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Guide to Pronouncing Liturgical Latin (From Parish Book of Chant)

Guide to Pronouncing Liturgical Latin (From Parish Book of Chant)

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Published by: Daniel Pereira Volpato on Apr 23, 2012
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5ucccssful singing of ¡lainsong icquiics affcnfion fo flc ¡io¡ci ¡ionunciafion
of fiadifional lifuigical Lafin, wlicl diffcis fion flaf of classical Lafin in
scvcial ways. !n flc fiisf ¡lacc, YRZHOV follow flc !falianafc nodcl, and aic
sung as ¡uicly as ¡ossihlc (wiflin flc hounds of vocal fasfc), wifl no linf of
!|p/t/cn¸÷flc clision of vowcl sounds connon in vcinaculai languagcs. Jlc
following fahlc givcs cquivalcnfs, wlicl lold fiuc no naffci flc ¡osifion of flc
vowcl in flc woid:
$ as in /:t/.r (ncvci as in :!!)
( as in m.//cw, wifl no clision fo flc |, as in c/.;, singcis wlo
clionically nakc di¡lflongs of .`s aic cncouiagcd fo add an /
(Lonin-./ L-./-us)
, as in p|:::, if is always sung wifl a long . sound, as in /..t, flis lolds
fiuc cvcn wlcn if is followcd hy a voiccd consonanf (|n ~ ..n,
!|m|tt|mus ~ !..-m..t-t..-mus)
|Òhviously, flis can hc ovcidonc, and slould hc nodificd foi
giafcful singing, cs¡ccially on ligl nofcs.|
Þofc: !n flis cdifion, , is always uscd as a vowcl, in sonc cdifions, ,
is uscd as a consonanf in ¡lacc of -, following classical usagc, and is
cquivalcnf in sound fo flc £nglisl consonanf ; (|u/|/:t. ~ ¡u/|/:t. ~
2 as in mct|cn oi /cr, wifl ncvci a linf of di¡lflong fo u (as in mcw|n¸),
adding an / niglf lcl¡ (n- c/-ninc L- c/-nini)
8 as in trut/, if is always sung likc a long cc sound (as in /cct, nof as in
/cct), and is ncvci sloifcncd (/ut oi put), if slould ncvci hc ¡icccdcd
hy a di¡lflong (as in .ut.)
< is always ficafcd as a vowcl, cquivalcnf fo , ahovc
 and °, in sung Lafin, aic ficafcd as ( ahovc, flcy aic offcn wiiffcn as
sc¡aiafc lcffcis (:., c.), huf aic always ficafcd as a singlc vowcl sound
$8 is a fiuc di¡lflong, wifl $ iccciving flc najoiify of flc ¡ifcl, and 8
addcd jusf hcfoic flc ncxf syllahlc, cs¡ccially in nclisnafic ¡assagcs
wlcic flc syllahlc wifl :u icccivcs scvcial nofcs, singcis slould sfiivc
fo nainfain a ¡uic :/ sound foi as long as ¡ossihlc (.:--us:m, /:--
Òflciwisc, consccufivc vowcls aic ¡ionounccd sc¡aiafcly and noic
oi lcss cqually (I.- |, m.- us, tu- um, tu- c, It:n¸./|- |)
!ay s¡ccial affcnfion fo woids flaf look likc £nglisl woids, huf wlicl ncvci-
flclcss aic sung using ¡uic Lafin vowcls:
lmm:.u/:t| ~ ..-m:/-.cc-/:/-t..
!n lifuigical Lafin, ccifain FRQVRQDQWV icccivc s¡ccial ¡ionunciafion:
& is laid, likc / hcfoic laid vowcls (a, o, u), huf
is soff, likc ./ hcfoic soff vowcls (c, i, æ, o, y)
&& hcconcs t-./ hcfoic soff vowcls (.... ~ .t-./.)
&+ is always laid, likc /, hcfoic all vowcls and consonanfs
Gu|!. tc Prcncun.|n¸ I|tur¸|.:/ I:t|n 17º
* is laid, as in ¸ct, hcfoic laid vowcls (a, o, u), huf
is soff, as in ¸.nt/., hcfoic soff vowcls (c, i, æ, o, y)
