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Southwest Workers Union

College Internship Application

Please complete the following and return to Sandra at Applications can also be mailed to SWU Attn: Internship, PO Box 830706 San Antonio, TX 78283. If you have questions please call or email. Phone interviews will be set up after receipt of application. Name: Address: Phone: Birthdate: University/College: Date Available to start: Intended Major: Proposed hours/week: Email:

Proposed Ending Date (SWU requires at least an 8 week commitment): Languages spoken and level: How did you hear about SWU? Please answer the following questions. Long answers or essays or not expected, but please do demonstrate thought and sincerity in questions answers. 1. Describe your experience and qualities as a leader. This may be in your school, your community or someplace else.

2. Southwest Workers Union is committed to mobilizing the power of low-income people of color communities. We work towards the realization of economic and environmental justice. We fight against all forms of oppression. Are these principles important to you? How do these relate to your interests or your experience?

3. What do you hope to learn from this summer?

4. What would you like to focus on this summer and why? SWU has 6 areas of strategic organizing: economic justice for school workers, environmental justice (military toxics, energy justice, community development), youth empowerment, border justice, leadership development (including civic engagement) and movement-building/networking. What do you hope to contribute to the organization?