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1°C/1°C. Easy data recall using up and down key.NEW HVAC/R tool technology tMD-50 series thermometers for demanding professionals This new line of professional tools gives HVAC/R technicians and electricians. Dual inputs allow easy super-heat and sub-cool as well as cut-out and cut-in temperature measurements. maximum 1024 data points • Thermocouple Offset Adjustment • REC.1°F/1°F Feature Thermocouple Type Basic Accuracy Number of parameters on the Display Real time clock .05% basic accuracy. Choose between models with 0. convenient. MAX.05% 3 Yes - tMD-53W K/J 0.1% and 0.05% 3 - tMD-53 K/J 0. Average. single and triple displays or memory. All models feature a backlit triple-display. • Wireless two ways transmission (TMD-55W only) • Data capture: 128 samples with real-time data per input • Data logging: 16 sets. the wireless way to log temperatures tMD-55. MAX-MIN.1% 1 125 Samples - tMD-52 K/J/T/E 0. wireless communication is an invaluable feature available on many of these models.05% 3 Yes 256 Samples 16000 Points tMD-55W 0.05% 3 Yes 128 Samples 1024 Points tMD-56 K/J/T/E/R/S/N 0.1% 1 - tMD-51 K/J 0. tMD-56 Multi-logging Digital thermometers with 0.Warning beeper with Hi/Lo setting Wireless Transmission Data capture Data logger tMD-50 K 0.05% 3 Yes Yes 128 Samples 1024 Points Accurate.05% Basic Accuracy Monitor and track temperatures with these four multi-logging thermometers.05% 3 Yes Yes - tMD-55 0. For applications requiring remote access. tMD-55W. MIN. 0. Relative Zero and HOLD functions • Warning beeper with Hi/Lo setting • Resolution 0. real-time clock with calendar and user-selectable recording intervals. 4 better . more features. the full range of features and functions to get their jobs done right.

change settings. tHWD-10W temperature Humidity Meters Perform precision temperature and humidity measurement for HVAC. • Dual input: T1.2°F resolution • °C/°F selectable For accuracy and stability in process environments RtD-10. • Wireless two ways transmission (THWD-10W only) • Highly stable humidity measurement ±2. A warning beeper with Hi/Lo setting alerts you to out-of-range temperatures.2°F Dual Input Digital thermometers with 0. Use this measurement to properly adjust the amount of refrigerant in the cooling system. • Wireless two ways transmission (TMD-53W only) • K/J-type thermocouple selection • Dual input • MAX/MIN with elapsed time. is inefficient and doesn’t cool properly. tMD-52 These highly accurate thermometers give you precise measurements on a large. and in 2011 the SH-5W. The large LCD display. or download logged data to your laptop with wireless two-way transmission up to 80 feet/25 meters without magnetic interference. 5 . dew point measurement • Easy selection between K/NTC/K-DP • MAX/MIN/Average/Relative Zero and HOLD Keep refrigerant optimal NEW super-Heat. • Wireless two-way transmission (RTD-20 only) • RTD dual-input function • Pt3916/Pt3926/Pt385 RTD standard • °C/°F user-selectable • MAX/MIN with elapsed time. T2. on the other hand. RTDs generate electrical resistance. An under-charged system. AVG. 55W. Instead of generating a voltage. It is calculated as the difference between the refrigerant’s boiling temperature at a given pressure in the evaporator and the refrigerant gas temperature as it leaves the evaporator. RtD-10W Dual Input Digital RtD thermometers Resistive thermal devices (RTDs) are becoming the preferred temperature sensors for industrial process applications below 600 °C. T1-T2 °C/°F selectable • Built-in memory for 125 samples (TMD-51 only) • Average /Relative Zero Functions (TMD-50/TMD-52 only) • MIN/MAX/HOLD functions • In-field thermocouple offset adjustment Precision air quality measurements tHWD-10. sub-Cool Meters with wireless communication COMING 2011 value Super heat measurement is a critical one for HVAC applications.1°C to 0. which varies linearly with temperature. THWD-10W.05 basic accuracy 0. tMD51.05% basic accuracy tMD-53. REL. RTD-10W. HOLD functions • TIME and REL settings • 0. Indoor Air Quality and environmental applications. our RTDs provide higher accuracy than thermocouples and maintain long-term stability for superior repeatability. tMD-53W When your application demands even higher accuracy choose these models. Auto Power Off saves batteries. Check temperatures. REL. A warning beeper with Hi/Lo setting alerts you of out-ofrange measurements.1% basic accuracy tMD-50. easy-to-read backlit display. Available on TMD53W. full suite of measuring features and two temperature probes (internal and external) make this product the professional’s choice. HOLD functions • Resolution 0.5% • Processes relative humidity and temperature measurements simultaneously • Two temperature sensors (internal and external) • Wet/dry bulb. AVG. Designed for precision applications.Wireless communication: Save time and steps with easy remote access to measurements. Dual Input Digital thermometers with 0.1°C to 0. The robust holster protects the instrument. the refrigerant in the evaporator moves into the compressor still in liquid form quickly destroying it. In a worst-case scenario with an over-charged system and a low indoor heat load.

