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Published by: Andrew Cosby on Apr 23, 2012
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EUREKA "Pilot" Written by Andrew Cosby & Jaime Paglia

THIRD DRAFT Oct. 20, 2003

TEASER FADE IN: 1 EXT. HIGHWAY - RAINING - NIGHT A remote two-lane highway winds through the unspoiled wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. Storm clouds rain steadily on the towering pines. A PAIR OF HEADLIGHTS slices through the dark as a car approaches. 2 INT. THE MOVING CAR - CONTINUOUS Behind the wheel, we find U.S. MARSHAL JACK CARTER (38), his handsome face pinched in frustration. CARTER Would it kill 'em to post a road sign once in a while? VOICE (O.S.) Remind me again why we didn't take a plane back to L.A.? Carter clicks on the DOME LIGHT to look at a map, illuminating his PRISONER in the back seat behind a Plexiglas screen. This is ZOE (15), a cute little Riot Grrl, complete with nosering, blue-tipped hair and attitude. Not your typical felon. ZOE Oh that's right. The big city Marshal's afraid to fly. CARTER (glaring in rear view) You really don't want to push me right now, kid. ZOE Sounds like somebody needs a nap. How 'bout I drive? CARTER How 'bout fat chance? ZOE Just trying to be helpful. CARTER Then sit back and be quiet. be a big help. That'd


2. 2 CONTINUED: Fine. ZOE A beat...

Zoe sits back out of the light.

ZOE (CONT'D) But you gotta admit, it's pretty funny. Seriously. CARTER I'll pay you--

ZOE You track me across three states, find me in a city of half a million people, then get lost on the way home. (leans forward again) You gotta appreciate the irony. Carter turns and fixes Zoe with a piercing glare. ...or not. ZOE (CONT'D)

CARTER I'm not lost. I'm taking the scenic route. ZOE And it's been lovely, really. Lots of trees and... well, more trees. And you... you've been just a-Deer. CARTER Don't get cheeky. ZOE (pointing) No! DEER! SHOCK ANGLES: --Deer frozen in the headlights. --Carter hits the brakes, yanks the wheel hard. --Zoe SCREAMS! Covers her eyes.

--Tires SCREECH on the wet roadway as the car SWERVES wildly. --Carter turns into the skid, regains control. The car WHOOSHES past the deer, missing it by inches. (CONTINUED)

3. 2 CONTINUED: (2)

INSIDE THE CAR: They take a beat to let the adrenaline levels subside. watches the deer recede in the rear view mirror. CARTER I hate nature. ZOE (afraid to look) Is Bambi roadkill? No. CARTER Carter

ZOE Are you sure? CARTER Believe me, you'd have felt it. Now, please, just zip it for five minutes so I can concentrate on getting us back on the main-Suddenly, a NAKED MAN carrying a LIVE CHICKEN darts across the road. Carter swerves. Oh shi--?! THUD! FEATHERS FLY. CARTER (CONT'D) Zoe SCREAMS again.

The car fishtails wildly. Carter fights to control the skid as they careen toward a guard rail. HANG ON!! 3 CARTER (CONT'D)

EXT. HIGHWAY - CONTINUOUS CRASH!! From the bottom of an embankment, we see the car SMASH THROUGH THE GUARD RAIL ABOVE US and LAUNCH INTO THE AIR, ripping through branches as it flies into a stand of trees. We hear the CREAKING OF METAL. Then nothing. No movement. No sound except the rain on the roof of the crippled car. Then...


INT. CAR - CONTINUOUS ...Carter sits up painfully. There's a cut on his forehead. Other than that, he's intact. He turns concerned. Zoe? CARTER You okay? (CONTINUED)

4. 4 CONTINUED: She sits up from the floor of the back seat rubbing her head. ZOE I felt it that time. Was that a--?

CARTER Crazy naked guy with a chicken? Yeah. ZOE Good. It wasn't just me. (cringes) Did we--? CARTER I don't know. I don't think so. ZOE Told you to let me drive. He grabs his FLASHLIGHT from the glove box, reaches for the door. CARTER I'm gonna check. Stay here. ZOE Like I have a choice. Carter steps out of the car...and DROPS FROM SIGHT-CARTER (O.S.) --Aaaaaaugh!! --LANDS in a thick patch of shrubs with a loud CRUNCH. He lies there a moment, then finds his FLASHLIGHT--SHINES it around trying to figure out what just happened. Slowly it dawns. He shines the light above him--can't believe what he sees: FIFTEEN FEET UP, THE CAR IS SUSPENDED BETWEEN TWO TREES Zoe pops her head out the broken window, looks around. ZOE You call this protective custody? 5 EXT. HIGHWAY - MOMENTS LATER They scramble up the muddy embankment to the highway. There's no sign of the naked man. the road. Zoe picks one up. Look around.

But FEATHERS are strewn across


5. 5 CONTINUED: ZOE What do you think he was doing? CARTER I have bigger concerns at the moment. Carter has his CELL PHONE out. No signal.

CARTER (CONT'D) Come on come on come on... That's when he spots something, just off-screen. Eureka. CARTER (CONT'D)

ZOE What? You get a signal? (follows his gaze; dejected) ...oh. Carter tugs her down the road. As they disappear into the early morning, we PULL BACK to reveal what he was looking at. A road sign. It reads: "WELCOME TO EUREKA." BLACK OUT. END OF TEASER

drenched in rain and mud. the TOWN HALL and a DINER. We should've flown. A SHAGGY DOG wanders down the middle of the street as businesses open and NEIGHBORS wake to greet the new day. a SCHOOL and CITY PARK.. CARTER You're right. ZOE Erotic is a feather. In a word. TRACKING through town. Birds sing. ACT ONE 6 EXT. ZOE Hey. CARTER (CONT'D) Civilization at last. EUREKA . Carter stares at her a beat. You know the difference between erotic and kinky? CARTER You're fifteen. there's a MOVIE THEATER and HARDWARE STORE.6. The clouds break. VICTORIAN HOMES. IDYLLIC.EARLY MORNING A quaint little burg nestled in the wilderness. Kinky's the Sighs.CARTER AND ZOE arriving in this little Northwestern Utopia.What's a naked guy do with a chicken anyway? CARTER (final) I really don't want to think about it. TREE-LINED STREETS.. The rain has stopped. whole bird. ZOE By whose definition? (CONTINUED) . Even a BARBER SHOP with the classic peppermint-striped barber shop pole. They stop to look around. Your quintessential small town. ANGLE ON . A central TOWN SQUARE. ZOE . looking like a couple of drowned rats.

ORGANIC CHEMISTRY.. and Zoe approach. look around.. BOY Two-tenths of a mile straight ahead. CARTER You're absolutely right. CARTER Less talkie. As the boy inspects Carter's identification. ZOE Come on. CARTER (CONT'D) You got a sheriff around here? The boy looks at the bedraggled pair suspiciously. Where am I gonna go? We're in freakin' Mayberry. Veer right about 45 degrees at the stand of deciduous trees.. BOY I'm not supposed to talk to strangers.but in this case.. And normally that'd be a really great policy. THEORETICAL PHYSICS. Zoe notices the books in his open bike bag: ADVANCED CALCULUS. more walkie. ZOE Deciduous trees? Carter (CONTINUED) . The boy notes Zoe's interest and closes the bag. CARTER Not so fast. Carter pulls out his Marshal's badge. Carter pulls her back. CARTER (CONT'D) . 6 CONTINUED: Zoe starts to wander. kid! A YOUNG BOY is loading up his bike bag with school books.7. (yelling) Hey. I'm one of the good guys. It'll be sixty meters down past the park. I want you where I can see you.

if you ask me. athletic. scrutinizing them suspiciously. SHERIFF'S OFFICE . Jo purses A BELL on the front door DINGS as it swings open. The clothes. Carter gives Zoe a look. Hispanic. we see she's perusing the personals. 6 CONTINUED: (2) BOY It means they shed their leaves once a year. JO Can I help you? I hope so. her lips. (beat) The Einsteins live on Fourth. stare after him. the hair. and two large desks. Behind one of them sits DEPUTY JOSEPHINE "JO" LUPO (28).8. Carter and Zoe ZOE (CONT'D) CUT TO: 7 INT. BOY I'm an Oppenheimer. intrigued. Carter enters with Zoe. looking like a couple of drifters. Morning.. I knew that. ZOE (defensive) Thanks. Einstein. a single holding cell. the nose-ring. CARTER Interesting kid. She circles one. Over her shoulder. Shut up.LATER A quaint country office with knotty pine paneling. CARTER Jo puts the magazine down. He swings a leg over his bike and pedals off. sipping black coffee and reading an issue of "Soldier of Fortune" magazine. ZOE Bit of a freak. still dripping water. CARTER Me and my-(MORE) (CONTINUED) . attractive without trying..

All in about five seconds. Deputy Lupo.? JO (flat) Lupo. (extends his hand) Name's Jack Carter. Then KICKS HIS LEGS out from under him and PLANTS HIS FACE in the floor. and you'll spend the rest of your days sucking meals through a straw. she TAKES HIS GUN. JO Does this look like Starbucks? ZOE (low) Damn. Carter follows her gaze. he inadvertently reveals his SHOULDERHOLSTER AND GUN. JO Move. LOCKING HIS ARM behind his back. Jo zooms in on it. Jo stands. revealing the sculpted physique of an Olympic athlete.9. I'm with the-As Carter reaches forward. No.. Knee to the back of his neck. 7 CONTINUED: CARTER (CONT'D) (inhaling) --Is that coffee? Excuse me? JO CARTER It's just we've been up all night and I could really use a fix. Jo turns her stone stare on Zoe. CARTER (kissing the floor) Mime uh you is mursel! (CONTINUED) . Jo Lupo. CARTER Maybe we got off on the wrong foot here. Jo GRABS Carter's extended hand and TWISTS his wrist painfully. wait-CARTER (CONT'D) Too late. check out the guns on Barney. Deputy.. CARTER I'm sorry.

10. I swear. Jo helps Carter to his feet. where's Zoe? JO What's a Zoe? Just then. ZOE What? I was just going for help.D. the BELL RINGS AGAIN. SHERIFF COBB Someone lose this? Carter glares. She removes her knee.DOOR In walks SHERIFF WILLIAM COBB. Hmm. He's dragging Zoe behind him. He gruffly pulls himself together... Pulls out a Marshal's badge and I. JO Imagine that. Carter sucks in a lung-full of air. CARTER Before or after you stood on my neck? (realizing) Crap. a big man in a brown Eureka sheriff's uniform. ANGLE ON . CARTER . 60. then takes control of Zoe. (CONTINUED) . JO CARTER Check my coat pocket! Jo reaches into his pocket. Marshal! Right. Jo hands Carter's badge to Cobb.S.I'm a U. 7 CONTINUED: (2) JO (twisting harder) I said don't move. JO (CONT'D) You should have said something. Carter manages to turn his head to the side. Talking is moving.

Marshal. County Sheriff. Carter shakes Cobb's hand and retrieves his badge. Cobb hands it to him. CARTER (rubbing his neck) Intimately.S. CARTER Jack Carter. SHERIFF COBB Carter shoots her a look. SHERIFF COBB Looks like you need this more than I do. we don't get a lot of anybody... SHERIFF COBB And I see you're already acquainted with my deputy.A. 7 CONTINUED: (3) JO (to Cobb) He's a U. CARTER SHERIFF COBB So what can we do you for. Then again. Hard to say what it was exactly. Marshal? CARTER I've been tracking this one for three weeks. SHERIFF COBB Really? Don't get a lot of those around here. That so? Zoe scoffs. (extending hand) Bill Cobb. We were headed back to L. Carter watches longingly as Cobb pours himself the last cup of coffee. when we had a little-accident. CARTER Yeah. something in the road. To his happy surprise.11. Bless you. (CONTINUED) . She returns Carter's gun.

(to Jo) Jo. Marshal. (CONTINUED) . I've heard crazier. We'll get you back on your way in no time. Wait.12. Wow. Carter turns to Jo. CARTER I feel better already. ZOE You're just gonna lock me up here? CLANG! Carter closes the cell door. make yourself at home. CARTER Appreciate it. Carter escorts Zoe to the holding cell. CARTER Yeah. 7 CONTINUED: (4) ZOE It was a naked guy with a chicken. ZOE You can't be serious. have him bring the tow truck around. CARTER Oh but I am. Jo gives Cobb a questioning look. SHERIFF COBB Believe me. Carter flushes. Jo and Cobb share a look. JO He nods his okay. Right. call Henry. (beat) I know. lifts his cup with an impish grin. it sounds crazy. you could say it that way. CARTER (CONT'D) Good coffee. SHERIFF COBB (to Carter) In the meantime. But don't worry.

He waves smoke away. building in intensity. looks at his crippled device. Henry takes a few cautious steps back. She's unamused.A FLY BUZZES around. He throws a lever. trying to escape.AND BUILDS. He stands in the dimly lit garage tinkering with a SOPHISTICATED DEVICE Two high-tech chambers connected through an impossibly complex array of hardware and cables to a bank of computers.. HENRY'S SHOP . Henry types in a last few numbers. HENRY (CONT'D) One small step for man.. EUREKA . a service station on the edge of town. The PHONE keeps RINGING. Takes a peek inside one of the chambers. It starts right up. Spencer! HENRY Can you grab that? Satisfied.13. HENRY'S SHOP .. A LARGE HOLE smolders in the ceiling.MORNING Establishing shot of HENRY'S CAR CLINIC. A TOW TRUCK sits outside the woodsy CONVENIENCE STORE near a WIDE GARAGE.UNTIL-10 EXT..CONTINUOUS A black-faced Henry stands in the middle of the charred remains of his workshop. 9 INT. A PHONE RINGS from somewhere inside. he pulls out a pair of WELDER'S GOGGLES--puts them on. CUT TO: 8 EXT. INSIDE . He gives the contraption a swift kick. 11 INT. Nothing happens. 7 CONTINUED: (5) Picks up the phone and dials.. The doors are closed. GAS STATION . HUMMING like a JET ENGINE. A BLINDING LIGHT GLOWS from within the chamber as the HUM BUILDS.MORNING The RINGING PHONE is ignored by a lab-coated HENRY DEACON (70s). Adjusts some dials..CONTINUOUS BOOM!! An EXPLOSION echoes in the distance as a SMOKE CLOUD rises on the horizon just outside of town. Henry makes some adjustments. Double-takes-- (CONTINUED) .

