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Automobile 2010 08

Automobile 2010 08

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Published by Adriana Parjol

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Published by: Adriana Parjol on Apr 23, 2012
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SOLD AT $50,350

White with orange stripes and a white

top over orange vinyl and black cloth

interior. 300-hp, 350-cubic-inch V-8;

four-speed manual. Very good paint,

but a few chips have been touched up.

Most brightwork is excellent. Very

clean and correct interior. Original AM

radio. One of 3675 Indy Sport

convertibles produced.

This aging but still nice

restoration sold for a bit less



The Hangover, a bachelor-party buddy

film from 2009, features a good deal of

carnage involving hotel rooms and one

particularly treasured Mercedes-Benz

convertible. The movie required four

cars for filming—two of the vehicles

were in nice condition, and the other

two portrayed the Benz in various

states of disrepair.

It’s not at all unusual for a studio to

use multiple vehicles for filming in

different locations or, in the case of

older cars, to have a backup in the

event of a mechanical malfunction.

When the script calls for some sort of

on- or off-camera modifications (or

destruction), it makes sense to have a

less-than-perfect version on hand. Two

of the four Mercedes convertibles used

in The Hangover were offered at this

auction; the other two are not in good

condition and represent the aftermath

of the Vegas bachelor party.

Solidly built and handsome,

full-size Mercedes convertibles from

the 1960s and 1970s are hot items in

today’s marketplace, with demand as

steady in Europe as it is in North

America. Pristine examples of either of

these cars could bring in excess of

$100,000, and mediocre examples

bring low $40,000s or better. Both of

these cars sold at good prices, but not

much of a premium was paid for their

starring roles in the movie.




Indianapolis, Indiana | May 19–23, 2010 | By Dave Kinney

1965 Mercedes-

Benz 220SE


SOLD AT $40,280

Silver with blue top over blue M-B Tex vinyl. 124-hp,

2195-cc SOHC in-line six; automatic. Air-conditioned.

Good paint. Brightwork is mostly good, but the driver- and

passenger-window surrounds are heavily pitted. Some

faded trim, plus dry and peeling seals. Good top. Most

wood inside is good, as are the seats and carpets. This is

one of four Mercedes-Benz cabriolets used for the movie

The Hangover. Two cars from the movie were offered for

sale at this auction.

1969 Mercedes-

Benz 280SE


SOLD AT $53,000

Silver with blue cloth top over blue M-B Tex vinyl. 180-hp,

2778-cc SOHC in-line six; automatic. A/C. This car is nicer

cosmetically than the ’65 model. Very good paint, trim, and

top. Clean interior with very good dash, wood, and seats.

The Mecum Auction


August 2010 | Automobilemag.com 117


than expected—but

not by much. For

many, the ’69

Camaro is the one

to have. Subtle body

di erences,

including more

sculptured sides

and vertical

simulated air slots

ahead of the rear

wheels, make it

stand out from

earlier models.

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