and ergonomic design with wrist strap make the TMA5 a handy tool to have along in residential. Shiner reflective objects. km/h (kilometer per hour) • Maximum wind speed display • External temperature probe included 6 Envir . • Look around for nearby reflective sources that might reflect indoor lights or sun on your target. • Measures air velocity. wind chill • Selectable wind units: KNT (Knot). Use Amprobe’s new IR-500 or the IR-608A to check supply and return registers. or refrigeration systems. ft/m (feet per minute). Simple. the simple way to flow tMA5 Mini Vane Anemometer This pocket-sized tool gives you an easy way to measure wind flow and temperature in air conditioning. IR thermometers calculate the surface temperature of an object by measuring the amount of energy emitted. ventilation. have excess emissivity that can skew your temperature measurement. BF (Beaufort). Wet Bulb. • If you need to measure a reflective target. map temperatures. two-button operation. commercial or industrial buildings. such as a copper pipe. • Experiment with several angles to best capture the reading and mitigate reflected energy. quick measurement response. check compressor lines and much more. mask it with flat black paint or black tape. heating. humidity. temperature and ambient temperature (in ºC or ºF). find leaky or broken ducting. M/h (mile per hour). The measured area of the spot grows larger the further you stand from the target. accurate measurements. To make sure you get the most accurate measurements with an IR thermometers follow these basic guidelines: • Get as close as safely possible to your target.IR temperature: a few basic rules for quick. often you can just point and shoot with an IR thermometer. Instead of perching on a ladder or crawling on your hands and knees to take a temperature measurement. They can interfere with your measurements. such as copper pipe. m/s (meter per second). • Know the distance-to-spot ratio for the thermometer. Dew Point.

shine the light on temperature and voltage IR-500 Infrared thermometer/ Voltage Detector / Flashlight Here’s a must-have tool you’ll use every day. Backlit LCD display make viewing easy. Holds temperature reading (selectable °F / °C) for 10 seconds so you won’t miss a thing.1˚C) (Shown actual size) NEW onmental testers 7 . Verify temperature without contact.2˚F (+/. check voltage presence or just use it as a flashlight in dark places. • IR temperature measurement with laser pointer • Integrated non-contact AC voltage detection with light and sound • Ultra white LED flashlight built in • Pocket clip plus accessory clip attaches to most clamp meters and multimeters with adapter (included) • 8:1 distance-to-spot ratio • Accuracy: +/.

