(1) (a) Who is the currently the president of NASSCOM? Mr. Rastogi (b) Mr. Kiran Karnik (c) Mr. Sunil Joshi (d) Mr. Shyam Munshi

(2) (a)

Calvin Klein Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of which group? Louis Phillippe (b) Raymond (c) Van Hueson (d) Reid & Taylor

(3) (a)

Virgin Comics is all set to enter gaming zones in mobiles through which networks? Hutchison Essar (b) Airtel (c) BSNL (d) Reliance Communications

(4) (a)

Which company has tied up with farmers to launch India’s first natural vanilla Cream in order to help farmers? Havmour (b) Amul (c) Vadilal (d) Mothers Dairy

(5) What is the name of the Mahindra Renault’s first car to be launched in India in January 2007? (a) Regan (b) Logan (c) Showgun (d) None

(6) (a) (7) (8) (a)

Which Indian company is the first to get listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange? Bharti Enterprises (b) Infosys (c) TCS (d) Meghamani Organics Ltd. Who is being appointed as the brand ambassador of OMEGA watches? Who scored second fastest century in ODI after Shahid Afridi in 44 balls? Mark Boucher (b) Mahendra Singh Dhoni (c) R.Sarwan (d) Jaysuriya

What was it? (a) Flat-Screen Televisions (b) Broadband networks (c) Luxury Massage Chairs (d) Mobile phones .(9) (a) Videocon Electrolux will set up a Greenfield facility at which place to manufacture Air –conditioners? Hyderabad (b) Uttaranchal(c) Haryana (d) Gujarat (10) Which title after winning tennis legend Martina Navrotilova declared retirement from professional tennis this year? (a) French Open (b) Wimbledon (c) US Open (d) ATP Championships (11) General Mushraf wrote the controversial book. Abdul Kalaam had written some time back? (12) Aegis is the BPO firm of which famous business group? (a) Cognizant (b) TCS (c) Essar Group (d) Infosys (13) Which company made a deal with the famous Dabbawallahs in Mumbai to help them set up a supply chain system? (a) Mico Bosch India (b) Petronet (c) Tesco India Pvt. Ltd (d) Reliance India (14) The name of the operation launched by Indian Navy in order to evacuate Indians and Nationals of SAARC from the war ravaged country Lebanon was…? (a) Operation Bluestar (b) Operation SAARC (c) Operation Sukoon (d) None (15) The leading camcorder electronics specialist Panasonic launched a unique product few days back. “In The Line Of Fire”. but can you name the book that our president Dr.

(hint: The latest scooter in town) (17) Whose punch line is “Your Potential.(16) Whose slogan is ‘Shortcut To Fame’. Our Passion”? (18) Can u name the company who has launched the cool ‘Appy Fiz’ drinks in the market? (a) Pepsi (b) Coca-cola India (C) Dabur Real (d) Parle (19) Who was given the Gandhi Peace Award 2005? He was been awarded on recent 2nd October 2006 on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti? (a) Megha Patkar (b) Archbishop Desmond Tutu (c) Angela Merkel (d) Dalai Lama (20) Taglines of famous companies: (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) Putting News FirstWhat makes you Special? Spoil YourselfSpread The SmileCan’t live without- Answers to above questions: (1) b (2) c (3) d (4) b (5) b (6) d (7) Amitabh Bachhan (8) a (9) b (10) c (11) The wings of fire (12) c (13) a (14) c (15) c (16) Blaze (17) Microsoft (18) Parle (19) b (20) Taglines (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) BBC IBN TATA Indigo Sunfeast Live-in-Jeans .

she was given the Economic Times Entrepreneur of the Year 2006 Award? (a) Radhika Roy (b) Zia Mody (c) Lalita Gupte (d) Mallika Srinivasan (7) Who is the head of the National Dairy Development Board? (a) Shikha Sharma (b) Tina Ambani (c) Amrita Patel (d) Hema Ravichandran (8) With whom would you associate Vedika Bhandarkar? (a) J. (6) Who is the director of the TAFE group. Is it true or false? (4) With whom would you associate the NGO institution ‘SEWA’? (a) Amrita Patel (b) Elaben Bhatt (c) Falguni Parikh (d) None (5) Name The Godrej woman. Morgan India (b) Deutsche Bank (c) SBI (d) ICICI (9) Who is the head of Human Resources Department in INFOSYS? .P.BUSINESS QUIZ-2 THEME: WOMAN CORPORATE WORLD. (1) Who is the CEO of the Britannia Industries? (a) Falguni Nayar (b) Shikha sharma (3) Vinita Bali (4) Lalita gupte (2) With whom would you associate Renuka Ramnath? (a) ICICI Bank (b) HSBC (c) ICICI Venture (d) ICICI Prudential (3) Chanda Kochhar is the executive director of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance.

