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Plastics Additives
(pg. 152 De Garmo s book) (slides adapted from Dr Seth Bates of San Jose University)

Why additional materials are incorporated into plastics? .

reduce weight. reduce shrinkage.Ø Primarily to improve strength. cost-saving bulk Fillers/Modifiers . as an extender. stiffness or toughness.

fair moldability Macerated cloth high impact strength. limited moldability Glass fibers high strength. fair strength and good moldability Cloth fibers improve impact strength. silica. low moisture absorption Calcium carbonate. clay serve primarily as extenders Ø Resin acts as binder and surrounds the filler material and hold the mass together Fillers/Modifiers . dimensional stability. translucence Mica excellent electrical properties.Ø Usually fillers are cheaper than the plastics resin and some examples are: Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Wood flour (fine sawdust) a general purpose filler. talc.

Antioxidants and antistatic .Ø Antistatic agents are used for electronic applications such as electronic packaging.

Colorants .

Flame retardants .

Lubricants .

Plasticizers .