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Dr. Witherspoon Ivey Manwaring, Julie Brewster 4/23/2012 Media Center Self-Evaluation

While using the Ga DOE Media Center Program Self –Evaluation Rubric, the Media Specialist and I found the results quite interesting. Almost all of the levels of proficiency for Categories 1-3 (Category 1 – Student Achievement; 2 – Staffing; 3 – Facilities, Access, and Resources) fell under either “proficient” or “exemplary”. The one basic came under Number 13 Indicator, which involves the use of GALILEO. The media specialist has found that no matter how much she promotes the use of GALILEO, teachers and students still rely on search engines, such as Google to search for information. Granted the district provides a system media contact person (SMCP) and each school spends 100 percent of their funds designated for the media center, but that is where the administrative support (Category 4) ends. Unfortunately other than the SMCP and the school principal, there are no district administrators who take an active role in promoting the library media program. When asked about a system media policy, the Media Specialist lead me to believe that there might have been one at some point a long time ago, but it has never been revised, updated, or even an acknowledgement of its existence. I was inspired that the Media Specialist felt that even though funds might not always be available for her to attend conferences or workshops, she finds it important to always stay on top of the new technologies and to learn all she can about different instructional technology tools available for teachers to use in their classrooms. An action plan to achieve “proficient” in the Indicators that only achieved “basic” proficiency would be to:   Discuss with all the Media Specialists in the district the need for an updated system media policy. The library media committee will meet at least twice a year and update the library media policies annually.

An action plan to achieve “exemplary” in an Indicator that achieved “proficient” would be in regards to collaborative planning would be to:  The Media Specialist said she personally would like to work on improving the media program’s information literacy skills. The Media Specialist would like to get more involved in the grade level planning.


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