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Faculty :Dr.C.V.Kulandaivelu COURSE OBJECTIVES  This course will help the students of Management to Understand the International Business Environment and an overview of Globalization.  Apply theories of International Trade to real life situations.  To asses the challenges and opportunities of International Business and the Business Strategies adopted by MNCs.(Multinational Corporations) TEXT BOOK : (TB) Charles Hill and Arun kumar Jain ,”International Business competing in the global market place”, (2010), Tata Mc Graw -Hill Publishing Company Limited, New Delhi. REFERENCE BOOK : (RB) Justin Paul,” International Business”, Prentice Hall Publishing (2009) Francis Cherinulam , “ International Business ”.Text and cases Prentice Hall publishing (2009) New Delhi. Assessment and Revolution S. No 1 2 3 4 5 6 Activity Mid Term test End Term Test Group Assignment Group case study Class Discussion/Quizzes /Interactions Attendance Weight age 25% 25% 20% 10% 15% 5%

5(TB) P.183) Weights 5 4 3 2 1 Nature and Characteristics of Internal Trade 2 Globalization 3 Organization facilitating I. IMF and other Organizations Case Study Trade Theories – an overview Absolute advantage theory Theory of Comparative analysis Heckscher – Ohlin theory National Competitive Advantages Unit II 4 5 PPT Presentation PPT presentation “ “ Ch.5(TB) P238 9 .T WTO.222 8 “ Ch.230 “ Ch.3 to p.5(TB) P.5(TB) P.30) PPT Presentation (TB-Chap I) (p-8 to p-37) PPT Presentation (RB-Ch 5) (p.220 International Trade Theory 6 7 “ Ch.Attendance Series of the following Percentage 99 and 100 96 to 98 91 to 95 86 to 90 81 to 85 Course Delivery Plan UNIT Unit I SESSIONS 1 TOPIC Nature and Significances of International Trade METHODOLOGY RESOURCES PPT Presentation (RB-Ch 1 International BusinessFrancis Cherunilam (P.5(TB) p.213 Ch.

10(RB) (P.4(TB) P.3(RB) (p.103) Ch.3(RB) (P.4(RB) P.10(RB) (p.112) Ch.4(RB) (P.145 18 PPT Presentation Unit V Trade Blocks 19 20 PPT Presentation 21 Unit VI 22 Ch.112) “ Ch.4(RB) P.377) PPT Presentation 13 PPT Presentation Technological Environment 14 PPT Presentation Unit IV Multinational Corporation 15 16 caselet Features and classifications PPT Presentation PPT Presentation 17 MNCs and International Trade Multi Natures in India Case Study Types of Regional grouping Form of Integration Problem of Regional trade assessments SAARC/SAPTA PPT Presentation Ch.387) Ch.4(RB) P.174 24 FTP 25 Case study .391) “ Ch.167-170) Ch.55) 12 PPT Presentation Ch.160 23 Ch.3(RB) (p.10(RB) (p.Unit III 10 11 International Business Environment Caselet The significance of Environment of International Business Social and cultural Environment Political Environment PPT Presentation Ch.3(RB) (p.75) Ch.146 Ch.3(RB) (p.

 Note: Marks will be awarded based on student‟s attendance. The project will be assessed based on the content of the project and presentation of the Group. Group Project Presentation Total number of sessions for completing the course work will be 25. It should be like an article which should contain references. class participation. PARK GLOBAL SCHOOL OF BUSINESS EXCELLENCE International Business Management Case assignment for group Group I India emerges as a global economy Group II McDonalds and the Hindu culture Group III Ford and general motors in Russia Group IV „Wal-Mart‟ global expansion 10 to 12 7 to 9 4 to 6 1 to 3 . footnotes and reviews. 35% of the class hours will be utilized for independent evaluation of the learning associate by extracting work in the form of each study presentation. Students are instructed to conceive and prepare their own Business Plan. 65 % of the class hours will be utilized for lecture session in shaping the theoretical and conceptual knowledge of the students. group discussion.  The Individual assignment topic will be given to every student. Each team has to prepare its own Business plan. A team will comprise of 3 students. Group discussion and performance in quiz. Ten marks will be given for project report submission and ten marks will be given for presentation.PROJECT TITLE “Prepare your own Business Plan”. quiz and seminars. each session consists of 90 minutes. The project should comprise of 20 pages.

a boon or a ban? Group II Inflow of FDI and its impact on Indian economy Group III Outflow of foreign investments by Indian industries Group IV The unethical Practices and Nike shoes Group V The role of MNC‟s in India Group VI Indian giants and global oriented companies Group VII FTA .C.V.Kulandaivelu Director I/C .a boon or ban? 16 to 18 13 to 15 10 to 12 7 to 9 4 to 6 1 to 3 Faculty : Dr.Group V Unilever –selling to the poor Group VI P & G in Japan Group VII L‟OREAL-global success through Innovation 13 to 15 16 to 18 19 to 22 PARK GLOBAL SCHOOL OF BUSINESS EXCELLECE International Business Management Group Project Group I Globalization.