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 Cheating case and its resolution o Choice of taking everyone or just one! The cheating case took so long because students constantly contacted the administration and accused other students of cheating, which had to be investigated. 1 student has admitted cheating! Furthermore, students from abroad were difficult to get in touch with as they were not in DK. (which prolonged it further) New Business Project and change of structure on IBS o We have a business project. Consultancy project! Academic advisor, write a project where you create a project together with a company! How is it going this semester?

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Two strategy classes are very similar  Yes they agree! Will discuss the possibility of exercise classes instead. Reschedule one of the exams in the end of April  Will try to move the 48 hour exam the a week later! Class management and exam administration (Gabriella)  Will try to get Gabriella down for a Q & A session within the next couple of weeks Study trip  Yes, 150K financial support. Everything must be organized by students and it has to be a serious trip! Average grad on each exam. FSM AEF and FIR get these things!  YES, will compute this! There is no information prior to semester on the books to purchase, program, preparation  Didn’t have time to discuss! Frustration about not getting emails replied  See Q & A session! There will be some new regulations on the entrance requirements to the study so we don’t overlap subjects from bachelor! Mail to Ole: Request to the teacher that we want more (Steen Thompson) finance and CC to the Ole Risager! Mail to Ole: Student find a lot of overlap and CC it to Ole Risager!

Any other business o To be communicated from Ole: Ole was incredible mild in his grading on the IFM exam.