiseway. Lord’s day. I inlay. E expressway. featherspray. strathspey. stray. recherché. neigh. brochet. entremets. S sobriquet. majolica. U underlay. Parmentier. parfait. communiqué. Taipei. gourmet. obey BLĀ criblé. roué. TH that-a-way. moray. café. high-day. emigré. couturier. pay. matinée. repay. silica KLÄ éclat 54 . SKR screenplay. heyday. FR freeway. melee. soufflé FRĀ affray. U underway. fiancée. déraciné. outlay. mortpay. cliché. hay. driveway. TR tramway. they TRĀ ashtray. toujours gai GLĀ agley. N Norway. crochet. basilica. way. née. nay. under way. causeway. F fair play. M Malay. chevalier. B bidet. J Judgment Day. tideway. aa. roquet. Salomé NĀ acharné. Montgolfier. survey. W wedding day. ricochet. ka. hatchway. couturier. outstay. shay. jay. entryway. D disarray. B beray. X x-ray SĀ A assay. popinjay KĀ B Biscay. TH Thursday. distrait. R risqué. R ray. pavé. steerageway. cogway. motorway. nougat GLÄ verglas GRÄ paté de foie gras HÄ aha. touché SKRĀ scray SLĀ bob sleigh. strathspey SPLĀ splay SPRĀ auto-spray. Cartier. Bordelais D delay. chevet Ā Ā A. resumé. F forelay. cachet. weigh. pourparler. silver-gray GWĀ ngwee HĀ hae. cycle way. G green beret. bray DĀ A alackaday. estray. K cay. stowaway. da. Dégas. divorcée. holiday. toupée. KR Christmas Day. S settling-day. convey. Milky Way. hurray. KR crossway. Mandalay. D doorway. toupet. S seaway. H hearsay. roundelay. jackstay. D déclassé. névé. highway. flambé. SK skidway. O overweigh. PL playday. raisonné PĀ dead pay. sundae. sashay. L leeway. exposé. runaway. workaday. G good-day. betray.SINGLE RHYMES. STR straightaway. espasé. espalier. H halfway. R replay. tray. seventh-day. roturier. Coué. E everyday. PL play. pray. bah. Y yesterday DRĀ dray DYĀ boulevardier FĀ buffet. relay. W walkway. PDA. Santa Fe FLĀ flay. dossier. pis-aller. FR. sis-boom-bah BLÄ blah BRÄ algebra. aweigh. sternway. sachet. SH Ä Ä a. paté. upstay STRĀ astray. F fiancé. straightway. grandgoussier. spray STĀ astay. taiaha HWÄ Taniwha KÄ abaca. Broadway. H haole. S satyr play. H horse play. F firstday. backstay. subway. G Galloway. someday. W wordplay PRĀ bepray. R Rabelais. bokeh. byway. K cabriolet. hey. cutaway. lean-gray. TR trysting-day. aye. corvée. mainstay. M manqué. underweigh. la-di-da. weekday. P payday. underpay PLĀ B byplay. protegé BĀ bay. nosegay. oy vay. reveillé. P passageway. L lycée. roadway. KL clearway. velouté THĀ Cathay. volupté. H half-day. R retroussé. Gaspé. O okay. sciatica. outweigh. purvey. M matelassé. D display. mislay. épopée. interlay. G gainsay. L Labor Day. papier-maché. getaway. passepied RĀ A array. foul play. Friday. T today. couchée. PR presay. resurvey. Poobah. M midway. may. habitué. howdah. vertebra CHÄ cha-cha. fire clay. slipway. kantele. bouclée. yea ZĀ blasé. ST stage play. replica. stay. foreplay. fun play. forlay. bouquet. thereaway. plumassier. lamé. hey-hey HWĀ whey JĀ deejay. hooray. trey TYĀ métier VĀ inveigh. lackaday. ha. ga. fray GĀ assagai. Sunday. coryphée. Casbah. May. T takeaway. coulée. B belay. prepay. towaway. pipe clay. midday. N noonday. TSA WĀ A airway. outré. Olivier. B beltway. bey. dapple bay. THR throughway. massinet. workday. prey. ennuyé. M Monterey. baah. distingué. missay. defray. bridleway. margay. iron-gray. waterway. swing and sway TĀ tay. V virelay W waylay MĀ dismay. Jataka. foresay. GL glacé. Grand Marnier. F foray. wey YĀ atelier. au fait. runway. ST sting ray. ah BÄ aba. rokelay. Galway. S say. Ā Words to Rhyme With Chevrolet. P parlay. overstay. fa FRWÄ sangfroid FWÄ paté de foie GÄ aga. lay. métayer. forestay. pousse-café. distray. divorcé. hoddengray. macramé. U undersay. fay. I intraday. endplay. D decay. cloisonné. Ascension Day. DR. spillway. P purée. S soirée. ofay. L lai. I interplay. ST stairway.

S and H. aide. decayed. pasha. seacatch KLACH kaffeeklatsch. forbade. peninsula. grayed. t’a. hand-aid. unflayed FRĀD afraid. confab. PL plethora. orangeade BĀD bade. batch BRACH brach HACH hatch. mama. OO oolala. yassah. add -ed where appropriate. R Ra. undermatch AB AB abb. et cetera. oompah. incognita. qabbalah. unafraid GĀD brigade. yessah SHÄ padishah. tardigrade. ginger-ade. bayed. detached. Jah. GR grade. gambade.Words to Rhyme With KWÄ qua. taffeta. rah-rah SÄ sah. jade KĀD A alcaide. brayed. yah. renegade GLĀD everglade. Joab. aid. pyrola. D degrade. coffee klatch KRACH cratch LACH latch. baobab BLAB blab BRAB brab DAB bedab. BR brocade. padsamana. cosmolabe ACH BACH bach. unlatch MACH match. palama. automata. O opera. T taligrade. Panama. K cabala. prolegomena. N nebula. P palmigrade. arcade. wah YÄ ja. n’est-ce-pas. M mandragora. nuthatch KACH catch. T tarantula. obeyed BLĀD blade. K cade. regrayed. foster-babe. pas PWÄ petits pois RÄ A acara. F falcade. sporabola. ma. defrayed. retina PÄ faux pas. H Hegira. ta. S Centigrade. lemonade. Aceldama. lala. papa. patch. ratch SKACH scatch SKRACH scratch SLACH slatch SMACH smatch SNACH baudersnatch. BL blockade. Moab BAB bab. carnivora. tolpatch RACH rach. tab NACH natch PACH dispatch. crosspatch. hurrah. E escalade. Band-Aid. upbraid DĀD brandade FĀD fade FLĀD flayed. crosshatch. maa. tache THACH thatch ÄCH (See OCH) ACHT ÄB BÄB wooer-bab LÄB jelab SKWÄB squab SÄB SAAB SWÄB swab WÄB jawab (See OB) HACHT hatched TACHT attached. D decade. Mab NAB knab. yeah ZÄ huzza ZHWÄ bourgeois. cupola. cholera. dhabb 55 . phenomena. GBH PĀCH Pecs PLĀCH pleach ĀB BĀB babe. mismatch. soie TÄ Al Fatah. glade. quaa LÄ A alala. braid. Damascus blade. grandmamma. unbraid. quadrumana. R ranula. dab. estacade. SP spatula. FR frescade. V viola MÄ amah. rematch. co-aid. P parabola. F formula. ĀD DRAB drab FAB fab. scarebabe GRĀB outgrabe LĀB astrolabe. twayblade BRĀD abrade.) ĀCH ĀCH DH. shah SHVÄ schwa SKÄ ska SPÄ spa SWÄ peau de soie. B Belgrade. overmatch. detach.) ĀD ĀD ade. nah. K camera. regrade. joie (See Ô) SINGLE RHYMES. J genera. R rectigrade. ta-ta THÄ Golgotha TRÄ orchestra TWÄ patois VÄ baklava WÄ wa. pa. H holla. mamma. E ephemera. rah. potlatch. prefab FRAB frab GAB baffle-gab. waah. tarentola. B barricade. add -ed where appropriate. shooting match. TR tralala. snatch TACH attach. 4-H. abraid. yaya. ÄBD SWABD swabbed (See OB. appliquéd. Ptah. cinema MWÄ moi NÄ alumina. anathema. retrograde. B baccarat. coup d’état. firstaid. PL plantigrade. U ungrayed HĀD hade HWĀD wheyed JĀD bejade. taxicab KRAB crab LAB lab. pedicab. guarana. Skylab MAB mab. dragade. limeade. na. L last hurrah. ambuscade. L la. moonglade GRĀD A aggrade. grass blade. pah. nab RAB rab SHAB shab SKAB scab SLAB slab STAB stab TAB eartab. downgrade. taa. gab GRAB grab JAB jab KAB cab. semi-detached (See ACH.

unmade NĀD B bastinade. launching pad. shandy-gaff ÄD ÄD ahed. cockade. handmaid. E essayed. BR bridesmaid. underplayed. milkmaid. remolade. PR promenade. M mail-clad. roulade VĀD evade. jail-safe. tongue pad PLAD plaid RAD rad SAD dorsad. chamade NÄD esplanade. R readd. unspayed SPLĀD splayed SPRĀD besprayed. R raid. O ogdoad. E escapade. had KAD cad KLAD E y-clad. saraad SÄD façade. Petrograd. unforbade BLAD blad BRAD brad CHAD Chad DAD alidad. I Iliad. overpersuade. conveyed. housemaid. sunshade. sleighed SPĀD spade. unstaid STRĀD balustrade. see also OD. D dairy maid. unrepaid. P parade. promenade PÄD gallopade RÄD hurrahed. granddad. ST stockade LĀD A accolade. stayed. bondmaid. penny gaff. homemade. oeillade ZÄD huzzahed (See Ä. K cannonade. unplayed PRĀD prayed. unsprayed STĀD overstayed. reculade. Lusiads SKADZ scads (See AD. free trade. self-made. wellpaid PLĀD displayed. lancepesade SHÄD psha’d SKWÄD death squad. G Gilead. GL glacéed. O overlaid. carronade. CH chambermaid. neighed. estrapade. wade. undisplayed. G gabionade. unrayed SĀD A ambassade. Olympiad. L Lusiad. U unclad. persuade. superadd. delayed. shade SLĀD slade. M made. D dyad.) ĀF CHĀF chafe. purveyed. retrad trade KÄD falcade KWÄD quad LÄD ballade. R ready-made. adze. E enfilade. TR triad BAD aubade. fair trade. mad PAD footpad. add. N newmade. rodomontade TRÄD estrade VÄD couvade WÄD wad YÄD noyade. K chiliad. enchafe. sprayed. H heavy-clad. add -ed where appropriate. unlaid MĀD B barmaid. remade. Baghdad. laid. pesade. Leningrad. oread. SH charade. aubade HÄD jihad 56 . M myriad. reweighed. Medicaid. unlade. kneepad. passade. gaffe. safe. shoulder pad. octad. F fusillade. L lemonade. S serenade. P panade. M marinade. allayed. dad. H harlequinade. postpaid. M masquerade. add. U undismayed. unprayed. cottonade. U unassayed. sad SHAD shad SKAD scad TAD heptad. H hamadryad. P palisade. E ennead. R repaid. cephalad MAD hebdomad. helipad. U underpaid. nightshade. squad TÄD metad. played. stade. vouchsafe STRĀF strafe WĀF waif AF AF aff BAF baff CHAF chaff. plaid. N nayed. citronade. carbonade. P parlayed. M marmalade. GR grillade. bad. S sea maid. STR strephonade PĀD A apaid. bade. weighed (See Ā. spayed. O overpaid. U unarrayed. egad. T torsade. defilade. Dunciad. DR dragonnade. portrayed. strayed SWĀD dissuade. relayed. sautéed THĀD they’d TRĀD betrayed. cavalcade. pasquinade. J gingerade. surveyed WĀD overweighed. E esplanade. suede. ivy-clad. KL clad. undergrad HAD Galahad. meter maid. moss-clad. forbade. H harquebusade. I ironclad. L lade. P pine-clad. GW gwynniad. gad GLAD glad GRAD grad. AD cascade.) ADZ ADZ ads. remoulade. nursemaid. P paid. unweighed. dismayed. pad. H handmade. overplayed. B bewrayed. unsafe. F fanfaronade. KR crusade. hexad. I inlaid. relaid. glissade. Sinbad. Trinidad FAD fad GAD begad. U underlaid.) AD AD A ad. preyed. W winter-clad LAD lad. rayed. interlaid. T tirade. kamerad. ricocheted. assayed. FL flanconnade. pistolade. PR prepaid. Columbiad. gasconade. KR croupade. J jeremiad. staid. G gallopade. glissade. tad TRAD trad MÄD pomade. nomad. repersuade. serving maid. maid. add -s where appropriate. D deep-laid. R relade. DR dryad. Aids (See ĀD. rechafe KĀF kef SĀF fail-safe. N Naiad. ohed and ahed. overshade. estrayed. eyeshade. S saccade. unswayed Words to Rhyme With TĀD rodomontade. bedad. -ed where appropriate. resprayed. add -s where appropriate. P pomade. aoudad. swayed. oohed and ahed BÄD baaed. invade. unpaid.SINGLE RHYMES. GR grenade. mermaid. unessayed SHĀD crocheted. colonnade. cassonade. chiff-chaff DAF daff DRAF draff FAF faff GAF gaff. pervade. D disarrayed. escalade. O old maid.) ĀDZ ĀDZ aids. unpreyed RĀD A arrayed.

autoradiograph. cinematograph. F feedbag. paragraph. night hag. N nephograph. rowlyrag. middle age. wagwag. M macrograph. caraunograph. zigzag ÄG ĀG HĀG Hague NĀG fainaigue PLĀG plague PRĀG Prague VĀG stravag. opisthograph. hectograph. woodcraft RAFT raft SHAFT shaft STAFT overstaffed. stylograph. N needlecraft. mechanograph. O oleograph. telegraph. seismograph. anagraph. pneumograph. areograph. antiaircraft. W witchcraft. W windbag. overage. moneybag. mid-age. pictograph. monograph. ST stathmograph. D debag. handicraft. fish fag ĀGZ PLĀGZ plagues VĀGZ gyrovagues ĀFT CHĀFT chafed SĀFT vouchsafed STRĀFT strafed ĀJ ĀJ age. S saddlebag. hag. horselaugh. better half. F folkcraft. K calligraph. wigwag ZAG zag. T tachograph. epigraph. heliograph. cryptograph. half-staff. kymograph. choreograph. quarterstaff. Kaf. hellhag. FR phraseograph. jag KAG cag KRAG crag KWAG quag LAG jet lag. beanbag. understaffed (See AF. engraft. flagstaff. Falstaff. KR Chriscraft. redraft GAFT gaffed.) AG BAG B bag. M metalcraft. spectroheliograph. starcraft. seismograph. paragraphed. zincograph SKAF bathyscaph SKLAF sclaff STAF distaff. ĀJ AFT AFT aft BAFT abaft. allograph. tipstaff. ingraft. ST stagecraft. fag hag. shag SKAG skag SKRAG scrag SLAG slag SNAG snag SPRAG sprag STAG stag SWAG swag TAG ragtag. S serigraph. add -ed where appropriate. perigraph. lag MAG mag NAG Brobdignag. autograph. telegraphed HAFT haft KRAFT A aircraft. dictograph. actinograph. knag. ratbag. I ideograph. underage 57 . riffraff STRÄF strafe AGD (See AG. half-and-half KÄF calf. N nosebag. SP spectrograph. mimeograph. draught. ondograph. TR trigraph. daffed DRAFT draft. S seacraft. overdraft. stenograph. stereograph. telephotograph. hovercraft. Fort Bragg DAG dag DRAG drag. staffed. add -ed where appropriate. vague BLÄG blague PRÄG Prague TÄG qualtagh ÄF HÄF behalf. workbag BRAG brag. scalawag. photographed. eidograph. P postbag. H handcraft. frag GAG gag HAG demihag. GR graf. R ragbag. M mailbag. hydrograph. lithographed. PL pluviograph. polygraph. H handbag. holograph. sillograph. kindergraph. laugh RÄF giraffe. old age. gibstaff. E electro-cardiograph. SH shadowgraph. L lithograph. homograph.Words to Rhyme With GRAF A agraffe. R radiograph. flag FRAG defrag. wag. on the rag. spirograph. Z xylograph. old hag JAG adjag. FL fleabag. graphed. graph. myocardiograph. D diagraph. craft. cenotaph YAF yaff SINGLE RHYMES. understaff. half. graft. overdraft. nag RAG bullyrag. SF sphygmograph. logograph. wallydrag FAG fag. ungaffed GRAFT allograft. PR priestcraft. F phonograph. body bag. H hagiograph. kitbag. baffed CHAFT chaffed DAFT daft. cardiograph. pikestaff. K carpetbag. waitstaff TAF bibliotaph. restaffed. doggie bag. autographed. R rivercraft. shag-rag ÄFT DRÄFT draft. plowstaff. moon calf KWÄF quaff LÄF belly laugh. coronograph. melograph. KR chronograph. P paleograph. waft SAG sag SHAG abishag. mooncraft. rexograph. TH thermograph. electrograph. photograph. tag VAG vag WAG chinwag.) FLAG battle flag. B barograph. carafe. redraft KWÄFT quaffed LÄFT laughed WÄFT awaft. chew the rag. overstaff. epitaph. pantograph. myograph. rag.

partake. radiopaque RĀK afterrake. lampblack. tamarack.SINGLE RHYMES. B bivouac. op-ed page. honey cake. W waterbreak. Tarmac. yashmak NAK almanac. P pancake. K cardiac. lac. horseback. GR griddlecake. S seed cake. page. sheldrake FĀK fake FLĀK flake. rake SĀK forsake. milk snake. W woolsack AJ BAJ badge FAJ fadge HAJ hadj KAJ cadge ÄJ RÄJ raj (See ÄZH. coeliac. staged. back. shoeblack BRAK amphibrach. wapentake TRĀK traik VĀK thalweg WĀK awake. N knapsack. gopak. bootblack. sadsack. headache. bushwhack. OJ) ĀJD ĀJD aged GĀJD disengaged. sandak FLAK flicflac. N nymphomaniac. unpack. toothache BĀK bake. tetrabrach CHAK chak DAK dak. G gunnysack. heartbreak. break. wordbreak DRĀK drake. rampage. hardbake. M mailsack. F feedback. skyjack. leaseback. rack. Kodak. calpac. hayrack. quake. weather gauge KĀJ discage. hunchback. T tea cake. KL kleptomaniac. iliac. wake Words to Rhyme With sacroiliac. intake. macaque KLAK clack. outraged. lakh. Pasternak. unstaged SWĀJD assuaged WĀJD waged AK AK A aphrodisiac. Shadrach. W wetback. lumberjack. monomaniac. spake STĀK beefsteak. ST stickleback. Sassenach PAK backpack. P 58 . boneblack. sumac. sage. piggyback. cupcake. garter snake. rage SĀJ Osage. megalomaniac. H havercake. Dionysiac. M maniac. comeback. sack. B bootblack. rucksack. nievienievie-nick-nack. SW switchback. H hijack. water crake KWĀK earthquake. bellyache. Y yellowjack. GR greenback. gauged KĀJD encaged. K cake. rickrack. ribbon snake. raged STĀJD restaged. J jack. P pyromaniac. halfback. SPL splashback. coronach. O outback. flack. Dyak. piece of cake. FR friedcake. naughty-pack. engaged. K kickback. slake SNĀK blacksnake. fruitcake. DR drawback. BL blackjack. stage. sweepstake. retake. flak HAK hack. cutback. caged PĀJD paged. pinchback. L laid-back. symposiac. center stage. H hatchback. H haemophiliac. encage. tacamahak HWAK bullwhack. ladybrac. puffback. S sac. M muntjac. Z zodiac BAK A aback. Z zweiback BLAK black. N nutcake. hard hack. engage. quillback. hypochondriac. tumbak. J johnnycake. W wedding cake KRĀK crake. biofeedback. water snake SPĀK forespake. greengage. backache. anthropophage. cage. hardback. hoe cake. hopsack. robinwake. coral snake. shellac MAK Big Mac. O oomiak. heartache. J jailbreak. overtake. E egomaniac. whack JAK A amberjack. swage WĀJ wage (See IJ) parabrake. B bac. coffee-break. D demoniac. mack. L lunch break. sheik SLĀK aslake. ammoniac. serac. HW whipjack. bricabrac. clambake. M mossback. ack-ack. namesake. bibliophage. cornflake. pickaback. G giveback. S ĀK ĀK ache. leatherback. H handbrake. mac. plaque RAK anorak. pickaback. sea wrack. crack. AJ FĀJ alliaphage. windbreak. knack. grubstake. vealsteak STRĀK strake TĀK betake. presage. brach. R razorback. wrack SAK D doodlesack. kittiwake. firedrake. steak. rampaged. KR crackerjack. O ovisack. T tieback. bareback. unmake PĀK opaque. sunbake BRĀK B barley brake. KW quarterback. repaged RĀJD enraged. hake JĀK jake KĀK B beefcake. snake. forestage. fiddleback. uncage MĀJ mage PĀJ footpage. applejack. muckrake. earache. repage RĀJ enrage. humpback. take. mandrake. thundercrack. lack. N natterjack. crossjack. Kodiak. paedophage. mistake. undertake. theophage. ST steeplejack. mistake. SH shortcake. TH throwback. uptake. unsage STĀJ backstage. mudpack. coffee cake. reengage. downstage. Union Jack KAK ipecac. bacteriophage. K cul-de-sac. dieback. wool pack PLAK plack. gage. SK skipjack. xylophage FRĀJ saxifrage GĀJ disengage. seaquake LĀK lake MĀK make. sal ammoniac. paddywhack. stomach-ache. SM smokejack. FL flashback. upstage SWĀJ assuage. haversack. I ileac. dipsomaniac. on the make. O oatcake. amnesiac. insomniac. U upbreak. rewake. Pontiac. D daybreak. moonquake. D diamondback. BR brake. keepsake. R ransack. rattlesnake. SL slapjack. K canebrake. daypack. F firebreak. claque KRAK jimcrack. fullback. P paperback. GR gripsack. kulak. remake. outrage. FL flapjack. huckaback. shake. O outbreak. wisecrack KWAK quack LAK alack. gauge. H Hackensack. elegiac. snowflake FRĀK frake HĀK haik. stake. sake SHĀK handshake. L leatherjack.

F fairytale. hunchbacked. relax. aerial. SK skysail. SH shavetail. tresaiel. lax. DR draggletail. kale. unlax ĀL ĀL ail. coontail. inveil. ST staysail. hale. SW swallowtail. cottontail. dead pale. boreal. shorttail. M mainsail. ginger ale BĀL Baal. refract HAKT hacked. AL ĀKT (See ĀK. S sail. fingernail. styrax. stack TAK attack. ticktack THRAK thrack THWAK thwack TRAK backtrack. annual. teetertail. sealing wax. unhacked PAKT epact. distract. disentail dovetail. assail. transact (See AK. bestial. tacks. tattletale. F phantasmagorial. Saks. qualtagh WÄK Sarawak (See OK) AKS AKS ax. diluvial. jail. sheartail. sale. cocktail. thorax SAKS Sach’s. allodial. rail. ungaol. humpbacked. climax. reabstract SWAKT swacked TAKT attacked. unjail KĀL kail. taille. retract. deathpale. exhale. entr’acte. PR prevail. guardrail. recontact. enjail. rebacked. E entail. transact STRAKT abstract. slack SMAK smack SNAK snack STAK haystack. E effectual. retroact. coulibiac. bail. wale YĀL Yale ZĀL grisaille AKT AKT abreact. saddle-backed. nightingale. Balzac. detract. parallax. add -ed where appropriate. tesseract SAKT resacked. narwhale JĀL engaol. gaol. sliding scale SKWĀL squail SNĀL snail SPĀL spale STĀL stale SWĀL swale TĀL A aventail.) DRĀL drail DWĀL dwale FĀL fail. resale. wax ZAKS zax (See AK. hail. F foresail. gale. K countervail. add -d where appropriate. BR broadtail. unbacked BRAKT bract DAKT redact. sales tax. galingale. underreact BAKT backed. pickax. O outsail. S scissor-tail. W wassail SHĀL shale SKĀL enscale. retransact. D dictatorial. trail VĀL A avail. O oxtail. sidetrack. pail. bewax. yakkity-yak ZAK Anzac. swordtail. supertax. empale. act. fishtail. coact. bucktail. off-trail. excise tax. ponytail. forktail. merdaille MAKS anticlimax. diffract. enact. unattacked TRAKT attract. V vail. 59 . ylahayll. pale RĀL derail. intact. bale BRĀL brail. ethereal. earwax. TR trundletail. martingale. nail. protract. regale GRĀL engrail. tax. inexact. reenact. horntail. hyrax. toadflax JAKS Ajax LAKS Analax. fract. E envail. in scale. D detail. axe. impale. Muzak. fantail. contract. racetrack. wail. handrail. yack. B baronial. amatorial. U unveil. unpacks RAKS borax. toenail. grail. landrail. taffrail SĀL A a-sail. subtract. SPR sprittail. stoopbacked. tact. Slovak WAK Sarawak. hard tack. H headsail. sacks. hackmatack. L lugsail. sax. Lomax. Wac.) LĀL Hallel MĀL blackmail. treenail PĀL bepale. Betamax. P pigtail. curtail. inhale HWĀL whale. P paravail. minimax. tail. catophract. remail NĀL agnail. counteract. O overvail. coax. overact. tack. hangnail. V ventail. wracked. T tael. male. react. Holy Grail HĀL all hail. impact. undertax THRAKS anthrax. racked. pass-fail FLĀL flail FRĀL frail GĀL farthingale. H hairtail. flax. alluvial. fax. reattacked. smilax. telltale. W wagtail THĀL they’ll THRĀL thrail TRĀL entrail. B bangtail. thrax WAKS beeswax. boattail. track VAK Czechoslovak. K cattail. TR travail.) ÄK KÄK macaque LÄK lac RÄK Iraq TÄK chittak. in fact. Tay-Sachs SFAKS Sfax SLAKS slacks TAKS attacks. empyreal. betail. ferial. storax. asexual. underact. percale KWĀL quail AL AL A accentual. tract. tenaille. ale. vale. arboreal.Words to Rhyme With SHAK shack SLAK forslack. serail. thumbtack. I intervale. pact RAKT cataract. TR trysail. theodidact FAKT artifact. coattail. poleax DAKS addaks. Adirondacks FAKS facts. Waac. Halifax FLAKS flacks. wack YAK cattle-yack. eventual. antediluvial. dale. subclimax NAKS Fornax PAKS packs. tracked. mail. quardeel. ambrosial. surtax. scale. foxtail. battleaxe. yak. infract. untracked ZAKT exact. wholesale. income tax. contrail. veil WĀL bewail. bisexual. Chippendale. add -s where appropriate. monorail. TH thorntail. thumbnail. hightail. hobnail. contact. matter-of-fact FRAKT defract. repacks. R retail. canaille. pintail. Blue max. pax. Braille DĀL Airedale. ziczac SINGLE RHYMES. battleax. expurgatorial. R resail. extract. autodidact. fact. compact. SP spritsail. smokestack. cograil. sacked. tale. T topsail. bobtail. overreact. syntax. overtax. camail. unwax.

energetical. T textual. chronological. meridional. medical. individual. dropsical. microbial. ethical. parasitical. institutional. cosmetical. rhythmical. endemical. sidereal. heroical. nonsensical. vertical. sybaritical. historical. dominical. anthological. typographical. cardical. topical. regional. catholical. despotical. locale. atmospherical. finial.SINGLE RHYMES. characteristical. cylindrical. emotional. cordial. centrical. casuistical. conventical. gal. confessional. angelical. diaphonical. clinical. philological. Portugal. generical. devotional. satanical. industrial. rhapsodical. hexidecimal. P participial. exegetical. denominational. duodecimal. polygonal. lethargical. instructional. synchronical. periphrastical. evolutional. victorial. coxcombical. ministerial. trivial. SF spherical. juridical. M machinal. descensional. antarctical. encyclopedical. complexional. technical. P partitional. inguinal. diaconal. musical. dialectical. PR precautional. arithmetical. intercessional. shamal. R remedial. digressional discretional. perpetual. territorial. CH cherubical. mystical. FR fractional. consanguineal. matronal. technological. hermitical. polemical. iridal. impersonal. esthetical. fantastical. analogical. M magnifical. collegial. Hannibal. anarchical. pathological. E egoistical. veridical. practical. extrinsical. vestigial. quadrupedal. congressional. aesthetical. tertial. microscopical. conical. conditional. biological. reciprocal. consistorial. Pharisaical. dynamical. I immaterial. penological. TR transsexual. decimal. PR preceptorial. cartographical. colloquial. Eucharistical. chimerical. S sabbatical. intellectual. metical. marginal. I identical. L longitudinal. retinal. phantasmagorical. numerical. T tactical. tyrannical. grammatical. encomiastical. mutual. dipsomaniacal. missional. virtual. banal. inspirational. personal. diametrical. hypocritical. recessional. KR critical. climatological. GR graphical. E educational. Levitical. pedestrial. scenical. heretical. dogmatical. inimical. GR gradual. cubical. apostolical. conversational. sexual. astrological. symbolical. K cacophonical. infinitesimal. U uxorial. exceptional. chemical. eulogistical. unethical. diacritical. nonclassical. imitational. bureaucratical. punctual. misanthropical. alkalimetrical. incorporeal. maniacal. minimal. provisional. forensical. corporeal. O oneirocritical. patronal. farcical. sensual. piratical. cabal. vesical. periodical. P parabolical. technicological. lyrical. psychiatrical. arsenal. cryptical. episodical. climactical. V ventriloquial. mythical. hierarchical. proportional. heptagonal. F fanatical. oratorical. quadragesimal. demonological. novendial. R rational. H harmonical. conclusional. demoniacal. synonymal NAL A aboriginal. diagonal. emblematical. connubial. unusual. evangelical. rhetorical. metaphysical. diagraphical. Druidical. madrigal. immemorial. vertebral DAL antipodal. S sensational. M magisterial. botanical. biblical. synoptical. mythological. epithetical. communal. poetical. matutinal. epigrammatical. hypercritical. topographical. FR phrenological. pyramidical. G galvanical. alphabetical. euphonical. L lackadaisical. mercurial. biographical. SP splenial. pentagonal. pictorial. marsupial. O occasional. nominal. rheumatical. DR dramatical. U umbilical. S sartorial. notional. arsenical. psychological. continual. Methodistical. echinal. political. didactical. terrestrial. conjugial. cosmical. H hexagonal. physiological. H habitual. post-prandial. puritanical. conventual. anatomical. metrical. synonymical. alexiterical. acritical. inquisitorial. apologetical. KR criminal. peitistical. nautical. ironical. functional. original. dietetical. fictional. antiphonal. laical. immechanical. caracal. metaphorical. ineffectual. K casual. equivocal. seraphical. hygienical. millesimal. TH theoretical. ecumenical. N nectareal. seigneurial. BR Brahmanical. balsamical. visual. pyrotechnical. elliptical. parenthetical. pyramidal FAL apocryphal GAL agal. D deistical. Z zodiacal. democratical. bacteriological. J geminal. conventional. memorial. elegiacal. hernial. epidemical. tropical. dolorifical. patrimonial. zoological KWAL ventriloqual MAL animal. diabolical. SP spasmodical. methodical. congenial. perennial. hemispherical. caustical. synodical. octagonal. systematical. uncanonical. enigmatical. Senegal GRAL integral KAL A academical. F phenomenal. PR pragmatical. KW quizzical. menstrual. J genealogical. probational. germinal. B bacchanal. pneumatological. pathetical. physical. constitutional. archaeological. destinal. empirical. seasonal. exotical. majestical. optional. lachrymal. bibliophilical. V vatical. cortical. satirical. clerical. bibliographical. infusorial. erotical. schismatical. ethnological. basilical. testimonial. primordial. beatifical. PL platonical. idiotical. mechanical. ST stoical. atypical. cynical. hypochondriacal. hymeneal. Y usual BAL bal. intentional. dialogistical. N national. philanthropical. asthmatical B Babylonical. convulsional. sporadical. funereal. cannibal BRAL cerebral. N nymphical. alexipharmical. symmetrical. hysterical. etymological. ascetical. magical. K cardinal. optical. Hebraical. STR strategical. carcinal. purpureal. diplomatical. helical. TR tragical. logical. liturgical. paradisiacal. alchemical. insurrectional. algebraical. international. enthusiastical. codical. cyclical. vicarial. jesuitical. exoterical. illogical. residual. jovial. R radical. passional. encyclical. monarchical. D decanal. affectional. patronymical. soritical. I imaginal. progressional. J genial. prophetical. pharmaceutical. eccentrical. bacchical. finical. HW whimsical. imperial. antithetical. ethnical. emphatical. mathematical. philosophical. pedagogical. expansional. adhesional. doctrinal. problemati- Words to Rhyme With cal. medicinal. conjugal. egotistical. dialogical. cervical. commercial. pontifical. epical. synthetical. categorical. professional. barometrical. pedantical. interjectional. bibliomanical. typical. intestinal. vortical. divisional. processional. psychical. analytical. indigenal. electrical. hyperbolical. SK schismatical. Y euphemistical. 60 . gerundial. allegorical. KL classical. matinal. apical. photographical. KW quadrennial. initial. rationale. canonical. contradictional. esoterical. AL fiducial. Calvinistical. serial.

SKR scriptural. SH chapparal. principal RAL A admiral. milligram. add -d or -ed where appropriate. guttural. V vegetal VAL festival. corral. architectural. disfame. logogram. safety valve. goddamn. self-same. textural. quetzal SHAL seneschal. declaim. N natural. cofferdam. pedestal. P pangram. kame. peripheral. PR preceptoral. gestural. claim. am. overcame KLĀM acclaim. photogram. municipal. J general.) ĀLZ ails SĀLZ Marseilles. electroencephalogram. K cablegram. epigram. pictural. kilogram. counterclaim. telegram. wham-bam CHAM cham DAM Amsterdam. doorframe. madame. S centigram.) ALD BALD caballed PALD palled RALD emerald. B barogram. morale. pastorale. H hexagram. femoral. I ideogram. ham. sales WĀLZ Wales (See ĀL. name. M marital. G geyseral. ST stereogram. federal. carnival. littoral. E ephemeral. F phonogram. add -s where appropriate. rename. Birmingham. fame FLĀM aflame. parallelogram. FR phraseogram. nickname. forename. pastural. T tellural. K cantoral. shall TAL D digital. PR program. H horticultural. F falderal. mayoral. untame ALP ALP alp GALP galp PALP palp SKALP auriscalp. diagram. funeral. damn. candygram. I inaugural. hectogram. reclaim KRĀM crème de la crème LĀM lame MĀM maim NĀM byname. beldam. P palatal. sails. V vesperal. ST staminal. gamb GRAM A anagram. Taj Mahal KÄL jacal KRÄL kraal MÄL grand mal RÄL rale YÄL y’all ALT alt SHALT shalt ALV SALV salve VALV bivalve. mineral. whimwham ALT ÄL BÄL Baal DÄL dal FÄL rafale HÄL mahal. N nepotal. grande dame. histogram. milldam. dramme FLAM flam. anchoral. T terminal. ichnogram. Siam BAM Alabam’. travale SINGLE RHYMES. proclaim. tympanal. paragram. Sejm SHĀM ashame. V vaginal. arbocultural. frame GĀM endgame. agricultural. dram. Y urinal PAL Episcopal. D doctoral. E echocardiogram. tetragram HAM Abraham. pal. chronogram. L lexigram. sutural. postural. oriflamme FRAM diaphragm GAM gam. volitional. T tangram.Words to Rhyme With synchronal. circumlocutional. N nephogram. shame TĀM entame. SK skeletal. bam. Iamb. wargame ALKS FALKS falx. K capital. salle. flame. visceral SAL Provençale. gramme. M magistral. TR tragicomipastoral. lipogram. temporal. trigonal. carnivoral. torsional. valve. videogame. flimflam. inflame FRĀM airframe. came. supernatural. quitclaim. unname SĀM same. add -s where appropriate. misname. pneumencephalogram. Rotterdam DRAM drachm. game. H hierogram. catafalques KALKS calx (See ALK. AM ALK ALK alk FALK catafalque KALK calk TALK talc DRĀM melodrame FĀM defame. KR cryptogram. univalve ĀLZ ĀLD ĀLD ailed (See ĀL. sal. S several. P pastoral. M melogram. collateral. tame. choriamb. corralled ĀM ĀM aim BLĀM blame DĀM dame 61 . L literal. surname.) HĀM hame KĀM became. exclaim.) AM ad nauseam. sonogram. priming valve. GR gram. R roentgenogram. mensural. D dactylogram. aerogram. SK sculptural. viminal. dam. TR traditional. extemporal. encephalogram. visional. add -s where appropriate. scalp AM ALPS (See ALP. interval. Kayam. grandam. pivotal. disclaim. pelmatogram. O orbital. Nottingham HWAM wham. H hospital. electrocardiogram. virginal. chorale.

signal lamp PAMP slampamp RAMP ramp SAMP samp SKAMP scamp STAMP backstamp. water crane. tamtam TRAM tram YAM yam. wolfsbane BLĀN blain. campane. PR profane. lain. preordain. jamb.) AMD (See AM. bugbane. gas lamp. razor clam. marchpane. Duquesne. deign. Champaign. imam. membrane. drain. ram. counterpane. forebrain. malm NÄM withernam PÄM impalm. champagne. add -ed where appropriate. Sinn Fein FRĀN refrain GĀN again. Ukraine LĀN chamberlain. B biplane. campaign. jimjam KAM cam KLAM hardshell clam. Uncle Sam SHAM sham SHRAM shram SKAM scam SKRAM scram SLAM slam SPAM Spam SWAM swam TAM tam. lane. lamp. salaam MÄM hammam. cocaine. engrain. areophane. H humane. Cockaigne. embalm BRÄM parabrahm DÄM Madame GWÄM Guam KÄM calm KWÄM qualm LÄM Islam. deathdamp. damp. migraine KĀN arcane. choriamb GAMB gamb. interchain. ad nauseam BÄM balm. frangipane. SH Charlemagne. reordain. foreordain. romaine. stamp TAMP tamp. H hydro- ÄM ÄM ame. gain. H hydrophane. coordain. doorjamb. electric lamp. chokedamp. airplane. chatelaine MĀN A amain. inurbane. mud clam. I immane. Maine. CH chow mein. emplane. Mam NAM Vietnam PAM pam PRAM pram RAM battering ram. safety lamp. cane. cheong-sam. Aisne. pane. rechain. brain. enstamp. zam Words to Rhyme With ĀMD (See ĀM. J germane. regain GRĀN against the grain. grain. restamp. procaine. inhumane. M main. endbrain. henbane. steamer clam KRAM cram LAM lam. Cain. blackdamp. herbbane. feign. rhamn SAM Assam. disdain. chicane. jam. crossgrain. whitedamp. mundane. shazam. minedamp GAMP gamp. unchain DĀN Dane. intermundane. domain. featherbrain. chatelain. inane BĀN bane. littleneck clam. transmundane DRĀN braindrain. lamebrain. Davy lamp. palm SÄM psalm SKÄM scaum WÄM walm YÄM Omar Khayyam ÄMP PÄMP slampamp SWÄMP swamp (See OMP) AMPT DAMPT damped (See AMP.) ĀMZ (See ĀM. T ptomaine PĀN elecampane.) 62 . urbane. add -ed where appropriate. windowpane PLĀN A aeroplane.) AMP AMP amp CHAMP champ DAMP afterdamp. mane. ingrain. L lithophane. D diaphane. D demesne. eigne. hurricane. grosgrain. Omar Khayyam ZAM alakazam. scatterbrain CHĀN chain. ordain. lamb MAM ma’am. unclamp KRAMP cramp LAMP blowlamp. cowbane. ratsbane.) ÄMZ AMZ alms (See ÄM. sugar cane KRĀN crane. propane. enchain. vamp HWAMP whamp YAMP yamp ĀN ĀN ain. cinquain. delaine. L legerdemain. fane. add -ed or -d where appropriate. hindbrain. enjamb. softshell clam. guimpe KAMP decamp. demimondaine. ÄM JAM demijambe. procelain. S cellophane. marjoram. F fain. gambe JAMB enjamb RAMB dithyramb ÄMPT SWÄMPT swampt (See OMP. gaine. mortmain. Nizam. dithyramb. aquaplane. kadein. aerophane. ane. Samsam. E explain. clam. encamp. laine. subdrain FĀN A allophane. add -s where appropriate. fleabane. retamp TRAMP tramp VAMP revamp.) AMB AMB iamb.SINGLE RHYMES. pain. firedamp. add -ed where appropriate. Biscayne. M misfeign. midbrain. kerosene lamp. chilblain BRĀN brane. camp KLAMP clamp. add -s where appropriate. R remain.

gunman. dragoman. pegman. acid rain. began. tipman. batsman. curtein. P pan. F ferryman. K cocopan. KW quatrain. dolman. V volplane. I interreign. Koran. Zoroastrian. man. rein. townsman. hovertrain. Anglican. borane. khan. sane. batman. AN CHAN chan DAN echinidan. fugleman. bookman. linesman. vein. birdman. plane. coxswain. bandsman. suffragan. subterrane. G gangsman. bloodstain. TR triplane. billycan. Cornishman. seaplane. K contain. cayman. middleman. salesman. shipman. origan. KL clansman. pelican. seine. BR brakeman. Scotchman. DR draftsman. tubman. S sailorman. E entertain. nan. waterman. BR brainpan. clubman. amman. top man. FR freeman. juryman. PL playman. shandrydan. Northman. selectman. SK schoolman. pitman. coachman. G Gallican. CH check-rein. vane. sandman. Bushman. Saipan. pemmican. furan. R rain. roadman. Seine. I Isle of Man. cageman. merryman. M madman. countryman. M marzipan. Chinaman. S souterrain. V Vatican KLAN clan. thane. cowman. D dairyman. quatrain. AN AN an. strain TRĀN distrain SWĀN boatswain. GR groomsman. headman. kinsman. reman. aircraftsman. frontiersman. pursuit plane. TR tragopan. W warming pan PLAN plan. moraine. barman. Klan KRAN cran LAN gamelan. guardsman. L Lorraine. down train. dolesman. jibman. barracan. trainman. packman. train. herdsman. castellan. Iran. clergyman. sapan. P pertain. redan. guardian. lineman. vervain. ending in the final syllable -an. W warplane RĀN A arraign. R republican. K caftan. F fantan. watchman. SH Champlain. footman. rubican. trimaran. bailsman. hooligan. husbandman. Michigan. cabane. tallyman. plowman. checkman. P pecan. sampan. shoresman. T taipan. D deadpan. woman. O alderman. penman. tugman. toman. churchman. bellman. liveryman. overman. peterman. rifleman. signalman. tapeman. sain. veteran SKAN cat-scan. Pakistan. floorman. wing span STAN Afghanistan. constrain. boatman. SW swagman. tribesman. Bat Man. turbofan FLAN flan GAN Afghan. larrigan. V vestryman. almsman. Lutheran. panne. Irishman. B butane. yuan. ST statesman. Mohammedan. shopman. yeoman NAN Hainan. trepan. flyman. shoreman. freshman. chapman. TR tradesman. billman. Norman. hodman. artilleryman. M metropolitan. Sudan FAN fan. bondman. W wardman. wane ZĀN quatorzain. superman. H hardpan. ascertain. D detain. zain SINGLE RHYMES. barbican. Matapan. woodman. cogman. Roman. marksman. tearstain STRĀN Andromeda strain. Catalan. songman. outspan. campman. D Dominican. henchman. publican. dirgeman. Dutchman. kibblerman. Japan. oarsman. U unman. Republican. octane. P Pac-man. thegn TRĀN detrain. longshoreman. K cabman. infantryman. ran. showman. militiaman. V viceraine SĀN Hussein. Pan. PL plain. wain. SH Chopin. FL flagman. tupman. pleasure train. yeggman. U ugly American. F forane. B balmacaan. leadman. terrane. eyestrain. SK skiplane. span. K complain. overstrain. T ta’en. lockman. R retain. CH chantman. sustain. rodman. harridan. Milan. Englishman. M maintain. twain VĀN paravane. passman. oilman. Pullman. Mussulman. crewman. bondsman. sixain SKĀN skein SLĀN slain SPĀN Spain SPRĀN sprain STĀN abstain. randan. Caliban. foo young dan. horseman.Words to Rhyme With plane. tain. U ultramontane THĀN bower thane. N nobleman. SL slaughterman. uptrain TWĀN atwain. methane. tsigane. swordman. J gyroplane. wise man. Pontchartrain. landsman. minuteman. ptarmigan. wayman. jinrikiman. ranchman. M monoplane. etc. outran. M Mexican. merchantman. headsman. N Neapolitan. L lady’s man. rataplan. foremostman. T talesman. workman. tollman. foreran. yataghan GRAN gran HAN Han KAN A African. huntsman. Turkestan TAN B Bataan. stockman. medicine man. lighterman. KR craftsman. HW wherryman. ethane. ottoman. postman. J jampan. Hunan. bowman. Ramadan. Teheran. Norseman. midshipman. H hangman. reign. Klansman. milkman. life span. distain. cancan. mulligan. bankman. M mediterrane. spick-and-span. which normally carry the principal stress on the antepenult and a secondary stress on the final syllable. attain. O oil can. journeyman. best man. basilican. cosmopolitan. yulan MAN A adman. swordsman. Houdan. airman. deliveryman. KW quarryman. suzerain. iceman. Sedan. American. odd man. oppidan. SH chevrotain. Superman. I indican. FR frying pan. B Bahrain. wanigan. J gentleman. D darrein. restrain. dollyman. sportsman. Scotsman. S sextain. tailplane. K can. Yuan. weather vane WĀN Gawain. subman. bandman. R ragman. outman. distrain. merman. KL claypan. U unrein. cardigan. foeman. Tainan PAN B bedpan. oddsman. insane. entrain. spoilsman. wireman. multiplane. replan RAN Aldeberan. They become single rhymes if the principal stress is shifted to the final syllable: Acadian. carman. beadsman. leadsman.) BAN ban. soutane. S sailplane. messman. corban BRAN bran 63 . cordwain. P peneplain. millman. PR pressman. fireman. also-ran. drayman. astrakhan. Orangeman. quarteman. swain TĀN A appertain. ortolan. B backwoodsman. meatman. woodsman. Frenchman. N kneepan. abecedarian (see UN for additional words. T terrain. catamaran. Y yachtsman. bargeman. trencherman. tolan. overran. talisman. scan SKRAN scran SPAN inspan. fisherman. O obtain. vain. Welshman. dustpan. SH sheepman. SP spearman. spokesman. highwayman. BR bridle rein. seaman. bestain. Welchman. T taxiplane. dragman. switchman. helmsman.

newsstand. R rattle-brained. Samarkand KLAND clanned LAND A abbeyland. macan. bhang. gobang. analysand. lotus land. SK scatter-brained STĀND blood-stained. fang. Puritan. holmgang. rheotan. Greenland. serang SANG pisang. interrobang. farmland. Wotan VÄN pavane WÄN wan ZÄN Parmesan. P Powhatan. firebrand DAND dand. W waistband. midland. hothand. moorland. sumpitan. minute hand. spanned. hot-brained. nonpartisan. resang. Parmesan. O overland. ÄND (See OND) ANG BANG bang. countermand. I inland. withstand STRAND strand TAND retanned. fusain. banned. I imband. L longhand. summand. tisane Words to Rhyme With PÄNCH paunch STÄNCH stanch. M muddy-brained. confirmand. stablestand. SH shatter-brained. tanned. trepang PRANG prang RANG boomerang. oxgang. t’ai chi ch’uan BÄN autobahn CHÄN machan CHWÄN t’ai chi ch’uan DÄN maidan DWÄN macedoine GÄN tzigane KÄN Genghis Khan. upperhand KAND canned. KR crownland. understand. staunch (See ÔNCH) homeland. stand. pavan. grandstand. R remand. stained. E eland. caravan. H hand. T tan. pecan MÄN Oman. U unmanned NAND ordinand PAND expand. R rattan. meringue. puritan. F feather-brained. I ill-manned. bedstand. B borderland. relaunch. toman RÄN buran. partisan. sand SKAND rescanned. overhand. M mainland. washstand. Samaritan. goat gland. SW sweatband. L land. motherland. U underhand. H headland. untanned VAND revanned. suntan. unstaunched (See ÄNCH. handstand. unfang GANG gang. H hare-brained. E even hand. ptisane. noseband. DR dreamland. greensand. SP spaceband. T toyland. uphang HWANG whang KANG cangue KLANG clang. outgang. vanned ÄNCHT LÄNCHT launched STÄNCHT staunched. BR. yardang FANG defang. M manned.) ÄN ÄN liane. SH charlatan. courtesan. O offhand. gang bang. woodland MAND D demand. sirgang ÄNCH BLÄNCH carte blanche HÄNCH haunch KRÄNCH craunch LÄNCH launch. bellyband. cordovan. behindhand.SINGLE RHYMES. H hatband. Big Bang. S sacristan. overhang. BR bridlehand. harangue. ÄN O orangutan. repand PLAND planned RAND rand SAND ampersand. F fairyland. prison van. N never-never land.) AND AND and. add -ed where appropriate. soutane. slang 64 . shebang ANCH BLANCH blanch BRANCH anabranch. cattle ranch. forehand. branch. multiplicand. KW Queensland. Koran STÄN Turkestan SWÄN swan TÄN Bataan. Rio Grande HAND A afterhand. M master hand. S self-command. N neckband. siamang NANG Penang PANG pang. S saraband. armband. F full-manned. H half-manned. travelstained (See ĀN. lowland. van YAN shintiyan ZAN artisan. browband. luggage van. headband. W wasteland. Lapland. monkey gland GRAND grand. scanned. tisane (See ON) ĀND BRĀND B bird-brained. D Disneyland. Y Yucatan THAN than VAN divan. Iran. waveband BLAND bland BRAND brand. fatherland. no man’s land. TR trainband. R Rhineland. F fine Italian hand. R rainband. rebranch FLANCH flanch GANCH ganch LANCH avalanche RANCH horse ranch. D disband. bartizan. unhand. B backhand. caftan. reclang KYANG kiang LANG lang MANG mang. U upland. quicksand. heartland. kickstand. add -d or -ed where appropriate. panned. K contraband. Holy Land. BR brained. unscanned SPAND respanned. rang. inkstand. northland. hinterland. Chateaubriand. SH shorthand. wristband. refanned GLAND gland. sang SLANG boomslang. probang. topopolitan. unlaunch MÄNCH manche HANG hang. integrand. Lausanne. reprimand. B band. waniand BAND A aband. disbranch. ST stagehand. lampstand. GR grassland. four-in-hand. ranch SCRANCH scranch STANCH stanch DANG dang. K command. khan. unspanned STAND bandstand. deodand FAND fanned. gangue. S secondhand. breastband. second hand.

extravagance. D deliverance. irrelevance.) ANGKS ÄNG FÄNG yesterfang TSVÄNG zugzwang BANGKS banks. recognizance (See ANT. I inconsonance. jubilance. D discontinuance. shank. dance. embank. side glance HANS enhance. sheepshank. courting dance. frank. tap dance. water tank THANGK thank TRANGK trank TWANGK twank WANGK wank YANGK yank. petulance. add -ed where appropriate. tolerance. remembrance CHANS bechance. stance TANS A acceptance. sandbank. dominance.) THANGKS thanks YANGKS yanks. nonbank. R radiance. fer-de-lance. simulance. inelegance GLANS glance. unfanged (See ANG. rank SANGK sank SHANGK foreshank. recrank LANGK lank PANGK hanky-pank PLANGK gangplank. D disinheritance. chance. reconnaisance SKANS askance STANS happenstance. conversance. P permeance. scrimshank SHRANGK reshrank. range. mating dance. penetrance. avoidance. redshank. I inductance. outrance VANS advance. expectance. resonance. rearrange STRĀNJ estrange. mountebank. M maintenance. V variance 65 . sea tang. PR preponderance. enrange. orangutang. square dance. plank PRANGK prank RANGK disrank. lance. disarrange. malfeasance. pointblank BRANGK brank CHANGK chank DANGK dank DRANGK drank. yang SWANGK swank TANGK antitank. greenshank. inhabitants. demilance. T temperance. PR precipitance. I ignorance. remonstrance. barn dance. Frank HANGK hank KLANGK clank. folk dance. Yanks (See ANGK. O oscitance. exchange. sprang STANG stang SWANG swang TANG mustang. U utterance. appliance. N nance. F furtherance. defanged. H high finance. Fairbanks BRANGKS branks LANGKS phalanx. ANS BANS disturbance BRANS encumbrance. vigilance MANS manse. romance NANS A appurtenance. inconstance. insignificance. assonance. PR predominance. suppliance. remonstrance. perchance DANS ascendance. savings bank BLANGK blank. complaisance. mischance. death dance. R reluctance. fanged. conductance. shrank SKANGK skank SLANGK slank SPANGK spank STANGK outstank. outdrank FLANGK flank. E exorbitance. data bank. L luxuriance. pursuance. longshanks. R rance. irradiance. add -s where appropriate.) ĀNJ CHĀNJ change. add -ed where appropriate. I insouciance. circumstance. spindleshanks ANGD FANGD bi-fanged. preordinance. relevance ZANS defeasance. intemperance. K concomitance. sufferance.) ANGKT ANGK ANGK ankh BANGK banc. E exuberance. break dance. claybank. river bank. bank. tang TWANG twang VANG vang WANG burrawang YANG Pyongyang. hanse JANS allegiance KANS askance. add -s where appropriate. obeisance. reclank KRANGK crank. outrank. provenance. trance. Mont Blanc. shortchange GRĀNJ grange MĀNJ mange RĀNJ arrange. tank. nonchalance. inhabitance. enrank. protuberance. outflank FRANGK franc. prearrange. repentance TRANS entrance. sibilance. interchange. witch dance FRANS France GANS arrogance. complaisance. significance LANS ambulance. F finance. V vociferance SANS impuissance. intolerance. KL clairvoyance. sanct (See ANGK. stank SANGKT sacrosanct. H heritance. recalcitrance. sporange ANS ANS A anse. derange. K consonance. dissonance. puissance. R repugnance. hance. D discountenance. impedance. S sustenance PANS expanse PRANS prance RANS A aberrance. counterchange. lanx MANGKS Manx SHANGKS bonyshanks. issuance. S seance. misguidance. Yank SINGLE RHYMES. countenance. strange ANJ FLANJ flange GANJ gange LANJ phalange RANJ orange. O ordinance. G governance. elegance. S severance.Words to Rhyme With SPANG spang SPRANG resprang. K continuance. inheritance. perpetuance. country dance.

disputant. aunt. emigrant. nonchalant NÄNT revenant RÄNT courant. inconsonant. I imprecant. miscreant. confidant. puissant. add -s where appropriate. exorbitant. PR procreant. transplant RANT A adulterant. implant. V vegetant. consolidant FANT elephant. S sibilant. covenant. ÄNS Words to Rhyme With descant. imaginant. grand-aunt.) ÄNTS KRÄNTS Liederkrantz (See ÄNT. I important. great-aunt (etc. add -s where appropriate. celebrant. registrant. corposant ĀNT ĀNT ain’t DĀNT daint FĀNT faint. TR tremolant. coagulant. Corybant BRANT brant. incognizant. F figurant. reiterant. O officiant. courante. I inelegant. reverberant. penetrant. F fabricant. L lubricant. O osculant. L litigant. nonchalance SÄNS Renaissance TRÄNS outrance TRANT administrant. complaisant. relevant ZANT bezant. dissonant.) 66 . hierophant. M menstruant. hesitant. O oscitant. resuscitant. lance. K can’t. U ululant. FL fluctuant. scintillant. pickedevant. add -s where appropriate. L luxuriant. H horrisonant. Rembrandt CHANT chant. confidante. K cormorant. ’tain’t TRĀNT distraint ĀNTS SPRĀNTS spraints (See ĀNT. grant. comitant. plaint RĀNT Geraint SĀNT besaint. ensaint. selfrestraint. colorant. FL flagellant. greasepaint. unconstraint VÄNT cidevant. detente. K congregant. rente SÄNT croissant SHÄNT shan’t TÄNT debutant. L luminant. K capitulant. T tolerant. M militant. formicant. confidante FÄNT bouffant KÄNT can’t. insignificant. circulant. D depreciant. oliphant. protuberant. G grand-aunt. immigrant. E expectorant. V variant BANT bant. replant. pant. P permeant. O obligant. GR gratulant. irritant. STR stridulant. N nonchalant. hebetant. D decant. ANTS ANTS ants HANTS Hants PANTS fancy-pants. K combatant. G gallant. issuant. impuissant. T termagant GRANT block grant. significant. Protestant. recant. agglomerant.) ANT ANT A ant. triumphant GANT A arrogant. taint. integrant KANT A abdicant. cauterant. renunciant. S safricant. disenchant. fulturant. saint. itinerant. R revenant. F fulminant. R radicant. I insouciant. innovant. pants (See ANS. K conglutinant. refrigerant. T tintinnabulant. intoxicant. applicant. L lant M matriculant. E executant. unsaint STRĀNT constraint. V vigilant MANT adamant. feint HĀNT hain’t KWĀNT acquaint. exuberant. extant. D determinant. informant NANT A agglutinant. V vociferant SANT enceinte. figurante. desiccant. articulant. V vesicant KWANT quant LANT A ambulant. annuitant. R rant. M mitigant. resonant. dominant. dilettant. quaint MĀNT mayn’t PĀNT bepaint. slant TANT A adjutant. debutante. circumvolant.) DÄNT confidant. conversant. appurtenant. ministrant. irrigant. concomitant. Kant. irradiant. resiant. recalcitrant. pieplant. dilettante. irrelevant. congratulant. E elegant. otiant. postulant. M mensurant. extravagant. recusant SHANT shan’t SKANT askant. communicant. enchant DANT commandant. straint. alterant. J germinant. indicant. registrant VANT gallivant. seance BLÄNS vraisemblance FRÄNS France LÄNS fer-de-lance. supplant. depaint. I ignorant. add -s where appropriate. O obscurant. inconstant. consonant. Kant KWÄNT quant LÄNT gallant. intolerant. great-aunt (etc. askant. dodecant. sycophant. discolorant. levant. dilettante PLĀNT complaint. I illuminant. D debutante. R recreant. ameliorant. PR precipitant. restraint. deodorant. supplicant. E exsiccant. repaint ÄNT ÄNT aunt. S suffragant. cant. M mendicant. J jubilant.) ANZ BANZ banns KANZ Louis Quinze (See AN. resiccant. R regurgitant. complaisant. inhabitant. nuance. odorant. incogitant. H habitant. scant SLANT aslant. T toxicant. savant WÄNT want YÄNT ondoyant (See ONT) TĀNT attaint. ruminant PANT anticipant. Levant. corroborant. PR predominant. O ordinant. courante. discriminant. coruscant. albicant. R revelant. visitant ÄNS ÄNS insouciance. eggplant. petulant. assonant. enceinte. culminant. KR crepitant. see also ANT. plant. undulant. cumulant.). I impetulant. K continuant. ST stimulant. dedicant. courant. poursuivant. PR preponderant. cognizant. attenuant.SINGLE RHYMES. P periculant. D decolorant. Sacripant PLANT deplant. paint.

Medicare. SN snowcap. shipshape. inscape. TR trillionaire. catlap. HW whitecap. clap. N ne’er. HW whate’er. K cap. sedan chair. chare. rattletrap. restrap. mobcap. unscare SKWÂR foursquare. stopgap HAP hap. M mid-air. V vin ordinaire NYÂR jardiniere PÂR disrepair. wrapped STRAPT bestrapped. winesap SKRAP scrap APS APS apse CHAPS chaps. S SUN TRAP. slap SNAP resnap. shape. unsnare SKĀP escape. whensoe’er. Lapp. glair. flipflap FRAP frap. uncape KRĀP crape. videotape TRĀP trape ÄP (See OP) ĀPS NĀPS jackanapes TRĀPS traipse (See AP.) ĀPT (See ĀP. T square. hare. H handicap. recap. gap. doctrinaire. mayor. SK skullcap. scape. mare. naked ape CHĀP chape DRĀP bedrape. lair MÂR bêche de mer. crop share. genappe. tape. ere. collapse. lapse. bugbear. pear. tap. pair. K co-heir. knap. PR premiere. rape SHĀP misshape. U uncap. natal care. E entrap. overlap.) APT APT apt. K Camembert. hubcap. V Vanity Fair. gare GLÂR beglare. whatsoe’er. torchère SKÂR rescare. prickly pear. compare. unlap MAP photomap. lap. mishap JAP Jap KAP ASCAP. transshape. headsquare. restrapped. snare. old chap. unchapped DAPT adapt. red-tape. U underbear. unstrapped (See AP. TH thoroughfare. pettichaps HAPS haps. J jardiniere. skyscape. flytrap. blackstrap. I icecap. mohair. KW questionnaire. surnap PAP pap. wheresoe’er. W warfare. S savoir faire. maidenhair. whene’er. dewlap. watchstrap TAP heel tap. jockstrap. rapt. nappe. townscape. genipap RAP enwrap. impair. FL fleatrap. F fanfare. H howe’er. misfare. highchair. maladapt KAPT capped. scare. D debonair. thunderclap KRAP crap LAP burlap. mayhap. eclair. R rat trap. F foolscap. plowshare. flap. reshape. prolapse. nowhere. waterscape SKRĀP rescrape. flare FRÂR confrère GÂR gair. pare. T toecap. Ayr. welfare FLÂR flair. seascape. rocking chair. moss-capped. where’er. square. wheelchair. landscape. add -s where appropriate. unsnap STRAP bestrap. unstrap. au pair. grape JĀP jape KĀP escape. unfrap GAP agape. Kildare. prenatal care KLÂR declare. forage cap. Eir. retap. giftwrap. U unfair. everywhere. yapp ZAP zap ĀP ĀP ape. F firetrap. undrape GĀP agape. forebear. V vivandiere BÂR B bare. catnap. unwrap SAP homo sap. add -ped where appropriate. N kneecap. M misbear O overbear. relapse NAPS synapse SHNAPS schnapps (See AP. semordnilap. P percussion cap. M Mayfair. eyre. ÂR SLAP backslap. K county fair. resquare. heir. repair PRÂR prayer RÂR rare SÂR corsair SHÂR share. otherwhere KÂR aftercare. W wishing cap KLAP afterclap. reslap. unhair HWÂR elsewhere. shoulder strap. pushchair. horsehair. rap. F forbear. Aire. L laissez-faire. e’er. ST state fair. cape. sap. anywhere. crepe NĀP nape PĀP pape RĀP boomrape. cudbear. horsenap. funfare. dare. drape. portecochere. fare. THR threadbare. cloudscape. gape GRĀP graip. add -d where appropriate. inapt. audiotape. R redcap. kidnap. bluecap. resnare. add -s where appropriate. unshape ÂR ÂR A air. chair. nap. fieldfare. KL claptrap. snow-capped RAPT enrapt. M mantrap. devil-may-care. undeclare KWÂR quair LÂR capillaire. untape. outdare FÂR A affair. water tap TRAP D deathtrap. wrap. scrape SWĀP swape TĀP nametape. care. young chap DAP dap DRAP drap FLAP earflap. beclap. yap. bear. K commissionaire. concessionaire. upbear BLÂR blare CHÂR armchair. nightcap. mousetrap. CH chargé d’affaires. strap. nightmare NÂR B billionaire. snap.Words to Rhyme With SINGLE RHYMES. strapped. mal de mer. unsquare SNÂR ensnare. map NAP genapp. fire escape. illapse. untrap WAP WAP YAP lagniappe. where. joint share. perhaps KRAPS craps LAPS elapse.) 67 . BL blackcap. interlapse. halflap. glare HÂR hair. M millionaire. PL plein-air.) AP BAP bap CHAP chap. DÂR bedare. camelhair. M madcap. TR trap. P portiere. somewhere. checkstrap. gape. periapt CHAPT chapped. fair.

R regular. stoneware. insofar. ÄR SPÂR despair. shophar GÄR budgerigar. unshared SNÂRD ensnared. N neckwear. subahdar. laired PÂRD impaired. ST stellular.SINGLE RHYMES. undared FÂRD fared FLÂRD flared. overarch LÄRCH larch MÄRCH dead march. unscar SPÄR feldspar. R rainwear. groguard. SK scapular. Bolivar. overmarch. vernacular. torcular. globular. S saddlebar. add -d or -ed where appropriate. O ocular. unrepaired SHÂRD reshared. R raven-haired. W Wunderbar. GR grayhaired. tabular. unprepared. M menswear. bizarre. G golden-haired. samovar VWÄR devoir. rebared. undeclared LÂRD laird. stare. mar. katar. thenar NWÄR bête noire. funicular. jaguar. wear YÂR Gruyère. spar. B beware. E earthenware. unspar STÄR daystar. armoire. un-heired BÂRD bared. deodar. segar. guitar. irregular.) THÂR their. consular. H handlebar. far. mamelière. jugular. I incunabular. K capsular. insular. vare WÂR A aware. cocklestair. pied-à-terre. LTR. animalcular. tear. foliar. meunière. GL glandular. R rollbar. memoir. Telstar TÄR avatar. solitaire. jemadar. simular. schedular. laminar. SH shacklebar. T turbocar. spiral stair. gar. E escolar. underwear. vehicular. sircar. S sidecar. TR triangular. there VÂR revers. Navarre. vascular. cigar. SP sportswear. moire NÄR dinar. proletaire. motorcar. Voltaire ÄRBD (See ÄRB. trolley car KWÄR quar LÄR A angular. seminar. aar. monocular. sitar. cunabular. repaired. vermicular. remarch. heired. unchaired DÂRD dared. kantar. radar. front stair. sirdar. debarred. V valvular. escritoire. redeclared. repertoire VÄR bolivar. au revoir. paired. T towbar. tonsilar. L Lascar M. pulsar SKÄR rescar. TR treenware. busbar. software. gnar. polestar. circular. rhubarb DÄRB darb GÄRB garb KÄRB bicarb. similar. close-barred CHÄRD chard. falling star. knar. north star. lonestar. zamindar DWÄR boudoir FÄR afar. Trafalgar. unspared STÂRD stared. swear. add -ed where appropriate. vinegar JÄR ajar. star. O outwear. singular. prepared. cinnabar. hornware. rouge et noire PÄR par. spare STÂR backstair. S silver-haired. redware. rechaired. Palomar. parr SÄR commissar. DNR. caviar BÄR A axlebar. route march PÄRCH parch STÄRCH cornstarch. DR drawbar. catarrh. gyrocar. J jaunting car. sware. millibar. boulevard. calendar. annular. cymar. sonar. Renoir. O autocar. durbar. CH chukar. antiar. narr. jar. tubular. earthstar. K car. charred FÄRD fard 68 . hussar. vair. canard. so far. spectacular. uncared KLÂRD declared. crowbar. snared SPÂRD despaired. yare ZÂR misère ZHÂR étagère. march. R railway car. outswear. T tableware. louvar. up-tear. U unaware. molecular. objet d’art. TR trocar. pilot star. instar. N nebular. tutelar. footwear. P particular. czar Words to Rhyme With TÄRB pantarbe YÄRB yarb SWÂR forswear. F firmware. tesselar. M modular. blond-haired. scimitar. countermarch. Y uvular LWÄR couloir. titular. unpaired. spared. unimpaired.) ÄR ÄR APR. nightjar KÄR B boxcar. KR crossbar. tar STRÄR registrar TSÄR tsar TWÄR abattoir. ST straighthaired. disbar. KW quadrangular. maar. somnambular. T tabernacular. starch ÂRD ÂRD aired. unbared CHÂRD chaired. perpendicular. H hardware. STR streetcar. hospodar. DAR. are. outmarch. F fair-haired. T Titian-haired KÂRD cared. sillar. fourragère ÄRCH ÄRCH arch. S secular. U unbar. acetabular. ST stemware. outstare. tare. tinware. tuyère. shared. barred. nightwear. tahr. sunstar. scar. S silverware. upbar. inarch. lodestar. tintinnabular. Wanderjahr ZÄR bazaar. W ware. L liveware. yair. M Malabar. reservoir WÄR peignoir YÄR boyar. outstared (See ÂR. isobar. D dis- ÄRB ÄRB coarb BÄRB barb. ovular. D debar. K curly-haired. gangliar. Z Zanzibar BWÄR pourboire CHÄR char DÄR dar. E embar. haznadar. axillar. SP spatular. unswear TÂR parterre. KR crepuscular. centibar. frogmarch. co-heired. GL glassware. redared. J jocular. cultivar. red-haired. debrouillard. reflared HÂRD BL black-haired. versicular. FL flagellar. B bar. Loire MÄR jacamar. tahsildar. D Delaware. columnar. SF spherular. evening star. carb ÄRD ÄRD milliard BÄRD bard. popular. morning star. I isallobar. bombard. SH shikar. overwear. L lamellar. havildar. F fabular. B binocular. tintamarre MWÄR aide memoire. upstare similar.

timecard. V vineyard. L landmark. soapbark. matriarch. Jacquard. scorecard. gymnasiarch. uncharm DÄRM gendarme FÄRM aquafarm. J junkyard. timberyard. D dockyard. tetrarch. BR brickyard. footmark. TH thumbmark. H hallmark. wedding card LÄRD Abelard. B bodyguard. P poultry yard. endark GÄRK oligarch HÄRK hark KÄRK cark KLÄRK clerk KWÄRK quark LÄRK lark. irenarch. titlark. foulard. supercharge. disencharm. ’arf-and-’arf BÄRF barf LÄRF larf SKÄRF scarf ZÄRF zarf ÄRJ BÄRJ barge CHÄRJ charge. xerarch SÄRK exarch. shagbark. false alarm MÄRM marm. marl NÄRL gnarl PÄRL imparl SNÄRL snarl. add -ed or -red where appropriate. porbeagle shark. disembark. communard. P pockmark. O overarm. touchmark. interlard. Montagnard. bullhead shark. unharm LÄRM alarm. V vanguard HÄRD blowhard. avantgarde. hard JÄRD jarred KÄRD birthday card. Noah’s ark. remarred. surcharge. BL blackguard. L laggard. starred TÄRD dynamitard. sark SHÄRK blacktip shark. toparch. embark. D disregard. white shark. U unarm. report card. K countermark. F firearm. poor farm HÄRM harm. L lumberyard. carl MÄRL Albemarle. unpark RÄRK hierarch. encharge. tanbark DÄRK bedark. petard. R regard. narc. blue shark. D disarm. add -s where appropriate. Asiarch. D Denmark. shovelhead shark SPÄRK spark STÄRK aristarch. overcharge. heresiarch. placard. T tiltyard. patriarch. Pitcairn 69 . T telemark. F fingermark. nark PÄRK amusement park. churchyard. dusky shark. shark.) ÄRK ÄRK arc. K Kierkegaard. retarred.) SINGLE RHYMES. paperbark. ÂRN MÄRJ lithomarge. love charm. repark. easy mark. tidemark. spikenard PÄRD camelopard. decharm. schoolmarm SMÄRM smarm THÄRM tharm ZÄRM gisarme ÄRF ÄRF headscarf. county farm. KR crossarm. die-hard. R rearm. landshark. Y yard (See ÄR. unscarred STÄRD bestarred. arf. sard SHÄRD shard SKÄRD rescarred. Petrarch. discharge. racecard. O ostmark. knarred. postmark. leopard shark. large. dooryard. courtyard. underarm. stark ÄRL FÄRL farl HÄRL harl JÄRL jarl KÄRL housecarl. recharge. countercharge. ST steelyard. PL platemark. mark. unsnarl ÄRM ÄRM A arm. S Savoyard. Monomark. shellbark. CH chickenyard. card. mansard. symposiarch BÄRK bark. Reichsmark. diarch. FL floodmark. PR pressmark. reënlarge ÂRN BÂRN bairn DÂRN moderne KÂRN cairn. Asgard. Y yardarm BÄRM barm CHÄRM becharm. GR graveyard.Words to Rhyme With GÄRD A afterguard. W watermark NÄRK anarch. unmarred NÄRD canard. ethnarch. impark. ball park. retard. calling card. snakebark. skylark. Finnmark. stockyard. TR trademark. M mudguard. axle arm. FR front yard. lard. charm. evil-starred. countercharm. barnyard. S sidearm. R remark. SH shipyard. marge. ecclesiarch. meadowlark. poulard MÄRD marred. hammerhead shark. S sitzmark. debark. dispark. tarred. add -d where appropriate. hipparch. monarch. marque. park. E earmark. add -ed where appropriate. Reynard. E enguard. gnarred. pard SÄRD brassard. discard. barque. dog shark. eparch. lifeguard. farm.) ÄRKS Marx (See ÄRK. M milliard. untarred VÄRD boulevard YÄRD B backyard. S safeguard. I inarm. ironbark. scarred. rearguard. N noseguard. forearm. H hopyard. postal card. undercharge LÄRJ enlarge. M marc. dark. G guard. Bismarck. remarque. postcard. mudlark. bookmark. file card. uncharge. knark. K kaleyard. boneyard. nard. ill-starred. ark. sea marge SÄRJ sarge SPÄRJ sparge TÄRJ targe THÄRJ litharge VÄRK aardvark YÄRK yark ZÄRK Ozark ÄRKS ÄRJD LÄRJD unenlarged (See ÄRJ. woodlark MÄRK B birthmark. sealark. F foreyard.) ÄRKT FÄRKT infarct (See ÄRK.

Irish harp. chariot race. marketplace. unheart KÄRT à la carte. trysting place RĀS B boat race. Descartes. K cardcase. counterscarp. uncart. add -s where appropriate. scapegrace KĀS B basket case. monocarp. modern art. quarterpace. fireplace. space TĀS anatase. sart SMÄRT outsmart. pigface. kick start. Thrace TRĀS retrace. pericarp. cellulase. add -s where appropriate. backspace. boniface. case. indart 70 . debase. epicarp. unchart DÄRT dart. U uncase. SH showcase. footpace. W watchcase. repart SÄRT assart. enlace. outer space. I in media res. grace. scarp TÄRP tarp ZÄRP zarp ÄRTS ÄRTS arts SMÄRTS smarts. F foot race. sugar tart. carp. outpace. Y ukase KLĀS orthoclase. lactase. mart PÄRT apart. BL blackface. street-smarts (See ÄRT. airspace. rat race. peptidase. depart. stoutheart. R reface. B baby face. imbarn DÄRN darn. restart. SL slipcase. tart ÄRN BÄRN barn. mainbrace. head start. free base. misplace.) SĀS Alsace SPĀS aerospace. casease.) ÄRZ ÄRZ ours MÄRZ Mars SÄRS SARS (See ÄR. H headrace. flintheart. smart STÄRT astart. mace. P paleface. I interface. vase ÄRND (See ÄRN. upstart TÄRT apple tart. showplace. claviharp ÄRTH GÄRTH fishgarth. T test case.) ÄRP HÄRP harp. watercart KLÄRT clart MÄRT jumart. inner space. SM smearcase. Mace NĀS tenace PĀS apace. unlace MĀS grimace. rampart. place. sharp SKÄRP escarp. octobass.SINGLE RHYMES. dogcart. hiding place. CH channel race. video art (etc. populace. displace. pop art.) ÄRT ÄRT art. Hogarth HÄRTH hearth SWÄRTH swarth KÄRP archicarp. res. dispart. S seedcase. hyperspace. unwares (See ÂR. forepart. quarte. protease. FR frogface. sweetheart. subbase. dumpcart. K catface. KR crankcase. wheelbase. front stairs. mouthpart. Jew’s harp. R race.) ÄRS ÄRS arse FÄRS farce GÄRS garce KÄRS carse PÄRS parse SPÄRS sparse ÄRV KÄRV carve LÄRV larve STÄRV starve VÄRV varve ÄRSH HÄRSH harsh MÄRSH démarche. typeface GRĀS begrace. stateof-the-art. N notecase. O auto race. shoelace. contrabass. Mozart. HW wheyface. impart. flip chart. faintheart. base. surbase BRĀS brace. lipace. downstairs. dais. trace VĀS transvase. invertase. maltase. add -s where appropriate. greenheart. marsh ÂRZ STÂRS backstairs. M mile race. lace. resting place. pippinface. oxidase. gocart. cart. ribonuclease BĀS abase. upstairs WÂRS unawares. lucarne LÄRN l’arn MÄRN Marne SÄRN consarn TÄRN tarn YÄRN yarn ĀS ĀS ambsace. unbewares. angel face. D dog race. disgrace. pace PLĀS birthplace. PL platterface. embrace. carapace. L land race. nut-case.) BÄRT Bart CHÄRT chart. T tail race. DR drag race. vambrace CHĀS chase. cystocarp LÄRP LARP SHÄRP cardsharp. rechart. commonplace. op art. heart. vendace FĀS A aface. ÄRN Words to Rhyme With FÄRT fart. interspace. ST staircase. breathing space. marathon race. phosphatase. typecase. hart. add -ed where appropriate. horse race. syncarp. endocarp. counterpart. periclase KRĀS sucrase LĀS bootlace. goldarn. boldface. bookcase. enchase. D deface. bass. stairs. plaice. garth. BR briefcase. encase. replace. S sack race. nuclease. redstart. catalase. mesocarp. F face. part. TH three-legged race (etc. interlace. steeplechase DĀS dace. millrace. Queen Anne’s lace. O outface. pectase THRĀS Samothrace. lionheart. Lovelace. underbrace. ace. sparrowfart HÄRT Bernhardt. relace. goshdarn KÄRN incarn. E efface. E erase. unbrace. E endcase. escarp.

outclass. repass. pass. encash. eyelash. antic-mask. O object glass. double-faced. sabretache.Words to Rhyme With SINGLE RHYMES. soutache. add -ed where appropriate. powder flask KÄSK cask. wrasse.) ASP ASP asp GASP agasp. working class KRAS crass. hippocras LAS alas. calabash. cuirass. bash. crabgrass. chaste. underpass. amass. clasp. F faced. class. D defaced. trespass. middle class. ass. FR 71 . Michaelmas. watercask MASK antimask. crevasse. unlash MASH quamash. brasse FAS volte-face FRAS frass. underclass. succotash. peppergrass. antic-mask. cash KLASH clash KRASH crash LASH backlash. morass. harass. paterfamilias. BR brazen-faced. weeping ash BASH abash. bass. ST stained glass. eyeglass. baldfaced. GL glass. shamash NASH gnash. third-class. mash. first-class. second-class. hip flask. Tass. squabash. Candlemas. barefaced. watercask MÄSK antimask. powder flask HASK hask KASK cask. octobass. embraced. GR groundmass. Basque FLASK flask. Boreas. E en masse. doughfaced. middle class. cache. mask. Allhallowmas. pistache. masque. E effaced. antimasque. gasp GRASP engrasp. calipash. jackass. earbash. lambaste. add -ed where appropriate. dirty-faced. pash PLASH plash RASH rash SASH sash SLASH slash SMASH smash SNASH snash SPLASH splash STASH stash. lash. Pythias BAS anabas. outclass. ĀST PÄS Khyber Pass. Eurailpass RAS arras. W waterglass. unembraced ÄS GRÄS coup de grace KLÄS declass. first-class. pebble-dash. syngas GLAS FL flint glass. grass. tasse VAS kavass. casque. reclass. mishmash. dish-faced. antic-masque. tass. class. remask. megass. second-class. patache. whiplash. remask. task BRĀST braced. add -ed where appropriate. D damasse. mountain ash. reclass. Khyber Pass. mask. G gallowglass. M magnifying glass. sass STRAS strass TAS demitasse. furrow-faced. panache PASH apache. bemask. hip flask. B biomass. rondache. upperclass. rubasse BRAS brass. calash. rehasp. unhasp KLASP enclasp. mass. frontlash. overpass. unclasp RASP rasp ASPT (See ASP. gas. bemask. Apache. Mass. underpass. self-abased ASK ASK ask BASK bask. tash THRASH thrash TRASH trash VASH chichevache ASKT ASKT asked. task ASH ASH ash. debased. overpass. grasp HASP hasp. sparrowgrass KAS fracas KLAS declass. R remass NAS vinasse PAS impasse.) ĀST ĀST aced BĀST abased. interdash. repass. tarantass. unchaste FĀST A angel-faced. L land mass. unmask TÄSK overtask. masque. coup de grace. weatherglass GRAS aftergrass. unmask TASK overtask. splatterdash FASH fash FLASH photoflash. slapdash. bedash. vas YAS paillasse ZAS rosace ÄSK ÄSK ask BÄSK bask FLÄSK flask. lass MAS A admass. minute glass. unchased. flash. unbraced. goulash. antic-masque. terrasse SAS Alsace. B babyfaced. L looking glass. working class KVÄS kvass LÄS alas CHĀST chased.) ÄSKT ÄSKT asked. Wabash BLASH blash BRASH brash DASH balderdash. SP spyglass. contrabass. ’stache TASH mustache. hourglass. fougasse. handclasp. M Martinmas. noble gas. throatlash. habeas. apple-faced. H Hallowmas. Eurailpass TÄS demitasse AS AS alias. spatterdash. unasked (See ASK. sassafras GAS bagasse. surpass. Syncroflash GASH gash HASH hache. baste. eelgrass. pancreas. reclasp. pass. rehash KASH encache. third-class. I isinglass. KR Christmas. based. upperclass. K camass. unasked (See ÄSK. underclass. degas. antimasque. bold-faced.

tertiate. situate. thorough-paced PLĀST displaced. consolidate. uncased LĀST enlaced. unfast FNAST fnast FRAST metaphrast. E exheredate. valuate. graced. downcast. eight. foretaste. provinciate. celebrate. BL blind date. miscreate. disaffiliate. depredate. Dutch date. I incubate. luxuriate. paced. expatriate. extenuate. smug-faced. R refaced. pippin-faced. expropriate. inlapidate. cased. upcast. interlaced. ammoniate. lixiviate. K candidate. O obganiate. outclassed. bilobate. D dismast. fructuate. inundate. P postdate. paraphrast GAST aghast. delineate. FL fluoridate. PR professoriate. U unmassed. overcast. remast. L lapidate. elegiast. vertebrate DĀT A accommodate. FR free-associate. actuate. impropriate. placed. peltast TRAST contrast VAST avast. eradiate. excruciate. cerebrate. cuspidate. palpebrate. AST freckle-faced. individuate. gymnast. asphyxiate. headfast. taste TRĀST retraced. surpassed. sitfast. fast. abnegate. interdate. procreate. reclassed. ungraced. ballast. P palliate. paper-faced. eyot. conflate. idoloclast. T tallow-faced. PR predate. lineolate. snail-paced. orgiast. F forecast. circumstantiate. G gynecomast. PR probate. L lowbait. leaden-paced. stylobate BLĀT blate BRĀT elucubrate. enucleate. laced. filiate. I ingravidate. W wormcast KLAST iconoclast. invalidate. mizzen mast. replaced. unplaced SNĀST snaste SPĀST interspaced. sunfast. cineast. remediate. satiate. devast. cochleate. gassed. FL floriate. arrogate. seriate. disassociate. P pale-faced. immateriate. nast PAST passed. colorfast. D dicast. repatriate. M maleate. reprobate. well-graced HĀST haste. E effectuate. M miscast. insatiate. alleviate. shitfaced. ecdysiast. pileate. H hard-faced. opiate. aggregate. hypnobate. highcaste. osteoblast. vitiate BĀT A abate. depreciate. lily-faced. aureate. T tenuate. glaciate. H half-caste. perpetuate. SP sportscast. KW quadrifoliate. I ideate. holdfast. mast. counterblast. undisgraced. V validate. U uncreate. GR gradate. dilapidate. L lean-faced. D delegate. obviate. annunciate. KL clean-faced. outdate. inchoate. intimidate. invertebrate. TR triple-faced. plump-faced. paste. absinthiate. die-cast. ingratiate. caseate. traced. E exacerbate. B billingsgate. irradiate. makefast. stormblast DAST dast FAST Belfast. emberfast. rhipidate. afterdate. laciniate. U undercast. TR transsubstantiate. protoplast RAST harassed. gymnasiast. permeate. lucubrate. discalceate. insinuate. evaluate. H half-mast. disambiguate. potentiate. bifoliate. fete. conciliate.SINGLE RHYMES. denudate. propitiate. KL chlamydate. O oxidate. denunciate. increate. B bait. PL platter-faced. antedate. unsurpassed PLAST leucoplast. recreate. insantiate. M makebate. trispast. S celibate. excoriate. S simulcast. J jiggermast. expiate. repudiate. untraced WĀST pantywaist. classed. two-faced. portlast MAST A amassed. unlaced MĀST grimaced PĀST impaste. T telecast. masturbate. pug-faced. calibrate. enunciate. decaudate. ÄST (See OST) AST AST bucoliast. respaced. breakfast. exfodiate. appropriate. R radiate. humiliate. relaced. J Janus-faced. S sedate. metaplast. associate. caste. molecast. R recast. waist. S sagaciate. freight GĀT A ablegate. HW whey-faced. bate. tight-assed BAST bast. V vacuate. M misdate. toluate. dissociate. V vinegarfaced. elucidate. officiate.) Words to Rhyme With habituate. L labiate. KR create. liquidate. outpaced. appreciate. BR brachiate. nucleate. vanadate DRĀT dehydrate FĀT fate. initiate. poet laureate. R remassed. rebate. SH shamefaced. fluctuate. typecast. SP spoliate. straitlaced. calumniate. vicariate. pogoniate. variate. obtenebrate. flabbergast. D date. trispast TAST fantast. consociate. ST stereobate. licentiate. D debulliate. bombast BLAST blast. past. F fasciate. U undefaced. foliate. unshamefaced. distaste. W weasel-faced. renegotiate. expatiate. R redate. misplaced. symposiast. ampliate. menstruate. evacuate. D debate. wizen-faced GRĀST disgraced. handfast. caliphate FLĀT deflate. scholiast. H 72 . horse-faced. aculeate. cast. retaliate. inebriate. repassed. resassed SNAST snast SPAST antispast. N negotiate. eventuate. gast HAST hast KAST BR broadcast. dimidiate. erythroblast. lymphoblast. pudding-faced. approbate. pederast SAST sassed. oblast. M mainmast. enthusiast. encomiast. HW whitebait. mesoblast. add -ed where appropriate. marsupiate. novitiate. waste opencast. mediate. sufflate FRĀT affreight. neuroblast. last. unmast NAST dynast. KR crowbait. accentuate. defoliate. under-caste. hatchetfaced. inflate. outcast. nauseate. GL gladiate. T topmast. abrogate. M mottle-faced. abbreviate. steadfast. N newscast. O ĀT ĀT A ate. differentiate. posthaste KĀST encased. infuriate. slow-paced. efflate. acerbate. repast. K cablecast. durmast. deviate. superannuate. figure-eight. outlast. GR graduate. sinuate. unspaced TĀST after-taste. osteoclast. massed. conglobate. excalceate. K cohobate. affiliate. exfoliate. unclassed LAST agelast. spaced. substantiate. sandblast. pickle-faced. F foremast. overate. pimple-faced. infatuate. theoclast. toothpaste. punctuate. double date. vast (See AS. L low-caste. pie-faced. K chalybeate. ecclesiast. SM smooth-faced. ait. S spoon-faced. PR precast. aviate. exuviate. chloroplast. rough-cast. B benzoate. jury mast. attenuate. oleate. phantast.

PR promulgate. supererogate. inculcate. vellicate. CH checkmate. percolate. delicate. patinate. bipinnate. amirrate. duplicate. angulate. L lamellate. pectinate. reticulate. constellate. destinate. jubilate. vulgate. cacuminate. emigrate. quintuplicate. assassinate. sublimate. intoxicate. palmate. capitulate. I illuminate. extortionate. W Watergate GRĀT denigrate. erugate. ingeminate. exasanguinate. succulate. adulate. emasculate. oblate. nodulate. desalinate. P pontificate. explicate. J gelatinate. O objurgate. elasticate. undulate. intimate. circulate. N nasillate. defecate. uncrate SINGLE RHYMES. modulate. alternate. consulate. SP speculate. sulcate. hibernate. indicate. desolate. silicate. predesignate. accumulate. exsibilate. violate. discombobulate. M mate. pullulate. conditionate. foliolate. confabulate. coadunate. cucullate. disgregate. FL floodgate. KR crenellate. O obfuscate. obvallate. depilate. correlate. discriminate. corrugate. acidulate. decarbonate. irradicate. missionate. lingulate. peninsulate. intumulate. M mitigate. recrate. GL glutinate. apricate. FL flagellate. F first mate. interrelate. emulate. germinate. grate. dilate. obrogate. escalate. phenolate. I inanimate. bisulcate. H helpmate. apostolate. B bicarbonate. virgulate MĀT A acclamate. assibilate. postulate. ĀT KWĀT antiquate. carboxylate. lancinate. interrogate. decorticate. alienate. coruscate. impassionate. interminate. I immolate. SK scutellate. juvenate. FL fluorinate. marinate. deracinate. inseminate. M masticate. dichromate. evaginate. depopulate. stridulate. eliminate. negate. crenulate. SF sphacelate. E expurgate. isolate. procrastinate. deglutinate. L locate. applicate. suffocate. oppilate. reduplicate. consecrate. matriculate. sejugate. automate. delate. emarginate. nucleolate. F faveolate. S second mate. predominate. V vacate. SKR scrobiculate. sophisticate. assonate. cantillate. consternate. vesicate. ablocate. KW quaternate. religate. concatenate. incastellate. mistranslate. K casemate. FR fractionate. tubulate. immarginate. hydrogenate. circumambulate. N nidificate. innate. diplomate. R radicate. T tentmate. functionate. denominate. F fumigate. I instigate. suricate. nostrificate. TH third mate. KL classmate. subjugate. pepsinate. SP spiflicate. fellate. osculate. impersonate. articulate. scintillate. acclimate. cyclamate. SK schoolmate. vindicate KRĀT deconsecrate. embrocate. krait. V variegate. ammonate. K calculate. regrate. methylate. culminate. T tabulate. simulate. M machicolate. sporulate. ordinate. eradicate. diagnosticate. miscalculate. flocculate. perendinate. collimate. Latinate. vitiligate. imprecate. syndicate. interlaminate. D decimate. nominate. relocate. domesticate. prefabricate. coagulate. F fabricate. ethylate. detonate. G guesstimate. advocate. vermiculate. funambulate. inviolate. bimaculate. coronate. D deescalate. recapitulate. prevaricate. collate. revindicate. resiccate. decollate. R regulate. O obambulate. propagate. rubricate. conglutinate. dissimilate. encapsulate. annihilate. poculate. supplicate. interpolate. KR cremate. K Californicate. vinculate. binoculate. H hypothecate. desiccate. capsulate. extrapolate. patronate. P paginate. marginate. intonate. etiolate. muricate. emanate. metricate. liquate. assimilate. exoculate. formicate. ingerminate. devirginate. populate. insulate. mismate. multiplicate. inornate. mendicate. allocate. adjudicate. inoculate. PR proximate. investigate. excommunicate. acuminate. conspurcate. O optimate. incatenate. STR strangulate. colligate. copulate. corniculate. carbonate. comminate. rusticate. cumulate. oxygenate. runagate. G gait. fulminate. ovulate. formulate. belate. ungulate. divagate. hindermate. suffumigate. E ejaculate. I imbricate. L levigate. explanate. animate. TR trenchermate. congratulate. SH shipmate. exungulate. repullulate. D deaminate. epilate. deprecate. decaffeinate. implicate. comate. triangulate. S salicylate. prognosticate. contaminate. execrate. desublimate. alveolate. complicate. campanulate. fornicate. expostulate. oscillate. ambulate. exterminate. TR translocate. ST stalemate. ocellate. suggilate. H homologate. subrogate. mammilate. B barbellate. redintegrate. K cachinnate. PR predestinate. hyphenate. congregate. dominate. R raf- 73 . jugulate. mutilate. PL placate. transmigrate HĀT hate. invigilate. approximate. sublate. late. communicate. loricate. demarcate. despumate. tumulate. T tunicate. fimbricate. infuscate. incriminate. geminate. lunulate. disintegrate. coordinate. enate. disarticulate. dislocate. immigrate. metrobomate. L laminate. KW quadruplicate. TR translate. legislate. exsiccate. relate. invocate. V vacillate. L legitimate. permanganate. stipulate. J gesticulate. GR granulate. mentulate. migrate. equivocate. O obsignate. M machinate. ornate. N navigate. litigate. pendulate. cancellate. lanceolate. segregate. desquamate. crate. manipulate. obnubilate. invaginate. substaquilate. impregnate. cardinalate. perambulate. sibilate. P peculate. falcate. elate. S seagate. B bunkmate. alternate. pustulate. defloculate. pollinate. D dedicate. ventilate. self-hate KĀT A abdicate. donate. detoxicate. authenticate. delaminate. disseminate. equate. ustulate. penultimate. PL playmate. KL chlorinate. catenate. stimulate. messmate. T tailgate. improlificate. H hallucinate. S syllabicate. medicate. ST stellulate. peregrinate. U underestimate NĀT A abominate. extravagate. R relegate. pulvinate. collocate. lubricate. obligate. originate. inquinnate. F fascinate. conjugate. arsenate. gate. ingrate. U ululate. desecate. corticate. KR criminate. SK scholasticate. decontaminate. somnambulate. dissimulate. altercate. vassalate. consummate. insolate. conformate. B bifurcate. PR predicate. spherulate. cupulate. circumnavigate. infumate. agglutinate. expiscate. depucelate. desecrate. carinate. titillate. GL glutamate. designate. personate. reciprocate. irrugate. E echinate. oxalate. canonicate. E estimate. N neonate. obsecrate. E educate. declinate. indoctrinate.Words to Rhyme With derogate. torquate LĀT A absquatulate. annulate. foreordinate. fustigate. extricate. rededicate. P palamate. infibulate. amalgamate. desegregate. tasselate. morcellate. U urticate. cannulate. confiscate. perhiemate. integrate. K castigate. irrigate. great. divaricate. aluminate.

fulgurate. H hurlbat. delectate. corporate. sensate. R regurgitate. numerate. oppignorate. marquisate. perpetrate. depravate. advesperate. corroborate. sanitate. V venerate. deteriorate. T testate. moderate. W wait. perforate. S saccharate. tolerate. condensate. S salariat. S saginate. I illustrate. refrigerate. cicurate. remonstrate. deprivate. dunderpate. hepcat. E exca- Words to Rhyme With vate. pussycat. ptochocrat. degenerate. commiserate. literate. waterchat. S civet cat. deblaterate. prorate. autocrat. U uncinate. desiderate. collaborate. elaborate. tête-à-tête. B berate. restate. presbyterate. O obdurate. U understate. E exculpate. I inactivate. PR prostrate. chelicerate. firebrat CHAT backchat. S sequestrate. biforate. anticipate. L lariat. N narrate. remunerate. K combat. arbitrate. vaticinate. R rattle-pate. inspissate. ameliorate. T terminate. FR frustrate. T tabby cat. D dissipate. asseverate. R requiescat. E edentate. commissariat. decelerate. cultivate. monocrat. E estate. septentrionate. cool cat. potentate. subordorate. PR premeditate. O orchestrate. rejuvenate. rectorate. nomocrat. iterate. auscultate. excogitate. concordat DRAT drat FAT butterfat. K cat. ostentate. TR tridentate. recuperate. K caveat. GR gravitate. L lightweight. I imitate. interdigitate. portrait. D democrat. K capacitate. tomcat. TR trutinate. hebetate. levirate. permutate. secretariat. cincinnate. reactivate. exorbitate. I instate. hesitate. O ochiocrat. connotate. sate. vertiginate. R registrate. J gerontocrat. electorate. vociferate. KR crepitate. tipcat. sororate. incapacitate. pulsate. U ulcerate. D death rate. cogitate. D distrait. recurvate. ratiocinate. imperforate. decrepitate. flat FRAT frat GAT begat. plate. inaugurate. perorate. D deadweight. reverberate. conglomerate. incinerate. M motivate. turbinate. TH thereat BAT A acrobat. incorporate. weight. P penetrate. L lacerate. gat. acutate. forgat. liberate. renovate. episcopate. D Duat. TR trait VĀT A aggravate. ST stellionate. K constipate. AT finate. HW whereat. subacetate. overrate. kitty-cat. H habilitate. infiltrate. P participate. acculturate. limitate. considerate. STR straight. saturate. pate. pornocrat. coacervate. mudcat. sultanate. copperplate. E electroplate. supputate. recaptivate. pignorate. fallowchat. suppurate. indurate. U underweight. K contemplate. itinerate. ruminate. M meditate. PR preponderate. irritate. expectorate. orate. TH theocrat LAT lat. F federate. M misstate. F featherweight. sulphurate. annumerate. I isocrat. M magistrate. O overstate. triumvirate.SINGLE RHYMES. picrate. FL flitterbat. eructate. V vegetate THWĀT thwaite TRĀT A administrate. redecorate. R reinstate. devastate. I immensurate. furze-chat. Y urinate PĀT A adipate. ingurgitate. protectorate. P pantisocrat. H hierocrat. PL plutocrat. decapitate. exhilirate. annotate. S salivate. BR brickbat. D dial plate. grasschat. costate. confederate. apocopate. K captivate. KR Krazy Kat. emancipate. pennyweight. K counterweight. prostate. contriturate. woodchat. agitate. proliferate. enervate. FR fruitbat. eviscerate. W water rate SĀT extravasate. incurvate. decolorate. incarcerate. micturate. K concentrate. P palpitate. capitate. scelerate. recriminate. G gurgitate. insalivate. dictate. protuberate. nougat GLAT glatt HAT hat. N nickelplate. felicitate. O occultate. elevate. roller skate. agglomerate. decerebrate. viscerate. aspirate. amputate. B bureaucrat. KR croat. K capistrate. exaggerate. S silverplate. reiterate. operate. aerate. digitate. resuscitate. disorientate. obliterate. J generate. D deactivate. equiponderate. notate. kat. gynaeocrat. alliterate. whinchat. stonechat. PL plait. M meritocrat. W wildcat KRAT A aristocrat. F fatcat. enumerate. decurtate. F fenestrate. PR proletariat. welterweight AT AT A at. upstate STRĀT D defenestrate. ST stearate. degustate. coelenterate. rotate. birth-rate. chitchat. interstate. nictitate. compensate. tergiversate SKĀT cheapskate. intenerate. L levitate. cervelat 74 . extirpate. circinate. decorate. R rate. M Magnificat. P pastorate. revegetate. tophat. H hederate. parentate. I impenetrate. steady-state. TR transliterate. N necessitate. innervate. regenerate. D dingbat. M middleweight. cooperate. commemorate. acerate. sunhat. deliberate. commentate. T technocrat. F facilitate. activate. S solid-state. reclivate. underrate. reclinate. oscitate. M macerate. precipitate. E esbat. irate. unstate. timocrat. P paperweight. tridigitate. resonate. meerkat. P polecat. dissertate. verberate. impetrate. skate SLĀT slate SPĀT spate STĀT D downstate. E edulcorate. KW quatuorvirate. exenterate. dentate. J gestate. militate. N nervate. muscat. triturate. H hellcat. V vaccinate. M magistrate. supinate. fat. demonstrate. separate. segmentate. second-rate. Democrat. inusitate. susurrate. H heavyweight. high-hat. exaugurate. BR breastplate. innovate. estivate. tubicinate. equilibrate. W wombat BLAT blat BRAT brat. improvisate. R rheocrat. succinate. strait TĀT A acetate. S syncopate PLĀT A armorplate. yellow-breasted chat DAT dis and dat. marrowfat FLAT aflat. B bantamweight. exonerate. rehabilitate. augurate. R recalcitrate. R radioactivate. D debilitate. vituperate. bobcat. resinate. F fashion plate. directorate. TH third-rate. accelerate. derivate. M mancipate. concelebrate. evaporate. estate. S sabbat. bullbat. septenate. prate RĀT A adulterate. unhat KAT B bearcat. U unplait PRĀT constuprate. S citrate. exasperate. hundredweight. S sagittate. B bat. KW quantitate. N numbat. T tellurate. invigorate. O overweight. firstrate. T titivate WĀT A await. cybernate. commensurate. apostate. ST state. purpurate. O orchestrate. figurate. intestate. H hereat. obturate. B bidentate. intenurate. repristinate. cut-rate. K camphorate. chat. orientate.

tidal wave. plectognath PATH allopath. vat ZAT xat SINGLE RHYMES. ziggurat SAT Intelsat. unpave PRĀV deprave RĀV rave SĀV save SHĀV aftershave. footpath. prat RAT Ararat. misgave GLĀV glaive. photograve.) 75 . shortwave. nave PĀV impave. ingrave. R rheostat. F photostat.) ÄVD (See ÄV. Platte PRAT dandiprat. cowpat. neuropath. trave WĀV microwave. wave AV HAV halve. Yugoslav ÄT BÄT esbat BWÄT boite DÄT iddat GÄT ghat HWÄT what KWÄT cumquat. pave.) ĀTH (as in bathe) ĀV BRĀV brave. Laundromat. ratatat. gnat PAT bepat. wraith ATH BATH bath. Yugoslav SWÄV suave ÄTS SÄTS ersatz (See ÄT.) ATS KATS dog-and-cats (See AT. tit-for-tat. osteopath. pat. slave. conclave. spokeshave SLĀV beslave. repave. habitat. galley slave. bridle path.) ĀVD (See ĀV. doormat. unlave NĀV antenave. mat. TH thermostat TAT aegrotat. grave. wrath SNATH snath STĀV stave SWĀV suave THĀV they’ve THRĀV thrave TRĀV architrave. sand yacht. knave. add -d where appropriate. add -s where appropriate. plat. portglaive GRĀV burgrave. wage slave NATH chaetognath. concave. sat SHAT shat SKAT scat. sociopath RATH rath. water rat. megawatt. sailing yacht. unfaith GRĀTH graith RĀTH waterwraith. physiopath. kilowatt. diplomat. homeopath. Surat. pit-a-pat PLAT plait. ratatattat. skat SLAT slat SPAT spat SPLAT splat SPRAT sprat. waldgrave HĀV behave. psychopath. path. waive. giga-watt. i’faith. opsimath. muskrat. haemostat. add -s where appropriate. ÄVD ĀTH (as in faith) KLĀV angusticlave. H heliostat. kumquat RÄT ziarat SKWÄT resquat. P pyrostat. KL clinostat. exclave. add -d where appropriate. enclave. engrave. add -d where appropriate. enslave. have KAV calve LAV lav SAV salve SLAV slav. squat SWÄT swat WÄT Duat. lave. outbrave GĀV forgave. steam yacht. B barostat. savate. philomath. autoclave FĀTH faith. misfaith. rathe SKĀTH scathe SNĀTH snathe SPĀTH spathe SWĀTH swathe. unswathe AVD (See AV. K chemostat. ungrave. add -s where appropriate. naturopath. matte. cave BĀTH bathe LĀTH lathe RĀTH raith. patte. Rubaiyat. Jack Spratt STAT A aerostat. format. motor yacht. watt YÄT yacht. hydrostat. polymath KRĀV crave KWĀV quave LĀV belave.Words to Rhyme With MAT anastigmat. gave. misbehave KĀV biconcave. land yacht. math.) ÄV HÄV halve KÄV calve SÄV salve SLÄV Slav. margrave. (See OT) ĀTS GĀTS othergates YĀTS Yeats (See ĀT. landgrave. encave. tat VAT cravat. automat NAT assignat. shave. comsat. Bath GATH Gath HATH hath LATH lath MATH aftermath. rat.

ĀZ Words to Rhyme With PAZ topaz RAZ razz TAZ razzmatazz TRAZ Alcatraz ZAZ bizzazz. chiliasm. paraphrase. graphospasm. KR chrysoprase. mirage. perfidy. griffonage. prophase. ohs and ahs BLÄZ the blahs MÄZ mamas. I interviewee. repraise. montage. add -ed where appropriate. melody. plasm. GHB. bree.SINGLE RHYMES. ingaze. rhapsody. Araby. remedy. E E. litchi. moulage NÄZH badinage. maze. persiflage KÄZH bocage.D. SH shadowy. N Niobe. lavage YÄZH maquillage. vouchee DĒ A accidie. B B and E. torpillage ĀZ ĀZ liaise BĀZ baize. D dispraise. jambee. nowadays. outblaze. always.. B and B. diploë. H honeybee. ménage PÄZH découpage PLÄZH plage RÄZH barrage. B and D. naze.. D D.) AZM demoniasm. thenadays DRĀZ drays FĀZ anaphase. B BVD. miasm. wondermaze NĀZ béarnaise. massage. R reappraise. enthusiasm. cytoplasm SPAZM blepharospasm. frottage. debauchee. mores. daze. chincherinchee. ĀZH BĀZH beige GRĀZH greige NĀZH manège TĀZH cortege ÄZH ÄZH peage DÄZH bavardage. P parody. unglaze. rase. sideways. photomontage. saj. B baby.. mizmaze. B bepraise. S sassaby. KW queen bee. G gamma rays. M meadowy. L L. debris. Boaz. garage. malaise. Burgundy. FR Frisbee. DVD.. bedaze. U underpraise. cataplasm. unraze. potage. P payee. bastardy. espionage. Marseillaise MĀZ amaze. N Normandy. Lombardy. amicus. J jacoby. unrase. unpraise RĀZ E erase. laze. beacon blaze. add -s where appropriate. chirospasm.L. pillowy. Brie. metaphase. spasm TAZM phantasm ĀZD (See ĀZ. endways. curiae. outgaze. maize. leastways. polyphase. overglaze. metaphrase. polonaise PRĀZ A appraise. raj. K Koochahbee. R R and D. raze. PR praise. S self-praise. lase. orgiasm. reglaze GRĀZ graze HĀZ haze JĀZ jays KĀZ ukase KLĀZ clays KRĀZ craze. F facetiae. blaze. W wallaby BLĒ blea BRĒ abris.) AZD (See AZ. vertebrae CHĒ chee. R raise. D. CH Chaldee. longways. neoplasm. iconoclasm. carucage LÄZH fuselage. lyonnaise. sarcasm KLAZM biblioclasm. J GRE. O OCD. R reliquiae. R and B. phrase. swataj AZ AZ as. telephase FLĀZ flays. fundee. be. sondage FÄZH staffage FLÄZH camouflage. comedy. organdy. curettage. add -s where appropriate. ectoplasm. cabotinage. x-rays. pizzazz TRÄZH arbitrage VÄZH esclavage.B. K cooee. metaplasm.. humblebee. whereas HAZ has JAZ jazz SÄZH corsage. marouflage. reportage. BR bribee. diphase. chee-chee. H hymnody. sabotage. PR prosody. bays BLĀZ ablaze. cataclasm NAZM pleonasm PAZM empasm PLAZM bioplasm. underglaze. effleurage. arrowy. SK scarabee. sucrase LĀZ Bordelaise. F fiddlededee.D. entourage. dispondee. days. M M.) AZM ÄZ ÄZ ahs. D Danae. reraise. S sinewy. chickadee. add -ed where appropriate. WMD. collage. protoplasm. reraze. DR drawee. W willowy BĒ A A. wase. unphrase GĀZ gaze. bumblebee. M morays. custody. lays. malady. oxidase. schediasm GAZM orgasm KAZM chasm. furrowy. upgaze GLĀZ glaze.D. stargaze. barleybree. Dee. hollandaise. mildewy. emblaze. reflays FRĀZ fraise. faze. upblaze BRĀZ braise. counterespionage. rays. dipody. bemaze. U unraise. cenoby.) Ē Ē A advowee. rephrase. rerase. O overpraise. monody. custodee. taj 76 . gavage. I ID J jeopardy. billowy. vernissage TÄZH décolletage. matelotage. braze DĀZ adaze. endoplasm. mas PÄZ La Paz SWÄZ vichyssoise VÄZ vase (See Ä. K Chaldee. S psalmody. B. bee. cabotage. Ph. minutiae. prase. upraise SĀZ écossaise SHĀZ chaise STĀZ stays VĀZ vase WĀZ edgeways. mayonnaise. phase. GR grandee. lengthways. bawbee.D. Picardy. ways YĀZ Marseillaise (See Ā. CJD. killdee.

Z xenodochy KRĒ decree. alienee. perigee. L lobotomy. E economy. Fuji.. dominie. coryphee. SKR scrutiny. burgee. lottery. demonry. R rani. TR tristiloquy. escapee. CH Chinee. minauderie. telegraphy. FL fleur-de-lis. archery. clumny. proctology. P2P. diary. N nomology. cowpea. biology. K confirmee. brodery. assignee. W wampee. geology. TH thelymachy. D dactylology. Ē misogyny. fiery. F philanthropy. biography. P paleography. SK skillagalee. G galiongee. bijouterie. TH theody. GR grivoiserie. elementary. anemone. carefree. KR crimsony. sylloge. conferee. TR tragedy. monogamy. H hydrotherapy. synecdoche. extempore. third degree HĒ bohea. H homily. tepee. passkey. mummery. therapy. simony. inlagary. epitome. Z zymurgy. anthropology. misery. kitcheny. broidery. alchemy. Z xyloglyphy. toupee. he. dungaree. alimentary. P parolee. psychurgy. gee. mahogany. esprit RĒ A adultery. J jalopy. ethology. KW quackery. J geography. GW guarani. contradictory. commandery. canopy. THR threnody. U oniony. R R. allergy. quay. veriloquy LĒ A advisedly. SP spondee. otology. B biographee. FL flexiloquy. contrary. epopee. BR bryony. atrophy. Bimini. apogee. pee. O obligee. K colloquy. distrainee. bigamy. finery. imagery. CH chick-pea. PL pleniloquy. boundary. somniloquy. lee.S. devilry. in re. G gastriloquy. E effigy. livery. tyranny. hummocky. SKW squeegee. I ignominy. veritriloquy. dysphony. pawnee. doxology. bargainee. B balcony. KR criminology. V vendee DRĒ dree. Z zootomy NĒ A abandonee. chi. grigri. mistigris. tripody. forestry. E effrontery. E enrollee. dyslogy. free.D. nominy. gaucherie. caravansari. key. demonology. SH Chef Boyardee. destiny. memory. barony. hyperbole. cavalry. demology. irony. mystery. hehee. chicory. fernery. B bainmarie. L latchkey. Deuteronomy. K calipee. anatomy. M mallee. masonry. disagree. teratoscopy. ST stephane. tehee HWĒ whee JĒ A agee. physianthropy. aknee. tiffany. dermatology. Albany. I ISP. allotropy. donee. phylactery. whangee. lingerie. heraldry FĒ A ach-y-fi. anniversary. S Saxony. TW Tweedledee. faerie. KR cryptography. S synarchy. K cay. jinni. P pantemone. TH thermae. philosophy. Y yippee. cartulary. master key. P polygamy. dystrophy. BL blasphemy. H hagiography. soliloquy. O optionee. Thessaly (See also adverbs composed of a noun plus -ly [fatherly. calliope. ST standee. bakery. symphony. complementary. consignee. epiphany. syzygy. feathery. compulsory. flummery. elusory.V. Ptolemy. Z zomotherapy PRĒ belesprit. misology. topography. G. husbandry. T THG. Agapemone. K catastrophe. trainee. photography. cushiony. T turnkey. morphology. forgery. complimentary. analogy. S syntomy. mi. jugglery. feoffee. litany. Antigone. Tuscany. Mnemosyne. J JPG. chronology. ethnology. pea. T taxonomy. Persephone. dissuasory. mythology. M metallurgy. genealogy. degree. S salvagee. accompany. mutiny. G garlicky. M me. CH chancery. L laryngology. designee. D dentiloquy. telurgy. W Waikiki. MSG. Barbary. TH Thermopylae. SH Shawnee. cushlamochree KWĒ BL blandiloquy. Bacchae. luxury. sociology. F felony. BR bravery. Romany. etc. penotherapy. P panicky. cap-a-pie. endogamy. I infamy. S psychotherapy. bottomry. hegemony. apocope. pongee. J jamboree. rappee. ogee. Guarani. endocrinology. unfree GĒ ghee. battery. naumochy. PR progeny. discovery. R refugee. directory. infirmary. V vaniloquy. astrology. anaglyphy. petitionee. chickaree. L library. telenergy. muggee.O.]) SINGLE RHYMES. M machinery. M metope. ivory. cottony. pedigree. GL gluttony. D diacope. heart-free. embryology. D dichotomy. quaternary. Sicily. monotony. SW suaviloquy. nominee. PR prodigy. misanthropy. neurology. appellee. puggree. M misophy. F facsimile. rupee. Annabel Lee. epistemology. flowery. Portugee. R ratafee. enfree. townee. rapee. fancy-free. delivery. sodomy. T telegony. beggary. SH charpie. SH shoji.Words to Rhyme With C. colony. Italy. H hillocky. xylography FLĒ flea. dulciloquy. filigree. anthroponomy. D debauchery. R raki. onycophagy. K cacophony. lethargy. E ebony. blossomy. mockery. TR trilogy. embroidery. motherly. V villainy. CH Cherokee. cautery. J jubilee. algae. equerry. lusory. agony. foppery. Calvary. causerie. injury. I ikary. enemy. teknonymy. G Gethsemane. I inauiloquy. V VIP.] or of an adjective plus -ly [absorbingly. E ethnography. TH theosophy. O occamy. B bailee. artillery. bonhomie. M macaroni. kidney. bribery. P pathology. atomy. microscopy. energy. botany. B balsamy. FL phlebotomy. M maquis. pili. corroboree. Cree. phyllery. U eulogy. P pectoroloquy.. SH shirallee. TR distrainee. M multiloquy. Euphrosyne PĒ A ASAP. systole. muttony. T tapis. apostrophe. N neurotomy. belee. bouquet garni. jewelry. examinee. gendarmery. synergy. psychology. PL pledgee. takahe. TR trochee. dilogy. autonomy. N knee. K calorie. aborigine. subsidy. mastery. STR strategy. hostelry. FL flattery. anomaly. etc. alee. Tiffany. apology. G gallery. li. monarchy. T tachygraphy. dissatisfactory. FR frippery. mercury. panurgy. D dactylography. TH thalassotherapy. K cardiology. heraldry. TH theurgy. E entropy. DR drapery. extrasensory. bargee. pornography. libelee. kedgeree. ophthalmology. ST stultiloquy. jigamaree. appendectomy. history. simile. S sanctiloquy. phi. cryptology. zoology KĒ A anarchy. artery. enginery. S Cybele. antistrophe. antimony. H harmony. F physiognomy. boree. N MĒ A agronomy. F fee. Germany. typology.P. H heathery. Pawnee. Melpomene. thuggee GLĒ glee GRĒ agree. TR trichotomy. I infulae. BR breviloquy. deuterogamy. F physiology. drudgery. B bacteriology. company. ecology. patrimony. Manichee. Y uranography. D diastole. L lapis lazuli. marquee. hickory. academy. F factory. J jessamy. STR strophe. Y euphony. recipe. topee. abusively. quandary. koine. armory. J Japanee. illusory. flee FRĒ duty-free. O obloquy. astronomy. colicky. elegy. mortgagee. L laryngophony. P P. G Galilee. T tolutiloquy. dittamy. liturgy. 77 . agape.

incompetency. capability. SL slavery. snickersnee SPRĒ bel esprit. festivity. affinity. D debility. diversity. aristocracy. J generosity. rudimentary. discordancy. competency. H heresy. buoyancy. abbacy. professory. goatee. brutality. promisee. discourtesy. anonymity. sensory. legatee. eternity. revelry. legitimacy. proficiency. facility. CH changeability. belligerency. hesitancy. convenantee. I identity. pungency. FL flagrancy. oscitancy. Q. manatee. formality. lucidity. carroty. V vagrancy. century. normality. hospitality. allottee. dubiety. saliency. KW quality. ribaldry. flippancy. GMC. mustee. regeneracy. surgeoncy. lunacy. serrurerie. ski. community. slippery. femcee. ferocity. amiability. coatee. TH theocracy. sans souci. seducee. prudery. O obduracy. FR fragility. Y euphrasy SHĒ banshee. guarantee. bootee. density. perjury. acceptancy. L laity. roguery. heredity. devotee. notary. expectancy. shee. moeity. luminosity. subsistency. adaptability. levity. depravity. obstinacy. quantity. distributee.. independency. quiddity. S salary. R regency. cupidity. B barbarity. captaincy. dedicatee. curacy. mustee TĒ A ability. committee. asea. joie d’esprit. see. KR creativity. disparity. sectary. promisee. excellency. incipiency. frivolity.T. giftee. iniquity. guaranty. spree STĒ mestee. immediacy. B Baltic Sea. electricity. indelicacy. addressee. oversee. infancy. fluency. M magnanimity. rockery. prominency. emergency. inefficacy. dimity. consonancy. importunacy. thievery. animosity. neutrality. sorcery. priory. affability. embassy. immaturity. receptory. nursery. précis. P palmary. solvency. potpourri. imparity. lubricity. deputy. juvenility. sidhe. T tangency. popery. primacy. kamichi. crudity. concavity. THC. referee. impurity. immortality. garrulity. tenancy. gravity. surfacy. lenity. modesty. FR fragrancy. nudity. fertility. petulancy. immodesty. sufficiency. sirree. inaccuracy. debauchee. S Sadducee. insurgency. amity. Parsee. H hatchety. falsity. duplicity. peccancy. individuality. annuity. chilvary. federacy. alacrity. impecuniosity. E effeminacy. applicability. candidacy. BR brilliancy. inebriacy. treachery. dexterity. oversea. diplomacy. BL blatancy. enmity. policy. negligency. F facticity. trumpery. frugality. fecundity. impendency. C. amicability. Tennessee. mutuality. cliency. satisfactory. impudency. inadvertency. omnipotency. R rotary. valency. conservancy. I idiocy. cruelty. benignity. advisability. appointee. fricassee. rosary. usury. legality. anxiety. secrecy. recalcitrancy. pernancy. intestacy. Terpsichore. pharmacy. rivalry. PR precursory. preponderancy. chastity. poesy. fidgety. tomfoolery. testamentary. consistency. ardency. liberality. valedictory. amnesty. mortality. mestee. TR transferee. frigidity. assis. irrelevancy. K calamity. frequency. charity. dissimilarity. impropriety. mordancy. casualty. shivaree. contrasty. dishonesty. laxity. trickery. flourishy. rosemary. puggree. equity. summary. consanguinity. indignity. attensity. efficiency. morality. futurity. Holy See. thundery. penitency. KR Christmasy. majority. vacancy. conformity. immensity. absentee. jollity. atrocity. inconsistency. delegacy. crotchety. ST stagnancy. contiguity. fraternity. illiteracy. refractory. DR draftee. unforesee. silvery. L lambency. incompatibility. F fallacy. equality. sugary. impertinacy. confederacy. K cadency. privacy. sycophancy. urgency. rectory. D Debussy. sycee. SH chicanery. activity. jealousy. peppery. E SAT. corpulency. deformity. ambiguity. raillery. inclemency.SINGLE RHYMES. PL pleurisy. sonancy. legacy. charivari. constancy. intricacy. Christianity. intimacy. repellency. sea. potagerie. acclivity. G galaxy. TH theory. democracy. convexity. extremity. incapacity. sycee. conspiracy. impassivity. agency. J jactancy. dignity. constituency. capacity. equanimity. immunity. watery. liberty. apostasy. imbecility. commodity. succulency. penury. chichi SHRĒ sri SKĒ hydroski. verdancy. G gaiety. BR brevity. N nascency. entity. dynasty. skullduggery. recovery. intrepidity. divorcee. honoree. courtesy. garnishee. V vagary. immaculacy. impiety. absorptivity. fixity. inductee. perfumery. episcopacy. shivery. humidity. accountancy. proliferacy. limpidity. fatuity. assie. hilarity. lucency. irritancy. comity. GR gratuity. impenitency. renascency. pendency. scenery. shea. faculty. acerbity. futility. nonentity. acidity. valiancy. enormity. asperity. tendency. U unsavory. jeu d’esprit. fervency. acridity. BBC. gentility. profligacy. rubbishy. incomprehensibility. celibacy. aridity. tracery. irradiancy. minstrelsy. humility. ST stingaree. prophecy. Ē knavery. KL clemency. autopsy. delinquency. biggety. amenability. humanity. elasticity. endorsee. nomancy. robbery. N nativity. esprit. supremacy. Z zephyry. argosy. O augury. nicety. ecstasy. T Tartary. buckshee. savory. inability. adequacy. expediency. releasee. potency. incongruity. recumbency. latency. reverie. impetuosity. dependency. O objectivity. quoddity. seigniory. piracy. Odyssey. romancy. incomparability. M magistracy. malignancy. accuracy. witchery. parliamentary. emcee. abstinency. hypocrisy. curiosity. truculency. indecency. importunity. compliancy. actuality. P papacy. fatality. inadequacy. bankruptcy. PR pregnancy. relevancy. deity. big C. perfunctory. SK sculduddery. permanency. nebulosity. rapparee. conveniency. ascendancy. vaccary. complicity. resplendency. piquancy. fidelity. adversity. foresee. summery. absurdity. farci. upholstery. Words to Rhyme With amputee. luxuriancy. fantasy. vapory. impermanency. maggoty. complexity. pliancy. impunity. poignancy. electee.. assiduity. credulity. flatulency. avidity. rotisserie. normalcy. SN snuggery. amenity. wintery. discrepancy. Pharisee. antiquity. geniality. docility. felicity. familiarity. collectivity. E. leniency. leprosy. CH China Sea. immorality. dextrality. she. 78 . zoopery SĒ A ABC. W waggery. yeomanry. captivity. licensee. corespondency. literacy. sangaree. colonelcy. zythepsary. savagery. high tea. sightsee. prelacy. renitency. rookery. deportee. infinity. senary. U undersea. inferiority. cogency. assessee. lessee. insufficiency. idiosyncrasy. Y yessirree. incredulity.T. delicacy. TR truancy. intensity. agility. fortuity. domesticity. divinity. majesty. ski SKRĒ scree SMĒ smee SNĒ snee. advocacy. hostility. cavity. recadency.

restretch GRĒB grebe PLĒB plebe EB EB ebb BEB cubeb. trustee. ĒD ZĒ advisee. F physiolatry. keech LĒCH horseleech. W warrantee. SH shoetree. security. Muscovy. B barratry. vis-a-vis WĒ awiwi. celerity. E errantry. impeach PLĒCH pleach PRĒCH preach. tutee. merchantry. proclivity. pedantry. presentee. photo-etch. propensity. typothetae. zibeb BLEB bleb DEB ardeb. peach. ophelimity. remittee. tee. nosebleed BRĒD brede. relativity. H harlotry. spiralty. poetry. sensitivity. Y eupathy THRĒ MP3.) TRĒ A ancestry. temerity. E empathy. Second—a hearse. HW whiffletree. triviality. tensity. rebleach. sallowy. subtlety. psychiatry. add -ed where appropriate. outreach. austerity. doubletree. sovereignty. re-etch FECH fetch FLECH fletch KECH ketch KLECH cletch KVECH kvetch KWECH quetch. authenticity. outbreed. witchety. bijouterie. U uberty. pont-levis. overreach. beech BLĒCH bleach. totality. servility. pupilarity. D dyspathy. S saddletree. artistry. gallows tree. Y unanimity THĒ A allopathy. c’est la vie. repartee. PL pleasantry. mulvee. picotee. SP sparsity. P pageantry. J geometry. probability. SK scarcity. whippletree. unity. Z. apathy. passivity. Zuyder Zee ZHĒ bougie ĒB DĒB dieb DWĒB dweeb FĒB ephebe GLĒB glebe BENTLEY CLERIHEW Of Clerihew Bentley. bigotry. Christmas tree. P parity. velvety. three. peewee. M mantletree. propinquity. N knight-errantry. headreach. settee. housebreach. TR tree. TR trepidity.) ĒCH ĒCH each BĒCH beach. Speak reverently. G gallantry. RV. celebrity. peasantry. stretch. deb. bourgeoisie. cuirbouilli. seventy. twenty-three (etc. Candide. piety. coquetry. reach SĒCH beseech SKRĒCH screech SLĒCH sleech SPĒCH speech TĒCH teach. unbreech ĒD BĒD bead. ministry. forestry. trinity. tenantry. reb WEB cobweb. utility. unteach ECH ECH etch. sanctiminity. D deviltry. antipathy. yellowy YĒ employee. receptivity. V velleity. H homeopathy. fedayee. suttee. quetsch LECH lech. lucivee. T telepathy. tea. parvanimity. chimpanzee. PR pravity. russety. R radioactivity. prudibundity. W wapiti. webbed ECHT (See ECH. synonymity. breed. axletree. subdeb KEB keb LEB celeb NEB neb. S sacristy. DMZ. gumtree. leach. propriety. sanctity. levee. T T. tetch VECH bitter vetch. vetch ĒCHT BLĒCHT bleached RĒCHT piobaireachd (See ĒCH. poverty. virginity. breech. sincerity. sophistry. unbleach BRĒCH breach. privity. puberty. syntality. T tapestry. authority. maulvee. vee. wretch. interbreed. viraginity. O honesty. torpidity.) EBD EBD ebbed NEBD nebbed WEBD cobwebbed. permittee. titi. patentee. prolixity. First name—a verse. apple tree (and other trees). FLĒCH fleech KĒCH keach. polarity. industry. omneity. trinkety. indeed. payee. halfbreed. letch RECH retch. property. sensibility. weeping tree TWĒ étui VĒ anchovy. eau de vie. SHR shrievalty.Words to Rhyme With audacity. simultaneity. palmistry. upbreed DĒD deed. crossbreed. spousebreach. KR craniometry. reretch SKECH sketch STRECH homestretch. fusee. repreach RĒCH forereach. SN snippety. devisee. similarity. ye SINGLE RHYMES. Bede BLĒD bleed. harvestry. spontaneity. sequestree. inbreed. psychometry. TH the. ennui. trumpety. outstretch. K chemistry. leech MĒCH meech PĒCH appeach. MTV. personality. pseudonymity. telemetry. thee. web YEB uayeb TECH mistetch. trestletree. reliability. TV. coventry. symmetry. misdeed 79 . certainty. spigotty. civility. infantry. recognizee. surdity. S sympathy. timothy. I idolatry. razee. warranty. add -ed where appropriate. pertinacity. nebneb PLEB pleb REB Johnny Reb. TH thalassochemistry.