Measures -50º to 250ºC or -50º to 480ºF with . Type K or J thermocouples. Both offer easy-to-read digital displays and data hold to freeze the display. Laser pointer offers easy targeting with 8:1 distance-to-spot ratio and fast response time. S. Dual input. Logging Find problems fast with infrared IR608A IR thermometer with laser Pointer A quick. R. and temperature offset control. Accepts J. effective diagnostic tool for HVAC/R. dual display tMD-10 Dual Portable thermometer This dual input. however. Data Hold freezes the measurement on-screen. Lately. and T1-T2 plus relative stamp. Includes protective probe sleeve.Environmental testers Temperature Dual input. K. E thermocouple inputs and includes two Type K probes plus deluxe carrying case. tortes. Uses a precision capacity RH sensor with twistable protective cap. with Min/Max recording. Optional USB cable and software for downloading data. Indispensible pocket thermometer tPP1-F1 Immersion Probe Pocket thermometer Choose F or C versions. and other delicacies at a local culinary college.01º resolution. both the students and instructors have complained 8 . Stores Min/Max for comparisons. T2. Comfortable “pistol” grip and backlit display makes it handy to use in a wide variety of working conditions. The dual digital display is easy to read. T. Students create the finest cakes. Sweet success: making chocolate demands precise humidity control. Hold function retains reading on screen for later viewing. dual display thermometer measures C or F. triple display tMD-90A Digital thermometer Triple displays shows T1. Relative Humidity take a quick comfort check tH-1 Compact Probe-style Relative Humidity Meter Slip the small TH-1 in your pocket and you’re always ready to make quick temperature or relative humidity measurements. relative readings (T1-T2).

HI/LO Alarm Threshold. Indoor air quality monitoring tR-100A.Accurate. easy access to air ducts tHWD-3. Start/Stop. performance. relative humidity from 0-100%. this microprocessor-based psychrometer give you quick. with protective cover for sensor. Dew Point and Wet Bulb. Meters measure temperature. The economical TH-3 measures relative humidity and temperature only with the same accuracy. that their chocolate products are inconsistent and unappealing.000 memory points. and temperature extremes result in an ugly. easy access to Wet Bulb and Dew Point values as well as temperature and relative humidity. offers easy access to air ducts. Relative Humidity. TPK-60. tH-3 Relative Humidity. He also checks the temperature sensors that control the package units. An extended probe helps you access targets. Wall mountable. humidity and temperature return to the proper levels and the complaints stop. Once the sensors are replaced and re-checked. In the case of chocolate. Use the Amprobe software and USB cable included to record data on your PC. Visible LED warnings on the large digital display alert you to IAQ problems. interrupt a process or cause systems to malfunction. A contractor with humidity control experience is called in to help solve the problem. A small variation in humidity goes unnoticed in a home or commercial office environment. Time. self-standing. too much moisture causes a whitish discoloration. As Ron compares the package readings to the logged data. The extended probe. Units and up to 16. tR-200A temperature/RH Data loggers with Digital Display One compact unit monitors both temperature and relative humidity and records it on your PC using the USB interface and Amprobe software included. and the large dual LCD display with backlight makes readings easy to see. Maintenance personnel suspect that the humidity sensors mounted in the ceiling are reading incorrectly and affecting humidity control in the lab. temperature Meters A precision capacitance sensor delivers accurate performance with long-term stability to give you confidence in your measurements. and other features as the THWD-3. available. oily texture. Temperature. but in critical processes it can ruin a product. Ron uses a test tool with temperature. humidity and logging capabilities to log measurements once an hour at each of the labs four humidity sensors. Four measurements with one meter tHWD-5 Relative Humidity and temperature Meter with Wet Bulb and Dew Point Designed for HVAC technicians and plant maintenance engineers. 9 . Dual display with audible alarms tR300 temperature and RH Datalogger Visible LEDs plus audible warnings help you monitor IAQ conditions. Tripod mountable for monitoring. Optional external probe. Dew Point or Wet Bulb measurements are shown on the extra large triple-digit display. or tripod mountable to fit a variety of IAQ applications. The chocolate is perfection again. he finds that calibration is off between 5% and 9% RH. On-screen and PC programmable. Set up your PC to sample interval timing. Date.

