Con ngU'oi hi~n tal khonq chi biet quan tam tai nhung nhu cau toi thieu cua cuec song rna nhung quan ni~m cua ho ve cac phan phu cua cuec song cling da d~c blet thay doi. thoal mal. you have warm. The aim of upgrade. coi no la mQt phan chinh cua cuec song. sa sa At this time. airy and comfortable for users.ABOUT GIOI THIEU . based on the Viet' person opinion the bathroom. toilet are secondary area. and ideal area for life. As toilet area.fckinh te cua tUng gia dlnh. nang Il. Chung toi mong muon gai den ngU'oi tleu dung nhiIng san pham ti~n ich nhat va chat 1U'c.sng met khonq gian kinh da d<. launches the shower enclosure line with Kato brand. Con su ti~n nghi thl tuy thuec vao dieu kien cu the. modification the bathroom is making that area to become clean. competence of every family.lytU'ang cho cao. private and deluxe space in your pretty small area of your house with only small amount of money. We wish to bring to consumers best convenient product and high quality. multiform glass space. As last time. la khong gian coi hU'ang thu cuec song. Kato Vietnam Company Ltd. space to enjoy the life. Vai met khoan chi phi khong dang ke cac ban da co mQt khong gian am ap. thoanq mat va thoal mal cho ngU'oi dunq. nsu CHUAN Mal CHO cuOc SONG HIEN DAI • •• • KATO CABIN BROCHURE 06 .Sc la not thu gian. la nol con ngU'oi co the thu gian va cam thay thoal mal moi khi dunq. now Viet' person takes care more about the bathroom and consider it as relax area. Chinh VI the Cong tyTNHH Kato Vi~t Nam da cho ra dong san pham Cabin t~m mang thU'dng hieu Kato. chinh trang phonq t~m la vi~c phal lam cho khong gian ay tra nen sach se. cuec song. but they also change the conception of secondary things of life. So. phonq t~m ngay nay cling dU'C.Sc quan tam nhieu hon va d~c blet no dU'C.lng. man does not only take care the essential demands of life. khu v~ sinh chi la khu phu trong quan ni~m ngU'oi Vi~t. Vi~c nang cap. And for comforts it depends on private circumstances. Cling giong nhu khu v~ sinh. Vi nhu ngay xira. It makes the user to feel comfortable and relax when they use. thl ngay nay ngU'oi ta lal thay doi each nghi ve no. Moreover. kin dao va that sang tronq trong khuon vi en nh6 xinh cua din nha. but at the present they change this opinion and consider it as indispensability of life. comfortable.

Nam bat dl1gc xu the phat trien do. this is the exclusive technology of Kato Vietnam Company that was issued the invention certification by National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam.PRODUCT SAN PHAM 1 .IC hCtutrl tu~ cap bang sang che cho cong ty TNHH KATOVi~t Nam. kho thoanq. Kato Vietnam Company is a pioneer in the studying and application the lavish technology on the safe and tempered glass surface of Kato Cabin. Nano coats tiny holes by Nm on the surface of glass and makes many films like Lotus films that makes the water can not stick on the surface of glass. cong ty TNHH KATOVi~t Nam da di tlen phong trong vi~c nqhien cuu va ap dunq thanh cong cong ngh~ xa xi nay tren be m~t kfnh toi an toan cua Cabin Kato. Cabin Kato luen hl1ang tai rnuc tieu nang cao tfnh an toan va dam bao sue kh6e cho ngl1ai su dunq.marked to become smooth as it's protected by films. Vai cong ngh~ Nano di~t khuan lam cho bul ban khonq the bam lai tren be m~t kfnh. Nano se lap day nhCtng 10 nh6 Ii ti bang Nano met tren be m~t kfnh va tao ra vo s6 nhCtng lap mang gi6ng nhu tren la Sen. air. According to the forecast of Nano technology experts this is technology of 21 century. lam cho rurcc khong the bam dl1gc vao kfnh rna ngl1ng dQng thanh giQt rai chay ra nqoal.Theo du bao cua cac chuyen gia ve nqanh khoa hoc nay thl cong ngh~ Nano la cong ngh~ cua the ky 21.1 Cong ngh~ Nano la mQt cong ngh~ tlen tien hien d<. This has been used in US space industry and will be applied in many fields of life in this century. And for