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TAMARA ABAY,EVA ls a speciali't based at the

Met council' lmmi.gratron Queens Jewish co m!'rlunity councn, She prepares forms. for naturauzatlon and adju strnent of status,

, ALBERT AilES, 'I1.wy~r I n prLvate p rae tlce in



Man~attan.has more than 30 years of exper lence in i m m igratio nlaw. He is"
rormer cna pte r chasm an

DANia has been. an employ •• o! M.dgor Eve"

ye-ars. She take s p rtde ,In cruzensn i p
giVio g bac k to • cause Ii ka

CO II~ge fc r {nom than 11

oftno AILA.
CARMEN AlCAN,TARA ts grad uaN ng thfS s urn mer

MOHAM MAD AKRAM i$ tho ~fSt v lee president of Com m'!.H1jtY Education nouncl! nlstrjct 21 in Broo'k I yn, H e ~s 'flll en t ttl Sind hi. Hi nc l, Pu [ljabi and Urdu.
ANA J•.AlM.ANZAR New Ym,k program


C ollegean, m"vi ng on to John Jay Collogo with
plans to attend I~w $(:hOClI.




F,ElIPE ALEXAN DRE I'; " Itc de! ender with t~" M on rc e (001;,1 nry Public Def"ndor 's 01ft ce tn



is the


13!1~rof cjvrc engagement at tho NALEO Educati oMI Fund_sn els an alumna
of SUNY and COl umbra Unfverslty.

SOlO attorn ~V ,pract:itLon er with 20 years of law enfo rcemen cuba.

expe rten ce.

She is o rig i mill)! from

CARLI>S ALVA MEl rs a cotlege student who is a very active vorunteer for CUNY Citj,enshlp NOW!

LIANA ANTON EN KO Is a m i!)ratiol'1l I:m.J nsei or at Catha Ilc Chari~ies. of New

Yor~ and a vonmteer a!
the U kr.a,i F']jQ n Co ng ress Committee of Arne rica. S~" is ~u.nt in U~ra lnian.

CAM.ILO A_PARICIO i, a Ilaraleg'al an d voru nlee rs with C UN Y C ltl 2eMhlp Now! He is" fluenr in Spanish,

EU~ABET~' AVRES volun-

teers with CUNY cttlzensh i P NOW!, It has been a gre-at ~xp-er1e nee for her
to Mlp people, inol"~in9 those t~ at ,pe.1t only SCJanish. AV1S BASCOM is a tax preparer, bookkeeper and Qrqani,zer. sne also is an : assista nt 'secretary at , , PARBAMR an d a vol unree r witt> CUNY Citi'~ nship RACHEL .a.o.SK,INis an assocl ate ot 0' Mnlley 8. Assoc i ales, an hnm i graf on furn in
d own

M OHAM M£Q AYU is a Ghanaian-AmeriCi3.n, veteran altha U.S, Navy and an rf"r"PD aux iIiary lPolice officer. He: teaches Arabic on d sneaks Akao. Ga. Hausa ;:1.11 Kotoknll. d YO~ANDA aASTIDAS ls a


p-''''.i'''''''-.!.~ CI ~ PY BAI lEY

is • CU NY alum na and a 2010 raclplent olt~ e MaJave teadersh i p Award, She is. a p araleqal wlth a p a:s.~ slon tor social ju,lice and


senio r ,par:!I"Qal and Boord
of irnrri g..-at-ion Appeals decredited re presentatl ..... at e me York Colleg elm mi9.auo 11 center, She is a s racuate of Queens college. TAMARA R. BLOOM, an atto r"~y. i, !~ .Iegal COQ.dl· netor at CUNY ctttzensntp Now! She is 11 graduate of Si ng.f:lam ton U mverstt V and CUNY School of Lew, an d n member or the AI LA. BClSONPO BRAUN is a IJQII,Jacer for C UN If r CltileMh ip 110W!



,IS a nocto r of Ed"cation degtee

Man~atran. She works on air tvpcs of immi gr~tion cases.
RAI BHUSHAN practlces before Immigration court and has
I mm Igralion

rna nag er fo r I earnin g OlJ tcomes at Queensborou9h
Com mun ity colle.gEl.

and is t'he academ~c
5 cssment






uate student at Columbia
U niver$lty'S

College and an advocate
for immi!)rants' rights_


... l0iii ....

se rvices, He of~c., rn BrQo~lyn_

u.s. Citi"onship


REINA BOAZ is the rna naoiry attorney of Roina soaz l.~w PlLC, a Ib(J utiquc


Immi gratJoo law ~'m.
She! has nine years of experlence in u.s.tmmt,gratiofllaw. LILIANA SUCUR i," • 00""u1fo r WAfU Nlf/Un i ted Nations and has a master's d'egree in lnternattonat

rs.an adjunct asslsta nt pfof~sso r at t'h. Queensboroug h Co mmu nit)' C"II.ge center fo r ,I nre rnauo nal At f[].irs" ,I mmigration & Study Abroad_
attorney. SON IA C,A~DO N~ is an arlm1ssio ns co unseior tJ.t CUNVXpress, a welcome center in Wash inqtcn

MI MO B()ULEfRAIC~ has been o? devoted CUNY Cililenship NOW! vol un teer

t. nt

smce last July.


cau-!n, REAo ls the in' terl m commu ntcatlons and
SOFI~ CA~ colfeg e relations sn eC'lalist ror CU NY ctuzensn i p Now! ,he speak; spa msh, RANDAJJ_ CHAM 8E~tAI N i. en immrg rat ion lawyeri n private, prac nee,

attafrs. 'thlsls her fourtn yetir with th e

MEUSSA CHAN work. 10' CU NY Brookly n college.