*1 is ¡ionounccd as in !falian (s|¸ncr), if sounds likc n-(|), wifl a soff
di¡lflong hcfoic flc vowcl (^¸nus ~ :n-(|)us)
+ is always silcnf, ncvci as¡iianf, wlcn sung af flc hcginning of a
woid, if nay nodify flc vowcl sliglfly fo ¡icvcnf a gloffal
- sounds likc flc £nglisl consonanf ;, in sonc cdifions, if is ic¡laccd
hy , (scc nofc ahovc)
5 is a fiouhlcsonc consonanf gcncially, as sung hy Anciicans, and can
hc cxciuciafing wlcn a¡¡licd fo Lafin, gicaf ¡ains nusf hc fakcn fo
scc flaf if is ncvci significanfly voiccd (cvcn wlcn if falls on a
/|¡u.s..nt), if slould icccivc a quick fli¡ wifl flc fi¡ of flc fonguc,
nofling noic, if slould ncvci nodify oi infciiu¡f flc vowcl if
follows, hcginning singcis nay nccd fo diaw a linc fliougl all
¡iohlcnafic r`s
3+ is always ¡ionounccd likc )
6 is always laid, as in p:ss (ncvci soff oi :-likc, as in w:s), lowcvci,
wlcn if falls hcfwccn fwo vowcls, if nay hc soffcncd soncwlaf
6& hcconcs s/ hcfoic soff vowcls (c, i, æ, o, y) (:s..n!|t ~ :-s/.n-!|t),
hcfoic laid vowcls (a, o, u), if is s/ (s.:n!:/um, s.u/ptus)
7+ is always laid, as in T/cm:s
7, hcconcs ts|wlcn followcd hy any vowcl (/at|t|: ~ /./-t..-ts..-:/), flc
iulc docs nof a¡¡ly wlcn if is ¡icccdcd hy 6, ;, oi 7(/cst|:m)
; is always laid, likc /s, lowcvci, wlcn if falls hcfwccn fwo vowcls, if
nay hc soffcncd soncwlaf (.v.r.|tus ~ ./-:.-r./|-tus)
;& hcconcs /-s/ hcfoic a soff vowcl (c, i, y) (.v../s|s ~ ./-s/./-s|s), huf nof
hcfoic a laid vowcl (a, o, u) (.v.u/c ~ ./s-/u-/c)
= is soffcncd and dcnfal, likc !: (::;mus ~ :-!:;-mus)
!inally, in oidci fo aclicvc flc soif of ilyflnic ¨fluidify wiflin solidify¯
dcnandcd hy ¡lainsong, caic nusf hc fakcn wlcn cxccufing flc I:t|n :...nt.
!oi fwo-syllahlc woids, flc acccnf always falls on flc fiisf syllahlc, foi longci
woids, flc acccnf is naikcd (I:u!4t. I´m|num). \nlikc vcinaculai languagcs,
Lafin cn¡loys a ¨qualify¯ acccnf, iaflci flan onc of quanfify, ciflci of wciglf
oi volunc. Bccausc flis qualify nosfly involvcs liffing flc ¡ifcl, if is difficulf
fo a¡¡ly fo a fcxf flaf las a fixcd nclody. !owcvci÷and cs¡ccially in cascs of
iccifafion, sucl as in !saln vciscs and oflci ¡assagcs wifl a singlc ic¡cafcd
nofc on scvcial syllahlcs÷flc scnsc of a liffcd acccnf can hc aclicvcd fliougl a
sliglf /.|¸/t.n|n¸ of flc voicc, hofl in sficngfl and, fo a lcssci dcgicc, duiafion.
Buf flis can ncvci sound ncclanical, and is hcsf aclicvcd wlcn t/cu¸/t, noic
flan sung.
!lainsong, following flc classic 5olcsncs nodcl, ics¡ccfs flc ilyflnic in¡ulsc
of flc mus|. in cqual dcgicc fo flaf of flc t.vt, flc scanlcss infcgiafion of flcsc
fwo ilyflnic clcncnfs is flc ulfinafc goal in singing flc clanf, cvcn in cascs
wlcic flc fwo nay sccn af odds. A gcnfly flowing, sfcady nusical ilyfln
nccd nof hc disiu¡fcd in an cffoif fo convcy flc Lafin acccnf, huf nciflci
slould flc nusic ohscuic flc ncaning of flc fcxf, wlicl is, affci all, flc
csscncc of flc ¡iayci if sccks fo cnlivcn.

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