AIRSTEAM . Henry searches for it in the surrounding HENRY (CONT'D) (into phone) Hello? (listening) Sure thing. Spencer nods. Henry wipes his face. HENRY (CONT'D) There you are. Hmmm? Explosion. I was just thinking. Finds it.MOMENTS LATER Henry pulls out in the tow truck.. WALTER You know.. SPENCER. SUSAN What's that? Their son Bring (CONTINUED) . 11 CONTINUED: HENRY Well I'll be damned. removes his smoldering labcoat... covered head-to-toe in ash and soot. Mind the store. revealing a pair of GAS STATION COVERALLS underneath.14. 12 EXT. rubble. I didn't hear anything. GAS STATION .. The phone still RINGS.. EVAN (6). passing a gleaming AIRSTREAM MOTOR HOME that's just pulling in. He hangs up the phone and calls out: Spencer! HENRY (CONT'D) A dazed young man.? (looking at hole) No. Jo. would you? I'll be back shortly. plays in back..CONTINUOUS WALTER PERKINS and wife SUSAN return Henry's wave. I'm on my way. have a nice trip! me back a t-shirt! 13 INT. honey.. sits up in the background.. HENRY Hey Walter.. He waves. Okay. THE FLY IS NOW INSIDE THE OPPOSITE CHAMBER.

Evan peruses the candy selection. Two days. Darling. reading an article on MAPPING THE HUMAN GENOME. WALTER You're right. EVAN Dad said treats.Nice. . complete with fold-out of the curvaceous DNA STRAND. WALTER But with the review next week-SUSAN We need the break. (to Evan) Okay. SUSAN (shakes her head) Who reads this trash? THE NEXT AISLE OVER Walter holds the same copy of Popular Science. 13 CONTINUED: WALTER . He scans it like a Playboy centerfold. It's just the weekend. GAS STATION CONVENIENCE STORE . SUSAN You promised.. When you're right. Those aren't WALTER (CONTINUED) . Susan checks out the magazine stand--thumbs a copy of Popular Science.. treats. BACK WITH SUSAN Evan stares sullenly at a bag of sunflower seeds and celery sticks.15.MOMENTS LATER Spencer stands behind the counter. who wants treats? I DO!! 14 EVAN I DO!! INT. you're right..If we splice the introns of the Larsen Protein on Chromosome Eight-She places a finger on his mouth.... still smoldering.

He presses his chocolate-smeared face to the glass. SUSAN (O. they're tasty and nutritious. Susan shakes her head. He turns away. Ahem. A FLASH OF MOVEMENT Right outside the back window. Evan slumps back to the camper with his food.CONTINUOUS Inside.. 17 INT. (CONTINUED) . Nothing. Evan looks up.CONTINUOUS Walter's still absorbed in his magazine. Evan gets up. his face and hands are covered in the stuff. they walk back to the camper. Walter reluctantly hands over the magazine... In moments. Now scoot.16. 15 INT.. he tosses the seeds and celery aside and lifts his shirt. Together. I swear. WALTER I was just looking at the pictures. He smiles devilishly as he tears into the chocolate. exposing a stash of chocolate bars. Something SCAMPERS across the top of the camper.CONTINUOUS Walter slides behind the wheel. AIRSTREAM . Susan climbs in after him. doesn't notice the camper ROCKING VIOLENTLY in the background. where he spots. AIRSTREAM . follows the noise along the length of the Airsteam.) SLAM! That's He looks up to find Susan standing there. scanning the tree line. WALTER (scoffs) .IF/Prolog infrastructure? so 2003. GAS STATION . THUMP!! A noise on the roof. REVERSE ANGLE A DARK FIGURE RISES BEHIND HIM outside the window.S.. 16 INT.. 14 CONTINUED: SUSAN Nonsense. all the way to the back.

or that new super collider in Portland. EXT... FOOD containers strewn everywhere. Susan turns to see what he sees. where to first? The Museum of Theoretical Physics. THE BACK OF THE MOTOR HOME The REAR WINDOW's shattered. Evan? 18 SUSAN Door ajar. We PULL BACK from their shocked faces.? He looks in the REAR VIEW MIRROR.17. SUSAN'S SCREAM ECHOES through the wilderness. 17 CONTINUED: WALTER Okay.... WALTER (CONT'D) (horrified) . MOTOR HOME . We PULL all the way out of the.. Evan is gone. EVAN!! SUSAN BLACK OUT. The motor home's been RANSACKED..CONTINUOUS WE PULL UP AND AWAY from the Airstream as they search frantically for the boy..oh my. END ACT ONE .

All right.18. ZOE Yeah. starts gathering his things.. All of it?. JO Want me to go? SHERIFF COBB (standing) Naw. SHERIFF COBB (CONT'D) Something tore through Osborne's garden last night. that's a shame. G. hmm. taking notes.. ACT TWO 19 INT. I can use the exercise.I. SHERIFF'S OFFICE . I'm sure those Duke Boys can really give you a run for your money. Zoe watches from her cell. ZOE (CONT'D) How 'bout you. Mmm.. Cobb's on the phone. Zoe turns her attention to Jo. SHERIFF COBB (on phone) . He hangs up.. Jo loads her own SHOTGUN CASINGS.MORNING Cobb and Jo at their desks. Cobb ignores her. ZOE Fluffy. JO Mavis said Fluffy slipped his pen.. Taggart's already on it. SHERIFF COBB We better give him a hand. SHERIFF COBB We have our days. Josephine? What's with all the fire power? Jo raises her right index finger. huh? Happening little burg you've got here.. Cobb dons his hat. (CONTINUED) .Ah. we'll come check it out.

From her tone.) (into phone) What? When?. Jo answers. SHERIFF COBB Radio Taggart from the car.S. we can JO (CONT'D) . (eyeing Zoe) . Cobb's face darkens. ZOE What gave you that idea? SHERIFF COBB Never seen her get as high as two before. just keep the witnesses there. The Perkins He heads for a LOCKER. Cobb sidles up to Zoe's cell on his way out.. Like that's supposed to scare me... We're on our way. Cobb and Zoe turn their attention to Jo. ZOE Right.. SHERIFF COBB I think she likes you. JO (another finger) That's two.19. right? (wary) SHERIFF COBB Why? JO There's a. JO (O.. (she hangs up) Fluffy's an herbivore.. boy is missing. 19 CONTINUED: JO That's one.Okay.situation at Henry's.. (CONTINUED) .. The PHONE RINGS. And you better notify the mayor. tell it's bad news.

King ducks a slashing stroke. brilliant. He's a fit 42. he FLICKERS like a television set and DISAPPEARS. launching into a performance of The Mikado. He raises a BO STAFF to chin level. Begin. who SWEEPS KING'S LEGS from beneath him. knocking his attacker clear across the room. eyes closed in a meditative state. instantly knocking one of his opponents off his feet. Traditional JAPANESE GAGAKU MUSIC plays.. he defends and counters.20. As the other two strike. Very high-tech. GEISHAS (singing and dancing) Three little maids from school are we. charming. He then SPINS. Suddenly. PARRYING--always moving with grace and precision.MOMENTS LATER Decorated in minimalist Asian style with modern touches. . 19 CONTINUED: (2) Cobb throws the locker open to reveal a VAST ARRAY OF SOPHISTICATED LOOKING ORDNANCE. CLOSE ON . The Third Man stands victorious above him. SPINNING.WARREN KING Standing in the center of the room.. his bokken at King's throat. Pert as a school-girl well can be. CUT TO: 20 INT.. They attack simultaneously. BLOCKING. each with a wooden BOKKEN SWORD. WARREN KING'S OFFICE . A Buddha fountain splashes.. King WINDMILLS into fighting position. THREE HOLOGRAPHIC GEISHAS appear in his place. then follows up with a devastating ROUND HOUSE KICK. handsome. PULL BACK TO REVEAL THREE MEN in FULL KENDO ARMOR flank him. Not what you'd expect to find in a small town--or any town for that matter. (CONTINUED) KING His eyes SNAP OPEN. ZOE (eyes wide) Whoa. wearing a BLACK KARATE GI. and is caught off-guard by THE THIRD MAN.

Three little maids from school! As Fargo hums along with the Geishas. Life is a joke that's just begun. revealing an array of VIRTUAL REALITY SENSORS beneath. I just. dance around King. I love this part! GEISHAS Everything is a source of fun. KING (explodes) Why are you still here?! FARGO But you. The holographic Geishas continue to sing. wearing a white lab coat. for we care for none. then stalks out of the room. I know... Three little maids from school! KING (standing) Fargo! DOUGLAS FARGO.. FARGO KING Something's wrong with the-FARGO I know. His intercom BUZZES. There's a glitch in the system. The Geishas (CONTINUED) . King removes his gi. Fargo does a slow burn. The geishas FLICKER and DISAPPEAR. 20 CONTINUED: King stares. Nobody's safe.... Zane's working on it.Filled to the brim with girlish glee. We see an array of HOLOGRAPH PROJECTORS retract into the walls. GEISHAS (CONT'D) .21.. KING And no more Gilbert and Sullivan in my office after hours! He pushes a REMOTE CONTROL.. King's mousy personal assistant rushes in. 28. (seeing Geishas) Oooh.

A U. Jo? JO'S VOICE We have a situation at Henry's station. punches the speaker phone. Puts the puzzle down. JO'S VOICE (filtered) Mr. his mood soured. And the Perkins boy is missing. KING That's quite all right. KING Am I the only one who cares that we have a review coming up? JO'S VOICE There's something else. King bows his head in frustration. (CONTINUED) . King goes over to his desk. sorry to bother you. I was just Fidgets with a COMPLEX King towels off. Mayor.. We've got a visitor... but it looks like Fluffy got out again. 3-D PUZZLE--his mind always working. JO LUPO'S VOICE is piped through the speakers. Takes a seat at his desk. line one.S. KING JO'S VOICE We're just heading over now.) (on intercom. flat) Deputy Lupo. 20 CONTINUED: (2) What now? KING (CONT'D) FARGO (O. taking a little break. KING Warren King here.S. Define bad. Marshal.22. He stops fidgeting.. KING (CONT'D) What can I do for you. Could be bad.

HENRY On the bright side. (CONTINUED) . CARTER He's world weary INT.FIVE MINUTES LATER A WINCH WHINES as Henry's TOW TRUCK drags Carter's car out of the woods and up the embankment. (nodding toward car) So what's the damage? HENRY Let's see--busted axle. HIGHWAY . Carter tries his CELL PHONE again with no luck.MOVING . Henry? Carter rides shotgun. CARTER Great.AFTERNOON Henry hums to a PIANO CONCERTO on the radio. and bone tired. Carter rubs his bloodshot eyes. HENRY You won't find a signal out here. 20 CONTINUED: (3) Perfect. Carter looks around. Henry shuts it down. cracked radiator. then goes to inspect the damage. Eureka's a dead zone. Lucky me. Marshal. CARTER (yawns) So you live here long. I can fix her all right. Only hard lines get in or out. maybe a bent frame. now? KING And where is this Marshal CUT TO: 21 EXT. TOW TRUCK .23. Henry shrugs. 22 Nothing but trees.A. but it may take a few days. CARTER A few days? I'm supposed to be in L. you'll have plenty of time to see the sights. tomorrow.

I was an engineer once upon a time. Carter comes over. 22 CONTINUED: HENRY Going on fifty years now. POLICE LIGHTS from Jo and Cobb's vehicles strobe the area.24. Carter looks at him oddly. Jo talks with a frantic Walter and Susan. SHERIFF COBB (CONT'D) (to himself) This is just what I need. HENRY (CONT'D) What in blue blazes--?! 23 EXT. HENRY I just like fixing things. PEOPLE everywhere. Really. CARTER Wow... Cobb puts on his game face. CARTER As in trains? HENRY As in space shuttles. Henry sees something up ahead. Cobb organizes several dozen CITIZEN VOLUNTEERS into search parties. A perimeter of FLARES and POLICE TAPE surrounds the motor home. and Baker. Marshal. CARTER Come again. (CONTINUED) . ready to assist. At the edge of the woods. Bruney.AFTERNOON It's now a CRIME SCENE. starting at the tree line-Cobb sees Carter climbing out of Henry's truck. You must've towed a lot of cars in that time. SHERIFF COBB Okay. HENRY (laughs) Oh no. GAS STATION . I do it for fun. I don't do this for a living. passing out RADIOS and WHISTLES. I want teams behind Rupert.

(CONTINUED) . I've got a experience with this kind That so? SHERIFF COBB step on people lot of of thing. SHERIFF COBB (CONT'D) See a lot of grizzlies in L. less in the woods. what's happened? SHERIFF COBB We've got a missing boy. Carter looks at her. do you? Grizzly? CARTER As in bear? JO No. but I find for a living. They usher Carter over to the back of the motor home--the shattered glass. The sheriff has the situation under control. likes to tear up motor homes. we're looking at an average speed of four miles an hour. confused. How long? CARTER SHERIFF COBB About thirty minutes. If they're on foot. I'm not trying to any toes here. Jo backs up her boss. 23 CONTINUED: CARTER Sheriff.. Post roadblocks on all main arteries 30 miles out. as in Adams. talking a mile a minute. Food strewn everywhere. You'll want search parties fanning out from the tree line. JO Yeah. call Highway Patrol. Back door ajar. Carter goes into Marshal mode. CARTER Okay.A.. we all saw The Fugitive. Marshal.25. CARTER Listen.. Dan Haggerty gets drunk now and then.

was he in anything I might've seen? (CONTINUED) . She doesn't look like Eureka's other townsfolk. There's a polish to her appearance that belies something more. but you do your job. You're disturbing an active crime scene. Marshal. Allison pulls a badge of her own. 23 CONTINUED: (2) SHERIFF COBB Look.S. He continues looking around. U. ALLISON Allison Blake.S. Hmm. I'm investigating an active crime scene. CARTER Didn't see that coming. Really. miss.) That would be the actor. Carter kneels down to investigate more closely. CARTER (to himself) Who's Dan Haggerty? WOMAN'S VOICE (O. Carter turns to find ALLISON BLAKE (30s) attractive. Marshal. no offense. ALLISON It's really not. ALLISON Can I help you with something? CARTER (dismissive) It's okay. and let us do ours. standing behind him.26. CARTER Still not ringing any bells. Department of Defense. (showing badge) Jack Carter. CARTER (CONT'D) So this Haggerty guy. CARTER No. They leave Carter staring at the gaping hole.

