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Requisition for Materials that are expensed to the Cost Centre. Materials not consumed through production orders, are expensed directly to the cost Centre. Such materials can be issued to shop floor from where they are expensed or can be expensed directly from RM01 location. In either case we create a material Reservations. Raw Material Reservation for direct expense from RM stores. T.Code MB21, Mov’t type 201. Run T.code MB21 Enter the plant and Mov’t type as 201 then press Enter Enter the following information; 1. G/L Account as 40920002 2. Cost Centre as 10126B 3. Material code, q’ty and 4. issuing location as S001 Save the document after verifying all entries Reservation generated by the system Stores will use T.code MIGO to issue stock against the Reservation. However, instead of the material being posted to shop floor, it will be issued against the cost center. END