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1.)Bent 10 Student Report o&m

1.)Bent 10 Student Report o&m

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Submitted by Manasa Konduri



This report includes all the information about Ogilvy and Mather, an advertising agency India. Ogilvy is an ace player in its domain of advertising and marketing solutions. It was ranked as the second best advertising agency at the Grand Effies in 2009. Various aspects about the agency like its competitors, business prospects, financial details, major clientele etc have been discussed upon and analyzed at length. The report also briefly discusses Ogilvy and Mather’s future plans and a few recommendations for their company.



Indian Advertising Industry About Ogilvy
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Products and Services of Ogilvy
Products and Services Sister Concerns Clientele Awards and Recognitions

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Business Analysis - Major Competitors - Relative Position Insights into Financial Details Future Plans SWOT ANALYSIS Recommendations Bibliography

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During fiscal 2005. is 0. October 2004 by ZenithOptimedia.4 Advertising Industry in India The Indian advertising spends. 127 billion by fiscal 2006.34%. as a percentage of GDP. Source: Advertising Expenditure Forecasts.2% to reach Rs. . the gross advertising spend in India is estimated at Rs 111 billion. which lags behind other developed and developing countries. and is expected to grow at 14.

October 2004 by ZenithOptimedia The key factors which have contributed to growth of the Indian advertising industry include: Rapid economic growth of the country on the back of economic liberalization and deregulation Increase in consumer prosperity Entry of global consumer companies with large advertising budgets Higher degree of competitive intensity among consumer companies. Advertising Expenditure Forecasts.5 Source: Central Statistical Organization. and Growth in media vehicles leading to increase in media penetration. . India.

outdoor.4% 0.4% 7. October 2004 by ZenithOptimedia The Indian television industry has grown rapidly. Reforms and proliferation of private players were the key reasons for this rapid growth of the share of television in the advertising industry.9% Cinema 0.5% 6.5% 2.4% 0. Thus. especially since 1991.0% 43.6% Outdoor 8. which started off as a single government controlled television channel. .3% TV 39. India.9% 2.4% 0.0% 6.5% 0. Advertising Expenditure Forecasts. television. and outdoor. The growth of the satellite television audience saw proliferation of a number of satellite television channels offering more choices to media buyers and consumers of entertainment.6 Segmentation of Advertising Spends The five key industry segments comprise print. the television broadcasting business.4% 47.3% Source: Central Statistical Organization.3% 40. Similarly. cinema and internet.7% 0.5% 7. Media Spends as % of Total Ad Spend Year 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Print 49.2% 46.6% 41.9% 2.0% 48. resulting in growing ad spends on this medium. cinema. This growth was also aided by the economic liberalization program of the Government.0% Internet 0.4% 0.7% 0.7% 2.6% 46.7% Radio 2.3% 0. radio. which saw the beginning of satellite broadcasting in India. sectoral reforms and increased number of players could drive market expansion for emerging media segments including radio. These different segments within the industry are at varying stages of growth and corporatization. now has over 300 channels covering the Indian footprint.9% 43.


who has held the position since 1996. IBM. Nestlé and Unilever brands Pond's & Dove. Barbie. Ogilvy & Mather was founded in 1948 by David Ogilvy. . Benson & Mather. and in recent times. as "Hewitt. Cadbury. She was also CEO until the end of 2008. they continue to relentlessly pursue their passion for building and nurturing.000 professionals.Perfetti. enduring brands. Close Up and many more. marketing. Hutch. a British holding company. they were the first advertising agency in India. OGILVY INDIA Founded in 1928." The company became a leading worldwide agency by the 1960s. for US$864 million in a hostile takeover made possible by the fact that the company group had made an IPO as the first company in marketing to do so. Maxwell House. and public relations agency based in New York City and owned by the WPP Group. BP. Ogilvy. Ford. Fevicol among them. The chairperson of Ogilvy is Rochelle B. when she was succeeded by Miles Young. In 1989 The Ogilvy Group was bought by WPP Group. (Shelly) Lazarus. 76 years hence. The company operates 497 offices in 125 countries around the world and employs approximately 16. Over the years they have helped create some of India's most successful brands like Asian Paints.8 HISTORY Ogilvy & Mather is an international advertising. Central to its growth was its strategy of building brands like American Express. Kodak.