L light-spirited. boxy red. E exhibited. S sight-read. reseed. O allseed. FL flowerbed. unled. surbed. coveted. outread. N knapweed. blockhead. BL blackbread. poppyhead. sheep-ked LED lead. crossbred. copperhead. underbred. fine-spirited. centipede. springhead. handfeed. lip-read. I inhabited. fleaed. fullfed. H hogweed. led. HW white bread. plumiped. CH childbed. unread SED aforesaid. W waterweed. garlanded. F fissiped. bigoted. retreed. figurehead. P pumpkinseed. Mede. oersted TED A attributed. reed. prohibited. dead. untreed TWĒD tweed WĒD B beggarweed. speed SPRĒD spreed STĒD steed SWĒD Swede TĒD guaranteed. bowhead. antecede. teaed. Quede MĒD Ganymede. ST stairhead. musquashweed. K colicweed. underspread. interplead. eutrophied FLĒD flead. M moonseed. R railhead. redhead. B ballasted. bugleweed. BR breviped. I imbed. R raisin bread. FL flathead. death’s-head. read. lead. homestead. exceed. discomforted. D discomfited. soliped. underfeed. GR greenhead. wellhead. T taliped. farmstead. S secede. peed. R read. bonneted. bighead. K concede. serriped. I inbred. loggerhead. well-fed FLED fled HED A ahead. reguaranteed. watershed. shed. R rapeseed. I intercede. barren-spirited. pothead. KR crescented. overspread. greed. uninhibited. J gingerbread. B bed. off his feed. BL blackhead. M maidenhead. unsped. PR profited. KR crosshead. groundspeed. BR bread. SK skinhead. widespread STED bedstead. 80 . O outread. reread. Nibelungenlied. TR truebred. W waterbed BRED B beebread. brownbread. emptyhead. misread. instead. H hotbed. W wormseed SHĒD Haroun al-Rashid. pirated. T timberhead. bulkhead. knotweed. E epicede. hophead. woolly-head JED ravagèd. redd. H hayseed. retrocede. pinniped. wearièd. unlead. godhead. U uniped PLED pled RED Ethelred. SP spirited. mislead. poor-spirited. M mayweed. shovelhead. S sourbread. jereed. millipede. reread. S signeted. leatherhead. SH sheepshead. spread. TH thoroughbred. U unballasted. SL sleepyhead. shewbread. bufflehead. ramhead. milkweed. unfed. Y yeast bread DED bediamonded. SW sweetbread. hardhead. U unbred. G gilthead.) Words to Rhyme With P pinhead. K cheliped. T talented. SH shortbread. unsaid SHED bloodshed. forehead. KR crispbread. P pissabed. knead. gainsaid. F fathead. rede. S sorehead. hogshead. unfreed GLĒD glede. misplead. high-spirited. PL planiped. tenanted. BR breakfasted. we’d. recede. pita bread. F faceted. FL flaxseed. purebred. Holyhead. roadstead. ped. pondweed. TH thunderhead. O octoped. airhead. supersede. P pigweed. TR trundlehead. hothead. bold-spirited. red. unpedigreed HĒD he’d. woodshed SHRED shred SLED bobsled. marblehead. contributed. E egghead. Jamshid. infrared. W warhead. propertied. milliped. L lowbred. ST stickseed. disinherited. bullhead. op-ed. K carpeted. shortening bread. CH chucklehead. F featherbed. shepherded DRED adread. wellspread. rudderhead. dread FED fed. degreed. turreted. bullethead. uninhabited. base-spirited. milkfed. bespread. snowshed. wede. pinnatiped. O overhead. plead RĒD bourride. billethead. referred. head. weed YĒD yede (See E. ED ED coed. low-spirited. SP speed-read SĒD A accede. tead. G goutweed. dunderhead. dispirited. SP spearhead. pokeweed. copyread. H highbread. filigreed. overread. sorrowèd. velocipede PLĒD implead. distributed. ted. KW quadruped. pre-med PED A aliped. gleed GRĒD agreed. mead. forfeited. W well-bred. S semiped. outspread. masthead. axseed. bred. inherited. kneed. PR precede. homebred. proceed. well-sped SPRED bedspread. heralded. DR dragonhead. disquieted. stampede. B behead. G gay-spirited. unteed THRĒD threed TRĒD treed. meed. Godspeed. spoonfeed. sled SNED snead SPED sped. P pilot bread. roundhead. B birdseed. Siegfried. inspirited. P patented. bonehead. trundlebed. cottonseed. rekeyed. K cathead. unfeed. H hammerhead. fountainhead. M mean-spirited. cottonweed. SL slugabed. jeoparded. E embed. overfed. said. winterfeed. cirripede. cede. Lockheed KĒD keyed. H helmeted. succeed. R riverbed. diamonded. resaid. woodenhead. L locoweed. CH chickweed. featherhead. R remiped. L letterhead. TR trucklebed. F fireweed. public-spirited. limited. winnowèd BED A abed. R ragweed. S seaweed. D deadhead. N nailhead. underfed. gulfweed. misread. O overbred. silverweed. merited. blunderhead. unbonneted. E ennuied. KW quieted. discredited. B biped. drophead. undegreed. disagreed. bestead. S seedbed. jed KED ked. overfeed. freed. jolie-laide MED med. stead. add -d where appropriate. need. capripede. unkeyed LĒD fairlead. Runnymede NĒD ennead. D deathbed. towhead. roadbed. goahead.SINGLE RHYMES. drumhead. paralleloped. aniseed. M maxilliped. unguaranteed. steelhead. goodhead. knucklehead. fiddlehead. arrowhead. continuèd. teed. moped. misled. multiped. soft-spirited. outspeed. seed. she’d SKRĒD screed SNĒD snead SPĒD airspeed. foresaid. PR proofread. reteed. knockkneed PĒD impede. heed. pickerelweed. wholewheat bread. unfleaed FRĒD enfreed. uplead KWĒD quede. pedigreed. T tumbleweed. ED FĒD feed. L linseed. U unhead. P palmiped. ST stickweed.

reif. neif. featheredge. add -s where appropriate. unthread TRED retread. duck egg. foreleg. Winnipeg REG reg SEG seg SKEG skeg SNEG sneg TEG teg YEG yegg SEJ sedge PUZZLE FOR GRAMMARIANS AND MORALISTS I find it curiositive My good intentionals despite. leitmotif. egg. belief. unmerited. V visited. muskeg KLEG cleg. thief. unwed. debrief CHĒF chief. siege EJ EJ cutting edge. unvisited. kleg LEG blackleg. thread.) EGZ LEGZ legs. naïf BĒF beef BRĒF brief. left. tashrif. filibeg DREG dreg GLEG gleg Keg keg. Kiev. L leaf. EJ SHEF chef TEF tef ĒGD NĒGD reneged (See ĒG. New Left. wed YED yed ZED zed SINGLE RHYMES. ultraleft REFT bereft. add -s where appropriate. leg. V velvetleaf NĒF hanif. Prokofiev. deef. FL flyleaf. reft THEFT theft WEFT weft EGD EGD egged LEGD bow-legged NEGD reneged (See EG. interpledge. goose egg (etc. neckerchief DĒF deaf.) EFT EFT eft DEFT deft FEFT enfeoffed. unprofited. worry beads (See ĒD. reef. feoff GRĒF grief KĒF O’Keefe LĒF B bas-relief. ef. untenanted. rethread. pledge. straightedge. BR broadleaf. privilege. re-edge. bowleg. W weak-spirited THRED goldthread. chetif THĒF infangthief. neife RĒF kharif. unfeoffed HEFT heft HWEFT wheft JEFT jeffed KLEFT cleft.) ĒF ĒF faux-naïf. unrespited. add -d where appropriate. tread WED rewed. O overleaf. klepht LEFT aleft. renege PĒG peag SKĒG skeeg TĒG fatigue. utfangthief ĒG BRĒG brigue GRĒG Grieg KLĒG klieg KRĒG blitzkrieg. repeg. I interleaf. hedge KEJ kedge KLEJ cledge LEJ allege. sea legs (See EG. add -ed or -ged where appropriate.) DREJ dredge FLEJ fledge HEJ enhedge. edge. redif FĒF enfeoff. unedge EG EG boiled egg. colleague NĒG banig. proleg MEG nutmeg NEG renege PEG peg. sortilege PLEJ frankpledge. TH thickleaf. nef REF ref SEF UNICEF BEG beg. handkerchief. disbelief. feoff JEF jeff KEF kef KLEF clef LEF lev NEF Brezhnev. fief. impledge. dogleg. pegleg. U unbelief. outfangthief.Words to Rhyme With unlimited. sacrilege. razor’s edge. KL cloverleaf. feoffed. SKEJ skedge SLEJ sledge TEJ tedge WEJ wedge 81 . That I am just as positive When I am wrong as when I’m right.) ĒDZ BĒDZ beads. lief. M misbelief. unpeg. repledge EF EF F. bootleg. eff. TGIF DEF deaf FEF enfeoff. squeteague TRĒG intrigue ZHĒG gigue ĒJ LĒJ liege SĒJ besiege. packthread. Tenerife SĒF massif SHĒF sheaf TĒF aperitif. R relief. D demirelief. shereef. G goldleaf. ledge. motif. sitzkrieg LĒG league.

countercheck. spex TEKS dentex. barrique. apeak. unsex. next PLEKST perplexed. Essex. sexed. vexed ĒKT ĒKT eked CHĒKT apple-cheeked. inflex. BR breakneck. peck. weak. unvex YEKS yex (See EK. tubifex FLEKS B biflex. reek SĒK hide-and-seek. Toltec TREK Star Trek. Tex-Mex NEKS annex.SINGLE RHYMES. meek NĒK clinique. R reflects. houseleek. midweek. L leatherneck.) EK EK home-ec BEK beck. vertex. EJD Words to Rhyme With EJD EJD eded. quarterdeck. crombec. spinifex. decks. Passion Week. vibex cheeked. silex.) 82 . V veniplex PREKS prex REKS murex. high-tech. tenrec. silique MĒK comique. latex. peek. pontifex. rebec. N nulliplex. KR crookneck. bedeck. M multiplex. forespeak. discotheque. R repique. rubberneck. hatcheck. S simplex. cazique EKST FLEKST flexed. genuflexed HEKST hexed NEKST annexed. stickybeak BREK brek CHEK blank check. clique KRĒK creak. homosex. recheck. parsec. deck. chic. convex. Quebec. sheik SHRĒK shriek SKRĒK screak SKWĒK asqueak. freak. T teak. reck. nek. Pyrex. PL plastique. leck. double-edged (See EJ. halfbeak. streaked (See ĒK. J genuflects. specs. train wreck (etc. caudex. I interrex. fair sex. apeek. Peke. PL plex. Kleenex. x. unsleek SNĒK sneak SPĒK bespeak. yecch BLĒK bleak CHĒK cheek. creek LĒK aleak. overcheck. add -d where appropriate. unsexed ĒKS ĒKS eeks BRĒKS breeks LĒKS leeks SĒKS maxixe. xebec DEKS bedecks. rex SEKS desex. KW quadruplex. week. R redneck. relique.) TEKST context. Mixtec. sex. cimex. pink-cheeked. wryneck. unperplexed SEKST oversexed. Martinique. radical chic FĒK feak FRĒK ecofreak. T turtle-neck PEK henpeck. kopek. lex. newspeak. duplex. I inflects. reseek. beek. seek. R Realpolitik. Kennebec. supersex. D deflects. rollneck. retroflex. subindex FEKS faex. reflex. by heck KEK keck KLEK cleck LEK cromlech. unisex. PR pratique. speak. Tehuantepec REK bewreck. Jesus freak GĒK geek GLĒK gleek GRĒK fenugreek. cortex. W widow’s peak RĒK areek. index. shipwreck. P peak. N neck. S circumflex HEKS hex KEKS kex LEKS ilex. undersexed. flex. undeck DREK dreck FEK feck FLEK fleck GEK geck HEK heck. leek. intersex. deflex. chic. telex MEKS Mex. F forepeak. weaker sex SPEKS Perspex. genuflex. spec. yesterweek ZĒK bezique. Lech. technique. haruspex. connects. cacique. KR critique. P politique. conteck. bubble and squeak. caique. lech. repeck. sapek. pipsqueak. isolex.) ĒK ĒK eke. bodycheck. meak. CH Chesapeake. foredeck. unique PĒK A afterpeak. crosscheck. OPEC. M mystique. leak. vortex THEKS narthex VEKS biconvex. FL flecks. tech. physique. add -s where appropriate. N novantique. text VEKST unvexed. raincheck. pretext. B batik. speck TEK Aztec. Czech. pinchbeck. saic BĒK beak. seeks (See ĒK. rubber check DEK afterdeck. K complex. sec SHEK Chiang Kai-shek SNEK sneck SPEK flyspeck. pale-cheeked. trek YEK yech. neck-andneck. boutique. Middlesex. cherry- EKS EKS ex. cheeked. auspex. disannex. sext. G googolplex. wreak. roughneck. BL blackneck. codex. squeak SLĒK sleek. plane wreck. coatcheck. J geopolitik. Mozambique. pollex. rosy-cheeked STRĒKT ring-streaked. grosbeak. pique. oblique. Gen-X. tec. vex. Generation X BEKS becks. Belleek. add -ed where appropriate. contraplex.) SEK cusec. sandek. pects PLEKS D diplex. aulex. P perplex. Greek KĒK keek KLĒK cleek. cheque. connex PEKS apex. TR triptyque TWĒK tweak WĒK Holy Week. D demipeak. SW swanneck. remex. N noddypeak. perique. unspeak STRĒK streak TĒK A antique. add -s where appropriate. TR triplex. lek MEK Olmec NEK B bottleneck. crewneck. check. scolex. ibex. Sikh SHĒK radical chic. teck.

N nacelle. photocell. P passing bell. PR prunelle. cogwheel. befell. O object. recollect. undeal. J jargonelle. Emmanuel. M meal. heatherbell. DLL. connect. R refect. incorrect. O automobile. P parnel. EL GWĒL aiguille HĒL allheal. inflect. ST stoundmeal. unseal SHĒL sheal. S sentinel. pell. L. disaffect. bonnibell. traymobile DĒL deal. pell-mell NEL F fontanel. castille. bonibel. newsreel. leel. camomile. unreel SĒL endocoele. jumel. M millwheel. langue d’oïl BĒL A abeal. pimpernel. belle. neele. D dialect. imbecile. B basilect. V vesper bell DEL A aludel. circumspect. plasmagel KEL kell KVEL kvell KWEL quell LEL hallel. pecked. R rondel. genteel. citadel. repeel. philomel. hydrogel. kneel. cockateel. steel. Parnell. XML. henpecked. harebell. anneal. E expect. ell. Noel. petronel. E eject. transect. redeal. P pedicel. F fistmele. I indirect. prospect PLEKT complect REKT A arrect. lapel. unchecked DEKT bedecked. reconnect PEKT aspect. retrospect. O organelle. K confect. dinner bell. Mobile. E evening bell. vivisect SPEKT D disrespect. ideal. S select NEKT disconnect. E erect. N Nobel. K collect. R rebel. caramel. L landmil. HW white cell. cystocele. Ponder well that antiquated Manually operated Elevator operator’s Elevator operatorOperated elevator! THĒL thee’ll TWĒL tweel. corbeil. O oatmeal. peal. V villanelle PEL appel. gel. dispel. recongeal. deil. misdeal. propel. doorbell. K Canterbury bell. rel. aftereffect. congeal. teil. FR fricandel. rondelle.. overprotect. ceil. E elect. H hardsell. detect. I infect. mell. bel. pinwheel JĒL jeel. add -ed where appropriate. mel. KL claribel. pandect FEKT A affect. I inchmeal. manchineel. FR freewheel. sheel. resurrect. seal. thunderpeal RĒL baril. insurrect. P paddlewheel. operator Of an ancient elevator. H havermele. chenille PĒL appeal. neurocoele. intellect. D decibel. cockerel. tuille VĒL bidonville. dumbbell. flecked. rewrecked. J Jezebel. genuflect. M misaffect. jell. prelect. impel. Immanuel. reflect. M mangonel. oenomel. ylespil. Cornell. TR traject LEKT A acrolect. Isabel. encell. I idiolect. S cebil. she’ll SKĒL skeel SKWĒL squeal SPĒL bonspiel. zeal EL EL A. F photoelectric effect. ’spect. manteel. BR breastwheel. D deshabille. pastille. GR greenhoue effect. toril. retroject. morning bell.) HWĒL B balance wheel. fell. uncongeal KRĒL creel LĒL allele. Tarheel EKT BEKT becked CHEKT checked. refeel 83 . adject. K quenelle. I involucel. asphodel. undetect. KR crenelle. URL. D defect. SH chandelle. O outsell. big wheel. interject. K carousel. weal. ruelle. goosenecked. DR driving wheel. heal. he’ll. sunset bell. spiel STĒL steal. SN snowmobile. I infidel. K cartwheel. real. H handbell. leal. crooknecked. SP specked. reel. M marcel. feil. S subject. G gabelle. flect. speel. It goes up to your Creator Charon sets the indicator. B beal. intersect. dishabille. til ĒL ĒL eel. privy seal. ficelle. abele. jheel. repeal. suspect. N knell. SP spinel. sect. pickerel. PR pre-elect. W. weel. expel. FR fresnel. amerelle. indwell FEL Astrophel. cochineal. U unwrecked SEKT bisect. underprotect. neglect JEKT A abject. heel. morel. Castille. G gearwheel. introject. bell. peel. mil. el. sardelle. L locomobile. Carmel. Sacheverell. ripple effect FLEKT deflect. I inspect. cornmeal. feel. D dial wheel. doggerel. reveal. M mobile. interconnect. disject. clownheel. E effect. glockenspiel. cowbell. rappel. It goes down to Hades’ crater. misdeal. Lille MĒL B barley meal. U unspecked TEKT architect. circumflect GLEKT benign neglect. parallel MEL bechamel. R respect. unsteel SWĒL sweal TĒL bastille. M misdirect. nonpareil. vielle BEL B bar bell. surreal. expect. wholemeal. calomel. we’ll ZĒL cacozeal. R wrecked. K cadelle. AOL. wheel. O. mackerel. F filoselle. BL bluebell. necked. refell HEL Hel. conceal. R re-elect. materiel. beele. festspiel. jurel. kriegspiel. trisect. I immobile. goldenseal. hell JEL aerogel. enseal. S sacring bell. fustanel. insect. NĒL anele. shabby genteel. protect. hydromel. R ritornel. L. ordeal. decked. PR prefect. HW wheal. pall-mall. scalpel REL aquarelle. P porrect. exsect. forefeel. Israfil. oversell. cordelle. LOL. compel. K Camille. PR project. P perfect. S self-respect. quadrisect. chanterelle SEL E excel. seel. SHL schlemiel. R reject. disinfect. S sardel. contect. I inject. FL-flywheel. P piecemeal. unprotect TREKT trekked (See EK. analect. SW sweetmeal THE ELEVATOR OPERATOROPERATED ELEVATOR When you sin. datil. Z zinfandel DWEL dwell. know that later You’ll meet Charon. infantile. spirituel. Chanel. carrousel. jhil. repel. personnel. introspect. urodele FĒL feal. teal. friend. D deject. D direct. D dell. spect. obtect.Words to Rhyme With SINGLE RHYMES. N non-elect. M mirabelle. K conject. deathbell. unreal. school bell. sanctus bell. interdeal. veal WĒL commonweal. H hirondelle. DSL. K correct. dissect.

Cromwell. R right field. K cartel. misdealt. coal field. SN snowfield. seashell. upheld. unhelm. wield ELK ELK elk HWELK whelk YELK yelk ELTS (See ELT. myself. veld. wall shelf (etc. weatherhelm. moschatel. M midfield. thyself. tortoise shell. shell. minifield. well YEL yell ZEL demoiselle. spelt. respell. mantel shelf. upswell TEL A artel. heeled. Welch SKELF skelf GELT Danegelt. compelled. H hotel. Tavel WEL bridewell.) HWELM whelm. Delft PELFT pelfed ELTH HELTH health STELTH stealth WELTH commonwealth. L left field. unbeheld. D dentelle. HW wheat field. solar cell.) ELT BELT belt. stairwell. yarwhelp KELP kelp SKELP skelp SWELP swelp YELP yelp KELD keld LELD paralleled. sell. dishelm. undwelt FELT felt. Moselle Words to Rhyme With YĒLD yield (See EL. gelt. Kelt MELT melt. add -ed where appropriate. gazelle. shield. nutshell. BR bretelle. well-heeled SHĒLD enshield. eggshell.) ELCH BELCH belch KWELCH quelch SKWELCH squelch WELCH welch. veldt. expelled. inkwell. unwell. SK Scofield. himself. R radicel. ELB pennoncelle. F field. U undersell. SH sheffield. brocatelle. M maitre d’hotel. pelled. blackbelt. O oil field. helm. propelled. I immortelle. misspelled. unbelled FYELD fjeld GELD Danegeld. boatel. misspell. overwhelm. sun belt. K canfield. withheld ELP HELP help. B battlefield. B bagatelle. red cell. motel. unparalleled MELD meld PELD dispelled. swell. H harvest field. airfield. unbelt DELT dealt. unicell SHEL bombshell. kelt. unspelt SVELT svelte VELT backveld. muscatel. resell. wealth ĒLD BĒLD bield FĒLD A afield. Ravel. rain belt. Celt SMELT smelt SPELT misspelt. T tell VEL divel. homefelt. cockleshell. yourself ELB ELB elb SKELB skelb SHELF closet shelf. SPR Springfield. windshield WĒLD weald. spell. hield. outfield. rebelled. sarcelle. spelled YELD yeld. shelf. Trinkgelt KELT Celt. Wilhelm ELV DELV delve HELV helve 84 . heartfelt. underwhelm RELM realm ELD ELD eld BELD belled. undealt DWELT dwelt. Roosevelt. zuurveldt WELT welt ELFT DELFT delft. held.) ELM ELM elm. underfelt. oneself. repelled. I infield. mademoiselle. unspell STREL pipistrel SWEL groundswell. add -s where appropriate. yelled (See EL. veldt ELF ELF elf DELF delf. self. geld HELD beheld. cell. corn field. remelt NELT knelt PELT pelt SELT celt. caravel. unfelt. F foretell. ourself. didelf GWELF Guelph PELF pelf SELF herself.SINGLE RHYMES. speedwell. add -ed where appropriate. pucelle. KL clientele. itself. unshell SKEL skell SMEL smell SNEL snell SPEL love spell. self-help HWELP whelp. S sarcel. wych-elm HELM ahelm. R retell. impelled. borscht belt.farewell. CH chesterfield. U urnfield HĒLD heald.

sourdine. oxime. pro tem THEM apothegm.) ĒN ĒN ean. toxaphene. D dean. G gabardine. them WEM wem EMZ TEMZ temse. semanteme. IBM. misdeem. scheme SKRĒM escrime. cysteine. J gene. temp ZEMPT exempt ELZ NELZ Dardanelles SHELZ Seychelles (See EL. monotreme YĒM yeme ZHĒM regime FEM feme. in rem. icecream KWĒM queme LĒM leam MĒM sememe NĒM phoneme. unseam SKĒM rescheme. terebene CHĒN Balanchine. raceme. berseem. M mutator gene. hygiene. hem. dream FĒM blaspheme. millstream. jellybean. queen ĒMD (See ĒM. rheme. I indene. narceine. phosphene. Clean. oncogene. embeam. morphine. ’em. Gunga Din. G gazogene. incarnadine. Mr. sunbeam BRĒM bream DĒM addeem. neem. L long green. H heterogene. steam STRĒM downstream. E evergreen. ream. apothem. phosphine. slipstream. esteem.) ĒM ĒM eme BĒM abeam. theorem SEM semsem SHEM Shem STEM pipestem. F phosgene. reream. E epigene. esteem. redeem DRĒM daydream. green. seam. coempt. keen. teem THĒM anatheme. Thames (See EM. midstream. requiem BLEM periblem DEM anadem. B bowling green. deem. O aubergine. Hallowe’en. ĒN EM EM em. Beguine. Tolkien KLĒN clean. spireme. buckeen. jean. deme. kemb KLEM clem KREM crème. sakeen.) EMP HEMP hemp KEMP kemp TEMP temp EMPT EMPT empt. grenadine. dene. seltzogene. glosseme. been. photogene. centime. undreamt KEMPT kempt. gardeen. takin. palanquin. Josephine. W wintergreen HĒN fellaheen HWĒN wheen JĒN A alpigene.Words to Rhyme With SHELV shelve TWELV twelve SINGLE RHYMES. putting green. contempt. P polygene. grapheme. gem. xylem MEM mem NEM ad hominem REM ad rem. dreamt. whitebeam. enseam. crème de la crème LEM golem. come clean. reglean GRĒN A aquagreen. mainstream. unbeseem. stream. peregrine. goode’en. toluene BĒN bean. moonbeam. K codeine. weathergleam HĒM haem KĒM hakim. add -med or -ed where appropriate. upstream TĒM eroteme. seem. cuckquean. theme TRĒM extreme. Brummagem. almandine. Hasidim. headstream.) EMD DEMD diademed FREMD fremd (See EM. hypogene. gombeen. P peagreen. trireme SĒM beseem. caffeine. preempt DEMPT adempt DREMPT adreamt. quinquereme. selfcontempt. GM. academe. femme FLEM phlegm HEM ahem. modem. damaskene. quean. crossbeam. stratagem KEM Yquem. chagrin. P piperidine. unkempt REMPT dirempt 85 . add -s where appropriate. self-esteem. condemn. hyporcheme KRĒM cream. GR grassgreen. porphyrogene. lexeme. morpheme. scream STĒM disesteem. diadem. BR brigandine. m. buckbean. team. e’en. undine FĒN dauphine. septime. trephine GĒN Begin. hornbeam. riem. Bethlehem. SH shagreen. adeem. Capuchin DĒN A Aberdeen. dudeen. reem. KR crapaudine. gleam. stem TEM contemn. add -s where appropriate. ultraclean. toneme PRĒM supreme RĒM bireme. gean. S sea-green. M mythogreen. beam. palankeen. unclean KRĒN Hippocrene KWĒN closet queen. super-clean. mayhem JEM begem. carrageen GLĒN glean. supergene KĒN achene. telepheme FLĒM fleam FRĒM fream GLĒM agleam. shebeen. S sardine. S sagene. I indigene. add -d or -ed where appropriate. KW quadragene. bediadem. nankeen. recondemn TEMPT attempt. hasbeen. G gangrene. GR gradine.

citizen. UPN. Northmen. S sateen. tag end. Tyrolienne. bellarmine. purine. yen ZEN denizen. S serene. unbend 86 . seventeen. peachen. gamine. serpentine. Slovene. retrench. chopine. EN LĒN A anilene. mien. foreseen. oxygen. routine. Constantine. subvene. ken LEN madeleine. intervene. unseen. fourteen. fascine. potheen. dourine. eighteen. I Englishmen. mesne. epicene. terrene. pean. O opaline. cismarine. seen. vitrine. U umpteen. cayenne. N Nicene. KL clementine. pen. U uplean. TH thirteen. olivine. pigpen. KR chryselephantine. K careen. benben. Saracen. R reen. prairie hen. nectarine. E Eocene. nitrogen. sheen. M men. T tourmaline. stean. terpene PRĒN isoprene. julienne. KR crinoline. B baleen. sagene KEN beken. bromine.) END END end. imine. demesne. Uebermensch. add -ed where appropriate. rescreen. PR praline. gobetween. peen. spodumine NĒN Lenin. O obscene. benzine. SK scalene. M marine. bullpen. subterrene. amphetamine. Byzantine. comedienne. equestrienne. madrilene. superterrene. visne WĒN overween. V velveteen THĒN ornithene. impen. fountain pen. atropine. vaseline MĒN amine. thestreen. B bismarine. subroutine. ravine. yean ZĒN benzene. V vaccine SFĒN sphene SHĒN arsheen. pelerine. methamphetamine. nineteen. bandoline. quinine. pristine. KW quarantine. kratogen. polythene THRĒN threne TRĒN latrine. D damascene. playpen. tangerine. born-again GLEN glen HEN grayhen. magazine. O oleomargarine. windscreen SPLĒN spleen STĒN mangosteen. South Bend. dopamine. pentene. prevene. SM smithereen. T teen. minuend. Cheyenne. drench. B barkentine. halogen. Capuchin. hen. R ratteen. Zen ENCH BENCH bench. intrench. pistareen. treen. libertine. split screen. O Augustine. unquench MENCH mensch. SP specimen. poteen. scalpeen. submarine. J gentlemen. margarine. duvetyn. P partimen.SINGLE RHYMES. wench ENCHT BENCHT benched (See ENCH. upend BEND backbend. W wolverine SĒN A arsine. P patine. sixteen. redrench FLENCH flench FRENCH French. costean. nervine. N naphthalene. praying machine. Big Ben CHEN chen DEN Ardennes. estrogen. persienne. amen. S seamen. unclench KWENCH quench. poison pen. Parisienne. machine. chlorobenzene. n. M magdalene. lien. fiend (See ĒN. shoneen. F philhellene. misdemean. U unforeseen. guillotine. exogen. N Nazarene. cyclamen. bend. bemean. pathogen. moreen. gable end. voting machine SKĒN skean SKRĒN bescreen. anserine. carpenter’s bench. FL Florentine. F fantocine. protein. Philippine. ammine. contravene. rebend. unbench. U ultramarine. yestreen TWĒN atween. limousine. Untermensch EN EN Darien. D dentine. T tambourine. steen TĒN A Argentine. Magdalen MEN A aldermen. colleen. Valenciennes BEN ben. butterine. TR transmarine. L lean. cyanine. TH phthalein. T tequmen PEN ballpoint pen. mavourneen. J gelatine. therebetween ’tween VĒN advene. F figurine. mean. convene. trench WENCH oldwench. add -ed where appropriate. tontine. cowpen. benn. water hen HWEN when JEN endogen. KL chlorine. terrine. SKW squidgereen. R Racine. unscreen. brilliantine. dexemphetamine. rosmarine. ratine. multiscreen. BR brigantine. B Bushmen. kittereen. zine Words to Rhyme With REN wren. semen. wrench SKWENCH squench STENCH stench TENCH tench TRENCH entrench. N Norsemen. den. H horsemen. turbitteen. unpen RENCH monkey wrench. Cayenne. preen RĒN A aquamarine. reserpine. G gasoline. GL glassine. cystine. cuisine. workbench BLENCH blench DRENCH bedrench. Essence. psittacine. ESPN. physostigmene. strychnine. Sistine. nitrobenzene. en. P Palmyrene. moulleen. between. screen. Algerine. R regimen. dasheen. K choline. margravine. Ghibelline. turkeyhen. disbench. bombazine. F fifteen. quarenden FEN fen GEN again. prebend. Sun Yat-sen SHEN Shen SKEN sken STEN Sten TEN ten THEN then WEN wen VYEN varsovieane YEN doyenne. tureen. FL fluorine. bottine. mazarine. Land’s End. moorhen. malines. sen. torpinene PĒN alpeen. mezzanine. G galantine. tragedienne. PR pre-teen. Philistine. organzine. supervene. K canteen. quarentene. proline. spalpeen. N nicotine. brevipen. un-French KENCH kench KLENCH clench. overseen. M Miocene. demean. K kerosene. SKW squalene. pyrene. S scene. sensen. V valine. gen.) ĒND FĒND archfiend. ween YĒN fedayeen. sagehen. L lateen. mousseline. H Hellene. party men. wean. viceraine SEN samisen. lovertine. carcinogen.

inconvenience. incipient. insentient. sense SPENS spence. incontinence. PR pretense. FR frankincense. PR prevalence. M mellifluent. V vilipend REND rend. K conference. diffidence. refluent. PL plenipotence. incongruence. Providence. R reticence. subsidence FENS defense. ostend. effluence. suspense TENS A appetence. O obedience. discommend. intelligence. I incense. girlfriend. D distend. friend. K commonsense. P percipience. incidence. PR prepend. threepence RENS B belligerence. herehence HWENS whence JENS diligence. continuance. virulence MENS immense. vehemence NENS A abstinence. sixpence. consequence. D dense. R reference. emollient. insipience. L lutulence. U unpenned. orient. corpulence. unreverenced ENG DRENG dreng. recompensed. T tense THENS thence ENSH (See ENCH) ENST ENST experienced. recommenced NENST anenst. ambient. fend. influent.) SINGLE RHYMES. pence. accipient. unfenced FLENST flensed. uncondensed FENST fenced. forfend. unifluenced DENST evidenced. profluent. turbulence. constituent. R refluence. offend. I indifference. comprehend. purulence. subservience DENS A accidence. expedient. R repetend. dividend FEND defend. T tend TEND trend VEND vend WEND wend ZEND Zend (See EN. I imprevalence. munificence. godsend. FR fraudulence. ladyfriend HEND apprehend. imminence. propense. E equivalence. M mellifluence. K coextend. audience. accidents. hornblende. P penitence. drengh KRENG kreng SHENG sheng SENST incensed. revenge 87 . P portend. emend. P permanence. insomnolence. interfluent. prurient. indigence. impermanence. N nescience. audient. miscomprehend. indolence. E effluent. I inexpedience. R redolence. inconvenient. PR prescience. coextend. nonresidents. twopence. TR truculence. recommend. unrecompensed RENST cross-referenced. irrever- ence. breviloquence. incompetence. flocculence. disobedient. M malevolence. condense. V violence. inconsequence. offense. K compend. unflensed GENST against. K competence. contend. referenced. recondensed. PR preference. I immanence. FL flatulence. mense. experience. unsensed ENT ENT A affluent. impudence. residents. ST stipend. ingredient. ense. rerend. E eminence. I intend.Words to Rhyme With BLEND blend. prurience. influence. incongruent. I improvidence. E expend. reverence. pertinence. congruence. pitchblende DEND addend. percipient. I impend. intents. I inexpedient. commend. interblend. confidence. D depend. Ostend TEND A attend. congruent. transcend. K condolence. recompense. P parturient. succulence. inexperienced. dissidence. O obedient. insolence. negligence KWENS blandiloquence. remend PEND A append. eloquence. influenced. L lenient. PR preeminence. understrength ENJ HENJ Stonehenge VENJ avenge. K coincidence. R recipient. intense. concupiscence. inference. misspend. inappetence. condensed. S cense. O omnipotence. impertinence. resilient. descend. prominence. grandiloquence. GR gradient. perpend. expense. inexperience. scend. E ebullience. K continence. upsend SHEND shend SPEND expend. expedience. difference. residence. diluent. I impenitence. disorient. resilience. mend. sapient. reverend SEND ascend. PR providence. recommence. magniloquence LENS B benevolence. R recondense. P pend. S subtense. excellence. ENT ENS ENS A affluence. E evidence. K confluence. length STRENGTH strength. N nonresidence. incompetents. S salient. O opulence. convenient. PR pretend. superintend. D deference. spend. S salience. penned. fence. N nonsense. reverenced. sensed. T temulence. innocence. suspend STEND extend. S supereminence PENS dispense. commence. convenience. boyfriend. condescend. aperient. K confluent. ENGTH LENGTH arm’s length. D diffluent. sapience. prepense. S self-confidence. M magnificence. ’gainst MENST commenced. censed. misapprehend. blende. weatherfend FREND befriend. esurient. unreferenced. subtrahend KEND kenned. D disobedience. KW quantivalence. exigence. P pestilence. S circumference SENS B beneficence. issuance. S subtend. equivalents. reprehend. fornenst PENST dispensed. obstruent. unkenned LEND lend MEND amend. self-defense FLENS flense HENS hence. add -ed or -ned where appropriate. send. omniscience. S somnolence. impotence. PR prescient.

betterment. resent ĒNTH GRĒNTH greenth TĒNTH eighteenth. FR fraudulent. ostent. difranchisement. encouragement. BR brabbalement. subservient. KW querulent. well-meant. accounterment. impotent. S somnolent. reverent SENT A absent. underspent. impenitent. succulent. disablement. pediment. tenement. Lent. flocculent. O augment. prevent.) 88 . argument. embitterment. settlement. V vinolent. It isn’t hotsy-totsy. dissent. environment. dimplement. invent. negligent. temperament. muculent. pesterment. distinguishment. sirvente. sediment. M malevolent. K continent. TR truculent. R resident. condiment. I immanent. maleficent. incoincident. ferment. O occident. present. hereditament. unbent BLENT blent. FL flatulent. entanglement. gent. recrement. merriment. complement. emolument. liniment. experiment. event. rudiment. imperilment. fifteenth. supplement. dirigent. inveiglement. L leant. sentiment. B babblement. incident. beleaguerment. esculent. arbitrament. incompetent. punishment. bedizenment. empanelment. lineament. bedevilment. H heaven-sent. S supereminent. measurement. sent. document. PR prattlement. circumfluent. provident. G garnishment. PR prevalent. replenishment. envisagement. demolishment. medicament. deferent. impoverishment. consequent. impermanent. lent. And said. belligerent. R re-sent. H habiliment. efferent. sprent. spent. disarmament. diffirent. tents (See ENS) ĒNZ NENT Aabstinent. M management. devilment. PL plenipotent. fosterment. PR precedent. embellishment. grandiloquent. V vanishment. Today I’m feeling smoochy. embarrassment. scent. W well-content VENT advent. apportionment. P permanent. P percent. muniment. E excrement. exigent. fourteenth (etc. inconsequent. foremeant. R remanent. languishment. went ZENT misrepresent. non-event. emblazonment. fibrocement. cerement. impertinent. detriment. hent. corrigent. unsprent STENT stent TENT A appetent. K concent. banishment. P pestilent. K comment. repent. accent. F famishment. extinguishment. astonishment. premonishment. aliment. anent. BL blandishment. abolishment. ornament. F fornent. K competent. diminishment. I ignipotent. intent. miscontent. envelopment. U unmeant. substituent BENT bent. distent. intransigent. accomplishment.) THE MÄDCHEN AND THE NAZI A Mädchen met a Nazi. development. E evident. content. implement. I indolent. bewilderment. embezzlement. P penitent. enfranchisement. underwent. pseudo-event. FR fragment. enfeeblement. disparagement. unblent BRENT brent DENT A accident. filament. CH chastisement. ennoblement. monument. armament. confident. violent. circumvent. PR GRĒNZ greens RĒNZ smithereens TĒNZ teens (See ĒN. torment. K corpulent. cement. embodiment. relent. U untent. decrement. assent. subsequent LENT B benevolent. botherment. affamishment. imminent. S cent. circumambient. presentiment. president. S subsident FENT fent GENT Ghent HENT attrahent. frequent. worriment Words to Rhyme With preeminent. R redolent. L lament. portent. eloquent. acknowledgment. discontent. It’s going out of style. indifferent. tournament. endeavorment. enablement. ament. I impediment. preferent. I improvident. E extent. overspent. wonderment. contrahent. predicament. D dazzlement. E eminent. ill-content. bemuddlement. represent. consent. T turbulent. hellbent. harassment. wilderment. dement. blemishment. integument. ligament. advertisement. enravishment. impudent. D descent. B beneficent. W wanderment. encompassment. TR tremblement. affranchisement. battlement. blazonment. purulent. irreverent. imprisonment. munificent. transigent KENT Kent KWENT acquent. endangerment. dispiritment. divertissement. franchisement. indigent. decipherment. R ravishment. cherishment. docent. incontinent. embattlement. enlightenment. dissident. admonishment. increment. unpent RENT afferent. insolent. And snuggle for awhile. M malcontent. compliment. equivalent. foment. instrument. diffident. prominent. vanquishment. well-spent SPRENT besprent. meant. D dent. testament. intelligent. relinquishment. T tent. T tegument. lutulent. I’m off to meet Il Duce. virulent MENT A abandonment. add -s where appropriate. disfigurement. magniloquent. discouragement. “I will not heil. nutriment. vehement.SINGLE RHYMES. I innocent. firmament. aggrandizement. indent. regiment. revehent JENT diligent. We’ll do the hoochy-koochy. ĒNTH sentient. pertinent. U unsent SKLENT sklent SPENT forespent.” ENTS MENTS accouterments TENTS contents. element. misspent. lavishment. S sacrament. O opulent. unspent. admeasurement. O omnipotent. vent WENT overwent. TH thereanent PENT pent. ascent. M magnificent. E excellent. luculent. establishment. missent. P parliament. reticent. government. revelment. N nourishment. attent. K coincident. rent. D detent.

release. add -s where appropriate. outleap. prelease. S sidestep. grease. stewardess. s. reese SĒS decease. reap. threep TRĒP estrepe WĒP beweep. concept. nese. intussuscept. valise MĒS semese NĒS nes. incept. kris. step. percept. T two-step. mouthpiece. masterpiece. unswept. Greece. giant step. K catstep. FR frontispiece. O overstep. M mantelpiece. creese. peesweep. rereap SĒP enseep. Nice. piece. seep SHĒP sheep SLĒP asleep. windswept THREPT mammothrept WEPT wept. apiece. increase. endpiece.) ĒS ĒS Thais BĒS obese FLĒS fleece GĒS geese GRĒS ambergris. outweep. cornerpiece. pocketpiece. clean sweep. recept. police. fowling piece. F first step. overleap NĒP neap. ES STEP D doorstep. cease. degrease. unwept KRĒS decrease. crownpiece. KW quickstep. weep ĒPT BĒPT beeped (See ĒP. timepiece PRĒS caprice RĒS cerise. E earpiece. pelisse. P peace. sept. KR crosspiece. inept DEPT adept KEPT kept. sweep. W one-step ENZ ENZ ens BENZ Mercedes Benz BLENZ Coblenz JENZ gens LENZ lens SENZ Vincennes (See EN.Words to Rhyme With SINGLE RHYMES. Bes. predecease. H hairpiece. métis TRĒS cantatrice EP EP Dieppe HEP hep. F fieldpiece. O altarpiece. I instep. recrease. N neckpiece. add -s where appropriate. rep SEP cep SHEP shep SHLEP schlep SKEP skep ĒR (See ÎR) ER ER err HER Herr TER parterre YER rivière. heap. lis. grece. peesweep. steppe. CBS BES bes. except.g. leep. vivandière (See ÂR) ES (See also additional nouns made feminine by adding -ess. transept SLEPT slept STEPT stepped. M misstep. discept. K codpiece. ST stairstep. rebless. sublease. verdigris EPT EPT ept.) ES acquiesce. lease. SH showpiece. down deep GRĒP la grippe HĒP aheap. oversleep. sleep. scrapheap JĒP jeep KĒP keep. re-lease. T tailpiece. crease. I eyepiece. swept. unasleep SNĒP sneap STĒP steep SWĒP chimneysweep. upkeep KLĒP clepe KRĒP creep LĒP leap. unstepped SWEPT backswept.. precept.) ĒRD (See ÎRD) ĒRS EPS SEPS janiceps (See EP. peep RĒP cassareep. CH chimneypiece.) (See ÎRS) ĒRZ (See ÎRZ) ĒP BĒP beep BLĒP bleep CHĒP cheap. suscept. cheep DĒP adeep. uncrease LĒS coulisse. unkept KLEPT biblioklept. e. y-clept KREPT crept LEPT leapt. add -ed where appropriate. Es. cassis. neep PĒP Little Bopeep. noblesse. surcease TĒS atis. outsleep. not hep KEP kep PEP pep PREP prep REP demirep. unbless CHES chess 89 . deep. SOS. intercept. upsweep TĒP teap THRĒP threap. preconcept. bouillabaisse BLES bless. S centerpiece. footsetp. R repiece. B battlepiece. beauty sleep. nympholept NEPT inept PEPT pepped SEPT accept. shepherdess. ensweep. quiesce. niece PĒS A afterpiece.

monitress. retrogress. frondesce. picturesque. O overdress. mesh. unleased PĒST pieced. duress. unguessed GREST digressed.g. humoresque. hartebeest. readdressed. ungreased 90 . second-best BLEST blessed. phosphoresce. nes. etc. fleetness. policed. reassess. unblest BREST abreast. sheesh SNĒSH sneesh TĒSH pastiche. e. redress. unfleeced GĒST geest GRĒST greased. G gala dress. repieced PRĒST archpriest. schottische JĒST aubergiste KĒST keest KRĒST decreased. less. Dantesque. tête-bêche DĒSH Bangladesh FLESH deflesh. underpoliced. mustard cress. suppress. potiche. recompress. releash. rejuvenesce (See appropriate adjectives. unleash MĒSH miche NĒSH corniche. tumesce NES baroness. confessed.g. depress. ’fess. picaresque. cess. comfortress. ness.) MES intumesce. ĒSH DES dess. repossess Words to Rhyme With LĒSH leash. Moresque. fiche. unbreast CHEST chest DEST incandesced DREST addressed. NESH nesh SESH secesh THRESH rethresh. wildebeest DĒST modiste FĒST beanfeast. underdressed. ingress. postiche. breast. prestress. blackest. redbreast. express. obsolesce. luminesce. idolatress. plateresque. M maladdress. regress. e. possess. convalesce. overdressed. least. letterpress. winepress RES archeress.g. undress FES fess. DR dress. Ness. Cal y-clempt (Who claimed at love to be adempt) Of winning Winnie’s favors dreamt. batiste. microfiche. incandesce DRES A address.. fessed. precess. tress. etc. gigantesque. prettiest. nevertheless. fesse. priest. votress VES effervesce YES yes ZES dispossess. oppress. executress. egress. southeast BĒST beast. prepossess. unpriest SĒST deceased. add -est. votaress (See also nouns ending in r made feminine by adding the suffix -ess.and two-syllable adjectives. fresh. profess GES foreguess. blackbreast. opalesce. SOS-ed. canoness. add -ness: e. ultrafiche KĒSH quiche FLĒST fleeced. inheritress. dressed. caress. She turned her back on him and slempt. Brest. progressed. piste. ambassadress. writing desk LESK burlesque. transgressed ĒST ĒST east. F full dress. quickness. horseflesh. water cress KWES deliquesce. And Cal’s inducements were inempt. Trieste (For the superlative degree of appropriate one. largess.. released. effloresce. EST.g. grotesque. And quick to Winnie’s side he leampt To launch his amorous attempt. flèche. well-dressed. access. editress. Tiptoe to Winnie’s bed Cal crempt. uncreased KWĒST queest LĒST leased. beeriness. assess. sundress. stress. recess. evanesce. holiness. regressed. recalesce. poetess. sess. N nightdress. rejess. manageress. chivalresque. reconvalesce. undressed. naturalesque NESK Romanesque RESK barbaresque. northeast. manifest GEST guessed. princess.) SES abscess. guess. guest. unless (See appropriate nouns. recreased. pythoness. digress. counterfressed. finesse. blemishless. unredressed FEST disinfest. thresh ESK ESK Junoesque. reguess GRES aggress. Alas! Cal’s corpus was unkempt. fest.) ESH BESH bobêche.) PES compesce. increased. excess. kermes. regreased. confess. subleased. R readdress. refresh. flesh. success STRES overstress. process. add -less: e. nonetheless. unmesh A MAN IN MY TOWN A man in my town. intermesh. unjess KRES accresce. niche PĒSH capeesh RĒSH nouveau riche SHĒSH hashish. blest. ministress. liquesce LES coalesce. add -d where appropriate. retrogressed. obsess. sculpturesque TESK blottesque. impress. harvest feast. satrapess PRES decompress. D diving dress.) BEST best. cress. H headdress. ceased SNĒST sneest TĒST artiste. pennycress. Kafkaesque. teest VĒST arriviste YĒST yeast ZHĒST aubergiste (See ĒS. wedding feast ĒSH BĒSH babiche FĒSH affiche.. distress. congress. U underdress. feast. soldatesque EST EST acquiesced. mess. statuesque BESK arabesque DESK desk.SINGLE RHYMES. understress TES giantess. infest. unblessed. press. reading desk. repress. fluoresce. compress. syncromesh. So though he begged and raged and wempt. gabfest. turgesce. transgress HES Hesse JES jess. parfleche FRESH afresh. Dungeness. bodiless. redressed. mayoress. politesse TRES ancestress. unfresh GĒSH geas KĒSH Marrakesh KRESH crèche LESH calèche MESH enmesh. Rubensesque. overpoliced.

offbeat. L lariat. kismet. northwest. munjeet. BR brunette. illtreat. parakeet. ingest. Lafitte ET ET A ariette. mansuete. bobbinet. midinette. W winceyette BET abet. T toilette. upstreet SWĒT bittersweet. marguerite. west YEST yessed ZEST dispossessed. increst. maisonette. unsuppressed REST A armrest. overstressed. opalesced. beau geste. request LEST coalesced. mignonette. get. recessed. repressed. unstressed TEST attest. E et. vinaigrette HET het HWET whet JET fanjet. stressed. pipette. Z zonulet MET allumette. cadet.Words to Rhyme With HEST alkahest. discrete. umbrette DET bidet. behest. winding sheet SKĒT skeet. uninterest. lunette. impest. fresh meat. honeysweet. suite. skete SLĒT sleet STRĒT backstreet. N novelette. concrete. arrest. sweet. medalet. raw meat. excrete. retest. M maquette. V vignette. I impressed. oreillet. K compressed. country seat. luminesced. leet. D diskette. GL globulet. lorrikeet. BL blanquette. S cete. D dinette. complete. quodlibet. epaulet. coquette. imprest. fet. unrest SEST alceste. unassessed STREST distressed. obsessed. gest. P pianette. khet. indiscreet. cornet. protest. Crete. mete. weet ZĒT carte de visite ĒT ĒT eat. FL flageolet. thesmothete TRĒT Dutch treat. maltreat. L landaulet. pet. roulette. K catbird seat. B bookrest. mesquite. inquest. coronet. bayonet. R recompressed. V violet. BR briquette. frett. baronet. retreat. superheat. debt. terete SĒT D deceit. presidential suite. downstreet. elite. benet. undercrest KWEST acquest. SH chansonette. S suppressed. sheet. baguette. browbeat. effervesced. N net. PR preconceit. lorgnette. egret. T tabinet. crest. storiette. N kniferest. proxenete PĒT compete. georgette. amulet. overeat. villanette. tournette. predigest. undervest. helpmeet. O au reste. bassinet. repossessed. vest WEST Key West. B ballonet. unsweet TĒT petite. secrete KWĒT queet LĒT athlete. assessed. invest. piquet. O oppressed. K caressed. soubrette. reseat. replete. PR pressed. gamete. O oubliette. southwest. suffragette. rivulet. interfret GET baguet. martlet. uncomplete RĒT afreet. vedette FET estafette. H headrest. quest. barbette. vegete KĒT keet. tressed. groundsheet. F falconet. obtest. T tourniquet KWET quet LET A ailette. BR briolette. dragnet. reinvest. underheat. slipsheet. D depressed. upbeat BLĒT bleat CHĒT cheat. detest. mainsheet. coquet. E enquete. Everest. deliquesced. overheat. coverlet. conceit. W wagonette PET parapet. S sublet. F footrest. freit GLĒT gleet GRĒT greet. carcanet. obsolete MĒT dead meat. easy street. untressed VEST devest. SK squelette. E effloresced. zest (See ES. heat. polychaete. U unseat SHĒT balance sheet. disseat. convalesced. digest. wrest. revest. H hairnet. alphabet. alette. peat. mincemeat. jest. well-met NET A alkanet. regret. forcemeat. wheat JĒT exegete. estreat. salopette PRET mpret pret HWĒT buckwheat. redigest. bystreet. possessed. entreat. sugar beet. undereat BĒT beat. meat. broadsheet. clipsheet. D disinterest. raven-tressed. teat THĒT aesthete. unget GRET aigrette. K canzonet. reassessed. escheat. paraclete KRĒT accrete. rainjet. Bucharest. J genet. rondolet. lest. M marionette. wholewheat. ET FLĒT fleet FRĒT afreet. nonet. bridal suite. bequest. unheat P pirouette. feat. satinet. congest. sunnysweet. self-conceit. TR triolet. unmessed NEST funeste. luncheonette. U unimpressed. molest. unmeet NĒT neat. R rest. ket. Budapest. K casquette. foresheet. palimpsest. plumette. seat. nest PEST anapest. preheat. K cassolette. jet. cheet. U uninteressed. ST stockinet. add -d or -ed where appropriate. nymphet. egest. downbeat. I inficete. drumbeat. sweetmeat. unprepossessed. incest. FL fluoresced. P paroket. Colette. phosphoresced. silhouette. recalesced. geste.) SINGLE RHYMES. pretest. met. R rigolette. Masorete. meadowsweet. martinet. pest PREST A appressed. discreet. fumette. kitchenette. recheat FĒT defeat. J judgment seat. celeste MEST messed. street. 91 . prepossessed. jumbo jet. PL plaquette. unpossessed. turbojet KET B banquette. heartbeat. repeat PLĒT deplete. burgonet. self-possessed. calumet. misbeget. deadbeat. flannelette. castanet. hest JEST almagest. M mercy seat. KL clarinet. etiquette. royal suite. G galette. R receipt. H historiette. unpressed. forget. fishnet. midwest. M mantelet. pleat. SN snackette. minionette. divest. spirochete KLĒT cleat. county seat. meet. Tophet FLET flet FRET fret. feet. leat. congreet HĒT dead heat. ST statuette. Lett. frette. beet. reheat. Cete. Tibet BLET blet BRET bret. suggest KREST firecrest. muscadet. beget. bet. contest. L lansquenet. D duet. delete. M minuet. S sarcenet. R remanet. mofette. goldcrest. uncompressed. estreat. layette. incomplete. cleete. KR croquette. treat TWĒT tweet VĒT aquavit WĒT peetweet. test TREST golden-tressed. judgment debt. I inlet. I interest. pigmeat. saxcornet. effete. J jockette. Met. indebt. mistreat. self-deceit. S serviette. mosquito net. let. fète. O omelet. cessed. moquette. freesheet. dustsheet. outlet. prestressed. R Rockette. rinderpest. E aiguillette.

he’s HWĒZ wheeze JĒZ jeez KĒZ quais. octet.) ĒZ ĒZ ease. nuclear freeze. heartsease. Launderette. anchoret. fiftieth. sleave. upset. fourchette. fortieth. reave. receive. frieze. S salicet. D deceive. ensheathe. tiddledies. sextet. leveret. chemisette. neath. imbreathe. unbelieve ĒTH (TH as in this) NĒV nieve PĒV peeve PRĒV reprieve. corvette. unset. K conceive. flechette. disbelieve. enfreeze. headset. K collaret. planchet. grisette. SW swimmeret. Congreve 92 . quethe RĒTH enwreathe. upheave KĒV keeve KLĒV cleave. SM smart set. outbreathe KWĒTH bequeath. vilayet. P perceive. I illset. Swiss cheese (etc. minaret. freeze. musette. somerset. ninetieth. F farmerette. dead set. New Year’s Eve. wreathe SĒTH seethe SHĒTH sheathe. bewet. megadeath LETH shibboleth METH meth PLETH isopleth SETH saith. reweave.SINGLE RHYMES. lenneret. reperceive. unreprieve RĒV bereave. Big Cheese. B bachelorette. taboret. reeve. seventieth. letterset. underneath SHĒTH sheath SNĒTH sneath. cleeve. ’neath. leave. yestereve ĒTH ythe DĒTH hadith HĒTH heath KWĒTH bequeath LĒTH philalethe BĒV beeve BRĒV breve. weave. ricochet. burette. Portuguese GRĒZ grease HĒZ heeze. musette. add -d where appropriate. land breeze. sneeth RĒTH wreath SHĒTH sheath TĒTH eyeteeth. seth (Archaic suffix -eth may be added to verbs. sett. noisette. SH sharp-set. beset. crepe suzette.) ĒVD CHĒVD achieved (See ĒV. outset. interset. moonset. barrette. pillaret. galliardise. F facette. R ret. farset. unfreeze GĒZ koksaghyz. vignette. lieve. yet. reve SĒV A apperceive. R reconceive. sleeve STĒV steeve TĒV recitative THĒV thieve TRĒV retrieve VĒV qui vive WĒV interweave. Caryatides. U usherette SET A anisette. T typeset. plushette. marmoset. KW quickset.) BETH Macbeth BRETH breath DETH death. deepset. P Pierrette. avocet. poussette. U underset. M misconceive. feeze FLĒZ fleas FNĒZ fnese FRĒZ antifreeze. banneret. boneset. revet. photoset. shet. quintet. PR preconceive. inweave. couchette. cleve. V videlicet SHET brochette. oreillet. H handset. scilicet. onset. TH thick-set. nyet. clochette. unsheathe SMĒTH smeeth TĒTH teethe ETH (TH as in thin) ETH eightieth. B backset. curette. keys. T tabaret. trebuchet SKET sket STET stet SWET sweat TET quartet. yette ZET anisette. leatherette. rosette. sixtieth. uncleave KWĒV queeve LĒV believe. unease BĒZ bise BRĒZ breeze. chemisette Words to Rhyme With NĒTH beneath. L lazaret. fossette. D dancette. BVD’s. Atlantides. thirtieth. asset. Khedive GRĒV aggrieve. triple threat TRET tret VET brevet. olivet. overset. preperceive. set.) ĒTHD BRĒTHD breathed (See ĒTH. I imaret. underachieve DĒV deave. twentieth (etc. nipcheese. eve. FL fleurette. curvet. monteith. head cheese. sea breeze CHĒZ cheese. grieve. KR crossette. interleave. Christmas Eve. semibreve CHĒV achieve. O offset. S cellaret. SP spinneret. marquise ĒV ĒTH (TH as in with) ĒV eave. vet VYET Viet WET all wet. subset. floweret. M majorette. overachieve. cheval de frise. inset. paillette. minivet. unwet. cigarette. make-believe. S seave. wet YET lorgnette. gazette. Eve. naive. M marquisette. unweave. K cassette. cuvette. P pincette. motet. solleret. SH chevrette. Eumenides FĒZ feaze. relieve. septet. crystal set. inbreathe. sestet. Somerset. planchette. formeret. film set. portreeve. add -ed where appropriate. cheve. curet. teeth HĒV heave. tête-a-tête THET epithet THRET threat. greave. we’ve BRĒTH breathe. pochette. marmoset. U undeceive SHĒV sheave SKRĒV screeve SLĒV shirtsleeve. sunset.) DĒZ antipodes. forset. ĒTH RET A amourette. Maimonides. Pleiades. Hesperides. R reset.

H Hercules. chemise. high. sububeres SĒZ A analyses. intensify. U uglify. esterify. Uruguay HĪ heigh. beatify. Javanese. vitrify. die. arefy. sanctify. multiply. add -d where appropriate. Siamese NĒZ A aborigines. syllabify. ultrahigh HWĪ wh. H hereby. sine die. N Nazify. terrify. reeze. divinify. I interstices. interstratify. certify. lapidify. assise. U underlie. demise. liquefy. DR dragonfly. beautify. weather eye BĪ A alibi. syntheses. rectify. guy. EZ EZ Suez FEZ fez GREZ éminence grise MEZ kermes NEZ knez PREZ prez REZ Juarez SEZ écossaise. obstupefy. SP speechify. hi. K cat’s eye. vilify. M manganese. reunif. J Japanese. quantify. rockaby. P pacify. stupefy. M misally. misapply. Gemini. GR gratify. chondrify. H jai alai. G gadfly. demythify. revivify. tumefy. personify. reply. B basify. acidify. salify. on a high. BR brutify. S Senegalese. H Helvetii. SH shoofly. alacrify. KW qualify. pleas. neeze. blowfly. mummify. signify. codify. specify. nidify. Navarrese. potpet. dehumanify. alkalify. Y unify FLĪ B bobfly. H hypothesese. add -s where appropriate. D Diogenes. remodify. Pyrenees. nanpie. S sandfly. G go-by. horrify. angelify. deny. indemnify. S saccharify. nye. N Naked eye. camise. fie. R reseize. S seas. ST standby. modify. simplify. please PRĒZ imprese RĒZ computerese. sky-high. D disally. acetify. FR frog-eye. lenify. O objectify. electrify. torpify. mollify. fry. stultify. TR transmogrify. diabolify. ally. R rabbi. mislie. SH shiai. FL fly. pinguefy. fishify. pi. M madefy. riding high. Periclese LĒZ B Belize. oversimplify. do-or-die. buckeye. N knees. demulsify. sci-fi. putrefy. lazuli. pie. I identify. CH churchify. K cablese. aurify. P pekinese. FR Frenchify. lye. ply. G goldeneye. aye. evil eye. magpie. U underbuy BLĪ bly DĪ ao dai. SF spherify. shanghai. humanify. defy. espy. stellify. fie-fie. redye. mince pie. H Havanese. L leas. F fisheye. cockneyfy. O overbuy. U underfly FRĪ french fry. Viennese PĒZ appease. PR private eye. diversify. L labefy. P periphrases. scorify. deify. Ī EZH BEZH NEZH REZH TEZH beige manège barège cortege Ī Ī B bigeye. matrify. botfly. nese. presignify. mise. repry 93 . bye. Bengalese. demystify. D damselfly. hushaby. T. classify. nilgei. F flyby. I ai. says. Assamese. O outfly. Maltese. descry. torrefy. denazify. small fry GĪ assegai. casefy. imply. redeny. kowhai JĪ anthropophagi KĪ akaakai. P passerby. succubi. H hi-fi. rarefy. nitrify. R radii. K catchfly. KL clarify. blind eye. testify. vivify.’s. mystify. shoofly pie. V Veronese. mortify. dissatisfy. undersupply PRĪ pry. outcry LĪ A alkali. versify. solemnify. F falsify. R really. stander-by. ossify. nigrify. phi. chi. rigidify. humify. V valise MĒZ acadamese. satisfy. peas. minify. knee-high. tiger’s-eye. lie. S syllabi. rely. PR preachify. mease. undye DRĪ adry. termini PĪ apple pie. peach pie. tease. bindy-eye. I isosceles. sanguify. ratify. STR stratify. detoxify. B bee’s knees. mythify. supply. J jellify gentrify. hie. L lapis lazuli. emulsify. shut-eye. overlie. housefly. D disseize. eye. by. I incubi. B belie. dulcify. reify. Annamese. gallfly. P peepeye. BL blackfly. seize. nigh. J genii. W walleye. congeries. F firefly. GR greenfly. sez TEZ Cortes YEZ yez ĒZD LĒZD lesed (See ĒZ. sottise THĒZ these TWĒZ tweeze VĒZ Genevese WĒZ weeze ZĒZ disease (See Ē. pinkeye. red-eye.) nullify. Bolognese. CH Chinese. PL planefy. umble pie (etc. argufy. lees. J journalese. Pekinese. forby. mundify. magnify. haeremai. damnify. V vortices SKWĒZ squeeze SLĒZ sleaze SNĒZ sneeze PLĒZ displease. humble pie. Polonese. alumni. micrify. HW whereby. nuclie. fall guy. M Mephistopheles. trapeze PLĒZ displease. carnify. humidify. amplify. KR crucify. K Cantonese. N Nepalese. duplify. my NĪ alumnae. D daintify. T Tyrolese. overdye. aye-aye. Shanghai. V verify. lubrify. occupy. E edify. Singhalese. G gasify. cry. T TMI. TH thereby. R ramify. sheep’s-eye. dry. overfly. S sock-eye. wise guy GWĪ Paraguay. H horsefly. decani. M Mayfly. regentrify. goodbye. dobsonfly. fructify. antalkali. neese. goldeye. Lorelie. dead-eye. E eagle eye. T tabefy. comply. ladyfy. rubify. sees. byebye. tepefy. cerise. saxify. N nearby. high-and-dry FĪ A acrify. please betise. preoccupy. haikai. O outlie. solidify. butterfly. by-and-by. Burmese. dignify. lignify. demy. SK scarify. pleas. ay. petrify. O oxeye. Socrates. bedye. antitheses. K quillai. typify. GL glorify. L lullaby. remise. bronchi. J July. rocaille KLĪ cly KRĪ decry. subjectify. blackberry pie. disqualify. foreby. citify. exemplify. dye. M mooneye. D.) PLĪ apply. Aragonese. sea pie. by-the-by. B buy. BL black eye. dandify. F forlie. I. porkpie. salsify. Anno Domini. sanify sponify. jollify. fortify. prettify. pease. declassify. K calcify. bonify. D DUI.) SINGLE RHYMES. oversupply. V vox populi MĪ demi. Anglify. chersonese.Words to Rhyme With KLĒZ Androcles. ST steelify. cockeye. purify. notify. gilguy. Milanese. gilgai. justify. Damocles. stiltify.

redyed. R rarefied. dull-eyed. solidified. necktie. iodide. owl-eyed. O ossified. N notified. pop-eyed. STR stratified. carbide BRĪD bride. underdried. untie TRĪ atry. dove-eyed. mitch NICH niche PICH overpitch. S sanctified. crib KWIB quib LIB ad lib. SKR scribe. unswitch TWICH twitch IB BIB bib. dcalcified. gybe. pie-eyed. oroide. N narrow-eyed. scry SLĪ sly SNĪ sny.) ICHT itched (See ICH. L liquefied. catstitch. rye. TR trisulfide. I eyed. TR transcribe TRĪB diatribe. terrified. FR fructified. mystified. evil-eyed. openeyed. unspry STĪ pigsty. tribe VĪB vibe ICH ICH itch BICH bitch. torrefied. citified. E edified. putrefied. sky. S circumscribe. Versailles SKĪ bluesky. superscribe. blue sky. undyed DRĪD anhydride. sigh. M meek-eyed. KW qualified. wry. jibe KĪB kibe SKRĪB A ascribe. dried. proscribe. samurai. pink-eyed. stitch. tie-eyed. ĪB RĪ awry. beautified. petrified. ratified. retry. B buckeyed. prophesy.) ĪD ĪBZ VĪBZ vibes (See ĪB. snye SPĪ bespy. misty-eyed. unshy. interscribe.) ĪD A almond-eyed. revivified. dulcified. counterspy. pitch RICH enrich. workshy SĪ assai. dyed. weatherspy SPRĪ spry. SP specified. mortified. K calf-eyed. tie.) VICH czarevitch WICH bewitch. overqualified. Y yellow-eyed BĪD abide. GL glorified. rectified. nullified. cockeyed. ST stultified. scorified. SN snake-eyed. rib SIB sib SKWIB squib SNIB snib 94 . M magnified. add -d where appropriate. oxide. double-dyed. dryed. R red-eyed. purified. KR crucified. sparerib. K confide. gay lib. bibb CHIB chib DIB dib DRIB drib FIB fib GIB gib GLIB glib JIB jib KRIB corncrib. G goggle-eyed. emulsified. L lynx-eyed. E escribe. T tepefied. peroxide. bona fide. F full-eyed. unhitch HWICH which KICH kitsch KWICH quitch LICH lich MICH miche. W wide-eyed. disulfide. P perscribe. sulphide. vie WĪ DKNY. your dibs NIBZ his nibs. blueeyed. Skye SKRĪ descry. add -bed where appropriate. S soft-eyed. blear-eyed. shy. nibs (See IB. dissatisfied. KL classified.) ĪB BĪB imbibe BRĪB bribe JĪB gibe. mollified. Thai. cloudy sky. spatrify. SKW squint-eyed. monoxide. GR green-eyed. O ox-eyed. caravanserai. child bride CHĪD chide DĪD died. wye. hogtie. saponified. K conscribe. intensified. BL black-eyed. countrified. deified. GR gratified. ensky. unrich SICH sich SKICH skitch SKRICH scritch SMICH smritch SNICH snitch STICH backstitch. KR crosseyed. undried FĪD B beatified.SINGLE RHYMES. SK scarified. Argus-eyed. H hazel-eyed. round-eyed. dignified. add -s where appropriate. D describe. D defied. satisfied. my dibs. certified. diversified. seamstitch. hydride. tumefied. hemstitch. wall-eyed. witch ICHT IBD RIBD rock-ribbed (See IB. cat-eyed. E eagle-eyed. hawk-eyed. testified. KL clear-eyed. F fortified. try VĪ outvie. chainstitch featherstitch. whipstitch. sty THĪ thigh. subscribe. add -ed where appropriate. lib. add -s where appropriate. overdried. Y Words to Rhyme With ĪBD BĪBD imbibed (See ĪB. unstitch SWICH switch. serai SHĪ cockshy. rich. modified. I identified. selfsatisfied. ide. thy SWĪ swy TĪ bowtie. sloe-eyed. redried. I’d. electrified. psi. stupefied. PR prescribe. D dioxide. bide. SL slant-eyed. I inscribe. P pale-eyed. women’s lib NIB nib RIB midrib. phosfide. scye. U IBZ DIBZ dibs. sonofabitch BRICH britch DICH ditch FICH fitch FLICH flitch GLICH glitch HICH hitch. restitch. J justified. P pacified. spy. saddlestitch.

nitride. BL blindside. silicide. fid. preside. hospiticide. forbid. germicide. eventide. L Lammastide. tried. nationwide. noon tide. sulphonamide. cervicide. highlife. J genocide. T tide. rodenticide. peptide. filicide. T telluride. Port Said. L lakeside. FL flip side. collide. SL slickenside SP spermicide. R regicide. refried. hied. I infanticide. untied. lanthanide. polyamide. biocide. overdid. ironside. nematocide. acaricide. benzaldehyde. nightside. D decide. unoccupied PLĪD applied. did. parenticide. beside. parricide. lee tide. redivide. N nearside. E Eastertide. T taeniacide. heroicide. O oxide. FL fluoride. invalid. meek and mum. methoxide. outstride. allied. KR Christmastide. TW Twelfthtide.) SINGLE RHYMES. peroxide pesticide. alongside. unapplied. fireside. D dispeptide. countryside. SH Shrovetide. misapplied. W weathertide. wide. unspied STRĪD astride. bestride. GL glycoside. arsenide. reprovide. O outride. herpicide. misallied. unbeautified. outdid. offside. homicide. uranide PĪD occupied. pied. downside. tolbutamide NĪD actinide. platinocyanide. escried. guyed. H herbicide. half-life. belied. onside. morning tide. oxhide. self-pride RĪD A arride. sodamide. P parasiticide. BR broadside. B boride. polypeptide. sulphanilamide. silverside. cyanide. verbicide. subside. ophicleide KRĪD decried. cried LĪD acetanilide. dissatisfied. slide SNĪD snide SPĪD espied.) ĪF FĪF fife KĪF kife LĪF afterlife. disaccharide. tyrannicide. insecticide. nide. trifid GID gid GRID grid HID hid. preoccupied. prolecide. pro-life. liberticide. meticide. mountainside. weatherside SKRĪD descried. deicide. dioxide. lied. ferrocyanide. multicide. polynucleotide. PR prophesied. S saccharide. hillside. glucoside. KL chloride. outside. Y ureide SĪD A aborticide. M mercaptide. etc. chromatid. superoxide. unhid HWID whid KID kid KWID quid. undid DRID Madrid FID aphid. nicotinamide. side. underbid. riverside. vivified FRĪD fried. stride TĪD A Ascensciontide. Merseyside. tailskid SKWID squid SLID slid STRID strid THRID thrid. Ironsides. HW Whitsuntide. blind side. multifid. R retied. monoxide. uxoricide. overside. add -s where appropriate. H hydrochloride. V versified. feticide. pyramid NID hominid. dichloride. patricide. prehominid. Michaelmastide. undertied. unbid.Words to Rhyme With (prefix un to obtain negative of appropriate words in the FĪD category—unbeatified.). lager-thanlife. sobersides (See ĪD. P Passiontide. M monosaccharide. pyralidid. F facticide. scried. unallied. W waterside. eyelid. undescried SLĪD backslide. tetrachloride. aside. reapplied. FL flood tide. lapicide. E ecocide. inside. elide. upside. ringside. tid TRID eupatrid VID kid-vid ĪDZ ĪDZ Ides SĪDZ besides. autocide. S seaside. hide. monstricide. FR fratricide. life. trisaccharide. subdivide WĪD countrywide. riptide. Y Yuletide TRĪD nitride. B Bartholomewtide. supplied. Dominus is in thy tum. spied. vitrified. insides. bactericide. stillicide. hydrosulphide. wayside. serranid. change -y to -ied or add -d where appropriate. M magnicide. unforbid NOEL. suicide. respied. scride. Heaviside. replied. katydid. larvicide. well-tried VĪD divide. slickensides. D deride. unthrid TID hydatid. U unbetide. cowhide. outbid. giganticide. cephalocide. deuteride. TR trioxide. rebid. topside. cyanimide. quadrifid. untried. lid MID amid. low tide. fungicide. unbelied MĪD bromide. vulpicide. horsehide. What a jolly jeu d’ ésprit— Christ beneath the Christmas tree! BRID colubrid 95 . oceanside. B backside. algicide. sororicide. nucleoside. V vaticide. mid. waveguide GLĪD glide GRĪD gride HĪD aldehyde. R ride. diopside. Allhallowtide. unsupplied PRĪD pride. bedside. unprophesied. acetaldehyde. landslide. nucleotide. excide. Embertide. worldwide ZĪD azide. felicide. unfried GĪD guide. dimethysulphoxide. H Hallowtide. rawhide KLĪD nuclide. betide. N neap tide. isocyanide. multiplied. denied. high tide. NOEL Virgin Mary. cyprinid PID elapid RID rid SID Cid SKID askid. F phosphatide. misguide. ST stateside. vermicide. wildlife ID ID id BID bid. epoxide. ethoxide. TR trichloride. override. ebbtide. overbid. still-life. tied. reside (See Ī. ĪF CHID chid DID athodyd. statewide. brookside. coincide. spermatid. tertium quid LID annelid. hydroxide. reprophesied. acetylide. piscicide. nightlife. formaldehyde. bifid. K quayside. Barmecide. provide. skid. N night-ride. underside. SP springtide. bolide. citywide. chlorothiazide. foreside. rehid.

spiegelschrift SIFT resift. armitage. hospitage. tutorage. add -ged where appropriate. paperknife. midriff. minibike. F fortilage. caprifig FRIG frig. add -ed where appropriate. shindig FIG fig. F foliage. sewerage. earwig. fishwife. lairwife. wysiwyg IFT BIFT biffed DRIFT adrift. glyph. TIFF WIF wiff ZIF ziff IFS ZIFS ziffs (See IF. voyage IF IF if BIF biff CHIF handkerchief. male chauvinist pig. thrift (See IF. anchorage. W waterage SIJ surplusage SKWIJ squidge SMIJ smidge TIJ agiotage. patronage. riff. heli-lift. cooperage. wakerife STRĪF loosestrife. guinea pig. topping lift. shift SHRIFT festschrift. gliff. M mucilage. seigneurage. neckerchief DIF diff FIF pfiff GLIF anaglyph. pilgrimage NIJ A alienage. midge. gearshift. E ensilage. tiff. strife WĪF alewife. hemorrhage. V vicarage. PL plunderage. ferriage. R ridge. average. housewife. dig. pocketknife. unrig SIG cig SNIG snig SPIG spig SPRIG sprig SWIG swig THIG thig TIG tig. K Coleridge. knife. claspknife. PR privilege.) PRIG prig RIG outrig. thimblerig. wife Words to Rhyme With LIFT airlift. L leverage. T telpherage. M matronage. appanage. H harborage. unsquiffed SNIFT sniffed SPIFFED spiffed SWIFT chimney swift. baronage. spoondrift GIFT gift HWIFT whiffed KLIFT cliffed ZIG zig IGD RIGD full-rigged. P pupilage. S sortilage. N nidge. Tom SwifT TIFT tift THRIFT spendthrift. add -s where appropriate. lift. Mr. B beverage. bigwig. K cartilage. B badinage. V vassalage MIJ image. rejig. vicinage PIJ equipage RIJ A acreage. steak knife RĪF rife. snowdrift. concubinage. periwig. image. majig. lineage. Big BRIG brig. wig. stiff TIF positif. brigg DIG dif. pilotage TRIJ arbitrage (Words in which a penultimate stressed syllable is followed by -age—drayage or assemblage. griffe. thingamajig KRIG crig NIG nig. swift. puddingwife. hieroglyph. whirliwig. E espionage. porterage. I have omitted such words here. renege PIG bushpig. midwife. S siphonage.) IGZ DIGZ digs (See IG. Frigg GIG fishgig. undercliff KWIF quiff MIF miff NIF niff PIF piff RIF eriff. clientage. O overage. whirligig GRIG grig HWIG whig. bridge. O orphanage. gig. honey fig. S cellarage. P parsonage. heritage. foliage. Tenerife SIF Sif SKIF skiff SNIF sniff SPIF spiff STIF bindle stiff. KW quarterage. motorbike 96 . sift SKWIFT squiffed. oldwife.SINGLE RHYMES. verbiage. P pastorage. short shrift. lithoglyph. Whig JIG jig. but in most instances the result is shameful. parentage. peonage.) ĪK ĪK Van Eyk BĪK bike. BR brokerage. ski lift. spindrift. personage. redshift. bigg.) IJ IJ acreage. rebridge. goodwife. pasturage. fosterage. rig. IF NĪF bowie knife. add -s where appropriate. V villeinage. curtilage. hippogriff. hermitage. sweetiewife. for instance—may be rhymed with -ij by shifting the accent to the last syllable. lucky stiff. FL flowerage. K commonage. drift. Rif. lineage. U upridge. jury-rigged. jackknife. tyg TRIG trig TWIG twig WIG bewig. logogriph IG BIG big. petroglyph BRIJ abridge. penknife. griph. T tutelage. infra. pig HWIF whiff JIF jiff KIF kif KLIF cliff. uplift MIFT miffed RIFT rift SHIFT blueshift. unbridge DIJ brigandage FIJ fidge FRIJ saxifrage LIJ D diallage. drawknife. pilferage. wrig.) GRIF griff. fizgig. coverage. squarerigged (See IG. shrift. makeshift. G gallonage.

Reykjavik WIK bailiwick. suchlike. eugenic PIK handpick. Warwick. mesophile. discophile. garpike. cosmopolitic. turnpike RĪK Reich SHRĪK shrike SĪK psych. add -s where appropriate. businesslike. T telestich. bile CHĪL chile DĪL aedile. brick. M myrmecophile. eosinnophile. spike STRĪK strike. we’re in trouble: Barman. I infix. TR transfix LIKS prolix MIKS admix. metestick. ’twixt (See IKS. fiddlesticks. hippophile. manlike. iambic BRIK airbrick. Benedick. holluschick. undermix NIKS acronyx. executrix. rick. rickytick. rix. SN snakelike. gastrotrich. superfix.) ĪL ĪL aisle. overstrict. B belike. L limerick. wrick. M moonsick. PR prefix. dyke. IKST TWIKST betwixt. DR dreamlike. prick SNIK snick SPIK spick STIK B bestick. lovesick. Old Vic. Vercingetorix SIKS eighty-six. H hairlike. or pyorrhea. beelike. Which of us will die of goiter. ninety-six (etc. mix. while we loiter. P pentastich. ghostlike. GR greenstick. Catholic. turmeric SHRIK schrik SHTIK shtick. dirty tricks. J gemlike. E aelurophile. ten-strike TĪK tyke TRĪK trike SINGLE RHYMES. deconflict. ST stich. womanlike (etc. Vandyck FĪK fike. Victim of paretic dropsy. dactylic. chic. Styx TRIKS aviatrix. archaeopterics. BR brotherlike. M maverick. L lipstick. nonstick. SW swanlike. red-brick CHIK allocochick. convict (See IK. N knobstick. G godlike. F file. ik. sic. contradict.) IKT DIKT addict. chick. Which of grippe or diarrhea. winglike. hike. derelict. overtrick.Words to Rhyme With DĪK dike. FR Francophile. KR crucifix. wick FLIKT afflict. maulstick. lunatic. I’ll.) STIKS chopsticks. Which of stone or dysentery. unlike. H halophile. Brunswick. demophile. Y yardstick STRIK strick THIK thick TIK anapestic. swordstick. nutpick. triptych TRIK dirty trick. M matchstick. merdaille FĪl A Anglophile. crocodile. sick. 97 . inflict. relict MIKT apomict PIKT depict. piglike.) MĪK mike PĪK boardingpike. pyx RIKS apteryz. SL slapstick. strict. tick. Be it pox or whooping cough. dabchick. F fiddlestick. I Italophile. homelike. BR broomstick. peachick DIK benedick. PL plethoric. Nettle rash. K carsick. B bishopric. K candlestick. interfile. photofile. chopstick. pike. click-click KRIK creek. ick. R refix. intermix. susulike. G Gallophile. predict. monostich. K confix. husbandlike. SH sheeplike. KW quick fix. sike SPĪK handspike. doglike. W warlike. apelike. WHILE WE LOITER Let us wonder. Bic. arithmetic. L landsick.) LET US WONDER. add -ed where appropriate. GL glasslike. lookalike. isle BĪL atrabile. add -ed where appropriate. SP spacesick SLIK slick IKS FIKS A adfix. H heartsick. U unalike. fyke GRĪK grike HĪK haik. S seedlike. lampwick. F fix. marlinspike. constrict. Haikh. P postfix. Which of rheum or beriberi. hitchhike KĪK kike LĪK A alike. M maidenlike. KR Christlike. inheritrix. L ladylike. ST starlike. pyke. gastrophile. dick. pre-fix. antefix. dislike. six. Which of us turn turvy topsy. trochaic KLIK click. kinnikinnick. mick NIK arsenic. DR drumstick. schtick SIK A airsick. cowlick. homesick. H hayrick. CH chapstick. dik-dik. antlike. pic. Germanophile. ichthyic BIK Arabic. understrict VIKT evict. W walkingstick. SP sportsmanlike. affix. metric. ergophile. Pict STRIKT astrict. toothpick. derestrict. maledict. stick. tetrastich. N nailfile. mislike. benedict. make my next one double. undertrick VIK Crown Vic. pix. K catlike. kinglike. J Japanophile. Vandyke. Something’s bound to bear us off. politic. K choleric. ĪL RIK A archbishopric. pick. quick LIK bootlick. nix. BR brainsick. R rhetoric. skin-flick HIK hic. relic MIK comic. Waterpick PRIK pinprick. SH chivalric. immix. interdict. swordlike. wifelike. like. S seasick. D defile. overmix. CH childlike. S singlestick. gynotikolobomassophile. lick. B bibliophile. D deathlike. R ratlike. T tumeric. edict. hick KIK kick. restrict. U unstick. heretic. Nyx PIKS picks. D dipstick. crick KWIK doublequick. nick. firebrick. KW queenlike. sidekick. tic. homophile. Klondike. impolitic. cicatrix (See IK. pigstick. All we know is. trick. lifelike. commix. candlewick. swizzle stick. S suffix. conflict LIKT delict. retrodict IK IK ich. P peasantlike. sandik FLIK flick.

kiln. unpile. gyle HĪL heil HWĪL awhile. add -ed where appropriate. PL playbill. T turnstile. willed (See IL. typhlophile. SL Slavophile. TH thornbill. erstwhile. vill. F fill. whippoorwill. unbuild. thrill TIL A acetyl. well-built GILT begilt. clipper-built. lill MIL De Mille. dollar bill. H hairstyle. refiled. frazil. treadmill. wild. SP sporophyll. single file. foster child. lisle MĪL camomile. intertill. SH shoebill. pyrophile. ensile. frigate-built. Louisville. rutile. duckbill. escadrille. gild. dunghill. reconcile. TH theophile. poorwill. zill ĪLD CHĪLD brain child. wergild HILD Brunhild SKILD skilled. ST stile. lovechild. resile (See ĪAL) Words to Rhyme With CHIL chil. no-kill. futile. sill. filed. Russophile. swill THIL thill THRIL enthrill. H handbill. thermopile. O audiophile. powdermill. Y yellowbill BRIL brill ILS GRILS grilse (See ILT. monophyll. spadille ILCH FILCH filch MILCH milch PILCH pilch ZILCH zilch DRIL drill. gilled. unbilled.). pill PRIL prill RIL puerile. cinephile. fulfil. dill. dullsville. foothill. hawksbill. I infantile. redbill. PR profile. still. paedophile. worthwhile KĪL chyle. winterkill KWIL quill LIL li’l. style. till. R restyle. H hostile. T ’til. compile. kill. mill. rebuilt. R razorbill. fulfill. R reptile. otherwhile. BR broadbill. enfiled. somewhile. polystyle. hill. therewhile. jerry-build. unfill. decompile. Evansville. vibratile. quadrille. M mercantile. add -d where appropriate. M menostyle. IL Negrophile. Nile. ungilt 98 . grandchild. erewhile. unfiled MĪLD mild WĪLD hog wild. goodwill. T ctenophile. twill VIL Amityville.) ILK ILK ilk BILK bilk HWILK whilk MILK milk SILK silk IL IL ill BIL B bill. flower child.) ILT BILT built. guild. cacodyl. Z xanthophyll FRIL befrill. up-pile. ST storksbill. V versatile. E eosinnophil. uphill JIL aspergill. R refile. grille HIL anthill. bluebill. codicil. P paper file. crossbill. while. uranyl PIL minipill. rebuild. steelmill. pulsatile. phytophil. profiled. dodecastyle. S cyclostyle. N no-till. reinstill. typophile. espadrille. undefiled. meanwhile. gilt. regild. U underfill. unwilled. flourmill. godchild. morning-after pill. sile SMĪL smile SPĪL spile STĪL A amphiprostyle. strong-willed. unbuilt. bluegill. SP spoonbill. J gentile. I infantile. Vanderbilt. volatile TRĪL acrylonitrile VĪL revile. guilt. thionyl. Turkophile. R retill. child. ill will. S psychophile. headsill. BL blackbill. unchild FĪLD defiled. windmill NIL juvenile. downhill. mile NĪL enisle. KL cladophyll. childe. TH thereuntil. weak-willed. woodpile. gill. T tile. untill. frill GIL gill. windowsill SKIL skill SKWIL squill SPIL overspill. pile. E epistyle. rill SHIL shill SHRIL shrill SIL domicile. hornbill.SINGLE RHYMES. upbuild GILD begild. voltaic pile RĪL puerile. SP spermophile. chlorophyll. D distill. hypostyle. R refill. exile. gristmill. will ZIL Brazil. zoophile GĪL beguile. spill STIL bestill. jill KIL kil. Z xenophile. campanile. septile. chill DIL daffodil. O overtill. kyle LĪL Carlisle. K coutil. juvenile. waybill. W waxbill. repile. ville. verticil. P pastille. M mercantile. molehill. tormentil. vibratile. vaudeville VRIL vrille WIL free will. D demophil. P pentastyle. ungild. N neutrophil. jerry-built. SKL sclerophyll. wile ZĪL exile. D deshabille. groundsill. rekill. diastyle. limekiln. watermill. V versatile. rheophile. mandrill FIL A Anglophil. thermophile. peristyle. P pulsatile. volatile TRIL trill TWIL ’twill. D decastyle. recompile. manchild. nil. instill. add -s where appropriate. clinker-built. Seville (etc. psychrophile. Wilde (See ĪL. scrodgill GRIL grill. octogild. unskilled WILD self-willed. vile WĪL weil. cement mill. rile SĪL domicile. micropyle. manille. doorsill. boatbill. stock-still SWIL pigswill. Oysterville. FR freestyle. piccadill. U until. shortbill. wrybill. KR cranesbill. Zionophile. regilt. stockpile. S saxatile. guile. Y urostyle TĪL F fertile. standstill. self-will. imbecile. L life style. sawmill. TW twibil. senile PĪL aeolipile. dishabille.) ILD BILD build. O overfill. brownbill.

sometimes (See ĪM. paradigm DRIM Sanhedrim FIM seraphim FRIM frim GLIM glim GRIM grim. Grimm. summertime. T thyme. grime KĪM isocheim. M metonym. add -d where appropriate. ofttimes. rhyme. nickel-and-dime. requilt LILT lilt MILT milt SILT silt. S seedtime. W wintertime. H heteronym. eating time. B bedtime. E eaning time. co-enzyme. oftentimes. chyme. H halftime. carabine. O overtime. noontime. columbine. forelimb. paradigm MIM mim NIM A aconym. Y yeaning time ZĪM enzyme. longtime. downtime. sime SLĪM beslime. rechime DĪM dime. interim. Hasidim. F foretime. add -med where appropriate. S synonym. nimb. peacetime. PR prime time. part-time. limn. acronym. limb. prelim ILTH ILTH illth FILTH filth SPILTH spilth TILTH tilth IMP IMP imp BLIMP blimp CHIMP chimp GIMP gimp GRIMP grimp JIMP jimp KRIMP crimp LIMP limp MIMP mimp PIMP pimp PLIMP plimp PRIMP primp SHRIMP shrimp SIMP simp SKIMP skimp SKRIMP scrimp TIMP tymp WIMP wimp ĪLZ HWĪLZ erewhiles (See ĪL. quicklime. Sabine. untilt. rim SHIM shim SKIM skim SKRIM scrim SLIM slim SWIM swim TIM Tiny Tim TRIM betrim.) ĪN ĪMD CHĪMD chimed (See ĪM. turbine. retilt. clime. mistime. homonym. meantime. add -s where appropriate. allonym. O ormonym. carbine. L lifetime.) ĪN eyn BĪN bine. time. prime. SP springtime. pseudonym. anthroponym. corymb. broadbrim CHIM chimb DIM bedim. grimme HIM him. Lyme IMPS GLIMPS glimpse (See IMP. trim. add -s where appropriate. exonym. hymn HWIM whim JIM gym KRIM crim KWIM quim LIM dislimb. ĪN IMD BRIMD brimmed (See IM. rime SĪM cyme. pastime. D daytime. disme.Words to Rhyme With HILT hilt JILT jilt. mesenchyme KLĪM climb. rejilt KILT kilt KWILT quilt. pantomime PRĪM overprime. resilt. slime THĪM cyclothyme TĪM A aforetime. bedtime. haying time. midtime. untrim VIM vim ZIM zimb GĪM gime GRĪM begrime. uptilt WILT wilt P pairing time. lysozyme SINGLE RHYMES. water nymph. PL playtime.) ĪM ĪM I’m BLĪM sublime CHĪM chime. BR breathing time. ananym. cannabine.) MĪM mime. unspilt STILT stilt TILT atilt. spilt. tilt. upclimb KRĪM crime LĪM belime. sometime. lime. anonym. aftertime. combine. N nim. E eponym. ĪMZ TĪMZ betimes. enlimn. wood nymph IM IM Ephraim BIM bim cherubim BRIM brim. concubine. underprime RĪM berhyme. paranymph. two-time.) IMF LIMF endolymph. T toponym. U undernim PRIM prim RIM borborygm. lymph NIMF nymph. unsilt SPILT respilt. off-times. brooklime. woodbine 99 . sea nymph. suppertime. N nighttime. birdlime. M maritime. dislimn. R ragtime. retrim. U undertime. antonym. harvest time. full-time. add -s where appropriate. dim.

NĪN A Apennine, asinine, B benign, E
PESSIMISM (The mysterious celestial entities called quasars are receding at 90% of the speed of light.) I saw quasars in the night Leaving at the speed of light. Why so hurried fared they? Something must have scared they. eburnine, F falconine, Fescennine, K canine, KW quinine, L leonine, N nine, P pavonine, R ranine, S saturnine, ciconine, U unbenign PĪN A Alpine, E elapine, L lupine, O opine, P pine, porcupine, PR Proserpine, R repine, resupine, S cisalpine, subalpine, supine, U unsupine, V vespine, vulpine RĪN A adulterine, anserine, azurine, D dirhine, E estuarine, extrauterine, F ferine, intrauterine, K caprine, catarrhine, L lemurine, leporine, M mesorhine, monorhine, murrhine, P passerine, piperine, PL platyrrhine, R Rhine, riverine, S saccharine, sapphirine, satyrine, sciurine, cedrine, turnverein, V viperine, viverrine, vulturine, W wolverine, Y uterine SHĪN ashine, beshine, Gegenschein, monkeyshine, moonshine, outshine, sunshine, shine, shoeshine, starshine SHRĪN enshrine, shrine SĪN A assign, E ensign, F phocine, H havercine, hystricine, hircine, I insigne, K calcine, consign, co-sign, cosine, countersign, L limacine, O auld lang syne, omphacine, P piscine, porcine, R reconsign, S sign, sine, syne, tsine, sinsyne, psittacine, soricine, subsign, TH thylacine, U undersign, ursine SPĪN spine SPLĪN spline STĪN Einstein, Epstein, Eisenstein, Frankenstein, Hammerstein, Liechtenstein, Rubinstein, stein, styan, Wittgenstein STRĪN strine SWĪN Gadarene swine, swine THĪN hyacinthine, labyrinthine, thine TĪN A adamantine, agatine, amethystine, anatine, argentine, Argentine, B Byzantine, BR brigantine, D diamantine, E eglantine, elephantine, F Philistine, FL Florentine, I infantine, K Constantine, L lacertine, Levantine, libertine, M matutine, P palatine, Palestine, S serotine, serpentine, cisplatine, T tine, Tyne, turpentine, TR transpontine, Tridentine, V valentine, vespertine TRĪN accipitrine, trine TWĪN disentwine, entwine, intertwine, overtwine, retwine, twine, untwine

Words to Rhyme With
VĪN aberdevine, bovine, divine, grapevine,
keelivine, ovine, provine, cervine, subdivine, vine WĪN apple wine, brandywine, cherry wine, dandelion wine, Essenwein, May wine, red wine, white wine, wine ZĪN design, Auld Lang Syne, lang syne, redesign, resign

IN Bedouin, benzoin, fibroin, heroin, heroine, herein, wherein, whipper-in, in, inn, genuine, caffeine, all-in, therein, within BIN B been, bin, dustbin, GL globin, H hasbeen, hemoglobin, J jacobin, Jacobin, K carabine, colobin BRIN brin, Aladdin, almandine, ami-

BRĪN brine, colubrine CHĪN chine DĪN A alcidine, almandine, anodine,
aerodyne, D dine, dyne, H heterodyne, hirundine, I indign, incarnadine, K kadein, condign, M muscadine, N nundine, P paludine, S celandine FĪN affine, define, fine, confine, refine, superfine, trephine HWĪN whine JĪN jine KĪN kine KLĪN decline, disincline, incline, cline, monocline, recline KRĪN crine, volucrine KWĪN equine LĪN A align, aline, airline, aquiline, alkaline, antalkaline, acervuline, B baseline, beeline, berylline, byline, bowline, borderline, bottom line, D dateline, deadline, dyaline, disalign, F feline, figuline, fishline, FR fringilline, G guideline, H hairline, headline, hemline, hyaline, I induline, inquiline, interline, K caballine, carline, cauline, coraline, coastline, KL clothesline, KR crossline, crystalline, L lifeline, limicoline, line, loadline, M malign, metalline, moline, musteline, N neckline, O opaline, outline, P penduline, petaline, pipeline, R realign, redline, S saline, sepaline, sibyline, sideline, suilline, SH shoreline, SK skyline, SN snowline, STR streamline, T tapeline, timberline, towline, touchline, tump-line, tourmaline, TR tramline, U underline, unline, V vituline, W waistline, waterline, Z zibeline MĪN D damine, demine, G gold mine, I intermine, K calamine, calcimine, carmine, countermine, M mine, P powdermine, S sycamine, U undermine

din, din, hirundine, incarnadine, codeine, morindin, muscadine, Odin, paladin DRIN Benzedrine, ephedrin, Sanhedrin FIN B bowfin, BL blackfin, D dauphin,
dolphin, E elfin, F fin, Finn, M Mickey Finn, P paraffin, R ragamuffin, redfin, THR threadfin GIN begin GLIN glin GRIN agrin, grin, Lohengrin, peregrine HWIN whin JIN engine, gin, gyn, jin, margin, origin, tchin, virgin, waringin KIN A akin, B baldachin, billikin, birdikin, bodikin, bodkin, baldachin, bootikin, buskin, BL bloodkin, D dunnakin, F finikin, GR grimalkin, K cannikin, catkin, kilderkin, kin, L lambkin, lambrequin, larrikin, M manikin, N napkin, nipperkin, P pannikin, Pekin, R ramekin, S sooterkin, SP spilikin KRIN crin KWIN Algonquin, harlequin, quin, lambrequin LIN A adrenaline, aquiline, alkaline, amygdalin, analine, B bandoline, berlin, Berlin, botulin, CH chamberlain, chaplain, DR drumlin, E encephalin, F folliculin, formalin, FR francolin, G Ghibbeline, gobelin, Gobelin, GL globuline, H hyaline, I immunoglobulin, insulin, J javelin, K caballine, kaolin, capelin, capeline, carline, cauline, colin, collin, colline, coralline, cuculine, KR crinoline,


Words to Rhyme With
crystalline, crotaline, L lanoline, lin, linn, lupulin, M mafflin, mandolin, N noradrenaline, O opaline, P petaline, porcelain, R ravelin, S cephaline, syballine, cipolin, SH chevaline, T ptyaline, tourmaline, U Ursuline, V vaseline, violin, Z zeppelin MIN A albumin, amphetamine, antihystamine, arsphenamine, B Benjamin, H Ho Chi Minh, I illumine, J jessamine, M maximin, Min, PR provitamin, S sycamine, TH thiamine, V Vietminh, vitamin NIN agglutinin, feminine, legnine, Lenin, melanin, mezzanine, pavonine, rennin, tannin PIN A atropine, B belaying pin, breastpin, CH chinkapin, chinquapin, H hairpin, hatpin, I inchpin, K calepin, kingpin, KR crankpin, L lapin, linchpin, N ninepin, P pin, pippin, pushpin, R repin, S safety pin, SK sculpin, ST stickpin, T tenpin, terrapin, tiepin, TH thoroughpin, U underpin, unpin, W wankapin PLIN discipline, indiscipline RIN A adulterine, alizarin, anserine, aspirin, aventurine, B bacterin, E elaterin, F fiorin, G gorgerin, GL glycerine, H heparin, K corinne, coumarin, culverin, L luciferin, M mandarin, margarine, muscarine, N nectarine, nitroglycerin, P porphyrin, S sapphirine, saccharine, Sanhedrin, sovereign, suberin, T tamarin, tambourin, Turin, V viperine, vulturine, W warfarin SHIN Capuchin, shin SHWIN Schwinn SIN D damassin, K characin, kerasine, KL clavecin, M moccasin, mortal sin, O omphacine, R re-sin, S sin, SP spassadin, T tocsin, toxin, U unsin, W Wisconsin SKIN B bearskin, buckskin, D deerskin, doeskin, foreskin, K calfskin, kidskin, L lambskin, M moleskin, O oilskin, P pigskin, R redskin, reskin, Rumpelstiltskin, S sealskin, SH sharskin, sheepskin, SK scarfskin, skin, SN snakeskin, T tigerskin, U onionskin (etc.) SPIN backspin, respin, sidespin, spin, tailspin, topspin THIN absinthin, absinthine, lecithin, sympathin, thick-and-thin, thin TIN A agatine, argentine, asbestine, astatine, B Byzantine, bulletin, F Philistine, FL Florentine, I infantine, intestine, J gelatin, K keratin, KR chromatin, KW quercitin, L libertine, N nicotine, P palmatin, PR precipitin, R Rasputin, T tin, TR travertine, V vespertine TRIN alabastrine, alpestrine TWIN twin VIN alevin, Angevin WIN win YIN yang and yin, yin ZIN rosin

ZĪND resigned, unresigned (See ĪN, add -d where appropriate.)

IND Ind FIND finned KIND wunderkind LIND lind, lynde RIND tamarind SIND abscind, exscind, prescind, rescind,

INCH half-inch, inch, quarter-inch CHINCH chinch DINCH dinch FINCH bullfinch, chaffinch, fallow finch,
finch, goldfinch, grassfinch, greatfinch, greenfinch, hawfinch, redfinch FLINCH flinch KINCH kinch KLINCH clinch, unclinch PINCH bepinch, pinch SINCH recinch, cinch, uncinch SKWINCH squinch WINCH winch

SKIND reskinned, skinned, thick-skinned,
thin-skinned, unskinned

TIND retinned, tinned, untinned WIND downwind, east wind, forewind,
headwind, whirlwind, crosswind, north wind, solar wind, south wind, stormwind, tailwind, upwind, west wind, woodwind, wind (See IN, add -ed where appropriate.)

ING A arguing, B bandying, bellowing,
bellringing, burying, billowing, busying, bullying, BL blarneying, CH churchgoing, D dallying, dairying, dishallowing, E echoing, elbowing, embodying, empitying, emptying, envying, F fancying, farrowing, following, falsifying, foregoing, foreshadowing, FL flurrying, H hallowing, harrowing, horseshoeing, HW whinnying, I ing, ingrowing, issuing, J jollying, journeying, K candying, carrying, continuing, copying, curtsying, KW querying, quarrying, quartering, L lazying, lobbying, M marrying, monkeying, mudslinging, N narrowing, O ongoing, outgoing, overshadowing, P parrying, partying, pitying, puttying, R rallying, rescuing, S sallying, seagoing, sightseeing, soothsaying, sorrowing, SH shadowing, SW swallowing, T tallying, tarrying, toadying, U undervaluing, unpitying, upbringing, V valuing, varying, volleying, W wearying, wellbeing, winnowing, worrying, Y yellowing (etc.) BING bing BLING bling, bling-bling BRING bring CHING ching, Ching, ka-ching

BĪND bearbind, bind, inbind, cowbind,
rebind, spellbind, unbind, underbind, upbind BLĪND blind, half-blind, color-blind, purblind, sandblind, snowblind, unblind FĪND affined, find, refind, refined, unrefined GRĪND greasy grind, grind, regrind HĪND ahind, behind, hind KĪND gavelkind, humankind, kind, mankind, unkind, womankind KLĪND enclined, inclined LĪND aligned, lined, nonaligned, realigned, relined, streamlined, unaligned, unlined MĪND mastermind, mind, remind RĪND rind, rynd SĪND re-signed, signed, undersigned, unsigned TWĪND intertwined, twined, untwined WĪND enwind, overwind, rewind, unwind, upwind, wind


DING ding, forwarding, freestanding, garlanding, hazarding, heralding, jeoparding, outstanding, placarding, scaffolding, shepherding, smallholding, wingding FING triumphing FLING fling, refling GING ging JING CH challenging , D damaging, discouraging, disparaging, Eencouraging, envisaging, F foraging, M managing, mismanaging, P pillaging, R ravaging, S savaging, SK scavenging, V voyaging KING A a la king, B barracking, beking, BR breathtaking, DR dressmaking, E earthshaking, F fairy king, finicking, H heartbreaking, housebreaking, K king, M mafficking, N Nanking, painstaking, pigsticking, sea king, sleepwalking, unking, trafficking KLING cling, recling LING A appareling, atheling, B barreling, bedeviling, bepummeling, beveling, bitterling, CH changeling, channeling, chiseling, chitterling, D daughterling, dialing, ding-a-ling, dueling, dukeling, DR driveling, E easterling, enameling, entrameling, F fingerling, fosterling, G gamboling, GR graveling, groveling, grueling, H hosteling, K canceling, caroling, caviling, cudgeling, KW quarreling, L labeling, leveling, libeling, ling, M marshaling, marveling, modeling, N naveling, O outrivaling, P paneling, pedaling, penciling, R reveling, rivaling, SN sniveling, SP spiraling, ST stenciling, STR stripling, T tasseling, tingaling, tinseling, toweling, tunneling, TR traveling, U underling, unraveling, unrivaling, wassailing MING daydreaming, Ming, slumming NING A abandoning, actioning, awakening, B bargaining, betokening, burdening, BL blackening, blazoning, BR broadening, CH chastening, D darkening, deadening, deafening, destining, determining, E examining, emblazoning, emboldening, enheartening, envisaging, evening, F fashioning, fastening, fattening, foretokening, FR freshening, G gammoning, gardening, GL gladdening, H happening, hardening, heartening, hastening, I imagining, imprisoning, ironing, K cannoning, compassioning, conditioning, cautioning, KR christening, KW questioning, L lessening, ling, listening, livening, M maddening, mentioning, moistening, O auctioning, omening, opening, overburdening, P pardoning, passioning, pensioning, PR predestining, R rationing, ravening, reckoning, reasoning, roughening, S saddening, sanctioning, seasoning, sickening, softening, SL slackening, SM smartening, ST stationing, stiffening, STR strengthening, SW sweetening, T toughening, TH thickening, THR threatening, U unreasoning, V visioning, W wakening, wantoning, weakening, widening PING bookkeeping, galloping, housekeeping, larruping, ping, Peiping, piping, showjumping, walloping, worshiping RING A altering, angering, answering, armoring, ashlaring, B badgering, bantering, barbering, battering, beflattering, beggaring, belaboring, beleaguering, belecturing, bepowdering, bescattering, beslabbering, beslobbering, besmearing, bespattering, bewildering, bickering, bolstering, butchering, bullring, BL blathering, blistering, blithering, blubbering, blundering, blustering, CH chartering, chattering, cheeseparing, D deciphering, differing, dickering, disfavoring, dishonoring, displeasuring, dissevering, doddering doctoring, dowering, E enamoring, enharboring, encumbering, enring, entering, F factoring, faltering, favoring, featuring, festering, feathering, financing, fingering, forgathering, forgetting, furnishing, furthering, FL flattering, flavoring, flickering, flittering, flowering, flustering, fluttering, FR fracturing, G gathering, guttering, GL glimmering, glittering, glowering, H hammering, hampering, hankering, harboring, hollering, hovering, humoring, hungering, HW whimpering, whispering, I indenturing, incumbering, J jabbering, gesturing, K cankering, cantering, capering, capturing, catering, cockering, coloring, conjecturing, conjuring, conquering, considering, covering, cowering, culturing, cumbering, KL clambering, clamoring, clattering, clustering, cluttering, KW quavering, quivering, quartering, L layering, laboring, lacquering, lathering, latticing, lecturing, lettering, liquoring, lingering, littering, long-suffering, lowering, lumbering, M manufacturing, martyr-

Words to Rhyme With
ing, meandering, measuring, mirroring, motoring, mouthwatering, murdering, murmuring, mustering, mothering, muttering, N neighboring, numbering, O offering, auguring, occasioning, opening, ordering, outnumbering, overmastering, overpowering overtowering, P pampering, pandering, pattering, perishing, perjuring, pestering, picturing, pilfering, paltering, pondering, posturing, pottering, powering, puttering, PL plastering, pleasuring, plundering, PR promising, prospering, R rapturing, recovering, remembering, rendering, ring, wring, roistering, rubbering, rupturing, S savoring, seafaring, seal ring, self-catering, centering, severing, ciphering, signet ring, silvering, simmering, simpering, sistering, soldering, solacing, soldiering, suffering, summering, sundering, SH shattering, sheepraising, sheepshearing, shimmering, shivering, shouldering, showering, shuddering, sugaring, shuttering, SK scampering, scattering, SL slandering, slobbering, slaughtering, slumbering, SM smattering, smoldering, SP spattering, SPL spluttering, ST staggering, stammering, stuttering, SW sweltering, T tampering, tapering, tempering, timbering, tittering, tottering, towering, TH thundering, U unflattering, unfaltering, unmurmuring, unremembering, unslumbering, unwandering, unwavering, upholstering ushering, uttering, V vaporing, venturing, W wandering, wavering, weathering, westering, wintering, woolgathering, wondering, watering SHING A admonishing accomplishing, astonishing, B banishing, burnishing, BL blandishing, blemishing, BR brandishing, brattishing, D diminishing, disestablishing, distinguishing, E embarrassing, embellishing, enravishing, establishing, F famishing, finishing, furnishing, FL flourishing, G garnishing, conveyancing, L languishing, lavishing, N nourishing, P perishing, polishing, publishing, punishing, R ravishing, rubbishing, T tarnishing, U unperishing, V vanishing, vanquishing, varnishing SING B balancing, besing, buttressing, E embarrassing, F focussing, H harassing, K canvassing, conveyancing, KL climaxing, KR Christmasing, L latticing,


Words to Rhyme With
M menacing, O outbalancing, overbalancing, P purchasing, purposing, PR practicing, promising, S sing, singh, Sing-Sing, U unpromising, W witnessing SLING sling, unsling SPRING A aspring, dayspring, DR driving spring, H handspring, hairspring, headspring, L lifespring, M mainspring, O offspring, S silent spring, SPR spring, W weeping spring, watchspring STING afforesting, ballasting, breakfasting, foresting, harvesting, sting STRING bowstring, string SWING beeswing, full swing, swing THING anything, everything, plaything TING B balloting, bonneting, buffeting, BL blanketing, BR bracketing, D dieting, discrediting, dispiriting, disquieting, distributing, E exhibiting, F fagoting, fidgeting, forfeiting, I inhabiting, inheriting, inhibiting, inspiriting, J junketing, K carpeting, comforting, contributing, coveting, KR crediting, KW quieting, L limiting, M marketing, meriting, O auditing, P patenting, picketing, PR prohibiting, R racketing, riveting, S surfeiting, SP spriting, spirketing, T ting, U unmeriting, V velveting, visiting WING angel wing, batwing, bird wing, eagle wing, forewing, gull wing, hawk wing, clearwing, lapwing, lacewing, redwing, underwing, unwing, waxwing, wing ZING stargazing, zing (and present participles of appropriate verbs ending in the sound of z) (You may always add -ing to verbs ending in an unstressed syllable to make a masculine rhyme. If -ing is added to a verb ending in a stressed syllable, it is technically possible to make a masculine rhyme by shifting the stress to the -ing. Such forced rhymes should be italicized in this list, and are seldom felicitous.)

WINGD angel-winged, bird-winged,
eagle-winged, hawk-winged (etc.), unwinged, winged ZINGD zinged

SFINGKS androsphinx, hieracosphinx,
criosphinx, sphinx

THINGKS methinks, thinks WINGKS pilliwinks, tiddlywinks
(See INGK, add -s where appropriate.)

INGK ink, Inc. BLINGK blink, iceblink, snowblink BRINGK brink CHINGK chink DINGK dink, rinky-dink DRINGK drink, outdrink, strong drink FINGK fink, ratfink GINGK gink GLINGK glink JINGK jink, perjink KINGK kink, unkink KLINGK clink KWINGK quink LINGK bobolink, enlink, interlink, link,
Maeterlinck, relink, unlink

INGKT inked, reinked, uninked LINGKT X-linked, linked, sex-linked SINGKT discinct, precinct, succinct STINGKT instinct TINGKT distinct, extinct, indistinct, tinct
(See INGK, add -ed where appropriate.)

STRINGZ apron strings, leading strings,
strings (See ING, add -s where appropriate.)

MINGK mink PINGK meadowpink, pink, pincpinc, sea

BINJ binge DINJ dinge FRINJ befringe, fringe, infringe HINJ hinge, rehinge, unhinge HWINJ whinge KRINJ cringe PINJ impinge RINJ syringe SINJ singe SKRINJ scringe SPRINJ springe STRINJ astringe, constinge, obstringe,

PLINGK plink PRINGK prink RINGK oxyrhynch, rink SHRINGK shrink SINGK countersink, lip-synch, cinque,
sink, synch

SKINGK skink SLINGK slink SPINGK spink STINGK stink SWINGK swink THINGK bethink, doublethink, forethink, outthink, rethink, think TINGK tink TRINGK trink TWINGK twink WINGK chewink, hoodwink, jinnywink, tiddlywink, wink ZINGK zinc

SWINJ swinge TINJ attinge, tinge TWINJ atwinge, twinge

DINGD dinged KINGD bekinged, kinged, unkinged LINGD tingalinged PINGD pinged RINGD enringed, ringed, unringed STRINGD restringed, stringed,

FRINJD befringed
(See INJ, add -d where appropriate.)

JINGKS high jinks, jinx LINGKS links, lynx MINGKS minx PINGKS salpinx

BLINS blintz CHINS chinse, chintz


KWINS quince MINS mince PRINS Black Prince, fairy prince, frog
prince, merchant prince, prince, student prince, unprince RINS rinse, rerinse, unrinse SINS since VINS evince, convince WINS wince (See INT, add -s where appropriate.)

Words to Rhyme With

HĪNTS Heinz JĪNTS jints PĪNTS halfpints, pints
My mother used to encourage the young people of our village to continue their education. One paid her a visit years later to say thanks. “If it hadn’t been for you,” he told her, “I would never have known the importance of pronouncination.” PRONOUNCINATION SEPARATES THE HOMINID* FROM THE HOMINOID+ The hominid avoids Saying ‘woids’ When he means ‘words.’ Saying ‘woids’ for ‘words’ Is for the birds (Not the ‘boids’), And for hominoids (Not hominids— Unless the hominids Are on the skids.)

BLINTS blintz PRINTS prince, prints
(See INS; see INT, add -s where appropriate.)

HĪNT ahint, behint JĪNT jint PĪNT half pint, cuckoopint, pint

HĪNZ Heinz NĪNZ Apennines, baseball nines, nines
(See ĪN, add -s where appropriate.)

BINT bint DINT dint FLINT flint, gunflint, skinflint GLINT glint HINT hint JINT septuagint KWINT quint LINT lint MINT horsemint, calamint, catmint,
calamint, mint, peppermint, sodamint, spearmint PRINT BL blueprint, F fingerprint, footprint, H hoofprint, I imprint, M microprint, misprint, N newsprint, O offprint, P palm print, S surprint, TH thumbprint, U unprint, V voiceprint, W woodprint SKWINT asquint, squint SPLINT splint, resplint, unsplint SPRINT sprint, resprint STINT stint SWINT suint TINT aquatint, mezzotint, monotint tint VINT Vint

KINZ ods bodikins, spoffokins KWINZ quinse SHINZ shins, widdershins, withershins SKINZ buckskins, moleskins PINS candlepins, ninepins, pins, tenpins WINZ winze
(See IN, add -s where appropriate.)

* Man. +Manlike, but not man.

BLĪP blype GRĪP gripe HĪP hipe, hype, overhype KĪP kipe KLĪP clype PĪP B bagpipe, BL blowpipe, D downpipe,
DR drainpipe, H hornpipe, hawsepipe, I Indian pipe, L liripipe, P Panpipe, pitchpipe, pipe, ST standpipe, stovepipe, T tailpipe, W windpipe RĪP dead ripe, overripe, rareripe, ripe, underripe, unripe SLĪP slype SNĪP guttersnipe, jacksnipe, snipe STĪP stipe STRĪP pinstripe, restripe, stripe, unstripe SWĪP sideswipe, swipe TĪP A antitype, archetype, B biotype, D daguerrotype, E ectype, electrotype, F phenotype, phototype, GR graphotype,

H heliotype, holotype, J genotype, K karyotype, collotype, countertype, L linotype, logotype, M megatype, monotype, O autotype, PR prototype, R retype, cyanotype, somatotype, subtype, ST stereotype, T teletype, tintype, type TRĪP tripe WĪP prewipe, rewipe, unwipe, wipe, wype

BIP bip BLIP blip CHIP chip DIP dip, redip DRIP adrip, drip FLIP flip, sherry flip GIP gip GRIP grip, grippe, handgrip, hairgrip HIP hip, hyp, rosehip HWIP bullwhip, horsewhip, coachwhip,

BINTH terebinth MINTH helminth PLINTH plinth RINTH Corinth, labyrinth SINTH absinthe, hyacinth, colocynth,

JIP gip, gyp KIP kip KLIP clip, reclip, inclip, unclip


Words to Rhyme With
KWIP equip, quip, reequip LIP fat lip, harelip, lip underlip, upper lip NIP catnip, nip, pogonip PIP apple pip, pip RIP rip, unrip SHIP A administratorship, agentship,
acquaintanceship, amidship, apprenticeship, airship, heirship, archonship, B babyship, bachelorship, battleship, CH chairmanship, championship, chancellorship, chaplainship, chieftainship, churchmanship, D deaconship, demonship, DR draughtsmanship, E eldership, electorship, emperorship, ensignship, F farmership, fathership, fellowship, fireship, FL flagship, FR friendship, G guardianship, good-fellowship, governorship, H hardship, headship, J generalship, jockeyship, judgeship, justiceship, K cardinalship, kingship, kinship, collectorship, commandership, companionship, comradeship, consortship, consulship, controllership, copartnership, courtship, cousinship, KL clanship, KR craftsmanship, creatorship, KW queenship, questorship, L ladyship, leadership, legislatorship, lectureship, librarianship, lightship, longship, lordship, M mayorship, marksmanship, marshalship, mastership, membership, Messiahship, midship, N neighborship, noviceship, O aldermanship, authorship, ownership, P paintership, partisanship, partnership, pastorship, penmanship, PR praetorship, preachership, prelateship, probationship, professorship, proprietorship, R rajahship, wranglership, rangership, readership, regentship, recordership, rectorship, relationship, reship, S sailingship, saintship, secretaryship, sextonship, seamanship, censorship, sibship, citizenship, sizarship, swordsmanship, sultanship, sonship, survivorship, SH sheriffship, ship, surety-ship, SK scholarship, SP spaceship, speakership, sponsorship, sportsmanship, ST statesmanship, steamship, stewardship, studentship, T township, TR training ship, trans-ship, treasure ship, troopship, trusteeship, U umpireship, unship, upmanship, V viceroyship, virtuosoship, W wingmanship, wardenship, wardship, warship, watermanship, one-upmanship, worksmanship, worship

SIP sip SKIP skip SKRIP scrip SLIP gymslip, cowslip, landslip, nonslip,
sideslip, slip, underslip

ĪR ire BĪR byre BRĪR briar, brier DĪR dier, dire, dyer FĪR A afire, B backfire, beaconfire, bonfire,
BL blackfire, BR brushfire, D death, fire, F fire, foxfire, forest fire, G galley fire, gunfire, GR granophyre, H hellfire, K campfire, camphire, coal fire, KR crossfire, L lamprophyre, M melaphyre, misfire, N needfire, P peat fire, portfire, R retrofire, S sapphire, signal fire, SH shellfire, SP spitfire, SW swamp fire, W wildfire, wood fire FRĪR friar, fryer HĪR hire, rehire JĪR gyre KWĪR acquire, antechoir, enquire, esquire, inquire, choir, quire, require, retrochoir LĪR liar, lyre MĪR admire, bemire, quagmire, mire, pismire PĪR empire, pyr, pyre, umpire PLĪR plier, plyer PRĪR prior, pryer SHĪR shire SĪR belsire, grandsire, sire SKWĪR squire, unsquire SPĪR aspire, expire, inspire, conspire, perspire, respire, spire, suspire, transpire TĪR attire, entire, flat tire, overtire, retire, satire, tire, Tyre VĪR envire, vire WĪR barbwire, barbed wire, haywire, rewire, tripwire, unwire, wire ZĪR desire (See ĪER)

SNIP snip STRIP airstrip, bumper strip, outstrip,
strip, unstrip, weathership

THRIP thrip TIP tip TRIP atrip, business trip, head trip,
cantrip, pleasure trip, trip

YIP yip ZIP rezip, unzip, zip

KRĪPS cripes YĪPS yipes
(See ĪP, add -s where appropriate.)

CHIPS buffalo chips, chips, fish and
chips, in the chips, potato chips

KLIPS eclipse, partial eclipse, total eclipse LIPS Apocalypse, ellipse SNIPS resnips, snips, unsnips SHIPS amidships, midships, reships, ships,

THRIPS thrips
(See IP, add -s where appropriate.)

GRĪPT griped (See ĪP, add -d where appropriate.)

ÎR ear, ere, madrier, wheatear, rabbit’s ear BÎR beer, bier, gambier, ginger beer, light
beer, near beer, shillibeer

KRIPT decrypt, encrypt, crypt, uncrypt LIPT apocalypt, hare-lipped, close-lipped,
lipped, pale-lipped, red-lipped, stiff-lipped

SKRIPT conscript, manuscript, nondescript, postscript, prescript, proscript, script, subscript, superscript, telescript, typescript, transcript (See IP, add -ped where appropriate.)

BLÎR blear CHÎR cheer, upcheer DÎR B balladeer, bayadere, belvedere,
bombardier, BR brigadier, D dear, deer, E endear, F fallow deer, GR grenadier, H halberdier, K killdeer, commandeer, nadir, P petardeer, petardier, R reindeer, V voir dire


DRÎR drear FÎR fear, fere, interfere, isodiaphere FLÎR fleer GÎR bevel gear, footgear, friction gear,
gear, gir, headgear, regear, running gear, ungear HÎR adhere, hear, here, inhere, cohere, Mynheer, mishear, overhear JÎR jeer, Tangier KÎR fakir, kier KLÎR chanticleer, clear, reclear, unclear KWÎR queer, lequear, perqueer LÎR B bandoleer, bandolier, F fusilier, G gaselier, gondolier, K camelier, cavalier, King Lear, L lavaliere, lear, Lear, leer, P pedalier, pistoleer, SH chandelier, chevalier MÎR A actinomere, amir, antimere, BL blastomere, E emeer, emir, epimere, K kerseymere, M meer, mere, metamere, mir, PR premier, S centromere, SH chimere, V Vermeer NÎR A anear, B bioengineer, buccaneer, D denier, domineer, E electioneer, engineer, G gonfalonier, I Indianeer, J jardiniere, K cannoneer, carabineer, carabinier, caravaneer, carbineer, M mountaineer, muffineer, mutineer, N near, neer, O auctioneer, P palfrenier, pioneer, pontonier, S souvenir, sermoneer, SH chiffonier, SKR scrutineer, SL sloganeer, SP specksioneer, T timoneer, V veneer PÎR appear, diapir, disppear, compear, compeer, outpeer, peer, pier, pir, reappear PLÎR isoplere RÎR arrear, Fenrir, career, rear, uprear, vancourier SFÎR A aerosphere, anthrosphere, atmosphere, B barysphere, bathysphere, biosphere, E ecosphere, exosphere, F photosphere, H hemisphere, hydrosphere, I insphere, L lithosphere, M magnetosphere, mesosphere, ionosphere, P perisphere, PL planisphere, R rhizosphere, S centrosphere, SF sphere, STR stratosphere, TH thermosphere, TR troposphere, U undersphere, unsphere SHÎR cashier, shear, sheer, tabasheer SÎR A adiposere, agricere, Aesir, E ensear, F financier, I insincere, K caboceer, KW cuirassier, L Landseer, PL plancier, S sear, seer, cere, sincere, xerosere SKÎR skeer SKLÎR sclere

Words to Rhyme With
SMÎR asmear, besmear, resmear, smear,
unsmear SNÎR sneer SPÎR Shakespeare, spear STÎR austere, oversteer, steer, stere, understeer THÎR dinothere, isothere, chalicothere, titanothere, uintathere TÎR CH charioteer, FR frontier, G gadgeteer, garreteer, gazetteer, H haltere, K corsetier, KR crocheteer, M muleteer, musketeer, P pamphleteer, pulpiteer, puppeteer, PR privateer, profiteer, R racketeer, rocketeer, S circuiteer, sonneteer, T targeteer, tear, teer, tier, Tyr, V volunteer VÎR brevier, Guinivere, clavier, persevere, revere, revers, severe, veer, vire WÎR wasteweir, weir, we’re YÎR leapyear, lightyear, midyear, year, yesteryear ZÎR brassiere, grand vizier, vizier

ĪS black ice, choc-ice, de-ice, dry ice, ice,
camphor ice

BĪS bice DĪS dice, paradise FĪS fice, human sacrifice, sacrifice, self-sacrifice, suffice

GRĪS grice LĪS beggar’s lice, body lice, head lice, lice MĪS church mice, field mice, country
mice, mice, city mice, titmice

NĪS gneiss, nice, overnice PĪS pice PRĪS half-price, off-price, price, reprice,
underprice, unprice

FĪRD all-fired, backfired (etc.)
(See ĪR, add -d where appropriate.)

RĪS rais, rice SĪS imprecise, concise, precise, sice, syce SLĪS slice SPĪS allspice, bespice, speiss, spice SPLĪS resplice, splice, unsplice TĪS entice, tice THRĪS thrice TRĪS trice TWĪS twice VĪS advice, device, intrauterine device,
edelweiss, vice, vise

ÎRD eared, flap-eared, flop-eared, lop-eared BÎRD beard, Blackbeard, Bluebeard, goatsbeard, graybeard, redbeard, treebeard

BIS abyss, bis, cannabis BLIS bliss BRIS briss DIS dis, Dis, diss, hendiadys, Charydbis,
cowardice, magadis, prejudice

FÎRD afeard, feared, fyrd, much feared,
unfeared WÎRD weird (See ÎR, add -ed where appropriate.)

FIS artifice, benefice, edifice, orifice, sacrifice

FÎRS fierce, unfierce PÎRS pierce, transpierce TÎRS tierce

FRIS dentifrice GRIS ambergris, mistigris, verdigris HIS dehisce, hiss KIS butterfly kiss, chocolate kiss, French
kiss, Judas kiss, kiss, rekiss, soul kiss

KRIS kris, Kriss KWIS cuisse, quis LIS A acropolis, Annapolis, F fortalice, G
Gallipolis, H Heliopolis, I Indianapolis, K cosmopolis, KR chrysalis, L lis, liss, M megalopolis, metropolis, Minneapolis, N necropolis, P Persepolis, S syphilis MIS amiss, Artemis, dynamis, dismiss, epididymis, fideicommiss, miss, Miss, remiss, submiss NIS reminisce

JÎRZ Algiers, Tangiers SÎRZ Sears SHÎRZ shears, sheers
(See ÎR, add -s where appropriate.)


Words to Rhyme With
PIS piss, precipice PRIS priss RIS avarice, Phalaris, clitoris, licorice, sui
generis SIS A abiogenesis, adipogenesis, aphaeresis, aphesis, agenesis, amoebiasis, anabasis, analysis, anamorphosis, anthropogenesis, anthropomorphisis, antiphrasis, antithesis, apodosis, apophysis, apotheosis, ascariasis, atelectasis, B bacteriolysis, bilharziasis, biogenesis, biolysis, biosynthesis, BR bronchiectasis, D dialysis, diaeresis, diastysis, diathesis, dichastasis, E ectogenesis, elephantiasis, electroanalysis, electrodialysis, electrolysis, emesis, emphasis, entasis, epiphysis, F filariasias, photokinesis, photosynthesis, GL glycolisis, H haematiogenesis, haematemisis, haemodialysis, haemolysis, hypostasis, histogenesis, histolysis, hypothesis, holophrasis, J genesis, K catabasis, katabesis, catalysis, KE cryptanalysis, L leishmaniasis, lithiasis, M metabasis, metamorphosis, metastisis, metathesis, myasis, myariasis, microanalysis, morphogenesis, N nemesis, pneumatolysis, O osteogenesis, oogenesis, osteoclasis, autholysis, P parabasis, paragenesis, paralysis, parasynthesis, parathesis, parenthesis, parthenogenesis, pathogenesis, paedomorphosis, periphrasis, S satyriasis, psychoanalysis, psychogenesis, psychokinesis, synthesis, sis, siss, cytolysis, psoriasis, SP spermatogenesis, sporogenesis, T telekinesis, taeniasis, tycolisis, TH thermogenesis, thermolysis, phthiriasis, TR trichiasis, trypanosomiasis, Y urinalysis, Z xenogenesis STIS armistice, interstice SWIS Swiss TIS abatis, clematis THIS this TRIS cockatrice, cicatrice VIS vis WIS iwis, wis, y-wis YIS yisse

FISH A amberfish, angelfish, B barberfish,
batfish, BL blackfish, blowfish, bluefish, D damselfish, devilfish, dogfish, F filefish, fish, phish, FL flatfish, flying fish, FR frogfish, G garfish, goldfish, GR greenfish, H hogfish, HW whitefish, J jellyfish, jewfish, K catfish, killfish, killifish, kingfish, codfish, cowfish, cuttlefish, KL clingfish, KR crawfish, crayfish, M mayfish, monkfish, O oarfish, P pilotfish, PL plowfish, R ratfish, redfish, ribbonfish, rockfish S sailfish, sawfish, saltfish, swordfish, silverfish, SH shellfish, ST starfish, stingfish, stockfish, T tilefish, TR trunkfish, W weakfish (etc.) GISH gish GWISH anguish HWISH whish ISH ish JISH orangeish KISH kish LISH devilish, lish NISH heathenish, kittenish, mammonish, knish, vixenish, womanish PISH pish RISH B bitterish, F feverish, G gibberish, I impoverish, J gibberish, KL cleverish, KW quakerish, L lickerish, T tigerish, V vaporish, viperish, vulturish, W waterish SHISH shish SKWISH squish SLISH slish SWISH swish TISH tish, schottische, Scottish WISH death wish, rewish, unwish, wish (The suffix -ish may be added to any suitable noun or adjective, many not listed here, to make a rhyme.)

HWISP whisp KRISP crisp LISP lisp RISP rerisp, risp WISP will-o’-the-wisp, wisp

ĪST iced, uniced GĪST poltergeist, Weltgeist, Zeitgeist HĪST heist KRĪST antichrist, Christ LĪST belice, liced
(See ĪS, add -d where appropriate.)

