The Contorted Logic of a Hypocrite

By Elton Camp What the cause of life’s woe happens to be Depends on whether they occur to you or me A member of the Self-Righteous Church By God, is never tried or left in the lurch If my barn should happen to burn down, It’s because the evil Satan came around “On that good man will try an attack. Maybe on his God, he’ll turn his back.” All he does, my triune God will overcome To make me so joyous rather than glum My next-door neighbor has an auto wreck I say it was good enough for him, by heck When my God his wicked acts did detect, He struck him a blow and broke his neck Try to deny this wonderful truth if you can But all that happens is part of God’s plan Not a thing ever happens only by chance This was revealed to me when in a trance For I’m the most righteous person on earth Who has ever come along since Jesus’ birth By logic or Scripture my beliefs don’t test To blindly accept them is, for you, the best That God’s judgment against you won’t flare Come join my church and show that you care

“May God bless me, but smite you!”

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