True or False? (15) Who is the MD of ING Vyasya Mutual Fund? (a) Shobhna Maitra (b) Neelam Dhawan(c) Zia Mody (d) Kavita Hurry (16) Rohini Nilekani. Karnad(d) Hema Ravichandra (10) Tina Ambani. Can you name it? (a) Infosys Foundation (b) Pratham (c) Akshara Foundation(d) None (17) Who is the executive director of HDFC? (a) Swati Singh (b) Renu Roy (c) Renu Karnad (d) Naina Lal Kidwai .(a) Kalpana Morparia (b) Shikha Sharma (c) Renu S. wife of Infosys man Nandan Nilkani runs a foundation for poor children in and around Bangalore. the wife of Anil Ambani runs a show annually in a year based on the world of Art. What’s called? (a) IMAGE (b) HARMONY (c) Arts &Crafts (d) Retreat (11) Who is the publisher of the magazine GLADRAGS? (a) Simone Tata (b) Maureen Wadia (c) Usha Murthy (d) None (12) Who discovered the cosmetic brand LAKME into India? (a) Rohini Nilekani (b) Simone Tata (c) Sudarshini Roy (d) Ramona Singh (13) Who is the MD of Apollo Hospitals? (a) Renuka Ramnath (b) Bala Deshpande (c) Preetha Reddy (d) None (14) Falguni Nayar is the MD of Kotak Mahindra Capital.

(18) Who is the head of UBS Securities? (a) Manisha Goitra (b) Swati Piramal(c) Madhabi Puri-Buch (d) Shikha Sharma (19) Name the woman who recently resigned Nestle Company & currently the MD of HSBC. (20) Who is the head of STAR NEWS? (a) Vidya Chhabria (b) Lalita Gupte(c) Ravina Raj Kohli (d) Preeti Vyas (21) What is the role of Ekta Kapoor in Balaji Telefilms? (22) Who is the head of Center of Science and Environment in India? (a) Sunita Narain (b) Indra Nooyi (c) Shobhna Moitra (d) Ranjana kumar Answers to the questions: (1) c (2) c (3) ICICI Bank (4) b (5) Parmeshwar Godrej (6) d (7) c (8) a (9) d (10) b (11) b (12) b (13) c (14) True (15) d (16) c (17) c (18) a (19) Naina Lal Kidwai (20) c (21) Creative Director (22) a .

Ltd (5) Who is the CEO of UTI Bank? (a) Samir Bhatia (b) Madhuri Puri Buch (c) P.Srivastava (6) Japanese major company Toshiba is planning to enter which segment? (a) Retail (b) Pharma (c) Mobile (d) Refrigerators (7) Who is the CEO of Cairn Energy India? (a) Ken Kutaragi (b) Rahul Dhir (c) Ray Taylor (d) None (8) Which company launched its online casual gaming portal (a) TCS (b) Reliance ADA Group (c) Wipro (d) Bharti Enterprises . which Rasna is going to launch against Pepsi’s Gatorade? (4) What is the name of company of Ranbaxy group providing financial services? (a) Relifinance (b) Ranfinance (c) Religare (d) Relifinancial Pvt. Chitra Bharucha (3) Can u name the drink.J.K. Nayak (d) P.Business Quiz – 3 (1) Pantaloon Retail India entered into a joint venture with which company of US? (a) Mackay (b) Staples (c) Red Lounge (d) Smithey (2) Who is the new Chairperson of CBDT? (a) Indira Bhargava (b) Baljeet Matiyeni (c) Amitabh Khosla (d) Dr.

