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Seth Ramsey 3149 Eagle Drive Fort Collins, CO 80526 419-612-6702 salramsey@gmail.

com April 23, 2012 Dear SolarCity: I heard about SolarCity first through one of my LinkedIn contacts Mike Chonko – a Talent Acquisition Manager at SolarCity as well as an alumnus of my alma mater Miami University. After reviewing your company’s website and job availabilities, especially in Colorado, I am submitting myself for consideration as one of your employees. I graduated from Miami University with a B.A. double major in International Studies and German. I can also speak Spanish, however, I am not opposed to learning languages that will benefit your company. International Studies was previously under the department of Political Science and is closely related to Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs but requires additional history, language, and economics courses. I am, therefore, certainly qualified for a variety of positions within SolarCity. My resumé includes the most technically demanding positions that I have held. Also, I have held a great many positions ranging from retail customer service to every hourly position in the restaurant industry to ID verification, lifeguarding as well as snowboard instruction. To my credit, all of my previous employers have thought I did an excellent job. This training has kept my attention focused because I am constantly switching work roles. Additionally, it has reaffirmed my already strongly held belief that the best products and services are the result of teamwork, without which the quality of food products, hospitality services, monitoring and instruction would suffer greatly. I am genuinely interested in helping nations, organizations, companies, and people wean themselves from antiquated ideas and environmentally as well as economically destructive practices. Through employment with SolarCity I could unite my passions of protecting the environment and providing novel solutions with my aptitudes for language acquisition and technology use. Sincerely,

Seth Ramsey

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