foreseeing this trend of development. shine of Kato Cabin after using • KATO CABIN BROCHURE 07 . sang bong sau khi su dunq . Them vao do day la mQt cong ngh~ dQc quyen da dl1gc CI. it becomes the stagnated water-drop to run down the floor and go outside.. luon dam bao cho Cabin Kato sach se. No da dl1gc ung dunq vao nqanh cong nghi~p vCitru cua My va se dl1gc ung dunq rQng rai vao cUQcs6ng trong the kY nay. For the Nano sterilized technology the dust and dirty can't stick on the surface of glass and it always ensure clean. se tra nen tron lang nhu dl1gc bee mQt lap mang bao v~. The aim of Kato Cabin is enhancing the safety and ensuring health for user. sa The Nano technology is most modern and advanced technology at current time. Nha cong ngh~ nay rna be m~t kfnh khonq ph~ng sau khi toi. ao b~c v nhat hi~n nay. dry. The surface of tempered glass has pocks.

Tinh ling dl:lng Dong san pham Charming luon huang toi rnuc tleu nang cao tfnh an toan. Be m~t kfnh dugc trang Cong ngh~ Nano di~t khuan. yang chat. quyen ru.:mg kfnh toi an toan voi dQ day Bmm chat lugng cao. dQ chfnh xac tuy~t doi giup cabin kin. da dugc nhlet doi hoa. thoal mal sau met ngay lam vi~c met m6i. am ap.cao cap giup cho vi~c v~n hanh caa that em al. The rectangle style makes the deluxe. Kich thu'ac Chieu dal: 1200mm Chieu rQng: BOOmm Chieu cao: 1900mm DQ day kfnh: Bmm Kfch thuoc co the thay doi theo yeu cau cua khach hang Standard size 1200mm BOOmm 1900mm Bmm be changed depend on the request of customers Length: Width: Height: Glass thickness: Dimensions can C. sieu ben. giup cho quyvj hoan thlen ngoi nha cua mlnh mQt each hoan hao nhat. warm feeling. PhI. phu hcp voi khf h~u Vi~t Nam. cac chi tiet kY thuat Cabin kato chfnh xac toi tUng chi th~t. sang bong. va de}t dugc tfnh tham my hoan hao. khlt. Duong ranh tnrot thiet ke chfnh xac cung voi cac gioang phu trg dong bQ. subtle for Kato Cabin. neat and modern style. It was tropicalised to suit Vietnamese climate Accessories of this are sync that makes the finished product to have high aestheticism. gQn.Material Use safe tempered glass with the thickness of B mm. The application: The aim of Charming product always improves safety. Slot of sliding door is designed exact with sync waterproof bars to help soft and mild working. CABIN KATO CKTOI Caa ra vao dugc thiet ke theo model cua tnrot. Charming Series. CKT model suits many designed bathrooms with large space. and the glass is enclosed with aluminum frame of coated chrome. The surface of glass is plated Nano sterilized technology. Dugc thh~t ke boi nhang ky su hang dau.CKT La dong san pham co tfnh tham my vugt trQi. • KATO CABIN BROCHURE 09 • KATO CABIN BROCHURE 10 . tao cam giac sang tronq. voi kh~u dang thong mlnh.Chat Ii~u Dugc sa d. DONG SAN PHAM QUYEN RU VA A. A. and help everybody to better the house with best way. comfortable after tired working day. high quality. nhe nhanq. chac chan. C. It gives the user seduction. mang Ie}icho nguoi sa d.CKT That is a model with aesthetic outdo.! klen dong bQ giup san pham hoan thien co tfnh tham my cao. trang nha.CHARMINCi-CKJ:AM AP . The designed door of this model is the slide. graceful and multiform size. B. It makes the aluminum to become shiny. And it achieves impeccable aestheticism. kfch thuec da danq. Cabin dugc thiet ke theo hlnh chu nhat. sharp style.:mg Sl! say me. mang phong each hlen dal. Dong san pham Charming. tinh te. fascinating. B. khong cho nuec chay ra nqoal. dam bao sue kh6e cho nguoi sa dunq. The handle is small. voi thiet ke boc khung nhern me}crom. Model CKT phu hop voi nhieu thiet ke nha tam co khonq gian rQng. firm. ensure the health of user. This product is designed by leading engineers and the technical details are accurate to every part. durable. Tay nam nho. absolute accuracy to help the Kato Cabin always hermetic and tight to prevent the water out. stable.

