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Statement of the problem Ratio analysis is a very analytical technique to raise pertinent questions on number of managerial issues. It provides bases or clues to investigate such issues in detail. While assessing the financial health of the company, ratio analysis answers to the questions relating to company’s profitability, assets utilization and liquidity and financial capabilities of the company. The statement of the problem can be generalized here as:      Analysis of liquidity and profitability of the current assets and current liabilities. Detection of the reason for the variability of profits. Analysis of relationship between assets and liabilities. Find out the business fluctuations, technical developments, etc on financial performance. Analysis of various components of working capital such as cash marketable securities, inventories and receivables. Table of Contents Page no. Title page Company Certificate College Certificate Declaration Preface Acknowledgement Table of Content List of Graphs & Tables Introduction of the project Company Profile Objective of the study Limitations Research Methodology Inventory Process Data Analysis and Interpretation Finding Conclusion Recommendation & Suggestion Annexure Bibliography i ii iii iv v 1-06 07-10 11-12 13-14 15-18 19-75 76-88 89-90 91-92 93-95 96-100 101-102