Environmental testers Gas Leak Detectors Detect carbon monoxide leaks CM100 Carbon Monoxide Meter This compact meter measures the presence and level of CO. Use the mute function in quiet areas. The high-performance. Check air quality compliance Co2-100 Handheld Meter Detect methane and propane leaks GsD600 Gas leak Detector When this fast-responding tool detects methane or propane leaks it emits a tone. Hear pressurized gas leaks UltD-300 Ultrasonic leak Detector Leaks can generate an ultrasonic frequency beyond human hearing. production floors. Extension tube gives you access to difficult or dangerous areas. The frequency of the beeping increases with the concentration of the gas. A built-in alarm warns you of dangerous CO2 levels up to 3000 ppm. An output drive relay can trigger and control the airflow system. Auto power off saves batteries. Super large display shows you readings at a glance. • Triple display with simultaneous CO2. temperature and relative humidity readings • Selectable display of Dew Point and Wet Bulb • Air quality analysis includes: Time-weighted average (TWA) display over an 8-hour period. low-drift sensor ensures accurate readings and helps you maintain indoor air quality compliance. 10 . Get instant feedback on CO2 levels while checking the air quality of hospitals. while the display shows you an accurate measurement of the gas present. schools and offices. refrigeration systems. install the CO2-200. This tool converts the sound into an audible range to help you find ends of buried PVC pipes and easily detect leaks in pressurized air lines. The dual digital backlit display clearly shows readings from 0-999ppm. and other critical areas. Set the alarm to warn you when CO exceeds safe levels. or steam lines. The tMUlD-300 offers all the same features of the ULTD-300 plus an ultrasonic transmitter that “pressurizes” an area with ultrasonic sound so you can test cars or houses for air or water tightness. 15 minutes short-term exposure limit (STEL) value. For permanent Co2 monitoring Co2-200 Wall-Mounted Meter For on-going monitoring of air quality in laboratories.

plus temperature. 11 . relative humidity. Just input surface area for accurate airflow measurements. • Data memory and real function (99 sets). Provides continuous moving average results for up to two hours and averages air velocity for up to 8 points. NEW Air flow essentials tMA10A Anemometer with flexible precision vane The essential tool for HVAC/R technicians. f t / min. safe way to monitor indoor air quality and measure wind flow and temperature in residential. mph. and temperature. Large backlit LCD display shows five parameters.Airflow and CFM technology makes measuring air flow more accurate tMA-20HW. • 512KB auto data-logging capacity (TMA-21HW) • USB interface (TMA-21) three measurements. knots. • Relative humidity and temperature measurement (TMA-21HW) • Data hold & Maximum / Minimum with time stamp. km / hr. one tool tMA-40A Anemometer. 2/3 Vmax flow measurements • Velocity m / s. you can measure air velocity (FPM) or air volume (CFM). Relative Humidity and temperature With one tool. Large digital display with backlight and flexible measurement vane makes measuring easier in difficult areas. Measure up to 99 points and log up to 2400. tMA-21HW Hot Wire Anemometers Hot wire anemometer technology eliminates the use of bearings and rotating parts and makes these meters durable and the measurements stable and accurate. the TMA10A measures air velocity or volume. CMM • Instant Avg. It’s the simple. • Fast-response telescopic probe for use in hard-to-reach places • Measures Air Flow Volume in CFM. commercial and industrial air conditioning systems.