IST A altruist, archaist, atheist, B banjoist, E
egoist, essayist, H hobbyist, Hebraist, I ist, J jingoist, Judaist, K casuist, copyist, L lobbyist, M Maoist, O oboist, PR prosaist, S soloist, SH Shintoist, T Taoist, TR tritheist, U ultraist, V vacuist, Y euphuist BIST Arabist BRIST equilibrist DIST B balladist, K chiropodist, concordist, M melodist, Methodist, monodist, P parodist, PR prejudiced, R rhapsodist, S psalmodist, synodist, T Talmudist, THR threnodist, U unprejudiced FIST B beneficed, F philosophist, fist, fyst, photographist, J gymnosophist, K chirographist, P pacifist, puckfist, SP specifist, ST steganographist, stenographist, T telegraphist, typographist, topographist, TH theosophist FRIST frist GLIST glist GRIST grist HIST hissed, hist HWIST whist, bridge, whist JIST A agist, allergist, apologist, archaeologist, B biologist, D demonologist, dialogist, E ecclesiologist, electrobiologist, elegist, entomologist, etymoplogist, F pharmacologist, philologist, physiologist, fossilologist, FR phrenologist, GR graphologist, J genealogist, geologist, gynecologist, gist, jist, K campanologist, conchologist, KR chronologist, L

BISK bisque BRISK brisk DISK disc, disk, floppy disk, condensed

ISH babyish, dowdyish, Cockneyish, ish,
ogreish, orangeish, willowish, yellowish

BISH bish DISH chafing, dish, dish

FISK fisc FRISK frisk HWISK whisk LISK basilisk, lisk, obelisk, odalisque PISK pisk RISK asterisk, risk, tamarisk SISK francisc TISK tisk


lithologist, liturgist, M martyrologist, metallurgist, meteorologist, mineralogist, mythologist, N necrologist, neologist, pneumatologist, O ophthalmologist, ornithologist, P pathologist, penologist, petrologist, R radiologist, R psychologist, synergist, Sinologist, seismologist, sociologist, suffragist, STR strategist, T technologist, teleologist, toxicologist, tautologist, TH theologist, Y ufologist, eulogist, Z zoologist KIST anarchist, bekissed, catechist, kissed, cist, kist, masochist, misarchist, monachist, monarchist, rekissed, Sinarquist, unkissed KRIST theomicrist KWIST quist, ventriloquist LIST A agricolist, agriculturalist, alist, analyst, animalculist, annalist, annualist, anticatalyst, aeralist, B bibliophilist, bibliopolist, bicyclist, bimetallist, biocatalyst, D dactylist, devotionalist, dialist, dualist, duelist, E educationalist, existentialist, experimentalist, externalist, enamelist, enlist, environmentalist, Aeolist, eternalist, evangelist, F fabulist, fatalist, federalist, philatelist, finalist, financialist, formalist, fossilist, feudalist, funambulist, futilist, GL glacialist, H herbalist, hyperbolist, I idealist, immaterialist, immoralist, immortalist, imperialist, individualist, industrialist, instrumentalist, intellectualist, internationalist, J generalist, journalist, K cabalist, capitalist, catalyst, commercialist, congregationalist, constitutionalist, controversialist, conventionalist, conversationalist, choralist, KL classicalist, KW querulist, L libelist, liberalist, list, Liszt, literalist, loyalist, M maximalist, managerialist, martialist, materialist, medalist, medievalist, memorialist, metalist, minimalist, ministerialist, monopolist, moralist, nationalist, naturalist, nihilist, nominalist, novelist, O oculist, orientalist, automobilist, P panelist, parabolist, pedalist, populist, pugilist, PL pluralist, PR proverbialist, provincialist, R racialist, rationalist, realist, removalist, revivalist, ritualist, royalist, ruralist, S sexualist, semifinalist, sensationalist, sensualist, sentimentalist, centralist, sibylist, psychoanalyst, cymbalist, symbolist, somnambulist, socialist, surrealist, SKR scripturalist, SP specialist, spiritualist, T textualist, TR traditionalist, transcendentalist, V violist, vitalist, vocabulist, vocalist, verbalist, Y universalist, Z zoophilist MIST A academist, alchemist, anatomist, animist, antinomist, atomist, B bemist, bigamist, D dismissed, dynamist, deuterogamist, E economist, epitomist, F physiognomist, FL phlebotomist, L lachrymist, legitimist, M misogamist, missed, mist, monogamist, O ophthalmist, optimist, P pessimist, polygamist, S ceremist, synonomist, U undismissed, unmissed, V volumist, Z zoötomist NIST A abolitionist, abortionist, agonist, accompanist, actionist, alienist, Alpinist, antagonist, B botanist, Bourbonist, BR Brahmanist, D Darwinist, degenerationist, delusionist, demonist, detinist, destructionist, determinist, devotionist, Deuteragonist, E educationist, exhibitionist, exclusionist, excursionist, expansionist, Expressionist, extensionist, elocutionist, emancipationist, evolutionist, F factionist, feminist, phenomenist, fictionist, Philhellenist, G galvanist, H harmonist, hedonist, Hellenist, hygienist, humanist, I illusionist, imitationist, immersionist, impressionist, indeterminist, inspirationist, insurrectionist, interventionist, K Calvinist, canonist, coalitionist, colonist, columnist, communionist, communist, Communist, Confucionist, conservationist, constitutionist, constructionist, loose constructionist, strict constructionist, contortionist, conversationalist, conversationist, co-religionist, corruptionist, KR cremationist, L Latinist, lutanist, M Malthusianist, mammonist, mechanist, miscellanist, misogynist, modernist, N Napoleonist, mnemonist, Neo-expressionist, Neoplatonist, notionist, nutritionist, O obstructionist, opinionist, opportunist, oppositionist, organist, Orleanist, P pan-Hellenist, passionist, pianist, perfectionist, percussionist, pythonist, post-impressionist, PL platonist, PR precisionist, progressionist, prohibitionist, projectionist, protagonist, protectionist, R reactionist, religionist, reminisced, repudiationist, receptionist, revelationist, revisionist, revolutionist, resurrectionist, Romanist, S salvationist,

Words to Rhyme With
satanist, saturnist, segregationist, secessionist, symphonist, circumlocutionist, Sorbonnist, SH Shamanist, chauvinist, T telephonist, terminist, timpanist, tobacconist, TR trade unionist, traditionist, trombonist, U urbanist, V vacationist, vaccinist, Vaticanist, vivisectionist, visionist, volumnist, vulcanist, Y eudemonist, unionist, Z Zionist PIST E emancipist, F philanthropist, physiotherapist, L landscapist, M misathropist, P pissed, R radiotherapist, S syncopist, TH theophilanthropist, therapist, Z xenoepist PRIST prissed RIST A aphorist, agriculturist, aquarist, allegorist, amorist, aorist, apiarist, arborist, arborculturist, armorist, artillerist, B behaviorist, D diarist, disinterest, E Everest, FL floriculturist, GL glossarist, H horticulturist, humorist, I interest, K caricaturist, colorist, culturist, L laborist, Lazarist, lepidopterist, M mannerist, mesmerist, militarist, motorist, N naturist, O augurist, ocularist, P particularist, posturist, PL plagiarist, pleasurist, PR preterist, R rapturist, rigorist, rist, wrist, S satirist, secularist, singularist, solarist, summarist, SK Scripturist, T terrorist, TH theorist, V votarist, Y Eucharist SHIST schist SIST A Anglicist, assist, B biblicist, BL blastocyst, E exorcist, empiricist, encyst, ethicist, F pharmacist, physicist, H hydrocyst, I insist, J genetecist, K consist, KL classicist, L lyricist, M macrocyst, mythicist, mosaicist, N nematocyst, P persist, polemicist, publicist, PR progressist, R romanticist, S synthesist, cist, sissed, sist, cyst, solecist, solipsist, subsist, supremacist, SP sporocyst, ST statocyst, T technicist, TR trichocyst THIST allopathist, amethyst, antipathist, apathist, sympathist, telepathist TIST A Adventist, anagrammatist anaesthetist, apocalyptist, D despotist, diplomatist, dogmatist, DR dramatist, E egotist, experimentist, enigmatist, epigrammatist, F phoneticist, phonetist, H hereditist, hypnotist, KW quietist, M magnetist, melodramatist, N narcotist, nepotist, numismatist, O occultist, automatist, P pietist, portraitist, PR pragmatist, prelatist, presentist, problematist, S Semitist,


Words to Rhyme With
separatist, scientist, syncretist, systematist, SH schoenobatist, SK schematist, ST stigmatist, Z zealotist TRIST hexametrist, optometrist, pedometrist, psychiatrist, symmetrist, tryst TWIST atwist, entwist, intertwist, twist, untwist VIST activist, archivist, Bolshevist, Menshevist, passivist, positivist, subjectivist WIST wist ZIST desist, exist, co-exist, pre-exist, resist, xyst

LĪT A aerolite, acolyte, actinolite, alight,
amphibolite, ampelite, apophyllite, argillite, B Baalite, D daylight, deadlight, delight, DR droplight, E electrolyte, entomolite, F fanlight, phonolite, footlight, FL flashlight, floodlight, G gaslight, gastrophilite, golight, GR grapholite, granulite, graptolite, green light, H half-light, halite, haplite, harbor light, headlight, highlight, hyalite, hoplite, I ichnolite, impolite, Ishmaelite, Islamite, Israelite, K candlelight, Carmelite, chiastolite, killer satellite, kimberlite, coprolite, corallite, cosmopolite, KR cryolite, chrysolite, crystallite, crocidolite, KW quarterlight, L lamplight, lazulite, lepidolite, limelight, light, lite, M marlite, menilite, metabolite, microlight, monophylite, moonlight, N natrolite, nephelite, nightlight, novaculite, nummulite, O oolite, P pyrophyllite, polite, PR pre-Raphaelite, prophylite, proselyte, R Raphaelite, redlight, red light, relight, rhyolite, S satellite, sea light, cellulite, siderolite, searchlight, sidelight, signal light, socialite, sunlight, SF spherulite, SK scapolite, skylight, SP spotlight, ST starlight, stylite, styolite, stoplight, STR streetlight, stromatolite, T tachylyte, taillight, tantalite, toxophilite, topazolite, TH theodolite, TR traffic light, TW twilight, V variolite, ventriculite, Y uralite, Z zeolite, zoolite MĪT A Adamite, Adullmite, B bedlamite, Bethlehemite, BR bromite, D dynamite, dolomite, E Edomite, Elamite, eremite, G Gothamite, H Hamite, hellgrammite, Hiramite, I Islamite, Itacolumite, K calamite, catamite, M midshipmite, might, mite, Moslemite, PR pre-Adamite, S Semite, sodomite, somite, ST stalagmite, T termite, TH thelemite, W widow’s mite, wolframite NĪT A Aaronite, aconite, alunite, Ammonite, amazonite, arenite, B Babylonite, belemnite, beknight, benight, bentonite, bornite, birthnight, day and night, disunite, E Ebionite, ebonite, F finite, fortnight, G gadolinite, good night, white knight, I ichnite, ignite, ilmenite, K Canaanite, kaolinite, capet knight, KR crinite, KW quarternight, L lignite, limonite, M Mammonite, manganite, Maronite, melanite, Midianite, midnight, monzonite, morganite, N nephelinite, knight, night, O austenite, autunite, overnight, R reignite, retinite, reunite, rhodonite, S selenite, sennight, cyanite, syenite, sylvanite, suburbanite, Sunnite, SM smithsonite, STR strontionite, T taconite, tonight, U unknight, urbanite, V vulcanite, Y unite, uraninite, uranite, yesternight, W wulfenite PLĪT plight RĪT A anchorite, aright, azurite, alright, all right, B barite, birthright, bookwright, D dolerite, downright, E enwrite, erythrite, yperite, F forthright, phosphorite, G garnierite, geyserite, ghostwrite, GR grossularite, HW wheelwright, K cartwright, copyright, cordierite, L laborite, Labradorite, laterite, Lazarite, lazurite, M margarite, meteorite, millwright, Minorite, N Naderite, Nazarite, New Right, O outright, overright, overwrite, ozocerite, P pyrite, PL playwright, plowright, R radical right, right, rite, write, S sybarite, siderite, SH shipwright, T tenorite, typewrite, U underwrite, unright, unwrite, upright, W wainwright SĪT A Adamsite, accite, andesite, anorthosite, anthracite, B bombsight, boracite, D dyophysite, dissight, E excite, erythrocyte, F phagocyte, felsite, foresight, H haemocyte, hindsight, I incite, insight, eyesight, J jarosite, K chalcocite, calcyte, kamacite, KW quartzite, L lymphocyte, lewisite, leucocyte, M macrocyte, marcasite, martensite, microcyte, monophosyte, O on-side, oocyte, outasight, oversight, P parasite, pargasite, PL plebiscite, R recite, S second sight, cite, sight, site, SK scolecite, SP spermatocyte, U unsight, V variscite SKĪT blatherskite, skite SLĪT sleight, slight SMĪT smite, resmite SNĪT snite SPĪT despite, spite SPRĪT spright, sprite, watersprite TĪT A airtight, albertite, apatite, appetite B bipartite, G goniatite, GR granitite, H hematite, I ilmenitite, KL clematite, L latite, M magnetite, multipartite, P partite, peridotite, R ratite, S celestite, SK skintight, SP spessartite, ST stalactite, sticktight, T tight, tite, TR transvestite, tripartite, U uptight, W watertight

ĪT Shiite, troostite, Trotskyite BĪT backbite, bight, bite, byte, fleabite,
Jacobite, kilo-byte, Moabite, Niobite, Rechabite, cenobite, snakebite, trilobite BLĪT blight, blite BRĪT bright, eyebright DĪT B bedight, D dight, dite, E expedite, extradite, endite, erudite, Hheulandite, hermaphrodite, I indite, incondite, K condite, cordite, L lyddite, M meropodite, P pentlandite, podite, R recondite, S synodite, TR troglodyte DRĪT achondrite, alexandrite, archimandrite, dendrite FĪT A aerophyte, B bullfight, BR bryophyte, D dermophyte, dogfight, E ectophyte, endophyte, entophyte, epiphyte, F fistfight, fight, fite, G gunfight, GR graphite, H hanifite, hydrophyte, J geophyte, K cockfight, KR cryophite, L lithophyte, M mesophyte, microphyte, N neophyte, O osteophyte, ophite, PR prizefight, S sea fight, sciophyte, sulphite, STR street fight, T turfite, Z zoophyte FLĪT flight flite, overflight FRĪT affright, fright, night fright, stage fright GĪT annabergite HĪT Fahrenheit, height, hight HWĪT bobwhite, Heppelwhite, lintwhite, offwhite, snow-white, white JĪT anthropophagite, eclogite KĪT Amalekite, box kite, hellkite, kite, malachite, omphalopsychite KLĪT heteroclite KRĪT krait KWĪT quite, not quite, requite


TRĪT attrite, contrite, trite TWĪT twite VĪT invite, Levite, moldavite, Muscovite,
reinvite, uvarovite WĪT wight, Wight, wite ordinate, interknit, K compassionate, coordinate, KL close-knit, N knit, nit, O obstinate, alternate, P passionate, PR proportionate, R reknit, S subalternate, subordinate, T tight-knit, U unaffectionate, unfortunate, unknit PIT armpit, ashpit, coalpit, cockpit, pit, pitt, pitpit, rifle pit, shilpit, tarpit PLIT quadruplet, quintuplet RIT A accurate, D daywrit, degenerate, deliberate, desparate, disparate, doctorate, E elaborate, F favorite, I illiterate, immoderate, inaccurate, incommensurate, inconsiderate, intemperate, inveterate, K commensurate, considerate, corporate, PR preterite, R rewrit, rit, writ, S separate, T temperate, U unwrit SIT insensate, outsit, plebiscite, cit, sit SHIT beshit, bullshit, horseshit (etc.), shit SKIT skit SKWIT squit SLIT slit SHMIT Messerschmitt SMIT smit SPIT lickspit, spit, turnspit SPLIT lickety-split, split SPRIT bowsprit, sprit TIT bluetit, tit, precipitate, tomtit

Words to Rhyme With

(TH as in then)

IT A appropriate, B baccalaureate, I immediate, inappropriate, intermediate, it, J Jesuit, K collegiate, KW quadrifoliate, PR professoriate, R roseate, S secretariat, TR trifoliate BIT bit, bitt, forebitt, giga-bit, kilo-bit, mega-bit, tidbit, titbit, unbit, wait-a-bit BRIT brit, Brit CHIT chit DIT dit, ditt FIT befit, benefit, fit, phit, comfit, counterfeit, misfit, outfit, palafitte, refit, retrofit, unfit FLIT flit FRIT frit GIT git, profligate GRIT grit HIT hit, outhit HWIT whit KIT delicate, indelicate, intricate, kit, contortuplicate, quadruplicate, quintuplicate, centuplicate, septemplicate, certificate, triplicate KLIT clit KRIT hypocrite KWIT adequate, acquit, inadequate, quit, quitquit LIT alit, bimaculate, chocolate, disconsolate, immaculate, inarticulate, inviolate, lit, moonlit, relit, starlit, sunlit, twilit, unlit MIT A admit, antepenultimate, approximate, D demit, E emit, I illegitimate, immit, intermit, intimate, intromit, K commit, compromit, L legitimate, M manumit, mit, mitt, O omit, P permit, PR pretermit, proximate, R recommit, remit, S submit, TR transmit, U ultimate NIT A affectionate, B beknit, D definite, determinate, diaconate, dispassionate, disproportionate, E effeminate, F fortunate, I impassionate, importunate, indeterminate, indiscriminate, infinite, incompassionate, inordinate, insub-

BLĪTH blithe LĪTH lithe RĪTH writhe SĪTH scythe, sithe STĪTH stythe TĪTH tithe WĪTH withe, wythe

(TH as in thin)

BRITH B’nai B’rith FRITH frith GRITH grith KITH kith KRITH crith LITH A aerolith, acrolith, anthropolith,
B batholith, E eolith, G gastrolith, GR granolith, K cactolith, coccolith, L lactolith, lith, M megalith, microlith, monolith, N neolith, P paleolith, R regolith, ST statolith, TR trilith, Y urolith, Z xenolith MITH engastrimyth, epimyth, Grecian myth, myth, Nordic myth, Roman myth PITH pith SITH sith SMITH arrowsmith, blacksmith, goldsmith, gunsmith, whitesmith, coppersmith, locksmith, silversmith, smith, tinsmith, tunesmith, wordsmith WITH forthwith, herewith, wherewith, therewith, with, withe, wythe

EVE, FEAR NOT Eve, fear not lest through my dissent Our Eden be attacked; Your theory most diffident I take as given fact. Your inclinations and aversions Are magnified in me; Your laws are as the Medes’ and Persians’ (Until we disagree).

BRĪTS brights HWĪTS whites LĪTS footlights, lights MĪTS Dolomites NĪTS anights, nights RĪTS rights, wrights, to-rights TĪTS tights
(See ĪT, add -s where appropriate.)

TWIT twit VIT aquavit WIT afterwit, dimwit, godwit, halfwit,
motherwit, nimblewit, nitwit, outwit, to wit, thimblewit, unwit, wit, wantwit ZIT apposite, exquisite, inapposite, composite, opposite, perquisite, prerequisite, requisite, unopposite, zit (Unstressed -ate, -et, -it following a stressed syllable [striate, magnet, exit] may be rhymed with it, but with little satisfaction.)

BLITS blitz DITZ ditz


Words to Rhyme With
GLITS glitz GRITS grits KWITS quits PITS pits, the pits RITS Ritz SHNITS schnitz SITS sits SPITS spits, spitz VITS slivovitz WITS Horowitz, wits
(See IT, add -s where appropriate.) tive, acquisitive, alliterative, alternative, amative, appellative, applicative, appreciative, argumentative, associative, attributive, D definitive, declarative, decorative, deliberative, demonstrative, denominative, denotative, depurative, derivative, derogative, desiderative, desiccative, determinative, diapositive, diminutive, dispensative, disputative, distributive, donative, dormative, durative, E educative, executive, exhibitive, exclamative, explicative, expletive, elative, electropositive, evocative, F factitive, facultative, figurative, fixative, formative, photosensitive, fugitive, FR frequentative, fricative, H hypersensitive, I illustrative, imaginative, imitative, impeditive, imperative, imputative, inappreciative, indicative, infinitive, informative, initiative, incarnative, inchoative, inquisitive, inoperative, insensitive, intensative, interpretive, interrogative, intransitive, intuitive, irrelative, J genitive, judicative, K calculative, calmative, carminative, coagulative, coercitive, cogitative, combative, combinative, commemorative, communicative, commutative, comparative, compellative, compensative, competitive, complimentative, compulsative, conative, confirmative, consecutive, conservative, conciliative, consultative, contemplative, continuative, contributive, cooperative, corporative, correlative, causative, cumulative, curative, KW qualitative, quantitative, quidditive, quietive, L laxative, lenitive, laudative, locative, lucrative, M manipulative, meditative, mercative, multiplicative, N narrative, negative, neoconservative, nominative, noncooperative, normative, nutritive, O auditive, augmentative, alterative, operative, optative, authoritative, P partitive, pejorative, performative, portative, positive, postoperative, postpositive, pulsative, punitive, purgative, putative, PR premonitive, preparative, prepositive, prerogative, preteritive, preventative, preservative, primitive, privative, probative, prohibitive, provocative, R radiosensitive, rebarbative, reformative, relative, remunerative, reparative, recitative, restorative, retributive, reverberative, rotative, ruminative,

S sanative, sedative, secretive, semblative, sensitive, separative, significative, siccative, substantive, superlative, suppositive, suppurative, SP speculative, T talkative, tentative, TR transitive, U ulcerative, undemonstrative, uncommunicative, V vegetative, vetative, vibrative, vituperative, vocative, volative, Y unitive

LĪVD long-lived, short-lived (See ĪV, add -d where appropriate.)

ĪV I’ve CHĪV chive DĪV dive, endive, high dive, high-dive, nosedive, power dive, redive, swan dive

ĪZ angel eyes, archaize, asses’ eyes, atheize,
bright eyes, dandyize, eyes, Hebraize, Judaize, sheep’s eyes, twaddleize, euphuize CHĪZ disfranchise, enfranchise DĪZ A aggrandize, anodize, B balladize, bastardize, D dastardize, deoxidize, faradize, FL fluidize, G gormandize, H hybridize, I iodize, iridize, J jeopardize, KL chloridize, L liquidize, M melodize, merchandise, methodize, O oxidize, P paradise, PR propagandize, R rhapsodize, ruggedize S psalmodize, subsidize, SH sherardize, ST standardize FĪZ anthropomorphize, apostrophize, philosophize, sacrifice, theosophize GĪZ disguise, guise JĪZ A analogize, anthologize, apologize, astrologize, B battologize, D demythologize, dialogize, doxologize, E elegize, energize, entomologize, etymologize, H homologize, J genealogize, geologize, L lethargize, M mythologize, N neologize, S psychologize, syllogize, T tautologize, TH theologize, Y eulogize

DRĪV chain drive, drive, outdrive, overdrive FĪV five, spoil five HĪV beehive, hive, rehive, unhive JĪV gyve, jive, ogive, ungyve KLĪV clive LĪV alive, live, unalive NĪV connive PRĪV deprive, redeprive RĪV arrive, derive, rive, rearrive, rederive SHĪV shive SHRĪV shrive SKĪV skive STĪV stive STRĪV strive SWĪV swive THRĪV thrive TRĪV contrive VĪV convive, redivive, revive, survive WĪV wive

CHIV chiv DIV div, gerundive FLIV fliv GIV forgive, give, misgive LIV live, outlive, overlive, relive SHIV shiv SIV purposive, sieve SPIV spiv TIV A ablative, additive, admonitive,
adversative, affirmative, affricative, agglutinative, accumulative, accusa-

MY AMNESTY TO ALL, EXCEPT My amnesty to all The poor, imperfect throng, Excepting just one pest: The man who has the gall To say, when things go wrong, “I meant it for the best.”


KĪZ catechize KWĪZ colloquize, soliloquize, ventriloquize thermalize, TR tranquilize, trivialize, V vandalize, verbalize, vernalize, visualize, vitalize, vocalize, volatilize, Y universalize, utilize MĪZ A alchemize, amalgamize, anatomize, astronomize, atomize, BR bromize, D demise, E economize, emblemize, epitomize, F physiognomize, FL phlebotomize, I infamize, Islamize, itemize, K compromise, customize, L legitimize, lobotomize, M macadamize, maximize, manumize, minimize, O optimize, autotomize, P pessimize, pilgrimize, polygamize, PR premise, presurmise, R randomize, racemize, remise, S synonymize, surmise, V victimize, Y euphemize NĪZ A adonize, Africanize, agonize, agrarianize, albumenize, aluminize, Americanize, androgenize, antagonize, attitudinize, B bituminize, Balkanize, botanize, D dehumanize, decarbonize, decolonize, demonize, deoxygenize, detonize, dichotomize, disillusionize, disorganize, E ebonize, Edenize, effeminize, economize, excursionize, F feminize, FR fractionize, fraternize, G galvanize, gorgonize, GL glutenize, gluttonize, H harmonize, heathenize, Hellenize, histrionize, homogenize, humanize, I impatronize, immunize, ionize, ironize, Italianize, J jargonize, gelatinize, Germanize, K canonize, caponize, carbonize, keratinize, kyanize, cognize, colonize, communize, cauponize, cosmopolitanize, KR Christianize, L Latinize, lionize, Londonize, M macadamize, mammonize, mangonize, matronize, mechanize, modernize, Mohammedanize, N nitrogenize, O oxygenize, opsonize, organize, Australianize, Austrianize, P paganize, patronize, pavonize, pedestrianize, peptonize, personize, pollenize, Puritanize, PL platinize, platitudinize, Platonize, plebeianize, PR preconize, R recognize, rejuvenize, reorganize, republicanize, revolutionize, resurrectionize, Romanize, S sectarianize, sermonize, symphonize, simonize, cinchonize, synchronize, Socinianize, solemnize, suburbanize, SK skeletonize, SKR scrutinize, T tetanize, Timonize, tyrannize, Teutonize, TR trichonize, U Urbanize, V villainize, volcanize, vulca-

Words to Rhyme With
nize, W wantonize, westernize, womanize, Y euphonize, unionize, Europeanize PĪZ philanthropize, philippize, misanthropize, penelopize, pize, sinapize, syncopize, euripize PRĪZ apprise, emprise, enterprise, comprise, misprize, prise, prize, reprise, surprise, underprise RĪZ A aphorize, allegorize, arise, B barbarize, bowdlerize, burglarize, D decolorize, demilitarize, demonetarize, denuclearize, deodorize, depressurize, desulphurize, E extemporize, exteriorize, etherize, F factorize, familiarize, formularize, FL fletcherize, GL glamorize, GR grangerize, H heterize, I isomerize, J jennerize, K characterize, categorize, catheterize, chimerize, computerize, containerize, contemporize, cauterize, M marmarize, memorize, mercerize, mesmerize, militarize, miniaturize, moisturize, moonrise, motorize, N notarize, O augurize, authorize, P panegyrize, particularize, pasteurize, peculiarize, polarize, polymerize, pauperize, popularize, pulverize, PL plagiarize, PR pressurize, proctorize, R rapturize, regularize, rhetorize, revalorize, rise, rubberize, S saccharize, satirize, secularize, seigniorize, seniorize, silverize, singularize, circularize, slenderize, soberize, solarize, suberize, sulphurize, summarize, sunrise, T tabularize, temporize, tenderize, terrorize, TH theorize, transistorize, U uprise, V valorize, vaporize, vulgarize SĪZ A Anglicize, apotheosize, assize, atticize, D depoliticize, domesticize, E excise, exercise, exorcise, ecstasize, emblematicize, emphasize, ethicize, F fanaticize, fantasize, photosynthesize, G Gallicize, Gothicize, H hypostasize, hypothesize, I incise, italicize, K capsize, Catholicize, KL classicize, KR criticize, L laicize, M metastasize, metathesize, mythicize, O ostracize, outsize, oversize, P parenthesize, poeticize, politicize, publicize, PL plasticize, R resize, romanticize, S Sinicize, synopsize, synthesize, circumsize, size, SK skepticize, Scotticize, TTurkicize SPĪZ despise THĪZ empathize, sympathize, telepathize, thighs

LĪZ A actualize, alcoholize, alkalize, ambrosialize, analyze, annalize, animalize, arterialize, artificialize, B banalize, bestialize, BR breathalyze, brutalize, CH channelize, D dematerialize, demineralize, demobilize, demoralize, denationalize, denaturalize, departmentalize, depersonalize, desacralize, desexualize, decentralize, decimalize, destabilize, devilize, devitalize, diabolize, dialyze, digitalize, dualize, E editorialize, experimentalize, externalize, equalize, electrolyze, etherealize, evangelize, F fabulize, fictionalize, finalize, focalize, formalize, formulize, fossilize, fuedalize, FR fractionalize, fraternize, G gospelize, gutturalize, H hydrolyze, hyperbolize, hospitalize, I idealize, illegalize, immaterialize, immobilize, immortalize, imperialize, impersonalize, individualize, industrialize, initialize, institutionalize, intellectualize, internalize, internationalize, irrationalize, J generalize, journalize, K canalize, cannibalize, capitalize, caramelize, cardinalize, catalyze, coalize, communalize, compartmentalize, conceptualize, conventionalize, KR crystallize, KW quintessentialize, L legalize, liberalize, localize, M martialize, materialize, memorialize, mercurialize, metabolize, metagrobolize, metallize, mineralize, mobilize, modelize, mongrelize, monopolize, moralize, mortalize, mutualize, N nationalize, naturalize, nasalize, normalize, novelize, neutralize, O obelize, occidentalize, opalize, orientalize, P palatalize, papalize, parabolize, parallelize, paralyze, participialize, patronize, penalize, personalize, potentialize, PL pluralize, PR professionalize, proverbialize, provincialize, R radicalize, racialize, rationalize, realize, recrystallize, revitalize, ritualize, royalize, ruralize, Russianize, S sacralize, sectionalize, sexualize, sensualize, sentimentalize, centralize, sepulchralize, serialize, signalize, psychoanalyze, symbolize, synchronize, civilize, solubilize, socialize, substantialize, subtilize, SK scandalize, SKR scrupulize, SP specialize, spritualize, ST stabilize, sterilize, T tantalize, territorialize, testimonialize, totalize, TH


Words to Rhyme With
TĪZ A advertise, agatize, acclimatize,
achromatize, alphabetize, amortize, anagrammatize, anathematize, anesthetize, appetize, apostatize, aromatize, athetize, B baptize, bureaucratize, CH chastise, D dehypnotize, demagnetize, democratize, demonetize, denarcotize, deputize, desensitize, diatize, digitize, dogmatize, DR dramatize, E egotize, emblematize, enigmatize, epigrammatize, F photosensitize, H hypersensitize, hypnotize, hyposensitize, hypostatize, K concretize, concertize, KL climatize, L legitimatize, M magnetize, mediatize, mediocratize, melodramatize, monetize, N narcotize, O operatize, automatize, P parasitize, poetize, PR pragmatize, prelatize, prioritize, proselytize, Protestantize, R remonetize, S sanitize, sensitize, syncretize, synthesize, systematize, schismatize, sonnetize, sovietize, SK schematize, ST stigmatize, TR traumatize TRĪZ idolatrize, geometrize, cicatrize, retries, tries VĪZ advise, devise, improvise, collectivize, revise, supervise, televise WĪZ A afterwise, anticlockwise, B bookwise, E edgewise, endwise, anywise, K contrariwise, copywise, cornerwise, counterclockwise, KL clockwise, KR crabwise, crescentwise, crosswise, L likewise, M moneywise, N nowise, O overwise, P pennywise, S sidewise, somewise, SL slantwise, ST stagewise, TR travelwise, U unwise, otherwise, W weatherwise, widthwise, wise, Z zigzagwise (See Ī, add -s or change -y to -ies where appropriate.)

SIZ sizz SKWIZ squiz SWIZ swizz TIZ ’tis VIZ vis, viz WIZ wis, wiz ZIZ zizz FIZM A anthropomorphism, B biomorphism, DW dwarfism, E endomorphism, F philosophism, M mechanomorphism, metamorphism, O Orphism, P pacifism, polymorphism, S sapphism, SK scaphism JIZM A antilogism, D dialogism, E energism, I imagism, J geophagism, jism, L liturgism, M meconophagism, N neologism, P paralogism, portmontologism, S savagism, psychologism, syllogism, synergism, Y eulogism KIZM anarchism, catechism, masochism, monarchism, sadomasochism, sinarquism, tychism KLIZM cataclysm KRIZM chrism KWIZM grandiloquism, somniloquism, ventriloquism LIZM A agriculturalism, accidentalism, alcoholism, anabolism, animalism, anomalism, B Baalism, behavioralism, bibliophilism, bibliopolism, bimetallism, botulism, BR brutalism, D denominationalism, departmentalism, devilism, diabolism, digitalism, dualism, E ebullism, existentialism, expermentalism, externalism, embolism, emotionalism, environmentalism, etherealism, ethnophaulism, evangelism, F fatalism, federalism, phenomenalism, finalism, physicalism, formalism, formulism, fossilism, feudalism, fundamentalism, functionalism, FR frivolism, frugalism, H hyperbolism, I idealism, eidolism, immaterialism, immobilism, imperialism, individualism, industrialism, infantilism, institutionalism, instrumentalism, intellectualism, internationalism, J gentilism, journalism, K cabalism, cannibalism, capitalism, carnalism, catabolism, colloquialism, colonialism, commercialism, communalism, congregationalism, conceptualism, constitutionalism, controversialism, conventionalism, KL classicalism, clericalism, chloralism, L legalism, liberalism, literalism, localism, loyalism, M materialism, medievalism, Mendelism, mentalism, mercantilism, mercurialism, metabolism, myalism, mongolianism, monometallism, monopolism, moralism, municipalism, N nationalism, naturalism, necrophilism, nihilism, neutralism, O occasionalism, operationalism, P papalism, parallel-

ĪZD dandyized
(See ĪZ, add -ed where appropriate.)

FIZD fizzed
(See IZ, add -ed or -zed where appropriate.)

IZM A absenteeism, allotheism, altruism,
archaism, asteism, atheism, B babyism, Bahaism, bitheism, bogeyism, boobyism, bowwowism, BL bluestockingism, D deism, Dadaism, dandyism, dichroism, ditheism, E egoism, egotheism, echoism, F fairyism, fideism, physitheism, fogeyism, FL flunkeyism, G Ghandiism, ghettoism, H Hebraism, henotheism, heraism, heroism, hylozoism, Hinduism, I Englishism, Irishism, ism, J jingoism, jockeyism, Judaism, K kathenotheism, Cockneyism, L ladyism, Lamaism, Lamarckism, locoism, MMaoism, Mazdaism, McCarthyism, misoneism, Mithraism, monotheism, Mosaism, monkeyism, O ogreism, P pantheism, polytheism, powwowism, puppyism, PR Prosaism, R rowdyism, S Sivaism, sutteeism, SH Shintoism, T Taoism, Titoism, Toryism, TH theism, TR trichroism, tritheism, Trotskyism, truism, U ultraism, untruism, Y Yankeeism, euphuism, Z xanthachroism, zanyism BIZM abysm, cubism, syllabism BRIZM tenebrism DIZM abecedism, braggardism, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, invalidism, iodism, Lollardism, Methodism, monadism

IZ is BIZ biz, show biz DIZ Cadiz FIZ fizz, phiz, golden fizz, gin fizz, rum
fizz, silver fizz

FRIZ frizz HIZ his HWIZ gee whiz, whiz JIZ gizz KWIZ quiz MIZ Ms. RIZ riz


schism. representationalism. reformism. Tractarianism. organism. communism. libertinism. KW quixoticism. Anglicism. V vandalism. Londonism. Sinicism. Titanism. bovarysm. P paganism. petalism. pointillism. foreignism. ptyalism. animism. illuminism. neoplasticism. unionism. bowdlerism. L laborism. F Fabianism. somnolism. rhopalism. electicism. volcanism. D Daltonism. S secularism. undinism. microorganism. socianism. G Galenism. Shavianism. metamerism. necessitarianism. deviationism. impressionism. servomechanism. precisionism. Arianism. Saturnism. hypocorism. agonism. proverbialism. THR thromboembolism. L laconicism. antiSemitism. antidisestablishmentarianism. S cynicism. anachronism. surrealism. demonianism. perfectionism. socialism. destinism. V Vaticanism. philistinism. 114 . parachronism. SH shamanism. secessionism. pseudoantidisestablishmentarianism. hooliganism. scoundrelism. PR pre-Raphaelism. Englishism. Asiaticism. scholasticism. Australianism. pelmanism. isomerism. sentimentalism. Hispanicism. STR strychninism. expressionism. P paroxysm. K cacophemism. zoophilism MIZM A academism. realism. mycterism. multitudinism. pedestrianism. minimifidianism. KW Quakerism. I Islamism. revivalism. Kukluxicism. Germanism. Bourbonism. futurism. SK scopelism. ST structuralism. probabilism. monasticism. Leninism. lesbianism. U euphemism NIZM A abolitionism. nonunionism. tautomerism. solarism. behaviorism. achromatism. Hitlerism. Africanism. S sabbatarianism. D dynamism. servilism. epicureanism. SP specialism. Y universalism. ecclesiastism. utilitarianism. T Teutonicism. mytacism. B bacchanalianism. pugilism. centralism. V vorticism. solecism. Italianism. anathematism. misotramontanism. O onanism. lyricism. anatomism. G Gongorism. mysticism. vitalism. symbolism. prochronism. atomism. professionalism. euphuism. PL plagiarism. N naturism. synchronism. exoticism. phenomenism. vocalism. humanitarianism. Anglicanism. philanthropinism. Fenianism. aneurism. transsexualism. plebianism. mancinism. fanaticism. antagonism. SK skepticism. vegetarianism. opportunism. actinism. personalism. D democratism. Confucianism. divisionism. pianism. Adamitism. K Catholicism. Gallicanism. suernaturalism. associationism. mammonism. Buckmanism. Pelagianism. asterism. metricism. cocainism. indeterminism. R rabbinism. aestheticism. histrionicism. histrionism. alpinism. barbarism. ruralism. Montanism. verbalism. McLuhanism. lexiphanicism. astigmatism. mesmerism. U ultraantidesestablishmentarianism. BR Brahmanism. PR predestinarianism. M Marxism. E exhibitionism. ST Stalinism. isolationism. SKR scriptualism. Y eudemonism. Puritanism. galvanism. Caesarism. Latinism. P particularism. solipsism. K characterism. Munchausenism. virilism. transcendentalism. M Mahometanism. Nestorianism. monogenism. Anglo-Saxonism. physicism. O ostracism. B Bonapartism. antiquarianism. ruffianism. altrigenderism. racialism. ritualism. parliamentarianism. TR transformism. Mohammedanism. sensualism. athleticism. verism. S sacramentalism. tokenism. restorationism. R romanticism. GR grobianism. asceticism. hereditarianism. Darwinism. L legitimism. troilism.SINGLE RHYMES. agrarianism. uranism. ultramontanism. H hetaearism. immersionism. F phalansterism. empiricism. royalism. proletarianism. academicism. Unitarianism. GR grammaticism. neoclassicism. pasteurism. territorialism. historicism. esotericism. traulism. rationalism. millenarianism. neuroticism. uniformitarianism. J Jansenism. fantasticism. H Hibernicism. M Muslimism. vulturism. L laconism. provincialism. vulgarism. evolutionism. SP spoonerism. chauvinism. N narcissism. prism Words to Rhyme With RIZM A adiaphorism. humanism. Mormonism. Irishism SIZM A agnosticism. Z Zionism. alienism. Americanism. TH theorism. alarmism. utopianism. PL Platonism. I Italicism. Erastianism. G Gothicism. inflationism. puerilism. ST stoicism. E eclecticism. militarism. antifeminism. IZM ism. pauperism. T Timonism. demonism. despotism. religionism. sinapism PRIZM pentaprism. Austrianism. symetallism. I incendiarism. Satanism. philhellenism. KR creationism. spiritualism. O odonterism. modernism. hyperinsulinism. merycism metacism. albinism. sciolism. T terrorism. exorcism. B bachelorism. anachronism. Syrianism. KL classicism. malapropism. counteterrorism. P pessimism. algorism. Atticism. feminism. T textualism. R radicalism. pythonism. paternalism. priapism. infusionism. animatism. logicism. dichromaticism. aphorism. F phallicism. K Calvinism. amateurism. patricianism. peonism. revolutionism. vernacularism. cretinism. O optimism. Y euhemerism SHIZM fetishism. Hibernianism. E Epicurism. expansionism. sacerdotalism. SP spadonism. psithurism. peripaticism. adventurism. erethism TIZM A absolutism. CH chartism. tribalism. peculiarism. Canadianism. dysphemism. D demoniacism. tigerism. humorism. Hellenism. allegorism. prohibitionism. Bohemianism. sensationalism. etherism. pismerism. morphinism. protectionism. revisionism. philanthropicism. establishmentarianism. Saint-Simonism. infralapsarianism. syndicalism. mechanism. somnambulism. BL bloomerism. T totemism. SW Swedenborgianism. Teutonism. TR traditionalism. postimpressionism. vanillism. KR criticism. allomerism. nicotinism. PL pluralism. Z Zoilism. Zoroastrianism PIZM escapism. eonism. eroticism. Romanism. Archie Bunkerism. W witticism THIZM agathism. Presbyterianism. R rigorism. TR traducianism. Gnosticism. KL cledonism. hypochondriacism. Scotticism. republicanism. M mannerism. regionalism. H hedonism. Neoplatonism. publicism. presentationism. W westernism. historism. illusionism. necessarianism. N Neoimpressionism. consumerism. BR Briticism. abstractionism. hypercriticism. determinism. asynchronism. heathenism. equestrianism. sacramentarianism. I Ibsenism. Lutherism. latitudinarianism. charlatanism. lionism. V vampirism.

forego. to-and-fro GLŌ afterglow. mot. Curacao. H hylactism. pietism. N nativism. H hammertoe. F forgo. T tarot. outflow. patriotism. solfeggio. hypnotism. intergrow. ST styleshow SKRŌ scrow SLŌ sloe. E escargot. counterblow. resew. bocaccio. G Galapago. D Death Row. snow SŌ how so. gigot GRŌ grow. Rotten Row. dogmatism. W windrow SHMŌ schmo. owe. piccolo. W Watteau TRŌ de trop. mistletoe. K kokomo. mutism. Cicero. P patio. oh. carabao. ST stereo. V vibrio. so. show. H hallo. G gazabo. K collectivism. Docetism.I.o. studio. E ex officio. J generalissimo. H heigh-ho. olio. argot. foreshow. G girlie show. tiptoe. TR tremolo MŌ A alamo. saddlebow CHŌ Chou. H hedgerow. oxbow. TR traumatism. Bordeaux. S centissimo. M motionpicture show. overgrow. M maritodespotism. macho. G gateau. politico. moonglow. alpenglow. kayo. foe. B bateau. overthrow. polycentrism VIZM A activism. suprematism. ice floe. curio. bandeau. rodeo. T tallyho. ferromagnetism. Rousseau. T tarantism. hetero. go. B bureau. ho. Jesuitism. M Menshevism. CH cheerio. doe. vertigo. PR pragmatism. H horseshow. ro. sew. bungalow. audio. intaglio. moko-moko. ethnocentrism. nepotism. downthrow. tonneau. gazpacho. quo. ST stigmatism. A. syncretism. I indigo. electromagnetism. bow. dulcissimo. ratio. cameo. K carot. K cachalot. M magnifico. manteau. M matelot. Ko. pianissimo. I intensivism. oratorio.. Sovietism. TW twelvemo’. J genro. Sancho DŌ badaud. though THRŌ death throe. S sideshow SH shew. aglow. D deario. pedantism. P passivism. hello. mow. litho. Ontario. R rho. flow. perspectivism. know. T tetrao. jackdaw. so-so. overflow FRŌ fro. homoerotism. L long ago. GR grammatism. separatism.. awe. ergotism. BR brigalow. R relativism. P peepshow. woe YŌ imbroglio. entrepot. ’bo. J gigolo. K calico. coco. pomelo. H histrio. Borneo. R rococo. HBO. parasigmatism. cataglottism. ’boe. trow WŌ wo. dicrotism. homo. P paramo. toe. I incognito. F furbelow. timbertoe. resow. video. prelatism. O outgo. ko. L long bow. bibelot. hullo. gazebo. death blow. F fortissimo. seraglio. E embow. J Jericho. counterglow. M manito. yoyo ZŌ dzo Ō Ō A adagio. KR crossbow. Pinocchio. no. corybantism. vireo BLŌ blow. shmo SHŌ D dogshow. P Pernod. B bunko. B billy-o. R rainbow. rondo FŌ Defoe. pistachio. inflow. scarecrow KWŌ in statu quo. T tableau. mo. H helotism. tomato. O oho. Navajo. ingrow. tableau BŌ B beau. progressivism. H SINGLE RHYMES.L. archipelago. Borachio. kakapo. by-blow. P pedalo. daw. oe. scientism. ultimatism. doh. pampano. folio. sho’. U uxorodespotism. ultramontism. HMO. automatism. rumbelow. atavism. oversow. D diabolo. K cabatoe. earthglow. floe. arpeggio. occultism. S serow. slow SNŌ besnow. haymow. jambeau. overcrow. row. PL plateau. po. N Navaho. low. pilcrow. hoe. E Eskimo. O obscurantism. outgrow. mustachio. J geomagnetism. Romeo. banjo. crow. O O. SK Skid Row. immanentism. ipsedixitism. status quo KYŌ Tokyo LŌ A alow. pyrrhotism. starglow. P paramagnetism.F. F fabliau. etaerio. monochromatism. cymbalo. PR presidio. Pierrot. altissimo. fellatio. W westward ho HWŌ whoa JŌ adagio. semipro PYŌ papiopio RŌ A arow. Sappho FLŌ aflow. S sabbatism. U unco KRŌ cockcrow. Poe. U undertow. sunglow GŌ A ago. W wegotism TRIZM androcentrism. S CEO. capriccio. chapeau PRŌ pro. airflow. E egotism. D dynamo. scenario. cocoa. stow STRŌ bestrow. gapo. froe. dildo. B below. oleo. S simpatico. Mexico. U ultimo NŌ domino. M Montevideo. syntheratism. gigantism. V virvestitism. R radio. moko. landau 115 . embryo. Alamo. I imbroglio. pithiatism. cantico. borachio.O. positivism. dido. V Van Gogh. SH chateau. upgrow HŌ A Arapaho. PR primitivism. buffalo. foreknow. cattalo. Antonio. dilettantism. L lo. Geronimo. conservatism. O oboe. constructivism. H haricot. dosi-do. rondeau. poncho. cro. mithradatism. cynicism. egocentrism. I Idaho. negativism. recidivism. pueblo. portfolio. yo. L Lothario. K charientism. BR braggadocio.-C. throe. seraglio. J jabot. so-and-so. quid pro quo. honcho. R rheumatism. throw. escrow. diplomatism. PR proximo. bombolo. glow. Jim Crow. upthrow TŌ A atiptoe. potato. Michelangelo. I idiotism. teratism. ignorantism. overawe BÔ usquebaugh BRÔ braw CHÔ chaw DÔ dauw. Boccaccio. O objectivism. intaglio. rideau. comme il faut. duodecimo. unknow PŌ apropos. P persico. rethrow. B Bolshevism. sow. N narcotism. Ô half a mo’. bummalo. couteau. U undergo. B bon mot BR bravissimo. R rouleau. tow. Dido. maillot. Protestantism. strow THŌ although. punctilio. N nuncio. systematism. roe. P paletot. Tussaud STŌ bestow. dado. K k. F fashion show.Words to Rhyme With diamagnetism. exquisitism. M mahoe. S subjectivism WIZM Yahwism ZIZM Spinozism Scorpio. portico. SK schematism. G. fortuitism. tangelo. impresario. magnetism. S Soho.I. portmanteau. coquelicot. T touch-and-go. SK Ô Ô aw. dough. F favoritism. malapropos. M mho. indifferentism. Semitism. tuckahoe. trousseau. S sabot. KW quietism. S cembalo. Joe KŌ A angelico. T tick-tack-toe. medico. depot.

overdraw. stagecoach OCHT BLOTCHT blotched (See OCH. Shaw.) GLŌB englobe. bucksaw. daub. macaw KRÔ craw LÔ B by-law. ’round the globe JŌB Job KRŌB microbe LŌB earlobe. stopwatch. hawhaw JÔ jaw. BR brother-in-law. undraw.) ŌB ŌB aube DŌB daube FŌB Anglophobe. paaw. nightwatch. scrimshaw. reprobe. L law. redraw. corncob KWOB quab LOB lob MOB demob. D daughter-in-law. deathwatch.) ÔCHT BÔCHT debauched (See ÔCH. night watch. taw. I in-law. naw PÔ foxpaw. motorcoach. handsaw. lockjaw. chickasaw. SK scofflaw MÔ maw NÔ begnaw. raw SHÔ kickshaw. gnaw. self-reproach RŌCH caroche. cumshaw. harbor watch. topnotch POCH hotchpotch ROCH rotch. lobster claw KÔ caw. roach SNŌCH snoach ÔCH BÔCH debauch NÔCH nautch. larboard watch. knob. slowcoach. pshaw. rerobe. oversaw. cabob. haw.) ŌCH BRŌCH abroach. add -s where appropriate.SINGLE RHYMES. waw YÔ yaw Words to Rhyme With RŌB aerobe. wardrobe STRŌB strobe ÔB DŌB bedaub. forepaw. add -ed where appropriate. kob. withdraw FLÔ flaw FÔ faugh. thingumabob. conglobe. redaub GÔB gaub WÔB nawab KRŌCH encroach. seesaw SPÔ spa STRÔ bedstraw. aerophobe. S sister-in-law. (See FŌ'BI. unprobe OBZ BOBZ ods bobs GLOBZ globs GOBZ gobs SKOBZ scobs (See OB. guffaw GÔ gaw. croche LŌCH loach PŌCH poach PRŌCH approach. watch OB BLOB blob BOB bob. southpaw RÔ hurrah. P pilau. saw. dogwatch.A. broach. bathrobe. windlestraw. hacksaw. slaw SMÔ sma’ SÔ Arkansas. add -ed where appropriate. mackinaw. straw TÔ tau. O outlaw. reproach. wappenschaw SKÔ scaw SKWÔ squaw SLÔ cole slaw. Chickasaw. change ending to -phobe where appropriate. claw. scotch. etc. overwatch. crab claw. digital watch. chainsaw. Wichita THÔ thaw THRÔ thraw WÔ williwaw. lobe PRŌB probe. clappermaclaw. mailcoach. underjaw KLÔ dew-claw. ŌB DRÔ draw. thingumbob BROB brob FOB fob. crackjaw. cob. starboard watch. robe. outwatch.) 116 . M mother-in-law. globe. hobnob. rob SKOB scob SKWOB squab SLOB slob SNOB snob SOB sob STOB stob SWOB swab THROB athrob. earbob. papaw. throb YOB yob OCH BLOCH blotch BOCH botch GOCH gotch HOCH hotch KROCH crotch NOCH notch. flapjaw. watch ŌCHT BRŌCHT broached (See ŌCH. dogwatch. unrobe. rotche SKOCH hopscotch. rickshaw. nob ROB carob. mob NOB hob-and-nob. coach. gewgaw HÔ heehaw. pawpaw. disrobe. wristwatch. son-in-law. cockroach. bowsaw. enrobe. nabob. F father-in-law. skibob. shishkabob. add -ed where appropriate. whipsaw. pilaw. overslaugh. Scotch SPLOCH splotch SWOCH swatch WOCH death watch. jigsaw. buzz saw. foresaw. brooch KŌCH encoach. watchfob GLOB glob GOB gob HOB hob JOB job KOB kincob. heartthrob. pootly-nauch WÔCH anchor watch.

ornithopod. genetic code. strode THŌD hydathode TŌD horned toad. reprod ROD Aaron’s rod. reshod. L load. sea god HOD hod KLOD clod KOD Cape Cod. rebestowed. untrod VOD eisteddfod WOD tightwad. OD OD Hesiod. incommode. staminode PLŌD explode. bridle road. soph TOF toff LÔD belaud. cough. erode. WH whipload. FR freeload. curling rod. bawd. high road. yauld (See Ô. wave-off ÔD ÔD awed. cackle-broad FRÔD defraud. relaud MÔD maud PLÔD applaud. pigeontoed. god. kick-off. How woefully his lapdog wailed!— Not for the King to be beheaded. sacropod. chilopod. owed. quarterloaf. wod STRŌF monostrophe TŌF toph TRŌF limtrophe ÔF CHÔF Gorbachev. rode SHŌD shoad. showed SŌD episode. morosoph. unawed BÔD baud. internode. roughshod. postal code. G gastropod. zip code LŌD B boatload. cod. water-jawed ŌDZ RŌDZ Rhodes (See ŌD. R rhizopod. anglepod. PL platypod. palinode. But for the Dog to be curtailed. rip off. lingcod. Rachmaninoff. half a loaf. shode.) ŌD ŌD ode. retowed. railroad. river god. Nimrod. steel-jawed. encode. D decapod. copepod. laud. diplopod. hemipode. emerod. unbestowed. fraud GÔD gaud JÔD glass-jawed. highroad. undercroft 117 . Khrushchev KÔF chincough. P payload. P peapod. lycopode. corrode. golf KOF coff KLOF cloff KWOF quaff NOF gnoff. SK scaphopod. Y unipod PROD prod. forebode GŌD goad HŌD hoed KŌD area code. Morse code. reapplaud RÔD maraud ODZ ODZ emerods. add -s where appropriate. lode. nod PLOD plod POD A amphipod. bode. tetrapod. od. Stroganoff PROF prof SHROF shroff SKOF scoff SOF bibliosoph. H hexapod. implode PŌD antipode. loaf. unowed BŌD abode. K chenopod. cast-off. pod. over-awed. toed. epode. odd BOD bod. towed. Nabakov. alamode. Nesselrode. rip-off. L landing pod. ramrod.) DOF doff GLOF glof GOF goff. slipshod. whooping cough. God. node. cheetopod. arthropod. pseudopod. middle-of-the-road. low road. T pteropod. branchiopod. stowed. goldenrod. untoed WŌD woad ZŌD episode (See Ō. S cephalopod. Ichabod GOD demigod. W workload MŌD a la mode. restowed. off. M megapod. nematode. takeoff. resowed. sewed. rod SHOD dry-shod. mode NŌD anode. megapode RŌD byroad. unshod SKROD scrod SKWOD squad SNOD snod SOD sod TOD tod TROD retrod. OFT YÔD yaud. discommode. qoph LŌF breadloaf. antinode. add -d or -ed where appropriate. shod. kick off. anthropod. divining rod. R reload. ohed. code. resewed.) OFT OFT oft KROFT croft. tomcod ŌF ŌF oaf GŌF goaf KŌF koph. O overload. toad. TH theropod. Od. sowed SPŌD spode STŌD bestowed. iron-jawed. commode. road. hotrod. K carload. trod. ostracod. Rimsky-Korsakov MÔF maugh NÔF Romanov TÔF Molotov TRÔF trough OF OF brush-off. decode. broad. send-off. BR brachiopod. TR truckload U unload. trematode. tylopod. odds (See OD. pushrod.Words to Rhyme With SINGLE RHYMES. polypod. O octopod. piston rod. kilobaud BRÔD abroad. inroad. SH shipload. wad. unstowed STRŌD bestrode. philosoph. add -s where appropriate.) ROYAL LAP-YAP By Louis’ side in royal tumbril. add -ed where appropriate. sugarloaf KWOD quod MOD mod NOD nid-nod. retoed. sauropod.

Negroid JOID enjoyed. B backlog. travoy ZOI borzoi OID OID blennoid. fire-dog. travois. cysticercoid. cycloid. anthracoid. V viscoid OG OG Og BLOG blog BOG bog. oy BOI A attaboy. duologue. pinacoid. N necrologue. cowboy. ball boy. fog. cloyed. sandhod. PR prologue. packchoi FOY foy 118 . hoi. cercopithecoid. teapoy ROI corduroy. seahog. Gog and Magog. KR cricoid. nog POG pogge PROG prog SHOG shog SKROG scrog SLOG footslog. cunjevoi. tetrahedroid FOID didelphoid. H haemagogue. crannog. bird-dog. globoid. PL playboy. joy. callboy. stromboid. quahog. apologue. underdog. messboy. D decalogue. M maskoid. ichthyoid. cylindroid. tomboy. loblolly boy. lowboy. rogue SHŌG pishogue THŌG kitthoge TŌG togue TRŌG trogue VŌG vogue JOI enjoy. sheepdog. mama’s boy. xiphoid FROID Freud GOID algoid. prairie dog. hoy ŌG BŌG bogue. fungoid. koi KWOI Iroquois LOI alloy. trochoid. mycoid. hangdog. prorogue. Savoy. coy. K catalogue. warthog JOG jog KLOG clog. viceroy SOI paduasoy. hog. unclog KOG cog. Troy VOI envoy. Z xenagogue GROG grog OGD BOGD bogged (See OG. T Tagalog.SINGLE RHYMES. goy HOI ahoy. T tallboy. Gogmagog. D discoid. O osmagogue. hot dog. tog TROG trog WOG golliwog. scaraboid. ploy. reclog. L liftboy. TR trichoid. buoy. mucoid. rebuoyed. loy. F philologue.) OI OI oi. ŌG LOFT aloft. charpoi. TR travelogue. D dayboy. E emmenagogue. hydragogue. potboy. employ. police dog. pintagogue. drogue LŌG collogue RŌG pirogue. bulldog. incog KWOG quag LOG A analogue. peasoup fog. watchdog (etc. sepoy. seadog. TH theologue. leapfrog GLOG glogg GOG A agog. FL phlegmagogue. polliwog. pyramidoid DROID android. P percoid. PL placoid. goosegog. polloi. kumbaloi. epilogue. H homologue. add -ged where appropriate. loft SOFT soft TOFT toft (See OF. salamandroid. savoy. K carboy. Illinois PLOI deploy. P pedagogue. paperboy. S sarcoid. log. ophioid. Rob Roy. hautboy. wog GOI goi. ooid. spongoid. hobble-de-hoy. oh boy. fog-dog. E eclogue. gog. J gynaecoid. hayloft. psychagogue. poi. doughboy. M melologue. BR breeches buoy. hedgehod. postboy.) Words to Rhyme With HOG groundhog. sun dog.) FLOG flog. hyoid. linkboy. grinagog. scaphoid. P putlog. K coracoid. redeploy. M maccaboy. mad dog. pyoid. typhoid. joyed. plowboy. horologue. Gog. bellboy. CH charity boy. road hog. haund dog. killjoy. KW choirboy. scorpioid. H helicoid. reemploy ÔG MÔG maug SHÔG pishaug POI avoirdupois. L Lincoln log. B batboy. octahedroid. permalloy. overjoy KLOI cloy KOI decoy. mystagogue. lambdoid. L lumbricoid. unbuoyed BROID fibroid. cuboid. add -ed where appropriate. Hanoi. GR grammalogue. soy STOI Tolstoi STROI destroy. F fucoid. lenvoi. scombroid DOID gadoid. cockloft. lambroid. stroy TOI toy TROI troy. bellbuoy. F physagogue. mineralcorticoid. holagogue. histioid. M Magog. reflog FOG befog. coach dog. H highboy. Y yellowboy CHOI bok choy. polyhedroid. S sinologue. gobioid. defog. dendroid. pettifog FROG bullfrog. frog. lymphoid. S sialagogue. HW whistlebuoy. SK schoolboy. osteoid. dog. embog BROG brog CHOG Patchogue DOG attack-dog. convoy. search-and-destroy. zooid BOID amoeboid. houseboy. uncloyed KOID A alopecoid. tringoid GROID congroid. loglog. saveloy MOI moy NOI annoy. G galactagogue. D demagogue. paratyphoid. dialogue. rhomboid. overjoyed KLOID epicycloid. boy. footboy. O autacoid. T toxicoid. slog SMOG smog SNOG snog SOG sog TOG tautog. P pageboy. O hautboy. disembogue BRŌG brogue DRŌG drogh. ST stableboy. altar boy. trialogue MOG mog NOG eggnog. hallboy. muscoid. shearhog. montjoy. myriologue. hobberdehoy. L logogogue. cardioid. megafog. S sonobuoy. synagogue. buoyed.

O odontoid. hinge joint. coil. R rheumatoid. knickpoint. haploid. tentaculoid. reanoint POINT A appoint. mongoloid. pourpoint. sinusoid. D diphtheroid. toile VOIL voile (See OIAL) OINTS JOINTS disjoints. S cestoid. melanochroid. loin. uncoil. O ochroid. surrejoin. goyle KOIL accoil. V viewpoint. amyloid. K keratoid.) KOIN coigne. porphyroid. PR prismatoid. suspensoid. histoid. employed. undestroyed SINGLE RHYMES. K keloid. ployed. outvoice. topsoil.) NOINT anoint. B bacteroid. B balanoid. D dactyloid. PL planetoid. humanoid. SP spinoid. K conjoin. top-choice JOIS James Joyce. tetanoid PLOID deployed. soil. ovoid. gumboil. DR drepanoid. Caucasoid. CH checkpoint. T ctenoid. amberoid. tenderloin MOIN almoign. J gelatinoid. H haloid. asteroid. E elephantoid. conoid. T tabloid. M meloid. varicelloid. herpetoid. rehoist 119 . silverfoil. joint. L lunoid. hyaloid. turmoil NOIL noil POIL poil ROIL roil SOIL assoil. counterfoil. U unalloyed. coin. B ballpoint. KR crystalloid. unvoice. diploid. disembroil. Des Moines. void ZOID rhizoid. conjoint. lipoid. add -ed where appropriate. D deltoid. myeloid. antheroid. KR crinoid. metalloid. ankyroid. K counterpoint. laroid. sepaloid. sialoid. undersoil SPOIL despoil. cystoid. N needlepoint. devoid. chancroid. lithoid. PL platinoid. S sejoin. epileptoid. vespoid ROID A acaroid. solenoid. dowel joint. H hematoid. add -ed where appropriate. corticosteroid. P paranoid. unjoin OIST FOIST foist. tuberculoid. add -s where appropriate. J join. fielder’s choice. spoil. pro-choice. eripsyloid. redeployed. OIST THOID acanthoid. petaloid. N nanoid. GR granitoid. lemuroid. M misjoin. frankalmoigne POIN talapoin SOIN essoin OIND POIND poind (See OIN. desmoid. hip joint. reemployed. dentoid. M melanoid. groyne JOIN A adjoin. centroid VOID avoid. G gunpoint. T pteroid. TR triploid. coverpoint. roid. toxoid. subjoin. hardboil. cynoid. tin foil. TH theroid. myloid. S saccharoid. SF sphenoid. liparoid.Words to Rhyme With KROID cancroid. KL clenoid. I interjoin. condyloid. thyroid SLOID sloyd SOID ellipsoid. hemispheroid. R rhinoceroid. ornithoid TOID A allantoid. last choice. F phylloid. rejoice ROIS Rolls-Royce VOIS devoice. S cephaloid. overtoil. knee join (etc. upcoil MOIL moil. toil. S silverpoint. voice OIN FOIN sainfoin GOIN Burgoyne GROIN groin. R resinoid. second choice. cotyloid. estoile. misemployed. trappoid. H hemorrhoid. opaloid. euploid POID anthropoid. N nematoid. schizoid. D disappoint.) OIL OIL enoil. E embonpoint. BR breakpoint. multifoil. trapezoid (See OI. V varioloid. parboil BROIL broil. brownie point. add -ed where appropriate. SK scorpaenoid. BL bluepoint. Hobson’s choice.) (See OINT. recoin KWOIN quoin LOIN eloign. arachnoid. cinquefoil. D disjoin. SK scleroid. M midpoint. lentoid. P parathyroid. unemployed. polypoid. recoil. R rejoin. ursoid STROID destroyed. amygdaloid. undeployed. revoice. ST standpoint. GL glenoid. S salmonoid. choroid. trefoil GOIL gargoyle. sirloin. M mastoid. SK squaloid.) OILD OILD oiled (See OIL. boil. SF spheroid. ST styloid. actinoid. underemployed. W West Point DOIL langue d’oïl FOIL quatrefoil. parotoid. toyed TROID astroid. N nautiloid. convoyed. E enjoin. purloin. T teratoid. E encephaloid. prismoid. emulsoid. toroid. M meteoroid. unspoil STROIL stroil TOIL entoil. DR drypoint. obovoid. cyprinoid. celluloid. invoice. redestroyed. embroil. ethmoid. cissoid. P paraboloid. P pinpoint. alloyed. cuculoid. albuminoid. hyperboloid. reembroil OINT OINT adjoint. sciuroid. bioflavinoid. first choice. hypsiloid. archtoid. O ochinoid. colloid. catenoid. G ganoid. disjoint. point. O omphaloid. BL blennoid. polaroid. hominoid. moyle. rebroil. entomoid. cymoid. N nephroid. H hypnoid. R reappoint. sigmoid. R reptiloid. coralloid. coronoid. K carotinoid. refoist HOIST hoist. oil. L lacertoid. ST steroid. quoin. SP spiroid. E echinoid. sphygmoid NOID A adenoid.) OIS CHOIS choice. comoid. xanthocroid KWOID equoid LOID A alkaloid. L lamuroid. snake oil BOIL aboil. joints (etc. Z xyloid MOID dermoid. subsoil. K chorioid. lubricating oil. annoyed. P pachydermatoid. repoint. aneroid. hysteroid.

shrillvoiced. pig-in-a-poke. city block. dead broke. OIT JOIST joist. okeydoke FŌK folk. coit KWOIT quoit MOIT moit PLOIT exploit. table-talk. K keystroke. provoke. blaubok. black-talk. holm oak. upbroke CHŌK artichoke. outbroke. brock CHOK chock. menfolk. convoke. stumbling block. evergreen oak. heartstroke. lodge. talk. cross talk. Van Gogh HÔK chicken hawk. man-to-man talk. steinbok BROK broch. little folk. countryfolk. shoptalk. low-voiced. rewoke. spoke. invoke. add -s where appropriate. droit. spacewalk. dock. respoke. unyoke. forspoke. BR breaststroke. pin oak. sidewalk. stalk TÔK baby-talk.) JÔK jauk KÔK calk KWÔK quawk LÔK lawk MÔK maugh. block.) BLŌK bloke BRŌK broke. equivoque. unrejoiced MOIST moist VOIST loud-voiced. townfolk.SINGLE RHYMES. womenfolk. O overstroke. sparrow hawk. man-talk.) ÔK ÔK auk. choke DŌK doke. jaywalk. upstroke TŌK toke. bloc. sheepwalk. bontebok. mourning cloak. yoke. loge OK OK Antioch. kinsfolk. coke KRŌK croak LŌK loke MŌK moch. reexploit TOIT hoity-toit. workfolk HŌK hoke JŌK joke KLŌK cloak. coak. rejoiced. klipbok. back talk. relodge. mawk PÔK pawk RÔK baroque SKWÔK squawk STÔK beanstalk. fish hawk. go for broke.) ŌJ BŌJ gamboge DŌJ doge LŌJ horologe. unbroke. goshawk. unblock BOK blesbok. gentlefolk. Mohock OJ BOJ bodge DOJ dodge HOJ hodge LOJ dislodge. TH thunderstroke. add -s where appropriate. och BLOK auction block. winklehawk (etc. add -d where appropriate. Medoc. roadblock.) OIZ FROIZ froise NOIZ erminois. smoke SŌK asoak. poise (See OI. horologe. woke YŌK reyoke. en bloc. British oak. toit TROIT Detroit BOJD bodged (See OJ. forespoke. toque TRŌK troke VŌK equivoke. recloak. sleepwalk. ham-hock. S sidestroke. grysbok. breechblock. slowpoke RŌK baroque. Mohawk. newshawk. hawk. sunstroke. undock FLOK flock FROK defrock. shitepoke. soak. outwalk. crosswalk. U understroke. D deathstroke. unspoke STŌK stoke STRŌK B backstroke. kinfolk. walk ŌK ŌK black oak. maladroit KOIT dacoit. hock. uncloak KŌK decoke. equipoise. nighthawk. English oak. soke SPŌK bespoke. ropewalk. womantalk WÔK boardwalk. unvoiced Words to Rhyme With STOJ stodge WOJ wodge WŌK awoke. unlodge MOJ modge PLOJ plodge POJ hodgepodge. hollyhock. podge ROJ raj SPLOJ splodge 120 . baulk CHÔK chalk DÔK dawk GÔK gawk. poke. sjambok. M masterstroke. springbok. awk BÔK balk. oke. spatterdock. butcher block. moke NŌK Roanoke PŌK mopoke. roque SLŌK sloke SMŌK smoke. catwalk. cornstalk. rhebok. cakewalk. chockablock. langue d’ oc. doc. forechock DOK burdock. frock. girltalk. bock. tradesfolk. gemsbok. counterpoise. post oak. counterstroke. seafolk. townsfolk. pickled oak. noise POIZ avoirdupois. oak. overwalk. yolk OJD OIT DOIT doit DROIT adroit. H handstroke. leafstalk. unfrock GOK Van Gogh GROK grok HOK ad hoc. revoke OITS KROITS hakenkreuz KWOITS quoits (See OIT. scrub oak (etc. besmoke. evoke. STR stroke. red oak. white oak.

Mohole. body clock. buttonhole. CH chatterbox. add -ed where appropriate. Goldilocks. latebricole. P penstock. glory ’ole. O honor box. shuttlecock. Seminole NYŌL guignol. indole. F foliole. SH shamrock. F fishing pole. knothole. S Super Bowl. outfox GROKS groks KOKS cox. cole. bandbox. SP spatchcock. W workbox DOKS boondocks. P pole. barcarole. woodcock KROK crock LOK A airlock. H havelock. boll. sox TOKS detox VOKS vox (See OK. D daglock. B bedrock. F fumarole. T tadpole. bankroll. philodox. T turnsole. pillar box. rigamarole. condole DRŌL droll FŌL foal GŌL de Gaulle. beanpole. shock SMOK smock SOK soc. ridgepole. wok YOK yock OKS OKS musk-ox.). croquignole PŌL B bargepole. ariole. Vladivostok WOK jabberwock. deadlock. STR strongbox. SH Sugar Bowl (etc. heterodox. powder box. O oarlock. Creole. O obole. telephone pole RŌL A azarole. bowl. R rantipole. N kneehole. soundbox. U understock. role. lovelock. W weeping rock SHLOK schlock SHOK foreshock. soapbox. ST stock. soul. punk rock. O ol’. hemlock. recoct (See OK. oriole. percussion lock. H half-sole. BL bloodstock. rigmarole. bibliopole. Nox POKS chickenpox. FL flintlock. L loophole. paintbox. pox. L logroll. picklock. yapok ROK A acid rock. H half-cock. bunghole. P peacock. SK scrupperhole. rock. inscroll. T turkeycock. R relock. O augur hole. unsoul 121 . haycock. dole. GL gloryhole. S seacock. I insole. BR bronchiole. livestock. concoct. P petiole. blowhole. forelock. swinepox SOKS socks. icebox. kohl. hole. SH Sheol. uproll. B belock. ’ole. knock. R restock. H hatbox. poppycock. Fort Knox. DR drillstock. redox. K cock. hell-whole. sole. B banderole. payroll. V vacuole. add -s where appropriate. M moorcock. B ballot box. furole. S Seoul. eyehole. aureole. clock SINGLE RHYMES. SW swimminghole. gogglebox. girandole. locks. personhole. angekok. ostiole. septimole NŌL jobbernowl. signal box. D dariole. ST stopcock. TR traprock. L loch. orthodox. V virole SHŌL shoal. G gavelock. moch. W weathercock. S saltbox. M matchbox. ŌL ÔKS LÔKS lawks (See ÔK. bemock. insoul. farandole. K casserole. pigeonhole. add -s where appropriate. fetterlock. SW swillbowl. bibcock. lox NOKS equinox. M multirole. I idiot box. mailbox. F fetlock. rissole. O overstock. coal. M manhole. E edipol. SKW squatarole. KR Christmas box. FL flagpole. goal. cubbyhole. KR creole. lough. pinchcock. L lavarock. carmagnole. H heartwhole. B bole. console. unstock TOK tick-tock. F foxhole. W wedlock. smallpox. shole SKŌL skoal SKRŌL enscroll. Little Rock. pock. J jukebox. O oversoul. roll.Words to Rhyme With JOK jock KLOK eight-day clock. M Maypole. tock. horsebox. homodox. GL gloriole. K camisole. wristlock. BL black hole.) ŌL ŌL A apiole. U unroll. FR frijol. K cabriole. SH shooting box. bedroll. add -d where appropriate. knocks. E ensoul. rowlock. B bitstock. P peephole. B borehole. S centriole. P Painted Rock. segol HŌL A armhole. pillbox. hard knocks. T tailstock. scroll SŌL A anisole. E embowl. R reroll. SH Sherlock. L laughingstock. P parole. L loosebox. Rose Bowl. U unwhole JŌL cajole. rootstock. B Bangkok. R ragarock. BL blackcock. bricole. spitchcock. roc. E elflock. U unsole. rock-and-roll. E enroll. sol. capriole. firelock. rimrock. knoll. Cotton Bowl.) ŌKT CHŌKT choked (See ŌK. caracole. Shylock. U unlock. J girasole. biological clock. K catchpole. poll. W wassail bowl DŌL dhole. gunlock. H hard rock. cariole. ox BOKS A abox. G gapingstock. J jellyrole. cowpox. HW whisperstock. Pole. I interlock. G gamecock. charcoal. paradox. pothole. turncock. mock NOK monadnock. R rocambole. F fishbowl. arteriole. P padlock. billy cock. add -s where appropriate. clearcole. K keyhole. variole BŌL A amphibole. M Moloch. escarole. PR princock. pinhole. princox LOKS bladderlocks. G gearbox. ball cock. sock. CH charlock. P punchbowl.) KOK A acock. T tophole. P paddlebox. T tinderbox. nock NYOK paskudnak PLOK plock POK kapok. D diestock. warlock MOK amok. SH shittlecock. pratincole MŌL mole. metropole. fusarole. lock. K carambole. PR profiterole. porthole. postbox. linstock. jole KŌL arvicole. whole. headlock. SN snuffbox. petcock. R resole.) OKT GROKT grokked KOKT decoct. windsock STOK A alpenstock. unorthodox FLOKS phlox FOKS fox. box. gocock.) ŌKS HŌKS hoax KŌKS coax (See ŌK.

kobold. G gatefold. Paul SHÔL shawl SKÔL scall SKRÔL scrawl SKWÔL squal SMÔL small SÔL Saul. W waterfall. envaults. TH thousandfold. refold. sixfold. TH thunderbolt. D deadbolt. extoll. M manifold. lithosol. ice cold. xylotol KÔLD so-called SKÔLD rescald. F fireball. O oversold. close-hauled. N nightfall. thumbstall THRÔL bethrall. reinstall. stoled TŌLD foretold. poll ROL folderol SOL aerosol. old BŌLD bold. E emery ball. pall. Cornwall. pol. unrolled SHŌLD shoaled SKŌLD rescold. SKR screwball. H handball. faults HÔLS halse. threefold etc. awl. told. ÔL STŌL stole STRŌL stroll THŌL thole TŌL extol. R rebolt. H hundredfold. caul. piebald. mould. E enfold. disenthrall. patrol. retold. SN snowfall. unparoled. highsouled. O oddball. guaiacol. Chinese wall. basketball. stronghold. twicetold. G gasohol. U uphold. highball. FR freehold. maul PÔL appall. entresol. I infold. fool’s gold. foaled. I eyeball. B behold. KW quarter-soled. stone cold MŌLD bullet mold. BL blackball. K keelhaul. S sold. consol. kobold.) ŌLD ŌLD age-old. K catfall. girasol. reskoaled. FR freefall.SINGLE RHYMES. tole. F foothold. multifold. tolled. moll NOL ethanol. citole. methanol. eugenol ÔLD ÔLD auld BÔLD bald. fourfold. croquignole ZŌL thiazole ÔL ÔL all. N ninefold. meatball. add -ed where appropriate. T ÔLS FÔLS defaults. creosol. repolled. T townhall KÔL birdcall. gold. rag doll GOL Bengal HOL alcohol KOL col. PR pratfall. spawl SPRÔL sprawl. leaf mold. Gaul. St. boxstall. anchor hold. fingerstall. control. rehauled. butter mold. skewballed HÔLD hauled. HÔL A alcohol. semibold FŌLD A eightfold. L landfall. soled. Nepal. ringbolt. ST stokehold. SH shacklebolt. D downfall. U unfold GŌLD Acapulco gold. doll. selfcontrol. cold. R rainfall. HW wherewithal. coaled. U undersouled. hold. tall TRÔL trawl VÔL devall WÔL Berlin wall. windfall GÔL Bengal. toehold. windgall. SH sheepfold. overbowled. button mold. guildhall. marigold. skoaled SŌLD F full-soled. toll Words to Rhyme With STÔL bookstall. wall YÔL yawl to have and to hold. W withhold JŌLD cajoled KŌLD acold. thrall TÔL atoll. urban sprawl OL OL vitriol DOL baby doll. miscall. protocol LOL loll. D dance hall. pudding mold. footstall. THR threshold. overbold. SH shortfall. trollol MOL gun moll. nutgall. K cannonball. K kingbolt. H hall. forestall. mestranol.) TRŌL decontrol. H half-soled. twofold. unsold. remold. F fivefold. troll VŌL vole YŌL guignol. all-in-all. footfall. parasol. salts. fold. carry-all. V volleyball BRÔL brawl DRÔL drawl FÔL B befall. P pigeonholed. unsoled. spun gold HŌLD A afterhold. catcall. household. mold. carmagnole. gall. N netball. E evenfall. stonewall. sol TOL amatol. football. mall. glass gall. H hold-all. sevenfold. O overhaul. T tenfold. rerolled. Hadrian’s wall. regosol. SN snowball. halts VÔLS valse. M masked ball. trumpet call KRÔL crawl. scold. BR brad-awl. B banquet hall. L leasehold. dol. baseball. haul. recall. U unbolt DŌLT dolt HŌLT holt JŌLT jolt 122 . vaults SÔLS assaults. off the wall. protocol. reparoled. pistole. F fishbolt. mothball. sestole. good as gold. bowled. F fall. unhauled POL Interpol. STR stranglehold. R refoaled. wringbolt. sea wall. ahold. tattersall SPÔL spall. somersaults WÔLS waltz ZÔLS exalts ŌLT BŌLT B bolt. J judgment hall. nudicaul. I eyebolt. Nepal. sotol. L lightning bolt. O overall. O overfall. false. K catchall. FR freefor-all. foul ball. old salts. rolled. bawl. spurgall. untold. remould. interfold. BL blindfold. pawl. install. untolled WŌLD wold (See ŌL. S centerfold. comptrol. P pinball. HW Whitehall. plasmasol. R wrecking-ball. stall. B bifold. O on hold. billfold. hairball. P pitfall. M Montreal. enthrall. add -d or -ed where appropriate. unpolled RŌLD paroled. kraal MÔL bemaul. planosol. punchball. call. caterwaul. remote control. K copyhold. souled. TH therewithal W withal BÔL B ball. recontrol. scald (See ÔL. H handhold. salad mold PŌLD polled. unsouled STŌLD sable-stoled.

metronome. endome. millivolt.) 123 . velodrome FŌM afoam. recombed. somersault. salt. heaume. nobody home. dissolve. OMPT DRŌM aerodrome. cockscomb. Rome SKŌM scaum SLŌM sloam SŌM endosome. polychrome. befoam. obvolve. resolve OLVD (See OLV add -d where appropriate. Maugham SHÔM shawm OLV SOLV absolve. Colt. add ed where appropriate. honeycomb. Teapot Dome OMPT KOMPT compt PROMPT prompt SWOMPT swamped (See OMP. schistosome STŌM monostome. dissolve. rom. stromb WOM wigwam (See ÄM) OMB OMB chiliomb ROMB rhomb STROMB stromb SPÔLT spalt VÔLT envault. monosome. om BŌM abohm. cyclostome STRŌM brostrome TŌM apotome. bomb. palindrome. leptosome. cosmodrome. syndrome. non-com. fault. holm. intervolve. teravolt. foam. mam. intercom. time bomb DOM dom. oxysalt. Nome PŌM pome RŌM roam.Words to Rhyme With KŌLT colt. seafoam GLŌM gloam. domn FROM from. metallochrome. dot-bomb. foamed KŌMD combed. wood colt MŌLT molt. firebomb. tumblehome KLŌM clomb KŌM backcomb. hydrogen bomb. basalt. evolve. dom. macrotome. revolve. haemochrome. semidome. autosome. gas bomb. microtome. ribosome. involve. dermatome. syncom. vault ZÔLT exalt ŌMD DŌMD domed. Salome. endomed FŌMD befoamed. lavolt. wherefrom GLOM glom GROM pogrom GWOM Guam HOM hom ŌM ŌM oam. revolt. volt SINGLE RHYMES. default. resolve. solve. urochrome LŌM loam. no-fault GÔLT gault HÔLT halt. car bomb. harvest home.) OMD ÔM BOMD bombed GLOMD glommed ÔM aum DÔM prudhomme GÔM gaum HÔM haulm MÔM imaum. catacomb. enfoamed. uncombed RŌMD roamed ÔLTS FÔLTS false VÔLTS valse WÔLTS waltz (See ÔLT. aquadrome. gnome. sit-com ÔLT BÔLT Balt. acrodrome. pseudosalt KWOM qualm LOM coulomb MOM cardimom. glome HŌM animal home. autodrome. circumvolve ZOLV absolve. exolve. old salt. motor home. hecatomb. h-bomb. shalom MŌM mome NŌM gastronome. currycomb KRŌM heliochrome. hippodrome. stringhalt MÔLT malt SMÔLT smalt SÔLT assault. comb. neutron bomb. at home. om BOM atom bomb. laser bomb. trompe WOMP wamp VOLV devolve. moult PŌLT poult SMŌLT smolt VŌLT demivolt. pompom PROM prom ROM rhomb STROM maelstrom. chromosome. convolve. Beerbohm BRŌM brome DŌM astrodrome. monochrome. radome. sea salt. genome. mail bomb. home. coxcomb.) OM OM axiom. chrome. cobalt FÔLT asphalt. unsolve OMP CHOMP chomp KLOMP clomp KOMP comp POMP pomp ROMP romp STOMP stomp SWOMP swamp TROMP tromp. centrosome. add -s where appropriate. therefrom. mom PLOM aplomb POM pom. microsome. dome. ohm. tome KOM dot-com.

copestone. S salon. F foregone. G guenon. argenon. birthstone. B backbone. cobbleston. uncondone DRŌN drone. H herringbone. P paragon. androsterone. con. foreknown. bone. unmown NŌN butanone. interpone. unshown SKŌN scone SŌN ecdysone. zone ŌN ŌN disown. resewn. M milestone. KL clingstone. unthrone. FR freestone. ochone. cornpone. unsown STŌN B bilestone. chiffon. hearthstone. KW quarter tone. O olecranon. thrown. D dial tone. E ecotone. G gonfalon. heckelphone. M monotone. N knucklebone. B Babylon. SH shinbone. trimetragon. L Laocoön. carry-on. unflown FŌN A allophone. L limestone. Prester John KON A archon. alluvion. unforeknown. M melodicon. W woebegone JON demijohn. phon. unthrown TŌN A acetone. E enchiridion. foregone. sewn. T tarragon. underdrawn. repawn PRÔN prawn RÔN raun SÔN sawn THÔN omadhaun TÔN quinton YÔN yawn 124 . U undertone endzone. parergon. rethrown. tetragon. SH chaconne. G gallstone. S Saigon. N ninon. touchstone. Y euphone. organon. khan. vitaphone. enzone. outshone. amphibion. curbstone. rone. ST stereopticon. N nonagon. Y Euroclydon FON antiphon. loan. T tilestone. overgrown. prone RŌN aldosterone. shown. sone. prednisolone. eau de cologne. ŌN Words to Rhyme With SHŌN foreshown. noumenon. encephalon. unblown. none. orthicon. reloan MŌN bemoan. John. P Parthenon. postpone. carryings-on. hoot mon. T technicon. loadstone. weatherblown. R Rubicon. bon. F phenobarbitone. BL bloodstone. F phone. shone. PR protagon. K chordophone. padrone FLŌN flown. coumarone. T tone. Anacreon. colophon. testosterone. pheromone. E echelon. headstone. M Macedon. undergone. K carillon. GL glucagon. homophone. cornerstone. pentagon. Anglophone. mown. on. Ceylon. reshown. HW whetstone. Y Yukon KRON omicron. dependency-prone. john. hormone. M melodeon. Tyrone ON ON A Albion. windblown BŌN A aitchbone. atone. groan. presown. perigon. kikumon. Oregon. undecagon. ingrown. remown. fullblown. cologne. Rhone. H hexagon. O octagon. prednisone. mastodon. pantechnicon. holystone.SINGLE RHYMES. dodecagon. throne. cyclone KŌN cone. rincon. doggone. full-grown. opticon. redrawn. O onomasticon. mesencephalon P papillon. I isogon. unsewn. galleon. depone. G gone. grown. hanger-on. tombstone. grass-grown. W wishbone DŌN condone. overdrawn. ungrown HŌN hone JŌN Joan KLŌN anticyclone. rottenstone. I iguanodon. dispone. soapstone. N Napoleon. silicon. P peptone. sousaphone. myrmidon. mon. Beaune. euphon. F philosopher’s stone. hangers-on. Z xylophone GŌN epigone GRŌN begroan. oxygon. ST stegedon. toadstone. unknown PŌN Abipon. K Corydon. H headphone. I idioticon. D don. H hailstone. pentacron LON A Avalon. pone. Helicon. TR trombone. cicerone. enthrone. own. bygone. moan. TH thereon. I interphone. epsilon. P panopticon. ozone. reflown. presewn. clone. gonfanon. S sandstone. I eidolon. melodion. lone. withdrawn FÔN faun. known. reown BLŌN blown. bellibone. M megaphone. TH thunderstone (etc. Endymion. recondone. M martagon. D dies non. walker-on BON Audubon. polyphone. helicon. celadon. fawn. lodestone. overthrown. polygon. I intone. FR Francophone. pawn. mellophone. resown. outblown. P pantheon. duotone. Gl glyptodon. ST staddlestone. hipbone. Xenophon FRON Neophron GON A agone. ladrone. whole tone. semitone. microphone. K keystone. B begone. H halcyon. gone KÔN leprechaun LÔN lawn PÔN impawn. O oblivion. sown. E estragon. cortisone. V vidicon. TR tritone. decagon. I icebone. B bion. irenicon. colon. K campion. Pentagon. M mamelon. L lexicon. undrawn. HW whereon. bonbon DON B boustrophedon. chaperon. unbeknown. F fishbone. SF sphenadon. etalon. CH chillon.) THRŌN dethrone. O overtone. O audiphone. B barbitone. roan. BR brimstone. sine qua non. heptagon. fresh-blowh. HW whalebone. K carbon. R radiophone. flyblown. synonymicon. overblown. Pergamon NON A anon. progesterone. silicone KRŌN crone LŌN alone. U upsilon MON etymon. mossgrown. B basilicon. propone. Hyperion. two-tone. TH thighbone. cuttlebone. millstone. half-grown. anklebone. E etymologicon. undergrown. Boulogne. D Dictaphone. indrawn. hereon. H halftone. baritone. R rhinestone. Littlejohn. harmoniphon. repone PRŌN accident-prone. CH cheekbone. hydrophone. grindstone. V vibraphone. K catholicon. high-flown. ÔN ÔN awn BÔN bawn BRÔN brawn DÔN dawn DRÔN drawn. S sacaton. Cologne. funnyboned. gramophone. BR breastbone. I imposing stone. plafond GÔN bygone. D Dagon. Capone. S saxophone. moonstone. methadone. M marrowbone. G gabion. GR graphophone. petalon. rotenone. H harmonicon. U ucalegon. collarbone. J jawbone. FL flagstone. E end stone. rethrone. Ionone. Bellerophon. E earphone. stone. J gemstone. P pyrophone. isotone. barytone. S sciopticon. foundation stone. electrophone. GR gravestone.

B belong. neutron. moaned. unconned MOND beau monde.) LONG A all along. PR proton. sabayon. kampong. phytotron. demimonde. mesenteron. pair bond. add -ed where appropriate. Canton. add -ed where appropriate.Words to Rhyme With perispomenon. Viet Cong ÔNCH FLÔNCH flaunch HÔNCH haunch KÔNCH conch KRÔNCH craunch LÔNCH launch. ronde SKOND abscond SOND dropsonde. parison. F phaeton. cradlesong. O Oberon. aileron. neuron. K cacemphaton. D diatesseron. relaunch. tonk WONGK wonk ZONGK zonk ONG BONG bong. tong WONG currawong. scuppernong PONG pingpong. hexameron. conk. S sine qua non. overlong. omadhaun. H hyperbaton. sarong SHONG souchong SONG aftersong. L lifelong. T tympanon. millpond. F furlong. S sidelong. PR prolegeron. unparagoned KOND conned. enteron. trilithon TON A abaton. trimenon PON hereupon.) FROND frond GOND paragoned. ONGKT ZONGKT zonked (See ONGK. feuilleton. asyndeton. von WON won YON boeuf Bourguignon. mah-jong KONG Hong Kong. konk. quandong FLONG flong FONG underfong GONG bogong. livelong. yardwand YOND beyond ZOND zond ONGK ONGK ankh BONGK bonk BRONGK bronc DONGK zedonk GONGK gonk HONGK honk KLONGK clonk KONGK conch. unfond ONGD BONGD bonged (See ONG. telethon. respond WOND wand. O automaton. Amazon. ere long. plafond. O oblong. morwong. dugong. plainsong. triconch KRONGK cronk KWONGK quonk PLONGK plonk SKWONGK squonk STONGK stonk TONGK honky-tonk. H hapteron. D daylong. demimonde. unlaunch PÔNCH paunch RÔNCH raunch STÔNCH staunch ONGKS BRONGKS Bronx (See ONGK. borazon. positron. E endlong. baton. thereupon. KR cretonne. wobbegong JONG kurrajong. Luzon. megaton. P Percheron. antiproton. evensong. P polysyndeton. jupon. thong. gong. W won ton TRON anatron. add -s where appropriate. N nychthemoron. pong PRONG prong RONG barong. PR prolong. elytron. cabezon. M magneton. binturong. B baryton. drinking song.) OND BLOND blond. so long.) ONS BONS bonce FONS fonts NONS nonce 125 . seconde. haut monde. cyclotron. long. vagabond morning song. love song. monde POND fish pond. PR prolegomenon. billabong CHONG souchong DONG dingdong.) ŌND MŌND beau monde. E ephemeron. F fanfaron. ONS ÔND MÔND maund (See ÔN. Tucson. venison SWON swan THON marathon. upon RON A Acheron. add -ed where appropriate. correspond. Z xeromyron SHON cabochon SKON scone SON Alençon. N nightlong. M megaron. unmoaned (See ŌN. underfond. monophthong. add -ed where appropriate. whereupon. song. TH theologoumenon. King Kong. triphthong THRONG throng TONG paktong. SH chaise longue NONG nong. yon ZON amazon. operon. undersong STRONG headstrong. sonde SPOND despond. put upon. electron. benison. Garamond. singsong. pond. wrong. skating pond ROND rond. coupon. filet mignon. Barbizon. hyperon I interferon. orison (See ÄN) SINGLE RHYMES. blonde BOND bond. K kalong. liaison. strong THONG diphthong. crouton. dong. battle song. H headlong. wong YONG foo yong DOND donned FOND fond. James Bond. ornithon. radiosonde. along. overfond. tevatron VON elevon. balatron.

doo-doo. lulu. sprue — STROO bestrew. moo. reglue. undo. lazybones. cashoo. K calalu. succes fou. hitherto. B baboo. clue. shrew — SKROO airscrew. mafoo. Z zebu — BROO barley-broo. G gardyloo. susu — SPROO sprew. P pililoo. rendezvous — WOO woo. TH thereto. HW whereinto. H who. poilu. Vermont PLONT diplont PONT Hellespont. Corfu. hereto. H horseshoe. O ormolu. hereunto. misconstrue. unglue — GOO burgoo. shoo. fou. V Vishnu — PLOO plew — POO hoopoe. Jew. toodle-oo — BLOO blew. screw. . O outdo. T tattoo. P peekaboo. gillaroo. imbrue. N gnu. kung fu. corkscrew. witch’s brew — CHOO chew. U unto. R revenue. gru. flu. T teledu. baku. S set-to. coocoo. cashew. V view halloo. coo. shapoo — ROO B buckaroo. babu. amadou. K cockatoo. symbiont DONT acrodont. looloo. phoo. untrue — VOO kivu. flue — FOO Dien Bien Phu. I ingenue J genu. catechu. U underdo. pooh-pooh. crossbones. bill and coo. G garoo. parlez-voo. rackabones. T Tippecanoe. boo-hoo. jones NŌNZ nones (See ŌN. H hoochinoo. Sioux. to-do. B ballyhoo. Y yabu. CH chandoo. Z Zulu — MOO emu. lasso. igloo. muumuu. E entre nous. coup. whereto. K kaberu. residue. fordo. Daikoku. motley crew. aircrew. hoodoo. two. juju. whereunto. imu. K canoe. crew. overshoe.) ONZ BONZ bonze BRONZ bronze FONZ fons 126 . SW switcheroo. withdrew — FLOO flew. coochy-coo. àme be boue. SK skiddoo. undaunt FLÔNT flaunt. thumbscrew. But best. overdo. gillygaloo. F foreknew. K cockadoodledoo. moue. L lean-to. ecru. gout. bugaboo. vaunt WÔNT want ONT ONT halobiont. ahu. D detinue. J jabiru. choux. woowoo. yoo-hoo — HWOO to-whit-to-whoo — JOO acajou. G gamdeboo. construe. skyblue. L loupgarou. shoe. premier cru — LOO B baloo. . M manitou. sapajou — KLOO clew. slough. John’s. F foredo. in transitu. D derring-do. rolling the bones. tutu. Hindu. . jujitsu. cuckoo. SN snowshoe. sawbones JŌNZ Davy Jones. W Waterloo. see through. cockapoo. pooh. new P parvenu. widdifow — FROO froufrou — GLOO glue. U unshoe — SHROO beshrew. spreeuw. wanderoo — SHOO F fichu. karroo. SO softshoe. mastodont. sloo. cru. R redo. woodscrew — SLOO slew. reconstrue. to. potoroo. taunt VÔNT avaunt. booboo. battue. Timbuctu. shampoo. P passe partout. strue. blue. unclue — KOO aku. . toodledoo. mafu. eschew. kangaroo. I impromptu. grue. threw. E ynambu. napoo. rue. Honolulu. Hebrew. L lieu. potoo. choo-choo. add -s where appropriate.” ŌNT DŌNT don’t WŌNT won’t — OO — OO oo. But maybe . V voodoo. tinamou. just for you . J jigaboo. ooh. kerchoo. bunraku. overgrew — HOO A ahoo. ŌNT PONS ponce SKONS ensconce. howdy-do. reflaunt GÔNT gaunt HÔNT haunt. W wallaroo. goo. onto.) NEW WORDS FOR AN OLD SAW I love the girls who don’t. R roo. poo. Ju. mu. funnybones. bamboo. coypu. E et tu. the girls who say. add -s where appropriate. too. roux. S skip to my Lou.) Words to Rhyme With FRONZ frons GONZ bygones JONZ St. true-blue — BOO A aboo. sconce SPONS response (See ONT. worricow — KROO accrew. G gumshoe. “I don’t . Who’s Who.SINGLE RHYMES. overstrew. U urabu. Nehru. jackeroo. M meadow rue. pursue. H halloo. hullabaloo. I love the girls who do. . Abou. T towhit-to-hoo. marabou. brew. thitherto. wirrasthru — TOO B Bantu. unconstrue — THROO overthrew. surtout. B billet-doux. . P Peru. broo. wont ZONT schizont (See ÄNT) ŌNZ BŌNZ bones. Y yahoo. ragout — GROO grew. unscrew. lulliloo. M misdo. hoodoo. SH chou. hoo-hoo. abu. umu — NOO A anew. K caribou. J Gentoo. goo-goo. into. honeydew. Piedmont. through. guru. Manchu — DOO A ado. didgerydoo. kinkajou. thereunto. M Malibu. H hereinto. tabu. add -s where appropriate. do. K cachou. strew. rehaunt JÔNT jaunt MÔNT romaunt TÔNT ataunt. I igloo. long johns PONZ pons (See ON. Wu ÔNT DÔNT daunt. W wahoo. pont WONT want. boo. outgrew. H hairdo. W well-to-do — DROO drew. slue — SOO ensue. O old shoe. snafu. wamefu. ejoo. J jadu. twenty-three skidoo. V virtu — TROO true. sue. T taboo. loo. xanthodont. sou. accrue. phoophoo. FONT font KWONT quant MONT Beaumont. kudu. buroo. jackaroo.

vicissitude — TROOD detrude. D deadwood. beachwood. putsch — SMOOCH smooch — OOF — OOF oof. Kalamazoo. L ladyhood. lude. W waterproof — ROOF gable roof. knighthood. composition roof. motherhood. falsehood. I inaptitude. OOF DR driftwood. SH shatterproof. turpitude. correctitude. T teakwood. woof-woof. inter— MOOD almud. CH cherrywood. cloven-hoof ROOF gable roof. aptitude. likelihood. roof. J gentlemanhood. amplitude. roof. P pinguitude. Scaramouch — POOCH pooch. attitude. bentwood. ineptitude. ingratitude. you — ZOO bazoo. PR proof. boyhood. composition roof. — KOOD Likud — KROOD crude — LOOD allude. wood. pouf. Z zebrawood (etc. N neighborhood. PL platitude. extrude. matronhood. reproof. rosewood. lube — ROOB hey Rube. K consuetude. similitude. incertitude. insuetude. zoozoo. Quaalude. dogwood. F firewood.Words to Rhyme With — YOO bayou. B beatitude. FL flameproof. R Robin Hood. protrude. SP spissitude. sapwood. cloven-hoof — KLOOF kloof — LOOF aloof. selfhood. infinitude. leatherwood. O omnitude. mood — NOOD nude — POOD pood — PROOD prude — ROOD rood. M matchwood. unwooed. inexactitude. SKR scrubwood. ST stormproof. shockproof. milkwood. illude. PR promptitude. ewe. pulchritude. dyewood. unroof WOOF woof. purplewood. rustproof. desuetude. D disproof. SPR springwood. mouch. BR brotherhood. SP spinsterhood. SK skidproof. peckerwood. wholefood. ouf. R rectitude. PL plastic wood. S sainthood. monkshood. collude. mollitude. softwood. P pearwood. K counterproof. delude. elude. ’lude occlude. buttonwood. include. K candlewood. M maidenhood. tile roof. kingwood. wooed — YOOD you’d — ZOOD exude (See ŪD) SINGLE RHYMES. ST stewed. H habitude. L lassitude. senectitude. R rainproof. wowf OOD GOOD good HOOD A adulthood. boxwood. unroof — SPOOF spoof — TOOF Tartuffe — WOOF woof. livelihood. F fortitude. opera bouffe — DOOF shadoof — GOOF goof — GROOF agroof — HOOF behoof. hoof. foolhardihood. would. jujube — LOOB loob. K kinglihood. rube (See ŪB) — OOCH — OOCH ooch — BROOCH brooch — HOOCH hooch — KOOCH hoochy-cooch — MOOCH mooch. kazoo. brushwood. foolproof. thatch roof. conclude. ouphe — BOOF boof. H hardwood. heartwood.) — OOB — BOOB boob. B baywood. plenitude. BR. stood. lippitude. southernwood. subtrude — WOOD rewooed. serenitude. N necessitude. shood — SHROOD shrewd — SLOOD slewed — SNOOD snood — SOOD transude — TOOD A altitude. mansuetude. woof-woof 127 . unlikelihood. definitude. latitude. S sanctitude. shingle roof. ribbonwood. I ironwood. V vastitude. cottonwood. U unhood. O orangewood. understood. whiffenpoof — PROOF B bulletproof. soul food — JOOD St. touch wood. solicitude. bogwood. reroof. seclude OOF OOF oof HOOF hoof. D deaconhood. U underwood. — OOD — BROOD abrood. withstood WOOD A applewood. wildwood. satinwood. pulpwood. zoo. womanhood KOOD could MOOD Talmud SHOOD should STOOD misunderstood. F fireproof. wormwood. U yew. hood. PR priesthood. loof — POOF poof. nigritude. E eaglewood. preclude. bitterwood. W. GR gratitude. monkhood. brood — DOOD dude. showerproof. KW quietude. tile roof. eptitude. shingle roof. servitude. L legwood. Hollywood. reroof. shellproof. thatch roof. G gumwood. M magnitude. plywood. M mothproof. multitude. S sunproof. Jude — KLOOD exclude. verisimilitude. B babyhood. IOU Vayu. hebetude. certitude. H hardihood. cordwood. T torpitude. sisterhood. angelhood. dissimilitude. rude — SHOOD shoed. E exactitude. inquietude. R redwood. godhood. F fatherhood. HW whitewood. lentitude. P parenthood. solitude. mansard roof. manhood. gayyou. sappanwood. gravitude. S sandalwood. widowhood. O orphanhood. obtrude. razoo. asuetude. Zu — ZHOO bijou (See Ū) disquietude. beechwood. D decrepitude. W Wedgwood. kittenhood. cousu. intrude. longitude. stude. haboob — DOOB doob — JOOB jube. seafood. touchwood. subdued — FOOD food. KR crassitude. W widowerhood. BL blackwood. summerwood. retrude. G girlhood. peachwood. mansard roof.

M minute book. rehook. poor fool. degradable. dirigible. execrable. supercool fool. grapplehook. high school. gerenuk. scrouge — STOOJ stooge — (See ŪJ. affordable. answerable. attributable. — BROOL brool — DOOL chandul. admissible. admirable. buhl. cuck. advisable. tuque OOL BOOL A abominable. CH chapbook. sabbath school. distinguishable. chasuble. bull. affable. boule. depreciable. nook PLOOK plook POOK Volapuk ROOK rook SHNOOK schnook SHOOK shook SOOK forsook. kindergarten school. adorable. deductible. nainsook TOOK betook. playschool. avoidable. biodegradable. adjustable. brook. swimming pool — ROOL ferrule. hook. Istambul. SK sketchbook. took. boobook. partook. beatable. exigible. deniable. cook. dowable. rebuke — CHOOK caoutchouc — DOOK archduke. school — SOOL pasul — SPOOL spool — STOOL barstool. dispensable. Bolingbroke. pocketbook. tenterhook. odzooks OOKT SOOKT witzelsucht (See OOK. deplorable. describable. footstool. hymnbook. effable. expectable. PR prayerbook. BR brakable. detestable. bankable. applicable. defensible. nobody’s — GOOL ghoul. charity pool. approachable. — ZOOK bashibazouk (See ŪK) Octateuch. amenable. Sunday school. FL flybook. disagreeable. beddable. joule — KOOL jokul. dubitable. whirlpool. add -s where appropriate. dislikable. effaceable. duke — FLOOK fluke — GOOK gobbledygook. digestible. bulbul. hierodule — DROOL drool. S sambuk. grammar school. juke — KOOK kook — LOOK Mameluke — NOOK Nanook — ROOK charuk. chondrule — FOOL April fool. P paperback book paperbook. dutiable. — OOKS — (See OOK. car pool. outlook. devisable. peruke. Hexateuch. fishhook. pul. 128 . cespool. primary school. plain cook. cool. arrestable. unhook KOOK fancy cook. gamboge — KLOOJ kluge — LOOJ luge — ROOJ rouge — SKROOJ Scrooge. doable. BL bluebook. attemptable. storybook. befool. disputable. E edible. douc. actionable. exhaustible. arable.) — OOL — BOOL babul. attainable. DR drinkable.¯ SINGLE RHYMES. appointment book B bankbook. overlook. definable. Pentateuch. ST studbook. buttonhook. excusable. differentiable. cookbook. boathook. OOZH) — OOK — BOOK bambuk. breakable. accountable. nursery school. tomfool Stambul OOK BOOK A account book. O OFT Words to Rhyme With passbook. expandable. inglenook. mistook. appreciable.) — LOOKS luxe — ZOOKS gadzooks. detectable. allowable. undertook — OOFT — (See OOF. Farouk. durable. checkbook. seruke — SHOOK sheugh — SNOOK snoek. arguable. disreputable. tool. charitable. H handbook. dirty pool. overcook. stool — TOOL retool. donnybrook. tulle — YOOL Yule — OOG — BOOG boog (See ŪG) — OOJ — BOOJ bouge. dependable. gook — JOOK jouk. amiable. add -ed where appropriate. gool — HOOL who’ll — JOOL jhool. rule. acceptable. available. summer school. biddable. CH changeable. pool. uplook MOOK mook NOOK Chinook. dishonorable. achievable.) — MOOL mool — NOOL gallinule — POOL ampoule. L logbook. expansible. K commonplace book. B bailable. misrule. songbook. T textbook. N notebook. book. desirable. educable. demonstrable. overtook. despicable. SKR scrapbook. add -ed where appropriate. adaptable. undercook KROOK crook LOOK look. agreeable. divisible. spherule — SHOOL shul — SKOOL boarding school. French cook. W workbook BROOK Beaverbook. chibouk. detachable. amicable. ferule. preschool. debatable. pastry cook. chargeable. D damnable. office pool. D daybook. ducking stool. believable. snook — SOOK sook — SPOOK spook — STOOK stook — TOOK Heptateuch. Liverpool. bearable. determinable. charity school. disposable. discernible. running brook DOOK fonduk HOOK billhook. boulle. accessible. alienable. copybook. gene pool. dissociable. fool. delectable. destructible.

marriageable. ungovernable. fusible. impracticable. bellyful. I identifiable. eradicable. pleasurable. incredible. irredeemable. unweighable. D delightful. sizable. inapplicable. inculpable. incombustible. inexorable. FL flammable. PR practicable. knowledgeable. reproachable. opposable. inoperable. incompatible. indispensable. immovable. mitigable. communicable. F fanciful. irretrievable. CH cheerful. P payable. bodeful. inexhaustible. imperishable. invariable. rewardable. inseparable. peaceable. unpreventable. seasonable. distasteful. insensible. indigestible. disrespectful. visible. insupposable. renewable. pronounceable. inalienable. justiciable.. SINGLE RHYMES. Sitting Bull. intangible. BL blameful. satiable. perishable. beautiful. syllable. intractable. equitable. SK scalable. punishable. invisible. responsible. irreparable. U unaccountable. ostensible. impermeable. mensurable. unsociable. reducible. insurable. liftable. unexplainable. wearable. vendible. unavailable. retractable. unstoppable. insuperable. unpredictable. unfathomable. invaluable. eatable. hospitable. reparable. contestable. willable. regrettable. incapable. indictable. unbreakable. STR stretchable. parable. culpable. fashionable. F fallible. susceptible. inconceivable. unimpeachable. inadmissible. inaudible. bowful. KR credible. extensible. notable. immutable. E earful. unwearable. extinguishable. untearable. improbable. convertible. unrecognizable. irreproachable. explainable. perfectible. maneuverable. revocable. uncomfortable. interchangeable. distrustful. extraditable. inviable. monosyllable. inclinable. fordable. infrangible. peccable. unpresentable. incorruptible. serviceable. conceivable. potable. indelible. inequitable. refillable. K calculable. possible. dutiful. irresolvable. unpronounceable. comestible. modifiable. inconsolable. unprintable. 129 . impeccable. impossible. incalculable. unacceptable. unobtainable. eventful. unassailable. intelligible. justifiable. operable. fathomable. irrefutable. unattainable. favorable. placable. undesirable. eligible. inexpressible. viable. variable. tunable. doubtful. conversable. G gullible. movable. unemployable. insurmountable. KL classifiable. corrigible. inexcusable. V valuable. ireversible. lovable. recordable. SP sparable. unavoidable. observable. unshakable. pitiable. corruptible. permeable. KW quantifiable. transferable. legible. indissoluble. pardonable. inflammable. insoluble. O objectionable. inflatable. intolerable. inextinguishable. unfavorable. recommendable. nonflammable. risible. TH thinkable. J generable. rescissible. palpable. programmable. unreadable. inevitable. W weighable. litigable. indecipherable. refundable. suggestible. terminable. irreconcilable. irresponsible. imperturbable. likable. remarkable. incoercible. omissible. inconvincible. endurable. illegible. irrecoverable. probable. flexible. memorable. unreliable. erasable. removable. returnable. refrangible. considerable. indisputable. procurable. surmountable. suable. unbrakable. indomitable. TR tractable. disgraceful. uncontrollable. personable. passable. presumable. combustible. unsinkable. negligible. OOL respectable. imponderable. sociable. praisable. unknowable. inalterable. vegetable. quenchable. curable. presentable. sinkable. unanswerable. feasible. excitable. laudable. employable. unbelievable. unapproachable. unimaginable. retrievable. incomparable. governable. impermissible. rectifiable. implacable. mendable. unforeseeable. unforgettable. irrecusable. resaleable. insuppressible. M magnifiable. inconvertible. unconscionable. horrible. reliable. constable. implausible. predictable. teachable. creditable. invincible. inscrutable. visual. superable. immiscible. comfortable. artful. unteachable. indubitable. estimable. miscible. triable. commendable. lamentable. incommunicable. pregnable. bountiful. ST stoppable. inadvisable. inflexible. specifiable. heritable. unsuitable. irresistible. workable DOOL chandul FOOL A armful. infusible. undeniable. boastful. unutterable. indistinguishable. liable. terrible. explicable. understandable. blissful BR brimful. interminable. portable. immeasurable. untenable. impenetrable. improvable. tearable. purchasable. touchable. replaceable. inescapable. producible. untranslatable. recognizable. forcible. controllable. faithful. impregnable. L laughable. expressible. marketable. circumnavigable. irascible. lockable. sensible. fateful. insatiable. unmatchable. inviolable. quotable. insufferable. ineligible. indiscernible. innumerable. tenable. kissable. washable. traceable. undrinkable. audible. inextricable. medicable. certifiable. vincible. irrefrangible. imputable. noticeable. manageable. forgettable. incorrigible. notifiable. imaginable. immensurable.Words to Rhyme With expendable. tangible. repeatable. impalpable. unmentionable. irreducible. irritable. regulable. palatable. perceptible. profitable. forgivable. inappreciable. impressionable. preferable. indivisible. merchantable. pliable. formidable. incontestable. enjoyable. inaccessible. FR friable. commutable. realizable. readable. resoluble. unintelligible. unforgivable. reputable. printable. unconvincible. suitable. ineradicable. redeemable. reconcilable. unthinkable. preventable. alterable. convincible. ineffaceable. T taxable. supportable. vulnerable. miserable. veritable. unseasonable. inimitable. untouchable. vocable. R rateable. incomprehensible. reversible. impassable. reasonable. inoculable. N navigable. foreseeable. inestimable. measurable. consumable. unbendable. deceitful. unreasonable. tolerable. redoubtable. indescribable. unwarrantable. extendible. reachable. enviable. provable. voluble. reprehensible. submersible. tensible. unquestionable. ineluctable. incomputable. imperceptible. plausible. incurable. negotiable. venerable. indestructible. unbearable. H habitable. S salvageable. capable. insupportable. contemptible. inconsiderable. doleful. incommutable. equable. repairable. indemonstrable. verifiable. mistakable. crucible. nonreturnable. resistible. finable. infallible. PL playable. extricable. irreplaceable. unenviable. honorable. warrantable. saturable. permissible. bashful. pensionable. bookful. malleable. ineducable. unmistakable. B baneful. commensurable. impeachable. leviable. DR dreadful. tithable. questionable. semipermeable. incontrovertible. mutable. inhospitable. obtainable. ineffable.

bathroom. loom. untomb. macaroon. oversoon. Great Horned Spoon. coffee spoon. relume — JOON jejune. weariful. lumber room. T taproom. L living room. potful. perilune. waning moon — NOON afternoon. sonic boom — BROOM broom. tomb. O obstacle. forenoon. neglectful. soulful. bedroom. simoon. DR drawing room. S sickle moon. S sackful. S salesroom. plume. lamb’s wool. tampoon — PROON prune — ROON floroon. O opportune. tycoon — OOM — OOM oom — BLOOM abloom. costume. swoon — TOON A altun. houseroom. jib boom. PL platoon. inopportune. R reading room. cartoon. sinful. P painful. monsoon. toon — TROON quintroon. pocketful. harmful. needleful. forgetful. ungroom — HOOM whom — JOOM joom — OOMD — (See OOM. colorful. cardoon. honeymoon. cacoon. mouthful. ŪN. wilful. SK skilful. R wrathful. KW quiverful. H headroom. Daniel Boone — BROON gombroon — DOON bridoon. rebloom — BOOM baby boom. pantoum. GR graceful. mournful. meaningful. strewn — SWOON aswoon. purposeful. PL playroom. caseful. coon. midnoon. sunroom. poltroon — WOON woon — YOON picayune (See ŪN) loon. P pontoon. harvest moon. whiskbroom — DOOM doom. Mahound — LOOND Lund — WOOND wound — OON — OON triune — BLOON doubloon — BOON baboon. H half moon. embloom. unfaithful. rockon. unmerciful. respectful. songful. nom de plume. tablespoon. TH thankful. coffeeroom. gunroom. shalloon. forceful. ŪM. ruthful. consume. fruitful. SP spiteful. hecatomb. stockroom. W wakeful. K canticle. B ballroom. H half-full. lustful. womb-to-tomb — VROOM vroom — WOOM enwomb. J joyful. checkerbloom. legume — GROOM bridegroom. reproachful. tearoom. I eyeful. S saskatoon. W waxing moon. room. boom. groom. quadroon. workroom. R ratoon. hurtful. toom.) — OONZ — (See OON. unplume — ROOM A anteroom. principle. remindful. M manful. SP spare room. rheum. T testoon. picaroon. typhoon — GOON dragoon. rune. thimbleful. FR frigatoon. cookroom. FR fretful. ST stateroom. gloom. peaceful. cartful. STR stressful. Cameroon. merciful. worshipful. entomb. loon. scornful. courtroom. K coatroom. mirthful. rigadoon — DROON gadroon. V vehicle. revengeful. spontoon. GL gleeful. frightful. SH shameful. SH showroom. eftsoon. W wareroom. cupful. sitting room. lampoon. Scandaroon. octoroon.) — ROONZ Cameroons — SOONZ eftsoons 130 . vinegarroon — SHOON shoon — SKOON scoon — SOON bassoon. windful. tankful. matzoon. successful. TR trustful. PR prayerful. tasteful. O OM fearful. KR chronicle. lune. doon. pitiful. regretful. woeful. wool (See UL) Words to Rhyme With — KOOM coom. KL classroom. reloom. N new moon. saloon. hateful. teaspoon — STROON bestrewn. Y useful KOOL B barnacle. tuneful. L lawful. monocle. mindful. masterful. balloon. gal— MOON F full moon. maroon. K cantoon. storeroom. heirloom. subsume — SHROOM shroom — SPOOM spume — TOOM disentomb. deplume. runcible spoon. highnoon. taikun. spoon. walloon. barroom. KW quarter moon. ŪN. SL slothful. Rangoon — HOON cohune — (See OON. predoom. grillroom. E elbowroom. resentful. — MOOM simoom — NOOM neume — PLOOM beplume. goon. patroon. M moon. coquetoon. soum. lagoon. woom — ZOOM bazoom. M meeting room. boxroom. T testicle. June — KOON barracoon. BR bricole. gossoon.¯ SINGLE RHYMES. overstrewn. heedful. seroon. powerful. presume. add -ed where appropriate. helpful. cwm — LOOM broadloom. cotton wool. Khartoum. foredoom. boardroom. dressing room. redoom — FLOOM flume — FOOM perfume — GLOOM begloom. G guardroom. plateful. ungrateful. Saskatoon. quarterfull. O old moon. I importune. T tactful. roomful. filoplume. doum. G gibbous moon. wasteful. washroom — SOOM assume. V varoom. N needful. G gainful. STR strongroom. skinful. coomb. noon — POON harpoon. K careful. cocoon. M miracle. thoughtful. spadroon — FOON buffoon. versicle POOL principal. searoom. GR greenroom. wonderful. remorseful.) — OOND — BOOND Bund — HOOND dachshund. dune. demilune. handful. SP spittoon. boon. ST stealthful. pantaloon. D darkroom. illume. mushroom. withdrawing room. full FL flavorful. M musketoon. healthful. kaboom. Walloon raccoon. guileful. regardful. displume. F festoon. cloakroom. dining room. fitful. O awful. grateful. wishful. reswoon. engloom. U uneventful. hopeful. add -s where appropriate. coracle. resume. unmindful. P pinnacle. poon. — KROON croon — LOON apolune. pull WOOL abb wool. brougham. womb. soon — SPOON dessert spoon. plentiful. zoom (See ŪM) powerloom. oracle. resourceful. add -ed where appropriate. unlawful. glume — GOOM ghoom. forkful. PL playful. silver spoon.

reassured. candidature. Ruhr SHOOR assure. proneur. insured. perdure. unloop coup. embouchure. BL blackberry bush. contoured (See URD) OOR BLOOR doublure BOOR Boer. twiddlepoop loupe. perdured. BR briature. mongoose. farouche. injured — (See OOOP. cantaloupe. B bushbush. unhoop — HWOOP whoop — KLOOP cloop — KOOP chicken coop. insure. E expenditure. upswoop — TROOP troop. cocksure. conjured. PR premature. G gallbush. ruche — TOOSH cartouche. T tablature. contour TYOOR (see CHOOR) YOOR voyeur. kiddush — GOOSH syagush — HWOOSH whoosh — LOOSH louche — MOOSH gobe-mouche. add -s where appropriate. troupe — WOOP Woop Woop (See ŪP) OOS POOS puss SHOOS schuss WOOS wuss — OOPS — OOPS oops — HWOOPS whoops — WOOPS woops — OOSH — BOOSH bouche. traduce boose OOSH BOOSH A ambush. nincompoop. obduce. endure. you’re ZHOOR voyageur — OOP — BLOOP bloop — BOOP Betty Boop. P portraiture. tarboosh — DOOSH douche. douce. injure LOOR allure. literature. reinsured TOORD detoured. blueberry bush. Kohinhoor. pouce — ROOS ceruse. hachure. — POOSH capuche — ROOSH barouche. amateur. sepulture. noose. stoop. miniature. Krupp — LOOP Guadeloupe. amour — ZHOOR plat du jour. mouche. goose. lure. droop. adjured. Exmoor. commissure. drupe — GOOP goop — GROOP aggroup. BR bramblebush. remoored. J — OOS — BOOS boose. ŪP. pompadour. recoup — GOOS golden goose. soupe. D dogbush. charlotte russe — SLOOS sluice. cut loose.Words to Rhyme With SINGLE RHYMES. conjure. troubadour JOOR abjure. dupe — DROOP adroop. retuse — TROOS truce — YOOS cayuse — ZOOS Zeus (See ŪS) enuse. KW quadrature. hypot— POOS papoose. S secundogeniture. hangman’s noose. moor. caboose. bush. comfiture. educe. KL climature. entablature. V vestiture DOOR dour. unmoored SHOORD assured. slipnoose sooloos. manure. velure KOOR concours MOOR armure. F forfeiture. stoup. M mature. vamoose — NOOS burnoos. aperture. loop. swoop. 131 . goatbush. condylure. buttonbush. deduce. cynosure. garniture. Moor. calaboose. unmoor NOOR flaneur. camerature. curvature. — WOOSH woosh — ZOOSH zuche tusche Scaramouch OORD CHOORD caricatured DOORD endured. poop. F fetterbush. OOSH judicature. verjuice — KLOOS occluse. brochure. coop. boop — DOOP boop-boop-a-doop. perendure. — POOP liripoop. group. fatoosh. ensured. perendured GOORD gourd JOORD abjured. conduce. armature. obscure TOOR detour. chevelure. tandoor. stupe — SWOOP downswoop. debouch. reinsure. ensure. confiture. caricature. primogeniture. L ligature. loose. hoop. — JOOS juice. mousse. co-insure. temperature. shahtoosh. velours. D discomfiture. — MOOS moose. forebush. O overture. FL flannelbush. loop-the-loop. induce. I immature. regroup subgroup — HOOP cock-a-hoop. supe — STOOP stoep. reassure. d’amour. divestiture. saloop. investiture. signature. unsluice — SPROOS spruce — STROOS abstruse — TOOS obtuse. toujours LOORD allured.) — OOR — MOOR affaire. K calenture. lured MOORD moored. cam— DOOS adduce. Toulouse. boor. produce. brittlebush. furniture G garmenture. adjure. unloose silly goose. — KROOP croup. nous. blackamoor Dartmoore. coupe. cruse — LOOS footlose. wayzgoose — ROOP roup — SKOOP scoop — SKROOP scroop — SLOOP sloop — SNOOP snoop — SOOP soup. unsure SKYOOR clair-obscure. hen-coop. colure. souteneur POOR poor ROOR parure. paramour. let loose. coverture. recluse — KOOS couscous — KROOS crouse. tambour CHOOR abature.

KR crossfoot. P pantsuit. the blues — BOOZ boos. forbidden fruit. E elute. resmoothed. Jews — BOOTH booth. P padfoot. overboot. unsoothed unsmoothed — OOST — BOOST boost. fruit. unsoothe unsmooth — OOTH (TH as in “thin”) — OOZ — OOZ ooze — BLOOZ blues. currant bush. marabout. PL playsuit. briarroot. sluit — SMOOT smoot — SNOOT snoot — SOOT B birthday suit. reprove the-move. SP spadefoot. in-the-groove. coffee bush. — SOOTHD resoothed. S saltbush. SP spacesuit. moot — NOOT Canute. rambooze — BROOZ bruise — CHOOZ choose — DROOZ druse. booze. roust — OOTS WOOTS wootz — (See OOT. who’ve — MOOV amove. sunsuit. tooth.) — OOT FOOT A afoot. TW twinebush (etc. soothe. L lobefoot. flues — HOOZ who’s. pearlbush. toot-toot. L loganberry bush.¯ SINGLE RHYMES. deboost — BROOST browst — GOOST langouste — JOOST joust — PROOST Proust — ROOST roost. bucktooth. — YOOV you’ve improve. Ruth — SLOOTH sleuth — SMOOTH smeuth booth 132 . ’struth — TOOTH backtooth. SN snakeroot. passion fruit — HOOT hoot. H hotfoot. substitute. — BROOT bruit. forefoot. SKW squawbush. Bigfoot. I involute. uncouth — KOOTH crwth — LOOTH Duluth. cajuput. cahoot. BR breadroot. undershoot. add -d where appropriate. U underfoot. F fanfoot. bandicoot. N needlebush. M musquashroot. birthroot. chute. KL clubfoot. prostitute. TR tracksuit. Druse — FLOOZ flews. resmooth. pursuit. toot. coltsfoot. FL flatfoot. destitute. Z zootsuit — TOOT astute. V volute — MOOT folkmoot. lotebush. thuluth — MOOTH vermouth — ROOTH ruth. untruth — YOOTH youth eyetooth. P pollute. K coralroot. B barefoot. L loot. soldierbush. O orrisroot.) KOOSH cush POOSH push SHOOSH shoosh SWOOSH swoosh root. ingroove. R raspberry bush. en route. — SOOTH resoothe. uproot — SHOOT bumbershoot. route. constitute. — TROOTH truth. P puttyroot. S soot. tute (See ŪT) Words to Rhyme With — SOOTH forsooth. whose — JOOZ Betelgeuse. K cocksfoot. SP spicebush. pinbush. outshoot. add -s where appropriate. overshoot. K consolute. countermove. S seroot. suit. O obvolute. move. O autofoot. sooth — STROOTH ’strewth. brute. jackfruit. parachute. pepperbush. CH cheroot. autoput. prove. Absolut. G goosefoot. R redroot. SM smokebush.) OOTS BOOTS FOOTS POOTS SOOTS kibbutz foots. G galoot. crinkleroot. dissolute. J jewbush. sugarbush. E enroot. soothed. M Maybush. comminute — ROOT A arrowroot. kaput. D dilute. K kinksbush. auto-route. put. hotfoots. T tenderfoot. crowfoot. on— POOV poove — PROOV approve. R resolute. SW swimsuit. Malamute. beetroot. mahout — JOOT jute — KLOOT cloot. recruit — LOOT A absolute. H hirsute L lawsuit. voting — KOOTH couth. BL Blackfoot. W webfoot POOT input. foalfoot. coot — KROOT croute. W wetsuit. polling booth. P peabush. irresolute. output. institute. jackboot. outfoot. horsebush. finfoot. remove microgroove — OOTH (TH as in “then”) — SMOOTH besmooth. shoot. disprove. first fruit. revolute. imbrute — DOOT folie de doute — FLOOT flute — FROOT breadfruit. rooty-toot. wisdom tooth — OOTHD (TH as in “then”) — SMOOTHD besmoothed. pussyfoots puts soots — OOT — BOOT boot. freeboot. upshoot — SKOOT scoot — SLOOT sloot. pussyfoot. hollybush. O OST H hobblebush. gallows fruit. SH shadbush. convolute. unroot. lute. throughput SOOT soot — (See OOS. — HOOV behoove. disapprove. offshoot. foot. T taproot. S salute. unboot — OOV — GROOV groove. grapefruit. solute. B Beirut. dogtooth. clute — KOOT baldicoot.

