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Model 342 012 00

7 dB Coupler
Product Description
This 7dB coupler is useful for monitoring & measuring power levels from antennas and different points in communications system. This cavity coupler can satisfy almost any requirement for sampling incident and reflected microwave power conveniently and accurately with minimal disturbance to the transmission line

Technical Specifications
Model No Frequency (MHz) Insertion Loss, (dB) Coupling (dB) Coupling Flatness (dB) Impedance (Ohms) Maximum Input Power (W) Connector Isolation VSWR Intermodulation at IM3 (2x43 dBm Carrier) (dBc) 342 012 00 800 – 2500 1.4 (Max) 7±1 +/- 0.8 50 100 (Max) N Female 26 dB (Min) 1.2:1 -140 . . . . .

Mechanical Specifications
Dimension (LxWxH) (mm) Weight (grams) Material Finish Temperature Range 135x40x25 150-200 Aluminium Passivated Aluminium or powder coated -20ºC to +70ºC

Product Photo

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