She has on advance, im'
mi'grl3tiQIi Il3w certmcate from the CU NY soh 00 I 0 f

Heig hts th at provldes

financial aid anc ~mmi9rii~ t ron lnformatton. SUSAN' C'HONG is a s c-njor paralegal an, Boord of ten migration All peal saccredi ted repn:.se,ntativ~ at the CU NY Cltj.ensh i p Now! Flus hing I'm m igratiol1 KAREN CI NTRON hes been an admln1strative asststant at CUNYCiti.enshlp NOW! to r more than five: of f'i ne Arts pfogr~m at

Pro!e., ional Sludi es.

is the d i ret tor of irUerfla-

tiona: student servi ces at Bronx C omm un i ty coil ege and a memb er 0 f the
National xssoctatron of f craig n Stu de,nt AdVi sers, HA.RJtV C()PS()N ;, "

yO"" ,.She is In the Mas!e, Queens college.
...,"~"""_'" i>ENELOPE D1 CASTRO Is a vol"ot •• r wl th CU ~y Citizensh i p Now ~

Cen ter In, Qu eens,

ADRIANA CI RES has a master of" laws d.j}~WE!:ein In temeuonat I~g31 studies from New Vork Unlver slty, and V co, nces Immlg ration 1':;IIw. he ls {] UI;!111 in S Roma.nian. MAL()RI[ COM.ETESSA Is the 0",1 01 her own

stuce nl at Hostos community Cclleqe. He isthe presiden rand lound erof the Crim inalJu. tio. Club.


csuz ts " paralegal witt> CUNY


Now] at HOStO$"

Communi!~ Colleg e. She g .!ed fro", th ~ New York City coli eg' of Teo~ "01 og y.


televlson show, Pluqme TV "Whe,e We connect," lndu,lry.
Where she 'CO'Ll'~rs-commun i ty e-v-e nt s and th eo music

YVON NE HUARI NG.A ls a paralegal and Board ollmmi ~rOl;on ~pp.al'

accreclted representattve in Ih e legal Aid Society', i rn m igra'tio 11 law unrr.sne

is fluent in spanlsh. ALLEN KAYE has p rae IIced US.l mmig ran on law r or ~h¢ past 37 yeilJS-, He i~a past natJonal pre siden t or ~h~A me rlcan Imm i gratlolil Lawyers assoctatton.

AMI NUI.IBRIN stud i"d Ell the tm m igratia" Law pruqramat CUN Y's Schoo I of Pro-f~ssio naol St ud ies. HI;! 1S llueJ'lt in aausa, ca ano rwl.

, JEAN JOSEPH work, for , A11City aM has his ow n multi ple -scrvlce bus inessin Broo k Iyn. Born in H elt l, he's a graduate of BMCC. John Jay. od New York 'Uni'ver-sj:ty.

MAItI.SABU KAN lORDSA.SUS Is " log al assistant for LalinoJustlc. PRLOEF, an orqanlzatino that defends the cl I'll rights of' tat inos. Sh ~ ~s flu, ent in spanish and Greek. IZAB ELA KROPIWNICIlA is all attorney I'fceflsed
N.Y. who practices on

ANG ELA KHASHAFVAN isme directo r at Bell LiI"· gu aqe sene 01. Sh. has lJ years. of e>::peri ence ad vi sirJ9 jnlerllational students,

executive dk-edor of Polo: n tans 0 rg an lzeo to Min i ste( to Our community and has 18 'Yea rs of e:( perlen C'~ working wi th imm igran ts.


long tslanc. She has offices in Sou tham pton, Li "den hu rst and Grl!~~ Neck and focuses on Immigration law. MARl E LA!.! ERIQ~ E ls a CU NY ernp IQye~ and a [I raduete of the, imm~gra{ion law O"'g ram at me CU ~y sen 00 I of protcsslonat studles,

CORDELL R:.ItYPD is a para I e-gaJ nnd .2005 gri3:d I,I~ ate of the New Yor~ City Co liege o!Tee hn ology_ Sh e has bee n a vc II.m mer with Citl zenshlp Now! fo r

KI!d ~ • LAING . REYES 'has more- tnen is y~i;IIfS o~ ~xp-erlenc:e. in corporate on d I "mlly imm Igrallo 11 and global visas.

several years,
A~EXAN PER lAPEG NA is the database ma_n:a~ N tor CUNY Citi","shlp NOW! He has i3I tao helor's d ~gfce iB'] f nancl al econ omlcs from SU NY· 8.1ng na mron. He FATAllAWA t i,san a t· torney in private practlce, He rocuses on Immlgranon li3w.llartjcula.rlv family· naseo petltlons and matr,imoniallaw. He sneaks voruba. KATHY LIANG is A" ad" ministrative assistant for CU r-;:y C~tjzens.hjp Now! at th ~ flu sh i ng' 1m mig ration Center tn Queens, S he is f1 uent in cantonese ~n-d Mandarin. ~AURI(;EMAIJLAN D has extensive 'litigation exp ene nee i n presen ti ng cases before tho U,S, ~ admlmstrative law iudge. of the social S~cudt~ Administration. CLYPt MARm is PDUNA LEM9UG rs • Board of Immigration , Appeals accrec i ted immlg rat! en r~p resen ti3tive at Met Co unci!. S he IS tl'uent iJl Russ-iail and U'k rai nla fl. A NO ~ES l£M D~Si' the staff at tccney of the Washington Heights ornce
Of CUNY Citi~~nship NQw!~

speaks H.a.II'Q;n.

