Assignment -2

Sub: SM2 Submit To: Mr. Abhinava Singh Submit By: (Group 3) Nilesh Thacker Nirbhay Kothari Ronak Thacker Predeep chohan Nitin Agraval Pratik shrma

 Five main competitive strategies are FMCG industry choose by our group: 1. Overall low cost leadership strategy 2. Best cost providers strategy 3. Broad differentiation strategy 4. Focused low cost strategy 5. Focused differentiation strategy

 1) Vision: To empower, enrich and to build excellence in the most valuable assets - “People we aim to create a sense of wellness through our products. We wish to touch lives and search out the modern consumer. Our endeavor is to meet the growing demand of pure, and nutritious food, also contributing to meet larger economic and social developmental goals.  Mission: To become a world class organization through value based performance of our team we wish to come up as one of India’s leading Pure Foods companies besides one of the best platforms for young professionals to build their career charts. To establish global presence by

Butter  3) Location of Business:  Gujarat(Ahmadabad)  4)Treads in the market place:   Opportunity: New market opportunity for the dairy products Threats: Large competition in Gujarat (ahmedabad) market 5) Our core competition:   Strength: Different products Brand Weekness: same price level for the other products 6) How will you creak sustainable competitive advantages: We sale the all types of product for the verity likes butter. We wish to constantly innovate so as to fill your life with health and happiness  2)Description of target customer: Who: Our target customer is both rich and medal class people What: Childrent. Male.and butter milk for the customer prefers . milk.building a sustainable model and community. Female How: Milk powder for children. women Milk. We wish to work closely with farming communities and reach out to stakeholders in every corner of the worldTo bring a smile of joy and wellness on every face.

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