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20 April 2012 Contact: Lou Marin (321) 228-2800

Herman Cain Supports and Headlines Todd Long Fundraiser
Orlando FL- Former Presidential hopeful Herman Cain will headline a fundraiser for Todd Long, Republican Candidate in Congress’s 9th District, on Wednesday, April 25th. Cain is delighted to have the opportunity to come to Florida to support him. Orlando’s high rollers will compete for a chance to spend an evening with Cain and Long in a Presidential Skybox watching the Magic take on the Bobcats. The event will take place at the Amway Convention Center, 400 W Church St., Orlando, Florida 32801. Long has been an outspoken supporter of the FairTax and Herman Cain’s 999 Tax Plan. "I am proud to have Todd Long as a lieutenant in my 'Army of Davids…" said Herman Cain, businessman and former presidential frontrunner. "…I find it very fitting that our trip will include an NBA game played by a team called the 'Magic'. With Todd and other bold candidates like him, we can make the current federal tax code 'disappear' and replace it with my 9-9-9 plan - a plan that has nothing up its sleeve, no illusions and no hidden trap doors. With candidates like Todd, we will take back our power from the Goliath of big government." The likely opponent in the general election is Alan Grayson. If there is a Goliath in the fight, it may be Grayson’s fund raising war chest. Grayson made national news recently when he ran a red light on the way to attend a fundraiser of his own. “Grayson has a lot of support from liberal Hollywood, Washington insiders, and radical leftists outside Central Florida,” said Lou Marin, Long’s campaign manager, “We don’t expect to beat him with bigger money, just a better message.” ### For more information on Long’s campaign, please visit