There's a DARK ALLISON Oh my god. you can call me Jack.D. It's chocolate. it's not what you think. 23 CONTINUED: (3) ALLISON Mr.O. CARTER Relax. it's Marshal Carter. agent doing way out here in the middle of nowhere? ALLISON I'm really not at liberty to discuss that. Allison climbs in behind him. AIRSTREAM . Hey! 24 ALLISON But INT.That's not Evan's is it? Carter lifts the cushion.27. He indicates a couch cushion at Allison's feet.. (CONTINUED) . Carter swings up inside the camper. Ms.. SMEAR on it. Carter. Carter hands Allison the cushion. CARTER Watch your step there. Wouldn't want to mess up those designer pumps.. CARTER So what's a D. then continues poking through the rubble.. ALLISON Marshal. Now please step out of the vehicle. ALLISON (ashen) . CARTER Smells it. Blake.CONTINUOUS Carter continues his search. I really don't like to repeat myself. Probably. I'm not-CARTER Actually.

ALLISON Your point? CARTER Well I'm no expert. the United States is my jurisdiction. Carter looks at each one closely. I'm a U. Kids are messy. CARTER See. CARTER (CONT'D) Something's wrong with this picture. ALLISON This isn't even in your jurisdiction. the thing is.. a child's. Learned that from The Discovery Channel.S.28. kids are messy. He follows the hand prints along the interior of the camper. There are SEVERAL MORE DARK SMEARS on the walls of the interior. but don't you think if a hungry grizzly tore in here to get its paws on little Willy Wonka..so technically. (indicates a smudge) See here? That's a hand print. especially when they're eating. ALLISON Gee. ALLISON Like the fact that you're in it? CARTER Cute. You learn that at the Marshal Academy? CARTER (shoots her a look) You know what else makes a mess when it eats? A bear.. tracing the same path we saw Evan take earlier.. we'd find more than chocolate smeared on these walls? (CONTINUED) . CARTER (CONT'D) Now. (spots something) Huh. Marshal. 24 CONTINUED: CARTER And yet something tells me you're going to.

a CANDY WRAPPER jutting out from beneath a bench cushion.MOMENTS LATER Up a small rise by the forest. the search parties get underway. He's terrified. people. Ms. work with me-Carter's voice comes from behind. anyone finds anything.COUCH Six-year-old EVAN PERKINS staring up at us.S. ANGLE . Sheriff! CARTER (O. 24 CONTINUED: (2) Allison can't think of a quick response.. And Charlie. Below it. is I'm fairly certain our missing boy wasn't attacked by a bear. use your whistles and radios. CUT TO: 25 EXT. Carter. SHERIFF COBB Okay. no more rock samples! Come on. CARTER (CONT'D) In fact. Carter lifts the cushion. hidden safely in a storage space beneath the cushions. Blake. I'm trying to find-Cobb turns around. GAS STATION .29. So. but unharmed.. I'm starting to think he isn't missing at all.. Cobb and Jo share a surprised glance as David and Susan rush in for a joyous reunion. . --Evan? Sees the boy cradled in Carter's arms. my point.. CARTER (CONT'D) It's okay to be impressed. Allison is speechless. SHERIFF COBB (CONT'D) Allison stands behind them. CARTER (CONT'D) Right. Carter has stooped under a fold out dining table.) SHERIFF COBB Not now. There's another smear on the edge.

ALLISON (a small smile) Guess he's smarter than he looks. (beat) Speaking of which. SHERIFF COBB . You told him it was a grizzly? SHERIFF COBB You'd prefer I said it was a fivehundred pound guinea pig? ALLISON Good point. Not much. ALLISON Everybody missed it. SHERIFF COBB Taggart's tracking. But he strikes me as the inquisitive type. ALLISON Then let's get him on his way before the review committee arrives. (re: Carter) How do you want to handle things from here? ALLISON What does he know? SHERIFF COBB About Eureka. CHARLIE snatches up a few rock samples Cobb and Allison talk to the side as Carter and Jo load the Perkins Family into Jo's 4x4. nearly jerking himself off his feet.Not everybody. Can't believe I missed that. SHERIFF COBB Hiding in the camper the whole time...30.. 26 EXT. He'll have him home by nightfall. GAS STATION .. (MORE) (CONTINUED) . and darts away. ON CARTER as he CLOSES HIS COAT in the car door--turns to walk away.LATER The volunteers disband.

. Need a lift? CARTER Mostly I need a shower.. HENRY PULLS ALONGSIDE Carter in his tow truck.31. Marshal. Roy.. Matter of fact.since you brought it up. BACK ON CARTER Watching Allison and Cobb. What's up? VOICE (filtered) I found something you're going to want to see. HENRY No argument here. Cobb heads back into the woods. VOICE (filtered) Sheriff? SHERIFF COBB (into radio) Yeah. A VOICE comes over Cobb's radio.but we don't have one of those. (CONTINUED) . 26 CONTINUED: ALLISON (CONT'D) We have enough stress around here as is. Carter groans. Okay-CARTER HENRY . HENRY That was some nice work.. HENRY I hear the Marriott's nice. Allison holds Carter's gaze as she climbs into her car... closest hotel's about sixty miles from here. CARTER Maybe you could recommend a hotel. (off Carter's look) .

32. 26 CONTINUED: (2) HENRY (CONT'D) Say. END ACT TWO ... CUT TO: 27 EXT. you married? Divorced. a big guy with a crewcut.MEANWHILE Sheriff Cobb comes to the bottom of a low ridge in the woods. stuffing his face with CHOCOLATE and FOOD stolen from the RV. waits for him. ROY BAKER. He looks up at Cobb with frightened eyes. BLACK OUT. HENRY I know just the place. SHERIFF COBB Oh my god. Over here. WOODS . Hubble? REVERSE ANGLE The NAKED GUY we saw earlier squats with his chicken beneath a lean-to made from branches. BAKER Cobb crests the ridge. CARTER Why? Henry smiles knowingly. stops and stares in disbelief.

) Why don't you let me be the judge of that. Oh! Yes! TEAMMATE I've got it! "A HOLE IN ONE!!" FAT NAKED MAN Score! CARTER (CONT'D) A NAKED WOMAN from the opposing team notices Carter. Good luck. urgently SHOVING AN INDEX FINGER in and out of it. Hello? CARTER Anybody-- He turns to face the parlor. Carter backs slowly out of the room. BARLOWE'S PLACE .. ACT THREE 28 EXT. CARTER I. BEVERLY (O. 29 INT. like a bed and breakfast? HENRY Let's just say Beverly's used to overnight guests..CONTINUOUS The door opens with a welcoming DING as Carter enters. Care to join us? They all turn to face him. stops cold.33. naughty bits obscured by decorative sculptures and furnishings.AFTERNOON Henry drops Carter off in front of a sprawling Victorian mansion. --home? THREE NUDE COUPLES Sit in the parlor playing CHARADES. BARLOWE'S .think I'm in the wrong house. He makes a HOLE with one hand. A wood-carved sign hangs in front: "BARLOWE'S" CARTER So this is what. A FAT NAKED MAN gesticulates wildly to his team. NAKED WOMAN Well hello there. (CONTINUED) .S.

" (bright) So will your wife be joining you? (CONTINUED) .. 30 INT. hardly ever. BARLOWE'S PLACE . CARTER Jack Carter. For Beverly. BEVERLY (CONT'D) You must be the Marshal I've heard so much about. CARTER Does that happen often? charades. CARTER Any chance one of 'em owns a chicken? What? BEVERLY CARTER Never mind. 40. I'm Beverly Barlowe. but don't worry. I mean? The naked BEVERLY Oh no. BEVERLY I think you'll be comfortable here.MOMENTS LATER Beverly escorts Carter into a beautiful top floor suite. they're harmless. You know there's a bunch of-BEVERLY --nudists playing charades in my parlor? CARTER So it's not just sleep deprivation.CARTER'S ROOM . it's a profession--in a manner of speaking. sex isn't just a passion. And fascinating to observe. BEVERLY No. 29 CONTINUED: BEVERLY BARLOWE. (off Carter's look) Small town. Big mouths.. a fiery redhead exuding sex appeal descends the stairs. They usually play "Twister.34.

... RESIDENTS pouring in through the large double doors... (CONTINUED) . We had a little delay and I can't get a signal out here.. the relationship is doomed. She closes the door. We split last year.DAY Establishing shot of Eureka's Town Hall. CUT TO: 31 EXT.. The SHAGGY MUTT we saw earlier stands near the entrance. I'm sorry. intrigued by the activity. Jack Carter. okay. Yeah. (wink) Pleasant dreams...well. I'll call you from the road. But if you think of anything else.. BEVERLY Of course.. We are a full service establishment.CONTINUOUS Inside. it's me. Mayor Warren King has called a town meeting.... TOWN HALL . Some place called Eureka. We recognize many of them from the search. Uh-huh. Heads into the bathroom. once the sex goes. at the moment my needs are a hot shower and a long nap. Catches a whiff of himself. dials. CARTER Okay.. Pardon? BEVERLY Was it the sex? CARTER BEVERLY From my experience. SEVERAL HUNDRED of the city's residents crowd the ornate Town Hall.35.. Carter picks up the PHONE. People just don't know how to communicate their needs. 30 CONTINUED: CARTER I think her boyfriend might have a problem with that. CARTER (into phone) . TOWN HALL .Yeah. He hangs up. got her down at the local lock-up. 32 INT.

Roy Baker chimes in. Settle down. KING . Intelligent giant rodents. MAVIS HENDERSON. RUPERT I'll tell you what happened. Mavis yells back. And I didn't forget. (pointedly) Like forgetting to lock the cage on their giant rodents.. I'm not too far off myself. (CONTINUED) . An older woman.Everyone.. Sheriff Cobb and Deputy Jo stand off to the side. He cracked under pressure. RUPERT LADD. please. We hope to know what happened soon. protests. scoffs. BAKER He's right. Rupert. Let's get started.36. Roy's TWIN brother. 32 CONTINUED: An inordinate number of them wear LAB COATS. RUPERT Is it true? Did Hubble go off his nut? KING Thank you for putting it so colorfully. People are exhausted and they're getting careless. This review's got us all stressed. MAVIS Fluffy is a guinea pig. BAKER #2 Just what we need. MAVIS I'd think you two would welcome the company. He's under observation. RAY BAKER. stands up in front. The Bakers start yelling. a skinny guy in a leather cap and flight jacket. The hormones increased his intelligence as well as his size.

So let's all stop pointing fingers and just try to be a little more careful. we have to keep it together. This seems to give them a little comfort. so let's try to be a little more considerate. But just a little. shall pass. who looks down guiltily. SHERIFF COBB (CONT'D) Or that little anti-gravity episode in '98? Heads swivel back to Rupert. okay? Mumbles of assent. So SHERIFF COBB The point is. Roy? All eyes focus on Roy Baker. sue me. we deal with the issue and move on. we were still a community. SHERIFF COBB All right. That's all. KING All right. Everyone stay focused on your work. but like every year. SHERIFF COBB (CONT'D) Last time I checked. that's enough! The crowd settles.37. And remember. JO Think we can keep things quiet for a few more days? (CONTINUED) . but the important thing is we ride out the bumpy spots together. Cobb and Jo watch as everyone files out the doors. Now. 32 CONTINUED: (2) Sheriff Cobb intervenes. King steps forward again. (to Roy) Or have you forgotten about the temporal shift last summer. Lord knows things don't always go smoothly. This. too. I know everyone's anxious about the review. people. RUPERT I forgot to carry the seven.

It's ALLISON BLAKE. we TRAVEL UP the slender legs and discover a short. Carter washes the day away. ALLISON (sultry) It's okay to be impressed. SMASH CUT TO: 34 INT. From a LOW ANGLE. The DOOR OPENS.CONTINUOUS Carter appears at the top of the stairs. we see a pair of SEXY FEET WITH RED-PAINTED TOENAILS tip-toe into the room. then realizes that his little dream has left him a bit. HER POV ..LATE AFTERNOON Carter WAKES FROM HIS DREAM with a start. He slept the day away.DOORWAY It opens gently. CUT TO: 33 INT. Carter turns in surprise--but it's NOT BEVERLY BARLOWE. The ROBE DROPS to the floor. BEDROOM .at attention. ANGLE . but they aren't there. Carter searches for his clothes. (CONTINUED) Just his . now with fiery red hair. sees it's almost sunset. 32 CONTINUED: (3) SHERIFF COBB With this group? I wouldn't hold my breath. BATHROOM . BARLOWE'S PLACE .DAY Standing beneath a cascade of steaming hot water. He slowly remembers where he is. A MANE OF RED HAIR hangs loose down her back.CARTER is silhouetted behind a steamy glass-walled shower.38. BADGE and GUN lying on the bedside table. 35 INT.. a BED SHEET wrapped around his waist--a couple of times for good measure. As she slinks toward the shower. He begins to climb out of bed. silky black robe. INSIDE THE SHOWER We see the blurry image of the woman behind Carter.

Barlowe? Self-consciously. ALLISON Hey. DOWNSTAIRS The naked guests are gone. She looks Carter He flushes red as he gathers up his sheet. ALLISON Doing a little undercover work. I'm usually not so-Obnoxious? CARTER (CONTINUED) . clutching it tightly.39.. Allison tries not to look. does his best not to stare. even for Beverly. Marshal? Carter's bedsheet falls to the floor. He looks around. then casually peeks at Juggs.I mean someone took my clothes. Carter notices an array of BOOKS and MAGAZINES. A DING behind him as the DOOR OPENS. he heads downstairs. Leather bound editions of the Kama Sutra and The Joy of Sex lie next to copies of Juggs and Playgirl. Pretty fast. CARTER What? No. CARTER (CONT'D) (loosening bedsheet) Not helping. CARTER (CONT'D) Okay.. The NAKED WOMAN from the parlor blithely passes. joke's over. at him with amusement. Carter turns to find ALLISON BLAKE standing there. CARTER I don't have any clothes. ALLISON I can see that. it's really none of my business. 35 CONTINUED: Hello? CARTER Ms. I just came by to apologize for earlier.

Hope you don't mind. Just leave the lights on when you're done. I CARTER Why does everyone keep saying that? Allison goes. 35 CONTINUED: (2) ALLISON I was going to say officious. Beverly enters with Carter's CLOTHES WRAPPED IN DRY CLEANER'S PLASTIC.S. CARTER (O. (shaking head) Good luck. Beverly hands Carter his clothes. Marshal.40. ANOTHER DING.) Thanks. you're right on time. was just leaving. BEVERLY CARTER (O.) You wouldn't happen to know where I could find a car around here? BEVERLY Sure.S. ALLISON Actually. He ducks around the corner to get dressed. so I took the liberty. catches a glimpse of Carter's backside. BEVERLY Am I too early or too late? Allison and Carter look at each other awkwardly. I wish. looking confused. There's one in the garage. She takes in the scene. Carter comes back out buttoning his shirt. BEVERLY They were a bit ripe. (CONTINUED) . I thought I was being initiated. Beverly sneaks a peek.