Some are designed to for lower voltage control circuit applications such as those found in HVAC. an ac current will flow as electrons are alternately attracted or repelled by the voltage on the opposite plate. AC. DC Voltage or Continuity Standard detachable test lead lets you easily switch to a longer or specialized probe 12 . which may be difficult to find when you need them the most. find an open neutral in a branch circuit. such as the tip lights.How Ventilation. or in some cases. AC detectors are handy! Just consider what you’ll need for your job requirements and environment. • • • • • • • • Super-bright bi-color LEDs indicates safe and dangerous voltages (above 55VDC or 30VAC) Auto hold feature keeps LEDs illuminated for 10 seconds after leads are disconnected – no missed measurements Shaker feels like a solenoid tester to tell you when AC voltage is present Continuity buzzer and visual continuity LED Non-contact voltage detection Test feature for GFCI receptacles and breakers Automatically selects AC Voltage. last longer VPC-30 Voltage and Continuity testers For live voltage and continuity checks. or both. The built-in shaker provides the same functionality and feel as older analog solenoid testers. dustproof IP65 design. Some use standard. Some use visual stimulation. He calls it a “tick-tracer”. easy-to-use testers to carry. Others require “watch” style batteries. If we connect an ac voltage across the two conductors. Matching AC Voltage detectors to applications Not all AC voltage detectors are created equal. the electrical “field” inside the capacitor between the two plates completes the ac circuit. Even though there’s no “hard-wired” circuit connection. AC detectors have different means of alerting users to whether voltage is present or not. these are the rugged. and Refrigeration Heating. spot a bad ground connection for a metal enclosure. A capacitor has two conductors or “plates” separated by a non-conductor called a dielectric. The battery power source also varies. He must like it because he carries it with him wherever he goes. Electronic testers work better. Most are specified for a specific sensing range and sensitivity levels. readily available AA or AAA sizes batteries. Your partner just bought one of those pen-shaped ac voltage detectors. Yet these electronic testers offer far superior safety and reliability features including full input protection to CAT IV 600V / CAT III 1000V and a waterproof.voltage testers work and how to pick the right one. He says it can detect live ac voltage inside an insulated wire. an audible tone. others for residential or industrial environments. How does this thing work anyway? Capacitive coupling AC voltage detectors work on the principle of capacitive coupling.

AC Voltage. beeps. Optional transducers available for 100A and 3000A. Active Reactive and Apparent Power. Energy. and vibrates! Versatile insulation testing Quick voltage checks PY1A Voltage tester Automatically indicates voltage of circuit under test with four neon bulb indicator lamps. large memory for data storage. three-phase power quality tool measures and records a broad spectrum of power quality parameters. all parameters simultaneously • Works with single and three-phase systems (Y and delta) Electrical tools 13 . All without disconnecting the electrical system. junction boxes and fuses without contact. AMB-25 Digital Insulation Resistance tester safety first! VP-600sB Non-Contact “tick tracer” Test for AC voltage cables. cables. harmonics • All readings are True RMS • Can record from one hour to several months. Measures AC Volts (115/220/277/400) and DC Volts (125/300/400/600). Pinpoint breaks in wires. Peak Demand. Button Lock for making Dielectric Absorption Ratio tests. • Measures AC Current to 1000A. wall sockets. this easy-to-use. Cat III. transformers and motors with selectable test voltages up to 1000V. 600V rated. It comes as a complete kit including current transducers. Test the insulation of wires. The VoltProbe lights.Voltage Testers It lights up. and Windowscompatible Download Suite PC software. beeps and vibrates when it detects 100-600 V AC. circuit breakers. Check resistance of motors windings with the sensitive ohmmeter. Comes as a complete kit including test leads and compatible with Download Suite software. it’s totally insulated with no exposed metal or conductive parts. log power usage and identify energy waste DM-II Plus Power Quality Recorder Whether you’re adding loads or troubleshooting electrical systems. Power Factor.

For electronics field service 15XP-A Compact. Includes continuity beeper and VolTect™ non-contact voltage detection. The most common place to encounter stray voltage is in unused cable runs or electrical wiring in existing conduit. frequency. The autoranging display speeds up measurements. stray voltage and what to do about it. Magne-Grip™ holster and battery test.Electrical tools Multimeters High-performance compact meter 35XP-A Multimeter for HVAC The select features you need for HVAC in a rugged. capacitance for motor run/start tests. current and resistance. Full-featured Multimeter The TTL logic test for digital circuits. and offers 0. compact meter with VolTect™ non-contact voltage detection and Magne-Grip holster. commercial and general troubleshooting 5XP-A Compact Multimeter With 27 ranges and 10 functions. full-featured meter a great choice for testing electronics in the field. since you don’t want the meter loading the circuit and affecting 14 . Measures AC and DC voltage. Measures temperature to 1000ºC (1832ºF). electricians often pull extra wire through and leave it unconnected for future use. a high impedance multimeter is the best tool. and special 2000 megohms resistance range makes this compact. diode test for component-level troubleshooting. this general purpose DMM covers a wide range of applications. For residential.1µA resolution for flame sensor testing. When buildings are built and wired. For most electrical measurements.

