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2012 Military History Final

2012 Military History Final

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Published by: University of Oklahoma Press on Apr 23, 2012
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new in PaPer

mr. Jefferson’s Hammer

William Henry Harrison and the origins of American Indian policy

By Robert M. Owens

$19.95s paper · 978-0-8061-4198-5 · 344 pages

often remembered as the president who died shortly after taking offce,
William Henry Harrison remains misunderstood by most Americans. before
becoming the ninth president of the united states in 1841, Harrison was
instrumental in shaping the early years of westward expansion. robert m.
owens now explores that era through the lens of Harrison’s career, providing
a new synthesis of his role in the political development of Indiana Territory
and in shaping Indian policy in the old Northwest.

Architects of empire

The Duke of Wellington and His brothers

By John Severn

$34.95s cloth · 978-0-8061-3810-7 · 512 pages

A soldier and statesman for the ages, the Duke of Wellington is a towering
fgure in world history. John severn now offers a fresh look at the man born
Arthur Wellesley to show that his career was very much a family affair, a
lifelong series of interactions with his brothers and their common Anglo-Irish
heritage.The untold story of a great family drama, Architects of Empire paints a
new picture of the era through the collective biography of Wellesley and his

so Far From god

The u.s. War with mexico, 1846–1848

By John S. D. eisenhower

$24.95 paper · 978-0-8061-3279-2 · 464 pages

The mexican-American War of the 1840s, precipitated by border disputes and
the u.s. annexation of Texas, ended with the military occupation of mexico
city by general Winfeld scott. In the subsequent treaty, the united states
gained territory that would become california, Nevada, New mexico, Arizona,
utah, and parts of Wyoming and colorado. In this highly readable account,
John s.D. eisenhower provides a comprehensive survey of this frequently
overlooked war.

From everglade to canyon with the
second united states cavalry

An Authentic Account of service in Florida, mexico, Virginia, and the
Indian country, 1836–1875

By Theophilus F. Rodenbough

$19.95 paper · 978-0-8061-3228-0 · 576 pages

Theophilus F. rodenbough served as an offcer with the second Dragoons
(still in operation today as the second Armored cavalry). supplementing his
account with personal recollections of other offcers, he relates the history
of the unit, from operations in the everglades against the seminoles to the
expeditions against Indians.

o u p r e s s.c o m

colonial era 11

Agent of Destiny

The life and Times of general Winfeld scott

By John S. D. eisenhower

$19.95 paper · 978-0-8061-3128-3 · 496 pages

The hero of the War of 1812, the conqueror of mexico city in the mexican-
American War, and Abraham lincoln’s top soldier during the frst six months
of the civil War, general Winfeld scott was a seminal force in the early
expansion and consolidation of the American republic. John s. D. eisenhower
explores how scott, who served under fourteen presidents, played a leading
role in the development of the united states Army from a tiny, loosely
organized, politics-dominated establishment to a disciplined professional
force capable of effective and sustained campaigning.

The conquest of America

The Question of the other

By Tzvetan Todorov

$29.95 paper · 978-0-8061-3137-5 · 288 pages

The Conquest of America is a fascinating study of cultural confrontation in
the New World, with implications far beyond sixteenth-century America.
The book offers an original interpretation of the spaniards’ conquest,
colonization, and destruction of pre-columbian cultures in mexico and the
caribbean. using sixteenth-century sources, the distinguished French writer
and critic Tzvetan Todorov examines the beliefs and behavior of the spanish
conquistadors and of the Aztecs, adversaries in a clash of cultures that
resulted in the near extermination of mesoamerica’s Indian population.

The mexican War correspondence of richard smith elliott

by richard smith elliott

edited by Mark L. Gardner and Marc Simmons

$19.95s cloth · 978-0-8061-2951-8 · 304 pages

When general stephen Watts Kearny’s Army of the West marched into santa
Fe, New mexico, on August 18, 1846, richard smith elliott, a young missouri
volunteer, was included in its ranks. In addition to lieutenant elliott’s duties
in the laclede rangers, he served as a regular correspondent to the st. louis
reveille. An entertaining and educated observer, elliott provided readers back
home with an account of the grueling march over the famous santa Fe Trail,
the triumphant entry of the army into santa Fe, the u.s. occupation of New
mexico, and the volunteers’ eventual return to st. louis.

A Hessian Diary of the American revolution

By Johann Conrad Döhla

$19.95s paper · 978-0-8061-2530-5 · 300 pages

“In a simple, direct manner, Döhla’s diary records garrison life, marches and
infrequent brushes with the rebels. The diary will interest revolutionary War
scholars.”—Publishers Weekly

The presidio

bastion of the spanish borderlands

By Max L. Moorhead

$21.95s paper · 978-0-8061-2317-2 · 304 pages

“[max l. moorhead] tells us at the outset that his institutional study of the
presidio on New spain’s northern frontier is meant ‘to defne the subject
more sharply, to determine more fully its impact on the human environment,
and to date the several presidios and fx their locations more precisely than
has been done in the past.’”—Pacifc Historical Review

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