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Observation Form

Student Teacher: KATIE CHANDLER Penn Mentor: Pam Gallagher Please provide a stapled copy of the lesson plan, along with necessary handouts or assessments, notes and revisions to Pam. Section I - Pre-lesson conversation March 19, 2012 Focus and goals of observation General focus: group work Specific goal: administrating the use of groups in a functional and timely manner. Lesson plan comments: Obj 3... noted in discussion that the specificity in obj 2 should be reflected in obj 3 as well. Thus, the objective should end with . . . elections, specifically the presidential elections of 1960, 1964, 1968 and 1972. TABA chart should be listed by and bear a title -- such as Voter Eligibility will you specify HOW AND WHERE the groups are to form up? missing: actual likely assessment items should be here!!! Section II Observation notes Date:

Record of events - continue on separate sheet if necessary. Please attach all additional sheets.
Date: March 19, 2012 Class: Social Science Pd # 3

great use of individual names in an effort to redirect offtask folks. extremely clear presentation skills.. (be aware of folks lie AA girl in front of open window using her book back to hide the fact that she is texting.) If you had two folks handout then you could have gone to the next slide to set up for the next set of instructions. hmmm, so this is not done using a slide. Remember in other schools with other students, a visual where YOU CAN POINT to the key info is imperative. Consider ELL folks for whom both the written and spoken language is difficult; a teacher pointing to key info on a big clear slide is important for them. Special ed as well as easily distracted folks AND NORMAL TEENS WHO NORMALLY daydream really NEED to see you point to key instructions. Do remind students to put their social security card in a very safe location, preferably a safe deposit box along with birth certificate. There are times EXPECIALLY as one ages where the ORIGINAL social security card is needed. ahhh, did you hear the one person need the spelling of Philadelphia?


Do you think that you might be able to do this more quickly with the slide with the form? Do they know that registration affects what they can vote on come primary election day? why are you waiting to collect... pros/cons? Do they know that one can accidently have more than one social security file ?... ask me for info 10:54 Students are about to be put into groups.. teacher giving step by step directions. The list of criteria for the group work is being orally explained. Will you put up a slide to define each of these sections (on the charts that they will be filling out)? A slide with clear definitions/explanations for each of the sections will/would be extremely important in most classes of teens where the skill sets will vary more widely. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT and should be modeled during student teaching as well. discussion with Katie: The chart that students got HAVE those discriptors! Nice job.. YOU ARE VERY EXPLICIT ABOUT MAKING GROUPS CLEAR THROUGH ARRANGEMENT OF CHAIRS. HOWEVER, it is clear that the back corner is a mish mosh.. Will you addresss this? (I know that this has been an issue with you personally that the room arrangement is too static in this teachers classroom.) Ahh, you clearly move the window side into real groups but check out the video of the hall side. Those folks have a thing about moving!!! here you go .. you move the side some but there still is a bit of bunching that could be avoided next year when you decide on group placements for your various rooms during down time after school. If YOU establish precisely where groups will always form up then there can be real order and routine to going into groups. Thus, if you usually have groups of three or groups of five then Groups 0 through 10 have very definite locations in the room no matter who is in each group number each time (as the teacher like you will mix up who works with whom on a regular basis) but when you move to 5-6 groups, the locations of Groups 0, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 remains the same. Group 0 is or isnt used depending on the numbers of groups that you decide to use

Section III Post-lesson conversation 19, 2012____


Notes Goal In what ways was the goal achieved? In what ways does the goal need to remain in place, or be reformulated, and further pursued? The group work was effective, because I provided them with clear, quick directions and gave them an understandable sheet to fill out the important information. The count off to create groups worked well and I stopped any complaints that there were about how the groups were created. I reminded them about how much time they would have and then how much time was remaining. I walked around to check on the progress of each group and answered their questions. When their groups/circles were not separated enough from each other, I asked them to move further apart. Group 2 moved right away and formed a circle to talk with everyone. The group along the wall was one large group and they resisted more, but I continued to tell them to move and then helped them move their desks right away.


Notes Other issues What else came up during the lesson that was noteworthy? Surprising? Valuable? Troubling? One important thing that happened was that I developed a firmer control in the classroom and developed a stronger teacher, authoritative presence. I asked Monica and other students to turn her desk around after the activity so that they could see the board. When Monica refused and gave reasons why she shouldnt, I held my ground and waited until she turned her desk around. In the end, she would have either had to turn her desk around or I would have had to send her out of the room to the office. Her refusal was troubling, but I think that I handled it well.

Recommendations for future practice: 1. Establishing objectives that are clear to the students from the beginning of class. 2. Creating a type of closure activity to summarize information and make sure that the students have a clear understanding of the information they should have learned that day. 3. Showing students directions and important questions for the activity in multiple places, both on their worksheets and somewhere on the board or around the room. Areas of demonstrated improvement and success: 1. Becoming more authoritative and assertive in certain situations 2. Increasingly consistent about my expectations for the students

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Establishing a physical arrangement for the room so that groups work more effectively together. Gaining a better teacher presence, closer to someone who has more teaching experience.