however. capacitance and micro amps functions you need for HVAC.4” x 2. indicating the circuit or connection is not energized. resistance. the little DMM that can AM-240 Compact. the meter will read very close to zero volts. a built-in AC voltage detector. a high impedance meter between ground or neutral to the unconnected cable or open connection will indicate some amount of voltage present. AC and DC current to 10A.4” Ultra-compact performer PM55-A Automatic Precision Pocket Multimeter This auto-ranging meter packs precision and progressive features into an ultra-compact package that weighs less than three ounces. capacitance and frequency. Designed with a high impedance function. AC and DC voltage to 600V. frequency. If the measurement points contain a stray or ghost voltage. It comes in a protective holster with carrying case. desensitizing the meter to low energy. When dealing with capacitive coupling. current and resistance to frequency. This measured voltage reading may be as high as 50% of the energized voltage in the same proximity. This well-built little multimeter offers a complete feature set for HVAC field service including temperature measurement to 1382ºF (type K probe included). the multimeter provides a low impedance load to the measured circuit. Is this voltage real? Yes.1” x 0. Its 18 features cover the complete range of electrical parameters from voltage. Is the connection really hot or not? The PM55-A solves this problem. spurious sources of interference. Yet this stray voltage reading presents a real source of confusion. NEW CAt IV multimeter for HVAC AM-270 true RMs Industrial Multimeter Safety-rated to CAT IV 600V (CAT III 1000V) with TRMS sensing for superior accuracy. as well as the temperature. It also measures capacitance. If the measurement points are energized with a “hard” voltage. but it’s a static voltage.NEW Actual size: 4. microamp current. Full-featured Multimeter Don’t let the small size fool you. this industrial multimeter is designed for measurements requiring direct connection to the main panel of the building or outdoor wiring connecting the building to the utility transformer. the circuit measurements. 15 . containing no real energy or current flow. and offers Hi Z or Low Z input impedance option for ghost voltages. the meter will simply display the voltage reading. It even diagnoses sensors with the AC/DC micro-amps function. Automatic functions includes VolTect™. and Auto-Tect™ to automatically detect and display AC or DC voltage or resistance.

AC/DC Voltage up to 600V • Resistance and Capacitance • Audible continuity • Auto ranging for quick checks and manual ranging for precise measurements • Temperature measurement -30°F ~ 400°F (ACD-21SWC -35°C ~ 400°C) • Two True RMS models (ACD-22SW and ACD-23W with temperature) available soon* * Call Amprobe for availability .As good as new Retro-commissioning is the missing link for improving HVAC plant performance. The CAT III 600V safety rating and temperature measurement makes these tools indispensable for HVAC applications. Sensors that are even a few units out of calibration will cause systems to consume excessive energy. Older building with fewer or older controls will require more footwork. pressure and humidity values and compare to ASHRAE or other comfort standards. current. Change in flow rates could indicate a fouled heat exchanger. on-going and retro-commissioning is becoming part of a best-practices regimen. 16 NEW True RMS version coming soon* Get a perfect view of your measurements ACD-21sW swivel Clamp Meters With the patented design of our new Swivel Clamp Meters. chillers. or pump problems. On-going commissioning can take advantage of the features of modern Building Automation Systems (BAS). It’s a faster and easier way to test. start with preventative maintenance: • Measure voltage. you can see the reading even in tight or inconvenient spots. Next calibrate critical sensors wired to building automation controls. Also measure pressure drops across filters and RPM of fans and pumps. The self-tuning controls of these systems. Measure indoor air quality values such as CO2 PPM and correct deteriorations. For example. So both BAS and non-BAS buildings need to be regularly inspected and calibrated. baseline and make changes to maximize system efficiency. measurement. Commissioning plant systems such as boilers. towers and pump systems. however. used to be a one-time event. water and steam pressures and compare to BAS equipment readings and design values to identify efficiency loss. Check air. Check energy consumption for each piece of equipment with a portable power logger. analysis and often equipment upgrades. log temperature. and steam flow rates with data loggers or field calibrators. But as organizations look for ways to keep building performance high and operational costs low. Simply rotate the head to get an unobstructed view of the display. • 180-degree rotating head gives you a perfect view of the display • Advanced VoltTectTM non-contact voltage detection • Measures AC Current up to 400 ACA. If you don’t have an automated system. piping. a retro-commissioning is in order to evaluate. phase and temperature of electrical equipment and compare to those previously recorded to determine changes in sequence and operation • Change filters and measure pressure drop of filter banks • Check RPM of motor-driven equipment of pumps and fans to look for drive problems. compare the amp draw and voltage of a refrigeration compressor against the previous baseline. The slim jaw design puts all features within easy reach for one-handed operation. dirt or deteriorating electrical windings. often cover up poorly operating mechanical systems. An increase in power consumption could be due to leaks. restricted flow. Check air. If the building equipment was never properly commissioned in the first place. water.

