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Dickens Titles

Dickens Titles

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Published by: Elizabeth Smith on Apr 24, 2012
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Charles Dickens: Titles






and in the end this leads to his business going bankrupt. a proud and rich businessman who dreams of creating a family business is disappointed in this when his young son dies. the good people win in the end. __________________________________________ This book is set in an industrial city in the north-west of England. while the robbers try to pull him into a life of crime. and there is a lack of understanding between the workers and the factory owners. He falls in love with her. but she is not capable of love. On December 24th he is visited by four ghosts. Sydney Carton. __________________________________________ A little boy meets a frightening old man at the beginning of this story. and shows how we must all help each other. He is told that he can expect to inherit a lot of money. Happily. The court sentences him to have his head cut off on the guillotine. The third takes him on a journey in the present. Conditions were very tough there. __________________________________________ The boy at the centre of this story is an orphan (his parents are dead) who is brought up in a workhouse – a place for poor people in 19th-century England. both love the same woman. as a family is caught up in the events of the French Revolution. gets into the prison. now poor. This book was seen as an attack on social problems seen in Dickens’ day. who he ignores. www. and takes his place at the execution. __________________________________________ Ebenezer Scrooge is a mean old man without love or kindness. who look similar. 3. but in fact it is from the frightening old man. who makes him play cards with a girl his age. 2. married. 6. however. Two men. 4.teachingenglish. where people have to work 15-hour days in cotton factories. politicians and people involved in education try to make every aspect of life and knowledge based on fact. leaving him with only a daughter. __________________________________________ This book moves between London and Paris. most of the people in the book have an unhappy time. Here. The first is his former business partner. because of his love for Darnay’s wife. One of them.1. The last one shows him a loveless future. The factories are dirty. drugs Darnay. He thinks that this all comes from the strange old lady. Charles Darnay. He also has some unhappy experiences when he starts his working life. who died seven years earlier. He realises he must change and wakes up a new man. Many problems follow when he remarries. __________________________________________ In this story. and leaves the village to live in London. he falls in with a gang of robbers. Happily she returns. and there is no room for ‘fancy’. the work is difficult. and the boy is badly treated and not fed enough. In this environment. The boy suddenly and surprisingly starts receiving a good income. marries her. but the other man. and so he runs away to London. 5.uk © BBC | British Council 2011 . The second takes Scrooge to the past. and spreads kindness and happiness around him. The little boy lives with his sister and her husband. Some good people try and look after the boy. The factory owners. with grandchildren for the old man to love. but he is arrested by the police in France because he is an aristocrat. from a secret person. a village blacksmith. love or kindness. The man. He soon starts visiting a strange old lady. now misses his daughter.org. and reminds him that he was once young and kind.

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