Ogilvy Worldwide: Shelly Lazarus. Under Lazarus's leadership Ogilvy has attracted some of the world's largest and most respected brands. including American Express. Piyush was nominated to the Board of Directors. In 1989. India by 1994. India & South Asia. . he moved to the creative department in O&M. among many others. Mumbai in 1992 and rose to become the National Creative Director. Executive Chairman. Coca-Cola. from a trainee Account Executive to Executive Chairman is a story of excitement and achievement. accolades and applause. CEO. BP. The following year. who has spent nearly four decades in the advertising industry. Motorola and Unilever. In Feb 2004. became the Creative Director at Ogilvy. National Creative Director. Under his leadership. Ogilvy India Piyush Pandey's career at Ogilvy.9 KEY PEOPLE IN THE ORGANISATION SHELLY LAZARUS. O&M has succeeded in retaining its well-acknowledged leadership position in Indian advertising for 8 years in succession. PIYUSH PANDEY. started her career at Ogilvy in 1971 as an account executive working on the Lever Brothers account. IBM. he was appointed the Executive Chairman for Ogilvy. O & M.

10 S.RANE. he’s the man behind Zoo Zoo’s. Ogilvy India: S N Rane started his career with a professional firm. National Creative Director. At Ogilvy. Ogilvy : A metallurgist by formal education. began his career in advertising in 1994. Allen Solly. Brooke Bond and Titan. and worked with Enterprise Nexus (now Bates 141) before he joined Ogilvy. and dabbled in Shipping and Chartering before joining Ogilvy. RMG David Communications Pvt Ltd. and has been with agencies such as Ambience Advertising (now Ambience Publicis) and Heartbeat. Avasthi has worked on some landmark campaigns in India. He has worked on accounts such as Fevicol. Avasthi joined the agency as creative supervisor in 1999. Meridian Communications Pvt Ltd and Phoenix O&M (Pvt) Ltd. Motorola. Abhijit Avasti. moved on to a group of manufacturing companies. Kotak Mahindra Bank. Cadbury's. Sri Lanka. National Creative Director: Rajiv Rao. He has also been at the agency's Bangalore branch for a while with his creative partner. Lenovo.N. the late Mahesh V. RAJIV RAO. He joined Ogilvy in 1999 as creative group head. Coca-Cola and Perfetti. Asian Paints. Group M Media India Pvt Ltd. Bajaj Pulsar. He currently serves as Director on the Board of Ogilvy & Mather Pvt Ltd. Easily put. .. India. Rao has worked on businesses such as Hutch (now Vodafone). Co-Executive Chairman. He has been in the advertising industry for 12 years.


12 PRODUCTS AND SERVICES: Ogilvy provides 360˚advertising solutions for any product and service. Their services include: - Television Print Ads Web sites Web Banners Email Marketing Public Relations Radio Direct Marketing Promotions Retail visibility Tele Marketing Outdoor Packaging Rural Communication .

OGILVY ONE OgilvyOne Worldwide is India's first and leading one-to-one marketing firm. Its strength lies in building bonds between consumers and brands.13 BRANCHES OF OGILVY: Apart from mainstream advertising. OgilvyOne offers integrated services across traditional and interactive channels (including the Internet and mobile telephony spaces). Ogilvy offers the following services through its divisions to provide a 360 degree solution to its clients. the OgilvyOne team of 125 people work on more than 50 leading international and local brands. and OgilvyInteractive helps businesses safely navigate this ever-changing space. The firm uses the internet. mobile telephony and other emerging new media to build bonds between consumers and brands. New media present immense opportunities and pitfalls for clients. Delhi and Bangalore. . With offices in Mumbai. OgilvyInteractive's one-to-one solutions are completely integrated with other disciplines to offer clients 360 degree branding. OGILVY INTERACTIVE: OgilvyInteractive is an integral division of OgilvyOne Worldwide.

