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Dear Senior Parents & Students,

April 23, 2012

We finally have all the details for the annual GWA senior trip. However, the price is a little more expensive than we originally planned. Detailed below is information regarding the trip. Because the price is higher than the original stated price, refunds will be given for the initial deposit if you choose not to go. The total price for the trip will be 6000 dhs. Each student has paid 4000 dhs, so only an additional 2000 dhs will be required. Scholarship forms are available for students. The total price includes airfare, meals, transportation from the airport to the hotel, lodging and a day excursion. We will stay at the Hotel Astoria, a three star hotel. They have a pool and are close walking distance to the beach. Breakfast and dinner will be provided at the hotel. We will take one day trip, EITHER an excursion to Palmitos Park OR Cruz de Tejeda. Palmitos Park is where you can watch the shows of parrots, birds of prey, House of Butterflies, birds from all continents, Crocodile, and The Wonderful show of Dolphins . The park is set in a totally natural, nothing to do with other parks. The excursion to Cruz de Tejeda takes us to the city of Arucas, Teror Villa Mariana, where the Church is framed installed the patron saint of the island, continue to the village of Valleseco, famous for its apple orchards, stop and lunch, then continue to Cave cork and Cruz de Tejeda, where you can admire the majestic Roque Nublo and Moje, also, if time permits, we will have a fabulous view of Pico del Teide, back pass by the town of Santa Brigida and return to hotel. We would leave Casablanca on Wednesday, May 30th and return Sunday, June 3rd. The flight is with a new airline, Binter Canarias, direct from Casa to Grand Canaria Island. Thank you,

Crystal DeLong & Bryce Bohne Senior Class Sponsors

Tim Warren Upper School Principal


Yes, ______________________________ plans to attend the Senior Trip and will pay the additional 2000 dhs required for the trip. Parent Signature ___________________________ Date _________________