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March 23 2012 Fresh Perspective Inspection St.

Paul Christian Academy Inspected by Mike Ghist

Kuyper Hall Exterior - Electrical cover plate loose by front entrance. - Handrail at the front steps are rusting at the bottom. Interior Mrs. Clement Classroom - Fire sprinkler head trim is falling off on one of the sprinkler heads. - 1 light fixture is out that has an emergency ballast. - Plastic covering light fixture in closet? Floyd Classroom Stained ceiling tile in closet.

Other Areas - Light bulbs out in business office - Ceiling over front entrance needs drywall finishing/paint.

2012 . . . . Condensation leak.Wet ceiling tile in storage closet of Watson’s classroom.All but one of the track lights are out in classroom across from Mrs. .Stained ceiling tiles in entrance next to Mrs. March 28. Interior .Light bulb out in Mrs.Door rubbing on frame on entrance to Mrs.Electrical outlet that the printer is plugged into is tied in to the lighting circuit in Watson’s classroom.Marshall Hall Exterior Hole in the brick wall near the top of the wall in the corridor next to the Rochford Center back by the playground. Mike Ghist. Outlet loses power when the lights are turned off. Watson. Herb’s classroom. Holladay’s classroom.Soffit boards coming loose at the back of the building next to the playground also caulk and paint is needed on the fascia boards. Watson’s classroom. . .