neat but it is unique. t~n dunq du'~c t6i da khong gian giup cho cabin rQng. Standard size Two side: 900mm Height: 1900mm GlassThickness: Bmm Dimensions can be changed depend on the request of customers. The support aluminum bars in the top and end of Cabin door are distinct difference with other normal design. the space is salvaged maximum and helps it big. sang tronq cho Cabin. CABIN KATO CKT03 Cabin thiet ke ki~u cher nhat hi~n d~i.CABIN KATO CKT02 Thiet ke ki~u tam giik. Kich thllO'c Hai canh ben: 900mm Chleu cao: 1900mm Dc?day kfnh: Bmm Kfch thircc c6 th~ thay doi theo yeu cau cua khach hang. Model nay phu hop vai cac khong gian ma ma mo. mang I~i ve trang nha. Kich thllO'c Chieu dai: 1200mm Chieu rc?ng: BOOmm Chieu cao : 1950mm Dc?day kfnh: Bmm Kfch thuoc c6 the thay doi theo yeu cau cua khach hang Standard size Length: Width: Height: Glass thickness: Dimensions can 1200mm BOOmm 1950mm B mm be changed depend on the request of customers • KATO CABIN BROCHURE 11 • KATO CABIN BROCHURE 12 . This model is suitable with open space. airy. Tay nam each di~u. original door are giving the Kato cabin graceful and deluxe. The sash entrance door makes the user airy feeling when they enter the glass space of aesthetic and high emotion from outside. thoanq nhu'ng khonq chiem nhleu di~n tfch. modern and art manner.triangular design. but it doesn't occupy the area of bathroom. Ki~u dang ddn gian. vai cua ra tao cam giac thoanq khi bucc W ben nqoal vao met khong gian kfnh day tfnh tham my va cam xuc cao. CKT02. mang d~m phong each hi~n d~i va ngh~ thuat. The handle is made by 304 stainless steel enduring. gQn nhe nhu'ng dQc dao. cua dQc dao. tay nam cua bang chat li~u inox 304 ben bi. The Cabin is designed rectangle modern model. Hai thanh bao ho trc om phan kfnh phfa tren va phfa du'ai ora ra vao la di~m nhan va tao nen su khac bi~t r6 r~t vai cac thiet ke thong thu'ang. The stylized handle. The style is simple.