S seismoscope. rollmop NOP knop PLOP plop POP gingerpop. karate-chop DOP dop DROP airdrop. manrope. table-hop HWOP whop KLOP clip-clop. trews — YOOZ use. clippety-clop KOP bull cop. relose. stonecrop KWOP quop LOP alop. teashop. ŌR BŌR boar. pyrope. second floor (etc. dor. presbyope. O open-door. unprop SHOP barbershop. gumdrop. hellebore. battledore. SK skiascope. H hereinbefore. stop. tightrope. smoothbore CHŌR chore DŌR A adore. add -ped where appropriate. horoscope. unpope RŌP dragrope. fifth floor. wherefore. flat-top. orlop MOP mop. carrot top. traffic cop KROP after-crop. SP spectroscope. pope. tattoos — TROOZ chartreuse. bumper crop. P petit four. for. troubador DRŌR drawer FLŌR first floor. sweetshop. soft-soap. raindrop. add -d where appropriate. cruise. underfloor. cope LŌP antelope. L Labrador. phalarope. pawnshop. bandore. trope zootrope SINGLE RHYMES. diddly-bop. D death’s door. H helioscope. lollipop. D diascope. milksop. nonstop. I indoor. flop FOP fop GLOP glop GOP gape. zoopraxiscope SLŌP aslope. L laparoscope. T telescope. hippityhop. sweetsop STOP backstop. cantaloupe. underprop. moidore. reope DŌP dope. metope. envelope. hedgehop. chop-chop. slope SŌP sandsoap. PR protoscope. forbore. cuspidor. S Salvador. TR trapdoor. shortstop. ruse — SHMOOZ schmooze — SHOOZ shoes. chokebore. roup. lop. cruse. mogadore. M matador. vealchops — OOZD — (See OOZ. Cu-bop CHOP chop. B backdoor. ŌR SLOP aslop. prop. foretop. K commodore. joypop. housetop. coffeeshop. sweatshop. floor. hydroscope. Vera Cruz — LOOZ lose. remop. polariscope. forebore. ST stevedore. flippity-flop. workshop SKOP scop — OOZD oozed KOPS copse PROPS props (See OP. eardrop. reststop. lope MŌP mope NŌP nope. M metaphor. big top. sope STŌP stope THRŌP philanthrope. outdoor. mirador. riding crop. B bioscope. misanthrope TŌP isotope. fourth floor. Boer. ope. ST stereoscope. redtop. door. E electroscope. interlope. HW wherefor. B before. pop-top. overtop. louis d’or. unstop STROP strop SWOP swap TOP atop. four. polemoscope. footrope. snowdrop. Toulouse — MOOZ Hormuz — POOZ pouze — ROOZ peruse.) OP OP coin-op. bore. lycanthrope. elope.) — OOZH — BOOZH gamboge — BROOZH Bruges — LOOZH luge — ROOZH rouge — VOOZH vouge ŌPT (See ŌP. cop. mizzentop. astroscope. blacktop. shop. dipleidoscope. bookshop. hemeralope. dumbledore. F fore. soap. 133 . overcrop. carhop. motor cop. J gyroscope. add -d where appropriate. E Ecuador. tiptop.) M microscope.Words to Rhyme With — KROOZ crews. dewdrop. youse — (See ŪZ.). maintop. kop. P periscope. outcrop. P picador. pop. crop. reshoes. G galvanoscope. diddy-bop. see OO. gop HOP barhop. dispope. roose. slop SOP asop. eavesdrop. unshoes — SNOOZ snooze — THOOZ enthuse — TOOZ chanteuse. ground floor. radioisotope. bellhop.) ŌP ŌP myope. teardrop FLOP flipflop. skiprope. protopope. jumprope. slipslop. Polydore. taupe. T toreador. clop. clop-clop. R radarscope. reprop. lambchops. hardtop. fullstop. estop. op BLOP blop BOP bop. top WOP wop OPS CHOPS chops. heretofore. add -s where appropriate. shoos. reshoos. stethoscope. rope. corridor. episcope. TH thermoscope.) OPT OPT co-opt (See OP. add -s where appropriate. drop. hop. soda pop PROP agitprop. onomatatope. paradrop. porkchops. sharecrop. co-op. grope HŌP Cape of Good Hope. slobber-chops. bedrop. Santa Cruz. rope-a-dope GRŌP agrope. scope. intercrop. cyanope PŌP antipope. netop. hope KŌP glaucope. towrope SKŌP A amnioscope. turboprop. tope TRŌP allotrope. upper floor FŌR A afore.

picador. unimplored PŌRD pored. corps. vice chancellor NÔR nor. hexichord. ignore. sophomore NŌR assignor. I inboard. KL clapboard. R record. D disaccord. discord. add -ed where appropriate. uproar SHŌR alongshore. sward WÔRD award. implore PŌR blastopore. evermore. seashore. close-doored. patentor. H heartsore. floorboard. PL plasterboard. mirador. resorbed. disorbed. fireboard. pundonor PLŌR deplore. mor. SPL splashboard. signboard. untoward (See ŌR. pour. F footsore. shore. threescore (etc. warred ÔR BÔR Dukhobor DÔR corridor. R rotten to the core. misericord. twoscore. CH chairman of the 134 . FL flashboard. legator. W weatherboard. yore. sideboard. D dartboard. L lessor. T terpsichore KRŌR crore LŌR booklore. score. keyboard. ward. milord. furthermore. ford. downpour. monochord. wallboard DŌRD adored. K concord. rapport. implored. H headboard. M matchboard. metaphor. duckboard. markhor. claymore. hedrosaur. obligor HŌR abhor. SKR scraperboard. underscore SNŌR snore SŌR B bedsore. wore YÔR señor. plesiosaur. overlord. roar. reward. board. therefore. stored. imperator. E encored. more. rewore. spore STŌR drugstore. apple core. pasteboard. troubador FÔR for. manticore. carnivore. legator. lord. postwar. N needlecord. resorb. ashore. louis d’or. rescored. M masterchord.SINGLE RHYMES. harpsichord. I eyesore. soar. nevermore. K canker sore. blockboard. chessboard. corkboard. ichthyosaur. overscore. weathershore SKŌR fourscore. ord BŌRD A aboard. centerboard. moire. outpour. SH shipboard. bord. horde. chalkboard. teleosaur. S semaphore. tyrannosaur THÔR Thor TÔR apparitor. K cardboard. counsellor. pore. inshore. reabsorb. nor. wore YŌR Dior. chipboard. DR draftboard. BL blackboard. cheeseboard. surfboard. HW whipcord. sword STŌRD overstored. sycarmore. SM smorgasboard. madrepore. councillor. millepore. Ford GŌRD gored. STR stringboard. theretofore GŌR gore. pegboard. doored. D décor. cuspidor. cord. prewar. tug-of-war. whored. millboard.) board. BR breadboard. PR promisor. understored TŌRD toward. poured SHŌRD shored SKŌRD scored. outroar. lessor. ÔR pinafore. SPR springboard. pundonor ŌRD ŌRD oared. omnivore WÔR man-of-war. H harmonichord. Big Board. rewore. shuffleboard.). paramour.). reswore. Lahore KŌR A albacore. lore. billboard. T tailboard. sorbed ÔRCH PÔRCH back porch. foreshore. explored. diving board.) ÔRB ÔRB orb. scaleboard. strawboard. counsellor. SK skateboard. unscored SNŌRD snored SŌRD broadsword. insectivore. therefore KÔR décor. O outboard. B beaverboard. inorbed SÔRBD absorbed. clapperboard.) SWŌR forswore. therefor. warlord NYÔRD Njord SWÔRD greensward. fingerboard. guarantor. galore. Singapore RŌR furore. whore. O outsoar. front porch. disorb. yore ZŌR bezoar Words to Rhyme With SKÔR scaur SÔR balisaur. F fiberboard. TH therefor. hoar. Salvador. offshore. megalosaur. your ZÔR bezoar. encore LÔR chancellor. mortarboard. H hardcore. inorb FÔRB forb KÔRB corbe SÔRB absorb. unlord. buckboard. sord. sore. unexplored. lor. SW switchboard. unhoard KŌRD cored PLŌRD deplored. T two-by-four. torr. onshore. toreador. explore. herbivore. guarantor. ungored HŌRD hoard. landlord. sagamore. nullipore. ouija board. chord. K core. reabsorbed. mohr. ironing board. notochord. open-doored FŌRD afford. KL clavichord. four-doored (etc. L leeboard. carnivore. outwore. porch SKÔRCH scorch TÔRCH torch ÔRD ÔRCHT PÔRCHT porched SKÔRCHT scorched TÔRCHT torched HÔRD abhorred KÔRD A accord. clipboard. scoreboard. omnivore WŌR outwore. Y urochord LÔRD belord. FR freeboard. undeplored. upsoar SPLŌR splore SPŌR archespore. P paperboard. herbivore. recognizor (See UR for words ending in -or but pronounced -ur. candy store (etc. dolichosaur. longshore. dinosaur. coldsore. tore. E encore. S seaboard. swore TŌR apparitor. folklore. matador. tor (see TUR for words ending in -tor but pronounced -ter) VÔR frugivore. overboard. checkerboard. lee shore. L lyrichord. warrantor VŌR frugivore. backboard. vice chancellor MŌR Baltimore. S softcore. footboard. war. sorb ZÔRB zorb ÔRBD ÔRBD orbed. ripcord T tetrachord. gourd.

stinkhorn. unicorn LÔRN forlorn. orfe DÔRF Dusseldorf. scutiform. pyriform. dentiform. GR greenhorn. pediform. PR priming horn. vermiform. R ramiform. multiform. gorge. lovelorn MÔRN midmorn. oviform. engorge. plexiform. deiform. bicorn. readorn. popcorn. G gasiform. candycorn. cavicorn. cuculiform. pronghorn. ÔRN ÔRF ÔRF orf. perform. self-scorn ÔRJ FÔRJ forge GÔRJ disengorge. E electroform. conform. S saxhorn. F firestorm. pisiform. ypsilliform. ligniform. S sea-born. P paramorph. york. fungiform. R rhizomorph. salt pork SPÔRK spork STÔRK stork TÔRK torque YÔRK New York. K cheliform. L landform. dorn. lamellicorn. cruciform. E ephememorph. U unborn. sea-borne. clavicorn. P panduriform. R rainstorm. disgorge. L leghorn. red dwarf HWÔRF wharf KÔRF corf MÔRF A allomorph. TR true-born. Waldorf DWÔRF dwarf. bursiform. FR French horn. anguiform. summerborn. nitrochloriform. DR drinking-horn. overgorge. unciform. weeding fork GÔRK gork KÔRK cork. D dimorph. iodoform. diversiform. S salverform. I ice storm. V virgin-born. morph. form. barleycorn. lentiform. pork. L lowborn N newborn. pitchfork. cowhorn. warm ÔRL ÔRL orle HWÔRL whorl KWÔRL quarl SHÔRL schorl. misinform. harengiform. add -ed where appropriate. suborn. moniliform. KL cloud-born. uniform. F foghorn. regorge JÔRJ St. boculiform. turdiform. night-born. T tectiform. FL floriform.Words to Rhyme With SINGLE RHYMES. rewarm. R reborn. swarm. F falciform. CH chairborne. unadorn HÔRN A alpenhorn. F first-born. cloud-borne. kiddie porn. O autumn-born. D deform. U unform. piliform.) ŌRN ÔRM DÔRM dorm FÔRM A aeriform. George KÔRG corge ÔRJD (See ÔRJ. cucumiform. PL platform. white dwarf. M Matterhorn. tuning fork. S pseudomorph. B biform. polymorph. K Cape Horn. SK scobiform. I isomorph. M misform. add -ed where appropriate. unshorn SKÔRN bescorn. S sandstorm. I inborn. KR crumhorn. forborne. dolabriform. ST storm. aliform. P powderhorn. add -d where appropriate. H heaven-born. FL flugelhorn. V variform. filiform. E earthborn. B born. endomorph.) sleetstorm. dishorn. uncork KWÔRK quark NÔRK nork PÔRK morepork. I inkhorn. upswarm WÔRM lukewarm. porn. O oriform. recork. H hystricomorph. W windstorm SWÔRM aswarm. ST staghorn. coroniform. N napiform. roast pork. Swedenborg MÔRG morgue ÔRN BÔRN A airborne. W winter-born. cuneiform. high-born. H hamiform. B bimorph. yestermorn NÔRN norn PÔRN hard porn. selliform. althorn. York 135 . waterborne DÔRN adorn. T tinhorn KÔRN acorn. W waveform. soft porn SHÔRN shorn. H hailstorm. unwarm. hayfork. winterbourne. poculiform. fibriform. acinaciform. alphorn. BR bromoform. SL MŌRN mourn (See ÔRN) ÔRG ÔRG orgue BÔRG borg. remiform. degitiform. cubiform. reform. heliborne. ensiform. I inform. peppercorn. tauriform. SN snowstorm. TR transform. SH shardborn. KL chloroform KR cribiform. J gynandromorph. SPR springborn. Cominform. eruciform. SKW squaliform. TR trimorph SWÔRF swarf ÔRKT (See ÔRK. M mesamorph. reniform. FR freeform. H horn. perimorph. longicorn. BR brainstorm. disadorn. tricorn. aciniform. ectomorph. Y uniform GÔRM cairngorm KÔRM corm NÔRM norm STÔRM B barnstrom. enantiomorph. vitriform. Capricorn. lorn. hunting horn. shorthorn. aquiform. fusiform. D dehorn. hippocrepiform. sunny warm. reshorn. longhorn. shorl ÔRMD (See ÔRM. hederiform. SKR scrotiform. ST stillborn. SH shoehorn. anguilliform. FR freeborn. corke. linguiform. cordiform. verruciform.) ÔRK ÔRK orc DÔRK dork FÔRK fork. bestorm. vulviform. dendriform. morn. forme. TH thunderstorm. ST stelliform. scorn. STR stromboliform. corn.

add -ed where appropriate. T timeworn. DR drayhorse. tort. setterforth. hawthorn. course. coarse. otiose BŌS boce. warhorse. corse. discourse. seaport. race course. R racehorse. aport. O outworn. globose. SP spaceport. add -s where appropriate. source TÔRS torse TRÔRS antrorse. yours (See ŌR. strigose GRŌS engross. remorse NÔRS Norse SÔRS outsource. recourse. H heliport. wooden horse. port. support. outgross HŌS chaparajos 136 . disport. R rapport. N nonsupport. intort.) KWÔRT quart MÔRT amort. escort. quartz. quarts. warp (See ŌRS. torn. warn. J jetport. ribose. intercourse. force. extort. reinforce. workhorse KÔRS discourse. torte TÔRN betorn. U unhorse. resource. forewarn. coarse. horse. reimport. unsworn THÔRN blackhorn. indoors. I import. rose quartz (See ÔRT. K carthorse. toilworn. hoverport. intercourse. E export. waterworn (See ŌRN) VÔRT cavort WÔRT wart. premorse. source VŌRS divorce ÔRT ÔRT ort BÔRT abort.) ŌRT ÔRPS KÔRPS corpse (See ÔRP. overdose. M misreport. Newport. unsort SPÔRT spoilsport. all fours. add -d where appropriate. worn. county court. report. add -d where appropriate. resort ÔRND (See ÔRN. contort. pianoforte KŌRT decourt. thorn walkinghorse. gross. sort. consort. rocking horse. course. add -s where appropriate.) ÔRTS KWÔRTS biquartz. introrse. mort PÔRT A airport. ultrashort SNÔRT snort ÔRS DÔRS endorse. henceforth.) ŌRS FŌRS enforce. county court. sworn. inforce. forecourt. retrorse. fourth. W waveworn. thwart TÔRT distort. sawhorse.) MÔRTH morth NÔRTH north SWÔRTH swarth ÔRST (See ÔRS. S sally port. TR transport RÔRT rort SHÔRT short. ST stalkinghorse. tour de force KŌRS damp course.) FŌRT forte. forecourse. comport. outdoors FŌRZ fours. ÔRND SÔRN sorn SWÔRN forsworn.SINGLE RHYMES. dextrose. worrywart ZÔRT exhort. untorn WÔRN F footworn. sport SWÔRT swart THWÔRT athwart. forecourt. H hobbyhorse. indorse GÔRS gorse HÔRS CH charley horse. add -s where appropriate. yours ZÔRZ Azores (See ÔR. extrorse.) ÔRTH FÔRTH forth. concourse. P packhorse. deport. R rewarn. resource. verbose DŌS dose. L life-support. underdose DYŌS adios GŌS rugose. add -s where appropriate. wayworn. court ŌRZ DŌRZ door. re-sort. concourse. caseose. O outport. D davenport. hoarse. racecourse. forecourse. P passport. S seahorse. KR Crazy Horse. bort DÔRT kankedort FÔRT fort. water-course MÔRS Morse. D dead horse. S seaworn. gibbose. K carport. water-course SŌRS outsource. time warp. nodose. purport. weatherworn. retort. thenceforth ŌRST ÔRP DÔRP dorp GÔRP gorp LÔRP australorp THÔRP thorp TÔRP torp WÔRP moldwarp. inport. reexport. thrombose. K careworn. grandiose. buckthorn. quatorze YÔRZ all yours. perforce. cockhorse. sinistrorse VÔRS divorce ZÔRS resource Words to Rhyme With SÔRT assort. court ÔRZ DRÔRZ drawers TÔRZ Louis Quatorze. plus fours YŌRZ all yours. studhorse. recourse. hillfort HÔRT dehort KÔRT Agincourt. W ŌS ŌS os foliose.

no-host KŌST Gold Coast. M milepost. redosed. intercross. vanfoss GLOS gloss. crosse. F filose. K capillose. bettermost. floccose. hindmost. torose. U unwash. ST. southernmost. F farthermost. sea moss PROS pross ROS kaross. undosed GŌST ghost GRŌST engrossed. M motocross. HW whipping-post. christcross. surculose. N nethermost. letterpost. O outcross. isogloss GOS mishbegoss JOS joss KOS cos. H hogwash.) VERITAS MUTATUR Of truths I knew. uppermost. venose. D doublecross. mammose. O out- NŌS anthracnose. L lowermost. seacoast MŌST A aftermost. S cymose. kos. tosh WOSH A awash. musquash LOSH galosh. I inmost. I have a hunch The things I know Today may go That road also. bosk. osmose. wash OSHT SKWOSHT squashed (See OSH. mulierose. bottommost. M midmost. rugulose. I eyewash. bewash. Thanatos TROS albatross TOSH mackintosh. metempsychose. K compost. KR crisscross. P pilose. emboss 137 . tikolosh NOSH nosh POSH posh SKWOSH squash SLOSH slosh SOSH sosh SPLOSH splosh SWOSH swash ÔS HÔS hawse SÔS applesauce. TR tremellose MŌS albumose.Words to Rhyme With KLŌS close KŌS arkose. cose. R rearmost. diagnose. R rallycross. foremost. bellicose. I incross. Bosnywash. mosque OSP ŌSH ŌSH brioche BŌSH Boche FŌSH Foch GŌSH gauche KLŌSH cloche LŌSH guilloche RŌSH caroche SKŌSH skosh NOSP knosp WOSP galliwasp. ramulose. setose. I impost. U undermost. northernmost. B backmost. supulose. rimose. utmost. BR brainwash. rhinoceros. squarrose. ventricose. almost. erose. Most folks must munch Roast crow for lunch. bosch. northermost. W westermost. upmost. W weeping cross LOS krobylos. farinose. racemose SINGLE RHYMES. viscose KRŌS necrose LŌS A alose. coast. S siwash. westernmost NŌST diagnosed PŌST B bedpost. F fingerpost. G gatepost. stupulose. pruinose. wasp ŌST ŌST oast BŌST boast DŌST dosed. Not one or two. coss KROS A across. glucose. cross. imbosk MOSK abelmosk. hithermost. L lacrosse. operose. saccharose. ankylose. OSK OSK kiosk BOSK Bosc. H hitchingpost. jocose. most. ŌST DOS doss DROS dross FLOS floss. N nodulose. venenose. guidepost. a bunch) Have proved untrue. add -ed where appropriate. spinose. hindermost. W wishwash. ross SOS soss STOS stoss TOS toss. tomentose OSH OSH brioche BOSH Boche. H headmost. annulose. SKW squamulose. innermost. uttermost. boss. loss MOS moss. R ramose. B backwash. S centermost. endmost. raffinose. O outermost. autocross. lachrymose. L lamppost. furthermost. O outwash. D doorpost. verrucose. T topmost. grossed HŌST host. U uncross. southermost. virose SHŌS chausses SŌS soce STŌS stowce TŌS keratose. bosh. F fiery cross. stimulose. comatose. M mouthwash. But quite a few (In fact. R rewash. bellywash. debosh. sauce OS OS os BOS Bos. candyfloss FOS fosse. Siwash. morose. E easternmost. varicose. amylose. uliqinose PŌS adipose RŌS aggerose. rosy cross. sarmentose. HW whitewash. kibosh FROSH frosh GOSH gosh HOSH cohosh JOSH josh KOSH cosh KWOSH quash.

stote THRŌT bluethroat. resought. T topknot. relost. rebought BRÔT brought. D dovecote. O ocelot. tossed. Argonaut. Thoth. L larigot. I idiot. hydronaut. HW whaleboat. untaught. naught. hoarfrost. clot KOT apricot. unwrought. table d’hôte FLŌT afloat. R riposte. note. tessaraglot GOT A argot. robot DOT dot. sea boat. defrost. scapegoat. pericot. what JOT jot KLOT bloodclot. keynote. vote SLÔT onslaught SÔT besought. SKW square knot. bott. H heriot. rote. unlost MOST enmossed. wrought 138 . Jack Frost. not. H Huguenot. commote. float. microdot. bibliognost. SH ship’s boat. lot. gemot. moat. H hard-got. poste. unthought TÔT retaught. ungot GROT grot HOT fiery hot. requote. U unknot OST OST teleost BOST bossed. rewrote. uncrossed LOST lost. zygote GRŌT groat KŌT Ä entrecote. longboat. turncoat. juggernaut. SW swingboat DŌT anecdote. L lifeboat. witenagemot NŌT denote. B billot. red-hot HWOT somewhat. T tillot. H housecoat. first-begot. ST steamboat. unsought THÔT aforethought. merrythought. upcaught NÔT aeronaut. sea-tossed. soundpost RŌST ribroast. taught. upwrought. monoglot. permafrost GLOST glossed. dreadnought. GR greatcoat. imbost DOST adossed. mossed NOST anagnost. B begot. add -d where appropriate. toast (See ŌS. carrycot. bobfloat.SINGLE RHYMES. folkmote. motorboat. underwrought. motte. N Knot. hot. geognost SOST sossed TOST betossed. W waistcoat. melilot. motmot. T topcoat. redingote. asymptote. Pequot LOT A allot. SH shoulderknot. cheviot. kumquot. redevote. unfought ŌT ŌT oat. bot. footnote. untossed WOST wast ÔT ÔT aught. last-begot. massicot. whitethroat. roast TŌST milquetoast. refloat FŌT telephote GLŌT gloat FRÔT fraught. wrote. guillemot. recoat. rowboat. aquanaut. free thought. Iscariot. G gunboat. promote. nought RÔT inwrought. hard-fought. reglossed. resmote SŌT creosote STŌT stoat. papillote. underquote. holocaust ZÔST exhaust OT OT CH chariot. triptote TRŌT throat VŌT devote. unforgot. embossed. remote. G Gordian knot. M misbegot. U undercoat. forgot. cosmonaut. reknot. tempest-tossed. infaust KÔST hippocaust. white-hot. cote. H Helot. nesiote BLŌT bloat BŌT B banana boat. haricot. Camelot. microglot. E ergot. polyglot. mot. starthroat. outvote. SL slipknot. rethought. hexaglot. boat. S surcoat. untaut TRÔT distraut ÔST FÔST faust. K cannot. M matelotte. dote. dovecot. unfraught GÔT ghat. unbesought. cocotte. polka-dot. wyliecoat KWŌT bequote. bethought. boycott. recrossed. dossed FOST fossed FROST befrost. throat TŌT aptote. mountain goat. ought BÔT bought. calotte. K compatriot. pentaglot. underwrote SHŌT shoat. K cachalot. HW whatnot. cot mascot. pote RŌT garrote. plumcot KWOT aliquot. O overcoat. F fagot. L Lancelot. J juggernaut. U unbegot. F ferryboat. recaught. I ill-got. feedlot. SH sheepcote. ÔST post. epidote. ingot. frost. inkblot. Wyandotte FOT phot GLOT diglot glot heptaglot. ghaut KÔT caught. old goat. S sailboat. thought. SH shallot. taut. tote. afterthought. alecost. diptote. uncaught. witenagemot NOT B bowknot. crossed. overquote. SP spigot. Pentecost KROST double-crossed. emote. quote. G ghat. H houseboat. revote. astronaut. Z zealot MOT bergamot. redcoat. connote. S signpost. methought. sought. pardalote MŌT demote. culotte. P petticoat. K coat. forethought. G galiot. S sans-culotte. self-taught. showboat. refought. power boat. loquot. mote. lepidote. woodnote PLŌT ploat PŌT capote. unglossed JOST jossed KOST accost. unquote LŌT matelote. R raincoat. hypocaust. overwrought. SP speedboat. simblot BOT abbott. goat. shote SKŌT scote SLŌT slote SMŌT smote. P pilot boat. upbrought FLÔT flaught FÔT fought. GR granny knot. dear-bought. peridot. antidote.) Words to Rhyme With GŌT billygoat. Lot. cutthroat. F forget-me-not. R reef knot. S Sciot. L loveknot. fearnought. misquote. R riverboat. cabossed. nanny goat. M manbote. compote. got. P post. SH cheviot BLOT blot. rewrought. faggot. argonaut. criss-crossed. gracenote. P patriot. E eschalot. Shalotte. cost.

hotpot. shroud. regrowth. D dashpot. M monkeypot. yow OUCH OUCH ouch GROUGH grouch KOUCH couch KROUCH crouch MOUCH Scaramouch POUCH pouch SLOUCH slouch VOUCH avouch. knowhow. reallow MOU haymow. G galipot. eyebrow. H haircloth. S sexpot. ST stinkpot. allowed. BL bloodshot. purseproud SHOUD showd SHROUD beshroud. SH shot. Lao. ow BOU bough. moth ROTH wroth SWOTH swath TROTH troth POU pow PROU prow ROU row SKOU scow SLOU slough SOU sough. tosspot trampot ROT dry rot. resquat SLOT slot SNOT snot SOT besot. teapot. broth FROTH froth GOTH Goth. overbrow OUD BOUD bowed. L longshot. old-growth. bow. tou FROU frau. miaow NOU enow. trot. vowed (See OU. undergrowth. CH cheesecloth. ingrowth. pow-wow. O overshot. FL fleshpot.) OUCHT GROUCHT grouched (See OUCH. wainscot SKWOT asquat. Mau Mau. cerecloth MOTH behemoth. heli-spot. wow YOU snarleyyow. S saddle cloth. vow WOU bow-wow. revowed. loud. well-endowed FOUD foud KLOUD becloud. KR crackpot. overgrowth. tau VOU avow. garrote. disallow. endow. upshot SKOT Scot. growth. recloud. CH cheap shot. the trots (See OT. SN snapshot. Scott. pilau. cloud. turkeytrot VOT gavotte WOT kilowatt. shott. chowchow. endowed. somehow ŌTH oath BŌTH both GRŌTH aftergrowth. stockpot. SK skilpot. ciao. encloud. anyhow. add -s where appropriate. gallipot. hausfrau GOU hoosegow HOU and how. unshroud SOUD Ibn-Saud STROUD stroud VOUD avowed. landau. sow SWOU swow THOU thou TOU kowtow. despot. how. untroth PLOU plough. buckshot. I inkpot. T talipot. snowplough. K catchpot. thundercloud. outgrowth. OUD KWŌTH quoth LŌTH loath MŌTH behemoth RŌTH wroth SLOŌTH sloth THŌTH Thoth TRŌTH betroth. GR grapeshot. snowplow. middlebrow. KL cloth. F foreshot. subplot. complot.) OU OU luau. slingshot. flowerpot. tot TROT dogtrot. nightspot. zero growth JOU jhow KOU brown cow. how now. R repot. parrot. hotchpot. GL glue pot. G gunshot. sot SPOT beauty spot. tao. U undershot. rot. unclothe LŌTH loathe TRŌTH betroth CHOU chou. upplough. Foochow. reallowed PROUD proud. I eyeshot. swot TOT Hottentot. H hipshot. unau 139 . mow MYOU meow. hot spot. tin-pot. terawatt. plot. counterplot. add -ed where appropriate. uncloud KROUD crowd. H hydropot. BR broadcloth. plow. Soochow ŌTH (TH as in “thin”) DOU disendow. S sighting shot. underplot POT CH chimneypot. troth. watt. F firepot. frow. erenow. intercloud. P potshot. O oilcloth. N nelipot. E earshot. upplow OTH (TH as in “thin”) BROTH barley broth. Visigoth KLOTH B backcloth. N neckcloth. dhow. P pot. M moonshot. jogtrot. foxtrot. sackcloth. lowbrow. golden bough BROU brow. the hots TROTS trots. sunspot STOT stot SWOT swat. overcrowd LOUD aloud. fusspot. highbrow. D dishcloth. spot. coffeepot.) ŌTH (TH as in “then”) KLŌTH clothe. vouch OTS HOTS hots. cow. miaow. reavow. reavowed. disavow. enshroud. now. SL slapshot. plague spot. wot YOT yacht SINGLE RHYMES. breechcloth. P pilot cloth. disenshroud. Ostrogoth. unbowed DOUD dowd. J jackpot. megawatt. sailcloth. tommyrot SHOT B bowshot. add -ed where appropriate. overcloud. garrot. squat. pott. forty-sport. lau-lau. reclothe. Krakow LOU allow.Words to Rhyme With PLOT grassplot. L loincloth. reshroud. meow.

screech owl BOUL bowel. DR draghound. E elkhound. unlucky hour BOUR bower. shuntwound. D down. SM smut-hound. downtown. TH thistledown. OUJ Words to Rhyme With TOUN Chinatown. lucky hour. SL slowdown. R reground. H hellbound. nutbrown DOUN A adown. and gown. guinea fowl. hound. surround. wound ZOUND resound (See OUN. ultrasound. N northbound. disembowel DOUL dowel. remount. uptown OUJ GOUJ gouge SKROUJ scrouge OUNDZ HOUNDZ wishhounds. sound. moorfowl. L lowdown. putdown. cowle. L lost ground. noun.) OUND OUL OUL night owl. gown. owl. passionflower. renown MOUNT amount. hoedown. H hellhound. pleasure ground. recrowned. regown. PL playground. mispronounce. confound. fowl. STR strikebound. bring down. dismount. uncrowned MOUND mound NOUND renowned. hidebound. howl JOUL jowl KOUL encowl. moondown. ST staghound. S sundown. KL clothbound. mayflower. crosstown. viscount. shantytown. miscount. heavenbound. SP spellbound. catamount. burying ground. reflower. aground. rubdown. expound. gillyflower. I inbound. holy ground. R reach-me-down. S southbound. foul. peafowl. paramount. nightgown. boarhound. outward-bound. GR ground. M Mahound. impound. wallflower GOUR gaur 140 . goosedown.) OUNT FOUNT fount KOUNT account. homebound. embower DOUR dour. V vantage ground HOUND B bearhound. tantamount. windbound DOUND redound FOUND dumbfound. unground. town. R rebound. midtown. stound SWOUND swound WOUND rewound. U unbound. K casebound. hour. countdown. add -ed where appropriate. waterfowl GROUL growl HOUL behowl. flower. crown. denounce. pronoun. profound. propound ROUND around. GR grayhound. W westbound. cowl. uncrown NOUN adnoun. icebound. uncowl PROUL prowl SKOUL scowl YOUL yowl (See OUEL) BOUND A abound. town. Motown. O overground. D deerhound. B background. H high ground. BR brassbound. series-wound. found. I eiderdown. demount. befoul. ST stormbound. W wolfhound KROUND crowned. M markdown. mount. O outbound. super-abound. horehound. SH shakedown. shutdown.) OUR OUR evil hour. refound. grewhound. SW swan’sdown. pronounce. K comedown. showdown. H hand-me-down. recount.SINGLE RHYMES. SPL splashdown. B bound. add -ed where appropriate. ungown KLOUN clown KROUN decrown. add -s where appropriate. unmount OUNZ (See OUN. cabbagetown. add -s where appropriate. pound.) OUNJ LOUNJ lounge SKROUNJ scrounge OUNS OUNS ounce BOUNS bounce FLOUNS flounce FROUNS frounce JOUNS jounce NOUNS announce. dower FLOUR deflower. M mediumground. surmount. OUEL. SL sleuth-hound. enounce. unfound GROUND A aboveground. yethhounds ZOUNDZ zounds (See OUND. hoofbound. cauliflower. recrown.) POUNS pounce ROUNS rounce TROUNS trounce (See OUNT. BR breakdown. discrown. unwound. merry-go-round. embrown. eastbound. boozehound. unrenowned POUND decompound. moonflower. fineground. unsound STOUND astound. wildfowl. renounce OULD (See OUL. our. F fairground. F foxhound. SP sportsground. meltdown. re-sound. discount. BL bloodhound. U upside-down DROUN drown FROUN frown GOUN evening gown. compound. cornflower. add -s where appropriate. F fogbound. P Piltdown. E earthbound. dowl FOUL afowl. seafowl. tumbledown. K coarse-ground. G godown. geepound. seamount. U underground. wreath-crowned. ironbound. uncount OUN BROUN brown. flour. SN snowbound. burial ground. T touchdown. middle ground. wraparound SOUND infrasound. count. round. housebound.

rouse. resour. runabout. hardmouth. bughouse. R rainout.) SINGLE RHYMES. pleasure house. gatehouse. statehouse. scour SOUR besour. superpower. D dormouse. tower. KL clubhouse. misdoubt. ŌV MOUS CH churchmouse. hothouse. espouse. roustabout. redoubt DROUT drought FLOUT flout GOUT gout GROUT grout HOUT mahout KLOUT breechclout. rout SHOUT beshout. courthouse. hydropower. mouse. add -ed where appropriate. public house. resprout STOUT stout. spouse TOUZ touse. also see OUER. R roadhouse. powerhouse. K cottonmouth. scout OUZ BLOUZ blouse BOUZ bouse BROUZ browse DOUZ douse. summerhouse. manpower. charnel house. umlaut NOUT knout. S safe house. Bauhaus. porterhouse. F fieldmouse. waterspout SPROUT sprout. BL blabbermouth. H hangout. O outhouse. M Mickey Mouse. louse. SL slaughterhouse. K cookout. add -d where appropriate. gauss GROUS grouse. owt.) DROUTH drouth MOUTH B bemouth. clout KROUT kraut. wood louse OUT OUT BL blackout. thundershower SKOUR bescour. henhouse. add -er for imperfect rhymes. L loudmouth. N knockout. shower. tollhouse. T titmouse. L lookout. B bout. storehouse. dugout. charterhouse. power. FR frat house. SN snakemouth. badmouth. spout. hereout. bigmouth. downspout. throughout. HW whereout. espouse ROUZ arouse. T takeout. P penthouse. out-and-out. R reremouse. TH thereabout DOUT doubt. shout SKOUT boy scout. PL playhouse. Wodehouse. D dinerout.) OUS BLOUS blouse BOUS bouse CHOUS chiaus. undevout OUTH OUST OUST oust BROUST browst FOUST Faust FROUST frowst JOUST joust ROUST roust (See OUS.Words to Rhyme With HOUR Eisenhower KOUR cower LOUR lour. G gadabout. CH chiselmouth. overpower. GR greenhouse.) ŌV DŌV dove DRŌV drove 141 . B bakehouse. without BOUT A about. hole out. roundhouse. bathhouse. safflower POUR empower. bawdy house. customhouse. KL closemouth. M mouth. dowse DROUZ drowse HOUZ house. birdhouse. whorehouse. flindermouse. G guardhouse. lock-out. redevour (See OU. R rightabout. uprouse SMOUZ smouse SOUZ souse SPOUZ bespouse. add -d where appropriate. almshouse. ST stirabout. towse TROUZ trouse (See OU. I in-and-out. D dosshouse. P pig out. pout ROUT derout. holdout. L lighthouse. pothouse. PR prison house. poorhouse. GL glasshouse. FL flutemouth. W warehouse. warmouth SOUTH south OURD (See OUR. sour STOUR stour TOUR churchtower. whirlabout. CH chapter house. K cathouse. sandgrouse. carouse. cookhouse. BR brownout. N knockabout. TR tryout. horsepower. DR drinking bout. S city mouse. rescour. disespouse. lout. woodgrouse HOUS A alehouse. summer shower. guesthouse. FR frogmouth. flittermouse. unhouse MOUZ mouse POUZ disespouse. roundabout. boathouse. hand to mouth. DR dropout. rehouse. willpower SHOUR rain shower. M madhouse. SP spaced out. nowt POUT eelpout. FL Fliedermaus. house. add -s where appropriate. W walkout. SK schoolhouse. F fallout. stylish stout TOUT tout TROUT trout VOUT devout. TH thereout. girl scout. SP sporting house. turnout. O out. backhouse. scouse SOUS souse SPOUS spouse STROUS Strauss SMOUT smout SNOUT snout SPOUT bespout. workhouse LOUS book louse. ST steakhouse. H halfway house. F farmhouse. HW whereabout.) OUZD BOUZD boused (See OUZ. chouse DOUS douse GOUS degauss. doghouse. K country mouse. T teahouse. ST stakeout. delouse. H hereabout. SH shutout. J jailhouse. town mouse NOUS nous SHOUS shouse SKOUS lobscouse. countinghouse. sauerkraut LOUT ablaut. watchtower VOUR devour. H hand and mouth.

hove JŌV apojove. preview. BR bramble rose. dominoes.) HAD I BUTT NUDE ŌZH BŌZH gamboge LŌZH éloge. new. Santa Claus KÔZ because. I impose. overexpose. R residue. infrapose. PR predispose.O. sundew. P perdu. Irish stew. ratamacue LŪ curlew. D detinue. tube — (See OOB) ŌZD (See ŌZ. revenue. repose. doze FŌZ metamorphose FRŌZ froze. P parvenu. geegaws HÔZ hawse JÔZ jaws. York rose (etc. view YŪ senryu — (See OO) ŌVZ LŌVZ loaves (See ŌV. inner tube. clothes. W wild rose. purview. T tearose. foreclose. phew. SW sweetheart rose. Purdue. pug nose. Had I but seed. lantern jaws KLÔZ clause. shovelnose. mew. propose. O overdue. diagnose. F foreknew. ewe. roughhew KŪ ICQ. virtue VŪ bird’s-eye view. U underexpose PRŌZ prose OZ OZ Oz BOZ Boz KOZ cos KWOZ quoz TWOZ ’twas WOZ was ŪB KŪB cube TŪB breathing tube. queue. review. M moss rose. mauve RŌV rove SHRŌV shrove. N night dew. ICU. smallclothes. skew.SINGLE RHYMES. Shrove STŌV stove STRŌV strove THRŌV throve TRŌV treasure trove. mountain dew. K continue. mangrove HŌV behove. gloze HŌZ half-hose. curfew HŪ hew. dog rose. magnetopause. menopause. subdue. R recompose. V venue PŪ conspue. PR primrose. -es where appropriate. SKU. retinue. cove MŌV gemauve. R rambling rose. J juxtapose. resue. suppose. I indew.U. inclose. interpose. loge MŌZH Limoges Had I butt nude. wove RŌZ A arose. refroze. TR transpose. PR priedieu.) ÔZ GÔZ gauze. add -s where appropriate. you BŪ imbue. cue. rose. rockrose. add -s where appropriate. paws. V vendue. shows SKWŌZ squoze THŌZ those THRŌZ throes. snub nose PŌZ A appose. toze (See Ō.) OY (See OI) ŌZ BŌZ beaux BRŌZ brose CHŌZ chose DŌZ bulldoze. nu. resuppose.T. R renew. U undue. curlicue. throws TŌZ pettitoes. depose. interclose. U. B. B bedew. D decompose. Jove. unclose KŌZ coze KRŌZ croze MŌZ anastomose NŌZ bladdernose. whew.. E enew. perdue. enqueue. rompu SKŪ askew. purlieu MŪ emu. bottlenose. sue THŪ thew TŪ battue. S superpose. few.U. bienentendu. inwove. yew.. stew SŪ ensue.) SHŌZ quelquechose. K compose. trove WŌV interwove. D damask rose. P pose. sea mew. lieu. poilu. pugh. E endew. avenue. rewove. dispose. pew. hooknose. close. unskew SMŪ smeu. reclose. Z Xanadu FŪ feu. interview. bluenose. overview. presuppose. E expose. purlicue. enclose. knew. immew. indispose. endue. straws TÔZ taws. DQ. F fondue. discompose. D dew. unmew NŪ A anew. tuberose. hose. I. feverfew.) Words to Rhyme With Ū Ū bayou. kyu. dequeue. S sousentendu. reimbue DŪ A adieu. diapause. pause. G guelder-rose. Would I have dude The dids I deed? 142 . stratopause STRÔZ jackstraws. M malentendu. bon dieu. tawse VÔZ vase YÔZ yaws (See Ô. hue. perijove KLŌV clove KŌV alcove. smew SPŪ spew STŪ beef stew. parclose. I Irish rose. panty-hose KLŌZ disclose. cause PLÔZ applause PÔZ aeropause. N gnu. add -d where appropriate. clerihew. glows. ŌVZ GRŌV grove. tew. H honeydew. mesopause. claws. O oppose. unfroze GLŌZ glose. add -s.

stude SŪD exude. half nude. men’s club. mansuetude. women’s club KUB cub NUB knub. overmuch RUCH rutch SKUCH scutch SMUCH smutch SUCH nonesuch. Rotary club. M magnitude. dyestuff. PL platitude. buff. puff UD BLUD blood. servitude. turpitude. D decreptitude.) ŪCH — (See OOCH) CHUF chough. oxblood. insuetude. Midas touch. Council Bluff. disquietude. off-the-cuff. nude. club. plenitude. renewed. foodstuff.) UF BLUF bluff. longitude. tuff 143 . handcuff. N necessitude. verisimilitude. definitude. unlewd ŪF — (See OOF) NŪD denude. similitude. powderpuff. solitude. R rectitude. woodruff SKRUF scruff SKUF scuff SLUF slough. hebetude. rudd SHUD shud SKUD scud SPUD spud STUD bestud. touch. P pinguitude. hubbub. soft touch. redbud. Red Bluff BUF blindman’s-buff. trillibub CHUB chub DRUB drub DUB dub. UF TUCH master touch. B beatitude. S sanctitude. add -ed where appropriate. ineptitude. interlude. garden stuff. country club. rebuff UBD (See UB. Macduff. correctitude. stud. inexactitude. KR crassitude. ’sblood BUD bud. lentitude. nub PUB pub RUB rub SHRUB shrub. stuff. KW quietude. social club. GR gratitude. V vastitude. unrenewed STŪD stewed. asuetude. cuff. postlude. greenstuff. sillabub. inquietude. tub. fisticuff. rub-a-dub FLUB flub FUB fub GLUB glub. negritude. photoflood RUF crossruff. chuff DRUF dandruff DUF duff. on the cuff. untouch UB BLUB blub BUB Beelzebub. add -ed where appropriate. m’ lud MUD mud PUD pud RUD rud. lewd. senectitude. such LUF luff MUF earmuff. multitude. disbud. exactitude. lunch club. H habitude. glub-glub GRUB grub HUB hub KLUB battle club. Kiwanis club. handicuff. ingratitude. creampuff. incertitude. add -ed or -d where appropriate. infinitude. nigritude. dissimilitude. fuddydud FLUD flood.) ŪD DŪD dude FŪD feud HŪD many-hued. counterbuff. prelude. wheatpuff. O omnitude. sombrehued FUD fud KRUD crud KUD cud LUD lud. rough. war club. snuff STUF breadstuff. subshrub SKRUB scrub SLUB slub SNUB snub STUB stub SUB sub TUB bathtub. lippitude.) DUD dud. amplitude. business club. uncuff UCH DUCH Dutch HUCH hutch KLUCH clutch KRUCH crutch KUCH cutch MUCH forasmuch. K consuetude. sluff SNUF besnuff. pulchritude. vicissitude ZŪD exude — (See OOD. certitude. muff NUF enough PLUF pluff PUF bepuff. rosebud (etc. lifeblood. SP spissitude. rainbow-hued. desuetude. flubdub. plum duff FLUF fluff FUF fuff GRUF gruff GUF guff HUF huff HWUF whuff KLUF clough KUF becuff. T torpitude. unstud SUD sud. ruff. latitude. syllabub. attitude. unstuff SUF sough TUF tough. transude THŪD thewed TŪD A altitude. mollitude. much. E eptitude. PR promptitude. mutch. washtub UCHT (See UCH. sudd THUD thud LŪD collude. nightclub. solicitude. lenitude. see Ū. L lassitude. inasmuch. insomuch. retouch. aptitude.Words to Rhyme With SINGLE RHYMES. bub. I inaptitude. overstuff. serenitude.

Puck. M misconduct. S circumduct. dumb luck. ill-luck. unplug PUG pug RUG rug SHRUG shrug SLUG forslug. jitterbug. prongbuck. mukluk. tuft (See UF. centrifuge. UK BUK blackbuck. oviduct. sambuke KŪK cuke NŪK antinuke. scuft TUFT candytuft. muck NUK Canuck PLUK pluck PUK puck. cluck KRUK cruck KUK cuck LUK beginner’s luck. add -ed where appropriate. wonderstruck STUK stuck. misjudge. subduct. redbug. woodchuck DUK beduck. ŪFT Words to Rhyme With ŪFT — (See OOF. tumblebug CHUG chug DRUG drug DUG dug FUG fug GLUG glug HUG bearhug. humbug. rukh. horror-struck. calcifuge. roebuck. taenifuge. unjudged. lux. misluck. yewk. well-judged (See UJ. dead duck. bushbuck. E educt. huckabuck. add -s where appropriate. tuck YUK yuk UJD JUJD ill-judged. O obduct. unstuck SUK suck TRUK truck TUK Friar Tuck. add -d where appropriate. duck. add -ed where appropriate. Pentateuch. 144 .) UKS DUKS dux.) ŪK ŪK uke. spittlebug. judge. Lady Luck. subterfuge. struck. tuke — (See OOK) UKT DUKT A abduct. chuck-a-luck. nuke. bunny hug. D deduct. nip and tuck. insectifuge. febrifuge. Volapuk RUK laverock. R reduct. K conduct. high muck-a-muck. sawbuck. potluck MUK amuck. sumbooruk SHMUK shmuck SHUK shuck STRUK dumbstruck. thunderstruck. hug JUG jug LUG lug MUG mug PLUG earplug. yeuk. add -ged where appropriate. noseplug. plug. vermifuge HŪJ huge — (See OOJ) ŪG FŪG fugue — (See OOG) UJ BLUJ bludge BUJ budge DRUJ drudge FUJ fudge GRUJ begrudge. dolorifuge. doodlebug.) UFT SKUFT scuffed. awe-struck. bug. moonstruck. luck. ruck. F fumiduct. influx KRUKS crux LUKS de luxe. PR product. grudge JUJ adjudge. debug. ladybug. litterbug. buck. yuke BŪK rebuke.SINGLE RHYMES. jumbuck.) ŪJ FŪJ deonifuge. shelduck FUK fuck GLUK gluck GUK guck HUK huck KLUK dumb cluck. sunstruck. aqueduct. springbuck. duct. Hexateuch. Donald Duck. slug SMUG smug SNUG snug THUG thug TRUG trug TUG tug VUG vug MUJ mudge NUJ nudge PUJ pudge RUJ rudge SLUJ sludge SMUJ smudge TRUJ trudge reedbuck. terror-struck. Octateuch. megabuck. mux SHUKS ah-shucks. transfuge. lame duck. I induct. firebug. stagestruck. Lux MUKS mucks. rejudge UG UG ugh BUG bedbug. forejudge. V viaduct FRUKT usufruct GENESIS It all just happened? No intent? Then let us pray to Accident. waterbuck CHUK chuck. forjudge.) UGD (See UG. pro-nuke PŪK puke TŪK Heptateuch. shucks TUKS tux YUKS yucks (See UK. redux FLUKS flux. prejudge.

hierodule GŪL gule KŪL macule. ridicule. ŪM STUL stull SUL sull TRUL trull WUL wull ULP GULP gulp KULP culp PULP pulp SKULP insculp.) SINGLE RHYMES. expulse. penult PULT catapult SULT insult. Istanbul. cultch MULCH mulch ŪL ŪL Yule BŪL buhl. add -s where appropriate. revulse (See ULT. well-plucked RUKT eruct STRUKT destruct. reconsult ULK BULK bulk HULK hulk MULK mulk SKULK skulk SULK sulk ZULT exult. selfdestruct.) A POSITIVE REACTION For words to warn the wicked world Its wicked ways to cease. vermicule. add -ed where appropriate. and His undivided herpes. occult NULT antepenult. scull. cull LUL lull MUL mull NUL annul. null SKUL numskull.) ULM KULM culm MULM mulm STULM stulm ŪM ŪM Fiume FŪM fume. multihull KUL caracul. soft-pulped. cult. duel. impulse. mule NŪL newel. unplucked. OOL. perfume 145 . verricule MŪL mewl. reticule. ŪAL) ULPT GULPT gulped PULPT golden-pulped. subadult. his dentures. add -ed where appropriate. reinsult. add -d where appropriate. sweetpulped ULD (See UL. sculpt ULS BULS bulse DULS dulce. add -s where appropriate. convulse. reindulge FULJ effulge MULJ promulge VULJ divulge SULS insulse VULS avulse. result ŪLZ GŪLZ gules — (See ŪL. In equal parts. On passion’s torrent borne. renewal PŪL pule SKŪL ulcuscule — — (See OOL. hull. vestibule DŪL dual.) ULT DULT adult. dehull. From Shakespeare and from Coleridge I borrowed each a piece: “Who loves not wisely but too well.” ULJD (See ULJ. miscontruct. overindulge.) SKULPT sculped. instruct. dulse MULS mulse PULS appulse. seagull HUL ahull. incult.Words to Rhyme With LUKT reluct PLUKT plucked. His love. reconstruct. A sadder and a Wasserman May rise the morrow morn And leave to heirs on every hand. per stirpes. consult. construct. pulse. disannul. add -s where appropriate.) ULZ (See UL. hooded gull. OOEL. repulse ULJ BULJ bulge DULJ indulge. sculp ULCH GULCH gulch KULCH culch.) ULKT UL DUL dull GUL gull. indult. his debts. obstruct. superstruct (See UK. add -ed where appropriate. jurisconsult. jambul. molecule. substruct. skull MULKT mulct (See ULK. unadult KULT difficult. Mogul.

capsicum. odium. thumb TUM accubitum. Elysium. thulium. crematorium.). linoleum. podium. consortium. F fermium. highjump. dentalium. DR drearisome. GR gruesome. dumbdumb. compendium. P palladium. exordium. sugar plum. cambium. aluminum. R wranglesome. E effluvium. therefrom FUM fee-fi-fo-fum GLUM glum GRUM grum GUM begum. residuum. optimum NUM aluminum. G gamblesome. S sardoodledum. Z zero sum SWUM swum THRUM thrum THUM green thumb. add -ed or -med where appropriate. um-um. pericardium. rebeldom. horrorsome. tellurium. epithalamium. L lonesome. S some. R rascaldom. H hafnium. polonium. mettlesome. molybdenum. B Bumbledom.) UMF UMF umph GRUMF grumph HUMF humph UMP UMP ump BUMP bump CHUMP chump DUMP dump FLUMP flump FRUMP frump GLUMP glump GRUMP grump HUMP hump HWUMP whump JUMP broadjump. presume. Eryngium. crumb KUM become. Actium. O awesome. proscenium. consume. chromium. panjandrum DUM A heirdom. vivarium. M martyrdom. quietsome. PR prudhomme. opsonium. cognitum. vaticum. petroleum. seculum. ŪMD — (See ŪM. replumb. H halidom. bubblegum. standing jump KLUMP clump KRUMP crump LUMP lump MUMP mump PLUMP plump PUMP pump 146 . osmium. subgum HUM ho-hum. orpheum. THR threesome (etc. J geranium. terrium. sodium. acquisitum. moratorium. allium. I intermeddlesome. eardrum. D delphinium. plumb. H wholesome. pandemonium. subsume — (See OOM) V vacuum. cingulum. outcome. I iodiomindium. encomium. humorsome. adytum. numb. misbecome. euphonium. ischium. toothsome. cumbersome. mum. hum KRUM crum. KW quarrelsome. chewing gum. natatorium. pallium. L labium. presidium. zibetum YUM yum-yum. SP sporangium. K kingdom. O officialdom. harmonium. E earldom. cerulium. ad libitum. anthurium. FL flunkeydom. columbium. lum. castoreum. potassium. post meridiem. opprobrium. hypogastrium. caputium. conundrum. tympanum PLUM plum. lithium. F foursome. ante meridium. T tedium. auditorium. gymnasium. Z xenodochium BRUM cerebrum BUM bum. dukedom. reillume. Y uranium. pendulum. epigastrium. heathendom. emporium. hypochondrium. K cadmium. vitium. overcome. dumb. gum. platinum. drum. wherefrom. protium. medium. UM GŪM legume HŪM exhume. U um. V venturesome. R radium. mutuum. placitum. TW Tweedledum FRUM from. quinquennium.) UMD (See UM. B Byzantium. scybalum. labdanum laudanum. reassume. contagium. principium. D dogdom. PR premium. M Words to Rhyme With meddlesome. equilibrium. income. disequilibrium.SINGLE RHYMES. O odeum. silphium. strontium. debitum. pelargonium. ammonium. inhume LŪM illume. SK scandium. Saxondom. millennium. serfdom. holmium. whoredom. curriculum. triodium. benumb. atrium. selenium. solidum. nephridium. add -d or -ed where appropriate. sertulum MUM chrysanthemum. minimum. helium. viaticum. ST stadium. resume UM UM A absinthium. alluvium. ostium. tum. horreum. Cockneydom. valium. coerulium. dumdum. U ugglesome. KR Christendom. maximum. jump. unicum LUM coagulum. kettledrum. opium. B bothersome. W wearisome. colloquium. G gallium. decennium. modicum. tum-tum. erbium. terbium. sum T twosome. oppidum. agonium. TR troublesome. FR frolicsome. menstruum. FR francium. STR stramonium. quadrimum. N nettlesome. otium. deliquium. pabulum. unplumb RUM rhumb. stibium. running jump. K cuddlesome. burdensome. PL plutonium. worrisome. rum theorum SKRUM scrum SKUM scum SLUM slum SNUM snum STRUM strum STUM stum SUM A adventuresome. relume NŪM neume SPŪM spume SŪM assume. N nasturtium. O OM. septulum. humdrum. KW quarivium. sestertium. delirium. M martyrium. titanium. TH thallium. symbolum. epicardium. symposium. KR cranium. stumblebum CHUM chum DRUM bass drum. trillium. S sanatorium. succumb. yttrium. Yum-Yum ZUM zum TŪM costume ZŪM exhume. BR brachium. compitum. studium. calcium. TR triennium.

criterion. melodeon. proboscidian. Amerindian. K Caducean. eutherian. prototherian. Malaysian. Jovian. Cyclopean. inion. Augustinian. commentarian. nullifidian. Delphian. G Gatling gun. bastian. valerian. Pelion. Gordian. gorgonian. epilimnion. antemeridian. campion. median. Alabamian. H handgun. DR Dravidian. lesbian. lacertilian. Fenian. humanitarian. Lamarckian. Stygian. Hessian. holothurian. carnelian. libertarian. crossopterygian. Caledonian. Polynesian. Sardinian. overdone. O oblivion. nasion. durian. Anglian. vaudevillian. batrachian. etesian. Vulcanian. hotcross bun. U unbegun TUMP tump WUMP mugwump. P pagurian. V Wagnerian. aphelion. authoritarian. tune. Latvian. add -s where appropriate. proletarian. promethean. Tocharion. untune YŪN picayune. Mediterranean. GR grammarian. R redone. Orcadian. Plutonian. quotidian. W Wagnerian. Austrian. unitarian. ruffian. bastion. Octavian. Erachtheion. importune. Carpathian. inopportune. Rhodian. KW quarrion. PL planarian. Appalachian. repugn TŪN attune. rampion. Aurelian. Cantabrigian. samian. prosimian. undone. popgun. Bezonian. prehistorian. Z Zyrian. Comanchean. Etonian. Mongolian. amnion. Armenian. intercommune. alluvian. alabastrian. Bulgarian. FR Phrygian. Macedonian. Neptune. Moravian. callipygian. Darwinian. subterranean. Melanesian. quaternion. wump ZUMP gazump UMPS BUMPS goosebumps MUMPS mumps (See UMP. Zoroastrian (compare UN with AN) BUN bonne. looney-tune. sabellian. unhewn KŪN lacune LŪN lune MŪN immune. Carthusian. Sisyphean. Ethiopian. morion.Words to Rhyme With RUMP rump SHLUMP schlump SKRUMP scrump SLUMP slump STUMP stump SUMP sump THUMP bethump. ganglion. Newtonian. galleon. disciplinarian. Procrustean. favonian. Ruthenian. Oxonian. triune — (See OON) UN UN A abecedarian. Northumbrian. Mississippian. gun. Jungian. Freudian. retune. TR tragedian. Lucian. CH champion. overtrump. obsidian. gammadian. halcyon. Columbian. empyrean. pampean. colophon GUN A airgun. Hesperian. Parthian. camion. sesquipedalian. Cambrian. Siberian. tinean. Quintilion. Parisian. Arcadian. antediluvean. Pomeranian. F foredone. Iranian. Pythian. anthelion. Episcopalian. Pickwickian. Cromwellian. gargantuan. Salientian. historian. Johnsonian. apiarian. M myrmidon. Gideon. Uranian. Lacedaemonian. dun. pedestrian. vulgarian. carrion. nickelodeon. selachian. sacramentarian. Morovingian. Tertullian. Yugoslavian. bacchanalian. Socinian. Herculean. saurian. Briarean. Thessalonian. Bohemian. Amphitrion. amoebian. N Napoleon. Carolingian. Rotarian. apian. B Babylonian. Pierian. latitudinarian. Aristotelian. thump TRUMP no-trump. tellurian. fustian. mitochondrian. commune PŪN impugn. alien. parhelion. Noachian. Lothian. Ossian. Circassian. guardian. Caucasian. oppugn. Tyrrhenian. KL clarion. amatorian. entune. collodeon. Castilian. honeybun. PR predestinarian. chelonian. Caribbean. caecilian. trump. F Fallopian. avian. diluvian. Belgian. Libyan. equestrian. I ill-done. minute gun. protean. Sumerian. seminarian. Merovingian. Lithuanian. Lancastrian. pretorian. utopian. Valkyrian. apocynthion. amphibian. bun. opportune. Cyprian. Sicilian. Tasmanian. SM Smithsonian. KR Christadelphian. comedian. ascidian. utilitarian. pericynthion. SINGLE RHYMES. Dionysian. Rumanian. chameleon. librarian. gonion. rough-hewn. acromion. millenarian. ornithischian. SH shotgun. percussion gun. Atlantean. Hibernian. KL clarendon. Panamerican. Nigerian. Anatolian. crocodilian. riparian. perihelion. Carthaginian. U underdone. T tallion. Archimedean. Vespasian. Ogygian. Barbadian. Czechoslovakian. bactrian. centenarian. D Darien. Pennsylvanian. thespian. P paragon. meridian. M Machiavellian. saffian. Y ubiquitarian. G gabion. Valentinian. Albanian. custodian. Tyrian. acanthropterygian. Canadian. Apollonian. Jordanian. Rhodesian. barbar- 147 . Neptunian. vegetarian. Gilbertian. Chaucerian. undertrump ian. Liverpudian. J Georgian. Ukrainian. postmeridian. nemertean. Shoshonean. Acadian. SK Scandian. valetudinarian. infralapsarian. nectarean. limitarian. Arthurian. octogenarian. accordion. Corinthian. tampion. Dickensian. Baconian. nonagenarian. Transylvanian. ovarian. amphictyon. Presbyterian. B BB gun. U Umbrian. Midlothian. Venusian. anthemion. W well-done FUN fun. Algerian. O outdone. Maximillian. Bavarian. Indian. Deucalion. lampion. artesian. Shavian. Nubian. postdiluvian. L labyrinthian. demibastion. pomeridian. Marxian. M machine gun. H Hadrian. turion. pantheon. basion. Wesleyan. E Edwardian. platitudinarian. Malthusian. Orwellian. chorion. Elysian. solifidian. supralpsarian. Peruvian. ST stentorian. rehewn. begun. malacopterygian. Caspian. mammalian. UN Olympian. steradian. Arian. fruitarian. antiquarian. R Rabelaisian. Fijian. Syrian. Alexandrian. raisin bun DUN D done. Gratian. TH theologian. Algonquian. tellurion. Pygmalion. Amazonian. S Sabbatarian. veterinarian. Albion. Ilion. scorpion. Haitian. metatherion mezerion. vesuvian.) ŪN ŪN triune BŪN tribune HŪN hewn. Cimmerian. I Icarian. BR Brazilian. Australian. SH Shakespearean.

pantechnicon LUN gonfalon. whereamong.SINGLE RHYMES. overrun. see OON. junked. mung. Amazon. highstrung. run. injunct. rotund (See UN. unrung. clunk LUNGK lunk MUNGK chipmunk. nunc PLUNGK kerplunk. sunn. simpleton. forerun. unhung. one-lung MUNG among. wrung. debunk 148 . add -ed where appropriate. spun STUN stun SUN F foster son. PL pleasanttongued. underhung. highly strung. hard-run. cummerbund. cinnamon NUN phenomenon. unnun Words to Rhyme With FUND defund. hard-won. number one.) PUN pun RUN Bull Run. errabund. ST stepson. singleton. Galveston. T Tennyson. won ZUN amazon. outrun. TH thicktongued. sun. plunk PUNGK punk SHRUNGK preshrunk. comparison. unsung SWUNG swung. refund. tun. Oberon. mother tongue. verecund MUND immund. S son. heavy lunch. longe. unk BLUNGK blunk BUNGK bunk. bundh. rerun. one. free lunch. rewon. TR trumpet-tongued UNGST MUNGST amongst (See verbs in UNG. upswung TUNG betongue. O orison. Parthenon. S silver-tongued. Helicon. underslung. megaton. orotund. leather-lunged. treetrunk. add -d where appropriate. upsprung STRUNG hamstrung. retund. thereamong PUNG pung RUNG bewrung. slush fund KUND rubicund. muskellunge PLUNJ plunge PUNJ expunge SKUNJ scunge SPUNJ sponge UND BUND bund. UNCH HUN hon. unslung SPRUNG sprung. kiloton. lunch STUNG stung.) ŪND — — (See OOND. unstrung TUNGK tunk UNCH BRUNCH brunch BUNCH bunch. G garrison. someone. Hun KUN helicon. Washington. see ŪN. shrunk SKUNGK skunk SLUNGK slunk SMUNGK smunk SPUNGK spunk STUNGK stunk SUNGK sunk THUNGK thunk TRUNGK steamer trunk. underrun SHUN shun SPUN finespun. homespun. add -ed where appropriate. bell-tongued. Wellington WUN A-1. hereamong. strung. monk NUNGK quidnunc. nun. skeleton. obtund. tonne. K caparison. funk GUNGK gunk HUNGK hunk JUNGK dejunk. anyone. honeybunch HUNCH hunch KLUNCH clunch KRUNCH crunch LUNCH box lunch. skimmington. unwrung. add -’st for archaic usage. HW Whitsun. lunge. Y unison TUN Chesterton. T tongued. ton. fund. softtongued. unstung SUNG sung. SH sharp-tongued. prolegomenon. overhung. loud-lunged TUNGD B betongued. J jettison. trunk SLUNG slung. mund TUND obrotund. millrun. none. disjunct.) UNJ BLUNJ blunge GRUNJ grunge GUNJ gunge LUNJ allonge.) MUNCH munch NUNCH nunch PUNCH punch RUNCH runch SKRUNCH scrunch UNGD BUNGD bunged LUNGD iron-lunged. ox-tongue. re-fund. add -ned where appropriate. bluetongue. SHR shrill-tongued. moribund UNGK UNGK unc. Sally Lunn MUN cardamon. GR grandson. junk KLUNGK kinclunk. wither-wrung CHUNGK chunk DRUNGK drunk DUNGK dunk FLUNGK flunk FUNGK duddyfunk. light lunch. BL black-tongued. unsprung. rung. everyone. conjunct YUNG young PUNGKT compunct (See UNGK. shantung. V venison. unwon. overstrung. tongue UNGKT FUNGKT defunct JUNGKT adjunct. well-hung KLUNG clung LUNG lung. benison UNG BRUNG brung BUNG bung DUNG dung FLUNG flung HUNG hung.

noisier. slimier. rotogravure (See OOR. W wealthier. funnier. fur. T teacup. prosier. FL fleecier. Easter egg hunt. add -s where appropriate. creepier. br’er BUR birr. G get-up. lowlander. dizzier. chin up. hiccup. perendure FŪR coiffure HŪR hewer KŪR epicure. wassail cup PUP pup SKUP scup SUP sup TUP tup YUP yup UNJD (See UNJ. SK skinnier. er. guiltier. livelier. condylure. rowdier. skewer VŪR photogravure. M makeup. H hard-up. witchhunt (etc. homelier. rosier. shillaber CHUR chirr. GR greffier. bunt DUNT dunt FRUNT affront. dustier. goutier. superior. water cure LŪR allure. push-up. err. UR slap up. calenture. velure MŪR demure. ’er. I islander. L lavender. HW wheezier. calender.) UR UR A anterior. N narrower. L lithographer. B borrower. I infer. ST steadier. wun’t PARADOX Illogic I abhor. impure. flimsier. toss-up. Ur. staghunt. colander.) LUNT lunt KUNT cunt PUNT punt RUNT runt SHUNT shunt SPRUNT sprunt STUNT stunt WUNT wont. add -ed where appropriate. R ruggeder. foxhunt. erupt. grease-cup. confront. cosier. you’re DŪR dure. renifleur FUR A aquifer. ST stupider. H highlander. L lash-up. P pitier. doughtier. PR princelier. K kindlier. lovelier. TR trustier. knightlier. juicier. mossier. add -ped where appropriate. easier. brinier. burr. muskier. batter-up. chevelure. F fed up. giddy-up. front. spoonier. filthier. endure. stuccoer. Excalibur. cocklebur. afront. D dapifer. SL 149 . irrupt. S seemlier. fir. T terrier. biographer. BR break-up. curlier. UNS BUNS bunce DUNS dunce WUNS once (See UNT. hungrier. emptier. huskier. journeyer. F philosopher. thriftier. gravure. stingier. U ulterior. calaber. loftier. churr. colure. lock-up. flightier. T timider. L likelier.) ŪP — (See OOP) DŪP dupe STŪP stupe UP UP B backup. sillier. soapier. spongier. perdure. pull-up. uncorrupt (See UP. solider. phonographer. foamier. hiccup. merrier. R rip-up. R rapier. windier. crucifer. CH check-up. mure NŪR manure. see Ū. hillier. stormier. shoddier. incorrupt. corrupt. fer. bankrupt. fussier. moldier. bibliographer. cock-up. S setup. BR breezier. K calendar. grace cup. meteor. FL flammifer. KL closeup. manicure. G giddier. persifleur. seafront.Words to Rhyme With SINGLE RHYMES. sightlier. nightchurr. hardanger. let-up. loving cup. mightier. up-and-up. M marrier. roundup. disrupt. chronographer. add -ēr or -r where appropriate. eyecup. immure. KR chronopher. SH shinier. photographer. DR drearier. stealthier. E excelsior. hardier. holier. inkier. spicier. posterior. teacup. sturdier. pure SKŪR obscure. furfur. lowlier. BL blearier. S cylinder. heavier. earlier. tip-up. butterbur. exterior. cup. V valuer. dowdier. V vivider FLUR fleur. grimier. inferior. artificer. F filmier. BL blow-up. secure. D dingier. kinglier. chillier. forefront. breakfront.) ŪR ŪR ewer. sinecure. cure. insecure. copier. Excalibar. hunt. CH cheerier. B befur. eerier. glossier. W wickiup. interior.) UNT UNT exeunt BLUNT blunt BRUNT brunt BUNT Bundt. horrider. manhunt. lucifer. tournure PŪR guipure. healthier. And yet I have to own That I’ve forgotten more Than I have ever known. bifront. K confer. pedicure. H happier. hiccough. Lucifer. conifer. P pick-up. SL sleepier. portlier. ossiture. spritelier. inure. mustier. corridor. drowsier. lonelier. sunup. procure. defer. wearier. KL cleanlier. I icier. burlier. plicature DUR A ambassador. sunnier. interrupt. TH thirstier. FR friendlier. O autobiographer. revenuer. SPR springier. wintrier BLUR blur BRUR beau sabreur. KR creamier. wind-up DUP dup GUP gup HUP hup KRUP Krupp KUP buttercup. lure. surlier. up front GRUNT grunt HUNT deerhunt. showier. GL gloomier. caliber. autogravure. K keyed-up. pearlier. U up. widower. piqùre. UPT RUPT abrupt. elkhunt. pheasant hunt. J jollier. stirrup cup. huffier. SP spikier. costlier. setter-up. PR provender.

whirr JUR A armiger. interpreter. primogenitor. silenter. D deepener. SK scamperer. SH shelterer. topographer. Gulliver. spur STUR A administer. milliner. rotifer. endeavorer. furtherer. publisher. Jupiter. CH chafferer. barrister. murderer. lessener. dulcimer. knur. sinister. orator. caterer. purr.) URB URB herb. conspirator. CH chancellor. P palaverer. emperor. voyager KLUR chonicler KUR incur. M mitrailleur. wanderer. comforter. cornerer. artificer. reinsure. voyageur (Add -er also to appropriate words not listed here. SK skirmisher. waverer. botherer. B bargainer. U upholsterer. SW swaggerer. P per. D derringer. utterer. O onager. E embroiderer. voltageur. FR frankfurter. petitioner. theatre. pesterer. hexameter. lithesomer. loiterer. succorer. J jeweler. P passenger. O odaler. H harvester. discoverer. G gossamer. L laborer. O officer. I imprisoner. R ravager. parcener. SK skilfuler. chinseler. E enameler. SK scavenger. contributor. blusterer. S seasoner. KL claviger. splutterer. F forfeiter. Londoner. servitor. compositor. criketer. E enveloper. minister. cynosure. slumberer. H hachure. trumpeter. E examiner. K cottager. HW whimperer. amateur. hauteur. K canister. I insure. H harnesser. disparager. governor. modeler. PR prefer. suburb HURB herb. bestir. cheerfuller. PL pleasanter. TR transfer HUR Ben Hur. L labeler. BL blunderer. lingerer. unperturb VURB adverb. SM smatterer. interlocutor. N northerner.) 150 . sorcerer. K cocksure. executor. TR traveler. BR broiderer. SH shirr. B banqueter. tiqueur LUR B bachelor. S silencer. foreigner. bucketer. Miniver. FL flaneur. cur. pasturer. TR treasurer. Serb TURB disturb. H harvester. vintager. N naperer. URB P pornographer. summoner. KR creditor. relinquisher. T typographer. enlivener. willowherb JURB gerb. numberer. V victualer. voltigeur. J juniper. progenitor. M magister. ensure. S senator. D demur. conqueror. restaurateur. arbiter. determiner. distributor. BR Britisher. T tanager. F favorer. moistener. SKW squanderer. leveler. H hoveler. SH chauffeur. expositor. recur. apparitor. R reveler. T tobogganer. revisioner. TR traiteur. F farceur. K carpenter. SW sweetener. ironer. passover. BL blandisher. conjecturer. customer. libeler. bannister. coniaker. concur. I idolater. mutterer. cowherb. poisoner. plunderer. B banterer. L lengthener. evener. FR franc-tireur. B baluster. surfeiter. pillager. G guarantor. W wagerer. B banisher. summerer. auteur. H harborer. wonderer SHUR A admonisher. G gatherer. mortgagor. colporteur. southerner. gerbe KURB curb. banister. loosener. sufferer. inter. U unsure. sophister. G gardener. KW quaverer. accoucheur. slaughterer. maneuverer. PR practicioner. D deliverer. SH chasseur. inheritor. sojourner. larkspur. uncurb PURB superb SLURB slurb SURB acerb. V verderer. PL plasterer. probationer. TH theater. R refer. forager. competitor. deter. L licenser. tregetour. cozener. D demolisher. mournfuler. cheapener. K caliper. M manager. STR strengthener. BR breviger. sir. gossiper. SH sharpener. rioter. dowager. manufacturer. R register. CH chastener. TH thunderer. cofferer. verb URBD (See URB. pewterer. lecturer. usurer. thermometer. listener. occur. O offerer. litterateur. T tetrameter. hastener. CH challenger. M myrrh. diameter. easterner. P pur- Words to Rhyme With chaser. H hardener. gilliver. burnisher. liqueur. ancestor. W wagoner. perturb. barterer. astrologer. K costumer. Hotspur. fosterer. L languisher. murmurer. punisher. E embellisher. wakener. PR profferer. barometer. teenager. FL flatterer. potherb. chapter. F philologer. diaper. perjurer. Y yodeler MUR A astronomer. commoner. batterer. urb BLURB blurb BURB burb. stutterer. undisturb. solicitor. M masseur. character. prisoner. shortener. T tamperer. W winsomer NUR A almoner. ST stenographer. H hanaper. conjurer. ST staggerer. reversioner. S saunterer. lorimer. frotteur. smurr SPUR hotspur. reassure. coverer. KR crueler. ST stir SUR A affiancer. scimitar. SH shamateur. amphitheater. sepulchre. D depositor. W walloper. riveter. coroner. carpeter. P Pasteur. flutterer. claqueur. burdener. sandiver WUR were ZUR friseur ZHUR melangeur. G galloper. aver. P polisher. quickener. DR driveler. F fastener. proverb. inquisitor. R reasoner. emblazoner. P parishioner. monitor. bickerer. measurer. SL slanderer. W wassailer. H harbinger. coparcener. O auditor. enlightener. BL blazoner. susurr. proprietor. establisher. astir. posturer. CH chapiter. executioner. whisperer. weatherer. KW questioner. W warranter VUR Andover. L lissomer. THR threatener. L legator. SH shoveler. N nourisher. add -ed where appropriate. M maladminister. pepperer. archiater. messenger. reverb. panderer. V vanquisher SLUR slur SMUR smur. torturer. engenderer. CH cherisher. porringer. westerner PUR D developer. sure. miniver. answerer. caliver. K capturer. KL clamorer. J jabberer. E editor. loyaler. F forester. R restir. stammerer. P pentameter. massacre. chamferer. R roisterer. totterer. R ransomer. armorer. weakener. disinter. KW quarreler. R ravisher.SINGLE RHYMES. patterer. SPL splatterer. marketer. fashioner. E encourager. assure. worshiper RUR A adulterer. K commissioner. adventurer. her HWUR whir. connoisseur. poulterer. M mariner. M malingerer. I integer. embouchure. K canvasser. V visitor. PR presbyter. pilferer. encounterer. lonesomer. confectioner. TR trespasser TUR A accipiter. V villager. chatterer. J janitor. Passover.

burke. L lattice work. K casework. P password. converge. F facywork. kirk KLURK clerk KWURK quirk LURK lurk MURK murk PURK perk SHURK shirk SMURK smirk STURK stirk SURK cirque TURK Turk WURK A artwork. thaumaturge VURJ diverge. undergird. puffbird.) URL URL earl BURL birl. swanherd. iceberg. bridgework. surge TURJ deterge. O outward. N nightbird. add -ed where appropriate. N nonce word. H handiwork. add -d where appropriate. PR presswork. J Johannesburg. HW whirlybird. weeping birch (etc. overword. frigate bird. surd THURD third TURD deterred. heard. farmwork. afterword. B beadwork. SW swearword. waterwork. BR breastwork. N Nuremberg. W waxwork. S seabird. D diving bird. brushwork. word (See UR. piecework. G Gettysburg. STR Strasbourg. swineherd. unfurl GURL girl. KR cribwork. F firebird. frostwork. smirch SURCH research. masterwork. sunbird. O overwork. TH thunderbird. wonderwork. cowherd. FR framework. wirework. P pilotbird. callgirl. wayward.) URG URD URD urd BURD B bird. add -red where appropriate. burgh. W watchword. irk BURK berk. SN snowbird. L ladybird. herd. falsework. T tailorbird. firework.) ZURG exergue URJ URJ demiurge. Heidelberg. J jailbird. E earthwork. mockingbird. herle. network. pikeperch. U underwork. furred. fieldwork. SP spadework. butcherbird. hummingbird. white birch. bluebird. BR Brandenburg. unchurch LURCH lurch PURCH perch.) ŪRD (See ŪR. jerque. immerge. B byword. playgirl. jarbird. lyrebird. brickwork. L Lindbergh. unperch SMURCH besmirch. R reword. K catchword. BL blackbird. ST stormbird.) URCH BURCH birch. hurl 151 . surfperch. weaverbird (etc. Demiurge. lovebird. shepherd. F foreword. Harrisburg. by-work. regurge MURJ emerge. dollarbird. L leeward. reperch. SL slopwork. gird. sepulchred. turf URCHT (See URCH. songbird. add -ed where appropriate. S Saint Petersburg. G gallows bird. N needlework. engird. gurl. urge DURJ dirge GLURJ glurge GURJ gurge. papergirl. housework. woodwork. unsepulchred MURD immerd. switchgirl URJD (See URJ. mird NURD nerd SHURD potsherd SNURD Mortimer Snerd SURD absurd. work YURK yerk ZURK zerk CHURCH church. M makework. cowgirl. P Pittsburgh. add -d where appropriate. interred. showgirl. unurge. timework. purge SKURJ scourge SNURJ snurge SPLURJ splurge SPURJ spurge SURJ resurge. verge URKT (See URK. brightwork. URL WURD A afterward. ST stonework. unheard KURD curd. submerge PURJ asperge. outwork. homburg. fyrd GURD begird. FR friarbird. KR crossword. overheard.) FURD ferd. surf TURF surf and turf. P patchwork. serf. search URF URF urf KURF kerf NURF nerf SKURF scurf SMURF smurf SURF hippocerf. legwork.Words to Rhyme With SINGLE RHYMES. KL clockwork. merge. soda jerk KURK Dunkirk. burg. refurl. teamwork. K cardinal bird. redbird. undeterred VURD verd URG erg BURG B berg. burl CHURL churl DURL dirl FURL furl.) HURL herl. H halberd. coachwork. hauberk DURK dirk FURK firk GURK gurk JURK jerk. R roadwork. footwork. dramaturge. W Williamsburg (etc. T taskwork. serge. disinterred. R rambird. Hapsburg. Kurd. M myna bird. ungird HURD goatherd. bowerbird. W wattlebird. turd. H Hamburg. hedgebird.) URK URK erk. I inward.

foehn GURN girn. culture pearl. curl.) URLD WURLD afterworld. world (See URL. pirl. zoosperm THURM isotherm. phelloderm. T taciturn.) URNT URNT earnt BURNT burnt. becurst. usurp TURP terp. feetfirst. perse. E externe. rehearse KURS accurse. underworld. inchworm. bookworm. upcurl KWURL querl. old-world. glowworm. reimburse URM BURM berm. K converse. add -ed where appropriate. inhearse. unrehearsed KURST accursed. pirn SPURN spurn STURN astern. unlearnt WURNT weren’t URNZ BURNZ sideburns (See URN. lierne. dry-nurse. upswirl THURL thirl. pheoderm. term WURM angleworm. add -ed where appropriate. sunburnt. U upturn VURN Jules Verne YURN yearn. tern. averse. unlearn PURN epergne. cutpurse. excurse. sunburn. sperm. impearl. burse. S subverse. misterm. add -s where appropriate. URLD HWIRL upwhirl. new world. pinworm. eterne. urn BURN Berne. purse SPURS intersperse THURS thyrse TURS sesterce. ropeburn. D diverse. registered nurse. interne. P perverse. xanthoderm FURM affirm. O overturn. yirn ZURN discern LURP lirp SLURP slurp SURP discerp. herne JURN adjourn. silkworm. disperse. windburnt LURNT learnt. burst cloudburst. I intern.) URP BURP burp CHURP chirp DURST durst FURST first. gymnosperm. quirl MURL merle NURL knurl PURL bepearl. erne. add -s where appropriate. purl. grubworm. echtoderm. durn FURN fern. terse VURS A adverse. disburse. seedpearl SKURL skirl SWURL swirl. O obverse.SINGLE RHYMES. cittern. add -ed where appropriate. lucern. uncurl. Hearst. starburst. accurst. cursed. G gittern. blindworm. cistern. subaltern. mother-of-pearl. intergern HURN hern. confirm. V verse. practical nurse. wet nurse. therm TURM midterm.) URS URS Erse. whorl KURL becurl. pearl. stern SURN discern. derm.) URST URST erst BURST airburst. rehearsed. wet-nurse PURS asperse. antiworld. woodworm. I inverse. lucerne. R return. coerce BURS birse. tapeworm. headfirst HURST hearsed. secern. outburst. Swinburne. mowburnt. sideburn. berme CHURM churm DURM blastoderm. earthworm. mesoderm. disaffirm. TR transverse. ringworm. infirm. endoderm. merse. add -ed where appropriate. precurse MURS immerse. thurl TURL tirl TWURL twirl VURL virl (See UREL) Words to Rhyme With URN URN earn. terce. Third World. unconcern TURN A attorn. submerse NURS dry nurse. N nocturne. concern. unburnt. nurse. periderm. inurn. burn. flatworm. worm HURS hearse.) URPT SURPT excerpt (See URP. twirp WURP Antwerp ZURP usurp URPS (See URP. sempitern. hurst. becursed. terne. R reverse. Y universe WURS worse URND (See URN. turn. herse. heartburn. firm. traverse. sojourn KURN kern KWURN quern LURN learn. pachyderm. curse. imburse. foster nurse. windburn CHURN churn DURN dern. turp TWURP twerp. reaffirm JURM germ PURM perm SKWURM squirm SPURM endosperm. sunburst URMD (See URM. whirl. sauterne. S Saturn. Hepburn. curst 152 .

extraneous. shirt. aqueous. nightshirt. hideous. Asclepius. inexpert. liverwurst. conserve. moneywort. thirst VURST reversed. contrarious. incongruous. invidious. P pervert. Cassius. childbirth. F farinaceous. versed. bifarious. commodious. wienerwurst. deuce. retrovert. D divert. dichroous. disconcert. spurt SURT assert. introduce. consanguineous. expurgatorious. invert. extemporaneous. skirt SKWURT squirt SPURT spirt. S seduce. seagirt. birth. overshirt. ignis fatuus. furious.) URTS SURTS Certs ZURTS xertz (See URT. arboreous. M milkwort. I intervert. inconspicuous. night-earth. continuous.) SINGLE RHYMES. U underproduce FŪS diffuse. Asmodeus. duteous. gregarious. imperious. use BŪS abuse. contemptuous. homoousious. girt. E extrovert. undershirt SKURT maxiskirt. calcareous. instantaneous. prepuce. observe. ambiguous. GR gramineous. subserve SWURV swerve VURV verve ZURV deserve. J gipsywort. shert. incendious. S subvert. convert. rebirth. add -d where appropriate. alluvious. syrt VURT A advert. fatuous.) URVZ DURVZ hors d’oeuvres (See URV. malapert. hard use. E exiguous. peart. bilious. unnerve PURV perv SURV disserve. contiguous. impecunious. contemporaneous. preserved. amphibious. arduous. redshirt. mother earth. illustrious. outsert. cutaneous. navicert. indubious. animadvert. felonious. TR transvert. unpreserved. R ragwort. hors d’oeuvre KURV incurve. envious. dress shirt.) ŪS ŪS disuse. introvert. superinduce. deciduous. verst WURST bratwurst. revert. inquisitorius. W woundwort YURT yurt ZURT desert. industrious. K conduce. antabuse. contumelious. insert. unearth DŪS A adduce. pennyworth. D deduce. worst. FR fructuous. ingenuous. avert. Dionysius. ferreous. dessert. P pennywort. pipewort. I induce. L liverwort. impetuous. serve. heterogeneous. welldeserved. exsert. misuse. HURT hurt. corneous. anfractuous. reproduce. overproduce.) URZ URZ rapiers FURZ furze (See UR. ingenious. cupreous. carneous. SW sweetwort. evert. alias. coleus. Aesculapius. herbaceous. dulcifluous. insidious. R reduce. KL chlamydeous. SL slipperwort. J genius. pert URV DURV derv. berth. PR produce. harmonious. lousewort. conspicuous. discontinuous. delirious. assiduous. fuller’s earth. K controvert. unversed. concert. incestuous. homogeneous. reserve SHURT Blackshirt. intersert. griseous. courteous. insensuous. ambivert. calcaneus. T-shirt. R reconvert. fastidious. equilibrious.Words to Rhyme With THURST athirst. ill-preserved. burglarious. engirt. outcurve. H halituous. add -s where appropriate. bounteous. deleterious. carious. TR traduce. profuse KŪS excuse LŪS luce PŪS catapuce. copious. cert. ignominious. ungirt DURTH dearth FURTH firth GURTH girth MURTH mirth PURTH Perth WURTH money’s worth. gurt. microskirt. injurious. hilarious. caseous. K caduceus. aculeus. incurious. unhurt KURT curt KWURT quirt LURT alert NURT inert PURT expert. recurve MURV mirv NURV innerve. US URTH URTH earth. indesert URVD ZURVD ill-deserved. innocuous. alimonious. add -d where appropriate. undeserved. add -s where appropriate. dubious. disingenuous. amatorious. curve. nerve. impervious. Boreas. ethereous. FL flexuous. erroneous. discourteous. TH thoroughwort. midiskirt. T terreverte. worth US US A abstemious. I igneous. knackwurst. puce TŪS obtuse — (See OOS) BURTH afterbirth. inharmonious. inearth. dipnoous. O obvert. beauteous. devious. cayuse. calumnious. curious. unworth. GL glorious. denarius. E educe. ileus. self-abuse 153 . add -s where appropriate. G gaseous. wurst (See URS. preserve. well-preserved (See URV. acrimonious. preconcert. congruous. inglorious. BR Briareus. exert. miniskirt. impious. O obduce. D deciduous. motherwort. B Belisarius. stillbirth URT URT inert BLURT blurt CHURT chert DURT dirt FLURT flirt GURT begirt. ST stonewort. compendious. V vert WURT BL bladderwort.

dolorous. marvelous. barbarous. unceremonious. previous. K cavernous. GL gladiolus. voluminous. GR granulous. ridiculus. KR creophagous. emulous. anemophilous. Angelus. mutinous. fortitudinous. E endogenous. vainglorious. 154 . nefarious. amorous. P pedimanous. tintinnabulous. polygonous. nidicolous. cernuous. unscrupulous. bipetalous. ST stentorious. R ravenous. homunculus. E esophagus. nauseous. Tiberius. V venomous. boisterous. tedious. FL flavorous. mysterious. unctuous. astragalus. dipterous. hypogenous. G gangrenous. obsequious. periplus. arborous. H harquebus. T tautoousious. valetudinarious. catadromous. cumulus. Z xerophilous MUS A animus. M malleus. nauplius. dexterous. Z xiphopagus. GL glutenous. Vesuvius. tenuous. us. O oleaginous. TR transpicuous. homophonous. epiphanous. spurious. numinous. spontaneous. FL fluminous. noctambulous. E edentulous. velutinous. amphibolous. perigynous. decorous. D dangerous. armigerous. S sanguinous. ominous. tempestuous. putredinous. fuliginous. didynamous. anserous. nectareous. homogenous. D diatomous. erogenous. N nacreous. virtuous. B balsamiferous. vortiginous. simultaneous. sibilous. STR stratocumulus. periculous. TH theophagous. U euphonious. cautelous. K carpophagous. V vagarious. canaliculus. didymous. monotonous. sumptuous. superfluous. Bucephalus. B bimanous. lugubrious. ceremonious. parsimonious. citreous. diplostemonous. autogenous. Odyssesus. maximus. S sabulous. Sibelius. viparious. androgenous. populace. SK scandalous. acinous. contaminous. misogynous. vicarious. surplus PUS Oedipus. homozygous. Sirius. pervious. lascivious. asparagus. P pancreas. tuberculous. funiculus. D Daedalus. uxorious. urinous. PL plenteous. aluminous. supercilious. scintillous. K Colobus. SK scabious. various. phototonus. tumultuous. alveolus. symphonious. terminus. voluptuous. V variolus. perilous. adulterous. poisonous. B Barnabas. pileous. miscellaneous. altocumulus. excuss. apterous. arenicolous. trapezius. TH Theseus. meticulous. mucilaginous. limulus. minimus. subcutaneous. viminious. succuss LUS A abaculus. victorious. polypus. glutinous. Words to Rhyme With pusillanimous. sedulous. sardius. leguminous. D diaphanous. Z xylotomous NUS A albuminous. surculus. guss. acarus. nucleolus. vacuous. notorious. verminous. autobus. bus. O onymous. Y euphonious. carolus. subterraneous. famulus. bulbiferous. gluttonous. solidus FUS fuss. litigious. multivious. P polygamous. N kneeling bus. L laborious. J ginglymus. credulous. usurious. G garrulous. E enormous. PL platinous. coterminous. libidinous. S saprophagous. luxurious. zoophagous KRUS ludicrous KUS abacus. O oblivious. sumpsimus. tubulus. aliferous. nocuous. monoculous. criminous. bituminous. acinus. synchronous. acephalous. O obolus. buss. mittimus. scurrilous. Z xanthomelanous PLUS nonplus. Lucretius. autonomous. androphagous. cumulous. E ephemerous. G Galapagos. menstruous. populous. homologous. scarious. SKR scrutinous. J gelatinous. P patulous. apiverous. mountainous. piteous. photipholous. R ranunculus. B bibulous. S salubrious. urogenous. strenuous. vitreous. petalous. opprobrious. euonymus. hircinous. villainous. limicolous. fructivorous. Y uranous. Proteus. plus. melodious. Orpheus. FR frugivorous. N nitrogenous.SINGLE RHYMES. uproarious. ventricolus. presumptuous. H heteronymous. K calamus. meritorious. cellulous. overplus. mellifluous. usurious BRUS tenebrous BUS A arquebus. conterminous. ST stercoricolous. PR precarious. vicissitudinous. terriginous. multifarious. globulous. temerarious. niveous. perfidious. SPL splenius. repercuss. promiscuous. diginous. resinous. oligotokous. platitudinous. FL flocculous. crepusculous. M membranous. S succubus. stibious. FR frivolous. H hydrogenous. BL blunderbuss. eponymous. obvious. T tantalus. fulgurous. sanctimonious. plumbeous. Romulus. Petronius. percuss. torminous. circumfluous. tyrannous. H heterologous. luminous. Y unanimous. T tautologous. octopus. epigenous. F physostomous. E Erebus. nodulous. miraculous. saxicolous. rubiginous. didymus. anonymous. cuss. I isologous. platypus. TR tridynamous. STR Stradivarius. autochthonous. sensuous. hydrocephalous. nimious. tumulus. amanous. I infamous. acidulous. syllabus. terricolous. K calculous. discobolus. pithecanthropus. agriculous. odious. convolvulus. Polybius. khuskhus. vernaculous. F ferruginous. struthious. androgynous. TH thalamus. regulus. serious. cinereous. azygous. posthumous. temulous. monogamous. nautilus. stimulus. volvulous. pseudonymous. angelus. tetanus. I incubus. anomalous. cirrocumulus. adventurous. punctilious. SKR scrofulous. censorious. sarcophagus. sanguineous. P pemphigus. verisimilous. Cereus. trigeminous. modiolus. convolvulous. liminous. M magnanimous. TR treasonous. pus RUS A adiaphorous. ligneous. mumpsimus. voraginous. orthotropous. bicephalous. L larcenous. M malleolus. polygyonous. O omnibus. F fabulous. ruinous. lentitudinous. BL blasphemous. athermanous. GL glamorous. KR crapulous. dichronous. consonous. Tantalus. trigeminus. studious. penurious. KR cretinous. stridulous. N nebulous. flocculus. cacophonous. KW querulous. P pendulous. polyonymous. calculus. US KR cretaceous. angulous. alkalous. TR tremulous. T tendinous. sinuous. SP spirituous. BL blusterous. H hamulus. tortuous. vertiginous. cartiliginous. polyphagous. B bigamous. phosphorous. Leviticus. phosphorous. scrupulous. I incredulous. nucleus. subaqueous. hippopotamus. thybius. S synonymous. multitudinous. I indigenous. osseous. modulus. polygenous. viduous. Z xerophobous DUS hazardous. M monophagous. luteous. Sisyphus GUS A analagous. hypothalamus. coprophagous. R radius. musculus. annulus. aligerous. pluvious. asepalous. muss. sympetalous. percutaneous. U undulous. lacteous. GR graminivorous. posticus. discuss. L libelous. doloriferous. F fossiliferous. foraminous. perspicuous. V valetudinous. autonymous.

rush. SP spiritous. mischievous. felicitous. namaycush LUSH lush MUSH mush PLUSH plush RUSH bullrush. humerus. subfusc HUSK dehusk. Hesperus. SH chivalrous. rhinoceros. carnivorous. Russ. butt. Lazarus. calciferous. compute. FR fremitus. ŪS. coadjust. tush piecrust KUST discussed. rotgut HUT hut JUT jut KUT haircut. somniferous. umbelliferous. tetrapterous. tuberous. TR traitorous. substitute. dusk FUSK fusc. nailbrush. fust GUST august. nidorous. crosscut. S sacchariferous. prosecute. FŪT confute. Pythagoras. linocut. UT ŪSH — (See OOSH) FUST fussed. lecherous. onerous. readjust. sinistrous. USH BLUSH blush. auriferous. butte. must NUST venust PLUST nonplussed RUST rust THRUST overthrust. catgut. tute — (See OOT) UT ŪST — — (See OOST. uriniferous. sawdust. polymerous. gust JUST adjust. dost. timorous. cornhusk KUSK cusk LUSK lusk. cancerous. E edematous. outflush. refute GŪT argute KŪT acute. tritavus SINGLE RHYMES. susurrus. N nectarous. woodcut MUT mutt PŪST puist UST BUST bust. vulturous. dispute. insectivorous. thus TRUS idolatrous. V vagitous. persecute. gold dust. cute. bedust. augurous. oviparous. execute. wanderlust MUST mussed. beaut. suss. J generous. husk. TR transitus. coniferous. U ulcerous. covetous. cantankerous. imposturous. torturous. M microstomatous. self-distrust. untruss TUS A aditus. permute. roisterous. venturous. USK BRUSK brusque BUSK busk DUSK adusk. indecorous. transmute NŪT Canute. combust. murmurous. K cadaverous. unflush FRUSH frush GUSH gush HUSH hush KRUSH crush KUSH Cush. L lactiferous. monomerous. Cerberus. entrust. odoriferous. peripterous. midgut. P perjurous. mollusk MUSK musk RUSK rusk TUSK tusk Malemute. distrust. Pegasus. Z Zephyrus STUS stuss SUS Caucasus. cornute. slaughterous. R rancorous. add -d where appropriate. outblush. F fatuitous. megalonisus. outrush. pesterous. sub-acute MŪT deafmute. uprush. water butt FUT phut. destitute. constitute. murderous. horrorous. stardust 155 . pestiferous. TH thunderous. D Democritus. scuttlebutt. rigorous. glut GUT foregut.) BUT abut. surrebut. cankerous. languorous. ST stelliferous. vigorous. Y ubiquitous VUS atavus. robust DUST adust. viperous. disgust. hackbut. seminiferous. xeronisus THUS antipathous. K calamitous. vermivorous. vaporous. mammiferous. SK scutiferous. KL clamorous. thrush TUSH gubbertush. underthrust. mumblecust. R riotous. clear-cut. crust. angel dust. slumberous. mute. multiparous. rebut. viviparous. Y uniparous. commute. woodrush SLUSH slush THRUSH hermit thrush. mistrust. P pachydermatous. but. blackbutt. odorous. see OOS. savorous. upthrust TRUST betrust. misadjust. H herbivorous. ponderous. unblush BRUSH airbrush. emeute. omnivorous. T tartarous. verdurous. gut. trinitous. trust. uppercut. unchivalrous. SL slanderous. carboniferous. go phut GLUT englut. numerous. PR precipitous. susurrous. electrocute. inrush. melliferous. acclivitous. comminute. just. imponderous. bottlebrush. vociferous. cussed LUST lust. piscivorous. sackbut. Butte. brush. untrust TUST vetust ŪT BŪT attribute. suppute SKŪT scute STŪT astute. truss. unjust KRUST encrust. fefnicute. paintbrush. Tartarus. Hypolitus. eczematous. minute. meute. disrepute. homopterous. fortuitous. halibut. sonorous. propositous. isomerous. newt PŪT depute. SKL sclerodermatous. prostitute.Words to Rhyme With granivorous. hagbut. sulphurous. institute. bum’s rush. solicitous. S circuitous. O obstreperous. clothesbrush. PR preposterous. infelicitous. underbrush FLUSH flush. I impetus. toothbrush. treacherous. H halitus. T tuss. icterus. emeritus. prosperous. clean-cut. uterus. missal thrush. blind trust. N necessitous. Herodotus. uncut. inodorous. velocitous. iniquitous. rhus. sudoriferous. pulverous. exitus. hindgut. impute. V valorous. ungenerous. thrust. rapturous. cut. humorous. M malodorous. metalliferous. GR gratuitous. stertorous. I Icarus. dust. hairbrush.

F fuse. TR transfuse GŪZ guze HŪZ hues KŪZ accuse. superinfuse. E effuse. strut TUT King Tut. love. misuse. unshut SKUT scut SLUT slut SMUT besmut. N nut. CH chestnut. diffuse. tut-tut Words to Rhyme With UTS KLUTS klutz PUTS putz STUTS Stutz (See UT. peachfuzz KUZ ’cause. shut. meuse. Syracuse. butternut. betelnut. mourning dove. truelove SHUV shove UZ UZ Uz BUZ abuzz. rock dove. thereof BUV above. R refuse. bitternut. whereof. GR groundnut. coz TWUZ ’twas UT (as in put) (See OOT) ŪTH SMŪTH smeuth — (See OOTH) ŪVD — (See OOV. excuse. light-o’love. G gallnut. occiput. unglove GUV gov LUV ladylove. glove. D doughnut. buzz. BL bladdernut. ringdove. P percussion fuse. interfuse. Sainte-Beuve DUV dove. humbuzz DUZ does. doz FUZ fuzz. hickory nut. muse NŪZ news SŪZ sues (danseuse. H hazelnut. bemuse. turtledove GLUV foxglove. masseuse are nearrhymes) THŪZ thews TŪZ contuse (See Ū. tut. mews. P peanut. perfuse. add -s where appropriate. putt. white-glove. K confuse.SINGLE RHYMES. self-love.) ŪZD — (See ŪZ. smut STRUT astrut. ill-use. cashew nut.) UTH DUTH doth MUTH bismuth. BR Brazil nut. putt-putt. add -d where appropriate. incuse. OOZ. I infuse. coconut. K candlenut. MŪZ amuse. sinciput RUT rut SHUT half-shut. puppy love. add -s where appropriate. outshut. cobnut. azimuth ŪZ ŪZ disuse. UT NUT B beechnut. of. disabuse ŪZH — (See OOZH) 156 . use BŪZ abuse. add -d where appropriate.) FŪZ BL blow a fuse. W walnut PUT Lilliput. D defuse. S suffuse. macadamia nut.) ŪV — (See OOV) UV UV hereof.

Also called trochaic. rhymes. or feminine.Double Rhymes (Words accented on the syllable before the last.) .

nabber SLABER beslabber. purveyance.DOUBLE RHYMES. “CO-H8-04!” GABĒ gabby GRABĒ grabby KABĒ cabby KRABĒ crabby RABĒ rabbi. labor NĀBER beggar-my-neighbor. wabe (See OBĒ) ĀAM FĀAM faham GRĀAM graham (See ĀEM) ĀAN GWĀAN Paraguayan. Ali Baba. I hear them shout as one. neighbor ABARD (See ABERD) ĀANS BĀANS abeyance VĀANS conveyance. Kaaba LÄBA laaba SÄBA casaba. piassaba TÄBA aftaba ĀAL BĀAL Baal FRĀAL defrayal GĀAL gayal TRĀAL betrayal. purveyal. rabi. They frolic in the sun. They race along the shore. portrayal VĀAL conveyal. gibber-jabber KLABER bonnyclabber. baba. ĀA Words to Rhyme With ĀA FRĀA Freya HĀA haya KĀA keya LĀA Himalaya MĀA Maya ZĀA Isaiah ÄBA ÄBA aba BÄBA Addis Ababa. kohlrabi SABĒ no sabe. slabber ABĒ ABĒ abbey BABĒ babby BLABĒ blabby DABĒ dabby DRABĒ drabby FLABĒ flabby ĀBA FĀBA faba PĀBA copaiba 158 . yabby ÄBĒ DRÄBĒ drabi HÄBĒ Wahabi HWÄBĒ whabby JÄBĒ Punjabi RÄBĒ Hammurabi. clabber KRABER crabber NABER knabber. bushbaby. surveyance ĀBĒ ĀBĒ Abie BĀBĒ baby. big baby. kohlrabi SKWÄBĒ squabby TÄBĒ tabi WÄBĒ wabby. Cayubaba DÄBA indaba KÄBA kaaba. Uruguayan KĀAN Biscayan LĀAN Malayan MĀAN Mayan NĀAN Bruneian TĀAN Altaian ĀBAK PĀBAK payback PLĀBAK playback SWĀBAK swayback ABED (See ABID) ĀBER FABER homo faber GĀBER Gheber KĀBER caber LĀBER belabor. surveyal VISION SEEN THROUGH A HEADACHE I love to watch the flocks Of Aspirin at play On Rheumatism Rocks Beside Placebo Bay. good neighbor. sabe SHABĒ shabby SKABĒ scabby SLABĒ slabby TABĒ tabby YABĒ yabbi. crybaby GĀBĒ gaby MĀBĒ maybe SĀBER saber TĀBER tabor ĀANT BĀANT abeyant MĀANT mayn’t ABER BLABER blabber DABER dabber GABER gabber GRABER grabber JABER jabber.

pensionable. I impermeable. monosyllabic. impassionable. issuable. polysyllabic. invulnerable. J justiciable. irrigable. Abel. renunciable. mensurable. PR practicable. labile NĀBL nabel. I immeasurable. inestimable. coagulable. dischargeable. I imaginable. conquerable. PR proportionable. damageable. when normally unstressed. drabble FABL fibble-fabble GABL G gabble. E expiable. rabbet. bisyllabic. unquestionable. imperviable. fathomable. PR propagable. cohabit RABIT jackrabbit. incommensurable. manageable. I interrogable. V valuable. violable MABL estimable. masticable. insufferable. inoculable. O obligeable. explicable. add -ed where appropriate. immensurable. M mitigable. inexpiable. alterable. regulable. poisonable. unpardonable PABL developable. insuperable. O objectionable. imponderable. nable SĀBL ensable. N navigable. E exorable. psychobabble BRABL brabble DABL bedabble. innumerable.) ABIT ABIT abbot BABIT babbitt. calculable. enviable. inconsiderable. Babbitt DRABIT drabbet HABIT habit. challengeable. Round Table. K cabble. decipherable. unable BĀBL Babel DWĀBL dwaible FĀBL fable. M measurable. incensurable. amiable. F fashionable. provides only a forced and undesirable rhyme. clapboard SKABERD scabbard TABERD tabard (See ABER. intolerable. inapplicable.) NABIK cannabic RABIK rabik ABL A affiliable. invaluable. I impracticable. considerable. U unimaginable. S semipermeable. U unenviable. ĀBIL (See ĀBL) dutiable. prognosticable KRABL execrable KWABL inequable LABL incalculable.) ABING (See AB. 159 . jabble. extricable. impressionable. K companionable. P pardonable. personable. disable. irremediable. worktable ABID KRABID crabbed RABID rabid TABID tabid ABIK LABIK asyllabic. pitiable. E exceptionable. inseverable. trisyllabic ABL (The adjective suffix -able in this category. R remediable. perpetuable. formidable. marriageable. M malleable. E educable. inexorable. ABL ABIL (See ABL) ÄBER (See OBER) ABIN KABIN cabin SABIN sabin ĀBERD (See ĀBER. contaminable. KW questionable. sable STĀBL stable. M mentionable.Words to Rhyme With STABER stabber YABER yabber DOUBLE RHYMES. D deliverable. F favorable. answerable. invariable. water table. gibble-gabble. table. inseparable. add -ed where appropriate. exculpable. M manducable. turntable. inalienable. inviolable. unchallengeable. unfathomable NABL D disciplinable. inhabit. K commemorable. knowledgeable. undevelopable RABL A admirable. duplicable. irrecoverable. unstable TĀBL retable. eradicable. discoverable. dishonorable. pay cable LĀBL label. P permeable. dabble. memorable. L leviable. unmanageable KABL D despicable. S segregable. U unmitigable GRABL grabble HABL habile JABL acknowledgeable. timetable. interminable. add -ing where appropriate. multisyllabic. fibble-fable GĀBL gable JĀBL jibble-jable KĀBL cable. rabbit SABIT sabot ABET (See ABIT) ĀBL ĀBĒZ BĀBĒZ babies GĀBĒZ gabies RĀBĒZ rabies SKĀBĒZ scabies TĀBĒZ tabes ĀBL able.) ABERD GABERD gabbard KLABERD clabbered. reformable. inexplicable. D differentiable. unformidable DRABL bedrabble. thermostable. enable. S sanctionable. variable BABL babble.

publishable. U undecipherable. inhabitable. PR precipitable. hospitable. wobble (See OBL) VĀBŌ lavabo ZĀBŌ gazabo. P ponderable. extinguishable. S censurable. distributable. undistinguishable. unlovable Words to Rhyme With ABLĒ BABLĒ babbly DABLĒ dabbly DRABLĒ drably GABLĒ gabbly SHABLĒ Chablis SKRABLĒ scrabbly ÄBRA ÄBRA abra DÄBRA abracadabra LÄBRA candelabra SÄBRA sabra ĀBRAM ĀBLER (See ĀBL. establish. O offerable. stablish ACHĒ BACHĒ hibachi KACHĒ catchee. ribble-rabble. CH charitable.) (See ĀBRUM) ĀBRUM ABLER GABLER gabbler. gazebo ABŌ ABŌ babbo SABŌ sabot ZHABŌ jabot ÄCHĒ ÄCHĒ mariachi BÄCHĒ hibachi MÄCHĒ hamachi RÄCHĒ huarache. inimitable. T temperable. discreditable. E equitable. noticeable. evitable. KR creditable. reestablish. uncomfortable. unbalanceable. heritable. inhospitable.DOUBLE RHYMES. K comfortable. imperishable. unserviceable SHABL distinguishable. indomitable. vulnerable SABL balanceable. profitable. covetable. purchasable. R rabble. H habitable. perishable. irritable. indistinguishable. cipherable. matchy PACHĒ patchy SKRACHĒ scratchy SNACHĒ snatchy ĀBŌ ÄBL KÄBL Kabul SKWÄBL squabble WÄBL wabble. unextinguishable. D decapitable. Scrabble TABL A attributable. inequitable. renderable. separable. indubitable. PL pleasurable. uninhabitable TRABL impenetrable VABL unlivable. unalterable. Karachi SÄCHĒ Versace TÄCHĒ Hitachi (See OCHĒ) ABLD SMABLD smabbled SNABLD snabbled (See ABL. I illimitable. Hedda Gabler (See ABL. N numerable. seecatchie MACHĒ machi. superable. candelabrum ABLET KRABLET crablet TABLET tablet ĀBRUS ĀBRUS Abrus GLĀBRUS glabrous SKĀBRUS scabrous ABLISH BABLISH babblish STABLISH disestablish. disserviceable. L limitable. interpretable. rememberable. U uncharitable.) ĀBOI LĀBOI layboy PLĀBOI playboy ĀBLĒ ĀBLĒ ably STĀBLĒ stably ACHEL HACHEL hatchel RACHEL ratchel SACHEL satchel ABOT (See ABIT) 160 . PR preferable. sufferable. serviceable. inevitable. unnoticeable. ÄBL miserable. unpublishable SKABL scabble SKRABL scrabble. tolerable. recoverable.) ĀBRUM Abram FLĀBRUM flabrum LĀBRUM labrum. no catchee. add -r where appropriate. honorable. F forgettable. unpurchasable. V venerable. impassable. add -r where appropriate. dubitable. add -d where appropriate. inextinguishable.

add -ing where appropriate. batcher KACHER catcher. detachment ÄDA DÄDA dada.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. panada ACHER BACHER bacher. snatcher STACHER stature THACHER thatcher (See ACH. cony-catcher. flycatcher. Dada FÄDA intifada MĀDĒ maidy 161 . landlady. charlady. prickmadam ACHEZ LACHEZ laches NACHEZ Natchez (See ACH. Granada. mulada MÄDA armada NÄDA aficionada. birdcatcher. empanada. unnature ÄCHŌ CHÄCHŌ muchacho MÄCHŌ macho NÄCHŌ nacho PÄCHŌ gazpacho. carpaccio GÄDA Haggadah KÄDA cicada LÄDA big enchalada. Grenada. panada VĀDA ayurveda. nature. Theravada YÄDA yada yada yada ZÄDA shahzada ACHET BRACHET brachet FLACHET flatchet HACHET hatchet KRACHET Bob Cratchet LACHET latchet RACHET ratchet SMACHET smatchet ĀDAL ACHWERK KACHWERK catchwork PACHWERK patchwork TRÄDAL tradal VĀDAL wedel ADAM ĀDĀ HĀDĀ heyday MĀDĀ Mayday PĀDĀ payday PLĀDĀ playday ADAM Adam KADAM macadam MADAM madam. nada. enchalada. cadi. add -es where appropriate. cleaning lady.) ACHWĀ HACHWĀ hatchway KACHWĀ catchway PÄDA pratityasamutpada SÄDA pasada SRÄDA sraddha STRÄDA autostrada TÄDA tostada TRÄDA contrada VÄDA Nevada. add -less where appropriate. milady ACHMENT HACHMENT hatchment KACHMENT catchment PACHMENT dispatchment RACHMENT ratchment TACHMENT attachment.) ADA ADA adda DADA dada SADA sadda ĀDĒ BRĀDĒ braidy FĀDĒ fady FRĀDĒ ’fraidy GLĀDĒ glady JĀDĒ jady KĀDĒ alcaide. Sierra Nevada. ĀDĒ ĀCHER KĀCHER plicature KLĀCHER nomenclature LĀCHER legislature NĀCHER denature. add -er where appropriate. queezmadam. dogcatcher ACHUP KACHUP catchup MACHUP matchup SNACHER bodysnatcher.) ĀDANS ĀDA GRĀDA digitigrada KĀDA cicada MĀDA armada NĀDA Granada. journada. cascady LĀDĒ bag lady. lady. Veda (See ĀDENS) ACHING (See ACH. belady. colada.) ĀDÄR GĀDÄR gaydar RĀDÄR radar ACHLES (See ACH. forelady. Grenada.

add -ed where appropriate. ADĒ SHĀDĒ shady VĀDĒ vade.) ADED (See AD. triadic GADIK haggadic KADIK decadic. sadder (See AD. quadi MÄDĒ Mahdi RÄDĒ irade SKWÄDĒ squaddy WÄDĒ waddy. add -ing where appropriate. caddy LADĒ laddie. dairy-maiden. laden. add -er where appropriate. sugar daddy ADEN BADEN Abaddon GLADEN engladden. maiden. gladden. laddy MADĒ maddy PADĒ paddy PLADĒ plaidie ĀDENS ĀDENS aidance KĀDENS cadence.DOUBLE RHYMES.) ADIK ADIK dyadic. aidant KĀDENT cadent. saccadic KLADIK Cycladic LADIK Helladic MADIK nomadic NADIK monadik. finnan haddie. regladden LADEN Aladdin MADEN madden SADEN sadden ĀDĒZ HĀDĒZ Hades KĀDĒZ Cadiz LĀDĒZ ladies SĀDĒZ Mercedes FADĒ faddy GADĒ gaddi. jihadi KADĒ caddie. decadence ADĒZ BADĒZ baddies DADĒZ daddies LADĒZ laddies PLADĒZ plaidies ĀDENT ĀDENT abraidant. decadent ÄDĒ KÄDĒ cadi. sadist ADĒ ADĒ addy BADĒ baddie. stepladder MADER madder NADER nadder SADER sadr.) ADER ADER adder BADER badder BLADER bladder DADER dadder GADER gadder GLADER gladder LADER ladder. overladen. Wade. OD.) ĀDING (See ĀD. tornadic. big daddy. unladen ÄDER SÄDER sadr (See ÄD. sporadic TADIK octadic. Gaddi GLADĒ gladdie HADĒ haddie. add -er where appropriate.) 162 . add -er or -der where appropriate. flower-maiden. snow-maiden Words to Rhyme With ADEST FADEST faddist GLADEST gladdest SADEST saddest. vanadic RADIK faradic.) ĀDIK NĀDIK tornadic VĀDIK Vedic ĀDED (See ĀD. Sotadic TRADIK tetradic ÄDED (See ÄD. add -ed where appropriate. underladen. add -ed where appropriate. wadi (See ODĒ) ADFUL GLADFUL gladful MADFUL madful SADFUL sadful ĀDER NĀDER nadir SĀDER Seder (See ĀD. baddy DADĒ Baghdadi.) ĀDEN ĀDEN Aden HĀDEN menhaden LĀDEN heavy-laden. vady MĀDEN bower-maiden. daddy.

western saddle SKADL scaddle.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. frayedness STĀDNES staidness. add -less where appropriate. add -ing where appropriate. straddle ADING (See AD.) ĀDL DRĀDL dreidel GRĀDL gradal HĀDL hadal KRĀDL encradle. add -ing where appropriate.) ADLING (See ADL.) ÄDLĒ TWÄDLĒ twaddly WÄDLĒ waddly (See ODLĒ) ÄDING (See ÄD. add -r where appropriate. add -d where appropriate.) STĀDISH staidish ADISH BADISH baddish FADISH faddish GLADISH gladdish KADISH caddish. add -r where appropriate. Mortimer Adler (See ADL. cradle LĀDL ladle TRADL tradal VĀDL wedel ÄDLING ĀDLĒ GRĀDLĒ gradely. ADNES PADL dogpaddle.) ĀDNES FRĀDNES afraidness. retrogradely MĀDLĒ dismayedly STĀDLĒ staidly (See ÄDL. fiddle-faddle NADL gonadal BADLĒ badly BRADLĒ Bradley GLADLĒ gladly MADLĒ madly SADLĒ sadly ADNES BADNES badness GLADNES gladness MADNES madness 163 .) ĀDISH JĀDISH jadish MĀDISH maidish. bestraddle. ODL.) ADLER ADLER Felix Adler. mermaidish. add -ing where appropriate. skedaddle FADL faddle. saddle. sidesaddle. ODL.) ĀDLD KRĀDLD encradled. ODL. radish SADISH saddish ĀDLES ĀDLES aidless (See ĀD. add -ing where appropriate. cradled WĀDLD wedeled ĀDLING KRĀDLING encradling. add -d where appropriate. cradling MĀDLING maidling WĀDLING wedeling ADLD (See ADL. unsaddle. skaddle SPRADL spraddle STADL staddle STRADL astraddle. unstaidness ADLĒ ADL ADL addle DADL daddle. old-maidish ÄDL DÄDL daidle KWÄDL quaddle SWÄDL swaddle TWÄDL twaddle WÄDL waddle (See ODL) ÄDLER (See ÄDL. OD. paddle RADL raddle SADL packsaddle.) ADIST (See ADEST) ÄDLD (See ÄDL. Kaddish MADISH maddish PLADISH plaidish RADISH horseradish.

MĀEM mayhem (See ĀAM) AFER CHAFER chaffer GAFER gaffer. Laredo SĀDŌ camisado. reposado TÄDŌ pintado. Coronado PÄDŌ strappado PRÄDŌ Prado RÄDŌ amorado. Playfair AFĒ BAFĒ baffy CHAFĒ chaffy DAFĒ daffy DRAFĒ draffy FAFĒ faffy TAFĒ taffy ĀDUS GRĀDUS gradus KLĀDUS cladus ADŌ RADŌ Colorado SHADŌ foreshadow. barricado. bastinado. Dei HWĀĒ wheyey KLĀĒ clayey SPRĀĒ sprayey AFĒN GRAFĒN graphene KAFĒN caffeine ÄDŌ ÄDŌ zapateado DÄDŌ dado GÄDŌ juzgado KÄDŌ avocado. record player. ghaffir GRAFER graffer KAFER Kaffir KWAFER quaffer LAFER laugher PYAFER piaffer STAFER staffer ZAFER zaffer — ÄDOO — FÄDOO fado SÄDOO sadhu ĀER BRĀER brayer DĀER doomsdayer 164 . Mikado. intrados VĀDŌS vadose ĀDŌ BĀDŌ gambado DĀDŌ dado GĀDŌ renegado KĀDŌ ambuscado. add -er where appropriate. purveyor. stoccado KRĀDŌ credo LĀDŌ scalado MĀDŌ fumado NĀDŌ bastinado. tornado PĀDŌ strappado PLĀDŌ Play-Doh RĀDŌ desperado. kurveyor. yea-sayer ADSUM GLADSUM gladsome MADSUM madsome TĀER metayer VĀER conveyor. carbonado. mormaor PLĀER player. carbonado. shadow ĀĒ DĀĒ Agnus Dei. nay-sayer. crusado SPĀDŌ spado VĀDŌ muscovado LĀER layer MĀER mayor. doomsayer.M. stoccado LÄDŌ amontillado MÄDŌ quemado NÄDŌ aficionado. Colorado SÄDŌ passado. dorado. desperado. surveyor (See Ā. sticcado. incommunicado. muscovado ÄĒ BÄĒ rubai KÄĒ kai. imbrocado. cockchafer SĀFER safer.DOUBLE RHYMES.) ĀFĀR ADUK BADUK baddock HADUK haddock PADUK paddock SHADUK shaddock MĀFĀR Mayfair PLĀFĀR play fair. ĀDŌ PLADNES plaidness SADNES sadness Words to Rhyme With ĀDŌS BĀDŌS Barbados TRĀDŌS extrados. sayer. overshadow. grenado. vouchsafer STRĀFER strafer WĀFER wafer ĀEM ĀEM A. El Dorado. kai-kai SÄĒ sai TÄĒ Tai ĀFER CHĀFER chafer. video player SĀER assayer. remontado VÄDŌ bravado.

GL glyptographic. N noematachographic. S selenographic. melographic. GR graphic. idiographic. H heliographic. hereinafter. draughtage GRAFTIJ graftage WAFTIJ waftage 165 .) RAFLER raffler SKRAFLER scraffler ÄFING AFIK DAFIK edaphic GRAFIK A analyptographic. AFTIJ ÄFER KWÄFER quaffer LÄFER laugher (See OFER) AFING (See AF. stylographic. ethneographic. autographic. autobiographic. hyetographic. orographic. T tachygraphic. cosmographic.) AFLER BAFLER baffler HAFLER haffler AFTIJ DRAFTIJ draftage. petrographic. add -ing where appropriate. zincographic. crystallographic. ethnographic. chromographic. add -ing where appropriate. L lexigraphic. diagraphic. biographic. photographic. orthographic. add -ing where appropriate. lexicographic. sciagraphic. O oleographic. Y uranographic. pyrographic. KL clinographic. scenographic. chorographic. SF sphenographic. histographic. logographic.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. F phonographic. draughter LÄFTER laughter WÄFTER wafter ĀFING (See ĀF. cinematographic. E engraphic. hereafter. paragraphic. isographic. Z xylographic. homographic. KR cryptographic. horologiographic. historiographic. demographic. seismographic. STR stratigraphic. J geographic.) ÄFTER ÄFTER after. stratographic. P paleographic. ichnographic. zoographic MAFIK maffick SAFIK Sapphic RAFIK seraphic TAFIK epitaphic TRAFIK traffic (See ÄF. chirographic. epigraphic. whereafter. hierographic. pantographic. choreographic. homolographic.) AFLING BAFLING baffling HAFLING halfling KAFLING calfling RAFLING raffling SKRAFLING scraffling SNAFLING snaffling AFIZM SAFIZM sapphism SKAFIZM scaphism ÄFLING HÄFLING halfling KÄFLING calfling WÄFLING waffling AFL BAFL baffle DAFL daffle GAFL gaffle HAFL haffle MAFL maffle RAFL raffle SKRAFL scraffle SNAFL snaffle TAFL taffle YAFL yaffle AFTĒ DRAFTĒ drafty GRAFTĒ grafty KRAFTĒ crafty RAFTĒ rafty WAFTĒ wafty ÄFL FÄFL faffel LÄFL felafel WÄFL waffle (See OFL) AFTER DAFTER dafter DRAFTER drafter GRAFTER grafter HAFTER hafter LAFTER laughter RAFTER rafter WAFTER wafter AFLD SKAFLD scaffold (See AFL. monographic. I ideographic. pasigraphic. thereafter ÄFLD FÄFLD faffled WÄFLD waffled DRÄFTER drafter. siderographic. D dactylographic. holographic. G galvanographic. K cacographic. heterographic. add -d where appropriate. topographic. ST stenographic. hydrographic. pornographic. B bibliographic. M macrographic. polygraphic. telegraphic. cartographic. calligraphic. micrographic. chronographic. neurographic. typographic.

ragi SAGĒ saggy SHAGĒ shaggy SKRAGĒ scraggy AGER AGER agar. one-bagger ĀGA BĀGA rutabaga DĀGA bodega. unplayful TRĀFUL trayful YĀFUL yeaful AGAT (See AGUT) AGĒ BAGĒ beggie. Onondaga MĀGA omega PLĀGA plaga SĀGA saga STRĀGA strega VĀGA vega. Vega ÄGA ÄGA aga. handicraftsman AGART (See AGERT) ĀGER JĀGER jager.) ĀGAL (See ĀGL) AGED ĀGAN (See ĀGEN) AFTLES (See AFT. sagger SHAGER shagger 166 . handicraftsman RAFTSMAN raftsman ÄGAR (See ÄGER) ĀGEN FĀGEN fagin. carpetbagger. add -ing where appropriate. add -less where appropriate. naggy RAGĒ raggee.) JAGED jagged KRAGED cragged RAGED ragged SKRAGED scragged AFTSMAN DRAFTSMAN draftsman KRAFTSMAN craftsman. agar-agar BAGER bagger. jaeger MĀGER maigre NĀGER canaigre PLĀGER plaguer VĀGER vaguer YĀGER jaeger RAFTSMAN raftsman ĀFUL NĀFUL nayful PLĀFUL playful. upeygan RĀGEN Reagan VĀGEN Vegan AGARD (See AGERD) ÄFTSMAN DRAFTSMAN draftsman KRAFTSMAN craftsman. two-bagger. ÄFTIJ Words to Rhyme With KWÄGA quagga MÄGA maga SÄGA saga SLAGĒ slaggy SNAGĒ snaggy STAGĒ staggy SWAGĒ swaggy TAGĒ taggy WAGĒ waggy ÄFTIJ DRÄFTIJ draftage. baggy BRAGĒ braggy DAGĒ daggy DRAGĒ draggy FAGĒ faggy FLAGĒ flaggy GAGĒ gaggy HAGĒ haggy JAGĒ jaggy KRAGĒ craggy KWAGĒ quaggy LAGĒ laggy NAGĒ knaggy. three-bagger. raggy. Fagin HĀGEN Copenhagen PĀGEN pagan. agha GÄGA gaga BRAGER bragger DAGER dagger DRAGER dragger FAGER fagger FLAGER flagger FRAGER fragger GAGER gagger JAGER jagger LAGER lagger MAGER magger NAGER nagger RAGER ragger SAGER saggar. four-bagger.DOUBLE RHYMES. draughtage WÄFTIJ waftage AFTING (See AFT.

pichiciago BĀGŌ lumbago. plumbago. draggler GAGLER gaggler HAGLER haggler STRAGLER straggler WAGLER waggler ĀGŌ ĀGŌ San Diego. draggle GAGL gaggle HAGL haggle KWAGL quaggle PAGL paggle RAGL raggle STRAGL straggle TAGL raggle-taggle WAGL waggel. waggle AGERD BLAGERD blackguard BRAGERD braggard HAGERD haggard LAGERD laggard STAGERD staggard. Winnebago DĀGŌ dago. sebago.Words to Rhyme With SNAGER snagger STAGER stagger SWAGER swagger TAGER tagger WAGER wagger. Tobago.) AGMA LAGMA malagma MAGMA magma TAGMA syntagma ÄGER ÄGER agar. solidago 167 . inveigle. vasovagal AGLING DAGLING boondaggling. agar-agar LÄGER lager.) ĀGLER NĀGLER finagler VĀGLER inveigler AGNUS MAGNUS magnus SFAGNUS sphagnous AGISH BRAGISH braggish FLAGISH flaggish HAGISH haggish JAGISH jaggish LAGISH laggish NAGISH naggish WAGISH waggish AGLER DAGLER daggler DRAGLER bedraggler. laager AGL DAGL bedaggle. add -ing where appropriate. add -ing where appropriate. wigwagger ZAGER zigzagger DOUBLE RHYMES. staggered SWAGERD swaggered AGMAN BAGMAN bagman DRAGMAN dragman FLAGMAN flagman GAGMAN gagman RAGMAN ragman SWAGMAN swagman AGERT BRAGERT braggart STAGERT staggart AGNĀT ĀGLD NĀGLD finagled VĀGLD inveigled AGNĀT agnate MAGNĀT magnate STAGNĀT stagnate AGET (See AGUT) AGNET AGLĒ DRAGLĒ draggly HAGLĒ haggly STRAGLĒ straggly WAGLĒ waggly DRAGNET dragnet MAGNET magnet ĀGIN (See ĀGEN) AGNUM MAGNUM magnum SFAGNUM sphagnum AGING FRAGING fragging (See AG. ĀGŌ ĀGL BĀGL bagel HĀGL Hegel NĀGL finagle PĀGL paigle PLĀGL plagal VĀGL vagal. daggle DRAGL bedraggle. daggling (See AGL.

paddy wagon. voltaic ZĀIK anti-Mosaic. Viagra DAGRA podagra LAGRA pellagra ÄGWA ÄGWA agua HÄGWA majagua JÄGWA jagua NÄGWA Managua RÄGWA Nicaragua. Yahoo AGUN AGUN agon DRAGUN dragon. pre-Mosaic. pendragon. paradisaic. Passaic TĀIK Altaic. stylagalmaic AGOT (See AGUT) AGRA AGRA Niagara. add -s where appropriate. stenopaic RĀIK tesseraic SĀIK Pharisaic. fagot MAGUT maggot. Tierra del Fuego LĀGŌ galago MĀGŌ archimago. laic MĀIK Aramaic. imago PĀGŌ galapago RĀGŌ farrago. spondaic AGON (See AGUN) AGUT AGUT agate BAGUT baggit FAGUT faggot. Judaic. haha. archaic.) ĀGRANS FLĀGRANS flagrance FRĀGRANS fragrance VĀGRANS vagrants AGZMAN DRAGZMAN dragsman KRAGZMAN cragsman NAGZMAN nagsman ĀIN PRĀIN pray-in STĀIN stay-in WĀIN weigh-in ĀGRANT FLĀGRANT flagrant FRĀGRANT fragrant. Hebraic DĀIK Eddaic. Chaldaic sodaic. Santiago KÄGŌ Chicago LÄGŌ salago RÄGŌ farrago FLAGUN flagon LAGUN lagan WAGUN chuckwagon. Sadducaic. Jagataic. deltaic. magus PĀGUS pagus RĀGUS choragus TRĀGUS tragus VĀGUS Las Vegas. Brahmaic. piragua YÄGWA yagua NĀIK Sinaic. Romaic. Syrenaic PĀIK apotropaic. prosaic. Ptolemaic. maja TÄHA taha — ÄHOO — ÄHOO Oahu — KÄHOO kahu — MÄHOO Mahu — SÄHOO sahu — WÄHOO wahoo — YÄHOO yahoo. wagon ĀIJ DRĀIJ drayage PĀIJ peage WĀIJ weighage ĀGON DĀGON Dagon SĀGON Saigon ĀGUS MĀGUS archimagus. sapsago Words to Rhyme With AGRIK DAGRIK podagric RAGRIK chiragric MÄHA maha. mosaic. trochaic LĀIK formulaic. infragrant VĀGRANT vagrant ÄHA ÄHA aha. add -ing where appropriate. taiaha KÄHA kaha ĀING (See Ā. Alhambraic. suffrago. snapdragon ÄGŌ ÄGŌ Iago. vorago SĀGŌ sago. ÄGŌ FWĀGŌ cacafuego.DOUBLE RHYMES. Mosaic. magot KĀIK Alcaic. virago. stanzaic ĀIKS TĀIKS aretaics (See ĀIKS. vagus ĀIK BRĀIK algebraic.) 168 . on the wagon.

pre-engagement SWĀJER assuager. old-stager. raca SÄKA Lusaka. stager. omophagic. ellagic. medaka HÄKA Hakka. raca SHĀKA abhiseka WĀKA weka ĀJĒ KĀJĒ cagey MĀJĒ Meiji RĀJĒ ragy SĀJĒ sagy STĀJĒ stagy AJIL AJIL agile FRAJIL fragile VAJIL vagile AKA BAKA bacca DAKA Dacca FAKA sifaka LAKA lacca. golden-ager. engager. kaka NÄKA kanaka PÄKA paca RÄKA jararaca. prosaism AJIK FAJIK androphagic. Oaxaca KÄKA Titicaca. pelagic MAJIK magic. karaka. rager ĀJLES (See ĀJ. add -ish where appropriate. Osaka TÄKA pataca ĀJER ĀJER ager.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. trumpet major PĀJER pager RĀJER enrager. engagement. benthopelagic. lotophagic. portulaca PAKA alpaca RAKA maraca AJĒ HAJĒ hadji KAJĒ cadgy RAJĒ karadji WAJĒ howadji ĀJING (See ĀJ. noncontagious ĀIZM DĀIZM chaldaism LĀIZM Laism ZĀIZM Mosaism. major. courageous. tragic ĀKA ĀKA cloaca. polacca. anthropophagic. add -less where appropriate. theophagic LAJIK archipelagic. outrageous ĀIST BRĀIST algebraist KĀIST archaist MĀIST Ptolemaist SĀIST pharisaist ZĀIST prosaist AJET GAJET gadget WAJET wadget TĀJUS advantageous. Menelaus NĀIS nais THĀIS Thais ĀJMENT GĀJMENT disengagement.) 169 . gauger KĀJER cager MĀJER drum major.) AJER AJER agger BAJER badger FAJER fadger KAJER cadger KĀJMENT encagement RĀJMENT enragement. Malacca. theomagic RAJIK hemorrhagic. add -ing where appropriate. sager STĀJER downstager. chimopelagic. oragious. upstager ĀIS DĀIS dais LĀIS Lais.) ÄKA AJING BAJING badging KAJING cadging BÄKA saltimbocca DÄKA medaca. contagious. disadvantageous. gager. choragic TRAJIK antitragic. ÄKA SĀJER presager. teenager GĀJER disengager. cueca CHĀKA Cheka KĀKA Macaca LĀKA kamalayka MĀKA Jamaica RĀKA bareca. curagement SĀJMENT presagement SWĀJMENT assuagement ĀJUS BĀJUS ambagious BRĀJUS umbrageous PĀJUS rampageous RĀJUS harageous. swager WĀJER wager ĀISH (See Ā. sarcophagic.