JENNIFER LEUNG is an ofnee manager for an lnternat i onauaw d'e"~ artman t at chartls. She is. pursuing a bacheto rs d-e gree i'n l'il'g al assistant s.tudies at


M'ARISOL LOPEZ 1S a senior 01 Hostos Community College '1"110 hop es to ru r tho r her eo ucatlon at eitherHun ter or lehmall College In




a B, A .. mag na ccm Iauda, at City Cotreqo. She has. been an employ,. of CVII V Ci ns.llip Now! for two yc~ rs.


IlAYDElH MAIlI.AND a graduating sem or


_~ .....

in Marlhattan. Previously, she vulul1leeredl at en immigra· tlon 'law office.


.., .... _"

CA.RLA MALATESTA came ~10 HI. U,S, f,o m Poru at "II" IS and at 11 b ecame "U.S, cltlzen, In 2M,. she went to scnoot to go t a r.':l eqree in educatl On and , ,English.

EUG.ENIO (GINQ) MALDO· NADO has t>o.~ tho chi C1,f operatlo M at EI puente in Williamsburg since 19:94 an d ;a long-term ac;t1iv+st for , fair nous] ng and education reform.


J~!'!ES M~lEAOY ls an attornev in private praetlce with law of liees in G'reencolnt, Brooklyn and Stale" 1$.lan{l. He ls al so a dl ret tor of the N orth 8 rookl),n Develo prnan t Corp, UZ M_ARKtJCIis. the drrector of 1mmigration projec~s, a~ Volunte.", of Logal So,."ic e. She co-cnal rs the Pro Bono Committ,e for the NOW Vorl< chapter of AllA.

a volu nC:jtil~"shill






b een tne cxecuttve i d Iret tor of the F:Cderatl o,~ of Italian American Orga nlratlo ns of Qu eens I nco sin C€ 1988.

NI ~~ MAR(lUSEK is tho associate dlr-ettor of the Imema.tioMI Stude nts 01· fico at CUNY', City colloge. She provide. information 011 majn tai nLng l-egal lrnmiqratinn status.


DA~RI ON MAY~ wo rks to r the NYC De par tm ent of Educatioo and has a master's from Ade'l,phi umversit y. Or:ig!nall "I fro m Jam a~ca. s he Ii kes to g tve back: by vo! un teert ng.

ANNA McCOMPS is a son i or at Hofstra university sc hool of Law. ~ nOli"" ; of Poland. she's atso a ilicen,serl rear e state. brc ke r

a.nd is. flu ent in pons.h_

JAMES McGOVERN, is the director of adm i mstrat~on at CUNY Clti'2;C.flSiliQ NOW! H eo has more ttl an 2 S. years or e.:<:p~rienc-e' ill international education an d sruden t affa irs. WZ MEDRANO is a stoll attorney at the CUNY Cltlzenship Now! tmmlqra, non Center at H os tos cornmu nily COllOg e. she Is" graduate of the CUNY scnoot of Law.

THEIt£SA !.! oLAUGHUN ls a graduate or the immigra~ no n law program at the CU NY school of Prof ess~oF'lalStl!ld.es._

NINA!.! EDLEY is A CU NY stu de Ilt majoring in crimil1a! jusuce end fmrm~ralion law. She has been a c.rMed para legal for' the pa st 15 years, working with various attorneys. Jl:NDU MDMPLAISI~ is " r.;h-cmic.a~-e:flgio~er graduate of City eolle-ge of New York ,.a lax consut rant and ; irnmi grat ion par -aJegal at the law firm af paul Jourd an. He is fl uent In Creole.


LVNNETIE MEDRANO work; for the Natioflal Ass-ociatlo n .of LatinQ EIected and Appoi ntec Of ~clals. Sh 0 , ha,:s a bachelor's jo SOCI(l1 work and internat!onal re, Ialions 'co m SU NY· Su I f"lo,

NlSTO R H,. MONTI ~LA is the· tll ret tor of corporate developme" t at te hm on cotre qe. A uradue ti? of CUNY, he is an advocate for educatto n .a nd com munity empowerment. "FASHA MORO ;5 the clvl c engagement 11 etwork enordifl'atQr at t.aunonrstrce PRLOEF and' an lntern at the Hlspan i C IF'edQ:ralio n.
Sh ~ has oiil 'B.A. in

ERICA MORALES is a n ad missions coun se lOr and I"€'C ru i ter fo r ·CUNV's

Lehman ccllece.

KA'RIN A ""ORA" CASA LE is til -c: i Ulemi hip assts ranee program di rec tor at tic tthern Manh attan l mprovement corp. She is fluent in Spanish.

NINA ""ORG ENLAN DE.Rrs an in ~ernati onal stuc ent ad, ise' at the Co lIog.' 0 f Sta,~e:f1 rsran d/C UN Y.


REBECCA MU N~-S HUlA ,i, ail in terl"'lati onal acadern i c eredentiats evaruetor at CUNY's un i lie r:sft 'I A ppl i cation Process i ng Ce nte r.