(9) Delmonte.Kumars (10) Who is the brand ambassador of Birla Sun Life Insurance? (a) MS Dhoni (b) Kapil Dev (c) S. What is the name? (a) Bitaxel (b) Xeta-B (c) Nanoxel (d) Zeta-X (16) RIL has decided to build a refinery in which country? . Ltd HLL McCann Erickson McCann Telecommunications (13) What is the name of the mini car to be launched by General Motors in the market? (a) Chevrolet Mini (b) Chevrolet Spark (c) Chevrolet Spice (d) Chevrolet Icy (14) Leading luggage segment leader Samsonite is planning to introduce the premium category shoes in India under the brand name? (a) Black Label (b) Blackey (c) Woodey (d) Black Dart (15) Dabur Pharma all set to launch a new Cancer Drug developed by them. an economy brand in suitings & shirtings belongs to which famous brand? (a) Siyarams (b) Raymond (c) Reid & Taylor (d) S.Tendulkar (d) None (11) Taglines Again… Name the product/company (a) (b) (c) (d) No More BoundsShape your WorldTotally Integrated Automation Do it Yourself Holidays- (12) Apart from being lyrist. Prasoon Joshi is also an executive Chairman of which company? (a) (b) (c) (d) Yashraj Films Pvt.

(a) India (b) Egypt (c) Africa (d) Yemen Answers for the questions: (1) b (2) a (3) Body Fuel (4) c (5) c (6) c (7) b (8) b (9) d (10) b (11)Taglines: (a) SONY Vaio (b) ZEN Estilo (c) SIEMENS (d) SOTC Holidays (12) c (13) b (14) a (15) c (16) d BUSINESS QUIZ-04 .

Tom Hanks plays the role of Chuck Noland. an engineer working with which real life organization? (a) Bluedart (b) Microsoft (c) Financial Express (d) Federal Express 5) With whom would you associate the famous old slogan “Neighbors envy Owner’s Pride”? (a) BPL-India (b) Samsung (c) ONIDA (d) Toshiba 6) Identify the car manufacturing company in the clip… 7) Identify the slogans of the company: Deewana bana dePlay SafeThink AgainIt’s more than just oilKal Par ControlIt’s the way you make me feelMakes a Life little Easier- . signifying the four companies that were merged to give rise to the present company? (a) Mercedeez Benz (b) Audi (c) Fiat Pagio (d) None 2) An animated character named Spot is used to promote which brand of soft drink? (a) Appy fiz (b) Rasna (c) 7’Up (d) None 3) In the very first ad of PEPSI done by Shahrukh khan which was the model present with him and now she has evolved into an actress? (a) Mahima Chaudhary (b) Juhi Chawla (c) Sandali Sinha (d) Karishma Kapoor 4) In the 2000 film Cast Away.THEME: ADVERTISING SECTOR 1) The logo of which car company consists of four intersecting rings.

are owned by which company? (a) Parry’s (b) Lotte (c) Cadbury (d) Nutrine 9) With which products would you associate MS Dhoni as a brand ambassador? (a) (b) (c) (d) Kiwi Shoe Polish.8) Two-mega confectionary brands MahaLacto & Eclairs. Reliance Communications. Kiwi Shoe Polish. (a) 6 times (b) 5 times (c) 7 times (d) 8 times 11) The home country of the world’s no. Britannia Royal Stag Gear. same style and same concept but with new music and characters recently seen in television? (a) Lifebuoy Soap (b) Parle G (c) Bajaj Tubes and Bulbs (d) Vicks . GE Money.Sunil Gavaskar and Sania Mirza endorsing the same product? (a) Hyundai GETZ (b) Sunfeast Biscuits (c) Deutcshe Bank (d) ESPN 15) Which is the first ad that was being remixed.2 sports goods maker Adidas is… (a) US (b) Switzerland (c) Germany (d) Canada 12) Identify the product being introduced through the advertising… 13) Which is the first footwear brand in India to be associated with Disney characters in its Sandals? (a) Bata (b) Liberty (c) Action (d) Mochi 14) Which ad has two brand ambassadors of their own times. Santro 10) Identify how many times the Pepsi bottle is tossed up between the hands of workers in the ad. in short same wordings. Siyarams & Parle G Siyarams. Pepsi Pepsi.