With an aim to offer a 360. OGILVY ACTIVATION Ogilvy. Delhi. The integration of these OOH services as Ogilvy Activation. UPS.the first and the largest rural communication unit in the country.degree marketing solutions Ogilvy conceputailised its exclusive PR wing. The Boeing. and Nike among others.the retail brand identity division. DuPont. IBM.. Prudential ICICI AMC.14 OGILVY PR Established in 1985. JP Morgan Chase Bank. Bangalore. Kodak India Ltd. iGate Solutions. Chennai. . Some of our most enduring partnerships have been with clients that include Cadbury.the first 360 OOH communication offering in the country.which introduced Outdoor media as a specialist discipline. over the years has pioneered out-of-home communications in the country through its divisions. SBI Life Insurance. Kolkata & Hyderabad. Ogilvy Outreach. They partner clients through a proprietary network and external associates across India & South Asia. Ogilvy Landscapes. the Ogilvy Activation team of 125 people work on more than 40 leading brands within and outside India. With full-service offices in Mumbai. Ogilvy Public Relations is Ogilvy’s public relations agency. is a logical extension of Ogilvy's 360 Degree Brand Stewardship programme. Ogilvy Live.which creates ground level brand communication and more recently Ogilvy Signscapes .

ICICI. AIG. With around 350 employees. Dabur. Levi Strauss (India) Pvt Ltd. Marico. Emami. executive chairman and national creative director O&M (India & South Asia). . Clearly growth opportunities exist.15 SISTER CONCERNS OF OGILVY: BATES DAVID ENTERPRISE: Bates David is a merger of Bates advertising with Ogilvy. HPCL. Currently Meridian is a mid-strength operation. Radio City FM – Music Broadcast Pvt Ltd. Bias Communication (P) Ltd. and INX Media Pvt Ltd. etc. Mantri Developers Pvt Ltd. Yamaha. MERIDIAN ADVERTISING: The expanded Meridian is expected to service accounts that conflict with mother agency O&M. It will reinvent itself almost on an ongoing basis by bringing in new skill sets in digital. this new entity will be constantly evolving to meet new needs that emerge from ever changing consumer behaviour. as a result of which there is a need to expand quickly.’’ says Piyush Pandey. Arvind Mills LTd. The core philosophy of Bates David Enterprise is founded on 'change' and going forward. “The Ogilvy Group sees more opportunities for an agency with Ogilvy values and thinking. change planning. ” Meridian Communication Pvt Ltd has clients such as Axis Bank Ltd. The Himalaya Drug Company. Titan. Arvind brands and Asahi among others. The expansion also provides an opportunity for a larger bank of clients to work with Ogilvy. the firm tackles a mean roster of clients like Nokia. TTK Healthcare Services Pvt Ltd.

That is the uniqueness of Ogilvy. That is brand awareness.16 MAJOR CLIENTELE: What is so unique about Ogilvy??? Every visual below will remind you of atleast one ad of the product. .

1 in Client Servicing.17 AWARDS AND RECOGNITIONS O&M at the Grand Effies 2009 O&M picked 3 gold Effies as well. 2003 & 2004) o Ogilvy & Mather India picked up 2 out of the 3 Bronze Lions won by Indian agencies at the Cannes International Advertising Festival - o Ranked No.Brand Equity Survey 2004) . O&M won two bronze metals for Cadbury Bournvita. 2 silver and 3 bronze. as per The Economic Times. Bingo picked 2 gold for O&M in the consumer products and integrated advertising campaign category. Account Planning & Creative among all brand-building agencies in India (The Economic Times.IMRB International Survey. and one for Hutch Caller Tunes. o Acknowledged as The Most Admired Agency in India. O&M also picked 2 silver for MotoYuva and Vodafone. India's leading business daily (Brand Equity. The third gold was for Vodafone in the services category for Vodafone alerts.


000 marketing professionals. is living proof of JWT’s strength in both the medium and the message across India. pioneer ad careers for women. Nearly 150 years later. JWT continues to lead. Chennai graced the chair. While last year. introduce sex appeal in ads. JWT India was awarded the Grand Prix in the Direct category at the 2008 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival for “Lead India. innovate and define the world of marketing communications.com. The agency won the award last year too. JWT won the Grand Effie. JWT at Grand Effies 2009: Repeating last year's act. produce the first sponsored-TV program. Colvyn Harris and the team from JWT. the first for India ever. it won the accolade for the Teach India campaign for BCCL (Bennett. while taking the award home with them. Headquartered in New York. This Grand Prix.” a campaign developed for The Times of India. develop account planning and forge the first international network. Since JWT’s founding in 1864. . Coleman and Company Limited). the agency won the award for its work on Lead India. for sunsilkgangofgirls. the campaign created for the launch of The Times of India in Chennai. JWT also took home the Yahoo! Big Idea Chair award for 'A day in the life of Chennai'. the company is spread globally with more than 200 offices in over 90 countries employing nearly 10. this year too.19 MAJOR COMPETITORS: JWT: J Walter Thompson (JWT) is the world’s best-known marketing communications brand. passion for innovation has led the agency to build the first full-service advertising agency.

