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1st Cumulative Assessment Results

A Presentation for 7th Grade Language Arts Teachers January 7, 2012


Data in Practice
When the cook tastes the soup, that's formative evaluation. When the guests taste the soup that is summative evaluation. ~ Bob Stake


Guiding Questions
1 2 3 4
What are the results? What pops out? How would you summarize the data? What do the results mean for your school? district? How will we reteach those who have not learned or mastered the objectives?


1st Benchmark and Cumulative Test Results



1st Benchmark and Cumulative Tests Results Class % Proficient Class

G HB L HB E HB C1 HB C2 HB S HB * EC students

A A A A B B Team C

1st 1st Growth Benchmark Cumulative (+,-)

50 48 44 51 42 49 50 54 43 53 51* 48* 28 0 +6 -1 +2


1st Cumulative Test Results

2 11 12 13, 14 16 18,27 22,24 29

1.02e 3.01c 3.01d 4.01b 4.01c 5.01b 6.01f 5.0c


What Now?
Plans for Corrective Teaching

1 2 3

1. Each day, work with a group of students who need help. 2. 2H and 2L are working on a specific objective to show 2L the strategies how to reach the final answer. 3. Then allow 2H to do more on objective and 2L to do more examples as practiced from questions wrong/ questions that need more emphasis.


For Nov. 10th Meeting

1 2 3
Present October 28th Weekly Assessment Data Answer the Guiding Questions No Need to Reinvent the Wheel. Use this PowerPoint template.