41.. It reads: DAVID HUBBLE. SHERIFF COBB (CONT'D) I'm getting too old for this. Among the items is a BLACK COMPUTER DISK in the disc drive. tables.MOMENTS LATER Parked in the garage is a TINY YELLOW SOLAR POWERED CAR. Oh yeah. O-kay. Cobb fumbles for a light switch.. He opens his case. somehow manages to shut the door. They're scribbled on note pads..MAGIC HOUR Cobb pulls a large steel case from the back seat and walks up to the house. and goes to work gathering clues. It WHIRS QUIETLY as he pulls out of the driveway and down the road where he passes COBB'S 4X4. He passes a mailbox. CARTER He stuffs himself into the driver's seat. Even the computer screen. But he misses It finally opens..CONTINUOUS We hear keys being tried in the door. pulls out a bunch of plastic EVIDENCE BAGS. GARAGE . His eyes scan the room. 38 INT. WIDE ANGLE The entire room is covered in ONES AND ZEROS.. walls. BEHIND COBB He bags it. (CONTINUED) . 37 EXT. WE STAY with Cobb as he gets out and looks up at. HUBBLE'S HOUSE . CLICK! SHERIFF COBB This is where crazy lives. charging beneath a AN ARRAY OF SUN LAMPS. 35 CONTINUED: (3) CARTER Why would I do that? CUT TO: 36 INT.. something else.. DAVID HUBBLE'S HOUSE ..

he composes himself and enters. Picks up a stop watch. Click. JO Ringling Brothers. CLOSE ON .JO'S FACE A mask of impenetrable concentration. She stops abruptly. Zoe jumps up in her cell. Wait'll I tell the judge you left a minor in a public jail all day. (CONTINUED) . JO (without looking up) You got a call. a pile of random GUN PARTS lying in front of her. assembling one part into the next. ZOE You're in big trouble. determined. They want their Before Carter can respond.42. Her movements are fluid. A dissatisfied expression. PULL BACK TO REVEAL Five fully assembled AUTOMATIC WEAPONS lying in front of her. Jo checks the stopwatch.MAGIC HOUR Zoe sleeps in her cell. She stares at them a long beat.THE TABLE Jo's hands moving a mile a minute. Click. Takes a deep breath. CUT TO: 39 INT. Once he's free. Jo sits at her desk. car back. 38 CONTINUED: The BACK DOOR gently closes as an UNSEEN VISITOR slips away. Grabs the stop watch. Machine like. From who? CARTER Her eyes searching. mister. she begins to disassemble the weapons and start again. 00:14. SHERIFF'S OFFICE . CARTER What public? You've got the whole place to yourself. Perfect. ANGLE . OUTSIDE HER WINDOW We can see Carter struggling to pry his body from the tiny car.

JO Can't you see I'm busy? CARTER Honestly. CARTER That girl has serious issues.. Big guy. ZOE No. I could be stuck in here with some crazed psychopath.? (to Jo) So. Deputy.. if you'll excuse me. Jo removes the blind fold and glares at Carter.43. CARTER As opposed to. preparing to go at it again. 39 CONTINUED: ZOE Sure.. She storms out. Dad. CARTER (sigh) Is he around? Frustrated. JO You want to know where Cobb is? He's out on police business. Moustache.? Zoe starts to chuckle. now. But at any moment. Hey! ZOE She Little JO Now. Carter glances over at Jo. Carter takes a seat by Zoe's cell. Which is where I should be instead of baby-sitting Felon Spice here. gets up to collect her coat and hat. but Jo cuts it short with a look. you seen the Sheriff? JO Sure. You just have that effect on women. gray around the temples. I'm going to stop doing your job and start doing mine.. (CONTINUED) . She's putting on a blindfold now.

CARTER Come on. CARTER Here's your dinner. That one hits below the belt. Why not? ZOE You did. CARTER Dad. CARTER You can't keep pullin' this crap. talking to her through bars? ZOE So this is what. ZOE It's what you're good at. He pauses briefly at the door. two fingers extended. Zoe. 39 CONTINUED: (2) An awkward beat. Carter retreats. Please. ZOE Don't bother. And you sure as hell can't keep running away from your mom. ZOE How hard is it to do this? She does the classic emergency exit gestures. you think I like this? Chasing my daughter cross-country. He hands her a sack. Impersonating a flight attendant is a felony. ZOE You haven't been that in a while. on you later. (CONTINUED) I'll look in . Zoe. huh? You haven't called me that in a while. CARTER I should go. tough love? You stand there all ivory clean while I stew in my own filth? CARTER I'm not the one with a record.44.

CUT TO: 40 EXT. (CONTINUED) . The RAIN begins to fall. But it was hard on me.. He starts toward the truck. we see the little girl hiding behind all the teen angst and hair dye--still waiting for Daddy to come home.... trying to get his bearings. Zoe watches him go.RAINING . sees a familiar ROAD SIGN. A NOISE in the woods to his right. CARTER Crap.45. the HEADLIGHTS DIM. CARTER No luck.NIGHT Carter's little solar car whirs along the dark road. and I'm sorry. HIGHWAY . Thank God. He shines his flashlight and finds. He swings a U-turn.. this isn't right. 39 CONTINUED: (3) CARTER Listen. stepping on something in the road.MOMENTS LATER Carter trudges down the highway.. too. totally soaked again. CARTER (CONT'D) Brilliant. Solar-powered car in a state that gets rain two-hundredfifty-days a year. WOODS . Suddenly. CARTER (CONT'D) No no no NO!! He punches a few buttons trying to start it again. A FOUR-PANEL TRUCK is parked off the highway down a gravel road. I know the divorce was hard on you. WELCOME TO EUREKA CARTER (CONT'D) This isn't happening. He looks up. and it rolls to a stop.. He's lost. He shines his flashlight around. 41 EXT.. And for a second. Its cargo bay is open. The car BATTERY DIES.

SOMETHING MOVES TO HIS LEFT A TWIG SNAPS! Carter stops in his tracks. CARTER (CONT'D) Hello? Somebody there? If you can hear me. tries desperately to reach it through the chain-mail like netting. A DARK FIGURE rises from the ground. A LOW BUSH TILTS UP AND BACK. caught in an elaborate SNARE TRAP. but it's hopeless. No dice. shiiii---!! NEW ANGLE Carter rocking in and out of frame. SPIN 180 TO REVEAL he's dangling upside down. DARK FIGURE (Australian accent) You must be Carter. Something moves in the underbrush. He tries in vain to free himself as the figure closes in. TAGGART Cobb told me you might be hanging about. He spots his GUN. Takes a step forward-CARTER (CONT'D) All right. Behind him. blinding him.. This is your only warning. A NOISE IN THE WOODS grabs Carter's attention. armed with a heavy-duty TRANQUILIZER RIFLE. an odd look on his face. Panicked. A LIGHT SHINES directly in Carter's face. I had a little car trouble. (to himself) Again. 41 CONTINUED: A TRAIL OF VEGETABLES leading toward the truck. Like a sinister trap door spider.. He draws his GUN.46. Carter looks around. I'm armed and-WHOOSH! He's SWEPT UP OUT OF FRAME. He lowers the lantern. Name's Taggart. CARTER (CONT'D) Oh. (CONTINUED) . He prepares for the worst. revealing the weathered face of JIM TAGGART (42).

devouring the trail of vegetables as it goes. 41 CONTINUED: (2) CARTER (gritted teeth) Maybe we could save the pleasantries. ON THE ROAD We hear the CHATTERING first. amazed.. Taggart hits a remote and the back door DROPS SHUT. Then. The UBER-PIG thrashes around inside. CARTER (whispering) What? I can't see. TAGGART In one fluid motion..47. Right. the BIGGEST DAMN GUINEA PIG YOU'VE EVER SEEN moves toward Taggart's truck. He gets up to check on his catch. dropping Carter like a stone. Taggart removes a knife and slices the rope. Dammit! Shhhhh! CARTER I meant lower me-TAGGART Carter freezes. scanning the trees. CARTER (CONT'D) What in god's name is that thing? TAGGART Just a little more. He just stares.. which GROANS under the weight. (CONTINUED) . IT CLIMBS into the back of Taggart's truck. rocking the truck.. Carter pops his head out of the sack. still Taggart drops low. Gotcha! TAGGART (CONT'D) Carter stares in disbelief. tangled in the netting.

The vault CRANKS OPEN.48. sits behind the wheel of a Toyota Hybrid. 41 CONTINUED: (3) CARTER There is something seriously wrong with this town. He offers the guards a sheepish smile. CAR . A PAIR OF BURLY ARMED SOLDIERS guard a LOCKED VAULT that reads: LEVEL FIVE . Douglas.EVENING Fargo scurries down a long corridor with a large stack of files. Balancing the files. As the car crests the next hill. He manages to reach in. Fargo struggles to retrieve something from his back pocket. continues to A SECURITY GATE where he shows his ID to an ARMED GUARD. Then juggles to place his palm on the scanner: FARGO (CONT'D) Fargo. nervously checking his mirrors to make sure he isn't being followed... Their withering glare is all the answer he needs. we reveal A SPRAWLING. CORRIDOR .AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY. . The guard shines his flashlight in Fargo's face then waves him through. finds the KEYCARD and slides it into the reader. 43 INT. He shoots a look at the guards. A sign reads: GLOBAL DYNAMICS.CONTINUOUS Warren King's mousy assistant. he turns down a NARROW MOUNTAIN ROAD. ADVANCED SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH FACILITY. ULTRA-MODERN COMPLEX Tucked away in the shadow of the surrounding mountains. Could you reach into my back pocket and. FARGO. FARGO (CONT'D) Bang up job you're doing. Satisfied. CUT TO: 42 INT. FARGO (CONT'D) Never mind. FARGO Excuse me.

49. You should've seen the place. Uh oh. KING Did anyone see you? FARGO Nope. I grabbed what I could. FARGO There may have been some panic involved. 44 INT. LEVEL FIVE LABORATORY . revealing a HIGH-TECH LAB inside. I warned him the program wasn't stable. Aside from Frick and Frack. KING It's his own fault. FARGO You were right about Hubble. everyone's in their labs. Good. King starts sifting through the files. before you go off on me. He's definitely infected. KING But instead of the one thing that could make this go away. Cobb showed up. KING Bring it to me. We find Warren King in a white lab coat seated at a SOPHISTICATED COMPUTER. (CONTINUED) . you took this? He holds up a magazine scribbled with ones and zeros. FARGO Okay.CONTINUOUS A SECOND PAIR OF DOORS opens. King's wrath begins to rise. He turns to Fargo. (sifting) Where's is it? Hmmm? FARGO KING It's not here.

50. END ACT THREE . FARGO (simmering) What would you like me to do? King considers this a moment. As far as I'm concerned. with conviction. BLACK OUT.. KING Destroy anything that connects me to this. KING That's no excuse. I graduated top of my class from MIT you know.. Then. 44 CONTINUED: KING Do you realize what could happen if this gets out? FARGO Yes. the project never existed.

EUREKA . CARTER (CONT'D) . The truck (CONTINUED) . ACT FOUR 45 EXT.. Bingo. TAGGART'S TRUCK .. TAGGART CARTER That's what I like about you. SCREECHES TO A STOP. TAGGART Phoberomys pattersoni. 46 INT.51. Taggart.NIGHT A familiar FOUR-PANEL TRUCK glides past us..MOVING .CONTINUOUS Carter's catching a ride with Taggart back into town. CARTER In english? TAGGART I'm afraid I can't say. mate. CARTER You still haven't told me what that is back there. Why not? CARTER TAGGART Can't say that either. CARTER Which is.you can't say. Taggart's catch SLAMS against the wall above Carter's head. He gives Carter another look--SLAMS ON THE BRAKES. You're easy to talk to.? Taggart gives him a look. bouncing Carter off the dash. CARTER Can you at least tell me why you were after it? TAGGART It's my job..

) You sneaky little bastard. Lowjack finds a garbage can he likes.. CARTER (double-taking) Wait a second. Takes aim.. He checks the load.you're a dogcatcher? TAGGART I prefer Biological Containment Specialist.. TAGGART (O.A SHAGGY DOG digs through the trash in a back alley..S.) (CONT'D) Come to papa. 46 CONTINUED: Hey! CARTER (CONT'D) It's a joke! But Taggart isn't looking at Carter now--he's LOOKING PAST HIM. (CONTINUED) Then collapses . TAGGART'S POV . the same dog Carter saw when he first entered town. out the passenger side window.. This is LOWJACK. TAGGART (O.. Slowly rolls down the window. TAGGART (eyes narrow) .52. TAGGART (CONT'D) Got you this time.S. returning with a HIGH-POWERED TRANQUILIZER RIFLE with NIGHT VISION SCOPE. Tips it over. That's it. A COOK appears at the doorway just as Taggart fires. PAWS AT THE BACK DOOR.THROUGH RIFLE SCOPE Cross-hairs slowly converging on the unsuspecting pooch. Lowjack sees Taggart and BARKS loudly. BACK ON TAGGART He slips into the cargo bay. in a heap. pulls a DART from his butt. COOK I thought I told you-(thwack!) --Hey! The Cook reaches back. TAGGART'S POV .Lowjack.

Picket fence. BACK INSIDE THE TRUCK CARTER You just shot that guy! TAGGART Just a little thorazine. Carter jumps out of the truck and hoofs it back to Beverly's. friend. SHERIFF COBB'S HOUSE .53. (beat) That's not just a dog. That's the devil himself. He checks that Taggart's gone. A hunter stalking his prey. WHAM! The phoberomys pattersoni (Guinea Pig) puts a big dent right next to Carter's head. dived with great whites off the barrier reef.. As he disappears up the street LOJACK Pops back into the foreground.. We FOLLOW him to. Porch swing. sleep it off. CARTER Wait! Where're you going? It's just a dog for crying out loud! He turns on Carter. Mr. yeah.NIGHT Where Cobb pulls up to his quaint country cottage. 47 EXT. With that. Taggart jumps out of the truck and disappears into the alley. He'll Taggart grabs some spare darts. I've tracked polar bears on the Arctic tundra.. CARTER He's stable. Oh. TAGGART Now you listen to me. throws open the door. And none of it even begins to compare with what this animal's put me through. Carter watches him go. then runs off in the opposite direction. a wild look in his eye. Carter... hunted with the prides of the Serengeti.. (CONTINUED) . 46 CONTINUED: (2) Lowjack gives Taggart a look and takes off.