S. Marine Corps .20 Key Clients: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • De Beers Ford HSBC Johnson & Johnson Kellogg’s Times Group Kraft Microsoft Nestle Sunsilk Rolex Royal Caribbean Royal Dutch Shell Unilever U.

Mudra has created some of the most memorable advertising in India: Only Vimal.21 Mudra: The Mudra Group currently comprises three advertising agencies -Mudra Advertising. . for its creativity and contribution to the advertising world. and part of Omnicom. Air India. Mudra has an equity partnership with DDB Worldwide. negotiations and buying under the OMS (Optimum Media Solutions) brand name. Dabur. Mudra has won several awards. SBI. Underline your presence. Humko Binnie's Mangta. Madura Garments. My Daddy Strongest. acknowledged to be one of the most creative advertising networks in the world. brand –aligned communication programmes that are differentiated. innovative and sustainable. over the years. Dhara. Paras.media rich. The world in your pocket. Mc Donalds mein hai kuch baat. LIC. Reliance. which along with the content creation specialist (Tantr) and content sourcing and marketing specialist (Videotec). Team Samsung. Today. form the Mudra Group's Brand Integration practice Mudra with its team of specialist marketing services is uniquely positioned to offer its clients Total Branding Solutions . The Mudra Group has also built a specialist practice in media planning. Kar lo Duniya mutthi mein. Rasna. Godrej. the world's largest marketing communications group. With a portfolio of some of India's biggest brands. Interact Vision and Canvas Communications. The Honest shirt. Big Bazaar. Mc Dowells among others. I Love You Rasna. it handles over 100 clients nationally. including Philips. national and international. The Mint with the hole.

the agency partner of Lowe in India. Enterprise Nexus. rural communications and interactive communications. continues to be a member and is known as the ‘Independent Brands’ division which is the only specialist in advertising and marketing communications. public relations.22 Lowe Lintas After the merge of Lintas India Ltd. The turnover of Lintas is Rs. market research. Key Clients -Nokia -Johnson and Johnson -General Motors -Electrolux -Nestle -InBev -China Mobile . Lowe Lintas India is a successful agency which is inclined towards quality creative advertising and works for the benefit of its clients. direct marketing. The advertising agency inculcates advertising. events. India Pvt. media buying house. Ltd. with Lowe Lintas and Partners group of the UK. design consultancy. 750 crore. it is now known as Lowe Lintas.

With its debut into smaller areas like Landscapes and hoarding. JWT walked away with the agency of the year with its Lead India campaign while Ogilvy was relatively on a lull. Ogilvy is known to be “the most local among internationals. but only at the cost of a zoo zoo every year while its contemporaries are climbing the ladder to success at a faster pace.exchange4media. DOVE. Bajaj PULSAR. it spells competition even to the regional player in the place. Other notable campaigns rolled out during the year include BINGO wafers.com/e4m/news/fullstory. It will surely emerge as the winner.REAL WOMAN CAMPAIGN among others.23 Relatively Ogilvy: “The closest that other agencies could get to Ogilvy’s tally were JWT with a total of 50 points.asp?section_id=1&news_id=36755 &pict=1&tag=1863 This statement clearly proves Ogilvy’s mettle. but surely everybody’s trying. . The Zoo zoo’s have done wonders for the agency in terms of sales. it has revived its lost glory.” http://www. JWT also has to its credit the prestigious Grand Prix award for its Lead India Campaign at Cannes International Advertising Festival. Only a brainchild as Zoo zoo can save or help revive Ogilvy’s stature. But all of this reflects one thing. in any area it can be observed that Ogilvy is the ace player in the regional market.I’M THE MAN. No match to Ogilvy. Last year. Lowe Lintas with 45 points and Mudra Group with 35 points. revenue and brand identity. But with the magic of the Zoo Zoo’s. the most international among locals”. To enumerate this.