frequency and temperatures with the Type-K thermocouple.Professional 1000 Amp Clamps ACD-6 PRo/ ACD-6 tRMs PRo These high-current clamps with large displays. plus 600V AC and DC. Easy-to-read rotary scale. double as multimeters for AC and DC voltages. The easy-to-read display and analog bar graph lets you see readings at a glance. The True RMS version improves measurement results in noisy AC environments. take this clamp to extremes Rs-3 PRo: CAt IV Analog Clamps Digital clamp meters have LCD screens that tend to freeze below 32ºF. AC current to 600A. ACD-10 TRMS-Plus measures True RMS. capacitance to 3000 µF and frequency. Autoranging and datahold add speed and convenience. 600A Clamp-on Multimeters ACD-10 PlUs/ ACD-10 tRMs-Plus with Unique thin Jaws With thinner jaws than standard clamp meters. resistance. View amps and volts simultaneously on its dual display. Measures AC Current up to 300A. Measures volts AC and DC. 400 Amp Clamps ACD-14 Plus/ACD-14 tRMs-Plus with Dual Display The professional’s choice for HVAC/R has a complete set of the features you need. capacitance. resistance and continuity. resistance to 40 micro ohms. resistance and audible continuity. AC current. voltage up to 600 VAC. these versatile tools give you access to tight areas yet still accommodate conductors up to 25 cm (1 inch). with 10 mA resolution in the 40A range. The RS-3 PRO can take extreme cold and keep on measuring amps and volts–without problems or batteries. Clamp 17 . Measures AC and DC voltages to 600V. Clamps that fit in AC40C Mini Clamp DMM This handy tool doesn’t take much space in your tool kit but measures up to 400 amps.

multiply the duct side dimension by the numbers at each position. State-of-the-art technology makes it easy to precisely pinpoint a wide variety of halogenated refrigerant leaks. The figure shows the points for both rectangular and circular ducts. Freon and other refrigerants • Clearly indicates leaks with tri-color LED display and audio • High-Medium-Low leak sensitivity selector • Automatic zero and background compensation • Reference Leak Source and carrying case included The best location for the traverse is a straight section of supply duct with 10 straight equivalent duct diameters upstream. To determine the insertion depth of the measuring device. A duct traverse– a number of regularly space air velocity and pressure measurements through a cross section of straight duct–is the most precise way to measure air flow. R-22. R-407C.) 18 . costs go up and equipment life expectancy drops. Use the Amprobe TMA-40A anemometer to make fast. R-410A. R-404A. take several readings across a traverse plane. The microprocessor-controlled gas sensor and advanced digital signal processing provides cutting-edge accuracy. Pinpoint air conditioning leaks fast RlD-1 Refrigerant leak Detector Troubleshoot air conditioning systems quickly and accurately with the RLD-1. For maximum airflow accuracy. accurate air velocity and flow volume measurements.Keep it flowing Duct transverse airflow measurements When air isn’t flowing properly. (See page 11. The suction pump’s instant response and quick clearing sensor speeds up the testing process. convert them to velocity and average them. • Precisely pinpoints the source of refrigerant leaks • Detects R-134a. and 3 downstream.

