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“Secure Me – Application Level Gateway”

Guided By Prof. P.S. Revankar Sir

Submitted By Mr. M.D. Deshpande Mr. M.S. Bodakhe Mr. C. S. Gargele

Department of Information Technology Government College of Engineering, Amravati ( M.S.) 2004-05

0 Proxy server  It also provide URL Blacklisting. client Authentication  It also employ HYB algorithm for Removal of cached pages  Project is developed in JAVA & UML .About Project  Our project provide HTTP / 1.

Project Management  Requirement Analysis  Project Design  Limitation  Conclusion .

Finally. . It should have capability to either BLOCK or ALLOW client access on the basis of their IP Address & protocol used. It should have facility for maintenance of Alerts & Logs. Proxy server should cache pages and maintain log of client access. It should be able to DENY access to certain Websites to authorized users. It must have facility to change password.Requirement Analysis        It should support user authentication based on user IP Address. Caching parameter must be reconfigurable by User.

Project Design Fig. Use Case View of Secure Me .

Use Case View Proxy Servers Working .

 The size of the document (si).  The frequency of references to the document (Frefi).HYBRID ALGORITHM Parameter  An estimation of the connection time to the origin server (Clatserver (i)).  An estimation of the bandwidth to the origin server (Cbwserver (i)). Clatserver (i) = (1-Alpha) Clatserver (i) + Alpha sclat Cbwserver (i) = (1-Alpha) Cbwserver (i) + Alpha scbw Formula for Mark Calculations (WClat * Clatserver (i) + WCbw / Cbwserver (i)) * (Frefi^WFref) / (si^Wsi) .

 Proxy Functionality is only for HTTP Protocol. .  Firewall is vulnerable to IP Spoofing Attack.Limitation  Viruses or malicious software (malware).  Firewalls can’t protect against attacks that don’t go through the firewall.  Firewalls can’t protect against bad things being allowed through them.  Firewalls can’t protect against tunneling over most application protocols to Trojan or poorly written clients.

Conclusion Secure Me Provides Client authentication through IP Address Secure Me Block Black Listed web Sites Secure Me Log Blacklisted website Request Secure Me Provides HTTP Proxy Service with caching .

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