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Should people attend school? In my opinion, the answer is yes, people should go to school.

This is because it is hard to learn on your own, schools helps build your social skills and students can build on previous discoveries of the world. The first reason, like I said above,Firstly, is that it it is hard to learn on your own. For example, how are you going to learn the word longitude if you do not know what it is in the first place? Teachers are teachers because they are good at it. You need someone who knows what they are talking about. Your mum or your friends might not be the best teacher. You might not even have friends. You need teacehers to help you learn, it is too hard to learn on your own, .- Trust me I have tried it! ; this leads us to our next reason. Besides needing teachers to help us learn, a school environment School helps us with our social skills. You learn how to communicate with different people. Teaches teach you to be polite, have manners and not be immature. I have met all my close friends at school, NIST and my dancing school. My social skills have grown because I amm near hundreds of people at school every day. Without school, my social skills would not grow at the same speed as it does in school. Just like how we cannot learn fast on our own, which is my next reason. People have discovered many things, such as gravity. If we never had school, we would not now know about gravity and nobody would have ever gone to the moon. Because we know what other people have done, we understand more about the world and we have the ability to find more things out. We can build on what other people have discovered to make new discoveries. Thus, Ggoing to school is better for our future. Should we attend school? For these reasons, I think we should: its hard to learn on your own, school helps build your social skills and students can build on previous discoveries.

Comment [JH1]: Clear introduction, but you could add a bit more depth and ideas into your intro.

Comment [JH2]: You need to have conclusion statement here, that wraps up your ideas. Comment [JH3]: This is a transition sentence. Comment [JH4]: You are talking about you and us, you need to pick one and stick with it.

Comment [JH5]: Better structured paragraph.

Comment [JH6]: Good conclusion statement!