ALFR,EDO M URGA ii, a partner at H"lJa 8. Murga LLP and a member of the Ameri can I mmi~ rat! on

KERRI E·AN N MURRAY. who i·s of Jamai can desc·~F'ltr has a m aster's degree- in human servlces and has assisteo with many Immigration rentcs and fOfLJlms in. her co mmu nit


Lawyers Assocfatlon_ He ~i errt in spa nish. flu

Dology from Reed college. Gto ~GE PIlB I'works "t the Metro~olita" Mu.eum of LVDIA PADIU~ ls a» attorney practrcinq immigfat1iof1l law in New York. she ls ad mi tl.d loth. New York and New Jers~~ Oi3 L Sh eors flu ent in Spanis.h - and rrencn, KLA RI DA PAP4IA~ I is ad uate Clf Ru tge rs Uni,erslt),in Now Jersey, studying criminal iustrce and eccn omlcs ..
!l gr


Art.. He has tJ: cer ti f care in i m m igratio n law a no has be en votuntec rin g for the
Crtlz~nship since 2009. tIIOW!' c all-in,

~RI~VICTOR'A PA:DUA is a third~y~ar stucsnt al cool ~y Law school in L ansln 9, M iOh. She will b. gfi31d"uating ln May. She i$ lnteresrcd in immigration

VAN [SA t • PAGAN is the p riflcj,pa' attorney of a business immigration law ~rrn, Sh. is a member of AI LA a nd is f.lu ent jn spanish.

!lORAM PA~~ work' at the New vork Immigration Coalition as an ec ucatlon prog·ram touow. She studr~dpolltlcal science. SANY~ PAUl is a student at HMtos Community College, majoring In public ad m i.n~strano fl.


JESSI C~ P~lU M BO is a n ettomev pr actl eoi g in the n area 01 immlg,atl,on law wikh a nractrce ifl H~rts.r nale. She has experi~nce in humanitariall claims and depo rranon dolon se.



.J JESUS :PE.~E2is director of academl c advlsem enr at
Broo~i~n COnege and coord i nator of th eoC UN Y task fore. on sr-en gth.,,i I':)gEdu'l:alio nat 00 po rtun i· lAIII'"'I!;'

LYNDO N PH! LBERT ls a specinl projects assistant for CUNY Citi zensn i p NOW! , .....

ties for Mexicilli,S.

RUS KIN' PIEDRA ls the dlrecror of th e ruan Neumar],fl cen rer at Ou r Lady of Perpetual HOIR Ch urt h in Brnokly n. He Is a 80 ard of rmmigfat.iol1 Appeals

DEBBIE 'PINEDO ls a paraleg 01 at " New YO'~ City lm m i_gratio n law nrrn.

accredlred re presentati ..... e.
RIC HA PURl Is a partner ot ~EO,NELA QU INDE is a ,polass: 'tar IWith NOW! TEUTA RA·nl is an admJn-

GRACE·ANN PRESCIID I, an if! ternar: onai COUnSEl Ior in th e admi ssio ns off! ce of CUNY·, York College. Sh ~ nas (line yea rs of exae rlence work i ng with I ntern ation;]] stu dents. DE,l,CIA RElD voiunl<!ers for the gmmanuct S(i!\I'E!fl.th Day cnu rch Min lstries

Dur"do & purt, where- she
practices immigration law e:«:::11J5ive a no rep resen ts IV I;: I i ents in a vari eoty of complex matters.

c i at project'

CUNY Ci ttaensmp

ls rranve assistant at CUr-4Y Ci·ti~~n$hip NOW! She- rs pu rsu i ng a m aster's at Baruch Co Ilege_ She ts n uen I
i iii Aiban i an and Gre€"k.

Soctal Sect] rit y firm.


to" M"" rice

Maill ""d


USA REIN ER is asso clate director of th e cornm 1,"1 i ky l~gal Resource N"twork at CUNY $00001 of Law_ She he s :2nyeil rs of ~;X:PGri~I:lC~ in Immigr.ntionl.nw and Is rluent in Spanish, JORG E RO D~!GUE2: ts wmp Ieting .hi; f na: year at New ve rk Law School. Hoeis :looj(·il1g iorw.;Inj to practl C Ing in the ar-e-a of immigration after uraduetlon. KARLA :ROSEROIlAHN has

lAYI ER RI::MI.GI0 has be" n involved in i nte m atto nar education, prlmarlly international stud ent adllis i 119. for rna re th an 28 yea r s.

votu ntec r wi

th C~ti


sh iP NOW! S he 'peaks M"JldafiJl.

MARIEl y ~IVE~A ls g ettt ng her assoc iate's de gre-~ in par al egal, stud les "I Bronx Community Coll.gO_ She is exp ected to grad uate ioMay_

Y[NNV I!ODRIGUE2:, assistant d iret tor CI f payroll, sorvices at Jo hrt Ja:I colI'~ge. worts close Iy with lnternutional students and work. rs, She ts ~u ent jn

EDUARDA I!OSARID ts a [un i Or at Ci ty COllene of ~ew York ail d ptans to attend law school alt. r

Qrilduati on.

rm I1'Il,grMion ccunse lor
wi th me 10meral d Isle imm i gration cen ter. Th i 5 Ls her slx!:h year volu nr •• rl 09 wi th Ci ti 2;ensh ip NOW!


been an imm 19ratlon staff attorney at til. Emer al d rsla
1mmig ratio n ceoter since 1009. In 2G LO, sne op enec a pri\l'a~e practice in her nometawn 01 Brooklyn. MARIE SHIRLGANOY SAI"f.JEAN is. studenl at Bor-ou gh af Ma.n hattan Commu Colleg o.

