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Child Education in Islam by ‘Abdullah Nasih ‘Ulwan Translated by Dr. M. Mahmoud Ghali Dr. A. Shafik Elkhatib Dr. M. Kamal Abdul-Ghani Dr, Ali Ahmad Sha‘ban Dr. M. Ash-Shahhat Al-Gindi Edited by Khalifa Ezzat Abu Zeid Selma Cook DAR AL-SALAM For Printing, Publishing, Distribution and Translation Dar AL-Salam for Printing, Publishing, Distribution and Translation Second edition 1424 A.H./2004 C.E. Deposit No: 16003 42000 ISBN: 977 - 342 -000-0 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without written permission from the publisher. Published by: Dar Al-Salam for Printing, Publishing, Distribution and Translation Bookshop (1): 120 al-Azhar St.,Cairo Tel: (+202) 5932820 Bookshop (2): | Hassan ibn Ali St., from Ali Ameen St, Mustafa An-Nahhas ‘extension, Naser City, Cairo (+202) 4054642 Owned and administered by: Abdul-Kadder Mahmoud Al-Bakkar 19 Omar Lotfy Street, Nasr City, Cairo Egypt ‘Tel: (+202) 2704280, 2741578 Fax: (+ 202) 2741750 Website: |: info@) E-mi Poy gS ay OLS al aide got ne 2 ei Sp (Gehl lath a = Olan le a gilts JUS 2 = cobb o> fle tees > perp all DS gle uy gh oe tte tet dmly quily taly HeLbl PLU Jb AL Rolf oak Yen e[\ teat sel ped 977-342-O00-0 sll @B,al Bs Opal) pane Sin Le alll olin gL ye gl peg Jk Vf U2} rtd Eke gall ge dog ee play dlgall Liat ND i BS NAT: gland ped ae ge Te eed SAE KS > pln Alas ¢ Le altel nl le BL oe gate gle oy abl CE pa ete Cr retyrrtvves S86 Tot yWettae = tretava~ Goetntt = earrare ate RAL SRY EM Mel http: / — e-mail:info@dar-alsalam,cem, <= Contents Page Translators’ Introduction : 9 Introduction - ll Part One Chapter One: The Ideal Marriage and its Relationship to Education = - a 18 A. Marriage as a Human Instinct 18 B. Marriage as a Social Interest _____ - - 19 C. Marriage as a Selection and Choice —.- 21 Chapter Two: Psychological Feelings Towards One's Children __26 A. Parents are Disposed to Love their Children 26 B. Having Mercy and Children is Blessing from Allah upon Mankind... _ ay) Cc. Despising C Girls is an Abominable Jahitivyah (Preislamnic Practice) _ 28 D. The Virtue of Whomever Endures his Child’s Death .... 31 E. Giving Precedence to the Interests of Islam over One's Children eT F. Punishing and Temporarily Alienating a Child for Educational Purposes Se 34 Chapter Three: General Rules Concerning the New-born Baby _ 37 The First Part: What the Parent Does at Childbirth _ 37 The Second Part: Naming of the Baby and its Rules ..........41 The Third Part: The ‘Agiqah and its Rules 48 The Fourth Part: Circumcision of the New-born Child and its Rules... - 54