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Exercise 1 Write the correct sequence of the story in the circles. The first one has been done for you.

Armstrong, the owner of ‘Armstrong’s Peachy Pizzas’ declares his love for her.

During dinner, Mr Amos is not as attentive as he was in the morning. Anna dabs on the Fruitcake perfume in the ladies room.

Anna creates a Fruitcake perfume and dabs on it. Mr Amos becomes intoxicated with her when he gets a whiff of it. Anna is very surprised with this sudden interest.

A fight starts between Mr Amos, the waiter and Sabrina. Anna realises it is the effects of the fruitcake perfume.

Mr Amos asks Anna out for dinner.

Anna resigns from Amos Cosmetics.

Mr Amos becomes enamoured and makes declarations of love to her. A waiter also makes love declarations to her.

Anna wants to find the ‘special something’ in the fruitcake but is unable to.


2 .Exercise 2 Complete the plot diagram below using sentences from Exercise 2.