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Days of the Week e Months

Days of the Week e Months

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Published by Carla Beatriz

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Published by: Carla Beatriz on Apr 23, 2012
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Days of the week

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday Sunday Friday

1)Word search puzzle:
2) Complete: Today is ____________________ _ . Tomorrow is __________________. Yesterday was _________________. The days of the weekend are __________________________. Your favorite day: __________________.
ACROSS 2. 3rd month of the year 4. 11th month of the year 5. The month before March 7. 1st month of the year 9. The month after August 11. 7th month of the year DOWN 1. 10th month of the year 3. Last month of the year 6. The month after July 8. The month before May 10. 5th month of the year 11. The month after May

2) Which is your birth month? _____________________________.

Months of the year
January July February March April August September October May June November December

1) Crossword puzzle:

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