MICHELLE :ROSS is. a n i 1l'I, m igratio n attorney working as COl.!nsei wi th Pollock & M;a[l uke, LLP, In Wh i teo Plal ns, Sh" Is admitted to

NICOLE ROWE i 5 a recent gradu,te of ron n Ja:I COII es ~ of C nrnma I J ustsce an-d a vol unteer with CU NY Cltlzonship NOW!


in New



Connecticut. CLAU DIO 5ALC:EDO is " p"ral~gal: studi-es majo·r at Bronx Community Colreg~. R,[N EE SA.lOANA·RAMIR.U i, ~OED ,and ESL instructo, lln jj oou n$ ~I or at little Slste .. 0 f Ihe A.,U m pUO" FamilV Health Service Inc __ Sh eo has bee n world ng with immigr,ant'"s for' 19 ye:ars..

RAUL SA,BALA I, " vol ""tee' wi CU NY Ci Ii .. "ship NOWI



IN DH IRA CORADI N Is a full-Um" stuoan t at Ho,tQ, Com IIlU "ity C ""eg e majoring in pubHc adminlstranonand public policy.

CRYSTAL DE FOUR ls lb. transfer coorc i nator at CUNY', L.ohman College and enroll ed i I'll the fmmig,ati"n law cor ti ~caN proqram at CUNY SchODI of P~ofesslonul '5~li.Jdi s. e


LAURENIfEB.El.LlS AVIV is a partn er at Daniel' Aharonl & Partners. Sh~ has exlensi'IJ~ experience in em,pFovment and family· based immig,a· tion -C"{I.~~s.

IoIICHAU A. DELIiCA ts a 61A accrec Ited reprasan mu •• at 0 ur Lady·, M igr •• tlo n center in oueens, H-eis committed to providing leg al reprcsc ntanon i11 ~II imm igraiio n matte rs. SONICA DIXON is a secondyear student at the Cooley Law School in Lansinf!-, M iCh, She has :participated in th~ calH iii for three ye-ars "nd vol unteers with CUNY Citi:~C'n~hip Now! LUCV O'US'EN ls presld ent of ZSL I nternattona I & D(I me st: 0 I nco she was tn e campus citizerls:hip COOi"dtnator at King'l>orO"g~ ccmmunlty ColI'egl?

ANNA OE'-IIPCHIK is a stud ent at Hcfstra law School and a co-founder and vice president 0 ~ the H ofstra Imm[gratJon low soci "ty. Sho speaks Russian and Cmnese.

JUUE E. PINNERSTEIN is codi rector of the Sanctuary flit Fam111es-'I mmi gration I ntervennon Proj",t. She atso teaches immigration lawai til. CUNY School 01 f'rofussion~! stuctes, MARY SUE DONSKY is an as soctara profess or in the l~w a,nd Pa.r~leg al Stu dies D epartrnen t at N"C:wYork City Co II. g. of Too.hnology
a nd: a


NOEY£ fATOU M. DIOP obtamcd her M.O. iJl her nafiv~ Sen ~gal ,in lOO:;!. She is now a motivational speaker and a consultant a" 'he" Ith Issues en d I~adefs'hi~ . EUNOR DRUCKER· RAHMA.NI has 2~ years o[ expcrfence as an i3ttorn~)I prac ~,cr_r:'Igimmig ration law. She also ts a p.1 rt-r: m IJ staff ettcmev for CU NY Ci ti zen sh j p NOW! V J 010 R", £S ~AOA·CEQON came tn N r:!W York Clty in Janu "ry 1981. t speaKing any 'cng Ii She Ie. rnec the language an d now works in co mmu nit)! service programs.

an adr'nioI'trati ve assls tanto Sh. hasbach ~Ior's uecree in law [rom cotmbla end a u.s. paralegal certi'1cation_ She is fluent in S panlsh,



memae York Bar.

r of the N FJ;W

~AMP.EfO(aEm) EFTHYM 10 Co de adorn tc adviser for the Center tor IrderrJatio[lal Affafrs, trn m lqration and Stu (j:y Ab road at Que ensborouq h

r$ tn

nop (IE "'-"IOA mrrs
work~d' as communi tJl adu I~ edu ca.t.o n prog ram dire eta r at Little Si sters 1If the Assu III ptlon ram i1)1 Heal th servlce. Inc.



NO BIA P. ESPANA i' an ESL ni Iinqui3it ami specialeducatton reacner w!t~ tne NYC Department of tcuceiLDrI and an ESl datto rill student She '''joys vo III n1




and gjvi ng back.

ADRIAN, ESPARZADIAZ is 81 pa.ralegal sluaent-at t.aauardta Com rnun i ~y 'Col~ I e-ge and a 'r/olu nteer at the tmerarc Is~eImmi~ratioll cen ter. :He is in teres ted in immigration law. JO~ N EUSrAC~ E ls • comrmmlcatl 011 techn ida n for the N YP D and nns a 8.A. in bu sin ess ad min i strat: 011_ He- Is fluent in French and Hai nan Creol e.