Yaqui (See OK. manufacture FRAKCHER fracture PAKCHER compacture TRAKCHER contracture FORGETFULNESS It was a lovely love affair . blacky HAKĒ hacky HWAKĒ whacky KAKĒ khaki KRAKĒ gimcracky. unshaken. saki TÄKĒ shiitake YÄKĒ sukiyaki. overtaken. AKAK Words to Rhyme With AKAK AKAK ack-ack KAKAK kakkak ĀKDOUN BRĀKDOUN breakdown SHĀKDOUN shakedown TĀKDOUN takedown ÄKĒ DÄKĒ enohidake KÄKĒ kaki. reawaken. One of those. wiseacre AKCHER FAKCHER facture. wind-shaken TĀKEN mistaken. ticky-tacky WAKĒ wacky AKEN BLAKEN blacken BRAKEN bracken KRAKEN kraken SLAKEN slacken AKBRĀND KRAKBRĀND crackbrained SLAKBRĀND slackbrained ÄKEN ÄKEN Aachen KRÄKEN kraken LÄKEN Interlaken AKBUT HAKBUT hackbut SAKBUT sackbut ĀKER ĀKER acher. cracky KWAKĒ quacky LAKĒ lackey MAKĒ maki NAKĒ knacky PAKĒ Paki RAKĒ raki SAKĒ Nagasaki. untaken. Nagasaki. uptaken WĀKEN awaken. akee BLAKĒ blackie. waken AKĀT BAKĀT baccate PLAKĀT placate SAKĀT saccate AKĒ AKĒ ackee. khaki.) AKAL (See AKL) AKDOUN BAKDOUN backdown KRAKDOUN crackdown AKARD JAKARD jacquard LAKARD lacquered NAKARD knackered PAKARD Packard PLAKARD placard ĀKĒ ĀKĒ achy. But who. Sabbath-breaker. or why. jawbreaker. pacate PLĀKĀT placate VĀKĀT vacate SHĀKEN shaken. fiacre. heartbreaker. sake. braker. or when. icebreaker. teriyaki. God knows. stavesacre. trucebreaker FĀKER faker. breaker. tiebreaker.DOUBLE RHYMES. law-breaker. sake. cocky LÄKĒ souvlaki MÄKĒ maki. headachy BRĀKĒ braky FĀKĒ faky FLĀKĒ flaky KĀKĒ caky KWĀKĒ quakie. quaky LĀKĒ laky RĀKĒ Reiki SHĀKĒ shaky SLĀKĒ slaky SNĀKĒ snaky TRĀKĒ traiky ĀKEN BĀKEN bacon KRĀKEN kraken MĀKEN Jamaican. add -y where appropriate. BĀKER baker BRĀKER backbreaker. . or where. fakir 170 . rewaken. acre. unforsaken ĀKĀT PĀKĀT opacate. saki TAKĒ tacky. Godforsaken. undertaken. strikebreaker. theomachy NÄKĒ Abnaki RÄKĒ Iraqi SÄKĒ Kawasaki. . taken. see also OKĒ. Macon SĀKEN forsaken. housebreaker.

partaker. shaker. taker. haymaker. troublemaker.Words to Rhyme With FLĀKER flaker KWĀKER Quaker LĀKER laker. whacker JAKER hijacker KLAKER clacker KRAKER firecracker. maker. Shaker STĀKER grubstaker. cracker. waker DOUBLE RHYMES. yakker AKIK AKIK Noachic BAKIK bacchic BRAKIK tribrachic MAKIK stomachic SKAKIK scacchic SPAKL spackle. raker SĀKER forsaker. clamcracker. polacre NAKER knacker PAKER packer RAKER racker SAKER ransacker. clockmaker.) AKING (See AK. lacquer. lawmaker. add -ing where appropriate. redjacket. unshackle AKIJ PAKIJ package RAKIJ wrackage SAKIJ sackage STAKIJ stackage TRAKIJ trackage AKER AKER coniaker BAKER backer BLAKER blacker CHAKER whinchacker HAKER hacker HWAKER bushwhacker. rackett. add -ing where appropriate. macle NAKL hibernacle.) AKLD KAKLD cackled (See AKL. shackly SLAKLĒ slackly TAKLĒ tackly AKET BRAKET bracket FLAKET flacket HAKET hurley-hacket JAKET bluejacket. yellowjacket AKISH BLAKISH blackish BRAKISH brackish KWAKISH quackish AKLER HAKLER hackler KAKLER cackler 171 . naker RĀKER moonraker. bookmaker. pacemaker. watchmaker NĀKER nacre. tabernacle SHAKL hamshackle. simulacre MĀKER boilermaker. sacker SLAKER slacker SMAKER smacker SNAKER snacker STAKER stacker TAKER attacker. shoemaker. add -d where appropriate. lumberjacket. untackle ÄKL BÄKL debacle (See OKL) ĀKING (See ĀK. retackle. staker TĀKER caretaker. painstaker. racquet SAKET sacket TAKET tacket NAKISH knackish SLAKISH slackish AKKLOTH PAKKLOTH packcloth SAKKLOTH sackcloth ĀKIJ BRĀKIJ brakage. corncracker. ramshackle. mistaker. straitjacket. tacker THWAKER thwacker TRAKER tracker YAKER yacker.) AKLĒ ĀKISH ĀKISH achish RĀKISH rakish SNĀKISH snakish BLAKLĒ blackly KAKLĒ cackly KRAKLĒ crackly SHAKLĒ ramshackly. undertaker WĀKER awaker. matchmaker. jacket. leatherjacket. breakage FLĀKIJ flakage AKL AKL piacle BAKL debacle BRAKL brackle GRAKL grackle HAKL hackle JAKL jackal KAKL cackle KRAKL crackle KWAKL quackle MAKL mackle. Spackle TAKL tackle. nutcracker KWAKER quacker LAKER lacker. shackle. dressmaker. peacemaker. AKLER KRAKET cracket NAKET nacket PAKET packet PLAKET placket RAKET racket. saker SHĀKER boneshaker.

homotaxy. taxi. tobacco HWAKŌ whacko JAKŌ jako KAKŌ icaco RAKŌ goracco SHAKŌ shako SKWAKŌ squacko WAKŌ wacko ĀKRON Akron DĀKRON Dacron MĀKRON macron AKLOG BAKLOG backlog HAKLOG hacklog ĀKRUM LĀKRUM simulacrum SĀKRUM sacrum.DOUBLE RHYMES. makomako NÄKŌ guanaco. tetradrachma ÄKŌ CHÄKO cheechako GWÄKŌ guaco MÄKŌ mako. diaxon DRAKSEN dendraxon FLAKSEN flaxen JAKSEN Jackson KAKSEN caxon KLAKSEN klaxon SAKSEN Anglo-Saxon. add -less where appropriate. sacral ĀKRON AKŌ BAKŌ backhoe. ĀKLES KRAKLER crackler SHAKLER hamshackler. packman ĀKOF BĀKOF Bake-Off RĀKOF rakeoff TĀKOF takeoff AKSEN AKSEN axon. add -less where appropriate. shackler TAKLER tackler Words to Rhyme With AKNĒ AKNĒ acne HAKNĒ hackney ĀKOUT BRĀKOUT breakout SHĀKOUT shakeout STĀKOUT stakeout TĀKOUT takeout ĀKLES (See ĀK. synsacrum AKMA CHAKMA chacma DRAKMA drachma. geotaxy. heterotaxy.) ĀKŌ DRĀKŌ Draco KĀKŌ macaco MĀKŌ mako SĀKŌ Seiko SHĀKŌ shako WĀKŌ Waco AKLING HAKLING hackling KAKLING cackling KRAKLING crackling SHAKLING hamshackling. mataco (See OKŌ) AKSĒ BRAKSĒ braxy DAKSĒ tachydidaxy FLAKSĒ flaxy MAKSĒ maxi TAKSĒ ataky. biotaxy. shackling TAKLING tackling AKREL MAKREL mackerel SAKREL craniosacral. Saxon WAKSEN waxen AKMĒ AKMĒ acme LAKMĒ Lakme NAKMĒ menacme ĀKON (See ĀKEN) 172 . eutaxy ĀKMAN BRĀKMAN brakeman KĀKMAN cakeman WAKSĒ waxy AKMAN BLAKMAN blackman JAKMAN jackman PAKMAN Pac-man. Monaco PÄKŌ paco TÄKŌ taco.) AKNES BLAKNES blackness SLAKNES slackness AKPOT JAKPOT jackpot KRAKPOT crackpot AKLES (See AK.

photoactive. parallactic. F faction. infraction. retractive. transactor BAKTER abactor. galactic. catallactic. circumgalactic FAKTLĒ matter-of-factly PAKTLĒ compactly STRAKTLĒ abstractly TAKTLĒ intactly ZAKTLĒ exactly AKTRES AKTRES actress FAKTRES benefactress. geotaxis. chiropraxis. subcontractor ZAKTER exacter. ST stupefaction. reenactor. protractile. L labefaction. stupefactive FRAKTIV diffractive. tumefaction FRAKSHUN diffraction. calefactive. stoopbackedly STAKSIS epistaxis. protractive. extractive. contracter. subtractive. S subaction. extracter. retroactive FAKTIV factive. subtraction. contraction. taxis. refractor LAKTER pylacter MAKTER climacter PAKTER compacter PRAKTER chiropractor RAKTER varactor STRAKTER abstractor TAKTER contactor. AKTRES AKSHUN AKSHUN A abreaction. TR transaction DAKSHUN redaction FAKSHUN B benefaction. protractor. extraction. extragalactic. K calefaction. coactive. distractive. liquefaction. lactate TRAKTĀT tractate FRAKTIL fractile TAKTIL tactile TRAKTIL contractile. praxis. protactic. thermotaxis AKSMAN KRAKSMAN cracksman TAKSMAN tacksman. taction TRAKSHUN attraction. unattractive AKSHUS FAKSHUS factious FRAKSHUS fractious AKSIS AKSIS axis DAKSIS pseudaxis LAKSIS anaphylaxis. prophylaxis NAKSIS synaxis PRAKSIS ideopraxis. counteraction. taxman AKTIK DAKTIK didactic FRAKTIK emphractic LAKTIK anaphylactic. subracter. inactive. olfactor FRAKTER diffractor. R reaction. D dissatisfaction. tractive. E expergefaction. putrefactive. reactive. E enaction. putrefaction. S satisfaction. exactor AKTIV AKTIV active. parataxis. tractor. covert action. hyperactive. P petrifaction. enactive. olfactive. staxis TAKSIS phototaxis. R rarefaction. M madefaction. add -ed where appropriate. retraction. tactic AKTA AKTA acta FAKTA facta AKTIL DAKTIL adactyl. K coaction. bad actor. interaction. hunchbackedly. add -ing where appropriate. retroaction. radiopraxis AKTLĒ BAKTLĒ humpbackedly. lactic. phylactic. rubefaction. factor. satisfactive.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. contractor. extractor. calefactor. parapraxis. malefaction. hylactic. contractive. campylobacter DAKTER redactor FAKTER benefactor. tractile AKTED (See AKT. hypotaxis. climactic NAKTIK synactic PRAKTIK chiropractic. refractive STRAKTIV abstractive TRAKTIV attractive. tepefaction. traction ZAKSHUN exaction AKSTĀ BAKSTĀ backstay JAKSTĀ jackstay MAKTIK anticlimactic. torrefaction. enacter. malefactor. counteractive. practic RAKTIK ataractic TAKTIK atactic. pterodactyl AKTĀT LAKTĀT ablactate. radioactive. lubrifaction. I inaction. reactor. counterattraction. malefactress ZAKTRES exactress AKSON (See AKSEN) 173 . detraction.) AKTING (See AKT. didactyl. detractive. fraction. malactic. dactyl. actor. infractor. affirmative action. rarefactive. petrifactive. syndactyl. heliotactic. retractor.) AKTER AKTER acter. tactor TRAKTER attractor. syntactic. overactive. T tabefaction. prophylactic. distracter. action. distraction. protraction. refraction PAKSHUN compaction. paction STRAKSHUN abstraction TAKSHUN contaction. interactive.

paly 174 . cabala. Allah. AKTUM Words to Rhyme With AKTUM AKTUM actum FAKTUM factum AKWERD AKWERD bass-ackward BAKWERD backward. kamala PÄLA impala SÄLA Marsala TÄLA patala. pallah SHALA inshala. Galla HALA Valhalla KALA calla PALA palla. mashalla VALA cavalla AKTUS AKTUS actus KAKTUS cactus PRAKTUS malpractice. shillelagh MĀLA kamala. bailie. koala BÄLA gaballa. cabala. shillala. Bali. shillelagh. wallah. Old Bailey CHĀLĒ tjaele DĀLĒ daily FRĀLĒ frailly GĀLĒ gaily GRĀLĒ grayly HĀLĒ halely KĀLĒ cellidh KWĀLĒ quaily. valid ALĀT KALĀT cal’late VALĀT obvallate AKUS BAKUS Bacchus FLAKUS Flaccus JAKUS jacchus ĀLĒ ĀLĒ aly BĀLĒ bailey. tala WÄLA chuckwalla. ukulele AKWĀ BAKWĀ backway PAKWĀ packway TRAKWĀ trackway ALANS (See ALENS) ĀLANT (See ĀLENT) AKWA AKWA aqua MAKWA namaqua NAKWA anaqua ALAS (See ALUS) PĀLĒ palely. ass-backward ALBA ALBA alba BALBA xibalba GALBA galba AKTŪR (See AKCHER) ĀLA ĀLA ala. quabbalah GÄLA fala HÄLA hala KÄLA kala MÄLA Guatemala. quabbalah AKUP BAKUP back-up HWAKUP whack-up KRAKUP crack-up GÄLA gala HÄLA hala KÄLA kala MÄLA Guatemala. koala BÄLA gaballa. owala. walla-walla ÄLA ÄLA Allah. quale LĀLĒ pasilaly. pallid SALAD salad VALAD invalid. kamala PÄLA impala SÄLA Marsala WÄLA hawala ALAD BALAD ballad KALAD calid PALAD impallid. kabala. Venezuela CHĀLA chela GĀLA gala LĀLA shillalah. mala NĀLA panela SĀLA osela ZWĀLA zarzuela ALA ALA alla. gala. pali. practice RAKTUS cataractous TAKTUS tactus ÄLA ĀKUP BRĀKUP breakup MĀKUP makeup SĀKUP shake-up TĀKUP take-up WĀKUP wake-up ÄLA Allah. pozzy-wallah. kabala.DOUBLE RHYMES. boobyalla BALA cabala GALA emagalla.

galley. bailor. gally. uxorovalent. palette. bally DALĒ dally. tomalley PALĒ pally RALĒ rally SALĒ sallee. valent.Words to Rhyme With RĀLĒ Disraeli. Pali RÄLĒ pastorale TÄLĒ tali VÄLĒ vali. sally SHALĒ challis. dillydallied RALĒD rallied SALĒD sallied ALĒZ VALĒZ sherryvallies (See ALĒ. supinovalent. inhalant KĀLENT intranscalent. Vali (See OLĒ. uxorovalence. valley WALĒ peelie-wally. bially BALĒ Bali. uxoravalent. loud-hailer HWĀLER whaler JĀLER jailor KĀLER intercalar MĀLER mailer. add -less where appropriate. supinovalence. uxoravalence. Mailer. uxorovalence. overbalance. gali. counterbalance. valor ALĒ ALĒ alley. tahali KÄLĒ Kali.) 175 . bivalent. pronovalence. wassailer ÄLET SWÄLET swallet WÄLET wallet ALĒD DALĒD dallied. gally. valence ALER PALER pallor VALER potvalor. sailor. Svengali HALĒ Halley KALĒ Kali. uxorovalent ĀLER ĀLER alar BĀLER bailer. polyvalent. ÔLĒ) ALET BALET ballot GALET gallet KALET callet MALET mallet PALET palate. Israeli. polyvalence. galley. bivalence. ALĒZ SKĀLER scalar. dillydally GALĒ Bengali. stoopgallant. monovalent. teocalli LALĒ soapolallie MALĒ tamale. trivalent. transcalent SĀLENT assailant VĀLENT ambivalent. outbalance. pali. trivalence. Mexicali. topgallant. stasivalent. inhaler. Somali. talar TRĀLER housetrailer. wally ALENS BALENS balance. scaler SKWĀLER squalor TĀLER retailer. malar RĀLER deraillear SĀLER wholesaler. stasivalent. supinovalent. stasivalence. bally DÄLĒ Dali GÄLĒ Bengali. pronovalent. gregale. Svengali HÄLĒ ahali. tamale NÄLĒ finale PÄLĒ Nepali. Waler (See ĀL. baler HĀLER hailer. triticale MÄLĒ hot tamale.) ÄLĒ ÄLĒ Ali BÄLĒ Bali.) ĀLENS SĀLENS assailance VĀLENS ambivalence. tailor. trevally. unbalance VALENS pronovalence. divalent. ungallant TALENT talent VALENT polyvalent. chally. stasivalence. pronovalent. surveillance. jus naturalae SHĀLĒ shaly SKĀLĒ scaly SNĀLĒ snaily STĀLĒ stalely TĀLĒ taily TRĀLĒ traily VĀLĒ vale WĀLĒ waily YĀLĒ Yalie SHALĒD shilly-shallied TALĒD tallied DOUBLE RHYMES. pallet SALET sallet TALET tallet VALET valet ALENT GALENT gallant. uxoravalent. galee. add -er where appropriate. ĀL. surveillant. uxoravalence. supinovalence. change -y or -i to -ies where appropriate. Mexicali. univalent ĀLES (See Ā. valance ÄLER DÄLER daler HÄLER haler MÄLER Mahler SKÄLER scalar SKWÄLER squalor TÄLER taler THÄLER thaler (See OLER) ĀLENT HĀLENT exhalant. trailer WĀLER waler. shilly-shally TALĒ tally VALĒ travale.

tantalic THALIK thallic VALIK intervallic ALFA ALFA alfa. E encephalic. mesophalic. inhalement PĀLMENT impalement RĀLMENT derailment SĀLMENT assailment TĀLMENT entailment. genitalic. D dolichocephalic. P pacycephalic. prevocalic. wise-alec BALIK cabalic DALIK medallic. PL platycephalic. M macrencephalic. metallic. aleph BĀLIF bailiff. BR brachistocephalic. ALFA Words to Rhyme With phalic. vocalic MALIK malic PALIK rhopalic RALIK Uralic SALIK oxalic. nostalgic.DOUBLE RHYMES. misogallic GRALIK grallic KALIK alkalic.A) ĀLNES FRĀLNES frailness MĀLNES femaleness. Y eurycephalic GALIK acromegalic. Gallic. add -ing where appropriate. S cephalic. microce- FRĀLISH frailish PĀLISH palish SHĀLISH shalish STĀLISH stalish ALMUD ALMUD almud TALMUD Talmud ALJA (See AL'JI. vandalic FALIK A acrocephalic. italic. paleful TĀLFUL taleful WĀLFUL wailful ALJIK ALJIK algic FALJIK cephalgic RALJIK neuralgic TALJIK antalgic. nonmetallic. bumbailiff KĀLIF calif. F phallic. maleness 176 . odontalgy ĀLFUL ĀLFUL ailful BĀLFUL baleful PĀLFUL pailful. Vitalis (See ALUS) ĀLIK GĀLIK Gaelic MĀLIK malic SĀLIK salic ĀLISH ALIK ALIK sialic. intervocalic. macrocephalic. alpha FALFA alfalfa TALFA pentalpha ALJĒ ALJĒ algae LALJĒ cephalalgy RALJĒ neuralgy TALJĒ nostalgy. caliph ĀLING (See ĀL. prevailment WĀLMENT bewailment ALIS ALIS allice. salic TALIK bimetallic. curtailage. calyx SALIKS salix ĀLKÄR MĀLKÄR mail-car RĀLKÄR rail-car ĀLIF ĀLIF alef. calix. odontalgic TRALJIK gastralgic ALID (See ALAD) ĀLIKS KĀLIKS epicalyx. monometallic. Alma GALMA agalma HALMA halma ALING ĀLIJ BĀLIJ bailage HĀLIJ haylage SĀLIJ sailage SKĀLIJ scalage TĀLIJ entailage. Alice CHALIS chalice MALIS malice PALIS palace SALIS oxalis TALIS digitalis. smart-alec.) ALMA ALMA alma. curtailment VĀLMENT availment. I ithyphallic. retailage TRĀLIJ treillage BALING caballing PALING palling ĀLMENT ĀLMENT ailment BĀLMENT bailment GĀLMENT regalement HĀLMENT exhalement.

idiolalia. jailyard KĀLYÄRD kailyard — ĀLOOD — KWĀLOOD Quaalude — PRĀLOOD prelude ĀLYŌ ALOP (See ALUP) ALUS BALUS aryballus. hippomonstrosesquiedalian. universalian THĀLYAN thalian TRĀLYAN Australian. barylalia. paraphernalia. wallow (See OLŌ) GĀLYAN Phigalian. marshmallow SALŌ sallow SHALŌ shallow TALŌ tallow. glossolalia. tachylalia MĀLYA mammalia NĀLYA Bacchanalia. coprolalia. mackalow MALŌ mallow. regalian KĀLYAN Deucalion MĀLYAN phantasmalian.Words to Rhyme With PĀLNES paleness STĀLNES staleness DOUBLE RHYMES. dishallow. hallow. balas DALUS Dallas FALUS phallus KALUS callous. tenaillon. Episcopalian RĀLYAN paralian SĀLYAN Messalian. tobacconalian PĀLYAN episcopalian. echolalia. septipedalian. galop JALUP jalap SALUP salep SHALUP shallop SKALUP escallop. tatterdemalion ALUN GALUN gallon KALUN kalon SALUN salon TALUN digitalin. castalia TRĀLYA Australia.AN) ALON (See ALUN) ALUP GALUP gallop. Pallas THALUS thallous. thallus (See ALIS) RĀLYŌ seraglio TĀLYŌ intaglio ALPIN ALPIN Alpine SPALPIN Spalpeen ÄLYŌ BÄLYŌ caballo RÄLYŌ seraglio TÄLYŌ intaglio 177 . terminalia RĀLYA psoralia TĀLYA Arctalia. saturnalia. embolalia. vedalia FĀLYA Westphalia GĀLYA galea. marginalia. Rialto PALTŌ paletot TRALTŌ contralto ALUM ALUM alum RALUM chloralum TALUM catallum VALUM vallum ĀLYAN ĀLYAN alien. Canelo ALSA BALSA balsa SALSA salsa ALŌ ALŌ aloe FALŌ fallow GALŌ Gallo. gallow HALŌ Allhallow. genitalia. callus PALUS palace. scallop ĀLYÄRD JĀLYÄRD gaolyard. talo ALTŌ ALTŌ alto. eschrolalia. marsupalian DĀLYAN Daedalian. unhallow KALŌ callow. regalia KĀLYA cacalia LĀLYA barbaralalia. saturnalian. talon NĀLYAN bacchanalian. mammalian. Pygmalion. Centralia. penetralia ZĀLYA azalea ĀLŌ HĀLŌ halo NĀLŌ canelo. ÄLYŌ ALPING PALPING palping SKALPING scalping ĀLYA ĀLYA idalia DĀLYA dahlia. sesquipedalian ÄLŌ KÄLŌ calo LÄLŌ lalo MÄLŌ malo PÄLŌ palo SWÄLŌ swallow TÄLŌ talo WÄLŌ hogwallow. Centralian (See Ā'LI.

ramarama. melodrama. M myriorama. choriambic. P panorama. Italian.AN) PLĀMĀT playmate RĀMĀT ramate SKWĀMĀT esquamate. kaama. N neorama. Parabrahman SÄMAN saman. ĀL'LI. S cyclorama. duodrama. psychodrama GAMA digamma. choliambic. Yama (See OMA) AMBA RAMBA caramba SAMBA samba AMBER AMBER amber. amah BÄMA Alabama ĀMĀT DĀMĀT daymate HĀMĀT hamate KWĀMĀT desquamate. palama MÄMA mama. rantallion GRÄMA grama HÄMA Bahama. skimble-skamble SKRAMBL scramble. railwayman (See ĀMEN) AMBIK AMBIK elegiambic. zaman SHÄMAN shaman AMBIT ambit GAMBIT gambit AMBL AMBL amble. pranayama. J georama. monodrama. mamma RÄMA D diorama. scrimble-scramble. psychodrama ĀLYUN (See ĀLYAN. docudrama. panstereorama. squamate ALYUN DALYUN medallion PALYUN rampallion SKALYUN rapscallion. llama. esquamate WAMBL wamble 178 . R Rama. K cosmorama. ramarama. melodrama. grisamber. pyjama KÄMA caama.DOUBLE RHYMES. panstereorama. iambic. Kama LÄMA Dalai Lama. M myriorama. pythiambic ĀMA BRĀMA Brahma DĀMA Aceldama FĀMA Fama HĀMA Bahama KRĀMA krama LĀMA lama SKWĀMA squama RAMBIK dithyrambic AMBIST AMBIST iambist GAMBIST gambist KAMBIST cambist AMAN (See AMUN) AMA AMA amma BAMA Alabama CHAMA chamma DRAMA drama. cayman LĀMAN layman SHĀMAN shaman WĀMAN highwayman. hayman KĀMAN caiman. polyorama. unscramble ĀMANT (See ĀMENT) ÄMA ÄMA ama. cinerama SÄMA Osama SHÄMA shama YÄMA Fujiyama. pyjama RAMA D diorama. pajama. Yokohama JÄMA jama. gambol HAMBL hamble KAMBL Campbell RAMBL ramble SHAMBL shamble SKAMBL scamble. galliambic. liquidamber KAMBER camber KLAMBER clamber SAMBER sambar TAMBER tambour ĀLZMAN BĀLZMAN bailsman DĀLZMAN dalesman HWĀLZMAN whalesman SĀLZMAN salesman TĀLZMAN talesman ĀMAN DĀMAN dayman DRĀMAN drayman HĀMAN Haman. cinerama AMBIT ÄMAN ÄMAN Amen BRÄMAN Brahman. P panorama. preamble BRAMBL bramble FAMBL famble GAMBL gamble. gamma GLAMA Blackglama GRAMA grama JAMA pajama. lama. duodrama. S cyclorama. polyorama. R Rama. ĀLYUN Words to Rhyme With BRÄMA Brahma DRÄMA drama. N neorama. K cosmorama. J georama. monodrama. scallion STALYUN stallion TALYUN battalion.

whammy AMELD (See AMEL. AMER TAMĒ tamis. dammer. scammel STAMEL stammel TAMEL Tamil TRAMEL entrammel. origami JÄMĒ jami KÄMĒ calmy. inflamer FRĀMER framer GĀMER gamer KLĀMER acclaimer. claimer. kami KWÄMĒ qualmy LÄMĒ palame. underpayment RĀMENT raiment TRĀMENT betrayment AMBUS AMBUS iambus RAMBUS dithyrambus AMEL KAMEL camel MAMEL mammal NAMEL enamel SKAMEL scamell. foramen STĀMEN stamen TĀMEN putamen VĀMEN gravamen AMER DAMER dammar. salami MÄMĒ malmy. jackhammer. yellowhammer JAMĒ jammy KLAMĒ clammy LAMĒ lamby MAMĒ mammy NAMĒ bonami RAMĒ ramie. tamer. untrammel (See AMIL) ĀMER ĀMER aimer. proclaimer. disfamer FLĀMER flamer. clamant. velamen NĀMEN clinamen RĀMEN duramen.) ĀMEN ĀMEN amen BĀMEN baymen BRĀMEN Bremen DĀMEN daimen. flehmen LĀMEN laymen. katzenjammer. shammy JAMER jammer.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. damner DRAMER mellerdrammer GAMER gammer GLAMER glamor. programmer HAMER hammer. payment. add -ed where appropriate. declaimer. windjammer KLAMER clamor KRAMER crammer 179 . disclaimer. reclaimant LĀMENT allayment PĀMENT pament. sledgehammer. namer. rammy SAMĒ sammy SHAMĒ chamois. grammer. amor BLĀMER blamer FĀMER defamer. nicknamer SHĀMER shamer TĀMER horsetamer. daimon DRĀMEN draymen FLĀMEN flamen. ninnyhammer. cockamamie RĀMĒ rami SĀMĒ zemi AMĒ AMĒ Miami BAMĒ bammy DAMĒ damme GAMĒ gammy GRAMĒ grammy HAMĒ hammy HWAMĒ double-whammy. tammy TRAMĒ trammie ZĀMEN examen (See ĀMAN) AMBLER AMBLER ambler GAMBLER gambler RAMBLER rambler SHAMBLER shambler SKRAMBLER scrambler WAMBLER wambler ÄMĒ BÄMĒ balmy GÄMĒ krigami. reclaimer LĀMER lamer MĀMER maimer NĀMER misnamer. exclaimer. liontamer. trammel. glamour GRAMER grammar. umami NÄMĒ tsunami PÄMĒ pahmi. palmy RÄMĒ gourami SWÄMĒ swami TÄMĒ tatami TRÄMĒ pastrami (See OMĒ) ÄMEN (See ÄMAN) AMBŌ AMBŌ ambo FLAMBŌ flambeau JAMBŌ jambeau KRAMBŌ crambo MAMBŌ mambo SAMBŌ sambo ZAMBŌ zambo ĀMENT ĀMENT ament FRĀMENT defrayment HĀMENT adhamant KLĀMENT claimant. repayment. testamur ĀMĒ FLĀMĒ flamy GĀMĒ gamy MĀMĒ cockamamy.

electrodynamic. cross-examine. epigamic.DOUBLE RHYMES.) AMIS AMIS amice KLAMIS chlamys NAMIS dynamis RAMIS Paramus TAMIS tamis ÄMLES (See ÄM. gamic.) ÄMING AMIK DAMIK Adamic. phanerogamic. prolamine STAMIN stamin ZAMIN examine. embalmer KÄMER calmer PÄMER palmer AML (See AMEL) AMFER CHAMFER chamfer KAMFER camphor ĀMING (See ĀM. exogamic. cinnamic. olamic.) ĀMISH LĀMISH lamish SĀMISH Samish. monogamic. add -less where appropriate. reexamine (See AMUN) ÄMIST BĀMIST embalmist PĀMIST palmist SĀMIST psalmist ÄMER BÄMER balmer. amine. cryptogamic. add -s where appropriate. pre-Adamic. add -ming where appropriate. syngamic GRAMIK engrammic. ceramic. enfamish. ÄMER LAMER lamber. thermodynamic RAMIK dioramic. isogamic. add -ing where appropriate. autodynamic. monogrammic. panoramic. parallelogrammic. isodynamic. Hamlet KAMLET camlet SAMLET samlet AMIKS NAMIKS zoodynamics (See AMIK. add -less where appropriate. biodynamic. lammer NAMER enamor RAMER rammer SHAMER shammer SKRAMER scrammer SLAMER slammer STAMER stammer YAMER yammer Words to Rhyme With AMIL AMIL amyl TAMIL tamil KLAMISH clammish LAMISH lambish RAMISH rammish AMIN AMIN amin. hydrodynamic. trigrammic HAMIK Abrahamic LAMIK epithalamic. cosmoramic. homogamic. thalamic NAMIK adynamic. aerodynamic. Islamic. add -less where appropriate. telegrammic. hyperdynamic. dynamic.) AMISH AMISH Amish FAMISH affamish. samish TĀMISH tamish AMLET HAMLET hamlet. diamine FAMIN famine GAMIN gamin LAMIN lamin. cycloramic SAMIK balsamic TAMIK potamic ĀMLES (See ĀM. polygamic. cryptogrammic.) BÄMING embalming KÄMING calming PÄMING palming WÄMING walming AMLES (See AM. famish ÄMMENT BÄMMENT embalmment KÄMMENT becalmment 180 . agamic.) ĀMLĒ GĀMLĒ gamely LĀMLĒ lamely NĀMLĒ namely SĀMLĒ samely TĀMLĒ tamely AMIJ DAMIJ damage RAMIJ ramage AMING (See AM.

unpampered TAMPERD tampered ÄMPUS (See OMPUS) AMPA GRAMPA grampa PAMPA pampa TAMPA Tampa AMPING (See AMP. add -ing where appropriate. Not waiting for scanties Or even for panties She hopped out of town. DOUBLE RHYMES. pampre RAMPER ramper SKAMPER scamper STAMPER stamper TAMPER tamper TRAMPER tramper VAMPER vamper (See AMPL.) AMUK AMPL AMPL ample. sampling TRAMPLING trampling ZAMPLING exampling AMOK (See AMUK) AMPUS GRAMPUS grampus KAMPUS hippocampus. add -r where appropriate. unhampered PAMPERD pampered. add -ish where appropriate. sample TRAMPL trample ZAMPL example HAMUK hammock DRAMUK drammock GAMUK gammock KAMUK cammock MAMUK mammock AMPAS LAMPAS lampas PAMPAS pampas (See AMPUS) 181 .Words to Rhyme With FOOTNOTE TO THE SINKING OF ATLANTIS When the praying mantis Learned that Atlantis Was about to go down. ampul SAMPL ensample.) AMŌ AMŌ ammo HWAMŌ whammo KAMŌ camo AMPLING SAMPLING ensampling. AMUK AMPĒ DAMPĒ dampy KAMPĒ campy KRAMPĒ crampy SKAMPĒ scampi TRAMPĒ trampy VAMPĒ vampy AMPLD SAMPLD sampled TRAMPLD trampled ZAMPLD exampled AMPLĒ AMPLĒ amply DAMPLĒ damply ÄMPĒ ĀMNES GĀMNES gameness LĀMNES lameness SĀMNES sameness TĀMNES tameness (See OMPĒ) AMPLER AMPER CHAMPER champer DAMPER damper HAMPER hamper KAMPER camper KLAMPER clamper KRAMPER cramper PAMPER pamper.) AMSEN DAMSEN damson KAMSEN khamsin RAMSEN ramson SAMSEN Samson (See AMZUN) AMPAN JAMPAN jampan SAMPAN sampan TAMPAN tampan AMPISH (See AMP. campus (See AMPAS) AMON (See AMUN) AMPERD HAMPERD hampered.

AMUN Words to Rhyme With RĀNA rena SHĀNA scena TĀNA Curtana. mañana. G Guiana. N nicotiana. bandanna HANA Susquehanna KANA Americana. Victoriana BÄNA bana. goanna. O Australiana. stauncher ANCHET MANCHET manchet PLANCHET planchet 182 . uniramous ĀNĀT LĀNĀT lanate PĀNĀT impanate SHĀMUS shamus SKWĀMUS squamous AMUT GAMUT gamut MAMUT Mammut ANĀT KANĀT khanate TANĀT tannate AMZEL AMZEL amsel DAMZEL damsel MAMZEL ma’mselle ÄNA ÄNA damiana. vox humana NÄNA anana. poinciana GĀNA Cartagena KĀNA Americana (etc. Tijuana ANCHĒ BRANCHĒ branchy MANCHĒ Comanche RANCHĒ ranchy AMZUN DAMZUN damson RAMZUN ramson (See AMSEN) ÄNCHĒ (See ÔNCHĒ) ANCHER (See ANCH. Hinayane. purana. Pollyanna.). dulciana. P poinciana. Guiana. Jeffersoniana. hagana. L liana. F fistiana. SH Shakespeariana. ramus. Shakespeariana. ignoramus. fistiana. sultana. ipecacuanha. canna.). piranha. sultana VANA Havana. Anna. ikebana BWÄNA bwana DÄNA apadana GÄNA Ghana. I Indiana. zenana PRÄNA prana RÄNA kerana. Jeffersoniana. manal. fistiana. Montana. kana. omniana. arcana. Tana. katakana LÄNA pozzuolana MÄNA mana. tramontana THÄNA thana VÄNA Nirvana WÄNA marijuana. Mahayna. savanna. Savannah ZANA hosanna ĀNAL ĀNAL anal BĀNAL banal KĀNAL decanal MĀNAL bimanal.). J Georgiana.) BANA Urbana DANA bandana. hiragana. manna NANA banana. Guyana. Bana.) ĀNA ĀNA ana. lantana YÄNA dhyana.DOUBLE RHYMES. banana. ramous. nicotiana. chicana. Johnsoniana. R ruana. add -er where appropriate. rana SHÄNA Rosh Hashanah SWÄNA Botswana TÄNA Curtana. T tertiana. Johnsoniana (etc. Australiana. dulciana. gymkhana. Jeffersoniana. liana. Johnsoniana. lantana. septimanal VĀNAL interveinal. Texarkana LANA alannah MANA Fermanagh. Tia Juana. nagana GWÄNA iguana HWÄNA marijuana KÄNA Americana (etc. Cana LĀNA cantilena. Siciliana (See ONA) AMUN AMUN Ammon DAMUN daman GAMUN backgammon. D Diana. Montana. Victoriana (etc. Magdalena MĀNA vox humana NĀNA anana PĀNA campana PLĀNA geoplana ÄNCHER LÄNCHER launcher STÄNCHER stancher. Louisiana. gammon MAMUN mammon SAMUN salmon SHAMUN shaman ANA ANA A ana. cassabanana. Georgiana. anna. veinal ĀMUS DĀMUS mandamus FĀMUS famous HĀMUS hamus RĀMUS biramous. nanna TANA lantana. manna.

calamander. onus probandi BANDER bander. sandhi SHANDĒ shandy. remander. Isander. lander. candy. add -less where appropriate. disbander BLANDER blander BRANDER brander DANDER dander GANDER gander. pander RANDER rander SANDER Alexander. pandar. candor KLANDER esclandre LANDER philander. Greenlander. candied ANDAL (See ANDL) ANDED KANDED candid (See AND.) ANDĒ ÄNCHŌ ÄNCHŌ ancho (See ONCHŌ) BANDĒ bandy. hander. scamander PANDER expander. outlander. goosander. pomander. goosey-gander. Shandy GLANDER glander GRANDER grander HANDER backhander. Leander. staunching ANDBOI BANDBOI bandboy SANDBOI sandboy ĀNDER MĀNDER remainder TĀNDER attainder.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. reprimander. outstander. Miranda. Uitlander MANDER demander. zander ÄNDA BÄNDA GÄNDA NÄNDA RÄNDA banda Uganda Ananda veranda (See ONDA) ÄNDĒ GÄNDĒ Ghandi GRÄNDĒ Rio Grande ANDĒD ANDĀD BANDĀD Band-Aid HANDĀD hand-aid BRANDĒD brandied KANDĒD discandied. add -less where appropriate. randy SANDĒ sandy. Icelander. Uganda PANDA panda RANDA jacaranda. Newfoundlander.) ÄNDER LÄNDER Jutlander. add -ing where appropriate. jim-dandy ANDA GANDA propaganda. add -ed where appropriate. sander SLANDER slander STANDER bystander. withstander STRANDER strander TANDER dittander ZANDER Alexander. forehander.) ANDBOKS BANDBOKS bandbox SANDBOKS sandbox ANDER ANDER coriander. unhandy KANDĒ discandy. oleander ÄNCHLES (See ÄNCH. ÄNDER ANCHING (See ANCH. jack-adandy. solander. understander. Michigander BRANDĒ brandy DANDĒ dandy. bandy-bandy. vanda. meander. inlander. handy-dandy. veranda TANDA notanda VANDA observanda. memoranda. germander.) ANDBAG HANDBAG handbag SANDBAG sandbag ANDENT KANDENT candent MANDENT demandant SKANDENT scandent ÄNCHING LÄNCHING launching STÄNCHING stanching. stander. left-hander. uitlander SKWÄNDER squander 183 . gerrymander. salamander. sugar-candy PANDĒ pandy RANDĒ jaborandi. detainder ANCHLES (See ANCH. Vanda GANDĒ Ghandi GLANDĒ glandy GRANDĒ Rio Grande HANDĒ handy. commander. right-hander KANDER Africander.

panhandler ANDRA MANDRA mandra SANDRA Cassandra. add -s where appropriate. pandle SANDL sandal SKANDL scandal. manhandler. add -ed where appropriate. ANDERD WÄNDER wander (See ONDER) Words to Rhyme With STANDISH standish (See AND. manhandle.) ANDIK GANDIK propagandic LANDIK Icelandic SANDIK sandik DÄNDŌ ritardando LÄNDŌ calando. add -ish where appropriate. manhandling. outstanding. handle. lentando. panhandle BLANDNES blandness GRANDNES grandness ANDIJ BANDIJ bandage GLANDIJ glandage STANDIJ standage KANDL candle MANDL coromandel PANDL pandal. schizandra KANDLER candler ANDISH BLANDISH blandish BRANDISH brandish LANDISH outlandish ANDLES (See AND.) ANDLING BRANDLING brandling HANDLING handling. change -y to -ies where appropriate. lacrimando SÄNDŌ glissando TÄNDŌ allentando. add -less where appropriate.DOUBLE RHYMES.) ANDIST BANDIST contrabandist GANDIST propagandist KANDLING candling ANDMENT BANDMENT disbandment MANDMENT commandment. scandle VANDL vandal ANDŌ BANDŌ bandeau LANDŌ landau.) ANDRĒ ANDRĒ polyandry DANDRĒ pseudandry 184 .) ANDIT BANDIT bandit PANDIT Pandit ANDNES ANDĒZ ANDĒZ Andes GLANDĒZ glandes NANDĒZ Hernandes (See ANDĒ.) ANDL DANDL dandle HANDL Handel. notwithstanding. pachysandra. add -ing where appropriate. ritando ANDLĒ BLANDLĒ blandly GRANDLĒ grandly TSÄNDŌ scherzando ANDON (See ANDUN) ANDING SPANDING expanding. remandment ANDERZ FLANDERZ Flanders GLANDERZ glanders (See ANDER. withstanding (See AND. mishandling ANDERD (See ANDER. Orlando MANDŌ commando ÄNDO ĀNDLĒ BRĀNDLĒ bird-brainedly STRĀNDLE restrainedly (See ĀND. mishandle. add -ly where appropriate. parlando MÄNDŌ declamando. recitando.) ANDLER CHANDLER chandler DANDLER dandler HANDLER handler. upstanding. mind-expanding STANDING freestanding.

mannered. hanger. unmannered. manny NANĒ hootenanny. scanner VANER caravanner (See AN. rainy SĀNĒ Dunsany VĀNĒ veiny ZĀNĒ zany ĀNER MĀNER mainour (See ĀN.) ANDSTAND BANDSTAND bandstand GRANDSTAND grandstand HANDSTAND handstand ANET GANET gannet GRANET granite. ranee. paperhanger. crepehanger. Maharani.Words to Rhyme With MANDRĒ commandry SHANDRĒ shandry DOUBLE RHYMES. Pakistani TRANĒ tranny ANERD BANERD bannered. Pakistani SWÄNĒ Suwanee.) ANER BANER banner MANER manner. unpainful PLĀNFUL complainful. random TANDUM notandum. ganger HANGER hangar. straphanger HWANGER whanger. panel. rani STÄNĒ Hindustani. slang-whanger 185 . nil. Guarani. add -er where appropriate.) ANGER BANGER banger FRANGER franger GANGER doppelganger. uncomplainful ANDUM BANDUN abandon GLANDUN prostaglandin LANDUN Alf Landon ANEL ANEL annal BRANEL branle CHANEL channel FLANEL flannel. uncanny KLANĒ clanny KRANĒ cranny MANĒ mannie. ungainful PĀNFUL painful. miscellany MĀNĒ Khomeini. cliffhanger. tin-panny SHANĒ shanny STANĒ Hindustani. well-mannered ANDRIN MANDRIN salamandrine ZANDRIN Alexandrine ĀNES DĀNES everydayness (See Ā. ANGER ANĒ BRANĒ banny GANĒ Afghani GRANĒ granny KANĒ canny. pomegranate KANET cannet KWANET quannet MANET manit PLANET planet VANET vannet (See ANIT) ANDUM FANDUM fandom LANDUM manipulandum MANDUM mandom RANDUM memorandum. manor SKANER photoscanner. nanny PANĒ frangipanni. swanny (See ONĒ) ĀNFUL BĀNFUL baneful DĀNFUL disdainful. kokanee. outing flannel. Maharanee. winter flannel ANDZMAN BANDZMAN bandsman LANDZMAN landsman KANEL cannel PANEL empanel. meinie RĀNĒ Ranee. tandem VANDUM observandum ZANDUM avizandum ÄNĒ ÄNĒ ani DÄNĒ jamdani PRÄNĒ soprani RÄNĒ guarani. add -er where appropriate. desperandum. undisdainful GĀNFUL gainful. add -ness where appropriate. unpanel SKRANEL scrannel STANEL stannel ANGĒ BANGĒ bangy FANGĒ fangy HWANGĒ whangy KLANGĒ clangy SHANGĒ collieshangie SLANGĒ slangy TANGĒ tangy TWANGĒ twangy ĀNĒ BRĀNĒ brainy GĀNĒ Allegheny GRĀNĒ grainy KĀNĒ cany LĀNĒ castellany. Swanee. impanel. unbannered MANERD ill-mannered.

re-anchor. rectangle.) ANGKĒ ANGKĒ ankee BANGKĒ banky HANGKĒ hankie KLANGKĒ clanky KRANGKĒ cranky LANGKĒ lanky PANGKĒ hanky-panky PLANGKĒ planky PRANGKĒ pranky SKANGKĒ skanky SWANGKĒ swanky TANGKĒ tanky THANGĒ thank’ee TRANGKĒ tranky WANGKĒ wanky YANGKĒ Yankee ANGGER ANGGER anger. ANGGER KLANGER clanger. sexangle.) ANGGŌ ANGGL ANGGL angle. mangle. tangle. clangor LANGER languor Words to Rhyme With ANGGLER (See ANGGL. unanchor. wrangle SPANGGL bespangle. unsanguine ANGGWISH ANGGLD FANGGLD newfangled (See ANGGL. shanker SPANGKER spanker TANGKER tanker THANGKER thanker WANGKER wanker YANGKER yanker ANGING ANGGLĒ BANGGLĒ bangly DANGGLĒ dangly GANGGLĒ gangly JANGGLĒ jangly RANGGLĒ wrangly SPANGGLĒ spangly SPRANGGLĒ sprangly STRANGGLĒ strangly TANGGLĒ tangly (See ANG. encanker KLANGKER clanker KRANGKER cranker LANGKER lanker PLANGKER planker RANGKER rancor. jingle-jangle KRANGGL cringle-crangle LANGGL phalangal MANGGL bemangle. untangle. outflanker FRANGKER franker HANGKER hanker KANGKER canker. sanguine. fandangle FANGGL fangle. ranker SHANGKER chancre. add -ing where appropriate. Pango Pango TANGGŌ contango. intertangle. newfangle GANGGL gangle JANGGL interjangle. consanguine. language SLANGGWIJ slanguage ANGKER anchor.DOUBLE RHYMES. angor BANGGER Bangor KLANGGER clangor LANGGER languor ANGGLING (See ANGGL. leeangle. pentangle.) ANGGWISH anguish LANGGWISH languish BANGKER banker BLANGKER blanker DANGKER danker FLANGKER flanker. embrangle DANGGL dangle. add -r where appropriate. tango ANGKER ANGGWIJ LANGGWIJ body language. jangle. banquette BLANGKET blanket 186 . up-anchor RANGGL quadrangle.) ANGKERD ANGKERD anchored BRANGKERD brancard TANGKERD tankard ANGKA BLANGKA Casablanca FRANGKA lingua franca RANGKA barranca SANGKA Sanka TANGKA tanka ANGKET BANGKET banket. add -ing where appropriate. spangle SPRANGGL sprangle STRANGGL strangle TANGGL disentangle. septangle TWANGGL twangle WANGGL wangle ANGGWIN ANGGWIN anguine SANGGWIN ensanguine. exsanguine. add -d where appropriate. minglemangle BANGGŌ bango DANGGŌ fandango KWANGGŌ quango MANGGŌ mango PANGGŌ Pago Pago. triangle BANGGL bangle BRANGGL brangle. entangle.

tetanic. add -er where appropriate. BR Britannic. volcanic. transuranic. inorganic. Germanic.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. M montanic.) ANIJ KRANIJ crannage ĀNING (See ĀN.) 187 . P puritanic. phanic. panic.) ANGKL ANGKL ankle HANGKL hankle KANGKL cankle KRANGKL crankle RANGKL rankle TANGKL tankle ANGMAN GANGMAN gangman HANGMAN hangman ANGRAM PANGRAM pangram TANGRAM tangram ANGKLĒ BLANGKLĒ blankly DANGKLĒ dankly FRANGKLĒ frankly LANGKLĒ lankly RANGKLĒ rankly ANGSTER ANGSTER angster BANGSTER bangster GANGSTER gangster HANGSTER hangster SLANGSTER slangster ANGKLER (See ANGKL. tympanic RANIK Iranic. Titanic VANIK galvanic ANGKISH (See ANGK. cosmorganic. shamanic. saltimbanco. SP Spartanic. K-9 RĀNĪN ranine STĀNĪN stanine ANGKLING (See ANGKL. titanic. I interoceanic. unthankful ANGKŌ BANGKŌ banco. add -ing where appropriate. manic.) ANGKRUS KANGKRUS cancrous SHANGKRUS chancrous ANIK ANIK F ferricyanic. add -ing where appropriate. ĀNING ANGKFUL PRANGKFUL prankful TANGKFUL tankful THANGKFUL thankful. uranic STANIK stannic TANIK B botanic. O opianic. scaldabanco MANGKŌ calamanco MANIJ manage. S cyanic. sultanic. aldermanic.) ANGKNES (See ANGK. paganic KANIK aeromechanic. micromanage. Romanic. mismanage PANIJ pannage TANIJ tannage ANGKING (See ANGK. SH charlatanic. theophanic GANIK exorganic. tyrannic. IndoGermanic. N neanic. Mussulmanic. homorganic. V valerianic BANIK Abanic FANIK Aristophanic.) ANGLES (See ANG. melanic MANIK Brahmanic. TR transoceanic. organic. M Messianic. lexiphanic. add -less where appropriate.) ANGUP BANGUP bang-up HANGUP hang-up ANIKS KANIKS mechanics MANIKS humanics PANIKS panics ANGKLES (See ANGK. add -ish where appropriate. S satanic. vulcanic LANIK Magellanic. automechanic. Koranic.) ĀNIJ CHĀNIJ chainage DRĀNIJ drainage KRĀNIJ cranage TRĀNIJ trainage ĀNĪN KĀNĪN canine. ranic. talismanic PANIK Hispanic. add -ing where appropriate. H hydrocyanic. T tannic. mechanic. oceanic. KW quercitannic. add -less where appropriate. add -ness where appropriate. Ossianic. diaphanic.

frangent. add -ing where appropriate. cyano ĀNJĒ MĀNJĒ mangy RĀNJĒ rangy ĀNLĒ (See ĀN. ANING Words to Rhyme With PLANJENT plangent TANJENT cotangent.) ĀNLES (See ĀN. rearrangement TRĀNJMENT estrangement ANŌ ANŌ fortepiano. melopiano. add -r where appropriate. interchangement ĀNŌ DRĀNŌ Drano KĀNŌ hurricano. manly. melopiano. Mussulmanish PLANISH plannish RANISH Alcoranish SPANISH Spanish VANISH evanish. entertainment. player piano. attainment. detainment. vanish ĀNMENT CHĀNMENT enchainment DĀNMENT ordainment. piano. retainment ĀNJING (See ĀNJ. revanish. add -less where appropriate. unmanly SPANLĒ spick-and-spanly STANLĒ Stanley ÄNŌ ÄNŌ anno. piano.) ĀNJLES (See ĀNJ.) ĀNISH BĀNISH urbanish BRĀNISH brainish DĀNISH Danish SĀNISH sanish SWĀNISH swainish VĀNISH vainish ĀNJER DĀNJER danger MĀNJER manger STRĀNJER stranger (See ĀNJ. add -less where appropriate. edutainment.) ANIST ANIST Orleanist. containment. add -less where appropriate.) NANŌ nano PRANŌ mezzo-soprano.) ANLING ANJEZ FLANJEZ flanges GANJEZ Ganges LANJEZ phalanges RANJEZ oranges MANLING manling TANLING tanling ANISH BANISH banish FANISH fannish KLANISH clannish MANISH mannish. add -ing where appropriate. add -ly where appropriate. refrangent ANLĒ MANLĒ gentlemanly.DOUBLE RHYMES. reordainment GĀNMENT regainment RĀNMENT arraignment TĀNMENT ascertainment. infotainment.) ÄNISH SWÄNISH swannish WÄNISH wannish ĀNJLING CHĀNJLING changeling STRĀNJLING strangeling ĀNNES DĀNNES mundaneness (See ĀN. derangement. prearrangement. volcano RĀNŌ sereno YĀNŌ ripieno RĀNJMENT arrangement. exchangement. obtainment. tangent ANING (See AN.) ANLES (See AN. subtangent. soprano ANJENT FRANJENT bifrangent. player piano. pudiano 188 . ANIT (See ANET) disarrangement. pianist PRANIST sopranist RANIST Alcoranist TANIST tanist ĀNJMENT CHĀNJMENT changement. add -ness where appropriate.

aldermancy. fan dancer. see Appendix B) NANSĒ dissonancy. D dactyliomancy. lieutenancy. alectromancy. panchion SKANSHUN scansion STANSHUN stanchion ZANSHUN Byzantian ANSĒ ANSĒ antsy. cannon. hesitancy. necyomancy. G gastromancy. consonancy. onychomancy. M militancy. serrano SÄNŌ Montesano STRÄNŌ Capistrano YÄNŌ castellano. astragalomancy. termagancy KANSĒ insignificancy. Romano PLÄNŌ altiplano PRÄNŌ mezzo-soprano. gyromancy. unsubstantial ANON ANON Rhiannon DANON Dannon FANON fanon KANON Buchanan. spatulamancy. preponderancy STANSĒ inconstancy. ganancial STANSHAL insubstantial. F phyllomancy. exotic dancer. H halomancy. canon. predominancy. supplicancy ANSIV HANSIV enhancive PANSIV expansive. logarithmancy. rhapsodomancy. mendicancy. sciomancy. assistancy. ceromancy. add -ing where appropriate. ANSEL CHANSEL chancel HANSEL handsel. axinomancy. ST stichomancy. spodomancy. capnomancy. inexpansive VANSIV advancive LANSĒ petulancy. unchancy DANSĒ accordancy. austromancy. discordancy. tyromancy. psychomancy. logarithmomancy. sycomancy. crystallomancy. substantial. pyromancy. sibilancy. KL cleromancy. theriomancy. necromancer. romancer PRANSER prancer RANSER rancer TRANSER entrancer VANSER advancer LÄNŌ poblano. E exorbitancy. FL floromancy. transubstantial. McMansion PANSHUN expansion. podomancy. SK scapulomancy. topomancy. molybdomancy. lecanomancy. modern dancer. calecannon. anthracomancy. significancy. bibliomancy. chiromancer. SP spasmatomancy. O ophiomancy. O oscitancy. zygomancy. chiromancy. lithomancy. hydromancy. xylomancy (For additional words ending in -mancy. alectryomancy. catoptromancy.) FANSĒ fancy. hula dancer. oomancy. Shannon TANON tannin VANON Havanan ANSHUN MANSHUN mansion. N necromancy. anthropomancy. TR trochomancy. mordancy. tap dancer GANSER merganser GLANSER glancer HANSER enhancer KANSER cancer LANSER lancer MANSER geomancer. P pedomancy. L lampadomancy. Meccano. circumstantial. tenancy PANSĒ discrepancy. belly dancer. Ilano ZÄNŌ Cinzano (See ONŌ) ANOK (See ANUK) ANSHAL NANSHAL financial. I inhabitancy. K chalcomancy. ANSMENT enoptromancy. hieromancy. knissomancy. diathermancy. ornithomancy. pseudomancy. colcannon. metopomancy. Hansel KANSEL cancel ANSMENT HANSMENT enhancement TRANSMENT entrancement 189 . TH theomancy. J geomancy. supersubstantial. I ydromancy. infancy. Norte-Americano DOUBLE RHYMES. soprano RÄNŌ marrano. R rhabdomancy. exultancy. elegancy. PR precipitancy TRANSĒ recalcitrancy VANSĒ irrelevancy. selenomancy.Words to Rhyme With GÄNŌ Lugano GRÄNŌ grano GWÄNŌ guano HÄNŌ Tejano KÄNŌ Americano. stiganomancy. psephomancy. ichthyomancy. chartomancy. verdancy ANSING (See ANS. vigilancy MANSĒ A aeromancy. unfancy GANSĒ arrogancy. constancy TANSĒ A accountancy. KR crithomancy. recreancy CHANSĒ chancy. scatomancy. Z xenomancy. myomancy. water cannon SHANON Balleyshannon. relevancy YANSĒ brilliancy ANSER ANSER answer CHANSER chancer DANSER ballet dancer. dancer. M mazomancy. E oenomancy. retromancy. U uromancy. solano MÄNŌ mano. stagnancy. Chicano. captromancy. onymancy. S cephalomancy. botanomancy. dancy. bubble dancer. expectancy. T tephromancy. exuberancy. redundancy. coscinomancy. pregnancy. occupancy PRANSĒ prancy RANSĒ errancy. irritancy. extravagancy. onomancy. meteoromancy. B belomancy. aleuromancy. mischancy. sideromancy. sycophancy. alphitomancy. H habitancy. spatilomancy.

planter. canty LANTĒ Ypsilanti. quainter PĀNTER painter TĀNTER attainter. acanthine. dilettanti. disenchanter. tragacanthin ĀNTĒ DĀNTĒ dainty. prickmedainty FĀNTĒ fainty. Chianti DÄNTĒ andante. epanthous RANTHUS hysteranthous 190 . anti. grantor KANTER almucantor. ANSUM VANSMENT advancement. vigilante MANTĒ diamante ANTER BANTER banter. acanthus. Vedanta FANTA Fanta.) ANTĒZ antis. Chianti BANTĒ banty DANTĒ andante. ranty SANTĒ Santy SHANTĒ Ashanti. oxyacanthous LANTHUS ailanthus. Dante LÄNTĒ volante ĀNTED (See ĀNT. unhandsome RANSOM ranson TRANSOM transom RANTER ranter SKANTER scanter SLANTER slanter STANTER instanter VANTER Levanter ZANTĒ zante ANTĒZ ANTA ANTA anta DANTA danta. dianthus. Infanta LANTA Atlanta. add -ed where appropriate. transplanter ANSUM HANSOM handsome. corybantes KANTĒZ bacchantes LANTĒZ atlantes PANTĒZ panties SHANTĒZ chanties. cantor. tainter MANTHIN Rhadamanthine ANTHUS ANTHUS amianthus. auntie. decanter. add -ed where appropriate. supplanter. descanter. hansom. Brabanter CHANTER chanter. trochanter PANTHUS agapanthus. shanty SKANTĒ scanty SLANTĒ slanty TANTĒ dilettante. recanter. canthus. helianthus. aunty. chanty.DOUBLE RHYMES. shanties SKANTĒZ scanties TANTĒZ dilettantes ÄNTA DÄNTA danta FÄNTA Infanta ANTHER ANTED (See ANT. concertante. feinter KWĀNTER acquainter. feinty RĀNTĒ suzerainty ĀNTER FĀNTER fainter. Mylanta MANTA manta PLANTA planta SANTA Santa ÄNTĒ ÄNTĒ aunty. Dante FANTĒ infante KANTĒ bacchante. canter. polyanthus. galanthus MANTHUS haemanthus NANTHUS ananthous. enchanter KANTHUS acanthous. tanti PANTER panter PLANTER implanter. synanthous GRANTER granter. monanthous. nonadvancement Words to Rhyme With NANTĒ Rosinante PANTĒ panty RANTĒ durante. anacanthous. aunties BANTĒZ banties.) ANTHER anther PANTHER panther ANTAL (See ANTL) ANTEN KANTEN canton LANTEN Dilantin PLANTEN plantain SANTEN santon SKRANTEN Scranton ANTHIK NANTHIK oenanthic ZANTHIK xanthic ANTAM (See ANTUM) ANTHIN ANTHIN anthine KANTHIN acanthin. Strophanthus ANTĒ ANTĒ ante.

mantler PANTLER pantler FRANTIK frantic GANTIK gigantic LANTIK Atlantic. add -ing where appropriate. mantled SKANTLD scantled ÄNTŌ KÄNTŌ canto MÄNTŌ portmanteau 191 . N necromantic.) ANTIS KANTIS cantus LANTIS Atlantis MANTIS mantis. reboantic BANTIK corybantic DANTIK pedantic. feinting KWĀNTING acquainting. vantage ANTIST DANTIST Vedantist RANTIST ignorantist. unfaintly KWĀNTLĒ quaintly. covenantal RANTL quadrantal ĀNTNES FĀNTNES faintness KWĀNTNES quaintness ANTŌ KANTŌ canto MANTŌ manteau. repainting ANTL ANTL antal GANTL gigantal KANTL cantle LANTL Atlantal MANTL dismantle. mantel. antick. slantly ANTIK ANTIK antic. M mantic. chryselephantine MANTĪN adamantine VANTĪN Levantine ZANTĪN Byzantine ANTIZM KANTIZM Kantism RANTIZM ignorantism. transatlantic MANTIK H hydromantic. O onomantic. P pyromantic. consonantal. overmantle NANTL assonantal.Words to Rhyme With SANTHUS chrysanthous ZANTHUS xanthous DOUBLE RHYMES. mantle. plaintive STRĀNTIV constraintive GANTLET gantlet KANTLET cantlet MANTLET mantelet. J geomantic. dismantling PLANTLING planting SKANTLING scantling TANTIZM dilettantism ĀNTING FĀNTING fainting. unsaintly ANTIJ PLANTIJ plantage SHANTIJ chantage VANTIJ advantage. hierophantic. K chiromantic. S semantic. SP spodomantic. unquaintly SĀNTLĒ saintly. ÄNTŌ ĀNTISH FĀNTISH faintish SĀNTISH saintish ĀNTLĒ FĀNTLĒ faintly. cisatlantic. sycophantic ÄNTIST DÄNTIST Vedantist KÄNTIST Kantist RÄNTIST Esperantist TÄNTIST dilettantist ANTLER ANTLER antler MANTLER dismantler. mantlet PLANTLET plantlet ANTĪN BANTĪN Brabantine FANTĪN elephantine. rantism ANTLING BANTLING bantling FRANTLING frantling MANTLING mantling. immantle. Vedantic FANTIK elephantic. noncurantist TANTIST dilettantist ANTLĒ LANTLĒ gallantly SKANTLĒ scantly SLANTLĒ aslantly. TH theomantic NANTIK consonantic ANTLET ĀNTIV PLĀNTIV complaintive. reacquainting PĀNTING painting. obscurantism. disadvantage. R romantic. portmanteau PANTŌ panto RANTŌ Esperanto ANTING (See ANT. praying mantis ANTLD MANTLD dismantled.

banyan FANYUN fanion FRANYUN franion KANYUN cañon. toy spaniel. parabolanus MĀNUS bimanous. organza GRANZA granza KWANZA kwanza NANZA bonanza STANZA stanza TANZA matanza ĀOS KĀOS chaos LĀOS Laos NĀOS epinaos. manus VĀNUS Silvanus. canyon PANYUN companion ĀON KĀON Lycaon KRĀON crayon RĀON rayon ĀOR (See ĀER) ANUK BANUK bannock JANUK jannock ANZA ANZA nyanza GANZA extravaganza. longimanous. Kappa LAPA lappa NAPA Napa 192 . ANTON RÄNTŌ coranto. water spaniel ÄŌ ÄŌ ao BÄŌ carabao DÄŌ dao KÄŌ cacao. pansy TANZĒ tansy APA KAPA kappa. springer spaniel.. spaniel. adiantum BANTUM bantam FANTUM phantom ANYERD LANYERD lanyard SPANYERD Spaniard ĀNUM KĀNUM arcanum LĀNUM solanum PĀNUM paynim ANYUN BANYUN banian. mayo TĀŌ zapateo TRĀŌ tetrao ANTRĒ CHANTRĒ chantry GANTRĒ gantry PANTRĒ pantry ANYAN (See ANYUN) ANTRUM ANTRUM antrum PANTRUM hypantrum TANTRUM tantrum ANYEL DANYEL Daniel SPANYEL field spaniel. veinous ANZMAN BANZMAN bandsman KLANZMAN clansman. K. tanto Words to Rhyme With KĀNUS incanous LĀNUS Coriolanus. kayo MĀŌ County Mayo. tarao TÄŌ tao ANTUM ANTUM Antum.DOUBLE RHYMES. naos. ganza. Klansman LANZMAN landsman TRANZMAN transman ANTON (See ANTEN) ĀNWURK BRĀNWURK brainwork CHĀNWURK chainwork PLĀNWURK plainwork ĀŌ DĀŌ Montevideo KĀŌ cacao. macao LÄŌ talao NÄŌ Mindanao RÄŌ karao.O. pronaos TĀOS Taos ANUN (See ANON) ĀNUS ĀNUS anus DĀNUS pandanus HĀNUS heinous JĀNUS Janus ANZĒ GANZĒ ganzie PANZĒ chimpanzee. Esperanto TÄNTŌ allegro non tanto. pro tanto.

knapper. red-taper VĀPER vapor APID RAPID rapid SAPID sapid VAPID vapid APĒ CHAPĒ chappie. wrapper. newspaper. unwrapper APIN (See APEN) PAPĒ pappy RAPĒ serape SAPĒ sappy SKRAPĒ scrappy SNAPĒ snappy STRAPĒ strappy TRAPĒ trappy YAPĒ yappy ZAPĒ zappy ĀPING ĀPING aping DRĀPING draping GĀPING gaping KĀPING escaping PĀPING Peiping RĀPING raping SHĀPING misshaping. koppa NÄPA anapanapa PÄPA papa TÄPA tapa STRAPER strapper. ĀPING RÄPĒ serape (See OPE) ÄPA ÄPA apa HÄPA jipijapa KÄPA capa. caper. gapy HAPĒ happy. slapper SNAPER whippersnapper. overlapper MAPER mapper NAPER kidnapper. rapper. understrapper. snapper. kapa. recapture APEN HAPEN happen LAPEN lapin RAPEN rapine SWÄPER swapper (See OPER) RAPCHER enrapture. repaper. shaping ÄPĒ HÄPĒ Hapi KÄPĒ okapi SAPER sapper SKRAPER scrapper SLAPER backslapper. handicapper KLAPER clapper. reshaper. didapper GAPER gaper KAPER capper. trapper YAPER yapper ZAPER zapper ÄPER APCHER KAPCHER capture. scrapie TĀPĒ red-tapy. shaper SKĀPER landscaper SKRĀPER skyscraper. unhappy KAPĒ cappy KRAPĒ crappie. tarpaper. reshaping. skyscraping TĀPING retaping. shaganappi. unstrapper ĀPEN SHĀPEN misshapen. undraper GĀPER gaper KĀPER escaper. tapir.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. shoulderclapper KRAPER crapper LAPER lapper. slaphappy. unshapen TĀPEN tapen TAPER tapper. napper RAPER enwrapper. crepy SKRĀPĒ scrapy. sandpaper. rapture APET LAPET lappet SKRAPET scrappet TAPET tappet ĀPĒ DRĀPĒ drapey GĀPĒ gapy GRĀPĒ grapey KĀPĒ kepi KRĀPĒ crapy. manucapture. wiretapper TRAPER entrapper. tapy ĀPER ĀPER aper DRĀPER draper. shapen. wallpaper RĀPER raper SĀPER sapor SHĀPER misshaper. crappy MAPĒ mappy NAPĒ knappy. taping 193 . scraper TĀPER taper. snippersnapper SKĀPING landscaping SKRĀPING scraping. nordcaper PĀPER endpaper. paper. shaganappy APIJ LAPIJ lappage RAPIJ wrappage SKRAPIJ scrappage APER CHAPER chapper DAPER dapper. red snapper. chappy FLAPĒ flappy GAPĒ gappy. notepaper. flypaper. nappy.

woolstaples APIS LAPIS lapis PAPIS pappus TAPIS tapis TRAPIS trappous APL APL apple. ÄPING Words to Rhyme With PĀPIZM papism TĀPIZM red-tapism ÄPING (See OP. loveapple. manucaptor. add -less where appropriate. red-tapist APLES (See AP. tapish ÄPŌ ÄPŌ quiapo GWÄPŌ guapo KÄPŌ capo SWÄPŌ swapo TÄPŌ gestapo APISH GAPISH gappish SNAPISH snappish YAPISH yappish ĀPLES (See ĀP. Big Apple. papal. add -ing where appropriate. add -less where appropriate. recaption. woolstaple ĀPLZ MĀPLZ maples NĀPLZ Naples STĀPLZ staples. manucaption. velociraptor 194 . crabapple. unpapal STĀPL staple. chapel. usucaption LAPSHUN elapsion. pineapple CHAPL antechapel.DOUBLE RHYMES. collapsion TRAPSHUN contraption APIST MAPIST mappist TRAPIST Trappist APLET APLET applet CHAPLET chaplet STAPLET staplet STRAPLET straplet TAPLET taplet APTER APTER apter CHAPTER chapter DAPTER adapter KAPTER captor.) APSHUN ĀPLET ĀPLET apelet GRĀPLET grapelet KĀPLET capelet KAPSHUN caption. nonpapal. raptor. unstaple. Whitechapel DAPL dapple GRAPL grapple KAPL capple NAPL knapple SKAPL scapple SKRAPL scrapple SNAPL Snapple THRAPL thrapple APNEL GRAPNEL grapnel SHRAPNEL shrapnel ĀPISH ĀPISH apish GĀPISH gapish PĀPISH papish TĀPISH red-tapish.) APLING DAPLING dappling GRAPLING grappling LAPLING lapling SAPLING sapling ĀPIS ĀPIS Apis.) ĀPRUN ĀPRUN apron NĀPRUN napron ĀPIST KĀPIST escapist PĀPIST papist RĀPIST rapist SKĀPIST landscapist TĀPIST tapist. priapus LĀPIS lapis NĀPIS sinapis TĀPIS tapis ĀPL ĀPL priapal KĀPL capel MĀPL maple PĀPL antipapal. recaptor ĀPIZM ĀPIZM apism KĀPIZM escapism RAPTER rapter.

vihara KÄRA cara. tantara. nontransparent. Mara NÄRA kanara. barbell KÄRBEL carbell ĀPUS (See ĀPIS) ÄRBER ÄRBER arbor. harbor. tuatara VÄRA vara HARAS harass NARAS naras PARAS nonparous. carrack ÄARBL GÄRBL garble JÄRBL jarble MÄRBL enmarble. samara PÂRA para RÂRA siserara VÂRA vara ARAK ARAK arrack BARAK barrack KARAK carack. sakkara KLÄRA Santa Clara MÄRA Gemara. ÄRBLING KLARA Santa Clara PARA nullipara. parous (See ARIS.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. marble ÂRANS (See ÂRENS) ÄRĀ KÄRĀ ricercaré SWÄRĀ soireé ARANT ARANT arrant KLARANT declarant PARANT apparent. ERIS) APTLĒ APTLĒ aptly. ziara BÄRA capybara DWÄRA gurdwara GÄRA fugara HÄRA Guadelajara. Baptist ARAS ARAS arras BARAS barras. transparent. mascara ÄRBLING GÄRBLING garbling MÄRBLING marbling 195 . narra. Sahara. unharbor APUS (See APIS) ARAB ARAB Arab KARAB carob SKARAB scarab ÄRBERD ÄRBERD arbored HÄRBERD harbored JÄRBERD jarbird KÄRBERD carboard LÄRBERD larboard STÄRBERD starboard ÂRA ÂRA Eire BÂRA capybara DÂRA madeira. disembarrass. caldera HÂRA Sahara KÂRA cascara. parent. embarrass APTIV DAPTIV adaptive. mascara MÂRA dulcamara. solfatara. unaptness RAPTNES raptness ÄRBEL BÄRBEL barbel. tarantara APTEST APTEST aptest. inaptness. caracara. primipara TARA tantara. tarantara. unadaptive KAPTIV captive ÄRA ÄRA tiara. Ann Arbor BÄRBER barber HÄRBER enharbor. unapparent (See ÂRENT) ÄRBLER GÄRBLER garbler MÄRBLER marbler ARA ARA tiara KARA cascara. inaptly RAPTLĒ raptly ÂRBEL HÂRBEL harebell PRÂRBEL prayerbell APTNES APTNES aptness. inaptest BAPTEST Anabaptist. Ferrara SÄRA samsara TÄRA chitarra. carbonara. sayonara PÄRA apara RÄRA demerrara. step-parent. debarrass. marinara. Paris. Mara.

add -ed where appropriate. false-carder. add -ed where appropriate.) ÄRDING (See ÄRD. caseharden.DOUBLE RHYMES. harden. pardoner ÄRDEND (See ÄRDEN. guardant.) ÄRDNING ÄRDENT ÄRDENT ardent. garden. vegetable garden HÄRDEN enharden. weather-harden PÄRDEN pardon ÄRDMENT BÄRDMENT bombardment TÄRDMENT retardment ÄRCHER ÄRCHER archer MÄRCHER marcher PÄRCHER departure. carbon ÄRDIK ÄRDIK goliardic BÄRDIK bardic. pericardic SHÄRBON charbon ÄRDED ÄRBOR (See ÄRBER) (See ÄRD. regarder HÄRDER harder KÄRDER discarder. hardy ÄRDER ardor BÄRDER bombarder GÄRDER disregarder.) ÄRDEL ÄRBORD (See ÄRBERD) BÄRDEL bardel FÄRDEL fardel KÄRDEL cardel SÄRDEL sardel.) ÄRCHING (See ÄRCH. hydrocarbon. ÄRBON Words to Rhyme With KÄRDĒ Bacardi LÄRDĒ lardy TÄRDĒ tardy ÄRBON KÄRBON fluorocarbon. carder. sardelle ÄRDLES GÄRDLES guardless. add -ing where appropriate. flower. unardent GÄRDENT gardant. Lombardic DÄRDIK Dardic KÄRDIK anacardic. guarder. wool carder ÄRDSHIP GÄRDSHIP guardship HÄRDSHIP hardship LÄRDER larder TÄRDER retarder YÄRDER yarder ÂRDUM ÂRDUM heirdom STÂRDUM backstairdom 196 . add -ing where appropriate. regardant TÄRDENT retardant GÄRDNING gardening HÄRDNING hardening PÄRDNING pardoning ÄRCHMENT ÄRCHMENT archment PÄRCHMENT parchment ÄRDON (See ARDEN) ÄRDER ÄRDANT (See ÄRDENT) ÄRDĒ BÄRDĒ bardy FÄRDĒ Sephardi HÄRDĒ foolhardy. regardless KÄRDLES cardless LÄRDLES lardless YÄRDLES yardless ÄRCHĒ ÄRCHĒ archy LÄRCHĒ larchy STÄRCHĒ starchy ÄRDEN BÄRDEN bombardon GÄRDEN garden. parcher STÄRCHER starcher ÄRDNER GÄRDNER gardener HÄRDNER hardener PÄRDNER pardner.

honorary. M mercenary. J January. hypothecary. millinary. quandary. S sanguinary. unnecessary SKÂRĒ scary SNÂRĒ snary STÂRĒ stary TÂRĒ D depositary. lapidary. petitionary. rosemary NÂRĒ A ablutionary. legendary. medullary. seditionary. cupbearer. P parcenary. ostiary. M military. standard-bearer. formicary. divisionary. V voluntary TRÂRĒ arbitrary. axillary. S sanctuary. probationary. Ave Mary. fairy FLÂRĒ flary GÂRĒ vagary GLÂRĒ glairy. missionary. ancillary. forbearance PÂRENS apparence. O obolary.) ÂREM (See ÂRUM) AREM (See ARUM) ARĒ GARĒ gharry HARĒ harry KARĒ hari-kari. glary HÂRĒ hairy. aerie. supernumerary. overbearer. momentary. secondary FÂRĒ airy-fairy. circumplanetary. mammillary. transparence PARĒ pari. miscarry MARĒ intermarry. elocutionary. airy. add -ed where appropriate. revisionary. retiary. parrel (See ERIL. tamari NÄRĒ Carbonari PÄRĒ pari RÄRĒ Ferrari. F functionary. I imaginary. vairy. cautionary. U ubiquitary. K commentary. D dictionary. prebendary. disciplinary. Karharbari CHÄRĒ charry HÄRĒ Bihari. ossuary. abolitionary. dignitary. O ordinary. forbearer. vary WÂRĒ cassowary. S salutary. parent (See ARANT) ÄRĒ BÄRĒ Bari. customary. E estuary. constabulary. reversionary. K canary. vicenary. B bicentenary. saree SKÄRĒ scarry STÄRĒ starry ÂRER ÂRER airer BÂRER armor bearer. nucleary. V voluptuary BÂRĒ columbary. silentiary. multitudinary. dietary. pulmonary. noctuary. marry. V vocabulary MÂRĒ accustomary. vicissitudinary. curare SÄRĒ aracari. centenary. M mortuary. syllabary BLÂRĒ blary CHÂRĒ chary. T tertiary. monetary. additionary. KW questionary. PR proletary. solitary. seminary. revolutionary. R residuary. fiduciary. dromedary. mary. bearer. Tipperary. FR fragmentary. subsidiary. tale-bearer BLÂRER blarer 197 . unmarry ÂRENS BÂRENS bearance. confectionery. wary (See ERĒ) ÄRDUN (See ÄRDEN) TÄRĒ Qatari. beer barrel. H hereditary. KW questuary. P pecuniary. contrary VÂRĒ salivary. P patibulary. consuetudinary. faerie. proprietary. T tutionary. itinerary. lachrymary. reliquary LÂRĒ A adminiculary. provisionary. disapparel. G ganglionary. N nary. F formulary. hebdomadary. swordbearer. mehari KÄRĒ harikari. forbearant KLÂRENT declarent LÂRENT celarent PÂRENT apparent. calamary. V valetudinary. parral. E extraordinary. persicary KLÂRĒ clary KWÂRĒ antiquary. distributary. discretionary. ST stationary. uakari LÄRĒ lari MÄRĒ calamari. sumptuary. unwary. tutelary. contemporary. evolutionary. ÂRER preliminary. doctrinary. unchary DÂRĒ dairy. L lairy. pallbearer. SKR scriniary. ÎRAL) ARELD HARELD Harold BARELD barreled. insurrectionary. corollary. TR traditionary.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. tarry VÄRĒ charivari (See ORĒ) ÂRĒ ÂRĒ A accidentiary. luminary. I incendiary. millinery. culinary. eleemosynary. pensionary. PR precautionary. confectionary. double-barreled (See AREL. B beneficiary. E epistolary. unhairy KÂRĒ apothecary. coronary. remarry. visionary PRÂRĒ prairie RÂRĒ extemporary. passionary. veterinary. sublunary. coparcenery. topiary. sanitary. T titulary. literary. prothonotary. SK scapulary. B bacillary. secretary. popinary. temporary. contributary. barer. vulnerary SÂRĒ necessary. tumultuary. prolegomenary. actuary. tumulary. ST statuary. M maxillary. macebearer. parents. AREL AREL aril BAREL barrel. ary. R reactionary. pork barrel KAREL carol. intermediary. parry TARĒ tarry ÂRENT ÂRENT errant BÂRENT aberrant. legionary. PL planetary. stationery. ruptuary. eyrie. TR tributary. carry. sedentary. O obituary. carrel PAREL apparel. L latitudinary. K capillary. N natuary. F February. stipendiary.

baric. add -ing where appropriate. Megaric KARIK saccharic LARIK polaric MARIK pimaric TARIK tartaric (See ERIK) ÂRĒZ ÂRĒZ Ares. Bulgaric. Aries. parer. repairer ÄRGEN BÄRGEN bargain JÄRGEN jargon RÂRER rarer SHÂRER sharer SKÂRER scarer SKWÂRER squarer SNÂRER ensnarer. miscarriage. carrot KLARET claret PARET parrot ÄRGŌ ÄRGŌ Argo. argol. caret. cinnabaric ARET GARET garret. add -ing where appropriate. unprayerful ARIF HARIF harif TARIF tariff (See ERIF) FLÂRER flarer KÂRER carer. add -s or change -y to -ies where appropriate. seafarer. uncarer KLÂRER declarer PÂRER despairer. Pindaric GARIK agaric.) ÂRING (See ÂR. argot BÄRGŌ embargo FÄRGŌ Wells Fargo KÄRGŌ cargo. snarer SPÂRER sparer STÂRER starer SWÂRER swearer TÂRER tearer WÂRER awarer. uncareful ARID ARID arid LARID Polarid ARIS ARIS arris BARIS baris 198 . ARET DÂRER darer. pairer. preparer. outdarer FÂRER fairer. isobaric. impairer.) ÂRFĀST BÂRFĀST barefaced FÂRFĀST fair-faced ÄRGON argon JÄRGON jargon ARINGKS FARINGKS pharynx LARINGKS larynx ÄRFISH BÄRFISH barfish GÄRFISH garfish. wayfarer Words to Rhyme With PÂRFUL despairful PRÂRFUL prayerful. stearic BARIK barbaric. Buenos Aires KÂRĒZ caries LÂRĒZ lares NÂRĒZ nares (See ÂRĒ. farer.) ÄRING ÄRGON (See ÄR. remarriage PARIJ disparage ÄRGET ÄRGET argot TÄRGET target ARIK ÄRGL ÄRGL argal. garotte KARET carat. undercarriage MARIJ intermarriage. centrobaric. margaric. wearer (See ERER) ARIJ GARIJ garage KARIJ carriage. cigarfish STÄRFISH starfish TÄRFISH guitarfish ÂRHED ÂRHED airhead BÂRHED barehead FÂRHED fairhead SKÂRHED scarehead ÂRIS LÂRIS polaris NÂRIS naris ÂRFUL DÂRFUL dareful KÂRFUL careful. marriage.DOUBLE RHYMES. hyperbaric. argle-bargle GÄRGL gargle ARIK Balearic. supercargo LÄRGŌ largo PÄRGŌ pargo SÄRGŌ sargo TÄRGŌ botargo DARIK daric. unfairer.

matriarchy. heptarchic. overcharger. squirearchy. patriarchy.) ÄRJING (See ÄRJ. monarchist. but I am spent. embarker DÄRKER darker HÄRKER harker KÄRKER carker ÄRKIST ÄRKIST matriarchist. Now that I have passed my prime. patriarchic GÄRKIK oligarchic NÄRKIK anarchic. matriarchal. darken. undercharger LÄRJER enlarger. ÄRKEN ÄRJIK LÄRJIC pelargic THÄRJIK lethargic ÄRKEN archon BÄRKEN barken DÄRKEN bedarken. add -ing where appropriate. darky GÄRKĒ oligarchy KÄRKĒ carky LÄRKĒ larky. synarchic ÄRJENT ÄRJENT argent. malarkey MÄRKĒ nomarchy NÄRKĒ gynarchy. patriarchist GÄRKIST oligarchist NÄRKIST anarchist. triarchy BÄRKĒ barky CHÄRKĒ charqui DÄRKĒ bidarke.) ÄRKIK ÄRKIK matriarchic. synarchist 199 . ÄRKIST LÄRKER larker. add -ish where appropriate. parker SHÄRKER sharker SPÄRKER sparker STÄRKER starker ÂRISH BÂRISH bearish FÂRISH fairish GÂRISH garish MÂRISH marish. hagiarchy. patriarchal GÄRKAL oligarchal NÄRKAL monarchal RÄRKAL heterarchal.) ÄRKISH (See ÄRK. cryptarchy. thearchy. autarchy ÄRKĒZ (See ÄRKĒ. monarchic. hierarchal. menarche PÄRKĒ parky RÄRKĒ heterarchy. hierarchy SHÄRKĒ sharky SNÄRKĒ snarky SPÄRKĒ sparky STÄRKĒ starky TÄRKĒ antarchy. polaris PARIS Paris MÄRKA markka PÄRKA parka SÄRKA anasarca DOUBLE RHYMES. charkha DÄRKA bidarka BÄRKER barker.) ÄRIST TÄRIST guitarist TSÄRIST tsarist ZÄRIST czarist ÄRKĒ ÄRKĒ anarchy. supercharger. heptarchy. antianarchist. change -y to -ies where appropriate. add -s where appropriate.Words to Rhyme With LARIS phalaris. nightmarish PÂRISH pairish RÂRISH rarish SKWÂRISH squarish (See ERISH) ÄRKAL ÄRKAL anarchal. endarken HÄRKEN hearken STÄRKEN starken TÄRKEN Plutarchan TRÄRKEN Petrarchan ÄRKING (See ÄRK. skylarker MÄRKER marker. polyarchy. markhor PÄRKER nosy-parker. diarchy. arky. hetaerarchy. surcharger. auricularis.) ÄRKER ÄRKA CHÄRKA charka. antianarchic. Time remains. add -ing where approriate. minargent MÄRJENT margent SÄRJENT sergeant RÄRKIK hierarchic TÄRKIK autarchic. larger SPÄRJER sparger I WAS PRODIGAL WITH TIME I was prodigal with time— Spent it to my heart’s content. discharger. squirearchal (See ÄRKL) ÄRKERZ STÄRKERZ starkers (See ÄRKER. climatarchic TRÄRKIK tetrarchic ÄRJER BÄRJER barger CHÄRJER charger. turbocharger.

ÄRKL RÄRKIST hierarchist TÄRKIST heptarchist NÂRLĒ debonairly RÂRLĒ rarely SKWÂRLĒ squarely WÂRLĒ awarely YÂRLĒ yarely Words to Rhyme With ÂRLĪN ÂRLĪN airline HÂRLĪN hairline ÄRKL BÄRKL barkle DÄRKL darkle SÄRKL sarcle SPÄRKL sparkle (See ÄRKAL) ÄRLIN ÄRLĒ BÄRLĒ barley CHÄRLĒ Charlie HÄRLĒ Harley MÄRLĒ marly NÄRLĒ gnarly PÄRLĒ parley SNÄRLĒ snarly ZÄRLĒ bizarrely KÄRLIN carlin.DOUBLE RHYMES. Palearctic BÄRKTIK subarctic LÄRKTIK holarctic TÄRKTIK Antarctic ÄRLOT (See ÄRLET) ÂRLĒ BÂRLĒ barely FÂRLĒ fairly. clerkly STÄRKLĒ starkly ÂRLĪND HÂRLĪND hairlined KÂRLĪND care-lined ÄRLING ÄRKLET PÄRKLET parklet SPÄRKLET sparklet ÄRLER JÄRLER jarler NÄRLER gnarler PÄRLER parlor SNÄRLER snarler DÄRLING darling SNÄRLING snarling SPÄRLING sparling STÄRLING starling ÄRKLING DÄRKLING darkling LÄRKLING larkling SPÄRKLING sparkling ÄRLĪT KÄRLĪT carlight STÄRLĪT starlight ÂRLES (See ÂR. carline MÄRLIN marlin. Nearctic.) FÄRLIT farlit KÄRLIT carlit STÄRLIT starlit ÄRKNES DÄRKNES darkness STÄRKNES starkness ÄRLET HÄRLET harlot KÄRLET carlet MÄRLET marlet SHÄRLET Charlotte SKÄRLET scarlet STÄRLET starlet VÄRLET varlet ÄRLOK CHÄRLOK charlock HÄRLOK harlock KÄRLOK carlock MÄRLOK marlock ÄRKTIK ÄRKTIK arctic.) ÄRKNER DÄRKNER darkener HÄRKNER hearkener ÄRLIT ÄRLES PÄRLES parlous (See ÄR. Arctic. unfairly ÄRLIK GÄRLIK garlic. marline ÄRKLĒ DÄRKLĒ darkly KLÄRKLĒ clarkly. pilgarlic SÄRLIK sarlyk ÄRLOR (See ÄRLER) 200 . add -less where appropriate. add -less where appropriate.

Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. unharmful ÄRNARD (See ÄRNERD) ÄRNISH GÄRNISH garnish TÄRNISH tarnish VÄRNISH varnish ÄRMIK FÄRMIK alexipharmic. goshdarning HÄRMER harmer LÄRMER alarmer ÄRNAL (See ÄRNEL) SÄRNING consarning YÄRNING yarning ÄRMFUL ÄRMFUL armful CHÄRMFUL charmful HÄRMFUL harmful. pharmic. polypharmic ÄRNĒ BÄRNĒ barny BLÄRNĒ blarney ÄRNISHT (See ÄRNISH. dirt farmer. reharness.) ÄRNER DÄRNER darner GÄRNER garner YÄRNER yarner ÄRMLET ÄRMĒ ÄRMĒ army BÄRMĒ barmy FÄRMĒ farmy SMÄRMĒ smarmy ÄRMLET armlet CHÄRMLET charmlet ÄRNERD BÄRNERD Barnard GÄRNERD garnered ÄRMOR (See ARMER) ÄRMENT BÄRMENT debarment.) ÄRMOT KÄRMOT carmot MÄRMOT marmot ÄRNES FÄRNES farness HÄRNES harness. disarmer. rearmer CHÄRMER charmer. armor. add -ing where appropriate. goldarning. carny LÄRNĒ Killarney ÄRMA DÄRMA adharma. farmer.) TÄRMIK ptarmic 201 . disbarment GÄRMENT garment SÄRMENT sarment VÄRMENT varmint ÂRNES (See ÂR. subsistence farmer ÄRNA ÄRNA arna DÄRNA dharna SÄRNA sarna ÄRNING DÄRNING darning. add -ed where appropriate. encarmine KÄRNĒ carney. dharma KÄRMA karma PÄRMA Parma ÄRNEL ÄRMING (See ÄRM.) CHÄRNEL charnel DÄRNEL darnel KÄRNEL carnal. ÄRNISHT ÄRLUS (See ARLES) ÄRMIN HÄRMIN harmine KÄRMIN carmine. uncarnal ÂRMAN ÂRMAN airman CHÂRMAN chairman ÄRMLES (See ÄRM. unharness ZÄRNES bizarreness ÄRMER ÄRMER armer. snake-charmer FÄRMER dairy farmer. add -ness where appropriate. add -less where appropriate.

metacarpal PÄRPL disparple ÄRTA KÄRTA charta. taro ZÄRŌ bizarro. martial. Magna Charta KWÄRTA cuarta SPÄRTA Sparta AROL (See AREL) ÄRSEL KÄRSEL carcel PÄRSEL parcel SÄRSEL sarcel TÄRSEL metatarsal. sharper SKÄRPER scarper ÄRSON ÄRSON arson FÄRSON mene mene tekel upharsin PÄRSON parson SÄRSON sarsen SKWÄRSON squarson ÄRPL KÄRPL carpal. unmartial PÄRSHAL impartial. marshal. Jakarta. vaquero TÂRŌ taro. sharpy ÄRSLĒ PÄRSLĒ parsley SPÄRSLĒ sparsely ÄRŌ GÄRŌ zingaro GWÄRŌ saguaro JÄRŌ Kilimanjaro KÄRŌ karo KLÄRŌ claro NÄRŌ denaro SÄRŌ Pissarro TÄRŌ cantaro. Karo. partial ÄRPAL (See ÄRPL) ÄRSL (See ÄRSEL) ÄRPĒ HÄRPĒ harpy KÄRPĒ carpie. handbarrow. wheelbarrow FARŌ farrow HARŌ harrow. intercarpal. carpy SHÄRPĒ sharpie. tarsal VÄRSEL varsal WÄRSEL warsle ÄRTAL (See ÄRTL) AROLD (See ARELD) ÄRTAN (See ÄRTEN) ÂRON HWÂRON whereon KÂRON Charon THÂRON thereon (See ERIN) ÄRSER KÄRSER carcer PÄRSER parser SÄRSER Sarsar SPÄRSER sparser ÄRTĒ ÄRTĒ arty CHÄRTĒ charty 202 .DOUBLE RHYMES. immartial. restharrow KARŌ carrow MARŌ marrow NARŌ narrow SKARŌ scarrow SPARŌ sparrow TARŌ tarot YARŌ yarrow (See ARET) ÄRSHAL MÄRSHAL field marshal. tarot (See ERŌ) — AROO — BAROO baru — MAROO maru ÄRSHA GÄRSHA Garcia MÄRSHA hamartia. Pizarro (See ORŌ) ÄRPER HÄRPER harper KÄRPER carper SHÄRPER cardsharper. Marcia AROT ARŌ ARŌ arrow BARŌ barrow. ÂRŌ Words to Rhyme With ÂRŌ FÂRŌ faro. pharaoh KÂRŌ karo.

martyr. party. restarter.) 203 .) ÄRTŌN ÄRTLĒ (See ÄRTEN) ÄRTEN BÄRTEN barton GÄRTEN kindergarten HÄRTEN dishearten. upstarter ÄRTLET ÄRTLET artlet BÄRTLET Bartlett HÄRTLET heartlet MÄRTLET martlet PÄRTLET partlet TÄRTLET tartlet ARUM GARUM garum HARUM harem KARUM carom LARUM alarum. add -ed where appropriate. parter SÄRTER sartor SMÄRTER smarter STÄRTER non-starter. stag party. larum MARUM marum TÄRTER cream-of-tartar. Chartist PÄRTIST Bonapartist ÄRTNES SMÄRTNES smartness TÄRTNES tartness ÄRTL DÄRTL dartle HÄRTL hartal PÄRTL partle STÄRTL startle ÄRTŌ GÄRTŌ lagarto KWÄRTŌ quarto PÄRTŌ esparto ÄRTED (See ÄRT. tarter ÄRTERD (See ÄRTER. house party.) ÄRVEL ÄRTLING DÄRTLING dartling SPÄRTLING spartling STÄRTLING startling ÄRVEL arval. Arval BÄRVEL barvel KÄRVEL carval. add -less where appropriate. enhearten. tarty VÄRTĒ Havarti DOUBLE RHYMES. carvel LÄRVEL larval MÄRVEL marvel ÄRTING (See ART. tea party SMÄRTĒ smarty STÄRTĒ starty TÄRTĒ Astarte. Or maybe I should say a fillow. remartyr. damaging the cabinet. tartar. selfstarter.Words to Rhyme With DÄRTĒ darty HÄRTĒ hearty PÄRTĒ ex parte.) ÄRTWĀ KÄRTWĀ cartway PÄRTWĀ partway ÄRTER ÄRTER arter BÄRTER barter CHÄRTER charter DÄRTER darter GÄRTER garter MÄRTER bemartyr. add -ed where appropriate. Tartar. add -ing where appropriate. parten SMÄRTEN smarten SPÄRTEN Spartan TÄRTEN tartan. protomartyr. starter.” Doth steam from coffeemaker bellow? Did Minotaur in cavern billow? It’s confusing to a fellow. martin PÄRTEN partan. tarten PÄRTLĒ partly SMÄRTLĒ smartly TÄRTLĒ tartly ÄRTRIJ KÄRTRIJ cartridge PÄRTRIJ partridge ÄRTLES (See ÄRT. —From a letter to "Dear Heloise. ÄRVEL ÄRTIST ÄRTIST artist CHÄRTIST chartist. hen party. imparter. nonparty. ÂRUM ÂRUM arum GÂRUM garum HÂRUM harem MÂRUM marum SKÂRUM harum-scarum PÄRTER departer. pajama party. unmartyr A coffeemaker underneath a wood cabinet will send steam bellowing up. hearten KÄRTEN carton MÄRTEN marten.

obeisance JĀSENS adjacence. stonemason SĀSEN sasin. renascence PLĀSENS complacence. replacer RĀSER eraser. interlacer. macer PĀSER outpacer. nascent. uncomplacent. mason. sasine TRĀSEN bacitracin MĀSER grimacer. uncomplaisance ÄRVING KÄRVING carving STÄRVING starving ĀSENT BĀSENT obeisant JĀSENT adjacent. unlacer ÂRWORN KÂRWORN careworn PRÂRWORN prayer-worn ASA DASA Hadassah DRASA madrasah KASA casa KWASA oquassa MASA massa NASA NASA ASEL (See ASIL) ĀSEN BĀSEN basin. jacent. interjacent. Malagasy GLASĒ glacé. effacer. caser KWĀSER quasar LĀSER belacer. interjacence NĀSENS connascence. gracer KĀSER encaser. enchasten. connascent. baser. rasse SASĒ sassy TASĒ tassie NĀSENT enascent. footracer. embracer CHĀSER chaser. laser. naissant. placer. steeplechaser FĀSER defacer. ÄRVER Words to Rhyme With ÄRVER KÄRVER carver MÄRVER marver STÄRVER starver ASĀT KASĀT cassate KRASĀT incrassate ASEN DASEN spadassin FASEN fasten SASEN assassin ÄRVEST HÄRVEST harvest KÄRVEST carvest STÄRVEST starvest ĀSĒ BĀSĒ Count Basie JĀSĒ jasey. superjacent ÄRVL (See ARVEL) ASĒ BRASĒ brassie. meson. unchasten HĀSEN hasten JĀSEN Jason KĀSEN caisson MĀSEN freemason. facer GRĀSER begracer. glassy GRASĒ grassy HASĒ Tallahassee KLASĒ classy LASĒ Haile Selassie. pacer PLĀSER displacer. lassie MASĒ massy RASĒ morassy. disgracer. washbasin CHĀSEN chasten. subjacent. complaisance. complaisant. debaser BRĀSER bracer. horseracer. circumjacent. renaissant.DOUBLE RHYMES. renascent PLĀSENT complacent. misplacer. lacer. Jaycee LĀSĒ lacy MĀSĒ contumacy PĀSĒ pace PRĀSĒ précis RĀSĒ racy SĀSĒ Scorsese SPĀSĒ spacy ĀSENS BĀSENS abaisance. brassy CHASĒ chassis DASĒ dassie GASĒ gassy. racer SPĀSER spacer TRĀSER tracer ĀSAL ĀSAL oasal BĀSAL basal KĀSAL casal VĀSAL vasal ASER GASER gasser HASER hassar 204 . uncomplaisant ÄRVLING MÄRVLING marveling STÄRVLING starveling RĀSENT indurascent ĀSER ĀSER acer BĀSER abaser. uncomplacence.

inpatient. liquefacient. crasher LASHER lasher MASHER masher NASHER gnasher PASHER pasher RASHER rasher SLASHER slasher SMASHER smasher SPLASHER splasher STASHER stasher TASHER tasher THRASHER thrasher TRASHER trasher ĀSET PLĀSET placet TĀSET tacet LĀSHAL palatial. racial SPĀSHAL interspatial. glasses. multiracial. prelatial MĀSHAL primatial RĀSHAL interracial. washer (See OSHER) ĀSEZ (See ĀS. stupefacient. masser PASER passer. glasses. tumefacient PĀSHENT impatient. haberdasher FLASHER flasher GASHER gasher HASHER hasher. unbashful GASHFUL gashful RASHFUL rashful ĀSHENT FĀSHENT abortifacient. add -es where appropriate. postglacial. opera glasses LASEZ molasses (See AS. facient. basher BRASHER brasher DASHER dasher. craniofacial. parturifacient. calefacient. whitewasher. Croatia FĀSHA fascia GĀSHA Geisha GRĀSHA ex gratia KĀSHA acacia LĀSHA osteomalacia MĀSHA Dalmatia RĀSHA Eurasia TĀSHA crustacea ZĀSHA rosacea (See ĀZHA) ASHFUL BASHFUL bashful. fascet PLASET placet TASET tacet. outpatient. dashy FLASHĒ flashy HASHĒ hashy KLASHĒ clashy MASHĒ mashie.) 205 . patience. somnifacient. add -es where appropriate. mashy PLASHĒ plashy SLASHĒ slashy SPLASHĒ splashy TRASHĒ trashy ÄSHER KWÄSHER quasher SKWÄSHER squasher SWÄSHER swasher WÄSHER dishwasher. subglacial ASHER BASHER abasher. macassar MASER amasser. granny. add -ing where appropriate. basial FĀSHAL facial. OSH.) ASEZ GLASEZ field glasses. rubefacient.AL) ASET ASET asset BASET basset BRASET brasset FASET facet. spatial TĀSHAL mystacial (See Ā'SHI.) ĀSHA ĀSHA Asia. patient ASHING (See ASH. patients. preglacial. ASHING ĀSHAL BĀSHAL abbatial.Words to Rhyme With KASER antimacassar. tasset ASHBORD DASHBORD dashboard SPLASHBORD splashboard ASHĒ ĀSĒZ ĀSĒZ oases MĀSĒZ Macy’s ASHĒ ashy BASHĒ bashy BRASHĒ brashy DASHĒ dashi. surpasser PLASER placer RASER harasser DOUBLE RHYMES. outpatients MASHEZ gamashes (See ASH. rehasher KASHER casher KLASHER clasher KRASHER gate-crasher. sorbefacient.) ASHEZ ĀSHENS FĀSHENS facience PĀSHENS impatience. unifacial GLĀSHAL glacial. tacit. add -s where appropriate.

bifurcation. compurgation. antilibration. H habituation. R reflation. materiation. allegation. recordation. surrogation. insinuation. continuation. H humicubation. R radiation. domiciliation. revaluation. nudation. J jobation. derogation. Asian. retrogradation. integration. P palpebration. humiliation. boation. desudation. individuation. I ideation. noctivigation. disembarkation. conjugation. aerification. expoliation. P perturbation. E exudation. disapprobation. O oxidation. lineation. deligation. otiation. discontinuation. demulsification. repatriation. repudiation. F fasciation. D damnification. K calumniation. negation. albification. divarication. F fecundation. deification. intimidation. desegregation. levigation. desiccation. O orbation. excruciation. K castigation. circumnavigation. N negotiation. PR profligation. remediation. L legation. R redintegration. vibration DĀSHUN A aggradation. secundation. detoxication. ingravidation. K conflation. piation. litigation. GL glaciation. S segregation. prolongation. variation. aggregation. P perflation. SL slumpflation. asphyxiation. prorogation. attentuation. rogation. E expurgation. elapidation. despoliation. defalcation. consubstantiation. amplification. E efflation. illaqueation. beautification. elongation. transsubstantiation. E effectuation. B basification. interrogation. add -ing where appropriate. V valuation. reconciliation. superannuation. 206 . deprecation. L libation. nugation. K calibration. demystification. corrugation.DOUBLE RHYMES. delineation. aviation. disaffiliation. I incubation. permeation. subligation. deltafication. infuriation. disqualification. denazification. dandification. F fumigation. N navigation. deviation. pronunciation. declassification. I infeudation. abjudication. B backwardation. misappropriation. substantiation. SW suaviation. beatification. insufflation. lixiviation. dimication. perpetuation. interlineation. liquidation. officiation. S sedation. application. STR striation. gravidation. enunciation. confarreation. extenuation. dealbation. H hydration FĀSHUN philosophation FLĀSHUN A afflation. R relegation. propagation. luxuriation. demarkation. adjudication. B Beta radiation. irradiation. incommodation. trepidation. FL fluctuation. disintegration. retaliation. subjugation. exsufflation. I immigration. ligation. consolidation. T terebration. expatiation. ampliation. gloriation. J jugation. R recommendation. foliation. Anglification. evacuation. licentiation. defecation. depredation. exfoliation. ciliation. approbation. defraudation. ÄSHING Words to Rhyme With inchoation. advocation. FR friation. acidification. nucleation. intercolumniation. emendation. K conflagration. appreciation. FL fluoridation. allocation. accentuation. N nodation. menstruation. predation. dedication. dissociation. I inflation. O obviation. T tumultuation. contumniation. Alpha radiation. inebriation. inundation. GR gradation. evaluation. annunciation. dislocation. fructuation. situation. M malleation. E exacerbation. limbation. I instigation. K conurbation. cubation. sudation. amelioration. renegation. alleviation. conciliation. E equilibration. abrogation. cerebration. SP spoliation. columniation. elucidation. depreciation. diversifica- ÄSHING (See ÄSH. TR transudation. D decubation. intubation. feriation. vindemiation. foundation. retardation. P palliation. acupunctuation. deoxidation. E emigration. avigation. association. filiation. promulgation. actuation. V validation DRĀSHUN D dehydration. denunciation. allineation. reintegration. laudation. creation. affiliation. L libration. FR frondation. lucubration. arcuation. M migration. OSH. acetification. M mitigation. V vertebration. D delegation. divulgation. obligation. maleficiation. L laniation. reprobation. averruncation. differentiation. expiation. inappreciation. intermediation. PR predacean. caseation. expropriation. mediation. denegation. D deflation. investigation. H homologation. supererogation. TR trabeation. divagation. avocation. renunciation. PR procreation. accommodation. spermatium ĀSHUN ĀSHUN A abbreviation. degradation. dimidiation. PR probation. emaciation. M masturbation. exuviation. devaluation. alligation. propitiation. trucidation. ST stagflation GĀSHUN A abnegation. fustigation. TR transmigration HĀSHUN Haitian KĀSHUN A abdication. irrigation. vitiation BĀSHUN A accubation. O objurgation.) ASHLĒ FLASHLĒ flashly GASHLĒ gashly RASHLĒ rashly ASHMAN ASHMAN ashman TRASHMAN trashman ĀSHUM KRĀSHUM pancratium LĀSHUM solatium MĀSHUM lomatium. cymatium. D defoliation. S cibation. ingratiation. alkalification. S sufflation. expatriation. exundation. albication. punctuation. tripudiation. infatuation. V variegation GRĀSHUN D deflagration. subrogation. invalidation. L lapidation. circumstantiation. arrogation. effoliation. asification. BR brutification. sinuation. self-renunciation. intermigration. denudation. detruncation. P purgation. S celebration. evagation. beneficiation. GR graduation. appropriation. demarcation. rigation. pervulgation. D defedation. S satiation. T titubation BRĀSHUN A adumbration. invultuation. remigration. K commendation. R recubation. februation. laureation. congregation. mispronunciation. cuspidation. recreation. initiation. novitiation. disbocation. sublineation. Croatian. dilapidation.

titillation. capitulation. BL blood relation. ST stellation. chondrification. avolation. pendiculation. electrification. desolation. simplification. prognostication. dilation. L lallation. accumulation. alation. undulation. sanctification. insolation. depeculation. CH chelation. delation. Frenchification. assimulation. malassimilation. immaculation. vinification. saponification. ozonification. prettification. flagellation. sophistication. S serrulation. antiquation. notification. hyperventilation. intensification. torrefication. solemnification. authentication. floccilation. fasciculation. appelation. renidification. PL placation. elation. FL floccinaucinihilipilification. Y unification KRĀSHUN D deconsecration. scorification. conglobulation. geniculation. J jellification. pustulation. adulation. emuscation. vermiculation. quadruplication. D de-escalation. compellation. plication. K consecration. KR crenellation. circumambulation. equivocation. emulsification. J jaculation. sacrification. lamellation. exsiccation. TH thurification. syllabification. rarefication. vellication. intoxication. convocation. sublimification. alkylation. excommunication. interlucation. comprecation. decollation. mutilation. F fabrication. perambulation. sevocation. adosculation. depilation. prevarication. nimbification. indication. reticulation. modulation. necation. fornication. salification. TR translocation. gratulation. copulation. ovulation. vallation. I illation. Y ululation 207 . republication. medification. N Nazification. KL clarification. insulation. installation. ramification. stupefication. constellation. classification. regentrification. P pabulation. stridulation. collocation. transmogrification. provocation. mastication. varication. variolation. cornification. medication. turbination. cockneyfication. typification. immolation. assimilation. somnambulation. exemplification. reunification. I identification. postulation. mollification. interlocation. quantification. spiflication. gemmulation. intrication. M magnification. noctambulation. location. poculation. R refocillation. nigrification. S saccharification. matrification. coruscation. ĀSHUN glandulation. explication. contumulation. qualification. ST stellification. inhalation. eradication. legislation. solidification. specification. tepefication. intertessellation. flossification. petrification. ossification. FR franglification. instillation. GL glorification. expostulation. metrication. rectification. lubrication. congelation. sibilation. KR crucification. deoppilation. N nidulation. F phallation. graticulation. collation. complication. lorication. mication. strigilation. contravallation. stipulation. ventilation. osculation. simulation. V vacuolation. nitrification. SK scarification. R radication. L ladyfication. interstratification. hariolation. vilification. emulation. orbiculation. tremulation. fibrillation. lactification. maculation. countrification. relation. signification. multiplication. exhalation. sanguification. ustulation. justification. H halation. postillation. coagulation. vocabulation. K cacation. falcation. STR strangulation. PR preachification. intercalation. tessellation. replication. crenulation. velation. surculation. sporulation. codification. extrapolation. nudification. regelation. peculation. O oblation. florification. furcation. ambulation. GR granitification. metrification. circumvallation. K calculation. mystification. nummulation. triangulation. desecration. speculation. communication. correlation. T tabulation. esterification. M machicolation. inculcation. vitrification. citification. calorification. pullulation. compilation. revivification. formulation. reciprocation. E ejaculation. extrication. retrocopulation. ejulation. fossilification. presignification. prolification. isolation. infibulation. misapplication. gratification. obnubilation. fortification. fructification. suffocation. mummification. dissimulation. circulation. publication. education. oversimplification. miscalculation. quadrifurcation. P pacation. G gasification. formication. pandiculation. putrefication. syllabication. generification. denticulation. scintillation. GR granulation. interrelation. angulation. vitriolation. V vacation. testification. evocation. supplication. O obfuscation. pestillation. modification. cupellation. mendication. jollification. dentilation. vivification. vexillation. U ululation. rustication. escalation. tintinnabulation. matriculation. carbunculation. dulcinification. embrocation. consolation. E execration. mundification. vacillation. duplication. rhetorication. jubilation. vapulation. piscation. predication. violation. claudication. vibratiunculation. percolation. ratification. gesticulation. personification. intercommunication. exungulation. PR prolation. silication. repopulation. truncation. invocation. SP spallation. horrification. manipulation. imprecation. revocation. population. recapitulation. U uglification. pixillation. altercation. inoculation. horripilation. toxication.Words to Rhyme With tion. GL DOUBLE RHYMES. triplication. interpellation. implication. vocation. TR translation. FL flabellation. siccation. mortification. stultification. vindication. evolation. sulcation. liquefication. annihilation. colliculation. confiscation. humidification. falsification. imbrication. annulation. liquation LĀSHUN A ablation. emasculation. embarkation. B bombilation. entortillation. tribulation. purification. plebification. suggilation. inadequation. gelation. SP speechification. runcation. revelation. cumulation. castellation. cancellation. vigilation. inapplication. calcification. reduplication. E edification. volation. tumefication. inosculation. oscillation. nullification. etiolation. inequation. stimulation. versification. STR stratification. disconsolation. certification. rubefacation. T telecommunication. demodulation. jugulation. casefication. incarnification. equation. gentrification. contraindication. regulation. objectification. KW quadrification. terrification. subjectification. inarticulation. rigidification. SK scutellation. invigilation. articulation. occaecation. infucation. verification. tubulation. vesication. depopulation. distillation. ludification. carnification. strobilation. frication. domestication. congratulation. embourgeoisification. indemnification. interpolation. O obsecration KWĀSHUN adequation. H hypothecation. sublation. confabulation. cantillation. perfrication. nidification.

acceleration. exhiliration. D defeneration. indetermination. declaration. concatenation. sermocination. agglomeration. inclination. D decussation. pectination. reverberation. adornation. alternation. intonation. personation. proclamation. serration. consarcination. emanation. KR cremation. summation. extermination. inauration. Y usurpation PLĀSHUN contemplation PRĀSHUN manustupration. oppugnation. inclination. imploration. exornation. aration. J generation. exploration. phonation. recrimination. toleration. maceration. propugnation. I increpation. B botheration. deoxygenation. predomination. conglomeration. transfiguration. oneration. inflammation. ingemination. TR trutination. legitimation. disinclination. exasperation. dispensation. effemination. reclination. FR fraternation. preparation. cybernation. cineration. invigoration. miscegenation. PR prefiguration. collaboration. extirpation. suspiration.DOUBLE RHYMES. lancination. sublimation. occupation. inteneration. culturation. commiseration. T tarnation. deceleration. U ulceration. emancipation. disinformation. 208 . PR predestination. annexation. transformation. conjuration. desalination. detonation. alternation. participation. refrigeration. adjuration. F forcipation. evaporation. vituperation. I immoderation. annumeration. exclamation. germination. abacination. corporation. fibrination. moderation. incoordination. D dissipation. designation. V vaporation. T temeration. literation. commination. elaboration. confirmation. TR tractoration. feneration. K cachinnation. D Dalmatian. enation. supination. I inanimation. N narration. incremation. decontamination. perspiration. signation. perforation. cognation. E exculpation. deliration. inculpation. hydrogenation. culmination. preordination. KL chlorination. KR crispation. deformation. Z zonation PĀSHUN A anticipation. induration. dissemination. calcination. roboration. asseveration. acumination. confederation. contesseration. estimation. aspiration. hibernation. origination. divination. protuberation. approximation. consideration. ordination. H hallucination. O automation. S syncopation. trituration. imagination. liberation. fulguration. configuration. T tetragrammation TR transanimation. incrimination. acclimation. amalgamation. obscuration. recuperation. subordination. defamation. furfuration. GL glomeration. information. vernation. stupration RĀSHUN A aberration. S sigmation. FL fluxation. degeneration. determination. respiration. remuneration. D damnation. coronation. enumeration. declination. L lamination. P palpation. reconsideration. obliteration. R ration. K carburation. subsannation. adnation. desperation. noncooperation. exoneration. E exhumation. disfiguration. foreordination. cross-examination. combination. fissiparation. sideration. inspiration. duration. termination. I incrassation. disoperation. acclamation. cooperation. peregrination. carnation. hyphenation. lunation. alteration. turbination. irroration. impersonation. O obsignation. agnomination. J gemmation. murmuration. transpiration. separation. suppuration. K constipation. abjuration. decoration. conation. lacrimation. FL flusteration. depuration. fulmination. devirgination. concameration. perfectionation. deterration. contamination. adoration. sussuration. SKW squammation. reformation. gyration. desquamation. M marmoration. resupination. deterioration. E extravasation. ruination. deplumation. subarrhation. Alsatian. maturation. auguration. commensuration. discrimination. N nation. impanation. proliferation. evisceration. cerration. disseveration. donation. K collimation. condemnation. V vigesimation NĀSHUN A abalienation. verberation. lumination. decimation. BL blusteration. epuration. peroration. F fixation. admiration. profanation. restoration. F federation. libration. J gelatination. incarceration. domination. neuration. disculpation. inordination. conformation. aggeration. alliteration. perseveration. reincarnation. propination. preponderation. coloration. sulphuration. intoleration. KR crenation. assassination. assignation. venation. affixation. ferrumination. semination. instauration. E eburnation. saturation. P pagination. examination. explanation. corroboration. melioration. immanation. accrimination. ozonation. asperation. R ratiocination. intimation. agglutination. impregnation. obstination. vermination. sermocination. aftersensation. deploration. exaggeration. amelioration. predetermination. ponderation. suppalpation. G gunation. Words to Rhyme With expiration. destination. doctrination. commemoration. incarnation. depauperation. alienation. elimination. M malformation. titteration. numeration. discoloration. misinformation. L laceration. E edulcoration. objuration. V vaccination. carceration. insussuration. S saburration. reiteration. mensuration. F fascination. pronation. H Horatian. incameration. SF spheration. carbonation. O obduration. pollination. operation. gemination. reaffirmation. inhumation. resignation. insemination. GL glutination. invagination. consternation. transculturation. R racemation. declamation. pignoration. Y urination. moration. expectoration. elixation. oxygenation. irrumation. S salination. verbigeration. reparation. rumination. ejuration. consummation. coordination. PR preformation. reclamation. L lachrymation. incorporation. inauguration. commation. ST stagnation. endorsation. M machination. defloration. indiscrimination. O obstipation. U underestimation. liration. condonation. iteration. F formation. ingannation. vaticination. malconfirmation. inconsideration. procuration. PR preoccupation. limation. animation. dispersation. figuration. rejuvenation. transliteration. vociferation. chrismation. remanation. P pejoration. indoctrination. abomination. subornation. deliberation. overestimation. ĀSHUN MĀSHUN A affirmation. regeneration. insubordination. incineration. expugnation. crimination. venenation. eviration. curation. Y Eurasian SĀSHUN A adversation. recombination. circumgyration. veneration. I illumination. procrastination. oration. desideration. trilateration. denomination. catenation. nomination. N nuncupation. comploration. indignation.

Words to Rhyme With
inspissation, intensation, intravasation, K cassation, coaxation, compensation, condensation, conspissation, conversation, KW quassation, L laxation, luxation, M malversation, O overcompensation, P pulsation, PR prefixation, presensation, R relaxation, rixation, S sarmassation, sation, sensation, cessation, suffixation, succusation, suspensation, T taxation, tergiversation, undercompensation, V vexation STĀSHUN interstation, outstation, station, substation TĀSHUN A ablactation, absentation, adaptation, adhortation, affectation, agitation, acceptation, accreditation, alimentation, amputation, annotation, argumentation, argentation, arrestation, assentation, attestation, attrectation, D debilitation, deforestation, degustation, dehortation, decantation, decapitation, decrepitation, dextrorotation, delactation, delectation, delimitation, dementation, denotation, dentation, deportation, depositation, deputation, detestation, devastation, digitation, dictation, dilatation, disputation, dissentation, dissertation, ditation, documentation, dotation, dubitation, E exagitation, exaltation, exercitation, exhortation, expectation, experimentation, exploitation, exportation, excitation, exultation, equitation, enatation, eructation, F facilitation, felicitation, fermentation, fetation, foetation, fomentation, forestation, FL flagitation, flirtation, flotation, FR fragmentation, frequentation, frumentation, G gurgitation, gustation, guttation, GR gravitation, H habitation, hebetation, hesitation, hortation, humectation, I illutation, imitation, immutation, implantation, implementation, importation, imputation, inaffectation, indentation, infestation, ingurgitation, inhabitation, incantation, incapacitation, incrustation, incitation, instrumentation, insultation, integumentation, interdigitation, intermutation, interpretation, intestation, invitation, irritation, J jactation, jactitation, gestation, jotation, K cantation, capacitation, capitation, captation, castrametation, cavitation, coaptation, cohabitation, cogitation, commentation, commutation, compotation, computation, confrontation, confutation, connotation, concertation, constatation, consultation, contestation, contrectation, cooptation, cunctation, curtation, KR crepitation, crustacean, crustation, KW quartation, quotation, L lactation, lamentation, levitation, levorotation, limitation, licitation, luctation, M manifestation, meditation, mentation, militation, misinterpretation, misquotation, misrepresentation, molestation, mussitation, mutation, N natation, nepotation, necessitation, nictation, nictitation, nobilitation, notation, nutation, O obequitation, augmentation, occultation, orientation, ornamentation, oscitation, auscultation, ostentation, P palpitation, peltation, perfectation, periclitation, permutation, pernoctation, perscrutation, pigmentation, pollicitation, potation, putation, PL plantation, placentation, PR premeditation, precipitation, prestidigitation, presentation, protestation, R reforestation, refutation, regurgitation, rehabilitation, regimentation, recantation, reluctation, representation, reptation, reputation, recitation, resuscitation, retractation, rotation, ructation, S saltation, salutation, sanitation, sedimentation, segmentation, cementation, septation, circumnutation, cetacean, citation, solicitation, sortation, subhastation, superalimentation, supplantation, supplementation, supportation, supputation, sustentation, SK scortation, SKR scrutation, SP sputation, ST sternutation, T temptation, tentation, testamentation, testacean, testation, TR tractation, transmutation, transplantation, transportation, V vegetation, vectitation, velitation, venditation, visitation, volitation, votation THRĀSHUN Thracian TRĀSHUN A administration, arbitration, D defenestration, demonstration, E engastration, F fenestration, fenestration, filtration, FR frustration, I illustration, impenetration, impetration, infiltration, interfenestration, interpenetration, K castration, concentration, L lustration, M maladministration, ministration, monstration, N nitration, O oblatration, orchestration, P penetration, perlustration, perpetration, PR prostration, R

registration, recalcitration, remonstration, S self-concentration, sequestration, T titration VĀSHUN A aggravation, activation, acervation, D decurvation, depravation, deprivation, derivation, E excavation, elevation, enervation, estivation, I innervation, innovation, K captivation, conservation, cultivation, curvation, L lavation, M motivation, N nervation, nivation, novation, O observation, ovation, PR preservation, privation, R renovation, reservation, S salivation, salvation, self-preservation, servation, solvation, ST starvation, T titivation ZĀSHUN A aggrandization, acclimatization, accusation, actualization, alphabetization, alcoholization, alkalization, allegorization, Americanization, amortization, analyzation, anathematization, anaesthetization, Anglicization, animalization, antagonization, arborization, arithmetization, aromatization, atomization, BR brutalization, CH chattelization, D decriminalization, demobilization, demonetization, demoralization, denaturalization, denationalization, denization, denuclearization, deodorization, deoxydization, depauperization, desensitization, decentralization, decimalization, desulfurization, detonization, devocalization, disorganization, DR dramatization, E economization, extemporization, externalization, equalization, electrization, epitomization, eternization, etherealization, evangelization, F familiarization, fertilization, Finlandization, focalization, phoneticization, phosphorization, fossilization, feudalization, FR fraternization, G galvanization, H harmonization, Hellenization, hepatization, Hibernization, hybridization, humanization, I idealization, idolization, immortalization, improvisation, individualization, intellectualization, internationalization, ionization, iridization, J gelatinization, generalization, Judaization, K canalization, canonization, capitalization, characterization, caramelization, carbonization, categorization, catechization, colonization, columnization, commercialization, cauterization, causation, KR crystallization, Christianization, L Latinization, legaliza-


tion, legitimization, liberalization, literalization, localization, M magnetization, macadamization, maximization, martyrization, materialization, mediatization, mercerization, mesmerization, metallization, methodization, militarization, minimization, mobilization, modernization, monetization, monopolization, mortalization, N naturalization, nationalization, nasalization, mnemonization, neologization, normalization, neutralization, O oxidization, organization, ostracization, authorization, ozonization, P palatalization, paralyzation, pasteurization, patronization, penalization, polarization, pollenization, polymerization, popularization, pauperization, porphyrization, pausation, pulverization, PL pluralization, PR proctorization, R racialization, realization, recognization, recusation, remonetization, reorganization, revitalization, S secularization, self-actualization, sensitization, sensualization, centralization, syllogization, symbolization, synchronization, systematization, civilization, solarization, solemnization, solmization, subtilization, sulphurization, summarization, SK scandalization, SP specialization, spiritualization, ST stabilization, standardization, sterilization, stigmatization, T tabularization, tantalization, tartarization, temporization, totalization, TH theorization, TR tranquilization, trullization, U urbanization, V valorization, vandalization, vaporization, verbalization, victimization, vitalization, vitriolization, visualization, vocalization, volcanization, vulcanization, Y universalization, utilization

Words to Rhyme With

FASHUND fashioned, new-fashioned,
old-fashioned (See ĀSHUN, add -ed where appropriate.)

(See ĀSHUN, add -s where appropriate.)

ĀSHUS alliaceous, foliaceous, hordeaceous, coriaceous, liliaceous, oleaceous, scoriaceous, tileaceous BĀSHUS bibacious, bulbaceous, fabaceous, herbaceous, sabaceous, sebaceous DĀSHUS amaryllidaceous, audacious, bodacious, edacious, glandaceous, hamamelidaceous, iridaceous, mendacious, mordacious, orchidaceous, predacious, rudaceous DRĀSHUS cylindraceous FĀSHUS tophaceous, torfaceous GĀSHUS fugacious, fungacious, sagacious, saxifragaceous GRĀSHUS disgracious, gracious, misgracious, ungracious GWĀSHUS linguacious KĀSHUS efficacious, ericaceous, inefficacious, micaceous, perspicacious, pervicacious, procacious, salicaceous, urticaceous KRĀSHUS execratious KWĀSHUS loquacious, sequacious, somniloquacious LĀSHUS A amylaceous, argillaceous, F fallacious, ferulaceous, filaceous, K capillaceous, corallaceous, L lilaceous, M marlaceous, P palacious, perlaceous, polygalaceous, R ranunculaceous, S salacious, santalaceous, SK schorlaceous, V violaceous MĀSHUS fumacious, gemmaceous, contumacious, limaceous, palmaceous, pomaceous NĀSHUS A acanaceous, arenaceous, E erinaceous, F farinaceous, G gallinaceous, K carbonaceous, M minacious, P papillonaceous, pectinaceous, pertinacious, pugnacious, R resinaceous, S sanguina-

ceous, saponaceous, solanaceous, T tenacious, V vinaceous PĀSHUS incapacious, capacious, lappaceous, rampacious, rapacious, cepaceous RĀSHUS arboraceous, feracious, furacious, furfuraceous, hederaceous, camphoraceous, piperaceous, porraceous, pulveraceous, ceraceous, stercoraceous, veracious, voracious SĀSHUS vexatious SPĀSHUS spacious, unspacious TĀSHUS D disputatious, FL flirtatious, FR frumentaceous, K cactaceous, chartaceous, KR cretaceous, crustaceous, O ostentatious, P pultaceous, R rutaceous, S cetaceous, setaceous, psittaceous, T testaceous, TR truttaceous THĀSHUS acanthaceous VĀSHUS curvaceous, olivaceous, vivacious ZĀSHUS quizzaceous, rosaceous

BĀSĪD bayside BRĀSĪD braeside DĀSĪD dayside WĀSĪD wayside

ASID antacid, acid, monoacid, nucleic
acid, oxyacid, triacid (etc.)

BASID subacid HASID Hasid PLASID placid TASID antacid

BRASIJ brassage PASIJ passage

ASHUN ashen FASHUN disfashion, fashion, prefashion,

BĀSIK basic, bibasic, diabasic, polybasic, FĀSIK LĀSIK PĀSIK TĀSIK
tribasic aphasic, monophasic, phasic LASIK carapasic diastasic

KASHUN Circassian, Wakashan NASHUN Parnassian PASHUN dispassion, impassion, compassion, passion, satispassion

RASHUN deration, ration, unration


Words to Rhyme With

KASIS cassis NASIS Jackie Onassis RASIS tarassis

ASIK Liassic, Triassic BASIK sebacic KLASIK classic, neoclassic, postclassic,
preclassic, pseudoclassic LASIK thalassic RASIK boracic, Jurassic, thoracic TASIK potassic

ASKET Ascot BASKET basket, breadbasket, flower

BRĀSIV abrasive SWĀSIV assuasive, dissuasive, persuasive,

VĀSIV evasive, invasive, pervasive

FLASKET flasket GASKET gasket KASKET casket, casquet LASKET lasket TASKET taskit

(See ASL)

MASIV massive PASIV impassive, passive

(See ASK, add -ing where appropriate.)

(See ĀSEN)

(See ASEN)


BASKA Athabasca BRASKA Nebraska LASKA Alaska RASKA burrasca, marasca

ASKŌ fiasco BASKŌ tabasco, verbasco KASKŌ casco TASKŌ tasco

(See ĀS, add -ing where appropriate.)

MASKL mascle PASKAL antepaschal, Pascal, paschal RASKAL rascal TASKAL tascal

(See AS, add -ing where appropriate.)

ASKUS ascus MASKUS Damascus

ĀSIS Acis, oasis BĀSIS basis FĀSIS phasis FRĀSIS holophrasis GLĀSIS glacis KLĀSIS cataclasis KRĀSIS crasis, krasis STĀSIS allostasis, hemostasis, stasis


FASL facile GRASL gracile HASL hassle KASL castle, forecastle, Newcastle RASL wrastle TASL entassel, tassel VASL envassal, vassal

ASKER asker BASKER basker FLASKER flasker GASKER Madagascar KASKER casker, casquer, uncasker,

ASIS assis CHASIS chassis FASIS fascis GLASIS glacis

LASKER Lascar MASKER antimasker, antimasquer, masker, masquer, unmasker

BĀSLĒ basely PLĀSLĒ commonplacely

TASKER tasker



Words to Rhyme With

(See ĀS, add -less where appropriate.)

BASŌ basso GASŌ Sargasso LASŌ lasso

HĀSTĒ hasty, unhasty PĀSTĒ pasty, unpasty TĀSTĒ tasty, untasty

BRĀSLET bracelet HĀSLET haslet LĀSLET lacelet

(See ASUK)

BLASTĒ blasty MASTĒ masty NASTĒ photonasty, epinasty, hyponasty,
nyctinasty, nasty

HASLET haslet TASLET taslet

(See ĀSEN)

PASTĒ pasty PLASTĒ anaplasty, dermatoplasty,
genioplasty, heteroplasty, keratoplasty, kyphoplasty, mammoplasty, neoplasty, autoplasty, rhinoplasty, cineplasty, zooplasty RASTĒ pederasty TRASTĒ contrasty VASTĒ vasty

BĀSLŌD baseload KĀSLŌD caseload

(See ASEN)

GASMAN gasman GLASMAN glassman GRASMAN grassman KLASMAN classman, underclassman,

ASPER asper GASPER gasper GRASPER grasper JASPER jasper KLASPER enclasper, clasper, unclasper RASPER rasper

HĀSTED hasted PĀSTED pasted TĀSTED distasted, foretasted, pretasted,

PASMAN passman

(See ĀS, add -ment where appropriate.) (See ASP, add -ing where appropriate.)

BĀSTER baster CHĀSTER chaster PĀSTER paster SLĀSTER slaister TĀSTER foretaster, taster WĀSTER shirtwaister, waster

MASMENT amassment RASMENT harassment KASTA shikasta NASTA canasta SHASTA Shasta TASTA catasta

CHĀSNER chastener HĀSNER hastener

BÄSTA basta HÄSTA hasta PÄSTA pasta

ASTER aster, Chinas aster, geaster, oleaster, piaster, Zoroaster

PĀSŌ peso SĀSŌ say-so


BASTER alabaster BLASTER blaster DASTER cadaster FASTER faster GASTER astrologaster, flabbergaster,


Words to Rhyme With
KASTER broadcaster, forecaster, grammaticaster, caster, castor, criticaster, medicaster LASTER interpilaster, opulaster, pilaster, stylaster MASTER B bandmaster, burgomaster, grandmaster, headmaster, housemaster, K concertmaster, cubmaster, KW choirmaster, quartermaster, M master, O overmaster, P past master, paymaster, postmaster, R remaster, ringmaster, SK schoolmaster, scoutmaster, ST stationmaster, T taskmaster, toastmaster NASTER canaster, pinaster PASTER pastor PLASTER beplaster, court plaster, plaster, replaster, sticking plaster, unplaster SASTER disaster TASTER Latinitaster, poetaster TRASTER contraster VASTER vaster ZASTER disaster

KASTIK dichastic, hesychastic, sarcastic,

PASTNES pastness VASTNESS vastness

KLASTIK anaclastic, anticlastic, iconoclastic, cataclastic, clastic, osteoclastic, pyroclastic, plagioclastic, synclastic LASTIK agelastic, elastic, inelastic, interscholastic, gelastic, scholastic MASTIK animastic, antonomastic, docimastic, gum mastic, mastic, onomastic, paronomastic NASTIK dynastic, gymnastic, monastic, pleonastic PLASTIK A anaplastic, aplastic, B bioplastic, D dentoplastic, E emplastic, esemplastic, F phelloplastic, G galvanoplastic, N neoplastic, TH thermoplastic, THR thromboplastic, PL plastic, PR proplastic, protoplastic, S ceroplastic, Y euplastic RASTIK pederastic, peirastic, pornerastic, rastik SASTIK doxastic SPASTIK epispastic, spastic TASTIK fantastic TRASTIK tetrastich

GASTON Gaston SPASTON trispaston


ASTRAL astral, subastral DASTRAL cadastral KASTRAL castral

PASTRON apastron PLASTRON plastron

BASTERD bastard DASTERD dastard LASTERD pilastered MASTERD mastered, overmastered,

(See ĀST, add -ing where appropriate.)