(16) What name of the famous football group is printed on the kid’s Shirt shown in the ad? (a) Manchester United (b) Juventus (c) Arsenal (d) Liverpool (17) Who is the new brand ambassador of the soft drink ‘Thums Up’? (a) Kunal Kapoor (b) Salman Khan (c) Siddharth (d) Akshay Kumar (18) With whom would you associate the famous tagline: “Isko Laga dala Toh Life Jhingalala”… (19) From where does Amitabh Bachhan get the bottle opener in the following ad? Answers to the questions: (1) b (2) c (3) c (4) d (5) c (6) Identification of car company in the clip (7) Taglines of companies (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) SET Max BISLERI National Geographic Castrol AVIVA Life Insurance Monte Carlo Electrolux (8) d (9) b (10) c (11) c (12) Question based on advertise shown on screen (13) c (14) c (15) c (16) b (17) a (18) TATA Sky (19) Ad-Question .

First Flight Couriers. Who are the new Chairman and Managing Director of HPCL? (a) M. Bajaj Auto Ltd. India’s largest drug maker Ranbaxy Laboratories collaborated with which global pharmaceutical major to include a wide range of therapeutics? (a) Cipla (b) Glaxosmithline (c) Torrent Pharma (d) Zydus Cadilla 4. the country’s largest domestic courier company plans to foray itself in which segment? (a) Logistics (b) Retail (c) Finance (d) Design 8.Cole Red Lounge in which city of India? (a) Mumbai (b) Ahmedabad (c) Pune (d) Kolkata 2. Do u know the name? (a) Bajaj Spice (b) Bajaj Kristal (c) Bajaj Contra (d) Bajaj Sega 7.B. Which country launched the world’s first 4G mobile communication system? (a) Japan (b) Indonesia (c) India (d) China 3. Which product by the TIME Magazine has been declared as the greatest invention of the year 2006? (a) Ipod NANO (b) Google Search Engine (c) Orkut (d) YouTube . Lal (b) Arun Balkrishnan (c) Swaminathan Iyer (d) Sudarshan Krishna 5.BUSINESS QUIZ NO-07 1. Coca-Cola has India is all set to launch brand-led mall hangout space. The Tatas are planning to enter which segment of Business? (a) Textiles (b) Helicopter servicing Business (c) Aviation services (d) None 6. is all set to launch their scooter (gearless) built on DTSI-segment.

Taglines of various companies: a) b) c) d) e) f) Be Life ConfidentThe Engineer’s ChoiceZindagi Se Ek Kadam AageMera FarzStyle it SoftWhen you’re sure- 14.9. Who has become the new brand ambassador of Belmonte Sutiings & Shirtings? (a) Abhishek Bahchhan (b) Shahrukh Khan (c) Salman Khan (d) MS Dhoni 12. Which company has been conferred the Golden Peacock award 2006 for corporate social responsibility? (a) TCS (b) Tata Motors (c) Infosys (d) L&T 13. Vodafone acquires Hutchison-Essar for how many $billion? (a) $18 billion (b) $17billion (c) $19billion (d) $19. Godrej’s Aadhar Chains has tied up with Bank to offer attractive agri-credit facility through its rural hubs? (a) HSBC (b) ING Vyasya (c) HDFC (d) ICICI 11. which in joint venture with Arvind Brands brought Tommy Hilfiger to India in 2004? (a) Aditya Birla Group (b) Vimal Suitings Ltd. What was the name of the group. Who will be the new CEO of NDTV Group? (a) Arun Balkrishnan (b) Pranay Roy (c) KVL Narayan (d) Arun Shukla 15. (c) The Murjani Group (d) The Bombay Dyeing Group 10.5billion .

Biocon has announced plans to set up a vaccine biopharma manufacturing plant in which city? (a) Andhra Pradesh (b) Calcutta (c) Gujarat (d) Vishakhapatnam Answers to above questions: (1) c (2) d (3) b (4) b (5) b (6) b (7) a (8) d (9) c (10) c (11) b (12) b (13) Taglines of famous companies (14) BHARTI life Insurance (15) Ultra Tech Cement (16) KOTAK Mahindra Life Insurance (17) ING Vyasya Bank (18) Parachute Hair Gel Cream (19) Business Standard (20) c (21) c (22) a .16.