ELIZAB~ ESPERT;'; a N',Y,C vublic school teacher an Ij UFT acUVls.t. She ts InteresMd in Ihe plight of Immlgrallt'. "nd is elated to g1'11i: back through Citizenship NOW! J UAI>I CARLOS FAJARDO i" directo r of the center for I nternatlo nal An"I", 1,,mig ratt on & Skudy AbrOQid

GABRI.EllSPlIIAL ;'; tile wob,ite milll~.r at CUNY CiliZril:n~hi p Now! an d ,is ~om:pre~tng his master's in advertising de'igo and pubIre relations. at the New YOrk. In.tilu te of Technology. ) ESSICA 1,1. FILP~S is a studen t at HOofstra law So hoot, She s tudled PSYChOlOgy at Ohio Stat. umversltv,

BIARKA ES'TEPAN is a senior case manaser for tho Hea.ltlhy Fami Ij~~ program at Phipps comrn unily De.elopmen t Corp. She is also a sociolog'j student at CUNY, ANA FONSECA ls al"gal assl stan t at a law Ii rm that p ractl ces in Imm i gratjQi1 enu n~tl;falj;z;a~io". ShO' was be m in N i cilrtlig ua ijn d wants to aid fellow iriLmigra(lt~. KYMETE (lASH tls Ih 0 suecial projects coordit'!ator ql CU NY Ci ttzc nsnlp Now' an d program dr re CWr for

at Qu"en,borough
Com m un i ly Co liege.

ELI.£N FREITAG has an acvanoed certlncate in rmmtqration Law from the CUNY School 01 rrcfessio nat Stud te s, She has vel un leered for past CII;le~shlp Now! eVents. A~ FORP GAYlE i, • tullurn e stone nt at CU NY's Borough of M.n hatra n

NANCY GA:RCIA CAMAC'HO uacnetor's dl3'gree in law an u ti?g iii assistant .studr es at N.w York C itv Co'll~~e of Technology. She is. fluent In Spanish.

' 5 :f)ursUing:a

fRANK GASHI I, a Jl'Ol"Iresident-aUeo tax special i s t to r CUN Y. He has a b us: ness, degree from Paris and com plet~ d advanced immigration course.


lhl: AIca manAcademy. Albanian,



She ls fluent in

CommunrlJl CQIIe"g~.

ZOI!~" G~MSIM OVS~I is an lntomattenal studeot ,,<lvise, m B"ruch C oneg e. He i,s f1'u~""1 in his. native Macedon'i3j'J'. serboCroatian a~d Bulgarian.

JOA_N i'lA QIERLACtlOWSKI, a log alasslstant ato·M allOy /I, Associate,. ~olds on A AS. in poe.logal studio s, as wellas an A, S. and SA in criwil1aJ jusHce'. She is. fluen~ in P'DIish.

EUQENE GUCKSMA:N is u partnc r in Gl iciltsrnan & Cardoso and co-cnalrman of lh~ ~mmigr;eJtion &. M.atio namy commi t tee .of the Now Yor~ coun lY Lawye rs •
ASs.Oci etten.

RITA BASILIA GOMEZ is the constrtue ot li"ison tor the Office of City coun cilrnan YO"" is Rodrig uez, she has been hel pi ng wastnn gtQfI Heights restden ts become U.5.citi'Ze.ns. CA~M EN QUTIE~REZ has been the immi griltlOn so oci aiisl at Q uee~, Com· munjty House $i nee 21102. Sh~ is fluent In Span~sh.

BRENDA GRAY I, dlrector 01 risk no." 00 fa, til" M~y[)r's. Office of Co ntract



Services. central msu ranee:prografTl·

EVA GRUH ts a con, tltuel1t uatson for the, ~ ~w YOrk State Se nate, She Is fi uent in Spanish.

GINTA.R E GRIGAITE, attorney. practices
ernployme nt and

I amjly~

•n in

based imm i gratj.D n law, and cerense ill removal proceedings.

M~!I(:ED~S GUZMA" is a co nce:rned cit izen and a '0 I l fo r CUNY C i ti'zc n$h~p Now!

un e",

JAN.Ef HER~ANDU ls a studen t majori ng in cri mi ""I Justice. She is an 'intlC rn at Citi z@n$hip Now! flush"lng Immigration Cent.r.

ROBERT H GllAN DE~ is a Prino ipa[ at Ih" Law Olfice of Rob OFt Ho II""de,. ~. has :2.0' yea r$ of (i!xperi ence j" imm igi"atio n law.



is tho director of programs for __ -:::._.. ... ~ the No't~.m Man~.tton



a hcensert
is til senior at St John's Un i \,I'{! rsit\'. where sh e- will graduate- with a B.S. in leg alstud I .S, She pi ans to • tten<!law scboot,

cualltlon fur Immfgra_nt Rights, A g radu ate of Syr.a:eus-a-University. s.he is
flu ent in Spanish.

New York a.ttorney, is pa sslonate a.bout hu man

rig ht s art d vonr nteers for
i m migrant rfghts. Sh~ has a ma S ter'ts i 11 nu man rights law.
SIMILIEN is a social worker and ha s be en 0 p''''.gal.inoolSn. H. is fluent in Creole arid F'.no~_ lEAN

KARRY SK ULMAN i. a member of the American Immigratioillawyers Asscclarion cui d a me m ber of tile New Yo rk chapter Pro Bono comrmttee .



lUSTE has a n u"in 9 de" gre~ from M~xico an d has been in the- U,S, for 26 yo.". she is fiu"nt i n CrCQI~1 gren en arid spanish,

m lssl ons cou nselor at John Jay COII~gC, She Ii nls hod he r M A at Brookl yo cotleg" and will Ii nlsh her advanced coetrfrcate ill jrn~ rn i~ra.t~on I"i~w this spring.

M.AG DALENA SLIWA h as a bache lor's deg re,e-i11 oeralegal studr~s and works as a paralegal. Sh" has 0 ve r fwe: years of experian c e
and has prcvfousty


in the call-in.