ASTRUM periastrum BASTRUM alabastrum KASTRUM castrum PLASTRUM plastrum

PLASTERD beplastered, plastered, replastered, unplastered

KASTING broadcasting LASTING everlasting
(See AST, add -ing where appropriate.)

HĀSTFUL hasteful TĀSTFUL distasteful, tasteful WĀSTFUL unwasteful, wasteful

HASUK hassock KASUK cassock

FASTLĒ steadfastly GASTLĒ ghastly LASTLĒ lastly VASTLĒ vastly

ĀTA eta BĀTA albata, beta BRĀTA invertebrata, vertebrata DĀTA data, caudata, chordata LĀTA postulata, relata MĀTA ultimata, squamata RĀTA desiderata, errata, pro rata, rata SĀTA peseta STRĀTA strata TĀTA dentata THĀTA theta ZĀTA zeta

ASTIK ecclesiastic, encomiastic, enthusiastic, chiastic, chiliastic, autoschediastic, orgiastic, parasceuastic, scholiastic, unenthusiastic BASTIK bombastic BLASTIK amphiblastic BRASTIK Hudibrastic DRASTIK drastic FRASTIK antiphrastic, metaphrastic, paraphrastic, periphrastic

BLASTMENT blastment TRASTMENT contrastment

FASTNES fastness, steadfastness GASTNES gastness



Words to Rhyme With

ATA atta BATA batta GATA regatta MATA matamata, paramatta STRATA strata

ĀTĒ Ate, eighty HĀTĒ Haiti, Hayti KĀTĒ Katy, K-T LĀTĒ Jubilate, Leyte MĀTĒ matey, maty NĀTĒ antenati PLĀTĒ platy RĀTĒ literati SLĀTĒ slaty TĀTĒ ex necessitate WĀTĒ weighty

KĀTED indicated, contraindicated, spiflicated, vindicated

KWĀTED torquated LĀTED etiolated, flammulated, mammilated, ocellated, stellated, tessellated

SĀTED inspissated, spissated, sated,
unsated (See ĀT, add -ed where appropriate.)

ÄTA reata, riata DÄTA data GÄTA alpargata, borgata, regatta HWÄTA whata KÄTA imbrocata, stoccata, toccata LÄTA aballata, bolata MÄTA enemata, fermata, kalamata, charismata, mata, matamata, paramatta, stigmata NÄTA caponata, serenata, sonata RÄTA errata, inamorata, pro rata, rata STRÄTA strata SÄTA cassata TÄTA batata, cantata, frittata, maratha, patata YÄTA piñata

ATED caryatid
(See AT, add -ed where appropriate.)

BATĒ batty CHATĒ chatty FATĒ fatty KATĒ catty MATĒ matty NATĒ gnatty, natty, Cincinnati PATĒ chapatty, patty PLATĒ platy RATĒ ratty SKATĒ scatty TATĒ tatty YATĒ yati

DĀTEN Dayton GRĀTEN greaten PĀTEN peyton SĀTEN Satan STRĀTEN straighten, straiten

ATEN Aten BATEN batten, Mountbatten FATEN fatten FLATEN flatten GRATEN au gratin, gratin, gratten HATEN Manhattan, Powhatan LATEN latten, Latin, pig Latin, Vulgar

ĀTAL hiatal DĀTAL datal FĀTAL fatal NĀTAL antenatal, natal, neonatal, perinatal, postnatal, postneonatal, prenatal RĀTAL ratal, ratel STĀTAL statal STRĀTAL stratal, substratal

ÄTĒ coati, piatii FÄTĒ malfatti LÄTĒ Jubilate, oblati, Scarlatti MÄTĒ Amati, mate NÄTĒ illuminati PÄTĒ chappati RÄTĒ digerati, glitterati, karate, culturati,
literati, Maserati

MATEN harmattan, matin PATEN paten, patten, patin, patine PLATEN platan, platen RATEN rattan, ratten SATEN satin STATEN Staten, statin

(See ĀTEN)

SÄTĒ Sati SKWÄTĒ squatty SWÄTĒ swatty YÄTĒ yachty ZÄTĒ zati
(See OTĒ)


BLĀTANT blatant FLĀTANT inflatant LĀTANT dilatant, latent NĀTANT natant, supernatant PĀTANT patent

ĀTED superannuated BĀTED elumbated, surbated

ĀTER A abbreviator, acutiator, annunciator, aviator, C creator, D delineator, F philiater, GL gladiator, M mediator, N


Words to Rhyme With
negotiator, K caveator, R rabiator, radiator, V viator BĀTER abater, baiter, bater, debater, rebater BLĀTER ablator BRĀTER vibrator DĀTER dater, laudator FRĀTER frater, freighter, confrater GĀTER alligator, gaiter, ’gater, interrogator, investigator, corrugator, navigator, negator, propagator GRĀTER grater, greater HĀTER hater, manhater, womanhater KĀTER A adjudicator, allocator, applicator, D desiccator, divaricator, duplicator, E edificator, educator, I indicator, J judicator, K cater, comiconomenclator, KL classificator, KW qualificator, L lubricator, M modificator, multiplicator, N nomenclator, P pacificator, pontificator, purificator, PL placater, S significator, SK scarificator, TR trafficator, V vacater, vinificator KRĀTER crater KWĀTER equator, exequater LĀTER A ablator, accumulator, articulator, D defribillator, delator, dilator, E elater, I insulator, invigilator, K calculator, L later, O oscillator, P perambulator, pocket calculator, postulator, R regulator, relater, revelator, S simulator, scintillator, SP speculator, ST stimulator, TR translator, V ventilator MĀTER alma mater, dura mater, imprimatur, mater, Stabat Mater NĀTER B buccinator, D denominator, detonator, discriminator, donator, E exterminator, I impersonator, J jejunator, K coordinator, O alternator, PR pronator, propugnator, S supinator, T terminator PĀTER Dis Pater, pater PLĀTER plaiter, plater PRĀTER prater RĀTER A accelerator, aspirator, B barrator, D decorator, E elaborator, I incinerator, J generator, K carburetor, collaborator, corporator, L liberator, literator, M moderator, N numerator, O operator, R refrigerator, recuperator, respirator, reverberator, S separator, cinerator, stellarator SĀTER malaxator, sater, satyr SKĀTER skater

TĀTER agitator, annotater, illicitator,
imitator, mutator, resuscitator, spectator, ’tater TRĀTER traitor VĀTER activator, elevator, innovator, conservator, cultivator, levator WĀTER dumbwaiter, waiter

ĀTĒZ eighties DĀTĒZ Mithridates FRĀTĒZ Euphrates KĀTĒZ Achates MĀTĒZ mateys NĀTĒZ lares and penates, nates, penates VĀTĒZ vates

ATER attar BATER batter BLATER blatter CHATER chatter FATER fatter FLATER flatter HATER hatter, high-hatter, Mad Hatter KATER catter, quatre, wildcatter KLATER clatter, clitter-clatter LATER latter MATER antimatter, matter NATER natter PATER patter, pitter-patter PLATER platter RATER ratter SATER satyr SHATER shatter SKATER scatter SMATER smatter SPATER bespatter, spatter SPLATER splatter SPRATER spratter TATER tatter VATER vatter YATER yatter

LÄTĒZ Pilates (See ÄTĒ, OTĒ, add -s where appropriate.)

KATFOL catfall PRATFOL pratfall

FĀTFUL fateful GRĀTFUL grateful, ungrateful HĀTFUL hateful PLĀTFUL plateful

FATHED fathead FLATHED flathead KATHED cathead

MÄTER alma mater, dura mater, mater,
Stabat Mater PÄTER Dis Pater, pater SKWÄTER squatter SWÄTER swatter YÄTER yachter (See OTER)

(TH as in then)

BĀTHER bather LĀTHER lather SWĀTHER swather

PATERN holding pattern, pattern, test

(TH as in then)

SATERN Saturn SLATERN slattern

BATHER bather BLATHER blather LATHER lather



Words to Rhyme With

(TH as in then)

KATHLON decathlon TATHLON pentathlon

KWATIK aquatic, subaquatic LATIK palatic, prelatic, villatic MATIK A aphorismatic, acousmatic,
achromatic, acromonogrammatic, axiomatic, anagrammatic, anathematic, apophthegmatic, apochromatic, aposematic, aromatic, asymptomatic, astigmatic, athematic, asthmatic, D dalmatic, diaphragmatic, diagrammatic, diastomatic, dichromatic, dilemmatic, diplomatic, dogmatic, DR dramatic, E emblematic, empyreumatic, endermatic, enigmatic, epigrammatic, episematic, F phantomatic, FL phlegmatic, GR grammatic, gromatic, H hematic, hierogrammatic, hypomnematic, I idiomatic, iconomatic, isochromatic, J geomatic, judgmatic, K charismatic, categorematic, cataclysmatic, kerygmatic, kinematic, komatik, commatic, KL climatic, KR cryptogrammatic, chromatic, L lipogrammatic, M magmatic, macromatic, mathematic, melismatic, melodramatic, miasmatic, micromatic, monogrammatic, monochromatic, monomatic, N noematic, pneumatic, numismatic, O onymatic, osmatic, automatic, P paradigmatic, parallelogrammatic, pathematic, pelmatic, polygrammatic, polychromatic, porismatic, PL plasmatic, pleochromatic, PR pragmatic, prismatic, problematic, programmatic, proceleusmatic, R rhematic, rheumatic, S Sarmatic, sematic, psychosomatic, psymatic, symptomatic, synallagmatic, cinematic, systematic, schismatic, SK schematic, ST sterigmatic, stigmatic, stomatic, T termatic, TH thematic, theorematic, TR traumatic, trigrammatic, trichromatic, truismatic, U unsystematic, Z zygomatic, zeugmatic NATIK agnatic, aplanatic, enatic, fanatic, morganatic, venatic PATIK hepatic PLATIK platic RATIK biquadratic, erratic, hieratic, geratic, quadratic, operatic, piratic STATIK A allostatic, anastatic, antistatic, apostatic, astatic, D diastatic, E ecstatic, electrostatic, F photostatic, H heliostatic, hemostatic, hydrostatic, hypostatic, I idiostatic, J geostatic, gyrostatic,

FÄTHER father SWÄTHER swather

(TH as in then) (See ÄDŌ)

(TH as in thin)

BATHIK bathic, photobathic MATHIK philomathic, chrestomathic,

ĀTHOS Athos BĀTHOS bathos NĀTHOS prognathous PĀTHOS pathos

NATHIK agnathic, gnathic, orthognathic,

PATHIK A allopathic, antipathic,
apathic, E electrophatic, H heteropathic, hydropathic, homeopathic, I idiopathic, K cosmopathic, N naturopathic, neuropathic, O osteopathic, P pathic, R rectopathic, S psychopathic, T telepathic, TH theopathic SPATHIK feldspathic, spathic

BATĪD bat-eyed KATĪD cat-eyed RATĪD rat-eyed

(TH as in then)

ATIK A Adriatic, attic, Attic, aviatic,
Asiatic, D diatic, E Eleatic, enneatic, FL fluviatic, FR phreatic, H halleluiatic, Hanseatic, I ischyatic, K caryatic, cuneatic, KR creatic, M mydriatic, muriatic, O opiatic, P pancreatic, S sciatic, V viatic BATIK acrobatic, adiabatic, anabatic, batic, ecbatic, hyperbatic, isodiabatic, catabatic, metabatic, sabbatic FATIK aliphatic, emphatic, phatic, phosphatic, lymphatic, sulphatic KRATIK A andocratic, aristocratic, arithmocratic, B bureaucratic, D democratic, Democratic, F pherecratic, physiocratic, G gynecocratic, H hagiocratic, harpocratic, Hippocratic, I idiocratic, idiosyncratic, isocratic, J gynocratic, L leuocecratic, M meritocratic, mesocratic, mobocratic, monocratic, N nomocratic, O ochlocratic, autocratic, P pancratic, pantisocratic, pornocratic, PL plutocratic, S Socratic, SL slavocratic, SKW squattocratic, STR stratocratic, T technocratic, timocratic, ptochocratic, TH theocratic

BĀTHING bathing LĀTHING lathing PLĀTHING plaything (th as in thin) SKĀTHING scathing SWĀTHING swathing

(TH as in thin)

FĀTHLES faithless SKĀTHLES scatheless

(TH as in thin)

BATHLES bathless MATHLES mathless PATHLES pathless RATHLES wrathless


Words to Rhyme With
K catastatic, M majestatic, metastatic, PR prostatic, ST static, TH thermostatic, Y eustatic TATIK protatic TRATIK magistratic VATIK lavatic, sylvatic, vatic (Add -s for noun form or plural where appropriate.)

YÄTING yachting
(See ÄT, OT, add -ing where appropriate.) insinuative, K conciliative, continuative, KR creative, M mediative, P palliative, punctuative, PR procreative, pronunciative, R radiative, recreative, renunciative, U unappreciative, uncreative, V variative BĀTIV approbative, incubative, reprobative DĀTIV accommodative, dative, elucidative, consolidative GĀTIV abnegative, abrogative, aggregative, investigative, irrigative, mitigative, propagative, segregative KĀTIV A adjudicative, D dedicative, deprecative, desiccative, duplicative, E educative, excommunicative, explicative, exsiccative, eradicative, I imbricative, implicative, incommunicative, invocative, J judicative, K communicative, complicative, KW qualificative, M medificative, medicative, modificative, multiplicative, P purificative, PR prognosticative, R replicative, S significative, suffocative, supplicative, U uncommunicative, V vellicative, verificative, vindicative, vivificative KLĀTIV nomenclative KRĀTIV execrative, consecrative LĀTIV A accumulative, assimilative, D dilative, E expostulative, elative, emulative, illative, J jaculative, gesticulative, K calculative, coagulative, collative, congratulative, copulative, cumulative, L legislative, M manipulative, modulative, O oscillative, PR prolative, R regulative, recapitulative, S simulative, circulative, SP speculative, ST stimulative, TR translative, U undulative, V ventilative, violative MĀTIV animative, approximative, estimative NĀTIV A agglutinative, D denominative, determinative, designative, discriminative, disseminative, dominative, E emanative, GL glutinative, I illuminative, imaginative, indiscriminative, J geminative, germinative, K carminative, combinative, contaminative, concionative, coordinative, KR criminative, N native, nominative, non-native, O opionative, originative, PR predestinative, R ratiocinative, recriminative, ruminative, S subordinative, T terminative, U unimaginative PĀTIV anticipative, participative PLĀTIV contemplative RĀTIV A agglomerative, accelerative, alliterative, ameliorative, D degenerative,

BRATIS brattice GRATIS gratis LATIS lattice MATIS clematis RATIS apparatus

KWÄTIK aquatic YÄTIK halleluiatic
(See OTIK)

LĀTISH latish SLĀTISH slatish STRĀTISH straightish

DĀTĪM daytime MĀTĪM Maytime PĀTĪM paytime PLĀTĪM playtime

BATISH battish BRATISH brattish FATISH fattish FLATISH flattish KATISH cattish SKATISH scattish RATISH rattish

ĀTIM seriatim BĀTIM verbatim DĀTIM gradatim RĀTIM literatim TĀTIM guttatim
(See ĀTUM)

THE HARTEBEEST IS ON THE ENDANGERED LIST.—News report The hartebeest grows beastly, and his heart starts beating fast, Whene’er a hartebeestess wanders innocently past. The hartebeestess quickly of his longing gains an inkling; The beestess is as beastly as the beest is in a twinkling. So fast they shift, those hartebeests, from he’s and she’s to he-she’s, I find it hard to think of them as an endangered species.

(See ATEN)

(See ĀT, add -ing where appropriate.)

(See AT, add -ing where appropriate.)

SKWÄTING squatting SWÄTING swatting ĀTIV A alleviative, annunciative, appreciative, appropriative, associative, D denunciative, depreciative, dissociative, E enunciative, I inappreciative, initiative,


decorative, deliberative, desiderative, deteriorative, E edulcorative, exaggerative, exhilarative, exonerative, elaborative, enumerative, evaporative, F federative, figurative, I incorporative, inoperative, invigorative, iterative, J generative, K commemorative, commiserative, confederative, cooperative, corporative, corroborative, L lacerative, noncooperative, O alterative, operative, P perforative, pignorative, postoperative, R refrigerative, reiterative, regenerative, remunerative, reverberative, S separative, suppurative, U ulcerative, unremunerative, V vituperative, vulnerative TĀTIV A agitative, F facultative, GR gravitative, H hesitative, I imitative, inhabitative, incognitative, interpretative, irritative, K cogitative, commutative, consultative, KW qualitative, quantitative, L limitative, M meditative, N necessitative, O authoritative, PR premeditative, R resuscitative, V vegetative TRĀTIV administrative, frustrative, illustrative, impenetrative, ministrative, penetrative VĀTIV innovative

Words to Rhyme With

DĀTLĒ sedately GRĀTLĒ greatly LĀTLĒ lately, oblately, prolately NĀTLĒ innately, ornately STRĀTLĒ straightly, straitly STĀTLĒ stately, unstately TĀTLĒ dentately, precipitately
(For words ending in -ately with the primary accent on an earlier syllable, see ITLĒ.)

STĀTMENT instatement, overstatement,
reinstatement, statement, understatement

DĀTNES sedateness GRĀTNES greatness LĀTNĒS lateness, oblateness NĀTNES innateness, ornateness RĀTNES irateness STRĀTNES straightness, straitness

ATLĒ atle FATLĒ fatly LATLĒ philately PATLĒ patly
(See AT, add -ly where appropriate.)

FATNES fatness FLATNES flatness PATNES patness

BATLER battler PRATLER prattler RATLER rattler TATLER tattler, Tatler

ĀTŌ Soweto BĀTŌ cabatoe KĀTŌ Cato MĀTŌ pomato, tomato NĀTŌ NATO PLĀTŌ Plato TĀTŌ potato

(See ĀTAL)

(See ĀT, add -less where appropriate.)

BATŌ bateau GATŌ gateau LATŌ mulatto PLATŌ plateau SHATŌ chateau

ATL Quetzalcoatl, Seattle BATL battel, battle, embattle BRATL brattle CHATL chattel PRATL prattle RATL death rattle, rattle TATL tattle, tittle-tattle

(See AT, add -less where appropriate.)

BATLING batling, battling FATLING fatling GATLING gatling KATLING catling PRATLING prattling RATLING rattling TATLING tattling

ÄTŌ macchiato BÄTŌ rebato, rubato BRÄTŌ vibrato DÄTŌ dato, datto GÄTŌ arigato, fugato, legato, obbligato,

(See OTL)

ATLAS atlas, Atlas
(See AT, add -less for approximate rhyme.)

BĀTMENT abatement, rebatement FRĀTMENT affreightment

KÄTŌ marcato, pizzicato, spiccato, staccato LÄTŌ isolato, gelato MÄTŌ animato, pomato, sfumato, tomato NÄTŌ annatto, appassionato, ostinato,


Words to Rhyme With
RÄTŌ barato, disperato, enamorato, inamorato, literato, moderato TÄTŌ agitato, allentato TRÄTŌ castrato, ritratto SHÄTŌ chateau (See OTŌ)

KĀTRIKS indicatrix, cicatrix LĀTRIKS Bellatrix, legislatrix, osculatrix MĀTRIKS matrix NĀTRIKS gubernatrix, nominatrix PĀTRIKS patrix RĀTRIKS generatrics, quadratrix, separatrix

ATUM atom DATUM datum STRATUM stratum

(See ĀTEN)

SĀTRIKS rixatrix TĀTRIKS dictatrix, imitatrix, spectatrix,


TRĀTRIKS administratrix

(See ĀTER)

ATRIKS bariatrics, phoniatrics, geriatrics,
mediatrics, pediatrics, cyniatrics, theatrics, zoiatrics MATRIKS matrix PATRIKS St. Patrick’s

ĀTUS beatus, hiatus, meatus FLĀTUS afflatus, flatus, inflatus LĀTUS latus NĀTUS antenatus, conatus, postnatus,

MÄTRA matra NÄTRA Sinatra

RĀTUS apparatus, quadratus, literatus,

— GRĀTROOM great room — STĀTROOM stateroom

STĀTUS status STRĀTUS altostratus, cumulostratus,
nimbostratus, cirrostratus, stratous, stratus TĀTUS comitatus

RĀTRES oratress TĀTRES dictatress, imitatress, spectatress TRĀTRES traitress WĀTRES waitress

NÄTSĒ Nazi RÄTSĒ paparazzi, stalkerazzi
(See OTSĒ)

GĀTWĀ gateway STĀTWĀ stateway STRĀTWĀ straightway

LATRES mulattress MATRES mattress

MĀTRUN matron NĀTRUN natron, salnatron PĀTRUN patron
(See ĀAN)

ATRIK physiatric, hippiatric, iatric, geriatric, kinesiatric, pediatric, psychiatric, theatric HATRIK hat trick LATRIK iconolatric MATRIK matric PATRIK allopatric, St. Patrick, sympatric

BRÄVA brava GWÄVA guava JÄVA Java KÄVA kava, kavakava KLÄVA balaclava LÄVA lava, lava-lava SÄVA cassava, piassava TÄVA ottava

ĀTUM seriatum, striatum DĀTUM datum LĀTUM mentholatum, petrolatum, postulatum, relatum

ĀTRIKS aviatrix, bariatrics, physiatrix,

MĀTUM pomatum, ultimatum RĀTUM ageratum, desideratum, erratum,

STRĀTUM stratum, substratum, superstratum

ĀVĒ ave, Ave DĀVĒ affidavy, Mahadevi

DĀTRIKS fundatrix

TĀTUM capitatum, testatum


GĀVĒ agave GRĀVĒ gravy KĀVĒ cave, cavie, cavy, peccavi NĀVĒ navy PĀVĒ pavy SLĀVĒ slavy WĀVĒ wavy MĀVEN maven, mavin RĀVEN raven SHĀVEN cleanshaven, shaven

Words to Rhyme With

HÄVER halver KÄVER calver LÄVER palaver SÄVER salver SWÄVER suaver

RAVEN raven SPAVEN spavin

NAVĒ navy SAVĒ savvy

FĀVERD favored, ill-favored, well-favored FLĀVERD flavored, unflavored KWĀVERD quavered SĀVERD savored WĀVERD wavered

RAVEND ravened SPAVEND spavined

ÄVĒ Ave GRÄVĒ grave HÄVĒ Mojave KÄVĒ Kavi, peccavi TÄVĒ Rikki-tiki-tavi

AVENZ avens RAVENZ ravens

KAVERN cavern KLAVERN klavern TAVERN tavern

ĀVEL aval GĀVEL gavel NĀVEL naval, navel TĀVEL octaval

BRĀVER braver DĀVER cadaver FĀVER disfavor, favor FLĀVER flavor, overflavor, underflavor GRĀVER engraver, graver HĀVER haver KLĀVER claver, clishmaclaver KRĀVER craver KWĀVER demiquaver, demisemiquaver,
hemidemisemiquaver, quasihemidemisemiquaver, quaver, semiquaver LĀVER laver, lavor PĀVER paver PRĀVER depraver RĀVER raver SĀVER lifesaver, saver, savor, timesaver SHĀVER shaver SLĀVER enslaver, slaver SWĀVER suaver WĀVER waiver, waver

AVID avid GRAVID gravid PAVID impavid, pavid

GAVEL gavel GRAVEL gravel KAVEL cavil RAVEL ravel, unravel TAVEL tavell TRAVEL travel

LAVIJ lavage RAVIJ ravage SAVIJ savage SKAVIJ scavage

GRAVIK gravic SLAVIK Slavic, panslavic, Yugoslavic TAVIK atavic

(See AVEL, add -ed where appropriate.)

ĀVEN Avon FLĀVEN flavin, riboflavin GRĀVEN engraven, graven HĀVEN haven, New Haven KRĀVEN craven

DAVER cadaver HAVER haver KLAVER claver LAVER palaver SLAVER beslaver, slaver

SAVIN savin SPAVIN spavin

(See ĀV, add -ing where appropriate.)


Words to Rhyme With


ÄVING halving KÄVING calving SÄVING salving

GAVLOK gavelock HAVLOK havelock

DĀWŌRN day-worn SPRĀWŌRN spray-worn WĀWŌRN wayworn

ĀVIS Avis, rara avis KLĀVIS clavis PĀVIS pavis GRĀVMENT engravement LĀVMENT lavement PĀVMENT pavement PRĀVMENT depravement SLĀVMENT enslavement

GLĀYA Aglaia LĀYA cattleya NĀYA naia SĀYA calisaya ZĀYA Isaiah

BRĀVISH bravish NĀVISH knavish SLĀVISH slavish

BRĀVNES braveness GRĀVNES graveness SWĀVNES suaveness

BÄYA kabaya, Surabaya LÄYA jambalaya MÄYA Maia, maya, Maya PÄYA papaya RÄYA raya SÄYA saya

LAVISH lavish RAVISH enravish, ravish SLAVISH Slavish

(See ĀVER)


BLĀŌ bleo KĀYŌ cacao, kayo, K.O. MĀYŌ Alfa Romeo, mayo, Mayo

DĀVIT affidavit, davit KĀVIT indicavit SĀVIT cessavit TĀVIT devastavit

(The philtrum is the vertical groove in the middle of the upper lip, running to the nose.) I have a little philtrum Wherein my spilltrum flows When I am feeling illtrum And runny at the nose.

ÄZA piazza GÄZA Gaza KÄZA caza PLÄZA plaza RÄZA tabula rasa

BRĀVLĒ bravely GRĀVLĒ gravely NĀVLĒ knavely SWĀVLĒ suavely

GRĀVYER photogravure, gravure, autogravure, pyrogravure

(See ĀV, add -less where appropriate.)

HĀVYER behavior, havier, havior KLĀVYER clavier, klavier PĀVYER pavior SĀVYER savior ZĀVYER Xavier


BĀZĒ Zambezi BLĀZĒ blazy DĀZĒ daisy, lack-a-daisy, upsy-daisy FRĀZĒ jalfrezi, paraphrasy, phrasy HĀZĒ hazy

JAVLIN javelin RAVLIN ravelin

BĀWERD bayward HĀWERD hayward WĀWERD wayward


KRĀZĒ crazy LĀZĒ lazy MĀZĒ mazy PĀZĒ Bel Paese SLĀZĒ sleazy TĀZĒ patesi

Words to Rhyme With

ĀZHA Asia BĀZHA abasia FĀZHA aphasia FRĀZHA paraphrasia GĀZHA ergasia KRĀZHA acrasia LĀZHA Malaysia, Australasia MĀZHA paronomasia NĀZHA gymnasia, euthanasia PLĀZHA aplasia RĀZHA Laurasia, Eurasia TĀZHA Anastasia, astasia, fantasia
(See ĀSHA)

BĀZIK abasic DĀZIK oxidasic FĀZIK aphasic, anaphasic, diphasic, dysphasic, phasic, monophasic, nonphasic, polyphasic, unaphasic

GÄZĒ Bengasi, Benghazi, ghazi NÄZĒ Ashkenazi WÄZĒ ghawazi

(See ĀZ, add -ing where appropriate.)

(See single A, AZM)

JAZING jazzing RAZING razzing TAZING razzmatazzing

(See Ā'ZI.AL)

BLĀZEN blazon, emblazon BRĀZEN brazen GLĀZEN glazen MĀZEN malmaison, mezon PĀZEN diapason RĀZEN raisin

ĀZHER azure BRĀZHER brazier, embrasure GLĀZHER glazier GRĀZHER grazier RĀZHER erasure, razure

FRĀZL frazil, phrasal HĀZL hazel NĀZL nasal PRĀZL appraisal, reappraisal ZĀZL Azazel

BLĀZER blazer, trailblazer FRĀZER phraser, paraphraser GĀZER gazer, geyser, stargazer GLĀZER glazer GRĀZER grazer HĀZER hazer KWĀZER quasar LĀZER laser, lazer MĀZER maser, mazer PRĀZER appraiser, disappraiser, dispraiser, praiser

FLÄZHING camouflaging, persiflaging RÄZHING barraging, garaging

BAZL basil DAZL bedazzle, dazzle, razzledazzle FRAZL frazzle GAZL gazel

ĀZHUN Asian BRĀZHUN abrasion, dermabrasion KĀZHUN Caucasian, occasion KWĀZHUN equation LĀZHUN Malaysian PĀZHUN upasian, vespasian RĀZHUN Amerasian, Athenasian,
erasion, Eurasian SWĀZHUN dissuasion, persuasion, suasion VĀZHUN evasion, invasion, pervasion (See Ā'ZI.AN)

(See ĀZEN)

RĀZER raiser, raser, razer, razor, upraiser TĀZER Taser

(See ĀZ, add -ing where appropriate.)

HAZERD haphazard, hazard MAZERD mazard, mazzard

(See ĀZ, add -less where appropriate.)


obeah. laryngeal. perigeal ĒAS (See ĒUS) AZMUS AZMUS chiasmus PLAZMUS metaplasmus RAZMUS Erasmus. unideal FĒAL feal. diarrhea. opisthoporeia. ohia JĒA energia. via WĒA Sacajawea ZĒA fantasia. Assidean. Mephistophelean.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. hyperpnea PĒA pharmacopeia. Dantean. pyorrhea. chia. trattoria. pharyngeal. leguleian. Zoilean MĒAN Anomoean. cyclopean. Pantheian. antipodean. phalangean. Medea ĒBĀT FĒBĀT feebate RĒBĀT rebate 223 . Ave Maria. Chaldean. taqueria. zareba SHĒBA Bathsheba. Dulcinea. gonorrhea. quiaquia. ĒBĀT FĒA kaffiyeh. Archimedean. correal. panacea TĒA galatea. Hosea. pathopoeia. IKEA. Argean. Hygeia. Pythagorean. plasmic. Niobean. Galilean. ideal. colossean. protean THĒAN lethean. idea. Pyrenean PĒAN Indo-European. Hasmonaean. priapean. European PRĒAN Cyprean RĒAN Berean. keya. Eritrean. onomatopoeia. chorea. paean. urea SĒA Boadicea. mausolean. meningeal. Sadducean. protoplasmic RAZMIK marasmic SPAZMIK spasmic TAZMIK phantasmic ĒAL DĒAL beau ideal. amphigean. Caribbean. Korean. Pangaea. ratafia GRĒA sangria HĒA Bahia. rea. dulia MĒA Crimea NĒA bromopnea. terpsichorean SĒAN Pharisean. antaean. Antillean. callisteia. real. eupnea. zea ĀZMENT MĀZMENT amazement PRĀZMENT appraisement. Medicean. praisement AZMIK AZMIK miasmic KAZMIK chasmic PLAZMIK bioplasmic. pharyngean. scarabaean BLĒAN Hyblaean DĒAN Andean. tempean. apogean. spelean. Iberian. pampean. eugea KĒA archaea. Orphean. ĀZUN (See ĀZEN) ĒBAN MĒBAN amoeban RĒBAN Cariban SHĒBAN Sheban THĒBAN Theban ĒA ĒA Aeaea BĒA dahabeah. Augean. Astraea VĒA tritavia. barathea TRĒA aischrolatreia. antipodean. pheal JĒAL epigeal. miasma FAZMA phasma PLAZMA plasma. tortilla. Spiraea. Cadmean. hymenean. Sabaean. gigantean. Judean. Hebridean. Ponce de Leon. Sisyphean JĒAN Aegean. latakia. amoebean. protoplasma TAZMA phantasma KLĒAN Sophoclean LĒAN Achillean. dyspnea. Cassiopeia. Jacobean. Crimean. spirea. entamoeba PĒBA peba RĒBA tireba. trochean ĀZON. Manichaean. ditrochean. epigean. prosopopoeia. edea. Etnean. empyrean. rhea. logorrhea. lyncean. Parthenopean. Judea. Galatea. epicurean. Hygeian. Laodicean. theodicean TĒAN adamantean. Nicosia. melopoeia. aeon. Atlantean. lien. Tarpeia RĒA acoria. Kia. Herculean. Behan. petrean (See ĒON) AZMAL AZMAL miasmal KAZMAL chasmal PLAZMAL protoplasmal TAZMAL phantasmal LĒA abulia. Korea. plebeian. marasmus NĒAL hymeneal RĒAl empyreal. rebia BRĒA cabrilla CHĒA Kampuchea DĒA badia. peripeteia. unreal ĒBA ĒBA iba MĒBA amoeba. trachean. pilikia AZMA AZMA asthma. Pandean. Tennesseean. pantheon TRĒAN astraean. Odyssean. Chaldea. hypogeal. Laodicea. Sheba ĒAN ĒAN Aeaean. galeria. Linnaean. Shandean FĒAN nymphean. Maccabean. hia. peon. Circean. zaptiah THĒA althea. Nemean NĒAN Adonean. perigean KĒAN Achaean.

reechy SKRĒCHĒ screechy SLĒCHĒ sleechy SPĒCHĒ speechy TĒCHĒ teachy YĒCHĒ yeechy ĒBĒ FĒBĒ Phoebe FRĒBĒ freebie HĒBĒ Hebe JĒBĒ heebie-jeebie SĒBĒ Seabee ĒBŌRD FRĒBŌRD freeboard KĒBŌRD keyboard SĒBŌRD seaboard EBĒ BLEBĒ blebby DEBĒ debby PLEBĒ plebby TEBĒ Entebbe WEBĒ cobwebby. libra ZĒBRA zebra FECHĒ fetchy KECHĒ catchy KVECHĒ kvetchy SKECHĒ sketchy STRECHĒ stretchy TECHĒ tetchy VECHĒ vetchy EBER EBER ebber WEBER cobwebber. reacher SĒCHER beseecher SKRĒCHER screecher SPĒCHER free speecher TĒCHER gym teacher. litchi MĒCHĒ meechy PĒCHĒ campeche. sea-borne ECHĒ ĒBRA LĒBRA cuba libra. leechy. peacher PRĒCHER preacher RĒCHER forereacher. leecher MĒCHER meecher PĒCHER impeacher. webbing DEBRA Debra. campeachy. peachy PRĒCHĒ preachy RĒCHĒ reachy. webber EBRA EBING EBING ebbing. Deborah LEBRA Celebra ĒCHER BĒCHER beacher BLĒCHER bleacher FĒCHER defeature. teacher ĒBRAL EBISH DEBISH debbish NEBISH nebbish FĒBRAL PĒBRAL RĒBRAL TĒBRAL antifebrile. rebel TREBL treble ĒBUS FĒBUS ephebus. webby ĒBÔRN FRĒBÔRN freeborn SĒBÔRN sea-born. placebo ZĒBŌ gazebo BRĒCHĒ breachy KWĒCHĒ queachy LĒCHĒ leachy. febrile palpebral acerebral. beechy BLĒCHĒ bleachy. unebbing WEBING cobwebbing. cerebral vertebral EBL DEBL debile PEBL pebble REBL arch-rebel. bleechy 224 . ĒBĒ Words to Rhyme With SĒBŌ nocebo. Phoebus GLĒBUS glebous RĒBUS rebus EBLĒ PEBLĒ pebbly TREBLĒ trebly ECHA BECHA betcha KECHA catcha LECHA letcha ECHER ECHER etcher FECHER fetcher FLECHER fletcher KWECHER quetcher LECHER lecher SKECHER sketcher STRECHER stretcher ĒBŌ ĒBŌ Ibo. overreacher. eboe NĒBŌ Nebo ĒCHĒ BĒCHĒ beachy. schoolteacher. feature KRĒCHER creature LĒCHER leacher.DOUBLE RHYMES.

cedi. doubleheader. quasida. recedence.D.) ĒDA ĒDA Aida. add -ing where appropriate. ringleader PLĒDER interpleader. unneedy PĒDĒ orthopedy RĒDĒ reedy SĒDĒ C. pleader RĒDER lipreader. seeder (See ĒD. unheedy KRĒDĒ creedy MĒDĒ mide. proofreader. reseda VĒDA Veda. triple-header ĒDAL (See ĒDL) EDEN DEDEN deaden GEDEN Armageddon LEDEN leaden REDEN redden THREDEN threaden ĒDĒ BĒDĒ beady. cheerleader. Ouida DRĒDA olla-podrida LĒDA Leda MĒDA alameda. scripture-reader EDED LEDED leaded. unleaded (See ED.) SĒDER cedar. intercedence. sidi SPĒDĒ speedy. untweedy WĒDĒ seaweedy. ceder. unsteady TEDĒ teddy THREDĒ thready ĒDĒP NĒDĒP kneedeep SĒDĒP seadeep ĒDER BĒDER beader BLĒDER bleeder BRĒDER breeder. impeachment PRĒCHMENT preachment SĒCHMENT beseechment EDĒ eddy BEDĒ beddy BREDĒ bready HEDĒ heady LEDĒ leady NEDĒ neddy REDĒ already. ready. embedder CHEDER cheddar DEDER deader DREDER dreader HEDER beheader. antecedents. add -less where appropriate. vida ĒDEN ĒDEN Eden RĒDEN reeden SWĒDEN Sweden EDER EDER edder BEDER bedder.) ĒCHMENT PĒCHMENT appeachment. Meda SĒDA kasida. supersedence ĒCHING (See ĒCH. Midi ĒDENS KRĒDENS credence KWĒDENS outrecuidance NEDER nedder REDER redder SHEDER shedder SHREDER shredder SLEDER sledder SPREADER spreader STEDER homesteader TEDER tedder THREDER threader. retrocedence.) LĒDER bandleader.) ĒDENT (See ĒDENT) EDĒ ĒCHLES (See ĒCH. EDER NĒDĒ needy. reader. cattlebreeder. bidet DĒDĒ deedy. leader. weedy PĒDENS impedance SĒDENS antecedence. concedence.. add -ed or -ded where appropriate. non-leaded. add -ed where appropriate. add -er where appropriate. precedence. stockbreeder ĒDĀ BĒDĀ bidet DĒDĀ D-day FĒDĀ fee-day VĒDĀ V-day ĒDED (See ĒD. indeedy GRĒDĒ greedy HĒDĒ heedy.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. unspeedy TWĒDĒ tweedy. header. treader WEDER wedder 225 .) ECHING (See ECH. unready SHREDĒ shreddy STEDĒ steady. reddy. Alameda. add -ing where appropriate. seedy. unthreader TREDER retreader.

noncredit. disaccredit. credit. semipedal REDL reddle TREDL treadle WEDL wedel EDLING HEDLING heddling MEDLING intermeddling. centipedal. orthopedic. solipedal EDLĪN BREDLĪN breadline DEDLĪN deadline HEDLĪN headline EDHĒT DEDHĒT dead-heat REDHĒT red-heat TWĒDL tweedle ĒDLING HWĒDLING wheedling NĒDLING needling RĒDLING reedling SĒDLING seedling EDL EDĪ DEDĪ dead-eye JEDĪ Jedi REDĪ red-eye HEDL heddle MEDL intermeddle. ĒDFUL Words to Rhyme With ĒDFUL DĒDFUL deedful HĒDFUL heedful. add -ing or -ding where appropriate. meddling PEDLING peddling REDLING reddling TREDLING treadling ĒDIK ĒDIK logaoedic MĒDIK comedic PĒDIK encyclopedic. talipedic EDLAND HEDLAND headland ZEDLAND zedland VĒDIK Vedic EDLĒ DEDLĒ deadly MEDLĒ medley REDLĒ redly EDLĪT DEDLĪT deadlight HEDLĪT headlight REDLĪT redlight ĒDING (See ĒD. medlar REDLER reddler TREDLER treadler EDIT ĒDGRŌN RĒDGRŌN reedgrown SĒDGRŌN seedgrown WĒDGRŌN weedgrown EDIT edit.) ĒDL EDHED DEDHED deadhead REDHED redhead BĒDL beadle DĒDL daedal. cyclopedic. meedful NĒDFUL needful. unheedful MĒDFUL meadful. discredit. add -less where appropriate.) EDING (See ED. meddle PEDL bipedal. Eurocredit ĒDLES (See ĒD. medal. unneedful SĒDFUL seedful SPĒDFUL speedful EDISH EDISH eddish BEDISH beddish BREDISH breadish DEDISH deadish REDISH reddish EDLER HEDLER heddler MEDLER intermeddler. miscredit. add -ing where appropriate. meddler. millipedal. dedal HWĒDL wheedle KWĒDL conquedle NĒDL needle PĒDAL equipedal. add -less where appropriate. sub-edit KREDIT accredit. re-edit.) EDLES (See ED.DOUBLE RHYMES.) ĒDLER HWĒDLER wheedler NĒDLER needler EDLOK DEDLOK deadlock DREDLOK dreadlock 226 .

rhombicosidodedecahedral. polyhedric ĒDŌ ĒDŌ Aido. trihedron SĒDRON cedron ĒFDUM CHĒFDUM chiefdom FĒFDUM fiefdom ĒFĒ BĒFĒ beefy LĒFĒ leafy RĒFĒ reefy SHĒFĒ sheafy EDSPĀS DEDSPĀS deadspace HEDSPĀS headspace 227 . intercedent. didocahedral. seer. disagreer KRĒER decreer SĒER foreseer. decedent. cedent. torpedo RĒDŌ Laredo. pseudorhombicuboctahedral. orthotetrakaldekahedron. rhombohedral. dihedral. polyhedral. The poor eat umbles.Words to Rhyme With HEDLOK headlock KEDLOK kedlock WEDLOK wedlock DOUBLE RHYMES. That’s the way The cooky crumbles. aikido KRĒDŌ credo LĒDŌ Lido. sightseer VĒER RVer (See ÎR) ĒDNT KRĒDNT credent NĒDNT needn’t SĒDNT antecedent. bedesman SĒDZMAN seedsman REFLECTION The rich eat steak. hemihedral. rhombohedron. procathedral DEDWOOD deadwood REDWOOD redwood ĒDZMAN BĒDZMAN beadsman. cathedra EDNA EDNA Edna SEDNA Sedna EDWOOD ĒDRAL HĒDRAL anhedral. sedent ĒDRIK DĒDRIK diedric HĒDRIK holohedric. EDREST BEDREST bedrest HEDREST headrest ĒER FĒER feer. trihedral THĒDRAL cathedral. fere FLĒER fleer FRĒER freer GRĒER agreer. precedent. rhombicosidodedecahedron. libido KĒDŌ hapkido. recedent. ĒFĒ EDŌ EDŌ eddo MEDŌ meadow ĒDTĪM FĒDTĪM feedtime LĒDTĪM leadtime SĒDTĪM seedtime ĒDMAN FRĒDMAN freedman SĒDMAN seedman EDON DEDON dead-on HEDON head-on ĒDUM ĒDUM Edam FRĒDUM freedom LĒDUM ledum NĒDUM Needham PĒDUM pedum SĒDUM sedum EDMAN DEDMAN deadman HEDMAN headman REDMAN redman ĒDRA FĒDRA Phaedra SĒDRA exedra THĒDRA ex cathedra. orthotetrakaldekahedral. Toledo MĒDŌ amido PĒDŌ stampedo. polyhedron. decahedral. pseudorhombicuboctahedron. overseer. Ido BĒDŌ albedo. teredo SĒDŌ tuxedo SPĒDŌ Speedo VĒDŌ gravedo ĒDRON HĒDRON dihedron.

leaguer. big-leaguer. hasenpfeffer HEFER heifer ZEFER zephyr EGĒ EGĒ eggy DREGĒ dreggy KEGĒ keggy LEGĒ leggy NEGĒ Carnegie PEGĒ peggy REGĒ reggae SEGĒ seggy ĒGL ĒGL bald eagle.) EFER DEFER deafer FEFER feoffer. superego GRĒGŌ grego JĒGŌ gigot MĒGŌ amigo TĒGŌ impetigo WĒGŌ Oswego EFTLĒ DEFTLĒ deftly REFTLĒ bereftly EGERZ PREGERZ preggers (See EGER. regnant EFTĒ HEFTĒ hefty KEFTĒ Kefti LEFTĒ lefty PEGER pegger SEGER seggar. ĒFER Words to Rhyme With ĒFER BĒFER beefer BRĒFER briefer CHĒFER chiefer FĒFER feoffer LĒFER leafer. overeager LĒGER beleaguer. add -less where appropriate. eagle. major-leaguer. legal. segger SKEGER skegger ĒGŌ ĒGŌ ego. minor-leaguer MĒGER meager. legger.) EGMEN LEGMEN legmen TEGMEN tegmen ĒFOUL PĒFOUL peafowl SĒFOUL seafowl EGER EGER egger. golden eagle. vice-regal SĒGL seagull TĒGL teagle VĒGL inveigle ĒFLĒ BRĒFLĒ briefly CHĒFLĒ chiefly ĒGER ĒGER eager. alter ego. legging (See EG. pregnant REGNANT queen-regnant. begger KEGER kegger LEGER booklegger. bootlegger. leaguing TĒGING fatiguing TRĒGING intriguing EGING ĒGAL (See ĒGL) LEGING bootlegging. double eagle. thousand-legger EGNANT PREGNANT impregnant. little-leaguer. add -s where appropriate.) 228 . add -ging where appropriate. porbeagle GRĒGL gregal KLĒGL kleagle LĒGL illegal. paralegal RĒGL regal. liefer RĒFER reefer ĒGA DĒGA bodega MĒGA omega RĒGA Riga VĒGA Vega ZĒGA ziega ĒGING LĒGING enleaguing. sea eagle EFIK LEFIK malefic NEFIK benefic SEFIK isopsephic STREFIK peristrephic BĒGL beagle.DOUBLE RHYMES. meagre TĒGER fatiguer TRĒGER intriguer ZĒGER zieger ĒGLER BĒGLER beagler VĒGLER inveigler ĒFLES (See ĒF. ham-and-egger BEGER beggar. eagre. harpy eagle.

repledger SLEJER sledger ĒGRES ĒGRES egress NĒGRES Negress RĒGRES regress ĒIZM DĒIZM deism KĒIZM Manicheism SĒIZM Phariseeism. theist ZĒIST zeist VEJĒ veggie WEJĒ wedgy. wellbeing EJĒ EJĒ edgy FLEJĒ fledgy HEJĒ hedgy KLEJĒ cledgy LEJĒ ledgy SEJĒ sedgy SĒING farseeing. unforeseeing. polytheist. Sadduceeism ĒHĒ HĒHĒ heehee RĒHĒ bahuvrihi TĒHĒ teehee TĒIZM absenteeism. Sutteeism THĒIZM A antitheism. TH theism WĒIZM we-ism ĒJIK PĒJIK bibliopegic PLĒJIK hemiplegic. H henotheism. choreic LĒIK oleic PĒIK mythopoeic. wedgie EJER EJER edger DREJER dredger HEJER hedger KEJER kedger LEJER alleger. quadriplegic. foreseeing. sightseeing. ĒJOO ĒGRĒN PĒGRĒN pea-green SĒGRĒN sea-green ĒIST DĒIST deist. S schiotheism. DJ VĒJĀ veejay. xanthroproteic ĒJIT ĒJĀ BĒJĀ BJ DĒJĀ deejay. P polytheism.Words to Rhyme With — DOUBLE RHYMES. O autotheism. add -ing where appropriate. hylotheist. monotheist. seeing. nonbeing. misotheism. K cosmotheism. inbeing. M McCarthyism. leger PLEJER pledger. tropeic RĒIK diarrheic SĒIK caseic TĒIK proteic. ledger. VJ LĒJIT collegiate MĒJIT immediate EJLING ĒJĒ FĒJĒ Fiji JĒJĒ Gigi SKWĒJĒ squeegee FLEJLING fledgling HEJLING hedgling ĒIN DĒIN codein FĒIN caffeine ZĒIN zein EJŌ FEJŌ solfeggio LEJŌ taleggio PEJŌ arpeggio ĒING BĒING being. onomatopoeic. paraplegic. add -ing where appropriate.) ĒIK ĒIK caffeic. clear-seeing. cycoplegic ĒHŌL KĒHŌL keyhole NĒHŌL kneehole TĒJIK strategic EJBURD HEJBURD hedgebird SEJBURD sedgebird EJING (See EJ. overseeing. antheism.) — ĒJOO — ĒJOO ejoo — BĒJOO bijou 229 . ideist KĒIST Manicheist THĒIST antitheist. Parseeism. hylotheism. F philotheism. unseeing (See Ē.

voortrekker EKANT (See EKUNT) EKERD CHEKERD checkered REKERD record 230 .AN) EKCHER FEKCHER confecture JEKCHER dejecture. decker. self-seeker SHĒKER chicer SHRĒKER shrieker SKWĒKER squeaker SLĒKER sleeker SNĒKER sneaker SPĒKER bespeaker. Sou’wegian (See Ē'JI. leaky. woodpecker ĒKEN BĒKEN beacon BLĒKEN bleaken DĒKEN archdeacon. subjecture SLĒKEN sleeken WĒKEN weaken EKEN (See EKUN) LEKCHER belecture. exchequer. fecal KĒKAL caecal MĒKAL meikle THĒKAL bibliothecal. intrathecal. lipsanotheca. three-decker ĒKAL FĒKAL faecal. Dominecker PEKER henpecker. teaky. Norwegian. speaker. cheek-to-cheeky FRĒKĒ freaky KLĒKĒ cliquey KRĒKĒ creaky. leeky NĒKĒ biniki. glyptotheca. projecture. eureka. lecture TEKCHER architecture ĒJUS ĒJUS aegis. krieker LĒKER leaker. legion RĒJUN region. peeky RĒKĒ reeky SĒKĒ hide-and-seeky SHĒKĒ dashiki. double-decker. conjecture. rechecker EKĒ CHEKĒ checky FLEKĒ flecky KEKĒ kecky PEKĒ pecky REKĒ wrecky. shipwrecky SPEKĒ specky DEKER bedecker. pecker. Mensheviki WĒKĒ veni. Spica THĒKA bibliotheca. vici ZĒKĒ tzatziki ĒKER BĒKER beaker BLĒKER bleaker CHĒKER cheeker FRĒKER phreaker KRĒKER creaker. stump-speaker ĒKA BĒKA sabeca KĒKA quica NĒKA Dominica PĒKA Topeka PRĒKA paprika RĒKA Costa Rica. pinacotheca. egis GRĒJUS egregious LĒJUS sacrilegious ĒKĒ BĒKĒ beaky BLĒKĒ bleaky CHĒKĒ cheeky. subregion. Thessaloniki PĒKĒ peaky. thecal TRĒKAL treacle FLEKER flecker NEKER necker. underregion WĒJUN Glaswegian.DOUBLE RHYMES. two-decker. creeky LĒKĒ cockaleeky. endotheca. deacon HĒKEN Mohican MĒKEN meeken REKER wrecker SNEKER snecker TREKER trekker. sheiky SHRĒKĒ shrieky SKRĒKĒ screaky SKWĒKĒ squeaky SLĒKĒ sleeky SNĒKĒ sneaky STRĒKĒ streaky TĒKĒ batiky. obliquer MĒKER meeker PĒKER peeker RĒKER reeker SĒKER seeker. ĒJUN Words to Rhyme With ĒJUN LĒJUN collegian. ekka BEKA Rebecca MEKA Mecca EKER BEKER Quebecker CHEKER checker. tiki VĒKĒ Bolsheviki. oxpecker. vidi. theca WĒKA weka YĒKA Tanganyika STRĒKER streaker TĒKER antiquer TWĒKER tweaker WĒKER weaker EKA EKA Ecca. lipspeaker. chequer. Eureka SĒKA sika SPĒKA spica.

) EKLES (See EK. nexal PLEKSAL plexal 231 . add -ing where appropriate. dekko GEKŌ gecko GREKŌ El Greco SEKŌ secco ĒKING (See ĒK.) EKLER FREKLER freckler HEKLER heckler SPEKLER speckler EKING (See EK. add -s where appropriate. deckle FREKL befreckle.) ĒKĪD LĒKĪD oblique-eyed MĒKĪD meek-eyed WĒKĪD weak-eyed MĒKŌ mico NĒKŌ Nikko PĒKŌ pekoe. semiweekly. weekly EKERZ CHEKERZ checkers (See EKER. add -ish where appropriate. add -less where appropriate. triweekly. speckle EKMĀT CHEKMĀT checkmate DEKMĀT deckmate ĒKOUT FRĒKOUT freakout SPĒKOUT speak-out ĒKNES EKLD (See EKL. picot.) ĒKOK MĒKOK meacock PĒKOK peacock SĒKOK sea-cock ĒKISH (See ĒK.) ĒKLĒ BLĒKLĒ bleakly LĒKLĒ obliquely ĒKŌ CHĒKŌ chico. add -ed where appropriate.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES.) ĒKRAB PĒKRAB pea-crab SĒKRAB sea-crab TRĒKRAB tree-crab PRĒKNES Preakness (See ĒK. weakly. add -ing where appropriate.) ĒKL (See ĒKAL) EKLING DEKLING deckling FREKLING freckling HEKLING heckling KEKLING keckling SPEKLING speckling ĒKON (See ĒKEN) EKON (See ĒKUN) EKL DEKL deckel. freckle HEKL heckle JEKL Jekyll KEKL keckle SHEKL shekel SPEKL bespeckle. kenspeckle. Tampico RĒKŌ Puerto Rico SĒKŌ zortzico TĒKŌ matico TRĒKŌ tricot EKLĒ FEKLĒ feckly FREKLĒ freckly SPEKLĒ speckly EKŌ EKŌ echo. fico KLĒKŌ Cliquot EKSAL NEKSAL adnexal. add -ness where appropriate. Chico FĒKŌ beccafico. annexal. EKSAL MĒKLĒ meekly NĒKLĒ uniquely SLĒKLĒ sleekly TRĒKLĒ treacly WĒKLĒ biweekly. re-echo BEKŌ bekko DEKŌ art deco.

paralexic PEKSIK lipopexic REKSIK anorexic. R resection. overprotection. reflection. flection. unisexer VEKSER vexer EKSTANT EKSTANT extant SEKSTANT sextant EKSHUR (See EKSHER) EKSTIL SEKSTIL bissextile. S subjection. TR trisection. lexic. inflection. L lection. I injection. EKSIK LEKSIK dyslexic. underprotection VEKSHUN advection. PR profection. dextrous SEKSTRUS ambisextrous EKSĪL EKSĪL exile FLEKSĪL flexile EKSUM CHEKSUM checksum REKSUM Wrexham EKSING EKSING X-ing (See EKS. cataplexy PREKSĒ prexy REKSĒ pyrexy SEKSĒ sexy. pyrexic EKSTRUS DEKSTRUS ambidextrous. contraflexure PLEKSHER plexure EKSHUS FEKSHUS infectious LEKSHUS selectious EKSTRIN DEKSTRIN dextrin. flexor NEKSER annexer PLEKSER multiplexor. bolection. lexes. provection. insurrection. indirection. protection. O objection. complexus. circumspection TEKSHUN detection. plexus. recollection. I imperfection. R reelection. reconnection PLEKSHUN complexion REKSHUN direction. E exsection. plexor SEKSER unsexer. incorrection. S section. circumflexion JEKSHUN A abjection. inflexure. intersection. flexure. Texas THEKSIS cathexis (See EKSUS) EKSLĒ PLEKSLĒ complexly VEKSLĒ convexly EKSER EKSER Xer. E ejection. D defection. S selection NEKSHUN disconnection. add -ing where appropriate. E election. gen-Xer DEKSER indexer FLEKSER dorsiflexer. perplexer. misdirection. retrospection. PR projection. insubjection. vection EKSĒ KEKSĒ kexy LEKSĒ kyriolexy PLEKSĒ apoplexy. R refection. piloerection. introjection. circumvection.DOUBLE RHYMES. V venesection. flexer. disinfection. I insection. introspection. M midsection. EKSĒ Words to Rhyme With correction. E effection. TR trajection LEKSHUN B by-election.) EKSUS LEKSUS Lexus NEKSUS connexus. reinfection FLEKSHUN deflection. rection. orthorexic. K collection. redirection. unsexy TEKSIS lymacatexis. dorsiflection. D dissection. subsection. D dejection. PR predilection. erection. P perfection. KW quarter-section. adjection. vivisection SPEKSHUN inspection. disaffection. H half-section. evection. dextrine TEKSTRIN textrine EKSHUN EKSHUN ebriection FEKSHUN A affection. pre-election. connection. lexis NEKSIS Nexis PLEKSIS epiplexis REKSIS orexis. K confection. resurrection SEKSHUN B bisection. R rejection. rhexis EKTAL EKTAL ectal LEKTAL dialectal 232 . solar plexus (See EKSIS) EKSIS LEKSIS catalexis. nexus PLEKSUS amplexus. interjection. genuflection. D dilection. syntexis. prospection. retroflexion. sextile TEKSTIL textile EKSHER FLEKSHER deflexure. convection. I intellection. infection. prelection. flexion.

eutectic THEKTIK cathectic EKTIZM KLEKTIZM eclectism SEKTIZM sectism EKTENT (See EKTANT) EKTL (See EKTIL) EKTER FEKTER affecter. erectness. catalectic NEKTIK synectic PEKTIK isopectic. perfective. respecter. injecter. prospective. correctness SPEKTNES circumspectness EKTING (See EKT. unobjective LEKTIV elective. recollecter. injective. rector. hypercatalectic. subjecter LEKTER dialector. inexpectant. disaffecter. complected. protector VEKTER bivector. intellective. nonreflector GLEKTER neglecter HEKTER hector. interjecter. perfecter EKTLĒ (See EKT. incorrectness. epiplectic REKTIK orectic SMEKTIK smectic TEKTIK orthotectic. irreflective. recollective. protective VEKTIV invective EKTANT FEKTANT disinfectant. odorivector. reflective GLEKTIV neglective JEKTIV ejective. selective. prospector. respectful. disinfecter. perspective. Hector JEKTER ejecter.) EKTĀT LEKTĀT delectate PEKTĀT Kaopectate. circumspective TEKTIV detective. analectic. respective. corrector. inflecter. lector. projective. prosector. objector. flector. pectic PLEKTIK apoplectic. subjective. effective. indirectness. misdirecter. pectate SPEKTĀT spectate EKTFUL GLEKTFUL neglectful SPEKTFUL disrespectful. sectile JEKTNES abjectness LEKTNES selectness REKTNES directness. inflective. dyslectic. spectre EKTNES EKTIL JEKTIL projectile LEKTIL supellectile REKTIL erectile SEKTIL insectile. infecter. genuflector. suspecter REKTER director. defective. retrospective. effecter. resurrecter SEKTER bisector.Words to Rhyme With REKTAL rectal TEKTAL tectal TEKTER detector. ineffective. convector. unsuspectful EKTED PLEKTED dark-complected. add -ed where appropriate. suspectant. collector. infective. nectar PEKTER expecter. unrespectful. projector. collective. refective FLEKTIV deflective.) EKTOR (See EKTER) 233 . erective. respectant. specter. rejecter. rejective. irrespective. selecter NEKTER connector. unselective MEKTIV humective NEKTIV disconnective. add -ly where appropriate. vector DOUBLE RHYMES. syntectic. expecter. corrective SEKTIV sective SPEKTIV inspective. objective. dissecter. light-complected (See EKT. infectant FLEKTANT reflectant MEKTANT humectant NEKTANT annectant PEKTANT aspectant. dialectic. elector. imperfective. connective REKTIV directive. suspectful.) FLEKTER deflecter. unexpectant PLEKTANT amplectant EKTERD HEKTERD hectored SPEKTERD spectered EKTEST REKTEST directist (See EKT. prelector.) EKTIK FEKTIK ephectic HEKTIK hectic KEKTIK cachectic KLEKTIK eclectic LEKTIK acatalectic. vivisecter SPEKTER disrespecter. EKTOR EKTIV FEKTIV affective. bracycatalectic. expectant. conjective. erector. add -est where appropriate. introspective. add -ing where appropriate. inspector. defector.

rubella. panatella. canella. pimpinella. citronella. varicellate STELĀT constellate. nanosecond. novella ZELA rosella EKTRIKS REKTRIKS directrix. propellant. pellate PRELĀT prelate SELĀT ocellate. villanella PELA a cappella. favella. tiarella SELA agacella. tequila KWĒLA sequela LĒLA palila MĒLA Philomela SĒLA selah STĒLA stela. justanella. nargile. mabela. prospectus FRĒKWENT frequent. scutella. clarabella. picosecond. Isabella. inequal. rectrix SEKTRIKS bisectrics. stele TĒLA tela ELAR (See ELER) ĒKUM MĒKUM vade mecum SĒKUM caecum. cellate. cappella. second (See EKUN. impellant.) EKTORD (See EKTERD) EKTRES LEKTRES electress. flabellate FELĀT fellate JELĀT gelate PELĀT appellate. varicella. micella. fustanella. vorticella TELA fenestella. gentianella. doncella. bonsela. pectus REKTUS rectus SPEKTUS conspectus. cecum ELAS (See ELUS) EKUN BEKUN beckon FLEKUN flecken REKUN reckon SHNEKEN schnecken ELĀT BELĀT debellate. lirella. rectress SPEKTRES inspectress TEKTRES protectress EKUNT PEKUNT impeccant. Weigela HĒLA Gila JĒLA Weigel KĒLA chela. cella. coequal. scutellate ELA EKUND FEKUND fecund REKUND reckoned ELA paella BELA glabella. navicella. infrequent SĒKWENT sequent ELANT JELANT flagellant PELANT appellant.DOUBLE RHYMES. prunella. lamella NELA fifinella. add -ed where appropriate. patella. stellate TELĀT patellate. lectress REKTRES directress. interpellate. EKTORD Words to Rhyme With SEKUND femtosecond. mozzarella. salmonella. repellant VELANT divellent. Cinderella. infrequence SĒKWENS sequence ĒLAND ĒLAND eland ZĒLAND New Zealand ĒKWENT EKTUS FEKTUS prefectus LEKTUS delectus PEKTUS pectous. picosecond. unequal PRĒKWAL prequel SĒKWEL sequel EKTRUM LEKTRUM electrum PLEKTRUM plectrum SPEKTRUM spectrum ĒKWENS FRĒKWENS frequence. peccant SEKUNT femtosecond. predella FELA fellah GELA Shigella HELA hella MELA columella. expellant. expellent. tabella BRELA umbrella 234 . nanosecond. Capella RELA chlorella. rosella. osella. second DELA padella. tarantella VELA favela. revellent ĒLA ĒLA Venezuela BĒLA belah DĒLA candela GĒLA narghile. trisectrics TEKTRIKS tectrix ĒKWAL ĒKWAL equal. corella. interpellant. sella.

wheeler JĒLER congealer KĒLER keeler NĒLER annealer. vealy ELBA ELBA Elba MELBA peach melba ELDER ELBORN HELBORN hell-born WELBORN well-born ELDER elder GELDER gelder MELDER melder SKELDER skelder WELDER welder ELĒ BELĒ belly. celly. steeler. stele FĒLER feeler HĒLER healer. vermicelli DELĒ deli. redbelly. heeler. rekehelly JELĒ jelly KELĒ kelly MELĒ gemelli. yielder TĒLĒ genteelly VĒLĒ jus civile. vermicelli SHELĒ Shelley. yellowbelly CHELĒ Botticelli. slowbelly. peeler. shadbelly. jellied ĒLDĒ WĒLDĒ unwieldy. interdealer. pili SĒLĒ seely SKWĒLĒ squealy STĒLĒ steely. three-wheeleer. two-wheeler. sidewheeler. Ely DĒLĒ dele FĒLĒ feally. shelly SKELĒ skelly SMELĒ smelly TELĒ tagliatelli. sealer. seeler SKWĒLER squealer SPĒLER spieler STĒLER stealer. gorbelly. wheeler-dealer ĒLDED (See ĒLD. tenterbelly. kneeler PĒLER appealer. peelee. sowbelly. melee NELĒ Nelly. stelar VĒLER revealer. casus belli. misdealer. peely. feely FRĒLĒ freely GRĒLĒ Greeley HĒLĒ Swahili HWĒLĒ wheely LĒLĒ Lely MĒLĒ mealie. feelie. add -ing where appropriate. whitebelly.) ĒLĒ ĒLĒ eely. ward heeler HWĒLER eighteen-wheeler. repealer RĒLER reeler SĒLER concealer.) ELCHER BELCHER belcher SKWELCHER squelcher WELCHER welcher ĒLDING (See ĒLD. Delhi FELĒ felly HELĒ helly. velar ELDED GELDED gelded MELDED melded WELDED welded ĒLDER FĒLDER fielder. four-wheeler. nice Nelly SELĒ cancelli. mealy NĒLĒ campanili PĒLĒ peele. wieldy YĒLDĒ yieldy ELDUM BELDUM beldame SELDUM seldom SWELDUM swelldom ĒLER ĒLER eeler DĒLER dealer. New Dealer.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. ĒLER WĒLDER wielder YĒLDER non-yielder. pealer. telly VELĒ Machiavelli WELĒ wellie ELBOUND HELBOUND hellbound SPELBOUND spellbound ELDEST ELDEST eldest (See ELD. double-dealer. underbelly. Leadbelly. add -ed where appropriate. outfielder SHĒLDER shielder 235 . vealer. add -est where appropriate.) ELCHING BELCHING belching SKWELCHING squelching WELCHING welching ELDING GELDING gelding MELDING melding WELDING welding ELĒD BELĒD bellied JELĒD gelid. infielder. potbelly.

DOUBLE RHYMES. self-sealing SHĒLING shieling SKĒLING skeeling (See ĒL. house dweller. Helen Keller KWELER queller MELER lamellar NELER kneller PELER A appellor. ELOT) ELFIK DELFIK Delphic. ELER Words to Rhyme With ELER BELER beller. telic ELIT BELIT flabellate PELIT appellate PRELIT prelate ĒLMENT JĒLMENT congealment PĒLMENT repealment SĒLMENT concealment VĒLMENT revealment ELET PELET pellet (See ELĀT. add -ing where appropriate. city dweller FELER feller. psychedelic FELIK fellic HELIK parhelic JELIK angelic. unhelming ĒLING HWĒLING freewheeling JĒLING Darjeeling SĒLING ceiling. R repeller. fortune-teller. autotelic. tale-teller. helming. dweller. K compeller. archangelic. philatelic. unangelic KELIK nickelic MELIK melic PELIK sapropelic. SK screw propeller. nonstellar. rebeller DWELER apartment dweller. whelming ELFISH ELFISH elfish PELFISH pelfish SELFISH selfish. glabellar. heterotelic. PR propeller. seller. propellor. unselfish SHELFISH shellfish ĒLNES LĒLNES lealness TĒLNES genteelness 236 . superangelic. delphine ELMING HELMING dishelming. underwhelming. I impeller. TW twin propeller SELER exceller. Delphin. relish SWELISH swellish WELISH wellish ĒLIJ HWĒLIJ wheelage KĒLIJ keelage STĒLIJ stealage ELIST BELIST Nobelist CHELIST cellist TRELIST trellist ELIK BELIK bellic DELIK infidelic. scalpelic RELIK relic SKELIK skelic TELIK Aristotelic. story-teller. KL cloud-compeller. underseller. add -ing where appropriate.) HWELMING overwhelming. evangelic. D dispeller. country dweller. circumstellar. E expeller. Pentelic. wine cellar SHELER sheller SMELER smeller SPELER speller STELER interstellar. diadelphic. patellar. monodelphic GELFIK Guelphic ELMET HELMET helmet PELMET pelmet WELMET well-met ĒLĪN BĒLĪN beeline FĒLĪN feline MĒLĪN meline SĒLĪN sealine ELFIN ELFIN elfin DELFIN delphin. sellar. salt cellar. cellar. cave dweller. Rockefeller HELER heller KELER bierkeller. teller WELER weller YELER yeller ELFRĒ BELFRĒ belfry PELFRĒ pelfy ELING (See EL.) ĒLFUL ĒLFUL eelful SĒLFUL seelful WĒLFUL wealful ZĒLFUL zealful ELISH BELISH embellish HELISH hellish RELISH disrelish. stellar SWELER sweller TELER foreteller.

self-helper HWELPER whelper KELPER kelper YELPER yelper *Not true. martello THELŌ Othello VELŌ scrivello YELŌ yellow HELPLES helpless HWELPLES whelpless KELPLES kelpless YELPLES yelpless ELTHĒ HELTHĒ healthy. Or cast a spell that lays you underground. Sordello FELŌ bedfellow. sgabello CHELŌ cello. ELTLES ELNES FELNES fellness SWELNES swellness WELNES unwellness. With only obeah for rhyming mix. skelter SMELTER smelter SPELTER spelter SWELTER swelter WELTER welter ELPER HELPER helper. shelter. He shakes his spear and utters his parenesis (A fancy way of saying ‘exhortation’). Monticello. violoncello DELŌ bordello.) ELPLES ELŌ ELŌ Aello.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. the sergeant fish. There is also cobia. Avoid him. good fellow. ELĀT) ELTER BELTER belter FELTER felter KELTER kelter MELTER melter PELTER pelter SHELTER inshelter. fellow. for his voodoos are the genesis Of babies’ boils and dying men’s damnation. add -ing where appropriate. 237 . felloe. (Words ending -phobia arrive in batches. add -ed where appropriate. Jell-O MELŌ mellow. Pulcinello. wellness ELPING (See ELP. morello. yokefellow HELŌ hello JELŌ bargello.) ELTA DELTA delta PELTA pelta SHELTA shelta ELTLES (See ELT.) ĒLTĒ FĒLTĒ fealty RĒLTĒ realty OBEAH AND PARENESIS CAN ASK THEIR OWN PRICE The kind of sorcerer folks call an obeah Is not a man you’d want to hang around.) ELTERD SHELTERED sheltered (See ELTER. A word from him may fill you with a phobia. niello BELŌ bellow. ritornello PELŌ cobra de capello RELŌ albarello. tax shelter SKELTER helter-skelter. palyfellow. unhealthy STELTHĒ stealthy WELTHĒ unwealthy. add -ing where appropriate. duello. unmellowed YELŌD yellowed ELTED BELTED belted MELTED melted PELTED pelted SMELTED smelted WELTED welted ELON (See ELUN) ELOT HELOT helot ZELOT zealot (See ELET. saltarello SELŌ choralcelo TELŌ brocatello. *There’s no rhyme but parenesis that matches Words ending -genesis—some twenty-six. wealthy ĒLSKIN ĒLSKIN eelskin SĒLSKIN sealskin ELTING (See ELT.) ELŌD BELŌD bellowed MELŌD mellowed. add -less where appropriate. unmellow NELŌ prunello.

add -r where appropriate. bimah BLĒMA emblema. semen ĒMA ELUS HELUS Hellas JELUS jealous PELUS pellas SELUS marcellus. camellia. thema TMĒMA tmema ZĒMA eczema. sorema. neurilemma. vitellus TRELUS trellis VELUS vellus ZELUS overzealous. member. semblance ZEMBLANS resemblance 238 . melcryptovestimentophilia. endemon ELYUN ELYUN perduellion BELYUN rebellion HELYUN hellion KELYUN kellion SELYUN selion SKELYUN tetraskelion (See EL'I. Pelham SELUM sacellum TELUM haustellum. watermelon FRĒMAN freeman JĒMAN G-man HĒMAN he-man LĒMAN leman SĒMAN able seaman. felon JELUN Magellan MELUN melon. muskmelon. demon. labellum. cribellum. dissemble. lemma. clitellum. nucellus. ophelia. epistomophilia. polylemma. erythema. scophophilia. trilemma EMBLANS SEMBLANS assemblance. rima. myxedema KĒMA hyporchema LĒMA Lima PĒMA Pima RĒMA rhema. cacodemon. procellous STĒMAN pentstemon TĒMAN T-man. flabellum. merchant seaman. prebellum. sclerema. postbellum.AN) ELUN FELUN enfelon. rostellum. tetralemma. Ophelia. zealous ĒMA empyema. tremble ZEMBL resemble ELVING DELVING delving HELVING helving SHELVING shelving EMA JEMA gemma LEMA analemma.DOUBLE RHYMES. dissemblance. Noxzema EMBL SEMBL assemble. disassemble. mushmelon. epiblema DĒMA edema.) SĒMA emphysema SHĒMA Hiroshima SKĒMA schema TĒMA blastema. terza rima EMBER EMBER ember MEMBER dismember. ocellus. dilemma. seriema BĒMA bema. reassemble. cimelia (See Ē'LI. cerebellum FELUM phellum JELUM flagellum PELUM pelham. ELTRĒ Words to Rhyme With ELTRĒ PELTRĒ peltry SWELTRĒ sweltry ĒLYA DĒLYLA seguidilla BĒLYA lobelia FĒLYA alcoholophilia. teaman TELUS entellus. remember SEMBER December TEMBER September VEMBER November ELVER (See ELV. pseudohemal LĒMAL lemel TĒMAL blastemel ĒLYUN (See Ē'LI. chromatophilia. nonmember. disremember. procellas. coprophilia.A) NEMA nema REMA maremma STEMA stemma STREMA stremma ELUM BELUM antebellum.AN) ĒMAN BĒMAN beeman DĒMAN agathodemon. seaman. spasmophilia KĒLYA Barranquilla MĒLYA amelia. scutellum VELUM vellum ĒMAL ĒMAL hiemal DĒMAL demal HĒMAL hemal. iatramelia. semble TREMBL atremble. Fatima THĒMA enthema.

polydemic HEMIK hemic. polysemy. dissembler. totemic EMBLING (See EMBL. dreamer FĒMER blasphemer. femur KRĒMER creamer LĒMER lemur PRĒMER supremer RĒMER reamer SĒMER seamer SKĒMER schemer SKRĒMER screamer STĒMER steamer STRĒMER streamer TĒMER teemer TRĒMER extremer. semic. jemmy LEMĒ lemme SEMĒ semi TREMĒ tremie ZEMĒ zemmi ĒMFUL BĒMFUL beamful DRĒMFUL dreamful KRĒMFUL creamful RĒMFUL reamful SKĒMFUL schemeful STRĒMFUL streamful TĒMFUL teemful EMBLD (See EMBL. redeemer DRĒMER daydreamer. pandemic. membral. endemic. add -ing or -ming where appropriate. polemic NEMIK phonemic REMIK eremic. teemy EMER EMER emmer DEMER condemner HEMER hemmer JEMER begemmer STEMER stemmer TEMER contemner TREMER tremor ĒMING (See ĒM. add -ing where appropriate. sachemic LEMIK philopolemic. infodemic. ecdemic. dissembly TREMBLĒ trembly ĒMEL (See ĒMAL) ĒMIK FĒMIK phemic HĒMIK hemic. disassembly. polyhemic JEMIK stratagemic KEMIK alchemic. sembler TEMBLER temblor TREMBLER trembler ZEMBLER resembler ĒMENT GRĒMENT agreement. dreamy GLĒMĒ gleamy KRĒMĒ creamy NĒMĒ mneme PRĒMĒ preemie SĒMĒ monosemy. phonemic RĒMIK eremic SĒMIK racemic. trimembral SEMBRAL Decembral TEMBRAL Septembral VEMBRAL Novembral EMIKS EMIKS noemics (See EMIK. Moslemic. edemic. ischemic. epidemic. steamy STRĒMĒ streamy TĒMĒ teamy. add -d where appropriate. reassembler.) EMING (See EM.) 239 . tremor DEMIK academic. add -ing where appropriate. misopolemic. disagreement KRĒMENT decreement EMIK ĒMER ĒMER emir BĒMER beamer DĒMER deemer. septicemic SKĒMIK schemic EMBLER SEMBLER assembler. add -s where appropriate. seamy SKRĒMĒ screamy STĒMĒ steamie.) EMBRAL MEMBRAL bimembral.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES.) EMBLĒ SEMBLĒ assembly. theoremic SEMIK semic TEMIK systemic. disassembler. polyhemic NĒMIK anemic. EMING EMBLANT SEMBLANT semblant ZEMBLANT resemblant EMĒ DEMĒ demi FLEMĒ phlegmy HEMĒ hemi JEMĒ gemmy.) ĒMĒ BĒMĒ beamy DRĒMĒ day-dreamy.

coemption. modena. galena. piscina. preemption ĒNA ĒNA hyena BĒNA amphisbaena. preemptor 240 . sonatina THĒNA Athena VĒNA avena. flutina. Catalina. cantilena. untemper EMPTIV EMPTIV preemptive DEMPTIV redemptive ĒMSONG EMPL SEMPL semple STEMPL stemple TEMPL temple DRĒMSONG dream-song THĒMSONG theme song EMIST KEMIST chemist LEMIST polemist PREMIST premised ĒMSTER DĒMSTER deemster SĒMSTER seamster TĒMSTER teamster EMPLER TEMPLER templar ZEMPLER exemplar ĒMLĒ PRĒMLĒ supremely SĒMLĒ seemly. add -ed where appropriate. anabaena. supremo TĒŌ sentimo (See EMPT. add -less where appropriate. scena TĒNA Argentina. coemptor. Cartagena KĒNA coquina. Messina. unblemish FLEMISH flemish. cassena. vina ZĒNA maizena EMPTER EMPTER empter. emption. ĒMISH Words to Rhyme With ĒMISH (See ĒM. cantina. concertina. phlyctena.) EMŌ DEMŌ demo MEMŌ memo KEMPTER unkempter TEMPTER attempter. encina. Pasadena FĒNA saphena GLĒNA Euglena HĒNA tahina JĒNA gena. caveat emptor. novena. subpoena RĒNA arena. czarina EMPTED ĒMŌ ĒMŌ emo KĒMŌ chemo NĒMŌ Little Nemo. add -ish where appropriate. Nemo PRĒMŌ primo. add -ing where appropriate. unseemly TRĒMLĒ extremely EMPSHUN EMPSHUN exemption. marikina LĒNA dolina. semolina. cavatena. tempter ZEMPTER exempter EMISH BLEMISH blemish. redemption REMPSHUN diremption ZEMPSHUN exemption EMPSTER EMLIN GREMLIN gremlin KREMLIN Kremlin DEMPSTER dempster SEMPSTER sempster PĒNA philopena.DOUBLE RHYMES. tsarina.) SĒNA dracaena. farina. Latina. salina. temper. verbena CHĒNA kachina DĒNA medina.) ĒMIST FĒMIST blasphemist PRĒMIST supremist SKĒMIST schemist TRĒMIST extremist EMPER SEMPER semper. spirulina ĒMLES YĒMLES yemeless (See ĒM. sic semper TEMPER attemper. distemper. ballerina. scarlatina. sestina. Flemish ĒMON (See ĒMAN) EMPTING (See EMPT.) DEMPSHUN ademption. ocarina. catena. poltina. marina.

tenent ENCHING (See ENCH. independent. peradventure. interdependent. referenda 241 . tenant. fendy SPENDĒ spendy TRENDĒ trendy VENDĒ modus vivendi ENDED (See END. latipennate.) ENANT PENANT pennant TENANT lieutenant. add -ing where appropriate. dependant. venture WENCHER wencher ENDĒ ENDĒ duende BENDĒ bendy FENDĒ effendi. descendence. equipendent. Vienna BENA bena HENA Gehenna.) ENDENS PENDENS dependence. add -ed where appropriate. fendi. dependant. trencher VENCHER adventure. attendants. superintendence. indenture. legenda LENDA delenda RENDA merenda. superintendents. condescendence. denda. transplendent ĒNĀT ĒNĀT enate KRĒNĀT crenate ENDA ENDA hacienda BENDA benda DENDA addenda.) SENDENS ascendance. reventure. henna JENA jenna SENA senna TENA antenna VENA Ravenna ENDAL (See ENDL) ENCHANT (See ENSHENT) ENDANS (See ENDENS) ENCHER ĒNAL DĒNAL duodenal PĒNAL penal PLĒNAL plenal RĒNAL adrenal. pendent SENDENT ascendant. corrigenda. tensure TRENCHER intrencher. pudenda ENĀT PENĀT brevipennate. transcendent SPLENDENT resplendent. independence. intendance. maladventure. descendant. pennate. impendent. rudenture DRENCHER bedrencher. credenda. pendant. renal SHĒNAL machinal VĒNAL venal WĒNAL weanel BENCHER backbencher. drencher FLENCHER flencher KLENCHER clencher. dependent. transcendence SPLENDENS resplendence TENDENS attendance. ENDENT RENĀT perennate TENĀT antennate ENA ENA duenna. impennate. sienna. debenture ENDANT (See ENDENT) ENANS PENANS penance TENANS tenants BLENCHER blencher DENCHER denture. impendence. splendent. misadventure. marinal. add -less where appropriate. tripennate JENDA agenda. longipennate. sublieutenant.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. bencher. unclencher KWENCHER quencher RENCHER wrencher SENCHER censure TENCHER tenture. interdependence ENANTS (See ENANS) ENCHLES (See ENCH. tendance ENAS (See ENIS) ENCHMAN FRENCHMAN Frenchman HENCHMAN henchman ENDENT FENDENT defendant PENDENT appendant.

extender.) ENEK (See ENIK) ENDL BENDL prebendal SENDL sendal. Mussolini. teeny VĒNĒ visne WĒNĒ teeny-weeny. add -ing where appropriate. surrendered SPLENDERD many-splendored JENDUM agendum. meany. pinchpenny. fettuccini ENEL BENEL bennel FENEL biphenyl. emender. eeny-meeny NĒNĒ campanini. wahine JĒNĒ genie KĒNĒ bikini. commender. weekender BENDER bender. fender. ENDER TENDENT attendant. comprehender. suspender PRENDER prender RENDER render. benny BLENĒ blenny FENĒ fenny HENĒ henny JENĒ jenny. passpenny. descender. expender. fork-tender. fender-bender. intender. perpender. mender. twopenny TENĒ tenney. fennel. weeny.DOUBLE RHYMES. phenyl KENEL kennel. intendant. commendment TENDMENT intendment ENDŌ ENDŌ diminuendo. surrender SENDER ascender. credendum. transgender LENDER lender. contendant. rotini. lene. penny. catchpenny. Messene SHĒNĒ sheeny SKĒNĒ skene SPLĒNĒ spleeny SWĒNĒ sweeny TĒNĒ martini. sender SLENDER slender SPENDER spender SPLENDER splendor TENDER attender. offender FLENDER flender HENDER apprehender. reprehender JENDER engender. mindbender DĒNĒ Houdini GĒNĒ Lamborghini GRĒNĒ greeny GWĒNĒ linguine. sendle TRENDL trendle ĒNĒ ĒNĒ eeny BĒNĒ beanie. vendor WENDER wender ENDMENT FRENDMENT befriendment MENDMENT amendment. contender. galeeny. Selene. tuppenny. recommender PENDER depender. superintendent Words to Rhyme With ENDLES ENDLES endless BENDLES bendless FRENDLES friendless MENDLES mendless TRENDLES trendless ENDER ENDER ender. wieny ZĒNĒ tetrazzini ENDOR (See ENDER) ENĒ ENĒ any BENĒ beni. tenny WENĒ wenny ENDUM ENDUM definiendum DENDUM addendum. tortellini BLENDER blender. zucchini KRĒNĒ hippocrene LĒNĒ Bellini. linguini HĒNĒ Tahine. benne. tail-ender. pretender TRENDER trender VENDER vender. beany BLĒNĒ blini CHĒNĒ fantoccini. Toscanini PĒNĒ scaloppini PLĒNĒ pleny SĒNĒ grissini. spinning jenny KENĒ Kilkenny MENĒ many PENĒ half-penny. dedendum. ENDERD JENDERD engendered. rekennel. interblender FENDER defender. sixpenny. gender. Henny-Penny. gendered RENDERD rendered. bartender. capellini. corrigendum RENDUM referendum ENDUS DENDUS pudendous MENDUS tremendous PENDUS stupendous RENDUS horrendous ENDING RENDING heart-rending (See END. unkennel KRENEL crenel VENEL vennel 242 . Bikini. moneylender MENDER amender. innuendo JENDŌ stringendo KENDŌ kendo SHENDŌ crescendo TENDŌ Nintendo MĒNĒ meanie. kundalini. ha’penny. monokini.

D deuterogenic. metagenic. galenic. hygienic. tenner. demeanor. lienor MĒNER demeaner. add -s where appropriate. meaner. venin YENER yenner ĒNES (See Ē. organogenic. Panhellenic. genic. uncleaner. phenic FRENIK phrenic. enteropathogenic. vacuum cleaner. psychogenic. poimenic RENIK irenic. mythogenic. ĒNING ENEM DENEM denim MENEM mennom PLENEM plenum VENEM envenom. T telegenic. M mediagenic. S saprogenic. cacophrenic. selenic MENIK ecumenic. teener TWĒNER go-betweener VĒNER advener. I iatrogenic. suicidogenic. countertenor. pythogenic. sirenic SENIK Saracenic. eugenics THENIKS euthenics (See ENIK. TH thermogenic. add -ness where appropriate. E embryogenic. Z zoogenic KENIK lichenic LENIK philhellenic. P paragenic. hebrephrenic. submariner SĒNER obscener SHĒNER machiner SKRĒNER screener TĒNER routiner. typhogenic. Hellenic. polygenic LĒNIK ethylenic SĒNIK scenic SPLĒNIK splenic TĒNIK nicotinic ENIM (See ENEM) ENIN LENIN Lenin RENIN rennin VENIN antivenin. dysgenic. wiener ZĒNER magaziner LENGTHEN lengthen STRENGTHEN strengthen ĒNĪ GRĒNĪ green-eye MĒNĪ mean-eye SĒNĪ Iceni ĒNĪD GRĒNĪD green-eyed KĒNĪD keen-eyed MĒNĪD mean-eyed lucinogenic. KR cryogenic. venom ENGTHĒ LENGTHĒ lengthy STRENGTHĒ strengthy ENGTHEN ĒNER BĒNER shebeener GLĒNER gleaner GRĒNER greener KĒNER keener KLĒNER cleaner. pyrogenic. diplogenic. neurasthenic. polygenic. geoselenic. GL glycogenic. hysterogenic. calisthenic. jennet RENET rennet SENET senate. tenor ĒNIK FĒNIK phenic JĒNIK genic. allogenic. Diogenic. F phosphorogenic. pathogenic. J gelogenic. photogenic.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. acenic SFENIK sphenic SPLENIK splenic STENIK tungstenic STHENIK sthenic TENIK neotenic THENIK asthenic. window cleaner (etc. O oxygenic. convener. crystallogenic. hepatogenic. parthenic ĒNIJ GRĒNIJ greenage RĒNIJ careenage TĒNIJ teenage ENIKS JENIKS oligogenics. paraphrenic. schizophrenic ĒNING ĒNING eaning BĒNING shebeening DĒNING deaning GLĒNING gleaning GRĒNING greening KĒNING keening KLĒNING cleaning KWĒNING queening ENET BENET bennett DENET dennet JENET genet. H hal- 243 . N nitrogenic. sennet TENET tenet JENIK A agnogenic. Demosthenic. PR protogenic. parthenogenic. chronogenic.) ENIK DENIK Edenic FENIK alphenic. supervenor WĒNER weaner.) LĒNER leaner. misdemeanor PRĒNER preener RĒNER serener. Y eugenic. contravener. intervenor. fennec. anthropogenic.) ENER KENER kenner MENER menhir PENER penner TENER contratenor. mesner.

sabino. upleaning. tondino FĒNŌ fino KĒNŌ baldachino. sennet. ENING LĒNING leaning. convening. replenish ENMAN FENMAN fenman PENMAN penman ĒNŌT KĒNŌT keynote SĒNŌT C-note 244 . Latino. chino. scening SHĒNING machining SKRĒNING screening TĒNING costeaning. peperino. San Marino. keno. concertino. subvening. zecchino ENIT JENIT jennet SENIT senate. bambino. spranino PĒNŌ Filipino RĒNŌ whiskerino. vetturino SĒNŌ campesino. beano. Bardolino. weening YĒNING yeaning Words to Rhyme With RENISH Rhenish WENISH wennish ĒNNES (See ĒN. solferino. meaning. batino. Reno. ill-meaning. festino. intervening. supervening WĒNING overweening. unmeaning. plenish. weaning. displenish. casino STĒNŌ langostino TĒNŌ andantino. merino. sennit. quarantining VĒNING advening. leno MĒNŌ amino. camino. comino. peacherino. wabeno CHĒNŌ cappuccino.) ĒNIST JĒNIST hygienist LĒNIST Orleanist PLĒNIST plenist SHĒNIST machinist TĒNIST routinist ZĒNIST magazinist ĒNŌ BĒNŌ albino. maraschino. add -ness where appropriate. tennis VENIS Venice ENOM (See ENEM) ENLĪK DENLĪK denlike FENLĪK fenlike HENLĪK henlike PENLĪK penlike RENLĪK wrenlike ENON (See ENUN) ĒNISH BĒNISH beanish GRĒNISH greenish KĒNISH keenish KLĒNISH cleanish KWĒNISH queenish LĒNISH leanish MĒNISH meanish SPLĒNISH spleenish ĒNOR ĒNLING ĒNLING eanling KWĒNLING queenling WĒNLING weanling YĒNLING yeanling (See ĒNER) ENOR (See ENER) ENISH HENISH hennish PLENISH deplenish. San Bernardino. Mino. sereno. Valentino TRĒNŌ neutrino VĒNŌ vino ĒNLĒ GRĒNLĒ greenly KĒNLĒ keenly KLĒNLĒ cleanly KWĒNLĒ queenly LĒNLĒ leanly MĒNLĒ meanly RĒNLĒ serenely SĒNLĒ obscenely ĒNIS (See ĒNUS) ENIS MENIS menace TENIS tenace. sennight LĒNŌ Angeleno. contravening. wellmeaning PRĒNING preening RĒNING careening SĒNING damascening. mochaccino DĒNŌ ladino. trampolining MĒNING demeaning. double meaning. palomino ENING KENING kenning PENING penning NĒNŌ panino. pianino.DOUBLE RHYMES.

hypotension. invention. dissension. pensile SENSIL sensile STENSIL stencil TENSIL extensile. ascension. misapprehension. incruential. presention. I inferential. U unreverential. unmentioned. commensal. incomprehension. prudential. H hypertension. TH thermotension VENSHUN intervention. R referential. pencil. intenser. TR transferential. senser. sensate TENSĀT intensate ENSEN ENSEN ensign DENSEN densen SENSEN Sensen ENSHUND MENSHUND ill-mentioned. D detention. supervention ZENSHUN presention RENSAL forensal SENSAL intercensal VENSAL Provençal (See ENSIL) ENSĀT DENSĀT condensate PENSĀT compensate SENSĀT insensate. sententious. consension. tensile. contention. I inattention. subsequential LENSHAL pestilential. unpretentious SPENSER spencer. influential. hortensian. quintessential. providential. consentient. E extension. mensal ENSHAL ENSHAL affluential. inextension. intelligential. incension. PR preferential. differential. S circumferential. obvention. KR credential. condescension. coessential. expediential. recompenser SENSER censer. unintentioned. sensor TENSHUND ill-intentioned. T torrential. unessential TENSHAL equipotential. sapiential. PR pretension. mentioned. concupiscential. experiential. deprehension. nonintervention. Spenser TENSER extensor. rodential JENSHAL agential. querulential NENSHAL exponential RENSHAL D deferential. T tension. utensil (See ENSAL) ENSĒZ ENSĒZ amanuenses JENSĒZ Albigenses MENSĒZ menses ENSHUN DENSHUN indention HENSHUN apprehension. tensor ĒNSHIP DĒNSHIP deanship KWĒNSHIP queenship ENSIL HENSIL prehensile PENSIL pensel. censor. suspension SENSHUN accension. contravention. prevention. existential. K confidential. indulgential. presidential. PR precedential. repension. inessential. insentient. sciential DENSHAL E evidential. convention. incensor. obediential. descension. R retention. presentient. well-intentioned ENSHENT PENSHENT penchant SENSHENT assentient. uncontentious. comprehension. K conferential. ostension. reminiscential. pretentious. menser PENSER dispenser. irreverential. Uttaranchal SENSHAL essential. sentential VENSHAL Provencial ZENSHAL omnipresential MENSHUN dimension. consequential. intentioned. K co-extension. P portention. recension. nonessential. ENSILD ENSAL MENSAL bimensal. sentient TRENSHENT trenchant ENSHUS ENSHUS conscientious DENSHUS tendentious LENSHUS pestilentious. superessential. potential. R residential. well-mentioned ENSER DENSER denser. O obtention. Spencer. preapprehension. licentious TENSHUS contentious. circumvention. inapprehension. intention. reprehension JENSHUN gentian KLENSHUN declension ENSFORTH HENSFORTH henceforth HWENSFORTH whenceforth THENSFORTH thenceforth ENSILD PENSILD pencilled STENSILD stencilled 245 . sequential. prehension. dissentient. subvention. J jurisprudential. reascension. condenser FENSER fencer FLENSER flenser HENSER prehenser MENSER commencer. distention. reverential. silentious SENSHUS dissentious. propension.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. tenser. tangential KWENSHAL inconsequential. uncondescension STENSHUN abstention TENSHUN A attention. mention PENSHUN pension. penitential. bigential.

grandparental. G governmental. condimental. condescensive TENSIV distensive. I impedimental. complimental. O ornamental. inapprehensive. protensive. labor-intensive. ostensive. experimental. dentate. reprehensive. testamentate RENTĀT parentate ENSLES FENSLES defenseless. propensing. dentile. sentimental. recommencing PENSING dispensing. intensive. testamental. L labiodental. tormenty 246 . aguardiente. indefensive. pimenta.DOUBLE RHYMES. tensely ENTAD ectoentad. inexpensive. reverencing SENSING censing. R regimental. uncondensing. extensive. recompensing RENSING referencing. interdental. edentate. rudimental. incremental. componental. T tegmental. selfdefensive HENSIV apprehensive. tournamental NENTAL intercontinental. P parliamental. FR fragmental. developmental. lentil MENTAL D departmental. inextensive. oriental DENTAL A accidental. dental. E edental. pigmental. descensive. incensive. linguadental. quadridentate. offensive. dentil. instrumental. P postdental. festina lente MENTĒ Clementi. energyintensive. comprehensive. counteroffensive. lentamente. pedimental. momental. PR predicamental. suspensive SENSIV ascensive. prepensing. continental. penceless SENSLES senseless DENTĒ al dente. tridental JENTAL argental. submental. mental. dolce far niente. fenceless. tridentate ENTAL ENTAL ental. unrepentant ZENTANT representant ENTAD ENSLĒ DENSLĒ densely MENSLĒ immensely PENSLĒ propensely TENSLĒ intensely. ENSING Words to Rhyme With ENSING DENSING condensing. detrimental. sensing TENSING pretensing. rental SENTAL percental. temperamental. transcontinental RENTAL biparental. evidencing FENSING fencing FLENSING flensing MENSING commencing. documental. pensive. environmental. gentle. pedimenta. sedimental. complemental. recompensive. K compartmental. offenseless ENTĒ ENTĒ Agua Caliente. O occidental. I incidental. coextensive. N nutrimental. parental. inoffensive. tensing ENSMENT MENSMENT commencement SENSMENT incensement LENTAL Lental. tenseness ENSIV ENSIV influencive DENSIV condensive FENSIV defensive. placental. B bidental. ENSIL) MYENTA pimienta NENTA nenta SENTA placenta YENTA yenta ENTANT PENTANT repentant. segmental. tenemental. presidente LENTĒ dolente. F firmamental. monumental. ungentle MENTĀT dementate. incomprehensive. K coincidental. tensive ENSOR (See ENSER) ENSUM PENSUM pensum SENSUM sensum ENTA JENTA magenta LENTA polenta MENTA impedimenta. cental TRENTAL trental ENSNES DENSNES denseness MENSNES immenseness PENSNES propenseness TENSNES intenseness. rejectamenta ENTANS PENTANS repentance. recompenseless. niente PENSLES expenseless. prehensive. recremental. L ligamental. E excremental. S sacramental. fundamental. elemental. supplemental. tegumental. M medicamental. incensing. entad PENTAD pentad ENTĀT DENTĀT bidentate. TR transcendental. unrepentance SENTANS sentence ENSL (See ENSAL. unapprehensive PENSIV expensive. antecedental.

inattentive. presenter. pentice PRENTIS apprentice. unretentive VENTIV adventive. supplementer. Tridentine KWENTIN San Quentin RENTIN torrentine ENTLES (See ENT. pentimento. resentment ENTERD ENTERD entered SENTERD centered ENTŌ ENTŌ à bientôt CHENTŌ cinquecento. ornamenter. disincentive. resenter ENTLĒ BENTLĒ Bentley DENTLĒ evidently. tenter VENTER inventor. K concenter. I incentor. centaur. uninventful DOUBLE RHYMES. incentive TENTIV attentive. rifacimento. reenter. ungently LENTLĒ excellently. PR precentor. assenter. preventive ZENTIV presentive. Seventh Day Adventist 247 . D dissenter. unresentful ENTED (See ENT. insolently NENTLĒ eminently SENTLĒ innocently TENTLĒ impotently. detentive. F fermenter. inventive. O augmenter. preventer. resentive ZENTFUL resentful. retentive. fomenter. memento. indenter KWENTER frequenter LENTER lentor. H hypocenter. T tormenter PENTER repenter RENTER renter SENTER A accentor.Words to Rhyme With PENTĒ diapente PLENTĒ aplenty. consenter. fomento. confidently JENTLĒ gently. S cementer. inventful. prentice ment. venter ZENTER misrepresenter. fermentor. bucentaur. Risorgimento. add -less where appropriate. B barycenter.) ENTING (See ENT. repartimiento ENTIST ENTFUL MENTFUL lamentful SENTFUL scentful DENTIST dentist. add -ed where appropriate. succentor SHLENTER schlenter STENTER stentor TENTER contenter. scienter DENTER denter. E epicenter. dentine. circumventive. represent- ENTIS MENTIS non compos mentis PENTIS appentice. M mentor. interventive. intently ENTĪL JENTĪL Gentile SENTĪL percentile. relenter MENTER E experimenter. irretentive. contentment ZENTMENT presentment. circumventor.) ENTIJ SENTIJ percentage TENTIJ tentage VENTIJ ventage ENTENS (See ENTANS) ENTIK DENTIK identic JENTIK argentic LENTIK lentic SENTIK crescentic THENTIK authentic ENTL (See ENTAL) ENTER ENTER enter. preventist. retentor. representer. add -ing where appropriate. pimento. uneventful. portamento. cognoscenti TWENTĒ twenty TENTFUL contentful VENTFUL eventful. irredentist PRENTIST apprentice. S center. centile ENTIN DENTIN dentin. pronunciamento. O orthocenter. plenty SHENTĒ cognoscente. L lamenter. K commenter. quattrocento LENTŌ lento MENTŌ divertimento. Sacramento MYENTŌ pimiento. ENTŌ ENTIV DENTIV pendentive MENTIV lamentive SENTIV assentive. prenticed VENTIS Adventist.) ENTMENT LENTMENT relentment TENTMENT discontentment.

selenocentric VENTRIK ventric ENUN MENUN mennon. introvenient. genius (See Ē'NI. T tegumentum. influenza. gyneocentric. E egocentric. precentral. inconvenience.US) ĒNUS FĒNUS saphenous JĒNUS genus LĒNUS scalenus.A) ĒŌ BRĒŌ con brio DĒŌ deo 248 . convenient. subcentral ENYAL (See EN'I. intervenience. intervenient. H haliocentric. ethnocentric. M metacentric. credenza ĒNYA NĒNYA La Niña (See Ē'NI.DOUBLE RHYMES. central. immomentous. ligamentous. primogenial. primigenial. P paracentric.AL) ENTRAL SENTRAL metacentral.ENT) ENTRES MENTRES tormentress VENTRES inventress ENUM (See ENEM) ENTRIK SENTRIK A anthropocentric. introvenience. uncongenial ENTOR (See ENTER) ENTUS GWENTUS unguentous MENTUS filamentous. portentous MĒNYAL menial RĒNYAL orignal (See Ē'NI. eccentric. momentous. V velamentum SENTUM percentum ENZA ENZA affluenza. J geocentric. S Saturnicentric. M momentum. B barycentric. sarmentous TENTUS pedententous. F fermentum. prevenience.AL) VENTRAL biventral. Silenus PĒNUS hemipenis. dorsiventral. ENTOR RENTŌ Sorrento SENTŌ cento Words to Rhyme With ENTŪR (See ENCHER) ĒNYAL JĒNYAL genial. monsignor (See Ē'NI. sarmentum. jumentous. convenience.ER) ĒNYUS JĒNYUS ingenious. cementum. tormentum. testamentum. Venus ENTUM GWENTUM unguentum MENTUM A amentum. S sacramentum. P paludamentum. signor. supervenience (See Ē'NI.Ē) ĒNUM DĒNUM duodenum FRĒNUM frenum PLĒNUM plenum ĒNYENT LĒNYENT lenient. paracentral. R ramentum. K concentric. trimenon PENUN pennon TENUN tenon (See ENIN) ĒNYER SĒNYER Senior. pigmentous. Spanish influenza DENZA cadenza. supervenient (See E'NI. venous. inconvenient. penis SĒNUS Maecenas VĒNUS intravenous. acentric. prevenient. venue ZHENŪ ingenue ĒNYENS LĒNYENS lenience VĒNYENS advenience. ventral ENŪ MENŪ menu VENŪ change of venue. unlenient VĒNYENT advenient. fundamentum. congenial. homocentric.ENS) ENTRĒ ENTRĒ entry DENTRĒ den-tree JENTRĒ gentry SENTRĒ sentry (See EN'TER.

wicketkeeper KRĒPER creeper LĒPER leaper NĒPER Dnieper PĒPER peeper RĒPER Grim Reaper. add -ing where appropriate. safekeeping.) EPARD (See EPERD) ĒPĒ CHĒPĒ cheapy. shopkeeping SLĒPING sleeping. beekeeper. peon PLĒON pleon PRĒON prion THĒON pantheon THRĒON thrion (See ĒAN) EPID LEPID lepid TEPID tepid TREPID intrepid. doorkeeper. two-steppy EPERD JEPERD jeopard LEPERD leopard PEPERD peppered SHEPERD shepherd ĒŌL KRĒŌL Creole SHĒŌL Sheol TEPĒ tepee ĒPĒT RĒPĒT repeat THRĒPĒT threepeat ĒPEN CHĒPEN cheapen DĒPEN deepen STĒPEN steepen ĒON ĒON aeon. sweeper TĒPER tepor WĒPER weeper ĒPIJ KRĒPIJ creepage SĒPIJ seepage SWĒPIJ sweepage EPIK EPIK epic. bookkeeper.Words to Rhyme With KLĒŌ Clio LĒŌ Leo NĒŌ neo PĒŌ papiopio RĒŌ Rio. cheepy HĒPĒ heapy KĒPĒ kepi KRĒPĒ creepy LĒPĒ Fra Lippo Lippi PĒPĒ pee-pee SĒPĒ seepy SHĒPĒ sheepy SLĒPĒ sleepy STĒPĒ steepy TĒPĒ tepee WĒPĒ weepy ĒPISH EPER HEPER hepper LEPER leper PEPER pepper STEPER high-stepper. two-stepper. housekeeping. shopkeeper. goalkeeper. eon DĒON odeon FRĒON Freon KRĒON Creon LĒON Ponce de Leon NĒON neon PĒON paeon. keeper. orthoepic NEPIK monepic ĒPAL (See ĒPL) ĒPING KĒPING beekeeping. three-steppy. trepid ĒPER ĒPER Ypres BĒPER beeper CHĒPER cheaper. timekeeper. cheeper DĒPER deeper HĒPER heaper KĒPER barkeeper. minesweeper. onestepper STREPER strepor TEPER tepor CHĒPISH cheapish DĒPISH deepish SHĒPISH sheepish STĒPISH steepish ĒPL ĒPL ipil HWĒPL wheeple 249 . zorillo TRĒŌ trio DOUBLE RHYMES. storekeeper. innkeeper. ĒPL EPĒ KEPĒ kepi PEPĒ Apepi. stepper. peppy PREPĒ preppy STEPĒ one-steppy. housekeeper. hedgekeeper. three-stepper. steppy. bookkeeping. keeping. unsleeping (See ĒP. gatekeeper. overstepper. reaper SĒPER seeper SLĒPER sleeper STĒPER steeper SWĒPER carpetsweeper.

skeptic THREPTIK threptic TREPTIK protreptic ĒPOI SĒPOI Sepoy TĒPOI teapoy. PR preconception. eupeptic SEPTIK antiseptic. people. narcolepsis. country people. cordillera (See ÂRA) EPOR (See EPER) ERAF (See ERIF) EPSĒ LEPSĒ epilepsy. susception EPTIL REPTIL reptile SEPTIL septile EPTLĒ EPTLĒ eptly. scepter. metaleptic. D deception. sceptre. aseptic. I imperception. P perception. bradypeptic. obreption. Pepsi. beneceptor. receptor. steeple TĒPL tepal Words to Rhyme With EPSHUN REPSHUN direption. excepter. Terra VERA primavera YERA habanera. narcolepsy. interception. ineptness DEPTNES adeptness. prolepsis. K conception. narcoleptic. organoleptic. catalepsy. inceptor. ereption. proleptic. susceptor ĒRA (See ÎRA) ĒPŌ CHĒPŌ cheapo DĒPŌ depot RĒPŌ repo ERA EPTIK KLEPTIK kleptic LEPTIK acataleptic. asepsis EPTOR (See EPTER) EPTANT ĒPNES CHĒPNES cheapness DĒPNES deepness STĒPNES steepness REPTANT reptant SEPTANT acceptant.DOUBLE RHYMES. analeptic. subreption. peepul. epileptic. eupepsy EPTĪL REPTĪL reptile SEPTĪL septile ĒRAL (See ÎRAL) 250 . prepercetion. introsusception. septic SKEPTIK sceptic. sylleptic PEPTIK apeptic. iatraleptic. M misconception. repeople. townspeople. riviera. interceptor. flower people. ĒPLĒ PĒPL boat people. epanaleptic. metalepsis. dyspeptic. prosolepsy PEPSĒ apepsy. pipal. inception. nympholepsy. preception. dyspepsy. correption. epanalepsis. R reception. cataleptic. nympholeptic. S self-deception. unpeople STĒPL church steeple. undeptness SEPSIS antisepsis. intussusception. syllepsis ĒPLES BĒPLES beepless JĒPLES jeepless SHĒPLES sheepless SLĒPLES sleepless EPTNES eptness. surreption SEPSHUN A apperception. contraception. proreption. peptic. sierra BERA guayabera CHERA ranchera DERA caldera TERA terra. ineptly DEPTLĒ adeptly ĒPLĒ CHĒPLĒ cheaply DĒPLĒ deeply STĒPLĒ steeply EPTNES EPSIS KEPSIS omphaloskepsis LEPSIS analepsis. preceptor. E exception. tepoy ERA era. exceptant ĒPWÔK SHĒPWÔK sheepwalk SLĒPWÔK sleepwalk EPTER DEPTER adepter SEPTER accepter.

M mossberry.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. bury. wineberry. L loganberry. burberry. coffeebery. locustberry. unburied CHERĒD cherried FERĒD ferried HWERĒD wherried SERĒD serried. quatercentenary. derrick FERIK atmospheric. STR strawberry. bilberry. beriberi. peripheric. chokeberry. wherefore THERFOR therefor. chromospheric. Tom and Jerry KERĒ knobkerrie KWERĒ equerry LERĒ intercalary MERĒ mere. stationary. BL blackberry. unserried ERFOR HWERFOR wherefor. cerif. P partridgeberry. O orangeberry. ERIK NERĒ matutinary. hemispheric. Y youngberry CHERĒ cherry. TH thimbleberry. terry VERĒ very (See ÂRĒ) ERALD (See ERILD) ERET FERET ferret HERET disherit. serif SHERIF sheriff TERIF teraph ĒRER (See ÎRER) ĒRIJ (See ÎRIJ) ERER ERER error TERER terror (See ÂRER) ERIK ERIK eric. Eric BERIK suberic DERIK deric. merry BERĒD berried. mulberry. W wild strawberry. J Juneberry. D dangleberry. Londonderry FERĒ ferry FLERĒ flerry HWERĒ wherry JERĒ jerry. dayberry. barberry. GW guavaberry. T tangleberry. dogberry. bogberry. serry SHERĒ sherry SKERĒ skerry TERĒ phrontistery. breadberry. R raspberry. therefore ĒRENS (See ÎRENS) ĒRĪD (See ÎRĪD) ĒRENT (See ÎRENT) ERIF ERIF eriff SERIF sanserif. millinery. SKW squawberry. BR brambleberry. stationery PERĒ perry RERĒ Miserere SERĒ lamasery. monastery. chokecherry. I inkberry. merit SERET serrate TERET terret (See ARET) ĒRANS (See ÎRANS) ERAZ ERAZ eras. helispheric. KR cranberry. huckleberry. rowanberry. dewberry. crowberry. sedentary. ferric. CH checkerberry. K catberry. Christmasberry. N naseberry. U unbury. SH shadberry. winterberry. presbytery. seraph. pinkberry. inherit HWERET wherret LERET lerret MERET demerit. baneberry. deerberry. berry. lotusberry. disinherit. lamastery. reburied. mesentery. SN snowberry. buried. sierras TERAZ terras ĒRETH ĒRĒD (See ÎRETH) (See ÎRĒD) ĒRĒ (See ÎRĒ) ĒRĒZ ERĒD (See ÎRĒZ) ERĒ ERĒ bestiary BERĒ B bayberry. Pondicherry DERĒ derry. cemetery. HW whortleberry. H hackberry. bumbleberry. G gooseberry. blueberry. redberry. perispheric ĒRES (See ÎRES) 251 . chinaberry.

spheric. chrysoberyl FERIL ferrule. ennaeteric. ERIKS KLERIK cleric LERIK valeric MERIK alphanumeric. centromeric NERIK dineric. glyceric SFERIK aspheric. H hysteric. I icteric. N neoteric. add -s where appropriate. enteric. dimeric. anisomeric. ferule — PEROOL perule — SFEROOL spherule ĒRLING (See ÎRLING) ERIN ERIN Erin. Pharaoh KERŌ vaquero LERŌ bandalero. polymeric. planispheric. caballero ZERŌ cruzeiro (See ÄRO) ERIT (See ERET) — ĒROOM — SĒROOM searoom — TĒROOM tearoom ERIL BERIL beryl. Homeric. habanero. KL climacteric. chimeric. terek THERIK sciatheric (See ARIK) Words to Rhyme With ERING ERING erring BERING Bering HERING herring (See ÂR. numeric. serine (See ÂRON) ĒRMENT (See ÎRMENT) ĒRSER (See ÎRSER) ĒRING (See ÎRING) ĒRNES (See ÎRNES) ERUB CHERUB cherub (See ARAB) 252 . mesmeric. add -ing where appropriate. generic SERIK ceric. galero MERŌ primero NERŌ dinero.DOUBLE RHYMES. stratospheric. hacendero. isomeric. llanero PERŌ pampero RERŌ torero SERŌ bracero TERŌ montero. G gastroenteric. metameric. Rio de Janeiro. zapatero YERŌ banderillero. E exoteric. matadero ERIS ERIS heiress DERIS derris FERIS ferris. ferule PERIL imperil. isoteric. spherics TERIKS hysterics (See ERIK. esoteric. terris (See ARIS) ERISH CHERISH cherish PERISH perish (See ÂRISH) ERIKS SFERIKS atmospherics. Sierran FERIN transferrin SERIN serin. ferrous TERIS terrace. pteric. P penteteric. unsterile THERIL there'll ĒRLĒ (See ÎRLĒ) EROR (See ERER) ĒRLES ERILD HERILD herald PERILD imperilled. poromeric. amphoteric. tropospheric SKERIK skerrick STERIK steric TERIK A alexiteric. peril STERIL sterile. bolero. errhyne.) ĒRŌ (See ÎRŌ) ERŌ BRERŌ sombrero CHERŌ ranchero DERŌ embarcadero. perilled (See ÎRLES) — EROOL — FEROOL ferrule.) FERŌ faro. exospheric. escudero.

increscent. liquescent LESENT A adolescent. opalescent. senescent. incoalescence. rejuvenescence. V violescent. decrescent. fluorescence. rubescent. convalescent. excrescent. latescence. SP spinulescent. suggestion KWESCHUN question. superexcrescence. I inclescent. crescent. juvenescent. recrudescent. compressant. ingravescence. rubescence. subescence DESENS frondescence. spinescent PESENT torpescent PRESENT antidepressant. R revalescent. liquescence LESENS A adolescence. S sonorescence. supercrescence KWESENS deliquescence. K calescence. D deflorescence. luminescent. exacerbescence. R recalescence. virescence SESENS glaucescence TESENS delitescence. mutescence TRESENS petrescence. intumescent. O obsolescence. effervescence. essence. viridescence GRESENS nigrescence JESENS inturgescence. quiescent. incandescence. indigestion. herbescent. M mollescent. tabescent DESENT frondescent. tumescent NESENT evanescent. indecent RĒSENT recent ESCHAL BESCHAL bestial GRESCHAL agrestial LESCHAL celestial. putrescence. pubesent.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. spumescence. crescents. excrescence. erubescence. E emollescent. E emollescence. E efflorescence. investure. I inflorescence. D decalescence. fremescent. virilescent MESENT detumescent. revires- ESENT acquiescent. iridescent. turgescent KRESENT accrescent. canescent. nonacquiescent. esssse. D decalescent. FL florescence. supercelestial ESENT ESENS ESENS acquiescence. concrescence. fructescence. depressant. vesture ESCHUN JESCHUN digestion. juvenescence. quintessence. senescence PESENS torpescence RESENS A arborescence. requiescent BESENT albescent. V virilescence MESENS detumescence. requiescence BESENS albescence. viridescent FESENT confessant. fremescence. luminescence. SP spinulescence. coalescence. in esse DRESĒ dressy. intumescence. spumescent. unquestioned ĒSĒ DĒSĒ AC/DC FLĒSĒ fleecy GRĒSĒ greasy KRĒSĒ creasy 253 . pubescence. incoalescent. requestion ESCHUND JESCHUND poorly digestioned. V vaporescence. welldigestioned KWESCHUND questioned. frutescence. I incalescence. lapidescent. surgescent. concrescent. M mollescence. ignescent. recrudescence. supercrescent KWESENT deliquescent. quiescence. revesture. convalescence. candescence. noneffervescence ĒRUS (See ÎRUS) ĒRZMAN (See ÎRZMAN) ESĒ ESĒ esse. repressant. turgescence KRESENS accrescence. congestion. opalescence. rejuvenescent. K calorescence. F phosphorescence. suppressant ESCHER JESCHER gesture PRESCHER purpresture VESCHER divesture. ineffervescence. erubescent. contabescent. K calescent. ingestion. contabescence. acaulescent. gangrenescent. nonacquiescence. R reflorescence. coalescent. ESENT LĒSĒ Tbilisi SĒSĒ seesee cence. O obsolescent. incandescent. superexcrescent. tumescence NESENS evanescence. H hyalescence. alkalescent. lactescence. iridescence. oppressant. invalescence. vitrescence VESENS defervescence. candescent. requestioned. crescence. rufescent GRESENT nigrescent GWESENT languescent JESENT rigescent. undressy JESĒ Jesse KRESĒ Cressy MESĒ messy TRESĒ tressy ESA ESA Duessa DESA Odessa PESA Marpessa SESA sessa ĒSENT ĒSENS BĒSENS obeisance DĒSENS decence RĒSENS recence BĒSENT obeisant DĒSENT decent.

presser. progressor. undresser FESER confessor. I inflorescent. possessor ĒSHAN (See ĒSHUN) ESHLĒ FLESHLĒ fleshly FRESHLĒ freshly ĒSHĒ MĒSHĒ kamichi SHĒSHĒ chichi VĒSHĒ Vichy ESHMENT FLESHMENT enfleshment FRESHMENT refreshment MESHMENT enmeshment ĒSES PRĒSES precess RĒSES recess ESHĒ ESHĒ esssse FLESHĒ fleshy MESHĒ meshy ĒSHUN GRĒSHUN Grecian HĒSHUN Tahitian 254 . predecessor. Ē'ZI. egressor. successful. delitescent. digressor. redressor. S cinerescent. special LESER lesser. oppressor. suit presser.ENT) ESHER ESHER Escher CHESHER Cheshire FLESHER flesher FRESHER fresher. nonpressure. assessor. clothes presser. processor. successor. unsuccessful ĒSER FLĒSER fleecer GRĒSER greaser KRĒSER decreaser. wheatthresher. transgressor ESHAL (See ESHL) ESHL DESHL deasil SPESHL especial. word processor TRESER distresser ZESER dispossesser. ĒSER RESENT A arborescent. K calorescent.DOUBLE RHYMES. sonorescent. creaser LĒSER leaser. increaser. glaucescent. lessor. ingressor. ingravescent. sublessor MESER messer PLESER plesser PRESER depressor. second guesser GRESER aggressor.A) TRESHER tressure ESHING FLESHING fleshing FRESHING refreshing MESHING meshing THRESHING threshing ESER ESER acquiescer. V virescent SESENT acescent. microprocessor. professor GESER guesser. phosphorescent. cesser. suppressor RESER caresser SESER antecessor. putrescent. flavescent. pants presser. lutescent. lactescent. redresser. Silesia NĒSHA magnesia. undistressful THRESHER grain-thresher. fervescent. frutescent. hairdresser. vitrescent VESENT effervescent. releaser. dresser. paleofeces SPĒSĒZ species THĒSĒZ theses ESHENS NESHENS nescience PRESHENS prescience ESHENT ĒSFUL PĒSFUL peaceful PRĒSFUL capriceful (See ESH'I. M maturescent. marcescent. pressor. uneffervescent Words to Rhyme With ĒSĒZ FĒSĒZ feces. mutescent. nonacquiescer BLESER blesser DRESER addresser. stressful. incessant. thresher ĒSHA DĒSHA godetia LĒSHA silesia. impressor. subleaser PĒSER piecer TRESFUL distressful. Venetia PĒSHA alopecia VĒSHA Helvetia (See ĒZHA. intercessor. obsessor. E efflorescent. FL florescent. fructescent. refresher MESHER mesher PRESHER high pressure. ineffervescent. D deflorescent. Polynesia. latescent. pressure ESFUL SESFUL nonsuccessful. suffrutescent TRESENT petrescent. fluorescent. obmutescent. low pressure. cessant TESENT adultescent.