CC)NQM~ EKT ~ A CABIN KATO EKTOI ClIa ra vao Cabin dllgc thiet ke theo model ora tnrot.DONG SAN PHAM AM AP.dam bao tinh chfnh xac va tham my hoan hao. So. Be m~t kfnh toi dllgc trang Cong ngh~ Nano di~t khudn. EKTproduct line is applied enough preeminent function of modern technology in glass. Economy. It makes the comfortable feeling and saves the space. And the glass is enclosed with aluminum frame of coated chrome to make the durableness for Kato Cabin. B. Vi v~y no phu hop vai hau het cac kien true dllong d9i cua Vi~t Nam. The application: This model is produced and installed very flexible. khung va nano tren be m~t kfnh. an toano C. high quality. Material: Use safe tempered glass with the thickness of B mm. • KATO CABIN BROCHURE 13 • KATO CABIN BROCHURE 14 . Product has the high aesthetic to give user the warm feeling and safety. Economy. dQ day Bmm. The handle is square and modern style. VI v~y phu hop vai d9i da s6 khong gian kien true cua Vi~t Nam. The door of Cabin is designed with sliding door. and the glass is enclosed with aluminum frame of coated chrome.this model is suitable for most current architect of Vietnam. Accessories of this are sync that makes the finished product to have high aestheticism and accuracy. Tinh ling dl:lng Model EKT dllgc san xuat va lap d~t rat linh hoat. d~m phong each hi~n d9!. aluminum frame production and Nano technology on the surface. t90 cam giik thoal mal va tiet ki~m khong gian. khung nhern ma crom sang bong ben dep. So. Toan bQ phu klen dong bQ.EKT This model is designed based on the studying of predilection for this and architectural space of Viet houses. B. M~t kfnh dllgc khung nhern rna crom bao boc t90 sl/ ben chac cho Cabin. E. it suits most architectural space of Vietnam.EKT Day la dong san pham da dllgc cac chuyen gia nqhlen ciru thi hh~'uva thh~t ke san pham dua tren khong gian kien true cua nhieu gia dinh Vi~t. TIET KI~M A. The surface of glass is plated Nano sterilized technology Kfch thU'ac Chieu rQng: 1200 mm Chieu cao: 1900 mm DQ day kfnh: Bmm Kfch thuoc co the thay doi theo yeu cau cua khach hang Standard size Width: 1200 mm Height: 1900mm GlassThickness: Bmm Dimensions can be changed depend on the request of customers C. San pham d9t dllgc tinh tham my cao mang 19icho ngllai dung cam giac that am ap. SANG TRQNG.Chat Ii~u DlIgc lam b~ng kfnh toi an toan chat 11Igngcao. Tay nam clla danq vuonq. A. Model EKTdllgc U'ngdunq day du cac tinh nang uu vi~t cua cong ngh~ hi~n d9i cho vi~c san xuat kinh.

tao cho nguai su dunq cam gick nhu buac vao met kh6ng gian rieng tu. yen tinh va kin dao. Krch thu'ac Chieu r9ng: 1200 mm Chieu cae: 1950 mm f><) day kfnh: Bmm Kich thuoc c6 the thay doi thee yeu cau cua khach hang Standard size Width: 1200 mm Height: 1950 mm GlassThickness: Bmm Dimensions can be changed depend on the request of customers • KATO CABIN BROCHURE 15 .CABIN KATO EKT02 Thh~t ke cua ma ra. The sash entrance door of EKT02 makes the user airy feeling as they enter in the private and quiet area.

convenience for user. Material: Kinh toi an toan. .. kieu dang each di~u. ti~n nghi cho ngu'ai sa dunq. cling nhu mang lal cho chu nhan su vli¢ trQi ve dang cap.. khonq nhCtng rat chac chan rna con the hi~n Sl.DONG SAN PHAM QUY PHAI.l'vO'ngchac ben dep. and gives them comfortable and warm feeling. AT CABIN KATO DKTOI SI. DELUXE .1c k thil~'t ke d~c blet vOi thiet b] xong hol hlen d9i. d EX +I '~ I ~ i~ Sll @ i§ -1)~Q. dli~C thiet ke voi ki~u dang hlnh chO' nh~t c6 4 m~t kfnh va cac thiet b] hi~n d~i phu hop voi cac kien true khac nhau. And it also gives the