,ROSEY SOPARIWALA I, " firs tot i me 'I,Io'lunt~~r for
CUNY cttlzenshlp NOW]


is an immls ration i3UO m cy a I1d the director of legaj se rv ices at th e tm eral d tsla immi grat ion Center_ He has been p rae tlcl ng j mmi~ r ation raw for eight yeo""

BETT'I ST. Vitro Khas
Citi:t;enship Now! vorun ~ teer. Sh ~ has an A.A.S. in pu bl lc ad'm] I1~S tratlo n and is flnis.hing her 'B_S. in crlrnlnal j ustlce at JCI hn Joy, She speaks spantsn. lD ye. rs of p.,ale9.1 exp enence as an essl stan to execurtves in a teleoommunicattons company_ A nattveo of Haltl, 'She speaks. rrenc h and ere ole.


LU IS SUAREZ has a :8A in crimina I ju stl C:~ fro rn Jobn JOY College "nd on im-

Volunteers plt<h In during 1 1 ...
ye.. r's CIU..,nshlp

migration taw cerunce te
fro m the GUN Y School Professional Stu dies.






ts tho

i nte rn auo ned studen t represe ntanve at Borough 01 Ma nh attan COm m un i ty College.






a, volunteer with CUNY C i tize ns hip; NOw!


ts anrsttime Cit rzensh I p NOW! lIoh.!.M-c-er.


TeEDA is a recent volunteer with

Ci li:ze nshlp

N owt

RA",ON TE~CJR(l is the- assistant to CUNY's. university directo r of la I1guagl? a nd j iteracv orograms. He ha'$ a master's a nd an advance certtncate in immigration law.



Is" ~rst-

ls a juni or at tehrn an COil eq e purs-uing a bachel or"> degree; n the com pu ter information svstern field. S.he-was born in the Dom i nican Re pu blie_

tjm~ voh; nteer for C i ti;zenShip NOW!

ts a career co unselor at
tehman (ollege.
psvcho lOgy from

She has

a bacnelo r's degree



COile ge ""d " m aster's from CQrli.Jmb~a University_
MIRNA VElASQU El ls ~lJe director of irnm i gra.tion affai rs lor NeW York Rep. Joseph Crowley. She provldes inform atlo n On immi.gration matt-ers. She ls t11.U~(IIt in Span ish.

;:U1 d rounder of Tots 8. _ ..... .--'""-, .. teens and GUyana: Tots. & Teens. She is also a para~ leg'i;l.1 an d a prog r <:I m m-er to r 8 ranklyn Com m un I ty

Access, Teofellis ion.

fATIMA VACA.CELA is an offrci? mana.g.cr with tne CUNY CW!enshi'p Now! fin ance and h urnan resources unlt and -9.gr~dlJate of St. John's university.


SO PillA WALSH is a ,poraleg,,1 with CUNY's Olftce 01 til. Ge" eral Counsel. Sh e has. COmprl!t-ed courses in irnm igratlon raw and , imm igration pol icy.

V EllA W£E~~S is • sen tor paralegal a" d Board of Immigration Appeals accrectted rep resell tauve tor CUNY Cilizen::;hip Now! 'at Medgar Ever~ College Immigrati'on Center. Is an in New Yori'. City_ He is rluent in spa nlsh and has do ne pro bon 0 work In COIlS urner d'ebl. lon<llo ,d'/te nant on d imm,gration law.

~ ARI N WOlM4N 'is cochair of tr.e New vo rk ch aprer 0 I tile Clti,"n,hip Oay correntttee for tho American Imrnfgrafion law yers Asso clatio n.


law practice, tile •• ~~,_'~


ano rn ey practicln



law Office,

PL'LC., and practices in the area of rmm19ra~IQn 'law. m atr: mon ia! law a nd civil


ZARAT'E is a volunteer with CUNY Cit~zenshfp INow! who has IN.rticipaled in three e-vents 5.0 far. She al so h as worked as an i nta ke ccorclnato r du 9 [VONNE

tax season.


IRIS A'ROYEW UN· BI RCHWOOD ls th e director of Hunter Colloge's international students: office. She has been in tne neld: of international education for many years. She, is fluent in Spanisih.
MARl ETA A,USTIN 'j s th e feu nder an d chief executive officer of un rt1:!1g 0 i s-

ab led I ndividuals. I nc., a no "profit tho t provides ad vocacy for ind Ivi duals wIth dis" biliti es. ATtNUKE AWOYOMt is a litigotiOn associate at ceowatader. Wlcker~ham & Talt in New vork City, where <he practlce s co m me rc i a I litlgatiofl. Sh e is a graduate QI cciumbta university School 01 Low. KAAN BA·MAUN G is. Q '1,10I unteer C UNiY Cit i zenshlp NOW!