mbar. ft/min. a surface speed wheel for contact RPM measurement and an infrared beam function for non-contact measurements. Use the maximum and minimum value recordings with time stamp to adjust and troubleshoot pressure systems. testing gauges and making differential pressure measurements. A built-in memory function automatically stores maximum. battery-powered device shows gauge and differential pressure readings on the large dual digital display. The Tach 20 includes six adapters. mbar. Five selectable units of measure include inH2O. yd/min • Non-contact measurement in RPM • Digital Display • Auto power off function • Easy to select units and mode functions one tach for nearly any app tach 20 Combo tachometers This handheld top-of-the-line tachometer accurately measures rotational and surface speed as well as length. • Measures rotational and surface speed • User selectable units for contact measurement: RPM. bar. Accurate differential pressure MAN15. these tools are essential for HVAC/R pressure levels. minimum.Handheld pressure tester MAN02-A Handheld Manometer Portable. mmH2O • USB port for data downloads with optional PC cable and software • Includes connection hoses NEW Check motors and belts tACH-10 Contact / Non-Contact tachometer Universal. MAN30 Manometers Handheld. mmH2O. The large backlight LCD makes readings visible in all light conditions. and average values as well as the last measurement displayed.5kPA. conveyer belts and other moving or rotating systems. bar.9 kPA) models • Five selectable units of measure: inH2O. 206. psi. General 19 Purpose tools . m/min. economical tachometer measuring rotational or surface speed either by contact or non-contact. The large LCD display makes measurements easy to read. Measure rotational speed of motors. The USB port and Amprobe’s free software lets you download data to your PC. accurate and featuring an internal time clock to capture events. psi. • Choose 15 or 30 PSI (103.

15A Amprobe test tools www. Built-in voltage measurement jacks. alligator clips. compatible with MH101K. tP120KA Type K surface probe tip. 650ºC (1200ºF) tP130-KA Type K air/gas probe tip with specially designed radiation info@amprobe. compatible with MH101K.Amprobe. tP110KA Type K immersion probe tip. tC253B Adapter adds thermometer function (-50 to 1000ºC) to any DMM. 650ºC (1200ºF) tP254A Higher temperature immersion probe: 1100ºC (2012ºF). probe tips. CAT IV/1000V.6” jaws). sharp test info@amprobe. 0610-3805571 NP-EN Specifications subject to change without notice.Amprobe. threaded alligator clips. No adapter needed -50ºC to 600ºF test leads Dl243D Kit includes 48” long silicone lead wires. compatible with In den Engematten 14 79268 Glotteral. shrouded 90º banana plugs tl245A PVC insulated standard test leads tl246C Heavy-duty silicone test leads with attached extra-large alligator clips tl35B 40” PVC insulated leads with standard tips. 1500V MAX tl244B 48” heavy-duty silicone leads with ever-sharp probe tips. shrouded banana clips tl36A Test leads with threaded alligator clips. 200ºC (392ºF) tPK-59 Thermocouple plugs directly to meters with temperature input.Accessories temperature Probes MH101KA Thermocouple Master probe handle for probes with 5:1 expandable coiled extension wire. line splitter Els2A AC Line Splitter measures load current without splitting line cord. WA 98203 tel: 877-AMPROBE (267-7623) Amprobe test tools Europe Beha-Amprobe GmbH www. Includes Type K probe.S.0 © 2010 Amprobe Test Tools All rights Everett. 650ºC (1200ºF) tP255A General-purpose Type K probe. CAT IV/600V. 115V.A. threaded large alligator clips (0. Printed in the U. fully insulated alligator clips Mtl-501 Kit includes everything in MTL-500 plus USA main socket test adapters and spring hook tips Mtl-90B Silicone test leads with alligator clips tl1500 Heavy-duty test leads. and carrying case Dl248D Kit includes everything in DL243D plus spring loaded crimp tips and red tip length extender Mtl-500 Kit includes doubleinsulated silicone test leads. 20 . Germany tel: +49 (0) 7684 8009 . CAT III/100V temperature Adapters DKtA-620 Single-to-dual temperature adapter for DMMs and clamp-ons with temperature input. spade lugs.

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