By Ross Georgallides

The idea I have for my music magazine is very unique and exclusive due to how I‟m going to set it up. What is the magazine called? I went with a simple name that expresses how my genre of music makes the listeners feel. I thought of various names and sayings but came up with a simple yet powerful one word magazine. I researched if other magazines have this name and found out it is not in use yet. Therefore I am calling the magazine „HYPE‟. These are a few of my masthead ideas…
1 2 3






I made a questionnaire involving all 9 of these masthead fonts asking “which of the following mastheads do you believe is the best for the magazine and why do you believe this?”. Over 50% chose number 1 as it fits in with the name of the masthead. It also has a street style appearance which links in with the genre of hip-hop and rap.

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