R regression. K concession. retrogressive. circumincession. increasing. regressive. prepossessing. mnesic. synteresis SĒSIS amasesis. esthesis. phonesis. eisegesis. oppressing. R recession. compressing. congressive. prepossession. diaeresis. reimpression. retrocession. excessing. rejessing. possession. procession. execesis SKĒSIS schesis TĒSIS amniocentesis. field dressing. untressing YESING yessing ZESING dispossessing. kinesis PĒSIS aposiopesis RĒSIS aphaeresis. depression. Venetian JESING jessing. succession. regressing. O obsession. centesis THĒSIS anesthesis. E egression. S subingression. noesis. O oppressive. ESIV ESIJ MESIJ message PESIJ pesage PRESIJ expressage. mimesis. mathesis. K congression. N nonaggression. redressing. surceasing. exegesis. intercession. dressing. I ingression. presage LĒSHUN deletion NĒSHUN Phoenician. creasing LĒSING leasing. synderesis. neuromimesis. retrogression. profession FRESHEN enfreshen. progressive. intropression. hyperesthesis. polynesic ESHUN FESHUN confession. concretion. impressing.Words to Rhyme With KLĒSHUN Diocletian KRĒSHUN accretion. internecion. unprepossessing PLĒSHUN depletion. cession. oppression. water dressing FESING fessing. paresis. self-possession ESIK DESIK geodesic NESIK eugenesic RESIK xyresic ĒSIS ESĪL DESĪL decile SESĪL sessile TRESĪL tresayle ĒSIS acyesis. retrogressing. introgression. apocarteresis. ingressive. TR transgression HESHUN Hessian KRESHUN discretion. Polynesian. inexpressive. unceasing ESHUNS (See ES'I. restressing TRESING distressing. ascesis. progressing. J jam session. salad dressing. anthesis. undressing. transgressive. magnesian. session. secretion DOUBLE RHYMES. excretion. readdressing. repressing. cyesis. periegesis KRĒSIS antichresis. policing. reblessing DESING dessing DRESING addressing. processing. hematopoiesis. Croesus. K compressive. I insession. S suppressive.AN) ĒSIK JĒSIK algesic. repossession. completion. digression. repossessing. freshen GRESHUN A aggression. supersession ZESHUN dispossession. expression. perichoresis. professing GESING guessing GRESING digressing. erotesis. transgressing ESIV DRESIV redressive GRESIV aggressive. pathomimesis NĒSIS amnesis. R repressive. diaphoresis. E expressive. repletion VĒSHUN Helvetian (See Ē'SHI. suppression SESHUN A accession. phronesis. ĒSĪD KĒSĪD quayside LĒSĪD leeside SĒSĪD seaside 255 . I impressive.ENS) ĒSHUS NĒSHUS monoecious SĒSHUS facetious SPĒSHUS specious ESING ESING acquiescing BLESING blessing. catachresis LĒSIS ochlesis MĒSIS koimesis. digressive. S secession. pseudocyesis JĒSIS algesis. impression. PR precession. releasing PĒSING piecing SĒSING ceasing. compression. repression. D degression. recessing STRESING stressing. paracentesis. suppressing RESING caressing SESING assessing. diesis. thesis TMĒSIS tmesis ESIL (See ESL) ĒSING FLĒSING fleecing GRĒSING greasing KRĒSING decreasing. analgesic NĒSIK gynesic. diegesis. incompletion. retressing. indiscretion PRESHUN decompression. poiesis. incretion. anamnesis. confessing. possessing. unjessing LESING coalescing MESING messing NESING finessing PRESING depressing. unprogressive KRESIV concrescive. crescive PRESIV D depressive. deësis. PR progression. impletion. tressing. necromimesis. expressing.

gestant RESTANT arrestant. decile. obsessive. concessive. fresco ESTAL FESTAL festal GRESTAL agrestal KRESTAL crestal TESTAL matripotestal. successive. beasty. bheesty NĒSTĒ Nestea. ingesta KWESTA cuesta LESTA celesta SESTA cesta TESTA testa VESTA Vesta. grotesquely ESTA ESTA fiesta. ESKĒ U unexpressive. patripotestal VESTAL vestal ESKŪ FESKŪ fescue RESKŪ rescue ESMAN CHESMAN chessman DESMAN desman PRESMAN pressman YESMAN yes-man ESTANT FESTANT manifestant JESTANT decongestant. Tedeschi MESKĒ kromeski NESKĒ Neskhi PESKĒ pesky ESPET ESLER KESLER Koestler NESLER nestler PESLER pestler RESLER wrestler DESPET despot RESPET respite ESKLĒ ESKLĒ statuesquely RESKLĒ picturesquely TESKLĒ blottesquely.) ESLING ESLING essling NESLING nestling PESLING pestling RESLING wrestling ESKŌ DESKŌ tedesco FRESKŌ al fresco. unimpressive. dessil DRESL redressal KRESL cresyl NESL nestle PESL pestle RESL wrestle SESL sessile TRESL trestle VESL vessel ESMENT DRESMENT redressment PRESMENT impressment SESMENT assessment ĒSTĒ BĒSTĒ beastie. recessive. Zend-Avesta ESKNES ESKNES statuesqueness RESKNES picturesqueness TESKNES grotesqueness ĒSLES (See ĒS. Sandinista RĒSTA barista. siesta DESTA podesta JESTA egesta. digestant. unexcessive ZESIV possessive. nesty RĒSTĒ reasty SNĒSTĒ sneasty YĒSTĒ yeasty ESOR (See ESER) 256 . camorrista. excessive.DOUBLE RHYMES. add -less where appropriate. restant TESTANT contestant ESL CHESL chessel DESL deasil. turista ESKĒ DESKĒ desky. bheestie. unoppressive RESIV caressive SESIV accessive. unpossessive Words to Rhyme With ESLD NESLD nestled PESLD pestled RESLD wrestled ESPER HESPER Hesper VESPER vesper ĒSTA ESLĒ NESLĒ Nestlé PRESLĒ expressly WESLĒ Wesley FĒSTA Fidelista NĒSTA fashionista.

ingesting. nester. southeaster FĒSTER feaster KĒSTER keister NĒSTER Dniester ESTHOUS GESTHOUS guesthouse RESTHOUS resthouse ESTER ESTER ester BESTER bester BRESTER breaster. jesting. unarresting. wester YESTER yester ZESTER zester ESTĒ CHESTĒ chesty FESTĒ festy KRESTĒ cresty PESTĒ pesty RESTĒ resty TESTĒ teste. vesting WESTING westing ĒSTER ĒSTER down-easter. wrester SESTER ancestor ESTIJ PRESTIJ prestige VESTIJ vestige ESTIK BESTIK asbestic GRESTIK agrestic HESTIK alkahestic JESTIK gestic. quester. protester. detesting. single-breaster FESTER fester. requester. double-breasted. nestor. predestine JESTIN progestine SESTIN sestine TESTIN intestine ESTERD FESTERD festered KWESTERD sequestered. retesting. Easter. unprotesting VESTING divesting. sou’easter. investing. southwestern.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES.) ĒSTING ĒSTING easting BĒSTING beasting. manifestive 257 . investor. unrestful ZESTFUL zestful BESTING besting BREASTING breasting FESTING infesting. single-breasted. resting. castle-crested. chested. manifesting GESTING guesting JESTING digesting. Midwestern. congesting. trimester NESTER Dnester. marble-breasted. reprotesting. crested. wresting. unbreasted CHESTED barrel-chested. nor’easter. add -ed where appropriate. nor’wester. western YESTERN yestern ESTING ESTFUL BLESTFUL blestful JESTFUL jestful KWESTFUL questful RESTFUL restful. tester VESTER divester. interesting. disinteresting. semester. testy WESTĒ westy ZESTĒ zesty NESTIK amnestic. anamnestic PESTIK anapestic ESTIN BESTIN asbestine DESTIN destine. rearresting. majestic KESTIK orchestic KRESTIK catachrestic. Midwester. suggesting. rester. mid-semester. bee-sting FĒSTING feasting KWĒSTING queesting YĒSTING yeasting ESTERN HESTERN hestern WESTERN far-western. jester. polychrestic LESTIK telestic. Nestor PESTER pester PRESTER prester RESTER arrester. infester. hairy-chested KRESTED foam-crested. telestich MESTIK domestic ESTIS (See ESTUS) ESTIV ESTIV estive FESTIV festive. redigesting. sou’wester. northeaster. ESTIV TESTER attester. protesting. infestive. uncrested (See EST. clandestine. sequester LESTER molester MESTER bimester. requesting LESTING molesting NESTING nesting RESTING arresting. testar. reinvesting. reattesting. vester WESTER far-wester. contester. uncongesting KRESTING cresting KWESTING questing. unsequestered PESTERD pestered ESTED BESTED bested BRESTED breasted. uninteresting TESTING attesting. chicken-breasted. suggester KWESTER quaestor. manifester JESTER digester. double-breaster. contesting. predigesting. pigeon-breasted. northwestern.

oestral KESTRAL kestrel. amrita. keta. geta HĒTA fajita KĒTA Akita. restive TESTIV attestive Words to Rhyme With ESTRĀT KESTRĀT orchestrate KWESTRĀT sequestrate NESTRĀT fenestrate ĒSTLĒ BĒSTLĒ beastly PRĒSTLĒ priestly ESTRIK KESTRIK orchestric LESTRIK palestric RĒTA amorita. manzanita. lesson PRESUN vasopressin TESUN delicatessen WESUN Wesson META animetta. sortita THĒTA theta VĒTA chirivita. vita WĒTA vita ZĒTA granzita. suggestive PESTIV intempestive. vendetta FETA feta JETA Jetta LETA burletta. Valletta ESTLES (See EST. dolce vita. paracoita BĒTA beta CHĒTA cheetah DĒTA dita. operetta SHETA bruschetta VETA anchovetta YETA sinfonietta ZETA mozzetta. moreta. muleta. trimestral NESTRAL anoestral. Clytemnestra ĒTA ĒTA eta. gordita. chaeta. seta TĒTA partita. Rosetta ĒSTŌN FRĒSTŌN freestone KĒSTŌN keystone ĒTAL (See ĒTL) ĒSUS (See ĒSIS) ĒTĒ BĒTĒ beety CHĒTĒ scratchiti FĒTĒ graffiti GLĒTĒ gleety HĒTĒ Tahiti JĒTĒ jiti MĒTĒ meaty PĒTĒ peaty RĒTĒ pariti SĒTĒ spermaceti SLĒTĒ sleety SWĒTĒ sweety TĒTĒ titi TRĒTĒ entreaty. coquita KRĒTA excreta LĒTA Lolita. orchestral LESTRAL palestral MESTRAL semestral. chiquita. vestment ESTUS BESTUS RESTUS SESTUS TESTUS asbestos restis Alcestis. incognita. magneta. veleta NĒTA amanita. planeta ESTRAL ESTRAL estral. add -less where appropriate. margarita. caballetta. valetta. granita.) ESTŪR (See ESCHER) ESTMENT RESTMENT arrestment VESTMENT divestment. señorita SĒTA casita. comedietta BETA betta BRETA cabretta CHETA pancetta DETA codetta. congestive. meta NETA sinfonetta RETA biretta. pandita GĒTA Bhagavad-Gita. mulita. treaty TWĒTĒ Tweety ZĒTĒ ziti ESTRA KESTRA orchestra LESTRA Olestra. mantelletta. lametta. palestra NESTRA fenestra. Velveeta. investment. fenestral PESTRAL campestral SESTRAL ancestral PĒTA pita 258 . tempestive RESTIV arrestive. zeta ETA ETA arietta. cestus testis ESTŌ FESTŌ manifesto PRESTŌ presto ESUN LESUN lessen.DOUBLE RHYMES. ĒSTLĒ JESTIV digestive.

liter. W woman-eater BĒTER beater. T toad-eater. fetid (See ET. tempest-beaten. goldbeater. dung-eater. secreter LĒTER decaliter. unseater. rug-beater. petty SETĒ spermaceti SHETĒ machete SWETĒ sweaty YETĒ yeti ZETĒ Donizetti. windcheater FĒTER defeater. scarlet letter NETER netter PETER petter RETER carburetor. M man-eater. concetti DETĒ vendetti FETĒ confetti FRETĒ fretty GETĒ Serengeti.) NĒTER neater PĒTER competer. propraetor RĒTER rhetor. Rossetti. setter. L lotus-eater. jungle-beater. wife-beater BLĒTER bleater CHĒTER cheater. moth-eaten. unfretful GETFUL forgetful. letter. water heater KRĒTER excreter. upsetter SWETER sweater. Eton. St. add -ed where appropriate. jetsetter. retreater. drum-beater. E eater. overeaten.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. three-seater. two-seater. pacesetter. Demeter. unfetter FRETER fretter GETER begetter. getter. dead letter. better. taximeter. stormbeaten. mistreater. ĒTHAL ETĒ BETĒ Betty. gas meter. nanometer.) ETERD FETERD fettered. expletive deleted (See ĒT. slave-beater. bettor DETER debtor FETER enfetter. F fire-eater. newsletter. spaghetti JETĒ jetty LETĒ cappelletti METĒ Giacometti NETĒ netty PETĒ petit. somersetter. GR grass-eater. unfettered LETERD lettered. repeater. maltreater. bonesetter. worm-eaten BĒTEN beaten. treater TWĒTER tweeter GRETER regretter HWETER whetter JETER jetter LETER black letter. unregretful NETFUL netful ĒTHAL (TH as in thin) ĒTHAL ethal KWĒTHAL bequeathal LĒTHAL lethal 259 . unsweatered ETED FETED feted. litre MĒTER ammeter. go-getter ĒTER ĒTER A ant-eater. ill-treater. unlettered SWETERD sweatered. overheater. receiptor. meeter. FL flesh-eater. water meter (See ETRIK. FR frog-eater. uretor SĒTER masseter. unsweeten TĒTEN Teton (See ĒTON) ETFUL FRETFUL fretful. SM smoke-eater. milliliter. Peter. red letter. kilometer. fetter. peter. brown betty BRETĒ libretti CHETĒ chetty. superheater. half liter. oneseater SKĒTER skeeter SWĒTER sweeter TĒTER teeter TRĒTER entreater. saeter. unforgetful GRETFUL regretful. brow-beaten. KL clay-eater. escheater. meter. weather-beaten HWĒTEN wheaten JĒTEN zyzzogeton KĒTEN Buster Keaton KRĒTEN Cretan. metre. completer. konimeter. U undereater. humble-pie eater. cretin PĒTEN piton SĒTEN seton SWĒTEN sweeten. brow-beater. honeyeater. unbeaten. forgetter. eggbeater. unsweater TETER tetter VETER curvetter WETER wetter ĒTED FĒTED fetid LĒTED deleted. hectoliter.) ĒTES (See ĒTUS) ĒTEN ĒTEN eaten. seater. KR crow-eater. uneaten. Irish setter. typesetter. B beef-eater. change -metric to -meter where appropriate. K cake-eater. H hay-eater. SaccoVanzetti ETEN BRETEN Breton FRETEN fretten HWETEN whetten THRETEN threaten ETER BETER abetter. D dirteater. add -ed where appropriate. pleater. repleter PRĒTER praetor. centimeter. retter SETER besetter. child-beater. O overeater. saltpeter PLĒTER depleter. fetor GRĒTER greeter HĒTER heater.

athletic. B balletic. quodlibetic. D dianoetic. patent leather. unfeather GETHER altogether. O onomatopoetic. wether ĒTHĒ (TH as in thin) ĒTHMENT (TH as in then) HĒTHĒ heathy LĒTHĒ philalethe. lung-breather. white feather. underspurleather NETHER nether PLETHER pleather TETHER tether. untethered WETHERD unweathered. geodetic. prosopolethy KWĒTHMENT bequeathment RĒTHMENT enwreathment. ST strategetic KETIK catachetic KRETIK syncretic LETIK A amuletic. Lethe. hell-for-leather. G Gangetic. F phyletic. syzygetic. S synergetic. apologetic. M mythopoetic. unsheathing ETIK ETIK A abietic. E energetic. ethyl BETHEL Bethel METHEL methyl BLETHERD bletherd FETHERD feathered. oxalocetic. N noetic.DOUBLE RHYMES. diabetic. H hypnoetic. weathered ĒTIJ ĒTIJ eatage CHĒTIJ cheatage. Y uletic KWĒTHER bequeather NĒTHER neither RĒTHER enwreather. goetic. anoetic. aloetic. H homiletic. O ochletic. mudbreather. syndetic FETIK aphetic. unfeathered HETHERD heathered TETHERD tethered. ĒTHER (TH as in then) incense-breathing. I inergetic. Z zoetic BETIK alphabetic. P polyphyletic. bellwether. weather. BR brachycataletic. R robietic. tabetic DETIK asyndetic. auletic. epexegetic. eidetic. untether WETHER aweather. wreathing SĒTHING seething SHĒTHING sheathing. escheatage KLĒTIJ cleatage MĒTIJ metage ETHIL ĒTHEN (TH as in then) (See ETHEL) ĒTIK KRĒTIK Cretic RĒTIK paretic SĒTIK acetic. outbreathing ĒTHER either BRĒTHER breather. Ethel. inbreathing. ĒTHĒ Words to Rhyme With HETHER heather HWETHER whether LETHER boot-leather. hebetic. G galactopoietic. ensheathing. wreather SĒTHER seether SHĒTHER sheather TĒTHER teether SMĒTHING smeething TĒTHING teething ĒTHLES (TH as in thin) ETHER (TH as in then) RĒTHLES wreathless SHĒTHLES sheathless ETHLES (TH as in thin) BLETHER blether FETHER feather. L Lettic. water-breather KWĒTHING bequeathing RĒTHING enwreathing. prophetic JETIK A analgetic. ethel. nosopoetic. K colletic. cetic THĒTIK thetic HĒTHEN heathen RĒTHEN wreathen ĒTHING (TH as in then) BRĒTHING breathing. tail-feather. leather. algetic. together BRETHLES breathless DETHLES deathless 260 . exergetic. pinfeather. wreathment SHĒTHMENT ensheathment ĒTHĒ (TH as in thin) ĒTHRAL PĒTHRAL hypaethral RĒTHRAL urethral BRETHĒ breathy DETHĒ deathy ETHERD (TH as in then) ETHEL (TH as in thin) ETHEL ethal. whitleather. Japhetic. P poetic.

anesthetic. L ludicropathetic. anoretic. dietetic. esthetics. sweetest ETLD METLD high-mettled (See ETL. discretive. H hyperesthetic. Pl plethoretic. copacetic. S cybernetic. V vegetableeating (etc. epigenetic. TH thermogenetic. hermetic. dung-eating. betel FĒTL fetal HWĒTL wheetle KĒTL spirochetal KRĒTL decretal SĒTL acetyl. homogenetic. Baphometic. synthetics (See ETIK. psychogenetic. Y eugenetic PETIK flatulopetic RETIK A alexipyretic. pyretic. excretive. FR frog-eating. aesthetic. metal. pyrogenetic. GR grasseating.) ETIKS ETIKS poetics JETIKS apologetics. P paleogenetic. nonmetal. P paretic. type metal NETL nettle. P parathetic. energetics LETIKS athletics. epenthetic. B biogenetic. add -d or -ed where appropriate. TH theoretic. concretive. H heuretic. synthetic. apathetic. antipyretic. add -ing where appropriate. aesthetics. autokinetic. cybernetics RETIKS theoretics TETIKS dietetics ĒTLĒ ETIST ETIST duettist BRETIST librettist NETIST clarinetist. discretely. epithetic. magnetics. morphogenetic. J genetic. settle. O ontogenetic. centripetal SETL resettle.) BĒTING beating. quercetic. diuretic. phonetic. Docetic. seismetic NETIK A abiogenetic. childbeating. anchoretic. E electromagnetic. phlogogenetic. peripatetic. THR threnetic. molecular genetics. E emporetic. parthenogenetic. metic. FL flesh-eating. M Masoretic. esthetic. S sympathetic. E enthetic. E eating. cornetist TETIST motettist YETIST vignettist FĒTLĒ featly FLĒTLĒ fleetly KĒTLĒ discreetly. S smoke-eating. logarithmetic. croquettish LETISH Lettish PETISH pettish WETISH wettish ĒTIST FĒTIST defeatist KRĒTIST accretist. TH theopathetic VETIK Helvetic DOUBLE RHYMES. palingenetic. mimetic. agamogenetic.) ĒTIV KRĒTIV accretive. Y uretic SETIK ascetic. antithetic. H hay-eating.) ĒTIS (See ĒTUS) ETL ETL ettle BETL abettal FETL fettle. gunmetal.) (See ĒT. parenthetic. antimagnetic. indiscreetly. D diathetic. secretive PLĒTIV depletive. brow-beating. decretist SWĒTIST honey-sweetest. ĒTLĒ THETIKS anaesthetics. P pork-eating. D dirt-eating. synartetic. completive. M mesothetic. auxetic. Mendelian genetics. dianoetic. white metal. D diaphoretic. decretive. analphabetism SETIZM concettism ĒTL ĒTL hyetal BĒTL beetle. apyretic. K kinetic. F photosynthetic. antipathetic. histogenetic. mettle. erotetic. F fire-eating. L limnetic.Words to Rhyme With METIK arithmetic. homiletics. emetic. pangenetic. M man-eating. hypothetic. pathetic. signaletics NETIKS aerodynetics. gyromagnetic. unneatly 261 . O overeating. T telekinetic. gametic. SP splenetic. I isomagnetic. dipsetic. FR frenetic. genetics. F phylogenetic. N nomothetic. polysynthetic. fine fettle KETL kettle METL Babbitt metal. pathogenetic. unsettle ETISH FETISH fetish KETISH coquettish. PR prostethic. M magnetic. slave-beating. Ossetic TETIK apatetic. Popocatapetl. oogenetic. prosthetics. T toad-eating. add -ing where appropriate. KL clay-eating. FL phlognetic. kinetics. phonetics. cosmetic. KR crow-eating. polygenetic. concretely LĒTLĒ obsoletely MĒTLĒ meetly. repletive ĒTING ĒTING B beef-eating. tonetic. U undereating. monogenetic. zetetic THETIK A allopathetic. epithymetic. prothetic. wife-beating (etc. setal WĒTL chalchihuitle ETING NETING fish-netting. D diamagnetic. B bathetic. mosquito netting (See ET. biomagnetic. K cosmothetic. unmeetly NĒTLĒ neatly. parenetic. exegetics. stinging nettle PETL petal.) ETIZM BETIZM alphabetism. I idiopathetic. H heterogenetic. add -s where appropriate. Monel metal. thermomagnetic.

completely SWĒTLĒ sweetly NĒTŌ bonito. alcoholometric. chronometric. spectrometric. pyrometric. D densitometric.DOUBLE RHYMES. bathometric. cryometric. Dorito TĒTŌ Tito VĒTŌ veto Words to Rhyme With ETRIK METRIC A accelerometric. J geometric. optometric. manometric. stormy petrel TETRAL tetryl ETSAL KWETSAL quetzal PRETSAL pretzel 262 . iterferometric. biosymmetric. SKL sclerometric. TR trigonometric. maltreatment. anisometric. ST stereometric. bathymetric. V viscometric. photometric. Quito. monometric. lazaretto. incognito. Leto RETRAD retrad TETRAD tetrad ETRIKS METRIKS econometrics. add -s where appropriate. treatment ETMENT BETMENT abetment DETMENT indebtment SETMENT besetment VETMENT brevetment. Z zoometric TETRIK obstetric ETLES DETLES debtless THRETLES threatless WETLES wetless ETŌ BRETŌ libretto CHETŌ concetto GETŌ ghetto GRETŌ allegretto KETŌ punquetto. tachometric. rheometric. rispetto RETŌ amaretto. mistreatment. odometric. anthropometric. S salinometric. settling. psychometric. potentiometric. coulometric. astronometric. E econometric. hygrometric. hypsometric. sensitometric. spirometric. altomometric. TH thermometric. cephalometric. allometric. sociometric. plastometric. SW swingometric. add -ness where appropriate. unsettling ĒTMENT FĒTMENT defeatment TRĒTMENT entreatment. iodometric. mosquito LĒTŌ angelito. ozonometric. isobarometric. goniometric. N nitrometric. KR craniometric. piezometri. H hexametric. dimetric. FL fluorometric. SP speedometric. R radiometric. diametric. amoretto. G galvanometric. tonometric. hydrometric. coquito. biometric. volumetric. magneto. metric. dilatometric. micrometric. bolometric. zucchetto LETŌ stiletto METŌ palmetto NETŌ giardinetto. T tacheometric. sgraffito FRĒTŌ Frito GRĒTŌ Negrito HĒTŌ Hirohito KĒTŌ keto. ETLES PLĒTLĒ incompletely. vaporetto ETLING FETLING fettling NETLING nettling SETLING resettling. PL planometric. isometrics STETRIKS obstetrics (See ETRIK.) ETRAL METRAL diametral PETRAL petrel. Mmagnetometric. K kilometric. actinometric. I inclinometric. revetment SETŌ falsetto STRETŌ stretto TRETŌ neutretto VETŌ cavetto ZETŌ terzetto ĒTON TĒTON Teton VWĒTON Vuitton (See ĒTEN) ĒTNES (See ĒT. algometric. sanbenito RĒTŌ burrito. F phonometric. decelerometric. stoichiometric. electrometric. cyclometric. GR gravimetric. alkalimetric. B barometric. Y eudiometric. P pedometric. dynamometric. gasometric. sonnetto PETŌ in petto.) ĒTOP NĒTOP netop TĒTOP T-top TRĒTOP treetop ETNES SETNES setness WETNES wetness ETRAD ĒTŌ DĒTŌ bandito FĒTŌ graffito. refractometric. mileometric. ill-treatment. O audiometric. pycnometric. tellurometric. KL clinometric. trimetric. aerometric. isometric.

king’s evil. levin. bevy CHEVĒ chevy HEVĒ heart-heavy. perineum. colosseum. midheaven LEVEN eleven. te Deum FĒUM trophaeum JĒUM hypogeum. heavy. lyceum. overachiever. notaeum ZĒUM museum SWĒVĒ Suevi TĒVĒ TV ĒTUM BĒTUM zibetum FRĒTUM fretum NĒTUM pinetum PĒTUM tapetum RĒTUM arboretum SĒTUM acetum. paracoitus BĒTUS diabetes FĒTUS fetus. 24/7 SHEVEN chevon SWEVEN sweven ETWERK FRETWERK fretwork NETWERK network ĒUM BĒUM amoebaeum DĒUM odeum. weevil EVEN DEVEN Devon HEVEN heaven. Equisetum SWĒTUM sweetum ĒUS BĒUS plumbeous. prytaneum ĒVANS CHĒVANS achievance GRĒVANS grievance SĒVANS perceivance TRĒVANS retrievance EVENTH LEVENTH eleventh SEVENTH seventh ĒVER ĒVER naiver BĒVER beaver CHĒVER achiever. medieval HĒVAL upheaval JĒVAL longeval KWĒVAL equaeval MĒVAL primeval SHRĒVAL shrieval THĒVAL thival TRĒVAL retrieval WĒVAL boll weevil. propylaeum MĒUM meum. peritoneum. shevel ĒVAL ĒVAL evil. red devil KEVEL kevel LEVEL level. split level. daredevil. uraeus TĒUS aristaeus. Geum LĒUM mausoleum. quietus. piraeus. coeval. Mahadeva JĒVA jivah KĒVA kiva NĒVA Geneva SĒVA Siva SHĒVA yeshiva TĒVA Teva VĒVA viva EVEL BEVEL bevel DEVEL bedevil.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. replevin SEVEN seven. peevy SĒUM gynaeceum. scarabaeus FĒUS coryphaeus KĒUS Manichaeus MĒUS Ptolemaeus NĒUS Aeneas PĒUS onomatopoeous RĒUS choreus. leaven. ĒVER TĒUM bronteum. khedive. underachiever ĒVĒ ĒVĒ evoe PĒVĒ peavey. chevy ETUP GETUP getup LETUP letup SETUP setup ĒVA ĒTŪR (See ĒCHER) ĒTUS ĒTUS coitus. sea level. 7-Eleven PLEVEN plevin. gluteus EVĒ EVĒ evoe BEVĒ bevvy. stomodeum. spirit level. Cetus TĒTUS Epictetus THĒTUS Thetis TRĒTUS treatise DĒVA diva. devil. top-heavy KLEVĒ clevy LEVĒ levee. levy NEVĒ nevvy PLEVĒ replevy SHEVĒ Chevvy. water level NEVEL nevel REVEL revel SHEVEL dishevel. on the level. foetus KĒTUS achaetous LĒTUS boletus SĒTUS acetous. no-see’em DĒVER Danny Deever 263 . reus. tuum and meum NĒUM atheneum.

whomever. reentry visa ĒVIJ KLĒVIJ cleavage LĒVIJ leavage ĒVLES (See ĒV. whenever. tower of Pisa VĒZA visa. Child. add -less where appropriate. reaver. wheresoever. hay fever. add -ing where appropriate. shun the Sequence of the Snake: First Fruit. unsever The Apple which the Snake supplied Arrived complete. griever HĒVER ballast hever.DOUBLE RHYMES. H whoever. R reliever. coal heaver. liever. upheaver KĒVER keever LĒVER B believer. jungle fever. yellow fever GRĒVER aggriever. typhoid fever. whencesoever. preconceiver. wherever. undeceiver SHĒVER sheaver TRĒVER retriever WĒVER interweaver.) ĒWĀ FRĒWĀ freeway LĒWĀ leeway SĒWĀ seaway EVIS BREVIS brevis CHEVIS chevise KLEVIS clevis KREVIS crevis ĒWĒ ĒWĒ iiwi KĒWĒ kiwi PĒWĒ peewee WĒWĒ weewee ĒVISH PĒVISH peevish THĒVISH thievish ĒWERD LĒWERD leeward SĒWERD seaward APPLESAUCE EVER EVER E ever. lever. perceiver. Mona Lisa PĒZA Pisa. uneasy BĒZĒ Zambezi BRĒZĒ breezy CHĒZĒ cheesy. ĒYA (See ĒA) ĒYAN (See ĒAN) EVL (See EVEL) ĒZA LĒZA Condoleeza. livre. misconceiver. sea fever. then Worm. fever. lever NEVER never SEVER assever. receiver. HW whatever. F forever. whithersoever DEVER endeavor KLEVER clever LEVER cantilever. free-and-easy. spring fever. transceiver. heaver. pachisi. M make-believer. EVER FĒVER enfever. howsoever. with Worm inside. speakeasy. I interleaver. weever Words to Rhyme With ĒVING (See ĒV. riever SĒVER deceiver. whosoever. then Belly-ache. whichever. U unbeliever PĒVER peever PRĒVER repriever RĒVER bereaver. L leaver.) EZANS (See EZENS) ĒVIL (See ĒVAL) ĒVMENT CHĒVMENT achievement RĒVMENT bereavement TRĒVMENT retrievement EZANT (See EZENT) EVIL (See EVEL) ĒVUS GRĒVUS grievous JĒVUS longevous MĒVUS primevous NĒVUS nevus ĒZĒ ĒZĒ easy. reever. whatsoever. D disbeliever. weaver. however. sever. scarlet fever. parcheesi FRĒZĒ freezy EVIN (See EVEN) 264 . whomsoever. K cantilever. dissever. conceiver.

Polynesian PĒZHUN trapezian TĒZHUN artesian. ecmnesia. neomnesia. hyperkinesia. etesian. Indonesia. oxyesthesia. telesthesia. unseason ĒZHUN FĒZHUN Ephesian HĒZHUN adhesion. esthesia. inhesion. oxyosphresia JĒZHA analgesia. kinesthesia. unpleasant PREZENT present. measured. unreason SĒZN season. Polynesia. measure. magnesia. cohesion TRĒZN treason 265 .) EZENS PLEZENS pleasance PREZENS omnipresence. Milesian. seizer. paramnesia. disseizor SKWĒZER squeezer ĒZMENT EZHERD MEZHERD admeasured. Silesian NĒZHUN magnesian. Silesia NĒZHA amnesia. inadhesion.) ĒZER ĒZER easer BĒZER beezer CHĒZER cheeser FĒZER misfeasor. Ē'ZI. geyser GRĒZER greaser HWĒZER wheezer LĒZER leaser NĒZER ebenezer PĒZER appeaser PLĒZER displeaser. hyperesthesia. add -s where appropriate.) EZHER LEZHER leisure MEZHER admeasure.Words to Rhyme With GRĒZĒ greasy HWĒZĒ wheezy KWĒZĒ queasy RĒZĒ reasy SLĒZĒ sleasy SNĒZĒ sneezy SNĒZER sneezer TĒZER teaser TWĒZER tweezer DOUBLE RHYMES. presence ĒZL BĒZL bezel ĒZL easel DĒZL diesel MĒZL measle TĒZL teasel WĒZL weasel EZENT BEZENT bezant FEZENT pheasant PEZENT peasant PLEZENT pleasant. add -s where appropriate. treasured ĒZN MĒZN mezon RĒZN reason.A. Cartesian ĒZHA BĒZHA frambesia. reseason. comeasure. seisin. outmeasure PLEZHER displeasure. synesthesia. tortfeasor FRĒZER freezer. cryptesthesia. thermesthesia. treasure ĒZLZ MĒZLZ measles (See ĒZL. comeasured. seizin. hypesthesia. add -ing where appropriate. ĒZN KLĒZHUN ecclesian LĒZHUN lesion. telamnesia PĒZHA trapesia RĒZHA parrhesia THĒZHA anesthesia. zonesthesia (This is also pronounced as a triple rhyme. paleomnesia. countermeasure. omnipresent ĒZHER LĒZHER leisure SĒZHER seizure ĒZLD FĒZLD ramfeezled TĒZLD teaseled WĒZLD weaseled EZENTS (See EZENT. pleasure TREZHER entreasure. thermanerthesia. outmeasured ĒZMENT easement PĒZMENT appeasement TREZHERD entreasured. Zambesia DĒZHA Rhodesia FRĒZHA freesia. radiesthesia. hyperthemalgesia KLĒZHA ecclesia LĒZHA silesia.) ĒZEL (See ĒZL) ĒZIKS JĒZIKS analgesics SKĒZIKS Sheezix ĒZELZ (See ĒZLZ) ĒZING (See ĒZ. friezer GĒZER geezer. hyposthesia. pleaser SĒZER Caesar. seizor.

sthenia PĪA papaya. thalian ĪAD DĪA dyad DRĪAD dryad. sundial FĪAL phial. moon dial. St. self-reliance ĪBAK BĪBAK buyback DĪBAK dieback FLĪBAK flyback HĪBAK high-back TĪBAK tieback SWĪBAK zwieback PLĪANS appliance. pliance. pia PRĪA praya RĪA Ave Maria. dandelion. hyperdulia. self-denial PĪAL espial. compliant. compliance. vial. unbias DRĪAS drias. genian RĪAN Arion. descrial MĪAL myall ĪBAL (See ĪBL) ĪANT FĪANT affiant. Dyak GĪAK guiac JĪAK elegiac KĪAK kaya. calorifient HĪANT hiant JĪANT Green Giant. Orion SĪAN Ixion. latria VĪA via ZĪA jeziah RĪANT riant ĪANTS (See ĪANS) ĪAM LĪAM lyam PĪAM Priam SĪAM Siam ĪAR (See ĪER) ĪAS ĪAN ĪAN ion. scion STĪAN styan TĪAN altaian WĪAN Hawaiian ZĪAN Zion ĪAS eyas BĪAS bias.DOUBLE RHYMES. Zecharia SĪA messiah STRĪA stria TĪA aristeia. callisteia TRĪA aischrolatreia. science. redial. bacchius LĪAS lias NĪAS Ananias PĪAS pious. ĒZON Words to Rhyme With NĪAL denial. affiants. giant. intrapial. self-reliant PLĪANT appliant. prius RĪAS Darius. hamadryas KĪAS antibacchius. Pius PRĪAS nisi prius. defial HĪAL basihyal KRĪAL decrial. uncompliant ĪA ĪA ayah DĪA dia FĪA asaphia. supergiants KLĪANS clients LĪANS alliance. sea lion. misalliance. Sophia GĪA Gaia KRĪA chria LĪA dulia. repliant. kyack. defiant. Tobias. gorgoneia. Black Maria. pseudoscience ĪAL DĪAL dial. genial. pliant. jambalaya. incompliance. Stolichnaya. hamadryad MĪAD jeremiad NĪAD naiad PLĪAD Pleiad NĪAN anion. trial. lion. pial PLĪAL supplial RĪAL rial SĪAL sial SPĪAL spial STRĪAL interstrial TRĪAL mistrial. Thalia MĪA Jeremiah. pariah. reliance. Zacharias ĪAT (See ĪET) ĪAK DĪAK Dayak. red giant IBALD (See IBALD) 266 . retrial VĪAL bass viol. suppliance SĪANS geoscience. defiance JĪANS giants. Maya NĪA asthenia. reliant. kyak NĪAK Nyack ZĪAK phrenesiac ĪANS FĪANS affiance. noncompliance. repliance. viol (See ĪL) ĒZON (See ĒZN) KLĪANT client LĪANT alliant. zwitterion BĪAN bion BRĪAN Brian FĪAN Amphion GWĪAN Uruguayan LĪAN antlion.

transcribble STIBL stibble THRIBL thribble TRIBL tribble ĪBER BĪBER imbiber BRĪBER briber FĪBER fiber JĪBER giber. nibber RIBER ribber SKWIBER squibber ĪBING BĪBING imbibing BRĪBING bribing JĪBING gibing. libbet RIBET ribbit ZIBET exhibit. gibber. liable SĪBL postcibal. IBLER IBĒ FRIBĒ fribby JIBĒ gibby. proscriber. ishkabibble DIBL dibble DRIBL dribble FRIBL fribble GIBL gibel GRIBL gribble KIBL kibble KRIBL cribble KWIBL quibble NIBL nibble RIBL ribble SIBL sibyl. circumscribing. precibal SKĪBL skybal SKRĪBL scribal TRĪBL intertribal. scriber. And if that doesn’t take you aback. And the waa of a . cibol SKRIBL scribble. proscribing. tribal IBL BIBL bibble. zibet BIBING bibbing. libber. And the roar of a donkey’s a bray. jiber KĪBER kiber LĪBER liber. cohibit. transcriber TĪBER Tiber IBER BIBER bibber. inscribing. And a neigh is the bark of a horse. Sybil. women’s libbie NIBĒ nibby.) IBLĒ DRIBLĒ dribbly GLIBLĒ glibly KWIBLĒ quibbly NIBLĒ nibbly SKRIBLĒ scribbly THRIBLĒ thribbly TRIBLĒ tribbly IBING IBET HIBET adhibit. Liber SĪBER cyber SKRĪBER ascriber. IBĒKS IBĒKS ibex VIBĒKS vibex BĪBL Bible LĪBL libel. prescribing. You may be confounded by this: The hiss of a sheep is a baa. transcribing IBLD RIBLD ribald (See IBL. inscriber. subscribing. jibber KRIBER cribber LIBER ad libber. And the trumpets of lions are roars. nibby-jibby SHIBĒ shibby TIBĒ tibby ĪBĪ BĪBĪ bye-bye FLĪBĪ flyby IBIT (See IBET) ĪBL ANIMAL NOISE The cry of a cat’s a meow. describing. rescribble. prohibit JIBET flibbertigibbet. jibing KĪBING kibing SCRĪBING ascribing. say a . women’s libber NIBER knibber. gay libber. wine-bibbing FIBING fibbing JIBING jibbing KRIBING cribbing LIBING ad libbing RIBING ribbing SKWIBING squibbing IBLER DIBLER dibbler DRIBLER dribbler 267 . . And the bray of a duck is a quack. gibby-jibby LIBĒ libbie. And a hyena’s baa is a laugh.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. . prescriber. gibbet LIBET quodlibet. inhibit. add -d where appropriate. And the laugh of a babe is a waa. subscriber. describer. And an oink is the meow of a hog. scribing. And a trumpet’s an elephant’s neigh. And a moo is the oink of a cow. And a bark is the moo of a dog. And the quack of a snake is a hiss. circumscriber. . winebibber DIBER dibber FIBER fibber GLIBER glibber JIBER flibber-gibber. . giraffe Is so small It is nothing Nothing at all.

add -ing where appropriate. add -er where appropriate.) ĪBÔL ĪBÔL eyeball FLĪBÔL flyball HĪBÔL highball SKĪBÔL skyball ICHMENT IBYA LIBYA Libya (See IB'I. red ribbon.) ICHING (See ICH.DOUBLE RHYMES.) IBUN GIBUN gibbon HIBUN inhibin RIBUN blue ribbon. IBLET FRIBLER fribbler KIBLER kibbler KRIBLER cribbler KWIBLER quibbler NIBLER nibbler SKRIBLER scribbler. misguidance SĪDANS subsidence STRĪDANS stridence IBON (See IBUN) 268 . librate VĪBRĀT vibrate ICHER (See ICH. add -less where appropriate. clofibrate LĪBRĀT equilibrate. add -ing where appropriate. philobiblic NIBLIK mashie-niblick. britches (See ICH.A) RICHMENT enrichment WICHMENT bewitchment ĪBÔLD ĪBÔLD eyeballed HĪBÔLD highballed PĪBÔLD piebald ĪDAL ICHĒ ICHĒ itchy BICHĒ bitchy FICHĒ fitchy GLICHĒ glitchy HICHĒ hitchy KICHĒ kitschy PICHĒ pitchy (See ĪDL) ĪDANS BĪDANS abidance GĪDANS guidance.) ICHKOK HICHKOK Alfred Hitchcock PICHKOK pitchcock ĪBLŌ BĪBLŌ byblow FLĪBLŌ flyblow IBUNZ BIBUNZ bibbons (See IBUN.) ICHLES (See ICH. niblick ICHEZ BRICHEZ breeches. polyhybrid LĪBRID Librid IBLIK BIBLIK Biblic. white ribbon.) IBLET DRIBLET driblet GIBLET giblet RIBLET riblet TRIBLET triblet ICHET FICHET fitchet WICHET witchet ĪBRID HĪBRID hybrid. ribbon.) ĪBROU ĪBROU eyebrow HĪBROU highbrou IBLING KIBLING kibbling SIBLING sibling (See IBL. add -es where appropriate. add -s where appropriate. transcribbler Words to Rhyme With ĪBÔRN HĪBÔRN high-born SKĪBÔRN sky-born STICHĒ stitchy SWICHĒ switchy TWICHĒ twitchy WICHĒ witchy ĪBRĀT FRĪBRĀT defibrate. yellow ribbon (etc.

siddur SKIDER skidder SLIDER slidder WIDER widder ĪDIJ GĪDIJ guidage HĪDIJ hidage SĪDIJ sideage IDĒ BIDĒ biddy. bider CHĪDER chider FĪDER confider GĪDER guider. one-sided (See ĪD. Southsider. Rough Rider IDANS BIDANS biddance. stridor VĪDER divider. outbidder. I insider. reconsider. chickabiddy DIDĒ diddy GIDĒ giddy KIDĒ kiddy MIDĒ middy. God-forbidden.) ĪDER ĪDER eider BĪDER abider. nightrider. peptidic VIDIK Davidic ĪDED SĪDED decided. U unridden. rebidder. subsided. O overridden. IDING SKIDED skidded THRIDED thridded RĪDER horseback rider. E East-sider. O outsider. W wife-ridden SLIDEN slidden STRIDEN stridden SWIDEN swidden KIDER kidder RIDER ridder SIDER consider. F fever-ridden. unforbidden IDER BIDER bidder. add -d where appropriate. S cider. Sidon WĪDEN widen ĪDANT (See ĪDENT) ĪDAS MĪDAS Midas NĪDAS nidus K coincider. many-sided. PR priest-ridden. ĪDEN DRĪDEN Dryden GĪDEN guidon HĪDEN Haydn LĪDEN Leyden SĪDEN Poseidon. misguider GLĪDER glider. add -ding where appropriate. R ridden.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. untidy VĪDĒ vide CHIDEN chidden HIDEN hidden. pyramidic RIDIK iridic. unhidden MIDEN kitchen midden. presided. forbiddence RIDANS good riddance. joyrider. oxidic TIDIK fatidic. slab-sided. sided. forbidder. muckmidden RIDEN B bed-ridden.) IDED HWIDED whidded KIDED kidded RIDED ridded IDING (See ID. overbidder. PL plague-ridden. CH child-ridden. subdivider WĪDER wider ZĪDER presider IDEN BIDEN bidden. Hassidic. rider. subsider. forbidden. add -ing where appropriate. W West-sider SLĪDER backslider. underbidder ĪDĒ DĪDĒ didy FĪDĒ bona fide FRĪDĒ Friday KĪDĒ alcaide SĪDĒ sidy TĪDĒ tidy. provider. collider NĪDER nidor ĪDING (See ĪD. fluidic BIDIK rubidic KIDIK arachidic MIDIK bromidic. coincided. H hag-ridden. sidder. sider. undecided. N North-sider. unbidden. beridden. slider SPĪDER spider STRĪDER bestrider. hang-glider HĪDER hider LĪDER elider. midden. strider.) 269 . glycosidic. midi SKIDĒ skiddy STIDĒ stiddy TIDĒ tiddy WIDĒ widdy ĪDENT BĪDENT bident GĪDENT guidant RĪDENT rident SĪDENT subsident STRĪDENT strident TRĪDENT trident VĪDENT dividant IDIK IDIK druidic. outrider. riddance SĪDER D decider. juridic SIDIK acidic.

evil-eyer BĪER buyer BRĪER briar. taradiddle FIDL fiddle GRIDL griddle KIDL kiddle KWIDL quiddle MIDL middle PIDL piddle RIDL riddle. ĪDINGZ Words to Rhyme With ĪDINGZ RĪDINGZ ridings TĪDINGZ tidings (See ĪD. T tyrannical. flumdiddle. sweetbrier DĪER dier. unbridle SĪDL B biocidal. idyll BRĪDL bridal. hair dryer FĪER amplifier. intensifier. add -ings where appropriate. tidal IDŌ IDLER DIDLER diddler FIDLER fiddler GRIDLER griddler MIDLER middler PIDLER piddler RIDLER riddler TWIDLER twiddler WIDLER widdler KIDŌ aikido. rebridled. L liberticidal. brier. H homicidal. purifier FĪER flier. pacifier. M matricidal. dyer. FR fratricidal. dryer. humidifier. Dido FĪDŌ Fido KĪDŌ Hokkaido ĪDL ĪDL idle. F fungicidal.) IDNAP KIDNAP kidnap MIDNAP mid-nap 270 . unbridled SIDLD sidled IDNA IDNA didna KIDNA echidna PIDNA Pydna IDLD (See IDL.) ĪDLĒ ĪDLĒ idly BRĪDLĒ bridely SĪDLĒ sidly WĪDLĒ widely ĪDNES PĪDNES piedness SNĪDNES snideness WĪDNES wideness ĪDĪV HĪDĪV highdive SKĪDĪV skydive ĪDLER ĪDLER idler BRĪDLER bridler SĪDLER sidler ĪDŌ DĪDŌ dido. preamplifier. never-say-dier DRĪER blow dryer. green. paradiddle. insecticidal.) ĪENT (See ĪANT) IDLING (See IDL. add -d where appropriate. V vermicidal TĪDL cotidal. idol. tiddle TWIDL twiddle WIDL widdle ĪDLĪN GĪDLĪN guideline SĪDLĪN sideline ĪENS (See ĪANS) ĪDLING (See ĪDL. highflyer.) ĪER ĪER eyer. patricidal. suicidal. R regicidal. fryer GĪER lammergeier ĪDLD ĪDLD idled BRIDLD bridled. rebridle. flummadiddle. disqualifier. kiteflyer FRĪER friar. P parricidal. sororicidal. kiddo WIDŌ widow ĪDON (See ĪDEN) ĪDUS (See ĪDAS) IDL DIDL diddle. dehumidifier. add -ing where appropriate. magnifier. bridle. quantifier. heli-flier. U uxoricidal. add -ing where appropriate. S septicidal. seidel. I infanticidal. qualifier. brier.DOUBLE RHYMES. condiddle. hey-diddle-diddle. SP spermicidal. sidle. flyer. unriddle TIDL rumtumtiddle.

) DOUBLE RHYMES. aurific. V vaporific SIFIK F felicific. inquiet. ST stereospecific. hieroglyphic. lyre. plyer. finific. somnific. M mucific. petroglyphic. diaglyphic. incoherentific. pulsific. orbific. O honorific. pryer RĪER wryer SLĪER slyer SPĪER spyer SPRĪER spryer TRĪER trier. supplier PRĪER prior. add -er where appropriate. cipher. S sensific. colorific. geoglyphic. griffon. gryphon SHIFEN chiffon STIFEN stiffen STRIFEN striffen TIFEN tiffin ĪFLĒ RĪFLĒ rifely WĪFLĒ wifely IFLĒ SNIFLĒ sniffly STIFLĒ stiffly 271 . torporific. IFLĒ ĪFER BĪFER bifer FĪFER fifer LĪFER lifer NĪFER knifer RĪFER rifer SĪFER decipher. scientific. FR frigorific. town crier LĪER inlier. sypher TRIFIK petrific VIFIK salvific. H horrific. unscientific ĪFL Eiffel NĪFL nifle RĪFL rifle STĪFL stifle TRĪFL trifle IFL HWIFL whiffle NIFL nifle PIFL piffle RIFL riffle SKIFL skiffle SNIFL sniffle WIFL Wiffle ĪFEN HĪFEN hyphen SĪFEN siphon IFEN IFEN if ’n BIFEN biffin GRIFEN griffin. pontific. S sacrific. lapidific GLIFIK anaglyphic. rubific.Words to Rhyme With HĪER higher KRĪER crier. vivific IFIN (See IFEN) IFING IFER DIFER differ WHIFER whiffer NIFER niffer SKWIFER squiffer SNIFER sniffer STIFER stiffer SWIFER Swiffer HWIFING whiffing MIFING miffing SKIFING skiffing SNIFING sniffing TIFING tiffing ĪET ĪET eyot DĪET diet FĪET fiat KWĪET disquiet. humorific. piot RĪET riot. tabific BRIFIK febrific. encipher. lithoglyphic. K calorific. lactific. phytoglyphic. vulnific RIFIK D dolorific. multiplier. sonorific. nific. P pacific. saporific. quiet. M mirific. Pacific. soporific. sudorific. see also ĪR. conspecific. prolific NIFIK damnific. O ossific. T terrific. trior (See Ī. omnific. L lucific. triglyphic JIFIK algific LIFIK mellific. cornific. liar. TR transpacific TIFIK beatific. K calcific. outlier NĪER nigher PĪER occupier PLĪER photomultiplier. SP specific. grandific. dactyloglyphic. magnific. lier. unquiet PĪET piet. tenebrific DIFIK acidific. glyphic. ryot SĪET Sciot IFISH MIFISH miffish SKWIFISH squiffish SNIFISH sniffish STIFISH stiffish TIFISH tiffish ĪFĪ HĪFĪ hi-fi WĪFĪ wi-fi ĪFL IFĒ IFĒ iffy BIFĒ biffy HWIFĒ whiffy JIFĒ jiffy KLIFĒ cliffy SKWIFĒ squiffy SNIFĒ sniffy SPIFĒ spiffy IFIK IFIK deific BIFIK morbific. plier. photoglyphic. KL classific.

grave-digger FIGER figger. add -ed where appropriate. ĪFLER Words to Rhyme With ĪFLER RĪFLER rifler STĪFLER stifler TRĪFLER trifler IFTED (See IFT.) SĪGA saiga STRĪGA striga TĪGA taiga IFTER DRIFTER drifter LIFTER lifter. add -less where appropriate. gold-digger. shifting SIFTING sifting IGĒ BIGĒ biggy JIGĒ jiggy PIGĒ piggy SIGĒ ciggie SPRIGĒ spriggy TWIGĒ twiggy WIGĒ piggy-wiggywiggy IFLING HWIFLING whiffling PIFLING piffling RIFLING riffling SKIFLING skiffling SNIFLING sniffling IFTLES (See IFT.) IFTIJ DRIFTIJ driftage SHIFTIJ shiftage SIFTIJ siftage ĪGĀT LĪGĀT ligate STRĪGĀT strigate ĪFLING RIFLING rifling STĪFLING stifling TRĪFLING trifling IFTING DRIFTING drifting LIFTING lifting. jigger LIGER ligger NIGER nigger. add -less where appropriate.DOUBLE RHYMES.) ĪGER ĪFOLD ĪFOLD eyefold BĪFOLD bifold TRĪFOLD trifold IFTHONG DIFTHONG diphthong THRIFTHONG triphthong GĪGER LĪGER NĪGER TĪGER geiger liger Niger tiger IFTNES IFTĒ DRIFTĒ drifty FIFTĒ fifty. Auriga 272 . fifty-fifty KLIFTĒ clifty NIFTĒ nifty RIFTĒ rifty SHIFTĒ shifty SNIFTĒ snifty THRIFTĒ thrifty DRIFTNES adriftness MIFTINES miffedness SKWIFTNES squiffedness SWIFTNES swiftness IGER BIGER bigger CHIGER chigger DIGER digger. weight lifter ĪGAL PĪGAL dasypygal. uplifter. figure GIGER gigger JIGER bejigger. shoplifting. shifter SNIFTER snifter SWIFTER swifter IGAN BRIGAN balbriggan PIGAN piggin WIGAN wigan ĪFLES (See ĪF. shoplifter. uplifting RIFTING rifting SHIFTING sceneshifting. pygal ZĪGAL zygal IFLER HWIFLER whiffler PIFLER piffler RIFLER riffler SNIFLER sniffler RIFTER rifter SHIFTER scene-shifter. reneger PRIGER prigger ĪGA BĪGA biga RĪGA quadriga.

Uncle Wiggly. wiggle SIGMA sigma STIGMA hypostigma. rigger. add -d where appropriate.) IGNANT DIGNANT indignant LIGNANT malignant NIGNANT benignant IGIN (See IGAN) IGLER (See IGL. lentigo. sterigma ĪGON BĪGON bygone TRĪGON trigon 273 . outrigger. triglyph ĪGŌ BĪGŌ by-go LĪGŌ caligo.Words to Rhyme With RIGER market rigger. fuligo. add -ing where appropriate. add -r where appropriate. vertigo TRĪGŌ intertrigo IGL FRIGL friggle GIGL giggle HIGL higgle JIGL jiggle NIGL niggle RIGL wriggle IGLING (See IGL.) IGNUM IGLET GIGLET giglet PIGLET piglet SNIGLET sniglet WIGLET wiglet LIGNUM RIGNUM SIGNUM TIGNUM lignum rignum ecce signum tignum IGISH HWIGISH whiggish JIGISH jiggish PIGISH piggish PRIGISH priggish RIGISH riggish WIGISH wiggish ĪGLIF DĪGLIF diglyph TRĪGLIF monotriglyph. stigma IGMĒ PIGMĒ pygmy RIGMĒ borborygmy STIGMĒ stigme ĪGLAS ĪGLAS eyeglass SPĪGLAS spyglass IGERD FIGERD figgered JIGERD bejiggered.) IGING FRIGING frigging THIGING thigging (See IG. add -ing where appropriate.) IGMA NIGMA enigma RIGMA kerygma.) IGLĒ IGET (See IGOT) IGNAL RIGNAL original SIGNAL signal GIGLĒ giggly RIGLĒ wriggly WIGLĒ Piggly Wiggly. ĪGON SIGL sigil SKWIGL squiggle SNIGL sniggle STRIGL striggle SWIGL swiggle WIGL porwigle. jiggered NIGERD niggard SNIGERD sniggered TRIGERD triggered IGMENT FIGMENT figment PIGMENT pigment IGLD (See IGL. vitiligo PĪGŌ serpigo RĪGŌ prurigo SLĪGŌ Sligo TĪGŌ impetigo. wiggly (See IGL. thimble-rigger SNIGER snigger SPRIGER sprigger SWIGER swigger TRIGER trigger TWIGER twigger VIGER vigor WIGER wigger DOUBLE RHYMES. tentigo. add -y where appropriate. rigor.

impicture. transfigure LIGYER ligure IKA LIKA licca SIKA sicca TIKA ticca. Myrica SPĪKA spica STĪKA styka IJET DIJET digit. configure. religious. pidgin.) IJING BRIJING abridging. hydromica. rigid. psyche. prefigure. Micah PĪKA pica. double-digit. picture. bridging FIJING fidging NIJING nidging RIJING ridging ĪISH DRĪISH dryish SHĪISH shyish SLĪISH slyish IKCHER PIKCHER depicture. repicture. Psyche TĪKĒ Tyche IJUN LIJUN irreligion. tikka WIKA Wicca ĪHŌL ĪHŌL eyehole PĪHŌL piehole IJID BRIJID Brigid FRIJID frigid. kamalayka. triple-digit FIJET fidget MIJET midget NIJET nidget WIJET widget IGYER FIGYER disfigure. add -ing where appropriate. prestigious IKĒ IKĒ icky BRIKĒ bricky CHIKĒ chicky 274 . figure. Leica MĪKA formica. sacrilegious TIJUS litigious. mica.DOUBLE RHYMES. semirigid. religion PIJUN gyropigeon. word picture STRIKCHER stricture IJIT (See IJET) ĪJAK HĪJAK hijack SKĪJAK skyjack ĪKĒ ĪKĒ ikey. unfrigid RIJID nonrigid. unrigid ĪĪD DRĪĪD dry-eyed PĪĪD pie-eyed SLĪĪD sly-eyed ĪKAL IJIL SIJIL coccygeal. refigure. pika PLĪKA plica RĪKA lorica. Ikey DĪKĒ dikey KRĪKĒ crikey. sigil STRIJIL strigil VIJIL vigil (See ĪKL) ĪKĀT PLĪKĀT plicate SPĪKĀT spicate ĪING (See Ī. pigeon SMIJUN smidgen WIJUN widgeon IJĒ GIJĒ gidgee SKWIJĒ squidgy IJER BRIJER abridger. obligest DĪJEST digest ĪKA GĪKA nagaika LĪKA balalaika. bridger RIJER ridger IJUS DIJUS prodigious LIJUS irreligious. IGOT Words to Rhyme With IGOT BIGOT bigot FRIGOT frigate JIGOT gigot RIGOT riggot SPIGOT spigot ĪJEST BLĪJEST disobligest. by crikey NĪKĒ Nike PĪKĒ piky SĪKĒ photopsyche.

fruitpicker. knicker. wooden nickel IKHED DIKHED dickhead THIKHED thickhead PIKL pickle. (etc. cherry-picking. add -ish where appropriate. pumpernickel.) IKET KLIKET clicket KRIKET cricket PIKET picket PRIKET pricket SMIKET smicket SNIKET snicket SPIKET spicket THIKET thicket TIKET big-ticket. tikker TRIKER tricker VIKER vicar WIKER wicker IKING LIKING bootlicking. gigacycle. motorcycle. unfickle MIKL mickle NIKL cupronickel. hitchhiker LĪKER like. rickey SIKĒ sicky STIKĒ sticky TIKĒ Rikki-Tikki TRIKĒ tricky VIKĒ Mensheviki WIKĒ wiki KLIKER clicker KWIKER quicker LIKER bootlicker. terror-stricken. cycle. hemicycle. jinriki.) IKISH (See IK. cottonpicker.) cotton-picking (etc. licker. add -s where appropriate.). pigsticker.obliquer PĪKER piker SPĪKER spiker STRĪKER striker IKL IKETS RIKETS rickets (See IKET. kicker BRIKL brickle.) IKER IKER icker BIKER bicker DIKER dicker FLIKER flicker HWIKER whicker KIKER high-kicker. liking PĪKING piking SPĪKING spiking STRĪKING striking VĪKING viking. liquor NIKER dominicker. nickel. nickle. stricken. add -s where appropriate. add -ing where appropriate. psychal. hickey KIKĒ kicky KWIKĒ quicky PIKĒ picky PRIKĒ pricky RIKĒ gin rickey. bricole CHIKL chicle FIKL fickle.Words to Rhyme With DIKĒ dickey. Viking IKEN CHIKEN chicken QUIKEN quicken SIKEN sicken SLIKEN slicken STRIKEN horror-stricken. picking (See IK. dicky HIKĒ doohickey.) IKENZ DIKENZ dickens. duiker HĪKER hiker. IKL IKIN KIKIN kick-in NIKIN nikin SIKIN sick-in PRIKER pricker RIKER ricker SHIKER shicker SIKER sicker SLIKER slicker SMIKER smicker SNIKER snicker STIKER bumper sticker. plugged nickel. cherrypicker.). nicker PIKER berrypicker. finger-licking. Dickens (See IKEN. picul. hitch-hiking LĪKING disliking. spitsticker. tricycle STIKL stickle 275 . IKERZ NIKERZ knickers (See IKER. sticker ĪKING DĪKING diking HĪKING hiking. ticket WIKET sticky wicket. sickle. recycle. add -s where appropriate. licking PIKING berry-picking. picker DOUBLE RHYMES. wonder-stricken THIKEN thicken WIKEN Wiccan THIKER thicker TIKER ticker. pikle PRIKL prickle SIKL bicycle. wicket ĪKL MĪKL Michael PĪKL pical PLĪKL plical SĪKL epicycle. unicycle ĪKER ĪKER ichor BĪKER biker DĪKER diker.

fixing. pyknic MIKSER admixer. prefixal. overmixing IKSEN BIKSEN bixin MIKSEN mixen VIKSEN vixen NIKSING nixing IKSTŪR (See IKSCHER) IKNES LIKNES lychnis SIKNES lovesickness. crucifixion. isopyknic. picnic. immixture. Dixie JIKSĒ jixie MIKSĒ mixy NIKSĒ nixie. B benediction. infliction. prefixion. pyxie TRIKSĒ tricksy IKSHUS DIKSHUS contradictious FIKSHUS fictious IKSEL FIKSEL affixal. sleeping sickness (See IK. incommixture. restriction. transfiction FLIKSHUN affliction. suffixion. ikon DĪKON daikon NĪKON Nikon DIKSHUN A addiction. antefixal. sickler STIKLER stickler STRIKLER strickler TIKLER tickler TRIKLER trickler IKSHUN ĪKON ĪKON icon. confliction FRIKSHUN affriction. D diction. K contradiction. add -ness where appropriate. interdiction. pixel IKSING FIKSING affixing. friction LIKSHUN dereliction. commixture. S satisdiction. V valediction FIKSHUN affixion. nonfiction. intermixture. refixing.) IKNING (See IK'EN. intermixer. fixer. postfixal. mixer NIKSER nixer STRIKNIK strychnic IKSET KWIKSET quickset THIKSET thickset IKLĒ (See IK. prefixing. preconviction IKSCHER FIKSCHER affixture. transfixer LIKSER elixir IKTĀT DIKTĀT dictate NIKTĀT nictate 276 . fiction. constriction. suffixal PIKSEL megapixel.) IKSER FIKSER affixer. J jurisdiction. suffixing.ING) IKLER FIKLER fickler PIKLER pickler PRIKLER prickler SIKLER bicycler. mixture IKLET CHIKLET Chiclet TRIKLET tricklet IKSĒ IKLING CHIKLING chickling PIKLING pickling PRIKLING prickling SIKLING sickling STIKLING stickling STRIKLING strickling TIKLING tickling TRIKLING trickling DIKSĒ dixie. prefixer. I indiction. PR prediction. sickness. add -ly where appropriate. water nixie PIKSĒ pixie. derestriction. striction VIKSHUN eviction. reliction PIKSHUN depiction STRIKSHUN abstriction. transfixing IKLISH PRIKLISH pricklish TIKLISH ticklish TRIKLISH tricklish MIKSING admixing. conviction. transfixture MIKSCHER admixture. intermixing. fixture. M malediction.DOUBLE RHYMES. obstriction. IKLĒ STRIKL strickle TIKL tickle TRIKL trickle Words to Rhyme With IKNIK PIKNIK isopycnic.

camilla NILA anilla. sarsaparilla. sasparilla. vindictive FIKTIV fictive FLIKTIV afflictive.) IKTŪR (See IKCHER) RILA barilla. jurisdictive. obiter dictum LIKTUM delictum VIKTUM victim ĪLAND ĪLAND island. spirilla. contradictor. Megillah GWILA Anguilla MILA armilla. IKTIV DIKTIV addictive. Feel a chill? Draw a bill. conflictive PIKTIV depictive STRIKTIV astrictive. victor IKUP DIKUP dikkop HIKUP hiccup KIKUP kickup PIKUP pickup STIKUP stickup IKTIK IKTIK ictic DIKTIK anapodictic. manilla. camarilla. vasoconstrictor IKTUS IKTUS ictus DIKTUS Benedictus NIKTUS acronyctous RIKTUS rictus VIKTUS Invictus ULTIMATUM TO MY CONGRESSMAN. nonrestrictive. cascarilla. predictive. Scylla SKWILA squilla TILA Attila. bismilla.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. convictor. benedictive. Rhode Island (etc. Long Island.COMPOSED ON A MISERABLE DAY Roads are muddy? Make a study. zorilla SILA axilla. sapodilla. Morning raw? Pass a law.) Snow and ice? Pass it twice. potentilla. VIKTER evictor. stricter. endictic. Pictor RIKTER Richter STRIKTER boa constrictor. epidictic MIKTIK amyctic ĪKUS FĪKUS ficus LĪKUS umbilicus PĪKUS Picus SPĪKUS spicous TĪKUS anticous. anticus. posticous. contradictive. sabadilla. ancilla. dictic. Though the weather’s not affected. convictive ĪLA ĪLA Ila BĪLA strobila HĪLA hyla LĪLA Delilah PĪLA pyla ĪLAJ (See ĪLIJ) ĪLAKS FĪLAKS phylax LĪLAKS lilacs SMĪLAKS smilax IKTLĒ LIKTLĒ derelictly STRIKTLĒ strictly ILA BILA Sibylla CHILA chinchilla DILA granadilla. apodictic. Day too warm? Vote reform. apodictive. constrictor. maxilla. codilla. flotilla. perilla. ĪLAND IKTED (See IKT. inflicter. gorilla. inflictive. unrestrictive VIKTIV evictive. manila. mantilla. granilla. interdictive. conflicter LIKTER lictor PIKTER depicter. cedilla. add -ed where appropriate. Storm and bluster? Filibuster.) 277 . guerilla. posticus IKTING (See IKT. constrictive. seguidilla GILA megillah. add -ing where appropriate. predictor FIKTER fictor FLIKTER afflicter. restrictive. indictive. This will get you re-elected. vanilla ILAN (See ILIN) IKTUM DIKTUM dictum. scintilla VILA villa IKTER DIKTER interdictor.

shipbuilding. filer GĪLER beguiler MĪLER half-miler. gilding. housebuilder. meadow lily. wilder ĪLĒ DĪLĒ sedile DRĪLĒ drily HĪLĒ highly. rebuilder. unbuilder CHILDER childer GILDER begilder. piler. willy ĪLDLING CHĪLDLING childling WĪLDLING wildling ĪLEKS ĪLEKS ilex SĪLEKS silex ĪLDER MĪLDER milder WĪLDER wilder ĪLDNES MĪLDNES mildness WĪLDNES wildness ĪLEM (See ĪLUM) ILDER BILDER builder. pond lily. pilar. ĪLAR HĪLAND highland SKĪLAND skyland TĪLAND Thailand Words to Rhyme With ĪLDING CHĪLDING childing WĪLDING wilding SMĪLĒ smily WĪLĒ wily ILĒ ĪLAR (See ĪLER) ILDING BILDING building. ungilding HILDING hilding ILĒ illy BILĒ billy. guilded. castlebuilding. chilly DILĒ daffy-down-dilly daffodily.DOUBLE RHYMES. regilding. quarter-miler.) PĪLER compiler. hyle KĪLĒ kylie RĪLĒ wryly SHĪLĒ shyly SĪLĒ ancile SLĪLĒ slily. slyly ĪLER ĪLER defiler. Billy CHILĒ Chile. home-builder. unguilded NILĒ willy-nilly RILĒ rilly SHRILĒ shrilly SILĒ silly SKILĒ skilly STILĒ stilly THRILĒ thrilly TILĒ tilly TRILĒ trilly TWILĒ twilly WILĒ nilly-willy. up-piler RĪLER riler SĪLER reconciler 278 . lily. guilder MILDER milder WILDER bewilder. Piccadilly ĪLÄRK FĪLÄRK phylarch SKĪLÄRK skylark ILCHER FILCHER filcher MILCHER milcher PILCHER pilcher ĪLDISH CHĪLDISH childish MĪLDISH mildish WĪLDISH wildish FILĒ filly FRILĒ frilly GILĒ ghillie. tiger lily. homebuilding. rebuilding. dilly. housebuilding. piccalilli. gillie GRILĒ grilly HILĒ hilly KILĒ killy KWILĒ quilly LILĒ day lily. Hilda TILDA tilde CHĪLDLĒ childly GĪLDLĒ beguiledly MĪLDLĒ mildly RĪLDLĒ riledly WĪLDLĒ wildly ILDED BILDED builded GILDED begilded. chili. filar. miler. two-miler (etc. weary Willie. unbuilding GILDING begilding. castle-builder. water lily. wood lily ĪLDLĒ ILDA HILDA Brunhilde. gilder. shipbuilder. gilded.

Russophilic. trochilic KRILIK acrylic MILIK amylic NILIK vanillic RILIK Cyrillic SILIK bacillic.) ILĒZ KILĒZ Achilles WILĒZ willies (See ILĒ. macrodactylic. islet PĪLET co-pilot. stiller SWILER swiller THILER thiller THRILER thriller TILER distiller.) KWILER quiller MILER Joe Miller. willet DOUBLE RHYMES. odyllic FILIK A aelurophilic. E 279 . zygodactylic ZILIK exilic ILER ILER iller BILER biller CHILER chiller DILER killer-diller DRILER driller FILER filler. N necrophilic.Words to Rhyme With SMĪLER smiler STĪLER stylar. R rheophilic. pillar SHILER schiller. villain. villein ZILIN hoitzitzillin ILFUL SKILFUL skillful WILFUL willful ĪLING (See ĪL. thermophilic. willer ĪLFUL GĪLFUL guileful SMĪLFUL smileful WĪLFUL wileful ILIN VILIN archvillain. Pilate. silage SMĪLIJ smileage ĪLES ĪLES eyeless (See Ī. see also ĪLUS) ILING (See IL. Negrophilic. siller SPILER spiller STILER instiller. gastrophilic. salicylic THILIK ethylic. H halophilic. imbecilic. D discophilic. FR Francophilic. SL Slavophilic. lady-killer. killer. Anglophilic. holodactylic. Z Zionophilic. M mesophilic. cresylic. shiller SHRILER shriller SILER maxillar. J Japanophilic. lipophilic. T typophilic. village ILIS RILIS amaryllis SILIS cilice (See ILUS) ĪLET ĪLET eyelet.) ILIJ GRILIJ grillage PILIJ pillage SPILIJ spillage STILIJ stillage TILIJ no-tillage. add -ing where appropriate.) ĪLIJ MĪLIJ mileage SĪLIJ ensilage. I Italophilic. P pyrophilic. G Gallophilic. add -ing where appropriate. triller WILER ill-willer. TH theophilic. add -less where appropriate. sky pilot SMĪLET smilet STĪLET stylet ĪLĪT DRĪLĪT dry light HĪLĪT highlight SKĪLĪT skylight STĪLĪT stylite TWĪLĪT twilight ZĪLĪT xylite ILET BILET billet DRILET drillet FILET fillet ILIK DILIK idyllic. methylic TILIK dactylic. styler KWILET quillet MILET millet PILET pillet RILET rillet SILET penicillate. KR cryophilic. verticillate SKILET skillet TILET distillate TRILET trillet WILET pilwillet. pain-killer. basilic. ĪLĪT ergophilic. hydrophilic. S psychrophilic. friller GILER giller GRILER griller HILER hiller KILER giant-killer. Germanophilic. add -s or change -y to -ies where appropriate. tillage VILIJ global village. L lyophilic. exilic. weed-killer (etc. man-killer. tiller TRILER pralltriller. hemophilic. B bibliophilic. Turkophilic. fulfiller FRILER befriller. miller PILER caterpillar. pilot. zoophilic KILIK killick.

) ĪLŌ BĪLŌ bye-low HĪLŌ high-low MĪLŌ milo SHĪLŌ Shiloh SĪLŌ silo STĪLŌ stylo ĪLOT (See ĪLET) ĪLLES BĪLLES bileless FĪLLES fileless GĪLLES guileless STĪLLES styleless TĪLLES tileless TRĪLLES trialless WĪLLES wileless — ILROOM — GRILROOM grillroom — STILROOM stillroom ILŌ BILŌ billow. tamarillo VILŌ pulvillo WILŌ weeping willow. cigarillo. reconcilement. irreconcilement. peccadillo. unpillowed 280 .DOUBLE RHYMES. grenadillo. Murillo. pillowed. instillment ILOK (See ILUK) ĪLON ILKEN MILKEN milken SILKEN silken ĪLNES NĪLNES juvenileness VĪLNES vileness FĪLON phylon NĪLON nylon PĪLON pylon TRĪLON trylon ILKER BILKER bilker MILKER milker SILKER silker ILNES ILNES illness CHILNES chillness SHRILNES shrillness STILNES stillness ĪLŌS FĪLŌS filose PĪLŌS pilose ILKING (See ILK. tabardillo ILSĪD HILSĪD hillside RILSĪD rillside ILMAN BILMAN billman GRILMAN grillman HILMAN hillman MILMAN millman PILMAN pillman FILŌ phyllo GRILŌ Negrillo KILŌ killow. embillow DILŌ armadillo. ILIT Words to Rhyme With PĪLMENT compilement SĪLMENT domicilement. willow ILTĒ GILTĒ guilty KILTĒ kilty KWILTĒ quilty LILTĒ lilty MILTĒ milty SILTĒ silty STILTĒ stilty TILTĒ tilty WILTĒ wilty ĪLMENT FĪLMENT defilement GĪLMENT beguilement ILŌD BILŌD billowed PILŌD empillowed. unpillow RILŌ Amarillo. resilement ILIT SILIT penicillate TILIT distillate ĪLOID STĪLOID styloid ZĪLOID xyloid VĪLMENT revilement ZĪLMENT exilement ILKĒ MILKĒ milky SILKĒ silky WILKĒ Wendell Willkie ILMENT FILMENT fulfillment STILMENT distillment. pillow. kilo PILŌ lapillo. add -ing where appropriate. exilement.

pavilion. penillion PILYUN pillion RILYUN carillon. Lima.US) ĪLUM FĪLUM filum. villous. gryllus.) ĪLUS BĪLUS strobilus HĪLUS hilus KĪLUS chylous PĪLUS Pilus STIĪLUS monostylus. tellima PĪMA arapaima RĪMA rima SĪMA cyma. sima TRĪMA trima ILYARDZ BILYARDZ billiards MILYARDZ milliards ILUM FILUM fillum RILUM spirillum ILYENS BRILYENS brilliance SILYENS dissilience.ENT) ILUS BRILUS fibrillous FILUS aphyllous. Grillus JILUS aspergillus. phyllous GRILUS grillos. septillion. infilter. add -ed where appropriate.A) ILYAR BILYAR atrabiliar MILYAR familiar. octillion. ultrafilter JILTER jilter KILTER kilter. troubillion DILYUN mandillion. sextillion TRILYUN trillion VILYUN oyster villian. crazy-quilting LILTING lilting MILTING milting SILTING silting STILTING stilting TILTING overtilting. tip-tilting. SILYAR domiciliar. orgillous KWILUS quisquillous MILUS camillous PILUS lapillus RILUS arrilus SILUS bacillus VILUS favillous. tilting. overfamiliar. centillion. bilious (See IL'I. zillion (See IL'I.ENS) ILTER FILTER filter. civilian ZILYUN bazillion. philter. crazy-quilter LILTER lilter MILTER milter STILTER stilter TILTER tilter WILTER wilter ILYENT BRILYENT brilliant SILYENT dissilient. unfamiliar. pulvillus.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. transilient ZILYENT resilient (See IL'I. villus ILYUN BILYUN billion. jillion KWILYUN quisguillian MILYUN million. quadrillion SILYUN decillion. out-of-kilter KWILTER quilter. vermilion NILYUN nonillion.AN) ILTING HILTING hilting JILTING jilting KILTING kilting KWILTING quilting. modillion DRILYUN drillion JILYUN gillion. quintillion. consilient. cotillion. stylus (See ĪLES) ZILYENS resilience (See IL'I. postillion. consilience. subphylum HĪLUM hilum HWĪLUM whilom SĪLUM asylum ZĪLUM xylem ĪMA FĪMA phyma LĪMA lima. conciliar ZILYAR auxiliar (See IL'I. transilience IMAJ (See IMIJ) 281 . IMAJ ILTED (See ILT.AR) WILTING wilting ILUK FILUK fillock HILUK hillock SILUK sillock ILYUS ILYARD BILYARD billiard MILYARD milliard STILYARD steelyard BILYUS atrabilious. kazillion. phylum. Sicilian SKILYUN skillion STILYUN stillion TILYUN dactylion. uptilting ILYA (See IL'I.

Hymen LĪMEN limen SĪMEN simple Simon TĪMEN timon. thymy ĪMEN HĪMEN hymen. unlimber TIMBER timber. untimbered ĪMER CHĪMER chimer DĪMER dimer. rimy SLĪMĒ beslimy. limbous NIMBUS nimbus. To defy a Fading id-life Some men try a Mid-life mid-wife. nickel-and-dimer 282 .limy PRĪMĒ primy RĪMĒ rhymy. ĪMĀT (See ĪMIT) IMBUS LIMBUS limbus. cumulo nimbus IMBA RIMBA marimba SIMBA simba ĪMĒ BLĪMĒ blimy. gimmal HIMEL Himmel KIMEL kümmel ĪMAN (See ĪMEN) IMBREL HWIMBREL whimbrel TIMBREL timbrel THE DANGEROUS YEARS I’m aware a Midlife crisis Isn’t rare among men’s vices. simbil. retimber IMEN SIMEN persimmon WIMEN women IMĒ IMĒ immie DIMĒ dhimmie GIMĒ gimmie. cor blimy GRĪMĒ grimy KRĪMĒ crimy LĪMĒ limey. clavicymbal LIMĒ limby SHIMĒ shimmy SWIMĒ swimmy ZIMĒ zimme. kimbo LIMBŌ limbo IMAL (See ĪMEL) IMEL GIMEL gimel. Timon IMBAL (See IMBL) IMBER LIMBER limber. timbre. unlimbered TIMBERD timbered. gimble NIMBL nimble SIMBL cymbal. symbol. gimme HWIMĒ whimmy JIMĒ jimmy IMBERD LIMBERD limbered. slimy STĪMĒ stymie TĪMĒ old-timey.DOUBLE RHYMES. zimmy ĪMEKS SĪMEKS cimex TĪMEKS Timex ĪMAL KĪMAL isocheimal KRĪMAL isocrymal PRĪMAL primal RĪMAL rimal SHTRĪMAL shtreimel THIMBL thimble THRIMBL thrimble TIMBL tymbal. tymbale WIMBL wimble ĪMEL (See ĪMAL) IMBŌ BIMBŌ bimbo HIMBŌ himbo KIMBŌ akimbo. Gawblimy. ĪMAKS Words to Rhyme With ĪMAKS ĪMAKS IMAX KLĪMAKS climax LĪMAKS limax IMBL BIMBL bimbil FIMBL fimble GIMBL gimbal.

pseudonymic. pump-priming RĪMING rhyming. catathymic. climate PRĪMIT primate TRĪMER trimer IMER IMER immer BRIMER brimmer DIMER dimmer GIMER gimmer GLIMER aglimmer. patronymic. timer.) ĪMIK KĪMIK isocheimic RĪMIK rhymic THĪMIK thymic TĪMIK hypothymic. matronymic. thymic IMLES ĪMISH CHĪMISH chimish RĪMISH rhymish TĪMISH timish (See IM. eponymic. part-timer. homonymic. add -less where appropriate. two-timer DOUBLE RHYMES. symic ĪMIST RĪMIST rhymist TĪMIST timist (See ĪM. IMNER MIMIK mimic. griming KLĪMING climbing MĪMING miming PRĪMING priming. add -s where appropriate. add -less where appropriate. autotimer. glimmer GRIMER grimmer HIMER hymner KRIMER krimmer LIMER limmer NIMER nimmer PRIMER primer.) IMNAL HIMNAL hymnal KRIMNAL criminal SIMNAL simnel ZĪMIK zymic IMISH DIMISH dimmish GRIMISH grimmish PRIMISH primmish SLIMISH slimmish TRIMISH trimmish IMIK BIMIK cherubimic GIMIK gimmick KIMIK alchimic. two-timing IML (See IMEL) IMLĒ DIMLĒ dimly GRIMLĒ grimly PRIMLĒ primly SLIMLĒ slimly TRIMLĒ trimly IMING BRIMING brimming DIMING dimming LIMING limbing SKIMING skimming SLIMING slimming SWIMING swimming TRIMING retrimming. metronymic. stair-climber LĪMER sublimer. shimmer SIMER asimmer. limer MĪMER mimer PRĪMER primer RĪMER rhymer. trimming IMIJ IMIJ after-image. timor. cacochymic IMNER HIMNER hymner LIMNER limner 283 . synonymic. primmer RIMER rimmer SHIMER ashimmer. netonymic. swimmer TRIMER trimmer IMIKS (See IMIK. zoömimic NIMIK acronymic.) ĪMIT KLĪMIT acclimate. toponymic THIMIK lipothymic TIMIK etymic ZIMIK azymic. skimmer SLIMER slimmer SWIMER nonswimmer. rimer TĪMER full-timer. old-timer.) ĪMLĒ LĪMLĒ sublimely PRĪMLĒ primely TĪMLĒ timely. pantomimic. simmer SKIMER hydroskimmer. add -st where appropriate.Words to Rhyme With GRĪMER begrimer KLĪMER climber. riming SLĪMING sliming TĪMING timing. untimely ĪMING CHĪMING chiming GRĪMING begriming. image SKRIMIJ scrimmage ĪMLES (See ĪM.

vaginal KLĪNAL acclinal. cataclinal. isoclinal. IMPLĒ DIMPLĒ dimply KRIMPLĒ crimply LIMPLĒ limply PIMPLĒ pimply RIMPLĒ rimply SIMPLĒ simply casuarina. crinal IMPLING DIMPLING dimpling KRIMPLING crimpling PIMPLING pimpling RIMPLING rimpling 284 . North Carolina. piscina INA BINA binna MINA meminna PINA pinna IMPĒ IMPĒ impi. simous THĪMUS thymus TĪMUS timeous. synclinal KRĪNAL endocrinal. Catalina. impy KRIMPĒ crimpy SHRIMPĒ shrimpy SKIMPĒ skimpy SKRIMPĒ scrimpy WIMPĒ wimpy. wimple ĪNA CHĪNA China.) ĪMUS PRĪMUS primus RĪMUS rimous SĪMUS cymous. Platyrrhina SĪNA glucina. Wimpy IMPLEKS IMPLEKS implex SIMPLEKS simplex ĪNAKS PĪNAKS pinax THRĪNAKS Thrinax IMPER GIMPER gimper HWIMPER whimper KRIMPER crimper LIMPER limper SHRIMPER shrimper SIMPER simper SKIMPER skimper SKRIMPER scrimper IMPLER (See IMPL. add -ing where appropriate. South Carolina IMON (See IMEN) ĪMŌS RĪMŌS rimose SĪMŌS cymose MĪNA mina. myna. ĪMNES Words to Rhyme With ĪMNES LĪMNES sublimeness PRĪMNES primeness IMPING (See IMP. globigerina.DOUBLE RHYMES. semifinal JĪNAL anginal. anticlinal. salina. declinal. vagina KĪNA trichina LĪNA Carolina. mynah RĪNA farina. untimeous IMPISH IMNES DIMNES dimness GRIMNES grimness PRIMNES primness SLIMNES slimness TRIMNES trimness (See IMP.) ĪNAL BĪNAL binal DĪNAL paludinal FĪNAL final. quarterfinal. periclinal.) ĪMPIT LĪMPIT limepit SLĪMPIT slimepit IMZĒ FLIMZĒ flimsy WHIMZĒ whimsy MIMZĒ mimsey SLIMZĒ slimsy ĪMON (See ĪMAN) IMPL DIMPL dimple KRIMPL crimple PIMPL pimple RIMPL rimple SIMPL simple WIMPL bewimple. add -ish where appropriate. Indochina JĪNA angina. Catarrhina. clinal. add -er where appropriate.

FL fleshly-minded. evenminded. pincher (See INCH. waterfinder GRĪNDER grinder. N narrow-minded. add -er where appropriate. short-winded. E earthly-minded.) ĪNDLĒ BLĪNDLĒ blindly.Words to Rhyme With KWĪNAL equinal NĪNAL caninal RĪNAL prorhinal. add -d where appropriate. light-minded. Pindar SINDER rescinder. unbinding. evil-minded. worldly-minded RĪNDED rinded WĪNDED winded INDIK INDIK indic SINDIC syndic ĪNĀT BĪNĀT binate KWĪNĀT quinate SPĪNĀT spinate ĪNDING BĪNDING binding. unkindly INCHPIN LINCHPIN linchpin PINCHPIN pinchpin INDLER BRINDLER brindler DWINDLER dwindler KINDLER kindler SPINDLER spindler SWINDLER swindler INDĒ INDĒ indie. uncinching ĪNDER BĪNDER binder. feebleminded. L like-minded. P public-minded. reminder WĪNDER rewinder. R reminded. penny-pinching SINCHING cinching. purblindly KĪNDLĒ kindly. add -ing where appropriate. sinded WINDED long-winded. winded INCHING INCHING inching FLINCHING flinching. sinal SPĪNAL cerebrospinal. F fair-minded. sober-minded. K carnalminded. rekindle RINDL rindle SPINDL spindle SWINDL swindle INDED INCHER PINCHER penny-pincher. vinyl DOUBLE RHYMES. inbinding. bookbinder. stemwinder. viewfinder. low-minded. interscinded. M minded.) BRINDED brinded SINDED abscinded. H high-minded. singleminded. FR free-minded. cinder ĪNDLES (See ĪND. TR travel-minded. unflinching KLINCHING clinching LYNCHING lynching PINCHING pinching. add -less where appropriate. piscinal. B bloodyminded.) INĀT INĀT innate PINĀT pinnate INDL BINDL bindle BRINDL brindle DINDL dindle DWINDL dwindle FINDL findal KINDL enkindle. ST strong-minded. rescinded. W weak-minded. spellbinder BLĪNDER blinder FĪNDER faultfinder. rhinal SĪNAL officinal. upbinding (See ĪND. sidewinder. spinal TĪNAL matutinal. rangefinder. scinded. vinal. Indy HINDĒ Hindi PINDĒ pindy SHINDĒ shindy SINDĒ Sindhi WINDĒ windy INDER DINDER dinder FLINDER flinder HINDER hinder LINDER linder PINDER pinder. D double-minded. kindle. self-blinded. bookbinding. snowblinded TINDER tinder WINDER winder MĪNDED A alike-minded. finder. unkinder MĪNDER minder. lofty-minded.) 285 . pathfinder. organ-grinder HĪNDER hinder KĪNDER kinder. winder INDLD (See INDL. exscinded. serotinal TRĪNAL trinal VĪNAL polyvinyl. earthy-minded. S simple-minded. ĪNDLES ĪNDED BLĪNDED blinded.

add -ing where appropriate. winner INDLING (See INDL. O outliner. supiner SHĪNER shiner SHRĪNER Shriner SĪNER assigner. dinner INGBANG BINGBANG bingbang JINGBANG jingbang FINER finner GINER aginner. starshiny INFLIK SINFLIK sin-flick SKINFLIK skin-flick SĪNĒ sine SPĪNĒ spiny TĪNĒ tiny TWĪNĒ twiny VĪNĒ viny WĪNĒ winy INFUL SINFUL sinful SKINFUL skinful INER INĒ BLINĒ blinny BRINĒ brinny CHINĒ chinny FINĒ finny GINĒ guinea. loving kindness. New Guinea GRINĒ grinny INER iner DINER after-dinner. resigner. L liner. mini NINĒ ninny. sunshiny. airliner. before-dinnner. pulviner. intertwiner. sandblindness. consigner. shop window. forty-niner. viner WĪNER winer ZĪNER designer. I eyeliner. STR streamliner. cosigner. semiblindness. refiner HWĪNER whiner KLĪNER incliner. confiner. condigner FĪNER definer. unkindness INDŌ LINDŌ lindo RINDŌ tamarindo WINDŌ french window. humble-pieness SHĪNES shyness SLĪNES slyness SPRĪNES spryness (See ĪNUS. minor. twiner. FR freightliner. J jetliner. underminer NĪNER benigner. wringbolt 286 . color blindness. snow blindness KĪNDNES kindness. countersigner. designer. minute PINET pinnet SPINET spinet ĪNĒ BRĪNĒ briny HĪNĒ heinie HWĪNĒ whiney LĪNĒ liney. W one-liner MĪNER miner. shiny. saturniner PĪNER opiner. pickaninny PINĒ pinny PLINĒ Pliny SHINĒ shinny SINĒ cine SKINĒ skinny SKWINĒ squinny SPINĒ spinney TINĒ tinny VINĒ vinny ĪNES DRĪNES dryness FĪNES finis GĪNES wise-guyness HĪNES highness PĪNES apple-pieness. finer.) ĪNDNES BLĪNDNES blindness. untwiner VĪNER diviner. jinni LINĒ linhay MINĒ ignominy. aligner. outliney MĪNĒ miny PĪNĒ piny SHĪNĒ moonshiny. piner. beginner GRINER grinner JINER ginner PINER pinner INGBŌLT KINGBŌLT kingbolt RINGBŌLT ringbolt. recliner LĪNER A aquiliner. INDLING Words to Rhyme With SHINER shinner SINER sinner SKINER muleskinner. window HINĒ hinny HWINĒ whinny JINĒ ginny. skinner SPINER spinner THINER thinner TINER tinner TWINER twinner WINER breadwinner.) ĪNER BĪNER combiner DĪNER diner. resigner INDRIFT SPINDRIFT spindrift WINDRIFT windrift INET INET innit LINET linnet MINET light-minute. H headliner. purblindness.DOUBLE RHYMES. P penny-a-liner. Y underliner. repiner. M maligner. night blindness. signer TWĪNER entwiner.

churinga. malinger INGGLER JINGGLER jingler MINGGLER intermingler. Santo Domingo RINGGŌ eryngo. Meistersinger. Ringo STINGGŌ stingo INGGLD DINGGLD dingled JINGGLD jingled MINGGLD immingled. surcingle SPRINGGL espringal. winger ZINGER zinger PINGGL pingle PRINGGL pringle SHINGGL reshingle. springal SWINGGL swingle TINGGL tingle TRINGGL tringle TWINGGL twingle INGGŌ BINGGŌ bingo DINGGŌ dingo. folksinger. mingled INGING SINGING singing. cincture. bingy DINGGĒ dinghy INGKCHERD SINGKCHERD encinctured. forefinger. humdinger FLINGER flinger HWINGER whinger KLINGER clinger PINGER pinger RINGER bell ringer. rock singer. drop -e and add -ing where appropriate. intermingle. commingler. right-winger. swing-dingle JINGGL jingal. Kriss Kringle LINGGL lingel. malingered INGGLING (See INGGL. second-stringer. commingle. choir singer. mastersinger. singer SLINGER gunslinger. mudslinger. punk singer. mingler INGGERD FINGGERD fingered. commingled.) INGGA HINGGA anhinga RINGGA alcheringa. ringer. springer STINGER stinger STRINGER first-stinger. rosy-fingered. ladyfinger LINGGER linger. news bringer INGGLISH INGGLISH English TINGGLISH tinglish YINGGLISH Yinglish DINGER dinger. light-fingered. jazz singer. scat-singing (See ING. binghy. clothes-wringer. syringa TINGGA cotinga SHINGGLD shingled SINGGLD singled SWINGGLD swingled TINGGLD tingled INGKCHER LINGKCHER lincture.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. blues singer. minnesinger. stringer SWINGER swinger WINGER left-winger. inkslinger. untinctured 287 . fire bringer.) INGGL INGGL ingle BINGGL bingle DINGGL dingle. index finger. intermingled. uncincture INGGLĒ DINGGLĒ dingly JINGGLĒ jingly MINGGLĒ mingly SHINGGLĒ shingly SINGGLĒ singly TINGGLĒ tingly TINGKCHER tincture. uncinctured TINGCHERD tinctured. untincture INGGĒ BINGGĒ bingey. pollincture SINGKCHER encincture. Mandingo GRINGGŌ gringo JINGGŌ jingo LINGGŌ lingo MINGGŌ flamingo. cinctured. jingle KRINGGL cringle. lingle MINGGL immingle. mingle INGER BLINGER blinger BRINGER bringer. web-fingered PINGGLER pingler SHINGGLER shingler TINGGLER tingler LINGGERD lingered. slinger. add -ing where appropriate. unslinger SPRINGER klipspringer. wringer SINGER ballad singer. opera singer. hashslinger. fishfinger. INGKCHERD INGĒ BINGĒ bingy DINGĒ dinghy KLINGĒ clinghy PINGĒ pingy RINGĒ ringy SINGĒ singy SPRINGĒ springy STINGĒ stingy STRINGĒ stringy SWINGĒ swingy WINGĒ wingy ZINGĒ zingy INGGER FINGGER finger. shingle SINGGL single.

wrinkle SPRINGKL besprinkle. INGKL INGKL inkle KINGKL kinkle KRINGKL crinkle RINGKL unwrinkle. INGKĒ Words to Rhyme With INGKĒ INGKĒ inky BLINGKĒ blinky CHINGKĒ chinky DINGKĒ dinkey. Oxyrhynchus. linker PINGKER pinker PLINGKER plinker PRINGKER prinker RINGKER rinker SHRINGKER headshrinker. dinky HINGKĒ hinky KINGKĒ kinky LINGKĒ lingky MINGKĒ minky PINGKĒ pinky SINGKĒ Helsinki. relinquence PINGKWENS propinquence 288 . shrinker SINGKER sinker SKINGKER skinker SLINGKER slinker STINGKER stinker SWINGKER swinker THINGKER bethinker. winker INGKUS INGKERD BLINGKERD blinkard. We never grasp the nettle. indistinctly INGKING (See INGK. centrifugal force pulls it away. ornithorhyncous. indistinctness INGKTŪR INGKLER INGKLER inkler RINGKLER wrinkler SPRINGKLER sprinkler STRINGKLER strinkler TINGKLER tinkler TWINGKLER twinkler (See INGKCHER) INGKTŪRD (See INGKCHERD) TINGKER tinker WINGKER hoodwinker. Rip Van Winkle. ’Round thee my revolutions run. The push and pull go on and on. As planet gyres about its sun. sinky SLINGKĒ slinky STINGKĒ stinky TWINGKĒ Twinkie WINGKĒ winky ZINGKĒ zinky INGKIJ LINGKIJ linkage SHRINGKIJ shrinkage SINGKIJ sinkage INGTLĒ SINGTLĒ succinctly TINGTLĒ distinctly. oxyrhyncous SINGKUS scincous ZINGKUS zincous INGKĪD BLINGKĪD blink-eyed PINGKĪD pink-eyed INGKŌ CHINGKŌ pachinko GINGKŌ gingko PINGKŌ pinko INGKWENS LINGKWENS delinquence. add -ing where appropriate. blinkered TINGKERD tinkered INGKLING (See INGKL. And yet as force centripetal Draws heart to waiting heart. And ’round and ’round again.DOUBLE RHYMES. Or cock about his hen. tiddledywinker. thinker INGKLĒ KRINGKLĒ crinkly PINGKLĒ pinkly RINGKLĒ wrinkly TINGKLĒ tinkly TWINGKLĒ twinkly INGKTNES SINGTNES succinctness TINGTNES distinctness. sprinkle STRINGKL strinkle TINGKL tinkle TWINGKL twinkle WINGKL periwinkle. winkle INGKER INGKER inker BLINGKER blinker DRINGKER drinker JINGKER jinker KLINGKER clinker LINGKER enlinker.) RINGKUS Ornithorhynchus. add -ing where appropriate.) CENTRIPETAL—CENTRIFUGAL Centripetal force pulls an object toward the center of a circular path. freethinker. A counter-force centrifugal Keeps pulling us apart. I fear we two shall ne’er be one Centrifugalipetal.

Jacobinic. porcelainic MINIK Brahminic. diactinic. zeppelinist (See IN. rabbinic DINIK dinic. Finnish. add -ing where appropriate. add -less where appropriate. apopemptoclinic. constringent. clinic. Sinic. add -less where appropriate. add -ing where appropriate.) INIS FINIS finis PINIS pinnace INGLING KINGLING kingling RINGLING Ringling WINGLING wingling INJER INJER injure FRINJER fringer.) INJING (See INJ. histaminic PINIK pinic RINIK mandarinic SINIK phylocynic. add -ning where appropriate. relinquent PINGKWENT propinquent INJĒ DINJĒ dingy FRINJĒ fringy KRINJĒ cringy MINJĒ mingy STINJĒ stingy TWINJĒ twingey INGKWISH LINGKWISH relinquish VINGKWISH vinquish INJENS PINJENS impingence STRINJENS astringence. monoclinic. cynic. succinic. Odinic ĪNĪT FĪNĪT finite KRĪNĪT crinite TWĪNĪT twi-night INJLES (See INJ. fulminic. restringent INGLET DINGLET dinglet KINGLET kinglet RINGLET ringlet SPRINGLET springlet WINGLET winglet INING WINING breadwinning. isoclinic. actinic. INJLES FINIK delphinic. finick. stringence TINJENS contingence INGLĒ (See ING.) 289 . contingent. winning (See IN.) INGLES (See ING.) INIK BINIK albinic.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. add -est or -ist where appropriate. narcotinic. platinic VINIK vinic INGKWENT LINGKWENT delinquent. polyclinic. nicotinic.) INJENT FINJENT fingent FRINJENT fringent. encrinic KWINIK quinic LINIK pollinic. hematinic. triclinic KRINIK endocrinic. add -ly where appropriate. refringent MINJENT retromingent PINJENT impingent RINJENT ringent STRINJENT stringent TINJENT attingent.) ĪNING (See ĪN. Finnic KINIK kinic KLINIK clinic. TINIK adiactinic. tingent TRINJENT astringent. infringer HINJER hinger JINJER ginger KRINJER cringer PINJER impinger SINJER singer SPRINJER springer SWINJER swinger TINJER tinger TWINJER twinger INISH FINISH finish. refinish MINISH diminish THINISH thinnish TINISH tinnish INGTĪM RINGTĪM ringtime SPRINGTĪM springtime ĪNIK KĪNIK PĪNIK TĪNIK VĪNIK kinic pinic neoteinic vinic INIST BINIST Jacobinist LINIST violinist.

DOUBLE RHYMES. top minnow WINŌ winnow INTED TINTED rainbow-tinted. superfineness LĪNNES salineness NĪNNES benignness PĪNNES supineness VĪNNES divineness INSTER MINSTER minster. refinement LĪNMENT alignment. add -ing where appropriate. INJMENT Words to Rhyme With INJMENT FRINGJMENT infringement HINJMENT hingement. realignment INSING (See INS.) SHRĪNMENT enshrinement SĪNMENT assignment. linty MINTĒ minty SHINTĒ shinty SINTĒ teosinte SKWINTĒ squinty SPLINTĒ splinty TINTĒ tinty ĪNŌ BĪNŌ albino. sabino FĪNŌ damfino RĪNŌ rhino TĪNŌ Taino WĪNŌ wino PĪNLĒ supinely VĪNLĒ divinely INLĒ INLĒ inly THINLĒ thinly TWINLĒ twinly INŌ MINŌ minnow. add -less where appropriate. withinness TWINNES twinness (See INTIJ) INTAL (See INTL) ĪNLĒ DĪNLĒ condignly FĪNLĒ finely. add -ed where appropriate. consignment TWĪNMENT entwinement. genuineness KINNES akinness LINNES masculineness NINNES feminineness THINNES thinness. Axminster. caninely. unbenignly INTĒ FLINTĒ flinty GLINTĒ glinty LINTĒ lintie. interlinement. superfinely LĪNLĒ aquilinely. malignly NĪNLĒ benignly.) INSER MINSER mincer PINSER pincer RINSER rinser VINSER convincer WINSER wincer INLES (See IN.) INTER INTER inter DINTER dinter 290 . tinted (See INT.) ĪNLES (See ĪN. saturninely. intertwinement ZĪNMENT designment. rosy-tinted. malignment. Westminster ĪNKROUND PĪNKROUND pine-crowned VĪNKROUND vine-crowned SPINSTER spinster INLAND INLAND inland FINLAND Finland VINLAND Vinland INTAJ INNES INNES inness. resignment INSKĒ INSKĒ buttinsky LINSKĒ kolinsky MINSKĒ Minsky WINSKĒ Lewinski ĪNKLAD PĪNKLAD pine-clad VĪNKLAD vine-clad ĪNNES DĪNNES condignness FĪNNES fineness. unhingement PINJMENT impingement STRINJMENT perstringement TRINJMENT astringement ĪNMENT FĪNMENT confinement. add -less where appropriate.

imprinter.AL) INTŌ PINTŌ pinto SHINTŌ Shinto TINTŌ mezzotinto INYUN JINYUN Carthaginian. platyrhinous ĪON (See ĪAN) INTL JINTL Septuagintal.Words to Rhyme With FLINTER flinter GLINTER glinter HINTER hinter LINTER linter MINTER minter PINTER Pinter PRINTER printer. pinioned. overwinter.Ē) PINYUN opinion.AN) INTHIK RINTHIK labyrinthic SINTHIK absinthic INYUND MINYUND dominioned. mignon. incinus SPĪNUS spinous TĪNUS laurustinus ĪOR (See ĪER) 291 . unsinewed TINŪD discontinued. pignon. minion. minioned PINYUND opinioned. tinter TWINTER twinter VINTER vinter WINTER mid-winter. add -ing where appropriate. monoclinous ĪOL (See ĪAL) INTING (See INT. mezzotinter. selfopinioned INŪ FINŪ finew SINŪ sinew. continued INTĪD FLINTĪD flint-eyed SKWINTĪD squint-eyed ĪŌ ĪŌ Io BĪŌ bio HĪŌ heigh-ho. hyacinthine INZĒ KWINZĒ quinsy LINZĒ linsey INŪD FINŪD finewed SINŪD sinewed.) KLĪNUS patroclinus KWĪNUS Aquinas LĪNUS botulinus. lintle PINTL pintle SINTL scintle SKINTL skintle WINTL wintle DOUBLE RHYMES. vinous (See ĪNES) INYAL INYAL original (See IN'I. trigintal KWINTAL quintal SĪNUS sinus. pinion. unsinew TINŪ discontinue. minyan INTRĒ SPINTRĒ spintry VINTRĒ vintry WINTRĒ wintry (See IN'TER. continue INTHIN BINTHIN terebinthine RINTHIN labyrinthine SINTHIN absinthine. ĪOR VĪNUS pulvinus. teleprinter SINTER sinter SKWINTER squinter SPLINTER splinter SPRINTER sprinter STINTER stinter TINTER aquatinter. mesorhinous. pinyon (See IN'I. Ohio KLĪŌ Clio ĪNUS INTIJ MINTIJ mintage SPLINTIJ splintage TINTIJ tintage VINTIJ vintage BĪNUS binous BRĪNUS gambrinous DĪNUS dinus FĪNUS delphinus KĪNUS echinus. Virginian MINYUN dominion. matroclinous. linous. salinous MĪNUS minus PĪNUS Pinus RĪNUS dirhinous. winter LINTL lintel.

stereotyper. Yom Kippur KLIPER clipper KWIPER quipper LIPER lipper NIPER gallinipper. tripper YIPER yipper ZIPER zipper ĪOT (See ĪET) ĪOUT BĪOUT buy-out TRĪOUT tryout ĪPA NĪPA nipa PĪPA pipa RĪPA ripa STĪPA Stipa ĪPED BĪPED biped PĪPED parallelepiped STRĪPED striped IPAJ (See IPIJ) ĪPEND RĪPEND ripened STĪPEND stipend IPERD KIPERD kippered SKIPERD skippered SLIPERD slippered ĪPAL (See ĪPL) ĪPER GRĪPER griper HĪPER hyper KĪPER Kuiper PĪPER bagpiper. yippy ZIPĒ zippy KIPER kipper. swiper TĪPER daguerreotyper. phonotypy. ripper SHIPER shipper SIPER sipper SKIPER mudskipper. ĪOT Words to Rhyme With NIPĒ nippy. chromotypy. daguerreotypy. sandpiper RĪPER riper SNĪPER sniper STRĪPER striper SWĪPER sideswiper. stripper SWIPER swipper TIPER tipper TRIPER daytripper. sippet SKIPET skippet SNIPET snippet TIPET tippet TRIPET trippet IPANT FLIPANT flippant TRIPANT trippant ĪPĒ GRĪPĒ gripy PĪPĒ pipy STRĪPĒ stripy SWĪPĒ swipy TĪPĒ antitypy. dipper. electrotyper. slipper SNIPER snipper STRIPER outstripper. Ypres IPHOP HIPHOP hip-hop TRIPHOP trip-hop IPER CHIPER chipper DIPER Big Dipper. polytypy VĪPER Russell’s viper. hipper-dipper DRIPER dripper FLIPER flipper FRIPER fripper GIPER gipper GRIPER gripper HIPER hipper HWIPER horsewhipper. skipper SLIPER lady’s-slipper. wiper. Xanthippe TRIPĒ trippy YIPĒ yippee. Aganippe PIPĒ pippy SHIPĒ shippy SIPĒ Mississippi SLIPĒ slippy SNIPĒ snippy THIPĒ Xanthippe TIPĒ tippy.DOUBLE RHYMES. monotyper. whipper JIPER gypper IPĒ CHIPĒ chippy DIPĒ dippy DRIPĒ drippy GRIPĒ grippy HIPĒ hippie. hippy KLIPĒ klippe LIPĒ lippy IPIJ CHIPIJ chippage KIPIJ kippage KWIPIJ equipage SKRIPIJ scrippage SLIPIJ slippage STRIPIJ strippage 292 . viper WĪPER windshield wiper. typer IPET HWIPET whippet LIPET microlipet PIPET pipit RIPET rippet SIPET incipit. linotyper. yippie. nipper RIPER Jack the Ripper. piper.

cripple NIPL nipple PIPL pipple RIPL ripple IPMENT GRIPMENT gripment KWIPMENT equipment SHIPMENT shipment. add -less where appropriate. D description. E electrotypic.) IPON JIPON gipon NIPON Nippon SHIPON shippon SLIPON slip-on IPISH GRIPISH grippish HIPISH hippish KWIPISH quippish SNIPISH snippish IPLES (See IP. add -ing where appropriate. add -less where appropriate. swipple THRIPL thripple TIPL tipple TRIPL triple IPIK DIPIK adipic HIPIK hippic LIPIK philippic TIPIK A atypic.) IPSĒ IPSĒ ipse DIPSĒ dipsey.) IPL FIPL fipple GRIPL gripple KRIPL becripple. ectypal. transshipment IPSIS KRIPSIS krypsis LIPSIS ellipsis 293 . homeotypic. R rescription. sipple STIPL stipple SWIPL swiple. holotypic. add -ing where appropriate. J genotypic. add -ing where appropriate. typal IPSHUN JIPSHUN Egyptian NIPSHUN conniption KRIPSHUN A ascription. F phenotypic. prototypal. H heterotypic. homotypic. D daguerreotypic. dipsie. stereotypic. T teletranscription. proscription. P polytypic. SK scription. TR transcription IPLING KIPLING Kipling STRIPLING stripling (See IPL. I idiotypic.) RIPOF ripoff TIPOF tipoff IPING (See IP. subscription. dipsy HIPSĒ hipsy JIPSĒ gypsy KIPSĒ Poughkeepsie TIPSĒ tipsy IPJAK HWIPJAK whipjack SKIPJAK skipjack IPLET CHIPLET chiplet LIPLET liplet RIPLET ripplet SIPLET siplet STRIPLET striplet TIPLET tiplet TRIPLET triplet ĪPL RĪPL ripal SĪPL disciple STĪPL stipel TĪPL archetypal.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES.) ĪPLES (See ĪP. T typic ĪPŌ HĪPŌ hypo TĪPŌ typo IPŌ IPLĒ KRIPLĒ cripply RIPLĒ ripply STIPLĒ stipply TRIPLĒ triply HIPŌ hippo JIPŌ gippo LIPŌ filippo SHIPŌ shippo ĪPING PĪPING Peiping (See ĪP. I inscription.) IPOF IPLER (See IPL. PR prescription. superscription. K conscription. IPSIS SIPL participle. M monotypic. S circumscription. add -r where appropriate. ST stenotypic. phonotypic.

enquiry. sinistrogyrate. eery. rangatira (See IRA) Words to Rhyme With ĪRĒ ĪRĒ eyrie. perspiry. expirant. virent ÎRA ÎRA era DÎRA Madeira GÎRA gerah HÎRA Hera LÎRA galera. Protohippus. ERIL) LIPUS philippus ĪRA ĪRA eyra BĪRA beira DĪRA daira JĪRA hegira. inquiry MĪRĒ miry NĪRĒ praemunire. glyptic KLIPTIK ecliptic KRIPTIK holocryptic. Dundreary JÎRĒ jeery KÎRĒ bokmakierie. leery PÎRĒ peri RÎRĒ miserere SÎRĒ seri. hippus. dextrogyrate. cryptic.Ē) IPSTER HWIPSTER whipster KWIPSTER quipster TIPSTER tipster IRA IPSTIK DIPSTIK dipstick LIPSTIK lipstick LIRA tirra-lira SIRA sirrah WIRA wirra (See ÎRA) ÎRĒ ÎRĒ aerie. leary. wearied. spirant YÎRĒ cavaliere ÎRĒD KWÎRĒD queried WÎRĒD unwearied. circumgyrate IREL SIREL Cyril SKWIREL squirrel VIREL virile 294 . kyrie IPTIK DIPTIK diptych GLIPTIK anaglyptic. iatroliptic. sera SKLÎRA sclera TÎRA hetaera. world-wearied TĪRANT archtyrant. overweary. keiri.DOUBLE RHYMES. chiral PĪRAL papyral SPĪRAL spiral STĪRAL styryl TĪRAL retiral VĪRAL viral STIPTIK hypostyptic. IPSTER STIPSIS stypsis TRIPSIS tripsis MÎRA chimera PÎRA lempira SHÎRA asherah SÎRA phylloxera. spirogyra LĪRA Lyra MĪRA almirah. lira ĪRĀT ĪRĀT irate JĪRĀT agyrate. forweary. life-weary. Erie. Epihippus. styptic TRIPTIK triptych IPUS HIPUS Eohippus. palmyra TĪRA hetaera. expiry. harakiri. kiri. polyptych ĪRAL JĪRAL gyral. world-weary ĪRANT JĪRANT gyrant KWĪRANT enquirent PĪRANT aspirant. spiry WĪRĒ wiry (See I'ER. hemispheral JÎRAL vicegeral SFÎRAL spheral SÎRAL ceral SKLÎRAL scleral (See AREL. procryptic LIPTIK apocalyptic. tayra KWÎRĒ query LÎRĒ whigmaleery. theory SPÎRĒ speary TÎRĒ hetaerae. eerie. gyrate. allochiral. deary DRÎRĒ dreary. Dies Irae DĪRĒ dairi KĪRĒ kairi KWĪRĒ acquiry. siri SFÎRĒ sphery SMÎRĒ smeary SNÎRĒ sneery THÎRĒ metatheory. polygyral KĪRAL achiral. teary VÎRĒ veery WÎRĒ aweary. conspirant. elliptic. tyrant VĪRANT sempivirent. venire SKWĪRĒ squiry SPĪRĒ expiree. weary. war-wearid. Proterohippus ÎRAL ÎRAL eral FÎRAL feral. eyrie BÎRĒ beery BLÎRĒ bleary CHÎRĒ cheery DÎRĒ dearie.

) IRID ÎRER (See ÎR. panegyric. pierage RÎRIJ arrearage STÎRIJ steerage ĪRĒN ĪRĒN irene. coherent JÎRENT gerent. incoherent. Pyrrhic. disappearance. uncheerful FÎRFUL fearful. series. add -er where appropriate. unfearful SNÎRFUL sneerful TÎRFUL tearful IRIL (See IREL) ĪRENT (See ĪRANT) ĪRING (See ĪR. incoherence. reappearance RÎRENS arrearance VÎRENS perseverance ÎRFUL ÎRFUL earful CHÎRFUL cheerful. Irene KĪRĒN kairine. inadherent. empiric. kyrine PĪRĒN pyrene SKWĪRĒN squireen STĪRĒN polystyrene.) ÎRĪD BLÎRĪD blear-eyed KLÎRĪD clear-eyed TÎRĪD tear-eyed ĪRIS ĪRIS iris SĪRIS Osiris. inherent. vicegerent KWÎRENT querent VÎRENT perseverant ÎRING BÎRING Bering (See ÎR. add -ing where appropriate.) ĪRID ĪRID irid MĪRID mormyrid VĪRID sempervirid. gyric. Cyrus (See ĪRUS) ĪRER (See ĪR.) ĪRISH ĪRISH Irish SKWĪRISH squirish IRID irid VIRID virid 295 . add -er where appropriate. styrene ÎRĒZ DÎRĒZ dearies DRÎRĒZ dundrearies HÎRĒZ heres KWÎRWĒZ queries SÎRĒZ Ceres. satiric. spagyric lyric diapiric.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. inherence. vampiric butyric. virid ZĪRID xyrid ÎRENT HÎRENT adherent. photogyric. mini-series. nonappearance. ĪRISH ĪRĒM BĪRĒM bireme TRĪRĒM trireme ÎRES PÎRES peeress SÎRES seeress ÎRIJ KLÎRIJ clearage PÎRIJ peerage. coherence LIRIK PIRIK TIRIK ZIRIK KLÎRENS clearance PÎRENS appearance. satyric xeric (See ERIK) ĪRFUL ĪRFUL ireful DĪRFUL direful ZĪRFUL desireful ÎRENS FÎRENS interference HÎRENS adherence. World Series ĪRIK NĪRIK oneiric PĪRIK epeiric ĪREN (See ĪRUN) WÎRĒZ wearies IRIK JIRIK argyric. add -ing where appropriate.

piercer 296 .) ĪRMENT KWĪRMENT acquirement. “I die!” Next day you’ll find him doing well Inside some other hermit shell. Rio de Janeiro RÎRŌ riroriro SÎRŌ cero ZÎRŌ absolute zero. add -less where appropriate. “I faint!”. dear. hero. ĪRIST Words to Rhyme With ĪRIST ĪRIST irised JĪRIST gyrist. He moans. If you expose him to the sky.DOUBLE RHYMES. sincerely TÎRLĒ austerely VÎRLĒ severely YÎRLĒ yearly ĪRNES DĪRNES direness TĪRNES entireness IRŌS JĪRŌS gyrose VĪRŌS virose ÎRNES DÎRNES dearness KLÎRNES clearness KWÎRNES queerness NÎRNES nearness ÎRSER FÎRSER fiercer PÎRSER ear-piercer. requirement MĪRMENT bemirement TĪRMENT attirement.) SÎRNES sincereness TÎRNES austereness VÎRNES severeness ÎRLES IRIST JIRIST panegyrist LIRIST lyrist (See ÎR. chirho PĪRŌ pyro TĪRŌ tyro VĪRŌ enviro ĪRLING HĪRLING hireling SKWĪRLING squireling IRIT MIRIT Meerut SPIRIT spirit TIRIT tirrit ÎRLING SHÎRLING shearling STÎRLING steerling YÎRLING yearling ÎRŌ HÎRŌ anti-hero. Pinero. zero ĪRLĒ DĪRLĒ direly SKWĪRLĒ squirely TĪRLĒ entirely ĪRMAN FĪRMAN fireman NĪRMAN venireman ON THE HERMIT CRAB The hermit crab lives safely curled Inside the shell that is his world.) ĪRŌ BĪRŌ biro JĪRŌ giro. below zero. gyro. retirement ĪRŌD BĪRŌD byroad HĪRŌD highroad ÎROID ÎRMENT DÎRMENT endearment SÎRMENT cerement SFÎROID spheroid STÎROID steroid THÎROID theroid TÎROID pteroid VÎROID viroid ÎRLĒ CHÎRLĒ cheerly DÎRLĒ dearly DRÎRLĒ drearly KLÎRLĒ clearly KWÎRLĒ queerly LÎRLĒ cavalierly MÎRLĒ merely NÎRLĒ nearly SÎRLĒ insincerely. above zero. subzero. I am frailer absolutely than the hermit crab. (Come back. magirist LĪRIST lyrist ĪRLES (See ĪR. autogyro KĪRŌ Cairo. he groans. add -less where appropriate. superhero KÎRŌ chirho LÎRŌ lillibullero NÎRŌ Nero.

cirrus SKIRUS scirrhus ISEZ MISEZ misses. viron ISA BRISA vibrissa MISA Missa RISA paterissa SISA abscissa TISA mantissa HISENT dehiscent. cicer. add -s or -es where appropriate. kisser MISER dismisser. (See IS. hisser KISER kissar. self-sacrificer GĪSER geyser NĪSER nicer PRĪSER pricer RĪSER ricer SĪSER conciser. indehiscence NISENS reminiscence LĪSFUL TĪSFUL RĪSFUL VĪSFUL lice-full enticeful rice-full deviceful ÎRZMAN STÎRZMAN steersman TÎRZMAN frontiersman. siren VĪRUN environ. privateersman 297 . icer DĪSER dicer FĪSER sacrificer. potato-slicer. missy NISĒ nisse PRISĒ prissy SISĒ sissy IRUS BIRUS byrrus SIRUS cirrhous. nisi PRĪSĒ pricey RĪSĒ ricy SPĪSĒ spicy VĪSĒ vice ĪSER deicer. reviviscent IRUP CHIRUP chirrup SIRUP syrup STIRUP stirrup ĪSER ĪSĀL SKĪSĀL skysail TRĪSĀL trysail (See also ĪSL) ĪRUS JĪRUS gyrus PĪRUS apyrous. virous. indehiscent NISENT reminiscent PISENT resipiscent TISENT fatiscent VISENT obliviscent. Mrs.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. splicer TĪSER enticer ÎRUS SÎRUS serous SKLÎRUS sclerous ISER HISER dehiscer. papyrus SĪRUS Cyrus SPĪRUS spirous VĪRUS ultravirus. missus. virus ĪSĒ ĪSĒ icy DĪSĒ dicey. ISON) ĪSFUL ISENS HISENS dehiscence. Cicer SLĪSER meat-slicer. reviviscence ISENT ĪRUN ĪRUN iron BĪRUN Byron KĪRUN Chiron SĪRUN lepidosiren. ĪSFUL ĪRSUM ĪRSUM iresome TĪRSUM tiresome ZĪRSUM desiresome ĪSA BĪSA beisa DĪSA dhaisa MĪSA Meissa PISENS resipiscence TISENS fatiscence VISENS obliviscence. remisser NISER reminiscer PISER pisser ISĒ HISĒ hissy KISĒ kissy MISĒ missi. misser. dicy NĪSĒ Nisei.) ĪRWERKS FĪRWERKS fireworks WĪRWERKS wireworks ISEN (See ISIN. slicer SPĪSER spicer SPLĪSER resplicer. preciser. Epirus. vegetable-slicer.

agglutinition. reunition. mathematician. official. irremission. ambition. L logistician. rhetorician. expedition. tribunicial STISHAL interstitial. transition STISHUN superstition TISHUN A aglutition. P pyrotechnician. M mechanician. unartificial. PR proficient. demolition. E exinanition. unblissful MISFUL remissful ISHENT FISHENT B beneficient. I indeficient. circuition. E expromission. remission. wishing ISHAN (See ISHUN) ISHĒ BISHĒ Mitsubishi DISHĒ dishy FISHĒ fishy RISHĒ maharishi. ratihabition. veneficial LISHAL gentilitial. prospicience ISHUN ISHUN exspuition. deperition. Paulician. PR precondition. PR precognition. deperdition. TR tribunitian PISHUN suspicion PRISHUN Priscian RISHUN apparition. insufficient. O optician. ebullition. selfsufficience NISHENS omniscience SPISHENS perspicience. epinicion. preterition. ammunition. TR transmission. beautician. E equipartition. rubrician 298 . P perdition. mission. M manumission. P permission. illinition. I ignition. sacrificial. futurition. dentition. unjudicial FISHAL artificial. TR tradition. O audition. KL clinician. departition. D definition. well-wisher. politician. T technician. euphelicia MISHA comitia STISHA interstitia ISHAL DISHAL extrajudicial. Titian. tuition BISHUN adhibition. recrementitial. maleficience. premonition. policial MISHAL comitial. repetition. accrementition. recondition. natalitial. mortician. M maleficient. R reddition. S submission. well-wishing. fruition. monition. intromission. subaudition. proficience. affinition. coefficient. D dedentition. S self-sufficient. wisher ISHFUL DISHFUL dishful WISHFUL wishful ISHING DISHING dishing FISHING fishing HWISHING whishing SKWISHING squishing SWISHING swishing WISHING ill-wishing. coition. admonition. vomiturition SISHUN abscission. H hydrostatician. arithmetician. inanition. K commission. M magnetition. coalition. ISFUL Words to Rhyme With ISFUL BLISFUL blissful. B bipartition. V vomition NISHUN A abannition. S submonition. R repartition. deglutition.DOUBLE RHYMES. parturition. acoustician. sufficient JISHENT objicient LISHENT volitient NISHENT omniscient VISHENT parviscient DISHUN A addition. micturition. rishi SKWISHĒ squishy SWISHĒ swishy VISHĒ vichy. TR tralatition. diagnostician. Galician. dismission. kingfisher SWISHER swisher WISHER ill-wisher. academician. beneficial. K cognition. rendition. erudition. edificial. prohibition. F Phoenician. volition MISHUN A admission. N neoplatonician. exhibition. superficial. emission. dialectition. R readmission. superaddition. PR practition. unofficial. TH theoretician. magician LISHUN abolition. justicial TRISHAL altricial VISHAL novitial ZISHAL exitial ISHER DISHER disher FISHER fisher. D dedition. O obdormition. esthetician. redhibition BRISHUN Hebrician. R recognition. nuclear fission JISHUN logician. inefficient. dietitian. ST statistician. intermission. munition. Vichy — ISHOO — ISHOO issue — DISHOO Mogadishu — FISHOO fichu — TISHOO tissue ISHENS FISHENS deficience. extradition. nolition. insufficience. K condition. D deficient. intuition. premunition. GL glutition. imbibition. E efficient. inhibition. judicial nonjudicial. K calorificient. P perficient. K competition. S sedition. postcomitial NISHAL initial. inition. rebullition. T tactician. insubmission. I immission. ligurition. V vendition FISHUN binary fission. P partition. prejudicial. fissure. E edition. petition. omission. scission. fission. tripartition ISHA LISHA militia. efficience. S sortition. cosmetician. solstitial TISHAL accrementitial. D demission.

adjectitious. piperitious.AN) subdititious. inofficious. contraposition. PR predisposition. fictitious.) ĪSIN LĪSIN lysin MĪSIN erythromycin. R requisition. cilicious. O obreptitious. suspicious. seditious. natalitious. O omissive. missionary position. obstetrician. auspicious. unsuspicious PLISHUS multiplicious PRISHUS capricious RISHUS avaricious. M malposition. D deglutitious. D demissive. dismissive. ascititious. lateritious. puromycin. unpropitious. R remissive. malnutrition. apposition. F physician. K composition. PR profectitious. S secretitious. M missive. presupposition. identity crisis. detrition. adventitious. metrician. pulicious. siliceous MISHUS pumiceous. hissing KISING kissing MISING dismissing. vermicious NISHUS pernicious. E exititious. sufficing FISIV fissive MISIV A admissive. indecisive. J juxtaposition. Mauritius. interposition. midlife crisis ISIK LISIK silicic NISIK anisic TISIK masticic LĪSIS lysis NĪSIS Dionysus. TR tralatitious TRISHUS meretricious.Words to Rhyme With TRISHUN attrition. add -s where appropriate. S submissive. E emissive. inexplicit ISIL (See ISL) ĪSIV ISHUNZ TISHUNZ antiscians (See ISHUN. PR promissive. pediatrician ZISHUN A acquisition. gentilitious. U unsubmissive PRĪSING pricing RĪSING ricing SLĪSING slicing SPISĪNG spicing SPLĪSING splicing TĪSING enticing. ISKĀT ĪSIS ĪSIS Isis DĪSIS misapodysis FĪSIS physis KRĪSIS energy crisis. D deacquisition. surreptitious. satellitious. mollitious. transition (See IS'I. officious. TR transposition. contrition. decomposition. N non-submissive. K commissive. indicious. nutritious. obstetricious VISHUS novitious. self-sacrificing. R repetitious. epicrisis. O opposition. propitious. geriatrician. injudicious. P permissive. malicious. judicious. I intermissive. geometrician. tetramycin ISHUS BISHUS ambitious BRISHUS lubricious DISHUS expeditious. sericeous STISHUS superstitious TISHUS A addititious. deposition. disposition. adscititious. P position. spadiceous FISHUS beneficious. incisive TRĪSIV cicatrisive VĪSIV divisive ISIV ĪSING ĪSING icing DĪSING dicing FĪSING sacrificing. ascriptitious. supposition. proposition. nutrition. licit. RĪSIN ricin (See ĪSON) LĪSIV collisive RĪSIV derisive SĪSIV decisive. illicit. ticing VĪSING vising ISKAL DISKAL discal FISKAL fiscal FRISKAL friscal LISKAL obeliscal ISING DISING prejudicing HISING dehiscing. electrician. missing NISING reminiscing PISING pissing ISKĀT FISKĀT confiscate PISKĀT expiscate VISKĀT inviscate 299 . E exposition. nisus TĪSUS phthisis ISIT LISIT elicit. I imposition. musician. metaphysician. TR transmissive. arreptitious. veneficious JISHUS flagitious LISHUS delicious. irremissive. indisposition. solicit PLISIT explicit. reposition. preposition. I irreptitious. disquisition. vicious ZISHUS suppositious DOUBLE RHYMES. F factitious. crisis. puniceous PISHUS inauspicious. terramycin. inquisition. ST stillatitious. S superposition. patrician. supposititious. implicit.

ISKĒ Words to Rhyme With ISKĒ FRISKĒ frisky HWISKĒ Bourbon whiskey.DOUBLE RHYMES.) ISKER BRISKER brisker FRISKER frisker HWISKER bewhisker. viscus (See ISL. viseman ISKFUL FRISKFUL friskful RISKFUL riskful ISL BISL abyssal BRISL bristle FISL fissile GRISL gristle HWISL whistle. Scotch whiskey PISKĒ pisky RISKĒ risky ISKŌ BISKŌ Nabisco DISKŌ disco FRISKŌ frisco. overnicely SĪSLĒ concisely. cruise missile. Canadian whiskey. dog biscuit BRISKET brisket FISKET confiscate FRISKET frisket TISKET tisket WISKET wisket ĪSL DĪSL paradisal SKĪSL skys’l TRĪSL trys’l (See ĪSĀL) ĪSMAN ĪSMAN iceman DĪSMAN diceman VĪSMAN viceman. discus FISKUS fiscus KISKUS trohiscus KWISKUS quiscos. cisco ISLĒ BRISLĒ bristly GRISLĒ gristly THISLĒ thistly ISLER ISKUS BISKUS hibiscus DISKUS discous. whiskey. sufficement TĪSMENT enticement ISKIN GRISKIN griskin HWISKIN whiskin SISKIN Franciscan.) ISLING BRISLING brisling. quisquous NISKUS lemniscus. rye whiskey. meniscus SISKUS abaciscus THISKUS calathiscus TISKUS lentiscus VISKUS viscous. scissel. malt whiskey. siskin ISMUS ISMUS isthmus KRISMUS Christmas TRISMUS trismus ISKING BRISKING brisking FRISKING frisking HWISKING whisking RISKING risking ISN GLISN glisten KRISN christen LISN lissen. police whistle. missal. Frisco KRISKŌ Crisco SISKŌ San Francisco. wolf whistle KISL kissel MISL dismissal. scissile. cacomistle. precisely 300 . whisky. mistle NISL Nissl PISL epistle RISL rissel. missile. listen NISN Nisan SISN abscisin TISN datiscin VISN viscin ISKIT (See ISKET) ĪSLĒ NĪSLĒ nicely. grain whiskey. whisker RISKER risker ĪSLES (See ĪS. rissle SISL dickcissle. penny whistle. Irish whiskey. add -less where appropriate. sistle THISL thistle ĪSMENT FĪSMENT self-sufficement. heat-seeking missile. bristling HWISLING whistling ISKET BISKET biscuit. add -er where appropriate. sisal.

pistol. subsistent ZISTANT existent. weak-wristed SISTED assisted. tight-fisted. inexistent. resistant. resisted ISNING GLISNING glistening KRISNING christening LISNING listening ISTAL BRISTAL Bristol DISTAL distal KRISTAL crystal LISTAL listel MISTAL mistal PISTAL pistil. two-fisted ISTA ISNES MISNES remissness THISNES thisness KRISTA crista LISTA ballista NISTA genista RISTA arista VISTA Buena Vista. vista LISTED blacklisted. inconsistent. intertwisted. coexistent. preciseness ISPING (See ISP.) ISTED FISTED fisted.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. untwisted VISTED vistaed ZISTED desisted. magister 301 . white-listed. strong-wristed. nonexistent. insistent. insisted. subsisted. ISTER ĪSNES NĪSNES niceness. water blister GLISTER glister JISTER agistor. consistence. thin-wristed. insistence. twisted. persistent. nonresistant. overniceness SĪSNES conciseness. existed. Sistine THISTĒN amethystine (Also ISTĪN) SISTAL cystal VISTAL vistal ISOM (See ISUM) ISTAN DRISTAN Dristan TRISTAN Tristan ISTENS (See ISTANS) ĪSON BĪSON bison GRĪSON grison HĪSON hyson VĪSON vison (See ĪSIN) ISTANS DISTANS distance. encysted. consistent. thick-wristed. coexistence. persistence. existence. consisted. bistre BLISTER blister. enlisted. spinmeister SHĪSTER shyster ISPER HWISPER stage whisper. unresistant ISTER ISTER Istar BISTER bister. hard-fisted. inconsistence. add -s where appropriate. resistance. equidistant SISTANT assistant. unresistance ISPĒ KRISPĒ crispy LISPĒ lispy WISPĒ wispy ĪSTER HĪSTER heister MĪSTER meister. persistence. unlisted MISTED misted RISTED limp-wristed. listed. preexistent. nonexistence. add -ing where appropriate. nonresistance. subsistence ZISTANS desistance. persisted. assistants. pocket pistol. cysted. equidistance. schlockmeister. unassisted TRISTED trysted TWISTED entwisted. preexisted. water pistol ISNZ LISNZ lissens. relisted. outdistance ISTENT (See ISTANT) SISTANS assistance. iron-fisted. inexistence. close-fisted.) ISTĒN LISTĒN Philistine PRISTĒN pristine SISTĒN cystine. wristed. listens (See ISN. pre-existence. persistent. whisper KRISPER crisper LISPER lisper RISPER risper WISPER wisper ISTANT DISTANT distant.

antiphlogistic. antagonistic. FL floristic. monistic. S syllogistic. nominalistic. D deistic. Judaistic. F familistic. artistic. animistic. Hellenistic. H hypnotistic. resister. M mechanistic. curialistic. Impressionistic. sob-sister. anomalistic. realistic. canonistic. J journalistic. L liberalistic. S solaristic. nihilistic. Mr. K characteristic. J juristic. KW quietistic. somnambulistic. sadomasochistic KRISTIK paleocrystic LISTIK A annalistic. fistic. behavioristic. D dialogistic. U universalistic. E egotistic. solecistic TISTIK A absolutistic. anachronistic. sciolistic. xyster ISTMENT JISTMENT agistment LISTMENT enlistment ISTFUL FISTFUL fistful LISTFUL listful MISTFUL mistful WISTFUL wistful ISTOID HISTOID histoid SISTOID cystoid ISTIK ISTIK A altruistic. tongue-twister. pluralistic. naturalistic. E electroballistic. P pietistic. Y euhemeristic. socialistic. R rationalistic. lister MISTER mister. twister. catechistic. anabaptistic. P paleologistic. D dualistic. M meristic. humanistic. Y eudemonistic. futuristic. sister. N neologistic. P parallelistic. O autistic. ritualistic. bibliopolistic. Jehovistic. synergistic. K casuistic. sensualistic. sadistic. P pantheistic. M monotheistic. R romantistic. B bibliopegistic. cannibalistic. B ballistic. T terroristic. TH theistic. novelistic. heuristic. H Hebraistic. RISTER limp-wrister. H hedonistic. J jingoistic. surrealistic.DOUBLE RHYMES. evangelistic. modernistic. masochistic. optimistic. K cabalistic. dyslogistic. Talmudistic FISTIK philosophistic. relativistic Words to Rhyme With ISTLES LISTLES listless MISTLES mistless TWISTLES twistless ZISTLES resistless TWISTER intertwister. distich. insister. Y eulogistic KISTIK anarchistic. ST statistic TRISTIK belletristic. E epilogistic. half-sister. subsister royalistic. tristich VISTIK atavistic. imperialistic. impressionistic. untwister ZISTER exister. persister. ISTOL (See ISTAL) ISTRAL MISTRAL mistral NISTRAL sinistral ISTRŌ BISTRŌ bistro DISTRŌ distro ISTUS HISTUS anhistous SHISTUS schistous SISTUS rock-cistus. cameralistic. E eristic. B baptistic. poristic. schistic SISTIK cystic. phlogistic. aoristic. cistus THISTUS acathistus ZISTUS xystus ISTIKS JISTIKS sphragistics KISTIKS ekistics (See ISTIK. P polaristic. patristic. V vitalistic MISTIK alchemistic. intermistic. F feuillitonistic. euphemistic NISTIK A agonistic. passive resister. ekistic. pugilistic. monopolistic. S sensationalistic. atheistic. F filiopietistic. P post-impressionistic. add -s where appropriate. capitalistic. KR chromatistic. symbolistic. SH chauvinistic. T Taoistic. achronistic. SP spiritualistic. V voyeuristic. communistic. epideistic. pessimistic. E egoistic. papistic. polytheistic. individualistic. mystic. allegoristic. K Calvinistic. R Romanistic. L Latinistic. TR tritheistic BRISTIK hubristic DISTIK aphrodistic. H humoristic. L logistic. SFR sphragistic. aphoristic. nonresister. touristic. pistic PLISTIK simplistic RISTIK A adiaphoristic. formalistic.) ISTĪN (See ISTĒN) ISŪ — (See ISHOO) ISTL (See ISTAL) ISUM BLISUM blissom KRISUM crissum 302 . foster-sister. commercialistic. fatalistic. hemistich. feudalistic. methodistic. varistor SISTER assister. N nationalistic. moralistic. puristic. communalistic. I idealistic. eucharistic SHISTIK fetishistic. I illuministic. phenomenalistic. I inartistic. Buddhistic. ISTFUL KLISTER clyster LISTER enlister. S synchronistic. M materialistic. F formularistic. unionistic PISTIK philanthropistic. ST stylistic. sophistic GWISTIK linguistic HISTIK Elohistic JISTIK A aphlogistic.

S second-sighted. lignum vitae. quittance MITANS admittance. counterfeited. unaffrighted. unrequited LĪTED alighted. unknighted. unknitted PITED pitted TWITED twitted. O overexcited. city SKITĒ skitty SLITĒ slitty SMRITĒ smriti TITĒ titty TWITĒ twitty WITĒ wittee. self-pity PRITĒ pretty SHITĒ shitty SITĒ inner city. KW quick-sighted. mighty. regritted KWITED acquitted. dited. U unsighted SLĪTED slighted. uncitied ITA LITA lytta PITA pitta SHITA shittah VITA vitta ĪTAL DĪTAL dital FĪTAL microphytal KWĪTAL requital SĪTAL cital. subcommittee. SH sharpsighted. lissome MISSUM fideicommissum DOUBLE RHYMES. transmitted. unacquitted MITED admitted. outfitted. permittance. ditty. N nimble-witted. short-sighted. D dimwitted. candlelighted. KL clear-sighted. Walter Mitty ITĒD DITĒD dittied PITĒD pitied SITĒD citied. God almighty. witty ITED BITED bitted. delighted. reunited. requitted. poditti FLITĒ flitty GRITĒ gritty. unplighted RĪTED copyrighted.Words to Rhyme With LISUM alyssum. remittance. L lean-witted. remitted. rebitted. dullwitted. indited. permitted. detrited VĪTED invited. arbor vitae. trothplighted. entitle. excited. mity NĪTED beknighted. submitted NITED interknitted. dighted. righted. committed. SH sharp-witted. cited. reinvited. lissom. itty-bitty CHITĒ chitty DITĒ banditti. misfitted. refitted. omittance. subtitle. W witted TRĪTAL detrital VĪTAL vital ĪTED BĪTED bighted BLĪTED blighted DĪTED bedighted. ignited. F farsighted. vitae ĪTA LĪTA amalaita RĪTA baryta VĪTA vita ITĒ BITĒ ambitty. unfitted FLITED flitted. fitted. knitted. I incited. unfrighted ITANS KWITANS acquittance. manumitted. quitted. sighted. L longsighted. U under-witted. H halfwitted. oversighted. R readywitted. KW quick-witted. whity LĪTĒ pendente lite MĪTĒ almighty. knighted. R recited. reacquitted. nitty-gritty KITĒ kitty MITĒ committee. unbitted FITED befitted. recital TĪTAL disentitle. title NITĒ nitty PITĒ pity. retwitted WITED A after-witted. emitted. ĪTEM ĪTĒ BLĪTĒ blighty DĪTĒ Aphrodite FLĪTĒ flighty HWĪTĒ whitey. short-witted. unlighted ĪTEM ĪTEM item BLĪTEM Blitum PITANS pittance MĪTED dynamited 303 . frighted. demitted. transmittance HWĪTED whited KĪTED kited KWĪTED requited. benighted. foresighted. Venite RĪTĒ all righty TRĪTĒ Amphitrite VĪTĒ aqua vitae. N nearsighted. reflitted GRITED gritted. bitty. unslighted SPĪTED despited. parasital. nighted. compromitted. undighted ITAL (See ITL) FLĪTED eagle-flighted FRĪTED affrighted. relighted. unrighted SĪTED E eagle-sighted. omitted. unbenighted. spited TRĪTED attrited. indicted. BL blunt-witted. F fat-witted. S subtle-witted. uninvited ĪSUS (See ĪSIS) ISUS BISUS byssus SISUS narcissus NĪTĒ nightie. O outwitted. mistitle. lighted. intercity. sited. united PLĪTED plighted. recommitted. reknitted.

