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The New Bionomic Grower

The New Bionomic Grower

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Published by Mindy101Smith
The New Bionomic Grower
The New Bionomic Grower

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Published by: Mindy101Smith on Apr 24, 2012
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Mankind was made from the dust of the earth and plants are the fragile link, the umbilical
cord, between our human race and our mother. Through this green umbilicus (the food products
of the earth) flows the living nutriment necessary for growth and repair— the nutriment necessary
for truly healthful living.

We would gain little nutrition by dining on dirt. Yuck! It is more than pure minerals that
we need for health. We need live enzymes and vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and fats, and a
myriad of phytochemicals, or plant-made chemicals.
And we need them in the right balance. Too much or too little of the most essential
nutrients will lead to disease. We all know that.
Unfortunately, this reasoning has not been carried back to the soil, where it is just as true.
Largely because of Justus von Leibig, the doctrine of the exclusive uptake of ionic nutrients by
became mainstream scientific gospel.

It is, however, a false gospel.

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