-------------Normal Battles-------->Do not start hitting someone as soon as a battle starts. Wait for a few minute s.

Observe which opponents are active and then kill them. ->Let other players know that you are working on a particular person. ->The priorities for killing actives is CLERICS>MAGES>ROGUES>WARRIORS. ->Unless an officer tell you to do otherwise follow the above. ->If you are low on health post in guild chat so that a cleric can heal you. ->Post your lossess along with your attack stats in the guild page. -----Clerics -> Your job is to keep the guild alive. In many ways clerics are the lifeline of a guild. The more the number of active clerics the better chance of victory ->In the initial stages of a battle your heal ability is generally not required. So try to kill opponents for the first hour or two. ->Once our guild starts to show signs of weakening clerics have to start casting heal, ->Your healing proprities should be to heal other active clerics first, Then act ive mages and rogues. ->If necessary heal only the active clerics and leave the rest. ->As far as possible try not to get stunned. Use Resitance, Might and special ge nerals like Daphne if you have them. ->Always have 2-3 tokens in reserve in case of any emergency healing. -----Mages ->Your job is to stop the opponents in their tracks and save our players. Mages need not be many, but they needto be active for many hours. ->In the initial stages of a battle pair up with an active rogue and use poly-Ro gue combo to kill 2-3 high level active players. ->Mages are the only ones who can atleast try to stop high level enemies (using poly). It is essential that you remain alive. ->When you polymorph an oppenent post it in the guild chat, especially when you are hitting a cleric. ->Mages are highly useful for splashes (When a mage wins he deals +10 dmg to all player in the gate). ->Mage splashes are necessary when a we loose to an enemy cleric. So all mages h ave to keep a few tokens in reserve. ->If you have the confuse ability use it on high level actives whom you are not able to poly. -----Rogues ->Your job is to kill opponents quickly before they can do any serious damage to our own players. ->In the initial stages of a battle pair up with an active Mage and try to kill high level actives, especially clerics. ->

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