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October 21, 20 11


The USAID Mission in Jakarta, Indonesia welcomes applications from qualified candidates fo r its internshi p program for the summer of 20 12. Indonesia is a fascinating country of global developmental significance. It is located in one of the most vibrant regions of the world. USAID/lndonesia is a key partner in supporting change in Indonesia. In 201 2, the Mission will have an internship program from May to September. Modest compensation and transportation wi ll be provided under the program. Usually, the Mission will place no more than two interns. Interns will assist in one of the Mission 's technical offices (Health, Education, Democratic Governance, and Economic Growth). Work in these technical offices usually involves project development and/or management but may also include analytical and policy development type activities. A final decision on office placement will be made in light of the candidate pool, Mission priorities at the time of cand idate selection , and the availability of funds. Suitable app licants should be graduate students in a relevant disci pline (public policy, public health, edu cation, econom ics, finance, journal ism, agricultural economics, energy, environment, natural resources, business administration, law, management, political science, etc.) with some hands-on work experience in lessdeveloped countries. Flexibility, initiative, enthusiasm, good interpersonal skills and lots of energy are a must. First-rate computer skills are a plus. USA ID is an equal opportunity employer.

u.s Agenc) lor International J)c\cloprnclIl :\mcrican l.mbilSS). JI. Mcdan Mcrdck:. Selamn 1\0 . .1- 5 Jakarta 10110 -lndont!'S13 Phone: (62-21) 3435-9000 lil\ Ct.:!-ll) ~XO-6694

gov.2012. salary history and professional references to the Executive Officer. The deadline for applications for the program in 2012 is February 1. Fax submissions to (62-2 1) 380 6694 are acceptable as are submissions via e-mai l to hhariyan i@usaid. Fl'O AI' 96520-8135. Appl ications must arrive no later than 4:00 p. Unit 8135 US AID.m. . Indo nesia time (un iversal time minus II hours) on the deadline for submission. American Embassy Jakarta.-2- Applicants should submit a letter of interest and a resume which includes a statement of previous work experience.