) (TH as in then) BLITHER blither DITHER dither HITHER behither. committer. recommitter. twitter WITTER outwitter ITFUL FITFUL fitful WITFUL witful ĪTHĒ (TH as in then) LĪTHĒ lithy SLĪTHĒ slithy ITEN BITEN bitten. sun-smitten. written. kiter LĪTER gaslighter. terror-smitten. permitter. emitter. chiton KRĪTON Admirable Crichton LĪTEN enlighten. transmitter NITER knitter PITER pitter RITER ritter SITER baby-sitter. niter. ĪTEN NĪTEM ad infinitum SĪTEM quaesitum Words to Rhyme With ITER BITER bitter. quittor LITER litter MITER admitter. frostbitten. add -ies where appropriate. prizefighter KĪTER check kiter. omitter. unmiter. house-sitter. Gauleiter. typewritten. weather-bitten BRITEN Britain. benefitter. Titan TRĪTEN triton. all-nighter RĪTER ghostwriter. biter BLĪTER blighter FĪTER bullfighter. sighter TĪTER titer ĪTHER either BLĪTHER blither NĪTHER neither RĪTHER writher TĪTHER tither ITHER ĪTĒZ HWĪTĒZ tighty-whities NĪTĒZ nighties RĪTĒZ sorites (See ĪTĒ. outsitter. sitter SKITER skitter SLITER slitter SPITER spitter SPLITER lip-splitter. Brighton FRĪTEN frighten HĪTEN heighten HWĪTEN whiten KĪTEN chitin. lamplighter. telewriter. lighten. underwriter SĪTER exciter. unsmitten WITAN witan ITHĒ (TH as in thin) PITHĒ pithy PRITHĒ prithee SMITHĒ smithy STITHĒ stithy WITHĒ twigwithy. counterfeiter. fighter. manumitter. copywriter. underwritten.DOUBLE RHYMES. smitten. unmitre NĪTER igniter. whither. pipe fitter. quitter. gunfighter. fly-bitten. rail-splitter. Briton. remitter. Triton FLITER flitter FRITER fritter GITER go-gitter GLITER glitter HITER base-hitter. come-hither HWITHER anywhither. miter. Great Britain KITEN kitten. flea-bitten. embitter CHITER chitter FITER befitter. splitter TITER titter TWITER atwitter. hunger-bitten. mitre. songwriter. hitter. lighter. spiteful SPRĪTFUL sprightful ĪTEN BRĪTEN brighten. conscience-smitten. nowhither. unwritten SMITEN heart-smitten. writer. pinch-hitter HWITER whitter JITER jitter KRITER critter KWITER acquitter. fitter. withy ĪTHER (TH as in then) ITERN BITERN bittern FLITERN flittern GITERN gittern SITERN cittern ĪTER ĪTER iter BĪTER backbiter. scriptwriter. typewriter. hither. outfitter. somewhither ĪTFUL FRĪTFUL frightful LĪTFUL delightful MĪTFUL mightful LITHER lither NITHER nither SLITHER slither SWITHER swither THITHER thither TITHER tither 304 . refitter RĪTFUL rightful SPĪTFUL despiteful. excitor. withy. reenlighten RĪTEN righten SĪTEN cyton TĪTEN tighten. moonlighter MĪTER bemitre. sex kitten LITEN litten MITEN mitten RITEN handwritten.

unremitting SPLITING hair-splitting. S cellulitis. semiparasitic ITHERD (See ITHER. biolytic. T tonsillitis. phosphoritic. L lytic. add -ed where appropriate. E encephalitis. selenitic. SF spherulitic. microlithic. protosemitic. toxophillitic. uveitis ĪTHING (TH as in then) BĪTIS phlebitis DĪTIS endocarditis. sympatholytic. hypercritic. Titanitic. H hydrolytic. add -s where appropriate. Jacobitic. porphyritic. critic. lymphocytic. ammonitic. neuritis. colonitis. polymythic NITHIK philornithic. blepharitis. laryngitis. Levitic ĪTING ITIK ITIK Jesuitic. Sinitic. epiphytic. osteitis. GR granulitic.) BLĪTHSUM blithesome LĪTHSUM lithesome TRITIK dentritic VITIK gingivitic. add -ing where appropriate. pleuritic. V valvulitis. neolithic. steatitic. PR pre-Adamitic. sinusitis ĪTHLĒ (TH as in then) BLĪTHLĒ blithely LĪTHLĒ lithely ĪTHNES (TH as in then) 305 . erythrocitic. hypocritic. P pyelitis. K colitis. typhitis FRĪTIS nephritis JĪTIS pharyngitis. poliomyelitis.) LITHIK archaeolithic. ferritic.) ĪTHFUL (TH as in thin) DITIK aphroditic. uranitic RITIK diphtheritic. pericarditis. E eremitic. pipefitting. ileitis. rail-splitting. O osteomyelitis. carditis. I Israelitic. H hyalitis.) ĪTHSUM (TH as in then) SKRITIK Sanskritic THRITIK arthritic. jaditic. splenitis. meteoritic. gastroenteritis. rachitis. trilithic MITHIK mythic. H Hamitic. N nummulitic. meningitis. glossitis. holophytic.Words to Rhyme With WITHER wither ZITHER zither BLĪTHNES blitheness LĪTHNES litheness DOUBLE RHYMES. pneumonitis. troglodytic ITING FITING fitting. lignitic. rhinitis. Z zeolitic MITIK A Adamitic. syenitic. scleritis SĪTIS appendicitis. neritic. I Islamitic. ornithic ĪTIS ĪTIS fasciitis. pinch-hitting MITING remitting. thermolytic. margaritic. K catalytic. Sinaitic BITIK phlebitic. tympanitic. vaginitis RĪTIS arteritis. proclitic. graphitic. stalactitic. syphilitic. parasitic. meningitic KITIK bronchitic. V variolitic. mastoiditis. trilobitic BĪTING backbiting. neophytic. enclitic. trachitis LĪTIS D diverticulitis. osteoarthritic TITIK hematitic. SP spondylitis. ĪTIS SITIK anthracitic. hermaphroditic. Nazaritic. Cabiritic. salpingitis KĪTIS bronchitis. trachitic KLITIK anaclitic. xerophytic. felsitic. euclitic KRITIK diacritic. ST stalagmitic NITIK aconitic. mephitic. iritis. granitic. ovaritis. TH theodolitic. biting RĪTING handwriting (See ĪT. monolithic. witting (See IT. anti-Semitic. D dialytic. megalithic. Ugaritic SHITIK Cushitic ITHIK (TH as in thin) WITING unwitting. conchitic. pyritic. Paleolithic. O oolitic. T tonsillitic. P palmitic. uvulitis MĪTIS mitis. cenobitic. dolomitic. lithic. sagenitic. E electrolytic. eophytic. rachitic. splitting BLĪTHFUL blitheful LĪTHFUL litheful FITIK anthropomorphitic. S Semitic. actinolitic. psychoanalytic. peritonitis. enteritis. D dynamitic. ophryitis. sybaritic. S scialytic. eolithic. bursitis. lenitic. zoophytic FRITIK nephritic GRITIK Negritic JITIK laryngitic. heteroclitic. oneirocritic LITIK A acrolitic. thyroiditis NĪTHING nithing RĪTHING writhing SĪTHING scything TĪTHING tithing TRĪTHING trithing FĪTIS mephitis. Y utriculitis. ophthalmitis NĪTIS adenitis. fibrositis. B bacteriolytic. necrophytic. analytic. add -ing where appropriate. steamfitting HITING hard-hitting. My myelitis. P paralytic. strontitic ITHERZ WITHERZ withers (See ITHER.

mastitis.) ITLER BRITLER brittler HITLER Hitler HWITLER whittler SKITLER skitler LITLER belittler. refitment KWITMENT acquitment MITMENT commitment. little MITL committal. parotitis. add -s where appropriate. add -less where appropriate. uprightly SĪTLĒ sightly.) ĪTISH (See ĪT. I frequently say. vulvitis (etc. reindictment FRĪTMENT affrightment. there is another one out of the way. littler TITLER tittler VITLER victualler ITMENT FITMENT fitment. prostatitis.) ĪTIV DĪTIV expeditive SĪTIV excitive TĪTIV appetitive TRĪTIV attritive ITMAN HWITMAN Whitman PITMAN pitman. knightly. “Well. Chicken Little. cystitis TRĪTIS gastritis. Or one of those bleary-eyed. add -ish where appropriate. otitis. when I’m obited.) ITLES (See IT. frightment SĪTMENT excitement. nightly. Pitman TITMAN titman ĪTL (See ĪTAL) ITL ITL it’ll BRITL brittle. transmittal NITL knittle SKITL skittle SPITL lickspittle.) REQUIESCAT IN PACE When reading the obits. politely NĪTLĒ fortnightly. add -ly where appropriate. remittal. when I was ahead.) (See ĪTUS) Words to Rhyme With ĪTLĒ BRĪTLĒ brightly DĪTLĒ eruditely HWĪTLĒ whitely LĪTLĒ impolitely. “Well. lightly. tittling VITLING victualing WITLING witling ITISH BRITISH British SKITISH skittish (See IT. metritis VĪTIS gingivitis. spittle TITL tittle VITL victual WITL wittol ĪTMENT DĪTMENT indictment. synovitis. there is another one out of the way”— Referring to one of those clods who refuse To second my sociological views. incitement VĪTMENT invitement ITLĒ (See IT. remitment ĪTN (See ĪTEN) 306 . some folks will say. osteoarthritis. add -ish where appropriate. urethritis TĪTIS dermatitis. tritely ITLING CHITLING chitling HWITLING whittling KITLING kitling LITLING belittling TITLING titling.”) ITLZ SKITLZ skittles VITLZ victuals (See ITL. The world is improved when such people are dead. dim-witted blokes Who yawn in the midst of my favorite jokes. peanut brittle GRITL grittle HWITL whittle KITL kittle KWITL acquittal LITL belittle. add -less where appropriate.DOUBLE RHYMES. ĪTISH THRĪTIS arthritis. unsightly SLĪTLĒ slightly SPRĪTLĒ sprightly TĪTLĒ tightly TRĪTLĒ contritely. spital. keratitis. Or who squeeze through the door first. hepatitis. (I know. unknightly ĪTLES (See ĪT. rightly.) RĪTLĒ forthrightly. conjunctivitis. noncommittal.

add -ing where appropriate. conjunctival.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. detritus VĪTUS St. relatival VĪVAL revival. Polyclitus LĪTUS litus NĪTUS tinnitus RĪTUS pruritis. poison ivy JĪVĒ jivy SKĪVĒ skivie STĪVĒ stivy ĪTON (See ĪTEN) ĪUP FRĪUP fry-up TĪUP tieup IVĒ BIVĒ bivvy CHIVĒ chivvy DIVĒ dividivi. IVĒ ITN (See ITEN) ITRIK SITRIK citric VITRIK vitric ĪVA ĪVA iva DĪVA daiva. lightener ĪTUM (See ĪTEM) THĪVAL thivel TĪVAL adjectival. nonarrival.) SITUP sit-up TITUP tittup ĪVANS ĪTUS JĪTUS vagitus KLĪTUS Heraclitus. nominatival. survival ITUP ĪTNES (See ĪT. Godiva LĪVA saliva TĪVA conjunctiva VĪVA viva ITNĒ HWITNĒ Mount Whitney JITNĒ jitney LITNĒ litany WITNĒ witney (See IT'AN. sheet lightning. divvy GIVĒ givey ĪTRĀT NĪTRĀT nitrate TĪTRĀT titrate ĪUS (See ĪAS) 307 . imperatival. ritus SĪTUS situs TRĪTUS attritus. add -ness where appropriate. enlightening.) ĪVANT NĪVANT connivant RĪVANT arrivant TRĪVANT contrivant VĪVANT survivant ITOL (See ITL) ĪUN (See ĪAN) ĪVĒ ĪVĒ ivy. white lightning. unfitness WITNES eyewitness. estival. aestival. rival. witness NĪVANS connivance RĪVANS arrivance TRĪVANS contrivance VĪVANS survivance ĪTNING LĪTNING chain lightning. genitival. streak lightning (See ĪTEN. Vitus (See ĪTIS) ITNES FITNES fitness. unrival ĪTNER BRĪTNER brightener FRĪTNER frightener HĪTNER heightener HWĪTNER whitener LĪTNER enlightener. lightening.Ē) ITSĒ BITSĒ itsy bitsy DITSĒ ditzy GLITSĒ glitsy RITSĒ ritzy SKITSĒ schizzy ĪVAL JĪVAL ogival KĪVAL archival LĪVAL salival NĪVAL nival PRĪVAL deprival RĪVAL arrival. outrival. lightning. corrival.

snow-driven. diver. pearl diver. rain-driven. tivy PRĪVER depriver RĪVER arriver. liver. unshriven SKRIVEN scriven STRIVEN striven THRIVEN thriven ĪVMENT PRĪVMENT deprivement VĪVMENT revivement IVOL (See IVEL) IVET DIVET divot GRIVET grivet PIVET pivot PRIVET privet RIVET rivet. outliver RIVER downriver. unforgiven RIVEN riven SHRIVEN shriven. life-giving. add -ing where appropriate. free-liver. survivor Words to Rhyme With IVIL (See IVEL) ĪVING (See ĪV. weather-driven. uncivil SNIVEL snivel SWIVEL swivel GIVING forgiving. lawgiver. living.) IVĒD CHIVĒD chivvied DIVĒD divvied IVING IVER FLIVER flivver GIVER forgiver. Indian giver. outliving. overdriven. yellow-livered SHIVERD shivered SKIVERD skivered SLIVERD slivered IVEN DRIVEN driven.DOUBLE RHYMES. wind-driven GIVEN forgiven. law-giving. misgiver IVEL DRIVEL drivel FRIVEL frivol RIVEL rivel SHRIVEL shrivel SIVEL civil. Thanksgiving. giver. thanksgiving. given. unrivet SIVET civet TRIVET trivet IVOT (See IVET) ĪVER DĪVER deep-sea diver. underdriven. livor NĪVER conniver ĪVUS DĪVUS divus KLĪVUS acclivous. helldiver. add -ing where appropriate. liver. undelivered. storm-driven. lilylivered. declivous. pale-livered. river SHRĪVER shriver SKĪVER skiver SLĪVER sliver STĪVER stiver STRĪVER striver THRĪVER thriver TRĪVER contriver VĪVER reviver. livered. IVĒD LIVĒ Livy PRIVĒ privy SIVĒ civvy SKIVĒ skivvy TIVĒ tantivy. proclivous IVID LIVID livid VIVID vivid LĪVUS salivous VĪVUS redivivus 308 . lifegiver. clivus. unliving SIVING sieving ĪVEN ĪVEN Ivan DĪVEN divan LĪVEN enliven. reliving. liven KWIVER aquiver. quiver LIVER deliver. slave driver FĪVER fiver HĪVER hiver JĪVER jiver LĪVER aliver. river. upriver SHIVER shiver SIVER siever SKIVER skiver SLIVER sliver STIVER stiver TIVER tiver YIVER yiver ĪVL (See ĪVAL) IVLING (See IVEL. giving. co-driver. unforgiving LIVING everliving. misgiving.) IVERD FLIVERD flivvered KWIVERD quivered LIVERD delivered. deriver. screwdriver. white-livered. scuba diver DRĪVER driver.

K concision. PR prevision. sizer THĪZER nonsympathizer. sizzard VIZARD visored. riser. M modernizer. L lionizer. moralizer. paralyzer. E excision. unbusied DIZĒD dizzied ĪWĀ BĪWĀ byway FLĪWĀ flyway HĪWĀ highway SKĪWĀ skyway IZEM (See IZM) pulverizer. O organizer. T tantalizer. capsizer. Kaiser LĪZER A analyzer. surpriser RĪZER deodorizer. vizard WIZARD wizard IZHUN ĪZER DĪZER aggrandizer. dialyser. vocalizer MĪZER atomizer. economizer. visor ĪZEN (See ĪZON) IZER FIZER fizzer FRIZER befrizzer. I imprecision. A to izzard BLIZARD blizzard GIZARD gizzard LIZARD lizard. X X-ray vision. ST stabilizer. exerciser. E envision. divisor. T television. S subdivision. supervision. TR tranquilizer. appetizer. V vision. civilizer. K canonizer. O audiovision. H harmonizer. S sermonizer. sizar. sympathizer TĪZER advertiser. tunnel vision. lounge lizard. S circumcision. temporizer. solemnizer. risen. P papalizer. irrision. baptizer. incision. metaphysic. synchronizer. incisor. remiser. provision. devisor. surmiser NĪZER FR fraternizer. elision. reimprison RIZEN arisen. subrision SIZHUN A abscission. enterpriser. R revision. theorizer SĪZER assiser. geophysic. authorizer. Lizzie. gormandizer. SK scrutinizer. ST stereovision. sterilizer. frizzer HWIZER whizzer KWIZER quizzer SIZER scissor VIZER visor ĪZA BĪZA beisa LĪZA Eliza. hydrophysic. Parisian. I idolizer. unrisen TIZEN ptisan WIZEN wizen ĪZAL (See ĪZL) IZERD (See IZARD) IZARD IZARD izard. S symbolizer. J generalizer. F fertilizer.AN) IZBĒ FRIZBĒ Frisbee THIZBĒ Thisbe IZĒ BIZĒ busy DIZĒ dizzy FIZĒ fizzy FRIZĒ frizzy KWIZĒ quizzy LIZĒ busy Lizzie. N neutralizer. epitomizer. terrorizer. highriser. physic. dizen HIZEN his’n JIZEN jizzen MIZEN mizzen PRIZEN imprison. zoophysic JIZIK jizzick TIZIK phthisic 309 . indecision. Y Eurovision (See IZ'I. extemporizer. izzard. moisturizer. sofa lizard SIZARD scissored. E equalizer. supervisor. eulogizer KĪZER catechiser.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. PR precisian. synthesizer. BR Breathalyzer. elisor. D decision. chastiser. mesmerizer. prodelision GĪZER geyser. collision. prizer. O occision. M monopolizer. R recision. V vitalizer. P patronizer. re-arisen. IZIK IVYAL (See IV'I. liquidizer FRIZHUN Frisian LIZHUN allision. miser.AL) IZĒD BIZĒD busied. D demoralizer. exorciser. tin lizzie MIZĒ mizzy NIZĒ nizy TIZĒ tizzy IZIK DIZIK paradisic FIZIK biophysic. Elysian. precision. totalizer. Liza RĪZA coryza IZEN DIZEN bedizen. PRIZHUN misprision RIZHUN derision. prison. W womanizer PRĪZER appriser. cauterizer. magnetizer VĪZER advisor. rescission. illision. scission VIZHUN D division. disguiser JĪZER apologizer. humanizer.

sizal VĪZL advisal. disfranchisement. add -s where appropriate. add -ing where appropriate. Kanaloa MŌA moa.) IZLĒ CHIZLĒ chiselly DRIZLĒ drizzly FRIZLĒ frizzly GRIZLĒ grisly. boa.DOUBLE RHYMES. sisal. hircismus TIZMUS tarantismus TRIZMUS trismus ĪZL ĪZL izle DĪZL paradisal MĪZL surmisal PRĪZAL apprisal. improviso. enchisel DRIZL drizzle FIZL fizzle FRIZL frizzle GRIZL grizzle KRIZL crizzle MIZL mizzle PIZL pizzle SIZL sizzle SWIZL rumswizzle. add -d or ed where appropriate. grizzly MIZLĒ misly. visit IZLING KWIZLING quisling (See IZL. Balboa.) IZMIK KLIZMIK cataclysmic. spiegeleisen PĪZON pizen RĪZON horizon IZL CHIZL chisel. algorismic SIZMIK paroxysmic TRIZMIK trismic IZING FRIZING frizzing KWIZING quizzing ZIZING zizzing IZLER CHIZLER chiseler FRIZLER frizzler GRIZLER grizzler IZIT KWIZIT exquisite VIZIT revisit. capsizal. add -ing where appropriate.) ĪZMENT CHĪZMENT disenfranchisement. revisal IZMA LIZMA melisma RIZMA charisma ĪZŌ RĪZŌ Valparaiso VĪZŌ aviso. surprisal RĪZL arrhizal SĪZL insizal. swizzle TWIZL twizzle DIZMAL dismal KIZMAL catechismal KLIZMAL cataclysmal KRIZMAL chrismal LIZMAL embolismal PRIZMAL prismal RIZMAL aneurismal SIZMAL paroxysmal TIZMAL baptismal. Ioa. jerboa DŌA Shenandoah GŌA goa. grison LĪZON Kyrie eleison. strabysmal ĪZON BĪZON bison DĪZON bedizen. apprizal. reprisal. paraphysics (See IZIK. comprisal. clysmic LIZMIK embolismic RIZMIK aphorismic.) IZMUS BIZMUS strabismus NIZMUS vaginismus SIZMUS accismus. franchisement 310 . IZIKS Words to Rhyme With IZIKS FIZIKS physics. dizen GRĪZON greisen. Goa LŌA aloha. metaphysics. rheumatismal ĪZOR (See ĪZER) ĪZMAN PRĪZMAN prizeman SĪZMAN exciseman ŌA ŌA Iowa BŌA balboa. enfranchisement. proviso IZMAL BIZMAL abysmal. Samoa IZLD (See IZL. Pepto-Bismol. mizzly SIZLĒ sizzly DĪZMENT aggrandizement PRĪZMENT apprizement SĪZMENT assizement TĪZMENT advertisement. baptizement VĪZMENT advisement ĪZING (See ĪZ.

hydrophobic.) KRŌBIK microbic RŌBIK aerobic. claustrophobic. dobee. acrophobic. neurobic STRŌBIK strobic ŌBA BŌBA boba DŌBA cordoba GŌBA dagoba HŌBA jojoba. necrophobic. nobby POBĒ pobby SKOBĒ scobby SNOBĒ snobby (See ÄBĒ) ŌBIK ŌBIK niobic FŌBIK aerophobic. hydrozoan. Hydrozoa. Toby ŌAJ (See ŌIJ) ÔBĒ ŌAN ŌAN eoan KŌAN cowan LŌAN lowan MŌAN Samoan NŌAN dipnoan. epizoa. Obie DŌBĒ adobe. araroba. xenophobic (For more words ending in -phobic. bonaroba SŌBA soba TŌBA Manitoba ÔBAK DRÔBAK drawback KLÔBAK clawback ŌBER LŌBER lobar MŌBER amobyr PRŌBER prober RŌBER disrober. conglobate KRŌBĀT crowbait ÔBER DÔBER bedauber. robur SŌBER sober TŌBER October OBIK OBIK niobic STROBIK strobic ŌBAL (See ŌBL) ŌBIKS RŌBIKS aerobics (See ŌBIK. dhobi. ŌBIL LŌBĀT bilobate. trilobate PRŌBĀT probate OBER BLOBER blobber JOBER jobber. protozoan BÔBĒ bawbee DÔBĒ dauby GÔBĒ gauby OBET GOBET gobbet HOBET hobbit PROBET probit OBĒ BLOBĒ blobby BOBĒ bobby DOBĒ dobby GLOBĒ globby GOBĒ gobby HOBĒ hobby KOBĒ cobby LOBĒ lobby MOBĒ mobby NOBĒ knobby. dauber KÔBER Micawber ŌBIL (See ŌBL) 311 . spermatozoa. phobic. toatoa ZŌA Anthozoa.A and change -a to -ic.Words to Rhyme With NŌA noa. goby RŌBĒ Nairobi TŌBĒ toby. phobophobic. arroba. see FŌ'BI. lobate. add -s where appropriate. Metazoa. quinoa. protozoa.) ŌBĀT GLŌBĀT globate. entozoa. agorophobic. slobber SNOBER snobber SOBER sobber SWOBER swabber THROBER throbber ŌBĒ ŌBĒ obi. enrober. rober. microzoa. photophobic. Minoan RŌAN rowan ZŌAN bryozoan. dobie GLŌBĒ globy GŌBĒ Gobi. stockjobber KLOBER clobber KOBER cobber LOBER lobber NOBER knobber ROBER robber SLOBER beslobber. Genoa. Sporozoa DOUBLE RHYMES. Noah PŌA leipoa PRŌA proa SHŌA Shoah STŌA stoa TŌA Krakatoa. cohoba KŌBA koba RŌBA algarroba.

ennoble. unnoble PRŌBL probal TŌBL Cristobal OBIN BOBIN bobbin DOBIN dobbin GROBIN graben ROBIN cock robin. OBIN Words to Rhyme With NŌBL Chernobyl. robbin. upward-mobile OCHA GOCHA gotcha KOCHA focaccia 312 . enrobing. globing RŌBING disrobing. peach cobbler (See OBL. Wobbly OBSON DOBSON dobson JOBSON hobson-jobson OBISH BOBISH bobbish MOBISH mobbish NOBISH nobbish SKWOBISH squabbish SLOBISH slobbish SNOBISH snobbish OBSTER OBLER GOBLER gobbler. robin.) ŌBUS ŌBŌ ŌBŌ oboe BŌBŌ bobo DŌBŌ adobo HŌBŌ hobo KŌBŌ kobo LŌBŌ lobo ZŌBŌ zobo ŌBUS obus GLŌBUS globous KŌBUS jacobus ŌBL GLŌBL global KŌBL coble KRŌBL microbal LŌBL lobal MŌBL mobile. turkey gobbler KOBLER blackberry cobbler. round robin. upwardly mobile. coble NOBL nobble SKWOBL squabble WOBL wabble. cobbler. ignoble. noble. robing.) LOBSTER lobster MOBSTER mobster OBŪL GLOBŪL globule LOBŪL lobule OBIT (See OBET) OBLING (See OBL. wake robin ŌBOI ŌBOI hautboy DŌBOI doughboy HŌBOI hautboy ÔBL BÔBL bauble (See OBL) ÔBŌNZ JÔBŌNZ jawbones SÔBŌNZ sawbones ŌBING GLŌBING englobing. add -ing where appropriate. wobbly.DOUBLE RHYMES. ragged robin. Grenoble. wobble (See ÄBL) PRŌBING probing ŌBOT KŌBOT cobot RŌBOT robot OBING BOBING bobbing JOBING jobbing KOBING cobbing LOBING lobbing MOBING mobbing NOBING hobnobbing ROBING robbing SNOBING snobbing SOBING sobbing THROBING throbbing ŌBRA DŌBRA dobra KŌBRA cobra OBLĒ OBLĒ obley GOBLĒ gobbly HOBLĒ hobbly SKWOBLĒ squabbly WOBLĒ wabbly. unrobing OBL GOBL gobble HOBL hobble KOBL cobble. add -r where appropriate.

nobody. add -ing where appropriate. stage-coacher KRŌCHER encroacher PŌCHER poacher PRŌCHER approacher. BŌDĒ bodhi GŌDĒ wally-gowdy LŌDĒ petalody NŌDĒ staminody PŌDĒ polypody RŌDĒ Rhody. bourbon and soda. waddy. embody. tody WŌDĒ woady BÔCHING debauching WÔCHING watching OCHING BLOCHING blotching BOCHING botching HOCHING hotching KROCHING crotching NOCHING notching POCHING hotchpotching ŌCHER BRŌCHER broacher KLŌCHER cloture KŌCHER coacher. disembody.) 313 . dogsbody. summa cum laude OCHMAN SKOCHMAN Scotchman WOCHMAN watchman ŌCHMENT KRŌCHMENT encroachment PRŌCHMENT approachment ODĒ BODĒ afterbody. widebody DODĒ hoddy-doddy HODĒ hoddy KLODĒ cloddy NODĒ noddy. brandy and soda. busybody. reproacher ÔDĒ BÔDĒ bawdy DÔDĒ dawdy GÔDĒ gaudy LÔDĒ cum laude. add -d or -ed where appropriate. soda OCHER BLOCHER blotcher BOCHER botcher NOCHER notcher. viva voce (See ÄCHĒ) ŌDĒ ŌDĒ O. magna cum laude. salsoda. watcher ŌDA ŌDA oda GŌDA pagoda KŌDA coda SKŌDA Skoda SŌDA baking soda. ŌDED ŌCHĒ LŌCHĒ veloce VŌCHĒ sotto voce. underbody. weight-watcher. top-notcher SKOCHER hopscotcher SPLOCHER splotcher SWOCHER swatcher WOCHER bird-watcher. Lawdy.) ODAL (See ODL) ÔCHING OCHĒ BOCHĒ bocce BLOCHĒ blotchy BOCHĒ botchy KROCHĒ crotchy NOCHĒ notchy SKOCHĒ Scotchy SPLOCHĒ splotchy VOCHĒ sotto voce. anybody. watcher ŌDAL (See ŌDL) OCHET KLOCHET clochette KROCHET crotchet ROCHET rochet ÔDAL (See ÔDL) ŌDED (See ŌD. wadi (See ÄDĒ) ÔCHER BÔCHER debaucher WÔCHER night watcher. viva voce ŌCHING (See ŌCH.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. everybody. whiskey and soda.). roadie TŌDĒ toady. somebody. ice-cream soda. antibody. scotch and soda (etc. tomnoddy PODĒ poddy RODĒ roddy SHODĒ shoddy SKWODĒ squaddy SODĒ soddy TODĒ toddy WODĒ Irrawaddy.D. body.

psalmodic. unbodied. hydriodic. methodic ODER ODER odder DODER dodder FODER fodder. embodied. unloader ODĒD BODĒD able-bodied. cannon fodder KODER Cape Codder. exodic. disembodied. rodent ODEST ODEST oddest BODEST bodiced MODEST immodest. kinesodic. erodent. codder. euodic PLŌDER exploder RŌDER eroder. aperiodic. threnodic PODIK dipodic. kaddish PODISH poddish ŌDER ŌDER malodor. bodied. iodic. rhapsodic ODED (See OD. nodding PLODDING plodding ODEN HODEN hodden LODEN bin Laden SODEN sodden. synodic. spasmodic NODIK anodic. geodic. foreboder GŌDER goader KŌDER decoder. unembodied TODĒD toddied. odic. modest ODISH ODISH oddish GODISH goddish KLODISH cloddish KODISH coddish. trodden. corroder. roader WŌDER woader ÔDED FRÔDED defrauded LÔDED belauded. periodic.) THODIK cathodic. vocoder ŌDIK ŌDIK odic NŌDIK palinodic 314 . uncoder. tripodic RODIK parodic SODIK episodic. sodder. reloader.DOUBLE RHYMES. unlauded PLÔDED applauded. odor BŌDER boder. water-sodden TRODEN downtrodden. Oder. muzzle-loader. solder ŌDING (See ŌD. palinodic. foreboden WŌDEN Wodin ODERD DODERD doddard GODERD Goddard FODERD foddered SODERD soldered ODING NODING nid-nodding. add -ing where appropriate. podic. soft sawder KODIK sarcodic LODIK melodic MODIK antispasmodic. relauding PLÔDING applauding. untrodden ODIS ODES BODES bodice GODES demigoddess. add -ed where appropriate. lauder PLÔDER applauder RÔDER marauder SÔDER sawder. hellanodic. reapplauding ŌDEN ŌDEN Odin BŌDEN boden. well-toddied ODIK ODIK antiperiodic. goddess (See ODES) ŌDISH MŌDISH modish TŌDISH toadish ŌDENT PLŌDENT explodent RŌDENT corrodent. unapplauded RÔDED marauded ÔDER BRÔDER broader FRÔDER defrauder LÔDER belauder. coder. lauding. ODĒD Words to Rhyme With LŌDER loader.) ŌDEL (See ŌDL) ÔDING FRÔDING defrauding LÔDING belauding. epodic. lauded. khaddar NODER nodder PLODER plodder PODER podder PRODER prodder SODER desolder.

mollycoddle MODL model.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. and daubed it with slime and with pitch. quomodo MOSES INFANTI She took for him an ark of bulrushes. poi RŌĒ rowy SHŌĒ showy SNŌĒ snowy TŌĒ towy. mollycoddler MODLER modeler ŌDSTER GŌDSTER goadster RŌDSTER roadster ÔĒ FLÔĒ flawy JÔĒ jawy STRÔĒ strawy 315 . add -r where appropriate. and put the child therein. noddle. synodal TODL toddle WODL waddle (See ÄDL) ŌDOUN BLŌDOUN blowdown GŌDOUN godown HŌDOUN hoedown LŌDOUN lowdown SHŌDOUN showdown SLŌDOUN slowdown STŌDOUN stowdown ŌĒ BLŌĒ blowy BŌĒ bowie. remodel. and she laid it in the flags by the river’s brink. ÔDL DÔDL dawdle KÔDL bicaudal. Bowie DŌĒ doughy GLŌĒ glowly HŌĒ pahoehoe PŌĒ poë. role model NODL niddle-noddle. towhee VŌĒ evoe. internodal. untoddly (See ÄDLĒ) ÔDRĒ BÔDRĒ bawdry NÔDRĒ minauderie TÔDRĒ tawdry ODLER KODLER coddler. While a hippopotamus Made a borborygmic fuss. nodus ODMAN oddman DODMAN dodman HODMAN hodman YŌDL yodel ŌDŌ DŌDŌ dodo MŌDŌ Quasimodo. ungodly TODLĒ toddly. nodal. caudle. mollycoddling ODŪL MODŪL module NODŪL nodule ÔDIT ÔDIT audit PLÔDIT plaudit TODLING toddling ODMAN ŌDL ŌDL odal MŌDL modal NŌDL binodal. caudal. Cradled in akaakai. ODL. lodestone TŌDSTŌN toadstone ODLING GODLING godling KODLING coddling. trinodal ŌDUS MŌDUS modus NŌDUS nodous. codling.) ŌDIST ŌDIST odist KŌDIST codist MŌDIST modist NŌDIST palinodist ŌDSTŌN LŌDSTŌN loadstone. ÔĒ TODLER toddler (See ÄDL. evohe ODLĒ ODLĒ oddly GODLĒ godly. longicaudal ŌDOR (See ŌDER) —Exodus 2:3 Among the flags did Moses lie. ODL BRODL broddle DODL doddle KODL coddle.

autotrophic. trophic. ŌER ŌER o’er. stower THRŌER overthrower. wine grower (etc. playgoer.DOUBLE RHYMES. ower BLŌER blower. eutrophic GLŌER glower GŌER churchgoer. grower. catastrophic. gofer. standoffish SPOFISH spoffish OFIT (See OFET) 316 . for-profit. poem PRŌEM proem ŌFA SŌFA sofa TRŌFA jatropha OFIK OFIK ophic SOFIK philosophic. glass blower. racegoer. strophic TROFIK atrophic. undergoer GRŌER flower grower. strophe TRŌFĒ trophy ÔFIN (See ÔFN) OFING OFĒ KOFĒ coffee SPOFĒ spoffy TOFĒ toffee OFING offing DOFING doffing GOFING golfing KOFING coughing SKOFING scoffing OFEN (See OFN) ŌFISH ŌFISH oafish BLŌFISH blowfish ŌFER ÔER ÔER awer. ŌEM THÔĒ thawy YÔĒ yawy (See OI) Words to Rhyme With ŌERD FRŌERD froward LŌERD lowered TŌERD toward.) HŌER hoer KRŌER cockcrower. penny-loafer SHŌFER chauffeur ÔFISH KRÔFISH crawfish SÔFISH sawfish SKWÔFISH squawfish OFER OFER offer DOFER doffer GOFER goffer KOFER coffer. wire drawer. profit. concertgoer. theophilosophic. snow blower ÔFAL (See ÔFL) apostrophic. foregoer. cougher PROFER proffer SKOFER scoffer OFISH OFISH offish. weather prophet SOFET soffit ŌEM BŌEM jeroboam FLŌEM phloem PŌEM mythopoem. knower RŌER rower SHŌER foreshower. nonprofit. withdrawer FÔER guffawer JÔER jawer KLÔER clawer KÔER cawer NÔER gnawer PÔER pawer RÔER rawer SÔER sawer TÔER tawer ŌFER Ophir GŌFER gaufre. heterotrophic. mower NŌER foreknower. oligotrophic. gopher LŌFER loafer. whistleblower. antistrophic. goer. overawer DRÔER drawer. sower STŌER bestower. untoward OFET PROFET archprophet. shower SLŌER slower SŌER sewer. geostrophic. outgoer. protrophic. thrower TŌER tower ŌFĒ ŌFĒ oafy SŌFĒ sophy STRŌFĒ monostrophe. theosophic STROFIK anostrophic. crower LŌER lower MŌER lawn mower. hypertrophic. prophet. moviegoer.

unlawful ŌFUL BLŌFUL blowful DŌFUL doughful RŌFUL roeful WŌFUL woeful OFL KOFL coffle TOFL pantoffle WOFL waffle (See ÄFL) HŌGĒ hoagie. judogi FŌGĒ fogey. logy PŌGĒ pogy STŌGĒ stogie. old fogey JOGER jogger KLOGER clogger KOGER cogger LOGER dialoguer. coffin SOFN soften (See ÔFN) OGEN (See OGAN) ŌGAN BRŌGAN brogan DŌGAN Dogon HŌGAN hogan LŌGAN logan MŌGAN Hogen-Mogen RŌGAN rogan SLŌGAN slogan TRŌGAN trogon ŌGER (See ŌGR) OFNER OFNER oftener SOFNER softener (See OF'EN. logger. cataloguer.ER) ÔGER ÔGER auger. hoagy LŌGĒ killogie. awful.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. epiloguer. pettifogger HOGER hogger. toga YŌGA yoga OFN OFN often BOFN boffin KOFN encoffin. bogie DŌGĒ dogie. augur MÔGER mauger NÔGER inaugur SÔGER sauger OGAN BOGAN toboggan GOGAN goggan LOGAN loggin MOGAN moggan. monologuer. epiloguer SLOGER slogger TOGER togger 317 . add -y where appropriate. toplofty SOFTĒ softy OGBOUND FOGBOUND fogbound SMOGBOUND smogbound OFTER KROFTER crofter LOFTER lofter SOFTER softer ŌGĒ BŌGĒ bogey. Saratoga. roadhogger OFTĒ LOFTĒ lofty. stogy VŌGĒ voguey YŌGĒ yogi ÔFUL (See ÔFL) OGĒ BOGĒ boggy DOGĒ doggy FOGĒ foggy FROGĒ froggy GOGĒ demagogy. pogamoggan NOGAN noggin ŌFOOT KRŌFOOT crowfoot SLŌFOOT slow-foot OGER BLOGER blogger DOGER dogger FLOGER flogger FOGER befogger. OGER ÔFL ÔFL god-awful. offal LÔFL lawful.) ŌGA ÔFN DÔFN dauphin (See OFN) ŌGA Tioga RŌGA daroga. pedagogy SOGĒ soggy (See OG. Ticonderoga SNŌGA snoga TŌGA conestoga. whole-hogger.

voider 318 . royal. go-go LŌGŌ logo. penny-royal. prevoyant OGTROT DOGTROT dogtrot HOGTROT hogtrot JOGTROT jogtrot OGLER BOGLER boggler DOGLER boondoggler GOGLER goggler JOGLER joggler SWOGLER hornswoggler OGWOOD BOGWOOD bogwood DOGWOOD dogwood LOGWOOD logwood OIDAL OIDAL botryoidal LOIDAL poloidal (See OID. surroyal. flamboyant DOIANT ondoyant MOIANT larmoyant NOIANT annoyant TOIANT chatoyant VOIANT clairvoyant. synagogal JOGL joggle KOGL coggle SWOGL hornswoggle TOGL toggle WOGL woggle OGRŌL BLOGRŌL blogroll LOGRŌL log roll OIANT OIANT buoyant. add -ing where appropriate.) OIA GOIA Goya HOIA hoya KWOIA Sequoia NOIA dianoia. OGIN Words to Rhyme With OGIN (See OGAN) ŌGŌ GŌGŌ a-go-go. palinoia. loyal ROIAL chapel royal. embroider MOIDER moider VOIDER avoider. prevoyance OGL BOGL boggle DOGL boondoggle GOGL goggle.DOUBLE RHYMES. Pogo TŌGŌ Togo ZŌGŌ zogo KŌHŌ coho MŌHŌ moho. paranoia SOIA soya ŌGISH RŌGISH roguish VŌGISH voguish ŌGR ŌGR ogre DRŌGR drogher OGISH DOGISH doggish FROGISH froggish HOGISH hoggish WOGISH woggish OIAL ŌGRAM FŌGRAM fogram PRŌGRAM deprogram. mojo RŌHŌ coroho SŌHŌ Soho OGING (See OG. jargoggle. reprogram LOIAL disloyal. viceroyal (See OIL) ŌGL ŌGL ogle BŌGL bogle FŌGL fogle MŌGL mogul ŌGRES ŌGRES ogress PRŌGRES progress OIANS BOIANS buoyance. add -ing where appropriate. flamboyance JOIANS joyance NOIANS annoyance TOIANS chatoyance VOIANS clairvoyance.) ŌHŌ ŌHŌ oho BŌHŌ boho OIDER BROIDER broider.) OGLING (See OGL. add -al where appropriate. Logo MŌGŌ mogo NŌGŌ no-go PŌGŌ pogo. program.

OINDER OIDIK PLOIDIK diploidic ROIDIK spheroidic OIISH BOIISH boyish JOIISH joyish KOIISH coyish TOIISH toyish OIEM GOIEM goyim TNOIEM tnoyim FOILER foiler. employing. PR protozoic. self-employing STROIING destroying TOIING toying VOIING envoying. H hylozoic. decoying LOIING alloying NOIING annoying PLOIING deploying. unheroic STŌIK stoic TRŌIK Troic ZŌIK A azoic.) OIMAN HOIMAN hoyman KOIMAN decoyman TOIMAN toyman RŌIKS heroics ZŌIKS phthisozoics (See ŌIK. S saprozoic. coir. N Neozoic. B benzoic. pleochroic. add -ing where appropriate. hypnozoic. rejoinder POINDER poinder 319 . boyer FOIER foyer JOIER enjoyer KOIER decoyer. melanochroic. echoic KRŌIK amphicroic. Eozoic. convoying OILĒ OILĒ oily DOILĒ doily KOILĒ coyly NOILĒ noily ROILĒ roily OIMENT JOIMENT enjoyment KLOIMENT cloyment PLOIMENT deployment. Cenozoic OILING (See OIL. coyer LOIER caloyer NOIER annoyer PLOIER deployer. epizoic. employer. unemployment OILER OILER oiler BOILER boiler BROILER broiler. E entozoic. recoiler. add -s where appropriate. ploying. misjoinder. mock-heroic. nonjoinder. embroiler OINDER JOINDER joinder.) OILMENT BROILMENT embroilment KOILMENT recoilment SPOILMENT despoilment TOILMENT entoilment OIIJ BOIIJ buoyage LOIIJ alloyage VOIIJ voyage OILSUM ROILSUM roilsome TOILSUM toilsome ŌIKS ŌING FRŌING to-and-froing (See Ō. tin-foiler KOILER coiler. add -ing where appropriate. polyzoic. KR cryptozoic. uncoiler MOILER moiler ROILER roiler SOILER soiler SPOILER despoiler. self-destroyer TOIER toyer (See ÔYER) ŌIK KŌIK anechoic.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. P Paleozoic. xanthochroic NŌIK dipnoic PLŌIK diploic RŌIK heroic. spoiler TOILER toiler ŌIJ FLŌIJ flowage STŌIJ stowage TŌIJ towage OILET OILET oillet TOILET toilet OIER OIER oyer BOIER boyar. ployment. self-employer STROIER destroyer. enjoying KLOIING cloying KOIING coying.) OIING BOIING buoying JOIING joying. M Mesozoic. dichroic. employment. holozoic.

owing BLŌING blowing.DOUBLE RHYMES. add -ing where appropriate.) OISTĒ FOISTĒ foisty MOISTĒ moisty OITER DROITER adroiter GOITER goiter KWOITER quoiter LOITER loiter NOITER reconnoiter. pearl oyster DOISTER Ralph Roister Doister FOISTER foister HOISTER hoister KLOISTER encloister.) OITED OISLES (See OIS.) DOITED doited KWOITED quoited PLOITED exploited. add -ing where appropriate.) ÔING SHÔING wappenschawing (See Ô. voicer ŌIT KŌIT inchoate PŌIT poet ŌISH (See Ō. thoroughgoing (See Ō. unvoicing. rejoiner OINTMENT OINTMENT ointment JOINTMENT disjointment NOINTMENT anointment POINTMENT appointment. reconnoitre PLOITER exploiter OINTER JOINTER disjointer. cloister. disappointer.) OITĒ OISING JOISING rejoicing. mind-blowing GŌING easygoing. voicing KOITĒ dacoity OITĒ hoity-toity OINING (See OIN. pointer OISTER OISTER oyster. add -ed where appropriate. unexploited OINTED (See OINT.) OISER CHOISER choicer JOISER rejoicer VOISER invoicer. reappointment OISTREL KOISTREL coistrel. coystrel KLOISTREL cloistral KOINER coiner LOINER purloiner OISUM KLOISUM cloysome NOISUM noisome TOISUM toysome ŌING ŌING ohing.ING) 320 . add -ish where appropriate.) MOISTER moister ROISTER roister OINTLES JOINTLES jointless POINTLES pointless OISTING FOISTING foisting HOISTING hoisting JOISTING joisting OITRING LOITRING loitering NOITRING reconnoitering (See OIT'ER. OINER Words to Rhyme With OINER GOINER zigeuner JOINER enjoiner. unrejoicing VOISING invoicing.ER) OINTING (See OINT. jointer NOINTER anointer POINTER appointer. joiner. add -less where appropriate. disappointment. going. add -ing where appropriate. uncloister OITRER LOITRER loiterer NOITRER reconnoiter (See OIT'ER. conjoiner. sea-going. add -ing where appropriate.

U eulogic. physiologic.K. anthropologic. paragoge. acrologic. sociologic. K catalogic. penologic. L lexicologic. N necrologic. tautologic. S sialagogic. archaeologic. lodger POJER podger ROJER roger. jocoque LŌKA loka MŌKA mocha PŌKA polka. icthyologic. agrologic. myologic. FR phraseologic. neologic. F philologic. P paragogic. morphologic. astrologic. TR tropologic. metalogic. anagogic. horologic. CH choplogic. lodging BOKA bocca CHOKA choca KWOKA quokka ROKA rocca ŌJŌ OJER BOJER bodger DOJER dodger DŌJŌ do-jo JŌJŌ Jo-jo MŌJŌ mojo ŌKĀK HŌKĀK hoecake NŌKĀK nocake 321 . curiboca CHŌKA choca FŌKA phoca KŌKA coca. Roger STOJER stodger OIUS JOIUS joyous NOIUS annoyous ŌJOB SNŌJOB snow-job OIZĒ BOIZĒ Boise NOIZĒ noisy — OJOOL (See ODŪL) ŌJEZ (See ŌJ. micrologic. photologic. androgogy. mystegogy. pedagogic. S sarcologic. zoologic TRŌJUN Trojan YŌJUN yojan ŌKĀ ŌKĀ O.) ŌJUN OIZER HOIZER Tannhäuser NOIZER noiser POIZER poiser OJIK GOJIK A agogic. psychagogic LOJIK A aerologic.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. phytologic. ethologic. mineralogic. hydrologic. M martyrologic. gnomologic. pedagogy. pathologic. ŌKĀK KOJER codger LOJER dislodger. hierologic. mycologic. poison TOIZUN toison ŌKA ŌKA oca. trocha ŌJĒ ŌJĒ ogee GŌJĒ agoge. D demagogic. ontologic. psychologic. okay KRŌKĀ croquet RŌKĀ roquet TŌKĀ Tokay OIZING NOIZING noising POIZING poising OIZUN FOIZUN foison NOIZUN Illinoisan POIZUN empoison. logic. add -es where appropriate. tapioca BŌKA boca. H hypnagogic. curiologic. apagoge. etymologic. cosmologic. My mystagogic. isagoge. hypnologic.. mythologic. xenagogy SHŌJĒ shoji OJĒ DOJĒ dodgy GOJĒ androgogy. cytologic. oka. histologic. E entomologic. P paralogic. TH theologic. phonologic. anagoge. J geologic. E epagogic. Oka. epilogic. I ideologic. homologic. epagoge. ethnologic. lithologic. H hagiologic. T toxicologic. demagogy. mishpocheh SLŌKA sloka STŌKA stocah TRŌKA troca. meteorologic. carioca. I isagogic. apagogic. dialogic. KR chronologic. pedagogy POJĒ podgy STOJĒ stody OKA OJING DOJING dodging LOJING dislodging. O ophiologic. Z zymologic.

SH short-spoken. pickpocket. smoker SŌKER soaker STŌKER stoker STRŌKER stroker VŌKER evoker.DOUBLE RHYMES. walker OKBOKS LOKBOKS lockbox SKWOKBOKS squawk box ŌKEN ŌKEN oaken. space-rocket SOKET socket SPROKET sprocket YŌKER yoker OKĒ BLOKĒ blocky FLOKĒ flocky HOKĒ field hockey. nightwalker. caulker SKWÔKER squawker STÔKER deer-stalker. pawnbroker. stockbroker ÔKĒ BÔKĒ balky CHÔKĒ chalky GÔKĒ gawky HÔKĒ hawky PÔKĒ pawky SKWÔKĒ squawky STÔKĒ stalky TÔKĒ talkie. Davy Crockett LOKET locket POKET air pocket. talky. hip-pocket. FR free-spoken. hougher JOKER jocker KLOKER clocker KOKER cocker KROKER Betty Crocker LOKER locker MOKER mocker NOKER knocker ROKER patent rocker. vest-pocket. slowpoky RŌKĒ roky SŌKĒ soaky TRŌKĒ ditrochee. rocker SHOKER penny shocker. yolky SŌKEN soaken SPŌKEN B bespoken. shilling shocker. F fair-spoken. Moqui NŌKĒ enoki PŌKĒ hokey-pokey. token WŌKEN awoken. shopwalker. hockey. ochre BRŌKER broker. SM smoothspoken. Okie CHŌKĒ choky DŌKĒ okey-dokey HŌKĒ hokey JŌKĒ joky KŌKĒ jocoqui. watchpocket ROKET retrorocket. shocker ŌKĒ ŌKĒ oaky. walky-talky WÔKĒ Milwaukee. trochee SMŌKĒ smoky YŌKĒ yoky. Fokker HOKER hocker. unbroken OKER OKER ocker BLOKER beta-blocker. pocket. streetwalker. Moki. jaywalker. add -s where appropriate. skyrocket. TR true-spoken. ice hockey JOKĒ disc jockey. SP spoken.) OKET BROKET brocket DOKET docket KOKET cocket KROKET crocket. walkie CHŌKER choker HŌKER hoker JŌKER joker KLŌKER cloaker. moky. S softspoken. jockey. cawker. loci MŌKĒ moki. streepwalker. PL plainspoken. uncloaker KŌKER coker KRŌKER croaker PŌKER poker RŌKER roker SMŌKER nonsmoker. housebroken. provoker. heartbroken. coqui KRŌKĒ croaky LŌKĒ Loki. foretoken. tomahawker 322 . troche. revoker SMOKER smocker SOKER soccer. ryokan BŌKEN Hoboken BRŌKEN broken. locky POKĒ pocky ROKĒ rocky SHLOKĒ schlocky STOKĒ stocky WOKĒ Jabberwocky (See ÄKĒ) ŌKAL LŌKAL lo-cal NŌKAL no-cal (See ŌKL) KÔKER calker. blocker CHOKER choker DOKER docker FLOKER flocker FOKER focker. U unspoken. O outspoken. woken ŌKER ŌKER mediocre. power broker. socker STOKER stocker OKERZ BOKERZ knickerbockers (See OKER. fine-spoken. poky. ŌKAL Words to Rhyme With LOKĒ lochy. impocket. rocket. coky. forespoken. stalker TÔKER talker WÔKER floorwalker. convoker. invoker. jayhawker. W well-spoken TŌKEN betoken. outjockey KOKĒ cocky KROKĒ crocky ÔKER BÔKER balker CHÔKER chalker GÔKER gawker HÔKER hawker.

phocal. moko-moko DROKSĒ hydroxy FOKSĒ foxy LOKSĒ Biloxi MOKSĒ moxie. OKSĒ OKHED BLOKHED blockhead SHOKHED shockhead ŌKL BŌKL bocal DŌKL okle-dokle FŌKL bifocal. Popoloco MŌKŌ moko. heterodoxy. add -ing where appropriate. stocking (See OK. add -ing where appropriate. cocoa.) OKLING FLOKLING flockling KOKLING cockling ROKLING rockling OKSAL DOKSAL paradoxal KOKSAL coxal NOKSAL noxal OKNĒ ÔKISH BÔKISH balkish CHÔKISH chalkish HÔKISH hawkish MÔKISH mawkish KOKNĒ cockney LOKNĒ lock-knee PROKNĒ Procne OKSĒ OKSĒ deoxy. koko. paradoxy ŌKŌ ŌKŌ con fuoco FŌKŌ loco-foco GŌKŌ ngoko KŌKŌ barococo. matrilocal.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. doxie. streptoccal SOKL socle STROKL strockle OKOUT LOKOUT lockout NOKOUT knockout ŌKLES (See ŌK.) OKSA OKLET FLOKLET flocklet LOKLET locklet SOKLET socklet DOKSA chionodoxa KOKSA coxa MOKSA moxa NOKSA noxa TOKSA toxa ÔKING (See ÔK. sirocco SOKŌ socko YOKŌ yocco (See ÄKŌ) OKL OKIJ BROKIJ brockage DOKIJ dockage LOKIJ lockage SOKIJ socage BROKL brockle KOKL cockle. vocal YŌKL jokul. hyperfocal LŌKL collocal. rococo OKISH BLOKISH blockish KOKISH cockish.) ŌKING (See ŌK. neolocal. coccal. uxorilocal ŌKIJ BRŌKIJ brokage CHŌKIJ chokage KLŌKIJ cloakage SŌKIJ soakage NŌKŌ Orinoco PŌKŌ poco. equivocal. local. peacockish MOKISH mockish STOKISH stockish LŌKŌ loco.) OKING BOKING bocking STOKING bluestocking. oxy BOKSĒ boxy DOKSĒ doxy. cocoa. yokel OKŌ JOKŌ Jocko ROKŌ Morocco. cacodoxy. focal. multivocal. patrilocal. add -less where appropriate. add -ing where appropriate. poco-a-poco RŌKŌ baroco SMŌKŌ smoko SŌKŌ soco TŌKŌ toco TRŌKŌ troco SŌKL socle TRŌKL trochal VŌKL bivocal. orthodoxy. Roxy ZOKSĒ desoxy 323 . Moxie POKSĒ poxy PROKSĒ proxy ROKSĒ roxy.

toxic OKTIL OKTIL trioctile KOKTIL coctile ŌKUST FŌKUST focussed. Pepsi-cola ŌKSING HŌKSING hoaxing KŌKSING coaxing OKSING BOKSING boxing. staphylococcus. plugola KŌLA Coca-Cola. bowla. radiotoxic. myoxine KOKSN coxswain SOKSN mixoxene TOKSN antitoxin. OKSEN Words to Rhyme With OKSEN (See OKSN) ŌKSMAN SPŌKSMAN spokesman STRŌKSMAN strokesman ŌKUS FŌKUS focus. soft-focus. tokus ŌKSER HŌKSER hoaxer KŌKSER coaxer OKSN OKSN oxen. Cola. dioxin. drugola. shadowboxing FOKSING foxing OKUP KOKUP cockup LOKUP lockup MOKUP mock-up MŌLA Mola. concocter PROKTER proctor FLOKUS floccus KOKUS echinococcus. Moviola. viola OKSIN (See OKSN) ŌKUM ŌKUM oakum HŌKUM hokum LŌKUM locum KŌKUM kokam. payola. canola. ebola. pimola NŌLA granola. seven-year locust. scagliola. Pensacola. unfocus HŌKUS hocus. unfocussed LŌKUST honey locust. peroxide FOKSĪD fox-eyed OKTER DOKTER doctor KOKTER decocter. Hohokus KRŌKUS crocus LŌKUS locus PŌKUS hocus-pocus TŌKUS tokis. paradoxer FOKSER foxer SOKSER bobbysoxer ÔKUS BÔKUS Baucis GLÔKUS glaucous KÔKUS caucus RÔKUS raucous ŌKSTER FŌKSTER folkster JŌKSTER jokester OKUS OKSĪD OKSĪD ox-eyed. Osceola. oxide. carambola DŌLA gondola. tocsin. crayola. pneumococcus. toxics OKTIV OKTIV octave KOKTIV decoctive. toxin OKSER OKSER oxer BOKSER boxer DOKSER philodoxer. cola. tola TRŌLA Victrola YŌLA scagliola 324 . sweet locust PŌKUST hocus-pocussed OKSIKS KOKSIKS coccix TOKSIKS antitoxics. concoctive ŌLA ŌLA bresaola. kokum SLŌKUM slowcome BŌLA bola. streptococcus LOKUS lochus OKSIK KOKSIK streptococcic. gonococcic POKSIK hypoxic TOKSIK nontoxic. Savonarola SKŌLA schola SŌLA sola STŌLA stola TŌLA ayatollah. mandola FŌLA boffola GŌLA Angola. locust. kola. gola. gladiola. gayola.DOUBLE RHYMES. pianola RŌLA pyrola.

T ticket holder. highsouledness ŌLDĒ ŌLDĒ oldy. shnozzola. folder. square-shouldered. boulder FŌLDER bill folder. Zola DOUBLE RHYMES. FR freeholding. leaseholding. K candleholder. H hand-holding. bond-holding. walla-walla. stockholder. golden-oldy FŌLDĒ foldy GŌLDĒ goldy MŌLDĒ moldy TRŌLDNES controlledness. G gas-holder. unfolder ÔLDING BÔLDING balding SKÔLDING scalding ŌLAND LŌLAND lowland RŌLAND Roland HŌLDER B beholder. householder. shouldered. ST stock-holding. U upholder. manifolder. smouldered ŌLDNES BŌLDNES boldness KŌLDNES coldness. SH shareholding. withholden HŌLDING B beholding. wallah. SL slaveholding. unenrolledness SŌLDNES low-souledness. collared LOLARD Lollard POLARD pollard SKOLARD scholared ŌLDLĒ ŌLDLĒ oldly BŌLDLĒ boldly KŌLDLĒ coldly ÔLDER ÔLDER alder BÔLDER balder. misbeholden. ST stadholder. stoopshouldered. copyholder.Words to Rhyme With ZŌLA Gorgonzola. W withholder KŌLDER colder MŌLDER molder. infolder. folding. SM smallholder. enfolder. bottle-holder. narrow-shouldered. SL slaveholder. U upholding. bond-holder. Mazola. Balder SKÔLDER scalder ŌLDMENT FŌLDMENT enfoldment HŌLDMENT withholdment ÔLBOI BÔLBOI ballboy HÔLBOI hallboy KÔLBOI callboy TÔLBOI tallboy ŌLDERD BŌLDERD bouldered MŌLDERD moldered. H hand-holder. interfolding ÔLDRUN KÔLDRUN cauldron PÔLDRUN pauldron 325 . W withholding MŌLDING molding SKŌLDING scolding OLA OLA olla HOLA holla ROLA corolla TOLA ayatollah WOLA chuckwalla. add -ed where appropriate. refolder.) ŌLDING FŌLDING enfolding. uncontrolledness ŌLDED (See OLD. holder. holding. wide-shouldered SMŌLDERD smoldered. L landholding. shoulder SKŌLDER scolder SMŌLDER smolder. mouldered SHŌLDERD broad-shouldered. ÔLDRUN ŌLDEN ŌLDEN olden BŌLDEN embolden GŌLDEN golden HŌLDEN beholden. round-shouldered. holden. smoulder ŌLDISH ŌLDISH oldish BŌLDISH boldish KŌLDISH coldish MŌLDISH moldish ŌLAR (See ŌLER) OLARD BOLARD bollard HOLARD hollered KOLARD collard. stone-coldness RŌLDNES enrolledness. interfolder. moulder PŌLDER polder SHŌLDER cold-shoulder. leaseholder. bottle-holding. L landholder. SH shareholder. Walla Walla SŌLDEN soldan ŌLDER ŌLDER older BŌLDER bolder. FR freeholder.

knolly. volleyballer ŌLER ŌLER olor BŌLER bolar. ŌLEM DŌLEM idolum GŌLEM golem SŌLEM solum OLEM KOLEM column SLOLEM slalom SOLEM solemn YOLEM Malayalam JŌLER cajoler KŌLER coaler MŌLER molar. two-goaler. unroller. dolor. rolypoly RŌLĒ rolly SHŌLĒ shoaly. troller VŌLER volar ÔLEN (See ÔLIN) OLĒ BOLĒ Bali DOLĒ Dali. choli. poler. highballer. coaly. potholer BRÔLER brawler DRÔLER drawler FÔLER faller HÔLER hauler. solar. lunisolar. wholer. unswollen RŌLER enroller. semicolon SŌLEN solen. pinole PŌLĒ poly. controller. toller TRŌLER comptroller. circumpolar. colly. one-goaler HŌLER holer. roller. wholly. Solon STŌLEN stolen. poller. caller. sho’ly SKRŌLĒ scrolly SLŌLĒ slowly SŌLĒ posole. baller. melancholy LOLĒ loblolly. footballer. pill-roller. ravioli BŌLĒ Stromboli. condolent VŌLENT non-volent. basketballer. trolley VOLĒ volley (See ÄLĒ) ŌLENT ŌLENT olent DŌLENT dolent. bawler. ŌLĒ Words to Rhyme With ŌLĒ ŌLĒ aioli. train caller KRÔLER crawler. overhauler KÔLER hog caller. molely. staller THRÔLER enthraller TÔLER taller 326 . pub-crawler MÔLER bemauler. bowler DŌLER doler. lush-roller. condoler DRŌLER droller FŌLER foaler GŌLER goaler. dolly FOLĒ folly GOLĒ golly HOLĒ holly JOLĒ jolly KOLĒ collie. trollylolly MOLĒ molle POLĒ poly ROLĒ rolley TROLĒ Toonerville trolley. soler STRŌLER stroller TŌLER extoller.DOUBLE RHYMES. patroller. uproller SHŌLER shoaler SKRŌLER scroller SŌLER consoler. unholy KŌLĒ caracoli. premolar NŌLER knoller PŌLER multipolar. my pet. holy. when bridal Delights I’d impart? Think not from your side’ll I sidle. Why bridle. The tide’ll go slack— Yet after you’ve cried. coley. unipolar ÔLĒ ÔLĒ awly BRÔLĒ brawly DRÔLĒ drawly GÔLĒ gally HWÔLĒ whally KÔLĒ Macaulay KRÔLĒ crawly MÔLĒ mauley RÔLĒ rawly SKRÔLĒ scrawly SKWÔLĒ squally SPRÔLĒ sprawly (See ÄLĒ) ŌLEN DŌLEN eidolon KŌLEN colon. high-roller. steamroller. transpolar. cannoli. Holy Roller. solon. volent ÔLER BÔLER baseballer. soli STRŌLĒ strolly OLĒD DOLĒD dollied JOLĒD jollied KOLĒD collied VOLĒD volleyed. roadroller. Ole. polar. maholi. moly NŌLĒ anole. This idyl that died’ll Abide a bit yet. All loving is tidal. ’ll Come billowing back. rissole. vollied IDYL FOR MY IDLE IDOL My idol!—your idle Tears drown my poor heart. coly LŌLĒ lowly MŌLĒ guacamole. mauler SKRÔLER scrawler SKWÔLER squaller SMÔLER smaller SPRÔLER sprawler STÔLER forestaller. bowly DRŌLĒ drolly FŌLĒ foaly GŌLĒ goalie HŌLĒ holey. stolon SWŌLEN swollen. stollen. solely. bolly.

solid STOLID stolid ÔLIN ÔLIN all-in FÔLIN downfallen. ŌLISH ŌLFUL BŌLFUL bowlful DŌLFUL doleful SŌLFUL soulful FROLIK frolic GOLIK hypergolic. parabolic.) OLIK OLIK Aeolic. crestfallen. diastolic. white-collar. echolic.Words to Rhyme With TRÔLER trawler WÔLER caterwauler. self-knowledge OLIS FOLIS follis KOLIS torticollis POLIS polis SOLIS solace WOLIS Cornwallis ZOLIS Gonzalez OLET KOLET collet SWOLET swallet WOLET wallet (See ĀLET) ÔLIK ÔLIK aulic. collar LOLER loller SKOLER scholar SKWOLER squalor SOLER soller TOLER extoller ŌLHOUS PŌLHOUS pollhouse TŌLHOUS tollhouse POLIK bibliopolic. Eurodollar HOLER holler KOLER blue-collar. fall-in KÔLIN cauline. choler. variolic. haulage NÔLIJ naulage STÔLIJ stallage ÔLING (See ÔL. fallen. epistolic. metabolic. community college. Mongolic HOLIK alcoholic. systolic. carbolic.) ÔLES ÔLES aweless FLÔLES flawless JÔLES jawless KLÔLES clawless KÔLES cawless LÔLES lawless MÔLES mawless PÔLES pawless SÔLES sawless STRÔLES strawless ÔLIJ HÔLIJ hallage. change -y to -ies where appropriate. state college NOLIJ acknowledge. tarpaulin OLERD (See OLARD) ŌLĪF LŌLĪF low-life PRŌLĪF pro-life ŌLING (See ŌL. hyperbolic. vicar-apostolic TROLIK petrolic OLID OLID olid SKWOLID squalid SOLID semi-solid. lolling OLIJ KOLIJ college. colic. knowledge. interaulic DRÔLIK hydraulic GÔLIK Gaulic OLĒZ FOLĒZ follies JOLĒZ jollies (See OLĒ. catabolic. vitriolic BOLIK anabolic. retrocollic OLER DOLER dollar. call-in PÔLIN Pauline. Eolic. embolic. melancholic. epipolic ROLIK rollick TOLIK apostolic. colling LOLING loblolling.) OLING DOLING baby-dolling KOLING caracolling. dolor. rixdollar. workaholic KOLIC bucolic. petrodollar. potwaller YÔLER yawler DOUBLE RHYMES. diabolic. add -ing where appropriate. symbolic ŌLISH DRŌLISH drollish PŌLISH Polish SŌLISH soulish TRŌLISH trollish 327 . foreknowledge. add -ing where appropriate.

unabolished MOLISHT demolished. hogwallow (See ÂLŌ) ÔLTA MÔLTA Malta VÔLTA Volta YÔLTA Yalta ŌLMAN KŌLMAN coalman TŌLMAN tollman ÔLTĒ FÔLTĒ faulty MÔLTĒ malty SÔLTĒ salty VÔLTĒ vaulty ŌLOK ŌLMENT DŌLMENT condolement JŌLMENT cajolement RŌLMENT enrollment TRŌLMENT controlment MŌLOK Moloch RŌLOK rowlock OLOK (See OLUK) ŌLTED (See ŌLT. unwholesome ÔLKAN BÔLKAN Balkan FÔLKAN falcon ÔLLES (See ÔL. upholster ŌLSUM DŌLSUM dolesome HŌLSUM wholesome. repolished. add -ed where appropriate.) ÔLMENT PÔLMENT appallment. mollish POLISH polish ÔLNES ÔLNES allness SMÔLNES smallness TÔLNES tallness ÔLSER FÔLSER falser WÔLSER waltzer OLISHT BOLISHT abolished.) OLŌ FOLŌ follow HOLŌ hollo. reholster. redemolished. enthrallment ÔLISH GÔLISH Gaulish SKWÔLISH squallish SMÔLISH smallish TÔLISH tallish OLOP (See OLUP) ŌLNES DRŌLNES drollness HŌLNES wholeness SŌLNES soleness ŌLOR (See ŌLER) OLISH BOLISH abolish DOLISH dollish LOLISH lollish MOLISH demolish. silver-polished. yakolo LŌLŌ palolo PŌLŌ Marco Polo. add -ed where appropriate. bolo-bolo CHŌLŌ cholo GŌLŌ golo KŌLŌ kolo. epaulement STÔLMENT installment ŌLON (See ŌLEN) ÔLTED (See ÔLT. unpolished ŌLŌ ŌLŌ criollo BŌLŌ bolo. hollow POLŌ Apollo SWOLŌ swallow WOLŌ wallow. undemolished POLISHT polished. polo RŌLŌ barolo SŌLŌ solo STŌLŌ stolo ŌLSTER BŌLSTER bolster HŌLSTER holster. add -less where appropriate. unholster.DOUBLE RHYMES. ÔLISH Words to Rhyme With THRÔLMENT disenthrallment. reupholster. reabolished.) 328 .

scallop. psalter. unbolter JŌLTER jolter KŌLTER colter MŌLTER molter VŌLTER revolter ÔLTING FÔLTING defaulting. salter VÔLTER vaulter ZÔLTER exalter ŌLTISH DŌLTISH doltish KŌLTISH coltish OLVENT SOLVENT insolvent. evolver. foot-fauler ŌLUS ŌLUS gladiolus BŌLUS bolus. wallop ŌLTER BŌLTER bolter. unalter BRÔLTER Gibraltar FÔLTER defaulter. ÔLWĀZ KŌLTING colting MŌLTING molting VŌLTING revolting TROLUP trollop WOLUP codswallop. salting VÔLTING vaulting ZÔLTING exalting OLUPT (See OLUP. scollop ÔLWĀ alway HÔLWĀ hallway KRÔLWĀ crawlway ŌLTING BŌLTING bolting. pollock OLVING SOLVING absolving. cobaltic FÔLTIK asphaltic SÔLTIK basaltic STÔLTIK peristaltic TÔLTIK cystaltic ÔLWĀ OLUP DOLUP dollop GOLUP gollop JOLUP jollop KOLUP collop LOLUP lollop POLUP polyp SKOLUP escallop. holus-bolus DŌLUS dolous.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. evolving. faulting HÔLTING halting MÔLTING malting SÔLTING assaulting. intervolving. falter. resolvent ÔLTLES FÔLTLES faultless MÔLTLES maltless SÔLTLES saltless ÔLTERN ÔLTERN altern. alter. subaltern SÔLTERN saltern OLVER SOLVER absolver. resolving ŌLUM (See ŌLEM) ÔLTIK BÔLTIK Baltic. faulter. obvolving. resolving. involving. circumvolving ZOLVING dissolving. add -ed where appropriate. unbolting JŌLTING jolting ÔLWĀZ ÔLWĀZ always HÔLWĀZ hallways KRÔLWĀZ crawlways 329 . revolving. dolus. resolver OLUK ÔLTIJ FÔLTIJ faultage MÔLTIJ maltage VÔLTIJ vaultage LOLUK lollock POLUK pollack. revolver ŌLTIJ BŌLTIJ boltage VŌLTIJ voltage ÔLTSER (See ÔLSER) ZOLVER dissolver. involver. solvent. waghalter MÔLTER malter PÔLTER palter SMÔLTER smalter SÔLTER assaulter. dissolving. absolvent VOLVENT evolvent ZOLVENT dissolvent. escalop. solver VOLVER devolver. solving VOLVING devolving. subdolous SŌLUS solus HÔLTER halter. unhalter. exolving.) ÔLTER ÔLTER altar.

Homer KŌMER beachcomber. comber. carcinoma. scotoma ZŌMA rhizoma OMBĀ BOMBĀ Bombay POMBĀ pombe OMEL POMEL pommel TROMEL trommel OMBA BOMBA zambomba DOMBA domba LOMBA calomba POMBA pombe TROMBA tromba ŌMEN ŌMEN omen BŌMEN bowmen DŌMEN abdomen FŌMEN foemen LŌMEN lowmen NŌMEN agnomen. Tacoma. coma. condyloma. osteoma BŌMA aboma BRŌMA broma. papilloma. trachoma LŌMA aloma. scleroma SŌMA prosoma. homy KRŌMĒ photochromy. soma STŌMA stoma STRŌMA stroma THŌMA xanthoma TŌMA phytoma. momma SOMA zyxomma ŌMĒ ŌMĒ Cleome DŌMĒ domy FŌMĒ foamy HŌMĒ homey. ombre SKOMBER scomber SOMBER somber ŌMER ŌMER Omar. noma PLŌMA diploma PŌMA lipoma RŌMA aroma. nomen. praenomen OMBAT KOMBAT combat WOMBAT wombat SHŌMEN showmen YŌMEN yeomen ŌMENT OMBĒ DOMBĒ Dombey ZOMBĒ zombie FŌMENT foment LŌMENT loment MŌMENT moment STŌMENT bestowment ÔMA KÔMA cauma TRÔMA trauma OMBER OMBER omber. monochromy. heliochromy. wool comber OMA KOMA comma MOMA mama. glioma. spiloma NGŌMA ngoma NŌMA adenoma. somal STRŌMAL stromal OMER BOMER bomber KOMER dot-commer POMER palmer ŌMAN BŌMAN bowman FŌMAN foeman OMĒ KOMĒ Commie MOMĒ mommy OMET DOMET domett GROMET grommet 330 . encephaloma. zygoma HŌMA Oklahoma KŌMA glaucoma. lomi-lomi. polychromy. cognomen.DOUBLE RHYMES. theobroma GŌMA agoma. OLYUM Words to Rhyme With RŌMAN Roman SHŌMAN showman YŌMAN yeoman POMĒ pommy TOMĒ tommy (See ÄMĒ) OLYUM KOLYUM colyum VOLYUM volume ŌMA ŌMA angioma. myeloma. stereochromy LŌMĒ loamy. omer GŌMER gomer. atheroma. Salome RŌMĒ roamy NŌMER misnomer RŌMER roamer VŌMER vomer ŌMAL BRŌMAL bromal DŌMAL domal SŌMAL prosomal. Roma. mamma. hematoma. firbroma. loma. gnomon. sarcoma. metallochromy. myoma. Gomer HŌMER homer. Point Loma.

M microtomic. pyrognomic. F physiognomic. hippodromic. quasi-comic. Reaganomics (See OMIK. phoronomic. add -s where appropriate. paradromic. D dermatomic. economics. wampus ŌMISH DŌMISH domish FŌMISH foamish LŌMISH loamish NŌMISH gnomish RŌMISH Romish TŌMISH tomish ŌMUS DŌMUS domus KRŌMUS chromous MŌMUS momus SŌMUS disomus 331 . loxodromic. seriocomic. monochromic. B bionomic. wool combing KRŌMING chroming LŌMING loaming RŌMING roaming OMPĒ POMPĒ Pompey ROMPĒ rompy SKOMPĒ scampi SWOMPĒ swampy OMPISH ROMPISH rompish SWOMPISH swampish OMIS DOMIS Nostradamus PROMIS promise SHOMIS shammes TOMIS doubting Thomas OMPUS POMPUS pompous WOMPUS gallywampus. hydrobromic. ŌMING ŌMING Wyoming DŌMING doming FŌMING foaming GLŌMING gloaming HŌMING homing KŌMING beachcombing. honeycombing. bionomics. O autonomic. F phantomic. D dinomic. combing. bathochromic. O orthatomic. theobromic ŌMŌ DŌMŌ domo. bathochromic. gnomic. polychromic. add -less where appropriate. P pentomic. atomic. proteomic BRŌMIK bromic. stereochromic.Words to Rhyme With HOMET Mahomet KOMET comet VOMET vomit epitomic. hydrobromic. TR triatomic VOMIK vomic DOUBLE RHYMES. monochromic. syndromic KOMIK acersecomic. diatomic. I isonomic. comic. xanthochromic MOMIK cinnamomic NOMIK A agronomic. tragicomic KROMIK achromic. palindromic. N gnomic. dichromic. T tesseratomic. P pathognomic. dystomic. catawampus. ST stereotomic. majordomo DWŌMŌ duomo HŌMŌ ecce homo. chromic. astronomic.) OMIK OMIK Suomic BROMIK antibromic. nomic. orthodromic. coaming. stereochromic NŌMIK genomic. heroicomic. I interatomic. Deuteronomic. M metronomic. Nixonomics. S subatomic. S socioeconomic. monatomic. E economic. encomic. ŌMUS ŌMLES (See ŌM. homo KŌMŌ Lake Como KRŌMŌ chromo MŌMŌ momo PŌMŌ Pomo PRŌMŌ promo RŌMŌ Oromo SLŌMŌ slo-mo DŌMIK domic KRŌMIK achromic. hypsochromic. theobromic DOMIK oecodomic DROMIK dromic. ennomic. heliochromic.) OMIJ HOMIJ homage POMIJ pommage ŌMLET DŌMLET domelet HŌMLET homelet TŌMLET tomelet ŌMIKS JŌMIKS genomics NŌMIKS metabonomics PRŌMIKS proteomics ŌMIK ŌMIK ohmic. heliochromic. U uneconomic PROMIK promic SOMIK acersomic TOMIK A anatomic. haircombing. intraatomic. metabonomic OMIKS KOMIKS comics NOMIKS agronomics. T taxonomic. K chironomic. E entomic. exodromic. dichromic. PL plutonomic. hypsochromic. coxcombing. polychromic. G gastronomic.

pair-bonding SKONDING absconding SPONDING desponding. piscifauna SÔNA sauna ÔNDER LÔNDER launder MÔNDER maunder ONCHŌ HONCHŌ honcho PONCHŌ poncho (See ÄNCHŌ) ŌNAD GŌNAD gonad MŌNAD monad ONDER BLONDER blonder BONDER bonder FONDER fonder KONDER hypochonder. ŌNĀT DŌNĀT donate FŌNĀT phonate PRŌNĀT pronate ZŌNĀT zonate ŌNDEF STŌNDEF stone-deaf TŌNDEF tone-deaf male-bonding. coresponder.DOUBLE RHYMES. responder ONDA ŌNAL BŌNAL subumbonal FŌNAL phonal KLŌNAL clonal KRŌNAL chronal RŌNAL coronal THRŌNAL thronal TŌNAL atonal. responding 332 . condor PONDER ponder. canzona. bologna MŌNA Desdemona. carbona DRŌNA madrona JŌNA Jonah KŌNA kona. cinchona KRŌNA krona LŌNA Barcelona. corresponding. kimono. Bellona. female-bonding. corresponded. respondent ÔNA FÔNA avifauna. vagabondage FRONDIJ frondage ONDING ONDING onding BONDING bonding. Honda KONDA anaconda. responded ŌNANT (See ŌNENT) BONDIJ bondage. add -es where appropriate. unbonded SKONDED absconded SPONDED desponded. corespondent. La Gioconda. mona. correspondence. correspondent. tonal ZŌNAL polyzonal. respondence ÔNCHEZ (See ÔNCH.) ONDENT ÔNCHING HÔNCHING haunching KRÔNCHING craunching LÔNCHING launching STÔNCHING staunching FRONDENT frondent SPONDENT despondent. zona ÔNCHĒ HÔNCHĒ haunchy KRÔNCHĒ craunchy PÔNCHĒ paunchy RÔNCHĒ raunchy ONDEL (See ONDL) ONDENS SKONDENS abscondence SPONDENS despondence. transponder SKONDER absconder SPONDER desponder. corresponder. zonal FONDA Fonda HONDA honda. ŌNA Words to Rhyme With ŌNA ŌNA ona BŌNA bona. Golconda NONDA nonda ZONDA zonda (See ÄNDA) YONDER yonder (See ÄNDER) ONDIJ ONDED BONDED bonded. Pomona NŌNA annona RŌNA corona. fauna. Verona SŌNA persona TŌNA Daytona TRŌNA trona ZŌNA Arizona.

zabaglione ZŌNĒ calzone. cicerone SHŌNĒ Shoshone STŌNĒ stony STRŌNĒ minestrone TŌNĒ panettone. imponent. antimony. Scout’s honor. rondle ÔNĒ ÔNĒ awny BRÔNĒ brawny DÔNĒ dawny FÔNĒ fawny LÔNĒ lawny PÔNĒ pawnee PRÔNĒ prawny SKRÔNĒ scrawny SÔNĒ sawney SWÔNĒ Suwanee. non-owner. intoner. co-owner.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. interponent. lamprophony. bologna. Punxsutawney. supersonant TŌNENT tonant ŌNES LŌNES lowness SLŌNES slowness MŌNĒ agrimony. parsimony. owner. tony. ONGER ONDL FONDL fondle RONDL rondel. grunt-and-groaner HŌNER honer LŌNER loaner. conner ZONER hizzoner ONERD ONERD honored DONERD donnered ŌNĒ BŌNĒ bony. alimony. blondeness FONDNES fondness YÔNĒ yawny ONDŌ HONDŌ Hondo KONDŌ condo MONDŌ mondo RONDŌ rondeau. rigatoni. rhonisonant. spumone. enthroner TŌNER atoner. querimony. patrimony. sonant. opponent. sanctimony. moaner PŌNER postponer ONGER LONGER longer. unbonnet SONET sonnet BŌNER boner DŌNER donor. tortoni YŌNĒ yoni. exponent. swanny WONĒ Sewanee YONĒ yonnie ZONĒ mezonny (See ÄNE) ONER ONER dishonor. acrimony. graybonnet. chalcedony DRŌNĒ drony. condoner DRŌNER droner FŌNER phoner. canzone ONET ŌNER ŌNER landowner. ponent. globaloney. lazzaroni. gyronny SWONĒ Swanee. baloney. honor. loner MŌNER bemoaner. prolonger PRONGER pronger RONGER wronger STRONGER stronger TONGER tonger 333 . euphony GŌNĒ gony. macaroni. Marconi KRŌNĒ crony LŌNĒ abalone. overfondly ÔNER ÔNER awner BRÔNER brawner FÔNER fawner GÔNER goner PÔNER pawner SPÔNER spawner YÔNER yawner ONDNES BLONDNES blondness. pony RŌNĒ chitarrone. Swanee TÔNĒ mulligatawny. testimony NŌNĒ noni PŌNĒ compony. shipowner BONET bluebonnet. cannelloni. Zamboni DŌNĒ Bodoni. bonny GONĒ paizogony JONĒ Johnny RONĒ gironny. padrone FŌNĒ phony. orange-tawny. ceremony. palimony. part-owner. matrimony. bonnet. tawny STŌNER stoner THRŌNER dethroner. telephoner GRŌNER groaner. cony. Your Honor GONER goner KONER aleconner. rondo TONDŌ tondo (See ÄNDŌ) ONĒ BONĒ bonnie. kongoni KŌNĒ Berlusconi. component. proponent SŌNENT intersonant. polony. toner ONDLĒ BLONDLĒ blondly FONDLĒ fondly. provolone ŌNENT PŌNENT deponent.

E embryonic. symphonic. D diaphonic. theogonic. stentoronic SONIK freemasonic. U euphonic. F phonic. clonic KONIK aconic. anachronic. diachronic. longing. atonic. monophonic. P pathognomonic. mastodonic. hedonic. typhonic. ultrasonic THONIK benthonic. reconquer WONGGA wonga. thionic. episilonic. P paeonic. carbonic. geoponic RONIK Aaronic. stereophonic. microphonic. ironic. wonga-wonga ONGKERS BONGKERZ bonkers HONKERZ honkers YONKERZ Yonkers ONGGER KONGGER conger LONGGER longer STRONGER stronger ONGKUS BRONGKUS bronchus RONGKUS rhonchus ONGHÔRN LONGHÔRN longhorn PRONGHÔRN pronghorn ONGLĒ LONGLĒ longly RONGLĒ wrongly STRONGLĒ strongly ONGING DONGING ding-donging. O orthotonic. neuratonic. macaronic. I isotonic. cinnamonic. conic. cyclonic. honky KONGKĒ conky TONGKĒ honkytonky WONGKĒ wonky ONGGA BONGGA bonga DONGGA donga KONGGA conga TONGGA ashtanga. Tychonic. E electrotonic. Neronic. R radiophonic. nonic PONIK hydroponic. ebonic. hypertonic. etymonic. anharmonic. ONGFUL Words to Rhyme With ic. colonic MONIK A ammonic. G gallionic. KW quadraphonic. KR crotonic. I interganglion- 334 . sonic. tonga. hypotonic. isogonic. nucleonic. moronic. pythonic. monochronic. trigonic KLONIK anticyclonic. hegemonic. prolonging ONGNES LONGNES longness RONGNES wrongness PONGING ponging RONGING wronging THRONGING thronging ŌNIJ ONGISH LONGISH longish RONGISH wrongish STRONGISH strongish DRŌNIJ dronage NŌNIJ nonage RŌNIJ chaperonage TRŌNIJ tronage ONGKA KONGKA concha TONGKA tanka ONIK ONIK A amphictyonic. algedonic. chronic. ONGFUL RONGFUL wrongful SONGFUL songful THRONGFUL throngful ONGKĒ DONGKĒ donkey HONGKĒ honkie. pulmonic. Tonga ONGKER HONGKER honker KONGKER conker. saxophonic. Sorbonic BRONIK vibronic DONIK Adonic. N neoplatonic. colophonic. dodecaphonic. Z zoonic BONIK bubonic. synchronic LONIK Babylonic. donging FONGING underfonging LONGING belonging. E enharmonic. ganglionic. TH thermionic. iconic. subsonic. N Napoleonic. transonic. K cacophonic. parsonic. photophonic. gnathonic. P polyphonic. megalophonic. cosmogonic. zirconic KRONIK acronic. F phototonic. schizogonic. pneumonic. H homophonic. nonharmonic. infrasonic. aphonic. Japonic. K chameleonic. siphonic. H harmonic. anhedonic. Z xylophonic GONIK agonic. S psaphonic. conquer. cataphonic. monotonic. Solomonic. F Pharaonic. M Metonic. Brythonic. glottogonic. draconic. F philharmonic. Miltonic. obconic. T talionic. laconic. jargonic. Pyrrhonic. avionic. ionic. sardonic DRONIK hydronic FONIK A antiphonic. polygonic. Batonga. D diatonic. pantheonic. O Olympionic. masonic. Byronic. polyconic. H hematonic. aniconic. U eudaemonic NONIK canonic. T telephonic. N mnemonic. chthonic TONIK A architectonic. geogonic. S sermonic. Chalcedonic. H histrionic. gnomonic.DOUBLE RHYMES. B baryphonic. supersonic. M megaphonic. demonic. ST stentorophonic. imsonic. Housatonic. chelidonic. epitonic. B daemonic. B bionic.

technetronic VONIK Slavonic YONIK yonic ZONIK ozonic. BONIKS ebonics DONIKS hedonics. chalcedonyx. thermionics. polytonic. tonish. makimono NŌNŌ no-no ONISH DONISH donnish MONISH admonish. microelectronic. quadphronics KONIKS conics LONIKS Megalonyx MONIKS harmonics. premonish STONISH stonish TONISH astonish.) ŌNLES (See ŌN. T tectonic. tonic. zonic DOUBLE RHYMES. sheltronic. cryonics. undaunted FLÔNTED flaunted 335 .Words to Rhyme With P paratonic. plutonic. nucleonics.) ÔNING ÔNING awning DÔNING dawning FÔNING fawning PÔNING pawning SPÔNING spawning YÔNING yawning ŌNMENT ŌNMENT disownment DŌNMENT condonement PŌNMENT postponement THRŌNMENT dethronement. STR stratonic. ÔNTED ŌNISH DRŌNISH dronish KŌNISH conish LŌNISH Babylonish STŌNISH stonish NŌNNES knownness. S semitonic. proconsul. PR protonic. tonnish WONISH wannish ONŌ MONŌ mono TONŌ tonneau (See ÄNŌ) ONIKS ONIKS avionics. kimono. bionics. PL planktonic. only. histrionics.) ONJĒ KONJĒ congee PONJĒ pongee ONSL KONSL consul. unknownness PRŌNNES proneness ŌNŌ FŌNŌ fono. cistronic. jawboning (See ŌN. add -s where appropriate. enthronement ÔNTĒ FLÔNTĒ flaunty HÔNTĒ haunty JÔNTĒ jaunty MÔNTĒ Del Monte VÔNTĒ vaunty TŌNMENT atonement. intonement ONING DONING donning KONING conning ŌNNES ŌNNES ownness LŌNNES aloneness. spintronic. loneness ÔNTED DÔNTED daunted. supertonic. eudaemonics PONIKS hydroponics. sheltronics. add -less where appropriate. onyx. pentatonic. Teutonic TRONIK electronic. subtonic. sardonyx FONIKS phonics. one-and-only LŌNLĒ alonely. syntonic. platonic. geoponics SONIKS supersonics. sponsal TONSL tonsil ONKŌR ONKŌR encore NONKŌR noncore ONSOR SPONSOR sponsor TONSOR chirotonsor. vice-consul SPONSL responsal. lonely PRŌNLĒ pronely ONTAL ONTAL ontal DONTAL periodontal FONTAL fontal FRONTAL frontal KWONTAL quantal PONTAL pontal RONTAL gerontal ZONTAL horizontal ŌNING BŌNING boning. monish. add -ing where appropriate. microelectronics. tonsor ŌNLĒ ŌNLĒ eyes-only. mnemonics. spintronics (See ONIK. phono MŌNŌ kakemono. gnomonics. ultrasonics TONIKS tectonics TRONIKS electronics.

periodontic KONTIK archontic KWONTIK quantic PONTIK pontic RONTIK gerontic ONTUS DONTUS microdontous HONTUS Pocahontas ŌNUS ONTĪN KONTĪN dracontine PONTĪN Hellespontine. wanted Words to Rhyme With JÔNTING jaunting TÔNTING taunting VÔNTING vaunting WÔNTING wanting — OOAL — (See OOEL.) DÔNTLES dauntless WÔNTLES wantless — OOANS — CHOOANS eschewance (See ŪANS) ONTIF PONTIF pontiff YONTIF yontif ONTŌ KONTŌ conto PRONTŌ pronto RONTŌ Toronto TONTŌ Tonto — OOANT — (See OOENT) ONTIJ PONTIJ pontage WONTIJ wantage ONTON FRONTON fronton WONTON wanton.DOUBLE RHYMES. orthodontic. Simarouba — SKOOBA scuba — SOOBA subah. wonton — OOBA — JOOBA juba — POOBA pooh-bah — ROOBA Aruba. ulua (See ŪA) 336 . transpontine ONZŌ BONZŌ Bonzo GONZŌ gonzo — OOBĒ — BOOBĒ booby — DOOBĒ do-bee — JOOBĒ jube — LOOBĒ looby — NOOBĒ newbie — ROOBĒ ruby (See ŪBĒ) TONTIN tontine — OOA ÔNTING DÔNTING daunting. pontine. undaunting FLÔNTING flaunting — HOOA lehua — LOOA Kahlúa. add -er where appropriate. pontine. ŪAL) OOAN ÔNTLES — (See OOIN) ÔNTER (See ÔNT. ÔNTER HÔNTED haunted JÔNTED jaunted TÔNTED taunted VÔNTED vaunted WÔNTED help wanted. unwanted. tuba (See ŪBA) ONTIK ONTIK Anacreontic DONTIK mastodontic. tsuba — TOOBA saxtuba. cispontine. odontic. transpontine — OOBÂL — SKROOBÂL screwball (See ŪBÂL) ŌNUS onus BŌNUS bonus LŌNUS colonus KŌNUS conus TŌNUS tonus — OOBAL — JOOBAL Jubal (See ŪBAL) ONTIN KONTIN dracontine PONTIN Hellespontine. cispontine.

ŪDENT.). occludent — PROODENT imprudent. Tudor — TROODER detruder. includer. secluding — OODED — (See OOD. copse-wooded. jurisprudent. protruder — OOBIT — TOOBIT two-bit (See ŪBIT) — OODAL — (See OODL) — OOBL — JOOBL Jubal — ROOBL ruble — TOOBL tubal (See ŪBL) — OODĒ — BOODĒ boodie — BROODĒ broody — GOODĒ wally-goudy — HOODĒ yehudi. occluding. picuda — MOODA remuda (See ŪDA) — OOBIK — ROOBIK cherubic. prudence — OODA — BOODA Buddha — JOODA Judah — KOODA barracuda. hoochie — KOOCHĒ hootchy-kootchy. poochy. ŪD. extruder. Yehudi — MOODĒ almude. hoodie WOODĒ woody — OODIK (See ŪDIK) — OOCHĒ — DOOCHĒ Il Duce.) 337 . well-wooded (etc. — STOODENT student prudent — OOBING — LOOBING lubing (See ŪBING) OODA KOODA coulda SHOODA shoulda WOODA woulda (See ŪDENT) — OODER — BROODER brooder — KLOODER excluder. add -s or change -t to -ce where appropriate. wooded — OOBĒZ — BOOBĒZ boobies — LOOBĒZ loobies — ROOBĒZ rubies (See ŪBĒZ) — OODENS — (See OODENT. add -ed where appropriate.) — PROODENS jurisprudence. goody-goody HOODĒ hoody. concluding. OODING — MOOCHĒ mamamouchi — NOOCHĒ penuche. green- — OOCHER — MOOCHER moocher — SMOOCHER smoocher — SPOOCHER spoucher (See ŪCHER) wooded. Carducci — GOOCHĒ Gucci — HOOCHĒ Chattahoochee. intruder. Rubic (See ŪBIK) — OODENT — KLOODENT concludent. including. moody (See ŪDĒ) OODER GOODER do-gooder HOODER hooder — OOBRIK — LOOBRIK lubric — ROOBRIK rubric OODĒ GOODĒ goode. precluding. penuchi — POOCHĒ Mapuchi. concluder — KROODER cruder — ROODER ruder — SHROODER shrewder — TOODER two-door.Words to Rhyme With — DOUBLE RHYMES. goody. thick-wooded. red-wooded. coochie — LOOCHĒ Baluchi — OODING — BROODING brooding — KLOODING excluding. Vespucci — SMOOCHĒ smoochy — OOBER — GOOBER goober — KOOBER Khubur — ZOOBER zubr (See ŪBER) OODED HOODED hooded WOODED dense-wooded.

tui (See ŪĒ) — OODLĒ — KROODLĒ crudely — PROODLĒ prudely — ROODLĒ rudely — SHROODLĒ shrewdly (See ŪDLĒ) OODING GOODING do-gooding HOODING hooding POODING Indian pudding. shampooer — ROOER ruer — SHOOER shoer — SOOER pursuer. — TROODING detruding. eschewer — DOOER dewar. Louis — SKROOĒ screwy — SOOĒ chop suey — TOOĒ ratatouille. fopdoodle. OODING — LOODING alluding. scudo (See ŪDŌ) — OOER — BLOOER bluer — BROOER brewer — CHOOER chewer. jewel — KROOEL accrual. caboodle — DOODL doodle. subtruding — ZOODING exuding (See ŪDER) colluding Words to Rhyme With — FLOOĒ flooey. buoy. pfui. cruel — SHOOEL shewel (See ŪAL) — OODISH — DOODISH dudish — MOODISH moodish — PROODISH prudish — ROODISH rudish (See ŪDISH) OODMAN GOODMAN goodman HOODMAN hoodman WOODMAN woodman — OODNES — KROODNES crudeness — LOODNES lewdness — ROODNES rudeness — SHROODNES shrewdness (See ŪDNES) OODISH GOODISH goodish HOODISH hoodish WOODISH woodish — OOEN — (See OOIN) — OOENT — FLOOENT fluent. revenuer — POOER pooh-pooher. bowie. sewer. wrongdoer. suer — SKROOER screwer — STROOER strewer outdoer. tattooey. eluding. pudding — OODLZ — OODLZ oodles — (See OODL. undoer — OODL — BOODL boodle. hui — KOOĒ cooee — LOOĒ Louie. ungluer — KOOER cooer — KROOER cruer — NOOER canoer. phooey — GLOOĒ gluey — GOOĒ gooey — HOOĒ hooey. cadoodle. wingdoodle. noodle — POODL poodle — ROODL roodle — SOODL soodle — STROODL strudel (See ŪDL) — — OODOO — — HOODOO hoodoo — — POODOO pudu — — TOODOO to-do — — VOODOO voodoo — OOĒ — BLOOĒ blooie. protruding. fluey. crewel. Yankee Doodle — KOODL coodle — KROODL croodle — LOODL paludal — NOODL canoodle. add -s where appropriate. flapdoodle. retruding. Drambuie — CHOOĒ chewy 338 . kerflooey — FOOĒ fooey. misdoer. perfluent — LOOENT eluent — SOOENT pursuant. confluent. extruding. evildoer. deluding. overdoer. whangdoodle. budo — JOODŌ judo — KOODŌ picudo — SKOODŌ escudo.) — OOEL — CHOOEL eschewal — DOOEL dual. intruding. bluey — BOOĒ bambui. — GLOOER gluer. duel — GROOEL gruel — JOOEL bejewel.DOUBLE RHYMES. suant — TROOENT truant — OODIST — BOODIST Buddhist — PROODIST prudist (See ŪDIST) — OODŌ — BOODŌ barbudo. doer.

roofing. frugal. cane sugar. roofy — SPOOFĒ spoofy — WOOFĒ woofy — OOGAL — (See OOGL) — OOIK — LOOIK toluic (See ŪIK) — OOFER — GOOFER goofer — LOOFER aloofer — ROOFER roofer — OOGĒ — BOOGĒ boogey — POOGĒ poogye — WOOGĒ boogie-woogie — OOIN — BROOIN Bruin — LOOIN punaluan 339 . sugar — OOET — BLOOET bluet — CHOOET chewet — KROOET cruet — MOOET Moet — SOOET suet — TOOET intuit — OOGL — FROOGL Froogle. weatherproofing OOGER BOOGER booger SHOOGER beet sugar. — JOOGL jugal. spun sugar. waterproof— ROOFING composition roofing. semifluid.Words to Rhyme With — TOOER tattooer — TROOER truer — WOOER wooer (See ŪER) — DOUBLE RHYMES. brown sugar. conjugal (See ŪGL) guggal — OOFLES — GOOFLES goofless — HOOFLES hoofless — PROOFLES proofless — ROOFLES roofless — SPOOFLES spoofless — WOOFLES woofless ŌOF BLŌOF blow-off FLŌOF flow-off SHŌOF show-off — OOĪD — BLOOĪD blue-eyed — TROOĪD true-eyed (See ŪĪD) — OOFUS — DOOFUS doofus — GOOFUS goofus — ROOFUS hirsutorufous. shingle roofing — SPOOFING spoofing — WOOFING woofing ing. shake roofing. rufous — OOFA — BOOFA buffa — CHOOFA chufa — GOOFA gufa — LOOFA catalufa. unfrugal — GOOGL Barney Google. loofa — STOOFA stufa — TOOFA tufa — OOID — DROOID druid — FLOOID fluid. maple sugar. superfluid — OOGA — FOOGA fuga — LOOGA beluga — MOOGA mooga — NOOGA Chattanooga — ROOGA ruga — YOOGA yuga — OOIJ — BROOIJ brewage — SOOIJ sewage (See ŪIJ) — OOFĒ — OOFĒ oofy — GOOFĒ goofy — ROOFĒ roofie. cedar roofing. Google. OOIN — SPOOFER spoofer — TOOFER twofer — WOOFER woofer — OOGER — KOOGER cougar — LOOGER Luger — SNOOGER snooger — OOERD — LOOERD leeward (See ŪERD) — OOFING — GOOFING goofing — PROOFING bulletproofing.

good-looker. fuji. unhooking KOOKING cooking. BROOKING brooking HOOKING hooking. sambouka — DOOKA Paducah — FOOKA Juan de Fuca — LOOKA felucca. You mouse-destructive quadruped! At times you are a lazy sort. O one-eyed. ill-looking. lucre — SNOOKER snooker (See ŪKER) — OOKAN — TOOKAN toucan (See ŪKAN) — OOISH — BLOOISH blueish — GLOOISH glueish — JOOISH Jewish — SHROOISH shrewish — TROOISH trueish (See ŪISH) — OOKĒ — BOOKĒ kabuki — FLOOKĒ fluky — KOOKĒ kooky — ROOKĒ rouky — SNOOKĒ snooky — SOOKĒ sookie — SPOOKĒ spooky — ZOOKĒ bouzouki. pressure cooker — OOIST — NOOIST canoeist (See ŪIST) LOOKER bad-looker.— DOUBLE RHYMES. overbooking. A dozing. rebooking. sugar cooky LOOKĒ looky OOKA HOOKA hookah LOOKA felucca OOKLET BOOKLET booklet BROOKLET brooklet NOOKLET nooklet 340 . landlooker. looker. bobtailed. good-looking. OOING — SOOIN auruin. noctiluca. well-looking OOKISH BOOKISH bookish HOOKISH hookish KOOKISH cookish KROOKISH crookish NOOKISH nookish ROOKISH rookish (See ŪKA) OOKĒ BOOKĒ bookie. booky BROOKĒ brooky HOOKĒ hookey. undercooking — OOKA — BOOKA cambuca. fistuca. cooker. underbooking THE SYNATHROESMIC CAT O mangy cat. Ū. ruin — SOOIN sewen — (See OOAN) Words to Rhyme With — OOKAL — KOOKAL coucal (See ŪKAL) NOOKĒ nooky ROOKĒ rookie. rooky — OOING — (See OO. Suzuki OOKER BOOKER booker HOOKER hooker CHOOKER chukar KOOKER electric cooker. — NOOKA — POOKA — ROOKA — TOOKA — ZOOKA palooka manuka. fireless cooker. overcooking. onlooking. dear cat. Rub-up-against-the-pantleg type.” This is the way it works: OOKING BOOKING booking. cooky. when all is said. katuka bazooka LOOKING bad-looking.) — OOKER — FLOOKER fluker — LOOKER involucre. onlooker. But still. Mt. melaleuca. A worth-the-bother quadruped. hooky KOOKĒ cookie. toughy cat— You’re fleas and meows from foot to head. Fuji rougy. overlooking. lackadaisy sort. rugae suji There is a Greek word synathroesmus which means “the piling up of adjectives. overlooker ROOKER rooker STOOKER stooker — OOJĒ — BOOJĒ — FOOJĒ — ROOJĒ — SOOJĒ bougie fugie. nucha pooka farruca. A sleep-all-day-upon-the-bedWith-paws-upended quadruped. garookuh. O scruffy cat. looking. add -ing where appropriate. verruca festuca. A give-the-sofa-leg-a-swipe.

Lulu. Grand Coolee. tooling (See ŪLING) OOLĒ BOOLĒ bully CHOOLĒ patchouli FOOLĒ fully MOOLĒ mulley POOLĒ puli. schooly — STOOLĒ stoolie — THOOLĒ Thule — TOOLĒ Thule — TROOLĒ truly. wine — POOLER pooler — ROOLER ruler — SPOOLER spooler — TOOLER retooler. ruling — SKOOLING schooling — SPOOLING spooling — STOOLING stooling — TOOLING retooling. OOLOO — YOOLĒ guayule (See ŪLĒ) — — OOKOO — — KOOKOO kavakuku. magic bullet KOOLET culett POOLET pullet — — OOLOO — — OOLOO ulu — — HOOLOO hulu — — LOOLOO Honolulu.Words to Rhyme With — — DOUBLE RHYMES. tooler (See ŪLER) cooler — OOLIP — JOOLIP julep. add -less where appropriate. add -ed where appropriate. water cooler. yours truly coulee. overruling. — ROOLĒ unruly — SKOOLĒ high-schooly. — BROOLA zebrula — DOOLA doula — GOOLA goolah — HOOLA hula-hula — JOOLA joola — KOOLA Bellacoola — MOOLA moola — SOOLA Missoula (See ŪLA) boola-boola. coocoo. tom— GOOLISH ghoulish — KOOLISH coolish — SKOOLISH schoolish (See ŪLISH) foolish OOLER BOOLER buller FOOLER fuller POOLER puller. wire-puling OOKT (See OOK.) — OOLER — DROOLER drooler — FOOLER fooler — KOOLER cooler. untruly. lulu 341 . coolly OOLISH BOOLISH bullish FOOLISH fullish WOOLISH woolish — OOLES — JOOLES Jewless — KLOOLES clueless — SKROOLES screwless — OOLLES — (See OOL. pound-foolish. boola. pulley WOOLĒ woolly OOKUP HOOKUP hookup LOOKUP lookup — OOKUS (See ŪKUS) OOLĒD BOOLĒD bullied POOLĒD pullied OOLING BOOLING bulling POOLING pulling. tabbouleh — OOLISH — FOOLISH foolish. mint julep — TOOLIP tulip (See ŪLIP) — OOLA — BOOLA Ashtabula. OO.) — (See Ū. recooling — POOLING pooling — ROOLING misruling. schoolie. coolie. add -less where appropriate. bamboula.) OOLET BOOLET bullet. kuku — — POOKOO seppuku — — TOOKOO kotukuku — OOLING — DROOLING drooling — FOOLING fooling — KOOLING cooling. wire puller — OOLĒ — OOLĒ oolly — BLOOLĒ bluely — BOOLĒ booly — CHOOLĒ patchouli — DROOLĒ drooly — HOOLĒ gilhooley — KOOLĒ douroucouli.

rumor — SHROOMER shroomer — STOOMER stumor — TOOMER entomber. hair groomer. To know too much may make you drink. dog groomer.— DOUBLE RHYMES. How dangerous it is to think! — OOMZMAN — DOOMZMAN doomsman — GROOMZMAN groomsman — OOMERD — BLOOMERD bloomered — ROOMERD rumored (See ŪMERD) — OONA — BOONA bhuna — GOONA guna — HOONA kahuna — KOONA lacuna. ŪM.) — OOMEN — FLOOMEN flumen — KROOMEN crewmen — NOOMEN numen — ROOMEN rumen. ŪM. add -less where appropriate. Sakyamuni — SPOONĒ spoony — OOMKĒ — KOOMKĒ koomkie — ROOMKĒ room key 342 . mezzaluna — POONA puna — ROONA koruna — TOONA Altoona. moony. Luna. cerumen (See ŪMEN) — OONĒ — KLOONĒ Cluny — LOONĒ loony — MOONĒ Moonie. tumor (See ŪMER) — OOMAL — BROOMAL brumal — TOOMAL tombal — OOMUS — BROOMUS brumous — GROOMUS grumous — KOOMUS kumiss — PLOOMUS plumous (See ŪMUS) WHY THINKING IS ITS OWN WORST ENEMY How dangerous it is to think! To think too much may make you know. late-bloomer — BOOMER baby-boomer. tuna — ZOONA mizuna (See ŪNA) — OOMIJ — DOOMIJ doomage — PLOOMIJ plumage — ROOMIJ roomage (See ŪMIJ) — OOMĒ — BLOOMĒ bloomy — BOOMĒ boomy — BROOMĒ broomy — DOOMĒ doomy — GLOOMĒ gloomy — GROOMĒ groomy — LOOMĒ halloumi — PLOOMĒ plumy — ROOMĒ rheumy. add -ing where appropriate. vicuna — LOONA luna. boomer. mumu — OOMER — BLOOMER bloomer. schuss-boomer — DOOMER doomer — GROOMER animal groomer. Montezuma (See ŪMA) — — OOMOO — — OOMOO umu — — MOOMOO muumuu. To drink too much may make you throw All thought of thinking down the sink. roomy (See ŪMĒ) — OOMIK — TOOMIK tombic (See ŪMIK) — OONAL — GOONAL lagoonal — JOONAL jejunal (See ŪNAL) — OOMING — (See OOM. cat groomer — PLOOMER plumer — ROOMER roomer. groomer. OOMA — — SOOLOO Sulu — — ZOOLOO Zulu Words to Rhyme With — OOMENT — BROOMENT imbruement — CHOOMENT eschewment — KROOMENT accruement (See ŪMENT) — OOMLES — (See OOM.) — OOMA — DOOMA Duma — ROOMA empyreuma — SOOMA satsuma — ZOOMA mazuma.

plenilunar. — JOOLES Juneless — KOONLES barracoonless. toonless — TROONLES quintroonless. Walloonless lagoonless rigadoonless — OONŌ — OONŌ Numero Uno. goonless. semilunar. moonless — NOONLES noonless — POONLES harpoonless. novilunar. coonless. frigatoonless. platoonless. teaspoonless — TOONLES altunless. raccoonless. tablespoonful. tablespoonless. opportunist (See ŪNIST) — OONLĪT — MOONLĪT moonlight — NOONLĪT noonlight — OONES — BLOONES blueness — TROONES trueness (See ŪNES) — OONLIT — MOONLIT moonlit — NOONLIT noonlit — OONĒZ — BOONĒZ boonies — LOONĒZ loonies — MOONĒZ Moonies — OONIZM — FOONIZM buffoonism — TROONIZM poltroonism (See ŪNIZM) — OONNES — JOONNES jejuneness. runer — SKOONER schooner — SOONER sooner — SPOONER spooner — SWOONER swooner (See ŪNER) — OONISH — (See OON. saloonless. mooner — POONER harpooner. interlunar. rockoonless. lampooner — PROONER pruner — ROONER marooner. runeless. uno — BROONŌ Bruno — GOONŌ Gounod — JOONŌ Juneau. vinegarroonless — SHOONLES shoonless — SKOONLES scoonless — SOONLES bassoonless. circumlunar. cocoonless. spontoonless. spittoonless. Juno — TOONŌ Montuno (See ŪNŌ) — OONIK — ROONIK runic — TOONIK tunic (See ŪNIK) — OONUM — OONUM e pluribus unum — JOONUM jejunum 343 . poltroonless (See ŪNLES) poonless — OONER — GOONER dragooner — KROONER crooner — LOONER ballooner.Words to Rhyme With — SWOONĒ swoony — TOONĒ festoony (See ŪNĒ) — DOUBLE RHYMES. doonless. shalloonless. ratoonless. lampoonless. sublunar. seroonless. cislunar. coquetoonless. pontoonless. monsoonless — SPOONLES spoonless. gossoonless. — ROONLES floroonless. add -ish where appropriate. OONUM — OONING — KROONING crooning — LOONING ballooning — MOONING mooning — NOONING nooning — POONING harpooning. — TOONFUL tuneful (See ŪNFUL) teaspoonful — OONLES — BLOONLES doubloonless — BOONLES baboonless. — LOONLES balloonless. octoroonless. Juneness (See ŪNNES) — OONFUL — LOONFUL balloonful — ROONFUL runeful — SPOONFUL spoonful. lampooning — PROONING pruning — SOONING bassooning — SPOONING spooning — SWOONING swooning — TOONING cartooning. boonless — DOONLES bridoonless. tycoonless pantaloonless.) — OONIST — DOONIST rigadoonist — JOONIST jejunest — LOONIST balloonist — POONIST harpoonist — SOONIST bassoonist — TOONIST cartoonist. cacoonless. ŪN. macaroonless. translunar — MOONER honeymooner. cartoonless. quadroonless — FOONLES buffoonless. musketoonless. galloonless. — DROONLES gadroonless. extralunar. tuning (See ŪNING) — MOONLES honeymoonless. lunar. patroonless. typhoonless — GOONLESS dragonless.

flexura — TOORA acciaccatura.— DOUBLE RHYMES. loop-the-looper — SKOOPER pooper-scooper. quadruple — SKROOPL scruple — TOOPL quintuple. plural ROORAL rural SHOORAL commisural — OOPLET — DROOPLET drupelet. sextuplet — OORANS (See ŪRANS) — OOPER — BLOOPER blooper — DOOPER super-duper — DROOPER drooper — GROOPER grouper — HOOPER hooper — HWOOPER whooper — KOOPER cooper. tarsiatura. petit jury 344 . add -ing where appropriate. stormtrooper. surrah ZHOORA caesura — OOPĒ — DROOPĒ droopy — GOOPĒ goopy — GROOPĒ groupie — HWOOPĒ whoopy — KROOPĒ croupy — LOOPĒ Guadalupe. super — STOOPER stooper. vettura. villegiatura — ZHOORA caesura (See ŪRA) — OOPA — LOOPA chalupa — ROOPA rupa. octuplet. OOON Words to Rhyme With — OOON — GLOOON gluon — LOOON lauan — MOOON muon — OOPING — (See OOP. septuple. subduple — DROOPL drupel. souper. stupor — SWOOPER swooper — TROOPER mosstrooper. quadruplet — HOOPLET hooplet — LOOPLET looplet — TOOPLET quintuplet. jury. sextuple (See ŪPL) OORAL JOORAL jural KROORAL bicrural. septuplet.) — OOPISH — DROOPISH droopish — GROOPISH groupish — KROOPISH croupish — LOOPISH loopish — SKOOPISH scoopish — SNOOPISH snoopish — STOOPISH stoopish — SWOOPISH swoopish — LOORA lura — POORA tempura — ROORA tambaroora — SHOORA fissura. surra. paratrooper. — KOOPMENT recoupment groupment. sura. ŪP. coloratura. velatura. counterfleury JOORĒ de jure. crural PLOORAL pleural. trouper (See ŪPER) — OOPMENT — GROOPMENT aggroupment. loopy — ROOPĒ rupee — SKOOPĒ scoopy — SNOOPĒ snoopy — SOOPĒ soupy — STOOPĒ stoopy — SWOOPĒ swoopy (See ŪPĒ) — OOPL — DOOPL duple. scooper — SNOOPER snooper — SOOPER peasouper. territura. recouper — KROOPER crouper — LOOPER looper. trooper. scordatura. octuple. centuple. grand jury. regroupment OORAT JOORAT jurat SOORAT surat — OORĒ — BROORĒ brewery — DOORĒ tandoori — HOORĒ houri — JOORĒ Jewry — POORE potpourri (See ŪRĒ) — OOPON — JOOPON jupon — KOOPON coupon — YOOPON yupon (See ŪPON) — OORA — BOORA tamboura — JOORA jura — KOORA cura OORĒ FLOORĒ fleury. kamarupa — SOOPA supa — STOOPA stupa — TOOPA ketupa (See ŪPA) OORA BOORA kookaburra DOORA madura JOORA Jura PLOORA pleura SOORA asura. appoggiatura.

insurant. perenduring. reassurant (See URENT) OORIST CHOORIST caricaturist DOORIST dourest JOORIST jurist POORIST poorest TOORIST Intourist.Words to Rhyme With LOORĒ lurry MOORĒ moory POORĒ potpourri ZOORĒ Missouri (See URĒ) — DOUBLE RHYMES. maturing. unmooring TOORING detouring. Arethusa — TOOSA tuza (See ŪSA) OORER MOORER moorer. Duce. conjurement LOORMENT allurement NOORMENT manurement (See URMENT) — OOSĒ — DOOSĒ acey-deucy. unmoorer POORER poorer TOORER detourer. jurant SHOORENT assurant. tourer (See URER) OORLĒ DOORLĒ dourly CHOORLĒ maturely POORLĒ poorly SHOORLĒ surely (See URLĒ) OOREST (See OORIST) — OOSAL — KLOOSAL occlusal — NOOSAL hypotenusal (See ŪSL) — OORING — CHOORING maturing — DOORING enduring. tourist (See ŪRIST) — OOSA — DOOSA medusa. touring (See URING) OORNES DOORNES dourness POORNES poorness SHOORNES cocksureness — OOSENS (See ŪSENS) OORŌ — OORISH — CHOORISH amateurish. Medusa — LOOSA lallapaloosa. maduro SKOORŌ chiaroscuro TROORŌ Truro (See URŌ) — OOSENT (See ŪSENT) 345 . maturish (See ŪRISH) DOORŌ duro. OOSENT OORISH BOORISH boorish CHOORISH maturish DOORISH dourish MOORISH Moorish (See URISH) OORTĒ SHOORTĒ cocksurety. maturing MOORING mooring. — LOORING alluring (See ŪRING) perduring OORMENT JOORMENT abjurement. surety (See URTĒ) OORUP (See URUP) OORENS (See URENS) OORISHT (See URISHT) OORUS KROORUS macrurous (See URUS) OORENT JOORENT adjurant. Il Duce — GOOSĒ goosy — JOOSĒ juicy — MOOSĒ moosey — SLOOSĒ sluicy — SPROOSĒ sprucey — TOOSĒ watusi (See ŪSĒ) OORING CHOORING caricaturing. Tuscaloosa — POOSA Tallapoosa — ROOSA babirusa — SOOSA Sousa — THOOSA arethusa.

institution. macuta — LOOTA valuta — TOOTA battuta (See ŪTA) — OOSHUN — DOOSHUN caducean — FOOSHUN Confucian — KROOSHUN crucian. pusher — OOSIV — KLOOSIV exclusive. K convolution. unobtrusive (See ŪSIV) — OOSHING — DOOSHING douching — ROOSHING rouching. elusive. V volution — ROOSHUN Rooshan — TOOSHUN destitution. D devolution. O obvolution. inconvul— LOOSIV allusive. collusive sive. substitution (See ŪSHUN) — OOSER — GOOSER gooser — JOOSER juicer — LOOSER looser — SLOOSER sluicer — SPROOSER sprucer — STROOSER abstruser (See ŪSER) — OOSLES — GOOSLES gooseless — JOOSLES juiceless — MOOSLES mooseless — SLOOSLES sluiceless (See ŪSLES) — OOSFUL — GOOSFUL gooseful — JOOSFUL juiceful — SNOOSFUL snooseful (See ŪSFUL) — OOSNES — KLOOSNES recluseness — LOOSNES looseness — SPROOSNES spruceness — STROOSNES abstruseness (See ŪSNES) — OOSIK — GLOOSIK glucic (See ŪSIK) — OOSHAL — DOOSHAL fiducial — KROOSHAL crucial (See ŪSHAL) — OOSING — LOOSING loosing.) — OOSŌ — HOOSŌ whoso — KROOSŌ Robinson Crusoe — ROOSŌ Caruso. R resolution. Aleutian. Rousseau — TROOSŌ trousseau — OOSHED — GOOSHED goosehead — JOOSHED juicehead — MOOSHED moosehead — OOSIS — KOOSIS presbycousis — KROOSIS anacrusis (See ŪSIS) — OOSTER — BOOSTER booster — BROOSTER brewster — JOOSTER jouster — ROOSTER rooster OOSHER BOOSHER busher POOSHER pedal-pusher. illusive. inclusive. constitution. T Tuscaloosian. OOS. add -ing where appropriate. ruching — OOSKĒ — BROOSKĒ brewski — ROOSKĒ Russki — OOTA — KOOTA barracouta. obtrusive. conclusive. intrusive. delusive. Rosicrucian — LOOSHUN A ablution. pen-pusher. unloosing — SPROOSING sprucing — (See ŪS. irresolu- — OOSLĒ — LOOSLĒ loosely — STROOSLĒ abstrusely (See ŪSLĒ) — OOTANT — LOOTANT pollutant (See ŪTANT) 346 . solution. revolution.— DOUBLE RHYMES. P pollution. dilution. counterrevolution. E evolution. S self-pollution. TH thermopollution. OOSER Words to Rhyme With tion. circumvolution. seclusive — OOSUM — GROOSUM gruesome — TOOSUM twosome — TROOSIV inobtrusive. prostitution. I involution. restitution. dissolution. reclusive. absolution.

constitutor. sharpshooter. duck-footed. F footed. big-footed. suiter. tutti-frutti — GOOTĒ agouti — KOOTĒ cootie — KLOOTĒ clootie — MOOTĒ gomuti — POOTĒ pampootee. freebooter — BROOTER bruiter — FLOOTER fluter — FOOTER fouter. light-footed. four-footer. web-footer (etc. cloven-footed. add -ing where appropriate. tutor (See ŪTER) saluter — OOTĒ — BOOTĒ bootee. untruthful — YOOTHFUL youthful OOTING FOOTING footing. freebooty — FOOTĒ clafoutis — FLOOTĒ fluty — FROOTĒ fruity. SW swift-footed. deershooter. foutre — FROOTER fruiter — HOOTER hooter — JOOTER coadjutor — OOTHFUL (TH as in thin) — LOOTING highfaluting — ROOTHFUL ruthful — TOOTHFUL toothful — TROOTHFUL truthful. hermeneutic. KL claw-footed. SPL splay-footed. K catfooted. L lame-footed. uncouther — LOOTHER Luther — OOTING — (See OOT. four-footed. ring-tailed tooter. suitor — TOOTER astutor. pussyfooter.Words to Rhyme With DOUBLE RHYMES. booty. T two-footed. tutti (See ŪTĒ) — OOTHING (TH as in then) — SMOOTHING smoothing — SOOTHING soothing — TOOTHING toothing — OOTHLES (TH as in thin) — ROOTHLES ruthless — SOOTHLES soothless — TOOTHLES toothless — TROOTHLES truthless — YOOTHLES youthless — OOTED — BOOTED jackbooted — (See ŪT. institutor. cooter — KROOTER recruiter — LOOTER diluter. troubleshooter — SKOOTER scooter — SOOTER cloak-and-suiter. looter. two-footer.) POOTER down-putter. one-footed (etc. polluter. prostitutor. pussyfooting POOTING putting.) — OOTHSUM (TH as in thin) OOTER FOOTER first-footer. uprooter — SHOOTER beanshooter. crapshooter. shooter. putter. OOT. duckshooter. luter. shotputter — TOOTHSUM toothsome — YOOTHSUM youthsome OOTED FOOTED B barefooted. P pussyfooted. SH sure-footed. putti — ROOTĒ Beiruti. OOTING — KOOTER accoutre. shot-putting SOOTING sooting 347 . W web-footed. — ROOTIK toreutic (See ŪTIK) ichneutic — OOTEN — (See OOTN) — OOTHER (TH as in thin) — KOOTHER couther. peashooter. club-footed. — MOOTER mooter — NOOTER neuter — ROOTER rooter. restitutor. N nimble-footed. parachuter. wingfooted. six-footer. D dog-footed. tooter. left-footed.) SOOTED sooted — OOTIJ — FROOTIJ fruitage — ROOTIJ rootage (See ŪTIJ) — OOTHER (TH as in then) — SOOTHER soother — SMOOTHER smoother — OOTIK — LOOTIK probouleutic — NOOTIK digoneutic. FL flat-footed. substitutor. add -ed where appropriate. souter. Djibouti.) — OOTER — BOOTER booter. protutor. footer. chuter. S six-footed. skeetshooter. rooty — SOOTĒ sooty — SNOOTĒ snooty — TOOTĒ sweet patootie. router.

risoluto — NOOTŌ ritenuto. ŪTN) — OOTLES — BOOTLES bootless — FROOTLES fruitless — OOVER — GROOVER groover — HOOVER Hoover. — PLOOTŌ Pluto — SKROOTŌ scruto — TOOTŌ tutto tenuto — OOVĒ — GROOVĒ groovy — MOOVĒ movie — OOTLĒ — BROOTLĒ brutely — KOOTLĒ Xiuhtecutli — LOOTLĒ absolutely. OOTON) — OOTUS — BROOTUS Brutus (See ŪTUS) — OOTNES — BROOTNES bruteness — LOOTNES absoluteness. unproven — OOTON — BOOTON bouton — KROOTON crouton — MOOTON mouton — (See OOTN. resolutely (See ŪTLĒ) — OOVEN — HOOVEN hooven — PROOVEN disproven.— DOUBLE RHYMES. dissolutely. disapproval. rutile — TOOTL tootle (See ŪTL) — OOVAL — MOOVAL removal — PROOVAL approval. proven. sostenuto. hoover 348 . disproval. posilutely. dissoluteness (See ŪTNES) — OOTL — BROOTL brutal — FOOTL footle — KROOTL recruital — ROOTL rootle. convolutely. glutin — LOOTN highfalutin’ — ROOTN rutin — TOOTN rootin’-tootin’ — OOTUP — SHOOTUP shoot-up — SOOTUP suit-up — OOTIZM — BROOTIZM brutism — LOOTIZM absolutism (See ŪTIZM) — (See ŪTN. OOTISH Words to Rhyme With — ROOETLES rootless (See ŪTLES) — OOTISH — BROOTISH brutish — JOOTISH Jutish — SOOTISH sootish — OOTSE — TOOTSE tootsy — WOOTSE tootsy-wootsy (See OOTSĒ) — OOTLING — FOOTLING footling — TOOTLING tootling — OOTIST — FLOOTIST flutist — FROOTIST fruitist — LOOTIST absolutist. lutist — SHOOTIST parachutist. shootist — SOOTIST pharmaceutist (See ŪTIST) OOTSĒ FOOTSĒ footsie WOOTSĒ tootsie-wootsie — OOTMENT — BROOTMENT imbrutement — KROOTMENT recruitment (See ŪTMENT) — OOTUM — ROOTUM verutum (See ŪTUM) — OOTIV — FROOTIV fruitive — JOOTIV coadjutive (See ŪTIV) — OOTN — GLOOTN gluten. reproval — OOTŌ — OOTŌ prosciutto — BOOTŌ marabuto — LOOTŌ assoluto. chutist.

reprover DOUBLE RHYMES. louvre. self-delusion — STROOZHUN abstrusion — THOOZHUN Malthusian — TOOZHUN pertusion — TROOZHUN detrusion.) OPA (See ÄPA) — OOVMENT — MOOVMENT movement. jalopy MOPĒ moppy PLOPĒ ploppy POPĒ poppy. malocclusion. reclusion. prolusion. prosopopy SHOPĒ shoppe. OPĒ — OOZER — OOZER oozer — BOOZER boozer — BROOZER bruizer — CHOOZER chooser — KROOZER cruiser — LOOZER loser. intrusion. disprovement. copa RŌPA Europa SKŌPA scopa — OOVING — (See OOV. improvement movement — OOZHUN — KLOOZHUN exclusion. elusion. collusion. disillusion. hallelujah ŌPĒ DŌPĒ dopey HŌPĒ hopi KŌPĒ pericope MŌPĒ mopy RŌPĒ ropy SLŌPĒ slopy SŌPĒ soapy TŌPĒ topee. flip-floppy. mover. preclusion. seclusion — LOOZHUN allusion. reinclusion. trusian (See ŪZHUN) ŌPAL (See ŌPL) — OOYA — HOOYA Huia — LOOYA alleluia. microcopy. palouser — SHMOOZER schmoozer — SNOOZER snoozer — ROOZER peruser (See ŪZER) ŌPA ŌPA opah CHŌPA chopa DŌPA L-dopa. add -ing where appropriate. topi — OOZA — LOOZA lallapalooza — SOOZA Sousa — THOOZA arethusa — TOOZA tuza — OOZĒ — OOZĒ oozy. conclusion. methyldopa KŌPA Bacopa. delusion.Words to Rhyme With — KOOVER Vancouver — LOOVER louver. phenocopy. women’s — PROOVMENT approvement. shoppy SLOPĒ sloppy SOPĒ soppy STROPĒ stroppy 349 . floppy HOPĒ hoppy KLOPĒ clip-cloppy. people. interclusion. photocopy. Uzi — BLOOZĒ bluesy — BOOZĒ boozy. protrusion. reocclusion. occlusion. cloppy — OOZLER — BOOZLER bamboozler — FOOZLER foozler — GOOZLER gougoozler KOPĒ copy. obtrusion. clippety-cloppy. illusion. prover. bousy — CHOOZĒ choosy — DOOZĒ doozy — DROOZĒ drusy — FLOOZĒ floozy — KOOZĒ Jacuzzi — NOOZĒ newsy — SHMOOZĒ schmoozy — SNOOZĒ snoozy — TOOZĒ Watusi — WOOZĒ woozy — OOZL — OOZL ouzel — BOOZL bamboozle — FOOZL foozle. gumfoozle — ROOZL perusal — SNOOZL snoozle (See ŪZAL) OPĒ CHOPĒ choppy DROPĒ droppy FLOPĒ flippety-floppy. retrusion. remover — NOOVER maneuver — PROOVER approver. extrusion. Ropa Dopa. inclusion. improver. disapprover. Louvre — MOOVER mover. recopy — OOZEL — (See OOZL) — OOZMAN — TROOZMAN trewsman (See ŪZMAN) KROPĒ croppy LOPĒ loppy. disprover.

table-hopper. vegetable chopper DOPER dopper. clopper KOPER copper KROPER come a cropper. popper PROPER improper. heterotopic. meat-chopper. metoscopic. dolichroprosopic. isotropic. STR stroboscopic. M macroscopic. TH thixotropic. sinopic PLOPIK diplopic SKOPIK A aeroscopic. clodhopper. gyroscopic. H hagioscopic. stoppage OPER BOPER bopper. diatropic. TR tropic. periscopic. inotropic. misanthropic. tiptopper. stethoscopic. presbyopic HOPER froghopper. soda poppish SHOPISH shoppish 350 . N necroscopic. Y eurytropic OPHED DROPHED drophead HOPHED hophead MOPHED mophead ÔPER PÔPER pauper SKÔPER scauper YÔPER yawper OPIJ MOPIJ moppage PROPIJ proppage STOPIJ estoppage. P polytropic. polytopic. landloper. E exotropic. SK scopic. paleanthropic. interloping. soaping CHOPER chopper. S syntropic. J geoscopic. philanthropic. poroscopic. K kaleidoscopic. photopic. myopic PLŌPIK diplopic TŌPIK isotopic TRŌPIK entropic. FL fluoroscopic. flopper OPIK OPIK boöpic. loper MŌPER moper RŌPER jump-roper. lycanthropic. hydroscopic. radioisotopic. psilanthropic. weenybopper ŌPIK ŌPIK Ethiopic. corn-popper. ŌPER Words to Rhyme With ŌPER DŌPER doper GRŌPER groper HŌPER hoper KŌPER coper LŌPER eloper. therianthropic TOPIK atopic. xenotropic ŌPING ŌPING oping. V vagotropic. ST stereoscopic. atropic. helioscopic. J geotropic. T telescopic. propper SHOPER shopper. teeny-bopper. syncopic LOPIK nyctalopic NOPIK canopic. isotopic. deuteroscopic. myopic. F phototropic. F photos