CitIzenship NOW! volu"t." rs answer questions f.om, t~epublit.

wit h

W CVBAEZ i, a stall auo en elt ut Ch" rch lIro rid Service and provides immig ratlon legal services. She earneo her J.D. from FordhalTl La"! SChool. whore she was award eo the Mu rr;:.y PUblic So rvi CI? Award,

tYSON BAZilE is a votu oleer for C UN Y
CI nzen '~io NOW!, assists og at the

c i tizoa nSf! i p and' TPS events. is th •• toff attorney at tho C UN YC[ij,.",hip NOW! City coll.g e Immigration center, He is. a gr.uduat~ of univer',ity College Dublin Md was admitted as an attorney in New Yo rk 1112006., He is a memcer 01 tile AILA.
JU UANA BRIIJE'SK_:Iwas bom in Croatia end '1olu meers at CU NY cltlzensn i [J NOW~


PATTY CHOW is a le9,,1 caseworker ln th e 1199SEI U Citl,en ship Pr09,am. She has IS. years of experience. w~tll i m m i grati Oil mat ters and is fl ue nt in Cantonese, SUSANE. ~OUGHU N ls me man age, of I~ga1.udmrnis tratlon & immrgraUon a~ United Water in Ha,rington park, N.J,

N ESIOR H . DIAl ls n lowye, lor over 20 yem.rs. He pracnces immigration law and criminal cetense. He is a rormer assts tent ~[s.tri ct attorney and is If] uent in Spanish. DANI.EllE DIM 1111OV, an at to m oy, 1<the d i rector of the Ol~ce of mvers i ty a no Com pnance at the College of Staten 1.lond/CU NY t.!~~~ PRUCI{ER has more than 3~ years of lrnrni !}ration law ex perleoce an d ls an adlu net professor at CU NY', school of Pro~"ion"1 SttJdies. He is fl uent in Spanish. , ~OpO lfO ESTRAIIA i s on all orn.y and tn @ execu nve d i Fee to r of tn e Northern Manhart an Goa!i tion for 1mmjgr,ant Rrghl',

CONCETTA MENNE,L'LA is an tl:ttorney~ full-time faculty member and chair o f ~he law and Paral.egal St udies Departme nt at New YorK City COl leg 0 of recnn olog,y_

a; vokmteer



Citize nsh lp NOW! ANN O'SUlU VAN Is the cooremato r of lntemationa I studen t senti ces at Lehman Colll:ge where she aovises students on immi gratkl n procedures. S he has 2 2 Y~i3fS of experience in intematl (mal' edu cauo n.

CY,NTHIA 8~RN5 attended

CUNY York Co'llege, where she recetyed 11certificate tor pa raJ.g al stu die", Soe ts a bioi ogiC" I sele nee tecnn i cl all at the IfDA. ALTAG~~CI~ CACERES stud i es EngliSh ,in verk Coliege'~cLlP program. She is nuen tin Spanish,

L. OAVtlA is the 5U,Pef'l,lisiIl9 attornuy at Steps to End ram i IY Viol enI:e an d an adlunct professor .1 C UN Y scnoo: of Law, She, i$ fluent in scanlsh.

Ailln DELROSIlRlD is the cooec i nator of
enronmen t servi cos at John Jay Colleg e. He is a desig~ated school ornctai for correnUy l?f1foUedF-l rnternanonar students.

lENNOX PENR05E is a certified credi ( consul tant for LNSP Credi t Repair Com p"n~,

G~EG{lRY PI ET-RZA~ is an attorney and in the law firm of Madrt~ Pietrzak, LLC, in New YOrk cnv, H"~



RES is a volu nreer wi th CU ~\' C i "s~ i p NOW! an d i. attendin 9 her f1r'st can-in. sne is pursuing paralega.1' s tudle s at Bro nx co m m un i IJl C olleg~ ill the Bronx,



has been pract.icing in the fie Id of immlg ratio n raw fo rover 15 yea.fs. MARG~RET :P~I has. masre rs deg'ee ln business admioi:stratiQn and is ij


recent gr.d~ate of tho Par.l.gal studies
Program at Bronx Community coll~ge-. DIANA RICHARDSON Is a first-time volunteer at the Ci tile nsh ip NOW! can- in.

N ICO ~E fRANCI5 has been 0 nthe board of dlrectorsot the canonean Women's H.olth Ass"ci"~on for 14 year'· She has. bee n Q, part of A menco rps national

vohmteer service.
I£REMV GARCIA has been p ",I o! C UN Y since 2~~3. sla'li09 at John Jay Colleg. anc cu rre ntl,Y work i ng at Hunte, Co II~g" in the IT department. He is. PUiStlillg an M PA deg'" e a t Joh n JoY. DAVID GRUN BLATT I; a partne r at Pro<kau er, where he he-ad s the Immigration Practi ce Group. H. se rved as chal rrnan 01 tile New York cnapter of AllA, Ihe NYSSA iiUld the NYCLA immi9ration commntees. w,ith Cltizenshlp NOW~ He ts a NYS license-d soctat worker and a d lvorce m~diata r. He ls tlUlen~ i" Haitian Creole. 'Freno" and 5pa"ls~.
RAmAL JA'BOUIN ls ~ volunteer

MICHELLE SIl810 is the co ord i nator of
lnternatlcnal students at York C-Oll~·g~.

JOY 5CH ULM.AN i So contl nuln year history 01 advocacy,

her ~ 1)-

SAflYA ST£W~Rf at tends Q ns Colleg •• nd Is a votu ntaer with CUN Y Citib~ns.hip NOW! ~inc~ November. IACQU[lINE STOUTE-KING is a project and rli'1 an ce con sultant,
AURA 1f.IfA~G"'S is. native of Colombia and: has ~ master's i 11 ~ ubbc ad m i nistr i3~ lion and is working toward her Ph.D.
FATHIA Z'DUIYEN is all attornev in pnvate


U.S. sen.K1 rs tea Gilflbrand (D.-N.V.) gr" etsa nd th.nks volunteers at Til" CltI""nsblp NOW! <aLl ~enl ••• "What'S happ onlng here Is ".,y InspIring," she "aid.


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