Los Angeles Internship in Communications, Social Media, Web Administration Picture Alternatives See a future without violence.

We are an organization that uses creative media (film, video, animation, motion graphics, etc.) to promote the social value and effectiveness of alternatives to violence. Through high-impact visual storytelling, we advance practical and constructive tactics that reshape the way people handle conflict in all aspects of life—from interpersonal relationships to the international political arena. www.picturealternatives.org Internship Great opportunity to learn what it takes to increase a new organization’s momentum through smart marketing, outreach, social media and web presence. Mid-May through August (flexible start and end date) 15 hours/week. Flexible regarding time, but must put in hours consistently every day, Monday through Friday, mostly during normal business hours. Responsibilities:
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Maintain dynamic, relevant Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking profiles Update website every day with relevant news stories Expand internet outreach efforts

Seek out and evaluate ways to connect organization with its constituents, principally groups involved in violence prevention, as well as donors and prospective funders.

Qualified applicants will:
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Possess excellent writing, researching, and editing skills; be adept in Microsoft Word, Adobe Creative Suite, social networking platforms; Be a self-starter who can take initiative on individual projects; Be able to work well alone and in cooperative decision-making settings; Be familiar with and committed to efforts to combat violence, whether it pertains to child abuse, domestic violence, bullying, or nonviolent protest and direct action in the political arena. Ideal for students or recent college graduates with interests in international relations, sociology, psychology, political science, communications, marketing, or multimedia. Class credit may be arranged with your college or university. Modest stipend available. Please submit cover letter and resume to Holly Bridges Shapira, executive director, Picture Alternatives, holly@picturealternatives.org

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