owner of the house superior class. La dong san ph~m dQc dao. den trl Ii~u. '1 . Khung nhern rna crom du'~c bao xung quanh ho tr~ kinh tao sl. fine for Kato Cabin The sliding door with gasket on the edge of the door makes to help the Kato Cabin always hermetic and tight to prevent the water out. The system of steam function optional. It reflects opulence and fine of user. voi dQ day phu hop dam bao an toan cho ngu'ai su dunq. relax in the bath time. Deluxe .1C~t ngay trong phonq ngu. giup cho ngu'ai sa dunq thu gian ngay chinh hie tam.. khong cho nu'oc chay ra nqoal Be m~t kinh toi du'~c trang Cong ngh~ Nano di~t khudn. not very solid but also reflecting superior and noble. The different level of this Kato Cabin is special design with modern steam function optional. This is original series. Kich thU'ac B. Deluxe . d~c bi~t la nhO'ng khonq gian c6 di~n tich Ion va thoanq.DKT Dong san ph~m Deluxe la dong san ph~m quy phal. Day chfnh la noi Iy wang cho ngliai su dunq thu gian sau mQt ngay lam vi~c m~t moL A. etc make the user comfortable feeling. so it suits all space especially large and ventilated space. khit. cling nhu t90 cam giac khoan khoal. VI v~y phu hop voi mol khonq gian.This product can be placed in the bedroom. CUatnrot du'~c thiet ke voi vi~c gan gioang tlt vao rnep cira. I • I • KATO CABIN BROCHURE 17 • KATO CABIN BROCHURE 18 . th~ hi~n sl! sang tronq va tinh te cua ngliai su dunq. designed with rectangle style with 4 glass sides and convenient and modern equipments to suit different architectural styles. SANG TRQNG. quat thong gi6. The surface of glass is plated Nano sterilized technology Chieu dal: 1200mm Chieu rQng: 900mm Chieu cao: 2130mm DQ day kinh: Bmm Standard size Length: 1200mm Width: 900mm Height: 2130mm Glass thickness: Bmm c. The application: This model is installed based on the standard dimension. t90 cam giac thoat mal va am ap. giup cua kin. It is deluxe.I' hac blet dang cap cua loal Cabin Kato nay chinh la du'c. TINH TE A.l' uy phal. La thiet ke sang tronq.. chromotherapy light. dai FM. San ph~m c6 the du'c. stylized design. Tinh U'ng dyng C. And the glass is enclosed with aluminum frame of coated chrome to make the durableness. This is ideal place for relaxation of user after tired working day and convenient product that is preferred in the market. exhaust fan. vu'~ trQL q H~ thong cac thiet b] xong hol.7 . La dong san ph~m du'~Clap d~t hoan chinh theo kich thu'oc chudn.DKT The Deluxe series are luxurious. tal t90 sue lao dQng sau mQt ngay lam vi~c cang thang m~t mol. and regenerate the strength after tired working day. This is the tempered glass with suitable thickness to ensure the safety for user.

5M SSCD/L Big Head Shower: S128/C Hand Shower: 2855/C Shower Material: ABS Tupe: 22*22 Material: brass Hose: 1.SHQWER SEN SAN PHAM VOl HOA SKTOI M~t vol hoa sen Ian: S128/C Voi t~m tay: 2855/C V~t li~u vol tam: ABS Kich thircc eng: 22*22 V~t li~u: dong Voi phun: 1.5M SSCD/L & 0.5M SSCD/L Big Head Shower: RF200/C Hand Shower: R2807/C Shower Material: ABS Tupe: 025 Material: brass Hose: 1.5M SSCD/L SKT02 M~t vol hoa sen Ian: RF200/C Voi t~m tay: R2807/C V~t Ii~u vel t~m: ABS Kfch thuoc eng: 025 V~t Ii~u: dong Voi phun: 1.5M SSCD/L &0.5M SSCD/L • KATO CABIN BROCHURE 19 .5M SSCD/L &0.5M SSCD/L SKT03 M~t vol hoa sen Ian: Voit~m tay: V~t li~u vol tam: Kich thircc eng: V~t li~u: Voi phun: 309/C R2509/C ABS 019 dong 1.5M SSCD/L & O.5M SSCD/L Big Head Shower: Hand Shower: Shower Material: Tupe: Material: Hose: 309/C R2509/C ABS 019 brass 1.

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