(CONTINUED) Takes a sip of his drink. Cobb pulls items out of the box. Cobb shoots him a look. He finds the.. Lojack quiets down. 48 INT. Lots of books. He bypasses Cobb's SANDWICH for a leftover LAMB CHOP.slides it into a desktop computer. Lojack zips over to the antique 50s refrigerator. faster and faster. SHERIFF COBB (CONT'D) If you tell anybody.NIGHT Cobb sets the box down. PUSH IN ON COBB'S EYES reflecting the ONES and ZEROS flashing by. SHERIFF COBB'S HOUSE . SHERIFF COBB (CONT'D) Well there's food in the fridge if you're hungry. The screen becomes scrambled. . SHERIFF COBB (CONT'D) What is this all about? Cobb stares at the screen as COMPUTER CODE starts scrolling down. Lojack whines. An immediate understanding. 47 CONTINUED: Lojack watches Cobb get out and walk inside with his box.. looking for anything to help explain Hubble's condition. COMPUTER DISC . I'm saving that for later. The door opens.S. Big easy chair. Fireplace.. Taggart? SHERIFF COBB Cobb looks at him. The soundtrack to TITANIC begins to play. He barks affirmatively...54.. LOJACK comes bounding through an open window.) (CONT'D) But lay off my sandwich. steps on the pedal. door and settles into Cobb's chair to feast. pours himself a drink His place is pure country bachelor. SHERIFF COBB (O. Shuts the Cobb puts on some MUSIC. A no frills kitchen opens onto the living room.

CONTINUOUS Still following the Flying Man. his LEATHER FLYING CAP and JACKET. Cobb is GONE. 50 EXT. CUT TO: 49 INT. The front door. Carter arrives at a park in the center of town. RUPERT The Flying Man rises up and out of frame. He loses sight of him and finally gives up the chase. BARLOWE'S PLACE . wearing GOGGLES. 48 CONTINUED: ON LOWJACK He growls low. Carter's asleep in bed when a SHADOW passes by his window. BARLOWE'S PLACE . the change in light rousing him from his slumber. A sign designates the area as E=MC SQUARE. 51 EXT.CARTER'S ROOM . a FLYING MAN (Rupert Ladd) suddenly appears. As he approaches. TOWN SQUARE .55. The shadow passes again. Then one more time. Pardon. Carter peeks his head out the window just in time to see him disappear over the roof.MORNING Carter exits the front door. ON COBB'S HAND The glass of scotch slips from his grasp and shatters on the floor. ON THE BROKEN GLASS WE SLOWLY PAN up from the shards of glass and spilled scotch to find the computer is now black. still hopping into his shoes.MORNING Something's got him spooked. He catches sight of the Flying Man and gives chase. drawing Carter to the window to see what's going on. shirt unbuttoned. He wakes. ON LOJACK He starts barking madly then jumps back out the window. ajar. (CONTINUED) .

While taking a bath one day. BRIAN (CONT'D) He got so excited. but no one's there. BRIAN CARTER You learn all that in kindergarten. a tug at his pant leg reveals BRIAN. shouting "Eureka! Eureka!" (beat) What's your name? CARTER (stunned) Jack. he jumped out of the tub and ran naked through town. Brian. trying to make sense of it all. staring up at him. Carter spins. Carter. This became Archimedes' Law of Hydrostatics.) Hydrostatics. Carter just stares. Brian? BRIAN (matter of fact) Yeah. we need you! (CONTINUED) .. Carter finds himself standing before a STATUE of ALBERT EINSTEIN. 51 CONTINUED: Looking around to get his bearings.. I'm Brian. he stepped into an overflowing tub and realized that an object surrounded by a fluid is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid which it displaces. a blank expression. The plaque below reads: "Our Founding Father. VOICE (O.S. CARTER Did you say something? BRIAN (pointing to the engraving) That's Archimedes." On the opposite side is a massive BRONZE PLAQUE of a BEARDED MAN IN A TUB. Then. KID #1 Hey. a Greek Mathematician.56. an odd little 7-year-old boy.

Brian heads off.The theater marquee displays a midnight showing of A BRIEF HISTORY OF THERMAL DYNAMICS. Like a man in shock. joining some other KIDS making CHALK DRAWINGS on the sidewalk. 52 EXT. still reeling. -. Brian makes corrections to one of the equations. EUREKA . With that. The others NOD IN CONCURRENCE as the corrected proof begins to take shape. Carter catches his breath. 51 CONTINUED: (2) BRIAN I have to go now.VARIOUS ANGLES -. Mister. It's an eerie effect. CARTER'S POV -.CHALK DRAWINGS They're actually ELABORATE MATHEMATICAL PROOFS. -. Carter staggers off. Finished with the equation. Carter follows. You okay? He isn't.57.The car's bumper sticker reads: MATHEMATICIANS DO IT EXPONENTIALLY.The hardware store advertises a special on SPECTROPHOTOMETERS. (CONTINUED) . Of course. Jack. KID #1 KID #2 It was staring us right in the face.CONTINUOUS A car swerves to miss him as he lumbers away from Town Square. KID #1 Hey. A THIRD BAKER walks out reading a newspaper. peeks over their shoulders to discover that they aren't drawings at all-ANGLE . But Carter barely notices--he's too absorbed in all the little details which had previously escaped his attention. Curious. The other kids turn at once. Carter stops in front of the BARBER SHOP. Brian turns back to find Carter staring-all the color drained from his face. where Roy Baker and his twin brother Ray Baker sit on the porch playing CHESS.

) You mean Rupert? A FOURTH BAKER steps out of the barber shop brushing hair off his shoulders. BACK ON THE BAKER BROTHERS Money already changing hands. That's it.58. CARTER Tell me you just saw that. You're on. brushes himself off and makes some notes on a note pad. ANGLE . Carter turns to the triplets. 52 CONTINUED: A SHADOW PASSES OVERHEAD Carter looks up just as the FLYING MAN DROPS FROM THE SKY. CARTER (as calmly as possible) Which way's the Sheriff's office. BAKERS #1 #2 & #3 (CONTINUED) . Carter's had it. VOICE (O. BAKER #4 He does that sometimes.S. landing in a shrubbery across the street. Carter runs off. BAKER #4 Ten bucks says he trips rounding the corner. All four point in unison. Then walks away casually. He steps from the bushes moments later.CARTER He stumbles on the curb as he rounds the corner. The Bakers watch him go.

CARTER I want to know what the hell's going on around here! ZOE (aside to Jo) See what I mean. The CIRCLED PERSONAL ADS in the "Soldier of Fortune" magazine are open before them. SLAM! Carter storms into the office.... I know the type. CUT TO: 53 INT. ZOE That's just code for: You bring the chips. JO You think? I kinda liked the part about looking for a strong. 52 CONTINUED: (2) BAKER #2 Damn you and your Chaos Theory.J. (to Zoe) Why are you out of your cell? (CONTINUED) .No.. Maybe you haven't noticed.DAY Zoe and Jo sit at her desk enjoying a basket of delicious looking home made muffins." (shakes her head) Uh-uh. JO Oh. SHERIFF'S OFFICE . fresh-squeezed O... CARTER I've had it with you people and your crazy town. ZOE . Trust me. What about this one? ZOE (reading) "Confident law enforcement professional seeks same. and coffee. dominant woman. he's totally wrong for you.59. but John Law types tend to be selfcentered control freaks. I'll bring the whips.

JO What she said. Carter sees Cobb's car keys on the desk. I don't have time for this. COBB'S HOUSE . ALLISON We were supposed to meet here at eight.S. ALLISON I think you'd both better come with me. Like what? CARTER ZOE Like fighting an oppressive patriarchal society in order to express our feminine power. 53 CONTINUED: ZOE It's called communicating. CARTER Cobb a big drinker? JO (bristling) What are you implying? (CONTINUED) The GLASS on the floor. I know.) He's not here? They turn to find Allison at the door. . This is how I found it. CARTER Look. But Jo and I got to talking and realized we had a lot in common. Jo and Carter survey the landscape. Not yet. A concept that's foreign to you. Where's Cobb? ALLISON (O. JO Why? Jo sees Allison's concern.60. Carter looks to Jo.LATER Allison. Carter and Jo look around Cobb's place. CUT TO: 54 INT.

ALLISON How do you know he wasn't forced? CARTER Right now. He EJECTS the BLACK COMPUTER DISK. Jo looks at Allison. If you want my help. Then it's safe to assume the sheriff doesn't take scotch with his cornflakes. the little glances? Getting old. Jo still looks unconvinced. CARTER (CONT'D) What's all this? JO Evidence from an ongoing case. that drink was untouched. Now the question is whether he had three glasses before this one and just wandered off in a stupor. Carter turns to Jo. JO Not likely.61. QUIETLY PALMS IT. CARTER Right. 54 CONTINUED: CARTER Judging by the spill. CARTER (CONT'D) Okay. (CONTINUED) . so it's probably been there a while. Add that to the fact that it's forty degrees in here with that door open tells me he probably left sometime last night. They all consider this. I don't. you're gonna have to talk to me. Carter sees the box of evidence next to the computer. Carter checks out the computer while Jo and Allison look around the cabin. CARTER What kind of case? No answer.

MOVING . CUT TO: 55 INT.. Carter shakes his head. As they crest the next hill. ALLISON'S 4-RUNNER . the GLOBAL DYNAMICS COMPLEX sprawls out beneath them. .. ALLISON It says you'll be charged with treason if you tell anyone about what you see here. CARTER Looks more like a phone book. ALLISON First things first. We don't joke.62.. She pulls out an IMPOSSIBLY THICK CONTRACT. right? ALLISON I'm with the Department of Defense. CARTER You'd think this was Area 51. CARTER You're joking. Their security's not nearly as tight. Allison turns up a gravel road through the woods. ALLISON Don't be silly. Scribbles his signature. to give me the Cliff's Notes? Want Carter takes it. Carter's jaw drops. CARTER What's this? ALLISON A non-disclosure agreement. (pointing) Sign here.DAY Allison drives through Eureka with Carter. 54 CONTINUED: (2) ALLISON (to Jo) I don't think we have a choice..

END ACT FOUR . they're building them from the ground up. working on an endless variety of projects. --Mail is delivered through an ELABORATE PNEUMATIC TUBE system. BLACK OUT. SCIENTISTS and TECHNICIANS everywhere. The whole place is alive with activity.63. ALLISON Welcome to Eureka. ushering Allison and Carter into the most STATEOF-THE-ART SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH FACILITY known to man.CARTER Utterly speechless. They're not just splitting atoms here. ANGLE ON . --Remote-controlled SMART CARTS transport equipment. GLOBAL DYNAMICS . 56 INT.MOMENTS LATER HERMETICALLY SEALED DOORS read: GLOBAL DYNAMICS They WHOOSH open. A gargantuan complex filled with the next generation of science and technology. --GOVERNMENT PERSONNEL whiz by on two-wheeled SEGWAYS.

CARTER How is this here? ALLISON World War II taught us an important lesson. Eureka became the first settlement. . ALLISON (CONT'D) In '46. GLOBAL DYNAMICS . Carter marvels as they pass one HIGH-TECH LAB after another. CARTER Our tax dollars hard at work. a place where the world's greatest thinkers could live and work. ACT FIVE 57 INT. Building a better tomorrow doesn't come cheap. each more advanced than the next. He was convinced that science was the new frontier. It's my job to make sure the research they're doing here is-CARTER Profitable? ALLISON I was going to say productive. not soldiers. ALLISON Considering most of the major scientific breakthroughs in the last half-century happened right here. this? CARTER Where do you fit into all ALLISON I'm the government liaison.. I think it's money well spent.MORNING Allison and Carter tour the incredible research facility through a SECURITY CORRIDOR separated by OBSERVATION WINDOWS. The key to the future rests in the hands of scientists. but yes..64. Don't you? Okay. Einstein urged Truman to create a haven.

TECHNICIANS monitor ROBOTS of various sizes and configurations performing a multitude of tasks within a MOCK HOUSEHOLD SETTING: -.CONTINUOUS A vehicle CRASH TEST is underway. TECHNICIANS RUSH IN to separate them. 60 INT.CONTINUOUS ALLISON This is the Artificial Intelligence Lab. Carter goggles as the car UNFOLDS TO NEARLY ITS ORIGINAL FORM. the body ABSORBS THE IMPACT LIKE CLAY..A SPIDER-LIKE ROBOT dismantles random KITCHEN APPLIANCES.. but promising. we stay on the CHESS-PLAYING ROBOTS. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE LAB . The loser FLINGS THE BOARD aside. But instead of smashing into pieces. ENGINEERING LAB . we're testing their emotions while they play. EMOTION MONITORS go off-scale. Completely empty. ALLISON It's a new micropolymer plastic. As they turn the corner.65. CARTER I'm no expert.CONTINUOUS Allison and Carter arrive at a GIANT BLUE ROOM.TWO ARTICULATED DROIDS play speed chess at a blistering pace.One of our aquariums. but is the demand for chess-playing robots really that high? ALLISON We're not teaching them to play chess. OBSERVATION CORRIDOR . (CONTINUED) . 58 INT. ALLISON . then ATTACKS his opponent.A CLEANING BOT with vacuum and buffer cleans a mock bathroom. -. Still too expensive to mass-produce. 59 INT. THE CAR hurtles toward a concrete barrier. welding and soldering their parts to add to its own. -. Checkmate.

ALLISON (CONT'D) We're working to decipher how they communicate. no.66. So far. ALLISON Level Five is reserved for military projects only.. Military. CARTER So much for building a better tomorrow. WHALE-SONG echoing in its wake. ALLISON Not me. ALLISON I couldn't say. 60 CONTINUED: CARTER You're kidding. A DEEP MOAN reverberates as a huge BLUE WHALE rises into frame. It passes like the Hindenberg. we've isolated over three-hundred distinct words and phrases. Marshal.. (MORE) (CONTINUED) . CARTER (awed) You speak whale? Well. Carter ponders the destructive powers lurking behind the door before following Allison. personally.THE VAULT The TWO GUARDS stand sentry in front of that HUGE STEEL VAULT that reads LEVEL FIVE . You need NSA clearance to enter. Carter looks past Allison down the opposite corridor.AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY. ALLISON Everything has trade-offs. CARTER What's with Fort Knox? ANGLE . You've got fish in there? ALLISON Not fish. CARTER You mean weapons.