• O&M closed financial year 2007 with revenue of Rs 228 crore. Ogilvy worldwide. a 25 % jump over FY06.Shelly Lazarus. • "More than 50 per cent of Ogilvy's revenue comes from new media. a big change from the 80:20 ratio a few years ago. out-of-home and PR account for the rest. President.”. the core ad business would contribute 65 per cent to agency revenues. non-traditional sources like interactive. • According to John Goodman. .24 Financial Insights about Ogilvy India: • Annual sales of US $ 28 .6 million in 2001. a former director of Ogilvy India.

477m £6.068m £1.58 +12.35 +5.45p +15.8p +21.2 Ordinary dividend per share 15.0% – Headline PBT 2 £968m £817m +18.0 Ordinary dividend per ADR 3 $1.5 Reported PBT £747m £719m +3.666m +16.14 $4.4 Headline operating profit 2 £1.Ogilvy’s Parent Company: 2008 2007 Change % Billings 1 £36.072m £887m +20.9 Net debt at year-end £3.0% 15.43 $1.6 .186m +20.9 Headline EBITDA 2 £1.5 Headline PBIT margin 15.6 Revenue £7.8 Headline diluted earnings per share 2.3.47p 13.25 Revenue statements of WPP.9 Reported operating profit £876m £805m +8.929m £31.5p 45.072m +20.286m +138.4 55.118m £928m +20.4 $5.9 Headline PBIT 2 £1.2 Headline diluted earnings per ADR 2.291m £1.

0p ADR price $30.29 (54.3 Ordinary share price at year-end 402.0p (37.260m .59 $64.458m +51.709m (34.5) At 8 April 2009 Ordinary share price 419.8) ADR price at year-end $29.26 2008 2007 Change % Average net debt 5 £2.5p 647.206m £1.0) Market capitalisation at year-end £5.86 Market capitalisation £5.053m £7.


Kotak Securities is a financial firm whose ad responsibilities are under the aegis of Ogilvy. Despite knowing that Ogilvy handles the ad business of their competitors. Center shock. Creativity No better illustrations than the zoo zoo’s. This brand equity is amply reflected through the inception of sister concerns like Meridian Advertising and Bates David. either of these brands are willing to associate themselves with the same agency. Integrated Marketing Solutions Ogilvy offers 360 degree marketing solutions to their clients encompassing an integrated marketing approach right from packaging to public relation activities. This is very evidently reflected through its previous client record. For example. Sprite ads to demonstrate their creative brilliance.28 Strengths: Brand Equity: The services offered by Ogilvy definitely promise brand awareness. A product when advertised by Ogilvy rarely goes unnoticed. . Unique style of Advertising There is no denying that Ogilvy is unique. Axis Bank is a client of Meridian. Every company would kill for such brand awareness or brand identity as assured by Ogilvy’s advertising.

hoardings etc is a lull relatively. Very High Premium Charged: The recession balled the advertising industry into heavy losses as many companies are resorting to PR related activities for promotion. Ogilvy should amend their remuneration increase its own revenue and identity. This can tantamount to them being stereotyped as “old school” or “cliché’”. However.29 Weaknesses Old School Concept of Advertising: Ogilvy tends to lack attempts when it comes to methods of advertising. This is a garnered cost cutting strategy. Under such trying situations. It should be noted that they are extremely creative in terms of ideas for print and television commercials. . creative ideas in the domain of public events.

. Companies are resorting to PR activities for promotions as a part of cost cutting strategy. It should pitch in for such ooportunities as they play a major role in garnering revenues and improving Ogilvy’s visibility. Relatively. With JWT bagging the limelight with the LEAD INDIA campaign and its Grand Prix at Cannes 2008 and also bagging the agency of the year award at Grand Effies 2009. for record has it that JWT is the first Indian Agency to bag such a prestigious award. This will improve their brand awareness apart from increasing their brand identity.30 Opportunities Political Marketing is one domain that is least explored by an Indian advertising agency. They definitely cannot chalk out a political campaign. This could be a major threat to the advertising agencies. The Grand Prix is especially a benchmark for JWT. Despite India showing all signs of recovery. They should foray into this domain for Ogilvy. Zoo zoo’s did revive Ogilvy from this slit throat race. PR can be a threat to the advertising industry in today’s times. especially Ogilvy. However. it should not neglect JWT for it is all but showing signs of a tough contender for the top position. they can foray into making television commercials or Print ads for political parties. Especially this year. Web Marketing: Shelly Lazarus in an interview stated that half of its revenues are pumped from the new media. - Cut throat competiton is an understatement for Ogilvy. Social Advertising: Ogilvy unlike JWT did not get an ooportunity to do a “Lead India” or a “Jaago Re”. However. this area has been less experimented by Ogilvy. its literally Macanas Gold. - - Threats - Recession has deeply hit the ad world.