Who owns the sore throat reliever brand “SMYLE”? (a) Glaxo Smithkline (b) Proctor & Gamble (c) Kopran Pharmacueticals (d) Sun Pharma 6.BUSINESS QUIZ-09 1. the Italian manufacturer. Who is the MD of Accenture (India)? (a) Shivani Pandya (b) Harsh Mankad (c) Harsh Manglik (d) Suresh Iyengar 7. ITC made its entry into the branded snack food market. Which is the 1st Indian brand to sponsor MSN Messenger. What is it? (a) Future first (b) Home Décor (c) Home Town (d) Future Home 5. Central (a) Close-up (b) Pepsi (c) Videocon (d) Nirma 2. Kishore Biyani stepped into another segment of retail business after successful launches of Pantaloons. most popular one-to-one messenger system on msn. Discount retailer Subhiksha has tied up with which networks company to deploy in out of home media network for its retail stores? (a) Sony (b) Jive Networks (c) MTV Network (d) Spice Entertainment Network . Retail Giant. Can u name the product???? 4. stands for? (a) (b) (c) (d) Faccricca Italiana Automobile Toronto Fabbrica Italiana Automobile Taranta Fabrica Italia Automobile Tathiya Fabbrica Italiana Automobile Torino 3. FIAT.

Taglines of companies: a) b) c) d) e) f) Always GameNew Improved LifeYou’re the fuelDistinctly AheadTurn Work Into PlayDikhane ko Jee Kare- 11. Bajaj Auto plans to come up with a new segment of launch in their business by 2010. Godrej Consumers Ltd. Name it. Which petroleum company was first to export India’s aviation turbine fuel? (a) ESSAR (b) SHELL (c) Reliance Petroleum (d) Bharat Petroluem 14. 1981? (a) Channel V (b) DD India (c) MTV (d) None 15. The ’Catch’ Brand of Spices is from which group in the market? (a) Spayran Spices Ltd.8. Which segment they would be focusing into? . Diversified FMCG Company Dhariwaal Industries plans to enter into which sector? (a) Petroleum Sector (b) Power Sector (c) Telecom Sector (d) Soft drinks sector 10. Which was the first car company to invent car bags for car safety during accidents? (a) FORD (b) MARUTI (c) HYUNDAI (d) GM 13. (b) MDH Group (c) Dharampal Satyapal Group (d) Ramdev 12. has relaunched their soap product in the market. (a) Cinthol (b) Breeze (c) Vigil (d) None 9. Which channel made its debut at 12:01 am on August 1st.

maida and suji? (a) Kissan Annapurna (b) Dhariwaal Group of Companies (c) Cargil Foods (d) Pillsbury 19. ‘KFC’. What is the original name of ‘ACCENTURE’? (a) Accent Calling (b) Anderson’s accent (c) Anderson Calling (d) Anderson Consulting 18. ‘TACO BELL’? (a) Starton Group of Hotels (b) Tricon Restaurant International (c) The Oasis International (d) The star group of Hotels 21.(a) (b) (c) (d) Two wheeler gearless scooter market Goods Carrier Market High CC bikes CNG rickshaws 16. a retail store brand stores opened in Ahmedabad earlier belongs to which famous business group? (a) NIRMA (b) ZYDUS CADILLA (c) SUBHIKSHA (d) ITC 20. was the executive editor of which magazine quitted to set up Tehelka. Which restaurant company owns the restaurant chains like ‘PIZZA HUT’. Tarun Tejpal. Which company is behind the ‘Nature Fresh’ brands of Atta. ‘RADHE’.com? (a) India Today (b) Frontline (c) Business Line (d) The Outlook Answers to previous questions: . Which Indian Car Company became the 1st to design & make a Sports utility vehicle in an American Market? (a) TATA motors (b) Hindustan Motors (c) Mahindra & Mahindra (d) Maruti Udhyog 17.

(1) a (2) d (3) BINGO (4) c (5) d (6) c (7) b (8) c (9) b (10) Taglines (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) HERO Honda Karizma Videocon Maruti Swift Bajaj Krystal Motoming Greenlam Laminates (11) c (12) d (13) c (14) c (15) b (16) c (17) d (18) c (19) a (20) d (21) d .

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