I'm not so sure.CONTINUOUS A frenzy of activity. We thought he was just working at home until we found him this morning near Henry's station. COMPUTER LAB . He sees Carter behind her. CARTER And results. Allison sees something.67. the best housing. But it's all DOD funded. 61 ALLISON (CONT'D) Now what? INT. (CONTINUED) . Sometimes progress demands compromise. the best social supports imaginable. Great. CARTER Don't tell me. It's a privilege to work here. oversees a half-dozen PROGRAMMERS who busy themselves overhauling an impressive bank of computers. no doubt. a hyperactive young computer tech. In the midst of which. Naked? Correct. EDWARD ZANE. completely out of his head. Allison walks over to Zane. Our annual funding review is this weekend. Hubble didn't show up at his lab. Now As they round the corner. Like David Hubble. ALLISON Chicken? CARTER And you think he just snapped? ALLISON I did until Cobb went missing. CARTER That's who Cobb was investigating? ALLISON (nodding) Three days ago. ALLISON That's why everyone's on edge. Careers are on the line and some folks can't take the pressure. 60 CONTINUED: (2) ALLISON (CONT'D) Eureka has the best schools.

Defrags. This was King's idea. Carter takes out the disk he got from Cobb's computer.. Sorry. the whole enchilada. I plan to. ZANE Hey. but I can't risk the static charge. talk to the man upstairs. not with all these exposed motherboards. but in my defense. ALLISON You tampered with evidence again? CARTER Yes. ALLISON What's that? CARTER The last thing Cobb was working on. (CONTINUED) . ALLISON CARTER Before we do. ZANE Zane. ALLISON Yeah.. 61 CONTINUED: ZANE He cleared? ALLISON Would he be here otherwise? CARTER (offering hand) Jack Carter. He's got me debugging the entire system. don't talk to me. I didn't trust you at the time. ALLISON Didn't we just do that a few months ago. system checks.. viral scans. about that. ZANE Like I said..68.

but I'd say it's a computer disk. Fargo picks up a phone. It's not like I'm busy debugging a multi-billion dollar network or anything. FARGO Let me check. Carter turns back to Allison.MOMENTS LATER PLEXIGLAS HABITATS house a dozen CHIMPANZEES and ORANGUTANS.69. What I don't know is what's on it. Blake. Ocean waves. How's my girl? (CONTINUED) . CARTER I know that. sunsets. ALLISON I'll owe you one. ALLISON I need to see him. is he here? Ms. gestures: After you. lays her hand on the glass. wind blowing through wheat fields. CARTER CUT TO: 62 INT. He looks to Allison for help. ALLISON Hey. 61 CONTINUED: (2) ALLISON How reassuring. Fargo monitors a BANK OF COMPUTERS which in turn monitor the animals' vital signs. ZANE Sure. Zane reluctantly takes the disk. Miranda. CARTER (to Zane) Can you tell me what this is? ZANE Well it's just an educated guess. In each habitat TELEVISIONS play serene images. WARREN KING'S LAB . Allison walks over to an orangutan habitat. Zane starts to protest.

(MORE) (CONTINUED) Carter registers it. Warren King. She looks at him and sits. Dr. KING I think she likes you. CARTER Couldn't be worse than my last relationship. We're all hoping he recovers from his ordeal. KING You're sure? When? CARTER Some time last night. KING To what do I owe the pleasure? ALLISON Sheriff Cobb is missing. ALLISON Marshal Jack Carter. It was a Level Five project. Warren King appears at the top of the stairs above them. He was investigating what happened to one of your researchers. 62 CONTINUED: Miranda approaches cautiously. King comes down and they shake hands. leaning against the glass. King shoots Fargo a quick glance. KING Yes. To Allison's surprise. eyeing Carter with interest. CARTER Do you know what he was working on? KING I'm afraid his research is classified. Carter inadvertently looks to Allison before realizing King's talking about Miranda. Miranda walks past her and OVER TO CARTER. this is Dr. Hubble. . ALLISON (CONT'D) (to Carter) She's a little shy around new people.70.

Marshal. CARTER I don't think anything. So what kind of work do you do. CARTER How to control them. happy to change the subject. KING (CONT'D) Miranda and her friends were rescued from a cancer research facility. Professor? The subtle slight is not lost on King. Carter gestures to the TVs. of course. Cable or satellite? KING The images are a placebo. ALLISON Dr. nor Allison. King walks over to Miranda. But these subjects may be our next great leap.71. medicine. I'm just following up on a lead. you mean. Miranda moves away. We're subliminally stimulating areas of the brain that promote healing. We're only beginning to learn how to master its capabilities. King's lab has produced some of the greatest scientific advances of the past twenty years. 62 CONTINUED: (2) KING (CONT'D) (beat) You don't think that has anything to do with the sheriff's disappearance. leaving King hanging. CARTER Television therapy. CARTER Nice set up. Our treatments have drastically reduced their tumors. (CONTINUED) . My kind of KING The brain is a powerful tool. KING Allison's exaggerating.

A tense moment as King and Carter size each other up. King offers a reassuring smile. (CONTINUED) . ALLISON I saw Zane overhauling the mainframe. Is there a problem I'm not aware of? KING Just a precautionary measure before the committee arrives. Concerned. CARTER So you don't think there's a link between Hubble and Cobb? KING If there is. Allison turns back to King. not harming. Sighs. 62 CONTINUED: (3) KING I wouldn't know.72. Allison. FARGO You think she knows? KING If Allison suspected anything. I can't imagine what it would be. Nothing to be concerned about. Thoughtful. As they start to exit. BACK ON KING He watches Miranda. posted. Carter follows her out. KING Marshal. ALLISON We should go see if Jo's found anything. Fargo scoots up behind him. Please keep me CARTER Count on it. My research is focused on healing. Allison leaves. she would have told me. King stares at Miranda.

62 CONTINUED: (4) KING (CONT'D) The real question is whether I should have told her. you're barking up the wrong tree with Warren. Allison (CONTINUED) . And you've been here what. ALLISON Dr. King.DAY Allison and Carter argue on the drive back into town. two days? CARTER Hey.73. And now FARGO Sometimes progress demands compromise. remember? ALLISON It's just. EUREKA . CUT TO: 63 EXT.DRIVING . It's not your fault that Hubble got careless. King's been a pillar of this community for two decades. you asked for my help... KING I gave him the technology. ALLISON I didn't take you in there to make accusations. King's expression is unreadable. FARGO She doesn't have clearance.. doesn't look happy. FARGO The program had important military applications. Cobb may be infected.. Dr. KING So I did. CARTER He knows more than he's saying. KING Neither did I. You said so yourself.

Damn it. It's just a hunch.74. CUT TO: 64 INT.MEANWHILE Zane sits in front of a sophisticated computer array. Hits enter. 63 CONTINUED: CARTER Warren. ZANE Hey! Little ambush. ALLISON Are you questioning my professionalism? No.I've really gotta start wearing my seat belt. CARTER Just your judgment. He punches more keys to cancel the program. VIRUS ALERTS pop up all over the screen. huh? I don't think so.. Maybe whatever's on that disk will prove me wrong. The virus quickly regains control. CARTER All right. ZANE (CONT'D) Ho ho! Feisty! Changing on me. And some of that. CARTER (CONT'D) (rubbing his head) .. huh? Sounds like someone's got a crush on the teacher. eh? You don't know who you're messin' with. punk! Take that. This is my system. bouncing Carter off the dashboard. relax. But the virus He pops ZANE (CONT'D) Oh no you don't. let go! (CONTINUED) . ZANE'S LAB . ALLISON I'll have you know I execute my duties without preference or prejudice. Punches a few keys. Allison SLAMS on the brakes. Carter's disk in. overrides his commands. You wanna play? Let's play! He types furiously.

ZANE (CONT'D) What the--? Whoa. 64 CONTINUED: His system freezes... END OF ACT FIVE . SCROLLING CODE reflected in his RAPIDLY DILATING PUPILS. MATRIX style--ones and zeros. Then... BLACKOUT. Little CODE STREAMS trickle down. PUSH IN on ZANE'S EYES.75.

BACK ON THE GROUND CARTER You're sure he isn't drunk? Cobb starts SINGING Celine Dion at the top of his lungs. DOWNTOWN . Far.. A small CROWD has gathered below.76.! JO As difficult as that is to believe.. ALLISON This isn't good. any news on Cobb? JO Funny you should ask... Okay. JO & CARTER Staring up at the sky... SHERIFF'S STATION .AFTERNOON Allison and Carter arrive just as Jo is rushing out.DAY CLOSE ON . My heart will always go on. Wherever you are.. PULL QUICKLY UP AND BACK to find SHERIFF COBB SHERIFF COBB (arms outstretched) I'M KING OF THE WORLD!!! He's standing on the top branch of a two-hundred foot tall redwood tree in the center of town. Now what? (CONTINUED) . mouths open. ACT SIX FADE IN: 65 EXT.ALLISON. ALLISON Hey.. SHERIFF COBB Near. CARTER We've found him. CUT TO: 66 EXT.

CARTER Good. I'll be right here if you need me. but she can be really irritating. ALLISON (CONTINUED) . I kind of have this thing. About heights. Oh really? ALLISON What type am I? Cobb sings. rope and harness out of her truck. JO I'll take care of it. See. Allison stares at Carter with amusement. Pulls lumberjack climbing spikes. but giant redwoods definitely fall under the same umbrella. You're no walk in the park. no. JO I can't tell you how reassuring that is. ALLISON I've got news for you. CARTER (considering) Practical. Jo smirks. CARTER How'd you wind up here anyway? You don't strike me as the science type. Mostly airplanes.77. wasn't it? Bingo. CARTER No offense. Marshal. CARTER We? No. no. They watch Jo gear up and begin scaling the tree. Okay. 66 CONTINUED: JO What do you think? We go get him. (reconsidering) That was one of those questions women ask that I'm not supposed to answer. This gets a small smile from Carter.

LATER Cobb is strapped to a gurney and put into an ambulance. 67 EXT. ALLISON I'll stop by later. CARTER . A new flirtation. ALLISON Trust me. There's a charged energy in the air. Then shoves him out of the tree. Jo walks over to Carter and Allison. (CONTINUED) It's . IN THE TREE Jo reaches Cobb. the first time she's called him Carter and he likes it. but they have the common sense God gave a-ALLISON Guinea pig? CARTER That was funny.But how's she gonna get him down? Jo whips a harness around his chest. Carter.78. He falls a few feet before the rope snaps taut. CARTER I can go with you. DOWNTOWN . Sure they're bright. the amount of information you don't know about me could fill volumes... The CROWD CHEERS. attaches it to hers. CARTER (CONT'D) (impressed) That'll work. 66 CONTINUED: (2) CARTER All I meant was I don't know how you deal with these people every day. JO I'm gonna follow them to the hospital. I didn't know you were funny. Jo starts climbing back down with Cobb dangling below her.

ENRICO FERMI. but we can take it from here. Vincent has Jersey Shore written all over him. WERNER HEISENBERG. CARTER I am. MAX BORN.79. EUREKA DINER . If anything comes up.EVENING A 50s-style restaurant with lots of retro touches. Now go eat.I blacked out in the alley last night. A half-dozen stools line the counter. There's even one of WARREN KING. The cook. I know where to reach you. VINCENT. Went down like a ton of bricks. Tables and booths covered in well-worn red vinyl. See your daughter. 67 CONTINUED: ALLISON Thanks. CARTER Not exactly the Hard Rock Cafe. (re: eye) How'd you get that? VINCENT Weirdest thing. VINCENT (CONT'D) Hey. Carter looks around. But I'm sure there's a geologist in there somewhere. Allison goes. you're that marshal. (CONTINUED) . ALBERT EINSTEIN. suddenly at a loss for what to do with himself. that's it? ALLISON We found him. Carter sits on one of them. adjusts one of the crooked photos.. CARTER So what. VINCENT No. Candid shots of famous scientists.. staring at THE WALL BEHIND THE COUNTER FRAMED BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOS hang haphazardly. CUT TO: 68 INT. including the shiner under his eye.

Even threw in the local marionberry cobbler. not so much picked as engineered in our hydroponics lab. but yeah. I make CARTER You're kidding. VINCENT I'm Vincent. FIFTEEN MINUTES LATER Vincent returns with a pair of TO GO bags. picked fresh this morning. rosemary garlic potatoes. Carter stares warily at the bags.. I'm happy. You have a menu? No menus. VINCENT Well. 68 CONTINUED: CARTER (evasive) . Got a little fence mending to do with my daughter. and roasted asparagus tips. CARTER Don't tell me..Yeah. VINCENT (CONT'D) Sirloin sauteed in truffle oil. it..80. VINCENT Two Chef's Specials coming up.. Try me.that is weird. right? (CONTINUED) . What can I get you? CARTER A couple of dinners to go. VINCENT CARTER Long as it's hot. CARTER But the steaks come from real cows. VINCENT You ask for it.

VINCENT (CONT'D) That'll be $37. huh? One minute he's sharing the Nobel in Physics with Warren King. CARTER (nods) Quick question. CARTER His eye strays Fivers? VINCENT That's what we call the select few with Level Five clearance. Carter gives Vincent a look as he rings him up.50. Carter focuses on a picture of WARREN KING with a CLEAN CUT MAN. VINCENT They're Fivers. CARTER What'd they win for? VINCENT Let's see. Carter hands him a fifty. just win a Nobel Prize.81. (MORE) (CONTINUED) . CARTER They do a lot of military research together? Sure. The guy in the picture with King. Is that--? VINCENT David Hubble? Looks different. I think. 68 CONTINUED: (2) VINCENT (evasive) . Something for the military. back to the wall of photos behind him. CARTER Wait a second.. Fission properties of boron.. the next he's tying his shoes with licorice whips.Bon appetite. What do you have to do to get on that wall? VINCENT Oh.

Archimedes. your change! Keep it. 68 CONTINUED: (3) VINCENT (CONT'D) It's a short list.S. I must have-(recognizing him) Hey. sorry little man. Allison seems flustered. who is it? Allison appears behind Brian.82. a determined stride.LATER Carter KNOCKS on the door of a stately home. We chatted in the park earlier today. you earned CUT TO: 69 EXT.) Brian. Carter's mind kicks into high gear.. (CONTINUED) . She sees Carter. CARTER Carter takes the food and heads off. Brian smiles at Carter then goes.. the kid from the park. CARTER That's some kid you got there. it. go back inside. honey. CARTER Believe me. ALLISON Is that supposed to be funny? CARTER (taken aback) No. EUREKA . How's it going? ALLISON (O. and Hubble's right at the top. Thanks. VINCENT Hey. It's BRIAN. CARTER Oh. just beneath our illustrious mayor. ALLISON (CONT'D) It's okay sweetie. A small boy answers.

