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Quiz Microbiology

Quiz Microbiology

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Published by: وائل الريح on Apr 23, 2012
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1.1) Which of the following would NOT be a sterilant, meant to destroy all microbes?

a) Ethylene oxide

b) UV radiation

c) Microwave radiation

d) Glutaraldehyde and peracetic acid

e) Hydrogen peroxide

1.2) Which of the following would NOT be an antiseptic agent, meant to safely reduce

the number of microbes on skin surfaces?



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a) Alcohol

b) Iodophors

c) Chlorhexidine

d) Plasma gas

e) Triclosan

Categorize each of the following disinfectants as a) high, b) intermediate, or c) low level:

2.1) Alcohol (ethyl, isopropyl) at 70%-95%

2.2) Hydrogen peroxide at 3%-25%

2.3) Quaternary ammonium compounds at 0.4%-1.6%

2.4) Chlorine compounds at 100-1000 ppm of free chlorine

2.5) Glutaraldehyde, chlorine dioxide, and peracetic acid

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