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extending their already successful men’s wear brand to Indian working women  Just as Indian men had taken to the comfort of western clothing for work.Raison d’etre  The case of Madura entering women’s wear is a case of New Market Development . Indian women too can be expected to do the same – only if the specific tastes and preferences of Indian women are take care of .

Situation Analysis  Madura already has a strong brand in the market – Allen Solly  The little risk in being perceived as a ‘Unisex’ brand is not so big as it seems and advertising can convert a bit of it into advantage  KSA-Technopack study reveals huge potential for women’s wear market driven by cultural and social changes in India (macroenvironment)  Threat: Competitive pressures are little high as this is an emerging market with a number of major players .

Targeting and Positioning  Challenge: Western wear is not a ‘one size fit all’ like the Saree. channel and retail but worth the effort as it will be a USP (Value Based Marketing) .Segmentation.  Approach: IMRB research revealed 5 body types thus allowing Madura to take care of specific needs of Indian consumers.  Opportunity: Available women’s western wear’s international styling was unsuitable for Indian women as revealed by the Madura commissioned IMRB study.  Catering for the 5 different body types can mean strain on inventory.

challenging one nevertheless  One element of risk is being taken as a ‘Unisex’ brand and lose a part of male patronage.Problems  There were no serious problems with Madura. Madura’s strategy was to tackle this appropriate advertising (a male model welcoming a female model) .

  Trouser  Tops include woven and knitted and  Exclusive outlets were planned in Indian This is a good move. Concentrated on Autumn and Winter seasons when the traditional wear has a weakness against western wear for work. sizes increased to accommodate women on the heavier side. otherwise women would find it a bit out place to go to a well-known men’s wear store. metros.Solution and Implementation  Madura hired one of the best designers to create designs around the 5 body types. . cotton jackets. New fabrics.

tastefully designed showrooms .Solution and Implementation  INR 6 crore allocated for advertising  INR 4 crore for background research. so it needed to be addressed)  Brand: true reflection of women in 21st century Indian workplace  Advertising on leading magazines and exclusive mailers  Exclusively. manufacturing and retailing  Message – “Every body is perfect. creative team. carefully. you have just got to dress it right” – carried home assurance to the concerned on “how does it fit me?” (which question does not arise with Salwar-kameez.

Madura also retailed the range .Solution and Implementation  Targets SEC A women with INR 8000 or more per month  Apart from exclusive showrooms.

VP Marketing of Madura) advantage because of a broader range  Even now the readymade players can create the readymade Salwar-Kameez segment  Exploiting the Salwar-Kameez market is a more mature strategy than try and kill it (as  The above is in addition to Women’s Western Wear to deliver a key competitive . as there are only niche players in this categories and do not cater for the aspirations of a broader audience. European players) entering India directly in catering for (at least) lower SEC categories.Alternatives  Madura concentrated only on non-traditional wear as did other competitors. The same research on body types would hold for Salwar-Kameez as well.  Above mentioned strategy will give Madura (and other local players) unique advantage over possible challenge from External (say US. it is evident from the statement of Vasant Kumar. Indeed this will be a more intelligent strategy than wait for all Indian women to convert to western clothing.