Yes. ALLISON Keep your voice down. Allison steps out. closes the door behind her. They were partners. You know what it was? Fear. He hardly talks to the people he knows. I could've sworn-there any word on Cobb? Is ALLISON Not yet. ALLISON He didn't say he didn't know.83. Allison. ALLISON If he was he would have told me. ALLISON CARTER What about the disk? ALLISON Zane left early but I'll check with him tomorrow. CARTER I'm sorry. CARTER Like Hubble. but he's under observation. Now I really should get back-CARTER King lied to us. There's no way King doesn't know what he was doing. said it was classified. CARTER I saw the picture of him with Hubble in the restaurant. 69 CONTINUED: ALLISON My son has a rare form of autism. (CONTINUED) . He CARTER I saw the look on his face when you told him about Cobb. The reason he's not talking is because he's involved.

. Sorry for the intrusion. (eyeing Allison) . You're welcome to join us. ALLISON Why are you so fixated on him? CARTER Why are you defending him? The question hangs in the air. Still following up on that lead? The tension is palpable. Allison looks uncomfortable but doesn't answer. Carter.84. ALLISON I asked him because it's my job.) Allie. Allison watches him. you don't have Level Five clearance.S. who is it? Carter gets his answer as WARREN KING appears in the doorway behind Allison... Carter goes. CARTER You wanted to see his reaction. candles can be seen within.. CARTER As a matter of fact. Carter looks at Allison. And King watches Allison. CARTER (CONT'D) It's the only thing that makes sense and you know it.. KING We were just about to have dessert. A dinner table set with KING Mr. MALE VOICE (O. CARTER Thanks. (CONTINUED) .but I've been fed about all I can handle. That's why you asked him about the computers.. 69 CONTINUED: (2) CARTER Why? You said yourself.

Zoe looks at him with disgust. He turns toward the parlor.. CASE FILES and ACADEMIC JOURNALS are spread out before her.CONTINUOUS Carter starts to walk up the stairs. BEVERLY Marshal. STACK OF VIDEOS at her side. perfect timing. but it's locked.CONTINUOUS The MOANS are LOUDER now. getting ready to turn in.85. He peeks in the window. CUT TO: 70 EXT. CARTER Knock yourself out. A PORN FLICK plays on the TV. 69 CONTINUED: (3) ANGLE ON . over him. BARLOWE'S PLACE . Carter peeks his head around the door. Beverly Barlowe sits in an overstuffed loveseat looking incredibly sexy in a silk night shirt and glasses.. Beverly jots down notes on a pad.NIGHT Carter races up to the door. holds up the two TO-GO BAGS with a sheepish grin.Zoe! CARTER (CONT'D) A sudden realization washes He checks his watch and takes off running. PARLOR . 73 INT. 72 INT. SHERIFF'S STATION . spots Zoe in her cell.CARTER walking away from Allison's house. The dog's tail wags as Carter approaches.. (CONTINUED) She notices Carter.. . BARLOWE'S PLACE . He TAPS on the glass. A DIM LIGHT FLICKERS from the half-open door. A . Carter tosses him the food.NIGHT A dejected Carter finds Lowjack sleeping on the front porch. MOANS AND SQUEALS OF ECSTASY stop him in his tracks. CUT TO: 71 EXT. then turns out the light.

Carter reacts. but this woman is stunning. BEVERLY Just come in here. I need a drink."Gang Bangs of New York?" BEVERLY (handing him glass) I'm a sexologist. (MORE) (CONTINUED) . her bare legs sculpted to perfection. it's the naked. but you keep proving me wrong.. Why are you watching. BEVERLY The naked. I study sex.86. Carter tries not to stare. isn't it? CARTER Pretty much. Beverly tosses her note pad aside. CARTER Sure. considering. CARTER Mostly.. 73 CONTINUED: Really? CARTER 'Cause that'd be a first. BEVERLY (CONT'D) Now tell me. BEVERLY Be specific. She turns off the video. What turns you on about this? CARTER You know what's disturbing? This is probably going to be the most normal conversation I've had today. Is it the over-acting? The acrobatics? The costumes? He tilts his head to the side.. It's really that simple for men.. (checking out video jacket) . BEVERLY I keep giving you more credit than that. A WOMAN SQUEALS in delight off-screen. Want one? Beverly goes to the bar.

(CONTINUED) . Barlowe. Straddles his lap. shakes out her hair and puts one perfect leg up on the arm chair.CARTER framed underneath like Dustin Hoffman in "The Graduate. why relationships last. She stops at the last moment. what do women. Carter's like a deer caught in the headlights. A man can go through endless rituals--dating. Beverly leans in to kiss him." CARTER Ms.. leaving him hanging. She slinks over to his chair.. flowers--and never get to first base. and men. BEVERLY (CONT'D) Care to wager on that? ANGLE ON .87. her long hair falling seductively around his face. CARTER Now you're exaggerating. BEVERLY Take courtship.. Am I? BEVERLY Beverly removes her glasses. CARTER That explains a lot. BEVERLY One benefit of owning the place.. Carter sees a TWISTER MAT still out on the floor.. you're trying to seduce me. want.. 73 CONTINUED: (2) BEVERLY (CONT'D) All kinds of sex. gifts. BEVERLY (CONT'D) (smiles) I win. You can make all the noise you want. These are the questions that keep me up at night. What turns people on. But a woman can get any man into bed within two minutes if she wants to.

74 EXT. bad timing. CARTER (CONT'D) Take it easy. BEHIND CARTER We see what Lowjack sees. I'm not gonna hurt you. Lowjack BARKS.MOMENTS LATER Carter creeps outside. The HAIR on Lowjack's neck STANDS UP and he GROWLS low. A trail of debris leads around back. (3) CARTER Like I said. Reaches for the door. THROWS IT OPEN revealing LOWJACK. A DARK FIGURE rising from the shadows. but he's too late. Carter slips away. CLANG! Another noise from the back yard.. Carter barely has time to register his surprise before slipping into unconsciousness. BLACK OUT. CARTER You really are the devil. the offending shovel still clasped in his hand.. 73 CONTINUED: CRASH!! A huge noise outside the house. The DOOR IS AJAR. Carter moves in. He moves around the side of the house. crouched behind some bags of soil. Carter topples. A TRASH CAN has been toppled. The figure looms above him. Carter spins. raises the shovel high. Closer. A TOOL SHED stands in the far corner of the rose garden. but he's dazed from the blow. CLANG! The figure nails him with a SHOVEL. Carter exhales. BARLOWE'S PLACE . Takes a deep breath. tries to defend himself against the attack. END OF ACT SIX We hear a soft WHISTLE as .88. peering into the shadows. FWEET! TAGGART steps into the light holding a tranquilizer gun. ZANE slumps unconscious to the floor next to Carter.

if you hadn't been (MORE) (CONTINUED) . where a dozen DOCTORAL DEGREES in various disciplines hang in frames on the wall. CARTER (fuzzy) Henry. ACT SEVEN FADE IN: Carter? 75 VOICE (O. there-CARTER Man. Don't go into the light. Carter stirs. Just a mild concussion and some bruised ribs. you're going to be fine. Where am I? dressed like that? One of Why are you Carter looks behind Henry. Opens his eyes to find Henry standing over him in a doctor's coat. I like fixing things. --rolls up his sleeve to show Carter the scar. Now.AFTERNOON CARTER'S POV Images blurry and nondescript.. Taggart. CARTER (CONT'D) You're a doctor? HENRY I told you.89. HENRY'S VOICE Huh? Oh. Taggart leans into frame-TAGGART Not like that time in the Amazon when a nasty croc gave me this.. waving a penlight. HENRY'S VOICE Try to follow the light. Follow it with your eyes. right.. them leans in close. can you hear me? INT. Two figures hovering. DOCTOR'S OFFICE . TAGGART'S VOICE You might want to rephrase that..S.) Son. shines a LIGHT in his eyes.

. Disrupts the neural pathways.90. Cobb rests groggily in one. after that damn dog. CARTER Is there a cure? HENRY That's the rub. PULL BACK to Carter and Henry watching through TWO-WAY GLASS. Taggart looks down. Besides HENRY Near as I can tell.You weren't after him. 75 CONTINUED: CARTER (CONT'D) (a thought occurs) How did you know that Zane-a minute. your secret's safe with me. Their mental systems are slowly shutting down. TAGGART (evasive) I should really be going-CARTER (realizing) . Wait You were Guilty as charged. Medically speaking. it's some kind of virus.. humming quietly to himself. Where is Zane. anyway? CUT TO: 76 INT.MOMENTS LATER CLOSE ON ..ZANE Pacing and mumbling inside a PADDED OBSERVATION ROOM. wreaks havoc on brain function. drawing imaginary ones and zeros in the air with his finger. There are TWO ADJACENT ROOMS. but the symptoms are still progressing. OBSERVATION ROOM . CARTER What's wrong with them? the obvious. (CONTINUED) . HUBBLE crouches in the other.. CARTER (CONT'D) Don't worry. I can't find anything wrong with them. All their tests came back normal.

LATER Carter. ALLISON You think people catching a computer virus makes sense? CARTER Well. I have no idea.. What if you could do that to humans instead of hard drives? CARTER Sounds like something the military could use. Computer viruses are designed to damage programs. why would Hubble create it? HENRY Think about it. alter normal functioning. GLOBAL DYNAMICS . If Zane left that disk in his computer.. CARTER It's the only thing that makes sense.. suppose it is possible.91. CUT TO: 77 INT. CARTER As much as it disturbs me to admit this.. ALLISON Okay. not when you put it that way. erase memory. They're all at different stages of the same infection. It's connected to the entire network. but what infected them. 76 CONTINUED: CARTER So unless we find a treatment. Then realizes. A realization hits Carter. Henry and Allison stride toward the computer lab. . don't you think? Allison's sold. ALLISON Oh no.. HENRY The degeneration could become permanent. I think I might..

Do you feel crazy? ALLISON No. COMPUTER LAB . The infection has definitely spread. then each other. They take a beat. CARTER I take it that's not normal. Henry's gone.. how come nothing's happened to us? They consider this a moment. Henry. CARTER Oh.MOMENTS LATER ONES and ZEROS streaming on EVERY COMPUTER SCREEN in the lab. CARTER (CONT'D) I don't feel crazy. ALLISON I don't get it.. What? ALLISON CARTER Do you know anything about computers? (CONTINUED) .. Something occurs to Carter.MOMENTS LATER They stand in front of the aquarium tank observation window.CRAP! CARTER CUT TO: 79 INT. ALLISON Wait. 78 INT. . that is so depressing. how long does it take--? They turn.. If the code is contagious. Look at themselves. HENRY IS SWIMMING WITH THE WHALES. should we even be looking at this? CARTER Too late now. AQUARIUM . but maybe there's an incubation period.92.

ALLISON Even if that's true. WARREN KING'S OFFICE . what are you-ALLISON You lied about Hubble. We're too dumb to catch it. CUT TO: 80 INT. ALLISON That actually makes sense. you knew about it.MOMENTS LATER King sits at his desk. I defended you! KING Listen to me. I believed you. Allison storms in. CARTER Where are you going? ALLISON To fix this mess. SLAMMING the ALLISON You lied to me! KING Allie. Our brains can't process the code. too. Allison. furious. 79 CONTINUED: ALLISON Frankly. You put me and everyone else in this town at risk by deliberately withholding information-(CONTINUED) You lied . about the virus. What happened to Hubble and Cobb has nothing to do with me. We're Mac. (turns on her heel) Try to get him out of there. CARTER Me. That's why we're fine. door behind her. KING Please calm down-ALLISON And what's worse. The virus is PC.93. to me they're glorified typewriters.

With each step. We wouldn't be here if it weren't for you. her tough facade crumbles. ALLISON Well I'd say we've had a pretty significant breach. he needs this place. And he. I didn't. I couldn't tell you about it even if I wanted to. People are sick and you're hiding behind a technicality. it's the law. INT.CONTINUOUS Allison slams the door and stomps down the stairs. Warren. (CONTINUED) . KING Allie. ALLISON You've done a lot for me and Brian.. She pauses at the bottom.94. KING It's not a technicality. ALLISON Please. Are you really going to sit there and pretend this is about security clearance? KING Safeguards exist for a reason. ALLISON She heads for the door. I'll always be grateful for that. But honesty's the most important thing to me. Allison. KING Where are you going? She stops. and I'm not saying that he was. 81 ALLISON You did. I'm sorry. Shakes her head. Then goes. fighting tears. don't do this. but if Hubble was working on something that could have caused this. Fine. 80 CONTINUED: KING Classified information. WARREN KING'S LAB .. struggling to maintain her composure.

. SHERIFF'S OFFICE . 81 CONTINUED: ANGLE ON .. JO (to resident) Tap dancing on your roof. got it. So we've got two options. RESIDENTS shout complaints while Zoe and Jo juggle calls. walks over to Miranda's habitat.. CUT TO: 82 INT. Off King's look." right.LATE AFTERNOON The place is a madhouse... KING You're dripping on my floor. Doc? This will only get worse. KING (unimpressed) Marshal.... (into phone) .Okay... we.) So is it worth it? Carter stands SOAKING WET in the doorway behind King.S. I appeal to your honor and integrity as a doctor. please. CARTER Is protecting your reputation worth all this? Worth losing her? KING You have no idea the politics involved. Carter tosses him the BLACK COMPUTER DISK and walks out. Phones are RINGING off the hook. The orangutan watches a TV monitor. you were saying he stole all of your shoes. CARTER But I can see the damage they're causing. I can remind you that behind this badge.WARREN KING King comes down the stairs. CARTER Which leaves option two. I'm a tired angry man with a gun.95. Only the left ones? (CONTINUED) . "First do no harm. CARTER (O.