5) Ogilvy experiments with TV and Print ads relatively more than any other media. If Ogilvy can come up with such a strategy. A brainchild like zoo zoo is the standard expected to maintain its position. PR. 4) Ogilvy’s PR branch can be improved manifold in terms of their activities. The client needn’t look elsewhere after Ogilvy. 2) A “Lead India” did wonders to the profile of its competitor JWT. from my experience with Ogilvy and this research. It has adapted every possible marketing solution for its client. It often depends on its clients for research related inputs. It houses India’s best creative talent. For example gang of girls concept did wonders to the concept of online marketing. there would be no looking back for it. However.everything is taken care of. Truly. ANALYSIS AND RECOMMENDATIONS: Ogilvy and Mather India is a powerhouse for brand building and advertising. For 360 degree solutions. It should foray into such domains. 3) Competition as analyzed is very stringent for Ogilvy.31 OBSERVATIONS. a 360˚ approach to marketing. This department of Ogilvy can be worked upon. web marketing. mainstream advertising. . More than a sales jump. market research support is very vital. Hoarding. Recession has prompted a lot of companies to resort to PR activities that mainstream advertising. Ogilvy does have such support but it is comparatively not so extensive. Ogilvy can adapt to new norms to enhance its business prospects. JWT’s image as a PHILANTHROPIC organization or good deed to the society per se has improved invariably. the campaign touched millions of hearts. 1) Ogilvy’s market research branch is small.

htm http://www.org/download/Ogilvy_Mather .businessweek./person.org/wiki/Ogilvy_&_Mather http://investing..dishtracking.asp?personId=24082 773&privcapId=23243695&previousCapId=2355373&previousTitle=Ogilvy%20&%20Mather%20Worldwi de.google.htm?guid={5e70078c-f9b5-44d6-bc8b-6b4a86fdd035} http://www..blonnet.asp?.com/ogilvy-and-mather http://www.ibef.wpp.com/viewer?a=v&q=cache:f7xsmv6Fg3EJ:www.com/perl/news/story.com/viewer?a=v&q=cache:f7xsmv6Fg3EJ:www.html http://www.livemint.wpp.Ogilvy%20%26%20Mather%20Worldwide%2C%20Inc http://www.asp?section_id=1&news_id=36755&tag=1863 &pict=0 http://docs.google.indiantelevision.com/mam/headlines/y2k7/feb/febmam73.wikipedia.ibef.html?sid=22751 investing.pdf+profit+revenues+of+Ogilvy+India&hl=en&gl=in&s http://www..com/perl/news/story.com/blog/utvi/some-things-are-best-left-unsaid-or-are-they/ http://www.html?sid=25391 http://docs.htm http://timesofindia.businessweek.com/annualreports/2007/how_were_doing/reports_from_op_brands/agency_networ ks/ogilvy/index.in/ http://en.com/annualreports/2008/how_were_doing/reports/agency_networks/ogilvy_group/index.afaqs.%20Inc.com/2006/04/07/stories/2006040704441000.com/e4m/news/fullstory.com/businessweek/research/stocks/private/person.com/biz/india-business/WPP-to-merge-BatesDavid/articleshow/1662462.com/.exchange4media.enil.32 BIBLIOGRAPHY: http://www.org/download/Ogilvy_Mather.p df+Ogilvy+India+Revenues&hl=en&gl=in&sig=AHIEtbSUGeB-aHxqpdgDIfbiw0GaW8yjmA .topseos.cms http://www.wpp.co.htm http://www.com/wpp/press/press/default.com/2007/07/17172221/Ogilvy-amp-Mather-India-anno.afaqs.indiatimes.html http://www. http://www..

33 .

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