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Stay Awake

Changed the way you kissed me

Where have you been Roc Me Out

Who run the world ?




Possible Artists


Jason Derulo
Blow Domino Breathin

Jessie J
Nobodys perfect

We R who we R

Dont wanna go home

Where have you been


Talk That Talk

Love The Way you Lie Skin

Cheers Only Girl


Roc Me Out

California King Bed

Rihanna : Possible Songs

Cockiness Watch n Learn Unfaithful
You Da One

Birthday Cake

Please Dont Stop The Music

Pon De Reply


Red Lipstick

Robyn Rihanna Fenty

Genre of Music : R&B , Pop Reggie

Label : Def Jam

The Artist
5 Studio Albums
42 Singles as main and featured artists

9 number 1 singles as a main artists

Including 3 number 1 albums

Sexual narrative music videos Video matches the lyrics

Aimed at teenagers to young adults

Rihanna Music Video Styles

Mixed Narrative and performance

Bright , Colourful

Quick cuts from scene to scene