. We need to round everybody up so they don't hurt themselves.. ALLISON Look around. ma'am. Oh. but as long as they're there. Allison absorbs the chaos. First things first. Warren King stands behind them. They'll shut the whole place down. Allison masks her surprise. ALLISON This is out of control. Uh-huh. ALLISON And why should we do that? (CONTINUED) . I'll have to get back to you on that. CARTER Glad to see you're on top of things. Uh-huh. JO Forget it. and then what? KING (O..S. spots Carter and Allison. ALLISON Okay. (to Jo) We have to call it in.96. (she clicks over) .. we didn't shoot your husband. Jo... you might as well feed them. you want us to shoot your husband.. No. ZOE (CONT'D) Welcome to the Cracker Factory. The review committee arrives in the morning.) Then you bring them to me. She hangs up. we're already shut down! What if this spreads beyond the town? You want that on your resume? CARTER All right.. Hold on. 82 CONTINUED: ZOE (into phone) I realize they're not your kids.

. Taggart approaches.DAY CLOSE ON . It looks like Eureka's entire population has succumbed to the virus. TAGGART (CONT'D) Let's dance.THE PET STORE.. Removes a vial of what we can only assume to be her EXPERIMENTAL GROWTH HORMONE. WE STAY BEHIND. TAGGART I thought this day would never come. A SHADOW PASSES OVERHEAD He quick-draws. -.CHARLIE'S HOUSE.TOWN SQUARE . Taggart cracks his knuckles.TAGGART A hungry look in his eye. 82 CONTINUED: (2) KING Because Hubble's virus is classified. IN THE BACKGROUND Total chaos. Then casually walks RUPERT falls from the sky and into the fountain. CUT TO: 83 EXT.. A dirty shovel leans against the front door. EUREKA . PULL BACK TO REVEAL he's standing in the middle of Town Square. (looking at Carter) My cure isn't.97. off-screen. SPLASH! A beat later. A wild-eyed MAVIS HENDERSON (Fluffy's owner) stares with manic glee at the dozens of GUINEA PIGS in the window display. BEGIN MONTAGE: -. The lawn pocked with deep holes and trenches.. (CONTINUED) . FWEET! Taggart hits her with a tranquilizer dart. yanks the door open. FIRES up in the air. She reaches into her pocket. BANDOLIERS OF DARTS crisscrossing his chest. TRANQUILIZER GUNS loaded.

Sees his wife. As they open the cargo doors. tries to stuff himself into the OUT OF TOWN SLOT. ALLISON I think that's the last of them.98. An indefinite number of BAKER BROTHERS in an all-out brawl. FWEET! FWEET! FWEET! FWEET! FWEET! END MONTAGE ON: 84 EXT.POST OFFICE. RAY BAKER covers himself in mailing labels. BATHROOM . WALTER What? That's right! science! FWEET! CUT TO: 86 EXT. we can see a DOZEN OTHERS lying unconscious within. Walter joyfully rubs them all over his naked body. FWEET! -. 85 INT. out. Where ROY BAKER eats can after can of various processed meats.BARBER SHOP. (CONTINUED) .EVENING Taggart's truck pulls up outside. PERKINS HOUSE . frantically begins stuffing them back in his pockets. PERKINS HOUSE .GROCERY STORE.. FWEET! -.MOMENTS LATER Daddy like the An exhausted Taggart steps Carter and Allison help load Walter into the back of Taggart's truck.MOMENTS LATER Taggart bursts in to find WALTER PERKINS lying in a tub literally overflowing with Popular Science magazines. He -. FWEET! Charlie gets a dart. 83 CONTINUED: CHARLIE spills out atop a tidal wave of ROCK SAMPLES. hovering in the doorway behind Taggart.. Susan.

Walter is escorted out by Jo. PULL BACK TO REVEAL The same process repeated throughout King's vast laboratory. sunsets. CARTER This better work.NIGHT CLOSE ON -.Where am I? The chamber opens. Fargo continues monitoring everything on a BANK OF COMPUTERS. Ocean waves. HALF-CRAZED EUREKAN (who looks an awful lot like Dan Haggerty) into Walter's chamber. forcing him to stay focused on the TELEVISION SCREEN directly in front of him. 86 CONTINUED: TAGGART (spent) God. WALTER .99. Starts the process all over again. CUT TO: 87 INT. wind blowing through wheat fields.WALTER PERKINS strapped to a chair inside one of King's Plexiglas monkey chambers. Closes the door. confused. A STEEL CLAMP holds his head in place. Another LAB TECH hustles a GROGGY. ON THE TV we see the same serene images as before. We'll explain He calms. PEOPLE being escorted to and from TELEVISION CHAMBERS. STREAMS OF COMPUTER CODE appear at random intervals. JO Just follow me. WARREN KING'S LAB . The whole operation running like a well-oiled machine. Stops struggling... BACK ON WALTER The new code reflected in his eyes. everything. Then looks around. PULL FURTHER BACK (CONTINUED) . I hope so. Warren King monitors Fargo. Only this time. Scrolling.

. No. Allison walks over to him. ZOE Is he watching me? Carter looks.. He always does. Carter Carter wraps his arm around Zoe and they walk out. (beat) What about King? ALLISON You were right about him. busy room. Carter sees the exchange.. Carter. But he'll get his funding. we owe you one. There's nothing about this town that's normal. CARTER Trust me. But in a few days..I know. BLACKOUT. 87 CONTINUED: to find Allison watching King. Zane is staring at Zoe with interest. Zane awkwardly looks away.. It's time to go home. Their eyes meet across the ALLISON (CONT'D) Well. then notices Zoe flirting with a Zane.. everything will be back to normal.. ALLISON (silently) Thank you.. CARTER What happens now? ALLISON I'll have to smooth some ruffled feathers with the review committee. END ACT SEVEN . A charged moment.as much as I hate to admit it.100. glares. She comes over. Allison mouths. . ALLISON Allison smiles. Carter watches her go. CARTER I was talking about you. CARTER C'mon.

CUT TO: 89 INT. State-of-the-art sound system. In other words. everything's back to normal. caressing every black lacquered curve. EUREKA . ACT EIGHT FADE IN: 88 EXT. CARTER'S CAR . every piece of shining chrome. 90 INT. Custom leather interior. The sun is shining. CARTER (CONT'D) You're sure this is the same car? HENRY Yes and no. HENRY No peeking now.MORNING Henry stands behind Carter.. Somewhere. Carter circles it. It looks brand new.. Carter's eyes practically pop out CARTER (CONT'D) Holy mother of. discovers it's just as cherry on the inside.EARLY MORNING Big WIDE SHOT of Eureka. Better.. amazed.CONTINUOUS Carter climbs behind the wheel. a 500-pound guinea pig ROARS to greet the new day. REVERSE ANGLE Slow reveal of Carter's car.101. HENRY'S GARAGE .. CARTER Can we just get this over with. of their sockets. (tosses him the keys) Hop in. please? Henry removes his hands. his hands covering Carter's eyes. Birds are singing. (CONTINUED) . GPS guidance built into the dash.

102. 90 CONTINUED: HENRY (leans in) I added a few extras. don't mind. CARTER Are you kidding? Wow! HENRY Turn her over. Carter keys the ignition. The turbine engine ROARS TO LIFE. whole garage reverberates with power. Too much power. Carter gives Henry a look. CARTER Space shuttles, huh? Henry smiles proudly. CARTER (CONT'D) I don't know what to say, Henry. couldn't possibly-- Thanks. HENRY Don't be a stranger. (a beat) Now git. I hate long good-byes. Henry walks back into the garage. Spencer! Grabs his welding goggles. I The

Hope you

It's... I mean...

HENRY (CONT'D) Let's give it another go! Then drives off. CUT TO:

Carter stares after him, smiles.


EXT. CARTER'S CAR - MOVING Carter cruises through town, enjoying his new and improved ride. FAMILIAR FACES wave to him as he passes. In spite of himself, Carter waves back. He pulls up outside Barlowe's place.


INT. BARLOWE'S PLACE - CARTER'S ROOM - MOMENTS LATER Beverly waits by the doorway while Carter packs the last of his things.


103. 92 CONTINUED: CARTER Ms. Barlowe, it has been... well... interesting. Likewise. BEVERLY

CARTER What do I owe you? A favor. BEVERLY

CARTER (cautiously) Okay... BEVERLY Next time you're with a woman... don't be all about the naked. CARTER That may be awhile. BEVERLY Come on, Marshal. You don't have to be an expert on human sexuality to see that you two have chemistry. CARTER Yeah, well chemistry was never my best subject. Besides, she's spoken for. BEVERLY Honey, no one's spoken for. We all have to speak for ourselves. CARTER Someone should tell her that. BEVERLY You're right...someone should. Carter considers this as we... CUT TO: 93 INT. SHERIFF'S OFFICE - LATE AFTERNOON Zoe's cell door is wide open. In addition to a comfy-looking bed spread, Jo's set her up with a rocking chair and TV. Her drycleaned clothes hang in plastic. Jo sits at her desk reading a copy of TEEN PEOPLE MAGAZINE. (CONTINUED)

104. 93 CONTINUED: CARTER ENTERS just as Zoe comes out of the bathroom wearing a FLUFFY PINK ROBE and head towel. ZOE Thanks, Jo. That apricot bath scrub was killer. (sees her dad) Morning. Zoe picks up her clothes and goes back into the bathroom. hear a HAIR DRYER. Carter turns to Jo, eyebrows raised. JO Don't say a word. CUT TO: 94 EXT. SHERIFF'S OFFICE - LATER Outside Carter and Zoe say their good-byes to Sheriff Cobb and Jo ZOE Remember, games are okay. Just don't play by their rules. JO (to Carter) You know, she's really very insightful. Carter rolls his eyes, shakes Cobb's hand. respect. CARTER I won't say it's been fun, but... SHERIFF COBB Thanks for the help, Marshal. have a safe trip back. You Two lawmen with mutual We

CARTER And you, take a vacation before you go nuts for real. SHERIFF COBB (grins) I just might do that. Try to stay out of trouble. JO Speaking of which...


Carter and Zoe climb into his car. Cobb smiles knowingly. SHERIFF COBB (CONT'D) Give our regards to the Big City. ZOE (CONT'D) But we are definitely going to need some Cds. CARTER'S CAR . Lots of dark suits and clipboards. MUSIC. (CONTINUED) It's all CLASSICAL .. SHERIFF COBB (CONT'D) CARTER SHERIFF COBB Try to keep it on the ground. SHERIFF COBB (CONT'D) So.. He gives Carter a pat on the back. Zoe. As Carter pulls away. They spread like a plague. She turns it off.SUNSET Wind in her hair. Cobb turns to Jo. Zoe enjoys the ride. Henry? Henry.MOVING . CARTER Listen. dispensing DOD BEAN-COUNTERS. 94 CONTINUED: She points to A CONVOY OF GOVERNMENT SEDANS arriving in town. CUT TO: 95 INT. I shouldn't have left you there so long. ZOE Much better view from up here. He FIRES UP the engine.105. She clicks on the stereo. This time she rides in the front. surfs the stations. stopping randomly. what do you think? JO I think you should reconsider. CARTER The review committee? SHERIFF COBB Never a dull moment.

CONTINUOUS As Zoe rolls up her window. CARTER Tell me about it. A couple drops of rain hit the windshield..me neither. (CONTINUED) . It's not like I'm gonna miss it or anything. ZOE Don't get me wrong. Carter picks up speed.106. They round a corner. Carter catches sight of Rupert STUCK UP IN A TREE. CARTER (CONT'D) Better roll up your window. ZOE What was that all about? Carter watches in the rear-view mirror as Allison follows King inside. Turns out this place really isn't that Mayberry after all. HIGHWAY . Pass a SIGN. smile. the car speeds away from us.. She lets him inside just as Carter drives by. King stands on the front stoop making amends with Allison. CARTER Nothing apparently. Allison and Carter lock eyes as he passes. 95 CONTINUED: ZOE (shrugging) It wasn't so bad. 96 EXT. like it's gonna come down. They round the bend. coming up on ALLISON'S HOUSE King's car is parked in the driveway. CARTER Yeah. Looks An almost sad He waves.

S. Department of Defense. CARTER'S OFFICE . Carter rises.DAY Establishing shot of the U. standing there. The Colonel was pretty impressed-Colonel? CARTER What Colonel? He AGENT MILLER Col..S. MARSHALS SERVICE.CONTINUOUS Carter looks up to find his boss. SKYLINE in the background. Marshals Service has agreed to have you reassigned to Washington. If this is about that thing I signed. we're here to give you your transfer orders. JACKSON Carter. TIME CUT TO: 97 EXT. smog-laden L.. AGENT HICKS . 96 CONTINUED: It reads: YOU ARE NOW LEAVING EUREKA. Agents HICKS and MILLER.Uh.. and two GOVERNMENT TYPES. I only told my daughter. I swear. MARSHALS SERVICE . LT.actually. JACKSON. CARTER Are we talking about the same Cobb? AGENT MILLER Big guy? Mustache? Little grey around the temples? Hicks hands Carter some papers. said you two worked together recently. William Cobb.. LT. 98 The impressive. Your security classification and pay will be raised effective immediately. DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES . (CONTINUED) . Special Ops.A. INT. AGENT HICKS With his recommendation. this is Special Agents Hicks and Miller. CARTER Look.S.107. the U.U.

We arrive at SHERIFF COBB'S HOUSE We pass his Police Bronco. (CONTINUED) . He stares in the mirror.. You can make this work. residents heading to work. where we stop in front of the FRIDGE and reveal we've seen all of this through the eyes of LOWJACK He steps on the door pedal..Washington? TIME CUT TO: 99 EXT. into. CARTER .CONTINUOUS Dressed in his tell-tale BROWN UNIFORM. No big deal.. thoroughly confused. CARTER .. up the walkway... the sheriff's bent over the sink.. children playing. He shuts off the faucet. COBB'S HOUSE . BATHROOM . The three men exit. WE HEAR a SINK RUNNING. a blank expression. JACKSON Relax Carter. It's a promotion. EUREKA . wearing a SHINY NEW BADGE with his name on it... leaving Carter standing there. You can do this... 101 INT. Jack. Somewhere.108.. wipes the steam from the mirror to reveal-JACK CARTER Freshly shaved.DAY We TRACK THROUGH TOWN.. rinsing his RAZOR with STEAMING HOT WATER. not the Washington you were expecting.. GRABS A SANDWICH and takes off. past tree-lined streets.Okay. stands. the square.. Congratulations. 100 INT. 98 CONTINUED: What? CARTER LT..CONTINUOUS We continue TRACKING into THE KITCHEN.

Through the bathroom window.and sighs.. Carter doesn't react.. doesn't even flinch. 101 CONTINUED: BOOM!! A thunderous EXPLOSION rattles the entire house. THE END . we see a huge SMOKE CLOUD form on the horizon. FADE TO BLACK.109. He just bows his head.

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