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Ramdev Supply Chain

Ramdev Supply Chain

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Published by: gudiaa_akta on Apr 23, 2012
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About Company
     Company Profile Vision & Mission History Recognition Organisation Structure

Supply Chain
In Gujarat
Out Of Gujarat Drivers of Supply Chain - Facilities - Inventory - Transportation Indian Market of Ramdev International Market of Ramdev Data Collection

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Organisation Structure Of Marketing Dept.
Infrastructure Products Competitors

5 Force Model


Name : Location :

Ramdev Food Products PVT LTD Spice World Sarkhej-Bavla Highway Changodar- 382213 Dist. Ahmedabad Gujarat, India


Contact : Website : Staff :

+91-2717-304200 www.ramdevfood.com

Business Type : Manufacturer, Exporters
Above 1000 employees

Distributors :
Retailers :

Above 900
Around 90,000



Asafetida. Blended spices and Pickles' masala thereafter. Company successfully launched Instant mix. Introduced “EKAT FOOD” in USA. 4 . Expanded market out of Gujarat.Rambhai Patel in Ahmedabad as a flour mill 1972: 1989: 1991: Then he started selling its own grinded spices on order. Incorporate as Private Limited Company with name “RAMDEV”. Entered in whole spices business. 1992: 1994: 1999: 2001: 4/23/2012 Introduced a various range of garam masala and initiated Exporting.1963: A family owned business incorporated by Mr.

Vision : Mission : “Reaching Customers Heart Through Quality” “A Promise Of Purity And Freshness” 4/23/2012 5 .

4/23/2012 6 .

4/23/2012 7 .

4/23/2012 8 .

 State-of-the-art technology and the finest machinery  Wealth of experience in manufacturing and processing  Spread over a sprawling 37.000 sq. the unit has the capacity to match the best manufacturing process and standards  A special technique of Fumigation is being employed to keep the quality of the product intact and increase its shelf life 4/23/2012 9 . yard plot.

per day  In-house Research & Development Laboratory  They have established a Sensory Evaluation Division and a Trained Panel in Quality Control Lab 4/23/2012 10 . Unit has a cleaning and processing capacity of more than 60.000 kg.

Premium Basic Spices:    Kashmiri Chilli Powder Turmeric Powder Coriander Cumin Powder Instant Mix:          Gota Khaman Dalwada Idli Dhokla Dhosa Pizza Gulab Jamun Handvo Asafetida & Blended Spices:               Premium Asafetida Super Asafetida Super Garam Masala Super Tea Masala Premium Garam Masala Premium Pav Bhaji Masala Chhole Masala Panipuri Masala Sambhar Masala Chat Masala Gold Garam Masala Achar Masala Sweet Achar Masala Kanda Lasun Masala Regular Basics Spices:      Chilli Powder Turmeric Powder Cumin Powder Coriander Powder Coriander Cumin Powder 4/23/2012 11 .

4/23/2012 12 .

4/23/2012 13 .

Potential entrants Threat of new entrants Bargaining power Industry competitors of suppliers Suppliers Rivalry among existing firms Threat of substitutes Buyers Bargaining power of buyers 4/23/2012 Substitute products 14 .

4/23/2012 15 .Potential entrants:  The initial investment for starting a company is not too much high.  The raw material availability is adequate and thus too many small firms comes into existence.  Labour required is also at cheaper rate and very few skilled labours are required for production.

Bargaining powers of Buyers:  Bargaining powers of Buyers is very high.  Retailers also have good bargaining power.  Product of industry is standard or undifferentiated. as they are able to influence buyer's choice. 4/23/2012 16 .

Threat of substitute:  Substitute product affect price elasticity as more substitute become available. the demand become more elastic since customers have more alternatives. 4/23/2012 17 .  In price industry consumers are purchasing either the loose spices or packet spices to fulfill their needs and moreover there is no substitute of spices and hence there is no threat of substitute in industry.

Bargaining power of Suppliers:  Supplier's power is not high. company can purchase it from the place it find its cheaper as compare to other places. as they are numerous in number.  As there is enough availability of raw material.  The companies are purchasing the spices from the farmers. 4/23/2012 18 .

Every price cut is matched by subsequent price cut by other manufacturers  Increase rivalry because more firms must compete for the same customers and resources.Intensity of rivalry:  Rivalry is intensive in this industry. 4/23/2012 19 . there is a greater struggle to captures the customers.  When customers can freely switch from one place to another.

Ltd: Suppliers (or farmers) Manufacturer Distributors Retailers Consumers 4/23/2012 20 .Supply Chain Management in Ramdev Food Products Pvt.

 GUJARAT : Supplier Company Distributors (225) Company Outlet (5) Retailers (27000) 4/23/2012 Super Store (125) Consumer 21 .

 Out of GUJARAT : Company C & F Agents (18) Distributor (530) Super Store (300) Retailer (60.000) Consumers 4/23/2012 Consumers 22 .

4/23/2012 23 .

FACILITIES:   The inventory is stored in a cool. and the spices are not stored next to any strong smelling substance. 4/23/2012 24 . dry environment. Spices are protected from exposure to sunlight or other strong light.   The ideal storage temperature is 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit. The length of time spices are good is highly dependent upon the conditions in which it is stored.

WIP packed and stored as finished goods in the warehouse.INVENTORY: INVENTORY RAW MATERIALS   Inventory is moved faster and so they do not need as much inventory Raw materials are sourced from suppliers (farmers) during the season of that spice and then processed. 4/23/2012 FINISHED GOODS 25 .

TRANSPORTATION: Suppliers Transportation Production & Dispatch Unit By Sea By Air By Railway Domestic Store By Trucks International Store 4/23/2012 26 .

Ranchi 4/23/2012 27 . Bhubaneshwar 3. Nagpur 10. Patna 16. Indore 7. Ghaziabad 6.Domestic: India 1. Kolkata 15. Bombay 9. Chandigarh 4. Jaipur 8. Jammu 14. Pune 11. Delhi 5. Lucknow 13. Raipur 12. Ambala 2.

USA UK Japan Australia Qatar South Africa Canada New Zeland UAE 4/23/2012 28 .

4/23/2012 29 . financial statement of the company.Data Sources Primary Data: Information given by the employees of Ramdev serves the primary sources. annual report. Further more face-to-face meetings with employees provided understanding and information on several qualitative areas such as: reasons for achieving specific supply chain factors. online published document on internet.Ltd. Secondary Data: The secondary data needed has been collected from various sources like Journals. previous research report related to Ramdev Food Products Pvt.

Thank You… 4/23/2012 30 .

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