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to Special Use Permit

400 Main Street Owners Associa2on

Conversion of Private Access to Public Road

project to serve 20,000 to 30,000 customers per month

Conversion of Private Access to Public Road

667 to 1,000 vehicles per day 167 to 250 cars PER HOUR during peak hours No restric2on on vehicle size Delivery Trucks

Reality of Drive-Thru Use

Noise, Light, and Odor Pollu2on

Noise Pollu2on
Can I take Your Order? (7 days/week, 11am-9pm, 20,000-30,000 2mes/month)

Light Pollu2on
Large, bright lights illumina2ng the drive-thru

Odor Pollu2on
Vents wa^ing odors into our homes.

Appropriate Loca2on for Drive-Thru Burger Place

Hat Creeks Westlake Loca2on

Impact on Owners at 400 Main

Impact on Owners at 400 Main

Signicant reduc2on in our property values Signicant impairment of our quality of life Signicant impairment of our ability to enter and leave our garages Signicant impairment of pedestrian access to our driveways Signicant poten2al for accidents and injuries Signicant impairment of ability to enjoy our outdoor space

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